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Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Alex Goldman was a misfit. Bored and disaffected and angry, he longed for a place to escape to. And then he found Heyoon. The only way to find out about Heyoon for someone to … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars may last summer went out. There was two thousand five US early stages Dennis lighted whenever the house, you guys have this crazy dream, where you and I were like walking through a field and and came on a spaceship. There's a guy. You want to go there and she's like really talking about is, I know, that's a play, We can we can go it's not far. We finally saw this place chooses like overtaken with how magical
It was due to see this thing that just doesn't seem real nice taking as out you don't know where we're gonna go as a secret. I was really lucky to grow in armour. We agree stores in our house the theatre and of in arbours, the home of the University of Michigan, so there was going on for a small town, but it was a small town and I was amiss and like a lotta young misfits in small towns, I was bored and disaffected an angry alone. Misfit is Alex Golden he's. A produce the radio show on the media and he now lives in New York City. I hated high school, I was a bad student and most my friends went to different schools. In fact, although I have gone by Alex my entire life there
actually, my middle name, my first names, Michael and for at least half of my high school career, my teachers and peers, all called me Michael. It was like I walked around pretending to be a completely different person for most of my waking life. I felt like I didn't belong anywhere and I desperately wanted to escape this oppressively small town that felt completely devoid of wonder, and then I found here We would also embrace Actually we can be using flashlights sees it. Take my letter The only way you found out about hey you was. If someone took you there, it was like there's the secret club of kids, who knew about
I got initiated when I was fifteen. You drive out into the middle of nowhere deepen the country and park alongside this dirt road ISIS stuff, while we gotta get over it. This fence. The gender climb over climb over the sign on guys. I don't know about that tomorrow. The sign read back turn back. This is private for private property. You're not welcome here. For any reason, please now turned back and leave in peace turned back and leaving piece. It almost felt like a dare. Trust me. This is going to change your life once you are over the fence. You pass alongside a white farmhouse, guided onset house is raising marry that he shot a kid full of rocks after getting near his happiness. I heard he's got pack of. Tat dogs. I heard his skin the kid alive
behind the house led to this thin line of trees, but when she made it through the trees you're in this huge field- and there were some else there in the field. Something man made something really big. Ok. Here's what, gotta do when we get to that clearing everybody run as fast as you can see Three two one Whoa. Welcome to hey you, it's beautiful
This structure is made mostly of wood with a canopy of Teflon in Ireland. Stretched over a metal frame from the base. There were stairs leading up to a platform about ten feet off the ground. Sis Indeed, over a bolder about the size of a Volkswagen bug at the top of the stairs there were these two pieces of glass and the floor, and one a friend stood underneath the later. While I looked down from on top there, an etching on one of those piece of glass, it said the Hay une pavilion, h e. Why? Oh an hey Une, the Hayin Pavilion. There was other signage to once and that's all. Welcome to their this pavilion is aware of art designed and carefully put together for more than two years by many Workmen and artisans, if you buy some, have since are now here in this place. Please take pleasure in serenity, but please do not disturb it to face its beauty in any way
beauty alone. Is your reward for meandering here for your respect, this here. The designer artists will leave you in peace, but then right next to that there is this other sign. It and I'm quoting, if you are here, you shouldn't be the privately owned farm off limits to outsiders. You have crossed clearly. To keep out and new trespassing signs, unfenced lines and gates. Please now respect donors privacy by leaving this place in peace. Thank you. Some of the no trespassing signs may have backfired a little bit, because there is eight this, I feel like there's a sort of contrariness two teenagers where it's like. Well, if there's that many no trespassing signs that it must be awesome, I rounded up a few of my high school friends and talked
about hey you. It seems like it still is entrenched in their minds. As it has been in mine, it was really I mean a blue my mind. First, on my side at best described here, someone who's never seen it ascribes big, it's maybe the size of a small house or a hut, and it looks like a hot air. Blenan wicked jellyfish, mushroom mushroom me certain globalized like a telescope observatory, but a spaceship a rocket ship. I mean when you first look at it, you kind of think it's gonna take off or something it looks very. Alien and soaring sitting. The big feel the place definite has Stonehenge feel to it. There were a number of myths about why he was there, but it was built married, the owners dead daughter there. Built along lay lines. There was good for a wedding ceremony that it was designed for paying take rituals are for stargazing the play
such an enigma, there's no way you could have known it was out there. Someone didn't take you to it. The first person who found it has been lost a history, but The time I was taken there, it was an oral tradition handed down from one group of teens to the next its powers that, in being secret, it created a community bound people together, appealing for an angry fifteen year old, it was a secret sneaky teenagers only like Kids versus adults secret time he was- was serious, beautiful, peaceful and just kind of reassured you about all of ollinger turmoil your magic, deeper questions. I guess it's almost like it was designed inspire teenagers in the local area to come out there and hang out and drink beer and smoke, and you no kind of capture their imagination. I probably went out there once every couple of months for the next four or five years. We go
they're in drink. Do drugs sometimes just talk, and of course it was always thrilling to bring new people out there to die. We them into our secret club, plenty of romantic relationships. Darted out there, this time I made out with someone who become my girlfriend happened. While we were sitting on hey une during a rainstorm, it was otherwise We magical it fell out of time and it felt like it was ours. Going to visit hey, you was the perfect mixture of danger and secrecy and, ah to capture fifty world old, Alex's imagination for the next decade and I have even after moved away in two thousand one. I was fixed I'm trying to find out. Why was there? So? two thousand and nine. I wrote a letter to the White Farmhouse. We always not passed on our way to hay une asking them they were. The owners Alex got a letter back there, you didn't own hayin, their neighbors did Rita and Peter Hayden. That's
I realise that what we ve been calling the hay une pavilion for years was actually the Hayden Pavilion that Gaelic font made the We were kind of like a second, oh, indeed only ever seen it in the middle of the night. If the names Rita, and Peter Hayden Sound familiar, that's probably because their non profit, the Mosaic Foundation, has been underwriting public radio for decades and buy them Jake Foundation of Red and Peter Hayden, based in an arm, honouring the literary arts and the universe of great ideas be well, do good work and keep in touch I sent the havens a letter apologizing from you fool indiscretions and asking them interview them about Hayin Peter Hayden wrote back club. See you're one of the little to invaded our privacy by visiting our pavilion when you were told at many places along the way, not to be their end quote
It was in two thousand nine before I was a public radio producer, I was just a guy New York, affixed computers and a gave you. To trespass on the havens, property. The rest of his letter is friendly, but he wasn't too keen on talking to me, but I couldn't let it go that I commute. It with the creator of hay une and that the mist we could be solved. It drove me bonkers so in two thousand twelve, after working in public radio, for a couple years. Now I had a better excuse to try to talk to Heaven and I decided Try again Peter can be a hard man to reach her. You see, he doesn't always answer the phone and you reluctant to give an interview for fear of attracting even more people to hand but ass. A couple phone calls and a few facts messages he agreed to meet me for an
our view about hey une at hey you. It was like meeting the wizard of OZ. Yes, I am sure you do I nice to meet you, MR back up there, ok, which Vince you wanna go to escape the south. There are no real coming illegally yeah and during the day, what a journey has certainly has a Peter Alex NICE to meet. You must meet you. Thank you so much for a green to do this year. I have mixed feelings, were imagine the at bat. In my efforts to try and respect the heavens privacy, I offered to refer The pavilion only as Hayin and not you his name, but he told
from the beginning that he wasn't interested in anonymity, he was interested in privacy. I dont think that I want this to be anonymous. I wanted to be with my name is attached to it, but that doesn't mean to say we have to violate our privacy. The toward. Is we don't to say whatever me? If you said Ann Arbor, that's good enough, not most people would not know, is actually going to be even less specific. I was gonna, say southeastern Michigan to give people less of overthrowing serve. They'll know my name from a credible player in the Mosaic Foundation of Red and Peter Hayden, based in Ann Arbor, honouring the passion event. Our journalists all around the world who stories take us there every day we also based in Ann Arbor, that's units as always Bitter Hayden told me that hey you was designed by a friend of his and Kristen designer named Joseph kinda brew can a brunette way for visiting the havens one night, nineteen, seventy eight, when a massive blizzard, came through in snow, the man we were trapped in our house down at the bottom of the hill. For five days. This, the four of us,
but we got to know each other quite well. During that period, running Joe is nuts like being random. I find him a couple licking the kind of person, I'm not the Heavens and the kind got to be close that spring became This came back for a visit, we went to downtown restaurant. We got absolutes. Sir, finally drunk we had planned, etc they build your position. I said ok, I will do this by by dusk, we come out here, look at this field and to position where the plane was gonna, be I didn't have a flashlight, have anything or was part for your report and they watch these stumbling drug flogging across the field and Joseph. I can't see you myself What are we gonna? Do he said? Well, he said for me the singular got to have a late night suicide convened this old here's a piece of the New York Times. You do a flirt. We'd lit the steel.
To set the whole field of like we didn't, and so that was exactly the spot where I was standing with this burning newspaper, his funny stuff, to watch this working at night Immense o, Peter Hayden, joke Interbrew, drunk and running around with a burning newspaper decided to build hey. You Joe said that Peter paid for the parts and labour he'd do the design for free found a kind of oddly reassuring that the creation of hay and came out of the same sort of drunken antics. My friends and I would get into almost two decades later, at the same spot that you can trace its origin. Story back to sleep over party, but on the other hand, Peter could give me any particular reason for its existence. It's just there because it is because it's beautiful because of the art. So it was a professor of English to University of Michigan, four hundred and twenty for five years, starting the 1960s
so I do not have a kind of aesthetic view of what art is. It teaches you steps by which wisdom his gain and in that sense art is useless. It doesn't have any practical impact and self me this provision was always sort of that. It was something that was a place for contemplation a place for play. For enjoyment for conviviality with people. I chose to be here Peters relationship with hay and feels like an echo of the possessiveness, the secretiveness, the ownership that me and my friends all feel for it. The only difference is that Peter actually owns it like us. He feels protective up unlike us, he's actually responsible for it over the years he said to clean up, the mess is left by drunk
teens and even some damage left by vandals. The like you, I like super simple kids that came out here and actually did some damage and we had to repair. That is a actually cut the covering we know there were parties out here. We had candles and things like that. Sometimes it looks maybe it have been sort of religious things going on here. There may have been poultry meetings and it was you. I think I have given a sex people, another your orgy, Saudi Arabia, couples who come out here and for an inferior, compelling to be part of nature out here, and you know be one with the nature especially informs us. That was always very seem to be an attractive time for people be out here and I'm curious. You know we're stuck into my friends about the signage that's out front and that the first sign the sign that says you know sort of respect. This only listen, peace, congratulations! This is your reward for finding this said quote,
linking gradual, didn't say that it didn't work you that much. I don't think, but only with these continue or I the reason. I say that, because one of my friend said to me I kind of believed that they, it has to go out there. They wanted us to find it in an that's why there are so many signs daring us too, to visit. It knows its absolute fabricated. That's I think, you'll find nothing like that of the sort we wanted. If I choose to utilise that's my business, that's my religious experience. It's not a common temple for everyone to utilise it's funny. She put it that way, because that's exactly how my friends and I felt about it, then, and still do now- even though we ourselves were trespassers one of my friends who are talking.
The story. Jason Van put it this way. There were like certain kids who it I would talk to, and they say like oh yeah, that that the pavilion out there like I took a six pack out there, we got, we got wasted out there, the other night or whatever, and I'd feel a little bit hurt by that like. Why are you just going out there to drink? You know you're talking about your thirty pack of people out of the pavilion like sacrilege, Yes, you know it's like my church, it's like you're sacrilegious, my church when we found trash it, hey you left over from other people, my friend and I would clean it up. Or at least try to minimize our impact on the place buffer that doesn't matter we're all just a bunch of interlopers. Did you go to play your high school actually went to authorise it? I went to pioneer community and here on in that in the course of my troubled. Very good. They, presumably along the way. Very least you learn the english language. He rebels reads the links, especially something it's subtle like that like that, but I would choose.
You say that was an invitation. It was not an invitation was really meant to say, look, here's the fact! You're here you ve, come to this place, I don't want you to do any damage and I don't want to piss you off. So here's what I'm telling you you know leave admire its beauty, but leave don't stay here leave, and I think that was the message that I want to be. I wouldn't want them, but I didn't because you know spending twenty minutes in your sock drawer supposed to five. If it's for two minutes of your sock drawer, it's just it's only if you came fluted to me. In some ways when people didn't know didn't invite had nothing to you had no knowledge of and who, whose values and who's a sense of aesthetics are not the same as mine. I felt that he has a personal viola. Talking with Peter. I can see how much he values, privacy and having control over the stuff. He owns. He hired a former com The driver decommission police car around his property Scott
lights and sirens and a logo. That's as are, He ate security as in Riga and Peter Hayden. He says it's mostly to keep out hunters that what I say is that we don't know hunters, we allow a hunter who, once this property and is entitled to take one book a year as many doses he wants and when he did catch, It's that we're out there to sneak into hey you he'd, make them give their names and addresses and make them write. Letters of apology. He said as a lot of those letters yet for all Peters peace. MRS Paine, he doesn't actually do a lot with it. You know the place itself is not meant to be used for me anyway. It's another other, its its power the good being by itself not having any occupants Peter private wine tastings once or twice a year, and he and maybe who wander over to it from his house from time to time, but that's pretty much it and it doesn't really matter Peters, the actual owner of hey you can do anything you want with it. He can use it. You cannot use it
even talk to me about how we thought of tearing it down, and he can it's? His prerogative The way you gets used, her doesn't get used is honoured. Total draw the havens baloney about design intent. What are you actually designed to do than one other. Person for whom it might be fair game to win this guy. I'm so happy in spite of peers unhappiness about interlopers that young people's came in to sneak a peak. This, of course, is Joseph, can improve the designer. In the guy got drunk and set newspapers on fire with Peter Hayden back in the day he left Michigan decades ago, and it Any idea that hey you had become such an underground attraction. His take us somewhat different than Peter happens. I'm delighted I've actually delighted. How could I not feel something really good about what you did, even though you
Suppose you were all quite naughty boy. That's quite all right! It's one, Those things that life should include granted Joseph Cannibal, unlike Peter Hayden, doesn't have to deal with it. Lopez coming on his property. Doing God knows what under the cloak of darkness, but Kennedy says that is bigger than a question of property. Is the the fact that the pavilion has on the landscape on the safety of the people who come into contact with it. Through means legitimate or not for can, even is out in the World Cartagena tomato paste should have this wonder. They used to say you once appealed, are packed, referring, of course, to the two NATO's. I feel just are degrees, same thing about our work. You know once it's done, it's done, I'm I'm, I'm gone out of the picture doesn't belong to me anymore. I'm not even sure that thing belongs to the head, you see
possessing it has nothing to do with it. Actually, nothing I remember as a youngster sneaking, ought to look at something called p bodies to which is the in Somalia, forbidden monastery. The meal visited on occasion to see major since blessed to Chicago. Where I grew up legislative Peabody within this glass, Catherine, with these candles were let every night sneak counters. You hear you, I thirty three. Result for God's sake, you still holding onto it. What a wonderful thing. People I know, have a similar feeling. There were a couple of people who refuse to talk to me for this story because to them to share hay and with the world. Is there. I think that other people I know, have a similar feeling. There were a couple of people who refuse to talk to me for this story,
because to them to share hay and with the world is to ruin hair. We found a photographer who had take some pictures of hey you, but when we asked him, if we could post them to our website, he replied within an emphatic no, he did not want the secret getting out on his watch and I have to admit I understand whether coming from but on the other side of the coin, when I put out a collar friends on Facebook to see would talk to me about Hayin some wrote what you and I gave me the same sense of exclusivity- a belonging. That I had when I was a teenager and now over the course producing this story. I've actually gained a kind of buying from a girl band arbiter of hey you himself, I'm no hunger just a little too Peter Hayden Alex look you're different person, and you were then. Secondly, as you know, I'm radio guy, I like voices- and I like the word pictures that people can weave on the radio. You you,
in credentials because I've I hear your voice. I hear your name Alex, and this morning I heard your name and on the media again you doesn't. What are you what you associate producer yeah, I'm proud of you for doing that I am grateful that I ever got to see here that I live in world where hey you exists, but I must Grateful that I live in a world where there are magnificent structures that are made without me in mind, with nobody in mind well, I may have gotten a lot out of it and attempted to protected by only gifting it to certain people the havens, are just trying to do the same thing. So, even though feels a little hypocritical. I have to say, and if you ever find yourself out in the middle of nowhere in South Michigan. You happen to come across side of the road as a favor to the Hayden
And to me, and my friends please now turn back and leaving peace leave. Don't stay here, leave Ninety nine percent, invisible was breezes we'd by Alex Goldman and SAM Greenspan with me, roman Mars, the people Well, it's interviewed about breaking the hygiene with him when he was a kid were Rob Logan Kara, covering bent it well and Ryan Fred Thomas Jason Van Major and Alex Bird. Hopefully this limitations on trespassing is up by special Europe has to radio players, including Cameron, Lock, moods eighty actually bomb patent. Seedy Millard. They didn't break into your neck faded on my back yard. So please don't write us and ask us how to find him.
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