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Judas and the Black Messiah Trailer from 99% Invisible and Proximity Media

2021-02-08 | 🔗

Proximity, 99% Invisible, and Warner Bros. present the “Judas and the Black Messiah Podcast,” an official film companion from the Radiotopia podcast network from PRX.

In the “Judas and the Black Messiah Podcast,” host and critic Elvis Mitchell of KCRW is joined by Chairman Fred Hampton Jr. — son of Chairman Fred Hampton and head of the Black Panther Party Cubs — as well as the film’s actors and creative team, and by members of the Black Panther Party who knew Chairman Fred Hampton. Together, they look at the true stories behind the events portrayed in the film.

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Hello, beautiful nerds, four months, our team has been working with the team at proximity media to create a companion podcast for the film Judas in the black Messiah coming up February. Twelve, the movie is amazing podcast at so much history and insight, I'm so excited for it hope you all subscribe. Ears preview. Do you care about immigration? get your game of others german French. Hampton was the leader of a new chapter, the black Panther Party. Until his life was cut short on asylum, fourth, nineteen sixty nine, but more a dozen law enforcement officers busted into his wares Chicago apartment. In a predawn raid, no was shot to death in his bed, he was twenty one years old, his life in Spain, The new film Judas in a blacklist I come coming February was in theatres on HBO Max
and this official podcast series produced by ninety nine percent. Invisible and proximity media partnership with Warner brothers, we're looking at the blacklist I at the centre of the film the real story of Chairman Frampton, but with a laugh? Why thou give all? Then it would mean Hamptons. A special that he was annoyed at as leader at such a young age and then targeted the federal assassination join me Elvis Mitchell as we go behind the scenes. The films creators, including practice Shaka king, the whole purpose of the moon, humanize its individual, and these people thing. Is you China? You lesson was superhuman, you didn't sleep, he changed smoked, draped buttons cops above me. He didn't have mobility so that account
an producer, Ryan Cooler, but may oppressors afraid you saw him does. He was fascinated by the most powerful government on the plan. Think about Saddam. Bobby. You know so good as something that data Bulgaria words. I have you had a jurist part in they don't cha cha to snuff everything about this part. You also talked posters, Daniel Kaluza, Lookit, Stanfield and Dominic fish back and to real black Panthers New Chairman Fred, including his widow, a coin jerry. Why don't they play me had looked like me, but Domini fit to be She presented Like a nice, new. She got caught some bad.
And our number one guy through the whole series, will be Chairman Fred, Hampton Junior. He was born three weeks after his father's assassination spent his life protecting his father's legacy. You look, it were people tell you to check out this individual de la free. It help your service recommend service and leave us recognize leaders join us as we talk about the making of the film and set the record straight, but the Chicago Panthers in german Fred Senior, Why should fill in theatres enemies for your max on February, twelve, in search for the Judas Messiah particles to get the full story wherever you and your bar gas.
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