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Sub Pop Records has signed some of the most famous and influential indie bands of the last 30 years, including Nirvana, Sleater-Kinney, The Postal Service, and Beach House. Over time, the stars and hits have changed and the formats have … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars, This is the sound of wealth. Para. I'm not playing the sound and, if you're old enough you'll be able to identify it right away, that's the sound of a brand new cassette tape being unwrapped and put into a cassette DEC that's my friend and fellow radio Toby and Benjamin Walker. He hostess show theory of everything and he's definitely old enough to know that sound yeah. Well, so are you pal? Benjamin, is sitting in a car, a car that happens to have a tape deck with Andrea Heart who works with these sub pop record, lay back fast when we started doing Sets for every release you you're not formally, was so Bob, it's kind of this small but Molly record label that, aside from the best indy bands of the last thirty years, Nirvana Slater Kenny the Postal Service be Charles and Andrea has a job at sub pop that a lot of people might not imagine exists and a model
regular table gets up records, doing Cosette production, it's crazy, I've, something I've even held a cassette in my hand, time. This job handling Cosette production at some pop. It disappeared completely for a while, but recently record stores and distributors have been requesting sub pop to release their titles on Cosette and Sub pop asked Andrea to oversee the operation of two thousand, and sixteen the plan is for every year. Relief is to get a chance to get it. Is that release? I don't like nostalgia for the sake of it in its clear to me why cassettes have been replaced now, a couple of times over by more convenient mediums mediums where you can actually skip tracks. And you don't have to every wind when you're done listening, but I do think there Lot good things about the CASA. First off you can fix a messed up. Cosette was impatience. Pencil
plus there's never been a better way to make a mess, and you can have a tape floating around on the floor of your car for years and then throw it in your tape, deck and it sounds great. Well, it's not okay and never really found a great because some poppies, bearing that some of us will want to hear our favorite albums on Cosette. Again, there is one population that never stop listening to music on Cosette. That's filmmaker Alex Lambert, been working together on this story and actually I'm just going to hand it over to her now the United, its prison system has. The largest prison population in the world And when the more than two million prisoners in this country have access to music, it's often on Cosette, where mother wants there to keep around here, while mare, latte, MA legal papers as a bottle war had in Vegas That's it offer Davis at fourteen years old. He was involved in a gang related shooting. He was tried it
an adult and sentenced to life in prison, a doleful is thirty. Nine. Now any serving his sentence at state. Vill Correctional Centre in Illinois. Listening to music on tapes is one of his only means of escape. Our white paper have made so far. I have a good man. I just called wired for my airborne. Yet the guy's been ninety. Ninety the year Adolfo was incarcerated. Everybody was listening to music on Cosette tapes, in fact, Adolfo who had some with him when he went to prison, he got locked up. Would allow a wild man is big. I certainly take their renown field rose. I have a fancy tat. Have my watch me my friend, he traveled monetary list for the world may awhile watch enough a secure, fully Fanny Pack really call it a pouch.
Let's be real, that's just a few years after Adolfo was locked up, because that tape would be all but replaced by the CD out here in the free world, but in prison because it lived on tell em I felt like I need order. Hank younger generation did I'm counting on. You know what to tell you. And not just any old cassette tape is allowed in prison. Some Britain, to acquire a very specific type of cassette tape. It has to be clear, it has to be cynically welded, so it can't be taken apart, put back together and the box it goes in has, to all be also be perfectly clear. That Steve Step owner of national Audio Company, America's pre eminent manufacturer of Cosette tapes. The region You can't have a five screw Cosette, or maybe a colored Cosette that so is they
want a razor blade, are narcotics or something else to be enclosed in a cassette they do have people in the correctional facilities who look at and inspected coming materials and they have to be able to see through or they won't allow the man said, If he's gotten familiar with this sub field of cassette tape manufacturing, even though it is not the focus of his business, mostly here makes normal gazette tapes for a number of different markets. Music labels spoken word audio books, Steve Three in Springfield Missouri produces both blank tapes and tat, swift, audio already on them mission. It's cold laid all those parts together, transfer draws on a conveyor and then rap almost cellophane and put a fierce through them. Steve was one of the first people in the Cosette industry and one of the only people. Still in a worthy
with people. I know of most of the people left in the Cosette industry are mom and pop shops or small operations If you purchased a cassette recently from anywhere from radio show girl from the merged table of some punk so alive. It only started out in Steve's factory, his company, ships out up to one hundred thousand Cosette today a small number of those cassettes. Our special orders for prisoners made with clear plastic and without screws one the tapes leave here we don't really see where they end up. As for why cassettes have stuck around in prisons all these years, it's hard to get a definitive answer, because every prison is different, but there's one theory we heard from a few different people tapes are allowed because CD, These are easier to weapon eyes. They say that it's the most safest way for them to listen to music, whose lcd you could break and may be cut. Somebody with,
Chris bear it. This type of him was recorded a couple years ago for a short film Chris, used to run a service that help families and packages to people in prison in New York state. He had a warehouse, full of items that had already been approved by the prison authorities. Everything from food, clothing, boxer, shorts and yeah cassettes instead of these, but he never really understood the logic behind it. They, let me spell tunafish cans, that you know you pull off it, top, and that thing is metal like this much more dangerous than a CD is my point: tunafish can then said these are I don't know why they come up with some of the rules that they come up with? We just try to stay within those guidelines. Chris, whose package sending service recently went out of business, also sold a lot of Cosette Walkman walking, This used to be available for purchase in prison commissaries. They generally aren't anymore, which makes them
dreamily, coveted items like my while their bright area take good care of you, because you were a light. I thought and wear and tear is not the only threat to the life of a walkman. What what did lack of Mary to shake down? It brings other officers from other institutions. Table jeers breakdown, Rachel Radio, take those huge techno wrangle, techno cassette tape watching destroy my walkman, I cannot get another love, We want the most prized items for theft, people treated you don't try to hold out much can protect them as much possible. That's different for junior. He was Fifteen year old, honour student, when he was tried as an adult on a murder charge and sentenced to life without Pearl he's, always maintained his innocence. You from
forty. Three now in during his twenty eight years in prison, he amassed a pretty big collection of music Homer Teresa Riera Kendrick Omar AL. I guarantee Recross make real. I like the way. At misgiving correctional facility in Michigan, where everyone is serving his sentence, prisoners can actually have mp3 players in maids compulsion an mp3 player through the prison, commissary and then download music to it through a key ass provided by a company called access, entertainment before downloading? They have to transfer money to the company and receive a cry. For a certain amount of songs, but there is a catch. It michiganders policy that we try to restrict this. Much is much music. What do you label their parental advisory? You know the way the state of Michigan, will try and sentence a fifteen year old as an adult, but when he becomes an actual adult state, won't let him purchase me.
Is deemed inappropriate for a teenager registering or other the department corrections has never taken any That's true! Restricting cassette tape purchases. Them. Couldn't that's that there says no restrictions on inmates music, but cassettes hasn't encountered them, and that's why He says a lot of inmates still prefer cassettes. They listen them all the time on their personal walkmans and sometimes aloud. We're talking right now. This is a gentleman in the bathroom washing clothes with his radio on playing the song play at your own risk, butter needs. The part of the prison were even is locked up. Is the wing that houses the prisoners in solitary confinement here,
time going up to return music, our approach of Jews. Again, no german redraw turn our meat meal. They visited the way you know something through taken here down their wedding, something that gives it from upstairs. I used to like this one like this so like like this in a man must be like those in the bank, petty wagon. Because the latter with see my dreams of nine May is controlled. Prisons tend to be late, adopters of technology, so maybe one day all prisons in the. U S will just make the switch from Cosette to Digital or maybe they'll, go to see. These first has to be the logically chronologic.
Whatever the format, the most important thing about music to even Adolfo, is escape and connection. Here's a delta again verdict and met up out again with every by shared, losing shuttle moves aloud and want to escape from this place. Ok, I can deal with them a move in a day that where's my wine bottle. Wild man, somebody Let's say one hears: what goes? We were the days that you don't have you won't? We now night play my walkman like three days, then I'll. Let it rest like two days. You rest his walkman, that is love, no need to imprison invisible, which produces weeping. Benjamin Walker and Alex Lambert with gaping mingle, same Greenspan's, reviews of crucial step, Delaney Hall Avery travelling in me, roman Mars.
Audio you heard from Chris Bear at the guide sent packages. Prisoners was from the film the prison in twelve landscapes by bread story for more information about where and how to see that film go to prison landscapes. Dotcom special thanks to a least splinter, has actually introduce us to both Adolfo an effort. Show. Different version of the story will air on Benjamin Walkers theory of everything Benjamin is one of my oldest friends and radio, and you should definitely be friends with him too, but in case you Don't already listen, listen, my favorite clips Miss Programme that has a little bit more Benjamin Walker in it enjoy. There's this painting? I keep with me. Always it's one of us.
Postcard reproductions. I've even made a gold frame for it out of balsa wood. The painting is called the artist in his studio, it's by John singer. Sargent. I've brought it with me here to the studio. I have it right here in front of me propped up next to the microphone. The painting depicts a man painting a picture in his studio, but this artist studio is not an ordinary studio. It is the artist home. The man has his You mean propped up on the bed in the bureau. There is no easy. You get the idea that the only things in the room are the bed, the bureau and the chair upon which the main sets
The man is confined to extremely small quarters. The setting his grim and it contrasts with the painting that the man is working on a landscape. The man is painting a landscape,
forces meander through a soft green meadow and the trees lush in full and the blue horizon is dotted with clouds. Most sergeant commentators dismiss this pain, they consider it to be nothing but a silly joke. An artist paying the landscape is clamp, doleful bedroom, but I consider it is painful to be a masterpiece because it captures the idea that through art, man is able to transcend his dismal swamp surrounding this pain is not a job. This artist is not paying a landscape.
This artist is painting a window looking out this window for a moment here. Let me move out of your way. You'll find the view is practical. I've spent my entire life looking for the way to get to the other side of this window. I've been told time and time again, but I'm wasting my effort, but I've never given up I've, always known that there is a way to break the glass and crawl out over the window. Sir I've always been set.
And I made a vow that I would never give up until I discovered the secret your snickering well go ahead. You think I'm crazy for believing that there something under the this window on the reality, on the other side is just as real as though one man, sometimes it's even more here, but we do not have to go back now.
I have not brought you here this window to discuss the metaphysics of reality. I have brought you here this window, because I need your help. You see, I believe, discover the secret, so I'm going to go to the other side of the studio now, and I need you to kneel down here in front I'm going to count to three and on three I'm going to run towards you and you are going to lift me into the air you're going to have to pull me through the window. Trust this is gonna work. With your help, I am going to break the glass land on the other side.
Stop on three wine. Ah call that's the introduction to something will happen soon. Enough from Benjamin walkers theory of everything from radio Toby?
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