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Armchair Expert Holiday Spectacular

2018-12-24 | 🔗

Join us for our first annual holiday party featuring musical guests Jackie Tohn, Hannah Anderson and Kristen Bell. Also, Monica, Dax and Wobby Wob reflect on the year.

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Reilly, is welcomed. Arms export, I'm Dac Shepherd, I'm joined by, Pad man yeah hobby was a high worry We'd have Wabi while get on the MIKE for Christmas episode. Our Christmas, by so Swine holiday, special shrouded, early national, Slash, end of the year around out there. I am because the New year's knocking on our back door. Sarah, yeah
oh Mamma, your suffering through my Riley's bid, I just can't get enough of it a lotta. I do so. It's been a very big year for us here the biggest year, yeah and especially year, incredibly space. We came out on Valentine's day. Yes me up, while we were Who knows all the Dietz it here? has been nearly a year, and I think the three of us got together and we decided to do this in. Any of our wildest dreams. Did we think that this would be the outcome that come under its become yeah very shocked, a very grateful to all of our arm Terry's from helping it grow? Like yeah cause. Not only are the armchair is listening. Are also the their promise. Retiring on our behalf, working.
Burning, non arm, cherries and arm cherries. They're doing my keys instead, didn't Jesus do their fingers like disciples, went order. It was more like a multi level marketing where it where Jesus in this situation. How I see? Well, I don't love me that I cannot get out of here. Into the court leaders, lad ass. I don't I'm insane man you're. Have you you're trying to gain traction with that? So we have a very special Christmas episode for you, with lots of singing by wonderful gas montoni of a favorite moment of this year. The society with this pod guess what your favorite episode my feeling pursued was well. Ok, look! I love Wendy Wendy's was such a good atmosphere, Wendy mogul Doktor Wendy.
Yes, a new law as well, but you volley already knew a lot about, so it was an incredible episode. I wanted it to keep going, but idle I might even if so was com, o Brien, really yeah, oh wow, sitting here in the room, it's so different, fer, you ve, probably, is probably a little different fur. What people here verses what's happening in the room, energy wise and I just thought he was so special rights and had so much entered intangible energy, which makes sense as to why he set his he's him. Yes, storm accident is not an accident and he was so engaging and I think and thoughtful and
cone any new as all the things I Davis, I enjoyed him very much, but also you got two probably see aside that you, because you had never heard him on stern. Our hearing, a sincere side of him that was kind of it was new yeah yeah. I really liked him, and I, like TAT up said, allow Wabi, robbed you ve represent cannons up there too, for me think Jason bigs in Brooklyn the Funniest one. For me, that's a fine why that was a relief yeah. I think they call me by surprise to and being funny I dont know. I would be way too hard for me to say a favorite, because obviously my mom's he's probably my favorite. Your mom's is, but we I almost kid, don't even included because it was in that idiot, frontier yeah too cheap is an emotional soccer upon yeah, absolutely but am, but there were moments in many of these interviews that were particularly delightful making.
It would sit heiress LA that also God he was so special oh god, about her real highlight of two thousand eighty meaning Ike Baron holds who ate we'd never even met in. He made me laugh so hard. I mean there were so many good ones. For me, the my favorite moments of the whole year easily are when we do live shows, and I bring you one stage and I hear people clap for you. I love you so much that makes me feel the very happiness for someone who is known you for five years and feels like you deserve that in much more. Thank yes, a wonderful, the witness, thank like your emotional region. I think about it, yeah that the armchairs are very kind to me very real love, their mammoth badman yeah. The fact checks are, I know what I mean is hunts, sounds self absorbed to say my favour itself
marine, some or all of that self, a grand. I owe you a good while of it, but I do love doing those because we get we get to go into. Ozone. Do our thing amounts for what was your favorite factory fight? That's a great question. Wabi fact check fight or my favorite fact check is Sophia's. Probably does I just favorite axis of the Bush, not drama girls. Joe MC hails. Your re Europe live every year, is a deadly that by far the best, when we ve done subjectively the guy that off the table agreed. Your mom's, like it's so good that you can't even petted and that's not. Why are you gonna, throw it out? That's Rennes tainting the whole batch. Shall we start opening some presents for first of all the present I got Wabi. Why is not here because it it happened through the entire web, what their resume shipping malfunction
Nor now it was you can with virtual. It was Ta Virtual gasped in what was the gift gift card to Bestia my favorite restaurants, here in early youth, Montague, yours so thoughtful a lobby. Love is a thirty, as we all know, and we let hydrant rapid, realize what a food you why you always when we go to do alive, show in another city, of an itinerary of where we are to eat me up, less than what was your favorite, give a break. Your heart was the the Berger her New York was. The Berger at Emily's is right, went out off the table than that for actual on yeah Debbie. That's the best where we have ever had my wife so, but actually the raw be web centres to men, these hot chocolate in Chicago.
And that was phenomenal. That was phenomenal, and then I had missed the Austin meal that you guys had that he would. She go oh yeah with the milk balls kind about that. That was great idea. Tat yeah he's really steered us in the right direction: colony, airily speaking, yes, and he he watches all the cooking shows. So he saw me on final tables. The first time robs been excited to be working with us when I was on final table, yeah sure is: can we build on them at the same time, Colleagues, I am a piece of shit. All this episodes going do is exposed. Me is not having gotten you guys anything yet it I mean what a disaster this is for me. A beautiful wrapping paper monarchy must appreciate it monitors an expert wrapper. Maybe I didn't rap
yours very good today, because you said it triggers so I didn't do it, I'm almost too nice. I feel super guilty. Destroyer, this is almost like. An auditory unpacking those videos that people like guy well we'll have to put some thought there's a back to it is a work jack yet with them. Binary, aren't cheer expert, there's roman numerals on the back established in M M acts v. Why? I, I hope that's right! Well, I think it's funny I think it's really shouldn't seems right, yeah, ten and views of five and in three that eighteen, and that is when we were established. This is gorgeous disgorge. Ask all the members only Yes, I'm wrong. I hope you get yourself one. I got one vote
guys but worry nabbed. Definitely where this the next time we try have all matching an airport like we're? U Piazza something! Absolutely thanks. Why I'm gonna give that two jingles now is for a month ago he opened the other, I'm ok, it's a beautiful paper. Let me just walk everyone through it. It's a white! background with red raised lettering in cursive. Merry Christmas or Christmas married depending on where you look at it is, I have to imagine this was at least twelve dollars was it. What are you spend your roles of rather a lot ray? I were already you did it for well, this one is firm paper source, but there's a store in Venice. I'm specialty sore eyes until DAWN Vana said I got a lotta wrapping paper from that's
Oh boy. I think we all know what the oh, my goodness its healthy page. Eighty years, well- you might- I knows, Charlie Curtis, the perfect ten and I love texting each other about healthy fats whenever we're having a meal. That includes are essential, healthy fats we like to takes each other, a photograph of any talk about two times gains are three times gains were obsessed with gains and healthy fat. So this year's calendar is entitled healthy fats and its boy lets you haven't opened its. I hope all the images look right get nervous, boy. What's your regard here, oh oh wow, yeah we're going to have to policies because Charlie he strapped assault on a wall SL. I am connotation lighten their photo. Actually that's. What are your robs red? Oh, my goodness,
It looks like he's staring at a huge ball of fire to save his loved ones, are inside our bilateral God, bless them out in their waters. Smoke smoky I'd, look and then his back that Dell toys the rear, delves trap, Z, absolutism ass, it's all on this way in this photo for Marge. Oh, my goodness he's doing like a gymnastics move, your worries, my kind using levitating Fernanda was rings and the veins or pop and rarely pop Now we should make me. I was in love with him, as I am I dont all colors eyes are that's interesting as having that's kind of a boy thing. Do you know what color people's eyes are rob? I really know yeah? It's weird and girl seemed always know what someone's I cried out. Oh, you know I'm very unaware of peoples As I know what color Charlie's eyes are now. I have no idea. Bellew, I wouldn't gas bellew you'd have to assume
he's very areas so area unless you that lorry staring at his family burning that was a louder voice. We should remember that the other cobalt, oh wow, that same issue that eyes are not the feature that I'm most drawn to which it is for a lot of people robbed you of a future that you version. How can you you're nervous, say a real answer. He has a real answer, but he's not even this isn't the lovely wife, Natalie PRY listens and might not have that its Parker socially. That's all! Well, that's helpful. What? If he said beards fish- oh, my goodness december- is too hot for comfort
he's in a tower immense all he's in, and it is my crown above shaft yeah yeah. I mean you're almost to his equipment, were almost what an image as two thousand nine tone: ass, a beautiful counter. Ok, there's one more give that give two is obligatory at that this the gift, I just gave you the calendar. Ok, it's not like your! How, on those yearly, your son, yeah moves on its gonna, be a good right. Then what have Charlie yourself?
What must be better actually gets out of shape is keep it going. We might bending over time issue. The tablet is bought crack here and it's gonna fly out somehow now this is. We walk you through this paper. This is a full glitter red sparkly paper. It's very high quality paper. The tagging here enjoy your fuck fast. Is the tags? Has that's got my interest? P see here where we were doing? Ok, so I see on the box, it's a Ferrari box and you know how much I like Ferraris K. Oh my gosh himself the parrot keys right. Oh my god, I urge you found,
and a model of the Ferrari F F, which is the station wagon like Ferrari that I'm obsessed within now I have it is a model. Where did you find this Veronica? I found I founded on Ferrari for hurry dying. Our Maria Ferrari made that so now you have a Ferrari F, F, oh, my goodness. I have a two thousand and eleven Ferrari. If it actually says we year, it is on the plans act. A replica of this is beautiful. This is gorgeous what a beautiful
did you know we vast Monica Rob, but we ve. Never s you. What is your dream? Car? You? Don't carry their earlier like a really here that I would just get a Tesla. That's the option if you're rich and you don't care yeah, I mean you wanna be eco friendly and anyone who have a nice car like porsches to ETA. My best friend growin up his daddy's to race. I'd like to see you pull up here in a nice Porsche. Let's get you they're nice, a portion, a lot of people say Porsche Porsche sounds potential. It sounds. We're doesn't allow our shared values. Maybe talk here. I would appreciate your guys again. I'm humiliated that I haven't prepared and gotten you anything yet, but you gave us there well. What I want to say was: please take anything from this room that you want of those very little to be had in this area.
Couple Y all, but one of my racing trophies Monica how well I've always why one of those used old racing troll. Well, what you dig the other day, though, that we need to call a present was an original work of art. That's right, Balzac, cowboy onto my balls, cowboy paintings, which now is hanging in your apartment. It's hanging and hung it today and how does it pair with the rest of the room? It stands out, and I love it, you don't even need a like point or why there is is lit from within. I had some people ever on Friday and everyone asked about a all. It's a conversation start absolutely air in was the overall feeling on it was it was a pretty poorly drawn. Now you always tried to pretend like you're, not gonna drive, in your actually very good. It's a very good painting, actually there's a lot of detail on the cowboy boot this
I have like colors in it is not just a blue sky. It has like some worldwide. Oh my god, it's really good, there's glancing mere some like dappling, some cactuses, our food, our way one cactuses directly behind. I don't even know how you did that I came in a mad and I would have done it I want to hear you talk like that, because you so good at everything the notion that you can figure out about their captors, buying them the penis all right here. I was very impressed and happy to have a hanging in my home. Well, you guys are going home for Christmas or Atlanta bound in Chicago bound and I'm staying here and I'm going to be lonely without you guys and I'm going to miss you. I miss you and you know we're going to have a wonderful two thousand and nineteen, if you're very bullish about
We have some tremendous gas lying down. Yeah, there's some tremendous experts. He had two thousand nineteen gonna be really fun for the arm. Chair gang it's alive shows too that's right. Arm chair gang, I always thought I was gonna get a second. To a gang like art. So now I invite everyone to attend are on our first annual all arm Chair Christmas Party yeah with our very special guess mark. I love you so much and rob. I love you so much. Thank you so much for giving me this furnace experience have had that. I can remember other than children. Of course, of course, believe you, Thank you. I love you stating their. We are supporting
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absurd or domain that squares based dot com Dax enter Kodaks. We are supported by the Cypriot GO by Chrysler. Monica there's been a big development and our life there has. You have taken ownership of my van by car, is in chambers and them or any so there is here, it was hit on the street only or in Chicago inside me using the Chrysler Pacifica and been driving it all over tat. You love, it really is great, drives easy, you're afraid it was gonna, be too big. I let my honest. I was very hesitant to drive, and I said it drives like a little car in union. Believe me, but now you believe me. I really do have enabled a parallel park. This is how we know you love. It is that you have yet to even deal with your car. The cars been sitting in our front yard. For now nine ten days in going to jail, you called
Insurance governing Nope having call them- and I bet it's because you love that Pacifica so much new. I like the rear, video tat yeah, it's very nice how about the ceding for seven or this automatic stowing seats? I love that's nice. Now the only thing that could make them the vain you're driving, even better as if it were their new hybrid, the hybrid, is so awesome. It's a plugin hybrid and you would average eighty four miles to a gale. Yet thirty three miles appear electric range, just by plugging it in for total range of five and twenty miles, and it will charge up in his little is two hours,
and here is the best part given. That is the end of the year, and you want to take advantage of those tax breaks. Pacifica qualifies for up to seventy five hundred dollar federal tax credit, and it also qualifies you for the HIV Layin access jealous we're gonna, have to upgrade to high red hair and went back so cool hello, everybody, your hearing, a chorus of gales. In the background our Christmas Party is about to begin and before we launch and the first. Everybody's so, while everyone else in the room first took to my immediate left is Jackie tone, sir. I do here for so many years. I now going on a love letter over eleven low over eleven in Jackie, of course, who plays Mailros on LAO Steer. That's right right, this true yeah.
Just told a story about getting sexual on the show. Briar yeah shouted. I shouted the hour out no details as poisonous boys. Just you know, if you're in the mood to watch some sexual, tat. I look. No further, look no further boobies everywhere copious copious aerial wall, a Wall wall to Wall or Yola. If you look just say that we don't know, what's going to happen and glow Before we talk about that, have you ever been nude in something? I'm not you has not, and is it something that you thought under the perfect circumstances, this is general Christmas Quest you mean by the western and of course only around my Hanukkah table at home in New York with you talk about when we're gonna be nude. If we're going to be new cities in the things like that, so sure Uncle Harvey gets involved, it's all think Wall lighting or about
by the way we have it here, for you. Do you notice that he has its b? I didn't notice, it Hanukkah is over, and it's looks so in that man over Louisville Unif. Are you allowed to light it is Hanukkah is over? Is that like insulting this bad luck, but I don't know unless we, Google, I wouldn't, want I don't know than you think. Well I can imagine that there is like a bad luck associated with it. I think we throw any sort of work or religion out the window and say: let's just go for fuckin photo we exact. I we have gonna prioritize looking about another, but at least you're gonna yeah. I'm clean uninteresting guys think if we're going to light the manoeuvre let up in flame and I can do the prayer and then we can really light or guises is becoming a multi cultural events which I am so happy about. I started up on Kwanzaa which weirdly, but none of this is traditional, but this year once it is on the twenty sixth one of the most jobs or on the counter or not, but this year
majority is here we know when to acknowledge it. I know Hanukkah jumps around for sure how I did and prayer. First you light. The Sharm is, which is the lot, which is the tallest candle in the middle, and then you take out the shah mess and you start left to right, and you say: baroque, Ta Hoddan, I aloe hey New Meloth, how long a share Katy show knew, but its vote of vets, evil, blah hard leak, Nair Shell Hanukkah man, you are done and then you say a man having other than what is it Is it religious, Jackie tone to just say it? I just want to hear fast once so its per hectare, Nihilo, hey Nobel, how Lama share Kitty shouted permits for poverty? Vanilla hardly can shall Hanukkah tasty
and I got a real honest, real tree. I areas in the middle of it. I start getting suspicious you're making some of the sounds like anyone else feel that way out, but then repeat the exact replica. Then you went in the Euro zone is like one just sings. Happy live. We manage our union's swedish parties like you, must be borne in half of it, but then worse of repetition. You start realizing by God. This guy knows the song by God. Ok, now do Jackie tones immediate laughed is Kristen Bell. What I heard about the mom of this whole party. Welcome on thanks. Thanks remain a part of the Christmas Spectacular had to be here, glad to be the man and, of course we
of minute. Your mouse to your last very is not not all that exciting we can move on. Manic, appeared man and then a really special guess. Hannah Anderson now just to second readers, Digest story of how. You came to be in this attic. I think, as it would be of interest to people is. Someone recommended that I listened to the song blood by Middle EAST. Great, why level song. I went on Youtube to listen to a radiance, insults, crimes on television and other products or youtube production. Not everyone should check out, but I went on there. I listened I saw it, was amazing and then on the right. It suggests these other versions of the song and there was yours, you had done a version in your bed, Durham in Houston, Texas, and I wept-
Listen! Do it over and over again, and I every time wept and then I came home and I told person, oh my god, you have to watch his girl. Seeing what were you? Seventeen, I think so. Always all dicey when you come to your wife, entire check out this hot, certainly less energy discovered, but also wept. When I saw it was so moving and sincere and honest in lovely. There was also just something so beautiful, you been in your bedroom, trying to express yourself in Houston, Texas that I found to be so Sweden intoxicating. So I think I may be tweeted. Everyone show. She's, video and there may be some are you saw that in the we became twitter friends in Dan fast forward to a couple years, it's like a year to fast forward, then I'm in Hollywood, Pasadena Do you not for the first time they California man
I sent you a direct message. Hi I'm here to want to meet me young ten should really worry, and now you exactly into your. I wasn't because in the interim of those two years decks, I remember it had at length some. How did you get her parent? Twitter, your parents, Yom adherents of Twitter. Yes, somehow I tweeted itobad saying if my A girls I five daughters that grow up that play music in their bedroom is sincerely and honestly as yours. You I'll be the happiest day. The world, and there was like an already a very comfortable for meal. It wasn't like it and there is nothing to be nervous about. There wasn't crags loves parents some dark Sherpa vile, so you said I'm in, to deny said how long you said, I don't know for how long and I so Are you doing here, and you said I,
and tell you why I immediately news american Idol and will bring it back to Jackie tone for a second subject: each Shaw, Jackie Shoney's, yeah, sure. That's all that was your singers name that might make. When I was on idle, I did go by Jackie Shoney's Shoney's, my spanish for underpants Monday's New Shoney's becoming Shoney's who loved Shoney's on the floor. I was made so anyways I get so excited. Christian, oh, my God Anna's in Pasadena Kind of Adam Certain there that's the thing you say when you're out like when I did I'd everyone's like wary ETA in you, I would they sent a mass email that was like hey guys, go and because they are your friends like with it. We all know what it means to go. Do reality tv. You can't talk about it, so you have the biggest
We obviously all know if you are going somewhere. We know it's something you can't say it's. Obviously, I know you're right, I'm just says on Pasadena than fabulous, passing inventive ass. I d never got to worry about a guy's I'll, be right in Rancho Cucama, while we I just set off the grid. Her Maxie thanks, guys It's it's elusive. Its mysterious sounds eco friendly. May I join the sagoths all composting every The way you know Jackie was on american idol. Is she just says idle? like. We know when you're in wedding risers, it's like when you're way treasures. You just say crashes, oil, rational through that some so embarrassed housing meal. Can you make it sure than I very ambitious all now here's the sad part of a story about five hours later. Not me
going home unhappy raised were chosen Zat about as a way when are you going home and it just so happens to be- was right before Christmas yeah and we were to leave to go to Oregon as we do as our tradition, we leaving the next morning so we said come knew our house in New came with your to your friend yeah. Your buddies, Ambrosch Young and we had Lucifer's pizza that was Delicious spying on renewing Lucifer's, beta location, press ward, heelers location, breast Dave. Our businesses, what happened? The sudden I'd like to vote. Hang on Fridays during what I hope is over, and then you were generous enough to play blood for us in the living room and again I cried
You like it so funny and acute need our beside yourself that she was in our living room, and you kept saying manifested the door is useful your parents, alma then suddenly market so that, where we ve become friends, I was over six years ago or something maybe longer since moved here and on one occasion you came over and Jackie came over and we had an impromptu Christmas Carol. Sing sing along mankind. It now ones out dad up to speed and we are working on album right now. I am it. Does it already have a title? It doesnt have a title yet. But I'm gonna go under an artist named for the first time I M very excited sister
Yes, I do feel that that slightly stronger than Jackie, little. I feel happy for you. I also feel a little mostly I do feel jealous amnesia employees. Big, the latin territories as big as it out national anti jewish vans. Where varied, that's, why I have five sons ready to go? Some gynecologist drop those of the next I'm a start at the end of January it s. Now I have you. Ve agreed, as you were first show us. Yeah scheme section of what are you going to play like like a little pearl, harbor behaviour? That is one that I am one thing I am I'm not going out. One thing I am, and that is that I do know this from experience. The pointer sisters are very litigious yeah. I just don't want them to come after you legally.
And I want to say that one of the pointer sisters is now saw them. Your podcast and Monica fact check will make that abundantly clear. No stepping on the toes of the We are so strongly vanished. First sister, Emma manner. Maybe you should go for that as you want the land nothing you log in law. Couldn't Burma. Listen to me! That's the title of the album. No, the title of the album is her manner movie gully under an area that has not exacerbate the level must be made when he did it. When voting on a smile on itemised like we now do, you know have legitimacy idleness. Monica has to look about where she so embarrassed for me when I do voices when I seeing anything, that's kind of How do you know that as it may, I stared at him and eyes do while it's not fun
Goin layers lights in the news. Guys. This song, is cultivating Me, sir. He's heard these time these fines, in two, here,
Person ever stop playing moment were my own, we're having a hard time afghan voice I'm gonna sound, so corner, but I'm going to say there are so few people's voice or when you hear it, you literally think you're looking at their heart, yeah, there's like you haven't when you hear sister and an weirdly, the pointer sisters. Oh my Ernest well. When that rating we will have to take five in his hold one another. We give your folks on the phone you don't want to
ask him if he'll raise our daughters rolled up, pick them up and then drop them back off under eighteen, and they were just. They sounded like that Well, maybe next sister, that not everybody will they are sisters, the other major absent tat. Only tackling it entails would be more more likely to be sued by the litigious pointers There is cause they would have to them. We are writing there. May I point out that there would be fighting February forgot. How cross border point is this What what is it? What's? The first Christmas song that worth thinking about Deborah dogs into
back on idle was right to do that and I now feel ashamed. I just didn't even know I was doing it and then so there, when I got light, gets shone like Jesus had as special ten years when I get back and cumbersome vital it is that we do any terms they America now damned. May I was twenty eight eyes bout of peoples do when people comedy I feel for that you can do their hundred percent in there. Aren't you like there s an hour after the very way, less cool acronym tv previous got picked up. For a season GDP has any idea. What have I shortened? The ranch suggests ranch that I'd be the worse because it just the right back on our shoes land, for, if you just called it, are understood new relating to please.
You know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna sing a song in the interim. Why you guys figure this out? Can I we should? I think it over Neither am I as already dealt with this a lot today no, it's not. No, not really I just love Ali, he winds up red towards. I don't even know who this is. What Monica can cope with? please note of all the data that was easy. When I look at the phone yellow
yeah yeah I, who deserve our filled a little way. You need a layer between us. Maybe it would have. We got you glasses, Monica, like you, know, I count shade like blue blockers. I would we wish Elvis had done. A Jew, this song in Hebrew just think about I dont disrespect of organs rose. That sounds amazed at the beginning is alarming. Getting scared out. I have to move, whole ribcage. To get that sound to come. I know what that's really. While you was jerked his hips all around designs, chance to jostle lose that sound us now may accompany his hat is right, but the so says
I've got to go now. Everything is It doesn't show signs of some com, down? It's no snow snow me when we finally kiss a girl it out in the story, but it really hall now. Do you want is slowly dying by the? U s goodbye?
miss. All who is now is now is no thousand hours is what a nice icebreaker at sea. He sprang like eyes is broken all home. Does anyone to tell us about their habit but in the singing I'd love to hear that going about Jackie, an idle but align about earlier, How I got your worst isolating was four years into saying, see our deep country guardian, aren't you sing sing because my dad is singer, songwriter and eyes, saying so-
arms around the piano, with my dad as early as gonna see age, five, but there's videos of me at three. I was in Numb summer camp because my parents worked there, and so it was like this family thing. The five of us me, my parents, my two brothers would go to. Camp and there is a video of me at three years old, singing the greatest love of as a duet like one of the other peak kids like whose parents work there. She was also like three or four and we're seeing in the greatest love of all and its the beginning, like our four are my two hands and her two hands or to holding this teeny tiny dismay and slowly, but surely I'm pulling the microphone away from her and she is arms out stretched holding the MIKE in front of me and I'm holding it Tibby to be tight rate to my mouth and, by the end,
the song. This poor little baby girl just became like a glorified, might stand any wrong, so I guess that's the deepest kind. When then, I really didn't on learning to play an instrument. All I was like twenty because I moved out of the house, and I was eighteen o my dad had always, unlike like sort of a supportive lovely way, but like it gold mine, not laying an instrument, because any time I needed instrumentation or needed too right a song or sing a song. He was always there. He would write with me in seeing with me so moved out of the house and moved to allay. I was singing with a friend and he was a gets cool. Actually Juno taught me how to play. Guitar is rest in peace, bread, rent for Amber that actor or no, certainly not. I was gonna movie with him that no one, ever saw earlier and was singing. We were singing like just the blues and he was like York. It's you can really seeing the blues. You should play guitar like that, all up the whole thing
in boys. Brad musically hide with a guitar player real. He sort of saying, like real sorted. Turkey, Tom Wade, see, but he played the shit out of a guitar. They taught me a bunch of blues cords and then for the first, like two years, I've played music. I only wrote blue songs causes only for cords. I can play a key seventy seven d, maybe the b seven and I was it can just go back to in what capacity mom and dad work at the camp, because that was not their full time job This was only summer, but we didn't have like we weren't. I don't want to pay. This picture likely were soup were underprivileged, but we couldn't afford sleep away camp. We're like you, send your kids away for two months. It's like ten grand summer would ever so. My parents work there. My dad was like the head of the kitchen: filling wasn't a chef. He was like just ahead of us all. The waiters and my mom was like some sort of a cat.
Mom like if you needed a toothbrush, she would go, get it or needed to take a ride to there. She was sort of transport augur. Grandmama, sorted transport ended, there may get worse or more funds. I got. I think the last thing I would want to my parents to be observed me one hundred. I was sorry, Brady CAT Worry, ward, neurotic prude, my tire childhood that I was just like very by the book and very look. I didn't go visit boys in their banks. The staff- and I was scared- knows what did more to get caught. Everything was about like by the book No, you need a real one. Eighty, what age? I remember seeing your diary, where you like, deep the condoms, I'm onto your diary and put his name like practical fingerprinted, the guy that you had sex, like a seventy, that's all true everything. Everybody is that here is true. The best thing about Jackie as she has of a handful of embarrassing stories, but she is embrace them to such a degree like no one else of everything we went and saw Jackie onstage go to
your journal and if anyone mortified inch even a video of her at her bought mitzvah, acting like a total, do yeah we're not accede on bossing everyone around I'm just running the fucking. Literally wiping off the cases of holocaust survivor, maybe a joke agenda that was very wide area like modem. I was a monster. I don't know where that came from its broadest Jeanette Ojeda, so I think it was like celebrated in a way it was like. It was funny than like this little tiring tyrant, I'll, have the pleasure of hearing Jackie sing with her dad, and it was one of them. It really was one of the most special experiences I have ever gonna see. I think
actually read afternoons like what was the occasion, the entire we're just over the house, and it was a random. There was another random sang along, but it was just Jack in her dad in her dad was playing a tar, impose, guitar and keys. I think we were probably is Meanwhile, you still gazed at him. Oh that's like are that's our go to so our special thanks mom talk about liking parent, c of the mass pair you, how does it work as an aside story? Another very important detail by Jackie's life is that Bela her mothers? I know her appearance very well, because jacking I've been close for fifteen years, but Adela is this.
Adorable little jewish woman and she is obsessed with consignment and thrift shops, but she doesn't just take anything. She's incredibly thought a selective and every time she finds like a loser, baton, wallet like under a bunch of random other plastic purses. She will call Jackie and she will say Jackie, say the exact sentence you get on your answer machine once a month. I have in my hand a fairly. Go change vintage. It's gotta be from the late seventies early, nothing. I have in my hand- and we ve done that's understood each other for a dozen years dozen years- seven our hands from at least a dozen years. Many things you have another sign before you find out how mommy get if she could ever remember how mommy got into singing you look any guessing Canada What are you thinking by the way I'm menorah burns quite quickly in the files in on you said that, because of you,
Do I retire early in life is something I have to say. I was actually just thinking rather manoeuvres really going or does it We burn out, unlike sixty seconds, sixty seconds, but I think I've been what twenty twenty minutes Lastly, if you know the point of the manoeuvre is that when the Jews were under attack, there was enough oil. They thought it was enough oil for one day with Burma diverted for eight days in eight nights in it, kept the Maccabees alive and able to fight and able to come back and have food in a place for them to be warm in the Temple, and so it should. I guess technically burn for longer than twenty minutes, but for a day railway, as you well know, of any got out, the alighted each day is also not a miracle. Today I mean it is cause for altogether.
But it has to be a miracle to last for aid to augur well. I guess now that you say about what is now that we know that this thing normally burns owned by seventy seconds, for it to go, a day's ideas by God, mirror how that is a bona fide erika, although they didn't have candles, they just had oil. Can lamp oil well oil, probably heart disease outlets and argue Why don't I dreaming? No eight years ago, dream smile, schools,
schools too. in my view, smooth
you guys. I'm is truly value. A Christmas cheer, I'm feeling, like the grants, like my heart, swelling up a little bit Does. Europe is on the rise out, still small normality in Scotland too big. When did you start singing and blame instruments? I started singing Literally when I was a baby. My has for me like playing as our financing, but I did my first like official performance when I was nine at my sister's fifteenth Ginza Vienna. So that the airlines in yes, my mama's MAX or your mom's Maximilian. Ok, I'm great yeah yeah. She was born in a re, no Sir Mexico
move to Texas Rangers examined all the more reason to call her album airline and when I was at that very closely to your parents. He didn't pick up that Mexican, my? U Jackie area and origin stores, all high lottery consistent because you know I like dad's got. It Yes, your dad was black and, among all the whole families boy asked her visitor, a penchant for fathers and sure sure yeah yeah. That's that's what I did first performance, and then I was like ok. I know this is what I wanna be. Do so then I started learning the guitar when I was fifteen. My brother taught me a few. Words and then use a year I just love learner and Don t. You go quit teaching me and then I just picked the rest on Youtube in from you too,
Tourism is really nice. You can learn anything honour above the loungers diagram, and the second about how gorgeous your brother is yeah, I'm All my my brothers and sisters are all beauties, surely think real handsome family, but the other that I man, whose back bouncing back and forth for Josh, Georgiana home? Yes, marks a vision, really, truly young fell right out of the sky care, I was a little sad when I'm Madame Danglars, I d him angel wars, your highness, because you're the only ten I'm sorry, The right there You have again Senora, I didn't, but I did have a sweet. Sixteen o n, you guys, are really.
We're all over the brawl over the news. Anybody about Miss when you're really be pepper, whose arising we now tells us need sixteen was it like that show it was. It was pretty I tried to make it like that show? My theme was hip hop Hollywood manufacturing, so I had a red carpet with the graffiti backdrops everybody got to take a photo as they came in, and I designed my own dress in my who made it for me. I think one of my aunt Jane it for me Then I have like up breakdown are there and I did a performance was years ago I had a seed. Sixteen, it was a small group dinner at melting pot. I love love to respect
I don't think I've ever heard. Mind becomes a small group of generating melting pot. Funky somebody check knows everything everyone, everyone being thirty up front, so they would have to deal with my internet. We deal if you have it. I want to make only last night and have to spend a lot of Did you referred to it as a swede? Sixteen worse, you did. This is a big thing. Honey birthday that you have at sixteen is a sweet one. Ok I'll ride sweet. Sixteen yeah you're just occurred to me: do you think people are going to be able to tell the difference between the who's talking when Monica talking? I am talking good question. I can totally down well. I know you guys reanimates, why you don't know if you're not like super in tune people they, don't now you want to know something I was like out hopefully be able to tell, can be and then more it was Monica where you were like well and when you started. I was like ok grit. Well what
Also like, oh, I don't know, there's wagging their job, I'm a good place. I did. I did one line or two lines and senior. If such an attack you or your spectacular but I'm being Kristen. That's why I got it. I am being Eleanor and I got Since I sound like her, they cast me a lot of people tat. We will comment regularly if, when they're, both on the show that there are very confused really interested in symptoms, when Christian is listening to my mom a pull at work, people think she's. Listening to herself. I kid you not six or seven people have asked me that no just wasn't a reactive yours, like TED, has looked having gone. Are you just watching yours, health and you're, so many men do yourself, you're laughing so loud it what you just said,
accidental Dingle bells guys are women having this worrying issue, this man with reindeer and our hurrying on the serious clerk glaring callback? Ah, yes, it's we ever what we figured out as you now, these butterflies will migrate to the same tree in South America, even though they ve never been in that vat rate like butterfly trees. Are is arranged for a ha were hard because her hair and even on the roof all week. I dont want to call an infestation. Hang it invades what it is all other off. All they my name, I don't worry, I'm can we just have allies on them
nor is it says, Lenin. I just wanna- make safety work too cold. Here everybody feels save about this with an occasional, let alone still burning. I can't think of a better way to die than we were off by flames has resumed on and there were dissolves sing Eileen and then it is in the air I was murdered. We do you, don't need another fire hearing, California Saunders Duty, my mom, my mom senses are tingling and its when everybody to check in what you know, mom you ve met. My good friend can Kennedy. Of course, yes, and he was in a couple scenes of this movie, the freebie there. Did they put him out of this dinner table. Seen and I watched play back and I go. Can you are so natural, like you're, so comfortable in front of the camera, and he goes all I was thinking about. Is his poorly made little thing. They've got a fire burning in and I'm
I am the hose over there and think, and how quickly can I get to that hose and put out this fire? No one's on this? So you just missed the whole experience that era, that is to say you look, I'm a good act area does not match the engine. Everything's gonna burst into flames line can Kennedy to have another sign, Jackie seems to really have a rather longer in the chamber. Very well Let us be prepared, because I felt Hannah was so prepared before Yeah girl was less so so I thought lemme get on Anderson's love. All that's like a good management style is to put people against one another yeah, I'm glad at that. Somebody with a very hate filled eyes, and I said I'm gonna do better next time. Sir Lee
Yes in June. So yeah then Sir oh
Sure. Stop how a few days
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as well as they Monica playing is for a full right now because I know Monica consumed as I've saying it that in the car, with her numerous times and she's playing this offer of? Oh she's ideology? Oh, oh, oh, give me yeah had music, you can make up a story. Theodora wow was and after Vietnam. Now I do kind of remember. I was a child who, like at five and six and seven made up a lot of songs just to myself and women also spent the majority of my time.
With my dog in talking to the dog, and neither is it a lot, a weird stuff and singing to myself. So often my mom noticed that maybe it would be something I would enjoy doing and I was always sort of too small to play sports, and so she took me into a voice teacher and I'd like a voice lesson- and this was probably I don't know I was like- I want to say- oh lamb or maybe even younger in the voice teacher was like you have to wait for her voice to change. So I just constantly say I have always had an ear that has been drawn to anything musical, whether it's like the subway cars beeping or any sounds. I hear on the street I'm extremely sensitive to anything that sounds like it could be music at which, by the way, perfect time to mention inches. Is why Jackie and I
working on the show on Amazon with Jackie created that is called dough. Re me that is exactly that concept and its Jackie and Michael Sharps creation, but they brought they know. I love music and it fits so well because I was a kid who heard music everywhere in the show on Amazon, which will be out, I think, at in twenty beginning, a twenty twenty, its of show about three little songbirds named o re me and they hear music everywhere, and so they here, like the woodpeckers in the area and there like. What's that beat, I gotta understand that beat anyways. That's aside, no because I think it's really important for kids, who feel music to explore it in some way, even if it's just their Pudica me- and I think my mom recognised that and I went back to them
his teacher after my voice a sort of changed. I guess, and I started doing nothing but music and I was competing in solar, ensemble competitions, which is like you know, it's just a dorky little glee club, where you travel around the country and sing like italian areas in the operatic songs and then one day after school. My voice teacher gave me the song green finches linnet bird from Sweeney Todd, which is a very operatic song by Stevens on time, but it was the first time I had actually ever sang in English and could understand the perspective of who I was singing about what I was singing about and I became
was like put it in my veins, and I wouldn't became obsessed with musical theatre in wooden wings. Estonian ass, I was going to say, could go in any direction on the put it in my and I didn't and acts and I locked eyes lining towards bought out. I thought I was coming on your aunt Jane. I I didn't think quick enough for it to be bought, but it wasn't veins the ash, both of you, you think I would have told the story where I said in the middle of my beautiful story about living music said put it in my by no means now, in fairness, maybe put it in my booty trap this makes up a point. I have long since said guys. I've been friends objective for so many years when I met my husband, unlike oh your Dax, like the amount of disgusting jokes, they make
the dinner table just to get a rise out of people, Jackie tone and act. Shepherd are the same person or a pervert. Almost cherisher heard you share alpha perverts all right, but you know we will sometimes say. Remember Han, are the ultimate compliment. We can give an experienced say we gave straight up the slayers when he's right at least say that, where we moaning gone trips, we went to Africa Trip, we gave it straight up the out your we gave it straight up. Yes, there are then, after the trip or cholera boy. We give it straight at the collar out yet another. It is in our house, become a complementary euphemism for a great great trip, and so I did it work out. Did you ever and up singing anywhere, provisional anger again, it's kind of us at last kind of sad stories also interesting, because we all know about your terrible memory, but you have a exquisite memory for music. You can like remember all the words to assign you saying when you are eight yeah. The rest of my brain is
broken, but that power is very much alive, no not broken just over full yeah. I agree with you one song that you remember from her childhood at you, I don't know than anyone does a better rendition of is the the crisscross slice song was its brighter slice. Esben sprite game move you anything, and I would. I would certainly like to hear it. It's a rap you. It's ok, this round. Hale Chris, what's up row was at hand. Is it s? The p r r d can understand a pretty twisty too pretty pretty winsome unexpectedness it. You could never miss a what's your name daddy, I may see, and what you drink as b t. Why cause it's a nice labour when you need their squinted like interests with the letter kicked night? No, that's kickin words or drink up drink up as what you gotta do. Why? Because I like this pride in you
that was a gay hired Mustang I've, never just a menorah, you guys. It's really! You got me and I looked at the manoeuvre. Like thirty minutes. Holdings is goin. Life is beautiful. Water perform, while wasn't expecting to hear that tonight, further resign. I'm thrilled that we dig for another Christmas miracle I have one more question about your musical nature here, because we have kids now how many Don't tell me you're doin. It opportune and am now to love singing and they love music, but I I'm nervous they're, not gonna. Do I ve, really laborious tedious
studying memorizing practising what were you did? You have to be coaxed into that? you just now. I willingly do all that. Will you are all well enough what the fuck out of your pillows right now. You are a musical genius because, when we watched idol, which we watched all the time and Harry Connick was a guest judge, you would often be listening to the person saying, and you would say all this technical mumbo jumbo and I would think you're just showing off there's no way that that's exactly what's going on in almost verbatim Harry Connick would give the exact same. Response. If you could see my head right now, listeners, it's the size of this room up on the roof of the clock and reindeer is often complement. Other market ever get me then, but I was URI. How often you guys had the exact technical, reactionary
I would like to say one thing about Harriet. She's got a great real exams close and would call me on their own account, he's gotta. Wasn't a car h, cottage dunes. I used to see each coming to you. Firstly, by the way where I would Dunbar right now is public knowledge was in love, love, William outrage. You made me money, I think time. Bigtime Pentium, when you are on a show, did you feel like you in person rhythm? Well, not coming from him. I was giving it a little bag sure it wasn't being reciprocated and it wasn't coming from him other than in a very like paternal way. Is. He also has like older daughters and is like a lovely marriage, and you know now having met his daughters, it's just its impenetrable. I was always in gaining any try.
Action. But when I was so yeah he did do me the honour of playing my very favorite song on piano, a song called Booker. That's an incredibly difficult pianosa alone. He pleaded for me. Live and about slipped off I bet you ran through many me on these. Allow me, under my grow, mortal fabricates softer five times alter them caught were wearing the Andes right now we actually are beyond these ones is in
the only ones who may ones is, but what you are asking a question about our daughters. I was because you have a really besides the fact that you can. I get it. Let's put it this way. If I didn't know you and was not married to you- and I just knew that you saying in a Disney movie, I would think- oh she just saying I wouldn't know that you study did to the degree did in that. You have the huge breadth of knowledge you do about music in so that obviously took a lot of studying and due diligence, and I just wondered: was it something your mom state? On top of you about or you just a wall, a fire couldna kept you from learning that the latter when I was in high school, because it was more technical and all I wanted to do was saying because it was an or be in in side music, because it was a more comfortable place for my brain. Then, as outgoing as I seem then interact
in trying to fit in high school, and just all the things that you have during Highschool being inside music was so much more comfortable. It was where I wanted to be. It was like my warm blank ourselves exerts. Yes, straight up, musics ass musics, what you say and musics booty drop, correct and going to school in New York with all of these people that were just like crazy obsessed with musical theatre, shows, learning music theory and doing music theory homework on learning. How to cite Reed was like a very cool thing to do so, and down it's in the parking lot at my back. I exactly this is a very funny thing, so we we brought in a piano teacher to teach Lincoln early now is amazing Carolyn, and what has happened quickly is that Lincoln's out and do you not see the less it's under the guise this woman's coming over? Under the guise of teaching linking but really just Kristen sitting at the piano every Saturday and in prison as ACT like why, I guess she's not going to do
I also want to teach me and then I'll pass it on to her when you leave really. Is giddy annul lessons because I haven't played in for ever and need so much help and sheep, but she seemed to be cool that, although I will say, does still gimme a sticker she asthma matter. I do I do now, look. I do have one more song in us and then I would like to my dream would be to sing you guys single off the Red Nose reindeer and I'd like to sing the the extra parts as Michael. Mcdonald. That's got everything I have of the evening. So maybe if we could do that, but you is there one more pretty one before we would do Rudolph anyone where man me I'd like to hear mom really take the sun by warns the balls, the bulls balls,
Horns get valuables balls horns. Riley is all right. There was the way you I can't la awhile right into the soul of a devil we heard of our perverted. In this way right into your euro each year in Europe one last time on your throat ready this is Santa Santa Isms believes coughing. Ha Why here with his mama, bears on her feet right now, which is really really exciting. First time summons had a stand tonight,
yeah this is at least a saviours ning till he was tense.
Where is she I do when was
do you Well then, after that she won't like so it remains a lot on exactly do not feel that way as cell beautiful you just by the by the answer as acceptable frog in my throat. So you know the overall. You yeah rob run every day. This can be ruled out, the Red Nose reindeer and then doing me. Fun parts will be mobile now I'll, go
I'm gonna blow the carbon Riley's, actually mainly those too you know damn dancer Moran, Sir Syn. But oh Most is right. Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer
even a large monopoly who knows
George Walser Freight job, you eyes dogma. That was really really splash. Is anyone now? Did you guys celebrating? Smith at home JAG, even though your Jewish did you did you want that tree and some presence as a kid. I think I remember the kids it celebrated Christmas were always jealous of Hanukkah We got eight nights, a bomb exam. We only got a presence and from what I understood, my friends celebrated Christmas got. Seventy five thousand presence Christmas. You lose eight nine of seventy five thousand presents a night. It was like now, for I get Saxon one night in a night too bad
Now the parish, hot shit gifts. I mean right as long as far as I remember an option. What about when you ve dated gentiles in holiday rules around and you do, exchange charisma gifts. We exchange Chris, my gifts, it's almost more like holiday, given time I think we would do like. I would get gifts, Veronica and he would get gives for Christmas but I have created a Jew here and there and we would you consider yourself, a soldier in the war on Christmas. I would Absolutely? No. I think Christmas is beautiful and I love it. I do definitely support a happy holidays. Vibe, though, because we need to include everybody. The celebrates all sorts of wonderful thing, all our welcome Malerba outcome of Christmas. Yasser it's a good it's. Time right, I'm an atheist tonight's, my favorite daily year, exactly, I guess, rose
deserves our present you're looking for this this holiday season. As you know, I actually wasn't even thinking that, but then, since he was asking all the questions about relationships and gifts and holidays, it made me think of a DNS locations to arm chair expert POD Lot arm chair is out there who wanted a jack the tone I bet in their mood good group of people. I would argue the best group of people have ever met. I agree. We travel the country, we meet them and there's not a jerk there a jerk among its hard to assemble three thousand people, not have a jury audience swell, I'm here for a while that started out as a joke, but share the idea that we can get. U turn on Instagram you condemn their two Hannah. Yes, working people watch your many videos.
On your instagram. You do a lot to rap music videos and that I press where, where today it is Hannah Anderson and that's it we're spelling. At the convention now awaits a in an age is Hannah. Anderson is Andy are also in, but on my instagram there's an axe why me why they really bad yet as they might have Young ended up on some other Mr Anti, oh h and that's a weird while young to add or Jackie Tee, O eight there that is are you in your loving relationship? I am very sweet voice. Yeah Brad, I'm proud and is also a very beautiful talent and musician as well. We live We love love your in one of his nose and are making a pickup truck that's crazy. I was kind of scary. You want your house. So eager hours, yeah yeah
early separating really experience making on the back of a pick up you about, when Blonde Ryanair end? anything you asked for for Christmas this year that you're nothing. I asked farm, but this is good enough for me. Ok a room full of love. Is Europe alive, you very very, very blessed to have all you wonderful Ladys and while you are with his penis in balls? love. So thank you guys so much. I think I'm inclined just one last thing, because I want to go out with something funny Jegu. Would you be up for doing just one Maybe you're funny Sciences are so incredible. There's somebody I like how sure an incredible stand up. I really and I've got to watch you evolve over the years and you just gotten better better better. You really so good at it, and I would love to hear whatever you think your favorite rallying play is currently
So I guess the best way to describe what is going on in my life right now would be that there's there's a rap battle going on in my head between the two sides amino besides me Suddenly, the ones babies. You know Miss areas are coming under just a baby yourself and it's like I'm, not just look amazing. You now know that has worked hard. For people. This is a song so rapidly, about one in babies, one day I was casually strolling in town. Live in life is a plan. No big ups and downs. Hadn't know where this voice loud and crazy, yelled babies, babies
definitely want babies, those like YO again of a baby. I have do much to do. I have to take a nap at noon. I gotta take as other nap it to look. I'm just not ready. I'm first hit my prime. It was like tell that to your body girl, you run it had a time is a battle between hard and over real via these border also want my Fredo mended area in me, a power over reason in the new global one, natural mommy, driven over toys, cleanest shit, Tis environment, don't need little wits. Throwin shit fits pass, my lips, they can get this plant leg. Thank you so much very rich, get that quick little baby. It's gonna be autistic people here really matter that part, but I know we're makeup science. If you get older and you're in this late, thirties and the kid might be doing.
All the now we're not getting any better, never gonna be ready. Never have enough. Cheddar find a nice man ride him a letter with a graphic of your shrivelling eggs as dear sir, to whom it may concern. Can of our road, just a little lady biddy, you spar, set time is a ticket, so giddy giddy up, you don't have to be involved, just come in and when I say of greed of the, u say their father. Ok, I agreed of the Anna, the Father, when I say, agreed a b to use data father greener This is a battle between hard and ovaries, Lama, babies, but also more above retail, that in every me up,
to date is exactly biological club ridge. How much do you think you got biological clock? How long does it take to comment a cop? Thank you Harry my very Alexander, Hamilton Round with Jerry Dates, Hamilton you, but it's got a real Hamilton we'll do it love wrapping, well what
that was a great thing is great for the holidays, yea area I feel like really being in Christmas cheer. You haven't heard about coming in Asian out of possibly having a fair last out like that. Yes, in a you know, immaculate conception is with us or celebrating match Shores day, so something angers crossed. Well, loved ones! Thank you so much for really supplying a Christmas party for everyone in so you're a holiday party, I guess we'll call it a holiday party, so I'm Jackie, Jackie Chinese, yes Jaguar, only you Kristen living my love. Thank you. So my lovely manner My love you, like everyone here, my aunt Hannah, lavishly beautiful voice. I love you
guys. Merry Christmas,
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