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Smart Stuff with Justin and Roman- Founder Effect

2019-12-15 | 🔗

The long-awaited return of Smart Stuff with Justin and Roman, featuring Justin McElroy and Roman Mars.

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In August of twenty sixteen Justin Mcelroy and I created the next great leap forward in podcasting, asynchronous podcasting it up Miss actually on the roman Mars, Wikipedia pitch it all started on my brother. My brother me episode number three. Sixteen Roman MAR says, there's a revolving door and you use the one next to it. That is an evolving than your a monster position efficient and great. Can I can I ask you, I should just another minute ass he this for, while her why you just go to a pie, roman Mars, she would have me. I would love to to to get over there. I have a lot of good ideas for like not like this oh, but like years show like smart stuff. You know I mean like real thinkers, not like. I can't just not like this show like Smart, like air, it ain't par gassing? That's I feel
might you're calling and read where I really feel like my lights under a bushel just a commodity. I go we're backdoor pilot first smart stuff with just a Robin right now and just give us a topic. You might discuss and smiling out. So what I'll give you an example in this? It would be like co who stood by me in Roman, okay, so O Connor leave blank on his part. Not only do I can do Roman no limit just only blanks for his parts or can only want to hear my Roman. You could try later, but honestly, blanks flaring derives its me. Roman Mars remedies steal your brother autumn of call a nice have ever over revive, so it'll goes up the like. If cat remedies like an airy thy cost Smart Park, has that guy? Like a package where you know the host knows the word area, dight yeah yeah, I got big, so here's here's Cairo go at least this month
your house just a nap right, I'm joint! As always they buy roman Mars, pay doesn't Roman. What smart thing are we discussing today more for episode, too, of the smart set podcast I'd like to talk about one of my favorite things in population genetics, the founder effect, the founder of is when there is a loss of genetic variation in a new population, because it was started. By a small number of founders from a larger population. Nor did it think of it like this. According to the twenty ten you sent ass, the United States is seventy two point: four percent white Sixteen point three percent hispanic or latino twelve point: six percent, black and four point: eight percent asian- that's the average across all the. But imagine that one city in the? U S, wanted to start a colony on Mars. Speak on them that city may not have those proportions or that degree of genetic variation of for example, widest city, in the? U S is Scottsdale Arizona about ninety percent white hot Scots Delians broke, after form, their own martian colony. Even though Scottsdale is a party
mission within the United States, that colony would have much less genetic diversity than the? U S, population, as oh ah, usually founding populations are much more than entire city, sure. So imagine there was only to individuals that started new population. And the genes those two individuals carried would be the only genetic variation in the entire gene Subsequent generations may produce some random mutations, but otherwise that's it. That's all you working with when it comes to plants and animals and bacteria and isolated founding population with low genetic diversity that by chance had different make up than the population it came from, could lead that new population to becoming a whole new species given enough time, but wait wouldn't that now, if the small number of founders of a population have a genetic mutations in the new population remain somewhat isolated. That mutation will be much more common, even as the population grows over time
see so in the eighteenth century. About two hundred families founded the amish population of Pennsylvania and at least one of those families had a mutation called Polly Actually, what and even today the Pennsylvania Amish have much higher rates of Polly directly than the? U S population as a whole, and that met. Why you're? Not so quite rare and honest person, is much more likely to have eleven fingers. Ah, it doesn't usually look like poliform finger. It's often just a little nub, twelve oaks. That's all we have time for a smart stuff. Today, it's kind of groundbreaking work made by pioneers in the world podcast. It is only possible because of listener support right now, if you go to Radio Toby it out, I am you'll find a big button that says Roman Mars's, beautiful Nerd brigade, you click it you'll be donating. Dollars- and you get an invitation to the online version of my office hours, were I will
heart onto you in a bunch of other beautiful nerds, all the things I ve learned about podcasting in the last ten plus years. Clearly, as evidenced by smart stuff, I have a lot of knowledge about podcasting to impart onto you about eight of ten thousand listeners to radio Tokyo. It means very likely. You are one of the nine thousand nine hundred and ninety two who do not, but you can change that, go to radio took it out of them quickly. Roman Mars, B of Honor Brigade Button, a big group of us will hang out talk about. Podcasting can be awesome. We need thirty, five thousand people to be backers. This drive did our goal. Let's reach that goal Together, we made it really really easy: ten bucks, that's it you're in the brigade. And when you're done, semi note about it on twitter at Roman Mars, and I will thank you personally. That's re utopia that FM thanks what a fascinating tale.
Thank you. Radio do.
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