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242- Mini-Stories: Volume 2

2017-01-10 | 🔗

Part 2 where host Roman Mars talks to the 99pi producers about their favorite “Mini-Stories.” These are little anecdotes or seeds of a story about design and architecture that can’t quite stretch into a full episode, but we love them … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman, Mars This is from Twitter pay, Roman, Mars and nine p. I ordered a burning question why do you s? Flags and military vehicles in uniforms always appear backwards? That's from Michael the coffin. Well. First of all, there only backwards part. The time military regulations state that when a flag is displayed, it must give the effect of that flag flying in the breeze. This is the person wearing. It is moving forward. So the patches on the left arm by displayed, as you normally think of it, with that blue store field in the upper left hand corner, but if the flag, tat is on the right or it's the wrong. First side flag? That's display with the Blue star field in the upper right hand, The same goes for vehicles, the blue, Starfleet, always points towards the front of the vehicle as if its fly were charging forward to victory. So if you look
the right side of a tank or an aircraft. You'll see the reverse flag. This is part two of the many stories episode right interview, the staff about their favorite little design stories that don't quite fill out an entire episode for whatever reason, but they are cool mean idea stories, nonetheless, plus in between the staff Georgians arbiter in a few minutes story suggested by do beautiful, nerds who enjoy by having me paraphrase: Google search results and read them out loud right First, the senior editor Katy Mingle, my name Katy mingle, and I am the senior editor, whatever I do the same stuff that we all do in some ways, which is like. Fine stories and report on them and make them, but I,
so edit a lot. So I look at other people stories on paper before they go to like a larger group at it, and I cut like five pages every story. I got, I probably catlike four minutes and sometimes do some restructuring and just kind of trying to get it ready, so that its. But all more smooth when the whole group looks at it is or even though we don't hear your voice in every story. You have worked on every story because, if you added at almost every The comes out yes, I am lurking behind every ninety nine pm story but- and it isn't, that you do pitched worries and so part of coming up with new ideas is basically just trolling around the internet, trying to find things to turn things into stories and that's how this one came to be a huge amounts. Time to slake following links that sort of lake, how
This one came about- and I ended up on this Youtube video about this place called the biker wall Witches in Newcastle England and its being married by this woman wearing this amazing things will double breasted seat jacket and she just super super eighties names. Beatrix is in the video she sort of walking around outside the biker wall or the bikers state, it being and its small. It's cheap and cheerful its treaty. Its clever. I don't really know how it's big and small and I'm not sure that ever League ever really figure that out so the structure or those sort of a state that she's talking about it actually replaced and entire neighborhood. So let me just give you a little background in nineteen sixty three in Newcastle english and a seventeen thousand resident working class neighbourhood called biker, so Saint, the same name as this new place was
demolished because it was considered a slum, and I think there are a lot of vacancies in the neighborhood was made up of sort of victorian row housing in like if you ve ever seen the movie Billy Elliot. And you can like picture hands, are dancing through these like brick, as is in really really clear together narrow streets. That's that's! That's why the old worker, that's the old Baker, and I think that movie was actually from the really close to the old baker. Neighbourhood,
ST by street. The old films were cleared one straight by street. The new biker was built so yet in place of the old neighborhood of brick. Row houses, this architect, name Ralph or skin, built the new place, which is called biker wall or or sometimes bakers, estate, and it's a community of public housing that is enclosed by this great big wall of apartments. The wall is a mile and a half long, and it provides a barrier to wins, coming kind of off the North Sea and also highway noise. There's like a big
freeware Expressway nearby, in a kind of creates this sort of micro climate within the community. So it's basically this big, while that's river wraps around these other buildings in closing them an M Campbell. She has some very healing vivid descriptions, but she says the way it's constructed and laid out can remind her of a pomegranate kind of like a pomegranate, it's pretty hot hinges and sorcery places inside and if you're feeling like at all like that was a little sexual. It gets like there's more. But what does all this mean for architecture? Is it modernist opposed modernist or what for
sure it abolishes aggressive, phallic architecture, all those Greer actions which puncture the skyline media's voebel architecture it round. It goes with the contours of the landscape. It's an enclosure rather than a disclosure full of nooks and crannies, lairs and levels and Surprises Sinclair, Yeah, so if you didn't hear that it abolishes aggressive phallic architecture- and there was erections that punishes guideline, Volvo Architecture bears care That's so great so I found this place and I was sort of lake I wanna put this on me air basically discuss it again. This lady and her
bull architecture theories on our part like. I don't know if there's a story here, but I want there to be the but there are little cool things about Baker, so it doesn't usually alive. It's kind of mean about it, Ralph Erskine, architect, Musa, socialist and and quicker, and he really wanted to build a place that fostered community he'd also studied buildings in the Arctic and how they are concerned, did to sort of shield the inner courtyards from from wins coming in from the outside, and he wanted to do something similar, but not just shielded from wins, but also just to enclose the residents in this form. Keep it contain. You need an early tried really really hard, to involve a bunch of the residents from the old baker. In the redesign of the new one, but despite his best efforts, not that
Any of the original residents ended up living there and eventually, in the eightys. The place kind of turns a little bit back into a slum there's a lot of crime and and vacancies, and a lot of the places sort of fall into disrepair. The guardian said this about the biker. The new biker estate, for all its faults, biker wall was an exemplar of both design and an attempt to involve the community in the changes planned for them by those in power that it failed in so many ways reveals that its rarely in the interests of communities to demolish the homes they live in. Yes, that's to me, that's just sort of lake, you- can try really hard to do it right and it still might come out wrong
so an Beatrix Campbell, the the Youtube lady. She she admits that the places flawed but she's still thinks it's pretty great falada cos but at least unlike most of its content press as a bit of democracy here is both monumental and modest. Social space and domestic So how is it about this place? Something horrible, I guess, don't you can understand her last line there, but she says: there's something light hearted about this place, something lovable if other, if you scroll down just a little, is a comment on the videos as they did tell them. It was Karl ORF. Twenty four to seven Must Carl ORF. I think what that common is given. Is that it was really kind of a dark place to live, because Carl or for this tune
that's pretty dark maker. What did you do it Twenty fourteen, the biker community trust our day. Multi million dollar revamp of the backer wall with lots of improvements, including broadband in every property. So I hope it's not all Carl or up there anymore, if indeed it ever was. Tell me who you are, I am sure, if use if assistant producer, ninety nine p. I then what does that mean? What do you do? I'm sort of do a lot of the protocol stuff so working with the actual tape fella producers stories I score and sound design a lot of the pieces. I do research in fact, checking so basically do whatever needs to be done.
Into what is you are a nice way, so things that are creative are relatively simple to copyright. Hear a song copyright! You write a book. It seems to get copyright in this easy to prove that you've done this thing. But a question arises when you try to copyright, something that is based in fact, some sort of objective reality like the definition of a word and dictionaries, or up an entry for a person and encyclopedia or in this case maps. When I know you I could get maps or you know, I love a good most when they are so. This story, It is about a town called Aglow, New York and it was in the nineteen thirties, the general drafting company was creating a map of New York state. So they put in a lot of ours and lot of manpower detailing all the rivers and gorgeous and finger lakes and towns- and these we put in so much work. You know we have to protect our investment, so they set a copyright trap near the northward
corner of Pennsylvania. Just a couple of miles into New York, they put a little town next Roscoe New York called. I Well, an Anglo, I believe, is actually a jumbo. Of the initials of the founders names, agee, LSD, and so they but this on the map, and they know that if another map shows Anglo New York. That person was copying there met yeah exactly so. They create this fictitious town. That's on the map, and it's like sold and associations around move of the state and for a while everything is all hunky dory. But then, several years later, another map comes out and they opened the map. And lo and behold I glow- was on it. This company was called, ran, Mcnally, drafting company, busted, busted yeah, that's what they thought so the gender
wrapping company goes YO, Rand, Mcnally, you stole our mad and we're going to sue you and Rand. Mcnally is like no no wait. This is an actual place. Lets go and take a look, and so gentle tapping company people are like, okay, sure, take us to a glow, so that goes place where a glow should be, and lo and behold there is actually a big general store there, a smell whilst store actually- and it's called the Anglo general Store- and there are a couple houses maybe two at its peak, and so this where he goes some people, maybe from the neighbouring towns wandered to this place, wanted to build. A general store saw that the map said. I is here, but nothing was there so when they wanted to build the store they, I slept on the anglo name. So this place that was created as a fictitious copyright trap, sort of sprang up into reality. So this serve became famous because this author, John Green, wrote a book called paper,
council set an Anglo New York and he gave a TED Ex talk about Anglo New York and about the concept of paper towns well, I'm in a sense turned into a movie. So we thought this story might not be a great fit for us, because people in our audience might already be really familiar with it: But we can do about it a little bit and if you were learn more, you should look up John Green. Because he and his brother Hank make these great videos. You are all kinds of things. I know. People who, like this show, will totally love what they do on Youtube, so check him out. And you are I'm per under there. Jill director, None Anderson, visible and describe what that means sure
Prettiest web stories for the Show- and I take care of all of our digital content so several years ago, but I remember being in the waiting room waiting for Maslow was in surgery if it's all turned out fine, an email from a firefighter Anne. She said: do you know anything about Knox boxes? which are these little invisible elements it you see everywhere in urban environments, be probably never noticed them. So please tell us what is a Knox Box yeah Knox Box in simple terms as a rapid entry system, it allows alerted, see personnel to get into buildings quickly when there's a disaster go on so, for example, when there's a fire in your partlet building and the fire department is trying to getting quickly, they show up there.
The rocks Box get out a key and into the building, so the scarlet like physically. So it's like a little box that sort of up against a wall, a poster along Knox boxes will typically be found within a few feet of an entry way. It's a high level of black box, usually with a little red on it So it's easy to spot. So the fire department shows up the gravel this little box and these, their master, kid open it and entered Billy the fire inside didn't want to break in? Although doors and windows they just if there's a key available, they can use it right, in they're not worried about. You know the property damage. Of course, that's a byproduct but door about entering themselves rights if they have to break glass door and jump through through that glass door that puts them at greater risk. It also takes more time to get the building this season time. Reduces injury of injury risk and just let them quickly
So how does the whole system work so they they have a master key. That opens up all the Knox boxes right, so their master key opens up all the Knox boxes for different buildings, and that means when they arrive at a building, they don't have to sort through bunch of keys figure out how they're going to get into a particular building. They just whip out there, one key: stick it in the Lock box, open it up and inside of that they will find whatever key they need to access. A particular building. What is the name Knox come from Knox's? Is buddy that produces a lot of these boxes as technically generically. You might call a rapid entry system banal make so many of them that it has become an everyday sort of household name for these things, locks box little cleaner date, clinics. Exactly cool so like if you're in any populated area, you will see a ton of these right. There everywhere You are surrounded by Knox boxes. Basically anywhere you go, you probably pass Doesn't dozen these just walking down the street every day so on
block very city you'll find some of whom one of an ox box attached the outside the building and one to start seeing these. You will see them everywhere there, high level there may to be seen, and yet third, somehow, strangely invisible until you start noticing them circle. This is one of the great labels of a short story. That was just it's an anecdote, the story, so it made sense just put it up on the web and and colleague it we have done to those who have all website glory to them. At ninety nine p, I dont work thanks to Nicky the former firefighter for the next box suggestion all those years ago. Last week I got this many stores, suggestion from Tucson Arizona, resident, Megan, Phillips in Tucson role,
running EAST West or called street roads running North South called avenue that all sense, but what is unique to do so is that any diagonal roads are called strive anew portmanteau a street in avenue. That is an official designation. It's not a sleigh! I think that's pretty cool Do not make us no no sitting next to famous portmanteau, sceptic hellenes, ultimately illusionist its re utopias, acclaimed word podcast and I asked her what she thought. I know you're general opinion portmanteau is pretty negative. I think that's unfair, I think we'll put Munsey useful, is to express a concept for its. You dont have a proper term and it SAM later. The two concepts that you do already have terms for, however, in this case I feel like the poor enters fixing, a problem that doesnt really exist and, The problem is that the people of diesel at just very Stu dependent on things either being streets or avenues
and I come from Britain, which does not have such a binary right, naming system so that you might get a street there is called a street or roads or an avenue or present or We live out or not even have a road term at all, and it could going any direction so living live to some the very pro design pro show. I'm sorry that you had to hear that my nerves, but I assure you- Hell insults means the illusionists is a fantastic podcast that would teach entertain you about words and the strange consequences language They won't have Helen Planning, my city because grids rule man, I'm so excited,
I was about to say I'm so excited at the story out of my system, but honestly, I still think it would make you couldn't survive. I think everyone is wrong and I think I'm ray and I wanted to holding out hope I may be the big groundswell they need to know the whole story. Then maybe maybe- or I am I'm just words, The people here envy like oh yeah? Now it's thousand which would mean I'm totally crazy. Let's forget it. I'm ok, so tell me who you are an area for men. What are you doing? I'm produce at ninety nine percent, invisible so we're doing all this ever stories that we can until on radio for various reasons. Maybe they were little parts of stories they got cut out there too confusing. Maybe they were like little, too small to constitute like putting all upset about. But this one this this one is different. Noise ways are different.
This was supposed to be my Magnum Opus, the one that got away? I mean I mean it like to you ago and so at the time was like this as already planning out like the t shirts, we would sell about this and it didn't. Then what is this story? This is about the most iconic poster in the world. It is a poster we have all seen. It is a poster we have all been forced to see this month. It is this poster. Can you read that line there? a o six! It is that amid arrangement of black letters on a white background. It is usually got a big e at the top when each line of letters gets progressively smaller
It is a vision, chart and has an official name towards them. It is called the snow ensured after the dutch ophthalmologist Herman Snow in who invented it in eighteen. Sixty two anything here, Evie TC to you are perfectly twenty two and the way it works. Is it. You read off the series of letters on each line and he the majority right you get to move to the next line, then you pass. Went to a bunch about them. How just and I took this vision test a bunch of
I mean, and according to mirror limb, this very kind up them all. Just who works at the street from us by conventional eyes used this now. In turn, this just works. While it's what everybody has and a big part of, why the snow ensure works really well, is because it's easy to memorize and a lot of optimal jests, and I don T have memorize their chart. E S, Elsie AV, Ain, T o six easy and you five f c: b: D for O, F, Elsie, team AP. Oh two, five Evie Otis eating area was this is her. She just rattler. She rattles love and that's it because, if you think about it, then they not have you like squint with you too, like make sure you got each one re or they don't even have to follow along in a paper I, if they memorized engenders back up wrong a wrong, and
They can assess you really quickly, which, if You'Re- and I doubt you doing this- to every single patient and- and this makes this adds minutes to your day. Once you have memorized, so there's no answer is connect. You can see it on my eggs and tat, As an whenever it everywhere, just that loud is classic, but it has an obvious problem, no. This is that they have heard them disguising. Let me try it again. The way the test works. You read the lion You get the majority right and then you get to go to the next line. But if every line has a different amount of letters on it, it's basically a different test. Every time you can get one line, it's ok to get three wrong. The next line. It's ok, to get whatever for wrong
it's a different has every time you have different odds. If you got three out of five right in the twenty twenty row, you would be given twenty twenty, but if I should, let me repeat that you only got to do is right in that same row now you would have twenty twenty five shockingly imprecise, it's unbelievable at his. Is doctor in Bailey and in the seventies he helped design a more precise vision chart that has five letters on every single line. I think a chart design it could be, compared with designing a ruler way. You say why don't we make the markings along the ruler of the same size, it seems obvious, and so he has five big letters at the top five letters on that fine five letters on the next line, all spaced equally apart, it's very precise, but if he visualize it for a second rate instead of one giant letter at the top, there are five
I ain't letters at the top, which means that it is a physically bigger chart. It's just wider run and also that means it looks more like an upside down pyramid. Do five really bigger where's the tab and then five. Smaller letters, Yemen, five smaller letters and they get tiny, tiny tiny, but there still always five yeah exact. And then and then the thing is. He also had to pick which letters to use, and so some letters are more confusing. Like c and d, some letters are very distinct, like z and a, and so I also had this like design challenge of making sure that you wouldn't have one line of like oh easing letters and one line of difficult letters to make sure they distribute evenly, and he also to make sure that their wasn't like because he designed it in Australia, anyone to make sure in and Z warrant next to each other people be like. Oh New Zealand, enlightened, create associations with with shapes interesting, so yeah It was like. I was a really tough chart to design the Lord MAR Short. That's called the law.
March art. It is one of many improved charts, but the problem is so yeah. The chart is a lot bigger and wider physically, it takes up more whilst base which a lot of offices can actually accommodate, and since there are five letters on every row, it means there are more letters for doctors to memorize and actually doctor Billy hasn't member his own child? No, not exactly. I can still remember these Ellen child are used to have when I was in private practice, p c, b, D, o n P, o it long story, You're, like the memories Asian, is really key to why the snow ensure works. It's like what everyone is used to the old pyramid shaped. Like easier to memorize. So the vision,
CIAO represents, is really interesting question about what really makes a design good, because on the one hand you have charts, like the log, my child, like Doktor Baileys Chart which are standardized and precise and just a better tool, but a little harder to accommodate and a little harder to use, and then, on the other hand, you have the classic snow in charge, which is less precise, but way. You, dear memorize, which means that a more efficient test for doctors, plus it fits conveniently on a wall. It is memorable, quick, easy, imprecise and totally iconic there's probably more scientific ways of measuring vision, but it's a pretty good. It's a pretty good way of assessing. How are you can see and function so it's gotten. It does work and it's a lot easier than the other way he could do it So you see both versions of the chart around and just next time you get your eyes checked. You can see which design your doctor has opted for. If you see it, the traditional pyramid snellings shape. That means it's more efficient for the doktor to use
and if you see the upside down log mar shape. That means it's just a more precise tool for measuring vision, but like both our good designs, just really different where's. So we just gave the most cursory explanation of the children charts and the design implications of each of them, but when whole story was was being scripted. It had a lot of different details, in it are getting more and more confusion about what twenty twenty vision actually was and all this work is done. Eventually we just decided just the kill historian and not actually produce a full version of which is ongoing tragedy. We are reminded of all the time that that this one never really made it ivory search the hell out of here. I'm still subscribed to the optimum national newsletter, and I see this chart everywhere and in it really Can I say pisses me off: I have had the few players reverent even made even made this really fun medley of songs check it out.
Twenty slash That is the end of the many stories happy two, seventeen everyone. When will of his own comments next week with less giggling, but we might well, is again a couple times a year of people are into it. We had a huge response to last episode, so You have a mini story, suggestion synod our way and maybe will address it at the end of the year, ninety nine percent, invisible, is Katy Mingle, Delaney Home Crook caused at three, You said SAM Greenspan, every Travelin, Emmett Fitzgerald turn Mazur in me, roman Mars. We are project management.
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