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Curtis Jackson better known as 50 Cent is an American rapper, actor, producer, and entrepreneur. 50 cent chats with the Armchair Expert about towing the line between Curtis and 50 Cent, hustling at age 12 and having to make the distinction between the one who sells and the one who consumes. Dax asks about masculinity and 50 Cent talks about being a lightweight. The two talk about their instinctual guard against people and why it’s important to have a career that evolves over time.
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Were. I can welcome. Welcome armchair expert, I'm dance ladders joined by Maximus Mouse heavenly microphone issues over their heads is awaited. Yet it girl minds. Good minds is sitting over here and I swing it out. When I get outta here, we gotta get years in better shape and should be very stable. ok, ok, great wow, high wow. That was closing reasons. The main oil when thou we have a very exciting individual with us today goes by the name of fifty San. His name is Curtis. Jackson is make you nervous my say fifty very yeah, but that's what he says. We respect for fifty cents is here: kurdish Jackson, better known as fifty cents. He is a wrapper and actor producer in an item I knew he was in get rich,
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Really exciting. To talk to you for real I've, I seen you once in real life and you and known it and I went to Saturday night lie with Ashton. in an hour. The musical gassed here Madonna, and I was How can you like? There was a fucking wild tiger in the studio? their use always get the bull. Brevet have always jack, it was exciting. New knows bunnies asylum material. That is stop. Did you of Javert Ill way of humour? That is now understanding of deploying down You don't understand me for me personally, it is the fund. shit, When you go, did you don't understand? What's goin on really enjoy myself. You know,
I was just talking about this with someone else the other day- and I bet I mean clearly you would have to run into this, but it never occurred to me that the message I was sending out in the acting work. I did that people were right to assume that's who I was in my first ten jobs. I had. I played a dumbass I think just regularly people meet me like. Oh, I thought you were stupid. Stupid I thought you were like. Oh I guess that makes sense, but I would never thought about they do have to eat me. Backers allows update characters to speak to the grass society should be set. Yeah, that's how Lapierre bag I laughed aloud ass. It did at the time he saw was distant Are you in fact cameo it's, because I'm the guy who shoot nothing. yeah, yeah disruptor, so as is The Baltic is such a message to those programmes and he said
the guy to expect that allies was Eddie. Murphy Murphy did a drama yeah and I was but what is this like? I was with you. You make me laugh, I love them so many times and other projects that I was like yo right hitting yeah. I think that's why I've always had like a pretty deep interest in like meeting hip hop of mine because in general what that movement was selling is the same as the Puncak movement which, as I thought this system is not benefiting me. In fact, everyone less burn this poison what I love, because I wasn't upon music and then I was into people like ice cube, say and fuck. This whole thing everyday yeah, but then, what's really funny is that we all become an institution like neuron institution in its a funny transition. Isn't it because at the camp out cordial, particularly when they left, is that it
They could also like undistorted perception of things. Saving Barbara yeah, yeah opposite taken format. The whole and miss them, Everything has gone on the enjoyment, never stops. Yes, yes, yes, You know you're so right like when I think about even like the nineties, like if all the nineties West Coast guys were like ok we're living. in a war zone, the fatality right here is ten times the national average life expectancy for blackmail this and look what, if the diagram and it's the damn like. I won't let this own me I'm going to celebrate in spite of it, and you have to have from the journey from these crazy. So he spent time in that the holder, so they didn't want to go up, and then why do you come down? ah ha, because how could you possibly be able to sustain it unless you learn and information is adapted involving to do something different?
So I wonder if you ve had this moment life I've had it where I was like. Oh shit, the thing that got me into the party isn't the thing: that's gonna keep me at the party. You can't get stated The ass they asked the n it because I love it and around, that is the only put was missing in Niger. try and be at the forefront of all of it. You don't sound, because we still need those two new countries the guy's a most biomaterials gas, but should take on it. Causes nice the findings. what new new rights rights, always out with the oil to nose, was tackled because I love you go the guys. disdain. The relevant is because they have learned over the time to read out of diversifying be any. Yeah, where the woman comes out as a cause of music culture that point into the fire, maybe euphonious would be people speak.
and covered at that when they live, they haven't adult experience for the first time and if you're going do you in cars in two thousand and three he was a part of it without being in Rome. The more I do so hide it. The music was being played when I was there now. Can I tell you personally: You know where your add my emotional memory, it so profound. So I got a famous one second, after your album came out. And I was gone and night clubs in New York City would people that I didn't think you'd ever say hi to me and your song was playing one hundred percent of the night clubs I went and it's like. I can't even explain to you how rap my first speech of celebrity in access as make it is you I mean it's you more than anybody This worked up about this. We make you Michael mother,
because what is that pivotal point, the successor for male the makes it even more attractive appointment Male because tradition, we say to them ass possible to protect the security support with them, I'm having the success and financially being in a good position, because we see the projects and see the person depends would say that he meets our criteria survival. Is he could be gorgeous? He can have arms like like. We just picked his arm out and it's just that looks exactly the way she wants to stand up on his neck. Has these little things did make us look like us are nothing, but if it does figure out how to go as something to be so upset with their pretty much on her couch. You can't be hot enough to live on a jigs couch does ones, then maybe Brad Pitt but other than him, and no one else can live on you couldn't
have you wearing? Is it so funny, I'm just thinking of this now for the first time talking to you, I've never thought about this, but I'm watching. As I'm sure you are the last dance. Are you watching it We love. It were drinking it like this. Agenda. Where and when our, as I mean it is like, I can't believe how good it is, but at least like all athletes enter that occupation going. Ok, there's a shelf life like by now. I can't imagine Noah's the musician that you entered that go on. I'm not seeing a lot of six year olds rosetta people are fuckin, put the top down to it like. Were you aware of that at all creatively, the guy's hasn't precondition himself to write the music When it starts to come out easy, it was like. I can't do this to write. comes out so now, when you go go surely is about. It is not right.
Besides, this isn't gonna organically to news, and your first thought is the right thought when you make music, so It's ok made that will make make more just keep me. Get him until you become condition: to make it, and you say in the right things on the record now. The difference in professional activities is the problem may be absolute conscious of the shop light, but he spent so much time in the fantasy or what is gonna be like when he makes it they try to fulfil a fantasy when only to replace or each one of those teams actually live the Venice yeah, because the additional money from endorsements and from other, a summary income is common in those people do whatever they want now What did I do, but what they're going to do for the people who offered moral support? Most professional athletes was to live like after these they don't care about champagne documents.
articles on bottles of big death, but when you go out to sparkles, come on because they have the people around them, did absolutely clear about that. So don't spend the money so decorously than that in the book on sometimes office. The virus pay up on abolishing pay. Now and other views glasses, Anderson, the bottles to bring back to me Israeli. Ah I'm such a lightly drink I'll, get that I'll drink. A little bit, and I will be here- because my tolerances super low, because I just never trusted when I drink the battle afterward LAB Adam bring one answer. Everyone party enjoying themselves the entire tat, because you gotta watch me. Arsenal. Endowing. You see me slow now and then a doorway would regularly do because this in may not engage
pressure on you doesn't bill Nevertheless, on Monday reply was permitted cut the patent but to be aware of other people's needs, relying on you like me. I have to act a certain way so that other people can feel free to organise their advice. years into a dead they all driving? And after that, some levels. That's really true, like they spend the money like when you spend the money for them to have a good time when I bought MIKE Tyson's home, does with the thirty seven battles, eighteen pounds for it Both this facility evil, deep bass recording studio night. In the middle or replace industrial, kitchen and door basketball. All of this tankers.
That is, I believe, an exact buying known. Although tiger that was, it begs, the excitement of the letter had those exotic pits, economically or less the outdoor pools. A basketball everything out there, you go. Sleeping, obey yeah yeah yeah. Well, you pay for place like that terrorism facility deserves a wolf really going to begin the correct, as you want to bring every guy. Good time were like every people now I still have the ability, by herself, but you still living in a really nice one bedroom, because if you led the one Bevil house, they do have a staff yeah You can't walk alone. Gaza, wonder. their masters, we I suppose you see your butter, isn't it funny, like even you'll, get mafiosi so in the eighties,
actual real crime families in the eighties in New York. They started imitating the godfather right, like their replicating this thing that they saw that was fain to begin with right and then you got people like they idolize scarface and then they're all just kind of replicating this shit they saw, and then you saw at some point some music video that you go to the club and then you do, and it is interesting that you just inherit this definition of success, of wealth, of the finish line. And then you am, u insert yourself into our? U manufacture, because that's what you were told is the finish line this vices musical do they will find out, I say, were negative limbs. Gotta know pointed As I understand it, these things actually grown on the environment. The darkness is coming up and then be upset when it bleeds is way into the actual got yeah I go away, but
they can play standards on music, did the top place on film intolerably ever think there was any wrong musical. Do is find Whitneyville YAP the violence massage. And is the energy? What are you gonna movie about a guy who goes around kills cops, that's fine, but you have a song called cop killer. We got trouble then. This is influencing. Are you two dynamic Winwood was audio what you did the battle is again when you look at Skype. Is that the time a godfather is golfers came out, the drug trade was vibrate. In New York, anything done what damage to the inner cities caused them. Look scarp is the answer me hear. Why did they appeal of those movies and why I love him and my white destroys my wife's nuts she's like? Why do you read books about Pablo Escobar? Why are you obsessed with this guy's easy,
I know my key is but one I'm obsess about. As someone gone, I was born here in fact that I will get whatever I want. I can bend the universe around my desire, that's what's appealing and I think a movie like scarface like ninety five percent. The country does not have access to any that shit and they they watch a movie about a guy. That's them. He just comes over on a boat he's got nothin and he threw his way. will. He forces himself to have something in itself, so people get hung up on the violence, but that's not even the emotional appeal of the emotional appeal is. I can transcend my situation and I can get out of this and I can be huge, The acting president have an idea and believe in it they could have rights even a profession that these states become passionate about what the dawn. Then it can do it long enough to become good enough some of Metallica, so it just takes no time from Nashville to get it. They can just get it. The other ones, hard work beats talent when talent not working
those guys were work because they love some are still work hard enough added to make it up, but This fall in love with an idea and actually believe in. You can do tat it worked out enough without that now people who have success. I believe they have repeated successor points because they are we believe they can be successful. Yeah added first time that it happens they go. Do they expect it to be a success so they don't doubt themselves well, when we were watching the last dance I said De Monica the the shot at nor Carolina. That's his whole life right there three. Second, left down by one. He takes the shot. If it goes, any Michael Jordan is a clutch player if he shoots the bed rooms, the hold them. Who knows what his life is like. After that people, and in the least they play like a picture, then I'll pick bombs on it but they got bombs on a bit because the
They didn't by how much those three players are getting, because there, receiving that they start to play like you're right people Bull rise to their expectations. We ve had a big debate over the past couple days about last answered about Scotty Pippin. He was so drastically underpaid and how it eventually caught up to him and the rest of the team does he was like I'm not gonna play, I'm gonna get the surgery instead because I'm not getting what I deserve. There's garden. Businesses are needed, They should adjustments for the place at that point? Yes yeah I'm point they were in a sea of ten thousand student athletes and then they entered into a pool of iranian people in the NBA. Let's say you know, eight hundred now there of eight hundred the peak of the mountains, even closer, yet some people put it neutral at that right, because when you get there and exciting
the one I'm gonna make. It certainly has been drained out. Yes only and it doesn't feel like they expected it to yell. Here we go about this well. That's all I want to. I want to explore that a lot with you in first. I just want to say so your your book that you have out right now, a hustle harder, hustle, smarter. I loved what you said, He said I had been offered many times to write a book. You said yeah so the bunch albums and I made a bunch of money, but I dont really I should be advising people on how to be a human doesn't mean. I'm a success is a human are then I'm not failing on all these other levels, who might write some book, and I just saw what a great admission to start with the cause is honest. my expertise is in the things they work for me and mistakes deny me cause I learn from. Mistakes that I've also offering both. yeah. I had to start with that statement, so you would see both yeah and by the way
there's a lot more to learn from somebody that sharing their mistakes than their victories. I'm We're gonna write, get richer died. That's not sure mainly main point, nine name, Arizona, people's future, but maybe fucking. or a friend is in all of our futures. Like that's that's. Actually I can late. You or anyone else could relate to you on today to arm chair. If you dare we support, by yummy Emmi Brook Lynn. In now, bringing convert into your home is the ultimate form of self care, and now more than ever it is important to take care of yourself and each other. You spend a third of your life
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Dad's not around your mother got murdered in eight years old. There do you go to live with I'm on grandpa that point, yet it and then is very well known about you. You sell drugs for a while. I am curious in you kind of said it already. You never are in the drinking or anything. How lucky do you feel that you just you weren't cuz, I'm an ass. Some fifteen years, sober nice, Malta, lotta crack. I wish I had bought some off you. I'd, be a great story. yeah you that you didn't have a penchant for addiction, apparently or maybe just addiction, another way, vice versa, caused my mom at eight hundred and fifteen. So at that point to this pregnancy was his. This is now and then the active program set up where you can go to satellites, then go to work part time jobs. I saw her ashes. haven't. We were to happen. Laughter she has me. She hasn't figured out how to take care of you. Just wasn't the kind of person that would accept the welfare welfare
base. You never go nowhere. You going set. You gonna be right here maximum was there is no growth in the welfare system so now all of size and never once so, scared now most of the people there I sought it represented financial freedom, add expendable income? They didn't do there. Why will offer my mother so act? Did she die? Mcdermott's house welcome around I know the person who was an aid for any day was of those Bernie. They already know me, but for my mother, aha, so It gives me the opportunity to be closer to two, a m, grandfather was very, he represents tradition to me it was real school, Good work come on get my grandmother's check, my heart. not accorded between good, not the car get into actual house. they will give you some and it s eight. When I figured out how things really work around food
given living my gremlins, and he was so Additional sacrifice was the kind of gave everyone knows. And lady said I didn't make it I'm gonna want you me and told me you could see it. He was a baby, but. When I gave you a moment money, you start of looking at things that I couldn't give it to me. wire appear really nice block pop. So she can look nice because when we look, We feel good if you may, the pressure of your responsibilities are responsible. So now she has all the money she has to pay all the bills. So now you see and when those shoes you go not only that can be addressed Because you already is aware work both of you keep the money. She can feel that when you see those shoes that you deprive her something and not give in to a less does what he was escaping by dawn when an active with those other people. They look it's a young. Why clothes look so
I don't know, there's no one here to give me that stuff and it starts by the communist reeboks and swept over the classics: Dubai, Algerian, buddy. You stop running! stop it. You can see it not will come out of the furnace. Urge mission they come begging to see that nickel goddamn worse yet EU fish on you to give your power? Aha, I mean it's not enough to get you a pair of shoes. Cuz get you a pair of shoes and you going to fuck the shoes up in these shoes again versus. If I give you a call, you can go, get your own yeah. So it's give you three and one slash two cramps. You know what to do with this. It's only gave me so someone asked her husband had twelve. I was asked them between three and six. Had to go through the whole process. To stop my grandmother for walking home from school, I had to tell her that was. I was big. I was like. so the away with Loi weight as well I hope that the power of Lord may weather,
If I wanted to vote now going on, I was then the gum Lucas. it is the small up to me the alleged you won't be home school, they slow he didn't had us feel like. I don't feel like shit, doing something me. I want to walk me all right right, you're. Making me look slow ground. There is done. you got no right. Because I'm begging, you woke me all Moby Dick and issues like oh no, it is growing up and who is be coming home from the school and giving up the slip to the after school program, says you'll, be there to six instead of three, Ah, but another turn slippers while ours, the hustle at council, was being my grandmother's baby while being involved in the street, and those are the two sizes when you talkin Curtis versus fifty cent.
Where did make clear to me that you can serve the man at the man's daylight versus burns Hasna loosen panel who some patios at the translation tubes? That's why teachers in this vote without the Dolby LAB did, it did have a guy. Does the need to make a few dollars? And it was this There was something to do it. I could actually have something from doing. Let me ask you: what did it do to your opinion of just people in general? Like did you have a division as I there's these zombies and there's normal people artists Everyone was a liability because I lived a household it. My grandmother, nine children, my mom that died, the wonderful nine children. It's an house one another now their first granted aha as they got older. There was all job. the whole place, some a rumour, Numa grandma, those on one day dream. Aha,
so it was like it's an option to get high or too to drink versus, get what you want. It became either or you couldn't have bought. It was seeing the people who I knew to sell drugs have all of his nice stuff haha. Does seeing people make the choice to actually use it. So I'm looking God now, I'm on this side like when I wrote, give it to die trying on how Tom? but I knew that there was an artist who would like to hear that right, right neuron, the environment that I came Oughta. Do you think it lowered your overall assessment of humans lay some people grow up around supportive, helpful, generous people the people in their life and then other people grow. Around takers no. It fucked up my view of humanity,
would have, I would have said, the wrong percentage of like what people on earth. I think our scumbags, in which a percentage are good, but I had a warped fucking. Percentage, but she says homesick awake. Some people grew up around people who go people and want to give and people work of our people that just wanna take it to my experts. Cause I've only have one expense, theirs. Did they will take right right? So am I make me a mood defensive. to that end. Aware of that immediately and in you know, I've got that it s. So these points the good people come around and I'm still going yes, yes and because I don't know exactly: what that is better Is there with me in an alpine? Would not understanding what is and is just ass. A defence mechanism developed from
coming out. It added by the end of a person has been exposed to it. They are vulnerable to yes, when my wife- and I mean a new- do any new do that comes around in any capacity. The first four minutes, even if I'm I and my heart is like ok, let's see where this dudes come from. I just can't you know I've gotten better over time, but Yemen My first thing is, I know, you're in an evaluation phase right now not given any one, the benefit of the doubt now limited, but I'm trying to shake their blue. The person who doesn't have that they have to learn by going to fucked up expressed, Because they're gonna give the person the benefit of the doubt out the gate that the good people and find out the not so good. But you know it's interesting So, my wife, somehow she's never been taken advantage of even in ways you and I might think she got taken advantage of. If you really talk to her,
she saw that debt and a factor Oh so when I met her and went to her house, there's like five people live in at her house, gathers big ol house as five people. You know within timmins. Am I wonder? What are these people Bain and ran she's like Oh, no, he takes the trash out and she feeds the dog and by economic girl, you're gettin. Here they get Evangel, ok, cut too. You know. Five years later, the highly of her life on planet earth was living with those six people shared they. Pay their way, but she had like this great community. She loved them. They loved her. And, unlike of sometimes I thought I was getting taken advantage of, but I missed shit the way out of work. I would assess why a right and I look at it and go all community circus. You didn't free, fully shop right, so not achieved in the past that and enjoy the
you gotta be moments, go moments when you ve come from nothing the Nightmares Grouse day. You want to go back to that Does the worse experience will be ready to go all the way tat I feel, like you, try out made it any go right back yeah. You know I saw it for most while I connect the experience, which is free spirit, it again tat these people come in. Some people can appreciate it and not two things to other people. Well. Look at you say it was me it was the drugs vs. Yes, yes here It was something else, but they'll do the fallacy to ever. Could imagine, let's just add that her group of friends actually was like my girlfriend of people live in it miles. They would be taken of answer me any more than I was even given. That's why you would assess it down. We ve been. If we get it right, we may be able to draw people good people right
which I didn't know existed until they don't you think it's a loop that it could be a loop that if you feel that every ones Bad or could take from you that you draw people who will and if you think, everyone's good, you might draw people who are a, namely good. I beg of you to sit around people were good is a high probability that you get fucked over. Really bad luck, I'll amateur themselves, even discuss night is now only when you go to. as whatever you're close enough to feel the same. Say your girlfriend is called disguise. It is, does to desert completely wrong So your shoulder to shoulder she cry on beer, someone close not offered by union experience it, but because you feel for her you went to that to re disappointed you see something similar someone's behaviour is to remind you of the scenario to she went to
because you have that information. Do will look at it. if we act like they're trying to do exactly like. I already know what they're doing it's the things you go through, don't make you who you are. How do you become? Who you are? on your journey that intelligent various did. You see they increase, I envy you talk about the upbringing and build a damage. Haven't damage, Batman, DAS, for people, good action assistant, yeah yeah. I do not feel love at all. I have my grandmother- would be my mother, I'm a guy father to be my father, the fact Mother Father was there is like I don't look at it like. It was a disappointment yeah- and it sounds like you know when in so many ways you are unlucky and then in so many ways you were crazy. Lucky like to have had that profound. You know love from the grandparents this does not happen and assessed. Of about head right right.
When you get dealt a bad hand, you feel like as a bad hand, you start to cuz. You feel like that, how you get out of it. You pay like a bad him as a boon ban? So the two blocs mother use drugs, eminence mom eastward above workers about it too boxes were Craxi, mom you're, always black What else is a little more angry? Sorry mom random. Without you don't want to make you grab tonight number closet and the same subject. Both MA am asking her. one is angry and other one is like those funds but gave him anyway. While growing and black coat Madam president, it does it will see the credit for growth. But we're Middle America's purchasing about music. The faces. Look, I guess
they don't see where they entered a culture. Why would they buy yeah? You want who will be able to identify in some guy? As you know, finding more than they do yeah then the circumstances poverty, while allowing these have anything other than law enforcement. Ok you why? If you brown purple just do not be blow You gonna take us down, they look at accept it anyone know what I just zone. So here's my big question for you, so I just fucking coveted money. I wanted the fuckin money so bad and I had a fantasy of what it would feel like to get the money, and I was I Ok, I'm here I thought I was going to feel a certain way way, whereas the magic feeling I am grateful for it, but where's the magic transcendent feeling of being famous in red. Did you ever? Let down?
isn't that current, whose roots decided not marker. If I was you always did it was a success. Does it If I lose much is a noble myself. Now. about one which I would ask for more wishes. Look at that those ideas managing and miles a large step up, I'm so dirty money wreckage for everything else there the process did you go to male and end of key points out and create the separation between males and females, because Women are a kind of trying to be selective. We have to be first safety yeah to stay in their turn be selective, so there listen, traditional one right cause. How do they went up That must be there as a when I say, use the term. How
same thing is me using First, a single man because a man could be under tasters and faces many batches cookies didn't like its physical visa dismantled. Now he said it was So our a cannot accept that say: the mail was dated five attractive women in its in black red He will be probably loaded. They would probably be the kind of person who was comfortable enough, but himself did he ever since you this tunnel is governing this talk. He could just have storms way at the top and trickled is weighed down, because sometimes people, don't know like to see somebody. Would it so could have been able to have those by women because of the women if he chose to be reversed, and other woman saw in
in Evian them. They changed their perspective. They looked different because they saw him with her. Now Then man could be with those five women editor black radius and Time people would, it did a firewood. His person, why would be patented for the imminent anyone, just man he's a cool guy. Now, if a female slept, five guys in the timber radius when the man met her and talk to you it is in everybody's cited by and then he told you about my mommy used, must will re of Road, and find out for him some miles was most would so she fucks everybody changes the whole scenario. Somehow she'll be damage for the same behaviors. Did the single mail would Oh, it's a total double standard. Now this
meanwhile, would be selected the trying to dislike the sun. It doesn't happen, is. It also saw tat. We ve been talking about only have the ability to do things when you believe TAT, yeah, in know it's and we lost is happening. You may not not skates, that point too embrace the idea of several again because it's early, never early in IRAN, so, when about doing everything have all experienced, is you dig up? what you gonna run into all those things and haven't varies, and it wasn't. You actually thought it was because It was self servant Gear Mass, you'll entity? For me in my neighborhood? Was you could kick ass, you physically can beat ass. You fucked a lot. You got rich
And you also the fourth one? Is it that the we wants his great documentary on a definition of yeah? You can consume crazy amounts of alcohol or drugs right. These are the four ways a man prove. that is a man. This is like the playbook you're given at twelve or I'm from, and I bet you're playbook with similar. You can kick ass, it is out of what is actually do their financially when you get yourself into a decent space. The first is to change the clothes. The shifts presentation and perspective of how people see you, which provides the ability for you to find that female attention or energy that you would be So you and I are the same age nor the product of the same masculine playbook. My question for you is, if I had son I'd be gone. Man is that
definition I want him pursuing. Do I want him to go getting a bunch of fights like I did. Do I want him to go fuck every girl to hook crooker scam, and then you don't manipulate. Do all this shit to get to get approval from other dudes my one and a half to have all this money. That, I think, is I'm grateful for, but is now what I thought: who's gonna be like. Is this the playbook? I would pass to my my son, noble pass me there as well happens organically when those things are agile exposed. But I'm design you nailed all of a man in the question is: has it raised? alt and satisfaction for you. Does it result and satisfaction for you or do you now after you'd click check? Those boxes? Are you like others? There has to be something else there has been some my I gotta pursue now when I didn't you live with denied philosopher
and I'm never do myself is another aspect to this is adapted. A behavioral viewpoint. They say I'm a big Applegarth twitter is now you know. People Look at me as a young. The thousand automaton, because answer, and that was a long time What am I doing now and it's easier to make things happen from a position where you have the resources to financially support and, The traffic that would allow others to cook the bill mad at you, so you'll have to imagine for you that the reward is the process has used from the outside? At least it looks like you crushed, music, you gonna have a bigger problem. and then like. Ok, what's next, I want to build to me. It seems like what you love in life is to build it. The reserve
It's really are irrelevant only for love with the idea of the process. That is what we have to be period. It's gonna be in process about something new. So this is not what I want to go. yet in the results are an illusion. Is what I'm getting at right if a person looking out success like US dollar amount. They walk right, guys, you uncle requesting. This is something I am ignorant on. I'm only and of aware, because some of the guys I follow a really obsessed with them, nip Z. That's all right. He seems to have spoken to two black entrepreneurial ship in a way that will really resonated with a lot of folks people opposed and insight I'm like him and then he is like as for hustle, and I guess, Just because your book is about Hassan Europe. Clearly a fuckin by all our hustler Eve. I mean I just for anyone that doesn't know you got like multiple hit tv shows you ve,
multiple branding successes you ve had multiple problems. I mean you really Jesse, you ve also like no one else. So what does he say in its? Can in so much in resonating what the black meaning. What are you saying that carrying that same message- or if maybe it's not, message. Lucy. It is a message because the sinner forces not happen and trying to make it from from that the House, the mentality lives in a almost thirty seven, the music. I understand where I come from he's some whose more popularity, this success. Ah, prior to his death, when is limited success, we huge amounts of success. You get the fuck away from it because they kill you absolutely you gonna to get if you stated
with definite success stories, magnitude connected to walk and he's gonna fuck with our infrastructure, how to enable works yeah if you hustle, and you earned too much money, they call you well Right now is our area the reason why early on, in his cup conversation, I say to you that the people love thanks to the damage when it comes to buckled when When is she stays in the environment? Look at him, part like us. So far Tat allows Kismet, who America people no miracle, are not subjected to the circumstances to safely get a chance to everything out without danger of being heard by yeah. Because they see us and was killed in an environment where it will cause? We live in a period now, with internet allows the ability to see Others, no secrets, there's no secrets anymore to see The thing that happened TAT she had been happen. It sounds cool
song in there is that there is enough of a barrier that it's cool and song but yeah. When you see it, it's like. Oh no, oh yes, I don't. I don't like that. No reference did he may in the music. Is this? What goes on in your bank soap when it happened? Storm. and you go to listen to the music. After the fact you hear the thing They go on any environmental match up to what you just saw makes you feel like it is, a visionary, my own is very similar, an interest because it allows debut them. above all night ass, I came back, I'm saying the same thing must end with eight indifferent. Because I'm saying the same things I will say to you prior to that you I believe yeah did It would be a good time change narrative if you weren't, that was right in nets. The way, that's what we said. Thirty
ago is like what got you to the party is now. If we're going to keep your party you're gonna die at their party of you. Don't change in the book! You talk about the aim being open to evolve and you have to. All this demand man you're so great. I really hope you and I'll chat and in real life one day. Are we to dialogue together, gangs, you get thrown up a good dinner. Yes, Everyone should get hustle harder, hustle, smarter. There are no other key Kurt. Well, when you and I become best friend. What will I be calling you use that motherfucker I would have. You are gonna who best president? Ok, ok, so everyone will this mother fucker was so entertaining so interesting from our every this motherfuckers book and I definitely hope I get to see you and break I would do in real life where we go it's gonna, Mcgann, ok, good around stay to arm chair
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he airbag he was here. I want to know. I want to see if he's as big as he is in my mind, from singing a mum Estonian live at its height with the boa profess she's, pretty enormous. In my memory the mountain of a guy yeah- I don't know- I don't know his stats anyway, my neck popped adjust the family. So go! Oh we're just jiggling around rangy computer. Oh, no! No! No! That's so my MAC as part of this, It happens, like nowhere. Would you feel strain, no warning, there's no warning it's a pop and it then there's a pain Ok, that's happened when I like pop crack, my knuckles, or something that the as associated with relief yeah a little odd yeah on there occasion. My neck gives me a nice pop crack.
and always feels good tat is, I think the journey do any back, cracking habitually now an ugly. I doubt I've done. On my friend used to crack, at a lot of which was nice that felt nice. I didn't feel like this right here. When I lay in bed at night, I immediately I'm on my back in the night, throw a leg over the other. Like really far and twist lower back me up and always in one direction. I get a nice long. Past love it. You were my friend used to do it a lot to me. We were told they should do it. It's not good for you, that's what I they tell kids when their little. But I've never heard of a biologist. Tell me that parents, always you don't cracker knuckles. The reasons rose like, though, get looser you'll get arthritis when you're old. They'll get bigger. Now that this may be the case, but I've just never heard it from a physician. I do have a practice Fair, not, though anywhere where I could never. Maybe that's. Why? to be fair. It gonna made its way.
I don't think so. I don't know one so that our three has had to happen aware the pop, what all the eggs even less, that it's just that cracking causes arthritis enjoying lane or flock feisty. I did say that for me planter planter why she ideas flashy ideas. I dont now planner foot, Fashionitis, planner fashionitis. and her fast. She, oh my god. Oh my god. I think I can get a planner fast. She fast of farming, I in no way I've never even heard. This word is what you get a few Craig you're the knuckles in your hands, a lot as a kid planner fast. She ate the affair, she Idas plan or flash me one time for you to yet what you had to run up and joy until I read it than I can read it planter, well. Ok, you're, really, land, tar, planner flesh, yeah, I know fashion.
Yes planner fast. She has also called police man's he'll, all their make sense like a big cop on foot about there's a common thread between a correlation between hookworm and plan tar fashion. I bet they're inversely related, I think, prove that you're and choose a lot and hookworm is proof that you're, not my legs, like you get planner fashionitis from wearing barefoot. While cops are barefoot of their common cop disorder. I think of a big black uncomfortable shoe. That's great question. Gregory its lay the hours of Friday night, it's late, a wee wee screwed, the pooch in vain ourselves into a corner there, where we can do it on a Friday night, yeah, ok, so decent use of the the fatality rate is ten times the national average
Young black males, yeah have really high fatality or a yak. It just says: mortality estimates show black death rates to accede. White rates up until ages, mid seventies, open to moves yeah, that's a long time to catch up. You, ok. I thought that this part was so interesting when he was talking about being at the club in her doesn't drank, and so he gets a bottle of champagne Porsche for everybody and hasn't fill it up with ginger rail for him to drink. So it looks like he's during gang a lot so that will keep doing. gang and they'll be happy. Oh no, I got I took the opposite, sees not a drinker. He's a leg way exactly so
he's feeling everyone else's cup with the bottle and he doesn't want them getting drunk as he's not gonna get drunk and he doesn't want to be around. That was that's his way of controlling how fucked up the people around you get. That is the acid interpretation. Ye ask has his whole point as he wants them to be happy he's supporting the people who supported him, but he doesn't like drinking so he tapped bar tender and says he says he filled everyone's up and then he says I want ginger ale, Well here I am, I thought he said. Then he has them bring out another bottle, but it's full of ginger ale event he's villain everyone's cup with now not booth, so that they don't get fucked up Ronan. I mean that's how I interpret gotta yeah, I dont think his whole point was that when you get to that level, as I said, is that that's a lot of pressure on you too, have to do that so that everyone else around you can be happy to live there.
tens kind of that you're something you're not We talk about living like the music video dream right in the club with the bottles like that, we're all we ve seen it so when we arrive, we replicated to demonstrate that that's like the right of passage, but you ve made it to have that experience. Rattler you're our lab. Yes, I think that he wants to give that people, but he himself doesn't partaken any of that stuff. But he says if they see him slow down, they start to slow down and he doesn't want that. So he gives the illusion that he's keeping up with Your argument makes sense dealing mind makes sense. I think it makes sense. I think I'm right, because did war, our bold real Allah, real new guinea anyhow, his friends that he brought to this club here, they're, not by in any booze. He is right,
So, where do you think they're getting their champagne for them so he's bringing a third for as long as you like. That's his bottle is the ginger ale bottles so that people feel like he's, consuming and he's engaging in it yeah, but he's not things like I'm not paying for ten balls. Champagne. I don't want everyone fucked up around me, I'm a lightweight! So all the other bottles are just ginger ale. They just keeps bringing out ginger ale, so he's not by bottle after bottle and never even say anything about not wanting people around to be hammer not wanting it. The whole purpose of that portion of the conversation to about basketball and then those people who support the people around him, like you, want to give back to the people who have Poor did the. I thought he was making a point of view, no one to be taken advantage of by that whole group, and then he said like that's why he had the hue. Charles has really it's a one bedroom apartment, but you get that cause. You get it for the people
then you, sir. Oh, you said that the mafias so's are imitating the godfather, which I do think many are, but also the first. first, the genoa vase say: I'm family, needed in a general Genesee, Genovese Genovese originated from the Marcello gang of EAST Harlem, the first Mafia family in New York City in eighteen. Ninety two Giuseppe Marilla arrived in New York from the village of Sicily and that's eighty, ninety two so before the godfather, oh yeah, I'm at the start, so like John God. He was the first of the generation of New York mobsters raised on that movie, and then he wore these really flashes
and walked round like using good fellow ha and here I want a lot of these mob documentaries like the ice man, people been imprisoned or have taken witness protection, and then they are part of an interview and many of them have commented on this. How mobsters started imitating this movie image? They saw deed I think the movie was based in some reality. No Oh, I think Sopranos is really accurate to the mobs. They don't living crazy house. The God Father that house on Lake Tahoe dislike Famous house only told you know, like thirty thousand square. There was no opulence the scale of the money, although none of that was ever really historically Ackerman like Al Capone, had that kind of wealth, but they didn't live like they did in the godfather, where it really was the point of my
step. If it wasn't till, I spend money religious and make the kind of money like him godfather. Now these guys really figured out how to make this level of money. That was on display, how many people are an mba. You said about eight hundred during the offs he's in the NBA may have as many as six hundred players twenty per team during the regular season. The numbers cut the four fifty plus players who are on two way contracts. That's low on us Other way more spots than formula one formula, one e spots thirteen no in the entire formula, one, that's it how many on each team, while many teams have to cars,
so you're, looking at him teams really wow twenty drivers at it, ass their fighting for it ass, a global, the usages, their loans by basketball has a national pastime and then there's foreigners, and that is the rough RAF as a robot. Well, the! U S is now playing ask upon no its, not currently you're right, but bet basketballs kind of new to a lot of places, and it is not being played all over Africa, Latin America and all these countries has been pleading Europe a bit yeah I mean it's. It's a sport in the Olympics out there has been some international.
Two, it United States Wendell, I think, but Vertigo from design they drive in every country they do drive by. I would say like if you take America, the amount of people who play basketball versus the amount of people who wrongly whores are much much higher here. Eureka, that's true interesting Paris. It is an interesting comparison of I'm one of there's. Any stats on like use go car racing says, word all starts every one of those guys racial carts on their link, but then, what's the next step like it up to the next step, because people, people lotuses people starting blame basketball right, So you see what I mean even play on some tea verily high level, it not even high but like high school or college whatsoever, raising go cards. You pretty much on my school team. In that respect,
you have like our race go card and spare parts in a fire soon Helmet and all that you I'd think you're you're at the Jamie level Is the organise team to use the basketball analogy. We can pay. My cat fur Fifty cent- or I love you and I love about music and trap music, and I love that funky stinky dirty Atlanta well clearly we are now debating yes all fog here, bye,