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2019-04-08 | 🔗

Adam Pally (Happy Endings, The Mindy Project, The Presidents Show) is an American actor, comedian, producer and writer. Adam stops by the attic to discuss feeling bitter toward the industry, loving the feeling of losing and his newfound look on Judaism. Dax wants Adam to stop burning bridges and Adam talks about the one takeaway he gained from acting school. The two note the specific placement of movie billboards, they discuss different kinds of recognizability and Adam recalls a piece of advice he learned from Jimmy Kimmel.

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Welcome to arm chair expert, I'm Dax Randal Shepherd Emma your Monica Lily pad. We have a little musical account. This is a sexy answer. Is we always had the central needs here? We could. This is our favorite thing yeah Hannah Anderson was known by the name of sister. Then this is a song. Love me right, which is available now the way Itunes everywhere, but on this episode today we have an impact. Is just a dream come true. I fell in love with an ally. Now you know him from
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So we have all these air purifiers around the house in it. I always look at him. I think there's not a chance in Hell. The filters are not act. Capacity, there's no way there doing now, especially everywhere the air, the air quality. Here you take it over the box it just like defines laugh at our heart. I live in New York again so yeah innovation you're a couple years ago I didn't realize it so you're out here: promoting promoting yeah and and Working Simon, Colonel fine. I have taken the Red Eye seven weeks in a row, automated baseball. They will ask why morning on Saturdays, had I come back to a lad Wednesday do Wednesday to Friday. Ah man yeah that's brutal itself, but when we moved to New York it was like you know my weapon, My wife is from New York and in Saudi Arabia, and so she given me ten years out here too, like really make it happen. If I could
and so immense. Her parents got older and you know she wanted to go home and I couldn't in good conscience as partner knee I couldn't be like now. Any about when you made that promise is kind of like the ninety nine, nearly at the the Chinese gave to England for Hong Kong vs like there is it and pretty for so long. I also think she'd actually action on it, but you did it in our EU like the whole time like year, five or you monitoring how much she's enjoying it out here like. Oh, this is looking good I've. I monitor that everyday figure. You can hold a ritual. Are we stray a regard enough like a bit I wake up in the morning and like every cool? Before I start all the others. Have our recall what the time or not that's good, my boy, you have three kids, each other there. It's it's hard right really. Are yeah really did she work. She was were like we, we have seven six,
they make a year and a half, so we were like out of the the words and then to start work and then getting happy and having some autonomy, and you just knock that shit right up here. I was like took it to comfy here and anxiety, I haven't been talking to adults and stop. It has about them here, no shoe. It was like we had irish twins and when that happens, sometimes it was like a regatta shut up shop or are young enough that we can have one more like chancellor, the baby and I'm glad we did cause he's a pizza smash yeah. And but so was intentional. The last one, the other two were horrible mistake. I'll get back to back. You know, I'm after we had to get up a sack to me, which has been going fine for, for you,
there is now a runs fine with that decision, but we ve been watching hand handmaids tell you all that, nor will we can watch anything yet. Ok, there's like too much going on more like a year away from launching something when you were ok. You're way, we're. Gonna be older, like plough through all the best, I'm almost envious of yours everywhere inside negatively. There's a lot of Benjamin I'm going to do to come out of our environment, so even when they go bad. What you guys do them for that? Our and you know about our kids. Are God bless him eleven there, terrible if they don't sleep through the night, a lot so that they'll get up and coming to her bed and each one has a different bedtime so yeah so like when you're like, at night wet night, you know all ever present wide eyed like war without high. So
don't we again we're like a year away like a vague when my oldest can start like going to friends, houses and suchlike. Eloquent were were right there right there, yet we are still kind of misery. Indeed, following the pattern that, like me and my other male friends like its seems to be pretty common, that, like the guys like no, let's fuckin, get militant about this bed situation and then mom is more like now is that I don't think we fall into a job because I'm not there amid Debbie dad. You know back, I'm a good dad, but I'm a you know this job, even when we lived here, I was not. Bedtime was scarce because, whatever your beer in sounding out doing two days on a Van diesel movie, it's like lay takes three weeks. Did you do?
No? One has anything happened up illegal labour that dog at that? I feel like that's what the job, as you know, like an into you, get to a place where you really can say no to stuff which I'm not I'm not really. In that place, you just gonna have to keep key moving, so I'm not the military on bedtime, but neither of us are neither is a military anything. It's kind of a bad there's, no like disciplinarian and in the no, royal or as a free for all the disgusting can encircled active in these oversight. Get please. First of all, I applaud everything he's done, sir. I've love in my heart. For then these are ok. But they were. There is a moment. While I was shooting parenthood on universal, would they were? They were shooting sum of one of the fast and furious on the lot. I remember that time I was on the many projects o exactly. He has all the fast and furious cars in the parking error, that side side now
I love their car, yeah yeah, so another, and then my heart was broken when I went and looked at those cars and they look like there's no engines in any because they know their like to set out their their pulled wires to get to spin out like that, there's nothing really happening analyses of barbados heartbreak, but ok, so the highlighted them being. There was at one point: we were travelling to the backlog you get behind a tram after her, and so did the studio two or tram was going to be going inordinately slow like what the. Why is this thing going? So so? So we kind of stepped out of our lane, and we saw what was happening was VIN. Diesel was riding a segway in a white tank top in the middle of it in the middle of the road. Presumably when you get a snack, or so I don't know what he was doing, but he was rightness headway in a tank top in on a wife, beater vandam that the whole too
Renault is getting to enjoy that I was enjoying that AL address is amazing. To see what a thing to see. One side is, most Hollywood. Think when you learn that too were like midway through you like this is bullshit we having originally someone on a Sunday where's indecent, and there was the air in also now you felt about the two, but I get kind of embarrass not like I'm than diesel, but I think we're in different places, because also I am not a wreck. I don't cut irrecognizable figure, I'm recognised because I've been abandoned the game for a long time. So there's a lot of places where you would hear my voices. Jimmy. But rarely do I recognise as our real. I have really and I live in a Europe where, like I'm face to face the people every day. I do a tribute that too. I agree that you have a blend, any look the IDA which, like I've, got
My wife is an objective leak, more famous than me, infinitely more has almost she's, like I'm Mickey Mouse button when we're at an airport. Generally, I'm the one who gets wrecking now, you're you're, because I'm on my nose is very unclear. You you again, you been around You know like you're in the games like it's like people become comfortable, and I recognize you in that way. Yeah that's a whole side, nor does like what you end up getting famous for how approachable you seem to people. I guess yes totally like I wish that I had, instead of gotten a modicum of recognition from being like affair lovable friend, it would have been great to be like reuse, Osmond Dahmer, like don't go. Hear him. Jerry renders gotta made oh yeah, yeah you're just genuinely affair, yeah people- I don't talk to Jerry, render me well that already does a flip houses. Yeah he's abuse full guy. You man, beautiful man like flips, has like for french bulldogs yeah. It's nothing to be afraid.
Yet people walk like the other. On the other side, the street, yes fun. When you meet people like that around town, in your expecting one thing and then you're like oh, this is amazing this for some place, someone at the opposite of them all at all times. That is what the best parts working in this industry is seeing. Just how similar everybody is, because the industry like pushes people ahead and like deified, lemon away yeah Was I heard a threat from her Neil Brandon was very heated like one or two days on this on Tom Parties, new like Al Capone, movie, ok, and so, like he's off site, Vena Clear, like getting a trailer. His death is like three pc and his hair is like back and wholeheartedly occupied reasons, so psychotic all these big actors redress this way they come down, sat and Like Tom parties there, and it go to the blocking and it seems really intense, and then they go okay second team and tell her to take that his phone, so it's taking selfies of themselves,
I am we're all just like is better. No one is worse, were all does Canada he can. I hope you'll transcend being human by gaining famous, but just as really happen. Now it gets him we actually, I think you be you can't I became more sensitive. Human regarding all year, you like little things briskly you because you're like I'm, I'm never die done that in a while. You know today, I'm being like shuddered around to a bunch of interviews like yeah
Where, where are you going to do? I don't know I just like it, but a normal person would have an eye in their schedule. Will that's what I was going to be curious, because I kind of will watch that type of thing. My wife's, the opposite, she'll just arrived places and her head down and go through gear, and she and in which, I think, is a better approach. The only thing I really do take really really really seriously is like a comedic talks, your appearance. I will write and sit and ruminate for months and months and months like fear what I want to do and how to do it yet, but an but that's only because I feel like that gets put is like that's also mine with that little. Bit where I get to be on television and other community. Like that's mine, I am we have that in common, like my eye, weirdly talk show, appearances have been my single favorite part of acting. I love it yeah. It's like that because I grew up. Loving talk shows its like this. When I watch day, who were your favorites
well, Letterman is the guy. You know Carson Eyewash. I was young enough to know that it was good You know, like I remember being so enamored like Robin Williams, when he would go and Carson or something you can sit still. You know your guess is, as you know like that was amazing me here and then Conan filled it filled it a real nice gap till I grew up alone, like the daily Sancho Bear. So you are. You are too young to have gone on Letterman right, I've, Urban, on Letterman, no, but I've been on Conan a law, and I also when I was coming up New York. They would call me I've been on Conan Doyle like or in the audience stuff like bear costumes, oh yeah, so like I'm, so I've never seen you in America probably or like I did, one rose and looked in America
speed. I like flew across the screen la how'd. You know I was looking for work and young. You know they were golly yeah. So that's cool to be like a guest, and like part of that I just watch yesterday was at work. I watched you on Conan in your snared of all ways and I couldn't here's. I couldn't do that. First of all, I love it. Ok, yes, so he goes on the Conan. Maybe you should describe it were. Ok! I like going on cloning in making we're doing a bit. You know. Yegg saw dress up every time to take a different care we're whenever and so this last time I went on, I wanted your chemicals snare devil, which is like DARE Devil the superhero, but with a sneer, but recently into percussion ends but I did in an hour not big, like superhero ray I, and so I screwed up who dead pool and there
there was actually dead. Poor, oh and there's not a great rhyming pon effort drum, that man but I was in a dead whom asking that was so hard for around she get every academy word. That thing is, no joke, while all items breathing in this costume, you can see that he suffocate looks like I am by the way, I'm having so much like mere neuron stuff. How anyone I'm watching you do that, because that's something I a hundred percent would have done it in fact, what a couple things before we even get into how it all unravelled. I found that I kids stuff like that pretty often earlier, and they were like. No, you can't let come hijack be as she'll like it took a lot early on. I still, I still have like a know. I'm doing a couple for this next thing in like they still tell me that now you know like will be like now. They're dead, Stephen just wants to sit there and talk to you and I'm like well
great hey. I don't want to do that. So there's glue power, lover, Annabel powers went on and usually you end up compromising and the idea is worse and I really like that part of showbiz suits it really. It feels workmanlike to me I like that feeling of like I'm going on promoting my movie air. My show it's like this is what I do. You know the I like I enjoy it, but I stress about in again all the I thy idolize growing up were guys who, like crushed on Letterman, Gower, Conan yeah. That's who I was I weirdly was trying to be that more than I was trying to meeting the actors in the movies. They were promoting a hundred as a very clear statement. Yes, like I remember, watching welfare I'll do off his first couple countenance and be like
TAT is, if you have no start as the north are, and I love him on everything, but like those bits, yes are amazing, that's like where he I still find he did a bit less on his last press, junket, Pickles and Colbert, or something where he had a bird on his shoulder a reference in the interview you two girls, neck out. It was like, rather word no use Infuriating Lee ahead world like like, so there was a all window where he and I had the same, manage a written answer. I got this idea where I was like. I really gonna be on a reenactment like I want to one of the areas where it adds a murder show and they go back like the guy, like you cried note, no dialogue less like trying to Europe William. I look like I said the same here
of him and I was like here really really want to get em reenactment of some kind in of course he goes. Oh yeah that reminds me so much of feral wanted to be a dead by Nancy. I ass a MIKE or one of those Shelly. I was easy. Oh yeah he's been and what you ve done a lesson and really nobody knows what are my? Oh, my god, it's so frustrating and then once I met with the Lakers game and inexplicably we'll Pharaoh's is one of those I share with a red jacket on these. Is there the hell game just standing as Asher is like. I feel like those that you're right as the Northstar that an end is comedy is so it's perfect. Its everything is perfect. It's it's it's on earned arrogance and it's like its everything. I want all the time. So, while it's really too kind, it's all really kind, and yet it works so well yeah, it's amazing, its grey. I he is he's the goat, the armor one
when he was on your bat, your on Conan and he's in this very cumbersome outfit plus. He has a snare drum on his lap and he has sores on his back. So you can barely sit down and what I was trying to figure out is like okay, how much of this is going as planned and then what part is really unraveling? No, you know when you come out can be nearly impossible to sit down. You get it. It's all went well. I thought I was gonna, be ok, great yeah, yeah Conan knew that like when you pulled out that I was gonna. Have a mouse gunnar near here, so eventually he can't breathe and point. Please take that off anything Ngos, ok and takes it off his others, a summit, better but he's writing another, the actual, dare devil, mouths, gotta wrath just in case,
but the stages. Of course you you didn't know that you are in the wrong outfit yeah yeah. I I really like that of the community. I would really like to live in that very. Like simple space of like I did something wrong right, you're, getting kind of caught my little value. Yet I love that. Everyone knows that I am wrong here and there like were he's right, is leave tat. So it's it's! I like that feeling. I think it's funny. So you at this moment here here is a moment uncommon then I had where I was telling them. In many ways we chips came out, was bombed round them you fucking press. The interview for him was after the opening weak and am I only know what can be won listening to go straight. A bomb ramps forgive remain exactly what we spend time, but it certainly hundred right, but it was like one of those things that, like on variety, it was like
no by add a chip right leg in office. I have therefore this baggage. It has gone stay. I was now when I was in great in the bottom line. Is I'm gonna go there on Monday it? What the actual your kind of hitting the point that I realized right, which is so I go fuck I gotta go out there and promote this moving a tank. I'm gonna try to own it right, so it was the only comedy that weekend. So I print up a shirt that says number one comedy in America right and then I come out and I'm like celebrating number one comedy in America and people are cheering and an I'm like and then coins. I remembered, but it wasn't the number one movie and am I know now? Is it wasn't so you know some Superman yet well. That was the numerous one super here. Moving there's like three other moves ahead of it now, but will that's number one young adults? It occurs to me. While I'm doing this,
let all my insecurities get the best me. The audience has no idea. The movie did back in my little narcissistic world. I think the whole world is laughing at me unembarrassed for me, I just assuming it was a big hit, and I actually amid bit it's like not going as I planned. I have to go. Let's be honest. This thing shit, the bad and then finally like they're in on it, but I'm totally just operating out insecurity a year. You know it's interesting because come comedy out of insecurity never goes the way you want it to its. It becomes desperate like what you are feeling was this. This thing that was it he D has here, but is in truth, is a great victory. You made a movie that was theatre a year later. I have that point of view. Yeah yeah, I know, but when you're going through it all is horrible, got wrench. Millimeter dog movie lasts bourbon through it, but by then
realize like yeah it's I did a dog with you. My job is to go be funny on this show and I gotta be able as separate there me being like. Oh God did Ben Stiller ever do it. You know roads rikers, it doesn't matter, but it takes a lot to get there. It really does don't let em bidders how here what I would imagine, I'm thinking like your thirty six right in a lot of my final peace has come like the last three years right, which was, I was so singular, focused on someone like welfare, honour or Adam Sandler, whoever that enjoy anything shy of that
in December miles like like dude you, you ve, been employed for fifteen years. What what did like you know, get real and also Kevin's MITS ominous. Like amazing thing, I was lamenting the him about chips failing to her and they, of course, he's had some failures and he goes. You know my trick as he goes imagine going back to yourself a twelve year old Dax on a playground, and going hey dude. When you grow up you're going to direct this fuckin movie chips. Would motorcycle stances get him to all of us? He is using young Dax will go, oh my god. How much did it may, like? Oh, my god, you're right lately lost sight legacy that I've been through it. This is my fourth tv show and the others have now worked. Ok, they ve got on air, but they don't there. Certainly not around, like you had five.
Great years of gainful employment. Yes and it we re years of happy ending to have many, and it was great and it was awesome, but silver buffers was cancelled in all right. When I was on him, you know, and so you you you don't take on like yes, Yes, a hundred percent making history I, when making history guy cancel, I dont think I like left my room for like a man. Rail is yak, as it was like me from the centre and do you not it was reviewed well with his great, but no one like this, no one, my family than like they did like a shorter watch, and I love it and I think it's funny, but it's just didn't connect, so you and then I was like. That's me, that's that's my fault, but
but are you able to gear? I'm better? Are you able to get objective about like? Oh? Maybe I can be within my lame, my point of view as a comedian, yet put it in a package. That's a lie a more palatable for I try. I mean, I think that that's the goal to me is like two to keep your voice or getting people to see it, and then you can push it right. You yet like kind of welcome people in the gently. Maybe yes, of course, I mean that's always hard when you busted in your career, like busted this big loud character, yeah. It's kind of a brace of a people like that. So then you have to go. I'm not really abrasive, I'm actually like kind of soft sweet, yes or no. I want to bring you in this way. Accept my comedies kind of hard at so it's a real tough. Now I say this all the time: it's like it. It's really tricky for a comedian to recognise that what brought you to the party
might not be the same thing that keeps you at the park now and you have to you have to evolve. Is I don't do stand up? I wish that I spent my years honestly like doing stand up instead of improv. I feel like I would be better now. If I was had focus on myself a little more. I I didn't work that hard. I mean I was there every night and doing comedy, but I love Improvin. It's like what I was Trina, but there's something not exploratory year, I'm very personal, yeah you're only going as far as the scene, and you can find truth and the scene that's like exploring stuff. But do you not feel that this is what I think this is what the world? This is how the world affects me. In fact, I wasted some time
you're, not doing that you know you're, not a hundred percent, as I get older, something like Chappelle and I'm like, I feel about Chappelle how I used to feel about welfare, which is like wow. Look at this guy bring you in with this comedy and then teach you this thing about civil rights. To me, it's so powerful in, like this awesome weapon, you have is comedian. Yes, I often times wish that I had more access to that it. For myself and like I wish I could access those parts of myself like sit down and actually write something and then get on. Perform that perfect it power be of value, but that may not be my skill set. Why do try, though? I've tried and I've been on stage of numerous times- are the microphone you know like doing bad enough, but I have never met, sat down and be like these are things I'm an attack all and- and it takes ten years on, we like each year ten years to be good at like ten year he s and his old borne out.
Like a kid, I don't have that drive to leg, get out it after the kids go to bed and do like fifteen clubs, or city like way. My friend and six with a kid, stating their. We our supported by rain, and I gotta I use ring last night I would happen- were lying in bed and I'm positive. I hear some commotion down below our bedroom, like someone's trying to go into the basement, and I thought when I look at the ring cameras on my phone. Looked at all. The cameras where I thought I heard the voice. Nothing, nothing was I'll nothing. You know when I set my Gimme peace mine and it also probably prevented me from being other my under panties with a flashlight frill ready to be no prodigal toto with a raccoon as what it always ends up being yeah. But listen, that's that's the only thing that rings good for it.
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I think I'm sure I know why you love it. Why love it because if these guys, just like heroes, heroes like you know, DR around, I hate it because I don't need to hear Jerry, tell John Mulvaney that he had the where's blackguard bow a hike! Oh you just upping inch thick very dry. Knowing you know, we're, ok, young kid, I'm very cool, and I'm very rich, and I haven't seen a lot of your comedy, but people tell me you're interesting, but you're, not that interesting, because I had the first American Express black card. I don't like you know, that's why Jerry we like ok out here on so do you at any moment, though, think like oh Jerry's, human to yet and here's the new guard. Here's a young guy, yeah and he's probably is confident in successfully Jerry is He's probably nervous these younger guy thinks he's a hacker corny or goofy. Could I get back of course?
I love that even someone like you coming here, I'm like. Oh, he probably thinks I'm Mona happy. I've worked with everybody around you. Everybody has such amazing things to save our. I think now, but I put a bullet jerry is like a mirage, mooring away, your hundred Purcell like, and then he does have. The reason above hated and love is because any does have also these like great moments like his moment with Galvin. Yes, I'm so glad you just brought this up. Moment was the best moment ever about how you he was very upset, reporting and pictures of yes in Jericho. Who cares if, as I was like I I needed to hear. I need to hear that too. I needed to be like that's right. You know like no one cares, we're all going to die, get out and do your work like yeah black- and I love me personally, but I go hero and he was so hit when Jerry said that you could tell he was like.
Ah ha? Oh, it was my favorite moment that whole series of acres assessment of the anything in the show cause I can at one time I completely relate to galvanise churches a total loss of control. Like summonses filming you in your face certain you can't do anything about it, but at the same time than jury goes, I dont have any proof. I'm sure of of anonymity or privacy, when I go out to a coffee shop like you, can have that assumption of privacy and big fucking deal and now unsafe airport, because I love that speech and then he goes at the end of it and it's over seconds yams like I walk outside my apartment, and so it goes a jerry and I got a as over. Yes that part comes very aspiration. Oh yes, and I kept thinking when I was watching Zack talk about it. I was like each everyone. Should we sit down and talk to you about this, a hundred percent, It's the number one thing that like when I've had friends who become weird in show business, it's like they all need to see that yes
it's a very easy trap, and again I dont fault anyone cause. I do think that just like, we all have some desire of control and our life and you have been really guilty of it. I also think at times not now, but I've at times been like him, like seemingly ungrateful for the best things that have happened to me, because maybe they weren't exactly what I wanted them to be and just go like. Oh man get get over yourself or moving to New York. I would say that I did last two years have been a real like good emotional growth for me on that level, because life
hasn't gotten away. I thought it would in a lot of ways, and so when that happens, if it before that, you know I just like a network to another, show cancelled and did it talk movie and like I was gonna bombing, you know and then real self happened, my family and I had to go, take care of actually go. Tickler errands parents that, unlike in and sisters having babies and like you were my mom's gonzo like I had no real like real life. Yes, you forget about it than you do it in, and I I don't and as much time here like seeing everybody's new billboards and suffer like the others, and it made me kind of lake, especially now that I have a show again. It's like, I feel, very grateful and positive towards the process. Now, oh good, you know I'm a hundred percent yeah that I too years ago, if I was in the chair, I think I'd be a little more like it's coming to me. Yeah you just when it had something. That's never even occurred to me that they did
unique torture of living and ally where you have to commute on sunset at some points awful there in said its building after building with peers, but with their face completely on the building, and it looks like that: promoting the hell out of it and you like it or not, they put those they put those billboard strategically like some of the star Lyric, oh yeah. They did that by the way by jokingly, said, Annie in chips. Marketing media, like I expect see posters from my house of weights in my daughter's school area and by God they were sure it only was in those fields. They ran like by bus time should have been set at the champagne Ill New York, billboard, there's one guy one. They put it by blocks from my apartment, I'm convinced,
and it's not that big small convinced they did at the room. Again, I'm happy here as tangier regarding and have every I walk out there. When I thought of the Gatt. Only work work will listen. I'm I'm working right now with a leash Cuthbert, my favorite yazzi. The way, this is the greatest she's, so fucking funny yeah she she'll physically looks a lot like my wife well since that similar sized. Yet they have like a bird announced jaw. Yeah she's got to shoot her days to which they share with my life as well, which is that, like blonde round large headed pointy chin that could like, if she puts it in your back and get out and not be absolutely looks like she could take
apart from Oscar daily toil of solid job. Visa has taken a couple by Herschel. She did through, but she's like the hillbilly version of my wife, and I say that with love cause, I am crazy. I've only myself from Canadian had Calgary who, like she Alisha, could like skin a bare little if she had to be assigned she's. Also like one of the most beautiful women on the planet, soon she's a real she's she's off in my area, crazy, fun, special gale. Oh I'm yesterday's our work, and I said: oh hey, I'm I'm I'm interviewing Adam tomorrow. What are your thoughts, which is always like a fun question? Has someone who's worked with someone for three years? Only I wish you know she is straight loves you gave YAP, then she said cause you. You have a reputation of going Rogue a bit the US at time. Yes, but but you made an impromptu speech at her wedding
it was an emperor. She asked me to speak. I don't idea: oh yeah, I don't like drunkenly walk out there and we were all there all the whole cast was there and she, on someone to speak from like Hollywood, and I do raise your hand I'd then I was drunk and I was like and then I and I gave a speech- was always impromptu in that way. Although we all know I was told at the wedding like hate release, would love someone from this table to say something that was right in she told me Adam got up and they had really fancy menus. Did he just read the men, which is why I'm drastic and she said, but I was also filled with anxiety, because you don't know,
that's gonna go in that a one point you did you. You made fun of the catholic priest a little bit me little bad, but I had to let alone there are long ceremony. I was more just like to remind him that there are people of other faiths and explain to the cliff nodes. Here there was a catholic ceremony, though covered with the Jews wearing its leg. You call this break that glass make for your family ruin leg. Let's go drink, bad wine grape? Are you practicing Juno, I'm not practising, but I do feel lately more vocal evades important, meaning owning your joining owning the fact, because I do it alot self Effacing Lee. You know it's like a big part of my comedy. Lay
You know our king style, like a Jew. By lately, especially like, with the way things are going now. I love, I think it's important to own it like. I don't believe in religion. Really, I think it's hard, but I Do you believe in, like I tell all my jewish friends and people are just like we're, not white, and I think it's important for some reason, like our parents generation, assimilated so hard there like we're white. Why we're ok and the very important, and that you are not? Why you're, not okay, in that way. The shit when did that March and Charlotte veil remind you. Surely those big heads were drove me nuts? I heard you like the scared me hard yeah. You know my kids go to jewish preschool. You know it's like that. That was real. That was very real for me. I really felt it yeah now Charlottesville the the usual you watch coverage of that half the fact that they were saying juice. You won't replace me yeah. I don't think allotted
user gunning for their job know that that was a very definite these. They ve never met a Jew, there's no Jews, their rights, there's no juicy and South Carolina there aren't. If they are there, they run the general store up like Edward style, so so the term Jew is mythical. It's just this thing that, like you, know, that's why, like George Soros, is code fur like this jewish, the kind of Illuminati it doesn't exist now lay at I hate, Sorra, Hey Soros, either he's just a rich Jew. Boys is a lefty. Yet did not let him he's not uniquely love. Now these are well funded, really well funded left. Did you, although in events. I always like to try to be fair. We certainly do that to the co brother. If we are, we see them as like Darth Vader. Yes, there's a funding like I met somebody, I think, maybe in the prostate cancer. I work with prostate cancer, where I want to say that someone like now
like the coat brothers, they funded more cancer research. In any way we can work out. That's I guess you don't hear that it might have you had any anger than what they actually do, but I do feel I don't know. I feel a little bit like the reason that they don't know, and they they were so wrong about Jews will not replace us is. I think it speaks more to an age thing that I'm noticing lightly with like young people, I'm EU urine than you are the guy from the movie there it presents it sets wanting to be feared. Talking to you, but like what idiotic, as you are all young lady about, like heat people, are dumber in a way and because they can speak to you really easily and speak freely, ideas that without someone correcting someone then become like real I'm real ideas and without anyone going like eight
well, isn't oranges. Somehow reading ideas seems to validate them. I think, because of our like old version of going on, we read was like a newspaper which was vetted in Greece. Are yet it's like you this association with reading things yeah that kind of validates now learning people. People are so entitled about what they know and they don't know that it's a weakness, not No something to acknowledge that you don't know some indeed learn. It would be weak. Equally, the example I would use is the food fighters Dave Girl did like this. You know he doesn't sometimes like he brings the hall Nirvana back the other than he has a bunch of people. Saying like Jack, that's cool! Yes, you propose offer chair. I worship, Dave girl he's the greatest here, and so he had a bunch of super cool people come in saying led for Nevada
and then he did one, and I was watching it on you too. You know we like like this is so cool, and then I would like an idiot scroll down to the comments in the common section is so crazy. There are like seventy five percent of the comet section is like how dare the food writers cover Nirvana up all my very like yeah, and then maybe it in you only. I have no idea, and then one guy read that grow recently catch on. Then they write something like for real man. If I had to pick abandoned, do this, it would now I'd be the food. I would not be some of the members of northern like another thing, like Dave, grossly, never touch. These songs occur to you, like my keys, the ten year olds, thirteen year old fifteen year old, six like yeah, just dont, know and didn't bother to look yeah. You know that
male gee, I always use, is like everyone knows when you're on your way into seven eleven and you see a guy with a sleeping bag on the ground and apparent on his shoulder. You're, not gonna, engage with that gentlemen. Your dislike, you know, he's, probably got a different world than I do and what they are probably not intersect. Yet I give em one on line. This kind of credit of being a normal sane, human being, and I gotta remind me of many of the people- are common in our the dude. With appeared on the shoe yeah I got into it. I presume clapped back on line. Is that we call back like job seekers, I ever been staying away like I'm easily bade me too. So I like, I feel the need to be like you idiot. You know that, but which doesn't do anything now black Irene suddenly got into it so that the title nations called Champagne ill, a right which is like our plan Illinois, so Oh, we release a trailer and on twitter I got like I would say: spammed would be the word
people who live in champagne, Illinois, Africa, who are past, that we didn't shoot at their own kind, which is like so I flipped out. You know because, unlike you know, in an goober village, how it felt like losing an idiot what you think they shot star wars not spend a toy really come alive when we walk out of the room you fucking Tommy like, and then then they right back to me, while still would have been nice to like arguing with insane. People jaws was not you think, there's a real shark, their yeah. It's like being let go. I keep me. They harm that giant shark. That makes no he's so job in yet
but but so do you do drill down deep, because because I try to look for the pattern of things that idea I read about in this there's a ton of stuff that just roles off my back her and then there are certain things like outside the one for this pike S address me bonkers. Is you don't have enough time? Kirsty. I read that brought what is probably just an innocent desire for more perspective. I read it is accusation that I'm a racist right so when I start defending from a play that I'm not a racist, I I'm just I'm out of pocket control little or no. I do agree. I have several times like I'm, not where I am. I saying that yes, but but but but because it attacks, maybe like a core value. I do think I have I overreacts I'm wondering if the champagne Illinois thing for use, like you, think, I'm a nice person,
and I am trying to celebrate your town and now you're, accusing me of having harmed your town. Is that what I mean? Yes, I think I think I will, because I did say one of them. When I really heated. I was like if someone had made a tv show about my home town with two comedians, when I was a kid, be psyched. Aha, of course you Rebecca who the comedians that I love every now and then to your completely bested just as in warm and knowing how best the Oda pond of terrible I clap back, I really cannot lie yeah. I clap it. Also didn't you go through this cause because not first, my regret doing it always delete them like an hour. The economic Kevin Harding it ahead and I'm embarrassed I am so easily ensnared. Yeah. I'm embarrassed that I punch down yeah I'm appear like how to king of my own Catholic should have no. They should do that. That should even hit my windshield eggs
actually, but I'm a human being, and I it's hard- I read those things in an hour later. I'm still thinking about him yeah, but you also have the other layer of like oh man, I blew by twelve comments from people say I love you and then give gave attention to someone who said I hated yeah. I think that's the performers dilemma. Ah, where leg we are trying to fill a whole with laughter or praise or applause, or definitely approval attention definitely and getting. It does not really work now and so you're always going to look at the thing that you didn't like. Even when you get it, it doesn't feel at home. The first thing you go to is the one negative thing: that's what you can like actually feel you yeah such that you know. I think that even transitions into my relationships that have gone the distance, which is
as a comedian searching for approval, I need the person I'm in love with to be withholding just enough approval for any yeah. Do you have that my wife hates me, ok, but that I am aware of his love? No, I m my way for ever really beautiful romantic story and I we were together in high school and the we broke up and like found each other again, and I love it so much that the wife and unlike how we get to do it together here she doesn't give a shit about me and my career in it, and I don't think it would work for me. If someone did my duty, I would just instantly be like why do you care like, but the fact that you care makes me not care a thousand percent. I wanna buy what I'm always looking for her to laugh Orange, never Lassen flake than that makes me love her more. Do you want someone to support? Yes, but you don't wanna fan? No, you don't a fan. So what what great and
school. Did you get together senior seeing year order me so she laughed Weldon. I was dear, she laughed and then we didn't we are like talking, but you know and then shoot she go away to college and want to make out with football players neither assume whitish. I hope for Blair's It is when ever since you now, how long were you broken up before five years? Ok, yeah! We like gotta, be people debts, really how for he has. It is very helpful to find out who you are yeah yeah. We needed that arm, but my my parents or Highschool sweethearts and her parents rascal sweethearts. Ok, don't we reconnected, it was so like, I just want to say like when you put a key in a lock and it turns- and you have that nice feeling of like I have a lock here comes down at like this. You like this is perfect. Haha
So you get out of high school. You grew up in New York or data. Doktor might well meant my parents were actors in Iraq. Bans are really, I was a kid. My personal, a rock band called palliate pow that toward the cat skills was mom pal. Mom was pale until she became valley and they would do stuff, like my doubt, would be playing piano. My mother they climb on the piano, and we like you with the most important thing. Other Stephen humanitarian concern should be like friends. My daddy, like I gotta, have friends like play. That's all is there? Is there, like? You, know a matter of the seventies, there's a lot of audio a ton of all. That's great! So am I, we have other old had jobs and posters at school, but so that might Emma dad would
an actor in New York and I go out for so barbarism one. I know until I was like seven ever youngsters to younger sister, so but the third one was an area. My second loser. Second sister, and he was like you know what I don't love this, and so he moved us to Chicago and he went to medical school. You receive Chicago and then, when I was eleven, he moved us back to New Jersey, ok and so, and then he was a doctor's I've known him in in my mom, like very different life's yeah so's, you were injured cargo from what age to seven to eleven seven, to elaborate, why my accident is like Canada has when you like form your acts it had. I sound like I'm like a dead guy, a yes to that so by TAT. It is after now, so you ve also, similarly to me, I think, lived in hugely different socio economic yet ratified at the point where we were broke most of my life
will. We be until we moved to New Jersey and he had a practice. We had not. We are no money, so we live like the three of us written Stuyvesant town in like a one, better apartment. Ah my child, it yet- and so you you probably do yours younger siblings, like my sister's life compared muslim vat vessel, your parents, I e mail, little sisters and lazy when Lapierre the airport good guys because born ready, lasers allies. Now, but she D go to like a private school in staffing as the so indifferent yeah. But how did you end up getting into the actor student? I was of the universe of Arizona for two years. And I had a really good ceremony. Leg was not gonna make it You gotta have a shoe and shit. I didn't do that as of June the galleries and have a super like I did like it's not a safe space. No, but like I would come here and I would go to Vegas right. You know I was like yeah. I was gonna make it
I made a movie. Sixteen millimeter during a break and sent it to the new school and I got in, and so I I was a guy we wish to do that. Then I get to New York and instantly was like the new school with as bad as it is like is great, but I really should be there. Citizens brigade every night right, that's where its at retinue, you were doing both you're gonna, U C, b at nine, and I was in college during the din alike, in turning of the theatre every night, ok, throwing up bottles and ship awry, you're a good I've seen you like, I saw you Nite owl, I think, was the first thing I saw you and make you yeah like act in year. Incredibly, natural and wonderful. Thank you attributed said that, yes, I think acting school is tough. I think it's like you really do it to a raised this, like one thing that you have to learn or racism.
As you know, the elderly, haunches niyazov actors, can't do that you, I can be embarrassing during the day like now. I feel very my my belly is like touching my man. If we were shooting and an your drachen you, I guess it's your shirt off. I believe it's like I don't. I can't be bears and I think that's what acting school really does to you, because you walk in year like super nervous and needs alternative laid too small, a cool and then they got you could get no leotard internal line mask, Yes, I, like him you're like thing and like you hated and it's it's dumb really is dumb. But at the same time after you ve done that it doesn't seem so scared I get naked instead of an apple box till Deniro walks in the room. We generally do, but I just as I think it s very thin yeah now in James Lipton. How does he fit into that place? I don't know what the politics of it already more, but
when I graduated they had a rule that you had to go see and and have it to your attendance taken, it shoe actor studios site. I I've obviously didn't pay attention to that then had a running. The last one I was Jennifer Lopez is a super funny story. You asked, or on a day when you ask your question colonel now, it doesn't hold up great right here like way they ask her out. Nobody has ever laid you guys, like you. I was really. I guess I am in the patriarch turns out all angle, from that was. I owe you loved out of sight to that's one of my favorite movies. Abbess. Isn't that movie about and have you heard the behind the scenes stopped at those shooting get along Coonan Loma, yeah yeah in the fucking chemistry is so high. Never see man trunk, all that like and he's got an honour and he's like his family. His fingers is so hot is red,
I did not break, lie. That's vintage Saturday! I wanted Monica really bad to watch it with me, because it's one of my all time, favorites and seen at did you like it again but a dna, and while I was watching it, whether asserting getting self conscious does what it is, it's the first step towards oceans, eleven right the norms, like it? Is? It is maritime shattering at that time, but but but Monica like did, but of course I could see it wasn't the experience that I have because it was an earth. It wasn't groundbreaking for her now asked foreseen oceans, eleven and all these other things that had this snappy fun radically. Now I fell that way like one of them. I was shone like with now, and I oh and I love that movie right like I was like. Oh, this is the precursor to like. While I like Rogan Shit, I think is a kind of reminiscent with now and I like deeds hanging out, I'm kind of with now and I know right away and then I showed hit. I showed it my way.
And she was like that. I really do we have to us the whole fucking overhanging. I got the time all idea why you love this. Can I on another rule. It had been a little over optimistic as by the time I saw it was already ten years old and right. You know comedians tend to love that movie. They do they do and about. I needed to see it because I realized tat. I had been doing that sticks without ever seeing where it came from Iraq. I can totally happened. Yes, yes, totally because they're. So many variations of that now yeah, but I needed to see, were like that's kind of where a lot of my shackles stay too diffuse there we are supported by zip, recruit all their recruiter. Wanna recruit now is zebra. Cruder, zip recruiter finds you somebody to fill a job the hardest thing you can do Vienna business
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Oh, I will think of myself as a coward. If we leave the scenery without me bringing up a couple thanks. No God, when you think of that said, I really got a fine, no we're, not gonna fight you so much bigger than I think about it. I think I have a lot of similar instincts to you. I watched a couple clips. I watch this this thing where you presenting at the Shorty. I want that before I ever met you and even before I asked deletion. What kind of guy you are, and I was like: oh he he can be mean yeah yeah, into work, yeah. What's help it you're, not clear or not at all. One thing I am. I can me dear walk me through that. The present three words told me was gonna, be like chunk of time. Ok, and so they were very loose about it in our own cause,
yeah I- and they were like you know it shortly- yeah you they let you can read the proud, a really be funny. Ok, so they go away and then that's what was funny to me right that you know this was going on Rachel. Is it in a nutshell? It's an award shell fortune. It's an award over branded content right right, right, wrecking so yeah. So for me I thought I would have just been like MA. Am I going to do that you know I got gotta one iota back at the junker. I was like a movie carry out we're going. What does go? He was on a schedule schedule you kind of just woke up at something you didn't want to be a kind of
but it wasn't that I didn't want to be there. It was like, I would have said yes to do it, because it's part of the job is it. You have to do it. It was more. I was asked to be funny, and the funny thing to me was how serious it was being taken for what it is like there was need, because that the video package you introduce Monica is basically like people on Instagram who have breathed life and a different problem. There stood eclipse the desert, the edges objectively, bonkers AIDS. That argues that airline, like that, we all have to be like an in these people who are made this campaign for sprite remarks such an amazing job like, but at this time. There is another barrios, like others, people are in the audience. That is the big thing in their life. You have it. I look like a Kimmel was a mutual friend of ours right Jimmy who I talk to them
the next day she sure was which, by the way straight up his ally, that's a bulls and that's what and that's why he rejects me. Thank God, because I was really nervously. Their below backyard alot of otherwise they don't even know that loud low back, ok, well, sire! I know very well, but I told him I was like. Why was doing it? I just kept feeling like I was watching you do what you do at the Opera House just like every year, ABC flies and to New York yeah, and he goes out there and he destroys them and they happened to lie on the air. But again that goes back to this. Like new wave thing, we're like I, I just don't think that people have the same sense of humour that they once did well. Another little distinction I would just make. Is that he's pretty much making fun of me know very well paid famous actor? Yes and huge success will show creators, yet in that, so it's like the the butt of the job
seems like they're they're lofty enough that they will that stomach. It saved seen the same thing to me. I did that and we're at no ward show me in these people are dressed up black tie a high note. There clearly pay their getting money from these brand for yeah we take if there's any one that can like have the piss taken out of them. It's branded content starts right, but love is not wanted. Jimmy say Jimmy was like don't don't apologize, which I think he would tell me to apologise. If, if I was wrong here again, I think you would be the first, but he was like, I think, what he meant by it was like when you eventually do need to apologize. If you ve apologized for this, it won't ringing the same thing that is clear
We give is we're all gonna fuck, yet social boundary Leandro. Now you yeah, I'm gonna have to put Jimmy's fucked up. You know yes, so I will eventually we'll have to, and I think that you gotta be really care about what you do it for right. That's interesting! Now! Do you in general, like roasts? Now I think I can take it like. I don't know what would honestly like that. I don't know what they would say that they make me nuts right there's! No, besides those jokes, you know like the outrageous there's, not idle. The situation is not being call dad enough for me, like no one's talking about, what's actually happening like we're, making these jokes about your fat, your career, you know any, but no one's else. I got affected like we're all paid to be here, to do no one's doing well right, roasting right right, you know, there's no self awareness and one, I think, that's even driving, yet anger, yeah yeah! That's why
I know the holding just seems very unhealthy away and I can also admit, like I'm just too sensitive for that. I know I tried to avoid hearing negative shit about me self Gazeta, vex me and about why on earth. Would you know then, being in the same way I wouldn't sit down me like you know: chocolate covered french fries for breakfast. I just in I'm going to try to avoid different fry article. This week was a real killer. Did you see, I was there like worsen cigarettes na lie guy because it runs illustration of the Greece just the way there there there formed. Oh, I believe it there too fucking good. I know what good to be true. Each french ray you is horrible, is a pack of camels like horrible? Will you ever smoker no we'd arrival
I am a big time in, but you know Gimenez potted. I pointed this out here in the past and is very curious to me, and I, like it, so I've been sober fourteen years rejoicing thought thank you enough. So I've been duped. A trillion Amy and I see it should different types of people in there's a weary of this anecdotal? I haven't done blind study, but when jewish folks are in recovery, they are, I think disproportionately. Therefore, we they know what it is about: choosing we'd yeah Carling. Irish folks and AL, others, I think, there's something there sure sure we'd is prevalent in a lot of cultures. Dorothy like like we deserve is around for us. I have nothing to base this idea, but it is, I think it does is. I'm clinically depressed is, I think, a lot of communism,
There's our having now just American America, though I think that we, as you know for me, it helps me a lot of ways like it's a decent, your more enjoyable yeah. I think it's just like a good little thing here, and it doesn't take me out of stuff like that. I'd deftly pay a stone or tax, like I lose sunglasses in baseball, let nobody yet. I think the positives of it are really helpful for me outweigh that way. For me, everything from like digestion to anxiety, aha yeah, and I think Jews. I don't know why for Jews I dont want to like you know, there's some jokes you can make like there were always like you know. No we're gonna get chased out the anxiety rang, but I I donno Glover already in article with him is he he's he's been really kind of focus on that
marijuana in flux like the young black man eating a monitor, often not either. He was obsessed with the vote. But like a lot, so this avalanche, yeah and tied, and I think that it might be with juice to and when he says, is like there's a pity as de facto from it, where it's like a soothing. You know because so is so stressful to be young black men fucking every day. So there's like this distress her and I I would never say that Jews have even a modicum of that, but I do think we were brought up to fear right. What's going to happen and so further yuppie, you know every day, do we You can kind of like a bright is a weird things we brush it off. You know like, in the same way that we say to black folks like war slave, branded in eighteen sixty one. You know a similarly in a world war, two,
it was seventy years I'll in you know, I'm sure you had grandparents who witnessed knowledge and to think that that, like the that's not baked in culturally yeah mentally as the moment you're born, yet you know that's very cause. Your parents felt it now. You felt like I'm, I'm a little holistically knew about that stuff, but I do believe that stress has passed out through the baby like without them. Knowing just knowing there is a moment in history were all of the folks like you were right, the doubt and adjust Molly you go Y know it's an option happen. Defending an empty by triggers me a little is that there is so little of us like when those censuses come out here is so shocking. How many Jude there's not there's? No, do you really in the United States might like? What's the national popular, I don't know it around my own I'll find out. What's the member who see the phrase that I thought was good homo, but it's not bade her mind
Baker. Mine, have I suffer from better mine off as a group in Michigan Close, the West Bloomfield omitted girlfriends reduce rather converted I now living now. I will tell you if I think, of countries ten percent, I grew up in New York and I spent my career away in a little time in Chicago Link, awry juicer. I thought that was part of it, but that's why I've legacy for not being why it's like. When you see that senses, I think it might be less than one percent arrive. There are no Jews, and the reason that is is because we're all immigrants, but six million of us than getting come here right. How many are in Israel doing the size of Rhode Island is Israel is where the small countries in the world, Israel's vivid I buy it,
I don't think right now is that I want that value. Go down. It's a distressed property. We call it, we would label it yes, properly, Bilbil, no hotels in that I did see. I the reason I it's always I'd, love coking! I fucking love it really and if you got arrested once I did, this is my ultimate for your country. I just want to one quick story cover when I was doing eighty accuracy we'll get sober for movies, but I went down a week early for a table reed and an after the third issue that in Austin. Ok, so after that, worried I found myself out on six street. I myself of the beggar cocaine. I was up all night. I had to take a flight back to allay. I mean the like first class lounge than I wanted to do some and then I go to the bathroom and I dont want to have already gone through security. With it mind you, which is crazy, stupid in fucking crazy, but I hiding in the toilet dispenser in in the handicaps. Alright go in. There do a couple bombs and then I go back
the barn have a couple drachen diverse and then I had back into the handicap stolen. I reach up there to grab it in its gone right, and I now convinced that overnight exit handicaps dollars me like a the USA, the guards or whoever would practice convinced the whole thing's listing some yes and I stay in the store for like twenty minutes, commence, I'm going to jail ripe for the movie starts here, so I have lived with the panic of Erebus. Well, maybe we feel terrible yeah, I know it's socks. Socks were admires is a bad luck. I lose my thirty fourth birthday. Aha and I went out in New York and was like turning up didn't even someone. Passed its immunity, realizing I like had on me, you are the last gotta run the bathroom I didn't even get to the bottom of my other, but it was. I just got a cigarette size of an outsider than he was smoking weed.
We were only fifty fourth street, which is what I learned after my rather like New York City If anyone was thing like do not smoke we'd, it is not quite like right. People smoke meat on the street. Your city like it's nothing. You can do that if you're not anywhere from like thirty. Fourth to fifty seventh street others, that is the no no small since nine eleven there is this, like all those buildings are Phil, would have been a hug liking hops all over now how they are in this one area- and I was just like smoking weed- brazenly- ran their share and, because you as a medical marijuana, and now we want anything. You ve already got anything it's illegal oh, my god, I'm York yet, and I lived here at the time I was like thought, yeah yeah,
blood is rocketing or anywhere legs smoking weed on the street, but you can add the cops grocery and they like coffee and an search search me and then the next thing it was Google. For crying instantly. Judea we're sues. They came up to me. I was started directly crying all arrested. My careers over India did make headlines reading posts instead of its silver number one. If you, because I was like also this crazy, like a right wing enemy faction because of the presidential aha, their digging at all times. If you google me it's right, there but I can't get it move down even ahead of gay, because you could, let me just say for people not Melick, I had an actor front of biogas. Look, I think a lot of people think I'm gay, Mr Wise any goes. Woot type in my name and the first suggestion India is and then I do and I go out while yeah, but then I just decided in my own name same thing is
the number one every I do have a lot of. They played a gay character. Ok, so you get a lot, but I think it though every single per human, had not yet America's wife right here, my wife and then how much money but yeah, so a view, Google, it and even just googling, my name now. I think the first thing that comes up and to take all these insurance, As for movies, all use are you in it. You have to make a statement or anything now now pay to get a job. You haven't scarcely moving from ahead that my hair, an appraisal measure with a loud m m size. You can end up on the ground in. Do you think you have stayed in this zone of it? Being everything mean fine as far as partying or the idea of momentary like oh, I got a rain this in or o is all humans reach a certain age? You you have to question your consumption right. I would. That you know there'll be morning like this morning, as we had our premier party
I was like when I woke up another. I can't move, and so on and, like I don't even really go hard by fires is like a couple, two key when all at one o clock and lichens, pretty good, woke up like all my card, if you're here, herbal. I hear those moments. I definitely going to cut this out, but also I'm a phantom Yang, the timeshare Luggage and Charlie Party boy. He I will soon be short. I get time yet everyone likes you suddenly everyone I've met. That knows you, like you to know me his thoughts from afar like and what kind of a man doesn't make it that the money I'll tell you whenever we were with a bunch of other parents and we're like in a family vacation IRAN's drinking- and I am so jealous, my oh- they just go, to shift gears from the chaos of being apparent to beam rely. Why, unlike nine minute, you must take your time but the next morning always
like six thirty seven in the morning, we're on the kitchen and, like all think, fucking God, because I'm the only one here doesn't feel like shit yeah, we must eat you look, how do you like my little grey later, but no you look one. I mean I find that my like little vape weed pen is enough that, like I at night, like especially before bedtime cuz, it's such a war- I can like be like. I don't go- take a shit. Twenty minutes on the phone, even if I don't shit share, is that in there and I, like him like down, shift a little yeah. Very you know from pick up to bed. I'm is tense, it is, it is, is tat, it is all hands on deck. Is I am
back and I like we we were now need up to now. Has I think we're like you know? Well, that's why I'm Bialik Oriental agreed through their bethia. I would say, like we have held a till six, that's can instil fuck and when you wake up and a half, we have the same hours between five, a m and eight am could not go slower or the weakens for us all. My other weena weakens their like night. It feels like it's like eighty four hours, those today weekend by Monday morning after I'd drop the kids off. I run right back to my add, if I have nothing to do but cry like like Lecrae, I like running a cold shower over that can't be it. I'm like singing a song on the way to work like I'm going to fucking yours and I had a trailer work or will you ve trailer rail heads? You can hide in there. Region often there you resolve off gab relax. Can I dream of networking myself? He asked
through this lane on a couch like flap, without jumping on your nuts. All my girl. That stuff is so luxurious. I don't have any like. I have no piece of that right now, especially like I saw you at the construction you have going on yeah. We got it our apartment when we found out we're having another kid and it's still not done, and so we're in corporate housing. Still with three kids, a dog ass, an entity and no new child, and I know I have to like you need that airport bathroom is the only place like my best friend airway glee used to. We worked together in this industrial complex in there is a lamp store at the end of the block and he used to go in there and their bathroom and jerk off. I thought that so hard Gerda Lambsdorff, but I'm afraid of friends that are like
If I get a long flight, I have long and then a few times in the end we gotta be damn certain Owens, like you get, is a middle. The night flights, the I gotta run. If someone knocking on the door, no, then your leg, shaped like to finish this. I am like I've woken up from like with like, like a hot secretary, we're something on a plane was raging with raging, word like a morning now, like guide dammit. What do I do to me, but you shall before you? Oh thank you. It's called champagne ill and its on you shot in change. Ireland all shot in every us all local, that
it's. It's me, SAM Richardson, from the ice love him the greatest as none of these amazing. So we play picture like Drake. The wrapper hung played by J Pharaoh, so there's like aversion directly by J fairer, and we are his two best friends from high school who didn't go to college and didn't get jobs, and we just have been on his entourage for the last fifteen years and then Drake dies Odin, We have no money and no driver's licence is enough. None of our own clothing, so area. We're on our own. We learn how to live, and you back to champagne. We have no choice. Reed, I'm homes. Did you move on with your parents idea that is like it's like a hip, Hop east battened down a little yeah. That's right! It's our I'm! So proud of it! I it's warm.
I think I've ever done, though. That's wonderful! You right. I did. I got to produce it and was like one of the first times I've ever gotten to like have an idea with these guys and no one touched it like it got from where we wanted to ten episodes with like a full budget. We never advice, you do it's gonna good about that right, yeah, they weren't. There were great. I mean I don't know what you tube is like. I don't know, I don't know where to find it. I wish I could tell Liz where to find. I do not know I'm hoping it'll just flash on someone's computer, our good friend Ryan Hansen, our best friend he has a show on Youtube. Called Ryan Hansen solves crimes, great yeah, in most of the jokes within the show or about what is you to bread? I mean the other thing is called you to bread, a name or mountainous regions, but now it's actually a really cool service, because you can you get all the other any get sports, yet you can get lives shit up yet so I think they actually have a real shot. It becoming idle
I hope so and I dont care. You know that a healthy as long as you get as long as a places willing to. Let me do ten episodes it does. America's like I was just someone has taught me they're doing a show, and I am doing be that as it can be re here, it is there and as like, that is who cares them? Who cares our hundred plus you're gonna hit? My quote, others show thought you on your web browser anchor. Absolutely we removed. The airport is as like. Follow us, I just had to start yesterday when I landed. I was like walking by this grill dislike bar in grill in airports like followers on Twitter, for updates of things at all. Why? Yes, I think I noticed the Dallas airport do not follow the Dallas AIR like I should start yeah get up dates.
Yeah or at least create a parity in start, letting it affect your life to lay as an art installation I will. I would love to be affected by that leg. Have my wife? Can we like? Are you? Ok, we like I'm fine, I mean they took the native american art exhibit out of gate see, but I would ever gets all deserve line to help. I guess I don't really want to be reminded of it when I walk by was beautiful were Adam. Thank you. So much I mean you're, really really sweet and lovely in another area, and thank you so much for having me yet inaction. Pain Illinois is on Youtube in that you and you guys improvident at a time. It's the happy endings deeds who created long also the scripts are really really fast and really tight, and it's got that same kind of like whip. Aha, cracking smart Seagate. You normally have time.
Right he's gonna like really, but you see this says everything about you, because people who end up working with show creators from other shows the men on says everything. That's nice. I mean that There are a lot of you. I won't work with me again. I have had many version, but yeah camp aspects was evidently in those happy and these Guys Casey Wilson. That's like you know here, that's gonna, where I go to figured out. Will. That is what I want you to do. I want you to just a tiny bit less of his light burning those bridges. I will try. Ok, because I like you, I guess you have to imagine some of it is based on the same reason. I burn bridges, which is just like I'm gonna, be each making fun of me and then you end up corona it's some avatar urging the egg is your failure worth it yeah. I know I know our that you are. I know that, but I also like I kind of like the feeling of napping worth a too, which is dangerous. You're, like you know, you're like in, and we just talk to Jake Johnson. He made a movie about gambling, you always people,
likes losing like you, you could be a they desire. I did to lose. I love gambling. I love losing island feeling of losing yeah- and he liked- and I heard this about you too before you got here- is that you can have like balmy something arm so interest. My fair, I like the bomb, relax, so. Finally, lobbying low why're you we bomb, though, with like also not burning, bridge zoning. We can't do it, I think you can and I'm really working. I think. As I get older, I will figure out that unites. Our me of that is as a young man, you don't care you're like yeah, you don't even think about it will, and I wondered, is, is you're coming out. It's all Monica Greenland. It reminds me of his like when I graduated high school, when they gave you the diploma, a fake tripped- and I knocked over these huge planners off dislike for foot high stages
such a man. I love everyone so embarrassed for me, except for the four deeds I was trying to impress. I love that, like that's my sweet by looked at you, but now than a moratorium. I also little selfish in our system me sure to two to lower a thousand people's expired. Hence memories for peace, but at the same time the self aware of like being like this doesn't matter in the Green grand scheme of things. Well, that's true. Now, universe in the way that the that were all like we're here now. Forty three matter has even I saved the. I got up of typed out letter from the principle in its does that sentence of it was once again and many will bear the burden of the few.
The funeral arrangements you destroyed cost three hundred eighty dollars were taken out of your class for Tom. I got you shopping valedictorian right now, if you re, but I dont have agreement, I do on it, and that is a true community. The leg, Ireland, when Amy Humor, like down to the ground in front of Cameroon, Gunny West yeah, impaired people like upset, but none of that is that we should all that's heard the job. That's her job is to fall down there like use your job with a destroy that forelegs render and look at us now. It doesn't matter yeah, alright. Well, I really adore you and I hope you come back. I will I've been. Thank you for having me all right and now my favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul, made Monica bad men Monica welcome too the fact shared my Patman with the
yeah. My occur major now tune for my soul, mate, Maximum Elsa Mass yeah. That's an original yo without was part of the song. It was you. I didn't even have to tell you, because it was one of the lyrics in this. I like it almost sounded like then did in December earth when in fire I love that saw it hearken to back here was an o, my, but not enough to get sued by them. No will make that clear. What's the great thing about my singing ass, I can even hit the same notes in repetition, so you could never proved that I stole any friends chair. That's one of the upsides. It's really. We intend ass a silver lining, their tone deafness Adam per Annum Halley
m. By. Do you honestly, Adam Polly? I have the correct in my mind. I have to say, as lessening before us is full names, I'm afraid I'll say Adam Polly, but its Adam PAL, Adam Polly. I don't have that problem, mainly because I've, U superior diction. That is why I know because I bear very wait. Well spoken. I am well spoken fur for a month us now. I have been following him not on foot his three hour long time, every around a crush on him, oh in improv, crush for sure, but I didn't know em. You know it was funny because he's in this group hot saw us was or is I don't know if they still perform but it's Adam Ben Schwartz and Gill Azeri in its this three of them at their. So
funny together and they are so good and I would never miss, I saw showed no your once a month love what a comedy nardoo are yours. So when I talk about this stuff because it totally is not the case any more in a period of your life, yes pass Much too makes me sad. All periods are like that, but I think it's except I'm periods well know they're gonna, stick around for another twenty years. Are you there, but I think it is easy to look back and kind of feel like a sense of loss than it's gone yeah by these rights better just going now. That was the perfect thing for me to do at that age and now doing the perfecting for me at this age. It's it's ok to have some sadness, the air it does it take away from the other happy staff, but here you can have both
things happening, I think it's ok, you know what I feel that way about dancing laser go dancing all the time. And I loved it. When sometimes I was aided by ambient air what my share, but not always and I really love dancing. I could dance for three hours. What a work out that is, the air in it It's just. I think it added value to my life, and I, and I often fantasize action- is go to one night club in just dance and then at that feels crazy to me. Yeah you also and like it. I went to a birthday party about a month or so ago- and you are also invited invited to that party, but you you couldn't come. It was too late for me. After an it was at a bar carbon in the back. There was an discotheque now it just like. The back area was like the dancing. Area, so was gonna like a club back there in a sort of
so we were back there and we were all dancing and it was so fun, but perfect. Ten Charlie did turned to me and say: can you imagine of Dax was here he would hear of hooligans in not because of the dancing, of course, the dancing so fine, but it's all the other elements that we have now ground like the drunk wild guys. Instead, everyone being drunk everyone shoving you every to sack in like a kind of having to keep an eye out on your bag and all these practical, realistic things that are happening there that make it the older you get like less tolerable made, may learn how weighing the good part dancing power and then, if your sober on top of that, no no, no, no young enough to find a place. It has a very spacious dance floor. That's not a very popular place! Why plenty
room to dance, then of course gotta music. I like what has to be very hard to find. This is going to be very challenging. I do dance at the house quite a bit. You do yeah yeah, although sometimes for a half hour. Forty five minutes at the house, yea any place can bear dance floor. You, the nuns, if you want to you, can leave your friends wrong here, so that empower great another halley is a great improvise her and it was exciting to have. I guess I was such a big fan of tax did Anthony when I left about so I said we just require that impelling because he was my roommate when I was at the height of this entire and my wife yeah, and he was like your life- has just come so full circle. It's crazy and that is true and it's really exciting. I was really had a different reason when we left the interview pledges
had seen him be really funny and sarcastic, and I was nervous going in like oh does he have emotional side he'll be willing to share with us any very much did Ghana's very relieved about that. So just didn't know. Yes, he does, as he said, on their he likes to bomb and staff. Are he it's off on it as I got what if he wants to do that on this show, you know I got a view. Also just eat a big. Sandwich for ninety minutes as all nervous about that, but it wasn't now. There are sincere nice, so nice liked him alive. Ok, we'll see you mentioned the ninety nine year, lease between the British and China for Hong Kong. Aha, So, on june- ninth one thousand eight hundred and ninety eight, the British, under Queen Victoria, brokered a ninety nine year, lease agreement for the use of Hong Kong after China lost the series of wars fought over the
british trade in tee and opium, the opium wars opium, yes and ninety. Ninety seven the bridging ended Hong Kong back to China. The end of a ninety nine year long leaves and an event that was dreaded and anticipated by the residents, the Chinese, the English and the rest of the world. The right before you turn back over I was there a user one who still English, oh and ninety ninety six year, no ninety five, the up there. It is ninety five or ninety six wanted to care. I lived out here. My mom took me on it. Twenty one day, crews, God you really were everywhere on their crews, are really did you know that crews did not go to Hong Kong, but we started the trip in Hong Kong. As my mom loves Hong Kong. Oh God stating cow, Loom Bay, it's such a cool city, or is it a cool city? It's a beach town! You not expecting that it's gonna write beautiful,
It is an ocean array like valet pre or reaches really now and then They skyscrapers boats in the harbor and everything it's really pretty cool. I liked it alot. Do you think it's dead? oh cool! Now that it's back to being Chinese, no, you hire China. I hate China. They have created a hoax climate change, our yeah, big others after tat, the care that naming urgent, they took my job. They took my job way, what's your job that they took. They do punk. Now we finally have a guy named Dax Chan and their took my job. I like China, Had we been there? No, I want to go. I am nervous about the air quality I don't know, maybe I'm getting propagandizing. I hear that that they are qualities real Robin
certain city see, I guarantee your throat hurts after you know a couple hours outside. I don't know if that's true, that I don't wanna, have a friend to land and doing ok, she's alive Did she still with us all a gram, she's thriving I'll, tell you one thing I loved the Olympics in Beijing. I was really taken without opening ceremony over my son of ever sending words and ass. It is now a man named birds nest. They sure did so beautiful. I was captivated out like I wanna go to China. None of the others Olympics do work. Yeah campaign, voters, aid, I didn't go while also watch a couple, HBO real sports about how generally it is big, big lost the economy yeah, they I'm sure, he's been way more money than they in generating. I think in general censure staying it's also just like it becomes like a pissing content.
Everyone wants there to be the best one year, so they are over. Spending in overreaching can sometimes there in places where they just can't dry and then, if you saw Icarus cigarette yeah, the Icarus Documentary Networks, we have phenomenon early gets into the doping scandals with the Russians. Did they were stealing samples out of the room and stuff, it's very exciting, as really it's really good. I love the Olympics and I must set the army to a very excited for us to have a summer olympics into their number steer next year. Twenty, why? Twenty? Twenty? I wonder if the showed twenty twenty we'll have a big I exciting morning, they should they shared right: twenty, twenty and twenty twenty starting in January. First, twenty twenty eight they'll make Meal of it, I hope we really should ok at what show was it was well for
airline when he had a bird on his shoulder, Conan and. Yeah yeah you're gonna be renewed. This is one of those things that you just have to be sad about. There is something that you say all the time. That's wrong! Oh shit, yeah! I don't even want to now. You know you are ignorant and out earlier today, we'll fairly did not. I was not a dead body on CS. I let whether we did find out that he did get shot in another certainly was working under a pseudonym yeah, but that it was a real average. Shall we just wanted to be introduced as a character than kill kill. The average is really funny, but it's not the day. I was told that bright but buddy. Yes, I'm wrong shit. I know love to say that now you not say an amalgam of, say it anymore, cable. You can say that he went on caught him with a book
gonna shoulder all grad document without knowing oversight landline or by way of a new one. You said coffee in cars with comedians blubber chill as such, what it's called called comedians. And getting in cars? Getting coffee? Ok, right, yeah, I'm kinda millions in cars, getting coffee Now that sounds raw. They also endanger its right yeah comedians in cars. Getting coffee. Yes, yes, how long are catholic wedding ceremonies with a full mass. They can be an hour and a half, but with no mass about forty five minutes both long, oh yeah yeah should be like a fifteen minute ordeal yeah. You know yeah and get to that reception. He had some chum partner in here. The dance floor is such a fun part of lovely,
reinventing fire. You do that. So far we like to see if the boy cries to save the boy guys, yeah the ground, and I like to dance until I like to drain and the foods never that girl now, but I'm always excited about it. Ok and then it never delivers, but that's ok, yeah, sometimes there's something fun happening likely they make good food go too much food to prepare it wants is that the job and some expensive weddings and still very ever, I know even always days like an airplane meal right. So hunger, you are yeah. Ok, let's get yadda here, so so weddings are fine romantic view. I do not like come now granite. I've. I've had fun at weddings, yeah. This file
Sonder, the many things that I don't want to do, but when I do them I don't I don't mind them. So why don't you want to go to bed cuz? I got to dress up. I hate dressing up then dressing up for you, the is it's just putting on a suit jacket, in Panza, Tallard sure, diet, tie and then choose that are uncomfortable k bellies. You don't do put much thought in girls have to like plan their whole out. There make sure it's the perfect amount of cute news, but not so cute that it overshadows the bride. That's a real thing! People now! Ok, he can't you never were that J low dress to awaiting bore no rude people would get really upset. Also the fits gimme a lot more important for females than guys like I got measured for some suits awhile back and I just keep where I'm not fluctuate. Times are tight, sometimes or lose. I just whereat, but I feel like the dress has to fit perfectly. Isn't that
standard wanted to fit need the best so its most flattering. I need that's, probably the same. What those suits to you, just, don't care near monotony You don't seem, like many other guys, carry out all night, and rarely do I see a guy who's suit fit some except for like Daniel Craig his. Let me real nice, no one, whereas a suit quite like Daniel crack down its nor those little long, tiny little swim trunks. He wears the hell out of those we get now the war that one James Bond shortened lose when trunks. I haven't seen him: oh, what a site deltoid pop and for a pc is everywhere yeah strong thighs, you know much die envy. I had, I know we're shooting law this week. Remember I pointed out a guy who really big yes so jealousy there so big. He can't we're pants by his own admit.
I now there's no pants fit over his care. I now sums I'll be willing to wear shorts arrest. My went. What does he do knows your wedding? Is it look, sweat, pants? You ve probably has to get a custom made thing and that's not fun. They take the thigh from my pants and use it for the calf of his. Maybe I'd think his calves actually bigger than my thigh. No, I saw it was not of sir. I think it looks like a boy boy. We give to bowling ball I pray to God. He's gonna kick us out of some scenario. Kick through a wall aura or steel player. We already established that I wouldn't public like it. That seems too aggressive. Even if you to save our lives from a pop out cave that might be nice a yeah. Sorry, guy? What if he listens? I don't want him to be a vote. As of now well known since the south, the key grip yeah.
Do you double handshake? Did he gave me a double handshake, which I love the obviously cuz? I love that, but I can't tell if it was cuz he knew or not. I know that's what we had to try that we talked about it for a while. After that, Seth is he just naturally a double hand shaker or is he praying on your weakness? both my a good option. They are not you, there's no losing a man now yeah also talk about, said a legs and asked that I would I'd pay top dollar four. I now they're glorious. So he said there are no jewish people in South Carolina. God said there are sixteen thousand eight hundred and twenty people who are you Bush and some eight thousand less than India yeah point three percent of the population: ok
and was similar percentage of the analyse them. Tells me: there's not a lot of people in South Carolina way. So has the Coke brothers funded more cancer research than anyone in the country I dont know, I dont know if they funded more than anyone in the country, but they have fun. Did a lot of cancer research David cope the seventh richest man in the world with a network of forty two point, seven billion has pledged two hundred and fifty million Memorial Sloan Catering to build a new outpatient cancer facility on Manhattans Upper EAST side, a world renowned Cancer Centre announced
Wednesday of some other period of time. Ok, not a bygone! Yes, correcting! That's nice very nice and they have an institute at MIT for research, so yeah they. They have done a lot so palliatives. Why? For high school sweetheart, that's cute, so Q get doktor. John Gottman talk with them as remember why I asked gottman. If there are such things, just like Highschool sweethearts words, so easy you'll have to do any work, right, but that money do you believe that yeah? But I wonder Interview Polly and his wife to see if there are the exception? yeah bid, it didn't sound like he was saying it so easy now he did in fact, though, not getting at all. You can be high school sweetheart and not be easy, and I think it's we like you. I know a couple high school sweethearts and made the desk
yeah it's very hard to involve the same pay. Now, that's the hard part. Unless, maybe you don't, but then you become like you no good through it, and then you meet up yeah cause you. You might both halves like a two year period of tons of self betterment, but it might happen for years apart. You might end up in the same boy. By hard those two years. Really I don't eat like shit anymore and I don't drink your item. My partner does and and less by hard, but I told him I am a great girlfriend reindeer stamina, high jumper. She broke up with me, a ninth grade to start dean. This kid some shame. Ok, there's still together, that's so key yeah from nice. That fungal I got I can was on my waterbed. My dad's house called she's. Breaking up with me is devastating. Also at very low point. For me, ninth grade just went moved in
high school. I was a loser in high school known really like me, and my girlfriend broke up with me as it is already very sad, yeah man and then I later learned that it was for J. Shame that signing a J, shame user ressler I'm offer high school in their city. Still the Gunnar hasn't children, everything yeah, it's nice things work out, Things work out the way their supposed to work out, but I did think like only I would if I hadn't had a new girlfriend since that phone call. That's me skip scary to me for this my early hour, I would drive myself crazy about what kind of people are out there and They know not. Everyone has the right to make love to a french woman yeah you now against after deed at me, he'll be fine weather I'll bet you be. Finally, I dare relay yeah, I mean only, I think, I'll be fine with being with the same.
Send for, since I was eighteen, bullshit hadn t walk through so high school. You weren't like in the comedy the way you got in the comedy nor twenties. You're, like a lot of interest in that was just one of them. So there you at your high school, We are learning as both move to California, and then you just got so into this world of comedy NEA, and these are thinking. Oh, I would if I actually had a boyfriend, there was a comedian and we could be funny all the time like. Do you think that kind of thing when it lay the idle and we had? This- is such that we are terrorists asian, because it's in its made- person than right. That's my much longer the football team of only the coolest thing in high school, and then I mean these are playing football anymore and Twentys a lot. I just think I may person that could be with a person for
ever and not be a lake you're missing, allowing our guy further on very loyal yeah. That's true! I like that security. You must all my friends as well yeah now on oil. Do fall? Why do I thought that's a good question? Why do a fall. Well, I don't know we getting these hypothetical conversations all the time at the house about way whether I would still be friends with someone if I find out they killed somebody. My answer, that's always absolutely! You now find that there is some kind of monster of some variety. I would still be like now you're what I know indifferent side- I'm still gonna, be there friend here, but not if they like, killed your like Kristen you're, not christian yeah, that's true! So of one of my friends killed Chris than I pray when be friends with them anymore. He asked
so yeah, but I did have a period where I wasn't. I didn't talk to one of my best friends for ten years because of loyalty to my mom. I now talk to that person yeah. I was probably not necessary. That's a weird situation because it's like you were loyal to lie in person, but you're, not loyal to another world of both. Things are happening in that story. Leah Laura's, gonna take the top tier ray.
Well, you know it. You see it when its loyalty to a fault is like people who loved Bill Cosby now, and then they just refused to take on any information that yes, let the matter you now. That is true, but I feel like I could both acknowledged the person's wrongdoings and still love that yeah yeah yeah. But yet, when people, oh god, you see it's so much people defending people, they love into the ground. You know it's because we don't really have a third option in this country. That's popular words like you, you'd knowledge Isn't there something? And you also say yes and I'm still standing by them like let's say Louis UK, all these friends of his? They disapprove of what happened, but they still love him
befriended them, but don't actually not even allowed to say that out loud, like therein trouble if they say no still like Louis E K. Even though is flawed, and I totally disagree with his behaviour yeah. That's it that's an option that you're allowed that pursue diving. That's faulty, that's probably jail that is unfortunate. People are allowed to love the people. They love your answer. When you are given the only option, is wall double down and defend this person or my other options. The like you now probably sound
nothing to do with this person ever again and then the choice makes more sense to me yeah. But if there is a very popular third option, which is like what this person did is horrendous till I disagree with it, I wanna be a part of making sure they get help, and I repeat this year and I still loved them very much alive. You think that's not allowed, because when people have even teetered on that vague it destroyed, but you know That's all public stuff, you're saying like that's. If you care about how your perceived publicly, but it happens even like a microcosm of your group of friends, one person cheated on another person. Those can be a division and people have to decide, and I hate that personal, eight or nine Santa like I just don't like that option. The agri, like kick someone out here, pretending there the monster all of a sudden yeah,
yeah. I have always felt like that too in groups when there's like dynamics where one person's mad at the other person and you have to choose and yeah. I do not like that. All that's even say like a concrete example on the show which is like I'd, love, Conan, O Brien, I like Jane Lenin, I feel no obligation to dislike J Leno because they had a few nea and a lot of people commented on this on our instagram, like how could you have J, let alone in light of countenance like, while I like a j now, I understand my conan wouldn't like jail unknown, but I personally like jail alone. I dont have this dislike all the people, the people I like dislike. That is not the real barrier of entry for friendship, yeah. I agree and I feel the same way. Nor do I expect people that I dislike to be not liked by my friends that that seems like such a narcissistic point of view, and oh I don't know, I guess you know it. Yes, that's true, but lake
it gets tricky its. If someone like caused me a ton of pain and then you are like going out to dinner with him, I might feel like I may I mean I it's like I know is wrongs, hopefully wouldn't even say anything. I would feel wrong about sing it, but I probably would feel bombed out by that's why I undressed in the emotion of feeling, like this person, should be on my side type of thing but work. I you know my good friend sued me once who's got the end of our friendship because of that obviously vandam, but I had other friends that were still quite good friends with them him and I wanted them b you now. I am, I think what you're saying is right about emotion, all things that are happening, it's reasonable to feel upset or but
raid or something imminent, even when that's not really happening but understand why people feel that way. You will enable also just have a handbag of things that they normally feel that their prone to feel and I have at once, but for whatever reason, I'm not prone to feel betrayal yeah. That's does not want to mice. First stops in my mouth, hence, as I think that, generally the world's really com located loathing, anyone ever offered the decision of you wanna fuck tax over now, and there is nothing else going on and they chose let's fuck backs over. I don't really think that's ever happen. Yeah, that's a nice way of looking at it. I have other weird thing so did George Clooney and Jan Philip has not get a law during out of sight. I didn't see. I couldn't find anything about that because there are not enough.
Is there a rumour of heard now, which is one of these well known things out here? I believe you I just didn't. I confined. They think. Also, he shot that part trunk seen as one long take, but then, after test audiences responded poorly to the scene, he re shot it in a different form. Returnable turned Reno no sort of work at all. Ok, I don't know if you have one I think trunk scene. I got the signature shot of turn. Tino is a trunk opening like a little bit a skewed guys. In the trunk they, so there are some transit. They see shot it in one day. Ah, but then I guess TAT science has done like us.
He they re shot. Oh really, all very interesting, yeah scene with, as the original version is available as a bonus feature on the dvd, all which I owe you have the dvd orders. I blew radio in my view. I knew I'd love to watch the single take one I used to love washing commentary. Is it a watch it with the commentary on several time? Yeah? I watched the oceans, eleven commentary and goodwill hunting commentary. Obviously almost as many times as I've watched you wilt, thou O. Why was love that behind the scenes well on oceans, eleven, you should watch how and cause it's your boyfriend Brad Pitt. Boyfriend, Matt Damon, George Clooney. I think- and I think this is those three it's hard to believe they got them to do that.
No, yes, when dvds were knew, you would do TAT was a thing. I always worry about. The one ashen I did for the Punt Box set fire. A very young age is worrying. No one else in there I want. I can imagine there is bad stuff in their early okay, so he tax vat, have french fries extra bad you now lying now. We know that there really really bad, and that is from a New York Times, article that came out bend of last year. Cloudy dont want fries with that. Some people want to read up on how bad french fries are vacant check it out. Undergarments scooby, not just keep union for insurance. I could eat french fries right now. You're back your Hungary is our very own ravenous hammy jewish people. In the United States. He thought it was less than one percent. In two thousand twelve, the american jewish population was estimated at between five point: five and eight million, depending on the definition of the term, which constitutes between one point: seven in
Two point: six percent of the total: U S population, so not settle on two point: two k: I so that's not what the deaf to point tee till we may get a goal to get every single jewish person as a listener on here, they'll be gray. I'd love me to that that was it oh great yeah, Adam Polly, Adam Paoli, Adam ours is a pile of mine. Weiwei's pronounced the AL. You is very sweet, I really enjoyed and Smart. I went back to work. As you know, LISA had worked with him for a while and then shall we are working with Alisha bar and on whose so lovely I really want to get in here. She so fun in normal and down to earth and damn you. I was excited to get back to work and tell her that really well. Then we really love Adam and she said he's on the funniest people to be around
yeah daily. That's nice he's so funny. I hope he gets to just work and work and work and work and work and work and work. Me too. I love you, my smile savvy.
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