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99% Invisible-27- Bridge to the Sky

2011-06-03 | 🔗

There are rules that dicate what you can build and how. Rules of physics and rules of men who sit on various bureaucratic boards and bodies. These rules dictated that if silk magnate John Noble Stearns wanted to build one … Continue reading →

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We get support from you, see Davis globally, ranked university working to solve the world's most pressing problems in food, energy, health, education and the environment. You see Davis, researchers, collaborate and innovate in California in around the globe, define transformational solutions. It's all part of the universities mission to promote quality of life for all living things, find out, at twenty first century dot. You see Davis die each year. This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman, Mars faded from the point of view of filling. It would seem a little that's funny new ways to create new buildings with new technology, has been the bread and butter of the leading edge architects. Since there have been leading edge architects, and today my friend need to mail. A pyramid has the story of One of those men, a man whose time on. The leading edge was brief, but dramatic nature.
Creator of the memory palace, a history podcast. That is all about being brief and dramatic. This is this a visionary daredevil architect, Bradford Gilbert, take it away. Takeaway Bradford Gilbert had spent his career close to the ground it twenty Free he took a job as the architect for the New York Lake Erie in western railroad was eighteen. Seventy eight as an older man, he would redesign grand central station, but his early twenty sign designing less ground stations in less central locations, places you waited to get places where things actually happened, but by a ticket for men. Hoddan or Saint Louis or Chicago, and you could find other architects building more impressive things. Six and eight and ten story, structures, mammoth blocks of stone and brick wrought iron made for the kings of the modern american insurance industry, the emperor's of imports and exports. John Noble Stearns and made a lot of money importing silk and he was looking at him.
A lot more and real estate. He bought some way didn't prime location at fifty Broadway? But there was a problem. The lot was only twenty one and a half feet wide. There are rules the dictate what you can build in house rules of physics in those of men who sit on various bureaucratic boards and bodies in those rights was dictated that, if Stearns wanted to build one of those ten story towers that we're all the rage and eighty mediate. You would need to build walls of stone and bring that we're five feet thick and that left room for an interior that was only eleven feet. Why slice off a few feet for a hallway, a few for a bathroom couple for Co closet another for some filing cabinets in an umbrella stand, and he would be asking the quintessential modern tighten if american industry to work in a dark cell, better suited for a dark ages. Monk Stearns asked all the best architects for a solution and they all told him it can be done
We want except Bradford Gilbert the announced architect for the New York Lake Erie in western railroad. Had a theory, hundreds of tons of cars and cargo were hurtling over tiny train trestles every day. What if he turned one of those bridges on its head? What if he built a bridge up instead about told Stearns that, if he did this, the walls wouldn't have to be five people think they could be just nine inches.
In the twenty foot Wine office space is that that would create the quintessential modern american tighten of industry would have room to stretch out his legs while he made his ran check out to John Noble Stearns. Architects came in from all over the country to watch the tower building rise to pore over Gilberts blueprints and the all pretty much agreed. Gilbert instruments were idiots, Stearns beg Gilbert to change the plants, but he refused. He said he was so confident in his design. Did he would move? Is offices to the top two floors of the building the building blue down? You would have the farthest from the first stiff winds of a hurricane blue into Manhattan. On a Sunday morning, in eighteen, eighty nine, the tower building stood nearly complete in people line the streets to watch a tumble men pursue the crowd and began to climb when Bradford Gilbert reached the top of his tower. The wind was whipping through its Skelton frame, it more than eighty miles an hour.
He called out to the centre of the building and pulled from a bag a room with a lead wade attached to one end. He tied the other to a greater and tossed away down through the open floors below when he called his way back down. He found the letter hanging in the air, in stock still held by building that wasn't going anywhere for years after Gilbert, could Citizens Penthouse Office still standing targeting in stretched out his life and watch a whole city stretch ever higher? Take his idea when building I ninety nine percent invisible produce this week by Mate de MER, I'm your hosts, roman Mars. This programme has made possible, with support from lunar, making a difference with creativity. Its
project obtain a l w the american instead of architects, San Francisco and the centre for architecture and designed to find out more and get a linked to name the males, brilliant memory palace podcast, good. A ninety nine percent, invisible dot, Org.
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