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Kickstart Radiotopia- A Storytelling Revolution

2014-10-19 | 🔗

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This is nothing. This is radio Tokyo, I'm roman red Utopia from PR acts as a collective of the best sound rich story driven. Audio programmes, it's kind of like any label. the best producers to make their best were four years ago, created many represent a visible by myself in my bedroom at night Two kick start risen over twenty million down those later we now have this. Staff will produce the best episodes We ve ever made now we Wanna change, radio forever with radio tone welcome to strangers are gonna, be talking to a boy country about the fact that I, like the where women slow the true. Why reviewed I saw me on the street, you wouldn't
something different about me. I looked just like a normal persevere. We of the reasoning that lady from the windows, commercial, is like the embodiment of our collective fatigue with Bulgin could have waves and the kitchen sister. My name is Smith and Wesson like on foot tat, cuts, Mick, Jagger, Levin radio, robbing a peg tomorrow morning. I should probably wake up a little early. Fundamentally. This shows real utopia is fun to listen to you, but I think they also represent the best podcasting as an art form, and that requires work toad of work and we need listener support to make it happen. It doesn't matter How much you can give the whole idea of it? Is we all pitcher to create the public media that we deserve?
This is a radio revolution, and we can only do it with you when you support where utopia during this extraordinarily keeping none imps invisible going. You supported all the programmes and when you and your establishing this infrastructure for the next set of independent radio makers to make stories that they can't make anywhere else. We want to raise as much money as possible and green light, as many shows is we can handle because our work here not done living in golden audio storytelling and radio Toby is here to help the best and brightest. find their audience and make the best work of their lives. So It is spread the word it yourself. Somebody once and that radio, Toby, future radio or thanks
excellent, very, very dry, very dry.
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