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Ashton Kutcher (The Ranch, Jobs, No Strings Attached, That 70s Show) is an American actor, producer, and entrepreneur. Ashton returns to the attic to discuss new decade resolutions, his goal to eliminate child pornography from the Internet and his interest in improving the foster care system. Dax talks about working with Ashton on The Ranch and Ashton talks about his love of a live audience. The two talk about preparing for the apocalypse, intention versus perception and appreciating counterintuitive data.
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Welcome, Welcome welcomed, arm chair expert on deck Shepherd Haim, insure big mouth of big mousy Today we have a returning guess, one of our Faves Ashton culture. We just a door. Of course you know from Punk Any show tuna men the ranch, no strings attached, just Mary, we had a real fun talk with him away, was much different than the first one in a very thrilling. Why? I wasn't there for the first one, you are not but you heard it why we had a great chat and I'm excited for him. Listen just a quick reminder there's a few tickets left for our life performance on April. Fourth, in LOS Angeles, which is part of history, can organ of a very exciting guessed. It knows a whole bunch about history. So if you like to get tickets, please good or website W W, w dot, armchair, expert, pod, dot com and click on the link for tickets. Please and joy,
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most awarded minivan for years in a row, not surprise chryslers, offering arm cherries, a thousand dollar incentive offer on Pacifica models visit Pacifica Index come to receive a one thousand dollar off offer on your Pacifica. That's p, a c. I I see a Andy D, a ex got come here having now done a lot of work in this base of pedophiles, I mean it. But now we're trying to eliminate child pornography from the internet. Ok, so I've seen some. Should they again and see my young nasty,
and have gone on FBI raids. You have yet, and there are two distinct types of individuals that engage in his behaviour and some of them are just lost souls right where they ve they ve. Just you know, got like at a very young age. They were exposed to this stuff. Right, and then they started a fine sexual interest in this material online, which was readily available and become obsessed with it. And then they do, you know, do a hands on offence, because the only way you can actually get into the chat rooms with the new material is to actually present a new piece of content, all all like good faith money in a calm there there's that type of Cynthia, which I actually have personal empathy for where I go. Man you're, just a personal, went down the wrong track and then you ve got the other type of person who actually like has
a lack of repression and you go like I have less compassion, but at the same time ago shouldn't we be able to study these human brains and find a way to remedy the winners, adopted it before there was a crazy story about this guy who was totally normal. Their heads zero. You no interest in fucking children, then one day is wife found out that he was right. Yet this was the radio lab blame I said here he had had a surgery idea with his epilepsy No, this is a different. One. Is this guy then went to trial and, while on trial for the wife turn in while on trial he ate like it was? You know claiming to have these like headaches, passed out. They went in me a kiss her head and it was repressing his prefrontal cortex, yes, and then they had it removed and he was fine.
Yeah. This is this. Virtually the same story is the blame on this guy had the surgery further epilepsy and they cut a little corridor in your brain in that the PS the prefrontal cortex couldn't suppress, the MID brain reptilian arrested, as you say, just do insane stuff. Yet those get really complicated as far as like bodies control. Well and so the new soda go. You know I've found my health in a position where they actually have empathy and the crazy thing is we have a hotline and they click on it. And then, if we work with like psychologist, to create very specific messaging that urges them You have clearly of in issue with this, and you know where I judge knew, but with a you should get help and here's a hotline are click through rates are better then, most advertising campaigns in the world and we really hundred thousand people plus have click through and sought help. Oh, my! so. It's amazing while
an interesting approach to dealing with that. The here's where I come from it. I've never had to fight the urge to touch a child Never I'm not walking around battling in I'm I'm aware of how grateful I am that that's not one of the things I have to battle, but by the way I think we can strive for great justice in handling at all in any and being severe in that justice, but I also think you could be compassion towards? Who would want to be on planet earth with that desire eggs? I need moved over ink and think about like an urge for alcohol, more nerve for drugs and go that's what I got to deal with every day I came, I urge it to touch small children. The like would the worst thing dealing with ever I'd rather have any other thing literally. Give it to me. Look Eric's I'll, take it that you say Bulgaria, Gary's, Gehrig, yeah. Well,
what I would have, what it would rain or library on believed. There was also a Monica. What was the name of it was at this american life. Oh Tom sad that have you heard that up a sort of those american life you have to listen to cause. It's a young man coming to accept the fact that here he has those desires and he tells us mom, but he hasn't done anything he's like a lake team and he's like I, I M so ashamed this, but I am attracted to young kids in sitting here like while, what's the path for someone who admits it seeks help, and you know again, I have compassion for a teenager. That's realising he's wired that way and he wants to do something about it. There is not really that much that can be done. The economic measures
Ten four, I get me we ve talked about like how do we sort of get enough brains of pedophiles? Then it enough genetic data on pedophiles that we can actually start to study that to understand it, young, the biggest the it seems to me that this may be one of those things that we can actually find a chemical remedy for YAP Ray. I did you take your The appeal today there are no further will give you a nor plant. I'm ok, we're taking away someone's right to take medicine in this one area. If you ve been convicted if something in the pit Ophelia world you get the nor plant like that, the birth control elastic no sir, we just pop it in that when you leave the organically indigo short me get another one. Six months now be cruel in that way. I'll make you take that medicine, one of its rule, wasn't by an early little. I think its generous yeah imagine living with that. I mean now but
we wonder if it be like mental likely. People's bipolar are often hesitant to take their medication. Is that the swing up is very play. All the right to choose our man again, I had not for Pediculae, but when you say we, you said we a few times when what is we thorn? Dot Org Thorn is the non profit that we built to fight with seven, your goal to eliminate child pornography from the internet, and we do but, and I haven't rescue work is well meaning. Now, who is also? I just learn this in what it might listening to that was talking about. Oh, I knows the Jeffrey Epstein podcast, which was really great Anyways any sex with an under age person is called trafficking right. I didn't know that. I think this a little distinction, that's useful. I I think it's rape.
a global sure. I've heard your. I think it's like a awful nomenclature issue that we have around this witches if you're having sex with an under age person. It is that's rape na ha, plain and simple, and I think that you know we should call it trafficking, some needs of the US and you go we none of this is what I heard it. I guess I thought it was just cracking down on people importing like eastern european girls. I thought there was a solely a traffic. Now amount to it, and I didn't realize: that's all it's not that out of it if, from a nomenclature, perspectives all been conflated, some of the kick back that we ve got. with our non profit, is been from people who are over eighteen and choosing to have sex for money and the you they go away. This is what I'm choosing to do as yet the work and we ve gotten kick back
because a lot of the organisations in this space so too can fleet everything together were very clearly. You know we build digital tools to fight the sexual exploitation of children right so that's are very clear delineation. That is our mission in our focus, and so it gets a little funky when You are broadly just sort of cluster everything together you out. Why that issue, why? Why were you interested in tackling that I've seen you spoke for on a congress on this road idea. dazzling. Real of you address. He was really impressive: a blue kiss John Mccain ice. This dateline space go on, like kids in Cambodia that were like six seven, eight years old and having grown men have sex with thy ends. It just really disturb it. I just seem to me that that was one of the most disturbing things
on earth and as I spent a year plus just investigating the space and what everyone was doing there, and it does seem that there is a lack of effort towards ending this issue into me. It seem like one of the most urgent, things that we can do as humans to end yet I gotta say I feel worse about that. Then finding out a kid died a malaria yeah because as a human, acting upon another human, a malicious way as opposed to you know a you know: air black land. Now, malaria there's other things that the CDC focus on that general, like Ebola, like we don't want to just let that one go nightmare on watch in this new one in China right now like a fuckin ha right, because, unlike just living on the West Coast. I feel it puts us in a much deeper for dangerous gazelle. This flights are coming through here in the crazy thing. Is we just put all these that there's a bans on like five new countries of people like flying?
air from Somalia this one another. I went where's China's history now my eye, we just take it. We ve got a real like their quarantining whole cities over their cities, of like twelve million people. It is crazy, were first base on a trip. you always sure are you. I mean: don't go to Solvay Village, that as a tourist up- and you could hear pick realism of enabling glasses of wine in you. Wake up with like an ostrich USA could go under as a result. decided to release and tough are first interview two years ago, you're the guinea pig, your first, then God bless you gave it a shot. You're here huge reason. This thing successful. So thank you. I can't get through I'm so embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I buddy, I talked so much it somewhere missing. I was just nervous. You think get up. Oh my god I couldn't get through. I couldn't do it but anyways. I just wonder-
I want a milder, but I want to say One thing, though, when talking about today is one of our favorite Hobbes on the ranch was just like what thing you and I are into cause it's almost hourly right, yeah yeah you're on such type. A trajectory of cellphone and I love it. So I was wondering what word this year's twenty. Twenty sneers resolution I didn't have clear new year's resolution this year and I sort of looked at it as decade. Resolutions o because the new decade Ryan. I got really excited about the fact that we wait a second in in one year. I can probably accomplish x Y and see, but if I actually look at a decade- and I I said some goals for a decade- a the chances of achieving that are much higher and be. What you could potentially accomplish in a decade is
exponential to what you can accomplish in a year at the end. So I sort of set decade resolutions, oh my goodness, as opposed to endured years you're. So ahead of me, I really build the Hoover D. You could help. I read this thing about japanese companies and how They had century missions there like goals that were for the century, and I went well hold on that's at another level. or of thinking about your company like what's your next hundred years, gonna look like Yeah, it is accompany. You can do that because you might be dead, but the company can still be alive, and so I think often times were all too short term in our thinking like I when it whenever I start to get an argument or so to get upset about something I've practice this trigger, which is like, am I going to care about,
in five years, where I just dupe, really quick check in and go it's gonna matter and five years, as is worth having upset or stress about, and that's like my pause button and the one question that I asked myself. So I set these decade goals. Ok, am I a decade. Goals are eliminate. Chopper off from the internet, a harsh was already a goal of thorn. I have a decade go around fixing foster care! Ok, oh I did a bunch of research a vast or care, and realised that the graduation rates for foster care children for high school is like twenty seven percent. I e and if you look at the incarceration rates of foster care children, it's insane team pregnancy is ridiculously higher and they're all these other sort of down stream issues that are a result of a very poorly run state in county foster care system. There
Don't need to be poorly run, their just poorly run, because the incentives for whatever reason on a line which I dont quite understand, because the actually look like all the downstream entitlements to end up going to those foster care children after foster care, is done. Poorly it's insane, what like I'm like: medical Pentagon, injuries, medical expenses like welfare, but if your child, it comes up with neglectful parents, the likelihood have you been in, parents very high, because you haven't had a model with which to raise your children and, if you're being dished around from foster care family to foster care family. and you have a sense that no one loves you. How you going to express that in the world the out that no one
me right, and so you can actually look at the direct line from foster care and the neglect of that system to all these other entitlements downstream and NGO. It actually causes a billion times more later. We just need up front the cost of fixed foster care and we can solid tonic problems yet alive, these debates. It seem like left right debates, I'm always a little forestry, because I want to say that the gender The right I get it. Man be gonNA, be shone out a bunch of money, but let us look at what is it? What is homelessness costs to fix verses? What does it cost to treat? You should just Scully want do an ounce of prevention worth a pound, a cure in same with foster care is run. The math is much better investment is much much cheaper to prevent the problem from happening right yeah I mean it's a pure data play like if you just run the math on it is not actually just let me in there is crazy things like the symptoms. These kids get removed from their homes and put it to foster care
because the mom was a singer mother, who had four kids who couldn't afford to pay her rent this month. And decided to go and sell her body for sex in order to pay rent and was out at night, and this worker came home and solve for kids left at home at night alone, and they remove the four kids. Wouldn't it be just cheaper to pay that four hundred dollars in rent yak and keep them? kids at home, with their mom men, get the mom into some since hyper programme to get are employed in a more meaningful way like wouldn't that be a better solution, yeah and again she or even, if you know really that target your heartstrings just cheaper. We but my mom's, a CASA, and you know what causes are the court appointed advocates for kids us
yes, but my mom said you know, the goal is always just as a kind of baseline goal is like it's best that the kid stay with the parents, like all things, considered, you're, really hoping that the situation improves, because it really is the goal generally in your right. There's not much capitally put in to that end the equation, Well, I'm part of the reason why it's the best is because this system to become a foster care parent is so Jack. You ve this home inspection to become, foster, secure so easily have to send somebody out your house it three times and in the process of good. You know that you want the kids to be in a safe environment. Didn't the number one reason why some of these homes don't get approved is because they don't have a fire extinguisher outlawed. You're like wait, a second itself, so over sovereign authority about this they were working in one state.
It just decided to put fire extinguishers in the trunk of the inspectors and they just give them a fire extinguisher. Another pass inspection, and now we have a great home for a kid now, there's also zero data is being run on where these foster care, kids are where they're coming from and then actually proactive, recruiting a foster care family in those same neighborhoods I'll write her, so it's county run system in California, in other states, run by the state and there's variability free state by state. But if you're next of kin is indifferent county and they don't have that next of kin and the registry there may be an ant. That's right, in the next county, but they don't know that there is a they set them up with the odd. In many cases they don't even asked the kids who the Adults are in their life, then I hope that would be what we do better. Them yeah yeah. So so, there's like really simple fundamental changes that can happen with a because, in some cases
it is the right thing to do to take the kids from the parent alyosha, but if we don't have the ability for families to become a good foster care families, any simple way that isn't just in drastically arduous or expensive process, yeah them going into fashion. There's gonna be a terrible idea. Nea, do you know how many kids, at any one time in America in foster care? I want to say I have this data, but I did have it I want to say- and it could be totally wrong. Article of actual fact check this. I think it somewhere around like five hundred thousand kids a year or something like that. Come out of the fattest go in here it's somewhere in their age, or maybe it's five thousand kids at any given time. One of the other facts facts that why well- and I also think about this- unlike what, if those kids are technically in custody of the state, the state knows where the best schools in this
Are you like shouldn't those kids get to go to the run of the line in the best public schools in the state, because there in custody, the state they are already feel Superman secure. So let's sent him to the most dangerous area possible, just a really amplify that quick, but these are simple fundamental changes and then, if you could actually build like a high quality, targeted recruiting system and a high quality like to identify who the closest next of Kin art, which there is national registry, and you could probably find next of kin on Facebook yeah, but a lot of these Lexington Social Service environment, they don't want I'll be employed to be on Facebook at work, Let them shark checking it I'll sweethearts from high school in, unlike why this
like the most effective, like social tool in the world, the mind be borne viable. Isn't an exciting, though, that you live in an era workers. I wonder if you did being the type of person you are or the exact same person, but nineteen, seventy two. I think the fact that you're so interested in tack, coupled with now You'Re- powered now like, don't you feel like you would have felt far more power, in the seventies attacking these issues where there's no, let kind of tech answer to them or tech improvement. Like anything, this is kind of you perfectly you know as far as the simulation goes as is pointing to your probably in a simulation as this is like the ideal time for you to take up these causes. Khazars all these fun tech, movement. We talk to your buddy Cohen care. Recalling, and he does a lot of stuff to write like you to download, will go to recruitment websites for
Gee hottest and they'll, redirect them someplace in like oh, what a cool answer that does involve missiles near. I think it's a wonderful tool and in some cases, when its being drastically under utilised. I e this particular issue. You can make exponential improvements by applying technology solutions to it, but putting fire extinguishers in the trunks of cars and his not technology, asking the kids where are the adults in their lives is not technology? You know that I mean they're there you're right, but but but knowing that that's one of the big issues is kind of the result of data mining or data
aggregate right, so it's like you can identify what some of these major problems are, that private is blown over. We once had yet one of the beautiful things about data. Is there there a bunch of counter intuitive assumptions, yeah that you on earth really quickly with data, and you go wait. A second now nobody's gonna vote for Donald Trump, but if you actually look at the data you go, no all these people are going both for Donald Trump, and this is why right in the date is there. If you listen to end or Red Malcolm Gladwell, new book, I ve been talking to start no, the new one I have her or you're gonna lie out. It's it's like the best of his best great nobody. But there's too we are talking about this morning. There's two huge counter intuitive data things which I just found to be mine, blowing saying how much I enjoy being. Can haunted by the facts in in reversing my position. I really enjoy that in one of em tracking condenser. Very shortly was so.
Plath killed herself, the poet and she put her head in the oven, turned it on in London and at that time ever single House in London, useless at gas called town gas. It wasn't natural gas in you can kill yourself quite easily with it. Now you can't really with natural gas, and at that time it was number one killer in London. Was people committing suicide with this town gas insult conventionally. Certainly what I thought before in this chapter IV, Take away, one means to kill yourself. People just find another like if you're hell bent on killing yourself. You're gonna kill yourself right, but they found that when they switched to natural gas, the actual suicide rate plummeted by virtually the number that people are killing themselves, so, town gas, they didn't go to another solution and the gets into the Golden Gate Bridge and how many people have jumped from there, and in this case, of five hundred people there it did someone intercepted them or arrested them. They do this debt analysis and of the five hundred. Only twenty five of those people end up killing themselves. So displacement is the theory. I had one
they'll just find another means, but there's another theory called coupling, which has no it's a whole suite of different things happening perfectly at the same time that someone might kill themselves and I got like I would just said- probably I really would win the guns The argument like ok, yeah, build twenty thousand people kill themselves, will guns every year with a guy established that make you happy in to find out no, no, it there's this thing, coupling eyes fastened a house. I, oh, I love. The Ets is wonderful yeah. I always get excited when I hear like a random piece of like counter intuitive like the because so often what you hear and learn, you can order. No, but when you learn something that you genuinely would have thought the exact opposite Erika, just like the most exhilarating eighty eight I get so fired like in its how we invest in companies the
sing railways always looking for, is like some counter intuitive thesis. That, actually is a beautiful thing would come, which is, if you have data that supports a counter intuitive thesis, the likelihood of competitors coming into the space early on when the companies most fragile is greatly reduced, because they would go now that second kind of nose will people go sleep on other people's cow? is your of strangers sounds like male whacked. I just know why I wish in White ACT. They do in their really knows them. They far preferred to a hotel once they use exactly. You know it's like it. Would you jump into a car with a stranger driving you into never others night, while they do. You know the latest one I saw was his company. It was like an hr software company. What they
Weis was these companies offer all these they consented program? Still I keep employees happy and do all these things, but the truth is is when people first come to the company and they get all these incentives. Their happiness and retention rates go way up right, but over time it just started windows. All those incentives just seem like the norm, yea and so what they came up with this methodology to constantly be into You new short term incentives to employees. Not only raise their happiness rate and the rhetoric, but then maintain it overnight. I stand at my hand. I was like a brilliant, like I would have I guess I would go. Listen you. we have really great benefits here, but the better thing is to go yet we have some good benefits, but here's, the truth is theirs, knew better It's all the time the I would have only had a programme that says: hey have some gratitude. Mother
crazy enough to get over yourself, what do you think you're entitled to make working hours in a lack of your age? It is I M, like the gratitude polite now you are, you really are. I have I been shock or in my I have like my own little toilet, stolen the house at the back of a door. I have a chart board on it, Jan, and it says cactus appreciation? That is what I wrote up there, and so every day, when I'm taking my morning deuce, I can go, look at it and be like practice and appreciation today and it actually works. We're like I walk out and I'm like. This is just great propagated. I start there and, as I'm sitting on the thinker I'm thinking of ways to practise appreciation. By the way we should like a we brain called the thinker. The thinker That's really, for me, words, mulatto the thinkings getting down it's the only time, I'm not engaged with other distractions, not taken your phone it and your line that you'll find a wealth of ideas.
Could you like the idea of going into gathered it had? Neither do I guess a decade go for you. Don't take the phone they just thought of the years me like what you just said was like go to them, movies, knowing you're not going to eat popcorn, like I don't even know. If I want to go to the movies now, then you did the notion of sitting there with myself on the toilet is scary. It's your hemorrhoids treasure here. Why? Don't? I too will come up with some brilliant stuff while and then, at this handy to chalkboard right there. So if I come up with some brilliant, you dont want to forget it, because it was just a toilet idea. I can't write it down on the old thinking, in a minute I saved idea. You're so far had I know far ahead They too, if you dare, we are supported by Brook linen
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Ah, it's been gone really well for me suspiciously. While I am driving to work a couple days ago to work and like you're in the car you're in the car and there's no kids in this car inanimate, the fuck, the seats are very comfortable and as an Ex him radio, like I just really started, going through the list of how wonderful it is to be stuck in your car. For twenty minutes, it's fuckin lovely if I've a ship. My perspective that I may we have a similar thing, my practice regimes and lower your name exact. I mean you know like considered. I don't have a chop arouse gonna write it on my mere and those like I've come all the way now back to fucking. Daily affirmations is thing I laughed at on sorry. I live right, like stuarts, now lay yeah you're good enough you're you're fired at Doha at people like you all, with laughter at how silly that was unknown, like no that's eggs. I need to see every day with the fucking goal is ok
anything else on the decade long I wanted maybe like a personal one in those are big. Can I entered is one that you let me in on and I was gonna laughing at you and you did it and then come around to it, which is last year were shooting a ranch. and you got involved in competition, a body mass index weight, loss, competition and you took it so seriously, and I think you lost like a hundred times. pounds in your garden. You got so thin. I really then yeah and then you started telling you launch this time. You go. You know I really studied and the actors whose just were really thin in their 40s, really age, beautifully in their 50s like there's, just a trajectory if you enter 50s is very thin, or maybe referencing sting. None of Margaret was sort of SAM, Elliot SAM yeah. What it won an example where I mean he's always been that guy any just maintains it. Yes in it. First, my meaning. That was like no, no, I mean muscle mass, a needle pop in my biceps and then
since we had that conversation, a kind of stuck in my head a little bit and I went down like fifteen pounds or something- and I was like, I think, he's right. I think this is the move. Here's the thing you by the way. You really help me in that competition. I ended up guinea third place. I'd have like forty five people, but is impressive eggs. I'd say you already started in pretty damn good shape. I was already I was already indecent shape, but I ended up cutting like in insanely twenty five pounds of fat lake and how it was crazy is the guy one was doing much more body building the what I was doing, because you said to me: I won't wait. You're, like the competition was run, percentage of body fat lost and you, like you, our living waits. It because must always buy toys. The fat, you gain more muscle, mass game, more weight, but the percentage of fat will reduce
Did you remotely weren't, looking at one side of the equation, which is fat reduction in, but the other side's that Muslims and then hat so half way through? I started doing like crazy hit training at doing like heavy heavy weights and gaining muscle. what I know carbs to burn with no No, I mean I was like pass. He now and I did, and then I was nearly eighteen, our values. We realise that when less on, oh, I fully recognise our faster wonderful, actually like one of the only proven things that it like create longevity, and now he was, is isn't fasting by the way like there's a counter and who did thing nightly nuns wholly counter intuitive, like don't eager for an extended period of time and yet live longer. Yet dont give your body what it needs. Yeah I mean I'd like I had these like feeding knows when I was in his eye, I will say, though, the air matter go against what was a marvellous strategy and yield a great result towards them.
and you are you're hanging on by a threat. I was getting pretty guy. You were. You were gone, that's one issue, you're so dialed in as a person, you know you're very electric in dialed the fuckin like when you and I are channing. I feel like a like hook up some kind of like a journal. I came home neural link. Yes, you me Elon Musk, that's right, neural linking, but there we were having some conversations and tourism gloss and the eyes which hamper relating in fifteen years of no anyways. I owe you a little glossed right now and I think you are just hang out by. I don't think you had enough Gleich agenda, the brain work at its optimal level remember mean foggy at all. During that period I was probably just tired from not eating enough and working out too much right, rightly bright, and the other thing is is like dirt. that window I mean I always do
Albert January. Add so during that window I wasn't drinking either right, which yields and interesting thing when you quit drinking, because I probably for the last ten years ahead to drinks day like virtually every day and I'll ever get smash, nut, lay and maybe like once a week. I have a couple more than that or something like a rhythm hang out and when you quit drinking the first week, socks the second week you're like a man, I feel great leap. Suddenly you're like clear you got, you can remember things that the word that you want to say is right on the Tipp. Your tongue in an hour, certainly wrong your whole else great. In the end, you get like a good two weeks of that and then after that, you're like commissioner, unlike these social things, you search of veal and then and then did there's a dip interesting. I stop drinking
this year in November or real, and I probably had like five drinks but like only ever like one a day, five drinks. Since no Amber and you got through the holidays without kittens launch a hard as HOLLAND. I think I just might be done drinking. That's not unlike my resolution list now, but I kind of em just sort of like a mythical taste, a while in our assembly- but I like can I do I am reminded of It- is often the same issue that everyone who get sober contends with, which is like when you come in man, you're vit, your hyper aware of the cut the price you pay for consuming chip, What time is you say? You kind of level off and now that's the new norm, and you can't your memory just that's the way it works. It kind of downsides has the bad shape, but ultimately did the way I still experience it monthly is, I'm always quit sugar right, so I'll be off sugar for whatever it is three four weeks start fantasizing about what the something
tastes like inevitably every single time, I have a thing like fuck. It's just not the thing that I build up in my head over that month off sugar, like I, I build it up that it's gonna be a fucking. orgasm when I eat a Snickers bar in the, When I do my it's not. You know it's like my memory in full its things in DE flights, the bad things yeah and but then also like you have one stickers born and you're like well, Madame feel awful. When I got it and then it like, I gotta go to dairy queen, oh by the way that that's generally, the thing that takes me off, the sugar sobriety will travel and I'm allowed. Whenever I am out of a lady dairy queen. That's always my first Erika III, we were talking last night at dinner. Its argument, our last meal and dairy queen is the finnish.
off my leg. It's the last stop on the final meal. Train is very well aware that I think are for war above it I mean you know it was goin. He bought it cause he loved it lieges luxury, in writing emotional perch, and I think he bought it. Has he left Harry Queen it it's the thing they kept at a rather on real. What you're go to a dairy queen Oh man, I'm all over, I'm all over the menu. I mean I am everyday and sinner I mean I love a peanut butter. Part of me. I am always in the way I taught it must be so insulting, unlike okay. So so I'm gonna want double. come on it and I know like, and so I don't call me palms and my go home, because I want to be specific about this, like I don't want to tell you double than you eyeball. I am. I give its seven pump, someone fourteen exhausting for the person when I order on banana split I'd like it. I, like I like
All the royal treats are always up there for me, like this, a list of royal treat the reason why there always up there for me when I was a kid, my step dad would walk me to the dairy queen. It was like tat. Five ten blocks away or something like once a month or so we we go it and he would. let me pick a royal true, but I will say the crunch cone: it's a dip com, but it's in the crunch, It's lovely, how I love a dip catholic soft serve current data expert fund. my way back to the basics of the basics, but with a who brought me to the party, now, have you ever right this. Knowing that you like the banana split now, this is some. I always recommended people they never want to cause. It's it's not sexy enough right, Monica gear. You ve been around for a lot of the banana split blizzard is the best blizzard have you ever had, while I could imagine, it's really get it
so much better than it should be, I could imagine it every by us happening old banana split in it and you can t and then you can. Then then you can dash Teresa Riera Buttercup her something in there in the base of the bad. It's a cry well say other hog conversation for me. I know Well, one of one of Monica most in this is for real MAC. Dramatic childhood memories was, you know she was the only indian kids in Duluth Georgia and she was at a backyard party to boys to girls swimming one of them? boys and girls were already a couple. She liked the boy a lot in the pool he liked her a lot, so her girlfriend thought she'd facilitate. So she was in the polls. He said to him, you should ask Monica out she likes you and you like her, and he said I like her, but I can't date Monica cause her parents work at dairy queen. That was an indian stereotypes, rob and he couldn't lobbying. Airlines worked at the dairy queen or iron guy. They probably on the mere her down
parents and does not work there, but it was. It was a deep literally her hall. Where is my deep cut debts as saving grace that that boy is not life compassion for him do have compassion for him, but it did effect. My whole life Gee I'm really really did effect my whole. What with boys? It really really changed everything. Oh I'm just so happy that that guy, because what if he was just harbouring that while you were dating, I mean I like that that would be lawful. he was. He was incredibly honest for a twelve year old. Tell my friend, you didn't like say, but what- makes me sad about it. What you say I would terrible thing to say, but also everyone at the party at twelve years old just wants to be accepted. Anything glad. You is terrifying here. He loved this girl, but she had something that would have excluded him.
Bring this add for every sure you want to be with you in couldn't over this dairy queen, so you feel bad for him. No you're here the victim haven't, I'm just saying now I agree with your either person. What's his name road traffic through about their ok, about the ranch going into the final season of the ranch. There's ten episodes laughed out currently on Netflix such and so everybody give all eighty episodes are on Netflix and available the watches the entire arc of the series You know anybody you have yourself. Yes, if anybody who hasn't sort of Washington stubbornly anyone's, Inter Alia by everybody who has been watching it. The last five Knowlton. Ten episodes are now on networks there outright now now, what's really fun about this is I ended up. In twenty five of those eighty year, which was self on in really only happened because of this pot. Gas. Four hundred
set, happened because we were walking out and at the time we had this idea of this character that we wanted to introduce in the show which was a military. Free vet. That was coming back, who had some PTSD. That was a cousin that would come in and started staying with the family lip and after we get done the podcast I was like. I think Jack's will be graded. This, I asked you thinking for sure you're going to say no or that you had something else to your work and I are gonna and you're like yeah. Do that? Absolutely I had just spent two and a half hours with you know. Like God. Do you mind joy, angry with you in the this? It would be Opportunity just hang out with you and by God. It proved to be that we had a goddamn blast. We get a really good time. It's one of the funders jobs of ever. Had we get well, I mean This too, having SAM Elliot there and watch, Samuel you get upset about the littlest things probably was like the high lightly. He is like,
If it's raining, there's no way they leave these tools out here. Oh yes, we there was like. It was little thing. I will let you start with he's a better actor that supplies for sweet, actually thinking about stuff. That would probably be helpful to your performance that you and I are like once pizza that would be early agreement Oda by wasn't working oh you're, one of the highlights, but we're making fun. Alisha cause she has allowed. A bit of a canadian accent, but just occasionally, if not even it's not even really pronounce, but once in a while ago, Hoppa word off right, look about about will come up or something and then you and I then why rehearsal we just launched into our really bad canadian accents right yet where we did a whole scene, wholesale detonated, access and use it. If you don't know the behind the scenes on a multi camps, it come Monday through in our case Monday,
Wednesday you're rehearsing in your planing, where you gonna stand in each scene and everything in so you do at multiple times. So once we started on this committee MAX, and it just got more more outrageous, each time and then can say, I'm Elliot joined in a real fact: ya YA, when he job didn't make any ok with real are, is brought in like a real job. It was perfect. I got her hair, I would have thought he was from Toronto. The way he delivered an early and I had it been out of by experience where I was like. You know cause for the most part, and I think you and I are similar in this way. It's like vacancy
and yet, if they invite me into some show or movie and his act like I belong when I you know the kid from the roads like how the fuck are you here, but I can silence that voice quite off, but we ve been doing that every day for our entire life were little things of fry as if we belong in this room, have any shit all day and then I do said this moment or SAM Elliot's talking like a book. phone and weave somehow encourage them to do that, and I had this this allowed myself to recognise but you sitting with SAM and he's now doing this silly fun I think I you and started, how did this happen this guy's from roadhouse yeah? just made me so thrilled that I like, I could see my life from outside of it. I was like somehow you ended up cotton up with SAM earlier, but that was you here's the thing I admire about you, the most in those services, which is your ability to completely just fuck
off for them to the three days of rehearsal and then I'd show night, dial in everything is perfect wishes At one point the director came up to me off because I regard a fuckin offer like I would like here I was like a virus that did not heed actually jacket around like to see whether they are trying to Why? They do whether and at one point the tragic goes regos listen! Jack's is really great at doing this, no, I didn't use here's the thing if you're both doing that it she's gonna be a mass, so I would prefer If you just stay on blood study, all tat, they can give the lies and it by way even totally right, because I was just all over
and then, when it came shown, I was like not ready to curb, like I have a gift that you and I M, so that I added of evidence is villa gurgling. That's rain it and bring the wall, but will not generous of you cause. It's your show argument. Like I'm doing the immediate ledges also say you might have reigned in, but the modus operandi became we made are they got what they were aiming to get and then and then you and I had about four takes for us, a religious in my audience. We were just flanking for laughs. This is what I'm telling you I'm not being too sentimental. When I say this, this show taught. to love process, because you and I became lets you and I have fun with this audience. That's right there and to do it. Knowing this will never make the show, I don't think I've ever in that way where I would like started it going? Will now we're gonna do take work. I know certainly this will not make the cot so where do
literally for the love of doing it was a breakthrough. For me, it's the beauty of shooting in front of a I mean it is the glory AIDS, the instinct gratification that you get when you ve run of alive audience and you feel like you're, the funniest, another planet, even if you're not he said to- and I said this is like a virtual reality game where you get to experience what it's like to be Chris Raw a high level of funny. I'm like I would have never thought I could experience what it feels like to be Chris Rock. Then you go why the fuck you think I ve been doing this for twenty year like this. Yes, it's fucking intoxicating, and it's why I keep doing it's like you do in circles because it's so gummy, oh it.
So far so yummy like, I know a lot of people that are in our industry that are just naturally funny individuals. They like the way they say milk makes you laugh. I don't have that thing. Like I need material. I either have to really think about coming up with material. That's gonna be funny. I've gotta, like I have to grind. I have to like dissect the joke to understand the jet, like, like view the whole process but when you're in front of an audience on a sick like that, they don't know that the writer like right or that you were heard for Thursday rehearse for three days. They think you're. Wing at it, and they are convinced that you're always areas well, and I am we do willingness or a couple tags, and then it only confirms this theory that the I think these people are making this whole show up in front of its exhilarated. It is, it is delightful,
So you said the director and I just want to say publicly David trainer, so David trainer did all of the seventy show. Every single observers Arusha anymore, I'm on your nineteen and then he did every episode of the ranch, yes or eighty episodes that I mean it. Truly beautiful man, much taller than both of you and wow you got two billion d, like some kind of parent or thing yet you have been housing, also just a brilliant human being, yes, a respected intelligence, but then he also has a soda staggering height. That gives you this. You know whatever you're looking up to something I think it sorted triggers something: Sutton, primitive, yeah, yeah, it's a primitive thing act when you're really going to looking at your daddy, it's like when you hang it. I wish you kill and Neil you feel like you. He could like cradle. You like yeah you're, in charge, my whole life. God bless you look it up I liked it in it can find dose
well you know, you're really like you and I are the organ I'd I'd says I feel for Maggie not like going to basketball game with my wife, because I feel like an inferior you may or like. If you go to stand on the sidelines at a football game, you're saying exactly real football, but you're like I am in fear air human being to these other humans and I've. If so in situ right now, they could run through me like a paper paper house for sure it's weird I trade Jujitsu might want to. video of you rolling with some world champion. There's a video of it. Yes, I had a hunch. It was it with your neck. no he's got a by now. It was sturdy. Ok, so I you know who is number one judges who kind the world? Yes in so not going to read your Wikipedia again. A already did that I know your life story. I was like its incumbent upon me to do a little son, so I just type in your name and then hit news. Willing- or maybe some interesting, as happened recently, that I've missed
Milo went somewhere and showed off her legs found out as regards the more foiled time and then there's a video that comes right up. If you hit news in its you Roland with this world champion, I gotta watch the video delight you enjoy. The terror aids are either in my own mile. I think even the article that was attached to it. I rose like anyone who was questioning Ashton's commitment who recent Brown Bell in October, whatever you month your Brownlow, this settle all debate in it shows you get me work in your ass God. You're gonna real happy with it. I'm not gonna be here I may have. Is the scope, legitimate In the end, it was like literally a three minute sectors. I mean he. He showed me a bunch of different techniques herself in ways that was it was at the end of the work out was the last thing we did and I was like. I owe the obvious role for a little of just said:
was the face, so I'm really whether I am exhausted at the end and at the end like after he finished room, he went. Rosa became more immediately after sure I didn't even know is being filmed. These things come out of the gym like you, then I got my brown bill, that I don't want the last thing I, why didn't? I am the worst brown bill in the country of the sky, like I'm, not good at the right. You just learn to walk at exactly in. last thing I want is like some guy tough guy me and like one does, show me, he and he's only a purple bow number brain. I want to show up I'll go even further than I why, just unless we pick a fight with me, I don't want to fight anyone I'll go even further. Like twenty three year old me seas This movie star, ashen culture, is a brown but thinks he's Saddam and now, and then I'm not even I'm a purple, but I would be like. Oh, you think
you're a bad motherfucker cause you ve trained in this. You're right, there's no way it's the thing, I least want to have happened anywhere. But anyway, back to my point, is my teacher. He Machado who's. This hawking human in whose neck is like it decides my waist here when he tells me something I've just like. Yes, sir, but I need someone who's of that magnitude. He sees otherwise, unlike ok, let's roll this out really going to let others are not to re write. My alpha will go not yes, the God the egos and that going on it's the ugliest thing about me. What I have to admit it about my subsume bearing, but yet it tabled monica- and I really we deal with this constantly so will have a debate in real life, and then we get some on here, like your buddy, jeered or we'll get, Grant, no we'll get whoever right, they'll say virtually the
Zack same thing that either one of us may be. It made that same point earlier in the week, but we were like northern hell as they now you know we both just dismiss, but there are seeing them on here, were also were wide open. You now to digest and take on their expertise, yeah they learn that diversity, eleven earned it, but they have we have here. We we're the Peter Gallery exactly are officially a gallery here by the way, the real well good to be practised in appreciates it. Frankly, I am survive in live an idea being a gallery and by the way, really appreciate the first time I was here. You didn't have the lazy boy. Now you have a lazy boy that you get it wasn't. No, you didn't have a lazy boy. Whenever I came here
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into a pathological level at times when you know what kind of Czech each other rising to our better self. Yes- and I think you know we're good at going- you know, what's the who do you think I'm gonna observe you doing this and finally pat on the back or you feel like ok yeah. This is over, so we're always trying to keep an unhealthy zone. Sometimes it is sometimes it's not yet so caffeine, so coffee and caffeine around the same time that I kind of like I think, I'm done drinking. I was like. I think I've done drinking coffee because I got a point where I would wake up in the morning and before I could do anything I had to have a cup of coffee. Can you have a unit in your bedroom or your bathroom or something? I thought you gave me this idea: do you want in your closet? I don't have a bar
my closet oak hours away, but I like it when they had had a cop and I would put ice in it, so I can drink it faster. So I could get the caffeine into the system and get the motor move in, and then I would just drink, iced coffee all day long. I mean all They have all. You got me in the LE lock alone, yeah. I would you just drink these cans of fort worth, like two cops in one, but I would drink likely. I was drinking sixty eight Upso coffee a day. Every gay and He did it to have the same energy that I had when I didn't drink coffee at all, it's a than I was like cut the cost, you know, you called Turkey or you: U weaned your cipher culture, you! It was like headaches for a couple days that then sort of settled in and then I was in what you get through it and all of its port of like this. We
Europe must make it an afraid, love it and I think about. Me going on naked afraid, every time I watch it or bear rills or one of these things share, which is a kind of one of my goal. So all of this kind of comes back towards enemy. You haven't been on it to be like kind. I want to go and do bear grills yeah yeah, I got invited, go wants, but it wasn't the right time. It can you, but I want to go to one of those things, but I don't think I could do it without coffee in Blue and there was a great without coffee booze. I don't think I could go due to bear. Grills I'd have issues where I have a right out like a three days. The first three very was not yet arrived at first reading. I would just be a miserable headache: driven like bickering wig error. Angry you LEO Climate role, bear some like, unlike this stuff's gotta, go like anything. Their arrest me for being a bare Marilla has gotta go where they re lorries, or is this weird sort of apocalyptic yeah
being where I go over really hit the fan. I'm not gonna. Just be a swing by and get a cup of coffee at Starbucks right. So I want to be ready or wool is interesting, as you know, have almost opposite apocalypse fantasy. So my apocalypse fantasy is I'm drinking through that, like the apocalypse starts in I'm back on everything, but you this kind of like they'll, be nothing I gotta prepare for that mine, is like how quickly can I build a bunker adore make my bunker fully functioning an end for the kids will ya. I hit you with my opinion on an issue as you did not like it. Neither did my stepped out, which is I've seen. These shows I'm not gonna, spend another three years fighting our lead for my survival. Only to watch my family get sexually abused before they kill me the apocalypse
happens. I'm gonna, procurators Hano Oviedo, we're all going to take a beautiful nap holding hands. We're going go what a great experiences was just the wrong view, because at that moment you won't know if that apocalypse is a temporary occurrence and tag or a lasting incident show how here's what about to happen, while you're in a dreamy. Opie eyes were children, then you ve, just doped up. They are about to go. I'm gonna come over knock on the door. The next day be like. Can I borrow your doom, buggy and you're gonna be out, guess all be yours and thing then, get a dominant steal, your doom buggy and after I steal your doom buggy and about right, where my family, MAX with a machine or else cruising around, and everything settles down out of you like Man, Mr Magri right right until again a roving group, marauders.
over in you, gotta watch me lodge, is get let off to the wheelers love fighting off a group of Morocco. I was, I would love it. I announced air fighting. The number one of its kind in the world is all planning aim. They appear perils and I get my fight while we're out there because you're a headache. I need to be able to deal a bare grill, so he so coffee. So how long have you been all coffee, because I've no vendor, while of quick caffeine twice for like three months, I was immediately aware of like to your point. My energy levels is totally normal. It's like it there's no peaks and valleys in cumulatively attire, but I was like I don't enjoy being alive as much there's a guy. The general like decompression, lower stressful
that was almost. But now my I'm just not is excited to be alive without it. I just I don't have that. I mean out of the blue, I'm not very social person, so I don't really go out and socializing, so I don't have like the scope and get a cup of coffee like sooner than right doesn't occur to me. I sleep better answer than I feel better in the morning. As soon as I wake up I'm awake and more patient when your family in the morning, I don't know about that. Ok, hunky, I mean, I think, everything just sort of like levels out this, but now I tender wake up on my own without an alarm clock like ten minutes before my kids. Wake up which is really nice and feel fully rested and its guy it's pretty decent yeah that does some lovely by the way, not to jump topics but you're, just a part of a fact check away.
The fact check, because we had January on and she was pretty certain that you had gotten offered. The seventy show at the same time is cowboy surfers. That's what she felt. The name was of the show that you had gotten offered up. She accurate, We know not only made because I figured out what Derek show TAT. It was called what was called and now I forget. I know I just don't have it in mine it, but it was the same week. You're gonna. Do extreme sports to save a ranch witches incur, doubly ironic, because you are now on a eighty episodes of show about saving a ranch right. You were kind of death, into being cowboy surfers is what we got into the folk have actually called wind on water window water than ever that we allow look. Why sends out the sounds it? Do you think they like that Turkey's the acronym was while maybe
Does it have action, sports and data, then I would, above all by season two people call a while. I was then understand why it didn't match my voice version of what a ranch looked like a roar like or what ranchers did so like. This is a quite method, but I'm gone Did you get you guys fact checked it. Could I will we really got a new cause? I was because your initial thought is: like boy did he choose right right? That's like you would anyone would discover God did he get lucky? He chose the seventy show and not that thing that didn't end up going, but and I was saying maybe coach was the missing ingredient of cowboy surfers. That would mean a way out of the seventy issue. There is really no weight, as I think I could have saved you to exempt now. I will never allow of showing never know it was you that was my first week in a way that our boy surfer, the window, water, the said wow and varsity blues was the other one and the
oh ah there is like a fourth version of the crow or something and it was insane first weaken away a member said a horse. You up my butter, something that we can happen doesn't happen. Here's a conversation that with it out up, but we have a lot. Ok, and I was just thinking I know for me personally. It's changed in two years since you men here and I imagine its change for you as well. Identity go on you and I are all aware of what identity. Is we have things that we like to make the bedrock of our identity its evolved over time right? It was an actor than it was an actor and in an investor and, as the show comes to an end, I'm sure you're in a state of like ok, who is Ashton now twenty twenty for the next decade, What kind of things of you been ruminating on? What things are you less are less important in that recipes
your identity? What things are gaining momentum so that thing I've finding their been a couple things that have like in just over the new year. That, like really hit me hard wishes. Health is something you can't buy right, you just? U have to earn it and you have to earn it through behaviour and so like a healthy person is like probably like number one o my target of, and that includes like it. It's not just physical health, mental health and everything else. Clans really quickly is that for the experience or media itself just cause, you feel better or is it with the goal of longevity knowledge of those is the priority for you or combination. I think part of it is. I feel, like I'm one of the people that has hit this planet, that just kids to live a really good life lay a m me. Life is like ex roared, narrowly good
like I feel so lucky with the experiences of I've. Had the people I'm around the people. I know the connections that I have the work. I get to do just every single out of my lifelike I mean I went to the gym yesterday. Gotta wrestle with number one guy in the world, like I didn't even know he was going to be there and it just happened like it was just like. I don't take that stuff for granted, like I just go like this life. I may never get a run at life. It's this good again. Here I get another run at life, so I live as long as I can, but also, I think it's time
to number two, which is my biggest identity in the biggest job. I have to do for the next decade is raise my kids really well and give them a firm foundation so that they can make great life choices and expose them to as much as I can model behaviour and so that they choose a trajectory for their own life. That gives them fulfilment and joy and they can experience it the way that I've been allowed to experience life thus far and so healthy and then Father, like a great father, is number two and then do good things that leave a record of existing
that was positive and appreciated yeah. That's, though, with a kind of other things, and you find that for me, I wish I just was such a good person that I was aspiring to that on my own. But I'm not, I had delight check things off of a list. Personally, it was like trial and error. It's not like. I knew what the thing I should be pursuing. Naturally it was almost like. I did there all the wrong stuff pherson than I am left with little fewer options that I start exploring. Give we're all kind of doing that dia degree right I mean is that goes to the argument of like. Do we actually have free willed, or are we just bouncing from one dopamine respond? Serotonin return, adrenaline palm to the next and are all of our thoughts beings, rated by are past. Nan, therefore, were not really choosing its sexually.
Sort of coffee. Illusion of joy. He s a kind of goes to that right, a music. We think that were doing these things out of like a free will or choice, but maybe it's just the randomness of an experience or an exposure that you had. That is dry. The new towards Ex wires in NEA, but we don't want less Amir here, and I do believe that this is profoundly true, which is the thing that over delivered, my expectations was being a dad yeah, but I would say that the order of those things were be being a husband
is extraordinarily fulfilling by really yeah. When I put the work into being, a husband like put the work into being a husband lay off their return is so exponential. So what I could expect that the partnership and just the support when you're in them troughs like that, is just unbelievable from return basis, bein a father, same thing, just the joy I get
my kids being happy to see me like a lot of people like I'll run into people. There really happy to see me, unlike cool poor. My kids are happy to see me. I like, I asked, if the let's hope, fulfilling and wonderful and then when we have this text message dread that we have for the foundation. So every time we find a kid who identify a kid. Our kids have been recovered. Like our wines channel. Every time I get a message is like the software we bill was used in this case and we found thirty six kids that were being molested lists the teachers no longer
the school and whatever? The story is like yours that you just go like I'm doing the right thing like I'm just doing the right thing as a person, and it just feels right. I get the same thing also when I like have a founder from a company reach out and go hey. That piece of advice that you gave me or that thing that you shared with me was unbelievably effective and it led to this and yeah, and there was like some big win on it. You feel a purpose yeah that is a perfect transition, because one of the things again in the news column I read about you today was a guy saying what I learned from Ashton Culture at a conference in it was his is number one thing he took away from. It was your willingness to ask stupid questions when your meaning with these tech companies- and I was like wow, that's counter intuitive, because you and I bond over the fact that why do we need everyone to think were smart? It is killing.
Our away, where were like someone colleagues this year that you're that but listen how smart? I am, we will break. Three hundred conversations on the ranch about what is going our sure, like that, we like, like we, have an identity or by around one to be seen as a small person. Yeah. Yeah, yours, migrants, cousin, Dyslexia, yours makes sense because your gorgeous, look like mad. Oh yeah, and people probably just assumed. You are one thing he urges That is my. Why is it was the child a thing or was it having been a model for a short stretch? We're like oh everyone, things models are stupid. I honestly don't know leg. I haven't fully dug in two. Why the why on this will at one when you go, I think if I were to just finish college, I wouldn't have this big chip on my shoulder and like no, I finished and I still have it quit it. That is part of it.
Is like. There was a very much an expectation that I was gonna finish college and when I told my dad I was moving to New York to be a model. I called from New York on a pay phone and he was like no, your common home, right now I got the shit you go back to school. You gonna be biochemical engineer whatever the fuck the study like back here and I first I, the longest time, was proving that that was the right choice but then also compensating to whatever degree I could to show that I didn't need to go to college. I am here. price for rice me out, but I will say, asking the stupid question. Yes, What I want to say is: I'm I'm so proud of you that that is part of your fundamental reason. Yours so this format field is that you are willing to do that, because I think it's even
for you or I to do that either hardest time? You know big me. I dont, understand some concept, that's being presented, but here's the thing it's like you said when Adam Grant comes as is under couch or jerry comes to sit on your couch did you should have turn into a student. She really quick India and when I'm meeting with these founders that are like all brilliant will not all of them, but most of them have a brain Jesus. You become a student right because they have had this insight relative to the company and build this organization to an extent where they're starting to set of sea these exe, and shall returns and instantly, you become a student, and so it's the same reverend site. I think that you would have if Gladwell was sitting here or if grant was sitting here any of these peoples you ve kept seeing the brilliance in their work. You have this reverence that then the moment you feel that reference is the moment.
they foot the switch and I go, I usually say to them verbatim. I have a high school degree, explain this to me as if I have a high school, the green grass. May I say that to them verbatim then I get the brass simple give me a beautiful metaphors to help me understand things like super complicated things, a blockchain and like I was going to dislike weird sort of encrypted data cages thing the other days like I don't know what the but, just by saying that you get an explanation that goes. Ok, I got it cool now we can move on and then your wealth of knowledge grows. really really fast, because you got it explained in the way, need to hear it and wait, and you need to hear it in the way that most people that don't understand it fake is, if they understand it, in order to seem smart as opposed to really understanding. What
now do you wrestle with this? So I agree. I relate that's exactly what I do in your right. When Gladwell was there, as I will, if he tells me skies black I'm gonna go Oh, you must now, in my eyes, fucked up whatever was not really blew. You know that I do know that yeah explained Angstrom it everyone just Marilla light. So I have a goal of every person is an expert. Every person is those tat guys I've got to treat every person like what they're saying has as much of it Are you and I need the shut up and listen to those people, That's, like kind of my new awareness, is like oh, I am an elitist and who I'm listening to it and I really have to aspire to. I get rid
unlike their Adam Grant as a goal. I appreciate that goal of these unobtainable. Now I am not at all. I truly appreciate that goal. What the truth is it just from experience? I have enough data around it. that not everyone is gonna enlighten you well and strew, often times you're in a conversation with some one, and I mean I'm a horrible habit of just, checking out on a conversation right right right. When I would, I just don't feel like I'm getting anything of nutrition, growth or substance, and I was having a conversation with somebody awhile back and they said,
no the goal of a conversation at any moment is either if you're going to respond on the same subject. The next response should add ten ex value. To the previous thing that was said, and the moment you can add tonics value to the pre, the thing that was said, you should actually move to a different subject or allow someone else to add something of ten ex value and often times you get into conversation with people that are just about the weather or about a person yeah. But it's not in enriching, understand, what happened, it's just what happened right right, it's like so we went to the non answer than we rolled down the windows. Then we a west and kindly Was there and he had across round his neck, but he also had a jewish You know it's in your liking, I'm not growing right, yeah yeah in in so and then I go knock it off. Who are you to tell?
the like you norms in every single point of views as well. You know, whatever anywhere just a bad habit of mine, I'm trying to break and us trying to ensnare you into genoa the same bad up. I will. I will join you in making a greater effort to find the enlightened person and every person interact with yeah. I listen to SAM Harris. I might yet do. Do you want to talk empirical stuff you're not going to beat him he's right. He's telling you about the material world he's right, but then I go there's a hoe. emotional world that is as relevant and you gotta that respect so I have to. Amazing I to conform to the one. That's not imperialism noted still relevant, there's dilly emotional truth existing You know encompassing every one of these empirical things. It's gonna.
Us, through this emotional, being no matter what the facts are in. That's relevant yeah the way the emotional bein experiences it is as important as the data of what they experience. Europe met and probably more, although the latest trend in humanity is that the way I heard it or experienced? It is more valuable than what you were intending wit. This though it is trend in humanity that, I think, is an. A fool for you threaten humanity. Is the power you your legal acts of this, yet the exactly did the greater importance is the way it may be feel rather than what you were intending. And then a lack of willingness to even hear what someone was intending the that is a dangerous societal trend that has bad news
but all over it. Yeah back. I agree. I agree. I agree. I am not responsible for your experience. I am responsible for my actions. I have to be responsible for my actions. I have to be responsible for my intentions. It like I have you're responsible for what you hold out of this entities, ethical review, all the frying pan and seen in one of your co stars had been hit by, your father with a frying pan and all of a sudden you or the ito, your represent them or I'm. So sorry, but that's debts, gotta, be on you and is doing a thing. Anyone would do, on hearing during all this is so, but nine I mean no one gets greyer and rare as you get closer to sexual harassment, but I do agree I totally well. I would to I wanted to really get is educated is I could, on the me to move my wife was doing
the stuff, and I wanted to really understand as much as I couldn't. I went to this gathering of men for the meat to omit to get educated on. You know what's new protocol, yet just what's appropriate, what's inappropriate, like he's not about what I think is appropriate about what you think is appropriate, and I wanted to understand that as well as I could, and one of the things that was said was that complementing woman on the way she has stressed in the workplace is an inappropriate thing, and I I reckon the in so much as. If someone complimented me on the way I was dressed, I wouldn't have a problem with it, but then I went well. I dont have a history of being sexual lies in that way. So therefore, maybe it would be a problem. You have all the power and then I had a conversation with the folks at my work, and I was like So I'll give a guy a compliment in the way he's dressed, but I was I have this like thing from this transition but not wanting to complement a theme
hopefully on the way she's dressed, and I have more female employees than male employees it. So I dont do it and then if occasionally like I go a while it's a great coat. I go, I don't, look. I immediately guys I immediately or a tree a retreat. I go I'm sorry if that is offensive in any way like I really just the I'm really just. What are you getting the materials of the coat and would have now I'm making a fucking awkward because I'm so, but what, if it actually lead you into sexually horizon rising? Like I'm sorry about the guy, I don't wanna fuck you oral sex with new or make out with you even heavy pedant like that is not what I want to remove the code and see what's crash that so training course. If you say that I, like your co, Ninety nine point: nine, nine! Ninety nine percent of women are gonna, be like banks, gray and not think twice about it ya, but if you're staring at,
her big thing. Is I really like you're sure it would letters aim words. Will the problem I, like your color, covers reprove sofa, look at it. You're sure got a razor writing or nationally rarity. Ask anybody. I am I in that direction. Irrational uglier, boobs, we're goin, hey, look you're, gonna thing unless you can cause our raspberries beef. I totally agree with you, but the thing is it there's a funny thing happens when you aware of it right We're gonna have now gone from, like I was, like second say anything about the way the anybody's dress and then, and then I go at it with that, doesn't make any sense a great like someone, Cote it's the same as like in their car or the seems like I might try to sexual it and understand this is with full understanding that there, guys get her out there that are now
I've seen it because they like their coat but the rat trying that that there's an agenda behind WAR M m. That's really were equally become so hard to come up with the protocol, because it's not about asking the clothes like I've had a woman who was in love with me at work and its anything out. You have Colonna. Oh, do these what it really is, just unwanted it pension, which is very hard to quantify yeah in banish. You know you can have no com precision railroad. I wanted attention Riyadh, that's what makes it so murky as it's like. Ok walls it's closed, but it could be anything right now. Do you take surface streets to work? It's like John. Just fuckin leave me alone. You now you can sense peoples. and you can see a lot of intention. I don't think that's a big area, a little fire thrown on you, I'm certainly more interesting stuff you do than I should beings, because your looks,
I love you. Thank you so much for coming to you for having me. I hope they do this like a dozen times over the years to be. I would it be like in the five timers clubs or I get like a jacket or something a little aldwin uh yeah, like a lot like where we ever like a little smokers. He'd like we have a cigar, of you, love you buy, and now my favorite part of the show the fact checked, with my soul maiden Monica bad men, I will be used, are doing more growth, stuff Saudi pulls out jump Clary my throat all the time when we watched, We sometimes on the couch and am aware that I'm already gone- and I am monica- was just hate them, now so much stuff going on allergic to that dog. Hated it all? I was thinking that some going to Austria next the in Austria Ivan Austria, currently area. Actually I'm not in Austria are currently I'm here
I was on Austria was banned, TAT made. The best of this would be a great reverse. Wait a SEC narrative. You start by reflecting on your trip and then you'll still. That kind, like a self fulfilling prophecy, we had the best I may abandoned math there, my girls, we won't ill intent through a horrible anyway, so because of that, I've had a work ahead, yeah. You been real busy, so I've been have amended the house. I have been working from sun. to Sunday on, but I've just been by myself and by myself, sort of in my bed all day working on- and you know weird stuff happens when your by yourself all there were you now with your borders on a long journey.
But, like somebody, only get weird railings out loud to myself and funny boys, that's great you care to work when you're by yours do only one of biomass, all my god. I want to tap into your ring, for you know things go Lupi when your by yourself for that long. Oh, you were you know when I go to my writing ritual at the hotel and disk weirder and we are awaiting the results of these breaks right go into the bathroom Nepeian. Then I just pause in the mirror and make myself embarrassed for I sang yeah just get we're I don't want. My nose into saw also have yet I'm sure you don't have to do so next year, but all the time must run out well yeah and they want to do partner, because otherwise you just turn Inter not job YO fear, just by yourself, would have also had moments ran by myself and I've had a weird thing and then I feel grateful that I don't have a partner right, so I could at last and well known,
It's not meeting everything about four hearts! Guy, I'm sorry! I just those are the embarrassing things. That's where my head goes to offer you my lawyer, knows on a soccer something you do. You should really grow stuff when you're by yourself how aid you come on. Unemployment rose and saw also rivulet. I'm sure you don't have to do so next year, but all the time or must run out. Well, you know when you do. I just second do you think that's what the original term suck it up means? Secondly, or some kind of how this as it comes from the EU to be a world war, two pilots, If a pilot happened to vomit in their oxygen suck at levels, even worse things like we, though you're coming over. The gross is one possible browser how there as it breathe it in and die aspirate yeah anyway. So Austria was grey Oh god, I'm so glad he had such a great time so ash
right around to use your body. He is my body. I ve grown closer to him from the first interview to the second one, because we worked together almost every day for a year and how yeah that's hunter, none everyday, but Munich, big chunk clouding last year and a half a point. We have some fun together, really enjoyed being there on that show. You know it's funny. I didn't tell him this, but I consider telling em when we were shooting the images from African Jas Love boys. I was pulling out all these, oh, old magazine gripped out of hot guys at that time, and I had a multiple abashed or you do yeah sure world that was so funny so full circle, Few were short legs guys talk. always keeps a lame. While we talked about it. My shame on leaner. I didn't make that wall.
You know what can well well that was before your name is no Ashton's. Like peak was right. When I got involved with them, now now just married, just come out but the way I was obsessed with having just Mary oh, my god. Oh my god, I there's a scene of ham. I also listened listen to the wildest cypher I guess I really like you. I guess I did because there is also a a military on that dvd and I listened to that a time of its grew, mainly swagger justly hear him talk, you real real cry gas and the scene or he's crying in there, and I watched that over and over again guides drug loved it general by still do. But I think what a weird such a weird thing, but by the time you did Pont he was already big, because that was the draw. Well, can just tell you in order so he's on the seventies, show so he's pretty popular rapid, big big, show
but then in rapid succession, punked in just married came out and then then he really was like ubiquitous. Wasn't, there's something, but I guess I'll do towards my car re, but it was. Get the crazy partlet get. My car was really pop. was really popular was big, but I do think people, maybe we're crediting that by title in the concept more work were just Mary was, like others, a star vehicle for the sky throat romantic comedy in an open number one in our guide. You I love so different, real wifi, liquid, meat is very serious and real. I was very playful. I was wrong. Coms yeah, it is pretty serious sky, which I like, ok see. You don't make my wall in Europe over how careless first allow her personal, I didn't know. Well, I didn't know you from part
Why would hold loved man guy? He were the main guy with the funniest sky. I only wish to emphasise that you are on your legs were known that it is. where you were the funniest. What would we do there before we met you liked parenthood I asked the eight hours away past the mania your hide behind, but it in Spanish every now, and then I will mainly with comes up or something I have like it. Image, I remember when punked premier- and it was just an timberline like and it was huge hit, all young. Everyone was talking about it, and I remember watching it. I have an image of you doing you're talking head, and sometimes I do think about them.
Yeah. Like sure what is my life sure that I was sitting across from that person not sitting across a I live my life in tandem with this purse yards all very weird, is how it's my dad Simeon good one. Oh my god speaking, add simulations to Clover Sharm. She when third place their place New Hampshire or fry lad with Ill or There are plans for New Hampshire, your hand on CNN, like homepage. They had a picture of her this and I just pull this up. My dad will do this to happen there. He was telling us two years ago. I really was the person we weren't Dismissing him save my were heard remain yet what she's from where's for Minnesota my mom and I were screaming at hand. Oh yeah, I'm Why are you
the bringing up this random poor. So I think the subject of your guises attack on him was that he was like horny for some like what are you doing dad you purview singled out this female out. That's not an archive darn! It was that he's such a contrary. Aha he's always bringing up stuff that seems like dad. What why are you saying is all right now just to be different and he's always arrive here. He's good he's good he's, like you, I didn't matter that yeah yeah Speaking of you being right, you're right about the polynesian migration up, you sent me an article, seven article you did it I'm going to eat. You know I was laying in bed last night thinking about, like God, damn this bitch I'm going to go through all my fucking and throw things I'm going to go to the soul,
I have just like Romania, imagining all this shit. I think you are. I am no known we imagine or of ship. Well, can we be honest about something I love ass? You went to college and nineteen. Seventy two yeah and times have changed a little bits. Oh I'm totally open to like discover. the science was bad, learn right when I'm not ok with is that I am. Jim was because I can't make up a whole theory about White English. Women became pregnant by American. She eyes I just dream that up. I definitely read that they can be sense debunked, but yes- and I guess you need to be open to the debate, looking automobile wider, I don't mind of Vigo. Oh we will, by the way
that happened when we interviewed Jason, telling on afterwards us talking with a man, throw teachers and choose. I don't ever say that everyone came overruns, Siberian Land Bridge, which is what I was taught twenty years ago. That all of the native Americans and Native South Americans had come over from this very straight land bridge and migrated south until they reached the Tipp of Patagonia. She in their finding like water, craft and stuff, that shows that know a lot of people in South America. They got there by boat, so anyways tall up near you. I just want to be guilty of like conjuring up fake thing. I know, but also people remain things wrong. I mean I learned stuff and I'm definitely remembering all that wrong. You there's no way. You'd have gone wrong, I'm wrong Ok, another thing you're right about all, I'm really, given you a strong struck.
Oh good, saw no! Ok survey YO lab blame that episode. Ah, I love that observe it wasn't her long time ago, and you know you keep saying he has epilepsy and in my head I was like he time epilepsy. He has something else. and it's definitely not epilepsy and it is a rule of sea. I went back and listened. We do. I never forget. That is my uncle Joe had the exact same procedure as the guy and blame, and but he didn't have any down. You know death, no it's all, but what but before I her blame. Here's what I heard from Uncle John. He was known him for that. Major May warned he and his wife he makes
France or radical shift in his personality, and I thought what a precarious procedure to have were. You might be a different person when you wake up, and then that gave me the idea to make a movie about a guy who gets that and then just becomes like rides horror, Leeson stuff, but then we find that he she used. It has set up a second chance to be who we want to be. The cute I like it anyway blame a case. What is apple up, see but a little more contacts, so he had the surgery on one thing I always fence of ass. Any about that surgery is he. He was a musician news like music was a huge part of his life, so he was away. During the surgery- and he said this is the one element of my life. They can not change and so they had him seeing throughout the surgery
when they had a part of his brain where he stopped singing Nay stayed away from it. Yeah she's, no mass arenas, EU, I now ok, so the doktor who was on them said the wave the brain is organised. There are parts of our brain that are weighed deep down by control based desires like hunger and sex keeps us alive, but its teeming with the nastiest thoughts. We all have these crazy thoughts in our head and most of us. Those thoughts are kept in check because our other parts of our bring that sit on top and act like a lid but in Kevin's case the brain surgeon who did that surgery removed part of that filter and suddenly all allow still further came to life yeah, it's crazy in support of a bit I hated to you. Were comprehend right was that is within all of us to be a petty feel. It is a sound like such was crazy. Guy starts watching pornography and then just every kind of pornography is appealing to him all the sun and had not been prior yeah. Every thing
if I'm roles your repressive instincts which are a lot of these ways that that goes away because member it was also like he was eating a time. Yeah he gained way. You want to fuck his wife all the time here you wanted to eat sweet like you just got so indulgent to the extreme us something horrible happened. What sir oh Emily of Emily's burger. Here they contacted me and they said we want to send you guys something special and I was like, oh my god, gonna be dead. I don't know what it is, but I want it so she like ok, it's perishable! We all the better high now and the figure is so then I get to my apartment one day and there is a tag. It didn't get laugh shit. I hate that got every one in the world. No signature required Jane. I will forever Awning Omar signature require I yet our world is chain.
No one's gonna be around to get the ship. I headed texture and say they didn't leave it just like on. Ok, Well, you know lads that's already gone in the end, but she was like, but there's a few other things and there for you guys, like some sweatshirt conceptual, ok, great and but was like woman in a rush to go pick that up from the post office. The post office calls today- and there like this- is a Teresa from the Post is you ve package cheer in it smells whore above all by God and smells or what is an old burger ass to be able to tell them what you give them? I've been kids meet young. I don't know, I think it's wrong. I don't even think I think it was like the components for action and I have no idea actually what it is. Hopefully I asked Emily she'd send us another
one tat to your house because I'll be people there to sign for any. Oh, my god, I want it whatever it is. I want it so, but what? If it comes? Well, I'm in austria- and I can't eat it. I won't be overstated, or you agreed as moaning its version. I had such a bad time. Austria has accuse. You didn't get my food anyway, so this is a disastrous. Now I think the sputters. Probably we proclaim that, while they price my pretty good like his men like we tend to turn away. That's a D. Rail is good up day. Book has her back
so back to brain surgery and all oh yeah. Yeah anyway, has good good rub. So any sex with an under each person has trafficking. That's what you said. You just lie so yeah. According to the definition used by homeland security, human trafficking involves the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain some type of labour or commercial sex act That's what I mean. I thought it meant transporting. So did I trafficking yeah and you let her word ward. I'm sorry. get a better word, I'm very sorry, but need a better word. Okay, so we talked about a lot about foster care. So, yes, he said five hundred thousand a year. Hey Google, how many children are in foster care and United States.
Here's what I understood from the website adopt US kids, dot org. According to the most recent federal data, there are currently more than four hundred thousand children and foster care. Do you want a little more context? No thank you. So Kristin works really closely with this organization called alliance of moms your and allay it's this awesome organization, that's working to sort of help, some of these these issues, and I emailed the woman who runs it jewels and I asked her to some use stats and she she mainly has California stats, but she, then he mommy this morning and said so. The two thousand eight teen fiscal- your numbers are four hundred and thirty, seven thousand two hundred and eighty three children and foster care and marine. I now where the population, Iceland, ripe and an ash and may also like it's a lot but
it's it's not so many that its unmanageable like we can do the hall, and while we have the last word yes and then she said two hundred and sixty two thousand nine hundred and fifty six entering during the fiscal year of two thousand eighteen. So, oh so she semi smother staff
so she sent a crap about pregnancy and so for the general population at age, seventeen you have ten percent pregnancy. Oh wait! Cumbersome of seventeen year olds are pregnant. That's what it says for Foster Youth, its twenty six percent at age. Seventeen citing this is incredible and then at aged nineteen twenty point, one percent for the general population occur and for foster youth. Forty nine point three percent rang then by aged nineteen. Oh you yeah, oh ho boy, why men that's what alliance of moms does they'll? Do these events and I'll bring these moms and basically try to break that site?
Oh yeah yeah leaf it's a big job. It's it's amazing, awry and dairy queen now, actions at Warren Buffett owns Derek. When I had no idea, you know that either but yeah Berkshire Hathaway Azure, whose big conglomerates the EP bought dairy queen and ninety. Ninety eight for five hundred and eighty five million Dollars, oh wow, and it's rumour that he likes the vanilla, soft serve top of chocolate syrup and malted milk powder. Of course he does. Of course, what an original buffet then I bet he he makes us and by bad. I'm surprised you like. I would have surprised if he dislikes Dita Bear cone. Like I'm, not as he loves. There call now he's like a normal dude, an eccentric normal, do but nor a fascinating document about warm above it a lot
of Warren Buffett alleys also, but his wife, who was very ambitious, engaged woman who loved worn, a ton it occurred to her he's, never leaving alma like that's it baby. we'll be there and he works a lot She said I want to live in San Francisco. I just want to, and I worked there projects I wanna, you know she's a philanthropist in so she laughed she moved to San Francisco dating a divorce. He is she loved him yeah. she said to one of their mutual friends. Can you please come over worn dinner cause. If you don't, he won't ye leaky noise, hyper focus She asked his neighborhood woman. If she do that, that neighbourhood woman started doing that, and then they serve many more more time together and then she moved in and they live chat, but it seems quite clear they did and they still together and the wife, though, got sick and died, and I want to say cancer,
and worn. Was there with her and took care of her in yet was so they had a thing, and I love I guess it's just very open yeah. I guess it merely ones like Annette School. That's how you guys do things with this. Is this thing that works for us? No, really care about the societal pressure of the I just kind of in my ear that yeah, but also you know he gives half his money me gives he's gonna get. He gives us money. Has he has that sort of declaration? What's a call, I go love it, her something the bill and Melinda Gates thing initiated in they got him to sign. I right where you give half your money away, I think even more thing is was he's. I think he's like designated to give like eighty percent is adding he bag in general line. I ve asked Pledge Sampler yeah. Well, I was exactly it's called the wealth pledge it's about as airing only Ask says: hey Google, what
the bill and Melinda Gates Wealth Pledge on the website giving pledge dot org they say Bill and Melinda gates they giving pledge. We have been blessed with good fortune beyond our way: this expectations and we are profoundly grateful. But just as these gifts are great, so we feel it, great responsibility to use them. Well, it's cool, but larynx and every one already knows he lives in this modest by the way, this is understood to my head again John D Rockefeller. He invented this ship. he gave way everything Madame dog Oji, so original giver, just Why in the sky is a blue short answer? I know I know I know you know. You said that, as I am sure, ok, so the light that enters earth is
pure white light and our white light is made up of all the colors of the rainbow and they are they have different wavelengths, and so those are measured in Angstrom and at the far end of the visible scale You have read light, which is around seven thousand angstrom and then at the beginning of that, the short, wavelength as blues around four thousand angstrom. So when the light passes through the clouds, the clouds in the atmosphere are such that that that short wavelength light reflects off of it in illuminates. The best for your blue, but you ll notice. Sunsets are red because now the lightest passing through much more atmosphere as additives is angle of approach is flattened out. It's gonna pass through a tonne. or atmosphere and then you're gonna get into those seven thousand angstrom wavelengths are gonna start getting reflected in illuminate the sky yeah, but you know right yeah. Well, the short answer pretty short for the whole history of Agnes rooms and oil atmosphere.
Scattered in all directions by all the gases and particles in the air blue light scattered more than the other colors, because it travels as shorter, smaller ways. This is why we see blue sky and most of the time, right. Well, they just left out the sunset part, which I'm glad I added the was sharing and then just wanting to touch on this way. We talk about you being granted dude police diamond Laffer sack. Why do you think you are alike that the Gratitude Police because I think the only thing we really sought for from his bad perception and you can control your perception control with gratitude list legislating credibly, useful tool for You preside of life you're angry about it like you're, not like. That's probably not good for that percent. Like you, I am disappointed in the human condition that we all grow immediately accustomed to whatever great thing, that's happening,
I just am frustrated that that's our nature, but it's what makes us pursue science and build bridges and go to stay so there's like this great aspect of it, but I get it Billy detrimental toward us overall happiness, because we refuse to acknowledge all the wonderful things around I do not see it as the antidote to that nature were born with yeah. That's a good that It was not as good as my I'm. Ok sky explanation lies, I think I'm? U generally not love it. When I do it to you where you feel like I'm ungrateful. No, I don't feel like you're ungrateful, I feel like you could benefit from listing. Some things are grateful for ungrateful is a character assessment. Mine's more in the moment, you're feeling depressed, I go. Did you workout? I have the same exact things I say to you. Every time did you work out and you go gently say no cuz, generally not miserable right after workout knowing is, and then I say to you if you made a gratitude list like
stock of all the good things and no one's triggering, not the work out one well. because I think you think I'm proposing that your ungrateful as a character is stick of you of your character. I don't think I'm ever triggered when you're saying it when I'm like down Ah, I'm triggered when you are saying it when it's in relation to you. When it's something connected to you in well. Equally. I always think this shall always should be on your gratitude list, but the lobby, I'm involved, though I mean I can see where it gets murky, but I'm out whatever job you would have had that you made a good amount of money or satisfied with I'd, be pointing to that. I just happen to be involved with that gas and coal. He and I am so grateful for this job. but is also like we're. Let me be clear and I don't want you to be grateful to me, but I want you to be grateful for the shit you have.
Well, it's not so that I can receive your gratitude. I want you to feel grateful. Yes, I get that. But all Oh that's like saying you shouldn't ever be upset onset and Europe. upset I you're there. Now I shouldn't be an inn, What I mean in those moments of fucking grad to less Sophia, when I have behavior. I am unhappy with myself and I know the solution, but you can, I recognise that being on sat is, is an amazing thing. What so many people want in its everyone's goal, and you have it you should not grateful, but that hard, so also, all those but I don't really know that. There's things about that thing that you can feel frustrated about, and it's ok that you have frustrations about that yes, absolutely, and I am now- I dont think I'm ever suggesting these things to you when you're upset for one afternoon
I think it's generally, when you're like a two day, slump that I start saying have you worked out and stuff right cuz. It can sound dismissive right, not just with this in general, when people like just me, brave yeah, you and I have looked like you and I have such different triggers, which is just how it is that doesn't like. If I am unhappy, I know is my job to get out of being unhappy. and I know the things that will result in a year, I have that tale so if I'm in aiming in summer and unlike us, is revealing and then someone says me of you worked out of you, but I don't get defensive. Unlike now. I haven't you right. I know that's the road, that's the solution that I dont think I am triggered at all when you say that when the problem is just like you, I'm I've been love for three days or something, but if it's like I'm
mainly with the problem with this show ya or something what say and then you're bringing up being grateful. I mean that's like if you went to live is on. You are complaining and it was like. Have you thought about how good of a job You would not like it. I wanted. I dont! you have ever done- I do, but you think I have suitable does have to agree. I think I've only ever tried to remind you of the latter out of feeling depressed or then look at such a saying at the violence which is fine I find that is already well. That's all for an egg, hey MA, another stellar episode with the boss yeah. He wants to be the Am Alec Baldwin of this shell, all God. I hope I'm gonna hold him to that, But I love you. I love you.