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Kickstarter Video for Season 3 of 99% Invisible

2012-07-12 | 🔗

This is the Kickstarter video for funding the new season of 99% Invisible. If you enjoy the show and want to help keep it going, now is the time to go to our funding page and chip in a little. … Continue reading →

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This is ninety nine percent, invisible, I'm roman Mars. Ninety nine percent, invisible radio show I created about architecture and design. Since these are disciplines usually appreciated the eyes you might be thinking. Well, that's the stupidest idea. I've ever heard fair enough. It turns out. I don't see, pictures to talk about design, though it's nice to have them. Look like the launch badly asked for sound. I likely destroy that. Tell us about We are through the lens of the things we build since ninety nine percent of visible, launched at the end of twenty can. The show has been downloaded over three million time. There's been no marketing by any
and production done literally in my house at night. I think that in these nearly sixty episodes, my collaborators and I have proven that we can make something as good as the best things on public radio. Now I just want to pay everybody. If we had our sixth article, I can meet the basic needs for the budget for new season. The great thing about being unexpectedly popular is that you were popular in the bad thing about being unexpectedly popular. Is that it's expensive, the cost of my podcast hosting went up tenfold this year. if we can make their budget. I can keep the machine running such where set the goal of the campaign, but if we can blow that away and raise more, I can do so much more. I want to make more represents more stories like this poking around the thing it secret things sounds like the idea of Chrome voted rabies taught of user dissensions year were not imagine critical life. Lessons always read the black, but is the secret to life? My friends I want to go after moors.
This is a funding which is shockingly time consuming and expensive. I wanna do nothing less than create a new model for creating innovative public radio, but did view that I need your help. Any amount that you can contribute will make a huge difference. Some really talented designers have worked below scale to create some nice. Thank you get to entice you to join in this production. We created things that, even if you didn't know the show that well you'd want these items anyway, such economic and thanks.
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