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218- Remembering Stonewall

2016-06-28 | 🔗

It started with a place called the Stonewall Inn. Gay bars had been raided by police for decades. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people had been routinely arrested and subjected to harassment and beatings by the people who were meant … Continue reading →

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Mrs ninety, nine percent invisible I'm roman Mars. It started with a place called the Stone Wall in gay. Hours had been raided by police for decades gay list been bisexual and transgender people had been routine arrested and subjected to harassment and beatings by the people who are meant to protect them. But one night in this place called the stone while in when the police stormed and to continue their abuse. The clientele fought back, The uprising that night, led by Dr Queens turned into a protest of the next few days and evolved into a movement that is still making the world better for everyone today and it started with a place I'm doing twenty eight nineteen, sixty nine, the patrons The stone wall and made history.
Which is why gay pride celebrations all over the country take place in June. On June, twenty, seventh, twenty sixteen press, Obama and the National Park Service does the Stone Wall in Christopher Park the surrounding streets as the first national monument to EL de Bt Q right in nineteen eighty nine twenty years after the stonewall uprising, and now, nearly thirty years ago, radio, these are dave- I say- created the first documentary of Stone Wall ever in any media It was also days first radio story. If you can believe it. He later when onto founding much beloved in hugely popular story, core project with the inner, for three and national commemoration of the stone, while in and the tragic massacre in Orlando, I thought it would be good to revisit this place with. Like so many other gay bars around the world is much more than just a place.
This is remembering Stonewall by Dave, I say with Michael Schumacher. Originally broadcast in nineteen. Eighty nine. I'm a gene Harwood And my age is eighty. Burst marrow I don't know. I don't know. It's really true, but now people do referred was it The world is gay men in America. We do here, I think, have maybe our record relationship. Of almost sixty years together being gay before a stone wall was was a very difficult proposition because we felt that. In order to survive, we had to try to look and act
as rugged in and manly as possible to get by in the in the society that was really very Much against US money Randy wicker. I was the first openly gay pride so no appear on radio and nineteen sixty two television, nineteen sixty four as a self identified homosexual. In there forced stonewall. People felt a need to hide because of the loop curious, legal position, they were and they would lose their jobs. There was a great hostility Socially speaking, in the sense of people found out, you were gay, they assume you are a communist or a child. Molester uneven, other. Doesn't stereotypes are rampant in the public media at the time I'm Jerry fair. And I'm eighty years old, I started a gay lifestyle and nineteen forty eight when I was around thirty nine forty at that time,
If there was even a suspicion that you were a lesbian, you were fired from your job and you were in such a position of disgrace. The two slunk out without saying goodbye to the people like doing you lie, never even bother to cling a desk. You just disappeared, you just disappeared. You went quietly because you were afraid that the recrimination, That would come. If you even stood their protest, it would be worse than just leaving. My name is Sylvia Rivera mine. And before that was re Rivera until I started dressing and drag, and nineteen sixty one years,
before sound war as a high error, there was always a gay bastions and drag queens by heterosexual men, women and the police. Lee light slope with it, because it is part of the lifestyle time. I guess, but none of us were very happy about it. My name is similar pine in ninety Sixty eight, I was the sign as deputy inspector in charge of public morals in the first division in the police department, which covered the Greenwich village area. It was a duty of care look morrows to enforce all laws concerning vice and gambling, including prostitution, narcotics and law.
As an regulations concerning homosexuality. The part of the penal code which applied to drag queens, was section two four zero point: three five section for being masked or in any man disguised by unusual or unnatural, attire or facial alteration. Loiterers remains o congregate in a bubble. Place with other that time we love a clear risk, the whole town, except that such sit around just try to figure out what it renders harassment but come to an end, and we will. We would always dreamed that one day it would come to an end, He we pray and we looked for it.
Don't be human beings. My name is Red Maloney I've been hanging out drinking party and and working and the gay boys for the last thirty years and the arrow before Stonewall or all of the boys. Ninety percent, the boys were my view, control there wasn't that many Gay buys it had made me want to uptown and the Upper EAST side. They were closed down and they be wanted who, in the West side they get closed down in midtown they be one two three, maybe open as they would get closed down. They move around and they were dumps. I'm Joe NASA
co founder of what is now the largest collection of lesbian culture in the police raided lesbian bars regularly, and they did it. They both did it in the most obvious way, which was calling women away and Patty wagons, but they did. There was regular We can't harassment which would consist of the police coming in regularly to get their pay off in the sea colony where the back room with a red light, and when that red light went on it meant the police would be arriving in around and minutes, and so we all had to sit down at our tables and we would be sitting there almost like school children and the cops would come in depending on who is on which cop was on. If it was some that really resented the Butch women who were with many times very beautiful women we knew or in for it, because what would happen is they would start harassing one of these women and saying hi, you think your man come outside will show you in a woman would be dragged away:
They throw up against the wall and they say so. You think you're, a man, let's see what you got your pants and they would put their hands pants stonewall. All that was a good boy that was just to get into the still more you'd walk up and knock on the front door. In that and the door open. And now I want a merry sent me get caught in girls. You outta the stone Wall, like all gave was at that time, but painted black charcoal black and what was the funny put. The place would be so dimly lit, but as soon as the council going to commend the collective percentage or whatever they were coming in four from being a nice dimly lit dump the place was lit up like loan upon you felt, while two guys in that's very
often, what we sent in would be two men could handle two hundred people. I mean you tell him to leave and they leave and you say, show me your identification and they all take out their identification. File out, and that said- and you say: ok you're, not a man, your woman, oh your vice versa You wait over there. I mean this is a kind of power that you have and you never gave it. A second thought to drag queen took her out of a person. Had we. We were at a point where I guess nothing would have stopped us. I guess, as they say, was Shakespeare says you were ladys in waiting just waiting for the thing to happen and when it did happen, we were there
on Friday evening June 27th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine at about one thousand. One hundred and forty five eight hundred officers from New York City's public morals squad loaded into for unmarked police cars and headed to the stonewall in here at Seventh Avenue and Christopher Street, The local precinct had just received a new commanding officer who kicked off his tenure. By initiating a series of raids on gay bars. The stonewalling inviting target operated by the Gambia crime family without a liquor licence. The dance bar drew a crowd of drag queen this hustlers and minors. A number of the bars patrons had spent the early part of the day outside the Frank Campbell Funeral Home, where Judy Garland Funeral was help. She died, the sun before it was almost precisely at midnight, but the moral squad pulled up to the stone, while in led by Deputy Inspector Seymour Pine. There was never any reason to feel that anything
of any unusual situation would occur that night. He could actually feel you really heard. I guess Judy Garland Stuff, just really help us Billy had fan for some reason. Things were different. This as we were, bringing the prisoners out, they were resisting. People got a gathering of prejudice Sharon's where part right across the street from stonewall. People were upstairs. Now we're not going to people started screaming and hollering one drag queen as we put her in the car. Open the door and the other side and jumped out at which time we had to chase that person and he was caught, but back into the car made it
another attempt to get out the same door, the other door, and at that point we had the handcuffs leave the person for This point on things really began to get crazy. My name's robber, amendment NOS thirty, five and cross dressing, all of my life I remember the night of the riots. The police were escorting, the queen's out of the bar and then to the Patty wagon, and there was this one, particularly outrageously, beautiful, queen with stacks and stacks of liberty, style for the tail style, hair and she was asking them not push her and they pretended to push her and she turned around and she matched the top with a high heel. She not them, M4 have the keys to the handcuffs I wanna. She got them understand it herself and pass them to another coin. That was behind
My name is Howard Smith. On the night of the sky my name is Howard Smith, the Stone Wall Riots. I was rapporteur for the village voice locked inside with the police covering for my car It really did appear at that crowd. If we could look for a little peepholes in the plywood windows, we could look out and we could see that the crowd will. My guess was within five. Ten minutes is probably several thousand cheap, two thousand easy and the young till the cops police brutality. Let's get em we're not going take this any more or less realities. A group of arson is attempting to One of the year parking metres which in which they did succeed. They then use that
parking meta too a battering ram to break down the door and they did that open the door, they crashed it in and at that point with, when they began throwing molotov cocktails into the place, it was the situation that you didn't know how we would want to do. Remember someone flower, the Molotov cocktails pursuers, but I mean I'd forgotten my eyes. I set myself in spanish ethanol marked by the resolution, is finally here to start screaming. Freedom put them were free at last. Do thou about really good. There were a couple hop station on the side of the door, with the pistols like an combat in Dore area couple this was stations and other places behind like a whole number one behind all of us.
With the guns ready. I don't think up to that point. I ever had ever seen cops that scared remedies were froze, but everybody is frightened is no question. I know I was never I've been combat it. Nation. There was never any time that I felt more scared than I felt that there was just you know: there's no place to run once the tactical police force, I think that really excited us. A little bit more money was Martin boys in nineteen sixty nine. I was a drag queen known as Miss Mart I remember that night when he saw the ripest all this.
Johns, lighter work, heads and sang the sorry to say we are the village girl Beware ahead! We wear out good news. Of our narrowly and the policeman crazy hearing. Then they just immediately rushed us. He gave one kick and my name is Rudy the night of the star. While I was eighteen and a terrorist group That night I was doing more running, been fighting. I remember looking back from tenth street and they're on Waverly Street. It was a police, I believe, on his cop and is on his stomach in his tactical uniform and his helmet and everything up with a drag queen straddling him. She was beating the
Out of him with her shoe where there was a high human that I don't know, but she was beaten the hell out of me sister, my name is managing lesbian. I remember that night I wasn't a gay bar. I wondered why I thought we were coming out of the gay black going toward AIDS tree and that's when we saw everything happened, blasting away, people get beaten. Please come from every direction. Hidden women as well as men with the United States gay men when again street with blood all over your face. We decided right then, and there scanner, not when you think about it. We just jump in here with queen has gone completely bananas you now jumping and hitting the wind she'll next thing you know the taxicab was heard calibre cars will be tell the things windows was shattering. All over the place wires were burning around, it was abused every
beautiful, really wise. It is really beautiful. I remember one cat coming at me hitting you with the knights thickened, the back of my legs. I broke loose and I went after him. I grids is night. Stick my girlfriend would behind him. She was a strong I wanted to feel the same pain. I felt and I kept them saints him I'd like the pain. Do you like it? Do you like it had been hit? Women had. I was angry. I wanted to kill him at that particular minute. I want to kill him. I wanted to every destructive saying that I could think of
anyone have hurt his like. Just when you see a man protected his own life, they weren't the queen's that people. They were men fighting for their lives, and I find it sad and any Jane about how old I was a lotta heads were bash, but it didn't hurt their true feelings. They all came back. That's when you could tell me I think it stop us that time at any time in the future, every time
Ah. The riots were well covered in the media. The New York Daily NEWS feature that on the front page, there were reports on all of the local television and radio stations by the next day graffiti calling for gay power had started to show up all over the West village. The next night, thousands of men and women came back to the stone Wall to see what would happen next, while a couple of trash cans were set on fire and some stones were thrown. The four hundred riot police milling around outside the bar ensured that the previous evening violence would not be repeated, but on this night, gay couples could be spotted walking hand in hand and kissing in the streets just by being at the stone walls.
Rounded by reporters photographers target on lookers. Thousands of men and women were proclaiming that they were gay. The crowds grew and came back the next, night and for one more night the following week, what happened at the store? while on those night helped to usher in a new era for gay men and lesbians. Point Stone Wall happen. Bruce, and I were still in the closet where, where we had been for nearly forty years. We realise that this with this was a common. This thing that has happened, stone Wall and it gave us a feeling that we not going to be remaining closeted for very much longer and soon thereafter we did come out of the closet whenever Jenny, Boozer in nineteen sixty nine. I was in the convent,
and when Stone Wall hit, the press it hit me with a bolt of lightning was as if I had the incredible release of my own outrage at having to sequester, so much of my life. I made wait my way, then I seem to recall in subsequent nights being down on that you no kind of just in the periphery looking observer. Clearly, an observer clearly longing to have that courage to come out and was a matter, as I recall, was only a matter of weeks before I left the convent and am starting a new life. I'm Henry bared and ninety sixty nine, I was in the U S: Army, especially three station, had long been posed near Saigon in Vietnam,. I remember I was having lunch in the army mess reading the artful. What is new summary of the day, and there was a short
paragraph describing a riot led by homosexuals in Greenwich, village, against the police, and my heart was filled with joy, I thought about what I had read frequently, but had no one to discuss it with an secretly. Within myself. I decided that when I came back state side, if I should survive to come back state side, I would come out as a person, and I did for those of us in public morals, after Thee Stonewall incident, things were completely chain. Changed from what they had previously been they. They suddenly were not submissive anymore. They now suddenly had gained day a new type of courage, and it seemed as if they didn't care anymore, about whether their identity, were made known. We would now dealing with human beings. Today I live at new senior citizens apartment building. What's different now is that I,
be free. I have a daughter who is a senior citizens, and my son is fifty eight they know about my homosexuality. My Three grandchildren in the thirties know about their grandmother. I haven't great granddaughter who, at the age of ten learned that Grandma Jerry was a lesbian and she thought that was most interesting and yet I still don't have the personal courage too not care if these, yet in the building knows that carries a lesbian. Well, I retired from the police department in nineteen. Seventy six. Twenty years have passed and I'm gonna be seventy in a few months still don't know the answers. I would still like to know, and I would like to Know-
I was wrong whether I was right in in ever thinking that there was a difference in ever thinking that maybe you shouldn't trust a homosexual, because something is missing in his personality. The archives of lesbian culture which surrounds us now and was created for years after Stonewall, owes at least for my part, its creation to that nine and the courage that found its voice in the streets that night in some very deep way. We finally found our place in history, not as a dirty joke nod as doctors case study. Not as a freak but as a people. Today on the thirty eight zero drank when I can keep
How long hair I can pluck my eyebrows and I can work wherever the hell I want, and I'm not going to change for anybody. If I change that, I feel that I that I'm losing what nineteen sixty nine brought into my life, and that was we totally free can ever be, who therefore,
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