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99% Invisible-33- A Cheer for Samuel Plimsoll

2011-08-04 | 🔗

If you look at the outer hull of commercial ships, you might find a painted circle bisected with a long horizontal line. This marking is called the load line, or as I prefer, the Plimsoll line. This simple graphic design … Continue reading →

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We get support from you, see Davis globally, ranked university working to solve the world's most pressing problems in food, energy, health, education and the environment. You see Davis, researchers, collaborate and innovate in California in around the globe, define transformational solutions. A part of the universities mission to promote quality of life for all living, things find out more. At twenty first century dot, you see Davis die each year. This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman law, If you look at the outer hall of commercial ships down by the water, like you might find a painted circle bisected with a long horizontal line This simple marking is called the load line, whereas I prefer the plume so why and not oversell it Elegant graphic design has saved thousands
of life. It is one of my favorite examples of design, because what I really like in the world is waiting, fine a massive problem that definitely need solving and with some thought you can solve it with something as simple as a server with alive through it is dice, find it amazing. That's what I'd like to do with my career. That's trysting cook and oh my human factors engineer. So that means that I look at the way the people interact with their environment. How that will affect their behaviour, trust and also creates an outstanding blog called humans in design, so anyway, so problem that needed of in the nineteenth century. That trust is referring to was the huge, number of british ships sinking in the ocean because they overloaded and in disrepair. Sending hundreds of merchant seamen to a watery grave. The problem was so widespread that these vessels became known by another name, coffin ships, coffin ships, now overloading ships has certainly happened since there have been ships to overload. But it was the introduction
of insurance that created the coffin ship. It still like real time for ships that are are ensured, said I worth more money to the peasant. Add ons them at the bottom of the and they are a flight, so ship owners would purposefully overload older ships with cargo thinking that if the ships made it, they hit the jackpot, but if the ship's didn't make it, they still made. A lot of money on the insurance quite early days in insurance. That people were quite aware of the idea that by ensuring something you are going to change and affect people's behaviour, this is called a moral hazard when people engaged in risky behaviour because they are not fully accountable for the consequences. You assume that insurance is gonna, keep everything the sign, but it doesn't whence when something is insured, it changes you behaviour, become more risky or you different incentive to do something in the unintended consequence of insurance was that ship owners have an incentive to sink Their own ships and send hundreds of soul to the bottom of the ocean, the mice famous one
What is the one called the S S London had two hundred and thirty something people on board. It was in a place and I'm not kidding, graves end in England. Theoretically, it had promotional strolling, but it was I loaded with a whole bunch of railway parts and things like that, and that was in the meat eighty hundreds and that sank ass in a storm like went to turn back towards applaud. This is where our Hero- British MP, Samuel, Plum, saw and the pumps align comes in. Just after that happens, a guy called Samuel point so got elected to the british Parliament and he wanted to pass a bunch of like new shipping safety laws based upon his knee. I did this disaster, but passing these aid to those was not easy for plum saw because it just so happens that murderous regulation hating, Emma Capitalist and their friends
sometimes serve as elected officials. People in british parliament iron ships, so they were the they one extra regulation, yet he had actually have. Early large, having trouble getting through to sail through had very little support in parliament, so plums all took his case to the people. Close all wrote a book called out seamen which it was really champion the issue and that, when Really. Why and eventually, due to widespread public support the merchant shipping act of eighteen, seventy six was passed. It required these elegant graphic, I described earlier a circle with along horizontal line that the centre to be painted the outside of the hall to show the maximum loading point of the ship, arc. Let a third party no plainly and clearly one of us who has been overloaded and at risk of sinking in rough seas. If you
see that horizontal line above the water you're good. If you don't, you could be sunk, it's kind of really pretty looking to look at us a jury. Mutual initially is very Jimmy. In some form of the plums align remains on ships to this day, there's just a slight modification inside an indifferent waters or salt water, all freshwater, with different sorts of ships. Your louder lighted to different levels. It is just a couple of different levels on the outside. Personally, I think it's amazing that date with with by say, stays days all these different, citing ages it having implemented these GPS bites DR themselves heartbreaker everywhere, but when it gets down to the thing that is most importantly keeping a flight is still just a circle with a line from it on its, how is it just a bit of pint? There have been numerous poems and song song about Samuel Plum SAW, but over time
his name has faded, even though his mark on the world lives on its age. Actually, less nine is applied so line now more as a lower limit of the time. It was definitely nine, as appoints a line I've done my job today, you dear listener. We call it a problem so line because its like the right and honourable thing and besides, if there's enough Kennedy to use an urban em used, happening. It's just cooler, our tars upon the ocean. He struggled to defend success, Samuel to himself but he's the sailors, Ninety nine percent in those boys, precisely by me, roman Mars, will help interesting Cook and Tom Nelson inaccurate
I commend in design this programme has made possible. Support from lunar, making a difference with creativity. Product of tea ale, W ninety one point: seven local public radio in San Francisco American into architects in San Francisco and the senator architecture, and to find out including a link to the blog humans and design go outside its ninety nine percent, invisible dot. Org. I'm sorry, where
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