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Ben Platt (Pitch Perfect, Book of Mormon, Dear Evan Hansen) is an American actor, singer and songwriter. Ben sits down with the Armchair Expert to talk about surprising Kristen for her birthday, having to go on silent vocal rest for 10 days and the moment he come out to his parents. Dax wonders if Ben will eventually choose a partner over work and Ben speaks about his love of New York. The two discuss the level of dedication required for live theater, Ben talks about his worst moment on Broadway and he shares the weirdest backstage interaction he's ever had.

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Welcome. Welcome, welcomed, armchair expert high Monica Batman Dac Shepard, and today we have a very talented young man, one of our youngest guess, yeah he's a prodigy, one would say he's a prodigy raises a twenty five year old prodigy yeah When I had not accomplish actually anything at twenty. Now now, just some farts of you, Have you been in your mermaid commercial and twenty five? leaving your all. Maybe I can remember I'll go too far back our guests is Ben platinum. Ben Platt is actor in a singer in a song rider. He came into why prominence in the Broadway musical dear enhance in which he won the Tony for well. Does but I saw on Broadway you unbelievable, very moved. You were, oh, my god impossible. Not to be you flew, there's just the sea there I did and then I almost didn't get in ticket, you had to print the ticket and I didn't have the ticket printed and I was panicked.
to go to a hotel. They use their parental s. I was running through the city like movie here and even with amount of post, traumatic stress, still a great memory, that's how good it was. He also was book a more men, very popular musical, how bad the hit franchise pitch perfect. I love all these they're all great. He has an album out right now called sing me instead and lastly, as a new show called the politician that will be on Netflix on September twenty seventh, it sounds like Delicious Ryan Murphy Show- and I hope everyone check that out and I hope everyone on joy, big black. We are supported by vital farms, the best eggs in the beers past that Orange Yoke, it's in the yoke yeah they sent a bunch of. Some stuff does the other day lie hard. Boiled eggs, hard, boiled deliciously were pre hard boil, yeah there really good while mg.
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Cuban he's. Ok, let's rock and party time, I've been black color the clock on arms exports weren't a unique situation right now to bring the sinners up to speed. Yes, we don't know each other very shy and Allah right. It was Christians birthday party yesterday and I called tweeted you just idea. I'm due account him explain off. While I was you followed me course so that right there I was already feeling confident and then I d, I'm doing said it someone's birthday on Sunday and I think the biggest present I could possibly get would be your prayer. And set the party in my mind. I hate sending something like that, unlike our God, how annoying and then you
back absolutely. What time can I bring a friend I like? Oh, my goodness, and then you came yester will first of all, let's go through the tweet when you first saw that, were you like our boy looking at him to do a lot. A birthday party is not really you don't and I met christen at my show at the Dolby afterwards he ass, he could have been more lovely wintery and just did hair at the Hollywood, both my brother Jonah. So it already heard wonderful things about her and I also feel of yours, hence that I followed you, oh, my goodness and urgent is a big deal in my household big deal all that's railing and when they only shows that we have all enjoyed together, all really audits and I'm trying to think this year, twenty five right now, yes, you're twenty five. So what sixteen that? how are they leave high school into college seers? Letting go to college, but until that time right well, then you do six weeks at Columbia did and he s a saving cars do much at college did go where they also to the production of hair. While I was there yet
one thing I accomplished and they re peace, the idea. So when you met Kristen, I assume she came back stage after dear concerts, came with a little after thing, and she she came by that. Ok and you couldn't have possibly been viewing because you are on stage, but she was Instagram storing as after the fact that can you did so, you saw the effect you have on her. I did I wish so bad. I could have the effect on her that you do. I mean if I even have the effect I would guess you have other effects in her that I don't so yeah, maybe a balance as they ran out esteem a decade ago. Your stuff is really right now cause she, I think, cried first, five of ninety minutes from one herbs anything. I cannot think of a couple. People she's really had this reaction.
to you and you and then Lynn, Manuel it'll, also ended up arriving at the birth of which is so crazy away, and I assume you must know each other s. We collaborated on the march for a lively sung together. Yes, so yeah You know she really had a horse you up, whereas in the past the birthday we anyone could have given us a beacon of it's been such a long time coming, because I tried to give the gift a view to her Are you a Christmas is ago before you a lunch it? So this? What will well be? What method you try out? I didn't have a direct contacts. I was applies both to one of these Everything, but you are not in towns. It was a lot of sense, laying, alas, I am usually them receive yeah deliver? Yes, Judea, they do having grown up here, tell me why you like it there and tell me if you think you'll stay there. I do think that I was there.
I've, always sort of vibe better with their. I think, I'm a generally very frenetic and anxious person need sorted, Taipei, quick moving stuff, and so I think women place around me is also doing that. It's a nice match. You might think that something with a little bit more so delayed laid back and spread out the way that this is would pop like a positive effect for two meats or does the opposite makes me feel more frustrated and anxious. It does and also, I think, anywhere. That's your hometown, just kind of gets a bad rap. Like I revert my because I grew up here whenever I come home and I feel They serve stunted whenever him back here so yeah. Well, you can love warrior from and loved the people, and also at a certain point in your life, decided I'm leaving their becoming something different, and this is my case, leaving you try in coming here. Going I'm gonna become indifferent. Person are going to pursue this other side of myself. So then, when I go back. Inadvertently reminds me of the old role I used to play and one I tried to escape physical couple steps backward rye and us.
This by virtue, like most superficial sense, broadways in New York and LIVE Theatre lives in New York. That's always my home base. So he asked this. Going to be really a theatre tat though we ve a couple different times, work there and had to stay for extended periods at times her there and always the first two months there are like this is the greatest thing in the world. We must live here before we doc and then about month. Three, I start feeling like Algernon in the Maze- and I don't see daylight half the day- cuz, it's only peeking through the I start getting real kg. Did you get claustrophobic ever there? Really? I think there's enough reprieve areas like I live right next central park, so I can frequent there quite a bit and also prosper, is really beautiful, and I find that I can decide on any given day if I want to feel like entirely anonymous and so low and alone or for one, if you like, surrounded by people and lost in a lot of stuff yeah at so you,
born in the year I graduated high school and, as I warned you in the driveway, I'm going to cover it and resent your youth go out this interview, cuz I'll, be at graduated? Ninety three were born and ninety three or the tiny little baby in her only for the second half of ninety three too, right right laid and ninety three September's toy for okay, so that's I'll, be returning the favor and doing a chip striptease or something Albert, the yes good, I just want to know when I need to be like camera ready, guess, that's, ok, I'll start Eddie, then we can bring as many other women's is both a great. So you group here in Father, is Mark Platt. First of all, you lover hate that any view that you'll ever do will involve your father. Is that good or bad love? At this point? It's good at the beginning? It was a challenge because history, wise people assume the worst and they think even only got me up, choose they ve gotten because of where you come from and if cut the line and new
in short cuts and while I certainly learned a lot from my dad and of course was in rooms as a kid where I got to just be familiar with the way things work and with the logistics everything in the business and stuff. I think at this point it's at least clear that I've got my own chops, unique can't get you told me, I don't think so. But for people who don't know your father produce the movie legally blonde Lala Land, Mary Poppins returns, but probably most evidently in your life. I would imagine, is wicked yes right, which I see no twenty nine times using the twenty nine countries have seen in London Costume search cargo. Sierra Leone Broadway a bunch of times in Europe about ten when that debuted, when I was ten ok in did you
immediately love it or did it represents something that was taking your father's attention away from Europe. Oh no, I loved it. I also grow up living the wizard of OZ, I'll, take like an ounce of credit for my dad's interest in that book in the first place. Aha, but tat like kids, that young thinkers I kind of the target I mean wicked- has something for everyone, but that is sort of the target of like awe inspiring reaction to that show, and I think I was just floored by it and complete them and then made it and also was dying to be in the community and in that sea so I think it was very aspirational to see yet any ice whom you got to be around christened. Gentlemen. Of course, here will my first job before even wicked was the one I was nine. I did the museum in that they would ball, for she had Douglas and she was married librarians. I played her little brother, so I already knew and loved her very much and one of the most think about human beings. I wanna it's hard not to be obsessed, it really underestimate her, and then she opens up her mouth and then fuck and worrying thunder comes like six different, sounds of rowing pay, yeah, there's like for people in yes, so
you around that that you just pointed out that you actually actually done a play when your nine. So when did it start? What I started doing theatre other kids program called the utterly school were all my siblings. Before we went, I have three siblings, siblings, one younger all three older ones had gone. I started going, like six years old and like Cinderella, Oliver and like little kid shows and loved it not necessarily know very discernible away from all the other kids loving it until I was nine in the higher bore inquired too programming was like. We have need a bunch of kids for the band for the for the music man and for Winthrop and all that, and can you send some kids in and my teacher JANET accept me in thought. I had a knack for it and it really didn't want to go. I got really scared. I was crying love my parents does it come to want to do this and I think that they could sense how much I would love it. If I just threw myself off the ledge yeah. This is, I walked in the room was built by the bug and felt completely home
you bring up the very hardest part about parenting. They want to do something you sign them up or you schedule the whole thing and then a day before they decide they dont want to Rio. Yes, in your light, at what point? Do I push them? It's interesting thing. I think my parents generally have done a pretty good job of knowing went to but that's the only time even really needed to put prolongs once I want you get a taste sweet heroin, either everybody's looking at me and listening to you say, and they can believe that I can. We carry a too This thing I do for the first time to be on stage in public to be at the Hollywood. Bowl is pretty incredible, write them! Yes, twenty thousand people are something those results, but I think that it's almost less scary for mean they place like that always has been a glass personal because it such a faceless blob, rather than twenty people up in your face,
right. I think it was a kind of a good icebreaker dislike. If I can do is here, I can do it anyway. Young later in this interview, when you perform of enhancing in its entirety and run, I'm just as for it's gonna feel pretty, rather that that you did that, and then you into a performing art schools are adding you just mention the name of that letter was golly. I was doing that programme all through pointed USDA School for proper, like for like Cato eighth grade, but always I was doing the epsco programme. The utterly school and then, when I went to high school at over Westlake as to you city, they have a fantastic arts and dear programme, and that can work out so violence also, where made all of my best friends, that I still have two, you loved that school beloved love love, school everything about it. Every minute of it Marilla hated, and I would go back for me Harvard West, like as I owe it must
men so intimidating, there's, like billionaires, their people are going on family vacations, like on a jet to a mansion on top of a mountain and haughty behave in that situation. All those things like, that's immediately, where my mind goes, but you didn't have that experience really to me. It was just all of these. Like minded people who all thought it was so cool to have talent and be interested in art and be committed to the earth and whereas geeky about musical leader as I was, and there was a classical choir, then Improv Group and new playwrights vessel was student and place every year and the idea was like a kitten canister like I just loved that everybody took an exercise. I did and of course, through reason, we're we have a programme. What does because the school is a lot of money, so I certainly taken for granted. Of course, right right will. I do you're right, at least at my school had about six dedicated theatre, focuses men, then three that weren't sure while they were in there, but they were there so much different vibe at my school did your school have than the conventional jocks in stone
so no I mean there's, like you know the like popular girl, issue and there was the athletes were treated very well and there is definitely football players, but it was like a comically progressive plays in the sense that it was very cool to be gay or, like very cold, have about that's, gay aha in other, was not really like a bullying situation really, unlike even the kids that are like unicorn quote, nerdy sort of social prior kids all have their own group right. so where you out in high school. Yes, you are the halt, the whole right yeah I've. Ever since I was twelve, that's incredible! I'm I've been to a point of view where I grew up in the eighties, where it was very, very life threatening to be openly gay sure there are still parts of the country where it is the surest, but because I saw a very ugly part of Ezra by my, comparison in two thousand nineteen on like this is looking pretty good and then because it- and I'm not We are aware of what stuff still left. I guess
the same way that some people are like only black president, no more racism in Amerika. We fix it. So you know- some way. I'm like, oh, that everyone get married now we're good or kids can be openly gay and ice go. We got there right, but the probable not online little delusional. I mean relatively its nine day, of course, because everybody gets married and theirs lot more protection as far as discrimination, jobs and thirst, definitely like big leaps forward, but I also have only ever spent you know, sir. The amount of time in liberal bubble, So I don't really know what it's like still to be in markets are with city and there still kids, you know some spare any with self harm because of it are feeling the can't tell the parapet disown because of in the agri, like the Trans community means getting murder all of it like it's just there's an that's deftly. Not the way their right right now, but I mean were farther than we ve been gotten Buddha judge up there on the stage which is cool and yeah I'll. Take it and he'll, be
gay president, your lifetime of certain work on whether that be great, I mean we finally already had a gay president. Villages is openly for they had a gay everything that eight hundred percent near the fourth oldest of five. Yes, that's real middle middle child. Who was there any attention for you? Did Yuri cravings a spotlight? I think I always have my own lane, just as I was working since I was a kid and while I was in my world wise for her seeing things and very much happy doing they are doing, shows my backyard or enlisting one or two of my siblings do them with me, and then I left the moments where I had performances be like here's my moment be. I can go back to everybody else. Yeah guess you had an outlet from a pretty young exactly to go, get some. Let tasty attention totally at all my siblings and I M M parents love singing in theater, and it's only It was bond over so that's kind of always been our bread and butter like being in the car and singing long to cast albums or whenever someone has It's for a wedding will like rewrite a theatre, sound to be about them. Ah ha, that's always our motive communication from outside
sounds like a really fun family of your own jail. The alpha also had, I think, as I told you yesterday, when you came over, that I've had a couple meetings with your father. In generally, when you go take general meetings with really huge producers which your father's one of the biggest producers, her, I think wicked, is the second biggest music of all time. I'm Lion king. It's a Goliath, told we back, the normal guy. He I stuck out as someone I'm like a visa, very cool normal do is a vote then variant of the levels that he is able to reach, while maintaining like a lot of integrity and not making any enemies and just being like himself, he tried to Emily that as much as possible of all apply to him. This kind of thing that John Stewart introduce me to on Howard Stern, which is this rabbinical approach, or it's like you're, able to listen and actually just listen. India, rabbinical is a good word for him. Now. Can I now that should do, do come up to your siblings? First enough, so I called my parents
school trip and there is some sort of scuffle aware like there is like a misunderstanding about this kid, making a comment about being gale, essentially like it was being interpreted as a bullying thing, but like really the carriages. Abstaining in fact too, might be my body. And so I didn't want not want my parents to hear about that through the grapevine, because, unlike our chaperones and stuff, so let me just get up ahead of this, so called them from the trip, and there was a very like a lack of surprise is a real just. We know and my mom saying I have a lot of books that I've been trying to read and now I'm going to read them, and you know, just kind of the dream respond, exactly which I have of course taken for granted, but I think that's part of the blessing is the ability to take it for granted is like not making that become a traumatic grew like an impediment kind of a moment. The I'll just like a moment
I use do there's a potentially awkward moment in that moment, which is we knew Sweden. Events over me that I wouldn't be triggered by lights, came presume to know everything about me, even though they would be right to be a little bit like. Oh did. You knew I spent most of my childhood tresses Dorothy and was of us and the other. Married a purse around for like three years, sir, it was a really useful utility bag. I have. I do always just wonder like if either of my children appeared to be gay, if I would be tempted to broach this subject with them right, just him take the load off their plate and then what? If I was wrong, blah blah blah blah. What would you think about? That is what the kid I really like that they, let me come to them first, although I think that I have left if they're, making it very clear in other ways that it wouldn't be not a big deal in the sense that there were gay men in my house. From my whole life began, my dad works in the theater into like everybody who works in the theatres and came out the esprit hypersonic
or was even like a centralized thing we ve been before for understood any of that it was more like a ring of keys fund homeless. commissioner, I would like I'm like back. I like, I recognise that, so I think it's a nice thing to just make sure it's like in the air that that's cool and We are having people around that are in the community, but not necessarily think it's like you know. If you are gay sweetie, you can tell me Leah. That's maybe would make somebody oil, I'm not encouraging any parents out there D go last sue a gay gentlemen and incorporate them into your life. But I will say your actions speak louder than your words of your say. No, we love everyone. Yet you look around the friendship circle in there's. No one in their except for other straight white males, says a lot, probably NEA those a luxury. I had a very wide range of folks hanging around and then your brothers in this.
I am sure they felt the similarly the other night got that not one took a little longer discuss it's like they're your buddies, and so it's always a little that we're by the thousand high school I by twelve of them and whether the brothers gaiety, so we all enable sort of bond over then it in rank, have a very similar kind of sense of humour. It's really nice so to have five forty percent, forty percent. Now, when you're ninety, You go to college for six weeks. Yes, a basically I finish high school and were supposed to go to college that falling Foul Colombia, and then I booked pitch perfect. The film let two weeks before us, but to leave so I just took my devils Tunisia and instead to shoot and deferred for a year and then did a bunch of place to fill address that year and then I started properly the following fall with plans to go and lasted about six weeks and then in the middle of October I got book Mormon and left and never ok. Indeed, parent were apparent. Fully support I love you pursuing a film and television and very much so I mean I think the pitch perfect thing was not a big decision. It was sort of like it was a great studio, film, great opportunity.
One. My friends were taking gap yours anyway, some that was an easy one. It was more than leaving in the second place. That was the discussion rights when you were at that age were is singularly focused on Broadway. Was that where you wanted to go, or were you just as open to like starting to act in movies? I think Broadway then always is called them. My like passion project in the centre, Anything is like as ingrained in me as that is because that's what I was raised on and that's what I feel it most personal connection to assert, interested in doing as wide varieties of stuff is possible what let's regional, music or film or anything, but I think I didn't have nearly the confidence in my ability to be a matter- Rina, aha and so put forward, because there was a communist musical ELM intuitive, because Jason Moors directly and whose comes from the feeders well, was really nice bridge of like oh. This is a world that I can feel comfortable in here and I started to love it just as much before, obviously very different reasons to the different muscle. So now
I often contemplate what effect having money will have on my children. I feel like in the best version possible. They just won't be that motivated by money. I guess what I'm kind of hoping happens, because I was only motivated by money. Still to this day, Molly motivated my lecture is so when you have a family with money, when you take pitch perfect, are you aware of the fact like there be greater or make seven grander weaker. Whatever the sad thing is at that point in your career, are you going I'm gonna, get my own money or really give a shit you're just go in there because you want to be in it not quite yet. I think I was still in the very teenage mindset of like this is a great career opportunities can open door.
Listen, let other things I think more so now, as I've likes our deliver my own and paid for my own home and things like that, I've started to take that into account. I mean I still obviously have the blessing the luxury of getting to lead with my creative foot, rather than just with that, but I think I would love to be able to provide for my family life than my family pride it for me, and so I am certainly try to keep down the back my mind, but but but at that point I think it was more just about I wanna go, do a musical Ubuntu
the Kendrick and rebels and right, but it is still a self esteem check mark for you, like. Oh I made my own means I paid for my own way. I completely has something onto my children. That kind of thing still. You still have that desire one hundred percent per tingling now with projects like politician, which has only on Netflix very many pee on it, and I feel some ownership over it and I feel like it's more of even like a principle thing to be properly compensated like it feels more like of an arrival points here, knowing your values entry. If so you yet book a Mormon and its Chicago production at birth stress, we opened the production cargo from scratch, which was nice guys. We got two of them. Or has a process with the created team. Gonna start from the beginning, as opposed to entering a liquor of moving machine Thea, and so I think the reason that my parents were ok with me. Going doing. That was because we would be reviewed and would be its own production, and it was a lot more effective than just going right to replace Saint usages quickly, further Non Broadway nerds in the audience which I'm in that sector
generally, when there's a successful play on Broadway. The ice cannot pick it up and move it somewhere and how does it nor there were so something wrote, runs long enough and they want to our opening other productions than though use the same. Creative team seems aging same production, same costumes, its reproduction of the show, which is the new cast, but the upside of that is, if you starting a new company, then with an major city like Skype or less Angeles. You get reviewed by a lot of people in its but much more of a sort of public kind of a nude. They cannot exactly you. You get more of an opportunity to reinvent than if you're just replacing arrive, because embroidery veto one or two actually leaving at a time and you're rehearsing in during the in the theater, when Thou is not there with a stage manager and maybe like an associate director, just learning the track so that you can slot right in that person lives, as opposed to feeling, like your building a whole show from the ground up with a whole new group of people. Right, citing because I got to do that first and then go in replacing Yorick. It was gave me much more Berlin to recreate the character for myself. I was also replacing Josh God. We know very well
and he was crazy, stand out unhappy verbal and kicked off his whole generous career, but I think is very clear from the deck overnight don't just got, and I'm gonna do that version. The southern know that I would have had the opportunity to really build my own. If I had gone right into the new Yorkers, so you obviously seen the musical Broadway, oh yes and you had to have loved it right loved me in my best friend viennese to listen to it on the way to school. At a time, we left the one we too musicals I've ever enjoyed. Really, yes was dark and Hamilton or it could. He has a good two had enough history, and in that I didn't see dear of enhanced, and so I just want to say it's not that I'm saying I didn't like that. I did. I have heard dear Evan Hansen, Upwards and ten million times in my household and live watch. My wife with a blank look on her face thing. Every word of it to me as if I'm not even there but you're, going to point out beanie being coming on tomorrow, Wednesday, coming in this week beyond
did you meet around that Harvard West like school? I did when I met her in middle school. We both went to see a production of company at Harvard Westlake. When we were in seventh grade, we met and like had this weird spark together, but then it was before, like cell phones or anything or from Facebook, even in so weird so like Toby's seal and them at first they have ninth grade. We would like I remember you, remember you: what's your lunch period, seventh, mine too, and then draw and then a love affair, there won't be stopped exactly so you'd seen it would be in. You obviously were pretty blown away, my ass, the estimated that one of the funniest shows you'll ever see, and it's just like it nonstop belly laughing to breathe. It's really really from its train Matt sites that are absolutely right.
And there's a lion there. They got me in trouble on the spot. Caskets has aligned goes. Did you know that Jesus was born here in the USA, and I sat at worst lines and there they you could ve as, but it is more means, do not believe that he was born there just that he came through here, but at any rate, digress. So when you got to make your own, indeed you feel, ultimately you feel great about like oh, I found a whole different thing to do and it is working totally when I was auditioning. I thought it was just a way to get in front of case law and train that, because it was the body in the whole room was like mid, thirties, bigger guys, look just like Josh, glasses, curly, hair and then just me for every time there was a call back. I just gonna kept sticking around those like this is nice. There humoring me and let me make a figure this out, and then I got it, I was kind of determined to me- My version work because they had taken such a risk, letting me cause one a formula, one then you just try to reproduce it. It's rare that they'll go in a different direction.
Many kinds yeah. I dont want to order a big MAC. India, Fuckin taco, meet on tablets. I want I'm expecting exactly Blake. I made the type o me really work, and here I got him. Thank God they put this document and I was really fun to get to have that middle step of working within a preconceived box, but still having room within that do my own staff so that by the time I got two evident, I'm doing something completely from scratch. It felt like a natural progression to that. Yes, so when you did the Chicago production, did you think I will end up doing this now on Broadway. Was that like in the stars or was the hope, I think once it was see dwell on once it was clear that my version of it really worked, and particularly with Microsoft, Nick Rouleaux, who created elder price, which is the other co star with me in Chicago. I think it was clear that the two of us had a good thing, in writing, the hope was always that they bring us over there together, which they did right and then so that is your broadway baby right I mean, and what is that night like
really surreal. It's just the little things that I remember like there's like always a chart in the lobby of all the cast members alphabetical order of every browser. If you do you go into unjust, having my little slighted card in there was like a very weird: the sea and see my name in a play when not even really remember the show itself that night, but I just remember those little like having my MIKE waiting for me in like a little pouch outside address room door like all those things that I always seen and hoped to be part of an hearing like the half hour com intercom, I was just like this- is in the right direction and now driving this more pertains to dear oven handsome, but there is a tradition that when other actors come see a music or play on Broadway ICE, whom they have to have some level of status to get over this barrier of entry. But it's true in that they will come back stage after its shell writing. So whenever them with Kristen Cause, she eat breeze, sleeps, Broadway, Although the traditional Caesar movie gotta go back state in my mind, like this person, just put on a show for two hours
exhausting show. The last thing I would want to do is have to have small talk with people. I don't know, please tell me what your thoughts on that tradition? Well, The lion's share of my experience with estrogen is enhancing, and I would say in that particular scenario is incredibly draining show to do, and really exhausting and difficult to keep recreating and so to me it was like a beautiful relief to have people get affected by it every time in law, come back and share. That is usually people at the end of hence, and are very Philly Raw, very vulnerable. no just sort of hog and tell you there life story, and I think, like that, was very motivating and sort of helped to separate the shows when the running together new doing it like hundreds and hundreds of times here, so I always really appreciated. I would say if the show that you saw it and really move you, are you didn't really care for How much than anything you need to feel like a service of coming back and light, pretending that you did for me you this today, overcoming alike and his PS, Tommy,
since in the audience yes well. What is it enhance? And I got a list every night before the show, all the people that were there can all wow. Quite a lot, The thing the specially within the industry exactly my card sends a lot of time looking out at the audience, and I would naturally spot people and I would not want to come upon people it. I didn't know where they like. If Mary, was in the crowd, narrow, didn't want that you take the audio rhythm like ass, did not agree, so I would get my own list and just no. This is whose here and then expect that those we, the people who come back, but we have you, know unseen Hilary. Ah, when debating now all a lotta here of Zeus ended unclean become backstage actually do come, why she did this photo evidence, my gonna, so yet so people come back and our great challenges like how do you take? Compliments horrible like hold my hands and it's a hard balancing act. I mean by a few months and I was sort of
ok. Yes, I like what I'm doing in the show say that for me, if I would rather of a long satisfying hugged and like a deep conversation about homer, he loved it? Yes, it is hard to respond to that kind of feedback using sad right and so early stage. If you dare, we are the boarded by rang. You know, Monica rings mission is to make neighbourhood safer. You might already know about their smart video, doorbells and cameras that protect millions of people everywhere, but ring also helps you stay connected to your home anywhere in the world. You could be in Beijing, China, pen violations occur, bow, you could be in Beijing and there could be a package delivery or some kind of surprise.
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That was there. Anyone that came to that show that you are just die hard fan of girl, Maybe I was. There was number one she's, my I freaked out for her. I got his hair cut that they, like I did an extra voiceless and like all MA but other than that many potemkin my feet he's got items concerning the Park programme Georgian. He was the original Georgian that nice to watch the PBS taping of that growing up all the time and is very much more don't very much an inspirational. I wanted to do musical feed in the first place so for people that aren't you Bernardino again many betancur prime most famously was in princess bride S, medicine, homeland, yeah, yeah and then homeland young. So when I started watching homeland with prisoners like the guy from princess branches, they know what they know. That is mainly in seem shoot you. Said, like wasn't examine the bark which Algeria and he was. There was no change of our innovator. He sees like that Brad Pitt abroad. What exactly is a musical bitter legend for sure right, so yeah. I was just very floored by that what it, what was it about his stage, persona that
like so much there's not a lot arose musical feeder where men are given the opportunity to be vulnerable. I that there's a lot of like very gravity- filled leading man and a lot of rules that have for for women that, a bit more like emotional complexity was another is enemies, but these amazing place because, like I think the boys been way ahead of the game for as portraying women, but I think when I saw him there was such a complexity and complexity, sadness and like a real like fully formed human performance arouse like the fact that this is possible in the conduct of musical. It's not just like I'm here, so exactly right, which there's room for that in early MRS Gray, but like it was just very human, also Stevens on time, a musical certain his sort of the and I'll be all of writing complicated like the Shakespeare them parlance com, the Michael Jordan number of giving actors like tons of complexity to work with, and I think I just really moved by that, and also by the peace of the workforce in June. because it's sort of in a medicines very much about what are you sacrifice to be an artist and what you give up to love what you do:
always live somewhat in your mind and what you're doing let a piece of you always be taken by that, and how does it affect your relationships and I think from a very young age, any that was going to be a big part of my life, and so I think I always I do conscious of that with it in so when you meet Mandy, which your approach, because you want him to love you right, you want him something J, you're, the next me and I love you bad idea. Have this thing called the Koran quo? Bluer Uncas Blue is like the color revenue it was basically disagree, numerous people would come in me and all the costs couldn't find their way. Thereafter we ve taken off our make up and stuff. I went there and a new he's. Gonna, be there there's always like a pretty annoyingly large crowd and thereafter the show- and he was really quiet I went over to him and it is my so my hadn't really say anything knows getting very nervous work. He hated it that so much heed our colleagues that the pop music- and it is like a bogus sacrilege and then like for five minutes later. He tells me monsieur isn t mind if we go summer, private things like
wherever you want to go to the sunken ways. So you into my dressing room- and he just was like you know, I'm floored- by what you did and I'd like to hello, whatever you do after this and is really really very pitch waste, I wrote a lot of journaling that even ah was really everything I have for him. They were the two that they were still there really unchristian. Well, I don't know that I met her when she came all railway. I don't think so. She might have taken the weird approach that Monica nice name by, which is we ignore the people we love and hopes that the old man shall come to see. Let that happen is it air. I sometimes boats, like I saw under Schaefer on this, Did you watch me before you on HBO she's, like this unbelievably gorgeous brilliant trans actress, and I just love her on the show so much and I saw her on the street and I was like I'm going to go up and say something and then I was like you know what I'm too afraid. I can't think it's cooler yeah, but again- and I did it- I mean I I
then gets hit or may cause. I personally, there are versions of it. I'm sure you get this two versions of being recognised and bothered that our great inversions that are like, yes, all crushing side always want to live in the first category. Also, does it even stream coming up in trade? to explain that you ve been moved by Sunday. Things affected your life and just coming up and like really wanting that pick freer, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, which is my favorites, are the ones that come up in just want to chat and that's the end of it. That's what I always say away. Rather, talk to you for three minutes and take a thirty second picture with exactly unless I'm at a very intimate with my family, in which case, maybe not without saying name, we're not we're not gonna, say NI. Ok, but can you think of the weirdest thing, someone that was famous came back stage, Do you have your kind of research? I won't ever name wrote to me- she came upstairs. She liked the show she was crying and then she asked me, you know what do you do too decompress afterwards
I go home and order, seamless and I won't say, parks and reconciling funny enlightened, just get back in them in the group and she's yeah. I know like after I leave work, sometimes when I'm in a hotel I'll, just like we're going to chicken wings, and I really love to leave the bones of a chicken wing under the bed for the maid to find but a freak her out, ah they're nice to me in the night she in the pillow can't you see that is really tear the play Samuel. I wouldn't be surprised wonder of when she slides those chicken wings under the bed. They she feels a sense of decompression relief and bubble just false technically and do a quick slumber but again tradition like that to put chicken wings, the bed of the hotel room, how
that even develop like that she's like one time she left dumb just at the end of the bed just like, I feel a little bit better deserving the chicken wings there and then it progress today spill. One time did she knocked the played off the bed and kicked him under the bed and then ass night of sleeve, like how on earth did she come up with that? I want get the hell out of their system. Is the bones were brought up and you think in any way, Rowan around people, helped you keep that experience somewhat right size. Yes, I'm sure yeah cause. I had like meat because legal, one of the recent her family requirement, privilege about when I was nine and ten ride. I always thought like normal human beings to me, rather than these, like I mean people like beyond saved, will always be. You know to remain on a room she enters. But generally it allowed me more of accountability, of trying to just like person to person connected to people here, because the date
first thing for me has been so. I grew up in a worshipping, Bert runnels. Smoking bans my favorite movie. I do a movie with him when I'm twenty nine and he comes to like me a lot and why We, the launch and stuff at his house, and while that's happening, I feel spectacular, but the next morning, when I wake up, I'm still seen the exact same version of myself that I've assess to be good or bad, or you know lacking in some white like it. Does doesn't have any residual effect for me right as much as I want it to like you, wanna hear like of beyond, say, loves you you should feel phantom stick to the remaining days, your life. Let's hear it doesn't really have that potency. Does it No, I mean Evan Hansen was a very particular experience because I was like really working myself to the bone doing it and like I kind of put the volume, everything else around me and lived just to be doing it. So I felt like that made me feel the feeling of accomplishment.
I'm doing what I candidates. It's a successful thing more so than the people that I admire, saying like right. Who is a great performance, but so let's get ready. Dear of enhancing. So this you, you started basically into doesn't fourteen right. You start your part of what jobs in table reads. Tell me How early entered that process, so the first beat it is that I was seventeen before any of this, and I are different for dogfight, which was the musical that pass, compile, wrote before enhancing and have told us too young I went and anyway I just love ass components like. Why would I not give us a shot so went in- and I say this very s: Terek Musical theatre song and what really well, of course, to young didn't get it. I got a facebook message from bans and Who is the lyricist of the show? He said we loved your audition, we think you're great. We would love to work with you in the future. We have this thing down the pipe. That's like we're interested in like stay tuned, and I was like that's really nice, but there's no like there's no way, and so I didn't hear anything for a while. Then what
Book of Mormon, both of them restart me in there. I can become see you in the show and they did and after the show was talking them in their like will we have of our first reading of this peace and we love for you to come and do like a cold range to see how the fit is like and as I oh great, what's it about? What's the character He would tell me anything. They want me to have any information, for I knew I was like playing like a southern lake. Draw gotta vision white nationalists of like I hope I have. What it reacts scent is necessary and it is the first time they never open it up with actors and read it, and so we went in a room and we have a three day very short first reading and I think Jesse ITALY? There is a real synergy between me and the characteristics. The rhythm of Stephen Levinson's. Writing was the book writer of the peace and then progressively over the course of the next two years every month or so we'd have a burst, slightly more involved reading whether there was a little more of the castor with now it's dead with music stands before very few people are now we do like a little bit of blocking, and then we did a production in Washington It should give it a shot and limited production of broadband and finally umbrella you're. So, throughout the process
do you have any anxiety, like, oh god, they're using me to kind of shape this thing and then who knows they'll recast me or the day early on promise you like? Oh, will we're going to do all with you. Was there any part of the felt like an extended audition for it as soon as we got to the DC workshop in the DC? Show it early. So I was like a contracted two. It won't no matter where it moves from here to forward. I'm I'm doing it. I think the first reading certainly felt like one big audition for everyone, but I think it was just really apparent to me and to everyone that it was a perfect match. I didn't really feel any kind of six in a and also the writing kept shaping around me and around my interpretation of the correct and focusing in more and more structurally on ever and also sort of, literally incommunicative on me. So I named plain to your strength and the second feel that I was becoming like a part of the fabric of the peace, and I added feel worried about all that was gonna. Request
I because you are young. Well, how old were you, then? Twenty one Alec twenty forty one, ok, so how come what were you at that point being vocal about what direction it was all taking? If I like your two by like the fourth or fifth round of workshops in me, If I did feel that I have like a voice- and I mean I wasn't on the crib team necessarily saw at a certain point. You have to take the changes and do it you will, but I felt very heard and respect, and I also think that they knew that I had a very particular understanding of the character in a way that no one else did it, because I'm the only person to ever in Hell him and see about that. I understood what would feel on his coming out his mouth. So if I ever had like a real glaring issue, they would listen, which I really appreciate it. A lot and made me want to only do projects after that, where I felt like I had a receipt of it. as far as big as a collaborative, and I always wondered if in theatre, because there's so often these ways already been done before the text is the fucking tax has now biblical. You know what latitude
actors have, I think more when you are creating a piece from scratch, because I mean when you replacing something, there's no you knew you gotta get what you gonna do, but when you're cranium musical event that particularly that's not based on any other previous material, you really have a voice. I think particularly In this situation it was a good chamber, musicals there's only eight actors, there was no big ensemble, there's no dance numbers, it's just a characters yeah, and so I think they would really hear us out. As far as like this doesn't feel honest, or this feels overwrought through this feels so Brown guess and to you know, to a degree at certain points like they have to look at the peace as a whole and you might lose some monologue. You really love because it just doesn't work in the rhythm of the show, but I think the best stuff, a part of the reason that evidence and turned out so well and felt and feels so authentic, is that it was built around particular human beings because by like the third workshop, or so we had seven of the aid of us in it and we have been in the whole time right. So we- u they really built it for and around since an urgency emotional playwright
as my wife has explained it to me. She's like I don't know how he can cry and seeing the way he does, because you basically not supposed to be able to do both at the same time like she'll even point out or watching like award, shows where we'll be singing one of their sons, but they got emotional discuss at the moment of that, and then your voice stops working in the way you is. It becomes unpredictable, a ban right. So how did you navigate that it became like us? muscle memory thing by the end of the lot, with my voice teacher, nameless Kaplan, who has to work with all the time on an any original music stuff, and on my tour I just did she was with me no time and p. I think it's a mean Annette, like a very graphic literal sense, it's all about like Wendy drain them, yes, that's created by the crying and finding the times to do that, so that doesn't get in the way of the sound you're making a yeah stuff like that. But like it theoretically, when you cry inured everything is draining your
creating all of the dislike resonating space up in Euro passages. Ok, it's actually a knot of terrible time, just sing hive beltis songs when you ve just cried because there's all this cleared out, it's a gift it and that he put right, So what I dont know that everyone recognizes is this schedule? I would never do it. I just would never do for a billion dollars. I recommend that unless you're trying to do ye, I mean you gotta, have this it's like an Olympic. Dream sacrifice all things for this one single moment: one million per cent you're living in service of the two hours each night. Yet your whole day is about those two hours right in your whole week is because you do what it shows a week. H has a weak Tuesday to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to Saturday Sunday, when your mind is often you have Monday's off so in so my friend John Hays was enemies. The car. When I should add that I, like that, one to Rome and ass, he s prophecy remedies sofa. He was fuckin, yes, charismatic and cute, and I loved it but but you know, I hung out with him a couple different times what he was doing, that he was a human.
Ah me I mean he just heads Euro energy when he wasn't doing that and then just protecting his voice at all times, which I would fight as a black or mouth would be the hardest part. After, like I put my fucking personality and, above all for a year, exactly that's why it's not really sustainable thing to do always, which suave can really happy to be able to put my foot into the pool of film ASEAN and raise the music and other things it just takes over your whole life? And you can't to sleep, a certain amount takes up and physical therapy in voice lessons in your diet, changes and you can't go out and you can drink and you can't is there. A team of people helping you do all that stuff you. Yes, I had a physical therapist avoids teacher. I had like nutritionist ahead a anti on call at all times to help with like a guy recited infection, let's go antibiotic unanimous, be living in a constant panic that you'll get set derive here. I'm a hyper contrive go like anxious person all the time when that's one of the biggest sort of hurdle, so it was exacerbated by like every morning
we are facing it first thing you do when you wake up just like my phone eating. Does it sound good and so like the morning after having ancestors to wake up and like here that my voice was shot and we like Giveth best for you oh yeah, that's got to be so liberating to do a straight play. Cuz! It's like you, get all the joy of that experience and like the theater in the doing the show and having to live gratification. But then you can go, have a drink in Fremont does medical,
talking right in now. What what does the nutrition is doing like no dairy, easy, Reno Gluten, no acids? How long before the show should I e like how long before, but is it ok to eat like all in one candidate? Did you develop any habits that you are able to take on into your lively dairy anymore at all? Ok just was creating so much mucus, and I also just found that, like as a Jew, my stomach was happy without it dry and try to avoid it whenever possible prayer brought everything else back I mean I couldn't say goodbye to like tomato sauce forever right right, that's hard! Did you find it interesting because you saw it right? I sat Christian sat me. dark to see you. I think I think, there's you like it so much. You got almonds and Monica you're going in her just ass you this year and in others, maybe like your last week or two weeks of his death very, very pale and they got in detail and in terms of their drew them yeah, I'm not guarantee amateur Levick as utopian we're not supposed to do that. But to me it was
look at me and tell me how much you like a cat Monica life shatter It is apparently whether I know it was unbelievable. Add I did feel like how. How can he be doing this every day multiple times a day it was astonishing, but when you were developing the character clearly, this character has gone through a vastly different highschool experience than burial, but you still felt super connected. Definitely are there. There was a lot of ways in to him again he's a very anxious person. I'm very anxious person, I think, is essential connecting which, like obviously on the surface, I do not given that I'm performing all the time, and but I do feel that, like outside the realm of performing acting and singing my own music. I do have trouble sort of opening up to people, so I could very much relate to that and then, as far as like him as a particular kid I I definitely drew on like kids, that I knew from high
oh yeah, who had a similar energy in similar, walk and warlike sad gray, new balance you share, though, but I haven't definitely ways in and also the sort of best and worst programme musical is that you get to sing so much because, like obviously like we're saying that effectual I very much, but also in any other art form there. It gives you like a different window into the soul of the character like the waiving of character, sounds and things like. Another dimension to them like, like the way that he sounded was the outcome of the last layer of the cake of like knowing who he was and does because we ve got to bid on here through the item of the listeners. You aren't actors on the different ways to get into being emotional, while working in some be bulwark physically in rights, there's something it'll just start mimicking crying and then the physical queues of vat will actually illicit the real emotional response when or you can work backwards and try to get emotionally for us up with some of it helpful that, like the star
Nor was there in the muscle memory was there and singing in this part of the song is emotional and that that work? That way for you for sure I have to be to go to times in the politician in the tv show that I just made in that was for me a lot more challenging because you just picking up in the middle of an given day and having to place herself in the middle of a story in a very particular spot when you, done. You could have just film the birth, they say exactly the scene before the fifteen minutes later walking on the whole length. Talk me making jokes and then the next it was like me, sobbing, and my mom, like walking away from me for a few moments like that. It's a lot more to me about linguistic. music and we're getting myself, and I had space but the luxury of music or any piece of theatres that, like you, living at him chronology, get to go to the journey in your body, gets used to like the peaks and valleys of I know you're telling the story in sequence. Exactly so like both my mind and my muscles knew exactly where the story we were at all times, and on top of that you have the luxury of like a very beautiful street section playing music and bringing
thing on. The audience is probably reflecting the emotion that for sure, also because I was in that very of sort of emotional action of the show I'm looking at a family, it's finding out this horrible truth that I'm having to tell them I'm watching this mother and father and this girl that I'm sorry in the show all you know completely break down because of what I have done so that helps to there's all sorts of layer. I mean any given day you have playing on house or in the zone. You are sort of how dropped into the story where I have to pull a little bit more online personal things or a little bit more on the muscle feelings of it. I think it kind of varies day by day, but generally it became like clockwork. How many performances you end up doing between the three productions combined, seven hundred oh Jesus Christ, I'm gonna be crude. I don't wanna get seven hundred and six blow job from a hearty person knows nothing. I wonder seventy six times as it has a lot of times, were there ever rides back to your apartment wheeling. Well, I'm glad Queen Bee wasn't at that one. Of course, there are times I felt
That was a piece of shit and I hated that, but when you think something that many times like the smallest variation too, you can feel like earth shattering. Oh that laughed and land or like that there wasn't as much of a pin drop silence in that moment and just like all, except where the other person coming and sing it for the present. I have nothing to repair. Vesuvius was great you, you probably can't help but start comparing every audience to the very best one. you ever had a million force. I would imagine if you're doing the show on a day that the stock market crashed. You know Ex wire z things happening in the Zeit, guys that obviously people bring that into the theatre with that. Don't they I mean even if it's raining outside early right, everything is affecting the matinee the afternoon and like it at energy is always, but that's also the nice thing about theatres, that it's like malleable and changing. Does that help prevent with boredom cause? Did you do get bored for sure and with that peace never works, there's just like too much to do in too much to bite off? It was more so like I don't want to do. This today was like how do I get myself up the Hilton?
what was the hardest snafu that happened in these seven hundred shows to overcome day right now, the worst moments, my whole life and we we're in DC, was opening night in DC, and then your terms, critic was their first time are being reviewed and in a New York Times Review makes. Breaks where they were coming to buy me. Not talk, shows going really well, we get to the scene. this is big. Dinner seem like the middle of act. One were the show really kind of takes off and accepts an emotional were Evan starts to lie to the family, and it's a big song and the whole show takes place on these discs that fly in and out, and the disc is coming up for the dinner and it like stutter steps and then breaks and like a bunch of outcomes for far too long, we have statesmen who comes over these very technical difficulties with the way the walk off stage way for them to reset literally like banging Moi Peter. I have my classmates like roadway back today, so kids can we
in the course of the horizontal shows like it's over you hated. It was the worst they ever was. Great review spoke right, but it was awful you ever Cyrillic, no more moving fucking pieces. Let's get this fucking thing: where are they? and work on that tomorrow. The running on those this year I mean my very limited experience, which is doing sketch comedy and stage. I lived for one some fuckin calamity happen because now everyone's gonna, like yours, truly improvising, pull this thing off again the role you have. Maybe you didn't allow for this, but I have certainly been in the middle of a sketch that I've done a hundred times more. I am like fucking put money in the meter, wonderful by the sea chicken run out there, but you knowing all actually be thinking about something else. While saying my itunes there's, there's the always the danger of getting out of pilot in the few times that I've ever had like a flood or like I've gone blankets, because I've been laid off
pilot and then suddenly come back to where I was like wait a minute. What did I just say what I say next we're like and then it's just a white room for a second and you, like the item is a million times what awake, but can say what away. Why are you looking at me like I'm socialism thank ye are outside its, but it's so hard not mean Social Adrian over and over again, like your mind, Mr Solana. One second show on the day I imagine, is like Here we go again now when you you said yes, I had a physical therapists. What was that person helping? You have so Evan super like hunched over and like kind of the opposite of, what's healthy posture for singing, so she would cut me. realign twice a week, lotta like cups and acupuncture and like any adjustment, bragging Anne, oh yeah, oh crack, dealer bank: where did you love those he loved like a real reset, your body feels like kind of the shovel by the answer. Was a nice back to the time
now, while you're doing that. Does it take away your interesting going to see stuff? No, I mean my favorite activity in the world is to see Theatre, Tracy everything I possibly can what it takes away the opportunity to see stuff, because you got, we see things that have a varied schedule from you. Re, like ninety percent of our wishes have the exact same schedule, so I can only see things would have Sunday night or that, like I'd like a special like actors, fun performance on a Monday night or something, but I could catch a hot so that, with the worst part, is not getting to see other things. But anytime nine shall I see a Tracy every show in the season right now, after the show, would you go to these bars where the other actors girl now me doc? As you got up beyond vocal rosiak, elegant become more men, I used to go out. There wasn't a strenuous of apart, but but in evidence, I would go, I would even go to staged or I would I would sneak out the lobby get. Rightly. Cargo were car. I'm relationship during that no man it around, but now I know nothing of no. There is no room for like a kid. You can't right there unless I had already been in one and that was established, there's no room if you did have a partner, be someone such
self esteem that they are happy with the fuckin leftovers of you and that really would be an equal partner. I mean yeah, that's always been the biggest challenge. I mean that's kind of the most intense version of my experience with that, but always, I think for me the hardest things to my view that are okay with the fact that, like I put in the work like the investment in that in the same realm, is like spending time with people that I love like seeing my fate. We riled writes that that's like a piece of the brain that people have no relation to the Arctic, currently understand. Yeah like what you always just should pick the beings like certainly at the end of the day. Yes, but there are times when to make myself a happy personally to invest in yeah and I'm not necessarily thing it's doll you need to this profession. where's my letters, lawyers that, like yes so- and I bet this- is worried- you have the perfect dad for this. I would guess, because private debt, for most things, were here- you're young in your
at twenty five. You Polly should just be singularly focused on climate whenever mountain, but do you feel the lack of routes in your life? Does that ever come to bear on you? Do you have periods we're like, oh, my god, that's great and fulfilling, but now then, I'm in here sitting still I MIKE, I dont, know what the fuck. I am yes, and no yes, as far as like, I don't love that have chosen. This progression were like The longest I've ever known. What's gonna happen is like a year in advance. I just don't know what life looks like anywhere pass that so that scares me a lot. I think the nice thing about my family's at its they're all here and only in their altogether. It's a very grounding thing to know that their all here in that keeps me feel like. I do have at the like of anything where to get up, ended or something horrible you're gonna be like. I always have that as like of home base and am also very blessed that beanie our group from over Westlake of of best friends, is all in New York together and we ve really stayed sort of very close and how each other's back and we are each other's sort.
Community, be out all of the ups and downs in everybody's on their own paths, either it's really nice and it's also lucky. That happens to be mostly other artists, and I mean a lot of them were actress. A couple directors when play It's an see all understanding of each other's yes, lack of tension at times exactly as others like retention, we're on a say, if I like in any given months, someone can be riding high in someone can be like questioning, They even want to do this. Like tat, we ve been in other places station. If you dare We are supported by me under the enmity under a young me on me. Andy love me Andy's, can't say enough. One said enough. Won't stop can't stop the most comfortable undergarments, a human being could put on their body. It's got that sweet sweeten micro modal fabric, which is three times softer than boring old cotton get at your car. You just got a new pyramid.
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Have you considered? I said again, I think you're too young still for this. I don't want you to consider this, but have you thought wow at what age will I maybe picks someone over the work? No more sofa what about when will choose the Childer over the work? I marie I mean I would obviously like anyone like to find my companion, but I also think even more so than than a deaf. We would like to have some children. I think if it gets to a certain point, I just would make room for that, but our like two still believe in my rose. Coloured glass is twenty five year old mine that, like whoever I find, if they are the right person they'll, be it on board for a year of me being around twenty four seven, an ear of me being completely out of sight, like I think ah, hopefully that person will understand me, I'm a little worried that that person has doesn't have their own life ideas. I disagree with you tat pleased because it's like you
motorcycles like prison is gonna. Let you go do that because, as part of your identity, hooey is, is that that would be removing him from bought. You did this comparison, We weekends a year to a whole year yeah I now, but I just mean whoever his person This is gonna have to get on board with that, because it I won't be. I think that other prisons also gonna have to have a brother play running at the exact same time, so that neither of you want to be bothered www or at least definitely have something that their equally passionate about ass. I think I think I'd ever be deeply track to some of the didn't have something will that's kind of what they are getting at is like someone who can just go along for the ride into the right that this was a uniquely hard dynamic. I think that the giver there's you want an equal in an equal, general isn't going to be like you're cool, so I'll be with you. This we're not next year than a year after you know
they ve got to have their own life to yeah once their kids there. I think that they are led to homey accountable, that's for sure, but I think they should also understand the way they have pointed out. It's like jacket with a meeting them now and the next couple years of like this is the time to invest in this kind of thing and you'll be as selfish as possible and yes has eventually I think you're doing it absolutely right for Dear Evan Hansen. You want to tell me you won two thousand and seventeen best actor in a musical. How did you take that? But I grabbed it from Tina Fey Ok, that's all I want to do now is just the actual logistics of taking possession of it. Nobody were you able to go like I deserve this. It did feel earned in the sense that I felt like I really gave my on sacrificed a lot to do it. Yet deserve as hard, because we're wards are so arbitrary in there's so much politics and loved and I've seen products of my father's that not happen for reasons completely irrelevant. So slow
I think more so them caring about getting the word. I cared that the community felt that it would have been crazy. If I didn't you know, namely ass, if they would have like what the hell. Why not that made me feel great that it's, like everybody, understands that a care a lot about this and that this was a good match of character to me and that this was the right moment. So then the winning it was just like cherry and yet and now I assume that still going on that music, I've already got it and it's been recast many times here many times. I think on their fourth at it. And if you go see any of them with both. The two immediate successors were to very close friends I know a gallon entail a trench, ok, so I went on above, and none of them were under cities that no they know they are each kind of very illustrious data careers of their own did. Did you ever MRS show? Yes, I didn't miss for the first, six months to April, we opened in November, and I went straight today because I putting a lot of pressure myself never to miss and then about a week before the Tony. words are on the Wednesday when the Tories run a Sunday. The Tonia season is completely impossible because you doing HIV,
we can then in the daytimes you're doing like morning was singing on the today show in your doing, like private compress, if you like, but campaigning Thea, while doing the peace itself at night and ashes, not sustainable on a body or voice, and so I vocal hemorrhage during a show and were on the Wednesday before the Tories. That means something tore means getting a little politic. Blistered looks a little leave liquid. Shall I grant all on your vocal? I don't take a lot of those and lead you. That is reference, so I had to be out for the rest that weaken. Go totally silent and take a lot of steroids and try to take down in front and in time to sing on tv. On Sunday we ve ever gotten the shot in your own go cords. You have work of in my, but that's where you get a printer cortisone right right up there, which it works, but it's not healthy to do more than an emergency situation. So I miss some then and then in the fall just overtime but he going so long. I entered the same power began and without for ten days and the total silence for ten days and then when I came back them correct
DE adjusted. The role to be a sick show a week, role which it now in perpetuity is still a long way. The role in any company is never does too shows and one that will happen should have been from the beginning. I am glad that I was able to have experience of going crazy, but I am glad that its that's the can. What was the ten days of complete silence like whose awesome I mean was scary from the first couple of some like? Will I ever seen again rarely made me obviously a lot more observational, unlike lean and a lot more to things that I would kind of glaze over. If I were talking and is also a feeling of the universe, is way of like forcing me to process the moment that I was in an hour how these people were complicit shown. It was like this big political career. we have all. You can do right now, sit in silence and, like think about, what's happened here. So I sort of think it was a blessing in disguise and thankfully knock on wood was healed, but because I like that, I whiteboard it around and to lake notice, weird things all my friends that it never noticed and like the way people too, well yeah. I don't even know if I could do it for any
money. Hijjus talk so incessantly. I think about it all the time he dispute You, like three months, silent, retreat and sat online. Only I could never only out of sheer necessity. Could ok so after that ended You're doing so well in that lane sure is attempting to just the rural right into the next one. You know no for several reasons. Firstly, I just think like practically my body was like we cannot do it shows a week for another couple yet and then on the other hand, errant handsome was like the pinnacle of like the most fulfilling looks posing vulnerable scary. Like I got he's every tool in my belt challenged me in every possible way got what I had dreams of getting as a kid finished and a story, so it felt like the only way to feel any similar examined would be like switch lands and do something that felt way more uncomfortable, indifferent and less familiar to me right, which was to start trying to really earnestly right. Original music and had you had any experience with rainstorm, I grew up like us out my family.
Writing other preexisting songs. So I was fascinated by legs, an riman like the cleverness of that and also had witnessed a lot of computer being written, so watch spends Justin, Workin Kind of Haddan beating around the Bush life, but it never like sat down the parliament like what, if my own earnest respect What does that sound like yeah, and so at last, records was where we made the cost item for enhancing and they were the ones who are like. Would you every instant doing your own record and have you ever tried songwriting? That was the impetus for me to be like one who I see. What if I have this muscle, but you did already play the piano- he has already put the gun, already loved her company myself on the pre existing songs. It was the sort of elegant natural added and what would you give your piano skills like a six on king? That's great unscrewing again, we I can't read like I'm, get aboard sceptical, classical music, but I can like mess my way around any proper theatre. So so I play the drums and arguments the three just to let you know our amount, if you're on a jam jam that three I'm at your,
those amateur I'm at a zero for every other instruments. Ok in no guitar, you don't fuck with the guitar tried and it's just I get frustrated and it hurts my fingers. And may I say that it does take a toll on your fingertips. So how long did it take you to write your open? We? wrote forty or so songs over the course of about a year in a little bit, lay a little bit in the Oracle of in London with a bunch of different co, writers and fuck, trying different commas of people on fighting the ones I connected with and then sat down regrouped in narrative to like the twelve strong Gasol, all said and done about a year from starting to write it to being done with it, and it really seems another six months after that, and did you enjoy processor, where you just consumed with the anxiety of having to be good. Bye, really left the process. I think anxiety only came in when it was time to release and I'm starting think like. Oh, this is gonna really happen, but I I love the process also because I needed a politician was name of the Netflix show, so I didn't feel a lot of pressure to be like spending time tending to the garden of like the
think of everything, oh yes and I know something grades coming and I've got something to do so. I get to really just like focus focus up on this and I just loved the culture, like, which was very new to me, have like meeting some minor or a couple of people. On a morning and ran a studio. that same day like making a piece with them like just clear and simple but the train represent and its mediocre- and sometimes it's just magically great, so that was always really exciting. Enemy day was different. Yet it is a uniquely fun thing that music at least can be built. Guess you can build name the beetle song in a day. If you choose right in that's pretty incredible, the chemistry is like right and you're lucky for someone like me who loves in some gratification, it seems appealing ditto too I too, like shop in the morning, drive home at night me like. Oh, she wrote a hit today. That's fucking also the best! That's why it's like when, at the end of it When someone like bounces a to you like you, have a file of it. It's like the most frustrating. Ever to write one and have the person whose, like
either the engineer the producer, like really like, drag their feet and sent you're, like a really gotta hear what we just made. Little monkey got ascended to me like it's in my head and yeah, I'm gonna for how much I like it feels in ITALY there. So you keep saying the politician The politician is on Netflix. Yes, when is it out? It'll come ass! Twenty seventh, oh ok, Greg like. How are we missing? The politician I mean on the title was other far its array Murphy shows his first chauffeur Netflix. Ok, then, I'm keeping it with him and broadened in Brennan and its basically about this kid whose somewhat ego maniacal like borderline sociopath. Very one track minded want like Ben plot to exactly a year ago, in my childhood, really just once. We present that it states that school. That's all he wants, and so each season, theoretically, we have. We have started with two. We have a second when they were making. The fall is about a different political situation election on his way to accompanying that. So the whole first season is about
His high school election for senior class president you're the leader when he is he a good Tobacco is an anti hero story. It is up to the audience. I think, I'd honestly. I think his greatness. I'm pm and I love him, but he's certainly challenging in that way, which is why I think coming off of heads in that it was really attractive to me. I think, of smart of rain budget to me in this way was the very sore. If you'd just played this sweet and then sort of easily lovable guy, like one, we play some monitoring a really challenge people to get on your side. That was very attractive to me here and it's also a very kind of heightened sir back, like sardonic black humour. And have tone which I really level yeah. It's fun to play. Bad, isn't really fun, particularly when there some pathos underneath and like it gets to peek through then, when you're going
lemme like the worst stuff. It feels so fuck you, like line other later, there's gonna, be this very sweet scene with whom I would like my mother and I so I get to really dig into this person arena yeah it's it's interesting because I have enjoyed when I've got to do it, because it's like some pleasure in that some cathartic pleasure in getting to actually vocalize evil thoughts. You half million per cent and just in having unbridled ie go just like my worst nightmare, but it's like so fun to just have an excuse to do it. The yard and, like my suits, that sounds of amazing, that that's a temporary seventh politician. Yes and ve got a crazy crew of people that are in it. This was gonna tell children I wasn't sure she was gonna act anymore she's. She graced us with our weight as it is her husband, one of the writer yes brat rat, so I've met the deed once at a party and I fucking loved anyone awesome. We are really the labelling prince, charming, yes, he's gorgeous in them within like sixty. So I was telling him like my most embarrassing stories and, like all he's, got a real way of getting.
yeah. Oh that's, fantastic! Like really look forward to that. so you're touring right. Yes, I just finished my first sort of many westward like twelve thirteen shows and one in London as well, and then the kind of button we're doing radio city in the far I'll find how back to backward these was it like every week, and a couple times too in a row like one day after the other, but a lot of times, one or two days between so anything compared to ever now feels like fairy doable. right, and what did you have any anxiety about? Like will people comes by tickets for the one million manager and everybody around the single act going rates can be sold out can be fought. Like word everyone's very happy in this, worries and the whole towns like? That's not true, no one for the rug knows who I am and Detroit yet and then you show up in there's just a room full of people and who are singing the words to these sums that I put out a couple months ago. It was a voice
a very surreal young person, bows, haven't and out of body experience sobbing like a newborn tsunami and share it with the socially the universe? Aha, at any point we like oh, this is its own kind of exhausting like having to fly and all that stuff. I'm a bad flowers, super anxious liars or you are there, but we try to avoid planes that I did a lot of driving and on to harass which allow we usually laborious, has and the lack of like a shabby talk but yeah that I was the only part of it that was wrestled in the logic doesn't come into play here right, you don't go like. Oh, this is five times more India is driving the cause of many too. I read every article there is I've likes, looked a flight simulator, I'm always introduced myself. The pilot. I've read all the statistics, but no matter what happens when it up in the air and there's turbulence, and, unlike I can't do anything down, I can't do anything. That's how I taught myself out of it is. I can't do anything, it's a waste of my thought. I should only we think.
in worrying about things that I have some sway over the alpine really good point of systematic turn that thought around, rather than think, indifferent thought right. It's just like you nothing to do with this equation. Maybe you just cracked. My findings, we ve taken beta blockers to fly notice, Annexes Annex iii idea. That's probably elevator inevitable. Tell me more about charge that annex II has no matter what the time of day there's always an outbreak up to eight years in something like bring it down. I too feel like I'm, gonna, be the one they walked out of those that will again a trillion. Thanks for you, you really made great. I don't think she's ever thank you enough become an. I got to hear delta thing. One of my son to me we will see the youngest person this same. One hears songs, you certainly that knows all the words the empress and she made you
Mr Hannan leave her bedroom. She did she made as having Jackie tone who is in there. She said I just want to be me Ben plot and mom. What in on that point, really quick. I don't think this was your probation, I think it's just in your Sal's, but it would be interesting to have a dad whose life has largely been dedicated to Broadway in to become a Broadway star. Obviously, if you wanted dad's approval, like you really, you couldn't have Bullseye does heart, probably more of course, but I think at the end of the day, here comes the hammer card like I think he cares much more about like the people that I've worked with what they have to say about what kind of a person I am more than like. Did I win the tony or a right that I but which your character, like executor, accolade, exactly he's, always told me that decent human being comes for decent artist, so I've I've tried to put that
for me, a kindness, be true. What you're telling me are you gonna have a break down at thirty one and go now, I think, is a cause. I worship my mom. It sounds like in the same way you were shipyard, add and I thought of them, but we just seven Julie. As a whole, other podcast Julie's a whole their pockets and obviously somehow she took her five kids, which I can't Why are they never will write, but ia? mother, who I kind of put on a pedestal. I'm like there's, probably some investigation to be done. I guess that's one rock I've refuse to turn over only now she's an angel, imperfect in my definition of perfection of than like you know, irritated me, unlike us buddy, has his family ledges. I can never find a downside to them are not interested in finding one, but I just can't
You even wrote a song about them on your new album it is. It is Colorado away, that's the one, the Delta saint for me, ok and Christian- has explained it to me. Like I mean, there's nothing, I hate more and I, like you, you're a nice person in your musics great, but like we're on vacation in Michigan. All of us recently in someone dared bring up your concert non like buckle, mother father. If we're gonna hear about every single song and what it means it, just it's a master class every time someone meant your name dissertation DS. I think I could actually teach it to Hell a voice noted in Europe, if a man you're hyper, talented, I'm very happy for all your success, you also seem like a very kind person. Then again you made my wife's birthday party, which ultimately, I think you ve tied the slothful, the greatest gift that I've ever given her. So I click a million I wish you luck, we're looking forward to watching the politician that good luck with that ended, stay nice thinks randomly
now my favorite part of the show. The fact checked, with my saw me a bad really have a full song, but down somewhere in the city back my next gettin dirty and Grady cool. Now we need a pity now, figured out a way to save and I've already forgotten about working out well, what's the story saw a well I was thinking it so hot. We should reflect that her song today. It is so high. Is the back your next sweating greeting a little bit A couple of barn burners here in a row yesterday I asked you- and I appreciate it doing so. You felt my shirt when we were done men are viewing. It was
nothing short of very damp yeah. It should I say what else happened or now tell the Talmud. We had a guess the hand the guest endured this horrible. He hits for us and then I sat in that guests see to do ads and they were so. right in the head. The followers of damp did you really dampness on your back, because I got imagined where the bulk of the question I mean I was pretty disturbed the hell. I don't think I was paying too much attention to the bamboo design your face. It's like the worse, probably place to feel soils. Those your mouth actually strangers swept but my mind, Headphones did not get sweaty throughout that, but my shirt was absolutely dry. Imagine what the guests shirt was like a guy that was a nicer. We did to them that person per year, sheer
them the rams. So Benjamin Plan ass, we had been plaid, he came to the birthday party and then he came in here any of his wonderful, and I said this on the show, but I've been trying to get him as a present for so long request them yeah. And it was a kind of disaster when it happen it was two years ago I emailed the agency, Here are some thing and I was like I'd like to do this in their idea. For sure all I got like a confirmation. So then I told her. Oh boy, Can I ask why you told our great of my when you made that decision is were excited. You had dollar war was like, say your prayers, and is I'm gonna scheduled that I would have had to include her into the scheduling of this whole thing, so is like ok, Mary This message is your present right and then Norma
friends about whether this this whole string of events with us trying to get famous people to Christian? My party's is: is that something that you listen to and go like these people are disgusting already going out there. Just like me if I had an opportunity to get, but Reynolds Account of my birthday party, I would among the fence. Yeah We need to do one of those on surveys. I think it was q until also learned men well tat. They came when there were Broadway star biggest ones. I mean I was absurd. I couldn't agree more. It was like a cue endearing for the folks at the party, like oh Christians, gonna, be spending some time fucking a ban is kind of her present everyone's Coloma Then, when Viking line rules and neo like while one whose neck somtimes yeah come from the other side, do we're gonna, have a medium com and communicate with Maman saying that
Luckily, some sovereignty amounts on time. Sometimes the same time, all I get really self conscious, because we were talking about how good Danny Mcbride New show is the righteous gemstones aha. So I watched Episode three last night and his wife is she's like what you would expect her to be in the shop in the shower? I know you're rich white trash purse, big hair near the whole thing now by the way, she's fantastic, but at one point she said as why don't you I'll take that meaning down a theatre holes like oh, my god. The way I say Theatre is the punch line in fish in show, and then I thought. Why is it time to really commit with a vocal coach?
speech their fish to learn how to save eater correctly wow. Well, I'm glad something, then, because we tell you and you have not wanted to buy John WAR, but here's mine defends here's what I thought yeah, I'm saying it wrong, but it's not like it's putting me in the category of nazi you're, something of nor does this. But just when I now see it's a punch line to say: that way there. Let me give you a better example. So let's say I always said: oh, that's too much information for me and then you said I dont say that may now I go okay. Well, I do, but then, if I found out it's the most please, Shea worn out embarrassing to be saying all the time that that's a different holes, right. Ok, literally all too much information but go to waste. all day. While I would it be like I don't say that you're I would go out something he says I wouldn't say that's wrong,
well later, is rotten. By all accounts wrong. So I have to correct you and so does the world on that, because it's just wrong. Can we use more knock you as examples that I back o o re raises a bag or in that's wrong yet, but I dont know that there's a whole set of peoples, bag, all where I would be embarrassed to be associated, I get it only be clear. I am actually not embarrass three associated with what I'm calling white trash cause. I like that, I'm white trash and some level. So it's all very convoluted. I guess I'm just codes which in all the time no you're, not you're. Not I don't know. Why will you tell me why
If you know something's wrong, I well, I guess I do it with me Andrew Thong, either ego around TAT is not the same, because the percentage of people who say it like me is the majority like most we'll do not see me Andrew taller rang a tan. Both we will not in the no you're right. Ok! So then, you're putting out now I'd like to ask two per cent of people outside of academia, specific academia, if you as the bunch of professors how they say it, I would guess eighty percent of professors our king would say Neanderthal, oh, you think the ones in that specific industry would not right. We'll begin, I tell you. I really do codes, which I can tell you the word. I would say that the roof is dirty or that the roof needs new goals when I'm about to say roof. If I'm around fancy people, ice dogs and I say roof,
Can I make a meal of it and I have to actually like be conscious of alum saying a planet? say and then execute. Ok, it's laborious. So by half and when I'm just at home in Michigan straight back to rough, because everyone says it that way anyway. Soon chip who cares yeah, that's a partner, I'm actually consciously code. Switching now I can't say theatre the way you want me. you. Ok, so that's the reason. That's fine commuters, like physically can't. Do it better me find what that earmarking concede that open We physically can do it. I have all the right instruments to make those noise yeah, I'm making all the other two exactly yeah feature I know how to say it better than I do dangerous theatre theatre. It sounded to me, like you, said ages, theatre know, the difference is yours sang a higher doing,
hard a sound. No one else is doing, but I fear the error, like all worry at her. How would you spell it fanatically how about their th had to guess he hits the tea h e go on the road de the air Theatre. That's it he Ain t r c ter, Ah, now down now theatre now, exactly I knew there was bad terrible direction. Just forget about that. I think I'll. Go they quickly, diviner! If I just pretend spell TH e t, r, yeah theatre, Oh that's really does hacker appear yeah. You know we have a home feeder, yes, oh yeah, I'm proud of you! Oh wow!
growing aerial time, I'm happy to change something I do to thing. I like that, you're being stubborn, Those Andrews eyeing attack. That's it, though remember incongruous, an incongruous grew. Do we? Her saying it wrong continue. Do we gotta corrected some of this as a wrong, because I don't remember, what's the right when it what's the wrong one man, I want to say right right, wrote you a Congress. I dont, like them, yeah I like Andrews, do you say, applicable or applicable, applicable. That's unemployable! That's that's not applicable! No, Nobody. I think I do that newly arrived its raw already. I think I'll. Thank goodness generally, when you bring these things up, I assume that it is a very simply to point out another thing: I was aiming grow. one time in high school theatre last feeder glorified. It sounds beauty,
you're saying I love at one time. I said prevailing programme element and said prevalent and that those little called me out on that and I'm never forgotten it or you know my examples, Davio's science class in I read. I was supposed to read out loud and I was bad at reading out loud and I I read organism in italics that units right that orgasm. I always think of it. Then I went home and see my dad. We gave our easy guy. He can point me in the right direction. and I suppose that me, oh, you didn't know it met now. I did not beginning a success. Everyone by your house I want a year later, which is weird yeah legs. Everyone laugh like, then they already. I knew it was a naughty worked like I knew of actual word, as I think all my classmates knew. They were now. No one had experienced one yet or maybe eight
and for the kids yeah I hadn t, and so I asked my dad. You know what he is an orgasm. Using answer. Was you ever play with yourself and then I assumed: humor orgasms, masturbation, yes, and I go oh, which now in retrospect makes it seem, now saying yes, I've played with myself, oh and that explosion ray is organised and then a doubly embarrass years later, when I really only on my dad thinks I was saying yes, I play with Mozilla which by wishing members about, but I was ass, I was, I was ashamed of it well. He was asking you as if, like you know what that is really the ever bible yourself on very well, you know the end, but he didn't say climax. No, because I go all right. Like. Oh I get, it was a new communication like in a sick, call, sure sure farce. I think I would have thought when he said: do you ever play with yourself. I would think like
yeah I play with my toy all see I knew playing with yourself was out penal slain with your bird target on it. the new, knew alot weird, are I knew something about other things? Isn't that all of us all the time I right well speaking of some of this pronunciation or pronouncing asian year. Well, I was at dinner. The other night with some friends and one of my friends sisters was in town. She teaches English to a spanish speaking. The children, English as a second language, yet in Costa Rica, Mocha, so is she was saying which was interesting. These fillers, like english fillers, like yeah, mainly ok and other languages have different one
oh, which is interesting that it that's all, still learn what just feels like a natural just well down coming out of your body. I dont speak Italian. Nor do I understand, but I know one of their filler strikers. I've heard a telling people speaking over the lake, but Then there is the other similar to Spanish. Oh, it is the make us the month by all in a but it is weird that their different, you know, do you think, there's any people that was in the park. Yes without telling someone. oh, you know was an armchair eggs. Were I listen just to learn about how to pronounce words? Why having lump? If our centre, unless I got a funny tweet from someone that said look, I dont have me Sophronia
but I have something where you guys were describing the smells of something nice almost through wisely and are no, but then a made me wonder if there's some kind of was is and links dainty yelling, we were telling a story about something: stinky is thinking real bad, Then the person I was sure of neither is there a thing like me, Sophronia, where, if you hear the words smells described, you get sick. I think it's just like were being very descriptive. and they can come off, get there and then brought us great you're taking it as a compliment like we were so effective inner edge tat. They felt they were there. Okay, so ban was sixteen years old. When parents had came out. He couldn't remember, you can remember right, loves that show ok, so I guess there was ten years ago them roughly nine and change
two thousand ten march second, be, are also nine and a half year a year ago as interesting? The yes and I completely how quick time goes by like air dimension, twenty fifth animals friends. Twenty eight ten, a long time for a long time without Twentyth anniversary from friends. Debut when the air Davy Debbie did and then ran for what eight or nine years ten and seasons good for them. Twenty four to forty episode, bigger paychecks! Well, they had some truncated seasons stores and only then to accommodate different peoples. in schedules- maybe probably Anna and Wages- didn't really want to do it any more probably, but they want that million dollar an episode paycheck or
twenty four million here. It's wonderful! I think people read some of those in they get a little bit, appalled o number eight year in particularly they seem to get appalled by athletes. Salaries in all hear people bitching about. Why he's getting on and then my thought is is like. Do you want the white and old dude git now the money when the the show is that person like the show me she keel, O Neill rights shows not fucking Jerry Buzz bones the Lakers he added. I agree in the friendly a billion dollar Plaza Right Empire re that one to me the athlete one is more. yeah. It's gonna show runner exactly writers and things that are new contributing in a real way. Yes, and I'm like good for these people with this talent and work ethic, why shouldn't they get paid their another show? People are jealous, well, they're going, I roof, This is all day yeah for forty two,
thousand a year, this person plays twice a week for an hour and a half I now so their comparing it to Mohammed, how hard their working for what they're getting versus. How hard that persons working, which is great, I think, that's where they're starting from and it makes sense, but then You just go like what hey someone's gonna get this money who should get yeah then I think you'd go now. not the owner that inherited the team ere he should get. Some of the money is she gets under my boy. Yes, certainly align share should go to the people put on the show, yeah I understand that feeling, but it's a very victim e feeling too high. that everyone around you has more than you and in whatever you think you know you just have to you like realistic about the world that person has occurred. oddity that you don't have. try and we live in a marketplace were of the only
one person can do it and then getting paid more yeah supply and demand. Hear ye kind. Economics are economic economics. You, ok, how my Paypal does a Hollywood bowl seat. You said twenty thousand seventeen thousand five hundred very close, so I'm trying to cut you off last, which is very hard for me. Thank you. I won't. I wanted you to. Let me guess a little bit weirdly my guest today was gonna, be seventeen nearby, down before they ruin, you certainly go how we were born like seventeen down well, thank you for not cutting me I appreciate that it was worth not impress you didn't anger, you, he added that having that's the right answer is wicked. The second visit biggest adding in any sleep us I mean
both at a rough night right. We are now so you woke up at one thirty yeah. What will you up? I don't know what I just woke up and then I peed, in the bed. He know this time in the toilet and I fell kind of rose my stomach kind of her, and I think I ve actually drink some chemicals up. My cleaning lady put on my bread, a vulgar and slows your theory yeah, and then I could not turn my brain. Often it was just spiralling and spiralling for to our work, and then I was like? Should I like do were I was Maybe you should do work instead of just sitting here thinking about stuff, As someone who rustles Allah gas within society politics, I would not recommend working, but I would recommend at a certain point as like all Russell for an hour and ugly. You know what you're fucked want. You watch tv show you like at least you're, not thinking about your madness.
And then often when I surrender to it in turn on tv show, then I get sleeping in my ass. My things I was woken up by I mean this is the worst thing you give woken up. I we have a tunnel coyotes where I we live at, say once every three months: they kill something and then they all circling re they scream at sounds like hyenas. There are they're calling in the keen as I come get some of this shit. I guess gaps in it like you know, images like hundreds of dreams and I always Emilio Fuckin Lois, neat, none the patio share. I gotta get out there and fight off some these kayo these and say Waller. It's never lower air, but to me up and down the patio and then I do have to correct it s, not the worst way to be welcomed. No, I'm just thinking of sounds to be walking up like a re wrongs out. Will you feel you're getting attacked by a pack, a hyenas array?
or your may I safety of your home near they might be there Oh you think they made their way in Europe. The port or they do circle per annum. Now they not impregnated. They are in They involve Urania penetrated. Hannah traded and I said, impregnated look as though is thinking of impregnable right impression. I get we just upload it when something's impregnable, you can't break through it right. Yeah yeah, like the walls, were impregnable on king. Does I weren't I'd ever used all. I talk about warfare a lot more than you D. Impregnable is no aids for nonsense, Let's hear how the person says. If you love doing Arab, Dana, Edna, Wright, kneeling, exacting wonderful, do I see how they say: Theatre, oh yeah,
It does not giving me that little thing as nine one can do a better, an expert. Yet when I type in just the word theatre We got joy, sixteenth, Messiah, gonna, be in town, joy, twenty seven Chicago Joy, sixteenth brands, the musical parity. All I have someone just told me about that. You gotta go! I now it's in town from July, sixteenth August forth, at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in oversewing. I now I do that again, oh wow, I'm nervous, play. This report have nervous theatre. Oh thank God. She said it right.
Taylor, wouldn't it be a may vindicated. Hundreds of people tell me in the wrong. I really like that there is a lot on the line for the near an ok. So speaking of is wicked. The second biggest musical of all time after lying came out what she said. Yes, second most popular meaning, most successful and lucrative over billion box yeah one one: nine zero, seven, seven, four, nine three zero or one point, two billion on an rounded up there, ten million an lion king aware, we have with that one point: four months, five perform all powerful. what would you do with that money? If I give you one billion dollars, I know the first thing in by a nice huge house heap. Will you said that you, like big huge
so when I would get when they had a pool right and wrapping paper feeder and in her hand a GM in one bedroom. ideally for me, three forborne, rather more than a toilets, five six toilet, for you, you don't pay online, it's a higher priority for me to never be more than twenty feet from internal now for is perfect, but I need a tab. Claw foot, preferably ok, call for closer tab is on my list big time, hopefully, the big picture window behind that visited interesting because there's so much built around the tub experience, for you feel like the warm water, is a constant like you get in the warm water. The feeling is what it is tat. You know sailor I will hold them, though I must suggest
that you layered on a lot of things happen that hey go all the way has a feeling on your skin. We agreed that it doesn't really matter differently in years submerge than when you like in the shower, though of course yet, but I'm just ain't if you're submerged in warm water, that feelings consonant sure, but I oh that you feel when if that thing was aesthetically pleasing before you got an icy and if there is a picture window by new. Now, all of a sudden, the very constant feeling of water on your skin is now change dramatically. Well, the experiences change, which is everything all your senses, are taking in something different, but that's a great example of culture that is the cultural layer that added all that stuff to what is just warm water over your body. Let's say the interior is identical in all the options. One of them is like wooden in an rusty and and in Scott urine.
gains on the site. You mean there's no smell, but you can visually see their stains on the word. That's just then you get an, but the engineers exact same in the water tempts exact same joy at the same, and that is your mind tat my mind Everything is your mind. Your hands on earth did you rare? That one is is so as such are the use example of the culture layer. As this whole cure is such an interesting word to put cultures all the information that is specific to where you live, your You know what what what society or in what what culture and so that the We grew up here in the: U S, whatever you magazines, you looked at as a kid all that stuff is all culture and then you you have now you have an ideal bathtub in an ideal, bathtub experience, it doesn't have an intrinsic value,
definition, it's not like on Mars. It holds up this was an episode errors, but his They would Jana that yeah height. Also, we all green paper money. Is this paper money we ve all bought into this notion that has a value doesn't really have a value, but then you go with gold. Has a value, but even gold doesn't have a value big. We decided of all the metals on planet earth. This one is valuable cassettes. Fine night there could be another planet where there is a group of people in gold is grandma in it wouldn't have value, so it doesn't doesn't have a value that extends beyond the people deciding its value supine. May I just talked to supply and demand, but even in me, drastically, though there are things that are on the supply side, very scarce and we just didn't volume for some reason. You know like a tight teeny
you know or more platinum did end up being valuable, but when platinum was has been putting cat conversion not been worn as jewelry. It didn't have this value, but we decided it. Has this static volume and raise the hope yeah I mean. I think, that the bathtub our MA, hours. If there's a pitcher window. Here then I enjoy that experience more than there is not a pitcher window on was the planet you live on? Has huge pterodactyls that fly around in need. Can be seen by them. Ok and then so you really would never desire to look outside right. I think the on a limb here. But I mean this: is the environment you're living in your probably not taking luxurious baths, Now it's really hard heart, you'd have, and I go ahead and assume well, there's a lot of people that would like to posit that any
life force in the universe, would be a carbon based life form, there's a lot more scientists. I think believe that. So then you get into it. Have some kind of predictable evolution in the main problem? you could say they would all what need a bath. But this kind a bath. They just need a splash, some water lily to clean up the pain, the rod I see as the polar force going back and keep that clean anyway. Ok, you said flying is five times more dangerous and writing in a car, no no grinding cars five times a year, Thank you in absolute numbers. Driving is more dangerous. With more than five million accidents compared to twenty accidents and flying a more direct comparison, a hundred million miles per driving. One point to say:
fatalities and eighty injuries against flying lack of deaths and almost no injury is which again shows air travel to be safer right now. The people who you don't like that argument will be quick to point out that when you do get in a crash and airplane generally you're dead, but it says the? U S: airline accidents recorded by the National Transportation Safety Board in two thousand fifteen prelim Harry statistics revealed a total of twenty seven total accidents, zero of which was fatal. There must not be a big crash an accident might mean landing and corn fluoride, single engine, Cessna awry or selling landing on the water or both pilots. Positive show a hands, leg got d shop up in the car and set it down any injury and still
incident but of aid when tell everyone publicly what happened. thank you should allow. Ok, I will try to show my integrity good job. So if our list Remember you declared for way that you are infallible in the car. That's right and then we were in Christ or Pacifica. I think the other day and- You pointed out, and then there was a snafu with your side mere and I worked in. It was just a mall were well Mamma housing. But yes, the glass head had shattered the peace a year and there was some ropes.
Get out of were crazy, some wires after being very big to know you're, not an FAO. While they are still kind of saying you are very sad after the fact produce even war. Sometimes I don't. I don't think I'm willing to count. That is an accident. How do I fix it? So work, but it wasn't even an accident like that was not the word in Rome was in the house that all through I definitely fail the day I did, but what a nice job fixing arrived at a very high, fairly tat, whatever has been crisis as we Pacifica you know, I've been driving it so much lately. I have a very nice car talk about here, a lot I've had it for four years. I love it at twin turbo station wagon Mercedes I've been driving a car so much because I've been driving the Pacific, the fuckin battery went dead. You know citing a battery charger on their car, because I'm a woman driving is I'm fucked can't get out of the Pacific at a testament to the passivity. Well, I'm proud
out of you. Thank you. Thank you and that's all. There was all near the one. This is a real master class and how to say words. I think I now hear welcome every line yeah, it's really led by you, so I brought you because you're really you're you're you're you're, not infallible, but you're, not even but loves. Much higher. The percentage of success than I have. A lot depends on what we're talking about just war our yes, oh yeah what the miser centres in you oh yeah, yeah nineties. I dont know what about they want to and all isolated, but don't you think those words stand alone mix ups yeah, they were desire. You say No! No! No! No! I thought that's how you ok. Now that is a check the area that is a failing. I thought it was just use mispronounced one Times Europe.
Your garbled innumerable now it wasn't a Garbo. Was a boy take. It was your former intention to say about we up. Ok, well, that I was only fifteen. Figure out what you're infallible at you have something everything well online games. enemy, that I'm saying I'm infallible driving avoid claimed one infallibility. Oh, sorry when I said everything I meant. I'm fallible with everything I Garbo. Oh, how I wrong look exactly exhibit a Rosa, my lack of sleep, that's true love you back