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79- The Symphony of Sirens plus Soviet Design

2013-05-08 | 🔗

For the ancient Greeks, sirens were mythical creatures who sang out to passing sailors from rocks in the sea. Their music was so beautiful, it was said, that the sailors were powerless against it–they would turn their ships towards these … Continue reading →

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MRS Ninety, nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars. For the ancient Greeks siren, were mythical creatures who sang out to passing sailors from rocks in the sea. Their music was so before it was said that sailors were wireless against it, they would turn their ships towards these sea nymphs. And crash into the reefs around them. In homers odyssey. There's a story were a dizziness and his men are travelling near an area that sirens are known to have it and it is This knows that if he hears the siren song, his ship is going to sink Bristol one. Here they sound like so it comes up with a plan a dizzy. Has his men tie him to the mass so that he can't take control of the ship? Then, This year's has his men. Fill their own ears with beeswax, so can't hear anything. The planned works, This is good to hear the sounds: call his men don't and
sale on to safety, with a dizzying pleading with his crew to crash the boat, the whole way for over two thousand years or so so. What are a siren was a creature that made a beautiful sound that all changed in eighteen, nineteen, when a french engineer and Charles can yard. Or decided to call the artificial noise maker he was working on the siren in this new mechanical siren, became one of these signatures sounds of the modern world. Sirens warn people about eminent bombing raids on war, one sirens, announce incoming fire engines and ambulances and police thanks Part of the siren, the world of the early twentieth century, had become a lot louder than at any time in human history and we probably assume that these sirens that people heard in cities all over the world sounded nothing like the siren song of greek myth. At least the most people
man. A composer name are sunny of rum off heard music and the cook if any of the modern world, and he tried to kill a composition symphony from the clatter of the newly formed the Soviet Union. In this little bit of a departure from the typical none in prison, invisible programme, Moscow based These are Charles Means, investigated the legend of after him off and has forgotten masterpiece, and then we're going to follow it up with a classic ninety nine percent of his ball about soviet design. The first. This is the symphony of sirens revisited there's one November Nineteen. Twenty three amendments are sending of Rome of climb onto a move in Central Moscow, you'll be holding to flags The day will be November seventh and passivity The USSR will be celebrating its sixth anniversary of the birth of the world, and only bullshit revolution.
This man of Roma is a communist he's, also exposure of music there on this roof near the Kremlin. He will think the tube with what might sound like a strange idea. You conduct symphony made up of an entire city call the symphony. The symphony sirens, let's be clear is his first time, but it will be as most him an attempt so far so bigwigs, so to speak so this is what I know about around this is all I know, and I know what I know from a different man- a man I'm going to see now. His name Andrei Sakharov. He is a man who studies these things. A man who writes about these things- he is a man who can answer, would have clean now become our common questions. Sure is so I thought.
Even spend all said. It was impossible to classify of Rome of Jacob impractical. Some of us from a cossack family and it worked for the circus. He was a fountain of ideas, a ladies man and if he couldn't be pinned down his personal life, it was even more so, with this work beans happier with yours, zircon buzz you some noble composure them in wonderland. They call him a composer juices. He was a composer. He studied music for a few years, Muslims in New York unevenly, but I, like most people interested in the realm of know very little about his music because almost none of it survives insurance for anyone. So you could say there was this split between his experiment: Ubuntu, critical jellies ideas about the future of music weeks music that was never written down on twenty two and the music you made to survive, convey music. You made to make you my excellent, resourceful meetings at about so to talk about what kind of music erode or would have risen. Give that music would have
revive a new profile which has done now, so yes he's a composer, but he's a composer. Today's document capacity we met in part with pay software for the dramatic rely nicknamed himself Rev hours after the revolution of a similar problem. Kid friends too. Poems engineers musicians and photographers on the first day it's the twentieth century. They dreamed of ideas about the future. With the arrive, the Revolution of Rome, of any other set out to turn them into reality. You are for a new world with supports men, told me from soviet elite motion for a suitable risky. He had a very strong support from on high support from Cross Kate and, as far as I know, linen support
or at tolerated it all his other had this culture of praises of creating this new future. These artists of under these poets, would teach the thousands of workers about four of our lives, along the way or from other developed far reaching theories sketch out acceptability of music. Biomechanics further use sound centre left, and then there was the symphony Cyrus aromas musics recently enabling decent you do the diversity of a good lookin brass. Knowing you should do it. You really don't ask anyone archival footage of parades Red Square that day November. Nineteen twenty three show
this guy's cold fall day. It was the first time. Apparently, the Kremlin had been films from an airplane gave a good going to the table. I couldn't find any evidence of Rome of, but the irony who spent I've told me was it. The pilot may have been the only one who can make sense of a promise. Performance below Muslims must view spoons if we need new cars are stolen. Dunwood living conditions in each within this performance of the symphony went largely unknown, because demonstrations were going on at the same time and red square aeroplanes were flying overhead and most people probably didn't realize the sirens or their own event must was a big city, but even for the people who were there, the sound was so loud. It blew them off their feet. He spread. Among should please functioning, should manage soldier performer didn't understand those who were there to listen. I couldn't hear anything
and nobody had given this light, is understanding of what was going on civilians disputes at learned. One other detail that day, although no recordings of the nineteen twenty three performance existed, a young composure and Saint Petersburg staged Rama something eat. Just a few years back, I bought a ticket and caught the first train out of town off of anyone in a proper way I tracked answered his lot of Peter Paul Fortress Great played a record the sirens tune. Unsuspecting public he's not have to, May the realm of bleak. Every city had its own symphony: Saint Petersburg, Sergei construct, his version,
wanting to aromas, notes from the nineteen twenty three score with Guph newsmagazine was instead of customs, and most of these two still stereotypes. Solutions of glove EAST preferable to compose it. What a symphony of sirens the detailed description remain he's not so we can read it and hear what it might have sound like now tat. It tells us that the order of everything that went to turn on the sirens one, the cannons, should fire what should go off toward which this personally, it's all spelled out and written down clearly and its obvious way of ram of disastrously sold. The symphony could be played not only by musician but by any person who knew how to read Mitch. Dust smart of spice together sounds beginning with around the so called make us proud.
Steam? Was the sirens constructed to play the workers him the international, then Revolutionary acquires planes horns, whistles machine guns, more horns, soldiers, you get the idea collectively they formed a sort of industrial him to soviet achievement. The city united as audience performer stage in aromas telling the siren call to work once so oppressive had become something to celebrate in the workers, state it was the music of the future signalled by the cannons wrong. Some of my own, the most is the June. The performance of the sirens of Roma was up on the roof of the flags telling the candles went to fire Ross reach one two, three sorry
what sort of after the firing of the first each siren differently, and then this triumphant sooner was carrying out for another. It was has not have conceded in this, scared, the tourist duties We continued our walk around pupil. Fortress unexpectedly became across an exhibit for the american composer John Cage an avant garde, hardest hurt, music and the sounds of the environment around him. To my mind, cage was overcome of born a few years later and with the different passport, The coincidence was odd, went found: polemic alive, it doesn't move She said:
if you can just biggest offence, was the most famous work, four minutes and thirty three seconds which no notes play for that duration. The sun consist of whatever sounds around you at that moment must lose their use. Let had lasted for minutes before she gave up better. They pay me out. It's fifty roubles, like it. There might be other american composers, more pleasing to her tastes. The machine. Thank you. She said many more the likes of just kill any kids, the cages ideas. What do I mention? The russian avant garde explored the same ideas. The twenties has undoubtedly said. It's just not have told her about over This idea about this, and you have sirens symphony for every city
guess she said Petersburg, six riding a notch: fluttered simple our cities, a symphony ass. If it was the most Obviously we should ever This is about the date of a good deed brass, no initial story to the ship. I did not ask anybody, would see it away, Please give back in Moscow. I found myself reviewing the archival tapes red Square again, I still couldn't find of Roma, but this time I was struck by something else, a simple idea. Really you can never go back to the beginning the faces on Red Square. That day were full of excitement for new country. There were boys on bicycles, but soon they would grow up, go to war, and I couldn't help but think that many wouldn't return.
Five realm of November nineteen. Twenty three was the last time he would attempt to. Seventy sirens hidden I'll, take them to the soviet repressions. Any didn't die, fighting the Nazis. The andreasen involve of Rome of and others from, the avant garde. They were just forgotten. The country grew up and the wild ambitions of the nineteen twenties gave way to soviet officialdom, stagnation and, ultimately, sinister
The problem must pursue Bush's, will give us Newsnight driver of up she or you took us the one you know somebody Russia was most still. I knew she would paddled now. The problem is not just that the majority of the public has now about the most said. They don't know that even could exist if the Russians were convinced long ago that the Soviet Union couldn't produce anything that everything good was in the west and all we could do was make bad copies of every Sunday. Let me talk, but it's not like that, and the history of the advantages and authorities real proof that problems some of these down the Russians having themselves looms large, that's how we will raise, hopefully someday
change, image used quickly, data with music, night fireworks rang out over cities all across Russia. It was a holiday. Almost forgotten of Roma. Music was the ultimate communal experience and it was hot. Not to agree here, we are We're looking skyward at the drums. But if I closed my eyes and listen carefully here Carla, pavement laughter, that I asking other parts of the city chiming in
crowds gathered in protests, trains, racing in the tunnels, Moskos neverending traffic, just the home and den of an average day in the city you didn't have to like about music of the future to know it was happening and if I couldn't find the man well, it was comforting to know the music and never left. There was this symphony of sirens revisited by producer Charles Maids, that story. As part of the global story project presented by Pierre acts, with support from the open. Society foundations in their peace. There is immense,
soviet Design and brought him on this early episode, amended Epson does more than I am sure many of you haven't heard. So we thought we just take it on her fine You have to ask yourself is this? Are you ready to bow down before the glory of crews are there ninety nine percent, invisible I'm roman Mars? My friend Julie, Barton. That's me is in New York City Apartment with Michael I domain names, Michael out of the editor of Maiden Russia, unsung icons of soviet design and more apparent that so exactly like the buildings, your bus and no matter. How are we tried? Her limbs cut out Lawrence his door. Buzzer imitation cannot be denied, but maybe that's: ok, because new book on soviet design is an omage to the stuff of ordinary soviet life. Cigarettes drinking glasses, subway, token machines and it hard for outside
to see what this seemingly random collection of soviet consumer goods have in common, but I'd have the least something that unites them to define the systematic. You first need to realise that most of these items were report western sources of varying qualities. They are imitations like the way Lawrence. The parent is imitating the door buzzing Lawrence. One look at the items in this book, even though they are shameless imitations, you'll see that the soviet stuff is unmistakably soviet. Take your soviet soda machine in those carbonated drinks came not bottles, but straight into a communal drinking glass. Something chain into the machine and the excuse hearing soviet Arcadians were designed by the committee on amusement Americans haven't even seen these artifacts, but in a way you're responsible for their briskly dongle work to the kitchen debates,
nineteen. Fifty nine there was this lovely successful american exhibit in Moscow. Opening of the American Exposition Counterpart Anatolia, show any are dedicated to joking. A high standard of life in our lifetimes Nixon showed soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev around the exhibit and they stop him. Son of a model suburban home to address an audience before new american colored tv cameras. In some instances where you may be ahead of us, for example, in the Development of Europe and the rest of your life is for the investigation of outer space. Maybe summons says, for example, the color television, where we're out of you, but verbose, reminding you that we will see that they give you, Mr Medina, since it this way. Khrushchev's bombast and the recent successes. The Soviets were humiliated by all
America's stuff Khrushchev decided so we get people needed stuff too, but it was a huge struggle for the Communist Party to switch soviet factories from praising tanks and Rockets to Cosette DEC. And here dryers, usually the way it works was you know some party guy would would come back from afar trip and and bring you know a german radio and- give it to the engineers and say make one like it and then they would just reverse engineer it and then they would look around. For you know the guy who draws well and then I got right well, can you draw again you do the logo, and that would be the logo that would last for the next forty years. The system produce them Lot of strange stuff, but sometimes the Soviets didn't better than the original take the unbelievably cool magazine, Kroger's or no evidence should just
bow down before the glory of Kroger's or it was supposedly based on something Khrushchev saw while in the United States a magazine with a record in Andy Foger. I'd have caused. The original on cabotage should give me actually suddenly public circuit, Vila Puglia. They, when you ask us to keep up with everything, you said that there would be an article in the magazine and then of the contents of the vinyl desk would somehow illustrate the article in other would be the sounds of the forest or something like that were or folk songs of some far flung tribe or this started happening over time, was you know, since the people who made this magazine had access to something unbelievably awesome for the Soviet Union which, as you know, vinyl of repress, they started
in a little pop music and there it was the round, tear out discs, improvers or that gave Russians their first, not lead recordings of everyone from more restrained, anti, pink Floyd to Michael Jackson. The main thing that unites the designs and made in Russia is that their often the only designs, Michael I'd off, didn't pick from shelf loads of, say, different Cassandra quarters. Most soviets had won the vis, not the bouquet electronic up personal computer probably made russian speaking hackers the best in the world through its sheer awfulness. Nobody had any other choice forbid from mood to suggest that this is actually good thing, but it certainly simplifies getting to know each other, because if you grew up in the
Are we doing here you're my age or older? I already know so much about including the song. I put you to bed at night. You know a few grab in the Soviet Union. It's just seared and do your brain I can. I can sing it for you. You have to go. I think it goes to stir grew ski newski spare this theme from a children's puppet show aired every night at eight fifteen on soviet television. You can't really call the crude animal puppets icons of soviet design, but I'd have put them in his book anyway this is because of their bright eyes and worn out for crucial the pig and to push for the bunny represent a lost universe eleven times
from the rest of the world making their own stuff in their own way. The tired toys are sleeping. Ouch, that's Alison goes. Goodnight Roman. Ninety nine percent. Invisible is SAM Greenspan and me roman Mars. The symphony You have sirens revisited was produced by Charles Means and the sung icons of soviet design was produced by we're Barton where a product. Ninety one point: seven public radio K, L W in San Francisco and the american instead of architects in San Francisco. We often don't think of winter as a time of growth or creation, but if think about it. It's the perfect time to great your own website, cooped up your thinking about being productive and now square space can help you do it. Whiskers based can take your cool idea.
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