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320- Bundyville

2018-08-21 | 🔗

Most of the American west is owned by the Federal Government. About 85 percent of Nevada, 61 percent of Alaska, 53 percent of Oregon, the list goes on.  And there have always been questions about how this immense swath of land should be used. Should we allow ranchers to graze cattle, or should the western land be a place where wild animals can roam free and be protected, or is it land we want to reserve for recreation?  As you can imagine, there is no consensus on the answers to these questions but there are a LOT of strong feelings, and over the years, those strong feelings have sometimes bubbled up to the surface and manifested in protests and even violence. In 2016, a group of armed militants occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in western Oregon. They were led by a cattle rancher by the name of Ammon Bundy - the son of Cliven Bundy. Perhaps you heard about it but never understood exactly what it was all about. Well, today we bring you a story from Longreads and Oregon Public Broadcasting reported by Leah Sottile- it's the first in series they put together that looks deeply into the fascinating and even sometimes wonky details of how the american west is managed, why the Bundys are so angry about it, and the religious ideology that undergirds their fight against the federal government.


The Bundyville series on Longreads

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars. Most of the American West is owned by the federal government about it, five percent under batter sixty one Alaska and fifty three percent of Oregon. This goes on and therefore, Who is Ben questions about how this immense wealth of land should be used, or should we allow ranchers to graze cattle, or should the western land be a place where wild animals can roam free and be protected? ITALY and we want a reserve for recreation as you can. Imagine there is a consensus on the answers to those questions. There are a lot of strong feelings and over the years, those strong feelings have sometimes bubbled up to the surface and manifested in protests even violence in twenty. Sixteen Group of armed militants occupied malware national wildlife refuge in Western Oregon. There were led cattle ranch or by the name of Amman Bundy the Son of Clive in Burundi
Perhaps you heard about it, but never really understood exactly what it was all about. Well today, we bring you a story from long reads in Oregon, public broadcasting reported by less ITALY and it's the first in a series they put together? That looks deeply into the fascinating and even sometimes wonky details of how the American West is managed by the Bundy's. So angry about it and their religion this ideology that under Gerda, their fight against the federal government It's an amazing series. It spends a good yard, but also resonates with so many aspects of current. U S. Politics is also but land management, which is really exciting for me personally, This episode one above evil here's Lee S, ITALY by his own account, Nevada, rancher Clive in Burundi never wanted to start a war with the federal government, as that, if they just left him alone out here in the desert, none of this would have ever started
and if you want to see him as the folksy hero of modern day western, you can choose to see him. That way here is a good starting point. It's random Youtube video, It shows a blonde hair, little boy, toddler he's wearing it. Does he read polo shirt, blue jeans? he lay stand in the dirt. Having just been knocked down, niece securing whether or not he wants to cry out they'll be up. Make broke boy, shakes office, cowboy hat, wearing grandpa importers away That's what live all about, raising cowboys
these terms, the Algarve years ago, an orbit whores move out there go at all ready, love and tourism. The tumblr looks back at his grandpa. He pointed to the west in the camera, follows patch of bright. Green grass comes into view against the Nevada desert. The color of life stand out and place for everything else looks dead. This one is your land. This land is a free land. This land is a place that we can enjoy and use that's funny as he'd like to be seen. Peaceful farmer homesteading on his one hundred and sixty acre ranch near Bunker Hill. In the but in twenty fourteen just a few weeks This video was shot on the scene. Piece of land. Com in bananas sons were anything but peaceful. It raised a militia that was pointing guns at federal agents of what the Bundy's called a tyrannical government here. Is on stage bunker Urville whipping the crowd into a frenzy.
Demanding that the local sheriff bulldoze the buildings near by national Park, so that sir, community might have free rein land where'd, you get the gallery, he says he could get the county equipment out there, are those things down. This morning the sheriff just stands quietly. Onstage he's goes funds hitched in his belt and the mob help in Burundi. Has more demands will rightly says: the sheriff also has to disarm the park service rangers bring me those guns in one hour he says, or else but whether or not depending on how you look at the way this is all played out craven.
Neither profit is leading his people to salvation or coat leader is let us follow straight to jail, even death and how see Clive in may say just as much about you is. It does about the Bundy's from long reeds and Oregon public broadcasting. This is Bundy Veil, a seven part, Syria, about the Bundy family and how their changing the American West. Yes until and Twentys teen. I set out to write a single breaking news story about the Bundy's. But one story turned into several because every time I learn something new would just bring up more questions things. It's unbelievable, would turn out to be real, Even when I wasn't writing, I couldn't stop finding new pieces in this really complicated puzzle. Most people know roughly would have about a war again, if not
First episode is going to bring you up to speed and then we're going to dive into all the weird stuff that didn't make it on the nightly news and Instead of only come too late months and years after most, people stopped paying attention. Because the Bundy story is bigger than stranger than I expected forget about. Laws for Anything else the story of the Bundy's is about belief. In truth, figuring out which one of those things has more power. If you believe the Bundy's, then you believe Federal government is trying Sleeve, the american people, if you believe the feds and you believe, a remote category ensure domestic terrorist. Do the Bundy's on the tree. Reset
property? The? U S, government! That's what I set out to. Let's think for a second about all the things in history. They ve started armed revolt against a government, food shortages, dictatorships, widespread corruption where do reptiles, fit on that list for Clive and right at the top, here's. Errand Weiss from the conservation advocacy group, the centre for western priorities, that the whole reason that Clive on Bundy. Has been by taking the law and running, is cows illegally, is because his cows posts, danger to the desert tortoise. It was an endangered species problem to begin with in the earth. Nineteen nineties populations of desert tortoise were plummeting in the american southwest. The tortoises
been around for fifteen to twenty million years in the desert, but they compete with cattle for what little grass there is to eat out there in the cattle usually win in the nineties, that landed the tortoise on the endangered species. It's a common story in the west and endangered species threatened by ran in or logging ore mining regulator an environmentalist step in to preserve the animal. The group's go to court and fight over this one central question: are the wide open spaces in the west meant to support rural communities, or should they be kept prestige Historically, the people working the land have had a back off, give up resources, old ways of life change with the times, but at a certain point the Bundy's decided they just want going to change, they were done with federal rules. We ran cavalier grazes natural resource of this public land, and I. I'd, buy all about her state law. When I don't
recognize United States government has even existing since nineteen forty eight, the bunny, said in growing melons and raising cattle on their hundred and sixty acres and for decades the family also paid the federal government for grazing so they can legally ranch on the public land that surrounds the property for better answers. The tortoise listing meant three fewer months each year that they could graze their herds but Clive and Bundy. Ninety ninety three he started simply ignoring the ruling kept US cows on the land. You should know that the rates ranchers pay for grazing are like a dollar per cow each year, ranchers by the permits, because land is expensive and the majority of land in the west is actually federally owned. But Aaron. Why says? That's one of the things up for debate in their eyes, the Bundy's, whether or not great in your cattle on a piece of public land, gives you any rights to that property Clive in Burundi,
leaves he is grazing his cows on his land and he's gonna claim it's not what government landed sexually county land, but it's not ranchers in Clark County that were eventually offered by out for their grazing permits to help save the desert tortoise near all of them took the money and their permits for retired everyone, except Clive in Burundi for more than twenty years, Bundy fought in and out of court with the Federal Bureau of Land management. You'll hear about the beyond a lot in this podcast is the agency that President Truman created after World war, two to manage millions of acres owned by the? U S government most of it in western states, the bunny said that was unconstitutional if you're around the money's in their supporters for any amount of time will hand you a pocket sized copy of the constitution and I'll tell you about their favorite part article. One section eight
clause. Seven four: let me read the clause in article one such a clause. Seventy now it starts out that says, Congress shall have power Legal scholars called the enclave clause and basically says: Government needs to get state permission to use land outside of Washington DC. The bunnies claim evenly have that permission. The feds can only build things like forts and military doc. The problem with this interpretation is that it completely ignores the rest of the constitution. There are other clauses in long settled Supreme court cases. It say the government definitely Can own land under that later, but it's also important to know that the other ingredients here is sovereign citizen ideology, sovereign citizens believe they are independent nations unto themselves.
And when you are your own nation, you don't have to abide by the country's laws. Federal courts are valid. Federal judges aren't real judges. Things like taxes in grazing fees to federal agencies, don't apply to you saying they don't recognize the? U S. Justice system still clever spent two decades in court fighting over his interpretation of this clause. Few people have even heard of all the while his cattle grazed far far beyond his property. On public lands, which belongs to everyone, the cow were grazing so far from the rain a pretty on public lands which belong to everyone, the cow were grazing. So far from the ranch, the one deal I'm officials surveyed his cows. They found lots of them feral some didn't even have a brand meaning they were probably born wild.
These fights are endangered. Species in land use have been going on for a long time for two decades, Bunny fought about those things in court and he just kept losing by two thousand and fourteen. Government said Clive and had wrapped up more than a million dollars in fees. Bundy saw differently. I would we We need to pay my grazing evasive. I owed odd grazing piece to the proper government that brings us to the point Does always land out is a better government own. Ninety percent of the state in Nevada, I thought we were sovereign state the manager, this land. Because of my my ride, the courts Five in Burundi is transparent and on United State property. Just inside clever often refers to himself in the third person and it's this idea of trespassing that really set him off because as he was giving
interview and twenty fourteen federal agents were indeed staffing up to take his cattle as payment for his back. Clog fees charged by the warm out air with by two hundred armed ages D, round my home in my rage at all or Part Kennedy. Is climate body do those things are in the United States government bill may think that was his breaking point. He refused to give them the cows I have spent twenty years illegally, clearing the media, but now time to get on than I give makers banned. The money never publicly calls, an arm standoff implies that is only option. Like it's down the way, the people and we're going, get it You know they like Malaysia's, you know
I would call no Malaysia or anything like that, but it looks like it's about that or add by this point. It was April. Twenty four and the Bureau of Land Management was coming to get clivens cattle off the land once and for all mean, while people from across the country with all kinds of grapes with the government it picked up in the Bundy story through right now, area. Many of them didn't know the first thing about raising livestock. They were just looking for a fight. How does he jumped over that response? And I come out right now. One of them is James. Yeager, About a year earlier, a video he posted got a lot of attention. He was angry at the Obama administration over proposed ban on assault rifle to impose stricter control. That it I'm telling you that, if that happens, it will spark a civil war and I'll be glad to fire the first shot,
I'm not letting anybody take my guns if it goes one each farther, I'm gonna start killing people these as a type of people who start fighting to bunker veil. Yeager became one of Cravens personal bodyguards, about five days after beyond agents shut up on clients ranch, there is really chaotic seen their protesters. Yelling appeal, am agents. Agents have dogs there trying to let some trucks through the crowd when all hell breaks loose one agent tosses, an older woman on the ground and then all of a sudden, Craven son Amman speeds up on an eighteen ie stops it from.
He gets out trades words with the agents dogs, naps at him and kicks it agency, teasing rips out the taser problem keeps the videos viral and it brings even more protesters. Bundy ranch, its helped along by this network of right wing Youtube and bloggers, their inciting their followers and in some cases telling them. Bring even more guns to the desert agenda, but I say it again: anyone in the general vicinity, if you can get the Car County Nevada and shows, support for? U S, constitution are sovereignty and stand the face of tyranny in his beloved Nelson depression.
Mounts on the government to avoid potential shoot out, but for other people the fact There could be a out I'm driving tore Nevada militias like the three per centres and the oath keepers assemble at the ranch Two days after that, video is shot bill. I'm wow Bundy's cows in a pen underneath interstate fifteen, a few miles from the ranch Cloven tells the crowd to go, get the cows. Will happen there. Trucks and speed a couple of miles away toward the cattle there are five and sons. Nobody is there on horseback and he says we're getting the cows what we can do all of a sudden. This handful of beyond agents holding the animals are surrounded of the overpass. There are people pointing sniper rifles at them. Bunch of clever sons, Amman, MEL Ryan. There there too there telling
agents to, let the cows go and they do Now, there's video showing a group of people writing horses carrying the american flag and hurting climate cattle back to the ranch Ryan Bunny claims a light pool and lift his hat the sky. You might think the feds would bring charges in the days and weeks after the same off, the Bundy's had defied a court order pointing guns at federal agents, but the government does The just leave and the bunnies get what they wanted. Now by court rulings, thereby compromising they won by plane, cowboy bringing
bigger and more guns to shoot out at the corral, it was like. The old west. But where the outlaws told every one day, where the heroes ensue In the desert of Eastern Oregon, they try it again, but this time the feds would be the ones pointing the weapons. Burns or again, as a rural, sneezing, you'll miss it town in the Remote South eastern part of the state. There's a grocery store, some restaurants, a motel or two people who live there, DR two hours to go to the mall Cassio. Everybody knows everybody and burns, and they notice. When sighters are in town. So when the Bundy's appeared in late, twenty fifteen people took notice
came because Amman Bundy had taken an interest in a local ranching family. The Hammond are a wonderful people. They are also here he's talking about Dwight and Stephen Hammond, Father and son ranchers, who were convicted of setting fire to public lands in the early two, thousands prosecutors tried to get them sent away for destroying government property, meaning the land which carries a mandatory jail sentence five years, but the judge said no, everybody combined the hamon served fifteen months prosecutors warrant happy. They appeal the ruling. In January, twenty sixteen sent the Heavens back to jail for the full five years. Hundreds of people and burns were upset held a march through town in support of the hands. They saw the burn as an effort to protect their property and the wildfires that range across the west each summer. The feds.
One of the fires was actually started to cover up in legal dear one, either way. Even Bundy saw federal government persecuting ranching family in order to take their land crucial that you understand what's going on here. What this issue is truly about its about our federal government taking over private properties adversely or using the tax there's dollars after they ruined the ranchers to buy it. It was part of a broader conspiracy. He said government run a monk cabal of oppressors and everyday can get control of the land and resources that they can control, for example, the water. Then they can have full control over the p
two Amman Bundy and his brother Ryan. The case was a chance to get control of the land back from the feds. It was an opportunity to take a seed of discontent over the hands and nurture it after the protest March and burns Amman, Bundy climbed a snowbank in the parking lot the town's grocery store, and he started making a speech what's going on here and have seen it for many many many many years those who are ready to actually do something about it. Asking you to follow me and go to Amelia National Wildlife Refuge and we're gonna make a hard and that's what they do. Ammon Bundy picks up where his father Clive and left off
under the cover of darkness. The bunnies marched a group of men to the malware national wildlife refuge, a federal bird sanctuary, thirty miles from town. They broke into locked buildings that were closed for the winner and they quickly started to tell the media their version of events. They claim the refuge was on and they walked straight in. They said they had more than a hundred and fifty armed men ready to defend the refuge law enforcement came in reality. They only had a couple dozen at most, but within it Today's the militias showed up again. People from out of state flooded, the wildlife refuge and dug in the band was back together. It was Bunker Hill in the snow The Bundy's dared the federal government to try to stop them. They held daily press conferences to talk about how the government can own land, but there were differences.
From the stand off in Nevada two years earlier, many townspeople didn't buy the Bundy story. This time they posted signs cross burns that said militia. Go home. They held meetings asking the sheriff to turn off the power to the refuge and let the bunnies freeze when the occupiers called for supplies, people from around the world sent boxes sex toys, they called them. Ya'll Kader on social media Isis they spend in ways that, on all people, start to send out your dress, but the biggest difference. In Oregon and Nevada. Is that this time shots are fired,
it happens on a remote Oregon highway. Twenty six days after the occupation started an informant tips off the feds that the bunnies and other leaders of the take over or driving into cars to a nearby town. They plan to hold a meeting in the next county over and see the sheriff. We support it cause, but on the way, federal state law enforcement sets a broad box, Amman Andy gives up immediately. He gets out hands up as Oregon State Police close in, but the people on the other truck don't give up occupation spokesman, Robert Le Voice, finical is behind the wheel. He was once a model rancher pages grazing fees to the federal government, but he converted to Bundy's way of seeing things during Bunker Hill and better make the job boy, though you do. I do now way. Were you I am right there,
you gave me now where were divided gloomy What your hearing is a video taken from inside finical stronger during that started, Ryan inside the truck with Finnegan was Ryan Bunny, an eighteen year old girl named Victoria Sharp and person shooting the video shocks. Depending on who you ask what happens next: an assassination attempt or justified police shooting, fear and never stopped. He should never have stop rain. Bunny says they should start lasers from rifles flash inside the track. You officer shout to get out. It doesn't take long. Four Finnegan hits a breaking point and you dont steps on the gas. Barrels around the curved road and when he gets the roadblock he swore at the last minute,
Google narrowly mrs an FBI, agent truck crashes in the snow and before the truck is fully stopped. Finnegan leaps out, summon fires too. That hit the trial. He stumbles through knee deep snow, He shouted his hands are up at first then. He reaches for his jacket. Pocket inside It is a loaded handgun. He put his hand up again and he reaches hands up reach. Finally, he's, do shoot him, he never manage to grab the gun. I showed you at home grab a lawyer
do down. Land can violate, keep a shooting by limiting when all of us bad just stupid, Police were shooting balls of pepper spray, the voice was bleeding out and the snow Bank on the side of the road law enforcement had been trying hard to avoid a shoot out. They waited twice six days for the Bundy's to leave the compound, and the road block was on an isolated road, where the Bundy's can call for backup. Within days a memorial popped up will avoid had died in the Bundy crew were talking about it like an assassination who's. The ultimate example of a tyrannical government.
Eminent rain Monday were arrested at the red book and went to jail in Oregon. Live in. Burundi was arrested days later, as he got off a flight in Portland. He was coming to help his sons. Instead, he was indicted on the litany of charges stemming from the bunker will stand off in Nevada prosecutors had been waiting two years to spring this trap. It wasn't looking good for the Bundy's, the male, your occupation and lead to a man, staff, and they were about to have to argue in front of a federal judge. The stand ass were justified because the federal government can own state land, but then court things did not go as expected. The court case
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as exciting as the movies make it out to be still the I was there when I really started to understand the power of the bunnies belief in their own story. For years they talked about for freedom, and some of America's wildest places places few people in this country and been too, and then for two months in Oregon in twenty. Sixteen and a month, the Nevada and late twenty seventeen, the bunnies, were forced to argue their case in the urban areas. They despised LAS Vegas in Portland, liberal enclaves, the Bundy said, move ruining the lives of rural Americans. It's worth talking for a second about the LAS Vegas Federal Court House itself. It set far back from a long palm tree line Road to reach its front doors. You ve got to walk across this massive concrete plaza later I found out that's because this is the first building to comply with blast resistant codes
put in place after the nineteen ninety five Oklahoma City bombing. That was the work of an anti government, extremist name, Timothy Mcveigh, and it left a hundred and sixty eight people dead. Many of them were kids, the bunnies to have been labeled as anti government extremists, people have called the Oregon occupation, domestic terrorism and within their ranks of followers, you will find people who agree with what they make. They did back in ninety. Ninety five, one Bundy supporter a guy named Gary Hunt talks about Mcveigh like this is the first one to actually take an active, shouted the United States government. It was a government building at an average, Turkey is the first period at the second american revolution. Not that I agree with that, but from an objective observation eyes, I give him credit for doing what other people have talked about. Mcveigh murdered, a hundred and sixty people, nineteen of them kids
and some people within this movement see him as something of a hero. I think about. When I'm standing in this long line of people waiting to get into the court room at both trials in Oregon and Nevada. Their homeland security officers with dogs walking around looking for threats before, walk through the metal detectors. All these Bundy supporters, huddled together in a circle, take off their hats and pray And then I wonder why it is afraid of them, because the government is telling me to be here because there are actually violent. Once I make my way into the court rooms and the trial starts, I'm surprised I thought the Bundy's would flounder and the city instead they thrive. In downtown LAS Vegas. The bunnies come alive with the atmosphere from the lobby outside the courtroom and neon cowboy flickers on the corner. Fremont street,
he's in the saddle, atop giant rearing, Bronco families like they feel right at home in Vegas IRAN and having an audience on the first day of the trial, Ryan Bunny pulls up to the court house in white stretched limo. During the trial in Portland Writers, on horseback guy uptown busy city streets, tailgate party with hot dogs and burgers, fills the sidewalk. They create a circus everywhere they go even in court, as the trial starts prosecutors and the Bundy's only agree on a few things. First, what happened at Bunny Ranch was important. Second, craven bunny owes a lot of grazing fees but was it a protest or an armed occupation? Beyond those points it was like, I was watching the national debate over alternative facts and fake news player
ah here, a national wildlife refuge, but was it a protest or an armed occupation? Beyond those points, It was like I was watching the national debate over alternative facts and fake news play out in a courtroom. First, in order. And then in Nevada. Attorneys for the government would tell the jury. These cases were simple. They described the bunnies as a menace. He said Clayton and his sons trespassed on federal land stole from the american people, used intimidation to stop federal workers from doing their job. It was all there in the evidence. They said we have Amman and the others on video, and they did. We have basically taking over the multinational wildlife refuge the planning on stay here for several years prosecutors time, about the main charge? In both cases, this idea the Bundy's in their followers conspiring to impede federal officers from doing their jobs. They showed a lot of maps. They talked about things most
Tonight's probably dont care much about grazing permits water rights for her they, the F B, I described how they picked up evidence of the refuge. They put in a baggies and send senator lab technicians than the technicians would logged. Why did I come to court today? The jurors look Bore, in the front row. I watch this one woman not off and not just for a second the judges clerk. Had a nudge, her awake, she giggled to herself. Prosecution had presented its case as if the details were going to be picked apart by other lawyers, but they warn up against lawyers Ryan Bundy was acting as his own attorney and when he stood up to present his case, he painted a very compelling picture about life out west. He talked about here.
In his brothers, is children waiting in the waters of the Virgin River Sunrises Moonrise chasing frogs hunting rabbits running across the desert dogs at their heels. Ryan talked about a family living in and unforgiving land, finding beauty and always among the desert, shadows finding life in a place where so many things cannot survive and talks about Jack, booted agents armed for war federal sniper, surrounding the Nevada, ranch, Cloven, Bundy's the FBI mounted cameras to record is every move. It was a story about a terrified family cornered and needing to defend its way of life for his side of things, the woman The jury box was wide awake start by say. I certainly did not see this
don't come, adding a did. Kevin Sally is a Portland based defence attorney who watched the Oregon trial play out and twenty sixteen he says, prosecutors had to decide how to deal with the Bundy version of events than one of the choices you always have to make a sort of a lawyer when you, when you're facing Canada. Counter argument is how much do you want to engage and thereby sort of dignified argument, as opposed to sort of dismissing it and Oregon prosecutors didn't engaged the Bundy version of the story, theirs alone, even after Amman talked for days in cork about the constitution about how he believes its illegal for the federal government to own land, a belief, legal scholars laugh at like, I said I mean I'd, prosecutors, didn't touch. It gives him if I may well have done the same thing big, because if you, if you think that the Europeans argument is really really week, then your arguably doing a disservice to your case by kind of bringing it up and elevating in discussing it. So
headed away. They didn't want to talk about the Bundy's disproven views on the constitution. How many years they ve been working. The land Buddy sat on the stand for three days talking telling jurors his family's way of life was under attack when it came time for the prosecutors to cross examined him, they questioned him for less than fifteen minutes in Nevada process. There's hid away other things too. They didn't tell the fence attorneys. The client was right about guys with guns, camping out years property and his family. Was being recorded at one point: FBI agents disguised as a film crew, actually infiltrated the Bundy family home
All of these government miss that's the dismissive tones, the evidence they head because they said it was irrelevant. It all came across this arrogant. You could hear in the prosecutors voices that they felt like they had a slammed on case. They were right, the Bundy's were not in that couldn't be clearer in the end, Sally says that seem to be the governments downfall, but the more I thought about it, but it also to some degree cut a presupposes. The answer to what a lot of this case was about ITALY, some people's minds, which is due, citizens can have a right to object and disagree with what the government does with land that it considers to be its own. Here's how one Oregon jure, who, to remain anonymous phrase. The defences message this this case is about the death of rural America has got me thinking. If if farmers to have the ability necessarily to prosper in those values in which they're going to raise, whether it
logging her animal stuff. It's just got me thinking more about that. That message about the death of Rural America it worked. At now, you're there were armed men patrolling a government facility. They took their guns up a fire tower and dug back old trenches in case the F B, I tried to come in, but in court. The fact that All those things are illegal. It didn't matter the Bundy's one. In Oregon. Amateur Ryan Bunny were acquitted by a jury in Nevada the case never even got the jury. The judge declared a mistrial because prosecutors withheld evidence from the defence. Evidence that actually might have made the Bundy's look good in the eyes of the jury like It really was surveying the buddies and process
There's didn't mention that FBI threat assessments, determined the Bundy's themselves, are unlikely to be violent. I came into the trial sceptical of the bunny worldview, but after listening to excess After expert explain, my client and his sons were wrong in their actions wrong for their beliefs. I can tell you at times it's tough tell which side of the courtroom is actually telling the truth about what the family did, because the truth about this family, but the movement they ve sparked just isn't that simple. It's it's a stake, that's why I'm here and God bless America. Today, after having been arrested two years earlier, Clive in Burundi, locked out of jail. In the first days of twenty eighteen, schoolboy hat was back on his head. His legs free of shackles, he raised
best and victory. Whenever an artist and over the federal government we protest. We share of even the question of whether As a stand off was still up for debate on everything was in Bundy's, I have no contract with the federal government, these jurisdiction, one since its federal government have to have an army that comes against. We, the people he called out as he hadn't twenty fourteen for people to stand up to the government, you'd have unknown bunny rank, they stuck their guns down our throats within days of getting out of jail Ivan was on this acts of the sheriff's office loudspeaker making demands just ass. He had done in twenty. Forty that's when I realized the Bundy's story is hardly over
We're done with this is the federal government comes up rose again. We will definitely tell him the truth, the truth. After the trials it felt, like the truth, was even more difficult to figure out people travelled from around the country to see the Nevada trial journalists. Critics plenty sympathisers. Environmentalists they came to see the wheels of justice churn out long desired answers what this is all meant to understand. And what the Bundy's actions mean about the future of protest, but the future, the American West, to say something definitive about the movement. The family tapped into three years prior but a mistrial doesn't settle any of those questions. If anything the proceedings raise new questions for people on the fence about the Bundy's everything they stand for. If the bunny said lost their occupants
this would be a footnote to the fight over public plans in the west. Story would be about a fringe uprising fizzled out. Because of the government's Miss Tebbs in the bunnies court victory there. Views on who owns the West have been legitimized used in the eye Their followers, so. If you want to know what the fight over public lands in the west is going to look like going forward, you have to undergo and the Bundy's how they think how that thinking seduces their followers. To understand the Bundy's you have to Is there a long and twisted family tree and understand the history of backroom deals by politicians, undermine the federal government. It's a story of white supremacist nuclear. Weapons in a little known book that explains the fringe religious beliefs behind Clive and Bundy's? Pull movement? sign on Bonneville, I dig in the clients passed and I
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