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Judas and the Black Messiah, Episode 1: The Chairman

2021-02-12 | 🔗

Proximity, 99% Invisible, and Warner Bros. present the “Judas and the Black Messiah Podcast,” an official film companion from the Radiotopia podcast network from PRX.

In the “Judas and the Black Messiah Podcast,” host and critic Elvis Mitchell of KCRW is joined by Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. — son of Chairman Fred Hampton and head of the Black Panther Party Cubs — as well as the film’s actors and creative team, and by members of the Black Panther Party who knew Chairman Fred Hampton. Together, they look at the true stories behind the events portrayed in the film.

In episode 1, we get the real story of how Fred Hampton became The Chairman.

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Everybody. This is roman Mars. The following is a new podcast series that ninety nine percent invisible team led by supervising. It. Was our Christopher Johnson produced with proximity media in partnership with Warner Brothers, It's a companion to the new film Judas in the bog Messiah in his unlike any We ve ever worked on and unlike any other movie podcast in scope and ambition. I'm so glad making. It may conjunction with such an important and truly excellent fell visitor first in a series of park gas that I've been cooking up with my friend, the filmmaker wine Cobler, who is a huge podcast fan. The way it's literally the first thing we ever talked about when we met couple years ago, from hunger series at approximately ninety ideas have been kicked around will tell stories based on proximity me film productions as well Audio, first podcast originals, so give us watch the movie and go subscribe,
to the Jews in the blackness Ipod cast on its own feet to hear the rest of the episodes over the next five weeks and if you all subscribe, we'll get to produce a bunch more staff together. Trust me: you want that to happen. You were going to fly about for the staff there Activity has planned, follow the link and the shipowners to subscribe. For? U isn T episode one right now, thanks heads up This episode hasn't strong language. up as open this control notices that we do this chick free, it happened, join you to play at the particles, the sun. since in our state, since the three strike offended while facility be an African to have been the son of GM free it in a coup and Jerry and through fatigue, finally wish my people I'm on it and humble international Jim. The black Panther Party curbs the organ Asian That is, we see now walkin in his footsteps, but the path, pastels reply at the party
german Fred, Hampton Juniors Base in Chicago as a working activists. He travels constantly for protests, rallies and speaking engagements two thousand twelve. He was in northern California fizzing, a chapter of the Black Panther Party, an organization he founded to carry on the legacy for black Panther Party. chairman and the Cubs her that Nixy Hustle was performing in Sacramento we're the cause we backstage packed house and you'll see houses bags data as seen from a distance out saucy networks, yes or in at the time. There was a big thing artists in the chamber when Jesus Pendant Key West on a sofa so held my first down I've seen it man, as like in the shaky round, is tassel dna. The closest woe does Malcolm Mixed Gypsies post?
car size, medallion depicted a golden sparkling, Malcolm this classic Pose index finger press to his cheek contemplating the signal to german junior that he wasn't talking to a typical web superstar with typical taste and jewelry. Nancy Hustle might be a fellow revolutionary and ass. You are you for me with GM free. It happen and he's a channel for you haven't junior. Would have a mere would I be if I know FR. We have to work hi I'm office Michaud, and this is the official podcast, the film Judas and black Messiah
you came under the bridge, in this series we're looking at the black Messiah at the centre of this film, the real story of Fred, Hampton around What what I know my bed with lab way about around? German Fred, Hampton less a black Panther Party in Illinois into this life cut short in nineteen, sixty nine one Hampton so special that he was a noted as a leader at such a young age and then targeted
a federal assassination go behind the scenes of the films creators, including directly ok, king and producer, rang Cobler, who wrote and directed toothache Nineteen blockbuster black panther I'll talk to coast I was Daniel Kaluza, but keep Stanfield and Dominique fish back off. Oh two, real Panthers, who knew Chairman Fred, including his widow, a coup and jerry and german Red Hampton Junior around. Here we use com chairman He was born three weeks after the assassination and spent his life protect him his father's legacy. chairman Junior was a cultural expert who consulted on Judas Messiah he's gonna help the record straight above the Chicago Panthers in german Fred, Hampton Senior in the film we first see chairman, see his character when he's about twenty years old and moving at full speed.
Giving the Panthers Illinois chapter he's also building Chicago's original Rainbow coalition. a political alliance, a poor southern whites, put a Weakens and black youth activists, chairman for senior, is a force, but in this area were first gonna, take a step back and look at how, for at Hampton became chairman, Red Hamptons parents or from Louisiana they move what's in the nineteen forties, eventually settling and may work on your car those west side, too afraid was speaking but is coming up. One of these in its ok, ok situation would not ours it with an air. He grew up here, maybe who was working class families and where we were for this debate, Bourgeoisie Fred was born and nineteen forty eight, the youngest three children, even as a boy, he was firstly, protective, whose family and
community, chairman Junior, tells the story of his father, the eleven or twelve years. All leading a protest complete with homemade picket signs. Recognising that there's a swimming pool would oblige children I am not able to go swimming in the sea while of course, wouldn't places such as mere rules park with White should it was simple and challenged it taken carboys, stick in making these pauses and we demand swimming pool in a corner, while Napoleon and pulleys toward a tear gas canister them in him, taken it to give caused and thought beside the polling station and even but voice even the school, his brother, whose Odin him coming home Emily type was white boys at school, and you know he took a wagon follow bottles
and went over, and you know he dealt with it even high school proviso: east countless cases. We will speak of others for aunt and went to school. It was surprisingly integrated in a sense of their lot of black and white students. They are provided with high school shocking, directed cobalt and was a producer on Judas in the black Messiah. But just because they were going is altogether didn't mean that they got along and it was a lot of fighting and Fred handed in. I created an interracial collision between black and white students to celebrate. That's a lot of the hostility to find what was going on. You know it got it on the radar of the FBI a very young age. I believe his farmers tat was fourteen years old just because he was involved in politics. Incredibly earlier Fred wasn't just
involved in his early teens. He was elected president, so local NAACP youth chapter as a high school student spearheaded a fight to bring in more black teachers he broke into me. Between the NAACP, as live ministries to address a list of concerns, including the way, Black students were discipline. clear to everyone around him. The young friend Hampton was a gifted leader, think or limit the said it would. people twenty years alone, ordinary times they can two years in revolutionary tabs, people say why was it the F b? I be tapped his telephone? Will these fourteen recognizes organ, hasn't capabilities. We taken the June and W C p from seven three hundred members, seven have what I appear that it was of what can afford the luxury of procrastination by the time for at Hampton graduated high school in nineteen sixty six. There was the real sense of urgency in the air,
Vietnam. War is escalating so to wear and he draft and Anti war protests the struggles, I compliment were also intensify in Chicago population have been rising steadily for almost six decades. Newlyweds in three Chicago and was black and most of them, segregate into neighborhoods on the South West for the city. Urban renewal or James Baldwin, famously called negro removal deficit, Chicago's Black Belt slum lords. The police density leaders, help create and reinforce some of the war. Slums and the country activists groups emerged to fight this and other anti poverty and areas. struggles throughout Chicago red. Hampton was coming into The onus is youth driven activists. Ferment was blooming. All this changed all April. Fourth light,
sixty eight. Ladies and gentlemen, I have some very sad news for all of you. Martin Luther King was shot and was killed tonight. Chicago deploy lost a New York. These are just a few other cities in which the Negro language over Doktor kings murder, expressed itself in violent destruction. People took to the streets lot of businesses were burnt, things changed in terms of atmosphere, the political climate, became more repressive, Billy Chamber, group in Chicago and later became depth. the Minister of Education for the Illinois. Chapter of the Black Panther Party after king was killed. Jake it's a shift among his peers was more radical activism, people, became more assertive in terms of organizing you goin until then,
I owe not anti war movement, a whole concept. Overtime, peerless amount that capitalism, you know you're tougher Susan was something that was really therefore glass. As a mass movement. There was like the spring and summer of sixty eight, and then there was fertile ground for organizing, back that apply Bobby Seale and he renewed and found the black Panther Party for Self Defence in Oakland California. In nineteen, sixty six to years later. The party had expanded to five thousand members in forty nine chapters, the country for at Hampton court in the end, a c p when he first encounter the black Panthers and nineteen sixty eight, the Panthers, I show leadership was already talking about a powerful charismatic leader in Chicago they would get were people till you need to check out this individual you're, the euro free it happen your service, recognise servants and leave us recognize leaders,
in nineteen sixty eight, the parties, national leadership, we start afraid Hampton and ask him. Doing the black Panthers for Fred hasn't. I do for him to specifically the assassination of Martin Luther King and, I think, there's some of his dissatisfaction with not feeling like you was able to have the kind of impact you wanted with the end up c, even a proviso: EAST one of the things he was leading was the need for there to be better watch Fred Hampton, along with another Panther name Bobby Rush, and several other party members form the only chapter they opened their office in Russia, cargo in November nineteen sixty eight and chairman for at Hampton who had just turned twenty a few months earlier, was quickly becoming one of the parties, most prominent voices Everything will be alright if everything was put back in the hands of the people. But you did not know you do come down and get back to away.
A man in the moon, is an surprising that when he heard the Panthers ideology but like free breakfast programmes, whose I already thinking in this way, though it was a natural fit for the way he was already progressing there. It was a perfect place him that they kind of intersection him for his. His active is banned, but why do you think he made that move into that kind of selflessness, because using this track to become probably part of that surviving successful Chicago Middle Class, which two people to their from around the country. What pushed me in that direction? Do you think of activism Obviously, I really feel that he was caught boy like there. That's the thing, that's really crazy. You know
conversations with faded and junior, he would be like you have to understand that he can't came like their laughter Our boy muscle, Gaza, bulwark reagent and I finally some have better thing right back people and I found it must be stopped and enable a faintly made a commitment here myself did. I will you stop. what I'm doing it. All those people are free Jews. Who do you attributed to settle? the one with the Erika, telling about impact over my great grandfather? I was fortunate to eat no see in my lifetime, also of whose his gun father taken, he was a child, well Louisiana, Sean, if in trees and given the names of who was, uncle what particular treason of her war stories of how are you the GM free it out. He related to the black Panther Party cause.
To turn a useless and church. They should call the black Panther Party. If it for him it was. It was natural since I guess how people say like a relationship of these out? Is this? Zero was cooking food at the c est it the rice season. This right does no more not nor could the stove is continually GM free. It was a black panther internally externally it was ill and Like many other Panther leaders, chiming senior was a constant target for law enforcement in the spring. Sixty nine he was convicted, robbing a good humour, truck and handing a free ice cream, his tent it was two to five years. He was released on a letter that summer just a couple weeks boys, twenty first birthday low level that thing about commentator near a body that otherwise Dave
you didn't you get around a bit by bit about in all say, then he had charisma. I was attracted to him because of his commitment, his willingness to leave, example, he never talked about things that he hadn't done or was not in the process of doing a low tariffs.
the cost of love there. Now that he showed me, but he showed the comrades, he show people in the community and to meet us, not charisma, that's commitment, and the outer spoke about have in that committee. And down love for the people alone, so elegant joy in the group. The bodily rush was in until I'm afraid JAMA, Fred, My brother, because there are simpler words you now he does show that this is Hawaii and when I wanna do you with regard to this day. Chairmen had a magnetism. About him, and the chairman always show respect he always Don't respect people stand mechanic.
Was a rank and file member the Illinois Panthers. He was Bobby Russia's bodyguard. He also works security for Huey Newton CO, founder of the Black Panther Party. I think the vehicle of the party was one thing, but having a chairman. That was so dynamic and reachable to all people from all. walks of life. I mean chairman, could get out going. To the pool Hawes anywhere? He went You know he galvanise mesmerized people, so He had that magnetism that drew you to him The key thing it was genuine. You could feel that even Britain's. This is only the hip yards with new free programme of assassination riveted be theirs.
Jeanne early on in Tunis in a black Messiah that really captures this german Fred play by Daniel Kaluza and several other black panthers go to a pool hall. Emily moves easily through the crowd handing out flyers promoting the Panthers, smiling, and I ve never had a body may need to feed every home we eat and applied by the party. These are progressing and with it many firms should have we breathe? every year. and you have reeducation basis. You look up, you don't read your mother say that seems based on the scene. I read or heard about him going into a nightclub and turn the deeds, tat, music and then getting up and talking to people and He spoke for a while people didn't say, or will you do it? They listened, then the party were better
the fact that he could stop a pike and talk about ideas, talk about duties, activities, actions at the path is we're doing it locally and when we get people evolve and recruit centrally recruiting and the Miller Disco another of the Illinois chapter was its ability to find common ground between Chicago Street organizations. The representative, Europe as a single fictional gang calls crowns in the film democracy, you hubs tonight, the grounds and the black panthers. So he goes to visit their leader. Steel was played by Chris Davis Greg's. All we talk of the West and your name out your world Wednesday. So what can I do for you,
Well, you know what we can to feature thousands and greater mobilizing all Brazil nostalgia. We want a national urbanization dedicated to the liberation for pretty well This nigger doesn't mean I'm gonna. Work done by one is not just to babies programmes, these Allworthy doesn't keys mother fucker, the crowns feed more babies. Romania's, who you think it was already mammas day for radical by the right. All the question is: can you do even more visible five thousand crowns and sugar
between your manpower and a pair of political level. We can heal this whole city and if we take in Chicago gloom in reality, chairman in the Panthers work with several organisations, including the Blackstone Rangers and the black disciples. You know this three organizations already had a political basis, which is not the way that we ve been taught gains black gangs operate. They know they dislike acid niggers and meanwhile, you think us course I feel like doing things so he's got street organizations that are already thinking along his ways that he's out cover one,
is really try to organise and really give them hope in turn them socialist and then his emigrating across space alive in Chicago, which is so deeply said, aided by the very big black and white people he'll. Do But we might have a visa. When we go about it we all did by reinventing the wheel, ah, the girl area Maybe in all our german friends led the Chicago Panthers as a push against a notoriously races, police department and he encouraged others to do the same. The policeman react to say: we believe it is a man who said now that the people do not anybody else, and we know how to what these
fish is all that we have to defend ourselves because only through this, probably example of self defence. In the private example of retaliation and by living. These people know that we move for some basic law. That being the gold down depressed people on the part of the oppressed Is it be reciprocal in playing politics and workers language? It takes two to tango its unity Go we go the Chicago, Panthers, also took on the cities. Leadership, specially mayor, richer, J, Daily Ass, the king of Chicago's Democratic Party. May your daily was the picture of a political boss is infamous d, the machine rules, every aspect- The governess and suppressed black political independence daily Champion urban renewal and there are no ghettos in Chicago and he sanction they broad use of lethal force. During the protests Oh doctor kings assassination shoot to kill any ice in it
or anyone whether Molotov cocktails and injured, should remain a cripple. anyone moody, any doors in our city, the pain This challenge the mayor's rain, often by simply stepping around the conventional party machine and taking their political message straight to the community. They will open and they were crossing the confines of conventional fighting bill. Cosmic copies of all this is how you addressed is no you won't you, you told you this doesn't. It is both parts of your leadership, GM free case. He would visit repair the party we going to church and argue that we're going to church, he gone Let us ask the people- and you know that line in the movie where his eye we take here Chicago. Imagine nowadays it takes its cargo, but it's the west, the connection, everything so that danger having someone that young in that path is young too,
This guy years is attained. He's gonna was the thing: is I years ahead of him? Then he's also surrogacy the biggest black middle class in that country. Yes, to me. That's the big thing too, because young black middle class being educated, who hearing him to their also night, is young. Either there all he's got them all. The folks he's got. White catholic priests engaged is getting free, milk from white businessmen, grocery stores- and I should say yes to think they cause it's really Elinor Chap is don't visas is the combination of grace. An organisation, an incredible charismatic leader. You know this representative international due to this People all over the world were talking about man who these gets Armada platform Politic, nausea, then of a definitive people does not, despite beg for they all personal survive, will stand the people in a servant of people, that of programmes for the people and not just give us rhetoric
we always made a black rather body. That bet you do innovative. We might not be bad my being here, but when I leave you remember with less worry about value or release there and you gonna give all the people not to be. better. Get me that's what the bad out over the way in response to the black Panthers growing power clarity in the: U S and globally. The FBI declared war. On the organization, but the Panther Party stood firm. Chairman Fred happened was an unapologetic socialist. He was clear eyed about the mission black panthers. They were the Vanguard Party funding to achieve what happened, call Utopia, a communist state and to get there armed revolutionary struggle. He was able to Revolutionary ACT or revolutionary presents very logical in here.
Was it a phrase like the necessity of violent piano, fear internally about the reality of defending yourself against fascism. My claim weighing Kubler is one of the producers of Judas and the black Messiah. He also spoke quietly about not fearing damn good for people to be, subjugated affair, and that has to be present me you say things if you afraid to die there are, no remedy, but you about me, ok we always if you have a point that I want to make that commitment, what did you? Do it Listen to me as a pressure. That's a very terms: Dana sought, pressure, is afraid. Is it showed the one? I mean your software?
He was assassinated by most powerful government on a plan that that's so you think about Saddam Sure you do lobbying, you know so good ass on the day, bulgarian aware, decide how we have secured his part in they do in touch snuff I reading about this part, I don't know. I'm ok! even though there have been no ice Don't don't gotta believe alone, I don't want my bow wow
There is need for fiscal, nothing is going to come whilst, while just while the whole purpose of the movies to humanize as individual when these people- and the thing is- you tell you- know, someone who is superhuman like. No one would believe that if we made a straight up story about for anyone believe it he didn't sleep, his chain smoke, you drink, bottomless cups of coffee. He didn't have on mobility, so that account FBI, director, J Edgar Hoover won't and nineteen sixty eight that one of the goals of his Counter intelligence programme known as corner Opera was to prevent the rise of a Messiah unify and electrifies a militant black nationalist movement nearly two years later on December. Fourth: aunties
sixty nine before dawn, wasn't a dozen law enforcement officers. Waiting for an Hamptons was Chicago apartment. Hampton was shot to death in his bed. He was twenty one years old black Panther, more Clark was also killed in the decades, is hampers death writers, filmmaker listen playwrights. If all approach chairman Junior and his mother Acount Jerry asking for their help with their blessing in telling the Senor Chairman story and for decades they have declined. So why now we'll be right back this bond gases brought you buy Warner Brothers Pictures Judas in the black Messiah the Golden Globe, critics choice and Sag award nominated found now plain and theatres
streaming exclusively on HBO Max for thirty one days. It's time the world knows the truth about. China Manfredi, Hampton Watch, the film know his name shares legacy Judas and the black Messiah raided arm. I welcome that. This is the journalists in the black Messiah official podcast, I'm nervous Mitchell Wine, cooler and his wife and producing partners Vinci promoters Directory debut through fails. Station as the two thousand thirteen Sundance Film Festival, that's where they met shocking trapped by a blizzard they all had dinner together, they talked about dead. There will only be entirely safe. no shotgun eyes is Eddie you're had a chance to work together with the Cosmos family stuff it became. I'm a regime like whenever we were in Europe, was bought by his house and check out That's not your dinner. In two thousand and seven
teen line since you took a break from their phone black Panther and went to visit Shaka. He told the couple about a script who is working on. It was based on an idea. That's a comic, do well to look as brothers had originally been, The shock of the story of german Fred Hamptons assassination tell from the perspective of William O Neill, the car thieves poultry, the Illinois chapter and help the FBI Plan Hamptons, murder, right and since he loved the idea and once a finnish or black panther, there came a borders producers under the guise of development That process Shaka was like a donation to me which Hamish fan. Now we can make this one of the blessing of his firm, so why? Gnp, Shaka and produce a Charles King all went to Chicago and try to do with other filmmakers have failed. Allow. For decades they met with children for a junior who now lives of the Hampton out his father's childhood home
Then we shall not whether might feel most it was really like it. Today. He had a couple of former package there who knew his father. Now this was the first of many negotiations with happens, family there were sceptical, they became wines job to do most convincing. From the beginning. He infrared Junior and formed a bond So why made several trips the chairman's place and what Chicago back at the sight of say they want to do, and we know what these barriers to be evaluated like. If someone was the lash, the fifth and final like the family I like then the flag, a reason I was lying valid, so they kept negotiating Virginia looked scripts. He tossed filmmakers about their vision, still light. Now I was several. I speak in place my God, you guys can injustice. I can come on board about a year and a half. It went like this Fred Junior, several former Panthers,
mother, a coin Jerry, poor Mamma cooler, pushing back on the films title or how the Panthers redressed or how much the panthers smoked at one point: early in the process, Chairman Fred Hawaiian that they want to have a sit down with Daniel the lawyer and Dominic fish back the actors who be playing his father and mother Shaka King and producer Charles King came to the meeting. Was the Hampton House, everyone gathered around a big table with a black and blue panther symbol in the centre. we ran a tableful at seven hours, Dominique DE your question well into the night gems, I want to go around the table in no way What do you want to do this movie? start with you. you know that he is going to speak to us about what our intentions for telling the story, and where do we stand for Do you remember the night? Well, it was us
German and Mama Coors is asking questions that really go to the core of the way. We we do what we do and then chairman was like the I'm gonna. Take you take her to her. Do you pick one acts? Woodsmen grew worse, Niebuhr Chicago causes, I would really would set a town, can become a hot and, through my recollection, Alice you you tell me, you tell me where to go and he was not yet if you wanna, if you're gonna pay the chairman and it's not your made of and as I call a respect that someone pulls up, the wish of cargo never called Cato we're just a couple of days earlier. Eleven people were shot and two were killed in a little late is past midnight, and I said: ok, let's go. Let's go continued meteorite, their chairmen, Daniel dominate in Charles King, all drove to Cape town.
German shoved them some sidewalk memorials. He said a bender faced by the police at from How I said that nothing German was looking at me C and how I was. I think at that moment something shifted, but for me was like I understood. I dont have fear in that sense, because I, I understand the gravity of what I'm stepping into and the gravity of what that means. Determine and it's the least I could do how sorry I'm from the real world and from the industry and understand this things? You need to go for it for some to see what you're about an and feel that you are going to carry mean so much to them. German, Freddy Mama CORE has tested Daniel and dominates intentions and their metal. Emily was impressed. The negotiations between the family in the film makers weren't over just yet
no next episode, producers and cooler and chairman for at Hampton Junior talk about zone. sticking point early in production. a friendship, helped you children from just walking away and out mother occur. Chairman sinews widow about how they met and seeing this story brought to life in this film. This part as is the production of ninety nine percent invisible extremely media and Warner brothers. The Susan by Christopher Johnson. I supervising producer Mars is our editor are producer is to Lady Hall. Everywhere, down our souci producer special thanks also to produce Emphasis Gerald music. Composed by shown me out, Graham Hashes, our fact. Checker Bryson Bonds mix engineer special thanks to Leyla wills are simple: sir, in Chicago somewhat
the audio on this episode and trailers from the film and the trailer for The motor of Fred, Hampton, which come too courtesy of the Chicago Film archives, foolish from Fred. Hampton black Panthers in Chicago, is a copyright, a video courtesy of Video Data Bank at the school of the instituted Chicago up thanks. Also CBS News and the Ap Archive for their footage, Elvis Mitchell, see you next time radio do.
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