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440- La Brega in Levittown

2021-04-20 | 🔗

On the show this week, we’re bringing you an episode of a new podcast called, La Brega. And to tell us all about the series is Alana Casanova-Burgess. Casanova-Burgess traces back the story of the boom and bust of Levittown, a massive suburb that was founded on the idea of bringing the American middle-class lifestyle to Puerto Rico during a time of great change on the island. Casanova-Burgess (herself the granddaughter of an early Levittown resident) explores what the presence of a Levittown in Puerto Rico tells us about the promises of the American Dream in Puerto Rico.

La Brega in Levittown

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Oh, do dot com such invisible to start a retrial. That's o d, o o dot com, slash invisible. This is ninety. Nine percent invisible, I'm roman Mars I'm sure this week were bringing you an episode of a new podcast called lawbreaker and to tell us about the series is alive. Cousin over Burgess host, incur creator and producer lab agar stories of the pretty. You can experience Cooper action from W and Y see studios and food studios say that my dreams. Now remain show libretto is aware, input to weaken Spanish. That doesn't really have a great english translation, but to illustrate the concept willing to start with a self video that was taken in the aftermath of her became Maria when the people of Puerto Rico, we're living in the dark Some polar regions where, without electricity for months on end
and everyone had to find ways to cope. And in the video to people, are standing in a carport and though a woman is recording, her father and They are showing off this invention. Compromise I want all I am. I am all for any man thought Bobby. They ve got like the body the drawing room, of a washing machine and in the middle. What do you call that there's like spoke that comes out of him? philippine agitators the spinner something the data. That is correct. I think I had Google. The agitator has bicycle handlebars attached to it. May now, I'm not laugh, Hamas are being the Nevada, and this woman's fathers so excited to show off this BC. About Oda. So he's you know, he's moving the handlebars back and forth and showing how it froths pay. You get like a good lather in the so called one of them,
my lover nomadic season and they're just making make the most of this terrible situation. So their exclaiming like look at it, washes so Oh, you don't have electricity, but you don't need it and you get a work out while you're doing it and they're just like having a funding time. You know pretty Regan, really creative. I know everybody says that about themselves were such a creative people but you're all wrong sort of thing like Loki flattens, but it's We ve been through a lot, and so there's this sort of. celebration in the video and then at the same I knew that I knew from talking to my own family members how raw your hands get from like washing everything by hand.
In water. How thick everybody just had to do the most for months, like my aunt, and have electricity for nine months right, so they can't get power back for themselves. They can't lik, reconnect the electricity, because the infrastructures a poor and the government is is failing them, but they find this work around so that their hands don't have to crack after weeks and then what will become months of washing your laundry by hand, and so when I was thinking about how to describe the name the series La Nebraska to listeners? One of the first things that popped up was this year. video that actual hush like three years ago, So what is lawbreaker? Can you define for us sure it is a word that pretty vacancies please at all the time it's Sicily catch all word for am struggling with something I'm in the hustle,
in this situation that I can't solve. I can actually like have any resolution to it. So, for example, you can't solve the problem that you don't have electricity, but you can like attach some bicycle handlebar to the agitator of year washing machine and you can paint make do. Maybe you have a terrible boss? You can't fix that problem. You care Resolving but you're like I'm just like I'm grappling with it, as I think grappling is a good one. And but we use it all the time And I think, only really realised this after media I was reporting for on the media, and I was able to actually make a montage of was asking people. What are you doing, though, like? But how are you doing really, which is a hard question to ask when every but like but it really wants to get into their feelings cause. How do you then crawl out of them and people would say
a guy. You know you gotta get used to it. I get custom, but our say as well. We get used to things like a lot and that doesnt seem entirely healthy. All the time, and there's this like celebration of resilience, like all border regions, are so resilient. We're sorry silent but like wire, we resilience, and then then comes that word like how are you doing well IKEA, another agar, but again, though, why? That's the year also just coping an hustling grappling with something instead of resolving solving it I mean this is evidence of the fact that we have to talk for a long time to define this thing and then that it's kind of hard to define an embarrassing there isn't like you're in easy equivalent one that is, I don't know, but I I I would love to learn this word
What is the pandemic ban if not for live one long, breaker. So you may hope. Hunker serious, called lawbreaker tell us but motivated you to make it and what you wanted to accomplish. What this is we we wanted to tell freely rich, beautifully, told stories about a place. but really doesn't get talked about very often on our own terms. Marino. We hear about whether it should be a state with the Democrats. Why, with the Republicans, why very rarely are we talk king about our own experience with, for example, austerity policy. You know like what is that look like what is our own history? Look like wider suburbs. Look the way they do. Just like making array,
about ourselves, and, and so we know what we put together, this team we ve got musicians and artists and reporters and producers and editors who are both from the diaspora and from the island, because I know it is a really complicated identity in so we wanted to marry those two parts of ourselves together and make like wine t like one of ventures wide and, and the same time, we wanted to talk to ourselves, obviously so early on in production, we realise, like we ve gotta, make these episodes in both english and spanish, so we don't leave anybody out Of course like. If you go, go to the library and feed you will find english language. and spanish language versions through their side by side, yeah, yeah yeah. You can pick them when you analyse two we ve been hearing that people listen to both of them and then find like the Easter eggs, make the data
The difference between there were a couple of glare. One person speaks one language better than the other. They listen together and then discuss I will do so in future. One of the stories that you may for the serious and Anthony It is not unimportant visible. It the one about the left town in poor Rico's, where the built environment story of the series to start work, is levied town and what's your family's connection to the place where we say lay down that it spelled the same way as Levitt Town in New York say on long island. Yes, and from people who don't know Levitt towns were These mass produced suburbs, another kind of model suburbs and there's one in New York and as one in Pennsylvania and it. News to me that there is one in four duco too so built by the same company got my thanks. Can you tell us a little bit about the Lebanon
in general and what they were made with. What the point of Levitt towns were in the? U S in Portugal. I think their purpose is slightly different. Rico, but in New York their purpose was postwar cheap housing for returning veterans. Essentially, you know you could take a new, a way out to your new house that was gonna, be built in exactly the same way. You we're gonna have like a couple bedrooms, but you could add another one if you needed you'd have bread new appliances and you would have as new school for your kids a water tower Library, police, the whole thing, so they were Jesse's plopped down communities, basically five years ago. This wasn't bad checkerboard, piddle bombs on New York's long island. Today, a community of sixty thousand persons living in ten thousand
built by one firm is whether you the things about them beyond Like there's a cookie cutter manufacturing way that they exist. It is that they pioneered some restrictive housing. Governance are, you are not allowed to be a personal color black person in eleven town in the? U S, correct yeah, and I think about that. The little doubt with with the lower town in pretty Rico. Is that in a way you had I, you know you had these migrants coming from the island to New York, and he had a lot of it flight into the suburbs, away from forty Regan's away from People like my relatives, my family and then when Port Ricans went back to the island in this wave of reverse migration in the late. Sixty isn't seventys the come Even so does houses
so it's like yeah. Made money twice hand. My grandparents moved there when they moved from the Bronx back to the island in the early seventies. They are from another part of the island, called see Alice which is up in the mountains, is beautiful. The views are gorgeous. There are dreams, her a waterfall as their underground rivers, it's so beautiful and my aunt lives there and I could never understand as a kid why I would have to visit levy account, which is
It is not that I take it reaches note that it is a lot of concrete. I mean there's a beautiful mango tree in the front, but it still like it's it's no Seattle is, and it is so hot and so flat, but at the same time it sort of like beautiful in its way In what ways a beautiful I mean that the house's all came in either like White, or a cream color like they. They had no color and unlike their houses in the New York left town. These Erlich also meant, so you can paint like every surface of them, and so they can sometimes be quite colorful. You gotta, clinically this sherbert colours and people also change them lot. You know like added a second story added some Trinity Area, which is a kind of Bougainville I'd like it think, added added personality to it So why did you want to make this story like? What does the lever town?
Rico represent to you. Some, now says this in the in the, but I'm gonna steal steal it fitted sort of Puerto Rico. In a nutshell, I you have this boom and bust story about this desire for modernity and for middle class success and the american dream. but also this bust there. So many foreclosure, so many empty homes so hard to find a job that pays enough to have a house, and so it sort of follows that boom and bust idea. But it also is a
out negotiating this desire for a kind of porter rican success like this new style job for the mountains and for having chickens and a farm. You know you, you ve got your backyard, but you also have this successful modernity that my family must have really craved. I think so that I just one until it into that and figure out why it exists and did for people would it does for people? Ok, sir. We're gonna play the bees now. This is the this version of episode to of la breaker. It's called lever down where the good life begins, start a few minutes in, but the back story of how the Lever town company came to develop land immortal Rico
instead of a potato field. In point thirty go. The company started out in nineteen sixty two by buying nearly four hundred and forty acres of flat swamp land in the town of twelve aha about twenty minutes, some one. They built in its canals to empty into an artificial lake seeing the engineering diagrams and their impressive. They originally planned There are three thousand homes, but by nineteen, seven, seven there would be over eleven thousand and justice. Short, walk from the beach. They sold out quickly the first models afraid we're breccia, they Odo income or fail. Let the other Emma La La nice mid alba. The one with whose stories which my grandparents purchased from friends when they decided to leave the Bronx in the early seventies and come back home or at least to a new home, here and let me down the tagline, was Miller whenever they call me answer where the good.
begins I got it back aside that come I fail come, I feel you better than he guessed lives in a coma fail model with her daughter, Paola you that was I have one they moved in nineteen. Sixty four sears Isn t classroom. throw swim out MRS Zimmer criminal cylinder set on mother, knocking the return, perhaps just the second or third fan- Will there be a mayor? Maybe they're not pioneers their stories twined. With levy downs elders pair. and started their family in the states before deciding to come back home to the island. Her uncle was working the Levitt Company and he offered Ill does father building the letter down houses in Puerto Rico, therefore assume that our home inopportune comprise says: look I see them and the opportunity for him to own his own home, where equal here little did I have it ass. You are buying your complaint on my Cacena, so
Because he s coming on the houses are so many others in puerto rican suburbs, flat roofed cement, rectify, those with Miami Windows. These had built in planters and car ports, but casinos framed and decorated. Cinder blocks in the catalogue really pushed the sender blocks oaks. Those tat you attacked people than US block, assorted, numbing, telescope, squatted, dangled patio elect I have been asked by what has been done us need a common body, to love each other. They start bucket, beefy gotta, see them fear, although homes came with New General electric appliances and were wired for telephones in the nineteen sixties, This was all a sleek, modern dream. It'll get a mega. Remember, this had been a mangrove swamp, with lots of palm trees, a condom We have the opposite. That is die like a synergy. Another way when it does not open, the front door. The muddy Cacena, the carport, would be full of crap. Economic scene, a about your thing in that guy a lesson
sailor logo, Alyosha, Lamartine, Zella, robot, semi conductor in Vienna in those daughter, Paolo lives with her. Let me down you starting her career as a math teacher, and she remembers that her grandmother had even found crabs in the washing machine a big I'd rather ring of you felt year long awaited the interim they moved on they get into the motor and rattle around. If you turn it on that and also other than what value tat was soon also them there, and there were so many, the people would collect them in metal, buckets, clean them and cook them. Not only those Kimmel shook me buddy that their way, you shall never forget how many crab legs they ate democracy, There were also where Sunday Service was held in the early days before eleven. other done done. You helped to found the local catholic Parish Ill. There was in the first graduating class of the elementary school named for John F Kennedy.
there was a man made lake which still exists, but back and they were paddle boats to in the. U S, Levitt towns were famous, excluding blackened jewish homebuyers, and there are rules everything from lawn maintenance to line drank clothes that there isn't fat into about her, and in the late seventies eleven members a levy town that was totally led meta in TAT City. I can send you don't need antecede. You never allow me that in there are you anyway saddle but an arena, because a bucket of body had under my casino scouts with cars, would drive around the different sexy illness and report back about what parties were happening on a Friday night, a wedding, an anniversary of birth, day for Mamma, hope body not get our act together. In so doing you know, data unannounced get invited to join and then may be the last to leave single arrows. All night long ago,
don't applicant buildings rabbi learn by size semi reengage. Why either by that either by that no bilateral or logical. They do something of course, traditional love us. Also burying their it again. You have us the aim being I like imagining my grandparents in this landscape with Chair Phyllis and are playing in the distance and neighbours dancing and medical seen us, and maybe after so many years of hearing about the. U S, love it towns. This is what success look like to them, life in a modern suburb instead of a return, into the lush but rustic countryside and see Alice and as it turns out there appeal of levied down. It helps tell a bigger story, about how, in the mid twentieth century but to regos future, ran headlong into the american dream there will. Only, though, is that we are also listen. That's Paola either daughter again
Antonio. Her grandfather knew a lot. about levy tonnes, place important because history for government or where, where this I had it assume they gave way being poor water, ah early. So Sir but I am private or not any asked about, or he was my generation, she says that went from being really poor. He grew up without shoes. two going on to get his high school degree later in life and, of course, to own his own house, a load of Ali you're good, no money in good others, again, Lanthorn corner forget to also prevent us about all of us he so loose when you're money in the first elected governor of Puerto Rico is well known, for pushing the idea that the islands prosperity would come not from statehood and not by independence. Moon those advocated for a third way Sylvia. I bet it could well is a porter rican historian she's so the author of beef and port of any it by,
then for many. It the future contracts their future, but we need beautiful word, but of any means that, I'm that is going to happen like a point on the horizon. Some kind of a future of peace, stability and portfolio historically been eager, striving, maternity, she says, governed one yes, would promote a massive programme. Obadiah your mind. Oh hello, Oda also known operation bootstrap to transform the and and reach that boat of unease operation boots? Echoed the new deal in the United States, it was a man simply making of the Porter Egon economy and actually of the or island government programmes gave tax breaks to? U S! Companies! An engineer at a shift from Agri culture to manufacturing, and for more knows it was this path towards DE because agriculture was for him. Like the symbol of backwardness. Of course he does
the agriculture of sugar, one on crop agriculture, Tat was. It was no paradise rolling now and in the sensation, was the thing, the future once again, what we need to understand. Where Levy town with such a dream, its worth you're standing when it wasn't. Have you seen photograph of how people I used to live in the forties here. Fanatical haughtily. Seventy Pollack is a professor. the school of architecture at the University of Puerto Rico, for example, this place called elfin Data is, Islam field over swamp these we're wooden houses on stilts, perch, over water in nineteen, Forty, the average life expectancy and put thirty go, was forty six years nearly twenty years shorter than it was in the states. The local people used to leave We now running water, not activity. No bass sums
many per cent of people lived in the countryside and housing was a key part of Duration, bootstrap? It was the way we should have over meant demonstrates it was possible to modernize their country and clean up this labs broad avenues in San Juan led to residential districts. Warehouses resemble those in Florida, California or texted. Cringe ready sums like this one. Fiesta Island marketed portfolio is prospering outpost. That was looking more and more like the United States. Everybody grows lovely flowers and workers. these are red. Ginger blood One was for everybody. Housing gets top priority and point to regos booming economy. Don't you sailor? The mayor of wondering this period looked back on it in a duck. memory in the nineteen Eightys the Meda GO was that we create a middle class which last career the wrong one.
So the oven and that newly minted middle class moving from the council to the city needed homes in nineteen sixty roughly four percent of housing in puerto rican, cities was considered substandard. in Washington, DC the federal government was creating incentives for single family homes and highways and put to legal, got them to justice, what will the promise about the good life they? U S. Everybody should have their our house to all party or their own car. There did you. Do we just follow that promise? So if I say let me turn to you what is the first thing that using the utopia of the middle class, the Toby after freedom up until the cold war. Washington cared very little for America if at all, but as Cuba
in the poster Island for communism in the Caribbean, what the legal became a capitalist counterpoint, one I think of them every I think, on the core Toby ass on the claw promises and one way, the? U S fought back against dictatorships and communism was by giving porter hence the chance to own their own homes, so they will become owners and honours ones. She will. their own property. They won't do that. This isn't only true of the porter rican Levy, town, William. love it of Levinson's once said quote: no, Man who owns his own house and lot, can be a communist. He has too much to do governor Yes, embraced lady town and attended the ribbon cutting for in September of nineteen. Sixty three, it was why He covered in. U S papers these homes their gardens and their garages for a car everyone was expected to have would be the more
oh for housing. In Puerto Rico, for the next fifty years, but there wasn't room for everybody in this version of Munoz his vision of port of any it send ones. Mayor done your failure. said the creation of a middle class. Overnight was a miracle, but actually it was Ray intentional miracle and one with extremely mixed results. The part of this now make transformation that isn't talked about. Much is how many people supposed we had to leave in order to
make it work for local technocrats. The problem was that there was no way to create enough jobs to employ every one. There were too many people on the island to create a middle class and that idea led to some horrible policies. Today we know more about the shameful project that sterilised roughly a third of puerto rican. Women and birth control hell experiments, but it wasn't Only that Eighteen, forty six, a government report estimated that around a million people would have to leave in order to make the island prosperous and by late forties, the government would get involved.
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to learn more about how simply save can help protect you in your family? Does it simply saved outcomes that nine million today to customize your system and get a free security camera that simply safe, that calm, slash, nine nine today. We're back with the second half of love it where the good life begins here is alive, my cousin over Burgess again and went back to love data even talking about an american style suburb whose story is in many ways the story, the island in the twentieth century, at a time, Costa Rica was being remade in America's image. The government was to transform Porthos because economy moving from agriculture. industry and make a middle class, the governor and realise that without the massive acts, others of people, economic growth in Riga be maybe hinder or slow down
I've got a million. This is the author of sponsored migration, a book about porter. in moving to the? U S he described. An engineered exodus, a quote camp into turn every puerto rican into a potential migrant, the Porter Egon government, create levers and wedges and police to make modernity work for those who stayed, but only encouraging others to leave. At the same time, the? U S, government wanted cheap labour and cities like New York in Chicago and sewing bridging migration was also in their interest. Porter weakens come here to New York and elsewhere. To find jobs too better education opportunities and other opportunities for their children. The porter Inga, had positions like director of the migration division of the Department of Labour based in New York. Here He is on W n Y see in nineteen. Fifty five very are now on the first wrong of a ladder. Many of our own. fathers and grandfathers began to climb
Esther generation ago, so they create that all these programmes to help Migrants get social services from local governments like New York, English as is helping kids were there are documents, so they can move easily to schools in the. U S, all that sort of thing. There wasn't expertise. Nobody quest would assembling easily, but that didn't pan out for your work. Rejecting the United States, even though there were citizens right. Of course, cultural and linguistic differences there were members of Munoz has government who looked for another solution to what they saw as the problem of overpopulation. Their argue world. For my as it will be easier to incorporate on your assimilate a larger amerika because of their common culture and language, Even in the early fifty the governments, representative to Brazil to consider creating a call They have broken migrants, the- U S, government, next, to this,
not only did they not want put thirty gonna go shading with foreign governments, but it would also get to messy to have a bunch of U S. Citizens living in Venezuela or the Dominican Republic and yes, They made sure there were plenty of flights to the? U S and nets would get us to the first Eastern Airlines flight disinclined in nineteen. Fifty one, the one that broke and am monopoly Bob. I lay down an obligation, puerto Rican, the kind of transport service upon which they continuing progress and prosperity of this island depends Governor Munoz had lobbied for expanding airline access to make it easy for border regions to leave the island, but when made the argument. What he said was that
regions, deserve to go looking for jobs as much as anyone else in the states it stinks. when I think about all these machinations, to get a million people to leave to get famine. Is like mine to leave that we were a sacrifice worth making for that shining boat of need, but people wouldn't justly for good Because of the islands relationship with the? U S, it was easier for border regions to come and go many like my grandparents would decide to return and for them and many others coming from cramped and cold walk up apartments. The dream of success with delight like laid down now. Let me in laboratories important phenomenon because it basically area build by. We turn mine,
The law no longer one way, as thousands of the regions have decided to return home, I found a boy from August, in seventy one, CBS News from of saved enough money to buy small trim homes and new suburbs in development like left town, for instance, where life has asked frankly american, a flavor as the suburbs name levied has a reputation for being a place settled by their returning diaspora. I think that is like an intermediate space. The historian, Sylvia. I very good willow, says levy tone was a bridge between the? U S and put the legal form the porter weakens. There was a nostalgia, as several people have told me for a life. The countryside that existed before porter egos big transformation before people left carport in the front planets. In the back, you have to plant a weather.
a lemon tree, and you know like the stables of guarding Guardian Puerto Rico, and levied downs patios had room for that it down? I think that many of the new regions wanted to have a port to recall. That was already vanishing in some way my grandfather Nicholas Casanova, kept ducks and chicken, and even peace in his suburban backyard, its till I hadn't thought about until Sylvia described that longing, but it was. An easy fit for everyone. Returning from New York, one resident told not on tape that she felt bullied by a teacher who sold at her for speaking English. It was a coup when story in the seventies featured a news reports, putting teenagers in puerto rican, high schools laugh and chemicals I didn't know spanish their way. So you say: somethin wrong, yonder, be China directly under the most agenda will laugh they make fun of it. The way you talk spanish system,
If you say about long waiting spanish Sunday that they should fail, you can they speak Spanish right and things like that they start calling gringo schools important Rico even started. Offering spanish courses the returning migrants to help them fit back in happy with life in the states and slow to assimilate and a hostile Puerto Rico. The need We can say there in limbo, not knowing where they belong near weakens returning from the states not only struggled to fit in, they also struggle to, and a job and they. The only ones Hilda the resident we heard from earlier says: family had a hard time making ends meet after returning from the states in lower down the more its payment on their house. The gamma fail model was six you two dollars a month. That was a lot for their family, so do I am unhappy I got it I say it on Dosim Yukin into letting her father.
Dont on you had worked building the levy, town houses, but when they had all and finished in the late seventies. His next job didn't pay enough to make the monthly pay me jail momentum en a Bobby, but I believe it I said, but I soon die mommy there came a mobile where he was on the verge of desperation and her parents deciding whether they give up the house and leave again for the United States when something happened that changed. Their fortunes yielded and see the scene in her memory one day, her father got home he says you tie us. Each other is coming on equal happen the committee Cacena you gotta. It is only through some he's down at the dining room table, and he opens the newspaper her mother, donor Lucy is in the kitchen being ochre come, there? He says she looks over his shoulder either Why so? You can assess homer
Emma LISA involved the electorate. you're saying no way really no way David Trimble. She could see them, both with huge smiles on their faces, full of happiness, be better we're gonna get out of here, but I just don't meet underline the silk about some. Don't don't you had won the lottery First prize. With Bob here we have the problem that I wrote area is setting premium. With that money paid off the house a few treats away. His sister was also struggling to pay. He helped her out to us here, It was simply a little clearer. The also require closer say meet our little for me that little not for the lottery, they would have gone back to the states me these someday. Her parents would have returned to the island, but they wouldn't kept the house, the feed
There are some good old enough to be taken against them. Income disinclined by John instead He's been levied on now for fifty five years and, despite all good times all the memories and all the promises. Just Google, nobody mythic ill says. The way life is important, legal. She wants to leave its the crime the shrinking pensions, the lack of opportunities and this timber, Ok, love is a familiar. There will no longer be seen, but also people used to say neighbours are your real family. Everyone would help each other care for each other local bad. Just weeks ago today, in the says, if you die, they find you by the smell oil them or if there were a lot better than when throne, This is so dark, but the truth is that there are so many empty homes and let me down now nearly fifteen years of fiscal recession has taken its toll and came Maria according to figures.
twenty eighteen over twenty four and of the houses and knelt down are vacant. The element pre school. The one named for John F Kennedy was close, just part of an island, wide shut down of hundreds of schools. Well, I must come on tangible Roma need to worry about then I'll be down bouler, eldest daughter does her mother salary towns best days she lives at home, loves this place knows her and her friends have seen its decline? It was just dancing in the streets. There were also walk. is between the sections and now they're all closed lepers on our coming MA? Am dollar per se. It ok, I gotta the passing of the sunset volume bending over me. I breathlessly Darya it's dangerous. walk alone and the beach the borders The north side of levied down Punta Salinas is contaminated.
blah blah blah are their friend they're gonna. Someone bought me now and in the can't imagine late night, chats outside with neighbours to couldn't get him a through. Oh, no, in the original designs levy, towns balance is we're all open, but to day their caged with security bars levy. Guns lake once an amenity, overflow who'd during Maria the dam was open without warning and houses and streets near it flooded, yield and Powerless home didn't flood, but other people had to rescued from their roofs or flee. In the dark for people died, every time I go to work. I take the one six I've road, allow me to say single ass. The role that Matisse Outdoor Owl, maybe down San, Juan and You could see how deteriorated. Maybe down is actual post, Maria and before Maria that's six dollars, equities,
friend of borrowers and long time. Let me down resident aftermath yeah, out of boredom, they made Mister Parker As with some other friends Let me show you no matter what the limits are, both gas and let him be most aluminized Schuman and one of the episodes is about their home. A lot more sorted, yes, yes, I mean they discussed the awful experience of the hurricane and they talk about a book of short stories based in every town and for an hour into the episode. Six proposes a huge question to the group will see a lily down long as they're gonna see our common aka getting indefinitely without fire, you did levy town fail and answer. He told bow learn. I recently is yes can actually see how levy bound could mirror perfectly. The failed experiment of the Commonwealth, put a regal, that's just my opinion, and now
At the same time, it could be mirrored as the failed experiment of the american dream. He sees it the run down baseball fields in the abandoned houses in that drive to work today on the one six five. There are many people, you know they left to put a regal. their own home, their own picket fence, their white picket fence with their dog and the family in their house, the financial crisis and austerity policy has blanketed the whole island more than I agree: makes me sad that there weren't I'm. But this not only. Let me down this put Rico in a nutshell. There was something about levy town that required a winning lottery ticket to achieve the promise, wasn't a home, it was a house, and that's suburban model of development was defined by sprawl letters, the landscape and by mortgages that have become foreclosures. It wasn't enough,
build houses, if you couldn't create an economy in which people could afford to stay in them, the pudding internet governor loosen, when you're muddying had promised, had already started to crumble With a recession in the nineteen seventies, Sylvia I'd better could willow only about a diary that he kept for a couple of years during that time, and he looks like he was surprised by the change. He spoke about the traffic about the people that were like in a hurry about the trouble with youth, juvenile, the Lincoln see, and so on his own. What kind of a distant grumpy old man people are rushing around too much these days. The kids rate he sounds a little is because the times accelerated too much because too much progress to minimise Belgrade's too much pull any english, bahraini and beyond. raveling of the rainy it into many
But where is it? not only one. It's Oh, the vision of having a house got tied up too closely with the american Dream and with an unsustainable consumerism, so Larry down can feel like a metaphor for the failures of portfolios, economic experiment, but last time I was there, I saw a few new eyes I took in the interesting, things that were showing through the cracks Susan gotta, go now mode. Alice is the author of a collection of short stories called ironically, it down Mona. More though PAMELA and sixty discussed in their podcast family yeah. What Geneva doorway Bonbon see there really are welcomed by their work, so suddenly met under the rest, streaked belly of the blue water tower a couple of weeks before the pandemic outside what used to. Your public library, like so much else and put the legal
before covered. It was closed law shield worker is, second will do on other motherly, Gunnar S, I might have been throwing Mamma. I do you ever see. How are you gonna go by other Risa dealing for market on possible or its the aerial map. He says I check this out and he's right. Pilots have to tell air. if it control that their passing it on their way into the airport. In other words, I'm not the only one problem with I see the muscle, Brescia, global Sheila levy. Town keep uprising him every time he comes here, despite the detritus in the decay, he sees colors that call his attention. I would give us a Borri Sunday, Melbury doggie rail, and look at that. A guy in the wheel. Can we go MILAN and writing about this place was his way. of making a kind of peace with his country with Puerto Rico, through the fiscal crisis the deterioration. The difficulty of making ends meet to leave
resentment about what wasn't and appreciate what is Muharram behind our backs calling the Loki Salvation, yeah, but I see and looking ass. You look and we say it. I see him. I asked him after all, this, historical research. If I'm trying to see the beauty- and let me down, could he give me some pointers Senora day? But I don't know that lemme. Yes, I'm leaving town maple her own consent, but went on board and make it, vehicles. He had a baby s, love well It depends on what you consider beauty look at what time, has done to this place. Look at the rest at the shuddered businesses, behavioral meat. I mean a lack of a. Opium boy. How? But meanwhile luxuries ass, young lawyer, let us allow looking at close
your friends gave him the possibility to invent to imagine businesses that maybe didn't actually exist and walk. the boulevard which is called avenue boulevard of redundant, need that tackles the sun? Dummylike? Will only work done now, when you got any that no one has a long way away neither of Geneva. You have only one. Allow me now to an more does as well. A few steps away from where we sat. The public high school is named for doktor bedroom and peaceful compass, pretty Rico's independence, icon rate there in levied town the american suburb and then there's the water tower, which doesn't actually hold any water, or are we mostly of some mammal high? Really I wiped out about many things that we will it's a monument to uselessness, a symbol of a failure to have functional infrastructure, and yet it still and I
visible from the highway from the streets and from the sky one went one hour. She might see my way through Give us a liberal really what you want. I would know what it's empty and yet battle second will deal in la programme I've already filed by parliament. I am Raillery bona it's become like own Eiffel tower. He says appealing, the sun, precisely because it doesnt work. I remember something Paolo shared on her podcast about how she sometimes imagines that there's a mermaid in the water tower it's over from Aqua Marine, a teen movie from two thousand six, that you should feel no rush to go. See. Guyana,
Let's hear any Diana black landing in monopoly bossy, their work in the movie, there's a mermaid and a water tower. Will my God Lebanon by arguing levied on, come on guys. They ran after me forever as our fellow area. I imagine mermaids up there now too, I had hoped this journey and my grandparents levied down, but then the pandemic hat. So instead the summer I drove from Brooklyn to Long Island and peered up at this other water tower. In this other levy town, while the porter in one towers, overbusy commercial strip- this one is quiet tucked in some residential streets that curve into each other and are named for plants like us, your road and irish lane. I could hear the drip drip drip. water falling from the tank. There's a base, while diamond there too, and a basketball court in a group
teenagers were playing. Someone was one. Their dog, the land, four tidy, but there were no good a trees, no lemon trees. This blue water tower also said Levin in big letters. Other free. It's not as impressive, maybe his tall as the Porter Rican One, imagine getting some bold cutters for the chain link fence and getting to the circular door. At the base of the tower I can open the hatch once on a submarine. Instead, climbing whatever ladder lies on the other side. I can another hatch and arrive at the other lover tongue. As though, water towers were portals, I'd arrive by sing airplanes and airports, and the danger of a covert nineteen transmission on avenue Boulevard, go to penetrate here. Let me add order. A box of Chiquita then had walked to my
as this house. The same My grandparents move to when they were looking for something between one dream and another. in the room where I sleep. When I visit there's a view of the water tower. Lebanon is a co production of w unwisely studios and photo studios. This episode is available in spanish as well, and you can listen either wherever you get your podcast through nominated as pot cast feed. This happen it was produced by me with help from Mark began
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