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178- The Great Restoration

2015-08-26 | 🔗

Stirling, Scotland is the home of Stirling Castle, which sits atop a giant crag, or hill, overlooking the whole town of Stirling. There has been a castle on that hill since the 12th century at least, and maybe before, but … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars, when the statue of liberty was dedicated in eighteen. Eighty six, it was a dull, copper, color, the whole state who is covered with a layer of copper metal about the thickness of two pennies. But after him, Nineteen hundred the physical processes that govern the known universe began to take their toll and the copper skin oxidized. Into a greenish patina. Can be seen on the statute to this day the statue underwent a massive restoration in the nineteen eighties behalf in shoulder were realised. The point on the ground that had been digging into her arm for a century was shortened. The defects in the internal skeleton were thoroughly addressed and, of course, the weather even Exterior was clean, but there no notion that the statute skin should be returned to the dull, copper color she was born with
but if they had shine downplaying liberty to her original copper color, the people of New York City probably Have reacted like this. I light looking at tat. This is not someone from New York, as you can probably guess. That's Barbara Clark, five generations of her family have lived in Starling, Scotland, many Spanish Clark and lifeless sterling all my life. Apart from when I was at university, darling, is also the home of Sterling castle. Truly marvellous place that is, love to visit that sits. Atop, a giant crag or hill over looking the whole town of sterling. Some council has been there since the twelfth century and maybe before, but the current buildings date from the fifteen and sixteen centuries well on face It is part of our lives who see after a single day in his children. We plead in it ran all around it. When we think of mediaeval castles were usually picture, a grand structure with subdued dark stone, masonry
but when you gaze upon Sterling castle today from the town below you will notice, that one of the buildings is different from the others since ninety ninety nine, after a long restoration effort, the Great hall, of sterling castle, has been bright, yellow this bright, yellow building universe. The king out, like a suit thumb on people with just horrified I can remember just thinking This is a nightmare. The story of how the Great Hall of Sterling Castle came to be painted, bright, yellow illustrates the unexpected complexity in the restoration it comes to this question when you choose to store. Something, each moment in time. Are you restoring it to some end of nameless group of people, reach, thought decision and dying question than motives, but
Question than understanding of the fact that it was going to have on people's feelings towards the council who made decision, Oh, I know it was this guy money, Peter, become a moment with a stark Scotland, my title noise project manager a joint, distort Scotland, lengthy. Ninety one to work on the stern castle project door. Scotland is the government organization charge with educating the public in safeguarding Scotland's historic treasures. They. Took over the care of sterling castle and started the Great hall restoration in ninety ninety one. First, let's get some castle facts straight. The council on a lot of people, have this fairytale Disneyland thing in their heads were at all one huge building, the mostly you. Castles were a collection of buildings for certain things. They had a chap all that a palace they would have had kitchens. The great hall is one of those key buildings in a castle and to quote Bill Bryson in his book at home,
no room, has fallen further in history than the hall. Now is to wipe feet and hang hats once was the most important room in the house. It is a shame. Huge gathering space and the one here of sterling must also for the Parliament to Scotland. So the king here they would set laws, they would have banquets and feasts. They would entertain lavishly when Peter Buchanan adopted the Great Hall sterling it was in an awful state, Stirling Council Castle up until nineteen sixty four was a military garrison from one hundred to nineteen sixty four, the castle was owned by the war office and they did not treat the castle as a historic artifact to be preserved. To the buildings within the costs were used by them. The great hall was used as Barak accommodation, turning the one big fancy room into barracks meant: adding floors altering windows, replacing the ceiling, really changing everything,
once the military left the place was got it and when, Christine took over and ninety ninety one. The building was a shelf It still had to reform it, but it was left with a huge question more as to what we should do with it The typical mandate of historic Scotland is to preserve historic places in this state they were found, but the Great Hall of Sterling Castle required some drastic measures. So what's eighty restore to do you prefer, the military period from eighteen hundred sword, the medieval and renaissance, very strategically the council had been important for hundreds of years steadily lings rule and the history of Scotland and has been set talk. Sense plight clearly able times, stain sufficient clotted kings Castle Hill overlooks a bog on one side and the bridge over the fourth river, on the other. So for her, goods of years. It was the place that control trade for the whole region, Mary Queen of Scots, was correct.
It was seeing that the cultural significance of these things are weighed. They significant of the military period, using this logic. They decided to restore the Great hall to a state. It was about three to foreigners years in the past, but that kind of restoration is not simple. First model records, aren't all that consistent of a series of etchings of great hope unfortunately, like all show slightly different things to different EU, have ridge beasts heralding beasts on the top of great home. These are big stone. Statues of unicorns and lions that sit on the apex of the roof all of matching show these, but they showed different numbers of them. So The etchings, the Greek, to give a kind of an idea for the customer, look like and that as a tool for restoration, they worked. Much use. Tell me you're out where the ridge beast should be placed on top the building. They had to figure out the original structure of the roof.
Time in the twentyth century, the roof had been completely replaced by the military, but he regional Hall had this glorious hammer. Beam roof a hammer beam roof is a medieval technique that uses would beings, as a network of Kant levers and trusses on inside to make the roof strong. Over such a big, wide, open room, you can see all the timber when you look up from its on the heights stunning. It's a jigsaw puzzle, a beautiful triangles that are amazing to behold, tangles of the past because the Ridge beasts wade three quarters of a time they could only be place where the hammer beam roof was the strongest it's true now is it worth three hundred years ago was gonna be moved constructive that low hammer being left. We want to get it right, but we need please to be able to do that. They found one diagram a cross section of the hammer, beam roof of the Great hall from seventeen nineteen. But since it's the only record it's hard to know if it's completely accurate
since there was no other information about what the roof looked like. They began researching these surveyors from seventeen nineteen who drew the diagram and they found that other diagrams they drew of other castles were very accurate. So here's a leap of faith. This is where he stopped to have to use picture in your restoration to make value judgments, and decided that we will put the whole of the structure back. So this is what we are basically so using that one historic document they reconstructed the roof which determine where the heavy stone ridge beasts would be placed on top one discovery begets another and another and the original building comes into focus and that's the detective work of restoration, careful research, discovery, verification, sometimes, conjecture, leap of faith. It's the beautiful amalgam of history, science and art. The hammer beam roof was completed in ninety ninety nine in every one who sees it, including the sterling folk, seem to agree. Really great. So far, no controversy.
But, as we know, the roof, not the only thing to change so the controversy, it's coming the building when we take and over ninety ninety one was almost completely greystone. There was none of the original finishes left, but in one corner in just under the West Bay there had been, a little linked to shelter, built in front of the door. We took it away. We fund a complete panel, The original language lime wash is pure line, meaning calcium oxide, not the green citrus fruit, and it also contains earth based pigments. It's a code that's meant to protect the stone masonry in the sterling they found, a significant yellow, ochre layer of lime, wash bright, yellow was very intentional. Hundreds of years ago the built world was basically brown, but on this giant hill there was this great yellow piece of, ostentatious Texas, bleeding that signal for miles that this was a place for a king,
and we did huge, simple tunnels. All that I'm wishes all run the building to show people what might have looked like and what the cutters might have been. We brought a lot of people from the sternum area to see this as well. What were intending to do on the analysis and information had was to put the finishes back and that is exactly what they did, which is why the Great Hall is yellow, which did not Zactly go over well with the people of sterling, strangely restoration terms had element that we had the most evidence for they, actually had physical pieces of the exterior alarm wash all over the castle. The hammer beam roof, on the other hand, was based much more on conjecture, but everyone loves that they will win Here's team was putting on the yellow finish the Great hall with completely covered in scaffolding and plastic. This may
have contributed to the intensity of the reaction from the locals once it was unveiled ears Sterling resident, Barbara Clark again, the entire all, was shouted in tat pollen for by ten years, and nobody knew she leave what was going on. We knew but lots of stone, masons up there, but nobody knew anything about anything else. So ended Dayton veiling came. It was a total surprise. At just looked so awful and to this day I don't like it Peter began in what he would have done differently. If he had to do it all over again, he says he would do all the same restorations, but he would have been more aggressive about outreach. We could have tried harder. We set up for a couple of weekends on the centre starling to explain what we were doing well
It's a group much paper on to see the samples before we went any further, but really getting that message. Rights through the media and getting to people to understand is very, very difficult and when it is a change on the scale. I think that possibly bigger marketing campaign should have come. Let there who is fifteen years ago before twitter and Facebook made it easier to reach people. Certainly, we ve learned the experience from the great hall as to how we should be getting messages I'd if really understand what you're doing and really by end from day one. Then I think it makes a lot easier to be accepted all restorations are unique. I don't think the statue of liberty should have been returned to copper when it was restored. As a landmark people, fell in love with it any gained its significance when it was green, it made sense to keep it that way, but I found being in the bright yellow great Hall at Sterling Castle, really the exciting times
due to the fact that the color was shocking to the residents who grew up with it, looking completely different its brightness, brought it to life? For me and made me reinterpret my faded and ultimately wrong image of the past It's now assume that nearly all the greek and roman sculptures that we know and love were painted bright, vibrant colors, even though most of us can only imagine them as white marble. When I the color reconstructions of ancient statues. I think they look ridiculous, but can't help, but feel that I know the Greeks and Romans a little bit better after seeing what they thought. Look good, I feel the same about the renaissance artisans, who designed the color schemes inside and outside sterling castle. They were mixing, colors that really too much. They were using human extraordinary ways. They were having read from showing an awful lot of wealth and power in the process, but this, is probably the first and last such restoration for historic Scotland,
scanning and three d, rendering technology means that you can quote unquote. Store a place and teach people. Would it look like at em a point in history inside the virtual world of a computer exhibit without doing anything drastic to the actual physical structure at all to build but much happier with that approach. We can extraordinary things noise through technologies that we couldn't have done fifteen years ago and it's a really really easy way to educate people to show them what things might have been like with turning to heavy handed to monument, so I suspect the Great Hall remain as a unique restoration and historic comes history, which too we make sense every once in a while. It's nice to be bold and daring like our ancestors were up on that bright coat of paint. And see just how vivid the word
once was so I spent a whole weaken sterling, and why was there my friends, Hellenes Ultimate and Martin Oswin came up to visit from London, Helen and Martin work on the great pot cast answer me this together, which is one of my absolute favorites one tonnes of awards in its incredibly popular in the UK and when he started Re Utopia. I talk with him about the idea of her doing a new show specific. We for us on whatever she wanted Helen, It is a language and etymology fanatic and she pitched asked the illusionist which I'm going to describe as in presenting visible for words, mainly so everyone who listens. This show will understand that if you love ninety nine percent, invisible, you will love the illusionist
you can find out more unsubscribe at the illusionists dot org, that's illusionist within a but as a little summertime tree. I thought I just play for you. The latest episode of the illusionist by Hellenes Ultimate welcomed the alley in which I hellenes elements, what to call cow for five magic, linguistic beings come up in the show, games to prepare yourself which is a game, would gain as in the zone of meat is so called because it was obtained. Through the game or sport of hunting, and this history lurks in venison, which evolved from locked in the nursery meaning to hunt and came to industry. The old french venison, which meant that a large game, animal, usually dear, or wild boar and thats the clue as to why if the animal is called a deer until the point at which being eaten, whereupon it becomes venison the same with,
brings a beef, pig import and cheap Martin. The words for the creatures in there giving state the anglo Saxon ones. Where is the meat words originated from French after the Norman? Asian of Britain intend sixty six. There came a few hundred years in which the aristocracy was speaking French and they were the ones who could afford to eat meat and also that we use the ones whose words were being recorded in writing for posterity so that you go meet words on with the shape gather Our children grandma's got a story about how we have to make our own fun on long boring journeys before we had Ipad Indeed, any equipment do beyond the capillaries because hasn't had to run away. I was stuck in a car or on a box over train in word, games that I spoke
well, your listing, boring things all the ministers cat, while your listing adjectives the number plate game where you have to name things that start with the same letters as you can see on the number plate of the car. You ve been stop behind in a traffic jam forever or replacing words in soames with rude, all the old family. Favorites guess how many words you can say before the drug that shouts at you to shut up, and you have to sit in silence for two hours. But it's point: if you go beyond full Here's my issue with these games. None of them actually much fun to play, except for the placing words in a somewhat redwoods game which still pretty get, but really most of these word games. That was fun, is filling in the spreadsheet. They do fulfil the function of obliterating an awkward silence without ever having to think of conversational top but the prize isn't some of winning the game as the journey being over. So you don't have to play the game anymore. Also words
over the place and, on the average day, you'll be deploying or taking in many thousands. So how do you take these things which are ubiquitous and concoct fun out of them? What are the elements of a top notch would gain a better viciousness. I think I speak up. ThatS Leslie Scott, but not very vicious. Looking founder of Oxford Games, she has created more than forty gains, a lot of which a word base such as Anna. So you compare Anagrams speed, the children's literature game, bookworm and Bluffing Games, flummoxed, inspiration and ex liberals
she's, probably best known for unknown word game the build a precarious tower out wooden bricks, game, gender. I think a game has to be competitive, otherwise it should be called another different occupation. I am in a different kind of pastime, though people we completely disagree with me that there are actually companies are to set up to make cooperatives game. Can imagine it no. I mean, I think, in a funny way, Jangle most cooperative game that I know, but it still has an element that somebody loses look. You will win, but this visible unpleasantly like it. If you don't have that element to it, it's too comes in another,
Palestine is not a game. In my opinion, we need to bring up people, Sir malevolence ethics, fun things on the element of jeopardy. If the possibility of becoming worse person in the room. Yes, several of less these gains involve bluffing in flummoxed. You have to write a definition for a word from a foreign language and inaction oppress the first or last line of the famous and in each case convince the other players. That fuels is the real one. You don't really have to know anything to play the games. You just have to be a good life which is fun, that's a logical sense, because fun originally meant a hoax or a trick and as a verb to make a fool of someone but to go. People is fun fun to for a little while anyway, because another crucial factor for a good game according to Leslie is speed for me. Yes, I love scrabble until about half way through the game and then just slaves down to a point where you waiting and waiting for people to as they sort of
the little this seven tiles around and I like I just get inside by scrabble, become honest, but it's a very clever game. I remain seventy people but loves gravel that clearly and that's a personal preference family before with anagram able to set my favorite where games bunco, which is pretty just three minutes at no messing infinity, decisive where you want it alone. That's another thing: if you'll stoking the that's the Spirit, you dont need the additional ugliness of there being no clear indicator of victory. Bogle operates on a pretty straightforward, point system predicated on the quantity of words and the letters therein, but you're supposed to be scoring on the words qualities, those a rather more complex to ascertain, not many people,
Is it actually the successive scrabble? The ultimate word game is based on the fact that there was designed by a statistician who figured out the scoring system, which was the first time somebody I have a word game way. You, the sport of the latter, is some based on about it. He he research, absolutely incredibly thoroughly the numbers, the Times particular letter diseased, I think he's scowled at the New York Times. The years, something counting how many times that any comes up many times as it comes up with something say so the hence than now those letters in the stock to start with was based on on this and then and then the actual scoring is based on that and it works whether you like the actual play the game. We have a mathematician debating the scramble. I think everyone is not fun. Sorry scrabble
Game where you can triumph just by memorizing every to let a word, never have my affection. Now I don't want less You think I'm costing aspersions but words free and so with oh games like ice by and number plate. So how did she get people to pay to play games like flummoxed or excellent race, which she could play using books that you already have a mule shelves mean show you can make up a chess says if you wanted to you. I think it's just simply that you open the box and you sit down with your group of friends and you don't have to rummage around trying to find books that are suitable that have to be sitting on your bookshelf and from you. Don't need a hundred and twelve Dixon. Yes, exactly exactly that. If you just got a copy of actually rose, there's no, let's face it. You get on with it and blatant and, more importantly, with Exley resisted the plot. Some raise that we ve written, I quite carefully written there,
just the back of this, that the sort of stuff that you kissed, the back of the book, sometimes too, to lead you down the wrong path but often say that there I didn't know their names that are mentioned in message doesn't come up as a complete surprise that your your incorporating has names into your best. Alas, lines back to quite a long time and Zack Sleep is also because you can play the first all the last line. It does actually source of limit the books. That is not all of them have brilliant, first and last lines of me, suddenly usable ones and they are paying for the duration. No, Ok, then execrations good. What when you ve, invented your game? You need to name it so thing that indicates what's involved, they man, anagram all, tells the story and has a whiff of fun and hasn't.
You been knocked by someone else as the years ago on Skype, its got more and more difficult to come up with a name for a game that has already been raised. It is quite a process and whether it game when autumn in the whole process of naming a product. It's it's actually part of the part of the process that are quite like people like talking science, I'm not sure, there's a science to it, but there is something in there is something about it that that words like say Viagra. His was quite clever word for something that does what he does gives the sense of vitality and and water flows, as in my eyes and begins. Its is tricky cause you you do want something snap like gender
it some Swahili, it means Bill, that's the imperative of the weather, cock gender is to build, and I gave it a Swahili name, because I grew up in EAST Africa speaking so here I thought if I gave it a name that had no meaning to anybody who speaks for Healy. There was. There was a chance one day if you set the agenda. People just think of the game that I just put on the market and is lucky very swahili word for build was quite a short words, easy for people to speak freely to pronounce Willie. You think it would be
to pronounce. I have had people telling me categorically that the game is going. What why would you know how you get let's go to put on the market. Myself originally has great soda took it on and the states they said they loved the game, but they absolutely hated the name, and so we had a little bit of battle on our hands and I'm really it was almost a sort of deal breaker. I too said pleased because it because they were saying this is gonna- be difficult enough to sell. Thing that nobody's ever come across anything like this and then to have a name, that's meaningless. They wanted to give it sort of names that give you some idea of how the game was. What was voted playing the game like building stock of blocks? Exactly that's not me little tumble down. I think they wanted to call it at one point to attempt timber, and I can't move please
I think you stopped your guns I did, and the funding is now is that they are that the ethical legal base liked memories, though all talk about how do you know what a great name it it had never been stuck to that may typical. Presumably the Brooks Easy enough to report, but I'll be rip off. Gender sets allow ciccu agenda if you come up with a name. Is too descriptive.
We want necessarily be able to trade market. There is another side to to call the changes. I could trademark that name as consequences that you can't call any old stock of blocks gender, although that don't seem stop people. Do you called efficiently and has very definitely down on you like it on the bricks few selling some coming like Atomic predicts me out of my life, I took Leslie sculptors, the founder of Oxford Games, which you can find at Oxford games, DOT, Koto, UK I'll, be playing its liberal with some friends. This weekend will probably be losing slippers to my friends this weekend, but I'll be found. None the less. Before we go our separate ways you randomly selected word from the dictionary today is imagine near known a person who
rises, a highly imaginative concept or technology, especially the attractions and Walt Disney theme parks Try using it in an email today, perhaps to Oxford Dixon he's asking when they started doing product placement. This episode was he's by me, Hellenes Ullmann, thanks to Martin Australian. Providing music and editorial advice. If you haven't ended any word games. I would love each tell me about them. It's been so in thing to hear your responses to the last episode about that family terms? Some of you come up with some very good suggestions. Think for alternative terms to step bonus. The Danes and the Swedes ease or near parent or some came up with Matter Master mother, pretty cool anyway, keep in touch twitter and Facebook, Slash, illusionist, show and at the illusionist dot org
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