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394- Roman Mars Describes Things As They Are

2020-03-17 | 🔗

On this shelter-in-place edition of 99pi, Roman walks around his house and tells stories about the history and design of various objects

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Roman Mars Describes Things As They Are

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman, Mars alone. Beautiful, homebound nerds It may sound a little different as because recording this at home. You might hear some cars passing by I'm not say hopefully neither you but many of us are staying home so that we don't inadvertently become actors to a virus whose impact we dont fully understand. This is the right thing to do where part of one big ecosystem and if any part of us get sick, we all suffer. We in this together, so my job in the world is to tell stories about all the thought that goes into the things, most people don't think about incense. Maybe first I get home, maybe alone, maybe lonely. I thought we spend some time exploring this place. We call home together just you and me some good. If you answer back out loud, I think your weird
I'm starting in my bedroom, I'm sitting on it Esper mattress does not add. We eat our own dog food and Buck s business. I have a Casper mattress, but I digress. As I look around I see, I have five those in this room now if I were in England or France Ireland or Scotland during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries old problem. What this many windows? That's because back then the more windows you had the more tax you paid. This was all variable from place to place and over time, but the principle is that a window acts with good stand in for a progressive income tax, the bigger the house, the more windows, the higher the taxi bade when the window tax was instituted in sixteen. Ninety six in England and Wales, a homeless a regular flat rate and then tax an extra amount for each window over a ten windows that an had like, I said, the number of windows in the amount of tax buried a lot over time. But attacks was.
Pretty easy to assess by an outside observer. It was certainly considered easier to assess then an income tax, and so it persisted for quite some time in some places into the twentieth century. This A funny side effect on architecture that you can still see today in some buildings in the UK in Europe There are many instances of window spaces that are completely bricked up to avoid attack. From one hundred years ago, now, You passed one in your neighborhood. It means some time She lived there a long time ago or you know, enterprising lifehack or live there depending on your perspective,. On a chest of drawers next to my bed? Sits in oscillating famine have had for about thirty five years, still works really well, it's a Windermere. I've done we'll googling and ass they can, I tell you, this company still exists the fan, mostly Points away from the bed I just use it for white noise when I sleep, if I weren't Korea running a fake
Enclosed bedroom might be discouraged by and told her generations there is by some accounts Still a widespread belief in Korea that fans cause death No one seems to know how this It started maybe fans we're just an innocent bystanders to too many he related deaths, but nonetheless the fear persist. I remember when I was growing up in the southern you ass. I was too but if you stop and a fan blowing on you in the summer you catch some recalled, which is good. Is unfounded, but still nowhere does fan equal death like Korea well get up from bed. And let's go, had, walked into the bathroom ok So there is the toilet there extremely common misconception that the toilet was invented by a man named Thomas Scrapper, Cropper
It was a sanitation engineer and entrepreneurs in the UK in the late nineteenth century that held a few patents and he's got it. Improving indoor plumbing for toilets musical. Mrs Mann and Bio Accounting installed and told a lot of plumbing supplies with the name cropper and company on them. No one is quite sure why he gets so much credit for the flushing toilet, but I think it's because his name was cropper crap as ITER for a bodily. Excrement was already in use for decades before he made. Parts. So soon destiny, just smiled upon you while we here in the bathroom, let's wash our hands, that's good covered nineteen protocol Hope is one of those inventions that is so monumental. It's hard to even fathom it so ancient. No one knows who first discovered it. There was a very good explained, or until recently in New York Times by Ferris Neighbour, so molecules. Look like little sperm with a head that loves water and a tale that hate water. So when
you put soap and water on her hands these little hope, tails and things than our water, and they did their tails and trying to get away. This breaks bacteria and buy or sell membranes and surrounds any debris with so molecules and makes them easier, runs away when more water and friction or applied. For the sake of your own health and for everyone else's wash your hands regularly for at least twenty seconds that is longer than you think so pick a song to keep your task. Lol Before I had you in my dreams, you came in captain my imagination. Those some things are never what they see. I never have to worry because I know you are
better than the Venus De Milo Energy string better than the promise of a good one night thing better than a big book of Betty page pictures, even if it comes with a use subscription better than that to get to a wholly field rings, I'd better than a daughter for us open for a bribe better than a cherry on a with green Sunday better than a week. They will never have a Monday. Mental. Do ok was The organisers. And we are entering the hall in his book. At home, though Brazen wrote that no room has fallen further in history. Then the hall, always remember that lie I've been destroying castle in Scotland a few times and I love it. They're aspires DE the Great Hall, which has been painted a shocking and delightful butter, a yellow since its restoration in the ninety nine years. We do this about a few years ago is taken out it, seems impossible that all like the one in strolling castle in the hall in your house having at origin, but they do the hall
is to be everything from the middle ages to about the fifteenth century. The hall was effectively the house with a central hearth that people used to warm themselves and cook over all activity took place there, awake and asleep as soon second room was added to homes. The hall has been on a downhill slide. Now it is this. Thing, a non room room whose primary function is to connect other rooms. So poor, went out for the law if I, right. I enter the living room. Tv bunch of article furniture I have a all in one laser printer scanner, appear in here. Printers are is technology because they are amazing everyone hates them. There are mentally a lot of things to hate the crow No price of anchors is a big one. Emerging homes or another. According to an article in the New Yorker called why
paper jams possessed desktop printers We always have paper jams. The problem, really the printer it's the paper paper is an organic substance that has different properties of thickness and texture. Depending on what in a tree came from and how its processed commercial brunners, like like the ones you see in movies. Newspapers were innocent, this is still the browsers will they have long stretches with a paper goes in a straight line in young gets ink, but on it, but it does Brenner has to do everything in a tiny box. So the paper is poor. Although the tray and makes it tight turn to hold onto an interim where the image gets button and it gets heated to Eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit took views the into the page in Japan double sided paper starts and turns, gets turned again and its role in heated Nicht spit out. It's like truly immoral that it were at all. Commercially available, copier the hulking, Xerox, nine fourteen, which everyone loved and made Xerox billions of dollars com.
Fire so often that it shipped with a small Fire extinguisher so things, could definitely be worse, labels. So we really good story that John well, I'm wrote about the oldest continuously glowing like bomb. That's been in a fire station and live more California for over one hundred years. Remember the details age. It is fine episode. Listen it's good, but I do remember this. One light bulb joke. How many psychiatrists does it take to change a Bob one, but the light bulb has to want to change. You can tell the cat I'm gonna, walk into the kitchen. Oh I've got here biscuit. Ok, I'm an open up this store here that you might mechanized the sound of that is the silverware door. I have smooth, knives and forks in here of
These three common pieces of gallery the fork is. By far the most recent addition to the table where family, by probably like thousands of years, straight. Two pronged forks were used in cooking for carving and getting things off a fire, but for a long time they were on the dinner table itself, people spoons knives and just in their fingers instead, folks were introduced a few times by fancy, people, they were often ridiculed for it. But the only really took off when they evolved to have a little bit a curve in them and the extra time. So they could be more versatile for scooping and unspearing small things on a plate. The curious thing about the illusion of the fork is how it should the design of the knife for millennia table knives always had pointed ends for spearing food, but with the fourth there that function of the knife was redundant, so it could be eliminated in sixteen.
Sixty nine kingly with aborting through France decreed all pointed dinner, table knives illegal. You know to stop people from stab each other, which I guess this problem and so all new knives were made to have rounded gaps in existing table. Knives were to be rounded off to reduce their potential for violence. This style of knife spread across the world, which is why knives near drawer, unless there are special, be knife, probably have one end. Doha most agents for getting from next time. We do this if we need to do this and we're gonna end up back in the living room at the record player. After this We're starting to get used to doing things virtually virtual drinks, with brands virtual, but clubs and virtual birthday party. So maybe you discovered that your virtual tools are not up to snuff. Comes to a new and improved website. You should let squares. His help you out squares basics,
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During this time and they continue to hire councillors simply fill out a questionnaire to match, with a licence professional counselor to fit your needs, its quick. Easy to connect and the online environment is safe and private. Anything and everything you share is confidential. Better help, is an affordable option in our listeners. Get ten percent off your first month with This can code, invisible you can get started today, go better help that Comstock Invisible, that's better. Eighty lp dotcom slash, Invisible talk to a therapist online and get help when you want in wherever you are. What things I love about vinyl records is that you can see how they work a needle, reads the vibrations in a groove that vibration moves magnet. That interacts with a couple of electromagnetic coils and the signal that's generated, is simplified a couple times in its sent to the speakers.
If my bone stops playing music, there is no hope of me getting to work, but if everything in the world fails. I have spanish easy, but I put together a crappy, reparable air. If I had to and that gives me some measure of comfort. So I want to play the song exit without saving by the bamboo depot from their album. You do you build, describes things as they are, which is where, got the name for this episode. Chad clerk is the lead singer and songwriter of over I gotta go his heart got infected by a virus that nearly killed him everything he's. Had since then has been a risk To his life, and often involved him being hospitalized four days. So the time he is And blunt insane that New Corona virus would kill him, If he got it so
I know it's hard to go through this quarantine and act in the collective good when the action that we're all taking a stain inside and minimizing contact- and not you know like gathering ten people to lift a car off someone. But taking gear in this way is how we do the most good You can help me with a car, of my friend Jack Clark because I need him to stay in this world and keep making music and What amazing is at the same time, were lifting a car off here, seven year old, mom and nurse working a twelve hour shift at the hospital so near you.
says that we will waste, which is less streaming yeah. Whatever happens here will always have to exist without saving from being repealed describes things as they are. It's a billboard band camp. You can buy it right now without leaving your house. I think it's a mouse.
Greece, but don't just take my word for it Time magazine named it one of the best albums of the decade in amongst beyond, say and Kendrick Lamar, which is pretty amazing. But I also recommend that you use this time to support any artists that you enjoy with. Retention, and you know, if you can do it you're a financial support. It might be rough for awhile for many of them. Ninety nine percent of Isabel was produces week by me, roman Mars. We collectively are every trouble. Katy mingle proposed at the many hard serif use it and it did sterile Sanrio Joe Rosenberg. Avian lay crisper ruby interfere, so Thanks to our supporters, Toper Mcculloch, Steve mutually, that guy on a motorcycle Euston. Forty
Sarah carrier individuality airport member of Radio Toby from Pierre Exit, fiercely independent collective of the most innovative shows in all upon casting my mom. Utopia you that are, then we run the show enjoins just about the shown facebooking between me at Roman Mars and the show at nine p m work. One instagram and read it to if you're looking for more staff to listen to me, have hundreds and hundreds of stories and nine p, I dot org. Radio do. As one of my favorite broadcasters mark promotes, ask Everything will be all right in the end and If it's not all right, it's not the end.
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