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169- Freud’s Couch

2015-06-17 | 🔗

Sigmund Freud’s ground-breaking techniques and theories for therapy came to be called “psychoanalysis,” and it was embodied, in practice and popular culture, by a single piece of furniture: the couch. Producer Ann Hepperman explores the role of this canonical object in … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars in eighteen. Eighty nine Sigmund Freud was still relatively new in this field is what we call a pre freudian broiled, thirty, three years old and he was working as an assistant to another psychiatrist. Any hadn't had any of his big ideas yet, but he was about that user in Hebron. Freud was mostly practising hypnosis at the time it was cutting edge, though still kind of a controversial treatment. So one day, Freud gets a new patient, very well woman, Fanny Moser, that's Michael Rough Press Of Wesleyan University and Affright historian for its new patient was struggling from all kinds of ailments, hysteria sleeplessness, pain. An odd ticks, Fanny Moser had lots of doctors. So Fanny Moser would come in, and Freud would have her laid down on the couch just like he did with his other patients to get it right,
Wasn't the only person using a couch during hypnosis, but he taking early needed to get people into a more relaxed state area. Your brief, deeper and deeper, when he was in a very good hypnotists, tumors camera clumsy hypnotist. So Moser was on the couch right. You say you here: you're getting sleep you're, getting sleeping Jimmy's, no one. I am naturally low so well Fanny is laying their not getting sleepy, she talked this would interrupt her with his theories, but Fanny just wasn't have in it. She want the dark. First, let me tell you my stories. Then been delight goes on. Freud has a revelation if you Let patients talk in, don't say anything. They will down their defences. Unconscious will be revealed this. Is the moment when the preferred
Freud becomes. The forty four and the Friday infringe new techniques and theories were therapy would come to be called psychoanalysis most new theories in the world do not get a sign their own piece of furniture, but this when, ultimately, inexorably did the couch if cycle analysis had a flag. Oh you know it would have a picture the couch on it. You can actually go visit. Freud's couch its initial asked home in London, for it had the couch ship from Vienna after fleeing the Nazis in nineteen thirty, eight good? All Sigmund Freud patients on his couch right up to his death. A year later we send our facto London correspondent, the illusionists Helen's, ultimately to check it out This is an insult reporting count. Science from four weeks old study bird actually had a couple of catches but the one we now associate with him was a gift from a patient. Madame I'm Ben Venus. Do she told Freud that if she
going to have her head examined. She might as well be comfortable. Only she found the couch Freud had at the time sorely lacking. So she got him oppose you want it's really. A very cosy looking out is not technical. Looking at all, it looks like a great place to take a nap for studies, full of rugs and books and artifacts from others, sure, as it has sort of in Indiana Jones Vibe to it and his couches in keeping with that, it's a divine style sofa. Some people might call it a swooning couch and its covered in exotic red, persian, carpets and piled with velvet pillows, so you can see to what the couch beneath it is really like with its stained with her experience. What's underneath as a surprisingly playing Jane Bay, sofa I'll clean law, I intend rectangular forms, that's almost boring. Catches, what's known as a beat a sofa, a very popular style back when Fried got it in eighteen. Ninety one
It was like something: you'd find an viennese, Ladys Bedroom Domestic, a piece of furniture designed for relaxing inch but the more patients Freud saw on the couch the more he wrote about those patients, the more the couch became thought of as an essential instrument in Freudians psychoanalysis. Look that the couch was central to the idea of getting to the unconscious. That's doktor, Arnold Richards, a psycho. Analysed who practices on New York's Upper EAST side in traditional analysis, Richard says, the couch is a tool. A patient lies down on his or her back looking at the ceiling. Just staring up you staring into yourself, you looking inside rabid outside traditional cycle, analysts believe the couch
helps a patient, relax and open up and understand their unconscious conflicts and innovations like why you can't you know than is your paper, why you can't work? What are your symptoms and what are you? Innovations- and you want to understand that and that's what psychoanalysis cycle terribly isabel and some of these therapies believe that even the placement of it like, where it is in a room, makes a difference. I know there was one analyse who would put the couch in them middle of the room because he shouted the patient. Should be close to a wall that the wall would make them secure and he wanted the patient to be insecure. He wanted to promote the regression chair out of sight from the patient on the couch and though some endless believe this positioning helps the patient feel free or to open up. Fraud may have had more selfish reasons. He once remarked. I cannot put up with being stared at by other people for a
being stared at by other people for eight hours a day. In any case, when an object play such a central role to the workers, in do choosing the right. One becomes a big deal so like a right of passage is like you, ve made it. Which means good business for the guy's making those couches We have a separate factory, just make the couches So here we also made sofas and club chairs Fred drafting used to run imperial leather furniture company in Queens Newark family on business. That's been killing psychoanalytic couches since the nineteen forties. The spanish law, Irving Leafy, actually patented a version of a psychoanalytic couch. He design with his business partner, Alisha Brass Minister, Her father was extremely proud of it. Every time Anybody walked into the store, he'd saunter, to them and say you know you would say we made Freud's cultures, which of course they didn't.
The couch they sold, wasn't Freud's exotic cosy of cushions their psychoanalytic couches were like the one you're, probably thinking of low to the ground. Sleep, Brachmans, holding psychoanalytic couches all over the country and around the world for decades, and the psycho analysts buying them had some particular aesthetics Most of them were being made in Lebanon, but testing with buttons a big knew no from nervous patients, they would forget it. Because they were edgy nervous and it the maintenance problem. Basically constructing the perfect psychoanalytic couch is like building a sofa for Goldilocks, can't be too source can be too hot so It is a special spring and special horse here hardier combination to make it as they said just right: freds business, boomed in the forties fifties and early sixties. What some have called
the golden age of psychoanalysis was very good, very good business But then in the late sixties, things changed. People started to experiment with alternative therapies and the first generation of antidepressants offered faster relief, traditional psychoanalysis fell out of favor and you might be able to guess what happened to analytic couch sales now couch I'm being used all that much. They sit up in club chairs or lounge chairs, and they took to the psychoanalyst and even within psychoanalytic circles, people became less certain that the couch was a good tool. Different schools of thought started cropping up whether or not you use the couch. You know can determine you know what you're doing, and why are you doing in what you theory is? You could say that too camps, formed and psychoanalysis team couch. No couch, some would say it's easier
conversation you know sitting face to face at some people from Analyse Zagreb evidence, not using the couch. They said they preferred sitting Richards, hasn't really chosen a team in his office. There's a couch and a chair. I do whatever seems through what what works best for the patient. There may be a team couch in a teen, no count, but even Freud. Wasn't that dogmatic about it here, patience. He treated on the couch and saw me didn't like that This composer, Gustaf Mauler, whom for The treaty was strolling around the park, but here's the thing while France wasn't dogmatic about using the couch and while use of the psychoanalytic analytic couches declined, you wouldn't know it from culture. The analytic couch has become shorthand for therapy. Equally in one place I'm Bob mankind from cartoon editor of the New Yorker magazine Bob Mankind is presently qualified to talk about this. Well,
background are experimental psychology he wasn't psychoanalysts exactly I was an animal behavior is so to put little rats from figures on culture of extraordinary difficult Manka says the catch is fantastic as a symbol. It is just what a joke, It's, I think the couch immediately establishes power relationships here the psychiatrist is in control. You are sure to health, helpless, child lying on the couch, even though real therapists aren't using the count all that much cartoonists still need it. When we look, the cartoons. Now we do see you bet they're all on the couch of course, it's not just the new Yorker. We ve seen the couch all over popular culture like it's hard to imagine when he Alan without the couch, even seeing a psychologist fifteen years, you should slopes of uv off the captain, time and then there's the sopranos Tony Sopranos, and a lot of time with his therapist and even though he is
always sitting in a chair when the camera pans out. There is a very tough. A brown analytic couch in the background, The said designer wanted to reassure our subconscious about what he was doing there and when I asked mankind to imagine having to make new Yorker therapy jokes without the couch as a device, o dome, Ripley Cry I've made by man cough crowd. Just like two prior cameras. The couch is required. That, while I'm runnin slang? Thousands of people have made pilgrimages to see Freud's couch, it's a relic too. How Freud Rep Lucian eyes how we understand the human mind. The couch, especially Freud's couch came to symbolise an invitation to open your mind, not to let someone scenes. I that's Freud scholar, Michael Rafik, three reminder that we have. The ability to reveal ourselves and that's
its irresistible writer, in like a magic carpet. We I can get on the couch and suddenly I'll, say things that reveal way. What I really love was my whole life of pretending to other things, but again on the cash and suddenly I say my mother, she ruined my life. You could say that again makes her on my not my mother view your sisters, you killed my Roth loves his mother, but if he didn't any, does it be revealed on the couch fraud. Has given us the gate, the the ego, the you go, the protein slip a whole number of complexes beyond creating a vocabulary of the mind he gave us a place to rest, the feel at ease to share our desires are in ambitions are dreams, a place
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