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Alison Brie (Community, Mad Men, Glow) is an American actress. She sits down with the armchair expert to discuss the experience of filming Mad Men and Community simultaneously, why she doesn't like WWE being referred to as "fake" and mental illness in her family. Dax asks how she met her husband and Alison talks about the decision to do nudity. The two discuss why humans are inclined to protect bad behavior, the merits of apple eating and the science of blackouts.
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Welcome. Welcome, welcome to the arm chair expert on deck Shepherd hijack Shepherd, what's your name, young lady Monica Pad men Monica bad men, we lovely yesterday, Alison Bree thing I came neurons immunity, young mad mad men as well glow jumbo jack, horsemen, she's, Aubert, talented and she's got a new movie out called horse girl, maybe my favorite the film either here or girl now on Netflix dish in ITALY. We ve kind of been in Turin retirement for a few months. Yeah Oregon up be back out there, a pro fourth Saturday history. Con will present armchair expert lie from LOS Angeles at the Pasadena Convention Centre, so gang If you're in the allay area, you'd love to see us live, we have a very juicy get history is gonna, be changed, we're gonna change history. What is him talk? The change of name will change it so take it's gone,
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Space a reality a day: a joy, bird dot com, Slash Dax, twenty five good enjoy burdock complex text, only five or receive an exclusive offer for twenty five percent of your order by using the Kodaks twenty five he's be adapted. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, allied idea, I'm people take me. a task over that, and we love anatomy on the comments, but I mind for putting the issue now I'll. Just leave the known him already pretty grouse. Also know common delay in here and there a janitor there's a lot. I had a watch a movie or anything very close to me around she'd shoving it down.
rob Blob nuclear when take my last by my apple offended me sophronia people. I know you guys are all about. not offended if only a few bob. By the way, there's myth in my mind that eating an apple is good for your diction, so it's only a good thing to eat before doing a pike as, although it might not be true it son that someone told me in theatre school and I believe it ever since I first, why hope? You're right, because anything I could use a clear my diction prior to launching off, would be very helpful it up a little, but this was an expert. This is a professional who guided do in this direction. Right it was under echo. Is another student actually get for your diction and I was a cradle? every day, will do you find I have a little ruin. We do live shows which sucks sometimes were often in a really cool city and Wabi. Why is a food? So he takes us to these great places. I dont. Cheese. The day of
rain alive shell. Yes, I re another psychosomatic, but I really feel the difference. The dairy in your throat, aha yeah. I think so you'd by that yeah. Ok, grass in Africa is kept my stamp of approval. I will say this about apple before we move on from, if I'm ever like in a situation like that, I'd love to brush my teeth right now, but I dont have the acute from all? I find a real crisp, apple and net. For me, it feels like brushing my teeth really like it'll. Give me another couple hours on the feeling in my mouth all like Thou CAFE, because I think that then you have like apple on the breath. Is bit. Weird, even though I love apples and I do drink when every day I finally early IVO reared a little bit of a film, I guess it depends how Chris, but the that's easy! Maybe I've never had one as Christmas. You wanna correspond iron Crispin I like to keep them in the fridge. Do you like I dont like that?
heart varieties. I like the sweet varieties like what's a toilet tart wins the grand I agree, Psmith made any Smith may know, but pink lady, which is very sweet used to be, like my main apple choice, but now there a little too sweet. What about a golden delicious? With that my sought ongoing young, you like a golden Delicious, but the best is Chris PS, vulgar and is in the name. You know it here, honey crisp. What more could you out or nothin bridges to go back to the golden group? Are you willing to let you called loses its the rolls Royce of apples. I put golden Delicious as like my third best in the top tier but number three Plato coloured and then we draw up. in which have you ever done any judging real? Well, you know, I don't think any like legit judging
but I did the gong show the ok, it's a revamp right. It was a show in the seventies and eighties, and people do a little talent if they suck somewhat now the gong. But the point is its: they sort of get these acts that are especially outrageous outlandish sort of meant to be sucking, and if there are socially bad you they get the gong, but also with the new and is still on whose hoss I don't know, but that was imposed by Michael Myers, yes, but he was doing. I heard her wishes. Hurry. Intrastate is so when you are interacting with him, should go without saying that no disrespect to the gong shower he'll triads, it's a great had such a fine time doing exactly now, back to the correct, so did he ever break that character dared to connect with you? Not that I saw oh, I met him in character and it was super weird, but it was also like kind of like o king,
I appreciate the commitment is yes you're and then I met MIKE Myers, maybe a year after that, because I was doing Seth Myers ignoring and he was the first guest and then I just didn't acknowledge I didn't know if it would be appropriate right. We anxiously met, but what have you no memory limit if, as I know it wasn't me away on how embarrassed would I be over what egg on my yeah he was like how dare you won't the people who were in the Lincoln Right, Abraham, Lincoln Film, and you had Dan Lewis Wright being a blinking. I do so Dan Lewis, you know, could you if you were acting those scenes? Is he so good inns in so committed that you really start thinking by got its one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight and I'm here with a blanket? I do think it probably would change for me personally. It definitely would change the way I would be on set, because I would probably feel a little.
Air as to just be like she, when a piece, a gown on your on my you know, I feel like any job wondering some now any new job? I gotta do due to this very day, one I don't bring my phone I try to come to San and just be like. What's the vibe are people cool with phones, yeah serious our people on this sets I used to work on a show, mad men. At the same time, I was shooting another show on NBC Community, which I'm confused about my one. We hear a lot about the losers, the schedule of it all we yeah there were days because often the schedules really overlapped, and I mean for like years you now and then A couple I mean, maybe two or three days in those span of those years where I did both shows in the same day I will start in the morning on line and then drive over into a late night on the other. You- and all of this is really to say that madmen, recurring on the show I never had a contractor was never a regular character.
It was also one of my first jobs, and I really wanted to respect that set I would never have brought my phone oh sure, the sad until the light, maybe some season. season seven, I bring it keep it in my chair of your already irregular on another. There are enough, since the first season, so my than yours, total inculcates, ok, but the reverence I had for that set. And it seemed like a much more serious than to me, even though I imagine that the regulars on the show probably were more relaxed than I was being like. I'm so happy to be here. Thank you for having you still, but I would always joke with people on community which were so. My family owes a regular there and its a comedy and we would just be making each other laugh until we were crying laughing and then action like we were so loud like boisterous yards on a playground and I'd be like. If you
I saw me on the set a mad men. You wouldn't recognize me lying. I like they think you had Stockholm's enormous something to hold a right. Let your lit arms every other source of a very serious actor. It did feel to me much quieter and, like you were three a needle of emotion and new ones to what the characters were mean the meaning, but behind what we were saying and and all that stuff and Weiner was always onset set, so you felt like yeah as around and maybe popping in to give you a quick note or making sure that you're doing it the way he wants it do we actually, I really liked because then you knew like you. I gotta move on unless you really need How do you feel about line readings? Well, it depend hence really quick, align reading, as were the drugs or comes up to you, and he says you should say what
come to Arby's, I'm sad that he'll give you all they your exact line here, the exact cadence that they want. You hope to appear at the idea, which is very triggering for many many actors, shoe people really hate yea I've seen people really lose their shit over. I definitely got some line readings from that a high, but it didn't bother me, I think, because I just loved Matt. So much and again, this is my first real job. I was doing regional Theo, I've done a couple episode. You don't episodes of a show here, like a b b whore movie. I got this job on this show the material was so good. I was so excited, be there when I got you know, but one up sewed and everyone made a very clear. This is for one. So you're coming into wine and lived only having viable recurring possible by the end of that we could shooting. They asked me to come back for the next up alone, so I argue just loved Matt Fur
taken at she had some Maria having this run the show and again he was our specific. It really admired the way here, created that whole show with with such specified, city, so also, if you want something that specific and I'm sitting there in an hour on, take ten- and it's like he's like can I just tell you, how would you say because I can see is hearing like his grandmothers voice in his head and or his bombs and I'd be like yeah just tell me, because, we can move on in now scenario at there's me: there's Matt, I have a high respect level for him. Certainly, I've been in situations where someone tries to give me a line. Reading room had talks have as much reserve our and you're a little bit like step Well, isn't it it's interesting in there's another bizarre part of tv verse film, which is film. Quite often you meet the writer right sure in so the director really is the person you're like on I'm executing vera fantasy of this whole thing
whereas in television is very much a writers medium in your trying to execute the writer want it so it's harder, I would imagine, for an episode of director. That's coming in in May. Be only doing to episodes that whole season and they tell you, no you're so to say, welcomed parvenus, lighter Thank you would know that more than I would know what I like that in your exam we're doing an Arby's commercial, always any who so sets for mad men were all and allay downtown. Yeah really were your now filming arose and procedures. We shot our third season of glow there, but not the first or second, and I don't think we'll be back there for the fourth view. Why also congratulate of one off? I congratulate, as you know, were very close with Jackie tone. There is also Chris LAW yeah uh. I adore them both so my years, so I want to go. You cause. You found yourself now three times which is almost impossible to do in legal rights.
the crazy well rounded CAS like I mean useless mad man in new girl? Oh my god, Alyssa Mars goes on to do handmaids tale. I can't imagine there's any better. Acting on television at all mean now I mean you could say the same about her performance on madmen scenes with her and John HAM. There's one up that pursued what the system is the word just the two of them you're like yeah a clinic year, and as I say, I feel that we watching Betty Gilpin when were working on glow needs. That has been like a clinic for me acting in scenes with her just being like, oh well, of emotion. My guide, I mean I've been very lucky in the televisions Yes, it's crazy, yes, but also, I guess I've used all of
those shows to learn, and so mad man, I was twenty four years old. When I started working on that, I had gone to Theatre School and studied theatre and just was all about theater and was working doing. Theatre NL arts. I went to Kehl arts really quick. I have a question about the year, so Kehl arts is in Santa Claus, Frida yeah and you were born in Hollywood in the cedars. Are you I grew up in island, Parkin and South city now, ok gray, so I didn't write and godlike Hollywood high awry right, but you are from the city, I'm yeah financially, and so the college experience being out in Santa Clarissa. It's not as colleges, I'm thinking right or it's not like you feel, like you went away to a college tone. You know I mean I could a deadly was like driving home to my mom's house on the weekend to do laundries region and pay for it. So in that sense it didn't feel like. I was like away at school, but it also did. It was far
enough away from my family in south pass of roaming, you know a forty five minute drive, but I lived on campus, your dorms in the holy ass, but it's a tiny school. It's very small units that are probably twelve hundred students when I went there. It's like one driveway, on the other side of the underground housing. Building the you know empathy, housing, building and the main building of school and that's the college. So it's a real small arts conservatory and their report probably like thirty to see since in my acting class and then we were broken down into smaller groups, so we would do real small classes with like eight people, you do classes for voice and movement and there's a lot of classes where you're just like that in your tongue out and will allow for two years and then like now. You know how to use your voice. It was fantastic. I loved it. Did you feel
You got tools there that you are currently employing, definitely yeah, even just to the extent of like we did really crazy stuff, so got kind of ingrained in you to not be embarrassed as to take risks to be a bit fearless about south and disputed. That sort of I did one semester Scotland. I did a semester abroad in my final year at school, at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music drama man in a little while ago, yes and their that freedom, the and degree of like I have nothing to lose, are probably never see any of these people a gas are and that school was fantastic because they would bring a new teachers every week to do these crazy workshops, and it might be like an image, of cap aware a week or something and because of the way the schools matched up I
a senior at my college, but I was with the third year students at their school and were there they primarily scottish students. It was a mix of Scots and Brits and a couple american students who are like doing the full programme. That's right. A lot of crazy accents Colombo students I couldn't undersea. Even tell my final day at the semester, the LA gone too far away like windows, always assume you're, asking me what is going to the park like yet and that I just ended up often have you did you fall for any of these new? You know I we french ones yeah and he came out and visited me and we like took a great for poorer, looking old castles and he was great. But you There is like one boy that was very sweet and I walked home from school with him every day, Scottish very sweet
What chance there is another boy and american boy that everyone thought we were having a romance in early hour, but we weren't, but I would always sleep over with him in his room. Let me just like smoke a lot, a weed and we would just hang out the two of us, all the time. What makes a message, I guess we'll if I hadn't had a boyfriend, I probably would then open to buy? But I wanted you to be in this scenario. Work you did The scoreboard that you, the guy, he's leaving the room, looked back unease brooding ease I all day, and you know nobody saying, but your rolling
nor is it was like the American Guy- and I was like I was about through this quietly everyone's going over here with echo anyway romantically. It wasn't adventurous, but in every other, since I could be the first person class back I'll get up and try this crazy shit about Falk Liken drove Anonymous, a little gone very much and even the students there were like. Are you this outgoing at your school in America, and I was not quite as much, but what have I got to lose here? Let him isn't re attitude, it does say something about you, because if I had done that, I would have been like desperate to fit into their sort of mould of what they are doing and I would have been trying to get their approval I would not have been feeling like what is there to lose. I went to the parade was sort of an extension of do you feel any way like when you transition from high school to college that's your chance to reinvent yourselves. You are, and I certainly had that happen,
and then this was taken Ask the member state. Where did you go from two to well like what was the high school Allison versus the college else in high school will? I definitely was sort of a theme. nurse- ok, you know senior year was like President the drama club, oh sure, hope, president? Aha, Lindsey Squid by, but I always really prided myself on having, friends outside of drama as well. So I wasn't like totally isolated in the drama programme, it's hard for me to analyze it, because I had such a great time in high school right and have a jaded high school experience. I loved doing drama, and I had my like three closest and who were not in drama and, like I still Even when I will take us up, because I often and like no, if I know if people found me super nerdy or not. I feel feeling a little in the middle. I only have a sense because
my senior year I was invited to dislike popular party and I went and like made out with some new pillar. Why and then some other girl who was a cheer leader was like what are you doing it this party? So then I like oh well, I guess I guess you guys do think I'm kind of nerdy it's a real gift. I think that I had drama in high school, because I didn't care a lot about what people about what you are doing and I as a theme, but you are also your filling up a book on the stage you're getting like approval and his henchmen and stuff and that's a confidence builder. It was- and I was a bit eccentric in terms of like wearing skirt silver pants cutting my hair super short people thought I shaved my head allowing like that they were you doing any child acting now, not like professional child acting. You know. My parents
had me in the summer programme, in LOS feel, as with the jewish community centre- and I d lays there from when I was six or Seven until mid. school and then I did plays with the middle school and I also did like a summer theatre programme at the passage in a play house. So I always was doing. Acting and theatre right, but you're there was a reporter, like an entertainment reporters at exaggerated Z, Hellas, ok, gray. I wonder if I done an interview with him. I wonder now I kites more. My dad was in and still is a musician, and he is a singer. Songwriter guitars long before I was born, he really made his living playing music. Around Hollywood being more like the house barrows, our restaurants, Argos relaying, covers and just like performing fur everyone. You can imagine
and then, when my parents got divorced when I was five, he sort of took over my grandfather's business as a journalist and he became a freelance entertainment journalist. So she sort of was gap is like how do I describe it I only more recently have been able to read my head around its anyone is does and when I was younger, he would cover like Oscar parties and things like a deftly. Heightened awareness like him coming home and talking about rushing shoulders with Bruce will essentially be like law that some cool or like going to how to get an interview with Robert Downey Jr when he was getting out of rehab and things like that. But these days it's more about him sort of like getting documents from the courthouse to verify, celeb,
divorces, and things are finally like extra people. Nag is ok, he'll see my name, I'm sure venture. I mean all this. If lessening you're gonna meet him at a junkie, it's more like when I'm at the junk gets a lot of people will be like. I know your dad, and am I call we only have that too, has Christians, fathers and news director in currently in Vegas, but he's been all over the country and quite often the people in our interview, and also we like you, I were to your dad for eight years. It's a funny thing you stay with mom. I won't week to week We like completely my all life, now equal and you have an older sister, how much older and under two years, order a relay twenty two months older we first saw along. We would tell everybody were twenty two months apart in life, maybe in our late twenties early thirties, her husband was like you have to stop you're, not
baby, you measure Europe what we like but two years and play its loggers, we're really much short we're closer by the way my daughters are exactly twenty months apart and I always say twenty months I never like me. I think they are parents in grain did because I always do that though I were proud of, it doesn't even make any sense. Like I know what I do. I don't want anyone to think it's two years it was TWAIN's, you sign it rises or they were like. It implies, are close at low snares, yeah yeah yeah. Like we're closed it just the two of us, so she kind of paving the way for you in high school yeah. What does she have similar unravel now? Not at all, she didn't love going to sell Pasadena and she also hung out with a very different crowd than me. I was much more of like without saying
nerd or not an earth. I definitely like wanted to get good grades, so I could stay and drama, and I was like a good girl and like a good student right and my sister was a little more rebellious language of also hung out with cooler people. Definitely it was an asset in middle school because she was an eighth grade. When I came in and sixth grade- and I can remember vividly like the time when some girl picked on me and then- took my sister being, like you know, that's my sister and then being like all night. I was so all my lawyer in Brussels are eating her. She was very cool. I love, but there wasn't gonna overlap because she went to the high school before me and then was like move. I do not like people at this white bread, South Pasadena, high school, I'm gonna go to this other high school. She left him went to that high school and then she ended up just getting hurt She d and testing out of school cause. She really wonder just get it out alive there. You know she's three kids,
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or at least at that time they did having agents at all, while you're and schooling I graduated high school and got a commercial agent right away. You know my sad car and then secretly during my first year Keller to try to be outdoing additions and very quickly realized that just was possible any way of being classes from nine to five, and then you had to work crew on a play right from seven to eleven. It nightly there is really no time to be driving the forty five minutes to hour and a half demanding and ran to Hollywood. To addition, for an hour of your lives still I mean truly. I felt the final straw was me driving in four spanish language Peppino Bismarck come reveal that were then was so is stressed, our trying to make it back to work crew- and I was like this- doesn't make sense. Will you know it's when he's that will, while I probably audition for upwards of like two thousand com
maybe more you know, I did it for like eight years and both book two of them- and I do remember there were just a couple where I was like. Ernie coming back from examined the Herpes commercial, which there was a veil track, Herpes commercial. I was like
words that I mean I'm broke but will then people think I have heard that everywhere I go on forever. There's just a few of them die a real on their just and others a handful where your kind of like you get there. You like, I'm, I'm I'm gonna say earlier. One is the peptic have debate, although you could outline that you deserve and upset stomach looked everywhere meat, I imagine being like. I want my agent. Why would you do that? I would be a good fair. I didn't know the commercial Euler. I'm gonna find that commercial lay in the fact that commercial hour I would kill you, see a commercial you going everywhere. You go first, like others, either by snacks remedies as that is the best just like you. I poppy anyway, when a thing is that the whole time as a college, then I got very into the theatre aspect of it and I was very much like I'll. Never duty,
DE I was like tv is lowest form a yak team, but that, but just to defend you for half a second do anything at that point had been sopranos and maybe the wire a couple madman ushers in kind of a new wave of thai quality Television on cable exact. So you could say I was just wait. In foreign era- the runner music. Don't blame yourself up too much. I guess I just enjoy the irony that all my success has been in television. You know, college Lee was so like nose up about you that form of performing I wanted. work in movies, job and also
families here and I knew what an advantage it was gonna, be. I moved right back home, I'm right back with my mom after college took a lot of shit from my college friends who got jobs as waitresses and had very expensive apartments, and I lived with my mom and worked at a yoga studio for a few hours a week and could audition for everything and leg work. It was wonderful. The dude were you at that time. At all goin work, I wanna be a common european Roma. I want to be in anything. I was I want to be in anything, but I think I saw it. I was gonna, be more in drama, being lies coming out of school and playing more of like the engineer and stuff, and I actually right away got he pocketed by this manager, which means that they are gonna represent you, but they saw me in a play, a cowards and they were like we're. Gonna help you get an agent and partial agent and like maybe we're going to see how you but we're not officially. You can't say that, where your manager officially
and so this manager put me in classes with Leslie Con, which is like very much comedy classes is critically. I shining for comedies anyhow shows for sitcom. Groundwater addition and book comedy shows is basically the whole thing, and this manager way worked with briefly was like take classes there, because you're so theatre IE. Like bullets, get down a little see. You understand how to addition for tv- and I was a great happy to do it and the first job I ever did was an episode of Hannah Montana in the very first Caesar. I read this and I was so excited about this on huge Miley Cyrus me. Are you truly I'll meet you at the time? Had no idea It was the very first season of the show I was like. Oh Billy re Silas like doing a show. My way I just gotta didn't want understand what it was, but also coming out of. Theatres school would, I have ever been
Hannah Montana. That's my goal! Yes show! You know a Disney too, as it was not something I was like whatever, but very quickly. I just realized. Oh, I don't care fun to audition for things how funds play a big character. So to do if it was a kind of the perfect first job out a theoretical cause, you starve alive audience and you're like a paycheck. Remember, though my God so right away, I was like it really doesn't matter. Another thing was that right away, I saw at that time the head of our theatre Department at cowards, our commercial audition like this was a woman who had been lying theatre. Is the old leeway, and then it was like you know. When you got on these commercial additions, you'll be in a huge room with a hundred people and maybe there's six different commercials, and she also had no ego about. That which was kind of great shortening. Oh I'm caught. She was like us
darling. Welcome to the real world. Oh I'm going in for a total ban here for Naomi wish. Me luck because I would be yes. My core dependency would immediately Blake Honour, pretend I dont see or could she'll probably be embarrassed and she was just like hello across two thousand and three, but that just maybe realising oh yeah. We all have to work. Even my teachers who are playing King Lear, at some cool theatre, downtown are auditioning for go back. Legs were just actors trying to do the thing we love doing. That's right, that's right! So then member is very quick, fell, pretty quick and then what do you go from there and then with some communities. Two dozen nine. With two years later we did two seasons, a madman and then I started doing. It was there a point where you had been offered
the community and you told mad men like you- could make me irregular or I gotta go. Do this thing. There was a point, but not with community, so I never really did and to this day have maybe one proper pilot sees. It looks like I feel, like I've, always been on the outskirts of these really regular things that my like actor friends, are in the trenches of some one reason or another, and because madman I can men in the fourth episodes that was already a show that was picked up, but also for M C. It was the first scripted programme for that shows or what you like this is gonna, be so great a sword like what is this all about first stop on AMC. I think every I mean right I'd, even when I read it, and then I got a friend of mine, I had shot an episode in that I am a friend of mine. Got like a copy of the pilot of madmen, owes a great, so curious to see- and I remember watching it being so depressed cause. I was like it's too good. Its view is, this is never
last night? I says exactly: what are you so low? It's very thought who's gonna watch. This could be good ones. Has anyone so I've been working madman for two years and I was probably doing like six episodes a season but truly waiting by the phone on the area. I would book like a whore movie and iron and be like inward This was about to start shooting it. Then they be like you we might want to use you for an episode. Necks month and I've got cancel the movie. I gotta pull out. You know it's not like it wasn't like big, exciting job road. I definitely was just like a united. So then I did a pilot season and I was about to test for this. Other network, show it was a drama about lawyers, don't remember what it was called, and so we called madman to be, like you know, before you test for a show. You have to sign
a five or six years ago before going to test, recalled madmen and gave him this ultimatum, and they came back and and offered me like a seven out of thirteen. The Han trawl occur, but it wasn't very peeling, because I had already been doing six out of twelve or thirteen episodes and the amounts was not especially higher run when I was getting paid, and I just was like. Let's roll of the dice there was more just thinking through, like my character, is now we're gonna be a main character on madman, right leg, right. What can be real, there's a lot of characters. I was to number twenty two on the call sheep. I just thought if, even if I locked in what's the best case scenario seems like, I should try to do this other thing and still get to do bad men. Young fingers crossed so we turned it down, and then I didn't book
the show and was like his daring, and I was like what have I done so then I addition for community and the community audition process with super fast, because by the time I went in, they had had a number of casting sessions for this role. They couldn't find the person, so I audition one time in a room full of fifty girls and then I came into the call back. nobody was there. There was, I guess I actress in New York actually recently connected with who was like with me and I was like, but it was just me by myself, going on tape with the Russo brothers? Dan Harmon, and then that was it. I didn't have to do even a crazy networking and my tape to test. We didn't even call Madame and because we were like. Will we any kind and know what their offer is and that we're not going to take that offer and we already kind, I told them and whosoever. So then I get the job and weak
them just to be like doing this pilot, and there was some heat. You know there are no less and less of like people panicky member deadly. It was like well if she can't be released back to do five episodes for the next season, the we don't want, or at all about you don't be asked bow when I was like who hooker issue the boy, but then- all worked out. What to do and what did you end up doing? They would let me out every season, Matt Weiner, would write producers, letters and it's such a testament to him and also to mad men and women, forced that was that, like by the Lake NBC aside, the producers on unity loved madman they want and not see your character on mad. They would always agree and then, honestly, I would do probably three to five for those less like they really didn't. Use me for all the episodes anyway and the greatest gift.
Is one I'm shooting. My very last episode, the final season, a madman, Matt Weiner, said to me. You know, I think you did the right thing, because we probably would have been able to use you for more episodes, and I was like david- you like me, worry that game in your mind, where you, like no no should I have taken regular, would my character by season six. Would it have been like the p the Trudy rivalries. You guys go up on a road trip or somethin re. It was very validating for him to be. Like you made a good decision. Did six years on community. That's a dang long run on a show these days and it was an embassy fur for five of the live or those and then one year where Netflix is only now. Oh, no I'm Yahoo screen. Oh yeah, you know they do with John Year of shows. Send we pretty much tanked by media. We were at Paramount far. First five
she's, ok and then we moved to CBS Radford, where we literally shot in the basement. Underneath, where they shot, parks and wreck you all such a sad. It was like you're Blair's making the show we literally to rein in there were these giant pillars that now going through our sets like Argo, half materia set created and they I wrote it in TAT. I showed you like: what's the schools under construction, you know, while it would you guys like see, polar and stuff reeling, Heyward is going down into underground, will allow you guys guys we we don't get daylight down where we suits. We knew it was the end. Will you get to work with
I asked whether I have to I shall tell you, but you must have the similar feeling like yeah. I know the guy's a genius liking, but but but but he was just a fucking shit had on the leg. You know those ailing, so I didn't recognize that he was. You know the second coming of talent actually I sort of disagree. You do like one of them. special things about that time with him was like getting to hear all of his music as he was first creating it this campaign, I remember then, being leg no you're honest set with someone in their like, oh yeah. I also kind a rap and you're like call for you that's my point, and then he started to play stuff for us and you'd be like oh shit. This is really good, very good, yeah and then he'd play more stuff and then even cause his music. If I mean we listen to like the very first mix tapes where he was wrapping over like Indy Rock band
I'm going out and even then it was amazing. Also then he introduced, I do about it like Iraq. Bans that I was not aware of this is all very cool, but then you know watching him create his first album and all this stuff. I mean it doesn't surprise me at all he always had he was the funniest person on the set, first of all, of anyone in terms of like behind the scenes in between takes who is making us laugh the most hardest dying here mind I mean like and more than any one cause surprises people. I think to hear that we didn't do a lot of improv on that show right down harmonised, like actually was kind of a stickler about his jokes and the way things were written sure, but Donald was the only one send that we are holding his coverage, maybe, like I think you could beat that
just try something by the way. That's always a funny dynamic gonna set when six some people kind are allowed in, rather than other people's our savers scripting. We just given script. Here's, a line reading of how we didn't mind because zone so funny. It was like, of course, laid down on the Rhine right now Chevy Chace, the IMF, Miss Jemmy Chase, but yet of her chubby, as you know, he's a hand fallen. Waterways was it that's accurate. Now I guess there be to weigh a lemon juice save I was on the six. I ve actually ass jolly of her to couple stories on my honey. How did you react to the one I could just going women enjoy the show this person's crazy, their disruptor. What will happen? That's exciting, or I can easily clicking
I'm the sheriff, I'm the one who has a regulate this person right, I generally, whatever dynamic you had broken your family in the chaos as what you haughtily and so very much the former. You know very easy for chubby to just be like crazy, grandpa and honestly, for the most part is Actually in the first couple seasons tribute was very sweet to me. He was you know- and I think Also, you know early in my career. I mean anything or realising that all women felt like we always used to have to do
who is like humor men when they made an appropriate common EU and laugh and giggle and sit on their lap- and I was like really good at doing like I worry that compulsion to let them off the hook for Europe. I want to make them feel good about it. You're so far for the bill become embarrass which will be a whole other uglier side of them. Haughtily. Yes- and I think I had some empathy- think we can also relate to their maybe even men, I've known in my life for family members, or things like that. We're just wanted to almost protect him. A little, not really I mean, then he did. There was some bad behaviour that was inexcusable, but also like just pat him on the back and everything's fine, you like just keep it move in and over. It will be over, don't disrupt. That reminds me so much of like when you around
the drunk stepped out or the drunk adult at a party in your like, oh guy, we're just gonna, keep him from realising everyone knows, he's embarrassing themselves share some man, the stuff that say was so out there. Like too degree that was so offensive. You don't know what else to do, but laugh you are like. Oh, I never experience this level of sort of land, of social awareness in the new, and those wonder like easy in on the joke is the joke that we saw in every area near I trying to figure out the intention that way not to be this shabby sympathiser. But I do think there really was this aspect of him feeling very disconnected from
our cast yadda yadda yadda older than in any one in the past. I think he was very competitive with Joel, because your represented like what he used to be as it, and he was famous at a time when the leading man was super macho man got all the hot Chicks voyage and everyone lower of movies. the eighty me off color aware that was not so great I hope I am the one. I am not excusing anyone's behaviour, I'm simply what I've noticed, which I am sympathetic to don't approve any the behavior. I am very sympathetic to people who formed their comedic take in an era that no longer can exist, because I just think
scary, that all your go two's are gone in your already, probably feeling, maybe less than relevant. Now you add on that this stuff. That was funny for thirty years. It just simply not funny any more, and so I am at a feeling a little enough. Several people there does mean whatever their fifteen years older than me, and they did their have a hard time transitioning, hopefully, as a cost, we would make very inappropriate off colored. Joe not racist job right, my right, but mostly self deprecate like in a way that was fine, yes and when Chevy tried to join in. Sometimes I think he would say something super outrageous just to be like see, I'm doing the same thing you're doing, and we would like you to totally understand right here I write a bit that word used or towards labour demand. Then you be in like a nearer to be like it just doesn't land the right way. Now we
talk about here, because we were so fascinated with the Dan Harmon Podcast, he did both admitting and try to amend his sexual harassment of some one sure knows It gives out a compliment for something. Ultimately, we about hey ready, they ended up taking. It seemed so it seemed rare in this day and age what's been going on, if you like, most people haven't been able to apologize career actually sure did do a good. It seemed to me on the outside a good job of apologizing, but not excusing any of that stuff. You know. Do you know I didn't listen to I'd castrated in which, by the way we only heard because it was a episode of this american life. Well, I did read, I think, some of that, because I guess who I would like to give proper to his Megan gang. Who is the woman in question? Are you and above everything, her willingness to be open to hear,
his of all- and I don't like that- something that we're not witnessing a lot is that no one's getting closure, because all this stuff is so difficult and people are not really apologizing in their not taking ownership of their behaviour in the right way, and also people are so hurt by what has happened to them, that they are not in a play. To hear it. I, and so there were a lot of beautiful things about that exchange on, all sides. Zig drown and I ended up reading about it because of making Ganz, maybe tweeting out to say like this is the right way to apologise and I accept his apology and I was like wow. This is all very well see and people actually achieved closure here. I think there are like a real example like how to move beyond something horrific. Thing in her? First, we like he had a kind of half ass apology and she was like yeah. This doesn't do, for which I was really cool as well as yet
not advising anyone in any direction but just witnessing met in the way they both took it. Yez is a hugely inspirational for whatever reason, but What year did he leave your for, Yes, so we did three seasons and then dad was fine, and he was not there for our fourth season and then he was rehired and he was back for our fit for the brazen as messenger was cancelled, haven't he was still there for the basement sees. So there is the fifth season, the final Seasonal NBC. and now when you would do press azure expected to do when you're on a tv show it was around his firing. Was every question about that. I honestly I dont really. You remember what it was like doing, the press for that I sort of more just remembered the emotional implications of the whole situation, because for the first couple seas of the show we all just idolized
Dan, aha now, and he was kind of like our alcoholic. and write like more than Chevy Jerry was like crazy, Papa. I need behaviour, just stalls, laugh it off its fine. What are we gonna do but Dionne, because I think we re, He admired what he was doing with the show it and are very different from a normal network comedy because they wouldn't have known to read the part. No you're like this is so smart. The writing is great its super funny, but then it morphed into this other, really special, really cool thing, and we all were so connected to that and connected to the fans, and so there was just like this really cool. No, the bans are renowned show, above all, others. I think what you like rally to this day, more than any other thing there. Many fans I feel like are behind me, but so then Third season. The first step was that the show got pulled off the air. While we were still shooting, so they stopped era.
the show, but we were still filming the episodes- and that was the first sort of major worry at and concern of like are we gonna, get Hansel right and we all just loved each other so much, but we're working crazy long hours and Dan's behaviour was become bring your egg, but we also had dislike intense loyalty to area. So when he got fired, it was more, I think, falling. We were all dismiss deep depression and having to continue to do the show without him, the leader, if anything, about press. I think the hardest thing was not being say anything disparaging about, like our new show runners that we're coming area, we do area who fine, nobody could come in, I'm sure and honestly they were hired specifically by the network. I think with the object of making the show more
commercial, more accessible to people who hadn't seen the show, whereas we were on the train of just getting more and more insular, you haven't said, are watching yet you are not going to get this shown started, making it just for the family, a so you know, shooting season, for it just felt like we had all been abandoned. Having to so make this thing that felt very hollow and not like that, yeah, When I interviewed Ronan Pharaoh, we talked about, why are we so hard wired to kind of protect people that we love that are flawed, in them. I was the arising in that episode that I do think we get trained by our parents in its like it at your work, environment starts mirroring a little bit your family environment words like Dad's, not perfect, is far from it, but I love him in there's this loyalty and I feel like that's. Why we're all kind of so perfectly engineered to existing will can often be like dysfunctional work situations.
is your like either I I know what role I'm source to play in this cause I had. I did in my family yeah, definite I mean in that way I probably take on or use to the people. Pleaser yo make light of any other sort of what you were saying. I think about protecting you know, and the person from being embarrass, not feeling cool, unlike their part of the grew for now. While I also think that there is something in our business, that's like The show must go on and on, and let us do everything we can to protect more the material and the thing were making a mom all year, and this is changing now in a way of like no people should also have a voice and feel comfortable in safe. Yet I find that Even my mindset sometimes is still slightly in the old paradigm a little bit when I, you know long glow its job.
so female forward. We have female, show runners revolves women on the show and everyone. You know we have just a lot of feminist energy of people being like this isn't writer. We should fight against this and allow the time I'm like shit. with a sort of the reality of making a show language in some instances. I MIKE yes absolute. I mean, of course, that more is going to support the women and why one everyone to feel good and feel yard. Yes, but it's also edward about sexual harassment or any body from the smallest thing of like we're serving this launch, we all have to rise up. We need a rise up about that will also lead to acknowledge the it's one of the last functioning dictatorships on planet, earth and movies, a dictatorship that there's a director whose number, whatever that person says, is what everyone else should execute. It's gonna, like the military sure so for the whole thing, The function there's a little bit of like Mono, not everyone's voice will be heard. Sets out the nature of this the way the ship runs totally, and then you get very good at honing, the skill of being what
first. Somebody wants you to be MA, and it's sort of like hard to break out of that mindset of like can't you guys all just be who they want you to be, I'm very good at it ass. I ve been working on it for years, so in that for in general, like one of the things that we think is cool about them as they pay for you to freeze eggs. when you lot not actors, but like they behave Britain they probably world. I don't think so. I don't let him out there that my friend works for Netflix and they paid for her to freeze her eggs and they pay for facts nor outside allowed to be said about them, but they also pay for goobers for all their employees to run wire. Sure I love working for Netflix. I mean I feel like the way they support. Creative people is on
paralleled. I agree they have the Tec Mantell Anti or it's like we're. Gonna pay the people who know what they do to do the thing they knew. How do you know when I can micromanage? Let them do exactly. I think, when they give notes on glow, they give very smart notes. Right and they really just let people do end there. Such champions of first city and telling all different types of stories and giving people a chance. Like I don't know I, that I've right work on a lot of stuff for nestled? Yesterday's also because, if so much content, they know that they can have neither stuff so they don't yell leg, I need to be in there I need to make sure that this is appealing to everyone, and I need it. They don't care cause. They have that show that will do that and the exact, rather than having six shows that appeal to everyone there, like we'll just have fifty six show, is back stay to arm chair. If you dare we are supported by,
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one other thing, I was going to add about the potential crazy cast members. which is also, I think, changing and evolving, as there is also this like tolerance for people's crazy behaviour, because they were geniuses in because no one really understands how a certain person does what they do. You know if you're really getting these needs, performers who are kind of like world class you can like well, I dont know what they need to do to do. That sure. There's always been this kind of huge tolerance for people's eccentricities, so that they'll do this weird thing that not a lot of people can do. Definitely, but I'm feeling more more, that's getting let war think the market has changed in that. Well now, there's eleven hundred shows on their superman. far more replaceable than they have ever been. I think a tolerance is lower. Definitely definitely- and I
again, glow has been a great example of that. Our show runners, creators, Liz Flay, Hiven Carly Mench, are just the coolest. I mean they're, the greatest people and their great bosses, and there they ve been so amazing to work for because there credible writers. Truly is the first time where I've been like. Oh, you can be good, nor more accessible people who have an open working relationship with the people around you and still be geniuses. I think the level of work that their churning out of a little biased excellent- and this, I think also just comes with the longer that you work in this industry. You have the luxury of being a bit more choosy about your jobs, but I talk about a lot my husband these days he's an actors well, and Greece are the most charming I'm appointment. For a girl. God do I like him the best from this Tom ever saw man. Something like I think I love this guy he's one
and then a minimum real life in that fuckin smile, his eye permitting it at a hearing thing: I've eulogy, you could come home and he could be holding a severed head over. His eyes are going to where we marry the head on the wrong. It's true is very attractive: Annie's, any salsa, very talented, you, those men. do doesn't well yeah, I think so in February we will have been. You know, married for three years and together for eight years yours? We met at Marty girl. I know this, how do you mean admiringly? While I was with life, and you all who is a mutual friend of ours and he was shooting. Now you see me the first movie, ok he was shooting in New Orleans, came home and then was like flying back to keep shooting and I was just go.
in farm already with a couple, my friends with Joe Rousseau. Unlike those two does a group of friends, I wheezed do these Marty grad trips every so often. and so we ran into him at the airport and my friend Jules invited him to dinner with us and he actually said no. He had plans then we landed there and like when you saw him and he had been invited to Dinner- were you thinking at all, nothing so single. I had been in a very intense relationship for four years, and then I had been out of that relationship almost a year, a hog I refer to it, often as my drunkest year, every single, very intoxicated, having been with a very controlling person and was now just like on doing to my
detriment. Sometime season, three community ever looked more below day our mother penis real good. So I was just kind of plan everything a bit fast and loose, and I really you for First, I mean your whole life I mean well this to bring everything back around. No, I would say that when I first went to college, having had it high school, a very serious boyfriend for all of high school. That when I got to college I just like her, a lot of sex smiling. I was just it was really kind of me discovering like people Wanna have sex with me. Well, I sure, because I wasn't like a hot girl in height
school, even though I was having a great experience. Yes, I was the little alternative. Like I said, I cut my hair off that one year than I had a weird mullet, as I tried to throw it out. You know when I had my one boyfriend who had been my best friend, and that was my boyfriend it. There was a brief breakup re dated, like a very edgy guy. The people said, did Heroin which sounding marrying law, then I got back together with the safe boyfriend. So when I to college I mean I realize now it's more just that everyone in college will have sex with anyone that wants to have sex you own. It was like a fund sort of like I have a body. Like I have it, sexual energy use it and we were in theoretical. It was cowards from tide of others before you feel it at all First, a late night appearances. They used a really run around. Get alarming. Newness did school room just was havin fun with all of that type of stuff do one year, you're like signing up for classes in some guys like hey you wanna, like come back to me,
room and hang out what's going on southern sergeant, and so there was like I've also occur vote like my own naive, attain, then blending into the sex they being like when I got totally so then me in each other, she did but each other massage, but so like. I feel, like my whole time at college. It was a lot of of kind of figure in out in the area, be an experimental and doing all the things with sex and drugs and all I'm so happy for you. So there was renaissance then so I wouldn't say that this break up with that, I would say in my twenty- is also really lived to my fullest all throughout my twenties, which was a big problem with this controlling from a ride measure, but more than ever I had probably gone relationship to relationship. A lot is special, but I'm running at the end of cholera. Mercury. I'm now is immense. You know my leader, thirties and I have friends in their early forties or people who are watching going through life or did drugs, and I gotta do all the drugs. I, like I M, so glad,
already did all the time I mean do all the drugs I mean you know some subs come a background. People are micro, dosing, mushrooms, alot lawyer and I'm on more's, but anyway so I was in a mode anyway. I was dimly in party mode and we were on our way to Marty grow, so he gets invited and it's really nice on my radar, because there's other stuff go on he's a couple years: younger than me he's not a person. just wouldn't, have been like all the others- yeah. I know I just didn't really clock it. We're sort like, of course, if I didn't know what everyone should so it can come fine. You get New Orleans, its pouring rain? He can't go. He had plans go to a parade with friends, cancer. We all go to dinner around. It actually is a very sweet story. We all go to dinner were getting wasted and we have this like a joke, because that Davies gonna come to dinner, so we'd like saved a mosquito had been put,
link food on his played he's a king, David and finally hereby drunk. You are like our? U super good time, Charley S! Ok, ok! But again, you know there have been periods, my life, where a little too, like a man, a hang if everyone and drink the same amount as like large men? Male friends, you know blackouts that we're just I was Oh wow. I can't I can't maybe drink as much as that. That person have you read em talking with strangers, Malcolm Gladwell New both well, I just listen to the audio euthanasia. Yes, okay, so that chapter on how white women have been increasing their drinking over the last three decades to match white males in college. It's weird, it's that is only white women who have been doing this and then
drinks over four hours. War predictably result in a black out for women, but not for man. I found that chapter so interesting and terrifying and among men. I feel this way where I reflect on my behaviour in my twenties and MIKE I'm so lucky. situations and I tried to be safe enough tat. I was always around friends and I was never so by myself right, we're getting two out of control, but it was a terrifying chapter is socially even sure, but I'm sorry stated even by the science of a black out, because I've had, I mean the craziest black out and this mark it is actually right after I met Dave and it sort of marked the end of my like really heavy drinking and of woggle so is like by was with friends. We want wine tasting and malibu while you're a liar. I me well, you know, and then do the whole sort of thing,
and I M there. I like, woke up the next morning. I had scratches down the side of my neck, like bleeding all over. I was like what happened in my neck, like they were like a few fell. I was like that's not a reasonable explanation for this scenario. So then I was looking on my phone. I was calling doing detective work of who did I all? Who did I see Bob lump two days later, I'm honest set with Martin STAR is doing this little guess balance and show and arrives and Martin O, my god. I saw that I called you Saturday, look at my neck is most crazy. You'll, never believe the story, it's a wild, and I MIKE, I hope I didn't say anything embarrassing. When I called you and he was like. Are you joke and I was like what and he was like Alison Ike
came over to your friends house and hung out with you for two hours all a latter day when I was like we'll do you know how the scratch my though they were already there, but I was like God: that's terrific I was just a functioning person will probably take the story. Memory was why so the story the guy used missing for days for in any of the other fascinating about blackouts? Signs of it is that you would imagine that if you are going to have memories, they be related to whatever high stress or high stakes are something very memorable. the case at all. They they did this experience where the they showed you guys like they offered him dinner. They made this plate, they took the lead. and there's three dead mice on the plate.
The guy's remember that yeah, they remembered other things like what there was a pencil on the desk. You know like completely not related at all. Airlines will just block out every thing indiscriminately and you would think like. Oh, but I would remember falling over truckers. Remember, remember, maiming, may sound salaries in it doesn't work that way: terrifying yeah, oh my god, on a pretty fun drunk does get. Aids is ever good. Feeling too, have to rely on second hand, testimony of like what happened to you or what you were involved and not a good feeling. I have to say it's a testament to Davy that we have formed this relationship because that black out I just described during that time, it was probably like, or five days after we had met open Ok and he's still to this day has voiced mills for me where I MIKE skying
you away like a thing you by your snakes whole cute, like you, and I remember him the next day and being like hey I'm just not sure what I said, and so I'm just not sure what my level of embarrassment should be on this call for me, but ok, back in July did make it to the dinner, and so he makes it to the dinner and were all having a blast, and he sitting like a cry. the table were not next to each other, is sitting next to my friend jewels jewels texts me under table after he's been there for a little while she takes me on the table is like you should hook up with Davy tonight Ensure- and I text her back
Yes, please, like you, don't just like a million rights worry. I would love that, so she shows him my text under the tape she's, like what do you think so she's like Don T, her that I showed you writing this text message and he's like, of course Sophie. when Slater she and I get up to go to the bathroom and she's legs. maybe you and day that I was like I mean I'm into the idea. I dont know that here would be into this idea and she's like I should from your text under that, would only out don't tell him that I told you I showed, but it was the best set up. Has then we both leave the rest.
with a sexy secret and sexy secret, as I know that you're down so we get to the next bar and order in a good mood and friends of mine had brought Molly so me so like now, I'm you know imbued with the confidence that I know that he's on board and I'm already in like single mode. So I just went up to him at the bar and was like. So I have molly in this be can. I thank you and I should share this beer and have a great night together. This is in my view, this is my dream scenario. Is like a pretty girl come out the same. I have some molly in this beer does anguish, share agree a beer and a great yeah yeah
my and every other photo for the rest of the night? Is us in a firm the lip law could each other's eyes coming up for air two days I never only pulled the lake left his place and like accidently had his shirts them is each other in the next day was a real whirlwind. Here's my only fear in this whole scenario. Yes, some is it's gonna be hard to top that, or even now meet that first night, like you guys have set the bar incredibly high. On the one hand, my friends had a lot of Molly there I'd like to leave you like he arrived here till I get his shirt backslash. You know, hang out
still on Molly, but were out of Molly for you and then at the end of the trip I hadn't silver mask this? Like Silver Marty, Gar mask that I wore the whole week and it didn't come off and by how very gross, and when I left, I like road, a little note on it for him and my phone number and I like stuck in his bag and then, when I landed back, I mean the whole thing was so fine, because I was such a mode that even having not weakened together I was like this was just a funding We can find your guy like the best. Can I also say to probably is like you have that experience in? If I'm, u or I'm him my or that was my big hurrah.
yeah disease, Doo, Doo, Molly, every night or logic Duma we every those like have would be like that was so fine and then also how o ended. This is dispersed and all the partner deeming likes to say when we tell the story is like and we have done. That right now is the last I like selling. We were doing this all the time exactly. It was not much not indicative of like our regular personalities. Yes, but I remember than he's tat. He sent me some text messages as I was like getting on the plane to leave and they were funny and we were joking around and then I landed in a lane. He sent me this text, which doesn't make any sense, but was like a photo of this painting that had been in the place where he was staying and he had put our faces is just such a fine. He put our faces superimpose our faces into this picture.
Like a ribbon on a stick. It was like a painting that we had kept talking about being like what is this fucking, then I got off the flight and had this text from him, but it was so funny and so my sense of humour, legs and sober light of day, and I had this horrible. Feeling in my stomach of like oh no less now. No, this legal really bad now, and then we had a really traditional courtship because he was in New Orleans shooting for the next five weeks and we just had caught, we would all each other every night talk for an hour. What movies you like? What music are either junior high and then we made up in New York so he'd than the movie took him to New York and I had just started this cover band with my.
our friends and we were going to New York to play. Our first show my good. When you can. I ask where you are using ease singing. It was basically, like my friends, have a band Jones Street Station and their legal bluegrass band and said: hey. Why don't you come in open for us? I was like, I don't have a band, but I they were friends with Danny Pooty from community and sometimes Danny, and I would go and sing. Songs like at their shows, begin among aid and sing with them of one. So we put together This whole thing were me and my two girlfriends jewels and Serena had this band the girls and we would open for the ban. So we would breakdown songs into three part harmonies, unjust. Whatever we wanted to do, you know who Springsteen and, like I don't know, all different type of stuff and our friends and Joan Street would Bacchus up, and so we would open for. with them playing for us right and then they would play their show Andrew? Did you invite him so I would be sooner while I was like you're gonna be shooting in New York and I'm gonna be there for the show on the weekend. Why don't I come out for
as early and we can spend time together in New York and I'll get my own hotel room. So I have it on me. You know, and this in that- and that was like the second part of our courtship, where now we're done. While aside from our first wild, we share of doing everything of doing everything, then we did very sweet phone calls getting no each other, then in New York he had all this per diem from the movie and was whining and every day was like a pick. You up at your hotel will go to the park. I got a beautiful basket of wine and she, whether picnic in the park and w G fifty and do tasting menu with the wine pairing and was very like wine. Mama goes I I dates so he came to the show. Yes and also
nervous about that are now all is also our for. I was nervous for the whole shut. I say when you add in the sky before the show he sent me these two hours Emma shakes songs, one of which is like ourselves anyway. He sent me the songs that were like you're going to be great decision. Great, the showing great it was so fun anyway. At the end of the New York trip is movie they're, going to finish the movie in Paris, Why so we're like our democracy? You now for like two movies, you see energies on movie. Jesus go pose more, they did two of em. They did now. You see me always a little yes, your language and lay out ass, the eyes and bird. So it was like our good bye and New York was very like candy, Can I see you now for a couple weeks have a great time shooting in Paris and then it get in the cab, and then I find he's hidden in the hood of my sweatshirt, a little piece of paper has the drawing of the Eiffel Tower and no, no, no, no doubt hum with meat,
Paris is a o mine is then I went to personally fell in la LA regret and Mary person. So much right now would have married d o Mighty Romantic was very romantic. We lacked a lock on that bridge where you lock love logs didn't even have that bridge any more than a mile down. Did why I think it was waiting. reach down in a dangerous. When you don't love structural and integrity, minister, you and then back to allay and moved in together, like weeds Philip right awake as at the end of the Paris trip we both were like. This could again horribly why I still have maybe only known each other inside of two months but travelling together is a great way to find out if your compatible, Somalia and in New York, I had my own hotel room
so. Even if I would sleep at his place, I still we would have a break ride like I gotta go home and shower and signalled carried up their young guy That is why we would ask about that. Logistically see are already Georgia's poop and five each other well, because we we're in someone's apartments in pair as there might have been too like the bathroom and it's like being in a hotel room where the toilet is like of thanks and thereby rioted being gradually Myrtle Popery. Definitely we're both like whoa this, when great. I've gotten horribly awry, then. Now, when you return to reality in the normal humdrum of life, did did you have any kind of moment where you're like this isn't as virgin stayed wonderful No everything was good. I like there was a slight. The re enter of being like now we're in allay what did it was less romantic, but it was just sort of like because we had only spent time together outside of L. Lay the trips were very concentrated. We would see each other every
first. As you know, when you start dating someone, there's that dance of leg, I saw them on Saturday. Why is it too? Will I see them again next weekend seldom start dating someone in just immediately see them every single day, so I feel like that was the only, but it wasn't too tricky, but it did, I feel like it felt like once we're both back in town. It was a little bit like you want to be like Well, what am I gonna becoming over separation, anxiety, yeah, but but the refreshing thing about the whole experience in meeting Dave and in a thing that we often like look at each other, like oh, my god, we're so lucky is that we both were real, full lawn immediately member no games, there was no, we talked yesterday. Should I not text a text him? Should we not you're just how real we both were like hey? I really like you, those great.
How can we talk again to Morrow yeah? I also want to do that, like all the more so in there's really nice, you had your guard down the one hundred percent oil, like this, like I might give us a couple. I want to see you together, I wanna see goes home now. Do you wanna see them on shore really column of oil, but just hold has actually and then I'll release So I just wanted to know one thing: there's two things, I'm curious about with glow one is to learn all that rustling and I bet, if you're acting like me. I won't do other stance and told them three times then I'm like I don't ever want do this again approved. I would do it and now I don't want to do it again, do what's your kind of relationship with all that. I think not exactly that by season three, not three times but three seasons than was like a whole hey. Maybe I can put my ego aside and let our stunt doubles. Do this done more to protect my body because you get right, even if sure I mean what I like to see, is we don't get hurt
but it hurts no, but it's the truth because we will be like do you ever get hurt and I I mean God knock on. Would it's like I've never had like a serious injury, from the red room. Like my old allow anything, no I mean, or even really in my life except like my head, occur I've had some head. Injury is gradually that we still scratches on my neck, but so it's not like I'm having any severe india. he's anglo, but it hurts your body. You feel like you after we shoot a match. The next day you feel like you, in a car accident like you, I'm Epsom saw baths and doing all that stuff, but I love You know oh yeah, oh my god, I mean I've been strength, training for a long time with my same trainer, Jason walls.
sounds of Jay Walsh just was with him before I came here and he's like the ass doctor of LA. I feel like he's all about that, but oh yeah and like as a person who's like never had a but like my family line, is like a lack of lack of and I wrestle with lots all I think about when I work out, it's like if I take a few days off its if I take a week of strengthening I'm just doing cardio and stuff like nobody knows my by losing that us, so anyone just for nights ago- insisted Chris then examined my legs and bought and eyes like Hunt. I think I've added an inch or two to these things. Did she can she goes? You really have, and it was great cacique. She not ally, forming irey how, when I've been like really getting back into it, which ace in our gearing up to do the show and Davy suddenly will be like that
so I've been casually doing strength, training which aids for a long time but like was really want within, as I was getting more into it, I was kind of searching for that project, where I was gonna, get to be really physical. I had gotten close certain, but maybe not even really gotten close but audition for some action, he movies and there like that and been like. If I built this movie, Then, though they pay you and we can really go after it and then nothing kind. It turned out, to be glow and even as I was auditioning for it, I was like you know they would want us to do our real wrestling on this show. Let's get into this conditioning and then when I book the job, it was so fund too, like really up the ante with him, which is totally outside show they don't pay for it, ignore legit right, yeah yeah, but they were like. We want you guys to do your own stance on the show. How comfortable do feel that stuff- and I was like yes bring her- I was just so excited, and it's always you know, I think one of the great joys of being an actor is getting to learn, amazed
things on vehicle, you pay for you to do it and you have this other incentive you're getting great shape, or to have learned arrest light. Never would be like you know. It sounds fun like it might be good for my thinks. I'm really go to like learned W w e style wrestling and our first season. It was so fun to learn the wrestling together. the group but you're what about Undine exercise your acquires pro ressler on the show key Stevens Guy, who wrestled as awesome, Kong and she's been karma on W. W e g broadly has laundry list of injuries? Definitely are those people get hurt and definitely NEA people go to vague and it is, but a lot of people have worse injuries from fake in wrestling than real wrestling a you know. I do not like the term fake. regards to wrestling. But I know you're saying everybody says that ignore like ok, yes, story lines are decided. Maybe people know
who's, gonna win. Imagine who's gonna lose the match, but these people are elite. Athletes not only that there often improvising aside from knowing the outcome of a match, our like doing the highest form of physical improv with another person or some of these guys have been around a long time, don't even totally and they're, just in the ring in the moment going alright, I'm going to do a hip toss, and then let's go to this like they're telling you tweet in their year as they're going to watch the Andrea Giant documentary. Yes, always a great was in their dire flag of Siena twice now we like we are favorite part as when the little announcer goes when
Andrei would take a fort. Is the fact that the funds were so big. He would refer to it as taking of when Andre would take a fort it would clear room did send in TAT. Take of no, I haven't were another question in I'm not even sure. If this is a question, I want to ask any more. I want your opinion bone. I was curious. Is it different doing nudity on an all female sat words like the females are in charge versus the males are in charge. I dont feel uncomfortable huh nearly all of I have found it to be a very empowering experience. Yeah, but glow is my four time doing for no ok, so I had never done it before what fine line on email driven Pierre yeah what what thought went into the whole decision? Well, first of all,
mandatory rights while very early on while auditioning for the show? I addition four times for the show, and so after my first to auditions now they are about, to fly me across the country to audition with Betty the two of us together, and it was getting to that point where there were like wait. We don't want you to do this and are you We need to make sure you are aware there is nudity in the shower asking all of the women to sign off on nudity from a place of wanting to come out. This show. You know it's a show about women. Bodies in every form. We don't wanna. We want and also to come at it from a place of reality, if women are changing in the locker room or you know, there's a sexy in the very first episode there like women, don't when they're having like a crazy
there are they keeping on their bra, do no holding a she'd up to their shoulder great executive. They roll over- and this is just like toga around the area and it's crazy because up until that point, I had done actually non nude, sexiness wearing a bra or other things that actually felt were easy, urging hurrying not unsafe in any way. But again I had been such unnoticed call it always very comfortable with my body and happy with that, but very like I only want to do nudity for the right projects once it's out there, it's out there forever. This was something like especially wall working on community, I became very aware. It was like when I first started using twitter and I don't go, twitter anymore. It was just such an awareness of the internet and an end. The way that things can are taken out of context. And last forever, and
and others who are we do at home on the computer and the way that people are consuming, that stuff raids that didn't even have to watch the whole moviemaking judge. You got it at home. You know too that still I just was like also because the level of was I was auditioning for if they had nudity it was like Europe where you could play prostitute number four in whatever I was like to me doesn't feel like it merits my nudity, but I always gonna help. If it's the right role, I would do it, but I just never read something that I really thought was worth that. Yes, so when I read glow, right away? I was so taken with the project on the whole, every one that was involved, but also just the material I loved, so much like a new even describe I just connected to the character so deeply. I wanted the job so badly. I knew there was newly involved even what before audition too and then
we had to have that kind of phone call before my third sinus whole other side, the contract about the New F in ITALY, which is always funny because my lawyer is my brother in Law- is married to my sister already and that it has always body to be like hey, big bro tell them they can show full nipple Libya. I had that conversation. My lawyer, and I was like listen just have it in writing. No AMOS he's a do think. we heard AMOS. Look I'm here, I'm achieve full, we make it, I don't know, but I decided I would. Rather, my aim is never on screen, so that was like specific line, no anus. Instead, that you have to get specific, you never know lying arriving around in and as it turned out, they shot that scene. from low on the floor. Looking up a lot of bad and I was on the top in after the first take the director came
and put some mum. He put some sheet around my book I can only assume, because everyone had seen my illness. I mean that had to be a response to everyone and video village of salmon as what a foot and then you're there for the rest of the scene. Going ok, son is getting all seen. A cool world is going about them. What was happening So I also with glow. It was not really like ice off on it, then with like a contingency of I want to have a conversation. If I get the job with the show runners, what have we done so it out and also their reasoning behind it and really just have a frank conversation about what it is and that they're not gonna be explored, me and honour of gear, and God it was just so fond and fine well director for that seen the bio. It was Jesse pirates mail guy male member of them now ass. He director pilot. He a lot of girls,
I was gonna bring girls, because I do feel like in a weird way girl. Was really instrumental in reminding people how it can be done. Correct. in the power of yeah, definite like there is this amazing vulnerability to hurt. Do we met all the time that made me just that much more interested in the character in the show in everything like it's? Definitely, whether Europe order against it. It is a powerful tool in the whole kit. You know, there's a thing. I love girls and I agree, but I think there's something about saying that when they d young girls, it was vulnerable will she would have these breakup scenes bear naked? It was like lousy I'd even like cover Let me tell you: nobody said that when Emily ravage a was naked in the
What had half like movie correct in the benefits of error and worry, nobody was saying she was vulnerable and I will say that there was something about the new young girls across the entire cat. And men and women and, like I remember, a scene with Gabby Hoffman she's like in a shirt and no bought a whole labelling, which is also would you know who Julian more did do that in like a nineties movie, but there was a way about the way that they didn't nudity that wasn't about looking sexy her ladder. What your body type, it wasn't saying: here's the females I'm only in a perfectly posed perfectly toned perfectly lit. So sexy way. Yes, I feel about. I loved girls and I loved the new young girls, and I love watching you they were not in a purview way, but similarly I feel it when it doesn't take when it fuels.
Sorry and doesn't take you out of it when I feel like I'm getting to see something, I'm not supposed to see. That's the violin. I want, like I'm, actually an easy problem. Lawyering in that, yes, let me know like while no one can see that you just adds a layer, the stakes totally totally, and I think that my I maturity and mentality. In the way I was feeling about. My body converged at the same moment of reading, glow and feeling like remembering that, actually, the truest form of myself as one that like not ashamed of my body, and especially, as were in an era of people's nude foe. those getting leaked on the internet and all that stuff anyway, that it is a way to take the power back and do that's where thing in and yes, I do think it made a different doing it for women and knowing that they want to show bodies in all different types of ways and even the way that our show has been cast with people who, with all different types of bodies in all different women of different ages and
this is an oil about representation. Ok, you're, so glow It's wonderful, show you ve done three seasoned you're gonna do a fourth which is very exciting for all of us. The fourth and final fine, all and on. What's that decision about, you know it's slicks decision and its bitter sweet of course. Yes, I love the shows home yeah, but I am glad to get for you. I'm your life arrive for amazing seasons of a show and be like by. I feel like it, it's nice just to no going in that. your lad almond for a golden globe for twice you got right. You got to do a fun, weird, interesting things I feel it I've gotten more out of glow than I've gotten out of any other job. I've ever done in every aspect of saying that, like
I have grown as a person. I feel more empowered mentally physically. My relationship to my body changed in a major way. Like I made, I think the best friend of mine if in Betty Gilpin, you know, I think that my acting has improved like I've learned about myself as an actor, I've directed episodes, what an episode venom into direct and other agencies afore so I already feel like I'm leaving the show in such a better place. Even then I entered the shows to get to do. One more season is just like gravely yeah now have you written other movies or was hoarse girl? The first movie wrote or skull is the fur city? Is what was so intriguing about this story that you had to sit down right it. While I call wrote it with my friend Jeff Bain, I I think there were a couple of factors and one factor was honestly watching. Dave Dave, just wrote and directed his first features, so he co wrote with Joe Swan Burg manned. It's called the rental
and we shot it in the spring. I was in it and I love that experience. When I M old, I like working with your husband, was just the bass was the best. I hope that he and I can just work on only projects, either for the rest of our lives. We feel the exact same la I'm so glad. Also I'm just like a year. My favorite person that I would choose to be around all the time and link when we're working were always apart, usually joint great dago. Now I get to mix like my most favorite person in the world with like my most favorite thing. do but more so I guess I was very inspired watching him rights because there are certain ideas. I've been kicking around for a long time, but I really have the courage to write them down. On- and it also seemed very daunting to do that so to watch him with Joe their rhythm that they god and I was like. Oh maybe, if I had a partner, then it would kind of like get me out of my own way in an all
so Jeff's a good friend of mine, of an opera both and I had worked on the little hours with both of them and Dave was in that as well run Jeff directed at, and so I often I'm just like hiking Jeff, and I gone long hikes. All the time hikes occur and I was lying really warm heart was ours, yeah! Ok, why will do like seven and a half miles will? Hopefully, two and a half hour ass. I now is like. Why could you possibly talk about effort that long of us, so we would talk about just every different type of thing and on one of the hikes I was like. I have this idea: flood rapidity, this movie idea so, but going back before that, the impetus is that fur, probably my whole life since, like high school, had wanted to write something stemming from the fact that my mother's mother, my grandmother, had paranoid schizophrenia. Ah ha, so I grew up
which was hereditary. Yes, so I grew up, you know I didn't know her. I didn't know my grandmother, but she was living on the street when I was in middle school when I elements so middle school where she passed away- and I really grew up with this mythology about her, my mother telling me and many stories about her behaviour and her paranoia on her talking to walls and believing that their house is bogged down. The abuse that existed in their house holding and even my mom always would be like what you're gonna write a movie about it. One day you know, thinking, probably that I was gonna a more straightforward movie in which I play my grandmother and this movie is not bad at all. So, as I was watching, Dave write his movie and I was thinking what is this movie? I want to write about my family about dinner, hereditary thing that exists in my bloodline
he scares me, but I started to examine more like why. Why do I want to tell a story about anything relating to my grandmother, schizophrenia like? How does it resonate to me and for me it is, this looming? Fear writer of something that's existing inside of you that own body count as radical, Mazo Odin? For you know we wrote it during the summer during twenty eighteen and shouted during the summer, twenty nineteen so right before we rode it. I was having bouts of deep depression like more intense than I had ever experienced, and it was real. Least scary, as anyone who's been through knows, you feel really helpless manned. It feels just like you. you never get out of it now as much as rational brain is trying to like rationalize your way out of it. It feels impossible well party, your body, that's alien is also the part that was to monitor whether your so tat kind of and then I started to have this or the rational
you're at my grandmother and my mother s sort of like started to sit there being like will. This is because you guys fuckin. How is this on to me now? I'm trapped in a mate of my own mind, so that was the to save me saying you know as a person with a familial history of mental illness. It scares me to think that what, if I started to experience some weird things- and I didn't have the power to know if it was real or not real young, and so that is sort of what the story is about is about of socially isolated woman, very different from myself. Her set of circumstances who used to ride horses is still very much kind of like mentally search stuck in the past around and better time, and she starts to have these weird dreams and sort of,
waking up and weird places, not sure how she got there and she sort of has trouble discerning where, where the lion lies of reality yeah. So it's a drama. It's sort of us surreal, psychological, where the women just been a does his movies. He writes them, directs them, but the scripts are like thirty page outlines and the dialogue is improvised. That's what we did for this movie as well swing. Hiding allowed a thirty five page outline, but that's very detail may seem to seeing your saying this persons coming in in the conversations about this, and then they talk about this and then you go here. You know it's very detailed, it's sort of a misnomer to even call it rob I mean it is in that there is no scripted dialogue right, but were very specific about see all maybe more silent, more call it collaborative dialogue because it's more like during the wide shot we improvise a lit all, but basically
we lock into the dialogue after a couple takes in the wide and then it's as if its script, ride and sometimes at source varies phone to shoot. It superfine. I mean dead Ryan's in a John ran. All her were cast it we did for Netflix, we did it with the duplex brothers, oh sure, sure one I come up every seventh February, seventh on Netflix horse woman, poor girl, how dare you I mean? I was or you get your own happened. Isn't my head. I thought course girl on them in such a habit of reminding myself to stop using the word girl in the night self corrected the centre horsewoman, but it is horse girl. In this case you can say girl. I can't wait, see that that's a very exciting premise and proud of that in so Netflix on February, seventh
a more Elsa, I'm so glad you came in Chad with us itself under me. Yeah, I feel like you guys are in my head. All the Thai as I listen to every episode of this Pied Canada makes us so how flattered, if the happiest glow our seas and check that out in horse girl that'll be shortly so will need you to come back. I'm sure was something during an ideal and all I can do and where I watch you guys kiss and hold hands in real. He would never reassuring where he was so shy and I'd be like, do your pants. I will help and thank you so much come accident and now my favorite part of the show the black check with my soul maiden Monica Batman, Allison Alison Bree. What a joy her me too you don't. I met her once you all yeah and tell her, I did before your court, it we're
you mean her so marketing job in Georgia. Now that's rain and only rain Allison was having a how wean party at her friends house. Actually was the girl that set her up with Davy. Yes, there s, a spooky sounds survey had a in party and I somehow ended, up there, I own friends or while I think I think I went to that party. Two years: no q, and one of the year is out is so dry like maybe the drunk as I've ever been in my lap on not shocked, had happened on how I M so glad it seems to be when people get drunk as oh, my god I got so drunk, and I pukes at the party not at that party, so we ended up at a couple part o my good,
were driving. I not driving, thank God anyway. It was a bad bad night an everywhere Hugh dollar. Were you in there? at the moment. Are yours, you fucked up even care. I think I was still even a bare sounds like you long Brown, it was awful and then never drink again, that's my sober store. I gather was your bottom yeah. I know and I ended up with a party again and I was door the explorer my best costume I've ever ban. I had away at a backpack. Oh that's right there in front of you winners like Monica from last year, and you shut up with fake a few Asher. I think Frank arising, I'm so light and puke at that party cause. I would have never been able to end by two thousand and two: this advocate that had happened. What happened to us or you could have invited her made in a man's like one day. We're gonna talk to Cameroon D as an owl publicly make my immense her talking to her in a black out on the phone
Yeah I'll, dismissed, clear at all up clear. The air like that idea, Did you interact with her at all? Either of these are women I think I remember she was dressed as a member of the rolling team? fine, rolling, the canadian curling to him, and she had like a map as the curling Meng curling tool That's what are we doing have some short interaction about bad wrong. I dont really remember it and it was so. I met her and it was really exciting, now. Do you know that I want at one time I mobilise the curling community against meaning others? What yeah so? right when parenthood was about premier, we piggybacked on the Olympics, that as our Lena ravages dreams, that was the most viewers NBC had had in years here and so we were doing a lot of different red carpet events, and I won't say I was in an interview with Lauren Gram. They ask
about what my favorite olympic event was in everything and then any I dont like, and so will you know this whole curling thing? I don't it's. I don't know how that's a sport. You disappear great at sweeping, that's the thing and I was making about how. How would you do cover, you're good at it like you use mopping up. kitchen, one day after a ruin, a near like, oh, my god, oh my god, fast and at the end, that they don't actually even dress like athletes, are kind of dislike in sweat. Since I went on a whole thing, I'll just being funny honours can yell exert danger. Well, then people were mass curling and where the curlers mad other carbon, and they must be, some of my our mad cow I'm sorry, ok, I don't have an opinion on it calling for real that I care about is funny that there's a lot of mopping that happens, allow I'd. I actually think it's mopping. They were, I might say, weekend, ban as more sweeping
Many ways of angered a few communities year's figure community. you look awful communities. The diamond, Community too, you know this pause. You keep calling a diabetic. Well, no, that's actually not the reason. Ok then, why? Well I may I want. I mean analogy: people were mad at my wife for saying she smokes we'd around me and I said, that's ridiculous, so we were matter and I was coming to her defence- and I said this would be like if I was diabetic unmarried, someone in was furious at them that they ate cake around me. You knock you s in so what happened was all the type one people we're so mad that I was perpetuating this notion that up like you have themselves diabetes, while seed on give yourself alcoholism. yeah, that's right inside
They were very mad in that's fine. I think it's still a funny analogy, but after you there's. Somebody born drop at all, occasionally get tweet still from angry type. One diabetes, so I've family members at her type, one I'm very sympathetic. And what's really interesting, is the more of thought about it and rheumatism years ago. Now. What's really happening is what if they want to be dead, honest there, so mad they're getting confused as type two diabetic. So it's it's really them. who are just a thought of being associated with the type to diabetics, is so infuriating that I think it's on them and not on me. Ok, but that's what they're saying and there like it's not about cake. I know that it's about carbohydrates, I know about insulin, there's nothing! There was no lack of understanding. When I made that joke people right, we can eat keg, yeah. Ok great! Can he came, but then you have to regulate. Financial analysis is a real thing here. Yeah, like I imagine this, my grandfather has, it does
in our region. I already got ire against the diabetic can of worms. Yeah now can of cake but I really probably may also my other conclusion is it was five people were twenty five accounts that tweeted me three thousand times and it felt like a bunch of people, yes, that anyone in many places I still like the analogy. I'm sorry, I am also very sympathetic, anymore, diabetes, terrible disease to have, I feel terrible and I hope it gets cured and also if Mary do Diabetic. Can you eat cake you're out whenever the analogy is a little trick, and not because of that? I think diabetic should not be upset by that, but I can't help you. I feel I I don't know I mean I feel like if I married someone sober, I would not be like dream, king every night next to them or drugs, because big walk for copper reasons. Why? they can't share and that experience, although there
just by yourself doing that and to I mean I'm too. I drink run you all the time, but I don't like the idea of. Oh, I have something you can't have, or maybe this thing I have this tempting. Do you like I'd metrology, not have all, but a couple things one of its tempting to me. I am not working programme. It should now be tempting me: I've been relieved at the obsession to drink alcohol because of this programme, and and- and I have been so I'm desiring I'll call that has nothing to do with. You has everything to do with me. Secondly, because I'm a fuck up does not make you fuck up that has to change your behavior, but it's not like. I have do like. I guess I can't drink this. Alcohol is not there it's just so important. I, when I make life harder on you. If I love you will, but it wouldn't make life the one thing that you're right about that. I agree with and was an issue in a previous relationship, was, if you
enter into a zone that I'm not in now we're not really sharing the same experience like our memory of the dinner out. If you have six strengths in my memory, is there just totally different when it really share the same experience yeah? So that part, I understand if you desire, three on the same level are experiencing the same thing as your partner than I could see, making the decision, because a bad idea But also when Bell said she smoke Swede, she doesn't sit on the contrary So now you have that time? We ve had friends over and she smoked we it's not a big deal here and I am disappointed to see using. That is the case for this. I would ask you that no, this is my response with I'm the one with the disease, not you. So I would ask you, please: don't cha pop up rails ever in front of me on the coffee table. I don't want you to ever bring over an eight ball of coke and mash it up in front of me cuz that it would be dicey. I don't want to see it. I don't want to think about that. I ever again, I would tell you as a boundary- and I would tell my wife- is a boundary
smoke weed at Fux with me cuz. I love weed and I want to do it too, but I don't love weed and I don't want to do it. So it's not a big deal, but I would definitely tell her. Please don't bring cocaine into the house now that she ever would she doesn't ever never done cocaine but I'm saying it's me. It is- you but I mean you're, not an island like the people around you who love you don't want if your life harder. They want to make it easier, and I I hope that people around me want to make my life easier at all. It's all. You know we shall all you're absolutely right, but you drinking round me has never me my life harder, Nor have you smoked we'd around me with that make my life harder. I know I'm guessing in general, with people who are probably mad about this our thinking about alcoholics, they know or the their circumstances or whatever. And yes, in this specific one, of course, like gap, Christians not like just smoking weed and you don't like it and then silly but I can see like if somebody is
newly ash or not even newly. Like I don't know, some people are more tempted. Some people's alcohol or we'd is your cocaine, sure so, and they think about that. It's like. Why would sheep, or why would anybody be tempting? Then there are some like that, but I can see the sense of why, wouldn't you protect your partner who who needs protection in that way? You know I'm a hundred Can you any harm? Couldn't possibly kind will be drink around you that much? No, not that other times? We hang out, I'm not drink, just the weakens, I would say, the weekends are made for Michelob. You listen I've set it to you I do not want anyone to not drink. I I want people to be doing the thing that puts them in the happiest space and has the best time. That's what I for I was rather be
hanging out with you and not drinking than drinking somewhere already throwing yeah those who bears a lover Did you get all reclose? Jimmy Diarrhea, sometimes, when your puking so hard, your bodies, contorting and all your muscles are engage level. Sport and, I hope not. I was wearing a spur all well. You could then, and is never knew, my shot right at the bottom. well, you know you're wearing Anders about me. Andy's ceiling, Saxon Bow wow. But what was the out? What was your costume, my little red writing all per per barrel, saying: ok, she said that she heard that eating apples was good for diction. Oh and it's not oh, that I can find ochre I found no,
the copy, anecdotal, no evidence people individually like their dicks, improves- will need a mapping. Holing would nor you bet, there's no science, mind. Ok, we're no studies. Maybe ok! I thought. Maybe I play the spanish Peppino Bismarck commercial. It's not the one that she audition Borg has confirmed that the remit of the data to be tackled with and it was with something like any, perhaps with com. It's so tempting to make fun of that, and I dont want to examine wanna, make fun of any spanish speakers. I wanted to immediately start in translating
your parents. You know like idea. So then I policeman's openness. So well, then, I'm not telling you now that you are talking about here, but his isn't. It is that you don't have the temptation to dislike fill in what the english words would be weird. I know that was not my patient. I guess I was laughing at it because it's a bunch of dancers and pink suit, and they're like dancing around imminent astronomer. No, there was enjoying life which I guess are enjoying it because they don't have diarrhoea, lived the freedom to that's right around and jump what the commercial was. It was like twenty of those folks in the pink outfits and there's a swimming pool of dank brown, water and then they jumped in mine and then all that dank water disappear like they sucked it all up and they just got even plumper, but still pink. They never took on the shade of the
water. That would be a good commercial. That's a great commercial! That's what you want to happen. You want to drink the bismuth, the pink bismuth, anyone to go in your stomach and just sat up. Everything tat then form a nice pink turd and then perhaps write off now. That is the thing about pink bismuth, make sure poop black black, and your tongue black. Yes, as you found out that you had no in France. It and I relieved her cause. I already knew based on my own experience. I've never gotten the blocked on from it. Really that I'm aware, I think it's genetic, I hope so there's a marker seven, twenty three in me, but a measure. Who lack in we'll different times. I've forgotten that I say ingested, pink bismuth and I think I'm internally bleeding that's another sign of internal bleeding. As you have Blackpool, I also forget sometimes, and then I stare at it for
couple seconds because I guess your morbo hypochondriac than me. I dont, really go to an internal bleeding, but I do think there was. My mom is always on high alert, for she was always like. Look at your stool is ever black you've internal bleeding. We going to get that fixed immediately, so I was always quick to turn around sure talking to strangers, you said that Malcolm say that ain't drinks over four hours well, predictably cause a black out for women, but not men. So this is the part in the book ogre for psychological reasons. The binge drinking trans put women at greatly increased risk for blackouts, if an american of average weight has eight drinks over four hours. You got that correct bombshell. I was trying to shine, say I'm sorry, man, I was very surprised which would a moderate drinker at a typical frat party. He would end up with the blood alcohol reading a point: one zero, seven, that's too drunk to dry but well below the point, one five level typically associated with blackouts. If a woman of average weight has eight drinks, overflow,
hours by contrast, she's at a blood alcohol level of appoint wine seven by three she's blacked out. Way pass out one yet worse. Women are also increasingly drinking wine and spirits which raise blood alcohol levels much faster than beer women, also more likely to skip meals when they drink than man we're having a meal? your stomach when you drink, reduces your peak blood alcohol caught on sensation by about a third, in other words, if you drink on an empty stomach, you're going to reach a much higher BC, Norway to do much more for drinking spirits in wine. Why you're drinking on an empty stomach again higher BC, much more quickly and if your wife when less body water use higher ba, see much more quickly women Ottawa, I mean I'm gonna have to hit my daughter's with this fuckin data before they go to college. Interesting. Now, I'd never blacked out in my life really not even on this puke Halloween. How will Eureka munchies in your stomach, now
sitting. That was the problem a bad day. Do you hear me much much but but when a member of the latter no nope, but I I've never blacked out so maybe my just hippocampus is to strike just can't get infiltrate odd believer Europe. Free nominal waterways Ellen shock here, but you blacked out right. Oh god, god you're my worse, one is hundreds of times, ass evening, but the worse one that should have been my bottom was up story went out on a Friday night, and I I had seen my pills dealer earlier that morning and I have gotten pills for what should have been like two weeks of oil consumption. I like a hundred and some diet pills a ton of I couldn't tell what's that even doing for you getting you high, like coconuts, a stimulant
the ones that are not good free area of they make these anymore, but bunches aunt, I mean you know, dozens and dozens of xanax dozens and dozens of vague it ends, and all these diet pills and I went out- and I got an eight Paul at a party and then I decided I'm going home, I wanna be off the streets and I got a fifth a jack and I got like a thirty pack, a beer, and I came to and it was like evening, like. Oh, my god. Ice must have slap all the way through to Saturday evening I'm gonna cut to the chase. It was Monday evening and I was missing three day did anyone say oh yeah, we hung owl. Now I know all the pills were gone, all the not all the job. It was gone, although Koko's gone and all the pills everything was empty,
My singular memory, as I told you I at someone's, going over motorcycle Rhine yeah and I dropped my Harley, which was a full dress or so in eight hundred and forty five cycle that I then tried to pick up for. I remembered this. This went on for over an hour of me trying to pick this motorcycle up, couldn't get it up. I remember someone from my apartment, complex watching me in deep concern should be maybe in Belarus and no, I got it and I venture we got it up on the kidney and when is it so when I woke up, I wouldn't I was so sore from having trying to lift that motorcycle up for so long. You like I had torn the muscles on my rib cage or very fucked up to the point where I was I in an accident, but that's pretty much all I. number for that with divine intervention? Scatter amazing, you don't believe in god- and you have, that story
Yes, what I was very aware of the fact that the amount of pills that were in that box consumed in two days, I certainly share of woken up, and that's the only time I ever let my mom in on what was going on. I called her in started crying on the phone. Those very scared Then I want you wrote I've, even though it was before MAC. There was before throughout right yeah I cried to her on the phone and then I went and road my bicycle on the sand, like a strand for hours, trying to get all the crap out of my mind A strange sweated is terrible, terrible, terrible character then I still continue to do drugs thing and put together like month after that episode, but then find my way back. There's a funny version of that story, but I didn't tell version stairs now can bear it
understandably, so your little hung up on that goes on a little weird. That's all we're that coke! I got. Coke ecstasy dies pills, but have you ever blacked out from just thinking, oh yeah yeah tons of times, yeah, ok, so the Paris Bridge with love locks, it's called the pot day, r, p, o n t d S, air ts and it did get well. Those locks got taken down because it had more than seven hundred thousand walks on it in Wade roughly the same as twenty elephants, oh la forty, five tonnes, so they took it down into does routine fats it better yeah come on, just very still reeling from the relief of not having gotten eighty four hours wrong. I now
King Grass, sorry curlers, sorry type one day about tat. I love you love you