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Armchaired & Dangerous: JFK Assassination

2021-03-12 | 🔗
David Farrier exposes Monica and Dax to a new conspiracy theory each month. Today’s episode: JFK Assassination.
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I am David Ferrie and we're about it. One of the big ones, the Moby dick of conspiracy theories, that system alongside hidden alien spaceships, it area fifty one in facing the moon landing and speaks to the very fabric of the United States and what the government is telling us or not telling us that was November. Twenty second, ninety sixty three just after eleven thirty, I am prison, Kennedy and his wife, Jackie Land, in Dallas on AIR Force, one they motorcades waiting. Their plan was to drive through Dealey, Plaza shortly after me, day before arriving at the trade Mart, we Kennedy would give a speech they get a bit behind schedule that, thanks to Kennedy, stopping first to shake hands with fans mean to speak to a nun and some kids
eventually, though, just before one thousand two hundred and thirty p dot m. His limo in his daily Plaza in Malaysia, is the most on Houston Street driving towards the Texas School book depository. What is the limo turns onto ELM street shots ring out how me he shot sabines on what witness your job to some heard. Three Third, as many as eggs, unity is heads and each hence towards, is why alive and shocked. Then he said a second time taking up a great deal of his skull. You can see Jackie trying to pick bits of it out and it's all just awful to see. Even six decades later there was a volatile from CBS News. The first reports say it President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by the shooting, takes this governance uncommonly is sitting in front of Kennedy, injecting next to his wife, and he said as well. Meanwhile,
police by the sound of a gun fire and rushed to investigate the Texas? book depository building. We they run. Lee Harvey Oswald. He tells the police who works there, they let him run off and at one p M President John F Kennedy is pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital from Dallas, Texas, apparently official President Kennedy died the M central standard time quarter of an hour after that Oswald shoots and kills officer. J D, Tippit he's races. not long after this and later that night is charged with murdering a police officer and with murdering the prince. and of the United States. Things got crazier Two days later live tv crew. As Broadcasting Lee Harvey Oswald being moved by police louder.
There may well be leeches. Citizen has just been assassinated by night club owner Jack, Ruby live on telling for millions to say as well. This rushed at parkland dying in the same the hospital Kennedy died in just two days before both Kennedy and Oswald had their funerals the next day two years later. The Warren report is published. assuring the american public. There was no conspiracy to kill Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald. It was the only assess in their day he and he alone, five: three shots shops. The President Kennedy had and Throat whereby the army on the Texas School book, depository, acting solely by himself, there was no conspiracy.
For an automatic fifteen years later, the house, the lead committee on assassinations, release their report, saying maybe it was a conspiracy, and we ve been arguing ever since, which brings us to now twenty twenty one. This is the J O K, the suit. Name ever David o dear you there's a lot of crazy, isn't there going on, I mean just in the world. There is, but you look at J F K and you realize things have been crazy for a long time. Shaw trail yeah. We, I think we egos
strictly always think we're living in the craziest times are the ones that are most certain to end year and its away in that way and is very easy to forget, and when I was looking at this week's topic, I was just like yeah. It's always been not skies, it's always been nuts. How are you both? Are you well yeah, How are you well? Dax is recovering from surgery. I haven't had one in a few months, so we thought, let's get in there and root around a little bit. Maybe take a bone graft this time to see where we're at I was fair enough and then It's cute little accoutrements, now a little poor in my arms, but my antibiotics, and so it's a good luck. I looked. I look virile, yellow it's a beautiful look. You look futuristic. Could I will tap into around? I hope this is the future there. It is all over the port and they ve created the designer drugs. That is no downside and then just a perfect mix of euphoria and optimism.
I don't have one of those whom I am the I need drama I can report was readily, sooner museum, but it's all fine rural fine memory. We went down Does it have a many covered lockdown here and opened again for a while, so that mix with the tsunami, as kind of being an action packed wake to be honest, yeah yeah, but it sounds also like kind of an anti MAC. Direct action packed me so this anomaly, when it did come to shore. What are we? What was the rise in sea level? Some little waves hit the shore. it wasn't all the audio I was over. There is always a panic leading up to it. That's the problem and I think, because we're locked down While there was some worry about social distancing, verses being your homes. In case you get flooded, so it was right to disasters at once. If that happened here in Amerika. There is some section that currently would rather die in their house from a salami out of fear of getting covert yeah. I think I think probably right, I think you're, probably right it's funny. I am thinking
J, F K and getting their introduction together. I realize this is a topic where I feel like I'm just being swept away and just so many theories. In fact, this could be attain our episode, because I did a J F K to her in Dallas years ago for doctors and met this guy right then, who gives these amazing too is of the assassination or maritime, as he calls from his point of view. All of the rout, the J F K. We dawn and he's got an old linking invertible and it's beautiful and he to us along. These are either researcher he's a historian. Hosanna is a conspiracy. Theorist He wears a lotta hats. He was not a heads but he's been researching J F K for a really long time, and I thought I would be quite good just talk to him about his take on things because he's like the conspiracy theorist, and so I thought I could
when did he remember you and you got a whole them on my hey, I shot a tv show. Your honor was memorable for him yeah. It was because he was quite nervous to do it. He's very takes in very reserved. He run Funeral home on the side. So that says, main occupation is running a funeral home, and then he does these J F K to his like as an extra job on the side. While he's ended the Mc Cobb years, but it's funny, but wind river, filming the shy with them. He was really nervous about what we put in, and he was one of the few people that wanted set of approval and like to see what we're going to put in yet as website, and it's all over his websites are, I take it he liked being in their well funny and about this listening to, I think radio lab did a history of candy camera and One of the funny interviews in it is a woman who has written to complain about how distasteful the show is, and then they they want to ask her about why it so distasteful
when she lists all the reasons and then he says well, would you be to have this opinion put on live tv across in America. and she said yes, yes, I was what do at Eu Level, everyone's innate desire to be famous. Yet the earth is really really funny an ironic year, woven by part of the joy of I think, in America is every one kind of does want to be famous and the opposite to New Zealand, where everyone so shy, and no one wants to be on camera was I feel at every American is born just with the site and night need to be on screen, which has great when you're making something of ten percent. I don't think I have a single friend that hasn't envision himself on tv. But what is it distinction in his mind between a murderer and an assassination about any famous person. That killed is an assassination, though, yet I think he thinks assessment.
is linked with the idea of light one line shooter going out and assassinating someone, whereas he sees it as a really cynical murder of his favorite president in early and he's just so passionate about that and when I went to meet him a couple years ago. I was really skeptical of him because you know I've watched jail, Kay em. I know the theories, but I was sceptical meeting a J F K researcher, but you know the first thing I talk tone. We should listen to that. Now is just how he got so obsessed with J F K, because it isn't obsession. Let he lit jelly gives six hour too is in this car so that this is how Robin got into J F K. If I give you my perspective of November twenty second sixty three its through the air, the man, you're old and the fourth grade.
bad experience I was having. It was a very primitive experience. My class came back for lunch, Teacher was called out of the room when he came back and she was sobbing. She had given the news and soon everybody was sent home. Now that was the Spirit, for every kid in America and then my experience over the next few days was just noticing that every adult in my world sitting around a black and white television. This picture I just been transmitted by wire. It is a picture taken just a moment or two before and so as far as November. Twenty second sixty three that's the extent of my memories. When I got personally involved, in investigating and solemnly murder.
In the fall of nineteen seventy. Three. Ten years later, a movie was released that followed the tenth anniversary in this movie was executive action. don't make your decision until you see executive action. possibly the most controversial motion picture of our time. This was cutting age because nobody was questioning the war and findings at that time. What are the war? finding that one man acted alone with no assistance, which is mythology that was created by the perpetrators of the problem and if you questioned the mythology the one man acting alone murdered Kennedy. Then you were considered a conspiracy nut. So who would want to be known as they are not at all?
of down to see it or not? Having been invested at all in this story, I was not ten years on the my reaction? Was I've been sleep for ten years and Tell me too, Tom, the pitiful creed! You see in front of you now Very self aware of glass of water isn't what he looks like two other people that he's so now you go about this county narrative to what the official story was at the time. I mean honestly whether there was one person or twenty six people like it doesn't change at all the real important thing, which is this great president, was killed and he's dead and he's not coming back to me. It's really makes me think of like the difference between. If you're,
Father dies at thirty nine of coronary failure because of his diet versus if he dies at thirty nine because of a terrorist attack, like those things feel so different in your head, they're. Not the reality is, you know, have your father, the more. That is the focus. That's what's relevant. I'm happy to believe Lee Harvey Oswald did on his own. There are guys that are that good of shy, There are dozens of em in the military. There's people shopping over fifteen hundred meters, that is a mile. They can shoot someone, but again, There were three guys have to do during their preparing launch. What does that matter? Yeah I mean the fact is we were walking around in the same world and it doesn't effect Robins Day or my day, o your guys day in any way at all, but I guess the counter argument, that is, that it paints this huge portrayal of whether the government is telling us the truth or not, and whether we can trust them with that and with anything we can trust the government.
The Warren Report on who kill the president. How can we trust them on anything whether as a covert or do aliens exists or any of these things? I totally agree with that that is actually not my point. I'd like to put a distinction around what you just said and what I was saying. So yes, if there was a state involvement, that's completely relevant but whether this state involvement employed to people, three people, seven people or one person who gives a fuck now? What's it Britain is yes. Did Russia fondness? Ok, that's interesting to Germany Fund, as did the CIA on that. That's that's doves legit, but the number ok yeah the data was involved, and you hear Robin and other research as I am talking about, like skull, fragments and entry wounds and exit wins. It is just this all consuming thing, and I guess you could say that aim for people with digging into any conspiracy theory, including the ones that have come up recently, like it's fun, exploring my every little stupid detail and you feel like an x
and then you get invited, give talks on it and create fight this life. For you, almost enemy he's got this: how tourism business built around his expert knowledge of J F, K. Conspiracy theories, so it's like a lifestyle choice almost, I think, there's also a more global human languages like why someone would kill this beautiful man defies understanding, so it's almost smoke and mirrors like of war. I can understand every aspect of it: every single bit that women are the sausage. I will understand how this could have happened, but I do not believe that can be answered like the sad unfortunate the tragic. This should never have happened. How could this have ever happen won't be answered. Details for me, absolutely absolutely speaking of Vienna as well. We know is this guy who defected to the Soviet Union and that fifty nine again I can't imagine being obsessed with this topic, but had it happened in Milford Michigan
but I would really be obsessed with it like the notion that the president came to his city and it happened in his day. Do you imagine that gives it some more significance in your life. You and I guess, win locations and mentions like school book. Depository, you know you know exactly where that is and let you ve driven down there and pass before sought. All heads saw the rest of us. A kind of our who cares about the grassy now have like walk there every other month, then you probably due care, about that stuff. Like hits you in your soul, as opposed to just your brain, also like how could this happen is one question we all experience there, but how could this happen in my town? Legged Zack another craziness to it, and the note this so much Isn't this as well because, like what so amazing about this is that it was called on film like you can watch this assassination on disapproved of whom is many times as you like, and I think it was souls now that ETA that I think it's worth about
sixteen million dollars that somewhere, government paid to put it in the archives are very expensive short, but a thumb. but not only that also called on live. Was the assassinated Oswald being assessed headed by Jack Ruby, and I want to talk about that later, because the fact that was broadcast live a couple of days later. It's rageous like this so much crazy time. Around the story that that gave us so much footage. It was. Unappealing away from being Simpsons episode, like Ruby, had been shot on his way into court by a stewardess, totally interest, so much crate, the timing- and the thing is that this, like the things that happened slightly differently, the entire time and should have gone and different ways like the timing that Oswald left the school book depository like was seconds, differ
he probably would have been caught. Then an officer Tippit wouldn't being killed this so much crazy timing. That had to be perfect the fact that Jack Ruby, who kills Oswald just wandered into the police station seconds before Oswald appeared a notice, I out various my helium. Using a shirt just wanted to hear about the alternate version of Oswald from Robin, because I found early lack fascinating, who is as long as an agent of the central intelligence agency any has been Cincinnati, fifty nine Oswald more from being a moraine going into intelligence work in nineteen, fifty nine Oswald was never a communist while never hated America. He was a patriot and our government sent Oswald to rush. He was true and by hard government to go to Russia and the spot and that our government returned Oswald to the states in eighteen. Sixty two
Oswald is working in that building because one of the people above him in the sea, I told him to apply for a job there He had been working there about six wait: Oslo the building. He had nothing to do with firing arrival at present. It is a matter of fact. Oswald did not far raffle that day and the FBI and do that by Friday evening, by Friday evening, this November twenty seconds, the F B. I knows, Oswald didn't far raffle that day they perform the paraffin test on Oswald at Dallas Police headquarters. He failed the paraffin tat but if a person has fired a rifle in their given, the paraffin test I'm powder will show up on their face. Oswald failed the task, the FBI, Those that by Friday, bad, which means these innocent
but the FBI agents that perform the paraffin test on Oswald their boss, J Edgar Hoover is one of the conspirators and it is Hoover that is determined to. The eight alone, not mythology, anxious a paint. He paints a real picture lot. He so passionate about. Can you get so wound up about this whole alone? Gunmen reality when you're listened Someone like that he's very authoritative when he speaks in a very persuasive. So I'm thinking! Oh, what part of this is that the facts and what part is yeah, what's prove yegg, just really good. The paraffin thing disease does not deny that he shot an officer on the way out here. Denies the killing and offices and killing the president's I'll get Histologist Blankly denies everything and I actually was reminded of a fact about him, which are completely forgotten about in April of this year. He too,
to assassinate: U S, major general, Edmund Walker, so that anyone find out about this after he had killed the president, they investigated more say, had tried to assassinate someone before this wasn't you know he was here. really was now and for not being a big fan of America. Where is the evidence that he was in the sea? I didn't Oswald say that honesty, it so complex to get into bed. It's like a hawk what of disconnected set of ideas and maybe he's being connected up into various suppose a true it's when they are really not, but you know he took A lot of trips around the world is off to Cuba, is off to Mexico is off to different embassy. These and opinion like how you read into that depends on what theory you come out with it remains. Divided, not men and remind listeners that our good friend, Gordon Keith, owns all year. Bathtub. That's right
yeah really out about that yeah. In fact, we prize should connected. we have he's really into a million dollars in he owns Lee Harvey Oswald bathtub. So That's neither here nor there, but if you, if you listen to show you that might tickle your anus, why you and I love the Lebanon. I love the idea of bathing in his bath. What a surreal thing it is its intimate so yeah it's hard when he's O King Gos Man, it all sounds victuals, but but Monica think what's happening with the CIA thing is He wasn't the military and many did defect in. He went to Russia, so they're saying. Will that part step that parts true? That part is absolutely and there, same well. That was a common thing for the CIA. To have spies do so, and that is true. One thing is true, and the other thing is true, but that does not mean these two things together through a lot of assumptions.
made along the path. The main thing I think that put Robin on this path and its convinces alot of people is that it's this old rifle it's about action and to be able to get off like three pretty good shots in that time. In the time it took is just it's it's a big chance. I think That's what kind of catches out a lot of people yeah I wanna play you robins take on actually what happened, because it's like an action film, like all good that day instead about one shooter, this is ass, a madness guy you say that the president is wavy, everything's fine and then suddenly he grabbed his throat worded that shot come from. It came from in front of the President Bush the present it ports the triple underpass. How do I know that, because the doctors at heart, when said this is an entrance one
in that moment that they're getting their hands on Kennedy at twelve thirty, eight part when they know this is an interesting one. The first shot that we see him react to pay from in front of the present? Was that shooter behind the picket fence? They charge them from the triple underpass either way is fired. The shots came from in front of the president and below the present the next time we see something happening. We see them governor of Texas, John kindly it and he falls into his wife's laugh. The bullets extract. Hardly all came from behind the cart. What's behind the car,
there is a shared or on the sixth floor window, there's a shooting table mobsters. On the second floor of the Tao takes built. Connollys wounds came from by high. Ok, let's go back to common sense. Is the back right Kennedy Skull is blasted out. Where did the bullet come from the cause that when will we know where, but sometimes were afraid to admit it? This is an egg. watch routers movie. What is the press? doing at the moment of that ran a halo waiting on jobs. By these spicy Wes the grass rebel pass. Insane West, the surgeons apparent see. There's an entrance wound in his right to let bullet came from in front of him
Where was the shooter behind a picket fence was the shooter hidden on their trip. underpants, either location is fine. For me. He gets so around up about this single sheeta he's just like China fillin those get make it work for him, and I am reminded what you said: decks lie it is that thing of, like doesn't matter, doesn't matter, you know, This is pair allowing nine eleven a little bit in that people. Don T, like the physics of how the building fell again, that's assuming they ve seen a building. Of that size fall on their compared to that, but we have not seen a guys had blow up that in a moving car, and I think they're just assume
in that they know how it was supposed to go a little more than maybe you can know how it supposed to go. I I understand ballistics. I understand that a bullet makes a small. or wounded the opening, and then it flattens out inside the body and then rips a bigger whole out the back, but was it had turned a little, but I don't know and that's the details that people just get so obsessed with and Europe We saw this with nine eleven as well that the littlest detail becomes a forty page monologue about one specific thing You end up with a scenario that potentially makes evenly since then the eye the air of there being a single shooter and my mind. Well, when he threw there's mobsters on the second floor and there's a team of shooters on the sixth floor, and then we got a lot of characters. Characters can't keep secrets for sixty years. It came dawn, a guy can't cheat on his wife without telling people what the bar like nothing can be kept secret and was one person did it
no any again like Mopsus, probably like some of the worst delight, keep quiet about things. You know like lattice the loose, let sink shirt was said: sly one possibility, sir, but I mean I just I love her passionate Robin is about and how it he's dedicated his entire life to this particular conspiracy. and it's amazing right we're still talking about all these years online. I think we're gonna be talking about it until the day were oh did I guess do I should have. My biases at the beginning of this is if, like we're talking about a company and I on stock, I here, please be honest. I don't have an opinion about this. I haven't decided Think Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter. I haven't decided whether I think it was solely love for Russia. at sea? I involvement. I had a position. Eleven, which is, I believe it was Al Qaeda, they are the ones you did it and that's that, but I I don't even have one on this, I'm just more
now by the mechanics of these theories that are seem less plausible to me. How about Monica you have let any take, or are you just kind of like doesnt matter one? I think it does matter if the government has hired people to kill the president. I think that's a huge problem. This problematic true, it is very yeah. It's not great. So I understand feeling like if that's true that that needs to be exposed. So I get it, but I don't think it was the sea. I think they're just other things you can do besides killing a person to get what do they want? What are the right not to be president? What, with their motivation, builder, kill him? I think there is, as you want to get us out of Vietnam, see I want to say in Vietnam he was gonna, take a less harsh approach to dealing with the red scare in the sea course wanted very militant approach just feels like killing em. They saw it
trade war in what I like your pointing out to not just killing him. Let's even say that was the best way to do it. So many You ve gotta be involved the aid to get that done. But beyond that, why are they fucking picking a moment? That's gonna be filled with seven thousand witnesses, leg of the CIA wants to kill you. The guy is alone he drinks from cops they could poison appointed, probably only women do your ways that are far more controllable. I mean this. Would Like if they waited to catch Some have been large volumes in a parade in service house how's. That would not be the plan yeah, it's so public effect. I really like about this is that there are a hundred and four year witnesses they question two hundred for people build heard these shots. China piece together like where they came from in front behind discovered
positive chaotic you no doubt ex building. Oh there, sir. I love that you can't even trust someone's I witnessed. How could you trust someone's year with his legs? Thus, hot topic yeah. I agree abandoned that intersection. There's tall buildings all around its echoing you're in then you're asking. What did it come from? The left was at six o clock was at twelve o clock was, you know, come on and initially like people didn't realize it was gunfire like a kind of was thy. Life is normal for a moment. His people weren't expecting that to happen, and so unexpected, so yet to be able to get an exact, a memory We hear a sound from after the fact. It's not gonna be particularly reliable. Now my first thought would be all fireworks Opening the celebration get beyond that makes sense. We got the big honcho. In tablets pop off some starboard.
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they're. My favorite things was, there was a guy there pictured with them an umbrella. You can seem in the disapproved of film, and that was like a big mystery light. Why do you have umbrella on such a beautiful day and must be a mystery inside the can mercy theory? Is it was actually a dot gun which he fired for the umbrella, witty froze the president and that let Lee Harvey Oswald get his shot. His kill shot him because he was paralyzed. so they borrowed that from the penguin in battle that has literally where they got that idea. So many while there is, and if they all was, he was later Proteus use. Just data, be why- and I hall, with his umbrella, like to put two steadily and paste, allow the other part of the Tal J, F, K, thing that I really love that I don't think it's talked about enough is the murder of Oswald by Jack, Ruby, this night club owner, because
fact that you ve got someone a man whose assassinated the president, the needs to be a trial. What he always question Why did he do it? Was there a conspiracy to react? the line with other people for him to suddenly just be kills when the police knew that the death threats that had come in and yet somehow they lived combat exposed on live tv for Jack Ruby. Just to one earning kill him that to me most madder than the assassination? I agree, although people are we're. People make stupid decisions because they want their police department on television should unite. There's weird motives for these kinds of things, and maybe back then they weren't, as on top of it now what I wanted to figure that out- and I feel like I spent so much time talking to Robin and he certainly had a very conspiratorial side, but Dan Abrams, whose ABC chiefly you'll analysed, he's gotta.
Coming out: cold Kennedys of Inga, and it's all about Jack, Ruby and the Jack Ruby story and set aside the pressing us it to him was like Who was jack, and why did he do that slight? What went out do people think he was a part of the conspiracy. Like he's also see I oh yeah, the person that silence the killer. He was differently powder. The conspiracy in some people think, like the mob, was involved. In the killing of J F K, because the various machinations, of course to inject ruby sensitive lengths to mobsters absolutely powder the conspiracy, but this is Dan, whose, like the opposite of Robin he's, like Robins Yang to his Yang almost- and this is what he said- the FBI had warned the Dallas police, they got you all people threatening Oswald's life, so they went to all these efforts to protect Oswald change the cars that they were gonna used to transport right beforehand. They added
the boy you're, all these things they were doing, and yet there Jack, Ruby, literally walks in the back entrance to the police station, went up. These cars coming out and Ruby New allowed. The cops so wasn't that unusual that he was hanging around, but he just walked in and then Literally a minute later, Oswald comes terribly security preparation. We look, you're a conspiracy dearest. You will say: do you think the police might have been in on, but I think in the end You probably just have to view Jack Ruby as someone who yes liked Kennedy very much but was, tough guy hotheads and that's the keys Standing Jack Roof he's a guy who has an explosive temper regularly, he added clubs he served as his own bouncer thrown p
out of the club. They were misbehaving, cetera, regularly, gotten fight. So if you viewed from that perspective that just becomes enraged, seeing what he described as Oswald smirk any pulls out his weapon, and shoots and kills him and thinks that people are going to treat him like a Europe, I really love that's illustration that was his painted for us about Jack Ruby. I think I like this guy he's been answer at his own club is mixing up. All the time is walking around strapped. Now reminds me of the conductor of the train. Remember ass. You think in this person's they thought they were going to go to prison, or did they think that their goal was so
It is that they would be exonerated, and I have to imagine this guy thought that couldn't possibly been deciding to trade his life for his in that moment totally, and I think he did think that he would be treated as a hero. The people probably did think that bed he weirdly officially he had a heart attack in prison. I thing and ended up dying innocent because he got convicted. There's gonna be a retrial, so technically he died and convicted. Which is pretty amazing when he's being caught on camera, killing someone a hooker than those that weird american justice system right, bow, This reminds me of the robber Durst trial, where he fully acknowledges. He cut up the body of his neighbour and put the bags in the ocean, but that in no way means he was a murderer in got off so weak. What was that? I'm frame from when you he shot Lee Harvey well good friend on this
that's! Ok! I just want to keep making that point from that. he shot him too. When he had the heart attack. How long was that he went to prison we had the heart attack and prison like years later, so we did serve some real time. They served a little bit of time. ok in this is a little bit like the bathtub is completely I've topic. But again the time is right to say it. I learned this from, my father watching my father died. He was now her bested. He got invites at Pasco over the free samples he got invited the ghastly He rarely went somewhere where you didn't, have a challenge and a dual, and I was Watching them- and I said oh You'Re- the thank you and all these things. But then you lose, and I just want to point out the fact that the guy's heart blew up several young age, that's the price we pay for mixing it up, That's my gear! I like that. There's a certain like poetic. Make sure that I like then thank you
I don't know me still heard a lot of people along the way, the thing about people he her verses than his death, just desserts yeah, trying to point out to the hotheads in the audience and the people who like to mix it up. You can't because even if you win, you lose that's what I'm trying to say. That's my service public service, public service the mountain, that's that's what I took from my father's passing and I applied it to my life. I like that I did like hey your light nodding and smiling, as we heard about Jack Rubies, my I got out really affectionate towards them, which also Oh now, Ding Ding ding. I also felt so affectionate towards Robert Durst. I dont know what it was his little, the frog, body in this sad weird life wanted it for him. Even though clearly he's a brutal murderer, I'd still felt sad for him. My friends mum actually went on
date with Robert Durst yeah so like that is always been effect. That's just amazing how close she got to just ask Sir Kay that terrifies me o Brien out his fun for you to think of them is a current you're gonna take and how to save me. I mean I'm the divine. It was like the one date year, but I mean what I about that. Durst story like as a documentary has, I think, the perfect ending because, when you re making a foam you're trying to add a documentary you're trying to get that ending and innocent, age in them in the edit, like sifting through all this crap like hours of audio and then too that one but a body. I don't want to spoil it, but wholly. I doubt there will ever be The conclusion do a documentary that rivals but yeah yours is your oh yeah. The fact that the subject of your film attends the screen is so weird.
That was amazed him turning up to the screening any getting his statement on camera. Talking about his not bringing was just utterly surreal, but that's all the basic document trees have completely unexpected ending site, that's the magic of it ass light. You wouldn't even bother cause it's too so trauma rising to make them job just proceeding, hoping some magic happens in your case it did Then the dirty answer did I mean you certainly can't plan for that now and that this is a complete deviation from J F K, but just speaking of documentary this this documentary, this just come out cold stray, and I recommend it so much. It's fun, being a pack of stray dogs around and symbol and beautiful and interactions with humans, and it's so good. I just I highly recommend it as T r a why yes stray into our platform. It's on. A website is like streaming o away. It is having a jump on the website, much review, search for like strayed film at sea,
we were in man, I wash it last night. So so no matter what she has a kind of refreshing every document. What did they find? It Europe's at any point. Dogs are good at that. There's no corpses, its they are afraid some really like beautiful moment. Some really said moments causes all observe from LA dogs, point of view and, like adults, perspective of humans, that's really cool, actually so good to have a dock on the queue at circuit, but speaking things being found. The other thing that Dan Abrams talked about just to get us back on track. Is that just how crazy it was that this was on camera, and I just thought I'd share his thoughts with that with you, the fact that they had video of the murder
first that you're introducing into evidence in the trial the authentic itself on camera, and it also created all sorts of interesting novel legal questions. In the context the trial, but even more so it was the Ruby incident that was quoting quote you caught on camera, meaning that for the Kennedy Incident there had to be an investigation to find Zapruder, they had to go, get the tape they had to analyze with Ruby. It was on the new within opens and there's this guy stepping forward and shoot nostril. very well the man with a gun? So you would presume that when you watch a guy, walk up to someone and shoot him in the stomach that it's not.
complicated trot was about it as well It would be wrong. This ended up being a very complicated trial, one of these Challenges in this case was what was the defence Initially, the defence actually very strong. In my view, It was going to be that it was a moment of passion, dead, Ruby was just totally destroyed about the Kennedy assassination He sees Oswald jumps out shoots. If that had been the defence, the most he really could have gotten would have been up to five years in prison and people we would have been released within a few, but that's not the defence that they pursue instead they pursued in insanity defence,
try to get him completely acquitted, not guilty, and that became quite an endeavour. Asked the trial it becomes clear. He hated the defence and that He really just wish that they had gone forward with the defence that he lost for a moment. The lawyer Melvin Bela, who is really probably the best known lawyer in America at the time, but he was a personal injury lawyer. He became so famous as a result of this case. He was already very things. He ended up in the following you're being an episode of STAR Trek as a bad guy, and then he actually auditioned for the godfather for the role that Marlon Brenda got oh oh my god, Ding Ding Ding everyone's three famous the role of market
I gladly God JAG Rubies lawyer While I believe a bull than that no money, shooters languages it's another reminder by how unlikely everything in the story is from light, the timing of things to the factors all either broadcast live or documented, and the fact that, like you, deck rubies Loya wanted to go and be like an actor and wasn't actor afterwards, although it is even urges worth reminding, because I think now were more accustomed to seeing videos of horrific events, and this was just the first time novel he. I was the first time and then the last time, for a long time, proprietor yeah did on Barbicane. we get shot. Was that recorded? I don't know, that's a really good question. I should know this, but I died. And I am reminded now as well that of course, J F K, Junior
is now subject of endless conspiracy theories, since he Dinah paragraph ninety nine, this conspiracy theories about that yeah, oh yes, Sir, has apparently still very much alive is spotted in the background Trump rallies NASA Fao now now love he's though handsome everyone would be when he was alive has ever will be talking about a disease so handsome, but we were just talking about this- we were drives China, like figure out Monica type, either day it is it. Is it like the Kennedys in sheep. Like a Christmas tree, Maui Houston baby? What brought you up Well, he died. What have you got good, whose I wondered why you seized on so strongly attraction to him with a supper? He saw you hear that be eternal. Monica your attraction to him, if you didn't have to be met, can be rekindled if he's alive
about Roma. I got some bad news view, and that is the man that everyone thinks is Kennedy now looks very friends, Leona yeah! It's pretty waited for getting sick really, so they just liked or random guy that look, nothing like him and said o them ass. You do MIKE what is worthy of the conspiracy, and this would be more of a celestial one. Is the candidates have had the craziest luck? Bad luck! I mean that The simulation yards, it's really hard to imagine a family that dealt with more crazy stuff. I mean one
Another oh yeah, and I mean you can see why you know any of them dying still seem suspicious. When you look at everything has come before us. I can see why people treat the paying crashing. Ninety nine as another conspiracy, but also like bad luck happens. Uniting yeah in all of them are so public that we are going to hear about the crazy staff, whereas most families do have crazy. Stop it. You don't hear about it totally. Another chance thing about the whole J F K situation. J F K was actually talking to his special assistance. Kenneth O Donnell just before leaving for dollars and These are the words that he said just before. I got two dollars, If anybody really wanted to see the president of the United States, I would not be a very difficult job. All I had to do, Given the high building Sunday with the telescope a rifle now it was now Anybody could do to defend against such an attempt. Had he ordered his own assassin,
right there imprints that accident, He is like what are the chances of just like very specifically talking about the way you're about to die just before it happens, and again is just chance. It happens in life. Why is there a theory that key? as a part of it all there will be the better. This absolutely will be again. We know the defense. We know their attacked, which was in sandy witches stupid, diving. You gotta definitely got him off on me like finding your wife in bed with another man. Absolutely a moment of passion. Yeah my manslaughter. Something was the prosecutions position that it was straight premeditated or that he just went there. get a look at the sky and when he saw me he snapped and shot on what was their position pretty much just that
They won't even going for premeditated know that wasn't there thing now. Ok, what is part of the defence was when they are trying to prove that he was crazy. They just head like witness, after witness had had their speed by him at the restaurant and they really tongue raising, listen, I guess I did then presented. It wasn't great service and he came bind. The bar died through low, but he was his own bout survive that revealing that you, I really love so so much it. Sir. I guarantee, if we do a check in ten years, and you say what do you remember about their J F K episode it'll be the sole thing that I hold onto for a life that Jack Ruby was his own bonds. Her I've got one other story, the dance with me. Jack Ruby, the uninviting that is better than others
it's like it's a good thing. I never heard before that this is Dan's. Take on why it differently. Wasn't a conspiracy that Jack Ruby Kill, Oswald. Let's clear this up, the most regular conspiracy that Ruby gets dragged into is that he had visited Cuba. nineteen, fifty nine and There was a well known mobster, who is in prison there at the time If you believe that the mafia was behind this, then you can try to link Jack Ruby through his sort of low level mob connections, you know he'd been from Chicago. Where again he knew some mobsters but if you talk to the people are really knew him and he was actually
more focused on pleasing the police. Then he was on trying to ingratiate himself with mobsters or or the mafia. Look. If there was a conspiracy right, if Oswald was involved in a conspiracy that certainly magnifies by many times the chances that Jack Ruby was involved as well, but I from a different way. Having written this book about Jack Room, the evidence, the Jack Ruby was somehow involved in a conspiracy is almost non existent There's no way of all the people, Blabber Mouth Jack, Ruby who always wants to
in the center of everything, is going to be the guy who they're gonna higher to court on court silence, Oswald and the most compelling piece of evidence as to why Ruby could not have been involved in a conspiracy. Is that Oswald a shot at eleven twenty one? In the morning, Oswald was supposed to be moved at ten a m. They had told the media that Oswald to be moved at ten a m. So if you are Jack Ruby, your assignment is too you're going to be there at nine, a dot m, nine hundred and thirty, certainly by nine hundred and fifty eight a dot m. when Oswald is supposed to be moved. If you are going to be there to kill Jack, Ruby goes to a western union at one thousand one hundred and seventeen a dot m to send twenty five dollars to a dancer who worked at one of his clubs who needed
pay her rent. There is a receipt from the western union stamp. One thousand one hundred and seventeen a dot m. The western union happens to be across the street right down the block from the police station. In the activity. He says that he presumed it was already over. He leaves western union. He goes walks in literally arrives with one minute: despair, if Lee Harvey Oswald did not decided, you wanted to put a sweater that day Jack We probably wouldn't have crossed paths with Oswald that loud It's ok, I just blind luck and a fiery temper. That's probably what it all comes down to wow. While it is fascinating, I get why people go down rabbit holes yeah, my country,
yeah, I mean, of course, the thing that overrides that is like. Maybe the cops tipped him off. Maybe they re, let him know when it was actually happening. That's my theory! It does change something like how we think about this, because these two killings that happen. But you have such a different attitude to each one, because you know the president being killed. You feel too emotionally to that, then all's well being killed. Who is already a killer cycle, so I thought we had way where you react to those two assassinations. Are you Give a shit you're here. For me, I might call good, not saved a bunch of taxpayers money in whatever I love the point. This is so obvious in true that is it not the guy you're hiring to keep a secret this guy The blowhard he's through People are on the restaurant for every minute. He fights he talks about over two hundred minutes. We know this. Guy is also try telling people is Gama. Reconnection, buddy doesn't he's a their owner a restaurant here. He had totally
in closing up to the cops more than organised crime, unites yeah, seeing many times at the police station, they said he was a regular whatever. That means yes, so not the guy again. The secrets part. I just always come back to that like how you keep it, secret jack. Ruby didn't tell anyone in prison for years now, the truth and that's the thing like its human nature. You tell people secrets I mean how many times have someone come up? Do you, like afraid of being like I love? I've got a secret, don't tell anyone about this, but I know you where's what everyone and then inevitably, you bump into a third friend two hours later, and that France has he see anything, but my many got all my guys. These telling everybody that's the most common experience you have in life. I think you can either to any conspiracy. Theory, like human nature, is just a blab and that asked fallible beings cans
somehow rise above that, so I keep the stuff. Secret is just not going to happen like what useless yeah we not the right species so that carry off big world changing conspiracies like at leaks it does you want a cat to do the killing like they could keep us bake. Absolutely! No! I don't want your approval. They don't give a shit if your impressed with them You know you're the owner of a new cat. By the way those pictures are getting king hearing, I think there is a dark about you in that cat soon times per per above. o p. You are vs my neighbors british blue kitten, instead of taking over, say, thou, be furious when they listen to this caviar angry that people think I owners that's even more shocking something even your pact. Now I just what's it a lot, but what I love about this kid- and it's so stupid by its eyes, are so bright that you can just tell there's nothing.
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our this frozen canadian wilderness for clues to heralds disappearance. These two. We'll go to whole areas. Links to investigate the many theories that have been a part of the family law for Generations everything from drunken road workers too gaming, land developers, someone in this all town knows the truth about Harold in their determined to find it. The new true crime documentary Series, for Heaven's sake, all episodes now streaming on paramount plus we are supported by car max, learn about the new love your car. guarantee from car max at core max dot com. There is nothing quite like the joy of finding the right car can know it when you feel it, but that takes time
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learn more about the new love your car guarantee from car max at car MAX dotcom. The last thing that dance it was fight, this side story to the Jack Ruby story, and it makes me think that Jack Ruby should be the subject of some amazing feature film. This particular little. side plot blew my mind, and this is what he said so the world is it the Jack Ruby? Try you ve, never been coverage like this before international coverage, people from all over the world are there. There is a jailbreak that occurs, At the courthouse
where literally seven prisoners taken hostage with a gun made of so that they had put together and they have to end up walking right past all of the cameras as part of the jailbreak. I couldn't believe it I was like I mean I knew it. I knew something about the trial I didn't know about this jailbreak and think about the media is all there. So it's all caught on camera, I mean in the book we have a picture of one of the prisoners. With this gun being held to the back of a woman walking out of the courthouse, there were seven prisoners. Five were captured pretty quickly into them escaped. So that was the most shocking thing to me about
Jack Ruby trial might hit with another topic. I know like every other than of raw moon in day or night, every light. The domino effect that happened since this assassination, just Asia and crazy and imagine being those prisoners, delight jail breaking you ve come It is amazing plan about making this fight gun with soap, and then you just don't bet on there being a row of cameras live broader packaging amazed, and were their bullets in that soap. Like Y Y, know you're, though, bullets judges are longer job market, rightward hours, all over Jamaica, black guy you're, just Amy girl, like you, can't write this stuff right cat. So ok, now here's where I would say a media circus could work in your favorite is talk about
distraction. Like light of a distraction, no one's looking rose, looking at wherever the cameras are points of view. Can you could have brought we ve been writing an elephant through the room and no one of notice. So on oil is a genius avenue theory. Oh my god. The CIA, higher Oswald then did higher ruby. and then hired those kill people well, you know convince them somehow to escape at that time, so that Ruby could then escape in the middle all that commotion, but then he just didn't, do a good job aiming at heel. That was a recall, Additionally, ass. Ok, now I like that because your explaining all these events with the one dear I, and that its girl cried This is too useless to follow through with the whole thing.
Does anyone incorporate that aspect of this story in any of the popular conspiracy that they're not aware of that old? I haven't come across it now, Dan was really surprised when he came across this jailbreak story, because it's just like another. We had sideline of the main crazy event, but I think that what you were saying about it being a distraction with all the cameras. I was in Sydney when the first bore at some came out. I was outside the Sydney Opera House and bore it. Was there and light the meteor in Australia had turned up to film Bora, because it was a particular big deal then- and I ll never forget this of all the cameras on such a barren Cohen scary, to bore it and after the side, you can see Kenya waste just them, and no one noticed him, because everyone was so. Stombaugh at why oh wow, that's exist. Actually why I married Kristen, so that everywhere we walk they're all staring at her, and I can just like pick my nose and fart in public and no one catches. Anything
It is a kind of magic. Just position yourself makes a someone has just so insanely well now and that everyone just sort of like banks that what we so single that we're locked on the one thing like a press conference, we don't see a jailbreak happening in the background. as geyser Bumbling India, with so basic that we can keep secrets had looked beyond our small narrow focus, we're so mixed up as the human race. The aliens are regularly embarrassed for us, as they watched the circus Oh here who ever invented the simulation is just being like. This is a dumb assimilation of ever made like they're, not gonna, believe this is real. This is ridiculous. On that topic, Are we do a simulation episode? I think we should this will be the first one that that monarch and are fully emerged in like we could be the people you interviewed here. Have you seen a glitch in the matrix than you doctor mean tree about simulate
very now you should watch as from a guy he's made a really amazing documentary about like crazy theories around Estelle Cubic Film, a shining he breaks down like big. I, He is using found footage. Ok, his latest one is looking at basically people's experiences of having a glitch in the matrix where wow imagined reality glitches You know it's pretty persuasive argument, for Then we could touch on that at the end of the first one well leave and that always comes down to that idea. It's gonna be the right through it comes down to that idea of light doesnt matter. It's like doesn't matter if Oswald that alone or whether it was united, the scale of the conspiracy and you know doesn't matter for an assimilation Alex Royal like doesn't matter well, I can tell you obviously our our doesn't because you can't tell the difference so in that way. I agree with you in the way it's very disappear.
Is, I'm writing a story about my life and I like the story- and I piss to find out. I had nothing to do with the story. There's probably good for you I don't think it's good for us to be. Like writing. This story What we do with our all, that's exactly how we make sense of our lives we make narrative is by. I think a Buddhist would say: don't do that! That's actually not good, for you, too. Oh sure, I think it's ego for sure yeah, but I do think so came for me to be proud of having Mendous sickening graduate from you see light like that something like about myself. I tried double down. I worked hard now is I didn't do anything. I only had Dyslexia, they had a button, I don't even have it now is easy to go to use your lay just so I can have that story. That's you know it just takes they all the pride of any of the achievements any of us have had here. That's the thing, and I guess panes about on whether it's like a preordained simulation away
within the simulation. We still have a I and a capable of still making their own decisions, so wild n out real decisions, you'll Digital South, is still I am, I know, be, alas, and then one upside is your future, ruby. You go hiding, kill that guy guinean decorative, or that was the role they gave me. simulation areas real. It opens up a real problem, for the court's does no doubt about that. The other thing of live another. The more I look I may is interesting talking about simulation theory, and we should do in episode on this. But when you look at all, the stories have been talking about the assassination to Jack Ruby tool. The side stories like what are the chances that that is actually real like when you put all those present together. It seems very low, yeah yeah, odds maker in Vegas. New guy out here is our protection. Next Sunday presidency, shot in the assassins, gonna get shot, there's gonna be a jailbreak. The assailant will have just wired twenty five
dollars to one of his employees for quote, ran there's itself employed? What are the odds there were? Few better dollar will pay two trillion dollars. That should be the odds of that in this, the joy of real life, like we couldn't predicted by any of it, in that part of the joint and I'm always moist, I've never written like a script, and I don't really understand Hollywood very well, but I think when they write amazing plots assumes they must have to like always make at least realistic by making What say more realistic. Do you know what I mean I was having to pull it back in. You wouldn't believe the stuff so often because we are in show business. we're in a real life situation and one of us will say avows directing this. I would be like that's way too such Prob Department, like no one, will believe. There's this many eggs on the team or whatever we're always commenting on like when, when some early access that dress store like
plot and never be. The linear existence. Variety gray, meme at the beginning of the pandemic, only see if I can find a row click. Please do. I do learn how much you egg stack slight you're, a big man. What you know it's one of the great heartbreak, so my life is, I can't eat them, I'm allergic to them and I fucking love them. I didn't know those guys if I howdy eggs. My knee I have our right is my knees or start killing me that someone in knowing it is such a morsel, Asian, like they need gimme those little bull, shit, hurdle, there's still gonna let be famous in starve and tall no, but we don't want you to be. Do our bureau and bridges Gimme legs. Ok here it has found it. This one is the writers room for twenty twenty is terrible. You don't put a small earthquake in the middle of a race revolution and a pandemic storyline. Also you dont use introduce murder hornets, unlike the third episode and then do nothing with them.
Take a workshop twenty twenty but yeah That's real live surgery just really quickly as well. I just keep me documentaries is a duck on entering my friend Michael made about murder hornets, it's so good. She called attack of the murder on it in its tracks down these kind of like bumbling, that passionate specialists that were called into I find the main big mist of the murder. Hornets is thrilling highly recommended. Ok, before we go, I just wanna. It's gonna lemongrass earlier, and I have a very thin knowledge of it. But what is the motive people believe in for this grand conspiracy? This a lot of different motives, opinion he
what's involved, but I think generally, like you, hit the nail on the head. So the main one is that, because Kennedy was to the pulling back from Vietnam, a lot of people in the war helicopter manufacturer is Iams. Manufacturers are going to lose a lot of money, so it's just take this guy out that's the tip of the iceberg, like honestly line they killed Jimmy Carter. That's a thing like that! I d be I'm Castro, the CIA, the FBI, they ve all got light motives that you can invent about why they want J, F K, publicly executed so etc. But one I'm not gonna pertain to understand at all that. That's why someone like Robin the conspiracy, theorist, sash researchers spent forty years doing nothing about this and he still hasn't gotten to the bottom of it. I hope we do the same. Yeah IRA phobias closure in this area. I endorse his J K to earn dilemma is
the ordinary, and he will just talk you here for hours really beautiful man- and I don't know if I'm with them when everything he says, but as far as doc, tourism to his go, I'd say that it is a really good one. What I think you. This is where you and I diverge. We have some similar interests in some similar proclivities, but I think you're aptitude, your willingness to be captive in a vehicle also, is targeting that to me is paramount concern That's really high on my list of things. I would really not want to be involved with now. You want we invite. I mean that's, why you're so good at what you do both of you that you want to have a conversation you'd, I just wanna, be topped up. I dont be taught you and I dont want to be in something I can't exit. I would ve let your vision. Avow I don't want to be a pass and you're gonna be fuckin lecture. Do I don't I want to build a leave places yards? I feel like Larry David on this topic. None other! Definitely please! Don't I
to what everyone else is. Probably gonna, be: ok, you'll love it if you love being captive in law, there is no better lecture laughing is there's a man You want to, and is a date all the way back to Jack Kennedy, because he was a famously a bootlegger not does, and I'm not going to came to know the background tool that cause. I don't but yeah them after involvement is all family related and caught her eye. I came up with a great theory, but the best ever yet so I hope everyone adopts that you're I mean that's, it's gonna be yours. Absolutely like you start getting these followers Monica you can put up with dealing with them now view on a label something I think it needs a name, the correct the correct, correct one guy That's a rival go ask why we obtuse call it like. It is the correct theory. I bet you back here the way David. We we love you
well defined and more so you so pleasurable to talk to, and that is consensus. I'm coming over to America MID April. Some feeling excited- I mean I've been there before, but I am not going to be sailing and for the rest, the USA utterly like some, maybe some tips on whether and how not to get knifed. You know that kind of thing really pretty alarm. Yadda walk law army up pretty good, healthy nice. Me into an american Gimme weapons. I love you David love, you guys to let's talk other men. In the future simulations and aliens another conspiracy, animals, I'm down for it all, yes by you bye.
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