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According to Need coming December 1

2020-11-29 | 🔗

According to Need is a documentary podcast in 5 chapters from 99% Invisible’s Katie Mingle that asks: What are we doing to get people into housing?

Coming December 1

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A little over five years ago, I moved across the country to take a job in beautiful, downtown, Oakland. California, I didn't realize I was part of a trend, but I was thousands of other people were also moving to the barrier for work, the cost of rent skyrocketed and over the course of about five years. homelessness in the county where I live doubled all over town. You can see the effects of this almost as if a tidal wave of wealth washed four out of their houses and into the streets in the tens and our views and cars about eight people right here. I know these people are here. I know them. People write their course renting. Not apartments did not bedrooms beds for twelve hundred a month to college. That's outrageous is hard to get knowledge,
Will you homeless, you don't know what your lives will be the next two hours You're, always just like swallows. You were here. I take a bell, went unthinkable, A house. Given just the sheer scale of homelessness all over the Eu S, but in the Bay area in particular, you can be forgiven. For thinking. There was no system in place to address it, but you'd be IRAN Anti semite provoking. How can I sit here today? Yeah lie lemon Euro around in there is actually a system to help people out of homelessness, but it doesn't help everyone. What does it take to real priority for them? I don't understand it, so we got you on. It would be very good. and people on, lists, how this system works is confusing and opaque. Some might say Kafka S it's all a huge
Syria may we're like a profession both here in our we have laws we can't figure out. What's going on, I can't get a hold of people. I and a long time trying to understand this system feels that leg the wizard of OZ. I guess my first question is: are you the wizard is this as I do. I do have a map of, There are of thousands of people are experiencing homelessness in the United States and covert could make, things even worse. What are we doing about it according to need is actual documentary series from ninety nine percent. Invisible that looks at the system we have to get people back inside. Find it in your ninety nine p, podcast feed on December. First.
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