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The name is important. It’s the first thing of any product you use or buy or see. The tip of the spear. You are bombarded by thousands of names every day. In this daily barrage, only the names that are … Continue reading →

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This is blueprint, I'm roman Mars. This is site unseen, I'm roman Mars, this is an ear for design. I'm roman Mars This is ninety nine percent, invisible I'm roman Mars, Al Asma. The name is important. It's the first thing that impetus beer with any product you use or by or see- and you are bombarded by thousands of names every day. The name of this producer is Avery Travel and the daily barrage of names. Only the names that are most interesting, most pleasant on the tongue can survive. If it's any kind of consumer product, from paean g or Sony urge it's gonna be naming company that did it. You may not know it, but probably and naming companies
as in companies that name things are responsible for many of the proper nouns that you remember, naming is just. Weird little area and there's business right and then there's marketing and then branding and then there's naming and shaming, is so small there. So really there. So few naming companies there's like twenty and Laurel Found- one of them. My name is Laurel sudden, I'm one of the co founders of catchword, where a naming I am here in the Bay area and catchword comes from those guiding words at the top of a dictionary page, those other catchwords. Most people don't know it, it doesn't matter it just is. What we do so we're about words and we're about words that are catchy she and her team of worked on everything, a line of Yogurt Future Bonnie, the palm pre, gaps, customer rewards programme. They have named as they put it everything except a car you may think, hey, I need my dog or my kids or my band on my blog is anti hard, but
There are a number of things to consider when designing a name. Think of all the associations with every word? Take, for example, Photoshop elements, so we didn't mean Photoshop, but we didn't come up with the elements partly and that word work because Photoshop was looking to market a less expensive version of their software that had all the same capabilities as regular Photoshop. Just without EL the bells and whistles. You would think that that would be easy, but it wasn't so they didn't want to use Photoshop late for Photoshop basic or anything that sounded compromising. So we went through really large exploration of all the different ways that we could say just as good, but not as full, fledged and we looked at essentials- we looked it just every word.
It shows elements for its subtlety elements are the most basic parts that you can have that their essentially kind of anything without elements. So that's the word that we eventually chose and that's why you hire the expert to consider this stuff and they don't come cheap, the vast matter Pretty of naming companies like us are pretty expensive. But naming companies don't just make up names, they also check what our available for you are Elles and for trademarks, and they see which mean bad things and other languages. We can take any list of names and checked them in any language in the world and say: is it but does it negative, meaning an hour under the? U S is it? Is there a brand already existing in your country or some odd, like a tv show that has the same name that we should be aware of this and you and underestimate the importance of linguistic checks, ones they were naming a little gadget toy
one of the aims that we had come up with for them turned out in Japanese to be a word that meant a small device that doesnt work so that when we adopt the list- but more than anything else Laurel and her team at catchword just produce a ton of names as Laurel sees that there is a direct relationship between quantity and quality. You know the first five hunger games that you come up with are going to be really obvious. Things are already taken or not going to be that interesting. You kind of have to get that out, so catchword will generate over two thousand names that they present We need a fifty two, the client and go up with so many breakin names, because they can with names across the naming spectrum withdraw Spectin, because we're talking about languages always a spectrum. So, at one end of the spectrum, you have descriptive names and those
names that absolutely just described with the thing classic example: raisin brand benefits of descriptive names. They are self explanatory, That's what that stuff is right. It's a box, it's brand, and it has reasons you would never. Have to explain to anybody with this stuff is shredded. Weep but that is its wheat and it's been shredded drawbacks to descriptive names are hard to normally. You can't trademark names like this. In fact raising granted shredded. We are not trademarks. Anybody can have cereal and call it weighs grant. So a lot of descriptive names tend to get modified international business machines, pretty darn descriptive over time. They ve condensed I began the other big drawback is that descriptive names can be limited. If you remember there were companies called things like be stamps. If you ever want to do anything but cell electronic stamps, your screwed on the other end of the spectrum, you got so called arbitrary names and
apple is a great example of that. It doesn't tell you anything about what they do, which allows for flexibility. They used to just make computers. Now they do media, they could do anything under that I mean they could make cars, but an apple is a real world fund, a picture of course it is its own set of associations, maybe apple applause, learning or Russians, but it doesn't apply to the thing is naming arbitrary names can also just be completely made up, and these kinds are called empty vessels. Some examples are Hulu or Exxon or Xerox were Kodak. Kodak has absolutely no meaning; they only chose it because that great hardcore sound is very occurs
quickly relevant that isn't it really cuts through? We tend to say that things had start with that hard k, sound are strong. Things had star with tee. Also, the same way is kind of a strong, more aggressive sounding name, whereas an f, the sound is very solved so much harder to hear it and people just don't respond as well to the benefits of arbitrary names and empty vessel names, their ease, a trade mark easy, the domain name for an usually good in languages around the world drawback. They are hard to market. You have to explain them to people. In the end of a lot of money behind these kinds of names, to tell people what they mean right, ok, see you ve got script IV on one end of the spectrum and arbitrary on the other and most names false somewhere between the two and Laura. All these names in the middle suggestive names exactly arbitrary and they're, not exactly descriptive, like Microsoft, Microsoft, software from micrograms
yours right, it kind of says what it does, but not really, because its those two words that are switched together, like that Microsoft is an example of a coin word a word that doesn't exist in the english dictionary, but it's made up of your words word parts or sounds spun. I am as CAFE and Netflix are also coin. Words may sound like english words but they're not in Laurel, and her team generate tons of coin words from lists of root words. You try to find it vocabulary for the client in when they try to convey in this name, make a list of vocabulary and anything. Ok. How? but I'm modify these words and then we have lists of prefixes and Suffix is in English, Can you just start pairing, for example, take the route name from there. You can get name laying, namely rename name spot named pro pro name, but ok, let's beyond
There are lots of websites that can mash prefixes and suffix as two words and generate big long list for you, but webs its are not linguists make can tell you what names are actually good. That's where the skill and creative talent comes in is figuring out. What's a good word and you wouldn't think it but best of names a really difficult to create, because you want them to have meaning a lot from are taken taken, fur domain, names and trademarks and, as Laurel sees it, it doesn't hurt to have two thousand options. But it doesn't have to be this way. There are other people do a very differently. They do ten names at a time that works for I think it depends on whether you come from more strictly you mean background or whether you come from an ad agency background, and neither that way- to present around twelve names, because you present too many in the value of any given name is drastically reduced, Eli Ultimate,
is the creative director at a hundred monkeys, another naming company only a few miles away. You company got its name from the idea that if you put a hunter monkeys and from a hundred typewriters you're bound to get a good man, it's kind of a joke process they give the client a list of twelve names. It's not like. A hundred monkeys produces fewer names because their lazier he's got does have a really different philosophy to naming somebody I think that nothing is about linguistics, we're not of that philosophy. These are all about the stories that they begin to. Tell you in all honesty do not make coined. Words are empty vessels dont think that maybe the most productive way think about things like sir mixing with prefixes portmanteau because they were much more interested in history, ever were backstory inventing. Really, these
our very into mythology and narrative. At the meeting I sat in on one name was a small town in Europe where a famous mathematician was born. Others warrants by anatomical, charts and constellations when monkeys. Has the dinner party in mind, names that lead to conversation and in this way, Eli team have named front porch senior living communities. The lot, which is the road. State lottery start here, the Microsoft. Does tutorial yet lots of different things, companies products. Services theories. Remember theories here: it's true It's called conditioned hyper eating a theory for how fast food companies design, To make it irresistible, ok condemn typewriting was kind of departure for a hundred monkeys. Normally they oh for more poetic names, it's just really about finding many interests,
Words, as you can secret service could names to run down theatres, two types of wind, currents, and so, whereas Laurel season naming spectrum Eli envision sort of a name taxonomy and the classification break down and down, and down into twenty five species, twenty five Categories of names which he listens book, don't call it that thither about people Tesla Jack Daniels events in characters jolly, giant Mr Clean means that feel like they have history in them. Banana Republic Crown Royal,
and it's not like some of these categories are good and some are bad there just a lot of options. It mostly comes down to what kind of story, if any you want behind your name. Some clients really want a meaningless name. Remember made up. Names are easier to register, domains or trade marks for and are less likely to open, and if it's a meaningless word, if it's just a completely coined made upward, you can make up any story. You want around it a name like Hulu, for example, As far as I know, doesn't actually have any real meaning, I know that Hulu, the inventors of that have a story around that name out of these true, but it's a cool name, because it short it's easy to remember, visualize, very interesting. Looking so now you We need to have a story around at the moment is this: you got enough money, you could pick any old name to do it. You could pick a name as meaningless as Hulu yep money talks. If you have a ton of money, basically the name could be the remember when the Ipad was about come out. Everyone thought
it was the silliest name. He heard all kinds of sanitary, napkin, jokes, but now the sheer force of will and advertising dollars. You don't twice about, but with a name like Ipad, at least you can pronounce it. Can you imagine, reading Xerox, for the first time Ex arrow x X works, see, rocks fair oaks, before they get their new name, companies and products, they have little internal code names or nicknames like project tax or they get named after someone's can or something like that sometimes. Unfortunately, with big companies as well often happened. They will have a code name that someone internally has chosen, which is actually pretty good and people get very attached to it. And then we have to convince them that they thing use it, because it's probably not available as a in so Sometimes we have a little ceremony like a grave
seriously. We ve actually done this. Where we have in our briefing we'll put up a little slide where it shows a grave and then we'll have the code name on their must have can have a Mona silence for your code name because you can't have it so you have to let it go also. Therefore, minute now we're gonna think that the new name. So what do we need? This episode? Let's go going the collar. What's in a name, I will. I will slap you so hard if you call it what's in a name. I really well. Apparently, everybody's use that title to talk about naming and then I thought I'd go for something. You know settler like a rose by any other will also slap, you can call it that man. And percent of the articles that we ve been quoted in have either been what's in a name or arose by any other name, does have been that the headlines on those just awful so I dont know to call this episode.
I don't know have to give some thought. I can name on the fly like that title teacher we don't get wet Whitey Kay, idle today means title yet to come, like a Wolf Illinois later, if you work in a newsroom, you know, like you, don't know what the headline answer some little piece, a resurgence of stopping and figuring it out. You just can t gay and in your editor knows, you're gonna go back and forbidden later. Should it be tc. While I was taught that T gay stood out better on the page so that you won't miss it when you're going back and revise, makes answering
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