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Andy Richter (Conan, Madagascar, Andy Richter Controls the Universe) is an American actor, voice actor, writer, comedian and late night talk show announcer. Andy sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his childhood, the idiosyncrasies of growing up in a small town and the importance of being vocal about mental health. Dax talks about the first time he saw Andy at a bar and Andy talks about his experience as a winner on Jeopardy. The two talk about their different journeys through drugs, Dax wonders if the term “sidekick” is triggering and Andy talks about finally feeling content.

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Well come down armchair expert. I am so next Emmy nominated Monica PLAID Man, I'm setting Amy in the Future Dac sharper. Second third place winner of the super to fail raise. I need Santa Monica that gas mask theme. You plan, Your arms are looking lard all good beer, large farm deck, Shepherd girls were the girls tries through the guy, it's right- we're on vacation still here whenever coming home from vacation, not gonna happen and were diskin after pray that some talented people make their way through western Michigan to interview our guest today could fulfil that slot because he is from Chicago, I think he's currently here for real. Oh, he is here with us on a family vacation and also not he's like a p it says he's born in Michigan, but he was born
in MID may already be handy rector's, Where does easy now he is a long time friend of mine going on fifteen years, he's one of those sweet as human beings out there any time I have a free, our we try to steal a lunch together. We ve just always really liked each other he's always people in a very small handful, just the funniest people in real life, so so intelligent and smart. Your lovely! And, of course, you ve seen among Conan for many years now eyes a voice in Madagascar, the secret life of Walter Middys had his own shows he's a writer, a comedian. He does it all and he's got a new by gas called three questions with Andy Richter out today out today so check it out after you listen to this phenomenon, going bounced back and forth if you'd like only up to you, but please enjoy my good friend, Andy Richter. We are so
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Yes, I never could deal with the long over the phone registration of housewives is like whenever I dont, like my shit and very arrogant about it, and then their lincoln in my world, like forty miles the city and no keys, so any Liese called AAA type thing came out in the coolest thing. They slide this little bladder in between the door frame and the roof, and then they feel that with air and gently pushes your door out far so that they can just then put their hook in there and opened the door and it doesnt bend anything or leave rivers scuff the painter anything now like this is fantastic. I need to get one these bladders. Do you think you have to some certification to order wandered. Just I bet on Amazon. We could order of like a slim, Jimmy cages by a slim June. Will we owned them when I did the car show thing with my family? We had a couple sometimes, but that was not legal. Was it now? think so I hope not. I don't think so
we were told our drivers are worthy of. You couldn't make one I'm sure, but I think that the possession of them there's, probably some sort of law, is like you're, not really supposed to hone cop. red handcuffs. Oh really. I have those you can't have that awesome pie. Bout raw, how NATO Stella scoping one in metal, Nancy, Harding, Yater, KIT, Nancy care Security, for example, is just a pipe his pipe telescoping ones it snap out that you see on tv the asked use, you can't buy those without a law enforcement life Oh, I remember in high school we got slapjacks which were illegal s in that system. Leather. Monica me at all it's about a foot, long paddle in in the its leather and in the end, is a tunnel lad. So it's a very heavy. It's either shot from a shot gun or like a piece of metal Are you using heard other people? Will
pan. She, if there's like poor guy surrounding your car and you come out like a whirling dervish with the slab jack. You have some chance of escape, yet my wife headache key chains, and it was some designer Ikey change that look like dirt of lake satin words sort of woven into a ball on that thing gap and we went somewhere like to a concert and the people were checking it out because they are like this looks like, and there was the main point like slapjacks ha ha. Apparently, kids have these now and their filled with shot and then they have like a little bit like four five inches strength. What it's designed to do is make a little many skull fracture
closing its eyes to like knock a little hole in your skull when you hit somebody's a little acute digital rail President Abbas, hammer of of skull piercing by the way, someone fractures my skull about my unknown use. Whatever in you break my brain bought in, have to imagine it's a loud sounds your hats got ill really days you we ve known each other now for fourteen year, long time, yeah, it's been great. I love you. I love you always such a fund treat when I bumped into you, but we both grew up in suburbs that bore. Basically it was the kind the last summer. Then it just turned to farm linked. Yes, east of me was kind of citys and then West was just straight up. You know, kids grow Buzz stage had shovelled shit. That morning, oh yeah, I had friends that in season they would come to school and they ve already been up for hours because they had been checking their traps for nutria once Nutria Nutria is a kind of big road and that you make fur coats out
and they would catch mink and nutria, I mean I think they could even sell possum. But I had friends, it sold pelts you right in the end I had friends were driving, since they were eleven years old, yeah. Forty here on a farm you kid has to be able to drive a truck absolute tractor, some minimally by a lab. Yes, they gotta we'll take some hay bales out somewhere. I had friends, it drove school at thirteen and they just were river. Can it not just ride picking up Turks to school and they wanted to boast about it? But you know you'd see the friend get into a got in. Pick up and drive away from light up a cigarette. My brother has many reasons to dislike me, but one of them being he got caught driving my dad's car to drivers, training sure in they made Wait till you ve seventeen to get us like us, what a bummer so brutal and then, conversely, five years later, I worked at a race team and they had a part struck in. I was fifteen and I used to drive the parts truck IA pick shit up in my mom fully knew it
and it was fine here and he was in a fury ass. He should be a little different rules, absolute, but that's a little bit of that. First kid. Second kid your hand you're making the wrong decision. Yet your whole time and the first one segments feels more expendable explained. you're so worried that you're gonna kill it a hot the fairest way, one and then you realize, oh there really hard to kill. You marry durable yeah. You can really neglect them. The gnome find a scrap of food on the floor, yeah so yeah just a lot lazier and your lot less vigilant about them, eating dirt, yeah stuff, like that. By that time really own care. I am sympathetic to people whose end up having second families, because you're, so I did about that. First, one, the meaning is so exciting. The every single check up every ultra sound all that stuff to me at least, was so exciting. The second one as I do, we really gotta go get the ultrasound, neither of us care
he's been abandoned through its gonna nature. You already experienced at Suez everything's a little less exciting than I think will these people go get a spouse at their first time here they are have to fake that. I don't know I mean I'm going through a divorce right now and I mean I certainly would like to get married again and again to think about a people of ass me like would you have more kids? And I think I don't know- I don't know for sure, but I love babies and I love children, so I would be open to it. Having my second job do the joy they excitement was the same. The fear is less the fear not knowing what you're in for sure, but I'm sure that for the spouse that it's their first time to have a spouse, that's been through a before is probably, How may be convert probably helpful to have someone that goes like I've been through this in its fine and don't freak out because it
you're, doing it together alone. For the first time, it's more frightening, even kind. I had that with Bell, which was I'm six and a half years older than my sisters. I changed all those diaper there's a five year spread to renew your brother, yet loud yearly waded. She really gap to Diana there's five years between my kids for a long time, it felt like my son, was gonna, be an only child ride a you know. I don't have the eggs. Deciding right, and we also saw my wife sister had kids little less than two years apart, and we saw how much work that well. We argument and so we can, where I o k will, even if we do or gonna wait. So five years was a nice spread, because my son could take care of himself somewhat at least entertain himself. You'd have to worry about an fallen down the stairs that you're right you're right when you said second families. It reminded me of something that I read. I was a kid and it stuck with me forever and it wasn't Gulf magazine or one of the Gulf magazines, and it was about Lee Trevenna offshore and
It was Liege ravine o giving an interview he had married and had family and then got divorce in ten years later married. Some one and he had a second family, and he was saying this time, I'm gonna. Do it right this time, I'm gonna be a dad the early. I neglected my first kid, but what was I to do? I was out trying to be the greatest golfer in the world. It struck me as, like you ask, even as well. How old were you when you're reading, then I don't know it's a teenager first by love that you're reading golfing is regularly that any of you escape or even at the time one of the older golfer reality. I read this article it, but now back to kind of rural ill, No, yes, so I was obsessed with weaponry to how were you somewhat? I just wondered: if that's just kind of a country thing, that's all! I need here again mice, yeah yeah. I mean in your shorted, surrounded by people with tool.
was in your surrounded by people, hunting killing things. My grandfather was a big outdoorsman and was actually the director conservation for the state of Illinois for eight years or somethin, because he was in politics our grandfathers, family, darted, with land in Illinois that previous to them had been indian land and what I think too, variations of my grandfather's people did was cell land Al Qaeda and they at a farm, but they didn't form that hard and we knew they'd sell off a big chunk of their land, and then we have on that money are attic, was full of huge the over loving cups for prize hogs in price chickens are really, I think they just raised price. animals and showed them. If fears, but they didn't worry about making actual bacon I am sir anything here and my grandpa apparently, when he was a young man, was on a train going too.
They can show like a paltry show his prize chickens in a cage on the tree. and he was sitting next to a man named Bill Stratton who worked in the government and they became friends at the end of this trip, and my group, by the body of the trip is built. Ratan work for this date by the end of the trip. My grandfather was a poultry. better now really ugly should be a patrons beggar, because I see that you own a check that you know what you're talking about. Are you sick in last night for dinner? Will you should be a setback? Ninety get whether you like here I'll, show you how much I know, but this is where the eggs come out either that
whatever, let's get time that the first thing I think of when I hear the story, is that modern day both guys would be uninstall grant? No one could ever be on a train. Meet someone get along so well end up with a career I buy or talk to each other for that loud, but their relationship continued and ill Stratton ran for governor in my grandfather was his campaign manager by all accounts. My grandfather was a wonderful man, unlike in our home town, I mean by the time he was an adult. The landed all been sold. There was one little piece left that I think he sold to the state. That became the Glen De Palmer. That's my Glenn, Daniel Palmer State Gainful and until they are that's gonna go and they raise pheasants to be released into forest deserves to be hunted they raise him on a farm and then they release him and you catch, and so our neighbourhood often overrun, with lay our neighbourhood have literally a hundred pheasant anymore.
What is a strolling around and for a while when I was a kid cuz after my folks divorced, we live with my grandfather and grandmother. There was the hatchery for the peasants, so we used to be able to go down and see little pheasant, chicks, being hatched and then who else was kind of like a zoo like a little mini zoo and they had just like in chicken wire cages, all kinds of rare birds and feed peacocks free roaming. So I grew up with the sound of a peacock allowed at every morning in every afternoon we here are they sang p cock, They are just kind of sound like that, but I dont think that that's why they're called their Christian grew up directly across the street from the Detroit Zoo Roy behind the lion enclosure, so she would hear the lions roaring nonstop, but also that zoo is infested with me. Yes, when you're not hearing the lions, roar you're here
Austria, bonkers Janius Jill that sound the sound of a peacock pockets during a statute. For me, it's the sound to me at the nice summer, sunset hearing that sound off in the distance yeah. So why did dead teach russian? he was very much into music and classical music and singing, and I think he thought he was gonna, be a coral director like acquire director. he was from Springfield Illinois and he started at college in Nepal University, which is in Green Castle Indiana hated. It hated music, majors, besides? This is not for me, I think also do he had started dating my mom. Ah, my mom's older sister was my dad's best friend, ah ha, and this is like so much my family. My grandpa gets a job in the governors cabinet
they moved to Springfield Illinois at where they're gonna have to send their three girls. They have older boy whose already out of the house and in the Navy three girls are going to go to high school, and my grandparents could send the girls to any high school they want it. They just pulled strain some right, but they said no they're gonna go to land fear, which is like the working class side of town oh they're gonna stand of the land fear to the working class high school, so they stay humble, but they get driven. Every day in a fucking state limousine a bad my dad, who the reason my folks divorces cause my dad was gay. The fact that my dad could have ever been in the closet is just shocking to me in my modern knowledge because he would go to school in like corduroy suits and stuff, when you did maybe go to school and quarter right right. Rocky, warlike, jackets and ties every day and like was very well put together and my
was very funny my mom's, older sister Anne. She was like kind of my inspirational relative. She was the purse. came and was like. Let's have fun why? Why would we not, be trying to have on all the time yes kind. It that's it's a wonderful way to live, but she and my dad were instantly drawn to each other, which is most like funny. Boisterous women are drawn funny gay men, yes, a natural combination and then my mom, whose two years younger kind of was the tag along with them, at a certain point, my mom and dad starting dating yeah, and I think my dad when he was Green castle going to school. He missed my mom too, so he came back. He was just going to community college knew he was probably gonna get drafted. so he joined the army. He took the tests and he scored equally high in language aptitude, so so you're gonna go to foreign language school.
Which is in Monterrey, California. Ah, my got to Monterrey and he said it was the most beautiful play I'd ever been in my life, and I got there and they kind of gave me the choice of what language I wanted to take. Any use like what keeps we hear the longest and they said chinese or russian, and he said I'll take Russian. So it was therefore a year, then was stationed in northern Japan, intercepting soviet radio broadcasts and translating them which he said he never heard one interesting thing? All I said was hours of? Can you hear me bout lies in your ma lie in our Arthur has gone over their fine or do you guys have for dinner or just vodka said? Never anything. Will you love stern is a duty that makes us prank calls were he's like how
you do the identities, Gaza's ranger, that's richer. Chris, richer area laid down down. Let's you haven't written there's a lay outlay. Is that all the economy with some salad in but now good, you're doing, Ngos and I'll do that? And then they color back with someone else NGO he's doctor brother housing. Do Zaga Dave Gagner David Capture, the actors in the middle of nowhere Missouri, and he still has that where, like you, go to dinner- and he can't just turned the next table and just go chatter, Jack Jack Jack, no Hannah Open for it, and I just like you do in talking about strain, Ok, let's not because I'm in show It is known that, just as just shy, small talk has come to make me extremely nervous
I'm the same way, I find somebody or pitch me an idea for something like whether its at the show or something extra and while their pitch me the idea, I'm trying not to be a dick, but It kills me when people are like they try and save Looked to me like I'm gonna be able to do. I think it shit and for myself you stranger. You know you friend, a friend you son of, like somebody, my mom, knows guess what the fuck am I going to do, for you also have to remember what it was like to be that person who is just round they would do any thing here, even just a tiny piece of something so they're just scrapping scrounge an idea. What can I do remember that? But I also remember too, that I remember all the bad advice that was given to me like when I went to film school. I specifically, Remember somebody telling us your
in tables, and you see someone that's in the business that you think you could get your job given their resume. The worst thing they can say no and the minute I started working arose. No nor the worst thing is. Is it they look at you and they go fuck you Reza make that. So I can remember your name as the guy that interrupted my needle doesn't understand how things work right right. Oh no, you know I mean, like I worked with a guy who's, the production system, who used to call producers weekly to say: do you have any work for me, and that was what he was ill advised to do right and I quit PS, I started working. Everyone knew that guy is like that pain in the ass. They called all the time and that also within write a letter to thank the person for having a phone conversation. In which they told him. There was no work right. Thank you for telling me. There was no word yes and I am told the Skype that kind of ass kissing deal
I work for someone that susceptible to that kind of absolutely transparent history the end phony phony bullshit that have nothing to do with your capacity for work or your capacity to think on your feet like yeah you want to work for that person. Will the problem is there? Are these famous stories that yeah December right away at or whether it was Spielberg's sneaking under the lot of universal whatever right. So there's a couple, these stories that get out- but maybe you need some proud of- is I didn't do that like I didn't take advantage of friendships. I have, or you know I just personally. It wasn't in me to do that. You in so it's hard for me to advise someone to do that. Nets is simply too knows not how I thought of all in the film business I worked hard cause. I started out as an internal, pretty should company, and then I was a production assistant right and then I did all kinds of different job
zany d. I was kind of being in props. That was sort of where I ended, because it was the most fun bia. But I worked hard right and the people that were above me saw me working hard NEA they saw me being smart. They saw me noticing things were done and replicating what worked and avoiding what didn't write house. Soon after moment, I got divorced. Did you learn? Dad was gay honestly, my dad want in the birds and the bees talk with and there are some people- men who like to be with man and have sex with men and women alike, and they are called gay and that's what I m o, really, I o one is, was probably seven or eight ok when he came home and told my mom dad told us about sex and how Babies are made and told us that he's gay and she was gonna. Take you showed us a book that my dad had bought us and the wanted us to have about how babies are made
like some sort of like forward thinking sorted clause. I explicit or Frank book she's like he wanted me to give you this I'd, tell you guys, aren't ready for it, which is in what she was wrong. Kids can learn about how kids are made when their three just cause. There's nothing grows about it. so there are watching nature, show their kids and you see to animals foggy yeah for some reason, that's find explained to them right when people really wig out when it yeah yeah his work humans. Whenever anybody's like what do? I tell my kids, you tell them the truth, Rochelle them exactly the truth. Yes, my daughter, just not too long ago, we were listening to on the radio is the display of the song, and I remember song was Steely Dan, OSHA and she was likes, Huey Ban. What does that mean? And I said the name of a dildo in a book about drugs really this mirror
Does she sure known what a dildo land, the bizarre rock transfusion band of all time? I only added there. I said in a tight as group, a studio musician, maybe the best, but so did your dad have our partner. only thing didn't know nothing. Serious and long term. I think maybe he did at one point and I was shocked to find out years later to that he wanted to stay together. with my mom, somehow work it out my guy, don't they There's any work in this out, so there was honesty the divorce yeah yeah. I think he made even had another relationship with a woman afterwards still trying to work it out with himself, but that was very, very difficult for him and the different a different time, and I am telling you what I mean My son is gay and he came out to us when he was eleven while I just He came up to him when he was eleven and we never spoke about it since that just cause he's able.
Lamb Gay now get out right now. I allow yea over the last year and we ever needed about yes about my sex life, and it's like I get that completely. But do you think, though, that he was at all empowered by the fact that Grandpa was gay? Does that help? At least you know like? Oh your dad? Did he know that at that point I don't think he did know but I truly believe, because we have a lot of gay friends like email friends that he was always drawn and its that moment of identify with that. It was noticeable when our gay male friends would come over. He was very interested in and right, but you may be going as I imagine if I put myself in opposition and go of seems like he's leaning towards gay. But then again I dont know if a continual boy done so maybe so reveal itself something different at the time. I never gave it any thought, because I do one way or the other yeah, because I didn't feel like there was any reason to what point eleven its. He still in that kind of an a sexual bracket right
he's not gonna. Let no really work depends I'd. It's different for everybody, but his conventionally you liking when your kids, inner junior high, ok, shoots about start happening, or at least in my own area or sexual creatures, from when they're. Turning your shot, a rubber non stop, and you know tat. There are drawn to say yes, I mean all of it. It was having a daughter that would come wake you up and get in in the morning. With this amendment her hand on my face and realized: oh honey. You got there governments have your whole big, it's so much fun, actually yeah. Absolutely the whole world is horny when you will be horny it so fantastic. I couldn't agree more when the only gives we get in light of being. You yes leaves, you know, get pregnant year let's quality or inappropriate or across borders of Europe,
money in your confidence I say: go crazy about your high school. Your problem, king, I was, were you an athlete. I was an athlete, but not a super devoted one, because our school was so small. He didn't get alot of John Hume style. Little clique saw it was just sort of burn out an jocks, then the burn out we're just give the didn't play sports right and they were so the more hard core ones that really were getting high. All a timer doing. Homemade tattoos with a needle avatar modern. There was a guy and he seemed so scared that I'm here is about three years old and everybody in class, and he had either older than his glass may ass. You go Edmund Paul, shared accident by his arm. He had given himself a tattoo but was like a do be with smoke. rising off of it on his arm and then above it it would just said party,
Our view, be nobody done it himself with Japan and because he was probably fucked up on you, every time you got to the why it was all fucked up, so it almost neglect sort of like part, Exe sideways, wasn't even an exit. Just look like part with like some sort of symbol that fell on its side. I have a very similar thing. Their instinct come who I went to Junior I with and then later he came to my high school. He then committed double homicide, MS imprison now out, but when he showed up at my high school I haven't seen him in two or three years and he was now six for any. I reentered pounds you see among us any it at a gene jacket that he had written on the back of in marker hard rock, but he ran out of real estate around the o in rock, so the sea in the k, were slanted abruptly down and I think we need you sought, everyone can relate to running out this kid lead
literally on the edge of town in these. Cannot shitty apartments right next to a big gas station kind? I have trucks up here, gas station one day and was in the winner he put on his coat and a mask and took a shotgun and went and robbed the gas station and walked directly back to his apartment, now is the environment to the gas station of actors apartment, and he was minor way we ve found out. He was back from juvy without it am I went into another gas station and no, was there any like hello allowed, the use of credit cards had to pay the out and hello, hello and then this guy that had robbed the place and, with back in Juba, came through the back room Ah he man what's up or down your back again and then down. When does it's not like? We,
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When I told him that I want deriding, he said journalism ass, a nod journalism, I mean like tv or maybe movies or fiction. Anyone like now go into journalism, but I went ok, you buy a mule I went to, and it's funny now having just had a son, go through the college application process and applied like a dozen schools, I'm having other parents, say to me how many schools did you apply to and I'd like to, yeah I got into both of men. I couldn't afford one in our, so I applied to you of eye and then I applied to North Western and I got into northwestern, but just there was no way I could afford northwestern. That's one of the only schools that I had a size does seem like the perfect mix of like it's. Our grasp and, I believe, is an Unifil play the ass in just a beautiful place, coarse and there's a town of people that come out of their like Julie's, Dr Associated last. We gain
there there s a graph and a lot of people are really cool place, Charlton, Heston, ah well, all lined. I guess that goes against all my dad. I don't think so. I dont thinks he may have, though, but he's from South Carolina Chicago to be in second city I'll catch, and when you started doing comedy, I imagine you running high swarms of eleven funny right now is hard of my popularity my identity was as funny person. Indeed, you do well with Ladys and I No! No! I mean I was just so afraid, and I was the product of at that point too divorces. It was all deadly important It was in my mind that I wasn't gonna fuck everyone's life up with this damage in this loss in this destruction. Yeah I'm gonna get it right, so I couldn't relax and they reached a certain age. I didn't lose my virginity until I was having twenty one or something, and it definitely
Can you point where it's like? If I don't relax, I never going to get laid. I just need to relax and have some fun and enjoy this. I know you could feel it starting to become an actual issue, yes and looking around me, like, I see all kinds of people fuckin like crazy in Heaven later on being a big deal, and why am I so goddamn uptight about this right were used similarly uptight about other things now, now do you're drinking and shall man I am lucky that I came up after cocaine, right. Just wasn't that much cocaine around, but I did not say noticing right. I've done virtually everything except for heroin and crack, and I mean it tripping. There was a time when my library, like you fuck, yeah
I would be like out at midnight and have to go like work for my uncle. You know unloading lockers and somebody like you want some ass. It like ok, yeah, I'm out, and second Hoffman estates, unloading, trucks, chirrup and balls as these young and no activity did. I take serious enough that I didn't think I couldn't be buzzed or something during honesty. The only one I couldn't do it improv. I got try once before. Do an improper I rose never again get stone before doing improv, unlike a SEC show on a Saturday one terminals- I don't know. I can't hear you I would add, and I was bad and I cannot be bad at this- that's why I never even liked we even at the height of all my Indians, because it takes away the single thing I like about myself, which is I'm kind of verbally dexterity us you know like. I can talk it's so funny that you just said verbally dexterity is its decade.
dexterous, the idea that was iron center. I want across the room and kiss you is that hoisted by my own pretoria me up at the yes vote, but the fact that I can talk is the only thing I like about myself I would smoke weed and I get like two sentences out and I'm like they don't know what I'm talking about. I'm not positive. I know what you're talkin about anymore opposite for me. Weed makes me chatty and I used to self medicate with it. The weed for me is a toggle of content and even into my adulthood, come over Machete Day had out to the garage tinker around a little and come back in a good mood ready to chat how was your day, hey, kids, what's up in Asia and don't smell daddy's breath, you know right, that's values used to the kids, they used to say you smell, like beer had had a beer when will was Lou,
and we went out to catch fella. You know kids like when you got kids go out there and there's like the hotel resort with the many park. Yeah water park the outlay, the river? Yes exactly so we want to do that, but we took him to see Morrissey and he knew more say we like mercy and dispute wave, a pot smoke at us, and when I smell beer is being applied as the associate that here I don't know, and you know a noose before the casualness of we'd, now I am now a year we live in Amsterdam now in Riyadh Corner and by some, but I want I'm right Motorcycle home from places I just all it every other block. I get like some big huge hit, a view I get so many friends. It would be like I'm. You know that I had known forever and I knew they got high and stuff and they say like yeah still guide, but grim high around the kids, announced dislike
are you waste in your? We will ensure that really takes the boring. I have a lot of this watching them. Do the same thing. Fifty times in the backyard yeah. I know we have a friend who told us that a couple of father's days ago, or he's just very into psychedelics and in a very thoughtful mindful way that that's his thing so she said. What do you want to do on fathers day and he said I'd like to do ass it and be with the kids at the beach he's. Is that to this day the best day of his whole? I allowed because he said he was staring at his children and he got really obsessed with like vascular d, like I then their veins, and that they were really were in organism other on himself, and it took him to this place where he could just see them as their own. People here, and he said even now, the residual effect of that is he'll, beginning frustrated with them and losing his patients.
and how this kind of home in on their veins in it come just back to that moment of having experienced them. Yes, airily special organism announced earlier the beautiful a gruesome that made a little about dead Poland, his hair out when I was becoming a comedy person learning how to do this thing that I do There were many times that tripping around the people that I was with, and the people that have been making comedy for decades that it was a bit useful thing for me, he added showed me ways that I could be funny that I didn't know. I could do and wrinkled my brain and I didn't know where their yak it's hard is apparent to be like drugs. Are one hundred percent bad cause? It's kind of like you know I am constantly trying to get Monaco to try to.
drugs, unlike just before you try really. What is he tricked you into my nine? I can't be peer pressure, and so I have not done any have, but I've said. Please don't leave this planet without experiencing mushroom. He asked shows how much in their gross that's the one thing you gotta a jam and let go we have found a genome, unlike penalties or somethin. Anybody pizza. When Pew now I ve heard their gotta. If you jam it in,
the brownie enough and get it in its it still kind of growth, but it is really fun, but you have, I guess, for my kids, I'm just gonna be like look. Man tried these drugs. Please don't try these, because if he tried these in my experience, then you can do any of them. Yet we do coke good chance with your genes and everything in our power history, you you're just gonna, lose the option to do any of you, which is kind of my experience. I have to back off cause all of em. Now it reached a boy with me. I felt like it put like a distance between me and my family. Aha, like I'd, go to the garage, I'd get high and then I'd come back in and I would be with the money
talking to them, but their felt like this sneeze guard. He can see through it even here through it, but they're not the same connection being made, and I mean this own artificial bubble that, especially with repetition, starts to feel dirty me out. So when I quit drinking my girlfriend at the time of course, cap drinking my thing with her was like. I don't want you to change your life cause. I had to quit drinking I yet at the same time, I can tell you when we go to dinner, to have wondering we're having the same experience
here are three or four drinks, we're just having different experience enshrined the thing I'm looking forward to like looking back on our lives on a port some day. It is it's a little frustrating that we have different experiences. I can I wanted to be shared, so in that respect, I can understand being like we're having a slightly altered experience in these three people. Are you earlier in that doesn't seem entirely fair? Well, each to me, it felt like I was isolating myself right, a problem which is a problem in just general with me. Yes, you're on in their presence- or I am right in when did you start decades ago- will generally people who are depress. We'd is typically a great. Is it good the answer is, it does like. I say you feel content. Depression is largely discontent, a been gone through a lot of changes in my life and a number of years ago I became very much on depressed none not happy, not related, but not under the same weight that I had been dragging around forever and functioning.
And having raising kids and having a job, and I ain't a house in all these kind of very grown up responsible things, but with just this kind of joy business like no taste buds life, just kind of going through the motions- and you know people talking about something bring them joy and feeling, like. I don't know what that is, some right right and I dont know exactly what it were. I mean it was a medication change and it was just like change, but it could also just be at age. I'm fifty two like it forty eight, my brain just changed, or so You know, and don't you think that you'd like the overall way in the panic of is this whole ride. Gonna work out for me, my enemy penniless in really fucked. At some point we didn't pick careers words like if your profession Your career, you of job safety, not really, I there's no gold watch him like. I have a friend who who is a lawyer, and he was like mine for lorries and stuff and all these houses everywhere now just like. How can you do that knows? No, because his skills that will
we value all like, he will always leaves a good our necks out his credit cards on that income. Probably as long as he wants a practice law right you- and I can't do that- you say there's a whole- I mean- that's- probably a component to it, but if you had the disposition of like wanting to get marriage so perfect and dating, and all that it holds that may be, it is your you despise when is a little bit that way? Yeah and that's why I say I don't know exactly what it was. I don't know if there was some chemical change in my brain or but it's a combination of all those things as behavioral its chemical, my guest, and I did I changed medications. I had a medication that started being the efficacious an I switched, and it made a huge difference: Royal, I'm Maxwell beautiful for fifty milligrams. Aha, does the fuckin trick these medications? They got their drawbacks. I was on one for a while, and all of a sudden I became I mean I'm no safari or any of it all and I became like ridiculous premature jack,
oh why out of the blue crazy? And I of course I just that like well on garbage right? Well, I'm a piece of shit yeah. No, I was actually my wife is that what it maybe she'll medication go to the shrink ago, who try five milligrams of this? On top of that oh back, the harm being mediocre which so interesting, because I've heard that they will prescribe certain antidepressants, do actually treat every metreb generally and that's what this was. This was a gush of come here. Arise come jet fuel, although, if I'm your wise and we ve been together twenty years in your link pop and offer me I'm a little later for a period Has crews did thinks about it. Never that flattering it's more like a villain, my plate, you're already put your dishes in the dish. Well, I guess I'll eat alone.
It is one I guess, there's your rather in your cap that when Conan was credited you for really being the tipping point for him to being open to try Medikit. Yes, and I think that's really cool. This is the tower Yoni in your own stuff, in what it can lead to like you can, in fact, people with good stuff through vulnerability and honesty. I am one of the first people to downplay the air I'm doing. Air quotes importance of what people in show business do charge a black beard, Frank about depression, in being frank about mental illness, in being frank about using therapy the talking cure. It has been just evident to me that has helped people. Yes, I can't deny Let me be frank about this: has had a positive effect on people's lives because they come up to me and they tell me, as you said this on that podcast guy named John NO has a podcast called the hilarious world of depression, mainly focused on tie between depression and comedians. A high and I didn't
go to that and I mean I don't think I've ever done. Anything that's had as much of an effect and then one morning I went to the gym early at Warner, brothers, I'm getting coffee in the commissary and this guy with just this like sort of saw southern accident came up to be an was almost crying any set. Just you talk about. It made me go to therapy if he said I felt like I should do for years, and my parents were always so against it and there still against it. He said, but it saved my life. you like it's also I'm a fucking clown yeah. Now I can only be an honest. I hope so I cannot agree more, like a christian one. Time was gonna, get interviewed on that off cameras. Sam Jones show she was on her way. There's just like. I don't know what to twenty the this hour long thing it's all about like your journey, I don't really have ones as a model. Aren't you just be honest about the fact that even a presence for you know twenty years in that yeah there's a sparkling, you're on tv, but this vaguely girl also has to really battle, is lacking and she's like change using people want, and then she did indeed similar to your story. It's the number one thing: she's,
grateful she ended up being army. I love because way more people have told her. Oh my gosh, I felt so embarrassed about you know it's off. It's it's crazy to feel embarrassed to seek help if you out of a window, and there was a bone. Stick out your leg, you'd go to the fuckin doktor right, get that bones You wouldn't be embarrass you. We were so we needed your now that I should suck it up. You are immune to joy. If you get nothing yet you know. If you have thought killing yourself, you can't interface with your own life. Go get help and people always say two things like well, it's easy beer say you can afford it. I understand how difficult it can be to afford it, but even if you can't afford it, there are ways that you can find places the sliding scales, their organizations, D,
did you there's also rule something it's easy to say do something, but when you can't do anything, but a similar has been there, you gotta do something. The reason depressions by perfect mousetrap is that at the point you recognize, your life is largely miserable. You are also at the point where its hardest to do something yet taken action. Yes, it's a self fuelling thing were, and pressure is, at least in my mind, it's honestly, if, like some sort of Saki misleading in your brain and it finds ways to survive, even as you find ways to combat it. I've always thought like it's a sneaky beast, then a we talk about that regularly, which is like your addiction is so fucking. Clever. The weird thing is, I wonder: if you experiences,
I will have the same revelation over and over and over again and now have it for the twenty fifth time and I can implement for a couple weeks and then I'm always. How can I be rediscovering this thing, but it does. It goes away. You get comfortable than your kind of guards down, which is the keep seeping back in its just like exercising you're, not gonna. Do like that final rap being great shape and then, through your Jim shorts away, like getting back to weed it's not like. I'm, not gonna smoke, we'd ever again but I certainly have to be careful with it. I am just haven't around cause if I have it around its an open baggage getting smaller and, in addition to sort the isolation that it would make at all. I'm at a point in my life, where I want mood stabilization, and I dont want an artificial mood stabilization, but I do want to be in control of them in as much as I can be. It's been a very difficult period of time.
You're right, you're, not moved out of my house, and one thing it's been happening is I have intense waves of emotion, worse thing, I've ever been through and I have to just kind of feel so much of it and just early, I just had is where I just was sad right and I have spent a lot of time in my life. Were. Sadness was like a monster trying to get me I should come on the radio. I turned a radio rice ads on a car. I can't take that and in the last few years, kind of embracing that said, is not being afraid decry. and just kind of sitting with that and sitting with anger and sitting with recognising here's. This pattern, that's been incredibly destructive in me. That's that's a neurotic network of behaviors and wiring that as fuck me up forever,
Oh I'm doing it again, get me doing it again Lee. I should stop doing this. I still feel the urge to do it. I gotta find it a little bit more into the ended and really get to the end of a and b like I feel, grows as many bottoms out. Well, it's funny how similar what you're, describing you deal with depression is what I also deal with within it. Jeanne here and that I had to learn to accept. I'm feeling mantra, its temporary like just knowing this will pass. I will feel differently at some point. I dont have to correct it in cut it off and try to ignore it or find something else that I can replace that feeling with. I can just sit in it with some optimism that it'll pass yes on point, and I think that was for me. Maybe the thing that was driving it for so many years which just like this is permanent. I'm gonna feel like this terrible pessimistic hopeless for life now
yeah, because I felt this way for three days. It must be now my new yeah yeah. You know feeling in it it's hard to have confidence in that moment that you can indulgent experience it and then it all pass yeah now I think I've told you this, like. I can I can picture the first time I saw you like. I could pain and if I were good, yeah we're at the snake pit. I was just a bar here, a bar on Morocco, Rosea and I was taking classes at the groundlings and we will go out to think that, after the show here in you were There- and I was Reeled I mean I was excited like you can't imagine, because here someone that I look up to a comedy I am pursuing comedy he's here in the flesh, maybe like, like it starts becoming more tangible. I told you this my first thought and you must get this everywhere. You go as like Andy, so tall year. Did everywhere you go to people's either. Do because you
standing members who alone and attend story building your whole life. My son is six were too and is boyfriend. Is six? Would five eleven pictures everyone's always like? They can't believe when they didn't beat my son? Oh my god, right same thing but yeah I I saw you and I was like trying to be rude carefully monitoring everything you do and those like. You always drinking a pine, ok, coolly, drinks time I drink have we like theirs is all it off. I was due to me because I didn't I and I got in Europe every year and I was like definitely eavesdropping trying to see was this three be human being that was at a bar drinking beer and chatting India and then the next time I saw you was at our nets house plain poker earlier on every he's fucking handsome handsome I'm a fucking pig compared game. I have grown used to the fact that whenever I see footage of myself here, my voice seemed
it base. I'm gonna go and I'll do that. But do you think I am one might do absolutely everyone. I just know that reaction of looking at my dolphin saying yuck, there's nothing I can do about that. I m right really in its wrong. In its nonsense, but it's also to its like on a human being that lives in them, World, but it also can, I think, makes me kind of not trust. Looks generally not would have a lot of attachment to looks or hardness apprentice was saga, Melick, I've, steepness guidance just so hot, and I just like fucking talking about hot. It comes down to it. The lights are on seeing anything anyway and the things the words that the person says you don't see those words and also
as someone who just kind of generally is absolutely thrilled by imperfection and by human frailty and by ups biter, veins and dimples, and a little bit of fat here and there at last. Perfection is to the uniqueness absolute to say, like I'm, an ass man? What I like, the ass of the person that I love you, like I know, just generally, like you there's all day. That's where we differ cannon. In fact, my friend Eric was making fun of me last night, I was saying you know when I was single. I can just lock in on one thing yeah I can just see whatever I want us right. You can just be attracted to one aspect of a person, absolute of it just
the physical interaction right regret, has your sex encounter area. I dont need the full package at all that I dont want someone like me, you just why fuck that well, it could extend that my interaction can be built around this thing. I'm kind of yeah worshipping up aspect of them believe the great personnel, even I'm like good. We got great bonds in a grey personality already. You also have to have the ability, and I do not have this ability per se, I'm horny in all, but I have only fucked. My friends draw whole life. I'd never just met somebody and hooked up. I'm not saying that I never do that, but it whines when it's that seems the sort of be in the ether I took them like. Oh, no, I don't know that I don't want to spend persons parts. now. You know Here were opposite there. Look it and ass and I'll go get that in my mouth. going
I have nothing to Margarets eyes when you said than ever. I yeah yeah it's much more attractive. It Andy statesmen, much more attractive, very all saying what I just said, but I'm just gonna Siberian on Yo Yo. Merely to be honest, very big of you. Thank you. They also show your wife is also too like so much more than her physicality. I can say with all honesty: it was one hundred percent, her personality. They made me pursue her yeah I'll shoot I don't have a tie black. I can see like somebody that short and lit and like all that little thing and then somebody that's, really talk wow, that's what I'm not only woman I mean so it's kind of its own and not saying is like, as I'm heroic right in all. You should win over no ward FIFA net quickly back to your career stuff. I want you bunch interviews with you, knowing you are coming, my favorite of which the Larry King interviewed it yeah and first of all, one of my favorites was so you
in jeopardy needed fucking spectacular. What are you in sixty five thousand dollar that yeah yeah? I probably the best celebrity appearance- are areas that the highest, I think, maybe now I don't know I was on the first time and they doubled the money. But like the first time I was like thirty, two grand which is huge there, so you one twice, I didn't twice with ten years in between and and the second time that was the beginning of a celebrity tournament arrived right and I won that first, one with Wolf Water, which he really need the lad, which was honestly. I no joy in that. The only reason it's worth pointing out the images say is that the generic stereo type is the committee in versus the journalists. Yes, you just a mere like our wolfskin, a walk away with this. That's it that's your assumption. Let the thing is: is that its comedians Michael Mccain, one at TAT. I was unable to come back and I really wish I kind, although it is, it is terrifying being honoured.
Being on the show, you were going to go out there and you may fuck up and looked like a total fucking idiot. Yes, the also too, I have ADHD, but if pressures on I tend to focus better, I notice it from Gulf when I've been playing in these charity. Things than a camera zombie attend to hit the ball well and is very much the same thing in jeopardy. The pressures on- and I can just on him yeah now the gall thing to me falls into the cat Where's is talking to someone about this have thrown up first pitches, yes, so mean to I'd, never play baseball. I had to have my uncle teach me how to throw a ball before did at the TIGERS game and I'm fuckin, let it rep. I really went for it and I did good in the eight years. I look like. I know how to throw a baseball rose. I really just after the fact
they realise there was never a story about how good I threw that baseball. Now, there's no upside is nothing like make headlines that you part a whole now had you quadrupled at all GPA, they would have been everywhere like above a buoys. First pay a yes, it was basically is it's just all downside, yeah, there's no upside down their arms back to the very king interview about jeopardy, but one thing that he was saying he just cap Saint site: kick nonstop and I was thinking to myself. That would be a title. I would never be very at peace where it would always be triggering to my dont
you don't care, I dont care and I haven't cared since day, one since day, one day, one because I just feel like. If I was a sanitation engineer, I would not care that someone called me a garbage man right, because it's what you it's, what it is sure- and that's just the name and for me to attach some sort of negative connotations. That name would also mean that I would be attaching a negative connotation to my place in the show to my contribution in the show. my place in the universe as a worthy member of society. Don't we do there? I don t doubt in that particular it's ok. I went into that show. Knowing my value and being ready to surrender my value and it's gotten only. Better in larger as it's gone on, I'm not in possession of a tremendous ego. I mean we all have egos cause we're in this business here, but I certainly like us I know my own worth, I'm a sidekick. That's fine that to me
what does it mean anything: ok, grass, just what you call the guy that sit next to the house in the talks we invented. This show the colony killed. Nobody knew how to do that. Nobody knew how to make a talk, show we're all new to it. You know it's a pizza we're gonna make our own sauce. We're gonna make your own cheese. I Nirvana tastes different in. Oh, yes, like I was not going to be the following yes man no matter what right does not care. You can call me whatever you want. I know what I am very interested in call. Do you ever feel like sitting on the couch knowing you have things to say here, but that you have to keep quiet, do ever leave feeling I didn't get to. do me possibly early on, and there was more of that and I talked about this watch on Inside Conan Podcast
there was an early point in the show early on, like there were times when I would have a note. four Conan that I would tell Robert smuggled, so it would just because it's hard we're in a scene for me to go. You're russian, the ending you know right you need to have a third person say that, because you do want a bridge, we are doing here is how and between two of the year, and so Robert was would talk to me more about my place in the show was when it came to me and said: do you wanna be decide kick, and you know how about you start going, do and remote the first fourteen remote or something worth my remote, and that was in reaction because Letterman We did so many remote. They just felt like the host shouldn't go do remote. I was also just like it. their tool in the bag could have been utilised more to fill up more space is on the grid in terms of like filling out the schedule of the comedy Roy, early on had taught me go for it, you're not out there to just support you're out there to be funny.
You know he had faith in my abilities, and so I did that and then, after a period of time and number of months or so he actually said to me, you know how I said that I I gotta take it that you get a dial it back. Ah, before I can even ass, he said it is not that what you're doing is great, which is a little confusing this arm ass too much here, I was just no friend of mine, it's putting together a new talk, show in their thinking of their ideal first guest, and I would Somebody and she said they're gonna overshadow the house. They're gonna be too big right, you know right, so I was taken up space, an n, I guess taking it up ably much, but that needed to be drawn back. We, How was it was her boy was really heard, for. I was hurtful to be like you're doing a good job, but stop doing, but I understand it as a producer. I understood and if I understand there's only so many seconds in a minute and if I'm gonna talk first
you know twenty I above on that that leaves the lot fewer for other people to do now is sorted beginning now, if I have something, ass, he had been, but our show as much more loosen were older in it and also to I'm in fully on the notion that not a bit fucking mind ray of it that takes that take some years, I saw it all its. You know That was bad. Who fuckin cares is tomorrow. Well you'll do another one. You know the thing. I've always been incredibly impressed with you, because we ve done that show together at least fifteen times or something and Europe perfect at knowing when to come in and when not too, I find it very hard to navigate and I'm always incredibly impressed that almost every single time you do time it it's a win Vienna. My that's way harder than to have a tunnel time infer like thirty percent of it, to be really good, but you gotta be like shooting like eighty five percent. Well,
thank you, but the secret to that is. As I pick my pitches, you know like there's a batter at the plate and I stand there and the pitch will become in like oh, that's a fat when an icy stamp in front of the batter and swing at it like I hit it like yeah, because I the real heart breaking balls in I yeah. Let those go by, but it's a lot of wield power is an early kind of self control. Its experience, certainly every line you're thinking of something: oh listen, the funniest things that I have had to contribute on that show I never to say absolute little. I let it as an aid on care doesn't matter if you can't get what what percentages in there and caring yeah, but you don't feel like it affects yourself worth no, no, because if he, if I'm we're all contributing enough. Then it's ok. If I, if, overall, I feel like I'm of a value to the organization, then I'm ok, if it goes by, goes by in know, lots of things go by and there again
it doesn't matter, none had been matters, and I mean I'd told Jake Gillian Hall is on the show, he's like one of those people to that. I can tell he watched the show as a little child, then he's very friendly, very nice, and we are talking about something out to the commercial break and I was walking him over the curtain, we're talking and then he went and he was very serious. You went like so much good. Ah then I sit honey, it doesn't matter who is selling more, takes that movie getting from moving now the movie doesn't effect anything that fucking man lives. Really true, love your family that matters yeah, ok, mom, so you're podcast. Yes, it is called the three questions with Andy Richter. That's me in it. Is it literally three question ministry questions, but it's basically a vague german. I'm goin the questions are. Where do you come from where you going, and what have you learned so that the kind
conversation that I've always liked to have on talk shows is in the commercial breaks, hey Amy AM. Do you drive yourself to work just the kind of things they got indulge treated you ass, I dont know I was there, for instance, but but so that's kind of what this is. It's like. You know what will your parents like and that not just like what their jobs were but tell what were they like? Let's talk about it and because I'm very converse it in the language of therapy been in therapy for a long time. It's a very useful way to talk to. You know just kind of an ongoing. Dialogue self discovery. What I was crazy impressed. We, a jungle, Manon, Andy Tex me: I've done the gottman
what we are now going on my while by what I went to the press, that's anytime, someone puts an actual effort into fronting the things that they're going through, I'm just its impressive it. Well, you either easily wanna, do it or you don't want to do it? You know what it's like. What I think I have always brought to the table as a friend or a husband or is it son? Is I'm not afraid you won't talk about Sutton? Let's talk about it, the out afraid to deal with things, I'm not afraid to hear things that might be uncomfortable. Let's talk about it because it's just words and it's just feelings and we will be ok right and there are some people that to say it's just words and it's just feelings is like no other their monsters their thing. That could kill me until you, SAM out, while that's weirdly the power or that you find out that you're nothing or that your bad,
you know that you'll never be loved and, like all those things are just like, would largely patently absurd. Yo, like everybody that thinks there garbage you're a piece of shit, don't just not write. Their knowledge is not now we're all kind of implicitly and valuable. Absolutely the more yeah salute lay so odd three questions yeah with Andy, It's Tuesday is comes out on July. Eight, I think, is when it starts in. That's on a Monday comes out concurrent with episode of comments, but guess, and then every week thereafter, it'll be out on Tuesday's wherever you get your podcast good cause. I don't want to compete with you on Monday. S will be released on July. Are saddened, Monday of that we Yet I think that's date, yeah. So european against yourself. We're looking people listen to this, oh my god that was that was
two hours, I have so much more yeah. Well, I'm very excited to start listening European Council because I always enjoy talking you, you and I have made a point over the years to try to grab a lunch every like six months or maybe it's here and bad what time and so the hard. When you have kids at arguing, some possible area, while any rigour, I love you so much. I love you too, and an egg is too much ram and me, as requested with any Richter. We get you fight, not with aunt with Andy Rigour, I think so. Ok, what is the matter to the ebony and unknown cocoa in your wolf? Our I wore we'll talk suit by everyone. Stay too. If you dare this up So with Annie Rector was sponsored by cash. App armchair expert is brought to you by the cash happen We're one finance up in the app store catch up is the most powerful way too
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My mother works for that trains and supports volunteers who make a difference in the lives of children and foster A true win win. Please download the cash up today permitted. Please now. My favorite part of the show the back check with my soul maiden Monica bad men back but bank back back back Jack Jack check for vat. That, though Seinfeld without back rag bag, Jack Jack triggered drawbacks. oh wow. I never thought I would do. An instrumental- and it was up here and I live They start a whole new genre around about where they have been done better. Now, oh yeah I don't know enough about it. I had to admit that syndrome I mean I just I don't wanta disappointing that we both have a big strike again.
Citing want friends in you want someone asked me to do it. I wear this. Somebody asked me about one though I've shows what my favorite friends episode was Whittier, a very hard questions you hard for you, people should put manna, position like that beer. I d like better much better. I can't aside right can't shoes Sophie's choice which goes back to its users. Very critical, my superlatives, but you can experience some of them. Oh, I have tons of pedestals yeah, you like Ben and map the moust, but it's two people. Yeah, I'm saying here. Yes, John Jago relate I, I guess you're making me say at their, not really my favorite people, nobody can understand in that they are your number one crash, but they were both. Your number one Cray aware that my number one class right to people or your number one, Russia, that his chair try
good job. Even in the summit tropical environment, for the listeners, I've dagger my ear a little bag. I haven't Ich ends of mercury awry whacked into Bruce. It is proving the validity of twenty three. and holds up really holds eggs ever, would make cyber mix of dry and where you seem to think. So. I think it's. The wax that has dried up Wolden was the difference, Well, how do we know years was in where the dried up now Campi Burger, ever getting wet whether or not a wax. My I don't want you wear wax are there to even after the shower, while as incredible I'm getting a mix. I do think I co dominant gmo. Happily, there had of course, turn it into being. As you know, our era that co dominance is desirable in the west. Drawing it has one wants all things. I guess probably would like when the environment calls for mine,
you're switch. They. If I were in a very arid climate, I would be producing a lot of wet attempt to bounce around but here in this day and climate I'm gone I'll drive Canada dry I draw your eye. This is Andy Richter's back check, the lovely MA am Andy Richter's factor YAP, he said, are slim gems illegal. He things there are illegal. Brian. I dont you. I don't think they are in Google him. You combine Boeing, Unama, pep boys, I googled and I was able to purchase, but there is a lot of cards. The debate on the internet said they are illegal, reveals a state by state which it could be state by state, but you can order it. Oh my view. Just this week, your first I was gonna bring that up to slim jam popular sandwich, big boy. Yes, you know it. This is better mine half mean hers. I judge learned about slim gems on this epoch
right and then we went to big boys. Be I ah be alive big boys? and the most popular menu item. What you asked me to get, which I did MRS slip Jim, That's right: creation, raw with ham and swiss cheese tomato. What is in tartar saws heathen. They smash the bread when they put it on the ground. Tat comes out, thin increase, be it was nice. It is my favorite big, but you know I would out bounced back and forth between the big boy, hamburger original, double decker, hamburger, oh and a slim Jim. I liked you would have liked the big boys you I've, just real you ve, never had a big boy you there are now at similar to a big MAC, but different. What about it is different. The tape
ok, let's are usually like alone or visually, it looks very similar and they both have a thousand island, spread all cheese and mean sesame see. So I wonder what makes the tastes different concerns, like all the ingredients sound exactly this dear it's interesting because they are done a call, and yet they tastes different major crises in Cassie crises and get all those who those delays in his answer, but more like Mcdonald's in Berkeley Proof, that's different one I'm right here, but when he's in in my dolls. It's a piece of beef on a bar? That's true, but much different. I watched anyway, so that was done finally bade or mine hop because it was a new word and that it appeared again, almost a media and probably will continue to erode. Awhile
bitter mine off his frequency bias. Frequency allay illusion: the allusion lover, I've been saying it now, you ve taught it to me. You used to be that. I could never remember now, remember renewed around town- and I love it. Say it or mine off its feels great to say: ok, so did Nancy Kerrigan. is one of those telescopic rods. You were saying you said that, and he said no, she has used a pipe and she used a police baton ride a telescope arises, is fun cause. You know. Andy early in the conversation pointed out. I said a word wrong, which is really embarrassing show and they may we got two full themselves either he's right about everything, and I like now that I'm too, oh, if I'm remembering this correctly, I don't think the word you said which was Berber late. You said dexterity I don't think that happen until after these things. Ok, that's our, regardless all continue to keep score. That gets my good friend Andy. You know, I guess the stakes are heightened cause he's a jeopardy champion.
It's true you break into police yourself. If you crushed jeopardy, you might go through the rest, your life, certain you're thinking. I write about it, but a pie, Slim jams, that's you because you're timeout northwestern, oh, you know we were to Mohammed. Equal people went there, and I said I did Kobe about everything he did and you but now I don't think so any at all, while they were better, is laid out of her and was really like a fashion. India, sorry, but you know what also we got alarm. We got a learning. We gotta call out the fire. We do. We can't you protect people, we love if the wrong. No, no, that's what happens with your worship hours ago. Another on You asked did dances go to University of Illinois. Champagne, you, like, I think he did say they were just talking about it. I dont know if Andy said, no, he didn't but I think he said. Oh, I don't know he's in now. Maybe you just now I can remember, but he did
he did go there right now that will give that when a neutral open, you took a position on an open and get thirty five thousand jabbered ears. He one sixty eight thousand dollars with another one. My facts were blunder. These facts sixty eight thousand, it says I repeat it again mean we can't really fully trust it, but Richter currently holds the record for all time highs one day, score on celebrity jeopardy. What one of honor I'm so Joel I honour! I would go further and his cap yeah bragging ray. I would Constantly you hear me go all or what do I know, I'm just the record holder jeopardy so please art further have reason. Who should we believe you know the guy who, on the most amount of money, around jeopardy or zone, is Urim ban on jeopardy, neutral.
you were so he was saying you know some of his friends would ground for a new treaty and make coats and stuff and sound Oh all right, the animal yeah yeah. I thought your document like it was plural nutritionists, Nutria, also caught coy pale. Oh la Pooh, Pooh Pooh Coat owing God as ETA coupon code. It's beautiful, isn't real coy is that it will go through it and not that's imitation quite who isn't coming out its beauty for I love that great powers. Came and she had the most beautiful, coy poor. Huey. Next, we was it beautiful
he is such a stupid. It's gonna be of real time. Huey. You will wait a p you asian food in the arab world are we called appeal asian food is not called that borders and flows that, if you're sad, that were saying that it's because we had to wait forty minutes for our, though chinese food we ve ever had in our lives at the airport like a fast food. it was in Seattle, unfortunate lakes. I love that airport. Look, I'm I'm gonna say it. Dont say why cause it's a beautiful airport knew it you mean I grass for one second to say that our new favour airport in the world is simple: the apple as many apis, Emily fuck. It was like the grove edges at a roof on it. It was having.
we got delayed, we were delighted to be delayed or so excited. We were sad that we couldn't get delayed even more cause. There was some live music that was gonna happen that we were myths, and here we are at a farm to table- were abandoned evading their the raw Natalie got into a purchase. Some tree chiropractor work done in my theory was because Minneapolis houses the model May I please wait theory. They gotta set the bar tourism common and for that more they do and they want to basely give you a pre mall before you go to them all of them. Appetizer more properties. Are you have done a great job, an Eu Asia Pew Asian filled with not it was to you. You end was apathy out on my mom. What am I to all that are worth judge them as more wars mall, however, anyway
sorry, Seattle, I'm gonna, say I loved your city. I love to go. There were two months. I really really really liked it. I'm not crazy about your airport. I ahead Can you asian and I put into the bathroom the bathroom, was gnp and not because of the normal bathroom reasons was stinky our had a non p. You poor he knows my dismay. Difference now their unique to the sea deck airport me have water everywhere. You think we get or cover fires, MP asian Food, because the only time I'm gonna concede that euro Asian the imo had to say I'm asian here I am asian now you're from so called you gotta go ahead, everything I don't like it.
Lumping did like right after Romania were calling three cars. That landmass seemed it's the continent of Asia. Well, there's also people have tried to sub break it up into Eurasia, which makes more can't. I just don't know that I feel, like you know, Afghan The staff in its is it's all tricky, but is Afghanistan? Technically I think we, I think it is worth bordering Pakistan. That's definitely in Asia. Are you? I don't think it is at all? Well, that's what we have Middle EAST. Now we senior steer, we like metal were Afghanistan, Pakistan, even but you wouldn't call India. at least now I'd along the sub continent. Can you give it its own night? Yes, it should have been. That's nice the civilizations in the world, the Indus Valley, Fair, yeah, very old civilization area, Odin, wise and mature muscle, while yes,
Let me sum ass other were learning our total posted, a thing that their studying a leading athletes in there's some got biome stuff going on. They have a differ, got by arms like holding out that I might still be an elite athlete yeah. I need a craps law with the biome other limber on marriage is put lebruns. Poop EP your backup transplant with La Bron. Yeah he's gotta have thereby Any seems like such a great guy, who seems positive, is doing a lot for others. Some I get some of his mental health, so he said Steely Dan is the name of a dildo and a book about as I did not know that in a boroughs, both yes,
William borrows novel naked lunch, its named after the dildo Steely Dan, three from Yokohama, oh great instrument, I'm gonna give my toys the names like that, oh you should rubber on just given the respect they deserve now Rob were hurrah polymer Perry, fancy her fancy new pre Nancy. Anyhow, I read like a tiny excerpt, seems like a really. interesting book boroughs is the original, be writer. Hardly all worshipped him right. Kerouac inelegant against work. And I heard a great podcast about it. murdered his girlfriend in Mexico and got away with a lawyer. He was a junkie, he paw guns when they are all fucked up and shoot apples. Apples had need tried to shoot an apple.
SK girlfriends head in modern until I got away with it, and there is a two part broadcasts on a Christian. I listen to that. dark life. He had married dark, but you know he's gay enough already well known ass, a thing is parents were red, is how well he was sleeping. man, but I know that he was well know either he's gay and is openly gay in the books. Just a dark dark in all the drugs alleges that oh yeah get a girlfriend, which is interesting, is kind of a beard. I guess maybe that's why I killed her. couldn't, handle it heading in or out of their yeah beer wild lifestyle. Oh you tell the story of Erin Stitch com. Eating hard Rock on his arm and, though not really leaving enough on the back of a lot of vat on his bang jacket on his jacket. Oh, I missed. the whole thing anyway, but YAP leading leave enough space, which reminds me of John Molly
needs special, come back kid he opens with that joke about. Like he's adding a birthday sign like everyone's been there. It's funny, because is so true everyone's been there you someone, I need to spend some I'm getting into because everyone I like worship, some, I think he's, so What I like about that joke, specifically in a lot of his jokes, are theirs. so obvious? They get seems like, like Seinfeld, jokes kindness. I guess I don't know enough time felt retains the air not have enough about that. Bear the brig they're, like the EU situations, everyone's ban, any talk about taking a cab into the city and the drivers constantly re evaluating his position on the road like this is the way he's articulating this experience. We all how much time is like it is really funny yeah. Does The devil is my favorite words, not like some outrageous story. It's like turn
the light on to something we already knew. You now writes CORE Ehrlichman scientific breakthrough. We ve all Mr Andor Yanza realize you didn't you ve. Had it wrong, we ve all done. It sounded like that's fine when you said wrong wrong This all guys in here and love to have their hands all real. I get their hands already. Sometimes you slip and its voice enough. I think maybe it's just your voice. Let us be clear: I do not do a good Vince wanted, oh it's a to. Let everybody knew it consistently wrong. You, which we found out on this trip. I could do better, Sanders. A little girl I sixty five percent now is a fund discover tat how tall is Andy? Six one cause your time, I him being tall and how most people say. Andy, I didn't know you'd be so talk, as is always annex economy, but then we didn't say how tall he was. I just want to tell everyone six one. You tell me about what happened to you, an elevator in Chicago.
The elevator arose, client than you got out and the doors are shutting you heard them say: oh she so much shorter and realize he's so tiny and then that live. Show our guest basically said that too, like I looked smaller person, that's a character. That's what I'm Andrews had, but that was in Chicago because we got you gotta elevator. He told us I where we saw Kirchner, and I said the commissioner, whose also sixty I said, do people than endlessly tell you yet, all are in realising said yes and then just told you, you are smaller and realise what we decide is it probably most people get recognise are either smaller or taller than the person's thinking, but it must be like consistent for everyone, but it makes sense to give us looking at. Pictures and of how d you can now return, crews gets it. Don't worry, spell Catalepsy he's like five seven or something right. Everyone knows he's sure, but people
No, that is true, and people know that I'm small, but I think when you're seeing it, it is different. Andy does seem much taller. He does yeah bugs most just because you ve seen him in tandem some yeah. Ok, so we talk about peacocks sure and it gave the sound of a peacock as I only got that sounds like peacock. It sounds like the word. Ah, writing- and I was like a maybe they're named pick up because of the noise, so I looked it up and that's not true, but I found something else interesting. The collective name for peacocks is p foul. There actually not called peacocks. The males are Peter argues that of the Ep Cox yeah. I know you call male birds, Cox right, like roosters hogs, but peacocks are male female p fowl, see you
according to the female tee thou, that's very hard to say it's almost a pound room like that when I'm looking at anyway, female p vow is called a p hen, paean, so Peacock P hand and the baby, it's called a paycheck. Ah I tell you tat way, Ah, that's great Armenia, like when we talk about being asian food and take eyes, incorporate some air ports, slash malls. Well, if I'm gonna talk about CLO Portugal airport end on this Albuquerque Airport Also good of you know what I was a boy I'll bring it home, Burbank Airport, not great right, but you know
Money is in your analysis that what you're writing an airport based on israeli funny, it's not the same as mine mine, is convenient for getting in and out of, ad hoc or like. I have never waited more than six minutes at Burbank Airport from the ticketing be counter to the gate. Of course, I pick the Burbank Airport for travel any day if I could, but so cluster ass, but your evaluating with them all matters. I am diametric metric Burbank, zero. Allow me mad zero, more, like George Zimmermann's physical fitness point, five five yeah, I'm sorry airports if they're gonna get away home or bank airport. The George Zimmermann report, as everyone knows, that all right. I love you. Have you have those women, ok