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Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation, Legion, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates) is an American actress, comedian and producer. Aubrey sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss her desire to disrupt the norm, her experience in same-sex education and her journey after a love that got away. She talks about the unsavory elements of working at a video store and Dax convinces her she is great on talk shows. The two talk about their medical histories, her draw to improv and Monica and Dax go to Detroit for the fact check.

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Hello, hello, hello, welcomed armchair expert aimed at Shepherd Minute your mouth the Michigan maximum Michigan four minute. Your mouse were sitting on a couch and Monica Hotel Room, Wabi WEBS and much more comfortable chair than ASP. Aubrey Plaza is our guest. Today, you nor from parts and recreation child's play, dirty, grandpa and currently Legion. Final season of legion on ethics returning June. Twenty fourth child's play in theatres on June. Twenty first adore Aubrey she's made us laugh, it could trillion times. He dared sees especial lady in a really funny talk show Gaston new encourage people to go down a rabbit whole just watching her, I'm late night talk shows some really interesting life. She yeah yeah, so please enjoy Aubrey Plaza.
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one million happy healthy mouse due to equip starts at just twenty five dollars and if you gotta get quip dot com slash Dax right now you can get your first refill pack for free. That's your first refill pack, free g t q, you ip dot com, slash doubts he's You know it's great light. Your already started with a chip on your show I always have an idea. Might I guess that's kind of if I attack first Aubrey? Thank you, sir. Much for coming in your here, half hour lay and I'm sure that kind of power they are only around so am study. We were on time, but you are a half hour early and so that certainly could have helped with the chip God I hate being early to be a good ten minutes, late
Oh Timmins lay out ok. Now we on this show talk a lot about people me so only a miser me Sophronia. Yes, it like me so horny he has read it. Nobody it's a genetic now as a couple photographs, you really really of your garden ladders. We're gonna like a video has come and well. I was watching a bunch of clips of our brain before we came here. Gatling. You guys have a similar thing in your boat, vonny and cute, but you're fucking, brats brats, that's pretty much don't mind you any here only allows me as an amendment I gotta go a step further. Yell at her parents at full volume, Alec thirty one in storm up to her room and my mommy or my plan that is true,
anyways people me Sophronia, they get senator where they get nauseous, they get very angry. They get irrationally angry when they hear people chewing food and reform, This, I would have said that's bullshit you're, just an intolerant person, but on twenty three me. If you go get twenty three me it'll tell you if you have the genetic marker for me so funny it's a real genetic thanks. I've become more anything mediation. Yes, if you This is why no dogs, you just you and into the microphone it in their mothers by the air. Some are kind of thing where I can like sounds like you do like a summer. Will you watch those Youtube videos, or do you have a favor? I guess darling the she does. A lot of like rubbing her they like like, shall triumphantly clue like the Swedes while his eyes and you experienced the youth
or your people talk about that love S. Amar psyche, euphoric reaction for me as more sacred trance eli. Could I have a company I do with my error. I've done is like I think, a loop, and I make this point. While I do, in my ear, like all day long sick herself, soothing thing that yeah it's like, I lay close, we'll tell me if you like this. First of all, can you please close your eyes for once? This is what I think it sounds like when people walk through a forest, ok, As you know, it was now, smiled cleared it. We re already hair thing. It's quite ism. Almost I Democrats pretty much the same, giving because your generating that noise, you like the one I generated it's sick, that's what you think I can say. No
in another murder. Had anyone here that appeared, appeared, I'm saying appeared and quotes do not want to be here. As might you and me every time, ok tell your face you're from Delaware, most people that I mean when they find out of them dollars. Here, like we're youth, first person, I've ever met him, don't learn and, like you know, one of her thou yeah what I wanted to tell you that and then I thought maybe she's heard that alot mom as a lawyer, but and he may be, for. I think that's pretty cause your lawyer, then, when you're born known my parents are really young, they hammy when they were twenty and they both came from nothing sitting hustled their way through the eighties and what you did for the region. Yeah yeah he's out he wasn't born a break. Our parents were, but he was not so ok. He was born in fairly. So he got up and fairly so he would feel my Philly stereotype more than my oh yeah, ok worded,
Billy's, like girls get a cheese stake. You know it's gonna, tough, it's almost New York, it's like you now than when Duenna. Yes, my family, this out exactly what you're dead. Now he was from Billy was mom. Also now my mom is from Delaware should open dollar and then they met at Westchester University. Huge is in Pennsylvania. They both looked at follow my mom is a manager law? What's walla? Oh my gosh. I want now as what children will call water, sometimes like baby my wife what exactly Walla. Why was I take a gas stations like many ok, like us, like a circle k a shovel. As several of us adopting a yoke, but it's like a very sick grid version of that in the area where I grew up like people are really obsessed with, while, while a coffee while iced tea while sandwiches- ah I'm lots, things happen
while I was just gonna, say in high school. Did you guys chill level while parking lot? We asked saw yeah yeah and since I grew up there is now they're super wirelessly, big kind of lake while as on crack- and this is the little thrills of Delaware, yeah Agrippa Wilmington, which is like the northernmost city in Delaware. It's the only town that has a city city is the biggest one calls out the capital that is the biggest maundered most people about their Delaware, even drive through the whole state from top to bottom. In two hours, First, I should like once you get out of Wilmington. You start getting into like raw, role of arms, but it's all along the coast, a very weird mix of chicken farms and the beach right on the beach towns, where it's like crazy. It like a spring break it'll, be ok with a Jersey shore, flavour. It's not like the Jersey Shore, it's like a different vibe Soto more closely.
Marilla like oh, yes, it all OSHA and all the kids go down to the beach like every summer. You, dear oh yeah, just do it! That's when people say I just do you like that, and what kind of high school where you were like class president, so you were out, go I presume you have to be going to be the class president yeah. I went to an all girls catholic School TAT was very busy all the time you are very a lot of clubs intrinsically motivated or you were college bound and wanted extra girl. Things on your Reza may think it was a bit, though thank her husband, I was in the forage.
You were here. So I you had cattle or ass a thing about for ages that people project this agricultural agenda, but I I grew up outside the city, so we focused on me service. I started that club NOS eight years old, so from very early on. I was always like very busy doing stuff. It's almost like a kind of like joining girl Scouts reacted girl scout, but girl scout. Like suckin girl, scattered enemy Emma, I think a misanthrope at horror. My wife is open my eyes to a lot of things, and I now I'm way more available to help with things, but certainly not in high school. I could have given a shit about helping. Anybody, so I'm just curious. You were naturally drawn to helping people or your drawn to some a meme, proud of you for having done that I was just there. In very early into a very intense club, where my for each layer really really hard on US
ok. So it was just like what I did. We would have product project books that we would have to finish every year that really really insane. Like by the time a graduate high school, I wrapped up of thousands and thousands of ours of community service. It was just like pardon me. Did you know I m yeah? I still do went back Delaware two weeks ago and did a few user is project with the local for each club? Really, as I think it may be, just nice, I also group kind of like in a very very catholic environment. My school that I went to the motto is Serbia, which means to serve in London. That was just my upbringing. You serve seek help in In retrospect, are you gratefully went on all girls school? I imagine there's pros and cons too that I mean I like to suffer. Everyone like me: Middle sister did not go to Ursulines. She decided by the Kohen school was so you could have chosen. I could have chosen to go to.
Colored school in dollar. There's our private schools cause. The public school system is kind of Iraq there and so there's a good turn of private schools and different options and stuff. I went to her silence and fourth grade and so like after middle school is like ie decide. If you want to stay here, if you want to leave- and I liked as I stayed but monopoly didn't stay down on, my other sister stayed right and they were gone burned, Dave O Ye. I m burden. That was a lawyer. She had you twenty and she became a lawyer. She's, a pretty impressive human beings have other. My parents came from like nothing. My god grew up in the pretty bad neighborhood infilling date. Would you money and when I was born in a village in the gut one bedroom apartment in that area- and you know my dad: can a wolf of Wall Street style like got into like the stock market
I then stuff. If he liked anyone graduate College, he became a trader and I mean they, as they start trader near a stack networks Maryland with the tv I yeah, but that we worked for merrily works from airline. Still. I think that that mentality was burned into my brain, so weird once you said Philly I was I readily coopers from Philip and Cooper behaviour. In his day, work for Maryland. Yes, me, Brad I know I'm just sitting here thinking you guys have so much, but he became successful at that yeah. You might ask yeah, oh yeah, he's crushing he's a real go, get her. He is the charm, her ok he's a hustler MILAN as ever. Sister, oh, my goodness, when she was years old, Burma my grandmother had like a mental breakdown
and her dad died, and the five of them that were under eighteen went to an orphanage in Newcastle Delaware and it was a very bad orphanage. Those run by these corrupt nuns that were very b seven was a bad situation and my mom's third grade teacher fell in love with my mom and wanted to adopt my mom take her out of the orphanage, but my Mama four brothers and sisters with her and was like a candy members, so this woman Dorothy she adopted on five of them know and then her husband had their own for biological kids all my answer than there were nine again and Dorothy who was pregnant with her last biological kid? What my mom is pregnant with me all along a young, and so I was raised by my parents, obviously, but like also by grandma with my master grandparents size, convict thrown into this other can foster situation, and my aunt rigid who's, your ethnically my aunt, but I'm a month older than her, but we grow kind like sisters and I was kind of corruption-
household alot. Aha, they were the ones that put me in the for each programme. Lao irony that did that it was, I got to you, know cause they were working, and so my foster grandparents raise me a lot. So I was kind of like grown in with all these experts, Irish Catholic kids. I went to a competitive irish dancing. Oh you do as a kid but few I'm the only rush Jaeger, the ratio in the dance river anticompetitive everytime. You did it oh yeah, Did you enjoy their should? Now? I don't know I mean I was a very good. I was. It gives a very strange kind of thing. You know cause I'd be like doing residents and then I'm gonna, like my dad's family in there be like salsa dancing the kitchen. You know those are very different kinds of dancing residents announced was move your arms to regulate awkward. You just move your legs and then and then I would go to these competitions. They're called fishes and I would wear like the traditional thing in there be like leprechauns mascara. Ok, so good, so Monica was nervous that the leper com is a bit dicey for Irish
people. Is that what it was no you're talking about a proper cultural probation and single to mine which ass I am I was lying? Are we appropriating on Saint Patrick stay, and I said now not appropriation cause it's about laboratory which I don't know, I think everyone aerial returning there irish that day rose pretending that the work of the irish- I don't know when you would bounced back and forth between the irish side and then export to reconfirm. Were you drawn the one more than the other? I would say the polar regions were definitely more. I don't know I'm very much like classic older child very split down. But mom died, but I would say, like that, feel very connected to the porter but I'm very irish to meanness what alcohol and
outside area. Like now back to the all girls high school, were you bombed out? There was no guys there. I actually late, not having guys stare because its second distraction year, but I think looking back on it now. It probably did color my interactions because guys to me were like thing at about one thing you know cause like there was one class in the morning that you could take where we would swap at our brother School age, Ap English. Everyone wants to get into that class. You guys in the class. I never got into that. Classmate, unified, walkin, huh well look through the Window- Rabelais Peak that, unlike you now, so I'm definitely like proudly fucked up by them? Well, the had one experience where I went with a friend who into this school saint marries, which was all boys catholic school, my friend J Rob. He took me as a guest one day. And when I was immediately struck by was that the did did not come their hair ling, they'd hadn't shower.
Dude forwarded in class openly animals totally in without trying to be attractive to women There was like nothing like a bridling, their behaviour which, at one time, this kind of cool and then at another time like this, is a good and Yang because look at these fuckin slobs sitting there, pants and class, and hitting each other rather school that I went to. I think they had a little more class located in the same areas. The Annan ass a little more like you know. If you're a sallies guy you you're you're, held up to us in our kind of standard. Aha It's called the sallies guy was lazy enemies, the name of the school about we were comic sallies, Danone, O k C and all he's a comedian render he's out here, but he was my best friend growing up and he went to sound overflowing up to go. I would witness in my public high school that, like girls, that were super funny would sometimes
door that nor their locker when they around, like whatever the eye they want to be around as the downplayed that they were small. Ardor. They downright he's weird thing. So in that respect, like obviously I have two daughters in, I think about like the valley you of either scenario, and one aspect feels like it seems like you be more readily to be yourself. If I girls, I would tell it considers unnamed inaugural school knew a yak is. I went to end my year for college and I went to films call which at the time was very male dominated as well. Ninety commonages, very male domino's always needs a grey male dominated environments after a graduate- and I always nowadays in class- and these girls are like raising a hand or not, and I was always the outspoken one, just giving my opinions when I was
immediately. Labeled as cuz like bitch, you know saying what I thought about these guys shity short films that they were making or something. But I was just saying my opinion. I didn't care, but I did feel like. While I wonder if I had gone to like a different school, if I would be like them, I did not say what I thought you in the comedy and high school, in a way that you actually thought. Oh, I might wanna do Carmody as an adult yeah you did. I would always watching Saturday even then I would watch kids, the hall and Sketch Romney. Mr show things like that, and I figured I like. Oh these people came from improv background. Then I got really intellect operatives interrogate show and so ice are taking in progress in high school. You dear, the first and progress era took was in high schools and fairly, but it was a short form in private comedy sports. Those more like games and sternly quit how close, whose Delaware, too Above all, take twenty minutes over you yeah, where I propose twenty five minutes x out the Phillies I'll read on the border of men, so you were what like an hour and a half from your sitting by train to ours, DR while in your mind, Monica where is done
I really good at geography, I'd have to say in reply middle, it's like nestled rate in a hundred Jersey and Pennsylvania. How far from Maryland our? Oh, my god, This goes hand truly locate. Everyone should regulate our great location did how far from the Poconos. If you want to go where only a few hours. Oh, my goodness, everything I wanna do is within two hours, while this really interested mellower, but I'm ok. So you obviously would go to New York City and you would go to fairly. You do these things in you. I guess I wanna be here and I wanted to Carmody and he took improv were the only gal in high school taking in private companies. Words ass. I was sure I was young. I mean my graduate classes, forty two girls, ok, was it adults taking those classes yeah, it was yeah
was it weird. My mind just goes to some of those first level classes that people are taking and it's like the guy at the office may be. Who has a would be cushioned, he's like I'm built for this, and then I'm imagine now that guy with a voice a fifteen year old girl, I'm nervous him Robbie ass, you see where I'm going on. There was any of that happening yeah. I have a really bad memory, and but I do I remember There is a lot of like librarians, who were trying to like find their vote and lay there is like people there for different reasons. I remember that going like glass him in these adults, like aren't actually even indicates me they're like doing this is some kind of therapy. Yeah yeah, gives away to do some out of their shell or something right and then like they had an improv group called the rubber chickens at University of Delaware at once, and then went to college
some high school like I would go down there and like watch. Those improv shows and unlike very aware, that utterly early on so to going to New York was definitely yes to go to film school, but I would like our: U C b now it there's something cool about knowing what you're into as your defining who yours and adult yeah feeling like you, have a real purpose. Yeah I mean I'm so lucky that I had that. That's the thing. I think I feel sorry for people. They don't even know what they love. You can do your boyfriend, and I want you to get me not like that many years, I'm a prom baby. That's invite people to air prominent sallies winning back to their problem and then also you Polly. I hit up a couple. Browsers are problems to thrive and then scenario It was lake, doing where it should have problems. I had a thing where I would draw up like Mary Wollstone Craft, whose werewolf stone craft she's, like the first feminist ever from England choose like started feminism. I would have the weird obsessions with weird stuff.
Her call figures, none, I would dress like Tom and sugar. You know I was always doing like kind of performance. Are you mean like humiliating myself. Yeah public was like a theme growing up for me and like problems, I would treat as kind of jokes for my junior problem. I did a lot of community thier. Also, though it had nothing to my school, I met the swedish exchange student there and I was like, when you be so funny to take a swedish guide price English, and so I did that. But then I actually ended up falling in love with him. Did him alone at all? You learn to speak. What language did you learn Swedish what'd? He learning will evolve a little mix, a bottle elbow. Oh no. He was a very good at English by the time from rolled around. All ok was he seven feet? Tall and Viking Looky wasn't seven feet tall, but he was stunning legal redress and he didn't know how. How do you use swedish and I was definitely lake. Why is he into me like I'm not up to this?
level at all. I had a very similar experience where I went to a Halloween party. We hadn't german action, students at our school. No one of the german exchange students was like the six foot tall goddess in all the guys. My score obsessed with that girl- and I didn't even think I don't speak. German than we are at this hollowing party in this girl found me in the Fuckin laundry room. They got me up against also make an hour with me. Why am I would just blown away by the whole experience? I thought, oh, for whatever reason how she's looks not not being perceived the same weight as my high school yeah? No, I mean yes, on was lake. No idea, no idea isn't that wonderful and such a great sense of humor. I really click with the Scandinavian. Humor yeah dry, very dark.
I stayed aha, how long were you in your heart a thing for like that entire year kind? Really, you eventually went back to Sweden yeah. I have a whole yeah, you the whole work. Nothing was now he's dead. Now he's a hooker. No use alive. It's a never ending story with the Johan is Ojala. Is it's not over? Well sure, it's over, it's very nice to kids now, but once we found each other, he hated Delaware, too so bored and I knew I had a car and wants to be hooked up. It was like oh yeah, like this. Is my summer dust driving into the woods and doing stuff words yeah yeah oral sex in the woods?
a great that's wonderful, raise some. I learned how to learn to my understanding that the Swedes, or I heard the Sunday and savages podcast Savage love the Swedes, allow teams to cohabiting. Yes, they do they do work as I do the next summer. I visited him in Sweden, a just seven Tina were your catholic parents and a little worried about why they let me go, but they did the first thing I remember going there. His parents would like- and you will sleep with you on and I was like if I were oral sex with you sleep with you, sounds good, but my parents, another please don't listen to them.
Would you like a unicorn to them. His dad Leonard, I just remember being in the house, and I would like looked down the Hall Leonard would be staring at me. Looked out of the famous you have created is your kind of like one of the items family members that showed up in Sweden. He, like their rights, son brought back yeah. I was in the dark, porter yeah, yeah, yeah, so exciting for everyone involved in making drink right. Could you do like drink Lear and stuff? I mean I don't remember anything happen that trap. I was so drunk and Niger member birthing multiple times our time. I hope I didn't
peed, the oral sex that I had ever come up right down to hear more about the saga of the whole love story, I mean to debrief version. Is this saga? Is the saga my mind because we never technically broke up? It wasn't like a relationship of Islamic, ok and now we break up because we want to break up. It was modest we'd, just can't be together were kids programmes over, but that's tricky business, no closure and those on osier cell. Ten years later I had this idea when I was on hiatus perks in rack. I was like maybe there's a movie there. We know it's like that. It's like the one that got away like what would have happened, maybe Johan and I are should still be together. I had just ended a relationship and I was in an in between state. I was like yeah fukin, I'm going to go to Sweden see what's going on with their here, and I did you do we are, then he was already with the woman. He now is married to you just moved in with a woman now married to this was a while ago. I don't know Johan. I would be very stressed out if our Johan Johann,
you shove it up funny, because I made an itinerary for myself and I was like I'm going to go there and just right. It's going to be my own, like eat, pray, love, kind of thing, and I was like whether he's there or not I'm going at that time. There wasn't instagram and I don't think there was Facebook, but he wasn't really active on social media or any but when he determined count night did send him a message in setting I'm gonna be passing work trip if you're there. Let's see you, but if not no worries. I didn't hear from him until two days before I flew to Gotham Burg, wouldn't which is where he lives on, and I didn't know that he was even there until two days before I went there and he had looked at the message in said like Oh my god. I am still here. I can't believe it. I would love to see. Let's go to dinner and I was like, oh my god, like the movies happening, allied us, and so I went to Gothenburg
and then I saw him what the fuck. That thing was that we didn't have that much communication. It was like very like brief text messages like I will meet you at this time at this hotel, but whatever I had no idea what to expect and then I came down pillow into the lobbying you standing there with the girls, and I was like please pay sister, please faster, you're not like this is my girlfriend. Wanna stay another guy. She was like what are you doing in Sweden now, like nothing thing, and I fear he really went through it- had a real access, Central Yeahs age. I be so flattered that you are still thinking about me. That's really, something he's at a point raised about a move in with a gal he's rises on anxiety about than others. So tat, he might have been thinking about her this whole time too. That's what I think. I think that to them. Also, can I had this alarming your hate, this element, but I'm an added anyway you're, an actress on a tv show at that point yeah. Yeah, ok, self,
ask. I haven't a similar story, so I met Jenny, Hazel TIM in killing tin, Burma. We met in eleventh grade and she went back to England. I went back to Detroit, we wrote letters and everything and then she fell in love with the rugby player, and then I went and hung out with her in the rugby player in she chose so right. This guy was such a beautiful stud, but if she became a star, I am just showed up in my home town. That would throw me for a goddamn Lou. At that point I was I'm perks erect, but no one was watching it. Our ratings were shit in Erica. Maybe I was like famous benevolent lake globally right, most after I saw him and a job. I took a train to Stockholm and I went and solve Amy Polish brother who lives document at the time. He was writing. His tv show that he was gonna shoot and he wrote me into his show o my son, that trip, and so then I flew back to Sleep
like two more times to be honest, swedish television. All my is the new girlfriend must have thought that you are orchestrating tat fall like you from now show I played myself and I place and myself who is stocking. Someone is we all my yes, so are accepting railway line. While they didn't know, I was in ECHO's, then they know how that show that the highest ratings- and we all ever something all while it was like the most. Oh, my goodness, this man, you may have ruined his whole life. His these kids, now, though, is to kids that'll helps. Are they Are they call in Sweden with a little hanky panky on the side? You know you know it's funny as like. I think that that is actually something that is thy projected onto them. Culturally. In my experience, I find them the women anyway, a little more conservative been. Maybe it's just me, but I always felt like there.
Thing about american girls were like we were like slaughtering somehow and like I always thought like Albert, like swedish girls are probably like having three. There is another step. Actually I think I was looked at as the slutty one cause. Americans are writing stories about swedish people being what rescuers I think there's that, but I also think there's more sexual presentation here, which doesn't actually translate to more sacks. So like a reverie girls wearing many skirts and high school doesn't mean they're fucking, but if you're swedish it certainly has the appearance of being hyper sexual ized. Even if it's not a gas swedish girls that I was around always felt me like they are a little bit more, actually conserving more buttoned up or something right. What they are sure is super progressive in Sweden yeah, and I guess I just I associate relaxed stance on monogamy rang with proper grammar.
Probably does my own. They also really like looked down on we'd Toby do yeah. Oh we'd is bad like shameful kind of Russia's interesting ideas. I only went to Sweden wants and it was about eighteen years ago, twenty years ago they had just enacted a bunch of legislation to try to curb alcohol consumption. So, like vodka became very expensive, like the taxes on rock or outrageous, that in and of itself was, I think I have the same view of what this places, but obviously the governments having to do this. It's not utopia the way, I'm imagining it now tuned too, if you dare we are supported by broke lemon Monica. You know I've been on the road now five days, touring the country promoting different things. I tell
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among whom no dance around this any longer and Emma come right out at what have you seen. The prestige was said about Mangi ever made in addition, Christopher Nolan Movie with Batman Christian, El Christian Bell, the message of the movie was to be a perfect magician. You have to live the act, so the very best magicians and christian Bow was the best at this. He lived his stage persona through his whole. Life, and I've always had this feeling about. You came to know you on parks. Your super funny. Incredibly, incredibly, funny. Signa brazilian talk shows you're a great talk show guest. I met you at restaurants and I thought Is she the character she is on tv and on talk shows its heart.
We didn't have a gate I want to know. Is there a site, do that is open and vulnerable or limit your getting so mad at me, cash or me is like this story about young is so sweet. I'm trying to imagine you bein vulnerable enough to take that whole raw, I'm the most vulnerable puddle the item, I want your talking about. You know common voice result cancer lake. I can cry now: ok, I'm so romantic are you, oh, my god. I just show my cards. I don't even know how to do that on talk shows. I don't even know what people are talking about literally every time I do a talk show backstage. Unlike this time, I'm gonna be normal, just happy, had I just blow at every time not like trying to lay do anything. You got nervous when I said you're gonna talk show yes, your objectively you're, a great talk, show, guess you don't get to come back to Conan twenty times.
If you're, not great, you don't go to let the latter memory secular, you dont go several times dream that I always feel like with Letterman. I feel like he just wanted to talk about my medical problems because he was sobs. I'm super address it in detail and with current slang in my mind, I like will maybe early on- I was just like so weird: thou people are just like waiting for me to precision. Weird or something and then adopt this weird process like feeds on itself, because, unlike I'm not doing on purpose, I don't know what people want for means, and then only. While you gotta give them what they want, sure what is it and that even now, the thing that I respect about you
in my ear. The confidence in brave reads to be sought all impatient and let the thing builds when it spoke to explode. I dont think I personally could have again what's down. I just don't get me so much credit, because, honestly, I just feel like appear. I am on the hamster wheel, Sprint, it's just that! I I don't know what it is. I have like many well you're gonna, say it will have brought up your medical condition, bring as many strong now I dont now I'm light silences power. I dont know what it is there, so unnatural those situations but, like I have the same instinct to unlike I gotta, be funny like I come from a comedy back on some like if I'm not funny, I'm failing in and then I watch people like Tom Hanks in those people and I'm sick there, so relax in comfortable didn't give a shit about being funny they themselves. Why can I be like
that that's what I think about before I go on. Those shows right like I genuinely unlike, can I just relax and is being normal, like might have to be funny all the time. I always feel bad about myself Oh you do guys, always only God, you're so good at it. Now what again? At your disconnected referred to the fact that they keep inviting you back, so it's not like you're, not I'm the joke in their having you repeatedly to laugh at you learn. I let's get her on here again that I feel, though I feel like every time is a set up. I feel like every time opportunity for them to just wait for me to go off the rails. You know, but I will not drink and the inner city man. The price now the Eu One's gonna. Get me right, like I understand, you're, not an eagle mania, but also I want you to knowledge and skill set, which is your very consistently point, the rabbit out of a hat, even after that moment of awkward ness. You say the perfect thing, but I dont think it always works out for me. Sometimes I feel it gets awkward yet, but it don't you that's kind of Europe's special brain harmony. I dont know what it is well
working. You are to do it on command. You get hired, you deliver well, let's see how Chuckie is ok some now when you started doing improv, did you have a similar comedic persona? Is you have now now you did it now I was not known at you CBS, thus the sarcasm, Dick, I rolling, I roller. No, I was just doing characters like everybody else. Right all your break out role is parks and rock. We very much that the thing that the sole edified that first was a web series called the Genie teach which is this website that Maggie carry id with less Caskey. I met Maggie, carry in an improv class and she was like I'm doing this web series. I need someone that can play a teenager and most like twenty two or something maybe Niven. So she cast me as this sulky too
nature, and the whole premise was that gene tat was a soccer man that was running a talk show from her minivan. While she was a higher up when she would have real celebrities on she had bill hater on all gas it receded Jones on. She would like pick my character up from rehab and I'd be like it's you MA like Russia, Georgia be like who's that and I believe back here, like whatever. That was the first time that I ever played a character like that and then yeah parks really good. What's the order of funny people in parks, I got money. People first, but parks ended up airing for funding. People wish mouse in three years. The first movie I ever did was called mystery team, which was Donald, over and his sketch group that was called Derek comedy. I was the female lead in that independent feature film, every comedian.
In that movie. It's bizarre, like those generations of white hot american, generous it totally, and while I was shooting that I got the audition for a funny people, so Donald helped me with myself deep. He literally is like playing sets character and do my lines and that's how I got chemistry, red with South Rogan, who out allayed, do chemistry? How are you nervous, Falk other already as well. These various and in the self tape is, I don't even have an asian or anything, but then I heard like, oh god, really liked your tape, but he needs to see you do stand up because the character is a standard comedian and they're gonna be shooting, stand up, shows and like it needs to be a personal santa, and I was like a great yeah: send it myself
tape, but I was on a standard european fairly. Well right, I pretended to do stand up. I wrote like five minute of stand up and had some unfair me at Donna lovers open MIKE Stanhope Show in Queens, and then I sent that tape in like the first time I ever did stand up just sent that taken and then based on that I got the chemistry reed. Oh my god, I've came out to allay for one week and while I was out here for that and yes, I was so nervous like beyond nervous. I hadn't really ever bent to allay and then Alison Jones was casting that and because she knew. I was therefore that she was like hey. Do you mind if I send? You want a couple other meetings, while you're here and I was like now- I don't care like what everyone here so then she sent me to meet MIKE Sure and Gregg Daniels
on the good general meetings. They had even written the pilot for parks, yet a hot, and then she sent me to addition for EDGAR Right for Scotland M versus the world. This is and not pass is possible without power, and I got three of them that doesn't happen. Now being I know, I did not feel insane while no cause. I do know how important these meetings were like when I went to see MIKE sharing Gregg Daniel. All I care about the times. I call my got him on the side of the office and I would see like minded billing wildfires something I've got far and I was a glaring Jean shorts, like I was Thinkin tourists medieval. Maybe that was to your advantage. Worse, yeah you're, a page righted embassy yeah. I was an internet us now before I was a page for a season. I was an intern in that designed department. I worked for the set designer. I was the only internet, my department because, as in others force at designers and now they have won in turn, ok
they're, all insane these sad designers. They had been there since the first show since nineteen seventy five, while older dude stutter like grumpy and where we were unlike our bubble, they gave me Cameron there, like you, have to go like during dressers on take photos. While the sad, like document all this shit, I was like an ninja. You know like lurking in the shadows, watch everyone, but I didn't interactive than you, the guy. I would have been so excited have access to that stage. I stared at my whole life. It was ass, tat and I want it must about oh yeah awe and I would get to go to parties. That is, they thought that I was an employee rights they didn't realize. I was an intern because I looked official walking round the camera cut short. I will go to like after parties in our supply and then I was a page the after that. After I graduated college, I had like one page friend her
Her name is MAC Ryan and she was in which was as I will name because it her name is migration, but she she was like a weird kind of which he freak like me, and we were both like the weird outcast right as most of the pages worth former sorority presidents, you re s weird. I would thank all there s an owl page. An entrance would be so Carmody, like you know, maybe there s a I just mean in the Peace Programme and John owing to honour all the pay yeah when you're a page. If you're, like really good, you get assignments and like the personnel assignment like the coveted, why I didn't even get an assignment if you dont get assignments you're just giving Torres every hour of IRAN. I feller yes, sir. That's what I was doing, give a whore
silently ass a performance is lacking awaiting tables that which I did also alive. It's like every new tables, a new opportunity for performance right I treated like tat now. Can I go back to dongle over for once again because I think of Monaco and eyes biggest shared above action is probably we want to get. There were play he's our number. Why and wall just think he's the kind of things I think you're glamour is such a great show like maddeningly great I'm jealous when I watch it and then I watch this is America, and I owe you also sexiest fought you ve got like the swagger of aligning cravat c o you can wrap really well the songs gray, its directed perfectly, what a message all of it: youngest right, around thirty rock in all the accolades and seemingly not a piece of shit when you were with him, did you like? Did you have a sense that that
passively existed within already. You seem like an enthusiast again kid in Macao. You're. Not only does it maggots Dar interweaving, closet phone altogether knew no bounds because you won't say Eddie, Oh, my god, it's wonderful are used the same age off my God and kissable in here. Yes, cast all loud and clear sighted and then other movies green. If not only will there, I would add a crush on mediaeval crush on. Yeah he's very care We are now we voice a stranger yeah Tonia, I'm not ruling out you in ten years pop in order whatever. He's living like there might be. An undercurrent of math is now really I come. I like em, so my leg into, because I think you might as well get busy making like. Does he just pause for
one second before so that so that you're dying know your internship. How did you get that you just applied, because I know people are like you know, it was a really crazy story where I literally facts. My resonate, like the number of the design Department, never heard anything then the Friday of their season. Premier show in my apartment in these village doing nothing, and I got a phone call from a scenario and from the light coordinator from the design Department, and she was like high Europe, your may. We just fired or in turn, and we really were looking for. Someone are you available to come in and our view, and I was like yes and she was like. Can you come now and I was like yes, so I got on the train. I went up to thirty rock and a matter of like an hour, I was standing on studio, h and Valor and act like was Hosty premier and I was like staring up an athlete going like, but then again, and
she interviewed me walked me around. It was like Annie, not a movie and then she's like well. Thank you so much for coming, and I was like thank you so much, and then I left the thirty rock building and while I walked out of the building, she called me again a month so you're high. It? Would you come back now? What yes, I will and then that was it and then he spent the night with Ben. When I open up like a man, I was there the whole season, two thousand for two thousand five season. I believe it was the last season that teen, if it was the head writer Goldenhair. What a life crazy. I never went to class, I graduated college. I know I just stop going to call. I just: was there all the time No, you do films, Gore, you on a director path where you on an actor, but we as an interacting like Writing- PAN European performer. No, yes, but
I was in high school. I had an acting coach and fairly, who was like don't study, acting in college study, something else and I've always been really upset with movies. I have like Judy Caroline obsession growing up so like I would come to go back and forth from Lake Comedy ease, and then I would watch Judy Garland movies. My taste was all over the place, but I worked out a video store called classic video ones. I got the job there. That's when I was exposed to independent found. I remember, I said, see independent films and garlic out. This is like a whole thing ya like, idiots type that it had that kind of collection it will ever smaller in the porn section was actually the largest section in what were those interactions with those guys life. They were so ashamed, probably right, Earls of Sorry, women, man, I I it was interesting. That was like the part of the job was scary, because I would have to go put them.
You know the room where the men and women, but the fun thing was that I can look up in my system all the porn movies that people me community were? Rather it was like when people by condoms and they violate gum and like like other movies and under threat. I want in there yeah, but I can't imagine anything making me more uncomfortable than being like my age is enough. You know an adult male, the family going to grab up adult, I'll, be then having a teenage female. Our shadow me out you at law. No, I wouldn't lie with these. Always one aim. You like you, I get so much. You want to go back in time and rent a porno. That's an interesting power dynamic that you can take this person who normally has the power in society a white male you're, a teen, female and they're doing this active that is intrinsically embarrassing and then the power shifts
it doesnt one eighty. I guess the covers to those dvd we're blank saw when they left their sliding a thing that something was no power over your or like yeah, like I, you know, but I knew what a what so it was like a while. I was more justice embarrasses they were you didn't sense. The power shifts nokias people. Now I, as a young man, would pop I hadn't there. There was a curtain in mind, and yet we are firm, is very shaming. I mean this of agony. Gotta entered this yeah yeah, and I would I remember what its mandate to remember, not nose like, of course not it's like somebody Moyne operate. No images was like a carpet smell anyway. I would pop in there and then I'd be in there, which was fantastic out like glance at all the covers, and then I have a panic about exiting someone else, I'm gonna be stand in right. There was a whole vague adena yeah. Well, they could sit part of my like a logical going. You kids on it to do that anymore or people right right that data
you have to worry about those liver or hymns is on the privacy on computer glass question on an hour. I promise. Did you think you ever observe Someone coming in for a porno saw you. It was like first of all about the cycle faintly member of one of them, not people that I knew that some people just check it out. I could tell yes one hundred percent Qatar. What were you see it in that, as you pointed out, is very similar to buying condoms, Elsie KIDS crossing that area like four times confuse and unlike us by this fuckin kid, some robbers or something I never minded doing now, but I gotta bang out of like you're thing about going to the prom with a fuckin swedish guy, you like I do it now. We would call them interrupter as of now receive so I would like to be in a rush hours a year for people to be like going of none had this experience and down there
they knew. I think maybe that was my ultimate goals that yes, you're gonna, see someone break out of their pattern and have to deal with this really bizarre situation. Yes, like my ex girlfriend I in high school, carry We go into a seven eleven and we get in screaming matches and seven eleven and then she, storm out an idea ladder in like what we re they say that we were like involving an abusive relationship yeah, I did that all the time you dear my guide. Yes, yes, we're gonna lie here. Why did we want to do that because you just feel alive. It's like secure lake, we're all gonna die. What are we doing here? Were animals work you may like what is their here, whereas it was our motor hop there. Yes, like widely pretending, this is normal. There was that for me, and then there was also to us of the very obsessed with which of all these rules do I actually have to follow. That was a big preoccupation of mine, because when you're twelve year like Will you do this this and then, if are getting older
a kind of breaking some of these rules, and I am not going to do it this way. Maybe I'm not maybe I'm not there. I was just plain with what rules a real in so I liked going and raising a ruckus defined out like was that the women I mean. I still think about things like in that way, and sometimes I have to remind myself hate break out of the brakes rules in our attention over yeah. Really gross Asia? Do with press and we'd be a walk, and if I had gas, I'd walk ahead of her like thirty feet and as I would cross, someone walking been part is loud as I could so that she could observe their reactions. Romantic, so sweet Latin she'll love their island, The I'll even argue. The person who heard the fart loved it because they didn't smell at they were moving and I was moving, but it's funny when you hear a human being fart loud, everyone gets nervous. It's a high pressure situation, I think it's like a sweet thing that you want
make her laugh, but I'm not really into fighting, no well, most people are again why had so funny to watch someone else's reaction, having heard a very loud public, far off remaining Chris, proud farts, so loud and so much money were shooting, perks, rock and it would make me and Amy so angry really yak, as we both feel the same way where we were always we don't think it's funny right right leg. It was funny but may because eddying grab. The guys in my closet right languages like such a thing and so but the man they which still another time gear. So, yes, speaking of like Donald Glover, you were on parks with Chris Pratt, and then he became this
ass, a mass of massive movies? Crazy? As that I can't believe you're. How do I say this? I wouldn't have predicted it not because I don't think he's hyper talented. I just what a thought always to nice to be like. I just felt like You gotta be a dick to be a mega movie star. There's like a levels, you know, don't you feel like the ones that are really really mega. Maggot are actually like nice. Sometimes there's like another like love. Well below that worry. It's like your mega famous but you're like a deck if you're like cancer, Clooney, there's something here, you're like and then another level, because it's like actually that's the thing. Yes, the needy nice, you can, I very benevolent at all times yeah yeah. It's like people are drawn to that end. I just think if you're an asshole, you can only get so far if you're like an actor on a show and movie whenever you're affecting people's lives. Like your end,
ya all be groovy man, my years things are spiritual experiences, Elisa high opinion. It's like got us read it aggravates lake were all doing this together. Yes, I felt compelled to go back. The fourth thing for a second we need did the only thing I want to clarify one thing I actually could never ever do what Chris and monk next day like fire like good we're, never fired at my work, could be so embarrassed. I want everyone at work to think I'm cute. And ran an attractive well, I'll, be in her islander. I Svensson start into like in a season sex. I wasn't like right away there like blasting. I just want to be clear that, like I can do that in front of a complete stranger working on street that I hope I'll never see again. I understand Monica I've been friends for five and a half years now. In just the other day for it for the first time in for
we're all all, because I was almost certain. It was gonna, be a co desiring one in our lives and was then we can tell before they happen, whether out or less or not. I can bring pretty good sense of it had better for clothing. Having kids makes you a more open to like fighting. I was always obsessed with poop and far too that I understand. Ok, sorry, she found forget off of it. Now I mean the all that I just want to clarify that I would not for that work safety work with me if you ever want to see them, ok to get a stroke. The girlfriend I was just talking about that we would have fights at several levels. She had a stroke to Hell wishing she's right. Thirty a in she was a kind of getting ready and she was getting more and more confused and it was. There was a long period of being confused before she even put together. I think she called someone who who could recognise something was going on, but God what what There's. The rocking feelings I do whatever happened to me was like a little bit more obvious that there is something wrong, because I was living
we have chosen a story, I'm going over to my friends apartment till I have lunch with them or something, and I had barely gotten in the door talking about how I'd taken my younger sister, to help reduce concert than I prefer the sweet you. I remember Tagamet hurried off at in mid sentence. I like looked down at my right side. My body was paralyzed, but I didn't realize that's. My brain was like telling me the signal of like that is not your arm. It is not it. Ass, you! If you're paralyzed, it's not like a numbing send say I would imagine into view not just it doesn't mean anything. Your brain is just not computing that that's your arm yeah. So I was like whose arm is that now all the sudden, my arm looked very long and like Billy. Unlike to me where I was just like. What is that when I started like hitting my self, I remember that and then, like all the sudden, I kind of like blacked out for like a second and like the sound,
like weird and then when I was like conscious again, I couldn't speak because the blood clots language center and left temporal lobe, and so I had expressive aphasia, which is where I forgot language, but I could understand it. I just couldn't like respond so that my friends thought I was doing a bit because it was always doing bids Sharia relate your very funny like stop it. I remember putting my hands my throne, going like, I'm making like a weird south you're right. This is the worst thing that can happen to a comedian, because everyone the same media, as we have said, were interrupted our hearing Algeria and interrupt this lunch. Parlor yeah, thou Windows here rang parties. Does people didn't know something was wrong with me and then they kept going Should we call an ambulance and I was conscious, like that's everything about having a stroke is like you know, it's happening, sharp you're, watching it go down which is like that
we are trippy part of it like ice, knew what was happening, but at the same time I was like. I can't talk. I don't know why they were Actually we call an ambulance, and I was shaking my head yes and then a pyramid medics got there and they're asking alleys questions, and course I can't answer any question they think are withdrawn? I want one hundred I was on drugs. I was lying. What did I tell quantity and how before you regains your ability to talk was saying certain words I would say the wrong word. They would ask me, last thing you a? I knew the answer was yogurt, but I can say it so it would take me a long time and then, like maybe half an hour later, I be like yogurt oh my god, and by the time they were like. Why do you want Why are you saying you know like at the time I was dating someone over the five years older than me, and it was like relatively new relationship and he can
hospital to see me, and I was twenty and the doktor was ask me. How would I was in? The only number I could remember to say was sixteen and acknowledge, and I block rather like sex tat are more sixteen and I was like sixteen of an illegal leg of what is happening. Like you know it was. There were funny things about a half bad, so fucked up, you know in scarier than your brain being right now, I'm scared every day could be having a service are being hit by but there was a warning signs. You know I wasn't like well, I might get a stroke because of this have not unaware that industry, because you have a Claude somewhere in your body and makes its way up with your bloodstream right and ends up clogging up part of your brain. I don't like you pay test for that. What the people of clouds all the time, but then they gave
migrate. Normally, I add another date they cannot figure out and like. I am still on the kind of investigative journey of trying to figure out what's wrong with me, because I still last week went to a new doktor who did like some kind of weird eastern test on me with these gels green things- and you told me, like you, blockages, in year, ventricles in your heart. That's why you couldn't get trucks and, unlike excuse me, I'm gonna go get like my heart tested now got home, but it's like I've been through this for years, where it's like I've been tested for everything I don't know like me! I'm fine yeah book, but can you ever regained just fearless confidence of being a librate? Once that's happened? You must always feared that it could happen. Unexpectedly right, there's a underlying sense of I have like unreserve
trauma arrives wishes like also something I've been working on recently, but I think also it has made me, maybe like in an unconscious way kind of feel. You know I could die at any moment like it's, not what this monster. Sometimes I tried calling right. That makes me sound a little more enlightened than I actually am stay to ensure we are simple, ordered by Hallo fresh. Oh I've of hello, fresh love. Few days back before I go on the road I made myself pooled pork vs. The ball with a tomato salsa bell, Pepper Monetary Jack cheese boy was its wish healthy us making me starving what was in. There are three points and to choose from classic veggie family what the options which, between four, when your taste change fresh,
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there's an cash apples and five dollars: CASA, Colombia, Gorge, a nonprofit organization that recruits trains and supports volunteers who make a difference in the lives of children and foster a true win, win police download the cash out today, pre! Please! the pre stroke at twenty. Did it did it, alter your personality like introducing that level of uncertainty about, her own health, so man's Lucas, Dino, Jason Music, is so This man, hazy fucking egg allergy right like life, threatening egg allergy kissed, a girl who drank a fuckin drink that had some angle right and I'm like. What do you want? A Europe like he went to Europe to study music for two years, unlike my eye, if I had that kind of allergy, I feel, like I'd, be afraid to leave my house wearing authors
eggs and ship, and he was like yeah yeah. I might hypochondriac as a result of it, but its legitimate yeah sent an attractive. I love it really is I'm just like people better to saw wound up. Ah you did you have like actors that you love guys legged Monica Urbana Map that deserve forever fine Tammy did you you have like eyes when you're a nice with it, you want them, grow up a merry. Now I was always like attracts it's like the dad, the damn. Ok older God, I might see, were like development in Casper. That yeah, like Devon, saw no anyway, let's get back to the egg thing mill, real arguing against others.
Many layers to trauma right. So it's the event itself and then just on top of it. If it really shapes your world view, which is like oh good. No, This is an option as I move through life for the rest of my life, and that, I think, is the most profound aspect of it. But again it I don't feel like I'm any more enlightened like I said earlier than anyone else but like I do think that it must inform me in some way, but when it also, I think just makes me they have many more like issues like shot like anxiety. You know I never like before that. I never had like panic attacks like after that I licked legitimately had pdf Steve medication like I'd, be in the subway and feel something weird I got tingling origin and my finger in Ireland and at its I like convince myself, I'm having a stroke, a dozen times and I've never actually had answer. If you added in
I really had well even when you're describing, as I also would happen to me at the beach that time in Santa, do I gotta get somewhere this means a stroke. No, I thought I almost at a stroke on J one, I think the first or second I'm ever d J Leno, I pretty sure I had many struggling during the interview. Yes, I got really confused and, like I think, people thought I was kidding, I feel like you need a bracelet and a button where you can go like this shit hurry hurry. My funny bracelet I forget to do this, but like I do sometimes have to do a thing or, unlike and you saw everyone knows it and they make a trailer like. I have a stroke history. If I'm acting confused or something to me, the hospital they be like. If you had seizures of Europe a website you'd tell people ahead of time can like you know, doctors are basically like since I was twenty there were like you have to be really care about. Dehydration
oh, like not be dehydrated and, like you have take you really good care of yourself. You treat your body like an old person, unlike my reaction to like any rules and stuff. Like that is just doesn't go down while ride. So like that's a constant thing for me, where I'm late you're like rebelling Ralph one hundred percent, unlike what fuck, if you had to say how often you think about it, is it? Is it once a week once a day wants an hour once month, maybe once a week, I don't think about it every day of her eyes to yeah. But that moment the the most severe situation had. But then you had won a couple years ago.
Yeah. I had many stroke when I was on parks or can I was, I think, and that happen on site. I was like in rehearsal ah well, and I was only my sides and I look down and I couldn't reed the sides and I got really confused and then panicky and then it was like em. I am impinge, Pang attack or an orchestra. Now and then I would went to the hospital I had like a mini tee a which is like a tiny little stroke, but it was in a vain in the back my neck, so it was an arterial, but it was like a tiny little one. Ah, no idea. Why? But also it's crazy, because if you hadn't had that stroke history, they probably wouldn't have even check they had just said you had a pair attack? Yes like then, as I always billing stubs happening, but then is just pan detailing. Maybe it is, but maybe it's not. I don't know anything about shrubs and, like that's of Zog, think you do anything about.
That then rind of that was my anecdote. That thought, which is it doesn't even matter? Does you can prepare for think my way out of it? At least you know you're right about the feeling. In any event, you prevent it like a technically like I should be like on baby aspirin everyday awry like maybe I'm not so good about that immigration. Me I'd like to see your be Alice shipyard that Eu Banana is something I don't want, I see what happened up. That's ok! So one thing I was curious about: does you gonna just alluded to it, which is you you started by plane that high school, the character you play them parks and wreck? Did you come in with it or is it something you insured developed?
gather that you going to go. I want to personally this way and then like how did that from what I remember and make sure could tell the story differently, but from what I remember he kind of like Lucy pitch me: the pie, the premise of the pilot. Again it hadn't been written. Yet he knew what his character was. He knew where it was taking place and he said something wrong I would like, and we think she's going to have like an assistant, that's going to be a ditzy assistant or whatever, and at the time I've had just come off of like doing Shifferly college credit and all that stuff, and I pitched it to him like what maybe I should be like an intern or someone that actually really smart and really good at their job, but doesn't give a fuck about anything, but that is happening and hates everyone and doesn't care, but it's has to do it for college credit. I remember having that conversation and then I just remember Greg Daniels coming in and like all the sudden, we started talking about like the meaning of life
and that is what I remember is like our animals and I really tugging Michael. What does make you happy and I was like Now- We just got into like a whole other conversation that MIKE was just like sitting in the desk with watching and then that was it and then someone called me and they were like so you're in show you didn't even have dog decision now, all they wrote what lettering original characters was named Aubrey. I have the pilot script word. The characters name is arbitrary and then, when everything started going production they change at the April and then because I was an unknown actor. The network did make me go in and go on tape, but I essentially was auditioning to play myself right as it was written for me. Yeah. I was a very easy audition right didn't, although that could almost more nerve racking to make some like. Oh geez, I have this watch me, go lose race, win, win parks ended because I feel I was on parenthood,
six years is virtually the exact same time. You are on parts for hours and when it ended, I kind of thought was probably ever be on a show, like that's this lovely, to go to this many nice people that I am so happy we do say the words like. I had a real awareness, probably as good as its gonna gear. What what? What was your thought when that ended wall? I feel that one of the reasons why that show as such it create experiences because for some reason I think we're all always so aware of how good we had it just because we had such a good time and he just a black to every one was so funny later. That's the thing I was so fuckin spoiled now like every job I get unlike where's, the funny version, because It was his anywhere, you love your fuckin, laugh you naughty mean and cells, one of the best care of all right, so we thus were so spoiled but like like Amy and neck, especially were set, were such good leaders and were such good
mommy and daddy is. There would always remind us, like our fishermen, I think, is wise beyond his years in so many ways, but, like you know, my first show it was all I knew so, like I didn't know like after couple seasons like of course like I'd, sir complaining about she could shed at or ever an ebay like your should remember all those of us are very on Ebay and I believe you know, but then I would be like fine you're right. It was like we were kids that had the best parenting for me like the challenge. There was always just like it so easy on television to just go on autopilot you now, unless I think that that was also the other thing about it. I was so happy to fly that character in the lead. It evolved
the minute we were gone hiatus I was. I have to do like another characterize you do a movie after they bring out right where you afraid that that was the only thing you are really get hired of wires yet like not to any like way that I'm not grateful for, I am so grateful church or this opportunity by yes, I was like at this is all I can do, because that shows the first thing that Airbus, or funny people, but also funny people, an Scott pilgrim. It was like they were on the same zone of like sarcastically, bemoaned median whatever at that, time like for me. It was more like funny people, I'm not saying this like officially in any way, but like I knew that the character as painless based averaging graph low. Like I just engineer, graph flows of first stand a comedian I ever saw alive. I saw a home when I was a teenager, Allentown XVI liner. I was obsessed there still am. I love her, but I was doing a thing I wasn't just like going like here
like I'm so weird and whenever you like it, was purpose forward. Isn't the ego the trickiest thing in the world, though, because I have had all those same thoughts, obsessions overarching like fear that I'm not going navigate it right or set myself up for the next thing correctly, all the things right, I'm now at a vantage point or I'm like who gives us back, but man I was like you know, just riddled with fear that I'd be doing it wrong or well. Now I gotta do so. Dramatic. I got to do it really quick, because I've done four counties in a row. If I don't do and I'll never get to do all that pressure to be doing it perfectly end game, it's like when you really think about it. You're, like one of my gunning for here like ok. Maybe there was a time at which it was like. You know I have some like breakout thing where it's like all the sudden, I'm on the cover of Vogue magazine. If I guess that's the thing that use in the back of mines as like actors or something but like I'm with you at a certain point, you're just like what is the fucking
call here, and I really think about the people that I really respect and love. It's always the people that are lying under the radar and doing whatever the fuck they want to do in doing their own shit. What either I think, it's very much human nature to go like oh, give employed great! Oh ok! So you just you can't not go well. What's next part of its eagle Purvis, just like you're supposed to be making forward Prague, but it's hard not to get in that trap, when I close the independence beer towards this year, and I had so many moments like in the days leading up to that show, whereas what the fuck am I do for why did I did then? Why am I putting myself through this? By the way I had a glass and I loved it so much, but it was so stressful and the moment
before going on sage and again we're alive, and I made this added I literally was like had an outer bodies. Here is where I was like armoury. You need to relax. You need to stop putting yourself through this, like you're gonna die, but then I realized like man. I just love to torture myself we're gonna die. So you end up I'm Legion now I'd say far goes my favorite show beginning to end those three c decisions. Now our holly is clearly some kind of mad genius. I went in and met with him in the cartoon character and I thought before the pilot was made before the pilot was and I thought I was meeting There- was a lead- girls, the Syd Barrett part and then the lead guy, and I thought I was going to be on the lead girl, part right and then, after that initial meeting it was like. I thought I might going to edition is about the next step. Then I met with him again. He want to have coffee with me and then I met with him again and then at that coffee meeting he was like what do you think? That's a part of Lenny Busker which in the pilot was written as a committal.
Man. So, of course I read the pilot thing in that part of your life. What war party you don't have a mill aged regarded in a mental institution, but he's a yes and, unlike also that's the part, you think I'd be get out a k, kind of cool him, no right to be that flexible, something you created, generally like when I write stuff, I get fixed on some thing: yeah I've never switched to roll like. Maybe that should be swaps. Gender see ass very now, things do yeah rarely smile yeah. He was you know. Also at the time I had just gone need surgery, so I was like on crutches. I looked like probably like drug problem. As I did in India, so I looked insane. Probably yes. So then he pitched me. That idea is like item now phone and do that and they use like, but the character becomes the billion of the show. The confirming your dreams into the psychic mutant villain called the shadow king and I was like signing
now. You ve got my attention. I was an hour late to that meeting. Also by the report is an hour late, allow to a no holly coffee. Why? Because I had like gone in Berlin and I was going to print. I wasn't ass any still higher likes you that he, if such an hour late to a meeting with me to talk about working together at be a pretty replied the man you that I was horrified I'd, never been later a meeting highlights and it was like, but it is not the one I should be late too, I'm pretty sure of that. What is it all? Right now, I'm embarrassed. I haven't watch the show, but people fucking love Legion about I was like supernatural, more nervous about their superior aspect. Yeah, that's really now. I I'm in the background. So if you like, drugs
Fucking lawyer, I you're gonna love at all gray. It's a trap, man. You know it's a real experience. It's not linear! It's like a psychological kind of trap. Right now like Noah at the originally. When we talked about it was always like it's a three season show it's not the kind of show that was ever intended to go on and on and on it's gotta, beginning a middle and an end right, and man does it end all really big spectacular, oh yeah awhile. How do you feel about drugs? Do you like drugs yeah? You do. I love them. You know I had to quit, but I oh yeah yeah, but I avoided I enjoy them. We re Michael Poland's bog yeah, Well, not really like the whole. I haven't read any of it, but I heard him on TIM, Ferriss Podcast and I feel like I know what it's about and I did a tremendous amount of mushrooms. In my day,
I'm really and those anti fantastic I've I ve been trying to commence Monica. Do you would actually links the macro? Does you might help her? Because I think you have some by anxiety, right yeah in you're comfortable with it right yeah. I think lake. I wasn't for a long time. I was scared of things like that, but I do think if you create an environment where you know- and you do it without comfort level, that you're out for me as I once you feel what it feels like you: Ah the problem for me as I feel that it feels economic. I wanted more more more all all more. So that's my journey as though we see similar the hear anything, enjoying enliven anything refused to let it in tat about drinking. How are you drinking yeah? I can't you don't I don't not right now, not by total choice,
ok, great marble, ultimatum, pogrom, dry and so joke ivy bandwidth for eight years now, yeah yeah, you guys have done two movies together. Three three he's on three movies. I've been out there all day. I Josh, I was a very small part of life after about this is first maybe than Josh. She then little hours, so I've found when talking to people who are couples and do the same job. It's he generally one or the other like to love to work together. In fact, we get along better, more working together than in any other situation. While how is it for because I was not quite that its view ago. Are you keep doing it so it must be, and now you know, our dream of different on every movies like life after about was different because it was his first movie and there was a script. You know
the actual dialogue at the last you movies he did. There was no script in all real, yes, but those both those movies were fully improvise. All of course he had written like a very elaborate like treatment and stuff, but like most people, don't know that that they'd there was no script. So this is a different working kind of dynamic inherently more collaborative. Yes, he has this kind of, like all men kind of approach. Words like he wants to create an environment that is spontaneous. Just by nature, because no one really does know what they're going to say, but also, how can I tell you it's a sure and has to have been influenced a bit by the fact that he and David Russell work together Yes, because I went and saw Bradley while you shooting silver linings play what those outlay. Oh my god forgive me. Let me say that David is one of my very favour. Directors of all time. I worship him pay a mindset for forty minutes watching him directed, unlike IP
personally climate, be in one of these move. Why? Let me know lodges, I job tat gimmicks. Everybody does so you're Robert Deniro again acting you have lines is. I know, as these do not say, no, no get up stand up so like your rolling he's behind the manners, and just scurry me nonstop, silently and no one knows the no grab that book rabbit book grab it like it so in your grill, wouldn't I dont do well when people are in my wrongly, but he's he's committed to that thing in that there is no better organs, is then David. Also movies like theirs, is not a bad performance of sorting, there's so clearly a justified method to it, and I respect the hell out of it, but my own in securities would have a very hard time and then environment. Do you have a preferred method of me. Talk to, I love being directed yes, but I'm sick. Like I don't it's like I get myself in situations that are. Can I, like you, know the kind of torture
sure sure, abusive. Like yeah. I heard me yeah yeah. I have that, like tendency ram dislike I'll, do it I'll do anything may I just approved the others, do yeah, so I'm all over the place I want to be Jerome up against Georgia. Shamed humiliated humiliated there is designed, am I feel like I'm humiliated, you should join like one he's s, an elm close. We just learned ass yeah, there's like whole community is it where everyone sort of on board. We didn't knows that the dominatrix, the door, the relationship is actually following a screw there. Actually, the submissive one weirdly, because this submissive one makes all the rules sire. I know, but yeah He did not so fascinating. I spent some time with their dominatrix who crucified wealthy business
in her eyes and it's the same dynamic were the guy that paying too because five is usually. You know some Texas oil tycoon or, unlike their in charge, the scenario. But so it's like the dumb is following their rules on earth, so it is an interesting SAM ongoing immediacy. I assume you care about money. What does that mean? I grow without money under obsessed with money, and I gotta have a nest, eggs we feel safe. Now. I have to remind myself to like by new clothes. Ok, that's diving, that's the healthy operating aid could be bad. You know it's there's a fine line, but more money than me you horny now. In fact success scares me. You know that, like rejection and failure feels more condoms. Comfortable. Do you know that you and Adam have this kind of in common power? Is Adam O tally? Yes,
he's got my number he's one of my favorite people we ve talked to here then I just was so fascinated with his like per percent euphoria with bombing, and now he said the same. Why? Yes, I want to see you guys like publicly here. Yours often some companion. Now we will. We like we were. We ve talked about many versions of that so Legion one is that come out tinge twenty four June. Twenty fourth can, I think, genuine for its own child's play, the original Chuckie remake comes out. What were you twenty first June twenty four June, the very varied wheat me, my birthday, rang you're gonna turn into a thirty five begun turn thirty five exciting! Well, listen! I was not blowing smoke up your ass. I love seeming you on talk, shows, I think you're. So funny parks and we're gonna
Samuel e g I m really grateful and excited that you came in and talk to us does. It feel like the independence were ordinary, like you don't want to combat on your way You like, I wasn't terribly yeah. I think like why? What's my purpose? The point of all this I just gave- and I give and I give and I get nothing in return and I like it that way, you're well Aubrey Plaza. Thank you so much come in little Lord attacking you again and now my favorite part of the show the bag check with my soul may go bad men to talk about their show premier at last. Well, yes, it did evolve premier four nights ago. We need a term for our fake timeline like real time faked.
I'm ok, everybody Archie or broadcasts timer. What we got really confusing was Wabi WEBS birthday, which in real life was yesterday, but in air time was five days. You got a record. It was three days in the future yeah wearily plan with time and a beautiful way. It's almost like inception, eleven cept, the other way their bouncing back and forth between the future, the past and the present also, I just want to say we're in a hotel room in Birmingham Michigan here, I'm vacation. This is the scene of just in Longs abduction. This is where he was nay now yeah this around in your room, appeal kinky via the add this is where he limped back. There's a nice area. Will he didn't article year? He started elsewhere
Well, look. He went out to a bar I, but I can you remember. We have even said where the bar was, but I'm guessing more towards Fern Del Rio Loquats a little more lively, ok, yeah, that'll work. Our full? Yes, exactly demanding array swear, I know Ok, ok, lower here in the Great Lakes Day, yeah Monica. This is your first time the mission and with the wives light out when you landed yesterday, yeah It was raining. All these and all effective deterrent had a little bit of Spain sad, but I didn't because we were on vacation will also Wabi. Why do you get this like when its raymie in its warm out to me? That's a term of like euphoria in stage because its own? reigns in California, freeze him yeah, that's true, but in the MID West or I don't know, probably lock, it sounds near yeah arrange. Yet it still warm.
I do Lorenzo Good, oh yeah, marine of makes me feel good summer. Breeze now, actually need How can you do the idea, seals and graphs as the original tiger the year, but Isley Brothers did or whatever you call it I'm a redo a cover. Again, I was ready. They did a redoing monkey and Delicious Canada open up. I spoke earlier. I can do that. I have plenty of cable here. So I, you're, a man I'll Downtown Birmingham, this is the Red Sea area of Michigan. Do you know this? I could tell I mean it's the currency of lower right on the border of Bloomfield Hills. Would you ve urban talk about, for there were other laureates rich people, where nobody would live. If you lived here, the old old money in Detroit were originally was gross point because it's a borders Detroit, it's almost worth drive down, ok, the most stark transition from city too crazy, beautiful suburbs,
It's insane one corner: there are burnt our buildings and then the next corner. There's, like thirteen thousand score loud or old, mansions, with most more transition of ever seen Secondly, it is like a mere hundred feet between the lowest income in the highest could be the cover of a broken ladder. Lao my favorite book about incomplete Loreen Kattymaly, so I really don T pain so listen yesterday, I was in New York Airport for six in one half hours waiting on my delayed flights now wrath in so I listen to Doktor Alex and it really brightened my day. She was so wonderful, so wonderful. After me, too, I will likely we merrier nor would love to care because she was explaining her Tantric approached her sexuality, its ended, nice did and also
here it when she talked about all that staring into one another's eyes. I was like that's intense yeah. I just have this revelation the other day I was at a meeting with somebody and I realized I'm very bad. It's looking people's space Oh really, ya. What I didn't think it was a problem of mine, but I was having to tell myself just look at our all right right. Russia's will really quick. Monica took some general meetings round tower people, it's the most potentially awkward hour of small chat into you had a little apprehend. In about nine, but they turned out well yeah turnover and one was that the Peacock network, ok and be seen there, and I was waiting and there's all these posters up of rooms ass. One of them was friends, and I feel like I'm at this point a little bit aided by everything like I'm on that law cons.
I am rather they should the good play. So I'm there a lot longer hundredth time driving into a place. Although marijuana hijacker story, but I will say my favorite thing about working parenthood for six years was actually every time I drove through the gates universal in my head, I was like a rampant intent that don't that's the way it did it. Do you just felt so, historically Hollywood. He yes and I was like I drive to work at it. Studio lot everyday. I never really never lost the gratitude. So now. I wonder if the reason it's faded out a little bit for me as cause, I'm not Go where are your trail Loretta video star? They show a hundred percent yeah, that's elaborate, it's still there, its so called anyway. I was sitting on his way to England. There is all these posters of all these NBC shows and there is a friend's wine- and I did have a moment of my dad-
so cool news was poor, peacocks, roughly your age when she got friends, probably maybe maybe he'll. Let me on ass. I send my meeting. You said I was still on bad still. The goal. Do we talk about today? applause or replace. So you were explained to her me so funny, and then she said me so Philly Almah. Oh, that's the thing I love on sixty. Had been known, really knew what it was right. Ok, you don't love it because it is a type of cancer. Ok, can I love it? I guess at these I collect these names from sixty minutes. Commercials is they're all for old people array, mineral cockle pneumonia, whatever the hell out. One is more noon
Llewelyn upon their second specific pneumonia. No more talk all pneumonia that sounds always selling some product related new mechanical Morton, No! No! It's ok! It's actually message. Billy Almah, the type of cancer that develops from a thin layer of tissue that covers many of the internal organs known as the mesothelioma The most common area affected is the lining of the lungs and chest wall less commonly the lining of the ab diminish the sack surrounding the heart or the sack surrounding the testes, a hooker. That's just the sack they gave me this.
The test these they get it you said or the south. Maybe they wanted to say the testes. There perhaps know there's a sack round the heart they headed, they had to say. Yes, I have a friend who has extreme inflammation of that Serbia, so there either gonna have to cut that sack and remove it, oh, which they're trying to avoid saved a break openness chest. So at any rate, yes, I know swarthy inflamed saccharine, the hardy aches, not testicle, sack to see this. They have to differentiate you can't you sack the wealth. Not if he had just said sad. I got a while you're scrotum is inflamed, but there's multiple sat there are, but in my opinion, the oh ass, the original sack isn't it has grown up that such a move, a blind alley. Listen if you heard a geiger, fuckin sack outwardly are you going to eighty one, who is a ball bag clearly
I can feel let sack is just day awoke we'll term. Oh yeah, I think Oh you mean it's, not medical yeah, although you just read testicle over the sack, surrounding the task you have not even the screwed or the Koran there's a letter in between the scrutiny in the test of test them. I wish we called it test him. Ah, testing can call it that has and custom like this. So many medical issues sits crazy. Like operates yeah, I mean just when you started explaining that the sack or on the lungs could be cancerous as I oh, that's. What's going on my long another way, angle of non stop and clear. My number, when you thought you are not very high on the hypochondria scale. Well, I think you're the exact same as me: the ideal yeah, I think about eight. I would I can see that the fact that employment, the best person
Valley, evaluate how high up on the spectrum, but I will just say I have a chronic one condition. Secondly, I've been airlifted and I had an so that it is consistent in lifelong yeah. That's absolutely true and things are happening. When I have issues, I'm not just waking up and saying I M gonna have a heart attack, blah blah blah, now get angry that impede the bed once so. If I had coughed once in aid, We'll do that. I had me so freely alma you'd be like come on. I call for a few years and then tell me so if you pay the bed every night since February, then I'd start being last year, you have a condition of first. Coughing is not the same, as is involuntarily peeing. When your thirty one argue it's almost.
Down a common, so annex its expressing some form material, some refugees, some item and Jetsam coughing is normal. Well look they're both involuntary here, but I coughed five minutes. Ago, and I don't have any problems remain on me so freely. I dont think I do. I don't know. I feel pretty confident about my lungs memories, telling you coffins normal fur for people who have no issues, yes, but the coffin every day, most of the day, no your whole life or I'm not saying you're, not hearing me bang. They. Your thing is fine. I'm saying you can't equate things that happen normally like sneezing and coughing to a random event. That does not happen. Let them do you not think nocturnal piddle is common, not for me not for you, but for America. I dont think its common for adults to do that. I don't it's not like nor
knock turnip piddle. Yes, like turnip kid all normal, it's not normal and there are other things associated with what if anyone had dowager at a stroke will hold them. What have you into the doktor and he, sir, he came in with your charge. Me had done all your lab work in a ring and he said: ok, Miss Admin. I have diagnose the tunnel. Piddle was acute, not a chronic maternal piddle need is kept, saying, Mcdonald Pillar. How would you I guess, horny as though the word now? Ok now I dont think I work now. Oh sorry, not to jump to far back in the timeline. We did get several comments on the Instagram feed Hashtag dolphin, especially as I think they does wanted the finance
funny, I appreciate that I should say that look, maybe it's true! My mouth is shedding I'd feel bad for you, but you see the fucking star you my I mean my life my faces fallen. I don't see it actually. Ok, it's huge it's right here. It's driving me bond. Listen! I was in New York for four days. Doing every talk show they'd. Let me on hosting the today show oh and all the while skins just moulting,
dial my eye nocturnal piddle. It was a real beating. I understand I'm still complaining, you know life's great. I know I just want you to know something here, something just because you have some stuff happening in do not taking that away. It doesn't mean me, you shouldn't, feel bad for my line in Europe solely right, you're right that was narcissistic and self centered disarmed the collar thou. I heard your lip peeled did my mind. Those like I'd kill further lip here right now. Worse is full dormice justice, but listen you that was it was, was not sympathetic. Working, I'm really. Sorry your lips, peeling, I not early carriages happening currently is like a yell at right. I think is my only might youth paste o awakening to
you're, not my people. I know they're probably want to benefit from a widening toothpaste. Your teeth are so why thank you if they guinean wider, they might be translucent. Oh, I kind of like maybe gross if you smiled always hold your tongue in your head resting in the back here, love hanging around back there, but it's chicken or the egg. You now say maybe their weight because of me toothpaste here through it all now. Oh also that clarification, why a magazine was not young, Miss! Oh, it was young. In modern man. So to me God AIR, ok, cool, okay. So, first of all, you said that Aubrey and I are similar and that we're both rats and is factual? All k? She's? Not I'm!
like her. I dont know what her lifetime only talking about child with household your brow, yeah. I am a brand new aloud. I admit to, but not in other areas of. Why do you, Well, not like your childhood home. Now, ok, it's about what other ways I'm eyebrow I'd like to know, so I could work on it. I just think of asylum for me that you truly love me and mom is that you feel comfortable being brought. Some comes to us, for example, are you sure it's not just me match your Brad in his or her bragging, is no like there's been a few times you ve, I dont want to say it would be too strongly. So you stormed the house after contain, but you definitely you like Meda, real, quick departure. A share
where a kind of resembled you going to your father and I did get suspicious. You had your ear to the window on their backs side of the house. Ok, yes or no yeah, but I don't do that just because I lost no you're all that that would be brandy if I lost the game and is like I've thought about this and then my stormed right? I storm now, because you ve done something horrible to me. You air images, but how we define your breath. I just think sticking around an airing. Your complaint talking it out would be one approach. We know, men storming off would be another approach. I would just label storming off. His is kind of the defining characteristic of brandy cell, nay. Also sometimes talking to you in that state is not an option.
Right, so I dont make you more absurd, yeah or were in a fight. So what are we gonna do just keep fighting and fighting. There's no point might as well leave and I will discuss it tomorrow. Those broad groups rage. I guess I should say it next time. Emily, being now, and we can finish this Congress MA. Maybe I'll start that Olga it happens again. But we will do it might happen, ok. So for AIDS clubs, she said people project an agricultural motive on it. Ah ha often like that's where people sprains go when they hear for Asia,
your brain- will absolutely still going there, despite what she said now really okay. So the reason that is is because the organization is administered by the National Institute of Food and agriculture of the United States Department of Average fruity, big Shechem exempt yes, and no because she's right, it's a youth organization whose mission is engaging youth, their fullest potential, advancing the field of youth development on farm now, doesn t now its name. Ms, in reference to the currents of the initial letter h four times in the organizations original motto head: heart, hands and health, so it is all encompassing a bay just happened to be the lug housing and that's how you measure a horses high.
Hey? I've heard that hands may mean horse high, ok, so one hour, my home and id, but sounds like there's, some stereotypes happening and she doesn't like it yeah. You know there are certain stereotypes I feel bad about, and then this one I just don't feel that bad if you're in four age and people are mistakenly confusing you as an agriculture organization, Boo, hoo little that can arise. I don't want to minimize anyone's play. That's true, but I also agree with liquid. Imagine we were informed age, mother fuckers they won't things were going over your plucking chickens for complaint and seed yeah bullshit. I people want to feel like that means. It's a victim heard what I'm just coming
this real time and have never thought about that. There's a new thoughts. Oh my god, we shall have a sound effect. I wish everyone recognizes the power of story that our brains are so hard wired, first story, because it's how we passed on culture in information, long before writing for our tradition, oral tradition in so Joseph Campbell. There's all these people have studied story in the hour of math right so because our brains innately work in the shape of.
Worry if there is an adversary, which is these people confusing them with agriculture as or horticulture is its how your brain works. Ok, so now there's an adversary, I'm the hero of my story. You know, there's odds against obstacle. Now I have something to pass on like it has to almost end up in the box in shape of a story for you, the even repeat they just go like common for each and every one totally understands what for ages. That's not a story. Re stories, I'm in four age, in these evil people are confusing us agriculture s. Yes in so now now there's a story I think that's a good theory think that's a very nice new thing. Lang Lingeringly may bury what's more impressive, my scientific breakthrough about snapping your fingers Alice S. Fingers should I Varela, or should I tried to patent at first? I don't think you can pay a fat
you can't do that. Every ok saw is trying to teach my sexual how to snap her fingers and he was doing it yet it was not making a noise is a very wise and working. I'm like an I'm staring at thinking. Why isn't working? Because her fingertips are clear, the other doing the right thing, so I start doing over and over again and really start monitoring. What's going on in what I discover, which I think is a really huge advancement for science The sound is coming from your middle finger, hitting the palm of your hand. It's not coming from the friction between the thumb in middle finger. In the way you can testify is put some tissue, yap or thin layer of fabric
on the palm of your hand, snap your fingers and there will no longer make the noise bargaining put my finger in between there and it stops making a noise. I unveiled this discovery at the Hansen's house and there was about twelve of us. Yet everyone was equally excited, as I was when I made the discovery. Yes area was pretty a may and then we got really excited to ask Laura Moses. Who knows most thing, she very very smart smart and she does lots across words, so she's learn it end I'll say. Unlike me, she doesn't go way out on a limb like I'll take a stab at something. I have no business taken, a stab at she's already reserved in her knowledge gap. Yes, not blowhard like me, so we got really excited to stump her Lord. How here will ask her what how the noise is being made and she sits on legal, Laura, what's making the noise when he snapped
fingers she does. I think your finger hitting your palm fuck, you Brad, I now I was so proud of her. I was so happy you yeah? I was sorry, I'm sorry. I got happy about that. That's ok! You get really help you in my arms do and it is my job was to get help bring about a well because I, like facts, elected and facts, the checks, I guess that's a lie. I do get happy when a loser now look Why does a horrible thing for me? But if you look at it, game every once in a while reform is real fun. But are you by the way, I admit it quickly, The reason we are excited to make Laura be wrong. Is that she's right?
so often, and so I recognise that it would be really fun because I always think I'm right, it's extra fun to see me hoisted by my own petard yeah. I think it's just not healthy for someone to be right or when every time what do you think stones, frequency of being wrong was just in real life, so we were discussing the same Harris Pat cast on there's a great episode with organization, psychology organizational psychologist, professor at Wharton School, his name's Adam. I can't members, ask them and he was talking about basically powerless. Big geniuses in history. Ah, yes, you did Edison in particular yeah. That, and also Mozart was hacking about creative people, and he was saying it wasn't that they were particularly genius. It was that they created so much that the vote be succeeded through quantity, MAC
It is sad that it's not like they had for ideas in their life. One was the light. Baldwin was a sea electricity and the other is like no. He had about twenty five terribly area as here in that yeah. That was really encouraging. Sometimes I be prolific its inspiring yeah does it require you to be a matter of ain't. Exactly so I'm sorry, I'm sure was the exact same approach at the bug. Quite often, Sherry dad was Adam Grant absurd. One. Fifty eight understand inhuman, Then the wild, oh yeah, really great episode immune. I had the exact same reaction to level two things. One we're both like me miss listening to this punk ass. We ve been so busy. We haven't been listening. It inspires so much thought I now really fun and gives us some to talk and then you and I also had the same thought which is at the beginning. He describes being friends with a celebrity.
Everyone around this says that he's a genius indeed, the personality believes it and I became very convince he's talking about the same values as eleven million as his carefully surrounded by gas man, God just than just human narcissism, because you thought that second, but you- and I also was like- I wonder- if he's talking about tax but now cause that's not right, and then that would mean You'd be calling me a yes man make of you. Finally, what makes it about them so were the world are the worst, may I will I'm still fifty percent convinced he was talking about me. I don't think I've thought about emailing him now now now you don't need to do now. I'm gonna, do you don T, let it be greatest uses a hydrogen. Maybe you'll tell me who the person is if it isn't mean when there be juicy gossip for us. I am curious,
river dance all so she did, but she called river dance, but actually river dance was performed for the first time in ninety. Ninety four Eurovision song contest. It was updated irish stance, it was like classic irish dance, but they like made it funky, regular irish stance, which is what she didn't. She did those competitions and step we were like, whereas I come from. Why are they so rigid so turns out when it was all starting? Local venues were small and dances were often demonstrated on table, tops or tops of barrels, so they had to keep their arms at their side, rich variety and lack of lateral movement. They had
just be like up and down I'll come and they were restricted by their dance floor. Do occur, will make some yeah ok. She said that when she entered the ESA now that was in two thousand for war. Ok, two thousand forty thousand five season. She thought that was Tina phase last season has had rider, but actually it was the penultimate two thousand that thousands. You know I hate when people say penalties, do you do because it's also so pretentious. Just a second to last, I like using the correct word when its efficient, when it eliminates many other words, but ultimately, the same amount of social that urea penultimate. Second, to last year's rumours to last. No SAM.
No, why we're? Does you have such a high vocabulary? Any use that, but they need to pick that are most love was probably originates from the first time. I heard it like in what context I have to imagine. I was watching Gulf which never watch, but I have a chip on my Hell they're about Gulf in general. You now feel so, whilst being whenever I have so many friends, you love God so much as did my browser loves it. Yet it is I'm not right, but I have, but I have a chip on my shoulder ended Buckingham country Club. Culture or exclusion, or it is not for me, and so I do believe the first time ever heard someone say in public was on An ultimate whole two years needs three liberty and in
Not to me. I have an oh that's another reason, so I love motto: JP motorcycle racing and all the commentators are british. They'll gum come into the penultimate lap in so because I think because it's coming from abroad person. I also triggered by like a class ass, however, of british people triggered Yale law. I'm it's a mix of island. Of it, but then I also think it's too classy for my wound around the rust. Don't you think they represent, like the ultimate Uppercross crust upper crest, probably caressed invited, as you say, anything so much more It has to be surprised. Us is now. I don't yeah yeah argument, as the high social class or group. Ah, but can you just google upper Corazza and see what happens? Do you mean
across the well. Unlike you, I'm not super happy, you aren't. I happy development issue right, We could be wrong happy to learn that must be like high on the Haug Zat Muslim. From like a thing, you know I read back in the Fuckin seventeen hundred year, something the uppercross was more expensive yeah, probably because its new or if, if here in France in you go and you're getting bread nets are stacked up. The one on Tom would be the freshest wine. That does make sense. We saw that doesn't seem like on its here that allows there was there. I dont member, if I left this in last episode or last week, but there was a word Couldn't remember, there was a new vocabulary word and I remembered it. It's rash, Yo Sonny,
sham booze at some authorization now a nation of people with rotation. Now it's it's like basely, being rational wholesale momentum, ratiocination, logical and rational, and I'm reading under the banner of Heaven to do you. Yeah, so good. I feel like our millennium reading. So much, then I'm still on page eighteen state so I asked with oh yeah, but it's such a great book, because you're both getting the history of Mormonism yeah Mormons, would disagree that throughout history and then a murder mystery its intertwined beautifully with a murder mystery and all this dense history on Joseph Psmith. I really like me too. I like to so much that you know when I finish renewal,
I jumped in the car and drove to yeah Colorado City Arizona where they live. It was that lie. Look I don't mind offending people in Colorado, city ears, on a conjecture, public funds and that as a trading daughters and it's fucking disgusting, and it's not really about multiple wives and care about that. It's definitely about pedophilia. So, yes, it fell. Why time travelling to a bizarre eighteenth century EAST Coast town. All the women are wearing the like have, So what are we call like? A non would wear ugly, wherein headgear and new dresses and we get followed the whole Kristen an eye tat. We were, they followed us the whole time we're there, and then we went to their little restaurant and sat down and actually, aid and everyone there was like what the fucker these worldly people doing here. How is the food I hoping it would be like when you're in southern.
Again. You got amish country and everything's really good, like the butter all really a, but now it's really eunuch as an umbrella. Under the point, the book where it talks about they're getting more welfare dollars than any place in Amerika. I now you're going like anti government. Yes they're, getting like ninety one for every penny they put in her some astronomical, like that. I now and they say it's the Lord's way of giving them what they need. Manipulating the government, yes, but so all the food just tasted, government issued Shit mixed together. It wasn't like a super wholesome, delicious thing. While they had up what would we would call him the magazine rack, but it was just all different books of The regulations that have been revealed a different pianos you're, not allowed say like read, books, are newspapers or had tv, but what it says about communism. The reason it spread so fast at the time it spread was. It was really the first carnage Day or christian religion. That said, he
do may receive revelations from God. You could be entrusted with those revelation, so it is a burial empowering their religion for people both so interesting. Ok, you said a few times that you and everywhere in Europe there's like that's what it was called like where Ya Disruptor, yeah Disruptor, yes, yeah, yeah, son you'd, say you already know what we're doing that its disrupted oh and I we were seen interrupted. Yeah, oh really air, but I was silly about snouts. Suddenly learn your disruptors. Like Google we're like Google, I'm also known interrupter, double distinction of being
after Anna disrupted its cause, you're, so excited to talk. It truly sign out here it's warm words qualities, but I will say I do like the thing it's coming from a good place, I'm just so excited. I argued inordinately excited a chair. Ok, so you said when you unchristian would take walks, you would walk ahead and then you'd far and then you are like everyone like tat. You did she like did anyone that the person probably like that. I really did but again, because I would like you, I know that's. Why have to fact check that you do not know if those people like that- and I can say that if that happened to me, I would not like hold on launches. We really will first of all, we do have in full because the Hansen's in Mr, were watching the reaction to the person walking in it was always like. Oh my god, like a weird smiled now, let us be clear: are you sure you would like to hear that of
I dont want to smell, was strangers far at all. I now yeah, but that's not even on the table here at stirrup annoy you, You wouldn't want to hear the noise now, oh now, because I would feel so uncomfortable and I dont like feeling like that, even though you would have just passed, the person's wasn't like you'd here the trumpet and then have to look at them in the face and feel awkward Europe its right as we pass Airbus, that's not gonna elicit a smile in you. I mean it's worked backwards. I know for sure an older man was walking by you and, as you can see my her, I know you'd smile or laugh, or I would add, also feel uncomfortable. Ok, now things that we have and then it's like a school teacher and a very traditional school teaching garb and she's very pretty proper in issue ox by using its very good that person's like there's gotta, be keeping at all
gather yeah just got out and I've silly informed I mean it is. It is where they in a group or by themselves and pray specifically Individuals, if I had one in the chamber- and they were coming up on me- and I thought the timing would work out nicely- it would happen so sometimes it was more than one person. Sometimes it was a couple. Girls walk in that's ideal, because then they look at each other really live at. That's it. I'm gonna say if I was a width friends, and that happened. I would like it. I like it here. The blow me understand anything would make me smile. I was walking down the street with them, but no, if I was with friends, I would really like it, but if I was by myself, I would not like exhort. Have no one to laugh with like when you tripping fall by yourself and you like half the laugh, but no one's around and its uncut. I just don't like that bill. Yo, then, is one of them.
A marked difference. I now love feeling that exact way in your embarrassed eve you silly. I just want that going to be done as quickly as possible. I I I want to fall down, feel silly and then go to get up and feel some pitter Pat on the back. My head turnaround see a guy in a Panny. Wakeham is weighing on my head. Like the ideal experienced this scenario. Can make that happen. Ok, while you gotta go because he's about set up for our lives, show young pound the troll Fox Lamont nervous about show you. As you know, in general I dont like performing in front of people. I know I know you unimpressed them. Guess I wanna do the job here anywhere little stressed out about it. I was die in a mould. But not as bad as the whip. I feel you. How can I prioritize that? I love you
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