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Even if you don't recognize a Noguchi table by name, you've definitely seen one. In movies or tv shows when they want to show that a lawyer or art dealer is really sophisticated, they put a Noguchi table in their waiting room. Noguchi was a world renowned sculptor and he had huge ambitions. His largest and most personal concept was a giant public sculpture that took the form of a massive pyramid. Try to Imagine a cross between a Mayan temple and a mountain. It pushes out of the earth with a long slide sloping down with steps on two of its faces. Noguchi thought of it as a playground, and he called it Play Mountain. Noguchi’s ideas - about imagination, and freedom to play - have left a deep mark on playground designers, and are continuing to shape the playgrounds all around us.

Play Mountain

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars. You may have seen a nigger tea table. Actually I know you ve seen it. It's like coffee table in movies or tv shows when they want to show that a lawyer or an art dealer is really sophisticated. They put a gucci table in there waiting really a beautiful table too. Curly wooden legs interlock and support this these slab of glass, which seems like it's almost floating above them. That's reporter Jackson, Roach since then negotiate The table was introduced in nineteen. Forty eight, it's become one of the emblems of midcentury industrial design. It has its own Wikipedia page and theirs. Thriving instagram, hashtag, hashtag, F. Why and city which stands for your Noguchi coffee table, which basically means that Europe cliche interiors, which is ironic because, like all eventual cliches,
Gucci himself was quite a vanguard, did. She was a prodigy scalding, prodigy disarmament. She was a sculptor and he was so much more than that choreographers and fast and designers and art directors and ill a lot of different people across a really wide creative swath, look to newgate As a point of inspiration, this is Deacon heart, Senor care of the Salmon Gucci Foundation and Garden Museum. You could see himself built this studio in queens to house a lifetime of his abstract evocative experiment, in stone and metal hearts Noguchi was challenging himself with every sculpture. Can I make something here? feel saw. You're gonna make something heavy feel like. Can I make something far away feel like it's right next to you to make rock feel fluid that way.
Nicky sculptures seem to twist and balance on themselves, undulating with warm and texture but this is all his later work. I can the nineteen thirties before negotiate had a signature, museum and namesake coffee table he was struggling artist in New York City. He pay the bill, by sculpting busts of rich people. He called it. Busting and he did it just to make money He said he did it just adjustment money, but in truth he used a brilliantly as a way to social network, and it was away to romance the people who were is patrons. Noguchi great a network, her ass, he was a sculptor butt head bus I wasn't exactly fulfilling. He wanted to think bigger he's an energy in an interview from the seventies, ninety three. Having done some warheads ending disgusted with doing heads. One has desire to get away.
Dimension for the same thing that makes the moon to get away. Newt you wanted to make art that we live in the world, not just in a rich, since home or on a gallery wall. You wanted to change the physical landscape that people move. Through you did. She said that he wanted people to feel like the first person on earth, the first person to explore earth, and so we start to think of a concept for a giant public sculpture it like a massive massive pyramid. Imagine across between a mind temple and a mountain. Pushing out of the earth with a law slide slipping down it and stepped onto its basis. It is, it is a step pyramid essentially, but on each side the steps are different. Heights there are regular their asymmetrical, but it wasn't it
the sculpture for a museum or a bank Plaza Noguchi thought of it as a playground. He called it play Mount so he talked about play as the primer for a purposeful approach to space, trying to teach people to be more mindful of space and how we occupy it and how it works. This giant, ziggurat wouldn't come with any specific instructions, would have no rules, no single obvious way to play with it any good. She wanted claiming to be a strange new landscape it with their children. To imagine other realities, though they travel. They could grow up into creative, open minded adults I think needed. She hoped that by making playgrounds, he could impact people at that key stage and development. In fact, the ins duration for play mountain came to negotiate when he was at this key stage himself.
When he was a little boy. Noguchi was born in LOS Angeles in nineteen O. Four, Father Yoni was a famous japanese poet. His mother was a white american writer, namely Yoni Gilmore. They met when He answered and add he placed in the paper for a translator and assistant. Pretty much as soon as a son who was born Yoni, abandon them and went back to Japan, Noguchi in his mother eventually followed, but his father had already started another family by that the gucci and his mother move to a countryside town where, Noguchi blue eyes marked him as an outsider to the other kids at school. His childhood was pretty lonely, but for their little house in the little town they lived in on the sea side. They did have a great view of Mount Fuji but Fuji, quite far away so like just the perfect little pyramid You can imagine that view. That's a little boy has every day going down the stairs. Seeing that Fiji that idea of his
Mt Fuji stuck with dignity, It followed him when he moved Indiana as a teenager. It followed him to Paris where you with the sculptor brancusi and it came with him New York City, the place it he decided It would become is home to his sight imagine, take him out Fuji and turning it into a giant play structure. I think that's. What play man was regret. You wrote play mountain was my response based upon memory of my own unhappy childhood, the desolate playground on a cliff in Tokyo, which I approached with dread, it may be that this is how I tried to join the city New York to belong. Dude. You wanted to move the mountain from his lonely, childhood and reincarnated as a place for gathering and playing as a kind of to the children of New York and after years and years of carrying that concept in his head, he got his big break in nineteen thirty, four one the fancy people Noguchi had made a bust of
then get a meeting with Robert Moses, the newly upon did, commissioner of the New York City parks. Department, Moses, had said his number one priority was to build more playgrounds in the city which, at the time and very few, some good. It decided to bring him his idea. Nigger. He brought Moses a model of play, mounting two feet square in a white plaster on a wooden for him and to take up an entire New York City Block Noguchi, carries this minute, Mountain to Robert Moses, his office, sit down on Robert Moses, his desk and says what, if leading a, we built this for the children of the city Alexander Lang, architecture, critic, curbed and author of the design of childhood and Moses is no The playgrounds Moses envisioned were simple asphalt. Bore dirt, surround by chain link fence with the four
is a playground. Equipment swings slide, sandbox cease on all mean that Astir Moses was planting just a plank. These four asses vacant lots all over the city by the hundreds and here comes Noguchi with this massive ambiguous, otherworldly urban mountain, which would have required the movement of huge amounts of earth and concrete and probably low cost money. Lastly, I had no way do like I've, for essence I'm just going to order them and like we're gonna have we have four hundred playgrounds by tomorrow. Rubber, Moses, dead, end up erecting six hundred and fifty eight playgrounds in New York as ports, commissioner, but This moment on, he and Gucci began the lifelong enemies. He took his model and went home with you mean any fumed about it for the rest of his life, really the cons
don't play mountain, remained very close to negotiate hard. As negotiators self wrote play mountain, the colonel out of which have grown. All my ideas relating sculpture to the earth play Mountain represented there The idea that language he had the children didn't need instructions to play with tape swings or a slide. There's only one way to use them and kids just do the same: proscribed, it is over and over again, but if you give children and apps, Jack surreal landscape. They can, in turn however, they want they can make up stories. Have adventures and use their intuition to play in a thousand different ways. This philosophy, with light your be called non directive play for negotiate. This was the way that sculpture could be out in the world and really change the way people move and think he wasn't gonna give Why so easily? one thirty, nine Noguchi offered to design a playground for
lose our MILAN apart, but that fell through still not discouraged. Nigger, He pitches his Hawaii playground, ideas back to the New York perched upon again He gets rejected, but Noguchi is relentless. And certainly do she still. Excited by the challenge, went off into I encounter playground contoured playground, is, we gentle, basically smooth, abstracted, landscape of sloping hills and dales and river beds. Still a non directive, playground It's very subtle. This time the New York's department actually seems open to it even start talking about finding a spot in central, the building, but by then the year was nineteen forty one and duties plans. About to change negative, was in California visiting a friend me without shopping for some onyx for a sculpture.
In fact, I was on my way to San Diego and I haven't been on the radio and that's where the internet, these programs, special news bulletin, Japan, Japanese of attack, Pearl harbor alive by air relevant broke out, has just announced Am I really need a reaction? Was my god, I'm a Japanese, sadly, me say, or Americans born to japanese parents, the? U S entering world or to counter playground, was forgotten by both the parts department, energy there to link up with other new, say looking for ways to make it clear to the government that they were firmly on the american side of the war that we had. A meeting in Vienna government that they were firmly on the american side of the war. So we have these meetings and we know that our was that we would counteract the bad press. Stop hysteria developing, but that hysteria
was quickly coming to a head. Barely two months after Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt signed executive order, nine, zero, six eggs, exact or ninety six gives the american military the right to declare martial law in any part of the country that it deems necessary to protect the homeland and with the understanding that in the western United States, they would round up the japanese american population. Vaccination orders with fast approaching deadlines, started landing on people's doorsteps. Get California. Everybody how'd you get off me I get out, in LOS Angeles and throughout Europe. Noguchi had always been good at finding exactly the right person for the moment. Can this moment you needed someone to help and take action We found him in washing In D C,
silent awash with wronged me. I can do. Finally, I haven't abundant John Parker on Collier was the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs because the government? to build the interment camps in large in areas of federally controlled land, they decided to build two of them a native american reservations, which meant that the actual under king of building and running these camps would fall to John Colors Department. John Collyer was relatively progressive. He won. Give tribal governments more autonomy and support native american culture, and then suddenly hit given the task of designing and building prison camps on Reservation land Noguchi reach out. Dollar Noguchi in Collyer started talking about what they could do with this assignment. Now that there was no way to prevent internment from happening, but they cooked up in this is concerned so crazy, but in a way
He kicked up what was a utopian scheme because, from their point of view, if it's gonna happen, let's make it is good, is it can possibly be Noguchi drew up a suite of plans for the largest of the camps being built, the one at Posten Arizona, made plans for the part about this, and the other like place. Noguchi took too rigid grid of a military style, camp Rose in rows of tar people barracks in cutting Avenant right down the middle of it lined with services, schools and gardens a hospital restaurants. Department store in a movie theater in a church and a cemetery and zoos, botanical garden sports fields and a mini golf course and the which are looking out is what he thinks. The key parts of civilization,
you have a huge population of people who have been removed from their lies in artificially plank down in the middle of nowhere where they are expected to live quantum quote What does that mean? What is a life? What does life consist of? How what does it need to be real to feel real? The playground is critical to it. The plans themselves are pretty unbelievable, but The really wild thing is that, even though japanese internment, only fact of people living on the West Coast and neglect. Was living on the EAST coast, Noguchi in college her decide. Noguchi should actually go to this concentration camp in posts in Arizona voluntarily and lived, Well, he carried out his plan and what about the camp was being directed in the middle of the desert in the south, Western part of Arizona
Colorado River Indian reservation. It was hardly anything for miles around this grubby brush and dust mountains in the far distance do you, she got to post in, like a week before now opened in getting the base ready, not only were coming in their eyes, hours among them, no good. She was given his own room and thought he'd soon, beginning to work on realising his vision for a utopian community. When this was a guy who play mountain down in front of Robert Moses. In said, let's build this for kids, his strange hopefulness knew no limits, but it soon the camp opened. It became painfully clear duty, but the people coming there for an idyllic new lifestyle. Were prisoners. The camp administrators from the war, Relocation Authority, Noguchi looked Just like another one of the prisoners, they wouldn't you
in the time of day and because he had some special privileges, the other internees. Soon he was this trader in Cahoots with Camp administrators, He immediately realized he was he was sort of the worst of both worlds, because he was just an turn from the administrations point of view nigger. You realise that the Worry Location Authority had no interest in making. It in trees, pointy veal. After about it Two months at person, Noguchi realised that the Worry Location Authority had no interest in making it a nice place to live. They ran it like a prison camp because it was a prison camp, all John collars and nickel cheese. Idealistic plans were ignored zeal, there was no chance of doing what he'd come to do. Noguchi it's a move on. You figured he just go back to normal life being a famous artist and out with his famous artist friends. They wouldn't let him leave, which was definitely not a part of the plan,
he had no idea that he wouldn't be able to leave doesn't officer monsters in other areas, Nicky was suddenly a prisoner having enemies of internees and administrators alike. He spent of his time alone with nothing. To do posting was a bleak Aaron place. Almost every day there was triple digit heat, huge dust storm tearing through coming in through the thin walls of the barracks, getting stuck in your bed and your mouth in your eyes. Look good wrote to one of his famous friends, the artist man, re quote: here. Time has stopped and nothing is of any consequence, nothing of any value, neither our time or our skill. The world is not. After seven months and many many letters and phone calls. John Collyer was altogether. Noguchi out
after several months and I got out and he never went back hard to know what to make of new failed mission to Posten and a kind of leads to this deeper question. Does it even makes sense to try to find joy or beauty or playfulness in a system? That's just fundamentally awful mean trying to make a prison better when the prison shouldn't exist. Critic Alexander Lang again like he thought he could make this in adjournment, camp, more humane, but its innocent link. If an inhumane endeavour, the whole experience was painful for Noguchi his goals. I've been so compassionate going in but racism and fear and bureaucracy killed those dreams and then prison him when he's, I do forty two
must be made to back I've had a enough causes Niger whoops. I I wasn't going to Heaven after posting, The idea of designing public works and playgrounds must have seemed wrong somehow, like how could you think about play when there's so much cruelty in the world? In fact, in nineteen forty three, the year after Nigger, you gets out of person, he makes his sculpture called this tortured earth, which is like the nightmare version of his model for contoured playground. I twisted landscape that looks like it's been, stabbed and torn with a knife then, once he was back in New York, Noguchi put Posten behind him He threw himself into the arts aid, he's designing furniture he's, making sculpture is building a career in New York City negotiation,
That's bad from as utopian ideas about sculpture- and this is the they had when you design some of the things these most famous for today, including the iconic coffee table. Noguchi career sculpture really took off, and he also to design other kinds of environments. He designed dance sets firm off the ground and sculpture gardens for corporations like IBM and Chase Bank. He was moving up a storm becoming a household name and a real star of MID century art and design is still needed. Has that hunger in his soul for something more meaningful than the New Yorker singing still wants to make something that can transcend a gallery space. Because again I was feeling that was an important part of the living experience and not something for elected by after a decade of looking inward indulging in the adoration of the art world and recovering from Posten Noguchi
frontiers sites back to playgrounds, he couldn't shape that realisation that he'd had playgrounds were actually the perfect way press sculptor to make real change in the world. So we tried to more times to bill playgrounds for York once in nineteen. Fifty at the new you in building in the early sixties, Riverside Park and again she's playground plans were shut down by the city, but something was different around the projections because neglect It was now mega. Famous everyone in the art world had heard all about his rejected playground designs. They ve been nothing newspapers and the models words laid in museums, so other architects, listen, designers started copy in them, so there are a fair number of people in the fifties and sixtys making abstract concrete farms and saying that there are four children. It becomes a movement whole strand of play
design that neglect. You kind of founded Alexander Lang, calls this. The abstraction strand you can play with an abstract anyway, you want, but imagine it does anything you like these shapes can become anything in your mind in the Sixtys and Seventys designers, artists and architects. Build abstract playgrounds all over the world, climbing arches stepping stones in Amsterdam, lobby triple slides and Austria webs steel and rope in Japan and in the U S modular, the Hadrian's and it wouldn't wooden landscapes all made by famous architects design. Building Abstract Underwear If playgrounds even Noguchi himself was able to build some abstract issue, sculptural playground, equipment in the Sixtys and Seventys. You know
did. She was one of the first people to say that and make those things and income taking children seriously as connoisseurs of foreign, no one it would seem. Would perfect time for Noguchi to build the thing he wanted his whole life. The troop mountain vision of something there. In turn, landscapes into massive abstract forms, but just as it seems, the duties ideas, are gaining traction. Its cut short as the six these turned to the Seventys and the seventies draw to a close, the abstract player and movement goes underground because nineteen eighties tire world of playground design in the. U S changed dramatically after the bridge. Why the obstructionist movement went underground and wire?
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That's the railing off the steps and his head on hard asphalt and has permanent brain damage. Became paralyzed on his left side, the problem, a vision and speech and had to wear a helmet, protected should spell so there is this big lousy where park system in Chicago has to pay out millions of dollars. Nine point five million dollars to be examined, the act that was in eighteen, seventy eight and had changed everything it I'm there were no laws or real industry standards, even when it came to the safety of playground, equipment. But Frank Nelson's fall was one of a number of lawsuits that led the consumer product Safety Commission to publish the handbook for public playground safety in nineteen. Eighty one Then another standards organization, the aid tm published its own guidelines pretty
do these rule books were in the hands of insurance companies and parks, departments and school boards across the United States. Now. To this day, almost all playgrounds have to be approved by certified playground. Safety inspectors. I Craig detail with safe to play. I want to go over with you just a few The things that I used to make sure that your playground a safe. When I do, Sir, it is a video that a certified player and safety inspector uses to advertise his services. You standing on your typical playground and he has a bunch of these weirdly shaped and middle objects on sticks, they're, all different sizes. Each approximating don't get me wrong. The job is funny how Tom Killer designs playgrounds that look forward coming in here every day. Imitate head at night ages. So the feed go in and then the head we get stuck. So obviously we don't want that to happen. In safety, inspectors basically tried Jamie these
robes into every space or gap on a playground. Looking for places were, kids could fall or get pinched poked trapped. Obviously, no one wants kids getting hurt on playgrounds. As you might imagine all these rules, rules and regulations make the job of a playground designer a lot harder. Don't get me wrong, the job is fine, as Tom Where designs, playgrounds. That looks coming in here every day, because what a blast the more also we have to adhere to it. Just becomes more and more difficult, if not impossible, but definitely more difficult to think outside them. Tom works at landscape structures, playground If actually company in Minnesota- and he says please standards are so detailed that they ruling out almost all variation
the cases of common playground. Equipment swings, slides, springing equipment and stuff like that. They truly create their own being because the rules it's going to look like the wide is a slide and your ability to alter that form is almost impossible we love the idea of a special or unusual playground like even within Tom's company. They want to manufacture beautiful new. One forgets to play on our executive. You know they're like what we want to slide that nobody's ever thought of you, gotta be more creative than that my guys. You know what I hear you. On a red, the rule book. That's gonna boy to death, but trust me. It is what it is. So
the playgrounds that you see everywhere in neighbourhood parks and school yards. They still all look more or less the same. The majority of playgrounds on the market today are what we refer to posting duck systems post index systems are also called post and platform playgrounds and with those you have Dax and you have stairs and you have pathways the posting platform equipment. Essentially combines swing, slide and monkey bars into one piece of equipment. Their elevated platforms, made of plastic parts in bright primary colors, sometimes the parts or connected with pathway. Is covered with roofs, sometimes with bridges, but there are absence lines and ladders coming off the platforms at every turn, blocking kids from being able to just kind of step off the platform into space. That agglomeration is kind of in response to the safety standards,
and platform playgrounds definitely have more variety than the four forces that Robert Moses was into. The most style playgrounds. Kids, were, Moving from one repetitive activity to the next, at least with posting platform structures, kids can make some deceit and about how to get onto the platform and then have to get down from it again, but still Posten form playgrounds are all remixes of the same basic kid. It's time for a in a little bit. This is ro she creative director at landscape structures, in addition to the standard playground kits, landscape structures also designs, custom playgrounds for the clients that can afford them Finally, one of Scots big Inspirations is the work Is someone Gucci design up today, hours are echoing a lot of what what Noguchi's concepts were the kind of abstract playground. Noguchi inspired are starting a re emerge.
We're starting to bring them back and in a lot of custom playground design for these special projects. That works with a lot of landscape architects moving earth around experimenting with new forms. We the playgrounds we design that are very abstract and where parents France say I developing know how this is supposed to work. That's the best in this goes back to negotiate concept of non directive play. If adults are confused by a piece of play equipment, it often means that kid's will be all over it. The kids are going to figure it out there they're gonna attack it there. Going to go and have fun they're going to make it play. We don't to tell them how to do that, we can make it safe and asked the long time and look beautiful, but man let them play this resurgence of jobs, act, playgrounds is still developing, but special destination playgrounds. Arcs
I remember seeing with new materials and processes their able to make forms that would have been astronomically extensive to produce in she's time. Contemporary designers are now starting to push back against convention and play with more abstract shapes for communities that can afford custom playgrounds. That is so. I feel that there are people that are pushing the envelope and you know it's expensive to start out with, but if more People adopt this equipment. The price could come down, although there are no playgrounds in New York City with Nigger cheese name on them. His ideas about imagination and freedom to play have left a deep mark on playground. Designers, and are affecting the emerging playgrounds all around us Noguchi I've, never imagined the long shadow of his ideas for early his greatest concepts had never been aid my best things that have been built Now the playground, that's a recording. Nineteen. Seventy three at that point negative
It only ever seen one of his playgrounds kind of built in Japan. A few years later, he design another one in Atlanta, but both of these were nothing close to his true play. Mount vision his own city, New York had rejected him five times. Never on the way to break through a New York, even after Moses was gone for various reasons. There's always a reason but usually frustrating. This was his home. New model for play. Mountain remain on display in his studio in Long Island City unrealized dream in miniature, that is until January of nineteen eighty eight a man from some an comes and visits and his going around his studio in long island city, and he says you know what like I can get one of your playgrounds built and Sapporo Japan at this point in nineteen, eighty eight Noguchi is eighty four years old. He goes out to visit
this marshy site in Sapporo called Morin Numa Park. It's just perfect. This is the spot or play mountain would finally live Noguchi started designing play structures and earthworks for the park with his long I'm collaborator, the architect showed you sit out, but in the way of that year became known? the cold and when back to New York, it turned into pneumonia and who died Luigi died on December thirtieth, nineteen, eighty eight having design The vast majority of the park is collapsing I showed you sit down continued to work on it from Noguchi death, intervention. Eighty eight more Numa park. Seventeen years to build We opened in two thousand five, its enormous forty or fifty four bacon calls it Noguchi, Disneyland and actually
five times the size of Disneyland. It is kind of an amalgamation of greatest heads of olive legal cheese and executed land and playground ideas in one spot. If this huge green swath of land talked into a bend in the river, there are forests. If it can be like play, equipment mount the pyramids and sweeping paths and enormous conical hill to climb a huge fountain, it's like and I get to the top of the mountain and there's a memorial, who feel like a tiny version of yourself in this area. City but most satisfying of all rising high above this alien landscape is play Mountain, totally amazing, totally amazing Alexander saw this mountain with her own eyes. The grass angular pyramid
surreal in its huge, miss at a hundred feet tall site. I went to support. It was in October, and I part my bike at the bottom of this flight of, like one As an steps, it's really windy coal thy mobile phone- I mean it's like I could be on the moon or something, and I get to the top of the mountain and there's a memorial to know Gucci says you know he made this He saw Moon Gucci was never able to taking the view from the peak of his creation, the sculpture he spent his whole life dreaming about a mountain tell imported from the wild alien planet of his mind. The one place Noguchi ever felt. He really Lloyd, interesting to me, people place in the sense of belonging function in this planet.
Feeling about sculpture, like wanting to be inside the sculpture, snuck. Just looking for a part of it. Your work with the world. And the world and becomes a sculpture neglect. It wanted us to see. The world is. If we were visiting for the first time to move our bodies through space, as if the simple facts of gravity, encounter contour, brand new delights to look around and with wide eyes to feel with outstretched fingers and imagine infinite possibilities, in other words, to live like kids on a playground,
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