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140- Vexillonaire

2014-11-12 | 🔗

Vexillologists—those who study flags—tend to fall into one of two schools of thought. The first is one that focuses on history, category, and usage, and maintains that vexillologists should be scholars and historians of all flags, regardless of their designs. … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible I'm roman Mars hears it if you want design a good flag to kick ass flat, Chicago's or disease by drawing a one by one and a half inch rectangle a piece of paper. Your design has to work within that tiny erecting here's one asked three by far: put flag on a feet away, looks about the same size as a one by one and a half an inch tangle scene about fifteen inches from your eye. So, instead starting with a big canvas, or a wide cinema display tried right your flag, a tangle is one by one and a half inches you'll be super. I said how compelling and simple the design can be when you hold yourself to that limitation, that my friend is tat care, tat, king. I live here
Portland Oregon hand, I'm involved in the study flax. When I went to his house in Portland, he flew the San Francisco flag out front in honour of my visit the kind of guy that gas, I'm in love with the Portland Flag Association. We are a loosely organized group of people interested in flags and we are the largest sub national flag Organization in the country, with the largest membership around twenty five dues, paying members, the most frequent meeting schedule and the greatest amount of publishing a lot of his fellow bucks apologists, that's a person who studies flags TED, especially interested in flag design, many other Excellent adjust or more focused on history protocol in usage, there's one school of thought that says our flag scholars and every flag is equally appropriate to study and whether we like the design or not, is immaterial. We should be dispassionate scholars, but then in Europe,
Bull in the second group, like TED. At this point, actually who love beautiful, bags and go out in the world in lobby for better ones. Those who were in the second camp have identified a name for those people, and that's a vessel in air and activist affects the largest. If you listen, this show for very very long time. You know that when it comes to designing flags, there are rules, the principles being keep it simple. Use meaningful symbolism, use two to three basic colors, no lettering or seals and be distinctive the best blagden to stick to these principles, but one the fourth one, no lettering or seals that rule for some reason: Americans just can't grasp. We have tons of flags with writing and municipal seals on them and that's bad here, You shouldn't. Have I see a lot of flag, a seal,
his designed to be on a piece of paper to be seen close up to be seen flat now Moving and honour on only one side of the paper, a flag, is meant to be seen from a distance on a piece of fabric. That's move and might be seen on the front or the back seat. Don't belong on flag seals, belong and pieces of paper. Damn right, one of the intriguing things about the fact that TED Gay, The largest sub national flag Organization are both based in Portland. Is that Portland didn't have an official flag for the first one hundred years of its existence. Portland several flags that had been proposed? officially adopted, even though people thought they'd been adopted, but that was about the change in nineteen. Sixty nine, a group proposed a flag to the city.
The group was the commercial Club of Portland. The proposed design consisted of a white field as the background color, with her with a city seal gold centre, flanked by. To red roses on either side in the words world port of the Pacific. On top, and then the words city of roses. I think I want to go down and me Terry Shrunk, who was a very two politician looked this design and said I'm not capable of fighting on a flag design for the city of Portland. This is a job for the Portland arts. Commission, smart guy indeed, but this decision sent into motion one of the greatest tragedies and redemptions inflexible Google history,
the Odds Commission Slogan, esteemed local artist named Doug Lynch to create a brand new design was a prominent graphic designer call them a commercial artist at the time so Doug Lunch created a questionnaire asking both the City Council and the arts Commission, which attribute should be on the flag, as you might expect, the members of the City Council headed different view of what I Flag should look like from what the arts Commission members look. Like you, don't say the city commissioners. Were they realism? They wanted the name of the city on the flag, wanted a rose. They wanted a mountains, they wanted lots of stuff on the flag of the arts. Commissioner said it should be abstracted shouldn't have words on it. More consistent with our modern perception of what good flag design is so Doug went in the fray and designed to flag that did not
have a rose on. It did not have name of the city on it. It was an abstract, as I'm done, design was a I would call it an off said cross if you go to our website or pull your phone you'll see a variation of this flag that Doug Wench proposed its incorporated into the cover title of this episode too lines. Crossing from the bottom and left to ride in the centre creating a void in the centre. That is called a hypo cyclic for pointed star the blue lines that crossed represented the confluence of the Colombian. Well, I'm into rivers of white hypo site Lloyd, represented the city of Portland at their confluence and then those tribes, who are bordered by Yellow Stripes gold stripes, which represented either commerce or Grey flowing along rivers and everything was, a background of green representing the forests. It's really lovely
City Council said. Thank you for your design and change the upper left hand corner, from green to blue and put the city seal on an adopted that fly I know, I'm a graphic designer. The audience are digging half moon shapes cars in the media there palms upon hearing this violation is almost more painful than this abomination was so close to being a really good flag. The one and dug Lynch had originally submitted It took a few years past City Council version of the flag needed out into circulation in nineteen, seventy three, but being a relic If we poor design with that city seal on most people, can't tell it's the city seal, even by yellow gold blob on blue the. I was never widely flown
don't nearly thirty years later, Doug lynched join the Portland Flag Association. He was in his late eighties and I invited him to come to one of our meetings and, playing this whole story of how he had designed. And how it was adopted, how it was changed at the last minute and at the the presentation Doug said if I had to do it Over again, I would widen the blue. Stripes moved the center of the flag over a little take that upper left him corner, which is blue and change it back to green, and he would take that city seal off the flag, I would make all those that's how I would do the flag, but it's been thirty years too late. Now. They're like well well well, well, well, wait a minute where the largest sub national flag Organization in that country look doc! It's not too late. Sitting around the table are the person is written the history of the flag of the city of Portland. The person
written the guide book on flag design person who actually manufactures those flags and you who designed it, we to be able to get this changed and with the help of future your Portland mayor, SAM Adams. They presented an ordinance to the City Council to update the flag. My son Mason, who had written a history of the city flags of Portland, testified. I testified MIKE Hale was The owner of elmers, flag and banner groove manufactured, if testified and dug Lynch testified and dug, was a revered figure in design in Portland and The commission in effect, bowed and said you are the right. And to tell us what this desire not to look like. We agree with your design the mayor Mare, veer cats at the time the mayor said: that's great. Come back, next week, will adopt it but bring a real flag. Can you do that and my tail owner the flag company,
often said. Yes, we can do that and so the next week he'd had his stresses so up a new scene report on flag and we came to the city Council hearing the council held a vote on ordnance five zero. They adopted a flag and mere cat, said pointing to the old flag on the flagpole. Take that down and put it in archives. Can you put that new flag up and some one of our members, John Hood, went over and put the flag. On the fly following the City council chamber, spinning first one to raise the official city of Portland. The correct city Portman fly this current fight with all the updates the Douglas want. It is the graphic that's on the front of the podcast, if you haven't done so already, Poland have love his answer to good flag best. Of all people in Portland actually use it has virtually vigour recycling If you don't see, you are sitting flag anywhere in your hometown. Maybe
It needs a redesign too, but that's it. The excellent air talking Ninety nine percent: invisible is SAM Greens, band, Katy, mingle, Avery, truffle men and me roman Mars. We are directive. Ninety one point: seven: local public radio K, L W in San Francisco hum of a very bad flag in produced out of the offices of arc sign in beautiful.
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