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162- Mystery House

2015-04-28 | 🔗

According to legend, Sarah Winchester’s friends advised the grieving widow to seek the services of a Boston spiritual medium named Adam Koombs. The story goes, Koombs put Mrs. Winchester in touch with her deceased husband—but William had bad news. He told … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent invisible I'm Roman, Mars, Let's say you lived some time before one sixty and you wanted to fire a rifle. First you'd need to pool gunpowder into the powder charge to measure the amount of gunpowder you need it, and then you, pack down your gun powder and then bullet into the rifle. With a ramrod, then you'd pull the hammer and take something called a precaution cabinet fitted on the hollow metal nipple from the back the barrel pull the trigger That was one shot Then you had to reload, which meant pouring out new gunpowder stuffing the gun powder and the new bullet down with a ramrod falling the hammer putting a new precaution cap on the nipple and then you could yet again the oh process took at least as long as it just took for me to describe it you can imagine this was all really inconvenient if someone was shooting at you, but now came the Winchester Repeater Rifle.
Reporter Ninon against their Debs, the Winchester eighteen, sixty six repeater rifle was a thing of beauty. Nicknamed the yellow boy for its bright brass receiver, the gun with sleek, gleaming and deadly. You could fire off fifteen shots in just over ten seconds, and the Winchester Repeater arrived on the market just in time for the rise of western expansion, the huge sweep of men first destiny and people. Migrating to the western part of North America, that's Mary, Joe Ignacio, a California, Historic Deanna College in Cooper Tina that weapon came a source of survival on protection for people. The next generation of the Winchester Repeater, the eighteen. Seventy three model was an even bigger hit. It was lighter, more accurate, and it became synonymous with westward expansion.
Came to be known as the gun that won the west Probably only by people who think they won the west, the Winchester Rifle Company was very successful. Successful arms company in America in the late nineteenth century, the wind MR family became fabulously wealthy. They lived together in this palatial mansion in New Haven Connecticut. They were harmonious, rich and happy and to me Matters happier, William. Gesture, the heir to the family, business and fortune married the girl, I store the beautiful and Inter urgent, Sarah Party and in eighteen. Sixty six Sarah gave birth to a daughter, Annie, and then came a string of terrible tragedies. They found the baby Annie couldn't absorb protein and even with All the money in the world. Sarah couldn't stop her daughter from starving to death before her eyes. Then, five years later, a Sarah.
Beloved husband, William passed away from tuberculosis. He was only forty three years old after losing her husband, sorrowing Esther then lost her father in law and her eldest sister, It was now alone, half time of loneliness lay ahead of her. That's the voice of the iconic black and white film actress Lily engage she's narrating, an old documentary about Sarah Winchester, with plenty of dramatic and it was in that same year, eighteen, eighty one that friend, trying to console Sarah advised her to seek the service. Of a well known, Boston, Medium, Mr Adam Coup, and, as a legend goes through. This medium Sarah was able to contact her deceased husband, William, but William had some bad news. I told her that she would always be haunted by the spirit of those who had been killed by the Winchester Rifle someone,
Please give this poor widow a break. Who now instructed her crooked by building a structure that would never be completed, a house to which rooms with constantly be added to provide shelter for the ever increasing number of Winchester Rifle victims. Finally, he told her that by doing what he had prescribed, she would gain immortality Just a rifles had killed. A lot of people is zero was to appease their ghosts. She would need to be, a very, very big house, and she had the money to do it. Having inherited her late husband stock in the rifle company, she was now one of the wealthiest people in the country. Where better, to build an ever expanding structure than in the. Why, open West California, Sarah left New Haven to begin a new in California. She bought and aid whom farmhouse in San Jose and Dover into the remodeling project head. First at any
in time there might have been a dozen people working on the house. Carpenters, tile setters painters, electricians Some reports estimate that are hell swelled from eight to twenty six rooms in the first six months and other claim. There was no end to the construction that Sarah Winchesters crew worked on the house in rotating shifts twenty four hours a day for thirty eight years. The construction March forward. The house became a tangled maze of halls and mash up turrets and stained glass windows. You know it has occurred. A haunted, mansion quality, that's architects, trill historian Mitchell, Schwarzer doors that nowhere. You staircases that stop halfway and because she built over so many years. The house was also a wild combination of architectural styles. You know every five years or so there was a kind of new movement. New types of ornament curves introducing the eighty nine these, but for a long
I am no one was able to see the hodgepodge of styles and ornaments in this house except Sarah Winchester. Well, Sarah and her staff of eighteen House servants, thirteen carpenters, eight to ten gardeners and to private chauffeurs because Sarah Winchester kept to herself missing Winchester did not entertain and she did not open her doors to visitors, support, LISA Winchester was also always shrouded in avail and she never both to strangers or members of the press who enquired about her odd building endeavour and because you didn't respond. They started formulating their own suggestions, maybe she's superstitious. Maybe she feels guilty that all that money came from guns. Maybe it feels like if she keeps building she'll, never die answer Those little stories became the actual analysis of MRS Winchester is unclear
how much of the Sarah Winchester Legend is true We don't know whether she commune with ghosts, or at least I thought she was communing with ghosts or whether she built her huge house to placate them or whether she felt guilty about her fortune coming guns, but after her death, those legends and rumours about her have lived on after Sarah's death and your prince earning John H Brown saw the possibility in the old decrepit estate in nineteen. Twenty three he reopen MRS Winchesters property as the Winchester Mystery House ever since its been the subject of all kinds of pseudo documentaries on haunted houses, said to be inhabited by ghosts and instead by madness. It has the deranged design of a carnival funhouse, the Winchester Mystery House when I walked in my my hat. I got fails the workers that built this place there still building it on the other side,.
For thirty three dollars, you can buy a ticket and tour Sarah Winchesters House I will be your guide today on this sixty five minutes. More of MRS Winchester's Beautiful Sixty I've got my family. There we drove an hour. We waited in line. We held out a whole lot of money for tickets because we ve never been there, and some Bay Area Landmark California historical, landmark number, eight hundred and sixty eight. If you have a look at that black and white photo points out all the bizarre things about the house, like the staircases that lead to nowhere George dirty we're. Dorothy nowhere we like to point out that Ms Winchester hid the number thirteen all around the house, and you can't tell you is the alot of 13th, but the highlight of the tour is definitely the tour room. This is the same
through which sits in the middle of the house. This is where Sarah supposedly received directions from the spirits haven't. Mrs Winchester were come up here every night to speak, to the spirit of those killed by the Winchester rifle. They seem to be selling the story of the haunted house and of the haunted. Mrs Winchester and a lot of people seem to be buying it, but not everyone. The mythology. About her as not only insulting to her it's inside to me as a consumer of popular culture. It insults a person's intelligence, that's Mary, Joe again, so again, and she doesn't believe the haunted. Mrs Winchester legends. She wrote a book about Sarah Winchester, the challenges of the myth, about her Sarah herself to write a memoir or speak to the press, but Mary Joe did fine documents that helped her understand who the real Sarah Winchester may have been there were
ridable original sources that hadn't been used by anybody else before letters she rode correspondence with her attorney property records after pouring through documents Mary Joe, has come to believe that a lot of Really strange things that we see today and that our emphasised in the mythology about Sarah Winchester are completely exe, lane about this, there's two. Nowhere, for example, they probably did lead somewhere once rooms were constantly being tweaked in remodelled, plus the nineteen o six earthquake had a major effect. There are no original blueprints for the house, but we do know that the earthquake destroyed the front of the mansion and the third and fourth stories she felt, like the defects of the house, really came to the fore in the nineteen six earthquake. And so she kind of wish your grand at her own workmanship that this would happen. Instead of rebuilding Sarah had workers clear away the rebel and make the play safe and then just boarded up the front of the house, so
very possible that the stairs led to a room that got destroyed in the quake As for others, thirteen's marriage doesn't put a lot of stock in them and she believes that some of them might not be from Sarah Winchester couple at that man, who worked on the house. They. Stated in the nineteen twenties that those reference As to the number thirteen were added after her death. As to whether Sarah Winchester conducted sciences in her supposed seance room, it's possible mutual ism incenses were actually fairly common practice and Sarah Winchesters time. But still Harry Joe finds it unlikely, partly because the location the room in the middle of the house anyway, who knows about spiritual wisdom or seances know that those are really public affairs. Social affairs at the very least, if not public, and you would have that in your front. Parlor, then again, Sir, was a very private persons, or maybe she did her seances alone, the rat
form and also stated that he had actually stayed in that room and it was not related to any kind of spiritual or superstitious events at all. And lastly, and the popular legend about Sarah Winchester? Her whole building endeavour was set in motion after seeing a medium by the name of Adam comes, who had supposedly put her in touch with her dead husband but Mary jail gained access to a list of mediums and spiritualist that would have been practicing in New England during Sarah Winchesters lifetime. The name that's usually associated with having seen Winchester is not their bottom. This may never have existed at all. There is some We will never know about Sarah Winchester, but women, Radio does feel like we can know for sure, is that Sarah wasn't out of touch with reality. On the contrary, she was right
national and savvy. This is a woman so far ahead of her time in financial matters in her real estate investment in her a bond portfolio, its remarkable it's really remarkable. So why does a finance chile savvy forward thinking woman build such a crazy, never ending house, Mary Joe, has a different theory. No good. Involved. She was an architect wanna be set. Oh Winchester wanted to be an architect, she love doing building experimenting, and I love Sarah Winchester lived at a time when it was highly unusual to have women, architects and she wasn't licensed, so Her own house was the perfect place. The only place really for heard a practice architecture. Became her playground. Sometimes in the middle of a project, should lose interest and move on to something else. From all this
An odd in frenetic confluence of architecture, but her house isn't only a collection of oddities. There are some generally innovative elements do. There's a scenario but the zinc floor. It doesn't rest and its tilted for the water to run off and be used in the garden There are also. These amazing zigzagging stairs that, instead of going up at a steep pitch rise in shallower increments, Sarah Winchester had debilitating arthritis and these stairs made possible. For her to move about her house. The legend says that Sarah and her crew worked on her house twenty four hours a day for thirty eight years, upon hearing of her death, her work crew finally set down their hammers and walked off the job this is most likely in his admiration but was certainly a project that consumed MRS Winchesters attention for decades. The code, by doing what we prescribe
see, would gain immortality and, of course, she didn't gain immortality from all of her building, as the spirits had supposedly promised, but she did live in to her eighties in the end whatever her motivations were, Sir Winter Sir built a house with over one hundred and fifty rooms too I'll doors forties, fireplaces forty bedrooms, forty staircases, seventeen Jim, Thirteen bathrooms six kitchens, three elevators to basements in one shower. And spent nearly all of her life being an architect
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