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194- Bone Music

2015-12-22 | 🔗

In 1950s Soviet Russia, citizens craved Western popular music—everything from jazz to rock & roll. But smuggling vinyl was dangerous, and acquiring the scarce material to make copies of those records that did make it into the country was expensive. … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent invisible I'm roman Mars. Let's go back to the Soviet Union. Nineteen duties was a terrible hunger for anything that gained from west end. It doesn't matter what this is Alexander, generous, russian writer and broadcasting, for example, lighter than they mention. How important was light. I make letter was like treasure, but a lighter is just a lighter during the cold war. What many Russians really craved were expressions of creativity in art, much of which came from the west, they wanted. Western music, though, has, of course, American Vestal, music and western music was incredible important they were crazy about, as they were crazy about jazz and rock and roll of course expressed. And it was extremely hard to smuggle in London records that were made in the west, and if upon
Ized Album did make it in ordinary Russians couldn't make copies to sell when trade to their fellow comrades, because vinyl the material itself was impossibly expensive. Years saw you didn't go anywhere, Cosette was ended, Even Sera Christ, I saw my life wisdom becket, because dangerous seven censorship was endless itself was russian ingenuity that's Davy, unwholesome, she unlucky silver or the kitten sisters enabling the radio Toby upon cast fugitive waves, sofa dissident music, kroner culture produced bootleg records on anything. They could get their hands on the for the day, but it causes they used extreme feel of your balls. They used used x, Ray film of your back. This is really crucial and they Table these the music room you make states or from Europe, so it was Mazurka butter, stir music of the bones music.
Rock on Ribs Rib Rock skeleton music phone records. Yes, that crucial my brother was me, keep it will show the head of the Soviet Union romance. Two hundred and fifty three hundred and twenty nine thousand and sixty four, Good old is America Music, then just three, the rock and roll liberalising come in there. They didn't broadcast it from the official radio. The kitchen sisters first learned abundance records when the interviewed, Sergei Khrushchev, about the distant activities taking place in people's tiny kitchens and the new Khrushchev apartments that his father had built emanating sixties, these private kitchens became the hot spots of the culture the place to gather for the free expression of ideas.
The KGB lurking almost everywhere in nearly every phone line bugged. These individual kitchens made it possible for friends together privately and speak their minds with vodka flowing and pickles and herring piled high on the tables these dissident kitchens became unofficial lecture night clubs, art galleries, bars dating services, the place where politics were debated, forbidden music was played an underground art and nurture circulated. It was amazing. The lanes people went to to share uncensored culture and politics, the risks they took to see a forbidden, painting, reader band book or listen to us, music on bones. Is the illegal production of records on exposed x, Ray film vis is exemplary. Deliver she's a visiting prefer for a colombian department of history in theory of architecture, and it was a dissident practice in the USA.
Primarily during the cold war. The first studio which produce reports reaps, was moved book named in tribute to Nippur RCA, victors famous dog logo. The golden dont gang slot But Gassalasca was ingenue gutted idea to use old x ray Numerous lofty reverse engineered a record duplication machine that a friend of his and brought from the west and put it to work long vinyl, Let's take another durable materials to make record was basically non existent, so bogus love, He tried to use whatever was available to scratch out copies of the records that were smuggled in couldn't paper was. It was common source material on which to print copies, but those records only lasted a few plays on a Legs could only make a big impact in the black market if there were more durable and higher fidelity. That's when you
out of using discarded x rays, taken from the hospital trash and magical archives in order to make it kind of fauna, graphic recording my copy of a western. I knew record but to talk only about the ingenuity of bone records doesn't really do them. Justice there, costly, beautiful hunting, transparent and, just ever so slightly creepy x, ray plates thicker than the ones we grew up with ribs eat parcels matter, Tarsus, famers, tumors, kidneys. All with a slight etching of circles of sound scratched onto them, and you can see the rough edges of the raft which reflects the level of hardship that was being overcome. These phone records came out of Russians called tat dilates. If its it does. Shortages of absolutely everything. That's only one Brunson trees of food and culture runner saw that they would take an x ray. They would cottage the shape of a record.
I'm looking very rough made circles of x ray you see her and even the cut, because it's made scissors and you can see simply blows through the wreck of the you can see the x ray of skull dislike from Hamlet, let loose record's where Cut too with the manicurist Caesar's. There was a cigarette, they would burn. The middle out too, could actually play it. These strange homey creations were eventually put on market the black market, of course, was shadow industry like Tunisia was bought for culture inside my browser. He got us exit crackers, lovely tender
risk is most precious single his life. This record It was very, very expensive. You have to pay like weekly silly some cigarettes see bottle somewhat comments and everything was divided and bought a sword if they were sold in underground under the table. You can never check what do by because it's dark colleagues is give you something they promised that they deserve a bracelet. But you don't know right, and you can't complain that was made. This people again I won't The first one I heard was shabby checkers net. Gregory Freedom, professor emeritus, slavic languages and literature. At Stanford, when I became Teenage and myself, are you
the goals and shop for them. The black market was opposite. Data show so you track, which still pneumonia right the central Moscow those courtyard where they were young men, monk, overcoats, talk to them. When you ask them what they had them, they would openly overgrowth and would say that this is chubby checkers, and this is Elvis Presley, and this is twist they had. The whole let alone to display cases on the inside of a film called. It's pretty easy look back on this practice and funding to be light. Some verse and fun This was serious business. There was an official music patrol initiated by the KGB to track the print action of this Anti USSR activity punishments could be extreme people Making and buying bone records were always looking over their shoulders in the fifties.
The onus of this because in studio, got arrested for spreading western propaganda Moscow. You p, I a russian vice squad uncovered clandestine record company recording western style music in a fast underground studio. In Leningrad, the report said official shut down the operation which had pressed records on the golden Don. Label for big profits. You get three to five years for illegally copying music, The x ray innovator himself, Rousillon bullets. Lansky was sentenced to five years prison in Siberia. Cracking down on the pirates. Coupling the disk wasn't the only way the state was combating the scourge of bone record. They pirated the pirate the slovak government attempted to floods of market of born rackets and by creating Play Buller Wreckers effort that kills. It meant they would ease make wreckers physically mess is players or they would include work or recording, is
Neither of the music saying things like you, like Iraq and rural. Do you anticipate slime? This is cheap. The cheek she catch. Russian Translation Legal easily identify them. Because they were not able saw you say: ok, this is Andrew others lungs, and that means Elvis and assisting debts branch humor. And that means to guarantee these exposed x rays became the new form of separate and precious Commission western hits recorded on interiors ascended citizens, bone music, the collaboration between the kitchen sisters and ninety nine percent, invisible, hear more about blown music and
X, Ray records that Jack waiting to be Haines made for third man records the kitchen sisters, podcast cast called fugitive waves subscribe today. The kitchen. Sisters are Nicky silver in Davy, Nelson withheld from brainy hell, Hendry, Wroth and Nathan DAWN they represent invisible same Greenspan. Katy, mingle, Avery, choking incorrect costed and me roman Mars. We are directive. Ninety one point: seven k, L, W San Francisco and produced the offices of oxide in torture and interior firm in beautiful, downtown, Oakland, California, we often don't think of winter as a time of growth or creation. But if you think about it, it's the perfect time to greet your own website. Cooped up you thinkin about being productive and now square space can help you do it with Squares Bates. You can take your cool ideas, you ve creative content, your services, goods and you can turn them into a beautiful website in just a few clicks. Does it because there is to use templates created by war,
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