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Video- The Norman Door with Vox

2016-02-27 | 🔗

There is an epidemic of terrible doors in the world. But when Don Norman got frustrated with them, he ended up changing the way people everywhere think about design. Video by Joe Posner of Vox, featuring Roman Mars of 99% … Continue reading →

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There's this door on the tenth floor of the Vocs media office that I hate so much damage period of Dore Wrong, pretty regularly have you seen. People misuse concept me too Kelsey, but here's the thing. As soon as you start looking for confusing doors, they bar every its push. Why roman Mars. We know that this is ninety nine percent invisible. His doors, you hate or called Norman What's a Norman door, Don Norman wrote the essential book about design here,
the Norman of the Norman to arrive, and where is this guy? You must go to San Diego, ok, I'm dying Norman. I am sure you know it's hard. Describe what I well he's been a professor of psychology, professor of cognitive science, professor of computer science, a vice president of advanced technology at apple, but for our emphasis. Notwithstanding a year in England, I tried so frustrated with my inability to use the light switches and the water tabs, and the dollar is even wrote this if I continue you're wrong, Is it my fault? No, back. If you continually get it wrong, is a good one, Their people continue to get a good sign. a really bad door.
A Norman door is one with a design. Tells you to do the opposite of what you are actually supposed to do. Org It is the wrong signal and needs a sign to correct it. Of instruction. That is why we have have a sign that says push or pulled. Why not make it up? it can be obvious design right. There are a couple really simple basic principle of design, and one of them will call discover ability. When I look at something, I should be able to discover what operations I can hear the principle applies to a whole lot more than doors It's amazing with many of our computer systems. Today ether, There's no way of knowing was possible should I am tap at once or twice or even trivial discover ability when is not there Well, you don't worry you something Another is feedback somebody time, there's no feedback. You have no idea what happened or why it happened.
and these principles form the basis of how designers and engineers work today commonly known as user or human centred design. I've decided at one point. The word user was the big degrading. Why not call people, people and its amazingly, simple and amazingly seldom practice we got into a cheerful, goes around there, sir go out. We observe what is happening today. Reserve people doing tat and from that we say, oh, we some ideas, here's what we should perhaps propose to do. Then you put Take your solution and test. It went off. These are wrong. First serving around the circle? We do a better job of making your vice until the point we are actually making something that really works, and this process has spread all over the world and it turns out its improving lot from better everyday things like the ones that Donald about using the same process dissolve huge problems and public health in developing countries,
water sanitation, forming lots more. So what could be better human centred door, an ideal door one that is, I walk up to it and walk through it. I'm not even aware that I had opened the door and shuddered so He had a door which had a flat play. What could you do now? The only thing you can do is push see, wouldn't need, assign a flat plate. You push This kind of push bar with the peace sticking out on one side works while to see you can see what side you're supposed to push on article buys could go either a simple little hand. Thing no sorted indicates but we still have terrible terrible doors, and so many up. There are lots of things like that are fairly standardized and therefore, whether I, by this house or not, is not a puncture whether has good doors so, except for safety reasons.
ten not today, but the tyranny of bad doors must and can it really be fine? One is to be and asking for you're right, Becky, your goddamned right, and if we thought like you? Well, we might just design a better world all point, because the security of the new treaty hate this is Joe from backs. Thank you so much for watching. If you want to see more stuff like this, just contact us out. Youtube Dotcom, Slash, vocs, veal x. It was so much fun collaborating with ninety nine percent, visible, as you can see some approval, speaking made over here, but obviously
not as improved as it could be.
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