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229- The Trend Forecast

2016-09-20 | 🔗

Who decides that the color this season is “mint green” or that denim jackets are “back?” Of course, there’s top-down fashion, where couture houses and runway shows set a trend that trickles down through the rest of the industry. Then … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible I'm roman moors. We! We are a culture fascinated with style, There are always seems to be some award ceremony Gala, where people are talking about what everyone is wearing. Things it's always fashion weak somewhere. Am I right? Thievery drove him every week like its fashioned weak and there, our street style, blogs and festival fashion Round apps and then out of the sides box and the catwalks style emerges, and then it comes here. For the mass market to get the look, which might mean graphic Shirts are hot right now or cobalt, blue or minimalism, more platform sneakers might be saved yourself, trends over twenty people. I follow nerd stuff, like podcast unfollow trends. They might say that, but they do they're lying
Professor Sarah PET it calling everyone's bluff kind of their, not our right lying they just don't realize what they're doing professor pet. It is coordinator of the fabric styling programme, at the fashion, in the type of technology in New York, you might not realize it but subconsciously. You can no tell when styles are shifting. You may not think that what you have on his jaded, but this other things, Suddenly male look new to you and it's all overall, the windows, it's all over for all the racks and you probably would get influence by that. Don't you think so? whether or not you consciously notice it. The trend cycle is circling all around you it's moving fast. It's not like. We just have us bring fashion season and fall fashioned season. There is now a steady turnover of styles. If you go to certain
whereas, like Adrian EM, they change their wine may be every two weeks, because every how money com I to any of us, really need they have to get us, just throw our close out so that we, by new things this creates manufacturing, this creates sales and makes them monetary retail world, around and it's not just clothes. It's our homework are linens Sarkar, car, whatever our tastes, Constantly made to change color is: is that kind of change like chartreuse? may come in every five years or so purple can be. One year, and then it takes about five years to come. Around again. Most trends are cyclical. The question is about timing and when it's time for a trend to come back, round again and to get their timing right away.
Designers and retailers and fashioned students turned to one major company people use W G s in yes, as a school. We have access to W G S and W G S and which not like the name of a radio station from W G S in ninety point, seven, your twenty four hour, crew Jim Company. It is indeed a radio station in Tennessee, but that is not the w g S and we're talking about Debbie's. Yes, then, is the key. Many that might have determined what you are wearing right now and I never heard of it a lot of we'll have actually it's a little bit of an industry secret. In a way this is Sarah Owen, a forecaster at W G s end, which is a global trend. Forecasting agency there are other trend, forecasters and trend forecasting companies, but w G s end is the most influential. We have been around eighteen years, where and over ninety four countries in terms of clients and around six
as in companies subscribe to us, and what does that you stand for, This is why I am not sure that could be used to being worth global style network worth as in work worth founded the company in nineteen, ninety seven, but after he sold W G S and it was called world global style network, but mostly it's just called Debbie GS it so I think it's kind of become an accurate and that Israel has a meaning and Debbie Jason is Part publishing platform, part Fashion House Part Research company and what they provide is a comprehensive website behind an extremely Stephen pay wall like tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size of the company, in the subscription level, but much every major manufacturer design, studio and marketing company subscribes to it and we have clients across all industry not just re in the fashion space. So a few of our range from fashion companies such as Nike Income,
teenage an end to food and beverage companies like Starbucks. TV networks like NBC Nickelodeon, says quite varied debate. Yes and reports on all kinds of trans, including behaviour patterns, consumption patterns and advertising predictions. Majority of their users are coming at it from the design side. So if you are, a designer, colorist or merchandise. Her for a major company are brand you'd consult, does Did you send to figure out what colors will be in and what styles are ahead and whether designers heed this advice or not, is considered essential to at least know what w G S saying, because their commenting on trends. They notice in a really in depth way to those that level analysis that you just can't find people actually just don't have the time to do themselves Keep ahead of the trend cycle, W g s and predicts two years in advance. That's as always, we can really look look ahead without qualitative and quantitative analysis further out than that in its really quiet it.
Like you, I guess donation as you and is there. But honestly I had a really hard time wrapping my head around W G Van and what they offer until Sarah. Let me take the peak of the site. It is a website behind a pay will really beautiful sleek website it almost looked like an upscale online store. But then, when you click a category, it looks more like a pinterest page. Just loaded with pictures. So we have come looks images high resolution or those original image for street style for trade shows Fidel em. In addition to all the photography of models and festival, goers and beautiful stylish people, there are articles and reports organised by category. Oh the categories from accessories to beanie footwear kids, where women's, where youth was Denham, get its own category. It's a huge market, this addendum senior editor addendum director to I think, Denham Associate Edit is the editors. Are
working on articles that not only find the trends but explain them because we it works so far and events I did do a report close to two years ago was called in young contemporary. These reports are a good on the new young contemporary was about the next generation of consumers generally. The agency is your teenager. Ashes better go back to school. She spoke to school shopping. She still going to, festivals. She lives at home she's I was the digital native, these screen personality and says report found that Jens ease, idols are fashion models, not movie actresses. And so these models are on Instagram and magazines wearing couture on the runway as and this makes them numbers of Genji want access to high fashion. This consumer base is really being prime to be the next luxury consumer, and so that's really come to em fruition now seem Super Alabama two years ago was kind of still attesting idea with some retailers and other reason.
There's a w g s and are already preparing for the next wave of consumers. After Genji Generational, fighting, The newest data ones under Genji Welcome two irrelevancy, millennials In addition to the reports on the images Debbie Jason has this really fascinating component. That makes it very very different from a journey. Some say it or a fashion blog. They have a database full of colors. Patterns and seventy one thousand original design templates for design teams to just use. However, they So there really is a lot that you can take us a designer. Open it and illustrate or photoshop every worker, however works veal. Customer you get embellishments entrance and you have prince and graphics and Clippa there is well of. You would make so shirt due to choose a template, baby out of pocket or something slow to color.
Swatch pattern. Libya sense, as will be popular two years into the future, and while there's your design these. Are these are genes for twenty eight in? Oh, my god, what do you do Twenty eating. Look like a cat. Can't tell you, because double Yes, that is very protective of this information, and rightly so. People pay a lot of money for it. This precious intel makes it fast and easy for design teams to come up with new styles. Some would argue too easy mark worth himself, the founder of DVD S and sold the company in two thousand five. According to the independent worth called his creation, a monster saying quote: shoppers complain that everything on the high street looks the same, but is it any wonder instead of looking for inspiration, brands are reliant on templates. Everyone uses the same templates, there's no competitive edge and cold weather.
Was an adherence to an ideology of creativity in competition or just an opportunity to build another business and sell it off again. Four tons of money mark worth I did a rival forecasting, company called stylus, much smaller company with two offices and about four hundred client. And it doesnt have all the templates and ready made designs. We dont tend to have like downloadable prince and patterns, and things like that, because Fashion is just have one element of what we do. That's Shannon Davenport a forecaster at stylus in their New York Office Stylus is also a website behind a pay wall and they do a lot of System trend reports tailored to specific clients needs basically are clients get a login and they can view all of the content? They have a client services person to help them. So, if somebody says
I'm doing. Mps are research on the future of breakfast or glance. Arrest person goes in and says, here's a really interesting piece of work that we did about fluid lifestyles and about people multitasking, and this could affect the future of breakfast in future, breakfast, nobody really, there are trends for breakfast and stylish will say to the client here's what we're it. We saw something interesting from our packaging teen about new, on the go packaging which seem so labour, that is really the kind of stuff they often like you know, clients have to think about unwrap their heads around, in forecasting is not just about taste or aesthetics trends, also take changes and lifestyle into it. So. W G s end and stylus also work with stats and projections like this one Forty percent of Americans a work from home by twenty twenty, so ice to start to, like throw some Christians around my head on my own case. If everyone working from home a sweat inspections dog that
Sarah, oh and again from W G s and turns out yes, sweat, pants back in the trend cycle, but like cool, looking sweat pants that you could ask aware to a bar, both Debbie yes and an stylus say: there's arise in what they call the at leisure style of clothing, which looks good at home on the couch in the office or out at night. To me, it's connecting the dots, pattern recognition it some time, king, those queues and pairing that that data on will kind of informal future O created an that's tagline, create tomorrow actually written in huge neon letters and w G s Hands New York Office, which is our now. It's kind of strange to see. It made me wonder if W G s end was catering to my taste or actually creating them. For me, they suggest strong influence in the industry. I can't help reporting trends or dictating them
that's always a hungry. Like I said we do have some of the most influential and recognizable brands in the world using us. So it's like. Did we create it or was it actually about to come to fruition? Shannon at stylist told me that even paint companies in Textile manufacturers were using their trend, forecasting services to decide what fabrics and colors to make which then in form the trends that stylus puts out at some point you just lose track of who is influencing, whom would ultimate Lay the buck stops with us, the consumer. What said the thing you can lead air force to Water assembly be Campbell drink, Professor Sarah PET? It again, you can show them things there, very far out things that you think they should buy. But if it's something that's not gonna work, they're, not gonna, do it. For example, professor pet. It says there is a movement recently to bring back the miniskirt. They thought. Okay, it s better round awhile and for
you know the new generation of young kids. Let's try to reintroduce this, it flopped totally. So if people really don't want, It's going to flood the consumer has a voice in this and it's a very active voice, and lately it seems, there's been a great refusal of sorts, a massive backlash against fast fashion and trends themselves. It's interesting, we ve come off. This kind of phase in fashion of trends, changing really fast a lot of design. Today's focused on simplicity, minimalism quality, even with where fashion, which, for a long, Most super super trend, driven that people are starting to think more about basics. So more of having you know that great pair of genes that they can wear with everything but Shannon seemed remarkably calm. She told me about this change and the tides she does not think the trend in Austria is doomed, so you know it's not like
simplicity means that people are just completely not obeying ends. You know, everybody's a link becoming Reno anti consumerism- God forbid, is just that. The things. Made people by before are changing the trend is that there are fewer trends, but maybe that is also a trend yeah well I mean there has actually been a really interesting shift, but if not to say that it's not going to shift again its words with which Mr Burg, here two years, Maybe they presented visible, was produced this week by every trough. Katy mingle, same Greenspan, Kirk Hallstatt in its general turn Massa Sharif Youssef. In me, you, roman moors. Special thanks to care rose the Fabio of fusion. Without the article she wrote about Debbie yes, and we would not have known. This company exists wobbling to that article on our website,
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