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398- Unsheltered in Place

2020-04-14 | 🔗

99% Invisible producer Katie Mingle had already been working on a series about unhoused people in the Bay Area for over a year when the current pandemic began to unfold. Suddenly, this vulnerable demographic was cast into the spotlight due to the virulent spread of COVID-19. It is clear from the data that this virus is hitting black and poor communities the hardest. COVID-19 has made American society’s racial and wealth inequities even more obvious. The disease is most dangerous to older and immunocompromised people, two groups to which those experiencing homelessness disproportionately belong.

Plus, hotels have long been used as crucial infrastructure during disasters. Now they’re being used to help fight the pandemic.

Unsheltered in Place

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible. I'm roman Mars, so am I Katy mingle, our senior producer- and you reporting for about a year and a half on homelessness here in the Bay area, for a series that were putting the other right now. It's not ready, It scuttled come out at the end of the year, but since the corona virus crisis, has a huge pact on the unhoused population. We want check in yet so, basically, Just as I was starting to wrap up the reporting process, the corona, irish, came in it it up and did everything for everyone and I've struggling. You know with how were or whether to follow any of what's been happen. In terms of covert and homelessness. So not really knowing what I would do with any of it. I just started no checking in with people just over the phone.
And the woman what not trying to at least kind of keep up with it all, and I was recording those conversations and I decided some of them felt worth sharing. It seems at homeless. People are women. My relations that people are talking about as being particularly vulnerable to this disease. Yes, based on data that researchers already have about age and underlying health conditions in homeless people. A study from a team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, and you see allay found that homeless, four would be twice ass, likely to be hospitalized as the general population two to four times as likely to require critical care and too three times as likely to die if they contracted covered nineteen- and it seems like places where homeless people are the most visible like the encampments and shelters are
really potential petri dish is for a disease like this to spread, yeah I mean social distancing is basically impossible in Vienna in Walter and and like all over the country. People are scrambling to prevent large scale outbreaks in homeless communities, I only know about what's happening in California, and here I just wanted to share a few voices from that that, that struggle? I guess we'll call it a shame that it upside down about This is normally when there is a disaster. We work that words there's an earthquake. We were babblers, there's a flood, we were backwards, the thing happens and then we're getting ourselves out of it. This every day we go deeper it. We don't know, I don't know where the bottomless that's gin,
Having she's the ceo of an organization called destination home that you know in The other times works on both ending in preventing homelessness in Santa Clara County in some Workwoman slowed gum with similar in Porto into Burdino. Its busily people say Silicon Valley, they mean cynically accounting, yeah engines, agency, destination home has been around since two thousand and eight but during this pandemic. It's it's basically been like conscripted into this chain of command? That's been active, at the county level through something called the emergency operations centre and ever the county in California, has one of these emergency operations centre or the ear see, gets activated. Winners and earthquake fled sort of things of the very first time, though, that and I've been a part of an activation a couple of times in my career. This is the first
I know that it was actually ready for a pandemic, which basically means that the Santa Claus County Public Health Department is in charge if you're working and homelessness you're not doing things on your own, any more meaning supply chain money systems Eric It gets deployed through this except the endogenous, essentially working under the direction of the Public health department. On a few different things. And those things include opening up mass shelter so that existing shelters can be less crowded, bring in sanitation and medical care and resources to encampments then also setting up partnership. With hotels where homeless people can potentially be quarantined, language is Charlie mitigate financial catastrophe,
We can't sheep tat was from becoming homeless right now, there's a far better chance of recovery later so we have to do. I think we have to do a few things that I think those things are happening. We have to have a vision. Moratorium everywhere needs to happen. We need to make sure that there's food Frazier accessible. I think this also already happening, but like utilities, they need to stay on, don't care people, don't pay ass stay on and I believe, it's also happening when she says she believes. That's that's happening. I just want to clarify that she means in her county, so that's obviously different. Wherever you live in the United States. The other really big thing John has been working on setting up is a fund. She raised eleven million dollars like very quickly to tribute to people who had lost employment and were at risk of becoming homeless remit seems like them.
That's the success that they raised a lot of money in the short time is that enough yeah I mean I've thought that sounded like a lot too, but it actually, it wasn't nearly enough within three hours we had fourteen hundred applications. They were coming. Two applications every minute they crashed our server and within three days there were more than eleven million dollars worth of qualifying applications. You wrote in a tree, I feel scared and with its hard to describe it's true. Sister and I'm not a chicken. I love, I walked into the middle of the suffrage rears and the scale is over one People already already have no money left nothing
ten estimates that they meet about a hundred million dollars and that's again just in Santa Clara County to keep people housed during this time the images on top of the stimulus and unemployment checks in that still not can be enough mean for one. Those checks still haven't gotten to people for the most part. I think the First round of them is supposed to go out this week, but it sounds like, it could be a while before everyone has their check and then there are some people who won't be eligible for those for those benefits: undocumented people, for example, in have they been able to distribute the first eleven million that they the they gathered? Gems? some of it had started going out, but not all of it. I mean it's a lot of work to process all of those applications in and get all those checks out and why
No, the problems there running up again straight now is that their volunteer support has dried up and that's no, that's all just in their organisation. That's happening in every way Innovation, so if you think about was communities, have a meals on wheels, program, and what that is, is homebound people, vulnerable people, people can't leave their home there's meals and are prepared and delivered for them every day. Superbowl right, that is a ninety five percent montier run situation, so when all bounds hears disappear all at once, I think people are poorly having trouble knowing of lake how they should.
Alan Social Distancing, Volunteering know Jack. That's a good question, so I will say that I think that's a personal choice, but what I will tell you, as people that are already working on the front lines are, in addition to thou art, not delivering mused, harrowing, because here because here's the thing it also has to be done and cold. It is asking us to do all the things we were doing before and a thousand more things with less. And if you are able to be part of a solution, you need to get on the part of the solution, and if that means money that mean someone announced that needs stay at home, Not like complaining say, do you know anything about the site, because people who are the lowest paid workers, imagination or largely people of color around the goddamn from lies?
The last thing I wanted to ask Jen about. In the thirty minutes I stole from her was I don't know, If you ve been seeing these pictures of a flake homeless, people being moved into like parking lot in stadiums each year there was a picture from LAS Vegas where they they had agreed It was pointed out to mock me how far they should be camping like away from each other. Otherwise it was just like it was just like it was an open. Argument. There is no covering there's, no real shelter, ages was designate spaces on the ground. Yes, its they did because a resident in like a five hundred bad shelter, had tested positive for and so they say We need to get everyone out of that space to prevent the virus from spreading, so they moved people into the
open air parking lot. I think they have since been moved back inside, but I just wondered can what she would she thought of that or things like that I just I wonder I guess I wonder from your perspective when you see something like that or you kind of lay your place is a crazy time. People are coming up with crazy solutions. Were words. Is that strike you as labour? Greece should build him do way better than that. You know I think now. Look pre covered. America has treated homelessness in every kind of reprehensible way, right now about the people that are trying to do the things that you are describing, I'm not criticizing, because this has helped. If that's the best they can do. That must be the best they can do
We are not doing that right, but I am in no position to criticise other communities because we're not- and we don't have every homeless person in a stable place. Work were sheltering in camera. That is totally wrong. When I mean, but we can't, we have asked America, they give us workplaces for homeless. People, for my whole career now they're telling us all the during a wink, Maitland loathing. You so much for your time d I gotta go, I gotta go sister but get check. Let me again Do you like your tears, fell from sunlight? what does it see you said Jane was trying to do. Was securing hotel rooms for homeless people is that part of the governors programme
Yes, on April third, Governor Newsome announced something that he called project room key. He said it secured almost seven thousand hotel rooms for homeless people and that they were on their way to getting fifteen thousand. It's a county state partnership with the county fundamentally driving the car and the state of California building the car we put together, the technical teams and expertise we working with the counties as they identify these sites to get the operating green up and running so yeah when he says that counties are driving a car him. He means these emergency operation centres and and people like Jen, who are out in making calls a hotel owners to get them to agree grant rooms to the state and he's talking about fifteen thousand rooms across the entire state in that again sounds like it's a lot, but I know her That's not yeah exactly because there
There are at least two hundred and fifty thousand homeless people in California. We his. Why, in some places you you have activists calling on mares to to do more, so an April third, actually the same day as that new some press conference. There was a protest in San Francisco. It was a car protest, which is one of the amazing news things that we have in this new pandemic era, where a bunch of people drove their cars to this convention centre in San Francisco, aware the city was, was planning on housing, homeless, people, sort of on the floor on mats and the people in cars. You know sat outside of this convention centre honking in protest, They thought that people shouldn't be sheltered together in this big open area, but instead in the hotel rooms, and they
urging the maritime use her power to get hotel rooms for people a killer, then, of course, of San Francisco Moscow, any centre Mama or London Breed and city officials held a virtual press conference inside the message still loud and clear at the socially distant protest, always blocked empowered in front of one go anywhere. They buried after this sociologist named Chris Herring. Who is part of that protest? it was meant to to get more hotel rooms, and he says the Mayor London Breed has the authority to common dear hotel rooms in an emergency the power to do it when they do in it. I mean the power that they dont use, they often. You know they say that it's it's too expensive to to put every single homeless person in a hotel, and they also say that it's much more complicated than you might think to move people in the hotels like you have to have All this supportive staff who will provide
food and services and clean the rooms, and you can just like move people in and that it not only, but after that pro ass. The city did decide not to use Convention Centre as a mass shelter married, said, she's negotiating to bring seven thousand more hotel rooms and use specifically for homeless people in San Francisco. And so in terms of the hotel rooms that do exist either. In San Francisco war, or more generally across the state who is getting into those. Well so not nearly all of those hotels have been filled, yet it's hard to get numbers on this Some sources are saying that something close to two thousand rooms across the state have been filled, think, most of the focus so far has been on shelters. If there's a shelter where there's a positive case, they're putting people from now shelter, who they think may have been exposed into hotels, part
The criticism re now from advocates is that it's sort of a reactive approach instead the pro active one, meaning that insight. I've just immediately putting all homeless. People in the hotels there, mean they're waiting for cases to break out in shelters and is also very much a referral based system. So, if you think you have covered you still, have to be referred to a hotel room by an approved medical or now reach worker is
it's almost like getting a prescription for a hotel room. Last Friday, the tenth of April Mayor Breed announce it. There had been a major outbreak of corona virus and a shelter in San Francisco. The last numbers I saw with ninety two residents and ten workers had tested positive, but those numbers will probably keep going up in any case. According to the New York Times, it's the biggest outbreak and a shelter so far in the U S written some of the people and shelters or going to who tells, but only if they ve been exposed the virus, but that doesn't account for all the people in the encampment. Wouldn't what are they doing? Yeah I mean I was wondering about the site. How much outreach is happening in encampments, where people checking out. Checking on on folks out outside or or testing folks outside
I haven't been going into the field much lately for the same reasons that were all staying home, but besides? I wanted to try and and talk to a few people, then encampment, so I put on clubs and a mask and- and I went out to a camp, Berkeley where I've spent a good bit of time. Are you alive so that's Sean sitting outside of her tent with her friend Jade China lives and in camera, with about sixty other people, mostly intense.
And they said that a nurse practitioner and as social worker had just been out to the camp and when, where they may be a twenty forty minutes ago, and where they just kind of checking to see. If anybody had been said earlier there, they ve got up voluntary gum. Jack up on everyone out, Shaughnessy, the one guy from the encampment had shown symptoms of covert nineteen and one of the reach, workers made sure you got tested and into a hotel, but it seemed like that was the only person so far that had gone to hotel out there in the US feeling you're doing any extra leg. Handwashing I've done an austrian burnt, more bans on advertising restaurant I know I should have been a bucket lay Caroline. I got a fearful mamma. I do.
In how nourished as everyone there seem to be about yeah wondering I ask that you you feel stressed out about the virus, the so much about the wires, wavering, there's other things to be stressing about We feel it is the main thing I stress about now. Poor and not being mentally able to work all that, I'm in being like stable. I relapsed US a year and a half claim, and I realize I feel real after I like a failure right now and then all this, others, that's going on says just like it's hard to focus on that when I realized. This camp actually has, through relative to other camps, a good bit of outreach. There's a couple clinics who send workers there and they
This one extremely dedicated activists, name Andrea Hansen, whose almost every day under has been raising money through a go, find me and handing out things like hand sanitize her and face masks where they baccarat Power Cover Balaklava come back a lot of the ways that homeless people money are not possible right. Now. People used cans to sell it recycling centres and those hunters are mostly closed. Panhandling is is more difficult right now so lately Andrea has had to bring food to the encampment. You know I never had before and I get out. I mean we three hundred bad Sri, I'm not a tribunal, I had to be report, Tommy their angry. She also recently rented a bobcat to try to get all the trash out of the encampment and cheese.
In paying some of the people around there to help again, just all through a go find me. We have to get this traffic that, because, in order to mitigate the health crisis in the care for people but were putting them and not be waiting for applying Yes, I know a lot of dedicated people out there working really really hard right now, but you know chance there, thousands of homeless people in California? And now you know everyone once this to be solved. Like yesterday, some stuff
whenever you're ready, then I'll pay you. I have the garbage bags. I have will clean out the trash on the corner I'm on my way. are unhappy. Series will be out at the end of the year, to find out more about any the people organizations we mention in this episode or are you can help we'll get involved. Your website, its nine ip. I dont work
we're doing research for this episode, Keys assistant, producer, Abbe Madonna and ran across a historian who studied the rule that hotels have played in times of crisis, Katy Mingle will be back to talk about that after this. We're starting to get used to doing things virtually virtual links with friends, virtual book clubs and virtual birthday parties, and maybe you discovered that your virtual tools are not up. There's enough comes to a new and improved website. You should, let's airspace help you out squares basics, the ability to customize look settings more with just a few clicks. Their templates, created by World class designers today into bet you needs and look sharp doing it. A million square space website at Roman moors dot com. He was really easy to drag and drop is simple editing when aid to change anything in an array of customizable features, try it for yourself had disappeared
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this can code invisible. You can get started today, go better helped outcomes, thus invisible. That's better hd lp dot com. Invisible talk to a therapist online and get help when you want in wherever you are. From her apartment in Oakland. Here again is Katy mingle famous- Cisco and other cities are looking very purpose: bacon hotels to shelter, unhoused people during this corona virus outbreak. But This is the first time hotels have been used as crucial infrastructure. In times of crisis, I wanted to find out more about the history of people replacing hotels this way, so I called up and its Morrison hello, My name is Kenneth, Morrison alone, a professor of modern, european history and I'm based demand for university in Leicester in the United Kingdom, and so why,
doubt. Hotels in particular are deployed in this kind of way like what is it about a hotel that that makes it very useful in a moment like that I mean it. Hotels in many respects are perfect for being the purpose in the way that the they all right now so, if you think about the dead Micro structured about detail, you have large kitchens. Loss of refrigeration, you have ply chains so. Basically the hotel can continue to function, it might not be serving the same food and it might not be serving seem drinks but it can continue to function. It works think what the internal structure, the retail most most of us quite large atrium, so eight dreams can be used as as places where medical personnel perhaps are based are seeing people they come in. All the rooms function As these kind of isolation units because when people go and stay in hotels, perhaps
he's got married or their couples going away flow. We came and the children or wherever there's you know, a certain amount of privacy required of course. This means that every room has to be kind of insulated and isolated and in the context of the cuban nineteen crisis is perfect. These huge corridors where food can be left outside the door and the poorest can be left within this kind of the latest unit, which is the room, and the room, of course, always has on sweet facility tasted they can shouted the room they can now they can walk You can sleep, they can watch television, have access to the internet so being used as a quarantine centre hotel. Do that particularly effectively and if we think of other buildings that might be used as quarantine centres sports, Thus, for example, the sports have to be entirely reconstructed in order to become quantity centres or field hospitals we have to do a lot less of that. Hotel, so hot.
Functions really welcome. You re purpose very, very quickly. Can you talk a little bit thou how hotels were re purpose during the recent european refugee crisis, Yes, I did in the case of the modern stroke, refugees. Ices in twenty fifteen twenty sixteen Of course, you huts millions of people coming to the european continent and Sometimes they had to be. Held in camps, but other times they will be held in hotels. They would be captain who tells there are various different Examples of this. The biggest example of this is what happened in Germany, because a person a majority of those those migrants that were seeking to places like Libya and Syria and twenty fifty twenty sixteen were heading for Germany, and when Angela Merkel essentially said that no refuge these migrants are welcome, she was there faced with the problem of what do we do with these sheer number
people and we have to hold them somewhere and the german government actually entered into to a number of common its agreements with large hotel groups, so that they jeez, would be, would be house there and then I was there for a short time until they can be genuinely can have incorporated in society into society, they could get jobs, they could then perhaps lip flop, of the roman and so forth, but tell em not context played a really important role. In managing the immediate crisis and that given the sheer numbers of people that arrived in Germany at that time has they ve been a relative success story, but it wouldn't it impossible without Isles and the rule that the retail played in that huge movement of people and Where are the hotels still kind of lake? tells or were they, Sir, where they more like apartments where there wasn't necessarily, you know like a
Inter where you check in and how is it different when, when the refugees were housing, these places. So basically, there were two types of whatever the what the what they were, the ones that are completely taken over centrally. Government contract german government paid grand city who tales for the, these twenty two hotels and in Berlin, for example, and it what it meant. It was at the german government were giving the hotel industry. The finance for that they can continue to operate so, Retail, for them guaranteed more. As one hundred percent occupancy rates, but they want with a functioning, is hotels. At that time, you weren't, you know serving breakfast Luncheon dinner at many the staff that worthier continued to work there. They were pleading they were making food refugees and so forth, but it wasn't functioning as a normal hotel. However, there were other details that were actually alone refugees to work there. I am
and training them, and giving skills that would make it possible for them to and entered into work within german society in Germany, humped in Austria. In Belgium, the refugees were given an opportunity to train, is barman to train traders, waiters doing Silber service and so forth. So the neatest train and do something that would allow them to make. A living very, very quickly and again, who town places this very important rule and did you stories about kind of what these places were like, like I mean it, it's makes me as potentially be no hard to kind of, suddenly turn a hotel into this very different function. Did did you hear or is it just like what it was likely? How did they feed people in the air? does it work. I mean the difficulty with redeploying a hotel like that and this it was me
This the case in Germany, but in other places locals were very suspicious of a larger, helping being taken over done, uses a place? the house refugees. In Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, for example, you had a number of details that were deployed in this way as law, look should ever tails were built. In Ireland. Prior to the M economic crash of two thousand and eight, an animal After two thousand and eight there wasn't a market. Simply wasn't a market for them so, the hotel years had to find a way to use this. Is that they had so many of these these hotels were or were users as places the ties refugees. Now. Sometimes there was a lot of suspicion coming from local populations who are happy about this, they felt that Putting refugees and a hotel was not an effective way. To bring them into the society
You were basically isolating them from society and created this kind of us and then feeling but it was, these were only ever intended to be temporary spaces three months months, and then they would be. It was part of a wider redistribution programme and where refugees we stay in the hotel for too long they would be moved on quite quickly, but within the hotels themselves No, they weren't functioning assess ordinary or tales, but there were there was catering dear because that was part of the agreement with the governments that there were became catering for the new guests I it wouldn't have been anything like the kind of service. That's a normal hotel provides in normal times, and then did some of those hotels go back to being sorted. Or more tourists hotels. After this
because, of course, once the the economic situation began to improve in in Europe, after two thousand and eight, you had the euro crisis and by fourteen at the beginning of this, a refugee crisis, but really by twenty. Sixteen european economies are are a bit more stable and on many of these hotels go back to being exactly what they were intended to be, and is there anything about that process of converting back It was interesting like they probably have the kind of clean and re, maybe refer some of the rooms I don't know like as their process years, but is actually makes businesslike, What's so interesting about that, they the transitions that these bill. Go through. Yes, I believe in the need to reject it and probably end up this part of the contract with the german government, for example, that there was a slice of money and therefore, for that
declaration to take place at the end, because the new that, obviously it wouldn't be, perhaps kept in the same way. As I said, it would have been a well functioning as a normal retail, but they just move back to being the spaces that they were and used for the purpose. Intended, for these are business arrangements in essence, what we ve seen in the kitchen, the refugee crisis in Europe. The building is needed for a specific period of time, so tells are offered at the german government sign or german dutch belgian government sign, an agreement to rent a hotel, for that purpose and then there's the image the slice of money that is given to two m to redecorate or convert the hotel afterwards I back to being a normal. The town
there are some activists here in the Bay area like San Francisco Oakland, who are you, know the governor? here in California has already announced a plan to bring about fifteen thousand hotel rooms serve into to being used to house homeless people. Here we have a lot of homeless people in California. But there are activists set, are calling on like the mayor of San Francisco, for example, to do too kind Let go a step further and instead of carefully negotiating these deals with hotels to actually like common dear them, and that's not so that's not a step that she is going to take it doesnt seem, but have you heard of of things like that happening where, like people use kind of like an
negative, privileged her to take over hotels when they need two years and they can be commandeered in times of crisis. Buildings like hotels, can often be strategic assets because they often occupy strategic height. They can be claimed all buildings and, in particular, an urban conflict in control of the strategic heights as extremely important. Sir, you know sometimes tells can be commandeered for that purpose and what facing now with the Corbett nineteen crisis is something really unique and either in the context of the United States, for example, that to think that any politician could tell business or the hotel owner? That is simply have to take the hotel, an uncommon data for that purpose. Kids are controversial We ve never been, I think, in a situation in Europe and the United States, for that has been necessary, certainly not living there, it was nice
during the Second World WAR, were lots of hotels were commandeered either this field, hospitals or are bases for videos, Agencies, government agencies who want to move out London during the bullets, for example, an. And take over these buildings and turn them into something else for a temporary period until the war is over, so it's not without precedent, but normally happens under the emergency powers that are enacted in the in the context of of conflict. Or maybe you could talk a little bit about what you're, seeing in terms of the covered nineteen crisis like what pen of Roy you're seeing hotel start to take absolutely and a New York. I mean you had a good public, really nice. It tells us and reduce the plaza hotel tell become temporary field, hospitals for non critical patients answers to peace, You take the pressure off the in the hospital themselves and then, of course,
we're seasons among which him you know in any ordinary time would be a rather expensive. Place to live as is now being opened up to healthcare workers. I'm gonna tales now are being used in a number of ways, so in their being used primarily Cordin teen centres, because of course so many people of hunted to me, the countries they may be working in or in a living temporarily and or holiday They then have to be paid, the quarantine for a fourteen day period So we ve seen hotels opened up somewhat, offering in fact calling in package's, where Fourteen days, you can go and live in a rather nice folder I start retail condemn fourteen days of quarantine. There, others are being forcibly quarantines by governments. So when they arrived back on home soil, you then have to spend fourteen days in self isolation
Is there something you get in these quarantine packages? That is different, like all your food can to your room. Yes, amid the package's and are providing the same services, a hotel normally would Although some people have spoken to have been various hotels, I don't sit on the world above complained that the level of service is not quite, but they would have expected. So they always say that the food on all four is not what it would be under normal times. So you're you're stuck in your room is a beautiful room, maybe with a nice view, but You can't go anywhere have food brought your door, but ass a thing the same quality that at the moment have expected in such a retail, but that's a relatively nice way of being quarantined. In some cases, For example? I spoke recently to a student from Bosnia who had been working in Germany as a researcher
and had to return home, said the Bosnia Herzegovina and when he returned home, they were taken to this one who tail in a place called Tuzla in Bosnia, and they were to stay there for fourteen days and they would were basically forcibly held. Therefore, for fourteen days, This has been happening all over european of those that return. They simply have to submit me captain? and isolation. And what about homelessness? Specifically? How are you seeing hotels being Yes, in the case of the in the UK in the crime Plaza, I think the holiday Inn therefore the holiday Inn express her I've come to an agreement with the UK government and the maid of London basically handed over hundreds of rooms, I dont, the financial agreement was there. What's in those rooms will be available for the homeless of London, and I have to say that the homeless This is becoming something of a crisis in London
very noticeable over the last couple of years. In particular, sober there'll, be no effort required further. The UK government to time get homeless. People off the street It's an of course you are acutely vulnerable. Situations that they were, but there was a big kind of efforts to do that and hotels were generally used as us. Please. This house has the homeless and do you know in in those cases lake worth Moving homeless folks into hotels that were already showing symptoms, or was it just a pro active? Let's get everybody inside so that nobody is as vulnerable to this as they would be outside. Well, some european countries have been tasting form were Dunham than the UK at you? The testing has an isolated numbers, have been quite Lou there was no time and. Facilities actually to test.
People who perhaps were in or demonstrating any kind of symptoms, even if minors, things are a kind of early symptoms. With just that? They had to be taken off streets and and given somewhere to live, given a roof over their heads for a short period. So that day, one wouldn't spread the disease and to might not be exposed to those with it. I'd be really interested to see what these housing, look like inside the moment and what kind of services there art and to what extent those people are being looked after I am, and that I do not know, because it's impossible, of course, to enter into any of these buildings impossible for me to travel. Really. I can't even go to my university at let alone in its work This entails for the purposes of research, and what but a sort of like this scale.
Over all around the world. Like do you feel, like the number of hotels that have transformed into a kind of responding to this crisis in some way, would be more than we ve may be seen sense, one of world wars. We ve never seen anything like this since the Second World war. You ve had individual crises in individual countries or even regional conflict, but You ve never seen anything like this, because what happened here is that the hotel industry has been seriously damaged by this, it will take a long long time for a hotel, recover for 2dozen to recover from this So if you even think optimistically that we might get back to some kind of normality in turn the two dozen by twenty twenty one. So there will be a tourist season and twenty twenty one you're you're, looking at least eight years income will be lost. By my details.
So, of course, they have to adapt and they have to become something else and they have to offer their services, because otherwise they me simply go out of business, and I think, Perhaps those hotel chains that have offered their services at this particular time might be more favourably. Its upon than those that didn't and to be bailed out in the future. Of course, the Corbett nineteen choices me and intent city. The kind of intensity there were experiencing at the moment, but a long time for life to go. Back to normal for people to feel that they want. The travel again for border the open for the time being in a man hotels, will simply not be able to return to business as usual whereby places where you know you have weddings and parties in business meetings and holidays and so forth that I can happen the countries that are really hit by covered nineteen, those details have
Have no other option really been seeking to redeploy? every purpose and become used as something else.
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