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128- Hacking IKEA

2014-08-19 | 🔗

IKEA hacking is the practice of buying things from IKEA and reengineering—or “hacking”—them to become customized, more functional, and often just better designed stuff. The locus of the IKEA hacking movement is a website called IKEAhackers.net. It’s a showcase for … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm Roman Mars, IKEA Hacking What, and this is Did the show Sean Cole and yes, he said ikea- hacking feel good about. It feels a little bit subversive and a little bit booty pop like being a hunk the main stream, given that our audience is new our audience you probably heard like here hacking, it's the practice, buying stuff from IKEA and then re engineering. It hacking it into customized, more functional and often just we'd, better design stuff in Sean's case. That stuff is three Five foot high shelves Sean decided upon the Catholics? Variety?
plus two very heavy wooden the doors from home depot, all of which he is drilling and screwing, and holding together into one big beautiful queen size I can find storage bed secured his basin, left New York City existence. We are finishing. The construction of this third Alex itself become experts Howard assemblers the logos of the idea. Hacking movement is a website called IKEA hackers DOT net, it's a showcase for those who had tricked out their galaxies, their articles thorpes their floored voles, making both gather tips from other hackers and, more importantly, both pictures of their own hacks and even a step by step guide to how they made them IKEA hackers debt. It has been in the news a lot lately and not for be reasons you might have read? the stories online we're gonna get into all that later. But first I want
to introduce you to my hacker partner in crime, Jonathan being for votes, one he's in it professor buck, Nell University, back two thousand nine. He co wrote a serious academic paper about IKEA Hacking, with, Daniela Rosner, who now teaches design at the University of Washington, and they got into in part because of how, bending over the term IKEA hacking is yours, Jonathan. There was so much when you scratch the surface about what I call hacking could be. It could be anything from. I bought the shelf at IKEA and it was an inch too long for my closet. So I cut an inch off of it.
The way you just take a say, salad bowl and make it into a light, and this is damn yellow right. That's not even actually changing the object itself has just changing its use and, at the other end of the spectrum, an artist and sauntered on Google did a very provocative work of art, which is an accurate chair. Reconfigured to look like a stirrup from unconscious off go and both of these things fall under the river if IKEA Hacking, that's really wide rubric announced put your hands over your children's ears. For twenty seconds. I really like the I of toy as another example, where you take your love toy, I love to I made of the armed song shoe trees and, and I care product and others. The milk frothing device so taking those together and making a little vibrator there's a much ratio interview than I was expecting and the
hacker. Roddy aren't just diverse in terms of their sensibility, their diverse in the most basic way possible. You see hacks posted from all over this country and from Strangely Russia, Israel do by someone posted a hack. That's a French country, house, library in and actual french country House. He used sixty billion bene bookcases, and he has these before and after pictures and explained all how he did it because everything's exactly the same at IKEA? No matter where you are, it makes it it's sort of lowers the barriers to recreating something is this? Is the thing say: I wanted to teach you Roman, how to workbench by You live in Germany and I live in the US. If you go and buy a stud would start at a home depot in the US, it's going to be an inch and one slash two by three and one slash two, if you go and buy a wood, stud bow house, which is german home improvement, store it's going to be a different different size,
Wait did to tell me I'm not dreaming, and he just said there is a german home. Improvement store called bow. Yes, but it's actually swiss that softened ethic. I know I keep in spite of itself, is the great leveller and its. Very homogeneity that Mcdonald's, like sameness from place to place, to place that what's allowing this global community of hackers to thrive. So if I posted and IKEA Hack in Boston, someone in the Netherlands side. They could probably reproduce it using this. You know the pieces at their local store, much like a Lego kit, mignon take the actual posts themselves showing your work. That's a huge part of this whole thing. I think that there is something to this feeling of recognition like its you're, not creative, unless you recognised as being creative. If, if I care is hacked in a forest, does it
a sound, exactly paid all its Theodore here and I have officially done my purse ptychia high shake the hunger hearing. I try. First, I e we hear piece of living modify and, as you know, But there's a lot of this kind of hacking and show In telling on Youtube to buy now this term shouldn't. Be too mysterious bike and we are checking out her beautiful IKEA Transformation pieces, which I like to call them. You call them hack, job also you how to customize your aunt? He has also armchair measure how far my elbows are up in relation to this desk, not less, but only mobile contact people onto the top.
The table there. We ever installed for travellers, and now we have a really goes. You agreed on a businesslike here, be it may not be for forty four dollars worth of parts for like here, but why I've day I mean, if they're good enough to do some frankly pretty remarkable things with these materials like. Why aren't they just going in buying growled lumber and screws and nails and hammering together, something maybe more lasting unless prosperity rather not just hacking, the material is right. There hacking IKEA their hacking, the brand their hacking. What that, but that and actually symbolizes beyond just the stores or put another way to quote Daniel and Jonathan there. A the modulated of IKEA, saying this stuff is so too toy. I can mix and mash up the hell out of it and also is back to that homogeneous. Right that if this is
my downs of furniture, I'm gonna go against the grain and make a double triple extra. Go big MAC with no middle button bright. It's part of your identity at that. At that point, you're saying I'm a person who transforms thanks, but this is It gets even more complicated according to Jonathan within that group of people who wanted to two completely transform something. Some of them really wanted to me ten the acute static, so they would say this is something we want to say that could have come from IKEA, but didn't so there's a sort of sense of sure you express yourself, but you are also trying to sort out. Do Dewar we're trying to outwit IKEA right out IKEA Ikea now rising lay the shells down on their side.
That I did not intend. We now rejoined this idea had already in progress because everyone we have built train allies. Shells from here we ve led them down on their sides. A kind of you it's like my bed is a whale skeleton lying on its side and you're gonna be putting stuff in the rip kitchen. The skeleton and we're gonna put door is really heavy doors on top the shells as well as where I'm going to lay down to go to sleep. You by you sound like an insane person doing. I know you're like Aqua,
standing on having reached this is by this is what it's like. It's like, it's like teeming you knowing tearing the most pressing reason the moon universe, and I click on a side. Now, that's what I'm saying this. Is it isn't placid? It's us that is usually the placid isn't the best part or about the drill unsafe holes, and do you think about actually I've met you, sir. Is the wisest your baby? I'm I mean, I think it's just that for the longest time you know your toolbars drilling holes where they're not supposed to go is destructive and wrong and we were doing that- ended it still transgress, even your crossing a boundary, but it's not destruction anymore. Its creation. And you know it felt like for once I
then, just saying- well what's out there, you know which which went on the menu do I want. I wish we were making what we wanted near, but yours shoving IKEA true, while it's interesting ideas response to dissuade it's not to shut down here hackers again, this is done: Yellow Rosner, who co wrote that IKEA hacking Paper there's a lot more, almost support for our for a hacking within the corporate world than there was five or six years ago, and I think part of that is is corporation. Seeing that this adds to the process kind of buying and recognising the products. And yes, this is the moon and the story where we do the ironic taped to tape a juxtaposition maestro earlier this week, swedish flat pack Vernon her manufacturer, IKEA Delta, massive blow to the long running, fanned log, IKEA hackers dot net according to a blog posts.
By founder jewels, he asked the Cyprus issue. They cease and desist order. In March alleged This is the news that we alluded to at the beginning around the same time that Sean and Jonathan were hacking together, his bed unbent. Mr them abroad, Protection company wrote to the Queen Bee of IKEA, hacked em, the woman who runs IKEA hackers, dot net jewels yap. Jewels. Isn't her real first name. The letter basically said that a key was not amused, and that of jewels. Did stop operating her website. The way she was she could be in big trouble. He kills. Why? How are you? Are you wasn't until the news broke about the cease and desist letter? That jewels agreed to talk to me ass. She lives in Malaysia. We talked buy Skype, before we get down to business. I was just curious how she thought up the site, so I was checking out of you home. They call websites and I found a few iq hacks
scattered around on the internet, and that was when I thought a great and would be blowing. I could see all these hikes in one place. No, that was when the light bulbs does went on, and I I knew I had started that was in two thousand six and for some, only this year, two thousand fourteen March wealth to be precise did jewels, get an email with a subject line. I do hackers notification of violation of trademark rights well out, so I felt my blood drain. Literally, he knew I was. It was scary. Was what did they wondered, did do hand over the domain name. Stop using the IKEA, marker anything trademarked by EC here, which I think means even pictures of the furniture and she'd have close down her twitter and Facebook account to and other social media stuff. The thing that I
That's the thing that I didn't understand right away was the jewels does IKEA mean she's, just you. Fan Am, I guess superfine. It strikes me that it's like me being a celebrity that you ve always really loved and lie. That's celebrity, really mean to you in some quarters: yeah yeah, that was s clothes. You know the spotlight of Tibet I had been given a restraining order minded levied after jewels announced on our website that big, changes might becoming too IKEA. Hackers story went viral. People were pretty pissed off Corey Doctor, oh, who blogs on point blank famously called the cease and desist letter quote steaming both end quote, but at this point jewels was pretty much resign
the best thing we can do is just to comply and then transfer the hacks over to another site which didn't have a key, his name on it. If nothing else, she was grateful that so many people reacted so strongly to the news, so it was on a Friday night too that I made the announcement of the fund week. I received the call from I keep from whom a guy named Anders West Knee. I hope I'm saying that right he's with business side of things as opposed to the legal side. He you're saying that. Well, the lawyers I dare to do their job, you know, and he also took a look at the the letter of the law of the sea, sent these these letter and he said TAT. He didn't recognize IKEA in it. Really. He said that
Yes, he said: Leslie like it didn't, have the spirit of the brand wishes to make life better for everyone, and to that end He told you rules that they wanted to find another way forward and try to figure out how they can resolve things come to some agreement. I seriously ready me? I was totally speechless. I was like yeah yeah and but inside me I would lay screaming. You know you know if I could, during the IKEA Dance like crazy. Get this as we're. Releasing this podcast jewels is visiting Sweden and HOLLAND Meeting face to face with representatives of IKEA during the concept centre where their products are developed and then visiting the very
he homeland, where it all began its like she's tartly bucket visit Willie Longest Chocolate factory, yeah I am no eighty go home I mean? Do you get a sense that a key would ever try? we partner with jewels and makers, I'm sort of minister of hanging in or whatever me what I have been saying his leg. I can't imagine IKEA, could possibly endorse any individual hacker. Hacking on the whole is just too risky. You know I mean if something goes wrong, I mean it s. Basically, sanctioning what amounts to a misuse of their products. Even though I will say that use the eels Therefore, I have to tell you jewels the field, and of hacking together my IKEA Bear
Well, I am Jonathan being because it was really mostly him, but we do know created something at an end. That thing that we created is now something that I sleep on every night as such powerful feeling? There is actually a theory that one The reasons why it is so successful is because you have to make it yourself ass in many of the assembly yourself. If you are a certain sense of accomplishment or not, I put together, Billy bouquets or something wrong. So wiping hacking is Taking it. Level higher violence
put the mattress onto my new IKEA bad bed because it gets up bad. It's a real bad, just a loser. Bachelor sleeping on the floor anymore, I mean an actual problems. I'm lying on my new bad. It's so comfortable still sounds like a crazy person, Nothing at wheels Ro two Anders Wes need the IKEA Arap, who meets after jewels, yeah, saying, let's figure out a new way forward. He was replied but said talking to us before talking. The jewels would be putting me before the horse. So, in short, no comment will have to wait for an update
an idea, hackers, dynamic right, that's right! The still takes place to things instead of six you're, so smart your hacking, the hack. Do you realize that your hacking, the Hank hacking, is right? Ninety nine percent invisible was produced this week by showing call with same Greenspan, Katy mingle, ably trough element roman Mars. We are directive. Ninety one point: seven local public radio, K, L W in San Francisco and produced offices of arc sign some very handsome we had expected shelves
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