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Andrea Savage (Step Brothers, Veep, I’m Sorry) is an American actress, comedian, and writer. Andrea sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss her family of teeth, her profound realization after getting cut from the Groundlings and her physical resemblance to Julia Roberts. Andrea talks about a cat-centric traumatic event in her household and Dax wonders if Andrea remembers the time he arrived at her house on ecstasy. The two travel down memory lane about their previous romantic encounter and they talk about recent deaths in their respective families and what they gleaned from the experience.

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Hello? Everybody welcomed arm chair expert. I'm Dac Shepherd, because for me wearing my favorite hair, accoutrements ma bad man, many term map miniature badman. What is that Herr ban that has years on it? Now I call it a bow: it's a bow, yeah, and what's under, neither that some kind of a clasp. Now it's ascribe it's like this. line really screwed scrunch she with a bow? What yeah. You always like. So much like manage your mouse. When you do it, yeah That's a great look. I don't wear very often said we don't photographed the intro, because I'm sure people be excited, your rain boots you're wearing to its flooding. us Angela's. It took me thirty five minutes to drive a my, All today was the torrential downpour this morning and I go
I too, where my rain boots the only good thing about rain yeah, you am Kristen, really will of and ties any kind of inclement. Whether of course, with jacket then boots and gloves miniature mouse head screws right? Well, our guests, day is minute. Your mouth is miniature. Mouse is andreasen Abed use, an old friend of mine and, a very, very funny comedian. She has her own show. Oh god, I'm sorry untrue tv, but the first these in his available currently on Netflix over her there ever heard of it so you, wanna binge that I recommend it who will enjoy Andrea, Savage, she's, very funny and very spunky yeah. We like spunky yeah. We do we prioritize spunky NASA to please enjoy Andrea, savage armchairs aboard my twenty. Three an me Monica giving any
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how different wellness indicators that you can monitor and track in now December. Twenty fifth get thirty percent off. Need. Twenty three me kit order. Your dna kid at twenty three m me: dot com slashed Dax. That's the number twenty three an me dot com slashed acts again. Twenty three me doc comes Lestat. he's not Andrea, Savage, so nice to see you to see your face. Occasionally I get an old friend in here and you fit in there. Yeah, but I feel like there's been a lot of time since we ve been friends, oh yeah, the alarm I almost six could say decades definitely a decade. I would think I yeah, but when I think of you, I, like my friend acts, but I haven't seen you in
so long with the exception of very quickly and airport and did didn't. I see you and you did them, how supplies that. I can't you. Yes, you did see me when I did have lies and that's when I fell in love with your wife she you and what was comical to me? Was she came home from work one day and she, like only got like I'm in love with this girl, you haven't. You have to like look up her comedy and others like honey. yeah I've made out with Andrea Savage. I would do you get to an age where your kind of like like their ratings. Secret menus kind of proud you live before you got married, a hundred percent. If you like, I feel like that's. Why not you a bell. I made our Dax embarrassment because track learners way. We have some landlines right way worse lens than you. no, but it also like another lifetime ago. It really is, in fact I was thinking knowing your coming today I was like I was kind of me. No,
they train remaining idea is gonna screw. I will let you know not terribly successful. My brain unjust suddenly like what happened Memory is really well you give to kid and you ve got one gets worse. I now, but now it's doesn't sound like now. It's just maybe I have Alzheimer's online gambling is full blown Alzheimer's. Now, but it's a touch of the house. I was trying to also go through like the the current oh Jack Chronology, and I was like I don't know what year I was like? I don't know no, and I guess it. Wouldn't I brought it up. Had I had had the hardware? Can I not discuss. Their kind of problem is by great what I told you that thou think you do The latter copyright in your own, using you did, I was on my way. I also who cares. We were shot age, children, minor, twenties in the black art was is when Hardwicke and I discussed you- it was like you know
in our the my class Rosa. our glasses of managing and he accredits like his sobriety. Unita has yeah, and obviously I too, I will accept all the credit union, as I share pretty easy for people to get sober, topsail right, that's my outwards. Then they have or are you can't do it and then someone did. You were up, stop I said it emphatic way, I'm sure we know, but what I got curious about yeah. It was really fun, as I was like again going through. One of the memories I have is I'm going over to your apartment on ecstasy is gonna showed up on exit Europe. I've yeah, I was somewhere and I we were in groundlings Deanna. Let yes, let's start paying that you're ahead of me and my feelings, and knew each other from their gap and then, as groundlings, do you got drink at now so yeah socially. I can't remember how it turned in David, something I don't recall either
and it was prematurely haven't. You didn't really know nothing. Crazy really happened. As far as I remember all now know what I found intriguing now, fifteen years after that. Was so Hardwicke was in the Maxie at a clearly ranking brown by his own admission, yeah it and then for whatever reason, you're you or what it gives me, and I was on ecstasy- didn't want what so curious is you're, pretty straight legs You know you have your shit together and then, and then I know about a couple other, friends I want. We want to get into view their bright air whatever bath. You kind of attracted the flame a little better
there's something curious their mother with his only occurred to me this afternoon. When I was thinking about never back, then it like. I think why does she immoral and talk to me, I'm a dirt bag drugs, and this is why it's interesting because- and I feel like I've tried to figure a little bit of this outcome has been like. I make it together and I never was like taking seriously, who didn't have their shit together Right, I think that with easy for me, because I, like- I don't think I ever get married- I wouldn't want to depend on anybody that it does so by David people who were like a little more fucked up and I was disposable. It was like, ultimately be real easy to day. You know, say bye bye before maybe they did write anything like that. Any addiction in your family like her, you hard. Why are now- and I like it- I tell you that I'm Chris was the only person I ever did who had a cobra, more drug problem and then I guess you when you had. Actually, I don't even remember you're next again, like ours was the most harm
like we made our entire, like we didn't whatever, but I'm not a single person, abrogated who had interdiction problem right, ok, we ran a man. I will say that Chris and I thought about it from day one or you did, and he and I talked about it before openly and stuff, but he was interesting person in that he wasn't like just getting drunk in belligerent. His was sort of like an ant. anxiety thing so very like low level drinking was he was of doing well and he was still awake function like there's productive as productive and stuff, and so it was just like. Do you don't need to have that many beers and night, but it wasn't like something where he was like a disaster Well, ok, so maybe not addiction. Brahms would give also had some boyfriends with sunlight struggles. Now There was a little pattern there for a while when I was groundlings in comedy, I just got caught in the comedy, and I had a couple com
he boyfriends and wild blue eyed issues other than that, like the loves of my lives from my high school or college or post that little kommeni period, none of them have had ok, but I did A period where it was gonna comedian focused sure yeah, I'm in the other probably at enormous a high rate of They Ives feel like it was hard to data comedian with our real, yes and their very charming. for a while until I definitely get lured into the like funny, charming charismatic guy. Yes, please, Your approval, ok I'll, give you a little bit on its. Maybe we, like banter aha when you're like doing a good being enter girl or boy there's. Nothing sort of that makes you feel more like fuckin got, there's an unconnected
that's, how I feel like is my biggest like language, that I talk to someone yards, it's kind of like a doll playing right so like pulling you know the kids hair in school about it like a verbal, do it verbally gonna fuck with your friends year in year from Woodland Hill? I am so suspicious to me, obviously yeah what what a mom and dad do and Woodland House. My parents were divorced. Nice tale, ok, so what my dad is an orthodontist in Orange County discretion is just because I talk about Orthodox John here as I kind of big teeth. Am, I always shows in your smile, it really Erin. I stay here, they're perfect, my dad's unorganised, my mom was a dental hygienist I've, a brother who the dentist I've been uncle, whose Aperient Dante Why deepen the t, teeth, Gettin tv Brigham, and why
you're like third generation in the tea yeah yeah. The teeth gray got, alas, is it I don't know if this is rumour, of course, Monica Wulf ACT like this, but it isn't isn't. Dentistry have like the one of the high rates of suicide, believe it as what and Jan Drug addiction because they can prescribe their own drugs, but I will say I am not sure that you know they have. The same discipline is maybe some respect but also to their working week of foot away from laughing gas all day long day on, say I've been to the dentist. Obviously many times men, I've, I've, ever been given laughing gas or any sort of gas or anything you just have to request. It just think its ever been on the table. I you're just added wisdom to extract and my only one I've had to extract and only cause it broke. I have so much room in my mouth, I'm a very small.
Urge cavern in my face. Ok and it was just like a broken and it was just like without that's gotta go in and I needed it done really fast, because I had to go back to work or something and he was like owes you to want to be put under names like wait. What I didn't know that was an option and it was like when you cash is one another. I can't be put under. Can we just do it needs? Like our If you really want to who was arrested, Tito. In TAT, it was so fine guys it why is literally, he was like ok, ten seconds later without, and I was like wait now. What any of those out oh really alive is like. I almost went under so I did go on. I had four we give you did for in. This was one twelve grade, no eleven, the eleventh Great in miss! You tribute my early love for opiates. Is that experience cuz. They gave me both vicodin and percocet, and that was the first time I was on like both and I was like. I would like to feel this way forever.
worries me and then I went to a graduation party had a beer with vat and was I This is how I want to feel all the time. They were I have the legitimate and business like getting whenever but like a legitimate fear about my daughter. Ok, she has like She has more social anxiety. Then I have her dead and really is a little more shy and and is competent with me, but definitely is very encounter on new people in this matter, and I truly have a fear that she's gonna head high school and have our first drinks and do drugs from first I'm envy like. Oh, I can resiny take a breath, and this is what I want to feel like working my ass off track. to get her feeling more confident. Uncontrolled herself before that day, as I am worried that sheep, that is gonna, be again,
it save another, you know addiction and either my family. My husband, I truly aid, is something that I legitimately am concerned about that very thing here. But don't you think that's just the business of being upheld. because of its not bad. Two hundred percent, something out of slavery, are now also go either way. I got my wasn t out and I was on hard drugs and I had a friend Cameron, we watch Jerry Maguire and I didn't and after it was like, I didn't watch the movie I've I've was like I was so out of it. I hated it so much? That's me, but I like writing on any of it. for I know never doing that, but you cannot find so. She could mean that girl. Ok, that makes me feel, but because a moment ago, how hall though, we can memnon at heights by the way, and if I had to choose between alcoholism, drug addiction forming which hopefully I don't have to, I would choose alcohol. I think what I think sounds like a meteor tongue in Cheek SNL. Appoint.
Some of these things really gotta think through, though, because I watch a documentary on these doctors in England forming a coalition, I d get empty a may legalised, because the right eight of emergency room admission that are alcohol related, like after nine p M, is like eighty percent, and they just have the dad on how dangerous alcohol as versus how dangerous empty a man is. So I know that I will tell you. I don't also seen my daughter, the ability to drink much. I think you'll end up having my acid reflex domain. We hope you know they will be blessed with acid rain ass. A reflex like she won't be able to recover well from alcohol, hopefully the she won't. Have they like part of her, that, like handles alcohol, well yeah, who could do it'll? Come medical equipment? yeah that, although regulator rightly entering very much at all any more hayek they like I'm having drinks yeah as Irish,
all night- not a boozer, but you have some prime cancer. I fear I enjoy it, but now like a it, takes no days to recover you just. you're. So now I don't sleep and then I feel like shit for like today, So what is mommy do throughout a Roma live laser beams, your eyes when I said that Mama's little helper? What do we say? Marianne line on the more I say that gave us harassed getting. We do have anything that helps. I mean going out having a glass of wine or to that's pretty much my the extend every. I would say that are now couple months, maybe two three times Europe, all tired out of you'll, get hamburger dad I'll, throw down and I'll pay the price I want to go out for an eight year old friends and under way about marijuana, not a big, mere one person, panic attacks,
it's interesting, though, because your monaker no sharing this, which is clearly no way the sense of feeling out of one hundred control, but what's ironic, is the like: booze can render you and able to walk or like fall down stairs or you can drive a car that you don't you it's a magic. You think you, you think you look great you're aboard the way you spell yeah you're, not aware of the lack of control yeah, maybe and then the next day, you're like what happened again: Yellow Young and also takes a lot. I get their yeah It reminds me of that cliche. What's the greatest trick, the devil ever pulled was convincing us. He doesn't exist, then that's basically with alcohol holidays significance you you're and more control and you're, Someone you hey is either your cars than it did edge. Yeah yeah smacked afraid you're in total control. I will say
again. I probably wrong, but I think I'm a pretty fun person when I read like I dont get belligerent ride. My body doesn't vote. so you have the flu Walter, you phrase it so weird my body doesn't bombing the eight. What I think only what I interpret is Europe, do you have none at all my body legitimately there like a unicorn doesn't and my daughter doesn't either- like, even by the stomach flu or if I've had like I've got it literally just doesn't have the reap. When I was pregnant like I doesn't have that reflex jealous bizarre, envy here, lack of throwing. Is it Julia Roberts Mouth that she had say, you're my yeah yeah yeah. When I was in my early twenties and she was where, in her hair curling, I was wearing my hair more curly. Instead, I would get and up the waitress. I would get it twelve times a day,
You were now not not as much but I use do when I was younger people said I had a voice and I don't know yet more EU palmed on that good good. What kind of a crass whole would be like? Oh off, I look like Julia Roberts, Dick oh and ass all- and I say this with love and respect. Kevin's eagerness enact a friend of mine who is always going to learn what exact efforts of all Blue. Hardly me look like a perfect. Neither does look like him. I knew complain about now. I will very I was thrilled. I makes me happy, but I was prepared for you to go like ours annoying. I just want to be me, but you were tell me, are you are still you just wait or thing now can eleven, so you you're from Woodland hills. You decide you're going to get into showbiz. Isn't it you think I'm gonna get into acting. You know. No one in my family is in entertainment, business, namely my parents got worst. My mom got remarried very quickly after
dad left and like how quickly about she met my stepped out three weeks after my dad were good for her bed, the moving it called yeah. She met my step. Dad through her brother- and it was just on right where there is still the gallery still ears, he he passed way of about twelve years ago and up and he was my served up until that point they observed. I grew up with him, mostly as my in Father figure down right here, you door him right. I remember the area in I would imagine rare for someone to meet some three weeks after divorce. Some men and go the whole distance and somebody who never been around children before he was an only child, and my mom had a two year old and a five year old, That's an he's, an incredible purse! Yeah you tell him. Took it ah like took the responsibility on and all of that yeah. And would you like me in that, like I I had friends, his parents got divorced me desperately one of their parents you're back together
but I didn't want that at all. I was like online I like living with this lady, and when I go see this man, it's chaos and yeah yeah. I didn't really. Hundred my whole life. I was like I'm happy. They got divorced it's like. They worked out better for me and I don't want them to get whatever all of this. It's only been as an adult dealing in my own marriage. I ve been like that may be fucked me up a little bit more than I've, given it credence yeah a little bit yeah, but now growing up. I was like no Let me ask you, never don't remember them together. Could even imagine them. How long have you been with German? I have Jeremy for fourteen years. Ok right so and I've been with Bell for like eleven gas and do ever go! Oh enough, shit, my parents and make it they want, he's sick. You know like when I think about the had bending another as long as well- and I bet like twenty six or seven- I got it
yes, of course you I being yeah also, I will say I think, a group of little to cavalier of an attitude about divorce like I was just like we when things don't work out after a little bit, usually bad week, just ban will you get out. people are reforms, so that is where I feel like I've had to really be like. Oh, I have a kind of two cavalier of an attitude about wars, but then also the other side, me: that's very grounded in seven those fucking stopping stupid in your head, but they're kind of in Europe. brain of yes, I it doesn't marriage to me wasn't something forever. That was never something that even occurred to me because it was not in my reality, where we had always well and then also like if you grew up as your example is like band, and they don't just that the year that the severity of it seems will ever know just like people be like unreal, even imagine getting devote like. Oh my god. I was like a bigger one,
yet everyone moves amateur lie, call belong in three weeks later. a nice gentleman had always your children. You have a really funny bit The engagement ring. Oh my god, that's a link to remain its. There has to be shiny to remind United, like other people, he's. Gonna get defence of a good, an engagement. That's the thing: that's snappy by reality, funding to catch your eye. You may like a stroll blood at all. Time is Jill Can you like anyone else, member? are we going to wait until I bet you're gonna say another bet that Europeans are high. I do in you know it's funny, as I was thinking again about you coming here today I was like. Is this one of the bits that has aged well now like. I wondered so my favorite bit of yours, fat, christianize together is- and I want you to tell it cuz I'll- do a bad job, but how we talk about little boy,
is being heartbreaker. I put it in my. Shall I see you didn't. Do it so it's withstood the issues with dead in it in a greater played, very well yeah, basically just about the double standard of sexual rising little boys, like oh, look at when there businesses smiling and you never think. Oh, he is learning maybe he's gonna be hour, break your watch over this guy. You can like turning around on someone's little girl, manichean Lui, this cocky generally throw at around you better watch out baby hard to beat the buyer
fire one. Second, how impressed I am- and you ve always been like this, though I feel like yours, you ve always been so attuned detail and memory like things. Stick with you in a very impressive way, like the fact that just listening for purposes of, but just knowing you too, you ve, always been able to like recall the little moments. I don't think I can take that. I think it's a survival mechanism of being dyslexic and not being able to read and having to literally memorize everything the teacher said if you had any shouting something right on the test, again, I know several dislikes eggs and they all seem to have not accommodate you guys. Are you see people, and then you pull it back later in fuck you over the level of the wholesale like. I remember this from back when we, you know we're friends and hung out more like you'd safely and then, like you, pull it out like a year later and permit,
saying that you said that it was like. Well, you really were listening like. Why I was listening to you. Yes, you have my full attention, but I'm glad you're here saying this in front of Monaco. Monica is very critical of my current memory at forty three, I get it. I don't. he had met layer, bad. What? If you're gonna call me memory that what what fucking Adjective review reserve for Christian UK allow Is she Apocalypse Ernie, even call it? A man doesn't have one. You have won this poor. I do. A toy I think, might still and the like seventy percent tile, but it needs to be a lousy. My mother is one of the happiest people you'll ever me. Ok, my it ever, but really the secret to this Doesn't whenever anything bad that ever happened or anything bad that really anyone ever did it's a nice guys like from my dad to any person like she just like
I don't really remember that. Just remember like and honestly she's, one of the has people over me yeah just do dad dump every night your head, it's the payload is let it all out and then star eminent people are aspiring to live in. The present, I guess, would be used as memory serve you'd, be an insane powers, more content. You are probably the worse. Your man, Marie is yeah I'd everyone there like trying to get things or you want something. Somebody like your brain is working overtime and it's like collecting all those things. But then, if you, if you're contain you, don't care thanks. I remember for everything by the way contentment is. aiming towards, but it also the death of airline contemporary yeah, not that bad now, I'm in a level where I'd like I'd like a little bit more calmness and just time
So here's s. What I want to ask you so Forte wishes in here, and am I was kind asking like we're? U bombs that last man on earth is cancelled in he was basically right now. I would have died doing even probably another year in in and I have been so jealous of that show how perfectly its executed, but also aware of how much attention to detail that takes an mildly aware of what is life probably look like, but until he set out I'm not I'm not just of there. I want, unlike yeah thrilling harm, because it's like my dream, come true. I get to do. The exact shall I wanna do is based on my life. It's based untrue stories from its exact shall I wanted to make like drew leaf like very little parameters, and I was able to do exactly I wanted, and but that being said to do that, you have to be involved
in every molecule of this year and it never stops. Yet you be shocked how easily things can take a right or left turn. What do you think the you just tell yourself right now. I guess the protesters good nor the professor decide what me no fuckin plates of then there's like goblets in you go wait a minute. What why are there in you know it is your control freak in that way, when it to show that so personal- and it's all told through my point of view, and my I mean it's. The log line is like any show that some sort of first person point of view, and so all it is, isn't it execution so had already. Joke has to be built and added- and I do not like being punch lines- are broader anything's with all timing built We had some subtle all based on real story. So it's like. I know how things are supposed to look and it's all my voice. So it has to come to me so these kinds of shows like fourteenth. If you don't get any reprieve
child yards and how was your daughter, she's, nine, nine yulka, so she's in fourth grade? Fourth, great things are really starting to happen. Things are happening, they're happy I, but people have boyfriends and girlfriend fifth grade right for a new she's, a very she still, which I love just more imaginative boys knowledge. I was so boy crazy at her age and she's, just She loves to read she really imaginative and her friends are obsessed with cats and they make of whole stories, yeah like no joke it, like all it's all cats, all the time. While when I tell you this, actually something that happened last night, we have a cat, candy purple, and She named she didn't like out when she knew what a name that our best Jeremy
The predominantly like all I've ever wanted is a cat in a name, a cannibal, we're captain, candy purple and she's really sweet cat, but not agile or real smart by just a loving sweet. I never liked cats. My whole life. I was one of those jerks like Spock CATS, yummy too, and then I found that rests you two cat whenever and like them up with this, but can cat anyway, so we live in the hills and our cats, sometimes indoor outdoor and my daughter and I we were out and my husband was how many fell asleep at the back door open and got dark. We came home and he was like outside knows what's happening again, looking for the cattle boy and he s like what is like than ten minutes and sure whatever, but she always comes when I call her sons calling urge wasn't coming and right at the back of our gate, coyotes coming attacking banana. No, no and the dogs are barking at the house next or, and I'm like, oh my god, my daughter
whole world is our? It is her muskrat, lady and I M, like fat cats, not coming back and she's like what oh my god, you know in an arm chair and oh yeah, and I'm like. Oh, my God, get her in the house. She sobbed, I mean I was talking her through the beginning of grief and just going. Oh, my god, she's. personality of the week this week in school, starting today in a most of her picture, she was bringing Oji literally like her were moving in three weeks time, just like how is this happening? we were, I was crying. She was crying two hours of this of Jes. This is life. Now she minor Milborough school today and that cat come strolling in two hours later can. I was all fuckin here in the world you if they fuckin, Elvis Presley five from the dead, and I was leg an eighteen year old girl in nineteen
detail all three of us. Jeremy screens- L, a brain region of ITALY and universally Andy Purple walked and it was like. Why are you fucking exciting, to see me literally? It was like I've never felt quite to be honest, that level of relief raw shirk with my right child yeah yeah, because it was literally like Ok, I can get over panel crime. Is that whatever it was, this is going and we really are starting to Germany is she was near the rumours, she's gonna remember this day for the rest of her life and she was saying stuff like I shouldn't come on you to get your hair, color bra my fault and then going all I can do every time. I close my eyes is imagined her getting ripped up like you. I would just like a war. oh god. Some earlier Kristen was, I mean nine point: nine months pregnant she go the more brilliant were lying in bed in our bedroom, and we hear this radiantly terrible. Yes, dog dine sound right,
but it does not sound like our dog Lola sewer, like I would even say, like Coyote Dog, we can hear it writes narrowly. then this is going on for, like a man didn't have two minutes. Finally, garrisons, like I'm gonna, go check. It make sure it's not lowly minority, not her voice, so she was goes down the hallway and takes her another man to get to the front door, and then I hear it's us. I run down the hallway Lola, our dog, whose only this big by this big but she's, half chow. She has a coyote on its back in our yard, with with its neck in her jaws that that was the car. You look like crazy for noise and all my like run out in an eye like scream and lower lets the coyotes, go the coyote jumps over a six foot. While I run out the pedestrian gate. I don't know what I'm gonna do this coyote, but I want to kill those things off. I'm not chasing this Cairo
in the UK runs directly across LOS Angeles Boulevard in brush our traffic somehow doesn't get killed, gets the other side, and then issues panting and staring at me go back inside lowly is like total adrenal damp she's in a coma, ok, just so that I can spot he has acquired in the code is three times the size of her ears. bad bad as mother fucker he's the nicest swedish God shall be debated at any other time, but I also she fought a pitiful under table. One time cause the people attacked the little or dog and our house in she. She took office, and I'm really be in love all seas of the greatest waitin for war armchair. I have guns brute linen here, comes through the land and run down broke, linen lane
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that's one way or another do yeah. I get the feeling sure he's lying I get the feeling she likes. You say the object is so big bang it s about what you said was gross when you yeah well when Jerry when she was like three for and they were in the bathroom and he was being. She was leg daddy wise year, which she was like ways, your till she so long and what's pointing out the restricted, utter is very fond lately of, and she says it with all sincerity, she's, five and how it started with Christians. We call genitalia birds, boys or girls Amelia savages
it's my family. We always Garber yelling wage. Anyone around ways. Word Y gotta, burglars your burgage gas bird Burke, and so she Christians pain than she stands up. She about all of her pants and Lincoln goes mom Why you're bird ugly in increasing us? What do you mean she goes well? What is my bird gonna get ugly goes, things my birds, ugly and then sure enough. Like two weeks later, I was being she said, daddy, wiser bird, so I dont see is upset that there's here, are involved and gets things are saying here. I don't know what is it I gave you had testicles or say sorry.
My group is ugly, I don't even like I actually they keep referencing may show, but there's a scene in the first see episode back of the season. At the conversation my daughter and I had where she started, asking Europe pubic care, my pubic, Karin Scheele, Enshiu, sorry getting here and was like mommy. You know I'm getting here knows that we are you, I have everyone gets you no hair on their private that a certain time and just like mommy you're gonna get you know pubic care and she was like. I don't like Mommy'S- You a care like. Why am I Adam Gore's? I'm just like.
First of all a year or even now we really know how aspirational this is. So, first of all that's another conversation, and then she was like two boys get pubic here, and I was like you. Of course everyone gets cubic hearings. Coastal daddy does not view a care. What you need to know. He doesn't yeah, he does, and she just Duggar yields more like no. He doesn't interest and I was like dad he's got. You would care my going to argue with you about this daily in there and that's why neck I saw German lived. I was like well Jesse, you know next time she might be like we had an affair. You noticed read, write I think what it was in the pubic here is me: it's not on the near hamburger, Madame appealing exactly ocean, I don't think she's noticing or she's thinking it's not on the net and that's the private that makes, I don't think she's the
but you know how much about balls rise. Breaking busy realises balls. I am ass, yeah yeah now, you were a fantastic student. Do you like that position. Usa, ok, you're, you are really good student, it was arrogance, you into core. Now I did go to court now I may majored and non actors stuff you. I was because in a pre lie was a government major group NL. I have a very good student. I did theatre the whole time, but growing up in a lad. No one in the entertainment industry. I went to an all girls school here. That's no unravels its Tarbert Westlake, but it used to be Wesley. Oh yes, very very good school, more expensive to yeah we were not super fancies of my parents really screamed and scraped for me to be able to go to really gets school. Did you have? You must have classmates that have become Jason praise leading go to your school or anything signing now. Tory spelling debt did
she didn't varying go. There would be somebody from the nine. I have a scar on my mind, me from a party she had at her How would you went to that fucking houses added in a high school in if you dont know that's famously the biggest house Hamas Annual yeah, not anymore, but yeah it wise yeah. I went and still make me sound like I've been our whole problem, which I believe really I did, but I was in high school and I was very drunk and there was this like a war, like I was walking in the yard and another wives like away from people and like the wall just like dropped off and I fell and hit my knee, but I was wearing black genes, so I thought I had fallen like in my wet grass. Ok, so I put myself when I walk over to my friends and like my god, I really so my leg and merely whenever I think new seriously, like my leg really hurts, and then I went to the bathroom with my brain Caitlin. I think it was.
not even worth talking about whatever we went to pee together and I pulled down my pants and it was just blood everywhere. Just was blood soaked through everything, but I was Drink I'm wrong, but I was am. I couldn't tell my parent likes. It was one of those things what was like. Why can't tell Funny Adults or anything and we're in a party at her house. There was some sort of I want to say: Butler, but I don't know it's what I imagine. There was a time as the deaf person why came out of the bottom was like Germany behind AIDS, and so they put Bandy
my ongoing came out of another room by the research, or do they have every way, because I did I'm going home and sleeping a bunch of us went to sleep at my other friends, this guy friends house that night yes on safe, and I think that point out that I wasn't super drunk one eyed, her myself, but I think I had a couple more drinks about my own sixteen year and was like I hurt myself, I'm going in drink went there and a thin out everybody and just remember like lying on my friends bed and my friend Caitlin was gonna like change, my bandaid on everything and talking that it and then she took off in the whole places, went dead, silent, kazoo, so narrow, and I was like what we're talking about giving. Nevertheless, and then I drove home the next morning and my mom- was a normal by stepped out with their noses can hurt my knee and he looked at it easily get in the car and we went to the e r and they couldn't so it up cause. I waited too long
he's doing so, I have a big scar, an I had like an open, gaping wound for like a month. I took forever for it too, like anyway tories, yes, let me as because it that's so completely outside of the realm of anything that would have happened to me in high school to go to talk. She already on nine ought to know. Now I don't think so. Let me say I went to this fancy score. My family, something that my friends were not fancy thou is an anomaly language radicalized. But I'm thing even then I was like this is crazy, I want to know why here, when you pull up yeah, there was lying in LOS Angeles stuff back it. What yeah. So it was not lost on me like this, is banana cited. no famous people, I didn't know people in Hollywood. Like you, I was crazy.
Yeah. It was like just anything goes I mean you're all sixteen a disaster like there was a ton of parental supervision there what they were deafening appearance there, but you know, I think it's sort of drinking I'm sure there, drugs. I was not like a big drug person, so I had friends who did and stuff, but I wasn't doing so, but it wasn't anything like lessons euro. You like it, wasn't like where you friends with her no no grass Jim but most of us I mean it was like a party a bedroom, it would have felt probably would have felt very awkward if you invited less than a hundred people without anti the acute of barbarity and hatred of any man, but you went to court now in that, like India, with its way different growing up in a way in being now. I understand your enabling your gets unethical New York and it was definitely by culture shock when I went there, but I loved it- unites, loves it snowed. I love that it was called
There- was this little small town. I yeah I like studying I'd lakes, academics I would never be an actor I wouldn't it was Zeilinger response, was a frivolous endeavour, is frivolous. It is irresponsible. It was vain vein it was also just inconceivable. It was like, like no less so that silly it was yeah and also it was like no I'm an academic person, not yeah, right- and you did you haven't you had the intention of being a lawyer, your aunt, a lawyer. I have a lot of uncles that our lawyers, I probably lives off, of the four or five on the right side of the force of that was my uncle. Who is a lawyer cut? How do you fucking a member. I am yeah, I lived in their gas like they have this. Like Rome that I lived in for a while and not even when I know like. I know how you fucking remember that no. I just had the gender wrong. I have the ginger going to beat myself up
Are you sure you are wrong? So what shifted? Why did you Who did you love comedy? Did you outside live? Did you like? I came to Kommeni through musical comedy icicle theatres. I did musical theater I ever done The lame is like where got into comedy was like. I like followed, like cool comedian right, warlike, really state of late watching us now. I love musical comedy. started in that when I was in high school, I was made in May and I was the lead at all he's a call and singing am singing and sing. You know what I could fake it pretty well, and I was like the singing groups- and I was now all archipelagos, but I d worked really hard for the singing part that I got into coming, and I was you know it's weird. I feel. Like I four brothers item, I went on a girl school, but I a lot of male friends and being funny. Unlike bantering, like my language,
though I knew I was quick and funny, unlike sharp like that way, but it was like lots in life. I wouldn't I didn't know being a comedian was a thing. To be honest: there was no improv group on my camp ass. They were like there wasn't sketch comedy like I wasn't introduced to any of that until after college. Yeah, I'm sorry! I really the only way in which, through musicals known ass- A few questions that idea I do recognise our guinea more more outdated in the more I listened a stern zero in Athens Topic, as I can tell the hits David, but regardless I can't resist but you're super attractive. You're does bona fide attractive and if you are super funny on top of being hot, Did you do you? Have your pic of the letter? Was Jesus shooting fish a barrel cause to be super hot funny. It just feels variant.
Where to everyone out. I am tired quite what answer the hard to answer without sending a dick, I did well yeah I an hour of popular in your boy, crazy. I was pretty boy crazy, yeah. I had a pretty serious boyfriend at the end of high school through part of college year, but we were allowed to me gal. I I don't know area like whatever, but I would like us, Syria without remain weak. Was that the rule, though, just make out basically yeah that's a hard they aren't. I didn't work out that gray. I feel like I I've. I've had an easy go of that in most of my life. Yes, so, but what's interesting is like and again I really run the risk of guy. Like you really Try to get me to feel bad for someone who's interactive! Madam! I am that's what I'm going to make everything comes.
but the new set of challenges. So if, if I had my I pick up the letter. It will. Even in my limited pick up the letter, it was very hard for me to stay with somebody like I met. People need be attracted to them and if I thought I could be with them like all that stuff was very. It was very hard for me. Do not pursue that right. Sing with more options? You have a different problem on your hands. It's like well, that's kind of taken care of, but now it's like any moment you could maybe meet. Some of me, like I think I could be with that guy, the hard line. Now it was like I can't possibly make it sound like Furthermore, where I'm gonna say poor, you that is going to sound, like people are getting a whole fuck you but I'll say it for you. You would never say, but I would mean as attractive as you are, was actually liability at the groundlings. I wouldn't I would say I would agree
and I would really like not only to me that was definitely one day when the definite way- and there is a seer. There was a period where every woman was cut. Or why. That was pretty good, looking, yes, and if they were not told it going in, and I will say the one thing about my youth is, I feel, like I had a freakish sense of confidence that was unfounded early on earth way before you know I had braces and all that stuff where I would do stuff at school. I look back and go. What would have ever possessed me to think that that was going to be a cool move right like that. You're basically would do the african amateur dance low by me. Love in this committee may, like chemistry class in like a virus wig and do my report Eric like, but I can navigate through partially cause. Was my girl school
can I took some of the ever away, so I have or maybe best friend, Nate talk during thing here am I haven't. I know I urge you talk about speak of him and step, but I dont know level one in two with we met or we met was guidelines, but he does. The best way is it would like his his his apex and life was using effort. Already at you see us be any, was just crushing and they hosted some. You know what he's mix so the sorority and use on the dance for you Do you know what he felt great the whole night and then someone had been recording it and then like to these later. They were playing the tape in. He goes, oh, my god. What am I doing? He was. I doing some ends and like reporting even do I wish you could was here to do it, but yet again Only a super, embarrassing move that he was in the moment, fuckin feeling it no one's really objecting so, and there was no cameras.
My life would be so different. If there had been people able to film the stuff I did and then I would have had to have lived with it and see what it looked like after the fact. I cannot agree more and as much as I lament like its harder. It is harder to get into comedy and harder to start your career when I started because you had to go through the growlings wait for industry night, wait for it to get somehow get a job to sort of get a real. You can kind of get an age like now. You can, if you dont, have like an hour's worth Kick ass, comedy material that you have produced edited put together that you can send when you're like twenty one year to an agent and put it online. What are you doing Joe? But on the other hand, outs envious meeting, but the other part of oh shit. I would have posted she'll, be I wouldn't black list I would be. I wouldn't just like what the fuck is wrong with
first, if you gave a sixteen year old, I am wrong in my room up. Oh my god, you guys there. He because I had a confidence shown a problem. The act I wouldn't blouse, real strong about mandatory Zulu and really like people need to see this. No god so go from view. You do you get the degree and you you would naturally now start up. Take the EL saddened, Gaslight alone. What happened between when I went corner getting way from allay. I think I still did theatre while I was there and I still loved it and was not in the theater programme, but was cast in a lot of stuff and doing well in the programme and I did study abroad per year in ok
by our thumbs up semi, southern Spain, ok, and while I was there, I was like I don't want to admit this to myself, let alone my parents or any one else, but I think I need to try this and even if it's stupid and even if its irresponsible, I need to do it and came back. And told people and was ignored kind of and just sort of not taken seriously yeah but Conniston to my guns. We're a bizarre mix of your your kind of type bay. India you're. Not if you're interested mix of like I just you did everything by the numbers and then all of a sudden, you decided not to do that in some. I would say, like I only start going to therapy like within the past real, like five, you and I would say that the number one thing right feeling I have these two very different: there's like the Carney Nissan
and then the very grounded like responsible side and they really yell to each other in my head. Do the eyes of one is trying to appease wonder your other parent idea. Mom dad my mom and my dad was the one who walked out and was more adventurous and has lived the sort of wild life. But then repeat, my mom was the one who was left behind and had to deal Can I dont want to end up what you don't mean in its its those too crazy voices in in someone put it to me, but I'm a very disciplined wild child right, but it always fighting in me, yeah and it gets tiring. What are you realize? How tiring I got until late girl about five years ago? again. I can also back to the
it wasn't really. Where was discovered, it wasn't really the pattern. I thought it was, but even maybe your willingness to get close to the flag with some people that are probably more indulgent of their crazy side. probably attracted to the word easily. I, like things that are my little created, shakier lit in writing the line, but to appoint rights. Does that mean yeah like I don't like to jump out of aeroplanes, but it's the same reason like getting up in front of ten thousand people. You know they did this. tour and getting out era with welfare, yeah yeah and I'm gonna get out in front of an audience in just improv with him and just get out there and just fuck around in front.
Twelve thousand people you know or whatever it is, which is crazy, yeah and I can't believe you know, there's hovering about so crazy. You don't, but that to me is like I like. I like a little crazy and I I like things to be a little wild, but only to appoint and then it just always fighting for a german or the fascinating peace and bounded fair about the german character. The national character like They have this their drawn like draw to a flame too, like k there very rigid Taipei, it just says of national character. It was all about them. getting involved in the sub prime mortgage It is about the funding they were they all Gmos. I am what you like. There is the other side by side with closer the land they started, but with just the fact that their fiscally there, the most responsible contract began. Yet they were. In all these sub prime mortgage. securities billions of dollars
which they knew better, but lately I want to take their toll in some naughty poses a very fast story, but so after a year of opposite, Spain. You come back and you go go to New York, I'm gonna be a fee. I'm gonna go do Theatre in New York. Ok, I'm not going Hollywood! That's shrewdly Jimmy cliche, embarrassing being wanting to be a team blow. Sunbeam lofty about doing at New York yet seem to like almost more responsible way to be irresponsible. So I was like hedging my bats, a little there. I told my you know. department, counselor that I was doing it literally just got the dead, stare and dislike ten seconds of violence and then just like. Ok. Well then, after that which applications do you think, but yeah I mean that early was just like I was speaking another language and my parents, my mom, is for my parents were hesitatingly encouraged, but I think they were just like you know. I shall take a year off and,
right and relax for runner bring Rummy rang run friend of Israel, crawls ring after tat, I went to New York and save a friend of mine for a couple months and then tried to me, like you know, agents or whatever, like through who might theatre or whenever in everyone, there was like everyone in Europe I'm gonna tell eggs with you can start bear gum. liberty arm, thereby Bulgaria, like Vienna Theatre Address, like with only waiting but on the theatre, is to become the success. One was the angel S right and then come back and get a role, because that's the only that this, basically what they sat right, which was probably advice until you came back ass, I came back home, lived at home and then literally start from the bottom leg submitted backstage way sure didn't well lighted and did the blinds missions for commercial aid
Seven eleven and pick up that rag stage wrath and there was another one- can live slowly, convince yourself you're right for raising real located forty, Your mom janitor, maternal younger, at length I geezer diapers, like so your every part. And I and I submitted myself to extreme films and blind submission for commercial agent, and I got a job in a restaurant like Legs is reckoned, did it other men through all those submission gently, ended your job, narrow strip of a restaurant in Europe? I worked at seventeen three CAFE Montana Unseen Shore and am works are for many many years on and off. I ended up on a kid show: cops we valley high, relatively quickly yeah pissed off the boat based off the books, which I had been obsessed with little child. I played Renate bark as the Brazilian extolled you Where were you doing an accident? I did an accent
and resilient. No, no, and in fact I asked do you want me to actually like learning x and there we do. It is just them back here. I'll tell you right now that care do not hold up today, it's the most I had fruit on my head occur channel. I talked about burrows in tacos, but then also the Amazon Jungle and viewed it one. Every stereo tales thrown into this character and the end of this one jewish later. Bluish, green veiled, rambler them who should have been in Moscow, and so but I love yeah, but how many amazonian reading relieved I did twenty two episodes of their last season, guys like a series, regular mommy, I made money and I did it and then I got off that was like well. I guess this is where it all happens now, graduated by everyone's gonna, pretty excited, you know your regular for the next forty
yeah, I know now, then I had to go back to work in a restaurant map is a real hope. That was a real pill to swallow. Seventeen in how did you find your way to the growlings you know, and I was taking a cold reading acting class with Brian Reese. That was like an audition workshop class. I took a couple real acting classes and was like this is not for me. I know now and in so I was taking that class. I got a couple guess stars and I did those like casting director workshops. Are you pay the lake additional out and having director and actually, it really well in those, and I got some jobs from those allowed the waiver yeah. I know I actually like well in in and I was getting work here and there, but not enough, and so I was taking the second class increase. Parnasse my class, we hit it off so funny. and grain and we hit it off and you know I did
Comedy in there and an comedic scenes whatever, and he was a useful addition for the growlings I legitimate, didn't know what the groundlings was. Even when I grow up here like that's how not plugged into comedy I was, I wasn't plugged in on any levelling comedy. I went to another place, which is when you they are drinking the Kool aid. I thought the entire world river banks. That's that's why I had my memory, but that was like ground zero you're. A hundred percent so to hear you say, So I didn't know it was, and I was a girl. I guess you show there and I saw Show- and I saw Jennifer Coolidge Profile and I was like these people. What yes, think in so I like immediately audition got in the programme, men, you know and then, as you know, like went through it and you know Winthrop relatively quickly and then that quickly becomes your everything die,
less professionally wives and groundlings than I had worked in my career since based Glade started because you're so focused on the rattling yet, and I think that's what Caitlin ended up getting up against if she was working lives and actor again to have two, then rights sketches week was like impossible, but I will say in all three of us have the same end. Groundlings we're we're all right and we all work could dance. What was frustrating dealt with They don't think they ve. Even if I can say to myself, I can see it in you guys, you you, I remember you and as question your own about where it yourself, or at least not trust it, of course, but you also know how many sketches you get in here. there are certain just sort of gonna know how you do. You know how you age exactly, and I will say that I a tribute my ability to work hard and be able to turn out comedy when there's a deadline and
to not have to wait for the inspiration to hit you because you are a boot camp, got a fuckin right, though sketches every week it was crazy. It didn't go my way. There is nothing for me that was more life, creating them. That play me tat. I had never acted yet had learned to act on that day, I'd never written sketch common. I started directing things there to put on the tv you not do video mad. I learned the added, because at that place I wish was everything I've they improve has got me almost every job. I never got. a little improv here, a little improv airy. Add a little sad has gotten me almost every job, I've ever gone region. From armchair, if you dare they are supported by bomb. Buzz makers of sacks that I'm currently wearing in you are currently wearing. My Macao wearing bomb is right now, rather the gates, you kind of doing something nice, because every pair that they
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and down that's right. We ve couples in therapy of old ahead of its time partially improvise legos. Improvised and yeah there my agent use your horror stories, but my agent talked me out of it. I tried to when I was like no, This show is gonna, be good. Also, if you're an improper, I could see how those does the set up is going to lend its very well. If you are good at improv you're going to shine on that, show yeah an improper, though in a specific way, Improv Neilsen grounded Improv, yes, and that's what I think groundlings if I again had come through comedy two different time when you see be was in LOS Angeles and probably would not have done groundlings. I shall be honest, because I wasn't the big. I wasn't Melissa, Mccarthy and I were in the same group together unless it can do no
I'm not that way, even if your mildly good at it. If you were in with her you'd quickly, go why not gonna fuck with their Anders patient wages or amazing. Another move like Steve Little and just like these people, who are just characters, we're just so good at it myself. I was a good writer and when I can kind of play myself and then do the funny bit, surrounded or whatever those work. But when I tried to put on a wig and an accent and weird your heart. Well, that balance- I understand, kill me than they did your school reports and wigs and he started out in width burnt herself, my real early, I was not a sketch, I could fake it. Habits are like the singing early on It was not my year, your bread and butter and if there had been another option that was more improv and empty in your own body like young province. Her own skin. That would have been more and that's what my career has ended up.
Being more into is living in that space, that's been the biggest asset for me working for you know a lot. On time. Yeah. That's very matter for worse in some good. You go near. Somebody or lawmaker did all of these yeah now she's thirty one. So, of course, when she got here TAT had that option yeah she was forgotten iris. Allergic to that care, I was very like groundlings is characters and I dont want. I don't do about artists. Do I want just one? I'm really quickly go back to the brazilian? Yes, if you play because I don't know about you, but I have a dish for things that have accents but now I have the asset of Youtube, but I just go on you to buy watch some things in that you at my car wreck before I walk in, and I can do it long enough in the audition, but the Brazil an accident you're, just probably complete, we'll get on my city. I spoke spanish fluently, but may speak Portuguese in Brazil, that's rare still. It was like like it was just like those, not spanish. It sounded rush
I would say, if you are you having Emmy disorder sort, categorization. Talbot! Didn't you remember. That I had on. Why aren't you was that because you, let's look at the potion actually dumping that were there, but it was big. It was big issue. My thinking of that was data banana girls, yarrow jara- maybe that likely you could now. He had anything good, Davy S, Coochie good. Yes, you did you ever worker who gi Gucci into the sweet Valley twins. What was it? three very high fees or Algeria has yet to be very high. I called you, girls momentarily Desgas, that's when you loved it. I can win bag I'm talking to the girls in the girls, Love Relays, Jessica, Wakefield. Thank you when I got that role I was like this. Is everything yeah I'm this step,
into books that I loved my character. this in the box, but I would still like tied- and that was the Lisbon. Boy, friends and then Jessica and like it was literally like stepping into like your favorite book and army would have given a lady, I said the other. It was weasel it were. I'm like I was present you mean, like me, getting induce a hazard first job like oh, my god, I'm in the world, one yeah, so you that's growlings. Did you take it bad? I took it quite bad. It was I There was a real blow to the ego. Not gonna lie. It was really just it was a fuckin sucked, it hurt it hurt. You feel things are eager her. It also was like that was my life. With all my friends are meals more likely. We call it without having a called yet yelling my whole identity- was that all my time was spent there all my time, and I had also convince myself that this is the
only Avenue towards where I'm trying to go? I want to ask saturninus alive or whatever, mad tv, whatever you want to do is get how many interesting and says I will that's over. Isn't that just ended cause? How else do you get there? so it was very shattering in that my identity, an plus. Now I'm never, We're gonna end up anywhere. All those things were very frightening from it was really scary. Her really badly. I remember my mom, though saying I know like this is awful and eat dinner deserved or not deserved. Whatever doesnt show that she's, like I've, never seen you more or stressed and unhappy, then the past year that you ve been in the Sunday company because it was such a constant. Stress of how many sketches did you get in? Why do that person will make? I won't do I need to write another. I don't know that when didn't go well this one and that it was
can you get machiavellian about like old everyone needs ones, get you his person can't right. I'm gonna write what this everything's I'll get in their sketch and then we'll get in this losers. Sketch a minuscule gets incendiary images became your whole life and all you want to sketches in the show. But then, once you get those issues now, you ve got a shot for three days. For all these wigs and also with crazy, and then you put it up in your own- that's act and it was not easy, but I I'll say. One thing that I think is served me well is I am one of its people. That's like all right. You got up. This is where you show yourself what your maid of Savage take yourself up and you fuckin go yeah kind of a thing and you started doing standard and after that I started doing stand a pretty quickly after that, which I I remember being like kind of impressed that you shifted that quickly into that dear stand up, I was like this is what I should
doing right, because it was not the whigs and it was doing a version of yourself and images straight from your mouth, the audience you can control it was you have to go through. Panel of people to ignore me to run. It is, I believe, a glimmer of light, be able issue my own staff yeah that I wasn't available really then so I love doing Stanhope. I just didn't get. I just didn't the very long right a couple years. I did a couple years and then men cannot complain started getting were quite a bit away from that. I think somewhat from San Open and also, I think, because I out of groundlings. It can fuck and focus on the clear again run right because it literally like I was doing well before growlings than pretty quickly after growing started. Working again end starting hunting stand out dues, it was like, maybe if I actually have energy and time to focus on their instead of all the whigs and shopping in the things and then when
and got on a couple, shows and then got on a shovel dogfights man, which I became. A writer produce sir on that was uncomely central, no Zack Almanac as not Walsh, eighty miles and myself, and it was the guy who did Bora Dan, Maser, before its time and its or as a kind of all, although we are- and that's where I first became writer producer on a show, but also re. When I got married, we live. How did you get that those costs We were in providing on it in. There were a couple of the writers on the show, but we're playing Kirk characters based on ourselves as this phone news team and from spoke in Washington and it was sort of in the boar at world, we were playing characters, but everyone on the show was real on its Thy Woloda mixed feelings on the show, but it the really cool very funny, weird chow it. It has like a weird cope following better clarify some. I think you can find it. It's not easy to find, but you can find it, but we had to trick real people, which I did not
long none of us enjoyed that so is a real. Not was the carpet working with those guys like the four of us and we go we'd, be on down the road for most of the year crazy, but we basically became writer producers because we were writing out like Were that and then it just the way it happened. That's when I started the writing producing side ride my world in realising that You should be created in my time that is yeah, really when, like everything shifted around then I also so we were working crazy ours- and we were on the road and then I got married and so nights. I wasn't gonna work all day and then also go out to stand up five it's a week. You stand up it's like of its euro, every but when you really commit to it, you gotta go yet thing. Some I very well you, but for me I met Bono's. Thirty, two and.
there is an entirely different thought process. That makes me think that, had I approached any other relationship the way I was at third, thirty, two as like the next one, I'm having a child. All was all these other things I might have like. Let myself be annoyed by someone else or that no, I found some with good character than be a great mom. I will make this work in a weird way, but also well. I think I was still a little like. I don't know if I ever get married and dedicated, but then we met- and I remember, driving home after, like one of our first AIDS and being like, I think, that's the last person. I will go on a date with relatives What the fuck was that thought and then
kind of new, but it was that kind of thing it wasn't like. I was like I want kids right away, but it was like I've seen how other relationships I've been through another enough long term relationships. This is a good person, and this is a personal quality. My stepped out was really sick at the time and was had just been diagnosed with cancer, and that shifted my whole perspective, also on in a relationship and what you look for, as I was watching, someone begin the end of their life and it really shook me and made me look at Jeremy in a completely different way and was watching somebody how they live the end of their life and what is important to them and what isn't and really,
like oh, I need to stop fucking around me. I this is the quality of person that you actually want to become life. Where ya you all couple things I too was, but this was recently was kind of fucked up by watching my mom care for my stem dad in just going Oh, I hope by deserve that, like it so profound when you witness AIDS. And a girl, like God, I hope by. I hope lay in bed and let someone care for me if you like, I deserve that are of earn that cause. It's so I'm side a hate. Anyone help me. I hate you. I don't want to favour from any one. So to be an opposition, you better feel you deserve to be
I don't know that's what I want ya with his like eight yeah. I think I walked away with just going where he was sick for a year and a couple months, and when I tell you that he gave me the greatest gift in terms of watching somebody get diagnosed, get sick, think there's some hope. The hopes taken away and then know that the hope is gone and then still have a little bit of couple months to watch some go through that he modeled. What I have to mention is the most noble way that anyone could go through that experience and taught me so morbid but like when it is my time. That's how you do it for yourself and for your family
And his he was so still concerned about what our life was gonna be after. He was gone right and my mother and me, and just all of Us- and that was a big parity for him and he was obviously not ready to go but sort of took it in stride. It was incredible job, but it was watch. It was watching his respect for my mom and love, but also her. It was just all of it. Was just like. Oh, this isn't just like others. In my boyfriend and we lag have fun together, we make jokes. It really knocked me out of that comedy. right right IRA that I was in a little bored so long as you dated a guy prior to Germany, I had like a series of a lot of year and a half relations like probably for five or six languages, zero, monogamous right, we ve got a serious girlfriend blows,
brave or nine you're, the reef in the horrors with carry for five years, silent five years nine years now, eleven years yet. But I had a which up to talk to as I had a very liberal arrangement in both of those it wasn't like Thirdly, I knew I wouldn't. I couldn't have gone nine year yet my twenties, I just knew myself if this isn't expectations, and that was not the abbot at any rate. The one I was sorry to us like a kind of flipped, if I had it, if I had given you a top ten things, I was looking for in an apart at twenty nine that when I three to almost like Flickr upside down. I was like ok, hardness, fought mind you, Christians, always question is, I you know- and I met with a guy like that- I'm not a false gambling. Iran. Whenever I, when I worked with your wife, I literally was like this woman is like so smart, so funny
but down to earth so grounded I live in. I worked, though she had an hour and at its she, someone like we just you hit it off like Gang buster and we ve only hung out really briefly on that we really bonded and those who will be the first to tell you she's, really attracted alpha's so like. I think she was very drawn. Do you cause she's, like all? I get ok, great she's in June. urge Irene various injured, but when he has been used Kristen understate you almost think or someone nice is exposed to succeed. This has been like a glitch in the matrix. She can't be kind. Can you in and still under some weren t just hack? Yes, she was just one of these people that would just like she has every thing and is still just a cool normal. For she is but but when I met her there were things that we had. I still had the one from ten you wouldn't it. I wouldn't have picked her up, but I slipped it yet in the bottom, half that lists ended up.
increasing our time. Well, you know I fascinating how you you end up getting the prairies he's, probably always have, but whatever it takes, some think. But I think in my case, like I took a jarring life event to puts in step in perspective- and I say this openly, my husband, like I dont know. If I would have appreciated you aha out there in the beginning out of that contacts, because he was more straight waste. More. You now, I think in my head. I was like all he wears. A suit to work is more
ray. I'm more will let me comedy Jean our honours. Yes, I have this. We have a girlfriend that we talk with a lot about her relationships and she'll go all that guy's, not funny enough or whatever an out and out this asked the question: is it truly that he's not funny enough or is it your own ego means the approval of someone you respect like? Is it? Is it really just I've identified this person's hysterical, so I can make them left. I'm valuable. Immense is probably not the greatest approach takes notice. Something sustain appears in now, and also I found that not again. Every funny comic there's amazing very well, adjusted in great comedy There's that I love will Earl you mention with you, but there are. There are people in our lab, but also their oral, and I definitely there is something enticing about that being on that banter.
The roller coaster. Roller coaster ride where it's just like you're, so eager makings overlap. But a lot comes with that tailed, oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, but it's you know it took a brain adjusted yeah and sometimes there's only room for one of those people without the other thank you now. You can't both Bianca, one spot. I know people who are both lodge Dmitri who areas who are wonderful relationships like they ve made? It may make it work somehow yeah. My thing was: it was the baby clock was taking, I'm gonna have to death. But I was were you certain, like I will have a occurred before I leave slow. I knew I wanted kids, but I will say I was like ok. I've worked really hard to get my career.
are going like. It was very much a scary like fuck. Well, I'm just like. I had just been done with me, and I just like after that sold a bunch of projects, and then I did step brothers and step brothers was coming out and I was pregnant and I never gotten brought into the Gary Sanchez they liked you and, as you said, you went out on the road I am making a comedy tour with him. Yet There are many eyes wide array gap group to be accepted into yeah, kind of wanting to ride back out a little bit and it was. It was just like a house, my identity, gonna change, and there is that fear. You know I I did come up through comedy in very much which I'm trying to change in my head. Now of that, like compliments of like you like one of them, AIDS and I sit there and I am trying now to go that don't let that be the highest standard. Actually, you know you're come
like a guy, let in areas to Venice or of a compliment, and then, if somebody would call you feminine, it was like fuck you like now, you can actually still be funny and still be feminine and still be a woman, and that doesn't mean that you lame yet doesn't mean raising a daughter kind of put it into perspective in some way it's like now. I want her to be celebrated for beam exactly what she is, not a hundred percent, but I was when I went to a feminist, doggerel school and I considered myself very strong feminist, but it was through a lens that I didn't quite well. You know vaguer holding the position of power, your being told your like them go with them powers. The next thing you know Whatever Yang AIM is accepted in your accepted by the cool you know is, inevitably that was the cool crowd and What a lot I realize veneer funnier than when I think about members that there is that no an end in mind world. There were, as many women groundlings show,
like on the movies, I did were primarily ol man yeah, so it wasn't until kind of later that I started to get a group really funny women in my life, not until the past like a ten years, in general, get along with women ultimate monies in their yeah, but they just work around that match those work at the common clubs as much. It was mostly men, we as probably one in ten or one ten or twelve. You know everything I did it. I have a girlfriend and what's in always got along with women, but it just wasn't there weren't a lot of, ask around me and then I think right after me, like in new york- and you see me There are a lot of amazing hilarious women, your paler land movement. She did, I really do and I feel like now oh I have a lot of contemporaries, were like five years younger than I am three years younger than I am and below who are fucking hilarious women, who I am very happy to call my friend, but I didn't have that's what was very much like
I'm gonna have this baby and then what's gonna happen and part of a king, true, ah part of it. I will say after I had my daughter. It was and we all my guy friends that I would shoot the shit with than to hang out with all the time suddenly like has the best It has been cast a rag learn something. Then you got pregnant during it and then you get bombed to. But I guess David Party down Party, now the pilot when it got picked up we'd like we had done this little pilot for Rob, Thomas and it was kind of like He had done it on him on his own. Could he wanted to like do exactly what he wanted to do and then shop at around and it was being shopped round and then, in that time period between that I did step brothers and had just sold to other shows like projects whatever, and then I just coming in and he calls the comic gotta picked up and I was like
higher requirements and musical was when are you do and it was like onto an marches like we don't start shooting till January and you're the loving, so his leg can't do it and then, of course they show ended up being like the cool is best show and it was like. Ok here we go and then here we don't go here. Dont gown- and I will say it was hard said really. I was not thought of lay the funny guy. All to hang around with any more yeah, and it took a lot of work to recharge. recharge back. How many here was that a two year thing one more thing I raise no longer than I kept working and I kept selling I think with the kind of thing where every year age Salah shouted develop, and then I would do in Vienna pilot and rob and go and goes. There was a lot of like those heartbreak over and over of putting your heart and soul into something of an ongoing, and a lot of
isn't that and I also you know, love being a mom and my daughter's like then your people say for truly the best thing that in my life and all of that, but it was hard. I was feeling like. Ok, I guess What's his mom rules coming my way, Georgia and they're not well written the end there, not nuanced and they're, not gonna drive someone. Where did DR someone else's story, and it was that or like a coup? Garee boss, you know, and it was hard ideological. Your show I was
a I after, I think I think I, my seventh show that I had sold didn't go. I was like you know: I'm not developing and other script, and I was like I'm gonna, do a show where I play sickly, I'm funny stories that I want to tell, and I was certain tone and its edgier and its version of me that shows a nuanced mom who still dirty and edgy, but also trying to still be a good person, but has a good man, like all these things and I'm gonna shoot something and I'm gonna do shop at after the I'm. Gonna shoot it nothing about the script, and and I just sort of willed. It cannot happen and I you know called on a lot of friends to be in it, so Judy Greer was inadequate Mrs Lucas was images, soluble scenarios was in it and what he has just in here and boy do I've crush on him. Now what always he's great? What a sweeter than he's you now you can.
the call in all your favours and then June squib? Why didn't know I wrote her like a blind letter. She came and at length The present like just for something I wish you'd Judith Light did the same thing and they came and did it for free and start fourteen minutes of of what end up being a lot of what the first episode was and then shopped it around once. It was like this you can't buy it and then try to turn into something else you can't would arrive. This is what it is now. This is dangerous question as the last one. I ask you. so knowing that we were one time under the control of a call I am, and hopefully, by the way, my happiest habits of life yeah yeah in that call yeah never question that were still in one like when I hear you say why have the thing I dreamt of its incredibly time consuming and it's a tonne
work. Do you ever sometimes go like oh boy? I guess I'm still in a coal, because what would it? What is that? What am I doing? I dont think I do ok. I dont think I feel like I'm in college. I do feel like I appreciated season. on two such a high level, even though I was tired beyond I've ever been tired cause. I was like you know what I've been on the other side of this in a someone when this is happening as a woman in your when you're over forty zero euro air of how special it area- and it's been so it's not been a big show. It just came out on Netflix recently in its really like a launched again in its been like in the top twenty shows every week on net, like others grow, even though its not market incentives with really getting a big word of mouth and the people who know the show like love it, and it's it's just been like so affirming have going this isn't people's sort of it was the ideas like if you haven't really made by the time you're forty as a woman like ok Yoke, keep working bad matic
writings. Gonna happen, yes, and to have like that, I was able to do this, and really it is mine vision and nourish realistically to people yet people realize here I am naturally I actually sixty three existing yea open our airlines, Empathy I guess what I do. I do it, but I see what you're saying I guess what I mean is again: I've had the great fortune of getting to make three points you'd better get. Actually what I want them to be. I did that that's great I now the ego has separated Bernie. I think healthily from the dark. It's kind of like the idea of meaning to be in a show. The people talk about that. My peers watch. All those things are starting to mean less and less. As I see the end protein and I have two little kids over for me, I get What I'm saying is my own self inflicted cult of prestige?
ignition cachet. All these things that I definitely coveted and valued. I have in the last three years kind of started to look at carefully go like what in man while in then I die in then yeah. You know what is all this it is. It is as important as ideas is in writing. I voted in favour, as I recall no, but I don't think that's what drove me before my aim or recognition. That's not why I got into it. I can truly honest, but what about cash? being being rejected by my period. That has been a big thing for me because I felt like behind the scenes. I was always very respected by my peers, and then I had that instance were like oh, I was maybe a head of people working more and then stopped and had my maybe and then all these people who are sort of not as the advanced in their career
hearted skyrocketing passed me yeah and then suddenly it was like her. Oh yeah membership. If I may, I just big and it was like- oh, I know I've worked just as hard, and so that has driven me some, but honestly it really. I think, because it happened later in life when I was doing this, it really was like. I just want to make the show I'm fucking, proud of. I think the one thing that I am realizing is contentment is not for me, like I do get driven by being slightly, agitated, unlike was no. I want a fucking show how this is done like due to its content, It doesn't breed happiness. necessarily light or protein. Allowing the productivity near. I definitely a more product
when I'm a little anxiety and a little feeling like I'm, not getting to do what I wanna go and stuff. You did just make me think of something, which is why I did this movies at their mercy. Cute little boy, Josh Hutcherson, in the queue little girl, Kristen Stewart, no one knew either of them yet for four years layers like sweets, a she's got this vampire and he's got this hunger game things gray. This making thirty forty million this year that generate those little kids that I yeah, or is it only as and when their that I'm here and there are lots of different, but when the sort of Europe earlier than they deserve it in that kind of stuff, but yeah, I would say that sort of thing is: I'm not probably meant to be the lake contented just like Delicious. That's a good thing. I know about yourself and minimum yourself yeah, so season to come out January night. January. Ninth, the sunshine
lobbying eggs untrue tv streaming on Netflix he's in one right now and season to come out after we finish airing unanswered tv. while Andrea. I love you and I am delighted that you have continued to work and get to do your own staffing at writing, and just we did not let it go and again he gave me a tremendous jolt of joy to bump and do they therefore, now in a timely we are not having a lot of all right. I was in road to something some ugly business, but it was so nice to see you, and it am, I hope, by bump, into more and more and to any Everyone around the country are happy to great looking agile. really weird that you expect to see someone of care or allies were do have names. for he will give you the food court of inward. When a desire you, as an early guy, was like it really too. I was like free. I was
organizing a famous person, and you have done- and I think I know you- oh no, I I read my name S birthday would not for you, but I think this person, but in fact I knew you now. I know that yeah that was nice. It's very nice to see you again Do you again your whole only good jail asterism that forty six things reed on one condition: thirty eight trying to hold it together: not you, everyone watch, I'm sorry Netflix catch before January nine and then you now have the ground running the loving and now my favorite part of the show. The fact check, with my soul, made Monica Batman won't you check my fax tonight. Oh won't you tell me if I was right
making sure it out checks out back jogging girl. You make the onto the world go round. guess who that's from who I'll give you a hand? While Europe is a perfect fuckin TAN, Charles Curtis, submitted that favour. Why, and why are you guys were sir when each other hard Charlie, I love it and all other things, Charlie. Thanks for taking the time to send us some food. ten level factor that I wouldn't expect anything I want to re great great great
Andrea. Let's talk less how's your day. Well, it was long as I was just lamenting God. I have a gratitude problems. Sometimes he said he said. If you need a solution, is gonna be to stop complaining, you're right in two thousand and nineteen, I'm gonna try to stop complaining yeah, it's a problem for me in its very we. Now than ever. Assess that it's an issue and, of course, I'm trying to get to the bottom of why I do in presiding at just a after my family has yap. And then the other aspect of it is. I think I feel guilty for a lucky. My life is that's when it as the ass, very lucky lassoing goods, happened me I'll, try to put like of negative spin on it, so it doesn't seem like bananas, fuckin brat, although ends up doing
making my memory of things tainted. It also does not achieve the thing that you think you're achieving. It doesn't make people think like who actually, that does south had a shitty there, like oh. This person is not grateful. Yeah yeah, that's all together counter productive, but it's also sometimes necessary to complain, and it's not good to keep all your complaints to yourself and let them star what, if I do say, sign a pillow at home and then I put my mouth and the pillow and complained really ten minutes will that count is not breaking my resolution yeah you can try. by that, I don't think it's going to work or what I thought of an in an interesting tool to help me achieve my rest, pollution as I thought, every cause, I'm gonna get This is no way saws thinking. Every time I complain I have to put like five hundred hours in a jar
and at the end of the year. I don't need that to a good cause. That's a great that's an I have every right, I'm! U complainer! Gonna put you! I do my hours I do not like parting with five hundred dollars, so I feel I can be a great motivator for me. Some charities gonna get a lot of money or you think. So you don't Think I mean you're gonna do a great job. I think in a year your gun at least complying ten times a minimal. Rail has always given five grand nineteen for she wore a question about the imo. I once knew a agent who had made a new year's resolution. I think he was when he not to talk bad about people carriage by the way other great regret land? I don't think I can tackle bad and nineteen and not complain to lie, but when he did it here rubber band on his wrist and he would transfer it to the other wrist in. I got the end goal was just it really was a visual indicator, the
on it, and then he had to move the thing over the had said interesting, others interesting did. The hare tie have spikes No, it wasn't a hair short hair tire anything like that, but they hear her shirt. Is this shirt they in medieval times. That was made, of course, bores hair, and when you put on it cut you and scratching was itchy and it was is all together. Torture is to have the thing. I didn't know that that's. Why need tat made a movie called here sure while you're right? I want to say no. We made a movie called to smooth, but they actually changed from her shirt. he's right. I'll, never forget that, you'll? Never as long as you were never a wow. Ok, I just men did he have spikes on his hair tat, I kind of like I M in ink in like old, biblical times where they had the like. Flagellate, though they call it things flagellate, flash floods
chances are. We know that bank flogging o flogging is maybe but I me, but I think, you're right, flag, duration, flather, something there. It's a scary. To be saying over and over again, because I feel like you could trip up and say that effigy word. That's all make me nervous, I'm nervous about the facts, not least just saying far day. All that's fine monkey Well, anyway, that's a good idea. I, like that resolution. I think you're gonna do a great job. All thank you at my resolution is sort of similar bodies which are when people say how are you our things? Do not respond with that great. The I'm really busy a bit. Yes, that's a similar thing. I heard it similar, but it's it's it's not. I mean the reason I'm stopping is because I'm afraid it's coming off. Similarly,
that's, not what I mean when I say that I must say: I'm never like busy religion. employing now undressing like oh, it's great, I'm I'm, let's run really busy, and I mean that like in a good way because being busies good and- and I always make sure I say that in this sentence, like really busy doing as doing as it's all good things I just one old, I'm like a complainant. No, I mean right, you could think if people could think it is- and I just also aren't busy. I'm not, but he had all your hands are pretty free, now, you're quite busy. You know that, someone else say it for you. then. Why don't you that from now on, wherever were together and sums as I do Monica you'll see I'm doing great now go she's busy. I heard him on his excellent baby.
She too busy to answer that now I lost my leg last week and I love it. I am so much lighter. That's another thing like you're allowed to complain a little bare. Ok I guess there's. I know what one is a little bit pathological sharing destructive near ex. If I get like a speeding taken on the way home here, I have to say that we have. Hide all the stuff. You think it's going to affect my thinking. Now, in my perception of the world, I think if I'm always like, if something good happens to me, my instincts to almost figure out some of the bad thing about it, so that, some to spoil somberly just looking for the bad thing in everything's, a long enough to repeat it yeah! That's! That's not waited. Do it yeah, you re here, I think that's a noble cause. I'm gonna when I say I'm busy I'll put five hundred dollars in a jar and
at the end of the year, all donate to your noble cause, not complaining. Oh my goodness. To give you the money, I maybe we can get out of this within at zero loss and still have put funded there's an in a jar. Often I'll call you mean like, could you say you're busy if you times, because I really does. I complained quite a bit this weekend, I found a brick of golden my ass, an I just told her how uncomfortable it was an Andrea, Savage yeah. Would you discover oh, she said. While we talk about Dentistry Andy, you claim there has one of the highest suicide rates and then she said also she thought may be. One of the higher drug addiction reigns in professional doktor. Involve these professions. Ok, the dental field is considered extremely competitive and requires in significant technical skill to do
Optimal oral care like doctors, dentists, work in a field that is ripe with stress from working long hours and complaints from patients. Researchers suggests that Deniston nearly one point six seven times as likely to commit suicide compared to an average job, but probably those choices loyal. What's an average job like after directorate heavens, your average of now, I think it on this. It said doctors were even above dentists for Sousa YAP, but I just have a like all this research I was doing, and none of it felt very conclusive to me because, like they're not sing like compared to construction are compared to like what are they comparing to lawyers like at all now or do you think they just took the suicide rate among Dennis and then they took the suicide rate of our population Maybe- and it was one point six times higher- maybe
I just know those other people have some other occupations, ledges call at your general job Yang the nascent say than the general population, because that's not really correct. anyway, it seems like imaginable, were habitually unemployed, kill themselves often as well. I would think so. I'm just gas. I would think so. Yeah yeah yeah my thoughts about why kill off themselves with such frequency and regularity is that they are both doing a job. It's incredibly tedious like what you would have your whole work space. for the your job was three inches by four inches. Think about that there really get off on their sexually yeah. Now we ass now
like bondage people. Now people are guaranteeing a high up or that of like completing sent, like your sister has that I think she really is a picker. We ain't collar, picker grown up and she went if we have like knots in Annapolis, something she likes getting them now, she's the first stop, for maybe a dentist also puts that turn your old gray, but you're, just you have your whole world. Your whole professional world exist in this tiny little cave is poorly lit. Generally smiles. We weren't there because there in other either. I can grey areas that are not their joint offer, a great teeth, contes. Well. Like when I say about proctologist: it's not like it's only just that you look at box, which is a bummer We also look at people who thought I needed. We'll see them they're, just looking at healthy Botz all day, and then you know why
in ten has in our path a I am Rhine, one of dad. You know you see, people that have a broken rectum are anus or something that says a double whammy. I would. They. The dentist is not that because people are supposed to be going to the dentist regularly are, but I would like to know how many people, what percentage of the populations just bear for their yearly check up in what percentages like? Oh, my god, my mouth hurts so bad. I can't you Thank theirs is weird smell in there. I may just get a match and it's not gray. One of my theory was that, just as the workspaces two tiny correct, then, secondly, in general, people hate what you're doing them. That's true you're laughing orange rare patient complaints from patients yet, but that to me, complaints from patients felt a little misleading like like me. A practice by compliance for errors, but I think people do some general didn't wanna, go see you anxiety about it that man,
see you now and then what you're doing their mouth the whole thing's thankless said to me. This is dentists. Privilege cause big check. Your dental perpetuate this getting, but actually, like them, oh hi. Agendas? Are the ones doing all the work that comes sister reach but revenge? As always a woman. Always actually, and then the man Dennis comes in here for three seconds. She's done all the work he says by down and he takes all the credit and then he killed himself. like he did something raising. Well, that's. Maybe a new element is that we don't even think of is that he feels fraudulent cause, he's nothing doing anything where what does want to say what were weren't dangerous too sure it isn't. Even we go to the damage in the genesis heard this he's gonna fuck our miles up, and he's gonna pull while he's into that scale laboratory? I don't go to that at a. Nor do I know you lie
I'm really not because I really dont know I used to go twice a year as you're supposed to go, and then I moved out here and I didn't go right. I am life carried on just fine right, but for a few years I would still go when I went home I would like when I went home I would like to make the appointment and oh yeah mammals like you needed to get a Dennis and allay our fine my man, I'm MA, and then I didn't so that was your lot her and you want. Why thing I told you know this story that Christian was really army. You gotta get checked if you gotta check LA. Unlike my teeth right and that I finally went in a man of a thing. Eight years since Ben prior and I promise led the witness I said, the doktor doktor king. I said doc if you had to guess where my last checkup,
was when do you think it was, and he said well, you know yet the mild tartar build up does not the Euro ear was six months ago, but I also don't think it's been a year Why I was elated came all bragging saw mine. Bobbed her nose and now sure there's another thing, that's gonna really grocery blot lose me a lot of friends tat, and he knows about me. I D. While I know that about you and I'll, tell you why well in your rationales, all it is not all wrong as it is. I, when I do flaws, there's nothing there. I see other people flaws in theirs does junk on it that they need the flaws. There's debris s a flop to inject some now and I have very tight tee. How did they very snug? It's like the bricks of Matthew, Peach
that they don't even understand how its sticking together without mortar, that's my teeth. Monica can barely get a piece of philosophy. there's nothing in there is a waste of everyone's time. The flaws is timely, tease time my time now. Yes, now you're wrong about get, it is about getting step out and about gum health. It's not about just getting black out I've for your gum right, but but it's for your peril. Donal health, but but what's causing the the the regression of the gums, is alot of bacteria build up gunk, flotsam, jetsam and diverse, and so I know half that cause the. the gum issues. Ok, I don't have ginger bite us all these you, wanna, accuse me of tat. They are universal. Love is dental. Half
My father he's variant. Dental joke loves Dental he's very he's very disciplined You are you to go along with, might want in France, where my father said at least twice a week be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you and you didn't listen all now. He had em Vanunu there's so you know, MRS saying that by now you say he is a business. You think look at what happens if a generic tat was never phrase. That way was more like you want to set a shiny, pearly white like this. He true to your teeth and they won't be false to you Muslims that had two children only met children can scan your plan were there so anyway, anyway also. There is no evidence that there is a higher rate of drug addiction, others. Now now I looked at multiple things at said, no
That would be hard to know because they would have to admit to that, and I would mention that puts their licence in jeopardy, the air, the very incentivize, to lie about that as our most people can be honest, ok, actors, you said I was an alcoholic speaking of addiction M, not wait on. Thank you think I am no. No, I think you're right on the edge you certainly like it more than most now more than most You knew what they were looking at about curve. You would be in the like seventy percent. I see I think this is, and this is a symptom of this thing when you do now The view created a narrative about me where I like Moscow me all that I drink wine, and I do this up. Ned like fun for us didn't, say and do, but it's not like that true, amazing, this solely on what you ve told me,
I gotta go, I drink five nights a week. Now not you said that to me in the past, and I and I thought I met someone who likes drinking like looks the same. Maybe the at not quote normal person might drink one of the night on the weekend. I don't think that's trail, you don't know, I'm going. I think your average person has wine at least three times a week. Really I think so I'm look again. I am all for. I think what you're doing this phantom, accusing you have judging me, I'm telling you and I want it even drink, maybe a little more. I think you can get away with a little bit more during the review, really that I was an alcohol at you or our ongoing I don't think you're no card and I don't think you're on the edge I think you and joy drinking a
Of the mean average of people who enjoy think they're, ok, I think I'm probably dead average. Ok, definitely not below average right now, I'm in hard to say like if I'm just comparing to my friends the battle on my, why that's hard to know? Yes, it's all for years. It didn't well but have also been indifferent and groups of France like I'm comparing like my friends from home and then my friends here I feel like it's all the same. I think, as five nights a week is on the more enthusiastic ended respect, but it's not safe gas. You're right in that sounds like a lot, but it's not like I'm drinking a lot retie one glass of wine. why my one night, one glass, the MAX Nyjord them too.
There may on Saturday, five guy and this one or two glasses of wine. I dont really drink liquor anymore, really, unless I'm at a bar, which is very rare right whenever I feel like you're, not how you like tight lipped over there, really yeah, that's all in your head. I tell you everything. I think then the bounds of law. Why? What do you wanna? Tell me? That's not what I want to kill you. You know they sometimes I want you and you wrote that in your journal that you wanted to hear that I wanna get. You had a name, your eyes had to kill you and my job, but yes, sometimes idea about killing you and then role playing with your corpse
what he knew and funny costumes tiny. Do a chair on railroad tracks in general staff, normal stand, normal stuff, normal legal, aviation's, some labour yeah, it's fine, everything's, fine, fine, You said that you are a documentary about doctors in England, training an mba may legalise, because the rate of the emergency room emissions were much less than alcohol and then asked you what that document. I wasn't you didn't now no clue so I couldn't substantiate that now. Well, you can trust me on this one of hard for me to do. My notes had been wrong, so and I'm so definitive unites listening to a bit of the com in wine and I'm so definitive about that cancelling thing. I've been comments, my and thank them, I canceled day of her. Oh, I know how high now I know
I knew it as soon as you said added feel, because I also knew for sure that he would not have said that if he didn't know for a fact year, like you not accuse someone who was a thing like that, unless you know for a fact, hopefully out, ok Tory Spellings House, Yes, if you said, was the biggest house and allay maybe not anymore it the manner. The manner has a name also known, spelling manner is a mansion located in the hall. Be hills, neighbourhood of LOS Angeles, California. Those were the Playboy mansion is by the way omby. You know,
work is its home, be nobody can adjust swallow that I'll be constructed in nineteen. Eighty, eight per television producer, Aaron, spelling it's the largest home in LOS Angeles County or when the whole county in steel. We're square footage on that breadth. Aha, fifty six thousand, five hundred square feet, all my goodness. A hundred and twenty three rooms for communal bad run. All my twenty seven bathroom, all good nose so even that's funny. I said like: where were the parents? They might have been hard? They were definitely in another way: India, you wouldn't even know a hundred twenty seven bedrooms like eating up to sneak out to your house sneakers the hallways goes down in you. Do you desire that rank as we can adopt tomorrow before? That sounds good new right now, that's out of craze, ok, but I it sounds crazy. I would never do that today.
I do cow like that. I'd like to go. There will listen had they had rooms for all these specific purposes? That is a dream of mine, so they had a humidity controlled silver storage Brown, a flower cutting room. This is actually my dream. Multiple give wrapping room a barber shop, oh my goodness, in a room exclusively by her eggs, a room exclusively for candy spellings doll collection in began. You once gross what their candy was. The mom. I now, oh, my guys guys of your mama's adults, action just watch your back anyway, isn't like whoever they re, one of our my leg My mother in law had a doll collection. Absolutely mallows sleep in the house, the girl
that's really rabble standard, but for me, but the fact that she's a lady, it doesn't gross me out as much. I know, that's bad if it's like a I, with the dog, like imaginary guy, a guy with a job collection. I don't like that. Guy with the Teddy Bear collection We are spending a lot of time in the room with Teddy bears something right, putting Paddington, bears rain slicker on him. yeah. I don't want that person around your children. I doubt, but I do want a gift wrapping room, that's a dream of mine, it's cold! and garage. Now now known, put a space eater. And get a rapid legacy. man. How dare you, Oh I wrap jobs are above the bar media, their liberty exception.
my w would be more like. I would even call if you added, I would even call it a give rubbing room on call your art studio. That's your are. Is your rapporteur That's true, it is my are. I don't love that you do that because it actually makes the gift recipient feel guilty like when I get one of your beautifully rap presence. I got a camp tear this open. she's been an hour on Sierra here now mine arrest, you for feeling guilty when somebody else's getting joy and what about when I'm tearing it smithereens. It breaks my heart, so I knew a dead now it doesn't. I love it. There's a store in Venice, California, called I forget what it's called go on its fine Abbe Kenny. It's. A beautiful store has almost incredible wrapping paper and the like hands off its.
gorgeous in there and that's what I want. I my house and car ok was Charles Brazilian ended. She say who cheat Coochie Argentinian now, she's from Spain, all that's a bummer she from Spain and what she sang is Coochie Coochie, which is pussy pussy now so ok, so people think its sexual sounds. Does what could she could came from is such a does. This is her talking Charles. What could she could? She came from such a disappointment for everybody when they know, because everyone thinks that it sacks. Could she Au Mission knife in Spanish? That was the name of her dog UK hey. He was a mix between a Saint Bernard in a pip ball and she called him Coochie Coochie.
But you ve heard women were further vaginas as their coochie or their courage, and I think that maybe came from oh wow he started. A movement is worthy of the first report in case of someone saying: go grab my coach, it's a little sceptical because I guess there was also like a pelvic thrust when she would golf course in reference to her dog, the average she says. Ok, she said he'd have approved I'm in the back thy cabinets and three blind man is like a cocktail. He stepped on a column bullshit, but yeah. That's already the dirty. angular, something devils trying to reality. Beer bomb, the pelvic being also had to do it. The dog had not all enough of what she said. She is full of Are you saying that when she would fuckin GM her pelvis forward
It was some our nod to her pit Bull Saint Bernard Mix coming about energy, go good. She Gucci and pamper hips back and forth something about the dog wig. There's something wrong with them that way and she had to do their bit what are you saying that, at our entire public persona in imitation of a dog, her dark and you're, saying you believe it you're on record, yeah, you're famous! Listen, I don't buy. Ok, you don't have a labourer. What I don't know what I think it anymore. I more information Is she with us? No yeah? Oh, oh, yes around the vodka. I did it a commercial years ago, a burger king, commercial like when we audition do. We knew there was to commercial than we were medium. You get one or the other and they were very similar.
They had different celebrities and my commercials with Snoop Doc arrived, and the other celebrity was tar. ah, and you got new dog yeah yeah. Did he give you any rhythm? I think so now opening so now, will you not graded, detecting guys, you're giving you rhythm? I don't think he was. He was in an out quickly. Ok, he had a lot of his friends. Are you so ta obviate, very tall and- and I found a charming yeah NASS got a real swaggered. Do would like how charming did you think I kind of attracted to snoop yeah? I don't know. I thought that far but approach I yeah yeah. You had an available next to you. Maybe maybe we learn about. Of course all that's wrong. That's really rough! That lies randomly rough because it's really hard to flirt. I was in Florida now I didn't
why don't you think? A lot of it was impact by the fact that you are wearing the Moraine costume. I was wearing YAP away like a black polo and power, bad had yeah visor name tag made. When we talked about those times in your car or the right song comes on in the right mood and you feel so sexy that is the opposite of that one of the main tag ill fitting pleaded pants that you should feel good because you are in a calmer you're, doing a commercial but NEA. Now, Now we hear that outfit new start feeling the way the outfit may she that's gonna the magic of hair make up a wardrobe from the outside and they teach you I'm acting schools a trip. Ah I wouldn't know I've, no education, that's it! That's all
Did you go g a hand? The? Could you didn't? Even to achieve coochie, but somehow levy, and thanks for that education and Charles.