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354- Weeding is Fundamental

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Libraries get rid of books all the time. There are so many new books coming in every day and only a finite amount of library space. The practice of freeing up library space is called weeding. When the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library was damaged by an earthquake 1989, the argument over which books need to be weeded, and how they were chosen for removal, reached fever pitch.

Weeding is Fundamental

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This is ninety nine percent invisible time Roman Mars, there's a common complaint that people don't read books anymore, but the truth is print book. Sales are up these days since twenty thirteen sales of physical books have increased every year. The first people Jimmy this to the rise of adult colouring books. But even as there popularity, has dwindled book sales have arisen. I'm talking about physical, old fashioned books with paper pages full of words. We love The great argentinian writer Jorge Luis, bore haste once said. I cannot, leap unless I am surrounded by books and I kind of agree bets reporter pierce Jelly. Although he is not normally a reporter, I'm a girl He would soon in creative writing and for them as two years I've taught fiction writing to undergrad at the University of Virginia I assign a lot of reading, but mostly in the form of photocopy pages. Don't worry the print shopping, for the rights, I dont
force my students to by too much, but I always make sure I assign at least one physical book please try to pick something: that's beautiful one with spawned a lovely page design, a pleasing paper, green, an intriguing cover. Don't get me the words inside matter too, but I think it's important for my students to have an object. It accentuates the pleasure of the physical act of reading and something they would hold onto after the class it ended personally toss hundreds of pages of radio scripts in the recycling been every month but I would have a really hard time throwing away a book once the pay just have a spine. It's like they have a soul. Would feel long like yours, On knowledge itself, it so hard to get rid of books This is a story about books and brace yourself how to get rid of them. And in the words of our em, it starts with an earthquake in San Francisco
background, and we assume that he was the most Bay Area sporting event imaginable. An AIDS were playing the San Francisco giants in the nineteen eighty nine world series coming into the third game we're, seventeenth, nineteen, eighty nine, the aids were in the lead they had one for, to gain Jose can say no to score and he fails to get day Parker. But since the third game was about to kick off. The tv broadcasts cut out. When the signal came back It was no longer a baseball game. Isn't Gerald earnings and Channels Avenue Israel mad? You may have noticed our horror was knocked out usually early minutes of the loom operator earthquake which struck nor Santa Cruz right, which was that this was the first major earthquake ever to be broadcast live on national tv. We have a report of the person trapped in an elevator in sheltered by part of the
a bridge had been destroyed, their fires, Alan Buildings, widespread power outages in all there. Sixty three deaths and almost four thousand injuries, but this so the story about what happened to the San Francisco public libraries after the earthquake and becomes of this earthquake. The library suffered a lot of damage, especially I'm a higher floors. So one of the things about an earthquake is the effective it is intense. Five, the higher up you go on, upper levels of the library floors had caved in jail Gibbs was a new librarian there, but he couldn't go to work for two months after the quake. He was too dangerous. He says bookshelves, had collapsed, sideways or fallen on their faces and books. Lane piles everywhere, like the boy She had been tossed around by some angry force,
One was injured at the San Francisco public Library, but the earthquake dumped half a million books on the floor even after two months of repairs: the posters, situation in the San Francisco. Public library was still pretty bad library management determined that the stacks weren't safe, designated a new room for public Browsing library. Curated, a selection of books that they thought the public would most like to read, and those books when in that room, but they realized along the way that not every book was going to fit, in other words, in this. We know down. Selection of books was too large for the available space. They need to work we it down, even any more earthquake need to. We don't have this having any more. We need to make space. That's a reason thing to do. If you approach it in a thoughtful way, because libraries do get rid of books, all I earthquake or non put simply there are so many new books coming in every day, and only a finite amount of libraries pays. The price
This of freeing up library space is called weeding out. If you think about it, Ireland's ugly, but it is a really good description, but Shermer Color. She supervises teen services, the Oakland Public Library. Problem went down the street the visitor and see how she weeds you'd, have to weed your garden. Fred like the flowers to grow, and not a gardener and reading is not just about holding the book in your hands and asking yourself that book sparks joy. There's really really specific guidelines were not just randomly grabbing books of the shelves and putting them in the trash mature and many other librarians libraries all over the world, we their shelves using the same set of guidelines, and it has an excellent acronym musty. M. U S t why
as for misleading or factually inaccurate, you is for agree this one's a little ugly. It's like the covers a little broken. It isn't the fact that it so media indication that it was love for sure. So if it's been checked out in the last three years, I probably actually buy a new copy of it. If it hasn't been checked out in the last three years. I would probably consider for withdrawal. Superseded by a new edition, are much better book, this be an old manual for windows, ninety outdated travel guide. These are the kinds of books they get shredded two letters, aren T for trivial and why, for you collection has no use for this book because they really want that musty acronym to work does less to the tea in the. Why trivial and Your library has no need for this book. These are the tricky ones. They're not necessarily statements effect there. Judging the value Its trivial to me might be very important to you and vice versa, but even here these
dodge. Recalls are made by librarian to specialise in the relevant section based on circulation statistics have a trust that you're librarians are doing their best for the public. We want to be able to keep bringing you, then most relevant, most current information, and the only way to do that is by having room to do it. So the only way we can do that is by sometimes withdrawing the things that are not, as slightly more, although some sections, according to the library guidelines, are generally self weeding. In other words, they disappear of evil. Feelin gas certain sections of the library tend to disappear, more than others books about marijuana, the Bible and they called are probably the biggest ones I can think of, but for the sections that do have to go, we did weeding is generally a touchy subject The reason why is probably already clear to you people don't like the idea of books, thrown away. We like box a lot and perhaps no one loves books more than librarians
as a part of you that just winces every time you have to remove a book about it. Your books are dear to us, hard of ivory. Bring us a librarian. It is to get over that a little bit. Reading is normal and necessary. After the nineteen eighty nine earthquake, the San Francisco. A book library started. Reading an unusual amount of books, elaborate we're told him move quickly and they did use musty any, sort of comparable system The librarians were ordered to go through each collection book by book and insert a slip of paper into each green. Oh in red Green meant. The book had been checked out that year, yellow meant book had been checked out in the last two years and read and that it had been over two years since somebody had checked out that book and the read books were ones that were in potential danger, danger to the careful consideration of musty. The system of green, yellow and red cards or to the careful consideration of musty, the system
The green, yellow and red cards is a rather blunt instrument this early the only measure whether somebody has borrowed it within the last period of time. It felt rather arbitrary, and it wasn't really clear where the Red card books we're gonna go or if they would ever be used again and Jason gives his department, for example, the, music collection, the discarded books got sent an abandoned hospital owned by the city. There was no one else to put them even but all harden librarians, like Gibbs Foe, The wedding was happening to vast. You have the Bulgarians and different sections weeding furiously and not really communicating with each other as a consequence, lots and lots of books were removed from the library and now I'm quite knew how many, because one was keeping track. It was also I think a weakness of management from the top Jason gives us pretty even killed guy, but that's his diplomatic
saying that the problems began with the head librarian. At that time, a man named Kenneth Dowling within a year or two. If you could be visiting the public, library without leaving your whole, since The years leading up to the nineteen eighty nine earthquake, the San Francisco public Library, was starting to rethink its whole approach to books. In light of a new little thing called the internet, plugging a computer like this one into any telephone in the world and being able to search any library in the world and a big part, His pivot was when, in nineteen eighty seven San Francisco hired Kenneth Doll and as its new city librarian as San Francisco City, librarian Kim Darling, must make sure that two million people have access to eighteen million books and other information on a limited budget breathing down It was all about the internet history, we published a book called the electronic library in which he argued that technology is changing the way people used information and there
changing the role of librarians. This is a clip internet web world. If you will, collapses, time, collapses, distance and is clubs cost If this sounds unremarkable not dimension a bit quaint. Given my darlin, was saying all this stuff as early as Nineteen. Eighty four, he certainly understood at an early stage. What the internet we're going to do for communication, but there was a flip side, Darwins, visionary concept of digitally networked libraries. Some people felt that down had a distressing lack of concern for books there was a sense that when it came to the fish, cool collections, he didn't he just didn't, have any interest. When was also overseeing the design of a new main library for the city of San Francisco, which would complete his vision, The library of the future, the city, is building a new one hundred million dollar library that is wired for computers as well as television. This new library would have to
so much space is the old one, but a big chunk of that. Place wasn't going to be for shelving books instead much the libraries Interior was devoted to an atrium in the middle, the building which would write is eighty six feet to a conical glass roof. Lots of librarians worried that this big, empty atrium wouldn't leave a lot of space for books. The atrium was evidence that book we're not the sole priority of this building and Darwin, wasn't going to let a good crisis go to waste. There is quick, was a perfect excuse do what he wanted to do anyway, shrink the physical collection, for the move to the new space. Gallons administration started sending books to landfills in the days after the quick. Books are being sent out by the truckload. Times a week. This is not my library practice, twenty seven librarian signed a petition asking Kenneth down for the winning to stop, but that didn't work so Jason gives, and his colleagues decided to do something in any.
Institution. You have a variety of people. There are some people who just kind of do whatever their told and then another other people who feel like they. Higher calling to the profession, and librarians from several other departments, felt that higher calling. They banded together and call themselves the guerrillas libraries guerrilla, like the freedom fighter, fighting the freedom to not put little slips of bread paper on books against the borders of management. Let's just say that We did not withdraw books because they hadn't circulated we generally held on to the collection Jason says that other guerrilla librarians snuck into the stacks and replaced red lips with green ones, thereby designating the book as circulating book and keeping it in the collection. The gorilla librarians wanted to determine exactly how many books had been weeded and how many had been dumped. But noble had any idea how many books were being taken away and there was a risk.
That they'd never be able to find out the magnitude of this massive clearing, because and if decided to get rid of the visit a card catalogue. Those was full of index cards chronicling each book. The cards, dialogue is an artifact back, but I will not support the view. Card. Catalog is a working technology to help people find books anymore is not and must have the libraries world no there and have moved on. He was right about this already at that point. More than ninety percent of the nation's libraries had computerized their card catalogues. The earthquake itself Allow the San Francisco public Library to modernize their catalogue with a disaster relief money. They were granted, the library was, people to get electronic catalogue software so now logically, Darwin wanted get rid of the Physical Card catalogue which the library had stopped dating and ninety. Ninety one San Francisco Old Card catalogue was not moved to the new library. It is locked up and inaccessible to the public, but this move to
The old card catalogue cause a surprisingly intense outcry from the gorilla librarians and it was Just a matter of nostalgia or personal preference. Fiscal hard catalogue said exactly what was in the library before all the arbitrary weeding. If a book was red Tagged, and we did it wouldn't be read shared in the new digital system. There would be no record, it had ever existed at all the old card catalogue, was more than just a card catalogue, the car Catalogue, is evidence. Of a perch, get to the card catalogue. The librarians pulled out their secret weapon Nicholson, big I'm Nicholson Baker and I am a writer of books fiction, nonfiction and I became for a brief period of time A library activist Bigger is a writer of novels and essays that celebrate the minutiae of daily life in nineteen. Eighty four
baker had gotten national attention for a new Yorker article about the disposal of physical card catalogues practices. Become increasingly common and which upset Baker a lot the server The scope, public library had a very ornate beautiful card catalogue. Feeling that you have when your fingers would dance over the little cardboard pieces, and then you could tell a subject that was popular because the tops were darker. There's all sorts of you, no tricks to wear This fund, the gorilla librarians reached out to bigger for help by now it was. Ninety, ninety six and the new library was nearing completion, the lost books ever only by their locked away card catalogue were teetering. On the edge of disregard in their email to Nicholson, big The librarians wrote you're the only one who can save it. Now part of me thought, oh god, this is gonna, get complicated. Oh at the time bigger was living just across the bay in Berkeley, so we made a
my request to inspect the card catalogue. Can it down and denied that request so Baker it took a while and it was a bit of a mess, but it automatically classified the anything, if you can avoid it and don't sue library the slots, it took a while and it was a bit of a mess, but it automatically classified the or to catalogue as a public document. Now the library had to keep it and then Bay her and the gorilla librarians got to work in secret, You can imagine this with kind of mission: impossible: music going, yes fleets the groom librarian snuck into off limits areas in the library, took away books that we're going to be destroyed; in other words, they stole them the guerrillas stockpiled, hundreds and hundreds of library, discards in their homes and their cars in their offices and lockers and boxes or in the hope, but they would someday be returned to the library.
Baker stole books to. I was driving back and forth across the Bay Bridge with my car full of books that I had actually found in, this place? There was the DE selection Room Baker ignore read the staff only signs and walked right into the diesel action room, the basement storage, all the places where the S F, P, l, restoring books, he picked up a bunch, the books, it had no match in the online catalogue and found some real treasures, they had stored. All these do not cling seventeenth century very valuable bucks and stuff was down the baker. With a historian began comparing the online catalogue to the physical card had as they cross, Since the two lists, it turned out that a lot of books were missing way more than anyone had expected. Let me tell you what an opening day celebration. Today, at last,
in April of ninety. Ninety six, the new main library opened its doors with bananas shock about fanfare, nothing less than a parachute jump industry centre with the men holding this symbolic key to the new library and went in of ninety ninety six about a month after the library opened guerrilla librarians organised an event in the library auditorium or Baker delivered a speech stating what he had found. Baker contended that Dalen was responsible for a mass destruction of books. The systematic removal to a landfill of at least two hundred thousand volumes and I just set it right there in the library itself, in a tall, and get really startle people the phrase. Baker. The most attention was when he called this mass disposal, a quote hate crime directed at the past. This,
really upset my very management and it became this kind of minor dust up in San Francisco we're had begun to spread that big. Her was writing another story for the new Yorker, one specific about this whole, weeding debacle, so the prince. And the Library Commission wrote to the New Yorkers editor at that time and attempted to kill the peace by discrediting Baker. It didn't work and bakers. Article came out in October. Or of ninety. Ninety six, it was called the author versus the library. A current new Yorker article called it. The great book purge claiming more than a hundred thousand rare and one of a kind book sprawled the dumb and then things, got a little out of hand. The library hit back, damning Baker for accusing them of hate crime and saying but he misunderstood the problem. They also tried to describe him because of some bad math. He had reported it turns out one of the gorilla librarians had missed, up the measurements of the old library shelves. In fact,
The new library had much more space for books than the old one. It was a very bad era, was very embarrassing. Although it didn't change the fact. The library had taken so many books to the dump- Then both sides started prepared insults at each other as the a call and national press piled on one compare Baker to the Unabomber, it was basic. An analog twitter feud. I wasn't prepared to be part of it. I didn't know that I was getting into that kind of a bat it was really ugly and even from guerrilla librarian, Jason Gibson standpoint the whole in contrast, we got. A little blown out of proportion. Probably was not, as horrible is Nicholson. Baker me, but it was horrible enough mean the new library itself had already been built, and it was Judging from the influx of visitors, a success as charges counter charges fly three times as many
visitors stream, through the doors of the new library indication that some book lovers welcome the change, some of those books saved by the grill librarians in boxes. Fuckers were transferred back into the collection of oxen Jason gives department. Aren't music made it back. Please is that many of the other books didn't they stayed gone and many of them probably got discarded Nicholson. Bigger says he still has some of the books he stockpiled. Given the painful exe of the controversy. The live wasn't really interested in resolving them. Both Did the day the controversy was an only about what to do with old books. It was a debate about what books are are they beautiful objects there we can smell and touching collect, or are they eternal sources of knowledge accessible to everyone in the ether. Well, in its both, in a given research quest.
The words you want. The words laid out on the page. Clearly Nicholson, bigger can see dolphins perspective. The baker maintains that we should give up on the printed I want the words. Sometimes you want more than the words you want. The words laid out on the page clearly Nicholson Baker can see dolphins perspective. The baker maintains. That we should give up on the printed page his argument and the public. All around it in the nineties was a big reason why the San Francisco public library totally overhauled their collections policies. They made it a policy If a library branch is considering weeding, alas, copy of some book, they must send that copy to a subject. Specialists who will decide if it can be weeded or not and for the books. They do have to go this way. Cisco public library developed a community redistribution programme to make sure the extra copies of popular books can live on somewhere else, we distribute them to schools and city colleges in prisons, strangely enough one of the biggest change
as to the modern practice of weeding is something that, and if Darwin himself helped establish, mine communication between libraries, in an ideal world. Do you might well I have every book, but we just don't have the shelf space every book. So you really somebody else's shells to hold the book some libraries spell musty with an eye and an e at the end. Instead of a why for this leading ugly superseded trivial, irrelevant or elsewhere, like if copy of the book is at another library, near by Jason, Gibbs. At the S s p, l and sharing the color across the bay. The Oakland public library cannot communicate with each other. Instantly, so they can share book space and make different volumes available to readers and both cities, and this has huge implications for what gets weeded and why, in this respect, Canada was very right. A certainly failed in terms of managing the collection, buddy succeeded to the extent of bringing us
and into the wider network of of libraries and their online and yet still because, if vigorous? Ninety ninety six lawsuit, the San Francisco public Library, has kept the old card catalogue. There are legally required to the card I don't like was away of holding onto the memory of a quarter of a million bucks, a d gotten rid of cabinets full of cards are still there and storage practically barricaded it by all cut some other surprised, but I'll go down and visited just to say, hi they'll, just just to know it's there After this meeting debacle Nicholson, Baker became even more vested in philosophies and practices of archiving and went on to publish a book that touched on all this be called double fold. It looks These events in the much broader context of the digitization of libraries and this book, EL commonly assigned in masters programmes in library, science. We read the Nicholson Baker. Library school. That's you're in our again from the Oakland Public Library she said
the debacle at the San Francisco public Library has become a case study about weeding. Why they do weed and how we should weed and what could be done? You know how to do it well and what. A boy and all that kind of stuff and when it's done well with care and consideration. Weeding is so bad at all. For me, sitting is fun. It's a chance to really touched the books and see how they're doing see what people are interested in? That's what all this comes down to its, where people are interested in weeding, isn't just about what to cut its also about what to keep it's about what the public wants to read your waste does matter and were containing a collection for the public and for the people who use it every time you check out a book from the library we're casting a vote tomorrow, Uncle librarian roving the stacks to keep
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You can hear their stories regularly on NPR and were lucky to have their podcast called the kitchen sisters presents on Radio Toby, the current seriously working on is called the keepers it's all about, guardians of history, the eccentric individuals who take it upon themselves to protect the free flow of information and preserve some part of our cultural heritage and when reducing our story this week about the preservation of the US appeals, but collections. I thought a lot about the kitchen sisters, keepers, raise, and this story in particular that I want to share with you. This episode is called the pack horse librarians of Eastern Kentucky My name is Mary Ruse, Shooter Theatre, years old they drive on a horse is right then, the mounds of Kentucky Turkey very liver books that children.
Therefore library, where they work rose there. That is one of the last. The pact course librarians today. Episode to in the keeper series stories of the best archivist, rogue, librarians, curators collectors and historians. The kitchen sisters present the pack horse librarians of Eastern Kentucky Our problem is to put the word free and one half medium employable: first, men and women, one now really role in their depression. Horrible years after nineteen, twenty nine, the appalache and were hit so hard. Coal mines were being shut down: lots of people in dire poverty. Eleanor Roosevelt decided to help create projects that would specifically benefit women and children. My name is how
Hence an author of that book woman. Eleanor Roosevelt felt very strongly about the Packers Library project, We went out. The pack horse, librarians, mostly women, road circuits round, eight, into twenty miles. They follow, animal pass Vince lines, I'm Cathy upheld. I co wrote down Kutchin Creek, the pack horses. Of course, librarians of Kentucky a good start, saddle bags or low case with books and strike out by respect or mule to provide library service. The remote areas of the Kentucky mountains going into the Appalachian. Mountains of Kentucky was going back in time, no running water, no electricity, very few schools, families live
way up in the mountains, a creek bad. That would be the road. We have four degrees, Craig or across ready, wit, web dear. You don't need afraid yeah. That was, if you to be hard, he being able to clamber up the side of a mountain on a horse I didn't know the roads and creek beds. My name is Eliza Mcgraw. I wrote a story about the pack horse. I barents for this myth, sunny and one county would start a pack horse library. The county would hear about it. They would want one, then that community would ask W P to let them higher carriers, Is there women between twenty five and thirty five there, one people Coming in from outside to take jobs from people who were in the community, they were local women, familiar with the people who wanted to read and what they might want to read.
My grandmother if she was a horseback laboratory and she was involved with a dummy. The aid, because that was the workforce of the time, has issued Kentucky you either worked or you starved to death. I'm Rick Overview grandson of grace, Cardinal Lucas he would rather horse carriage trails. Mud holes are goin back up into these hollers. She didn't known the horse, he rendered it or fifty cents a week. She would arrange the books and pack they would rather behind her on the saddle he would hall around two hundred and not only books, but magazines of the time and newspaper grace was a young mother, weighty, small children, her husband left depression. A lot of men did that two in resisting arrest of my own. I named richer and the sun Grayish Carl Lucas, another machine
mornin that for thirty three million less issuing takers too a mouse till she got all were not feverish and punish. Lower next day, day huge the heavy he vowed grocery things it we'd, never before The only thing the federal government provided was the sound before the carriers. My name is: Jean Sir CO: author down Kutchin Creek passports, library, the Eastern Kentucky lay the North Sea or one of the leaders in the Kentucky Library Association, really goes to bat for this project. She started something called the penny fund. It asked for All of this state parent teacher associations to donate a penny
children donated pennies, one little school collected enough pennies to make a dollar and they sent the dollar, and this being the depression was hard for people. To give up anything I mean even a penny drive was taxing as people from all over the It states learned about this. They would dominate, cast off magazines used books. Family Robinson, Heidi, better homes and Guardians National Geographic, popular mechanics. By now. Ten, thirty seven they had gotten sixty thousand bucks. The librarians, would go to these ragged magazine, dilapidated books and they would cannibalized deconstructed remix them and create new scrapbooks Jason Vance, librarian Middle Tennessee State University, I manual for W P, a pack horse library projects, the following: scrap of I've been found useful recipes,
ballots. Kentucky histories applied names, articles on a particular subject: dogs, Spain, Nazis model, Their planes carriers would collect recipes and patterns for quilts from people round, put them together into a scrap book and share County the county. Nineteen fourteen there were two thousand five hundred eighty two of these scrapbooks. They will became part of the certainly waiting collection per course librarians were creating these cultural artifacts snapshots of life in Eastern Congo. During the greater pressure they were so hybrid against their will. I said under the bill. Chestnut tree they didn't know Harry, I read it and silly it is Kentucky, and ninety
Thirty illiteracy in the south eastern counties was anywhere from nineteen to thirty one percent, sir. People were originally a little bit leary of the pack horse librarians, because reading was seen a sort of a leisure activity when you're trying to get this corn hoed and work done on a small farm. Somebody can't be sitting with their feet up reading. This is just frivolous, there was a lot of illiteracy there. The pack horse libraries would sit in red to people at the house's then Mount back up and get going. They were really hoping to get done before dark Grace was out on a winner J and it's starting to sleet eyes. Falling out of the sky, Normally she might have stopped at one of households along the way and spent the night that the land How's on her circa was
Emily that she knew if she stayed there that they would feed her and likely. That would mean nothing for the Kurds. So she just pushed on before she, get home shan't across a creek. The water was high enough. Heard her stirrups by the time she got home. Her feet were encased in ice. Our neighbours to the creek the programme ended in eighteen, forty three
In the war or pulling out of this depression. The library program was no longer funded by the federal government, the salaries for carriers, but one thousand nine hundred and fifty four the state of Kentucky starts Alaska. There are Bush claim Bulgarians and, after others camel Librarians in Louisiana. There were floating library and pulling flat boats in the buyers. Thailand. The reason elephants in Bob waiter into dark age in one go either course trembled in our mind, we think of librarians as the quintessential Marian the librarian. Somebody who puts the mix back on the shelves Dustin make sure that everything tidy librarians are determined bunch there, far more subversive than that.
The pact course librarians of Eastern Kentucky was produced by the kitchen sisters and mixed by Jim Mickey. You can hear more, ninety nine percent invisible was produced this week by peer Skelly, inhabited by every trough. Can buy Sharif use of music. By Shall Rio Katy Mingle is the senior producer. Critical stance is the digital director. There s a team in music. By shown Rio Katy, mink is the senior producer. Critical stance is the digital director. The routine include senior editor Delaney Hall, Joe Rosenberg Emmett Fitzgerald, terror, Moussa Vivian, these Sophia Clatter and me Roman, Mars. Condolence did not respond to our various requests for an interview on the San Francisco public Library story, but a very special thing. To all the labyrinth who helped on context and background, especially Shelly, cock and men, the linsky, both from the San Francisco public Library, thanks as well to organ rogalski. We are a product of dollar, one point: seven k a w in San Francisco
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