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The Brazilian soccer shirt is iconic. Its bright canary yellow with green trim, worn with blue shorts, is known worldwide. The uniform is joyful and bold and seems to capture something essential about Brazil. But it was not always this … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars. Dad When a brazilian psycho player scores ago, the announcer storing, slow and build it till it reaches a glorious, crescendo, Eddie, This all over the world now started in Brazil and there's something particularly triumphant about That's producer, Joe Sykes! That's because Sucker mean so much to Brazil. How can act? What soccer means should Brazilians without sounding corny, but I think I'm gonna have to some cornea. Ok, that's funny! Duarte, a BBC journalist who wrote a book about brazilian soccer soccer or football as I call it being british,
arrived in Brazil in the late nineteenth century. At first it was it I played in elite circles in cities, but oh and work and glass brazilian struggle to make the game their own. The only time the elites were robbed, that would deprive us something by the poor people by the common folk, Israel. Football ceased to be a game, for they let any became a mess. Sport soccer, eventually became so popular and beloved in Brazil that their national team Soccer Jersey has become as much a national symbol as the country's flag gonna. She met many more people, Brazil, weighing the show then waving the flag as a sense of belonging, matter. If you were in a peanuts, picking up old saw the Cannes on the street or, if you were a Meda, when you were there, try to just like one of us those shirts or extraordinary by all,
scintillating. In fact, I think the word is course skating. That's the Sakharov to an historian David, go back their flashes of time, unlike coming off of those shots the brazilian soccer shirts or so iconic that non soccer fans all over the world can often picture them, but for those of you who can't Turkey is a bright canary. Yellow with green grim around the collar and sleeves their war, blue shorts appear primary blue. Compare the other is soccer jerseys, the uniform is joyful and bold. It seems to capture some. Essential about Brazil, but it wasn't always this way. In fact, Brazil used to play in plain unremarkable, white shirts story of how the uniform change goes back. Seventy years to an ethics, your game that Brazilians will never forget. After years of lobbying, the World CUP arrived in Brazil in nineteen fifty at the time, the country
culturally and internationally kind of unknown. This was Brazil those big moment to show the world what it was made of the nineteen Fifty World CUP was understood by the prison population as an opportunity to say to the world. Brazil has arrived. They need this World CUP was their chance to tell everyone. We. More noise, we have been transformed with me from being an agricultural plants. Efficient economy to a new urban Austria lies the economy, and this is our way of showing it. The main symbol of that coming out. Apart from what was happening on the soccer field, was the stadium named them? I cannot in Rio Did you it looks stadium from outer space. I mean it is this. I appeal is flat white concrete over with amazing flying buttresses, decide this here each flying saucer that a drop down in the center of the city, but down with the citizen
rate bullshit modernist elegance. I'm there was the greatest stadium built since the wholesale, so they had the stadium. The people were behind them, the government was pushing the tournament whenever possible, now? Oh, they needed was a successful team, The expectations were high because of this whole climate zones. Most field of optimism. In one of their earlier games, Brazil strike confidently onto the failed in their white uniforms and proceeded to demolish Sweden, seven to one resumed absolutely fantastic in the eyes. Rounds. They saw three everybody the scoring goals all over the place. They beat Spain, six one they was it. Mexico and Yugoslavia. The tournament was going exactly to plan. It was his whole atmosphere of like sporting bliss. L other
to do is get a draw of your away. The last match, because of a court in the tournament structure, all Brazil had to do to win. The World CUP was tie against. A in their final game You're goin historically had been a really strong team. Even though there are tiny country almost fifty times smaller than Brazil the time this nineteen fifty World CUP came a year ago, I was waning power in soccer, so bidding them, or at least tying them seem totally doable, not a problem. Still, Uruguay, it was no pushover, especially Playing Games, Brazil, the boy ass. She used to be a brazilian province, so they had this chip when their shoulder that odor bigger next door, neighbor the whole thing off beer wine going against the odds, fighting again an old colonial power. It spurred the moon. Meanwhile, the
all of Rio is now thinking about just one thing: the World CUP final, really is mass hysteria about everybody, nice everyone's engaged with it. Everyone go. No one can talk of think by anything else. In Brazil, people sedative everybody you claim to have been in the stadium now afternoon was actually there the stadium. What is needed to be the size of the moon, It was a big crowd. Some estimate that there were two hundred and fifty thousand screaming fans packed into this flying saucer stadium, which is something like eighty thousand people, overcapacity and the players when they walked out. We just hey? With this of noise places noisy? It is ruthless but in the first half neither team scores, so the crowd was getting nervous. By was getting tense, then
Brazil, scores of just after half time alone, shot across the goalkeeper into the bottom corner the net and there's just this relief that surges all around the crowd. Even journalists run on and embrace the players, because based everyone there things the game is all over that Brazil has won the World CUP in Uruguay schools about halfway through the second half the description whoever was designed to state of fell. Very, very nervous, and this nervousness went to the place. Like they were, losing the game and then comes the moments that every They will always know rate. How seated, Deja, one of the Uruguay wingers, gets the bull and rebels down the right side toward the go, and just as he's looking up to possible, he noticed says: that's the guy Above all, there was actually walking to try to anticipate across
which meant Barbosa was out of position, so instead, of passing the boy, Gigi shapes and scores about energy teach cheek the most extraordinary silence and stadium. I'll, see to Julia once said in his book. Only three people in in the history of the matter cannot silence that crowd, Frank Sinatra, Bob Jump or the second and me is almost like a grey The odd some of the place, don't even remember what happened was a state of Catalonia, something as Europeans. The gas. By now Brazil does not manage to get another goal to tie the game and Uruguay wins as the game ends, the fan stream out of the stadium in back onto the streets of Rio is almost like. Some kind of vocalists happened people just while somewhere else. There is
feeling of solitude. This feeling of arm of numbness and Rio De Janeiro wasn't a potty shady on the night on the net of July. Sixteen nineteen. Fifty there was a lot of public crying there's a lot of hyperbole one Brazil in playwright caused the defeat Brazil's Hiroshima well, that's ridiculous, which I think is both in bad taste an exaggeration, bots people really blind. Why the recriminations came thick and fast, and so races accusation starts to fly Barbosa, the guy you pray, go, keep it for the Brazilians was black. He and too who are the black players on the team, was scapegoated in the popular press a base, was even hassled on the stream. His life was my difficult. This trust story. He tells later in life of here a woman whisperings with child. This is the man
We might all Brazil fry after that, zillion team. Didn't pick another black goalkeeper to start in the World CUP over fifty is, and this was a coincidence after that game, black go keepers, guarded as less reliable than white ones in Brazil, which is disgusting, but Barbosa wasn't the only focus of brazilian blame. In fact everything, about brazilian soccer was scrutinised down to the uniforms. The players were wearing death are father. The white shirt was cursed and I think everybody else in Brazil did Adam. Above all, there was its termination, never too plain white shirts again. It was pretty unusual for a team to completely transform their uniform most country. Who played in the same colors since the first World CUP back in the early twentieth century, but the Brazilians, Their uniform was a problem so annoying thirty, three, the brazilian soccer authorities set up a competition and advertise,
in a national newspaper. That's distributed all over Brazil, they won people to write in with their designs for a new uniform, the car Just had only one stipulation the color uniform, had to include all the colors of the brazilian flag green. Blue white and yellow design. Truly represent Brazil. Hundreds of people entered the contest, including this guy Ill Michel, Algeria, Garcia. My name is our Jaeger is level and I'm throwing it we're all on the board. We should apply in a good light, dear Garcia, slay just nineteen, when he entered the competition, a young man who had grown up in a little town right on the border between Brazil and Uruguay Sleigh WAR, into designer he was working local newspapers and illustrated he says when he
first heard about the competition he thought, it'd be too difficult. Premeditated Sancho cheating is doubled, mumbled lies, The first impression I had was dead. This was foolish. There was ridiculous. Besides, it's rare to have a team with four callers working for colors into just the shirt would have been hard, but eventually sleigh realized. He could use the whole uniform to spread out the colors. He tried blue shore with a green share, a yellow and green striped shirt with white shorts green and yellow stripe shut with blue shorts. He came up with the two hundred different designs. Until eventually he had it, blew shorts, white socks and a yellow shirt with green trim around the neck. In the sleeves he sent the design off and a few weeks later he look down at the newspaper and saw his design staring back at him. He had,
we're? Just like my feet, you didn't I d growl and always celebrated in your room, where I worked issues like something in part the ground, and I we celebrated in yours, room where I worked. Each was like something in possible had just had been seen as a good deal see the net after One sleigh got to bask in the glory of it all for one. To rear did an intern. It with the newspaper that it's fun to the contest even live with the brazilian plans for a few months. But eventually He returned to his small town and kind of forgot about the shirt for awhile, but pretty soon in the shop was Brazil in nineteen sixty two, the bridge billions won the World CUP in Chile, and they were wearing slays, uniform player like Pele WAR, the yellow shirt and dazzled the world with their extraordinary skill and beauty, then or tv comes along in the whole world can watch Brazil in brand new technicolor, like in the nineties,
seventy World CUP in Mexico. As five nineteen. Seventy World CUP was played, and I saw Brazil when seventy World CUP in shimmering, yellow shirts he's so historian David go blot again for me, you know, there's a memory that I think most people have. Even if they didn't see it of you know, dazzle of brilliance of amazing sort of delight South Sunshine where, where Brazil had failed in, nineteen fifty the following years, so success after six ass, they were world CUP after World CUP, the yellow shuts becoming as module marked as their intricate footwork and dazzling play. Slay. Design became iconic, a symbol of Brazil full of sun and lie
but for sleigh life wasn't quite living up to the image of Brazil he had created. He started. Work as a writer and academic in nineteen, sixty four, a brutal? U S backed military dictatorship, took power in a coup at large demonstrations and out upon myself, and my only when the new military government crack down on people it considered to be subversive, include Ding academics, like a lot of other professors and student sleigh, was arrested for basically being on the political left. When he got out of jail, he was expelled from his teaching job and was banned from leaving the country. We see a you go get my little. That Almah was traumatized my wife and my, children. We suffer alight softly and was moving to the Ownership lasted for about twenty years, but despite the difficulties living under the watchful eye of the military police. Sleep
It became a successful writer and he developed an act. EC specialty slave and his life writing about the border between Brazil and Uruguay, saw that though I am a citizen, who has a heart and a body divide Between Brazil and providing international lay sleigh was technically born Brazil, but less than a mile from the border with Uruguay in vat. When he was a kid, his father help build a bridge across the river that separates Uruguay from Brazil. I am from the era when the agreed you has been my father, went to help reduce the debt ethical, so I always being very connected to her. While she be simply moodily gambled away, plays experience. Growing up between two countries and experiences under military rule have helped shape his feelings about Brazil. In nationalism, even though he designed to shut that could be considered more patriotic than the brazilian flag he's. Actually,
very wary of patriotism, ally, dig, comply. Clock Ellis, killed Dame of his bed It is an idea that completely within the wise that I had to leave without limits, leave without borders. Seen for data singly me slave may not be a brazilian patriot, but the sun, her fan in him can't help but be proud of the brazilian team enlargement. As your voice equal, we ask them to Brazil one championship five times. This is a source of pride itself on a third laws for out of us, but lay has a secret, or at least then he never used to share with people who knew he was the designer of the famous yellow shirt sleigh rates for Uruguay for many in Brazil. This is blasphemy, but not for him. No, some poor room for we. I won't be one border community. Do us leave even
You have a languages or the people have only one culture: identity, no slave. You culturally connected to both Brazil annual Uruguay, but he ultimately had to pick one country's tee to root you want move. Would you ball? Major feeds? Domain soccer divides me too So these days when Brazil plays Uruguay slay, like a lot of other sulk offend, suits up and his favorite jersey, nor the yellow shot. He designed a sky blue one, the color of Uruguay. Then he crossed the border from Brazil to Uruguay. I'm fine some quiet bar to watch the game,
Ninety nine percent of was produced this week, but Joe Sykes Delaney Hall emitted, sterile reachable. And me roman Moors technical production. Exposure effusive with me, by shown Rio and Miladi. The this voice over for the story was done by nay our kitty me Who is our senior editor? Critical stance? Is the digital director in turn, measure? Is the office manager we like to think Alex bellows for his help? Alex was. First english journalists to write about this story and helped point us. The right direction, Junior Maza and Fabio are another day also affects everything up in and translate our interview, which way we are directive. Ninety one point: seven k, L debut in San Francisco and produced
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