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2010-09-24 | 🔗

It’s a stick with bristles poking out of it. It doesn’t even qualify as a simple machine, but the careful thought and design that went into the creation of the modern, angled bristle, fat handled toothbrush shows just how much … Continue reading →

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We get support from you, see Davis globally, ranked university working to solve the world's most pressing problems in food, energy, health, education and the environment, You see Davis, researchers, collaborate and innovate in California in around the globe, define transformational solutions a part of the universities mission to promote quality of life for all living things find out more, at twenty first century dot you see Davis die each year. There isn't any nine percent invisible, I'm roman Mars, the details or not the details. They make the design John S court legendary designer Charles Express test cycle on Jonathan President Express test cycle, there's a conception
in the public. I think that design is a lot about making things pretty that shifting. I think, there's a big diy movement and make her movement and people are getting a better sense of how things come to be. We've always known how kind of buildings can be destroyed. Watch them go up the products just kind of app promised the shot from somewhere from China. But I really love that.
Process of design and love, bringing things to life express test cycle. Destroy that I want to tell me about the details are going to product. Maybe it's about a tooth brush, but there's a bit of a conflict of interest, or at least the perception of one that requires the disclaimer, so ass met Martinek. Hailed, I'm here to help me out what matters to me, Roman, is that you are completely open about the fact that John it's in the presence of lunar lunar, underwrites D, say much, but at the same time you got complete editorial control over how many representatives will sound. So what you think you can affect, allow think some. You know what he said. This is the story of a toothbrush. Spress suppressing is getting a design out there in the world in a prototype form so that other people can look at it ass. You can test it. You can evaluate it and then you can decide what you're gonna do next
and it really is through this kind of forced evolutionary process. So the tooth brush company came to lunar with what John Edson calls a make pretty extra lake pretty exercise, that's not really innovation. Our instinct was asked them. How do people hold toothbrush set? A toothbrush company didn't actually know this, so we engaged a hand Can you see knowledge that somebody who knows how people hold stuff it turns out? There are five common toothbrush groups and, in the meantime, our designers went out and bought every toothbrush under the sun, and we started to take the conventional flat tooth brush with Brussels sticking up out of it and we used to heat gun and made a bunch of different prototypes. We just bent express those standard, brushes and different shapes to see fundamentally what was working and what was not working tests, hundreds of sketches and dozens of prototypes cycle, one of the first things we found when we were moulding our prototypes was that at the time the reach toothbrush was
probably best known as the most ergonomic toothbrush. This was all perception. It was only ergonomic in that it looked like a dental tool and it was a dental tool that somebody else would use on you, the crooked dental mirror it so that somebody can stick it in your mouth and manipulate it. So they can see around your teeth. The reach toothbrush. If you use yourself you end up with your hand, back at your ear to scrap the bed straight handle is better. One of the things we found was fatter. Toothbrush handle is more comfortable, so that is better than fed, but at some point in the process, someone at the toothbrush company said wait a minute. We can't ship a tooth
Hush, that's gotta fat handle on it like that, because it's not gonna fit into those nineteen, fifty style ceramic toothbrush holders that people have stuck to their walls, part of their houses right. But this turned out to be a good thing for the toothbrush mongers. They got a ton of press about it. Oh here's, the tooth brush it doesn't fit in lunar, came up with a strategy of anybody call to complain. We created this little nickel plated stand. They just send out this five dollar component, just like biological evolution shore, the organism adapts to the environment, but also environment adapts to the organism. And now, if you buy a toothbrush holder, it's gonna have these gigantic holes in the top right see, you can fit these new fangled approaches in the future and in addition to this straight and fat handles. The new toothbrush also had Criss cross breast.
Single process that was brand new, the handle, what strategically flattened imparts to help you oriented fingers, know which way the pistols appointed in your mouth added accommodated all the five brushing groups that then, if I buy the cohesion policy's there's a spoon grip. There's the death group more women than men use the death group. When I asked John it's in, which was his favorite innovation in the toothbrush, he name something that most people would consider a lack of design or innovation. Just getting the tooth brush back to having a straight handles, not trying to do anything crazy through the neck. That's the best shape, really those kind of innovations and that's a big part of design. The thing you don't think about or notice probably had the most thought put into it. Ninety nine percent invisible is produced by me, roman Mars, but support from lunar. It's a project of K, L W the American Institute of Architects, San Francisco in the center for architecture and design find out more and none percent, invisible dot, Org.
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