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2021-03-15 | 🔗
Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation, House of Lies, Middleditch and Schwartz) is an actor, comedian, writer, director and producer. Ben joins the armchair expert to discuss starting off in improv comedy, how Eugene Cordero is the funniest person in the world, and dancing with Dax at a pajama birthday party. Ben recounts working as a camp janitor as a minor, the importance of separating his self-worth from the work he does, and his experience going on the Letterman show. Monica divulges her attraction to Ben and the lengths she would go to be near him at his shows and Dax tells him how special his hair thickness is.
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Welcome. Welcome welcomed armchair expert, I'm Dan, rather an m joined by Monica Monsoon Multi time, Emmy Ward nominee involves ear. Does let's just. Why augur well for one time nominee let it be said, let it happen or whatever the same like are put it. So it is said so what'll happen anyway, Today we have a friend then Schwartz, who might it has our own experience with him. Wishes have major early titillating to hear, and then I know this. It was on a show with him for years House Ally's and he just a lovely, incredibly talented, super funny actor comedian. Writer director am producer groups they found lower them on parks and recreation. It was on house, allies and he's got great live, show middle, ditch and George Middle Dixons Schwartz liking unseen its eye. What is the middle, ditch and Schwartz Middle debts and metals at sea meddled? Citizens
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guys yeah, but let's talk about so Yonah press younger and then I just want to know what your thoughts are. So I have a style. trouble with I've been wearing this virtually the same style since high school? I just change like how bag year tight everything is actually it's the same. Ok and then you gonna press junk. can you eat, and I realized why you can't wear the same shirt. I had every one of these things and then it's stressful and then they recommend. Maybe someone comes and helps you and then they do that and then my experiences like I only like and thirty things? Then? I am wearing things that ever, I'm saying you look fantastic. We all ridiculous them right, but I go with it. so I know your whole Walmart, Israel. The advent example is this: if I passed his buying a store- and I never in a million years, what I heard and itself when it because it's usually those clothes are the ones that we are seeing in the most, because those are the stores and those are the ones your camera you're. Like a talk, show and like that yeah
most suit us like. I would never by this because I be afraid I'll rip it and then I've lost so much money. I could never do it yeah and also Many times will look, is definitely a car just where, like the shirt that I voted for forty five, but I try to take more risks now what I'm doing stuff, because if you look at any interview, it looks like I'm wearing the same exact version of a thing in every single and so it looks like just nothing- has changed in my life from like ten years from now. Until now, yeah like archaeologists, could actually dated because there's no actual progression, that's exactly correct and what we do is basically for an archaeologist like say exactly where we are in this time. You remember, I often fantasize about what those future archaeologist will be saying about me. Oh my god, you have any idea if you time capsule your life, Dax and Monica. What's the first thing that you had put it like. This item represents me the most. Ah, I never thought of that question until this moment and let everyone Unifil questioned you know, there's a good politicians answered the queen
the main wanted to be asked. and I would like the question answer answer? Is blood the like? Parents again through osteologist would say when they just saw my skeleton. Oh that's interesting and I think they would think of. This. Guy fell out of really tall places like he had some job where he constantly fell out of a tree or our votes are so broken and put back together either so much prove a bone. Mending met up what what else would they gas? The idea This man loves screws. This man Launcelot, like I really like himself over, really feel pain Monica, but you to the question of the Rio to fly out and I well too. I would like to say that I can't wait for going to respect the question in our guests. The first thing in the time capsule would probably be a cooking
yeah, that's a good one, because I saw a lot of weight ok or problem my cheerleading ray yeah rings like state champ rings Java outcome: Wow Ben? You haven't, kick yourself I mean, I I understand you're in love now so, but do you ever just kick yourself? Why can't I was swimming in the same pond. Is Monaco, like my father? Let her get away. If I were you, I would be. It would haunts me at night every day, if you, met Monica at a certain time before he met Christian. It would haunt you for us, your life, you think Well, when you put it that way, as it really is good, but that's too here they didn't meet Monica before I met crescent, but you did meet Monica before Monica leading to spend a lot of time together, though yeah even there I mean I knew you because of you c b, but you didn't know me because of you see me, so I think,
the first time we really mad was probably through Laura and that would have been posts Georgia. yeah, yeah yeah, but you know Monica worked at the Ellis. You see be for a year. Rang fasten enter first an intern, and then I was a house manager there. Oh, my God, variant. signing by the line. Very that would be in their. My hoodie would be in the time. Capsule Toby border Is he be hoodies because I dont? Even I don't know you see the as yet bright citizens brigade as a theatre than I started at in Chelsea in New York and in there's one over here and allay and its long form improv and the type of improved, because your groundlings, sometimes we could talk by the different versions. If the list, There is one you know, is a game based improperly We try to find the game of the scheme and we try to hit you know, and then it will. How would you describe groundlings and of people from going seeds more character based improved, but how would you describe it?
there's a bunch of different shows their dislike. There. Aren't you know it you see be sown in general, like a show would have had. The first act would have been like a lot of short life. Three four minute: Improv Rep premise, driven right, we're I'm trying to get something that no one no in every one else knows, but that person whatever and then a little intermission men than one long form at the end, so that existed, but in General show when you would go see a grounding seven Show you're gonna see like probably twelve sketches, and then interspersed will be probably three improv sites that are short, sketch, lengthy and yes, very character, driven That's their preferred method of entering info into a scene. Daphne like quarantine. His men, very nostalgic, very nostalgic for things out of four March, altered or from whenever one of the question dust off met with my friend was what party or life was like the most six, like you like all this was like. I was so happy. This is my favorite part of my life and it's the beginning
It's not even like playing these you. I know you too, and I get a tour. These incredible places, which is and in saying we get to play Chicago Theatre, Carnegie Hall, but starting often improve and, having like your closest friends, don't shoot, who is making no money and then watching liked Amy Polar perform and watching Tina favour? Former watching you know like in Robertson. That was some of my favorite moments in my entire life going drinking afterwards being around, like ratio stands for the first, something like, oh, my god, for issues right there. I remember just him so much fun. Failing not being great but trying to get better and then slowly getting your first real laughs and that's up was heaven to me. I totally agree. Theirs is like really unique feeling- and it's just so special words like you entered this thing, what tons of fear and doubt and then there's little area where you're like oh my gosh, I I think I might be able to do their that's right on rights. I do and then another night sectors are in them that
wave of that is really euphoric, because you also feel like a complete failure. Sometimes if was terribly you like. I can't do this, I'm not good at home and those yeah I have chosen pat that's exactly right and then and then there's moments where, like someone will come up afterwards, you dont know it's not a friend, that's it a show and they'll say something kind, performance and you will be flying. I could not agree more with a great point. You know people told me nice things on the street about movies I'm in, but it never felt like when someone would say like they had he may at the ground lanes and then they brought it up. It was like way: yes, so unique, inform yeah I needed even though you then back then you know what I mean: you're, not punk debt or anything like that. It's a very like, I think, you're funny man and the cow MIKE. What is a very exciting feeling it is it such an insular world d like it so funny, when I think back on like a lot of those moments, for me we're in
glass and the torture, as you know, like Ferny or oh yeah, you know my heavy add taxes really jealous of Eugene Gordo is one of the most incredible human beings. funny. When I make short films, I put him in every single one of my short films. Gladys thought he was the funniest person girl younger callin me, I call Mean Jean Cordell. Did I make sense? You do understand, of course, meeting but ones that it all started with Monica Random Kristen, just I overheard em in the living room, and they were just gushing about in gene, and I was like now about means. Unease that make about is that money is person The world is, if someone says like that person, so funny is their jealousy. That comes from you if someone's funnier or more good looking or is there one that trust
The other ones will operate, assuming everyone's more good. Looking than me, I'm not I'm in that same camp right away. When I have a lot of shit, things I wanna Loyola De Palacio. I sign you very good looking and then because of that you saying that and maybe you feel the same way- maybe it's a way we think about ourselves, but to me you're too, being kind in saying that, no doubt your honor. I see no Europe more attractive than many people and Monica Chicken. She knows as well. You must think you're. You must look at some, even guess that you have on me like y know more attractive in short order me lay something we hold on, that. We got a really get into the granular detail here because in wheat monarch- and I were just talking about that, do I look think their faces more appealing the mine. All the time in very Frequently, will I go at my face now? I have a confidence and then I have a. I have some sexual appeal. I don't know how else to explain that women like me before I was famous, I don't think it's cuz of my face, so I do have some weird
we overconfidence in one area, and this is something I think we share, and I think I isolated in you the first time unite danced together. When did we die wait for this new. What am I gonna gaddi? Why we're getting swamp is but fuck it here we are, we were received, is birthday party them the cereal sure, but a truly one of the most special things of all time. I had a picture. I know exactly talking about. There's a picture of us in jammies dancing, yes, open machine. That is the best concept for birthday, You come and budget Emma's every cereal ever made as on the counter, and it's a dance party, so is like a real. I was. There was a dj, I write yea and they play nineties hip, hop in Army Y, all eight cereal and dance. the empty mama gonna. Tell you every single cereal was there like someone might to arouse, inform the whole I'll. It is an incredible idea,
because also everybody's just kind of silly, so there now you're not a self conscious when you're dancing around people, because everybody already looks like there. It's like pajama Jamie JAM type thing. Is it so special. So immediately. I said: oh Ben Schwartz can dance. Oh he's very confident and he's got rhythm, and so I said to myself of this is not dance. Read them like sexual original rhythm, sexual law really of dancing, you can feel that he has again. I know it, you may deny it, but it's the truth and anyone who has ever seen you dance will probably you're my opinion, it's fun. It refers like I knew you as someone who is really funny and outgoing. Your hair is so enviable, it's so fucking enviable. My here, when I was coming up, was never a thing and you are one of the first people that pulled me aside and told me how special special it was.
When I got here you, like you literally said, that's so funny cuz. That party was, I mean it could have been a decade ago. It probably was still in parks was going on and you're like dude. You talked about thickness of hair and you're like do this is this. Is there at all and hard and by the way it might have been that that made me feel like? Oh, my god, if this goes away as economic terrible, like as it's gonna, sometimes go away, but you may have you made a point of it and only when I moved to allay, I started to notice it more. More more more people come up to me and men would come on. Let me young and be like dude good, for you as long as you can hear the Boston thing like good for you, Ok, so you didn't gave me a little window into this side of you than I
Really just wasn't aware of, and then I came to find out in your hate this, but I came to find out everyone that used to be was in love with you. So I wasn't shocked by that and then so I look surprised you cannot be surprised by that. I dont see, I don't feel worse You don't think about it. You don't feel or see that at all when you're growlings in you feel people like the whether you express that would now. or in a million years what I've thought that never what about the line like? Oh yeah, but that's been coming to blast your talk about people that used to be would come to be like look at this guy. I think I call I can make them laugh and I think we're funny and I think that's why they're coming. I would never in a million years, then I guarantee, if you talk to audiences, come to our shows. It won't be like look at this fuckin beautiful jewish muppet like it's not like that,
like all these guys, maybe maybe I'll think of their kind of their other, find your way. I feel any others, lady. We are you serious work and so on par with how everyone arduous Emmi. I was one of those people yet to unroll around with you is that you're gonna go never you showed no sign of any that by the well I didn't cause. I didn't know how to do that. I was scared, but I Jeff he was there. For that reason- and I know many people were if not every ok and you're not wrong. So just people came to see you laugh in your predictably could make them laugh, but then that also created p cues whisper Kyoto to pick yours, but politically So this is a term which you can see is that explaining pussy quiver with like
the technical had movement of being like, yet that four hundred grams assault, you're gonna, look like a measurement of like society, whatever form literally like put his hand together, like you, dumb idiot, pussy, quiver, of course- and it was a very beautiful moment- yeah the gale, in some of the guys. I guess they're getting a cues, but whatever it is, people are getting people getting to use when they want to, because you going there any like Lily's to goofy sons of bitches and then happens. We're like the confidence, is there and then I think, a girl or a one, or a man goes. This person me really fun. Why I'm theorizing you can tell us, is that kind of that Is this uncomfortable dogmatic Erna your face. Billing caveats.
but look. This is what we do here. We pretty much just got uncomfortable, quick or not uncomfortable there has for the first time I saw you, I was going to a convoy shadowed. Todd was my teacher, great great teacher, great granary. Interested in Todd is aware. Now I know I know I know it's a problem of a maximum mouse. It's rare. She met a team, was, it is actually attracted said she didn't. Have you for ok, I'm advantages in tat. My first improv teacher also my first amber de jure, like that's a big deal, he's dino teaching me the ways introducing into the worry, and so I go to a convoy show which people who don't know is a? U c b, show with three guys and their unbelievable, and I got their end. I think Tide was not there and I will say
oh yes, but that is the reason why I was so peers in you're standing in in a common voice that I probably did at once or twice my career while simulations. Of course I caught the one as luck would have it and where there are over one. Second, though, I just want to point out the context is so your digging yourself out of a whole because, big time Todd's, not there no dialogue by an issue I would talk in terms of their so she was inclined. I hate you fuck. Is this kind of work? Tat? Ok, let's go you appear and I'm like. Oh no Todd isn't here who's this guy, please those beautiful jewish mother and then you are amazing and I was like our while. Ok, I like this person to and then I started coming to your shows and learning more about you and then the knows just fully and
I tell him the really embarrassing thing. I need this money and we ve hung out with Laura J other higher, and you are all you ve, never August when hang out that much, but you ve always this is cool. This is, I mean like the fact that the first I'm your sharing. This is on the most of the world. For some reason, this is where the most comfortable- and we all know why I just energetic make about me- I've met Natalie Borman twenty times. I've never said dear more to her that she was in my tool box. You know the poster. ever and I was in love with her, but still four seconds into the interview. I can let her have it at this is the place and she's also the cool. Person in the universe, so you lay all year gorgeous cool and smart. It's crazy! I think you got money too. Can anyone help me I've heard yet so so I used to go to shitty jobs by the way. These shows are at eleven p we might away kinds. Are you a guy? There are eleven where I came from New York.
there were no more slots for people and the shows did at one thousand and thirty on Sunday, right or so my dad, and so it was Sean Clements me, and I think it was one of the person that was. We want to do a show and they go. There are no slots, and I said what, if we invented the slide of eleven, and I go Sunday at eleven p dot m and I go let's just try it and if it does well and put, the show was that show was Donald Glover who's now, the biggest music star in the world now dummy- he might be the number one source of Monaco being well. I got this horrible app is ironic eccentric. It's all about cues. I think how many kids but I think there's some serendipity happening like yeah that he is the lover. I know you are, as you saw him in Chile, jobs be so funny and then all of a sudden he creates like art, like actual art, thou music. And you can do any obviously gorgeous, but it's like he ended Lana
land is incredible and then his music is incredibly young, but that group was very special and they said I try it once or twice and then like after two or three shows we sold out, although shows, and so then we that we just invented that slap Freleigh, Yannick, never didn't, sell thou ever again and you had to write on top of getting the tickets, which of course I was an but ok. This is really embarrassing. So I would try to sit in a sea I love them, so I am so happy or daily back. Ok, I would try to sit in a sea that was like an I'll see what I knew You guys would sit all in listening to the job interview, and so I could just get like as closed
somebody were really your brother. I love it. I can't believe I just you know it was you just share that will you I love that by the way I did. Maybe that's your for nine years before I stop doing it. I never would have thought that, but of course, because I would see similar, people in the aisles and say how much I love you, because you're only I'll always sitting here and now so that means you have to get the early enough to get the exact suit. You are, of course, very tight bay already student she's very varied iq. But that's very sweet of happy so that its very very so. What do we think? Do we think it's probably best? You didn't know that stuff they didn't you be as all of you knew that or do you think I would make me uncomfortable if I find that that maybe because when I see people in the crowd, I dont think that at all
I don't know how I would react, maybe you'd start trying to strut. I would want to be nice to those people let's eat, then that I didn't know and maybe they're a limit. We I wouldn't want to lead them on in any way, but I want to be so nice and because I can't believe that they would go out of the like Monica waited extra time. She had at that seat and also man. That's what I mean in terms of comedy asked what I would do like watches show. I would wait hours for like a cool show, so I like one like always connect with. People, but without like not your particular Monica, but without giving someone like the feeling, like our bank like this Is this yes and as for you, but I did with there being there be people who come to every showed that I'll have a little back and forth with a fresh them. If I see them in the audience, hugged him a wave and no way back like, as you see, the same people come back and forth used are realising that they have a real connection to the shown. It means a lot to be honest and so you wanna like acknowledge at. Why would our
you- and this is not an end in a negative way, but I would say in some ways you c B was as an issue as as much of a movement as it is. A comedy seem like I think, when you're in the EU, you mean like mean into a band of things then just the comedy lunatic, also on top of that- I think for me- coming up in washing people. The people are invested in before but he s the world knows who they are coming I am I this guy. This woman is so funny. I like I'm, going to watch her shows all the time like, oh my god, she's crushing. Oh I'm so invested when that person gets their television. I'm watching that show a mega because I feel like I was there when Nobody was there, it has a punk rock via Two more have grounds I groundlings was more like second city like you could come from out of town. You didn't have no shit about comedy you're, going to write a militant Mccarthy, do an amazing big character and you're gonna love it. But I would say yes, it means more. Upon grog into that point. Puncak wasn't as much about the music per se as it was about that community
scene of people that you felt similar to its very interesting. I definitely felt the community and then because the idea of community their pushed me to try and do more stuff and try to write and elegant. They tried do everything in your people that are supporting you, unlike at as team cohorts. Ostriches me out colleague, Yellow Jerry and the three of us that, with some of the best that was those times or talk about like thou, know why this comes my but there's something called cage match at U C b, which is one in protein, goes up. Then another in Prague team goes up in the audience, decides who they liked better, and the person comes back and nobody cared about me out of highly Angelos Airy, who, if you don't know who it is, is the funniest person in the world to me the actual funny? First in the world, he's. Your main jean. He is by means of butter. Another thing I talked with someone. That's like one of my favorite things in the universe is laughing so hard, I'm crying with someone. I love that so much, and nobody in the universe to make me do that more than Gill, like we'll be on the phone- and she just has my number but will do shows and we won our first cage match
in my head. I could still feel that moment of like when the clock, when often went black, and then we looked at each other. Like we did a good show and I couldn't wait, there's a chance, we're gonna win, but those moments stick out to me. So much still, I love those moments and those the ones like that, and also when you hit a milestone, Carnegie Hall thing was big. My parents were there in something but those early ones, man, I loved that stuff can ever both The reason why I would love to me Think of my own experience in that way like it was all about process then, but it was actually about me being stage of the guidelines and a sketch going well, and it was so so fine and I ever was I owed the sketch goes. on Sunday, I'm gonna have a tv show on, that's, not my mind where it wasn't even an option. Now it was the means and the end all in one, but once you enter into it professionally. You would be naive and a bad steward of your opportunities. If you didn't consider what leads
Why and where do I want to end up and then just adopting that kind of robs you a little bit of process? I think that makes a lot of sense theirs. see ology experiment. I was a sight amphora major in college, which I read that today and I was like how the fuck, if we not talked about, then you are an answer. A major will also think about your pot. Guess how much site plays a part of mental health check? Is such a big party or by test. oh yeah as an automated studying other cultures, was they picked up professors that I, like the college, and I just kept taken him over? again, those were the two things but there's a sociology experiment. I know its, not antibiotics sociology. That was this. Kid went to a sandbox. Do you know this is like a faint? you want a cave in to a sandbox undergo every day. I'm assuming this is real, the story was told us in class would go every single day: loved love the sandbox. A gentleman went up to him you know what I see, how much fun your having you're a pay. You dollar tomorrow. If you come and do exactly what you doing here and the kids I do. I do exactly just have so much fun that you are enjoying yourself, gives him a dollar every day for the next week or two,
though he gives him a dollar. I may be changing the time when they are, and then it's like a Friday and or whatever it is, and the king Gos a sandbox and looks at the guy, and put out his hand to the dollar and the guy goes. I have no more money, so I can't pay more and the king Gos. Aren't then I'm not gonna, be chamber and he stopped doing sandbox and I love that yeah and I think I think, there's an aspect of that words like can't you write the second money comes in changes the atmosphere step and then you have to be mentally strong enough to remember this is some I enjoy in love, and I think that comes with it when either of us does in any movie there's no money in it. But we love. The idea of making movies are like, if you direct a movie, and you know that you're gonna have to work every fucking us our every meant. I can present a start, doing press Eurodisney movies so far. I got across it anything else, but it's like you know, you're gonna, every minute of your life is gonna, be taken for next year. You know Yeah lobby and you're not gonna make a lot of money when at least for the stop it I'm like four directives.
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awesome. I love, and I just saw em admire those guys guys. I pick money a bunch of times and fucked up, cause of it, and I wonder what your relationship with money is, because I know you to grub up about load of money. Now my parents, a gruff and decide brought so like my arm. Prussian companies called a grand Avenue films. That group on one: seventy, six and granddad in the Bronx and my mom grope right near there. We grew up middle class, so we grew up in Riverdale and it's me my sister, who is the biggest Vana this podcast universe. Marny. Her name is Marty ruling now and she is like a when I told her. I was doing this she's like oh, my god. She was so she has a therapist They also mental health. She deals with all these huge and wonderful issues and it helps people and is a good person and has kids and takes care of it all really, quick Marny. If you have half the dance moves, that many has. I would love to join you wanna dance for Burnett, says sincere, invite that's wonderful. Neither does he have the dancing
she doesn't debts as much ok morning. If you ever want any thought you might want to talk about pathologies about that the doors also I think myself attended. I dont know what I was also middle. Ass. It was me my sister, a madman mom, but because they didn't you know they had no money grown up. So there's aspects of how we're broke like you know, learning exactly how to make the ketchup last by putting water in their putting it on past, sometimes like all these little things, but we did well, especially considering you know, like parents share rooms at other, siblings and all that stuff. So, but even by the way. If you did well or you grab well They have inherited bat, like I remember my grandparents, who had lived through the depression, their relationship with all these things certainly infected my parents and then that kind of infected me. Oh it's work ethic. I think my parents reactor Botz butts off, so I worked. We had to illegally figure out how to do something,
my working papers to make it legal for me to work under age, and we somehow did so. I was working under age when my first jobs was, as I was, an old enough to be account counts there. So they had to Take me as the janitor, so I can go to this camp and I've cleaned up all the broken forty oz bottles off the places where the kids would drink. I put them in a bag and then for the second half of the day. I will get to be a counselor and like that
like who slowly it never did when he is right on that policies have enough. I think you're gonna, if you're gonna, let a minor, do anything Janni. What people would be perverted zoo lies about picking up the day hands. They can hurt your kid, maybe maintaining the plumbing system and stuff like that's it. That's a big ass good, that's all it's been oil MA am always is always even in company. You see people who are gonna be funnier than you, but if I worked harder than other people, maybe I have a little bit more opportunity. So, like always do especially with work for me like at the beginning, I was roused freelancing just for Letterman at six. A m then go be a page then like goby, an internet use should be soon get free classes and then like perform and do all the stuff- and I just would never stop, because I wanted to do this so badly here and I knew if I didn't in the first couple years and I wouldn't be able
So I just went all in a kind of state that work ethic in the whole family has stayed with us forever. But what is your fear level about money? Is it something obsess about? I still find myself not spending. I dont spend a lot of money because I never did growing up it's very rare for me to like get expensive things and right there's a fear of. I never know when this is going to end. I still it's going well right now, condos and I have plans that, were you know like we're doing really well and now haven't worked a little bit. So it's like the fear of failure. I think drives me quite a bit, but at the at the beginning it was like. I got to make this much or I won't be able to To do this, you know, I mean that's the thing that I had that other people didn't have as yet. I did have my pay. If things went terrible, I have a source. I have a net just in case. One Nick was very honest about the fact that he went to school in a limousine. What's your design elementary school
is there is bad on this incredibly like world famous private investigation firm. That of right, of course, of course, yeah. When I love is not like hide, man he's like he gave, you would get dragged out on relieving Superman varieties. That is, I think that I have been allowed. People doing improbable didn't have. Is that if we should defend, I had no money. I could find a way to go my parents, who had moved from the Bronx now to West gesture, which is around where Nick grew up, like you, I knew that there is friends that I had that if they didn't hit that, then it's like they can't- and an arrangement that yes, there is a piece of me this like if I totally messed up even more whenever one, oh, I could be taken care of and not totally beyond the street. Monica you we had that are about to you. I definitely dad it's a luxury. It really is cause. I mean it's a part of the narrative that you
you don't want to say is it feels like a way undermines my hard work, but it does. It does and an it's true like you can take bigger risks. Knowing oh like, if worse comes to worse our approach, we get a boost for my parents. I can always go horror. I could that's what it is. I can always go back to her that I lived in early ass, so for media parents help me out for the first year after college year and a half after cod, and never again did I ever help me out. So after a year and a half that was it, I was able to make enough to adjust they get by gutter and once the exact amount of money you haven't bank right now, but still no word of sonic. The hatch I have. Maybe you ve heard about their making as equal, yeah they're, making a squeak. Well,
Sorry, I've heard your broadest shipwrecked nine times out. It's a record area though, and I and I did not make big boy money on Sonic. That was like listen due to be signed, another key a year, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Whatever your guy then did not play my cards correctly power because you wanted this. So bad and you put in so much effort, and now you have it. How do you feel do content. Do you feel excited great question to make sure that I am able to separate myself worth not just from the work I do, but the other thing like because also you'll do it,
Robin it'll, be like you're on Cloud nine and then you'll have a month off and you're riding by yourself, and it feels so lonely. So that's the thing that, as I've gotten older, that in learning to take breaks, I would never stop working and I will get sick all the time and now that I've learned to take breaks and stuff like that. So I've learned as I've gotten a little bit better at this learned how to whatever, but in terms of There are moments when I'm like. Oh my God, Plain Carnegie Hall, my parents in the audience was on. Oh, my God moment that second in saying, oh my god, I'm sure when you guys play Detroit free, you Dax, that must have been like this is insane it was in saying, as I had gone, there is exerting me. I never even fantasize I'd be on the stage and for me parties show I could do because everyone I knew from my childhood. Was there and I've adopted this persona that
Allow me to be confident that age and I've was nervous. They could see right through a funny. Also that I realise that whenever you play a hometown show the thing that now, I think about like when, like a big artist comes back to elaborate ever is that's the time when one thousand people ass, you were comes in, it's like before you onstage texting, to make sure you're out of your friend, like you just trying to figure out like all those little things because, like you, will talk like what we did I don't know anybody Detroit It's like right of we're just like doing nothing backstage Tom is an eye and then, like there you're on like oh, no you don't. We did for your wedding. Masonic does exactly what it is. So we had. We don't need any text because we just makes it up, so we do take refinement so literally. I asked the gentlemen who runs the placing of canoes Gimme, a tour he's, like my man, there's like six hundred rooms. I go show me like a hundred of them, and so he liked- and so we did just by myself. I just went around and looked at like so I'll do like stuff like that. I want to save
even think. I said this to you the last time we talk about it and then I never looked it up, but I want to say that that's where Houdini died in the masonic Temple, so Houdini died because you used to do this trick where he bled anyone from audience punch him in the stomach, and I think he did that trick in Toronto the night before and then he was playing in Detroit and he had ruptured some organ and then he died there. Do you know that he's which, by the way, I want to, I don't like him anymore course outside wordy beforehand. The basic question mark. I am happy but you're right, there's like a perfect example. As I was a page for Letterman for two years, and I was freelancing jokes- were Letterman and Michael I'd, three goals. My started, one was to be a guest on Letterman before he stopped and for crazy reason. I got booked a Letterman two weeks before he was done in my head. This with I've been waiting.
Ten years I was one of the first people ever to go from a page who told people where to go to the bathroom to in the seat being interviewed because of the stuff that I done, and so my dad came to the green room is just me and my dad and I was so excited- and I was like this- is it and I was, I felt like it, just okay and I was so bombed because I was there was something that was in my head for a decade: I've really use. I gotta do this and I did it. So there's on here before I never at any aspirations of show business, but I always was preparing to be interviewed by letter. I thought about it all virgin. I every morning when I call my hair, I was talking a letter man. I thought about him all day. Every day did you do is show idea was it amazing. It was in looking at him and I was having died of an audit body experience and I could feel that I was just staring at him smiling I actually like up for the first time ever I didn't mean
ere? I did well to the audience. I was just like soaking up this thing and I was like, but this is so stupid. It's everything I built up over ten years of wanting NO vacation good about men. By the way he doesn't know who I am. I know we have some everyday for my whole life and then it's like I get there and if I had ass, a cat would talk about our work here and I wrote jokes: were you when I got twenty five jokes on the air? Like all these fine things, and I am sure he did he's just doing his job and he was two weeks away and he was lovely and their moments like people sought liked it. But I thought it was be, it was so silly of me to think. Of course it wasn't gonna be like TAT. I thought I was gonna be like explosions and I'm gonna play this you to clip to myself. once a week, the rest of my God, you when you wake up in the morning just now, we are talking about. I did think of one thing that probably set me up to have that experience, which, as I had no business being on that shot same, I had been moved Asia. What were you want for? What happened was I was up pond, but he had never seen that. I did like to guess
appearances on Bonnie Hunt shone with improbably five weeks of themselves, and one I played a direct during the next time, I played a surge in my two different characters. Yes, just like Three up is quite a different name. Never occupations in. He asked to have that guy on so You didn't feel like I belong there at all now had had he had me on to promote without a paddle I probably would have men like Madame DE shot like I would have had a shitty year approach to it. I would just like, oh my god, he wants, you ever so that the money hunch only a month ago. We will also think about this. He pointed to until I want that guy do so. He immediately before you came out he's like I like this. You don't know who I am, and finally he was great and kind of polite. I just expect too much, but keep literally was like this dude you book this guy. This dialogue opened the surgeon last. We get the fuck out of anything like that. This you are you're going into it. That feed likes you and finds you funny. So you get to just spoken, write it
and I don't even know me as much as it is love the idea that they didn't give a fact that I was plain to different people. I think I love. what was going on. I love that we want to talk about it like through. You does on what we and then I turn on, and I really later Euro surgeon. I know who cares right. I guess he's roomy new Garrett's. That's an incredibly that's perfect. Was that your first and potential I was there before this is great, to use your interview to say all I love listening. Ok, so punted gotten big, my publicist, oh, my god, you're going to do Letterman. I my oh, my god. Here we go day of I go. who else is on the shelf. Any goes and Jimmy Fallon. Christina a comment or whoever that woman. When I was in them the terminator reboot up. She was big at that time and you and are you all well and I go wait as do many gaps, Does my vote
Oh yeah, that is weird. Let me find out what's going on cause, you know Jimmy aliens Hosni. Ah now we, I could say now like of what an honour and we love here, and we love Jimmy failing, but at that time, this is a colleague of mine from the groundlings you know like. I thought I was when did you Letterman? I had the suit I, who has it was day of, and I like oh you're, not european stage, which is cool, but then I came back thereafter and got to sit what you'd want to itself and Peter twice in the ass. We had the as yet since it. How do you don't remember that when your job as very that's insane and that's a big part they had gone but yeah ridable. I guess because I want to say how much I was staring at daybreak likes to do in that law, like guys like messed up before me, was Rachel Matter who he loves and whose of course, the euro, but she very long, and there are no jobs. So I remember before I got on their go or because of a huge Larry,
Harrison and like a bit with standards that he'd, always bumper Lockerbie, ungenerous, because I'm literally like this is what's happening to me right before. Maybe this shows how am anxious? Sometimes it I got this is it I did it. He only has two weeks left. If, I've done it today had never done because next week, as all the superstars, not the little weirdos like me and I'm watching tomorrow and they give her another little segment. Unlike oh my god, I'm gonna get fucked up there and I'm talking I gotta go. I don't think go on or if I go on, is going to be for three minutes so as economy what's gonna happen, browser, oh, no and there's no lack before either another, because their talk like politics and also know, and then someone comes in and out those like those. I could please please please, please, I don't like it You gotta, even ass. The person is not enough time. That's right, I remember being a quick interviewed because it ok Zaire that exactly does the guest for me, with Tom Fucking, cruel, again told some story we try entails.
about being an airplane, this body passing out, but he can get through because he's living so hard at his own story. It was it just went on and I was same thing I'm back there watching going. He is wrapping the story of I'm fucked like they're in their second segment in its go on forever, myself What we Gozo area and anxieties you, dumb dumbing down them were older, would not be a thing we think about anymore, like we'll get Bob derived from we'll figure. It out right, right, right out, you'll be a good person. The people who know me will still love me out of the other. Had I'll be all right. Ok, so you I would say, became very popularized by parks and rack. Everyone loves your character that you play on their genre, John Ralph Mile but I came to know you, because you and christian we're on house of wires together and then I got to be around you.
say I'd argue. We have a lot of fun throughout those for you, some pensioners would be shooting in vague, is, and we are very often are there'll, be like rat parties and you would show up and I'm not a big party guys. So I remember at brat. Parties Dax would be kind of like hang it up. I'm self and I just like talk to you about normal life stuff like because I'm allergic to wrap parties yeah. They give me something anxiety, I it's a lot they're alive. I love crews and stuff, like that, and I love talking, but it also affects so many people nobody's yelling that like when I see some quietly in the corner. I did have a conversation with them, and Dax was a great relief for that like to those I'll- add the layer which is like onset, everything's groovy everyone's acting normal, like I have all these great relationships with people that I work with every day and then you get to the wrap party and there's not there's as I care of like. Well, we may never come back and see you never know what the wrap party after coming back for another season, seems to be the motivation to sum up your whole exe in everything from Brazil, and I have
goodbye anxiety. So to me, just like. Ok, let's summer Is this all experience in the next four minutes? It's also. I want to make sure that I say bank, everybody and then I get anxious, no miss somebody reader of himself like that, but there It's always a lovely feeling when you'd, like someone's, like eating tiny, tiny was in the corner. Like that's my doing four legs, our all. That's me baby. I always find it but even if I'm not hungry, haven't heaven haven't yes and then christian issues, Meta, Laura Moses, who wrote a book with it, and we saw the tv show it who, at its Thisbite guest, who is one I think it's just an incredible writer and now is just kick him, but all over the place, but it's like. Ah it's been awesome to just watch or thrive. She went from she's, always talented, always talented, and then we did. This book together got published, and then she immediately that we get a tv. We wrote this pilot together and then she's in a rag, television and she's, crushing it
Does she know she's like been prepared for this, our electors who worked so hard anyway and that she drew her own chosen she's, just such a town and so great, and I'm really proud of that book, and it was really fun shit. You should know about already. Nobody will have its things. You should already know about dating you, fucking Idiot, and it's like a hungarian. I know there is a curse word and we didn't have enough money to hire. Someone do illustrations, so Laura did all the illustrations in the book why there their range and she asked just happy to talk about how credible she is that IRAN should higher if she's just we have a sack. Man on this show called when you love about Laura. A few people have participated just in timber leg. I listened reds and relate episode at I bet just in through law, as well as the nicest guy in the world love to hear him, talk like find out how smart? Yes, sometimes you just washing of dancing or act and sing and there's this dude is like is brilliant sum it up. But I love that, like one of the biggest pop stars in the world or music,
Not pop in the arena is like oh yeah, Lore Moses. I know there is a great now. The ones where I do the show for charity cost no pants, which Monica Parliament too all over again, so we ve I've raised like a whole bunch of money for mental Health in New York, and so I would ask bigger and bigger and bigger people to do it, and one of my favorite part is when I introduce them ladies and gentlemen. Blank and like Blake Griffin comes out in the crowd is like and they don't know who's going to come out. Cuz when I was an intern, it asked at trying to get free classes when the monopolist will come out with Amy was doing asked at it be like later than Alex Baldwin and use you being round when like explore. And I would as an intern watch the crowd whenever the person came out like Robin Williams came at once and it just exploded their minds. So I loved to give that so one time I asked just in if you would do us no pants and he was like I'm down as this incredible you're, so kind, but about like into each year
among all, I'm in Australia, alright, you're the biggest Bob's you're. Really. This is gonna, be geagea, you're, literally touring the world with their music to millions of people, of course, and that dates that your work. But here to do that at every life shall, when I bring out Monica appealing for foggy they ship themselves. It's the funniest thing of the mean that makes flying to different city. worth it for the best of us feel Monica that must feel so, especially for someone who is washed and perform come so you must. That must be the best. It is it's a crazy. I have this sort of This associated a little bit during that, or I think, I'd like probably pass out or have a seizure of so there's a little bit of like some distance, but is it is so special and speaking of monopoly, just so right before the pandemic,
They asked me to do up like this is the most insane full circle mamma. I could Emmy than that. For me, that's the best. You know it's a such a high and then Everything shut, my monocles unheard of in April. I haven't done ass cat in a long time. If you're them analogous, you can email me now outperform or whatever I will perform in it Oh, I love. I really do. I will die and biodegradable shows I married to reallocate Jean cordon off violent means. You mean we're going to do so so so many points like Uncas Lage on I rather gotta, be nothing left, demonic, burden to ashes while you're like. Why did I let us many current or actual parents are going to fire from the peak is going to be in change. The quivers are going to be so much that there's going to be switching in that person's going to leave the river lanes
Oh my god, it's gonna be an earthquake. There's a notion that you brought up then I think then mushroom. I talk about tax, but there's a funny thing that would you shocked by this associating it's also remembering when we're on stage like lets, you Chicago Theatre, for example, cause. I know you did it than we didn't like almost next week. because we saw TAT his name so there's a moment that I think are. Hopefully you guys can relate to him almost certain you well, because we have similar brains and ways, but it's like your onstage show goes well. You get a standing ovation from thirty six hundred people and then you go off you, giving the venue you see all these people really excited. You go one block and not nobody gives a fuck. The more. I don't know a cut. You literally attitude with after I say, that's our show from that standing ovation. If you can't thirty five minutes, it's in my hotel by myself on twitter and biomass, texting, texting a family member got nods and you're looking at scores on European and as leader and the attic its
when it, because in my head object of these guys are going it hammered they're gonna go ask no! You have to like there's a part of me that the first two times it happens. It's We are too high and low, like oh yeah, you have to be like alright. This is I just remember. This is real life. This is that for a moment in that one blue, people really cared about what we are doing and how nobody cares. You go downstairs and nobody gives a fuck about what's happening here. I mean well, I've been so grateful. We ve had that experience the last few years, because we we interviewed a bunch of really really famous singers in a sound, so cocky. When I compare what we do know what they, but having had that experience, yes, words like the energy of thirty six hundred people digging your shit cut to you in the future. in hotel room going always room serve it now. Yes, there are always the inner like, ok, well, this crash Faz thereby takes too
takes two of, and then I'm totally used to it, and you just remember that this special make believe time is in that theatre for that time, and real life is back. You know like. Oh my god, how quickly changes, because we we bring our own MIKE's. All I do is put our minds in a backpack and then we leave an out and out at the outset that block believing that, earlier than that, nobody cares anymore. It doesn't matter either one people drop you off like Moulting, Ann Arbor, do a thing: the black, where you want to go Oh, that things are. We gonna see like all rashly performing today, Why aren't you give us an earlier? Sorry? Are you get drivers have to decide? They had none of these incredible job, because I am sorry, but I would just like to say that, like its he'll funding, yeah yeah it's gotta be one of the most dramatic shit. In reality has only narcissist who keep that dealing with them throughout that night and the next day and feeling like, but I could never do that. Never. I think that your drugs
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go to the person anytime, you go. It's literally like you'll, be talking to a huge darn. You like listen. I know you got to get out of here because I was like you're. So is such a sweet way to try to wrap things up and makes me feel happy? I'm? Actually it's not that I promise it's. I have an obligation to you, folks, who are nice enough to come on his show to sell the thing that you just work. Your ass This is apparent. We like the least you are not drawn a rabbit gentleman. I want to make sure that we talk about Flora, Ulysses, I want to get ready you at all references to get off the phone. He goes. O capital acknowledge, go right as it. What do you have to go up? Fucking doing nothing? Yes, I'd love is our Lord bless, you and there's something. I've been filming, this limited series for Apple, so the pests weren't they fifty eight. So we can show me since October, during the pandemic, inject everyday, we're out of a foreign policy. First foreign Ulysses, Disney Movie, big old fun, Disney movie and its based on a
getting Brad Copeland Referenda development and remove United years ago, wrote the script Lena Con directed it, and this little girl plays flora, honeybees Matilda Lawlor, and she is so good and she was in the ferryman, the stagecoach. The Ferryman on Broadway before this, and she like knew her lives better, everybody and there are scenes majestic cry and better than I, If ever done the like, ok, this gigantic six times in every time cry real tears. How are you doing this and she's like? I just think it things like that's it you're right as our work can be demoralising to work with all my god. She was incredible, but its greatest, like a big on family movie and a lot of my friends who have kids are like you know. We need something funded new, that's not reboot wherever so, it's really fun. It's about this little girl who finds a superhero type squirrel and her parents are kind of separated and my contrary player Father is down in his luck in this kind of depressed and through her belief in the squirrel ice.
I believe in all these fine things. It's all the Disney tropes that may ask someone who loves Disney movies, I loved easy movies. Does it come out on Disney plus comes out Disney, pleasant February nine teeth, I think, and its February ninety- and we will fact check that in the interim like I can't wait to hear the part afterwards. I can't wait to hear if the fact check when you guys are de facto afterwards is like Monica like it was like, not the aisle it was like to sit next to the aisle. I can't wait to Clare a fly I haven't seen it I'll show you think you're gonna walk about or walk. My word, I think, His absence we might walk right seems to be the travelers. I shall I'm doing now that I think you guys will love also called the after party. Its lorded Miller, who are heroes of mine, they are so threateningly talons there, the kind of people in the world- everybody funny that you guys like his on it it's the apparent holds. now, as he SAM Richardson, Tiffany hanish. It's my colony
laser Jamie Dmitri. Who you ve ever seen a show called staff, let's flats its issue from the UK, that you guys but love it's on HBO Max now he's a gene say it again, the title very weird: the guy's name is Staffed S, T eighty age and in anger, to let a flat is to rent an apartment. So it's das, let's flat It's very, very funny, he's in it and he's amazing, Zoe Charles in it and John early, who, I think has won the funniest people in the universe is in it. So it's all the funniest people, Chris Miller, directed every episode which never really events and it's like a murder mystery in your acted. Every episode. Yes, he's been with us for where, on day, sixty or fifty nine sixty seven right now and he's directed every single episode so what the episode? I'm in that's that's why how many weeks,
everyone is sixty. Seventy eighty seven funny and people in the world are obviously sixty six sixty seven is. We need someone to come in with for supper the past clean up better this past. Sixty days we ve been talking about this, the funniest yoke. That's ever happened. I so odd day. Sixty six sixty seven, this person jumped out of the closet, says you wanna hear this joke and then the person says we explode Monica phenomena show's over all my Many members here that person I got this is thrilling. I got a hunch means Yeah I'm gonna gang and imagining a pop out of the closet can say who wants to hear a joke and they're going on. You got just throw it away. You you, don't even know it's a joke. You gonna get fired at table red, that's right! It's getting harder! Shell, Letterman's gotta! Have you on he's, gonna, come retirement have you ever, and fired after a table. We know, but my first show the first series regular
overbooked wish everyone on the air was mature, which show after arrested is jumbos directing. the legend almost again and the best the best batting average in the history of of pilots e drugs. This guy, he directed the cheers, violet friend and surrender everything he drugs gets picked. A crazy contains Jim Valley and Mature, which wrote the pilot. Start richer. Dreyfus is my dad Jason Bigs is my brother majesty emerging, as my mom you had to be. Our job you're gonna, be makin. A why will in dollars and Apollos, oh by the way. This is also the experience of the first time ever or Only time ever cried after getting a role, because it was my first one I moved to allay, and I got this tv show they never got a tv show before and you had once loved or as a devout address moment and in my head as I did it, I'm gonna be able to make enough money for a bit now did not worry about this for a bit, and I remember
Alison Joneses, maybe the best made a cabinet travel time. I asked her. I said in cinema agents. Tell me if I get it, I dont get it. Can you tell me because, like I'd like we made a relation Those thing and she's really do that, but ok, so she caused me, I'm driving kind, civic and she's, like you got it and Herman Ben Harris round the phone who's, your her sister. Is now a countenance alarms. There is amazing, and I are I couldn't believe it I started to cry. I gotta call my parents and these basic universal, and I call my dad and it was a type of crime that I don't. I haven't done in so long it was so guttural and I couldn't catch my breath. Dad mumble pull over the car pull over the car. I'm driving like the hand on this. I am so I pull over and just cry because its felt like I was trying so hard to get anything by the way the showed didn't get picked up, and that was it. But in my head, that's it I'm on a television show. I did it now.
We have this. I can do movies like who knows what can happen? I didn't know that I could never do and I got her only cried and then, while we're making the pilot, as I too Jason bags of isn't gonna go right, is What is worse, barbecue recycling as like, there's a penalty against it. If they dont get it, they have to pay someone honey. I never heard that before us, like of soda nothing to lose money he's I gotta know crosser pickers now, because I guess you, ve been doing it for so long, and I was my first one I wanted. Oh, I was shocked. I admired years ago from a neighbouring it was- I was in here, willing great roadways, grace the reboot. the one that was his Don Diego table red and then I like few hours later, I gotta call they're gonna recast, you and it was, really great moment be cause, that's fine, but there was so much.
it is in my career or that would have been so destructive. I would again like I'm gonna not funny, but it may be the first time in my life, and it's when you would think getting like a great job and doing well would be the moment. I would accept that, but it was actually getting fires like. Oh, I don't think I'm not funny there is some reason, but it's not cause, I'm not funny in that's fine. It's also, probably because you directed produced on the other side to know that, like you could sometimes you just not right for the role yeah I mean they just offered it to me and I went in there and you know it in a cloud poorly. I wasn't right, for it will be up that happiness then everything so that Hurwitz thing Hurwitz called me and said: hey, there's some conversations about, maybe them recasting so lets you and I go over the script for more time and that's the end. We did and I got so nervous that I rehearsed it. So much to myself that, on the day of filming, my voice was alive, it more horse and they wouldn't have known, but I so nervous it. I was no blow it and I didn't and I got it.
Do it and they really were proud and happy, but he call me was like lets you and I go over this dialogue, one time because my first everything so psychology already item at a very happy. I started moments of doubt I'll be like you know what I think I have the ability to be funny, but are they called that person doesn't think I'm funding? That's a bummer, maybe I'm not that great! You are still had that you are able to stay centered in that. I know that I can get on state but like five, a bad chosen terms, a black man, my what's going well I'm six years older than you and there's only happened to me like three years ago. So you know maybe you're dead ends. Four, ably led kids, yeah kids are you? Are you just gotta be great once you start defining yourself the dad number one like every other thing. Qana gets like Christiana, Crispin, literally what we're doing how supplies we were talking about stuff. She had her first kid and then something happened. Onset and she's like
does matter, I go what image that none of us did not none of this matter. She she was one of the most prepared and she took care of all of us. She was incredible. She is one of the most inspiring people to work with because she worked with us. Then she frickin do charity work and then she had- who kids while filming so the idea whose bananas, but she she had a moment where she's like a man when kids come in the weight of the little stuff is just it. Doesn't have the weight and more because I got to go home to my kid. It was one can at times, and I'm sure you feel the same exact way. Well, yeah. It's an identity thing that can't be taken away from you, where is our job, is something if our identity is I'm a working actor or I'm a comedian, a bubble, butt, and you don't ever perform that thing. Then you got a question whether you can really. that's your identities, which always and always feels like its vote. The ball to being taken away from. Do you remember the first time you called yourself an actor or writer? For me, people said: do right and I didn't say it until I got a joke on Letterman until I got p,
money. So I, by highlighting for like six months for Letterman, Dinger, joke on theirs writer and I would say not yet. I had gotten pay, even though, by the way you ve course morality but all day, you're right it, but my stupid mental state was late. I had to wait you, member that moment as it was. a moment for me when I was like now, I'm a writer or now on a blind yeah. I saw the feature and I was like my God, be announced grayer, I'm a writer. I'm assuming For you and I was gonna bring up. Your writing last is for you out, as I compare For me, the thing I think the very most pride and has been a writer. Oh really! Yes, absolutely do you think that's because there's not as much of a spotlight on it or not know them. Work is so much hard. It's like. So much is something that you deserve to feel proud of me fucking around on a sad making. People laugh. I would do that for free, it's fun, I'm getting rewarded in real time and instantly gratifying sitting in a fucking,
for three months, getting network notes getting studio. Now it's going back opening about re breaking at that I mean when I finish some I gotta, like you, fuckin, that someone of your pride of over he said you out. There anymore is Easter. Whenever I finished a script I would print it and how that in my hands. Yeah like I may, and look how big it was black. I wrote this. I create a world well I love you. I've had so much funding and I will be over the. I guess: it's been a decade now, an Islamic as we know loves. You may believe. How kind you aren't you never said a thing. Well, I'm here I play a cooperative You told me, go find myself when I first got your what I've got. It might make the news that you literally said go fuck yourself. This is my section. I sit here, get away from where there's a tiny, tiny, beautiful fact that, because a quarantine I have been able to almost anybody. and we had a dinner a me injustice dinner at your house, Dax you're, the second person I hugged
yeah months and it felt so good to hug, somebody that I remember that hug is. I like hugging people into having connection with people, and I ve all been Alban shifted at and we all got tests. We all did like all these tests. So we could hang out had have dinner together. their dogs invited. I don't know, Josh's dog had been tested, but he came. I know I would feel absolute be a moral. If we didn't take two seconds to talk about jewels, Lawson God, one of the funniest people, the universe, United at your butt got your number Fuckin Josh has my number in such a way. Found way, I find him so goddamn amusing, Josh, Lawson, he should be the biggest donor in the world he's so finding and so talented endoscopy direction, right, films that are incredible, their incredible and I so the funding as quick as George, I can't wait or yeah. I wonder if you were there, this was the greatest. We play this game celebrity right, so
already in a nutshell, you ve got twenty people over every one right, three famous people's names, they put him in a hat and then teams you get up in the first round. You can go on. He stared at a volleyball on an island. Wilson contacts got it the up, In the next round you can I say one word sovereigns canopy. tension, and so the next time I go Bali Ball, we all remember bombings and then the third round is sure it's ok. So this came out, so perfectly is impossible. I put Josh his name and there is one of the celebrities Josh Lawson. So some guy is about to give the many his first round and he pulls the piece of paper out of a hat and looks at it negroes. I don't know who this is in Josh. As a joke says Josh Larsson any he goes yeah. How did you lose them How did you know
did it to fuck, with Josh in, like so thrilled with others is unravelling because opposite, I did not anticipate GOSH was gonna yell his own name of coral. There the next round, Josh all his own name, any good I say one word and he goes icon. Can I just screamed with this up. I guess it right. I did, of course- and I was just We may live in discussing this joke people's just some having back to us in the most profound way, the fact then he got it needs an icon. Omega was like somebody else about us is in in radical pie. boy, and he has. I have this book, a poetry on my yes, unbelievable here you don't look cowardry and the first time he told me that he wrote poetry. I was like,
You know like no really fun hobby and then he sent me a permanent like holy shit. This is unbelievable. So by his poetry, also increase, The whole body of beautiful beautiful was really treats his body. Well, he is so funny the out of all of us. Who is the funniest person on that set? He was just so funny and could do bits like crazy, yes and anything and made this character is incredible. If you got it role in a movie that people get to see. How funny was he would the biggest movie stars in the hours. Yes, he's, probably by to pick my most favoured underrated comedian, that's Josh, loss and he's in credit right. I love that we talk about because he deserved it he's a man using doubt not cheat or not so good. I warned you now, of course, the fact that you guys we're all led by Chino, I mean come, it's insane. We get to literally learn every day, but let us actors of all time.
of all time, actually yeah and I love you. Everyone should watch flora in Ulysses and they should also watch or the after party. I don't wanna comes out on me. In short, sets a one, because nobody knows that we have these improv specials Annapolis. We have three and prosperity is unethical, middle and Schwartz Thou be huge cause, your audience loves comedy. So if you get bored, it's three long, foreman, frog specials and we don't get too They publicize them when they came out, so their new do you well, I think also we had Thomas Middle Ditch at alive. Show he's one of her favor guess we ever had is huge. China has, I think, he's so uniquely bizarre in the most. I gave you the best report, like you guys, are sobered together, he's really funny, but we locked out very Torreon. Do you know what you guys go out again, Erna now idea can't get their quick enough. wherever it Gunnar causing like we have been having hamburger from another city organised. I Flensburg rise Ginger ale
city. I got you, that's what I don't get this. What we look for Gmos, we like look up the best hamburger wherever out when you'll get it lie. Love you guys, I'm so appreciate that you had me. This has been a blast. You guys are the best. How happy to have lovey many love, you guys, talk to me. My favorite part of the show the fact check, with my soul maiden mama got bad men. Welcome, welcome! Welcome to the vat Jack Ban, Benjamin Shorts man that was really fun episode. He got to learn a lot about my obsession with him. There was thrilling. I bet people really enjoyed hearing about one year, big crushes and the things you do I have so is pretty embarrassing, but it's the truth of what I did did you feel embarrassed by it: yeah, oh, but not like. Not so much that I was told him or anything. I think it's fine,
maybe interesting to him. Maybe I don't know, I hope it didn't make em uncomfortable, no, but no guys ever been made uncomfortable to find out some girl like them. so don't you think you'd be more embarrassing view still felt that way, and you are still like working the front desk like all these weird status elements or have a definite feel different. If I still felt obsessed with them that went beat, I probably would not be able to say it if I was in the throes right still rustling, whether, although I didn't say and should have definitely said his girlfriend, Georgia is so oh lovely, she's, so lovely. I have had many a cumbersome. With her or do you know where she is really good? Laura Moses, Ok, obviously has been, is really essential for closure, and so I've done things with her and Laura and she's. So so so so sweet an awesome, she's great actor his advice principle seizures phenomenon. Is she English yeah, but
in english or Australian but she's? One of the two: yes, she hasn't Axa of farm, yes, she's really cool. She sure doesn't have an axe and when she does these american show it so impressive undetectable can be detected when we were watching a tiny bit of the golden glow, wholly smokes twelve hours. Oh first, I think Amy and Tina did a great job. Specially all things can still have an impossible tat. They did the impossible. the other still funny, despite the the craziness zoom in hunting in the locations, and oh my gosh, using to just in again that they did at the very best they could, but just like starting. the shell going like what the each pdf or whatever suck, They saw they ve nominated shitty movies and they gonna.
members and these suck, but let's continue with their awards, excites weird. I wonder if they had to get that approved, they couldn't talk of those they came out, remain an apology like so they definitely issue so here like look. This award shows socks. They nominated really terrible movies in an end and there's no black members and Secondly, there's no black, but was floods, do I've, never seen anything like that. Gonna Betsy, Jerky money listen wheel of fortune sucks as racist. And the people only when the money, let's be in that sector is wild and then attacked difficulties. My whole Tat was feeling like a sketch really well, I got scared, not singling.
Anyone in particular, of course, everyone's beautiful, wonderful but they're. Really, just ash, the lure of the Hollywood elegance, I mean everyone look like bozos on their fucking laptop computers. We all like bozos. I guess they it would show tries to do there just humans on their yeah. like all lands and leave or not all been very yeah. I do want to single out one person cause he's my favorite and we're friends, and I think you so phenomenally tale to Jeff Daniels. That was my favorite. He's clearly on location, doing a low budget movie and he's in like a very inefficient Voltaire room any just enough. He just enough I am sure that on the bed- and you can tell the comforter has been over some items. Mom Senate so is like It was wise men, illegal, shooting and see my t, shirts and stuff over here, I'm gonna throw so dear to have him in brain with other people that were like a cocktail where in lit
was made all boy war it was funny, but I also was thinking man. we have done a really good job of trying hard to keep things. Then like those already way to look at it. I like that I was mostly thinking what a fucking shitty you away. Yeah, like always, people who have been aimed at really wanted that and they get there and they gonna make a speech from their Fuckin hotel room and the Tec Socks no one's there, another peers are there, it's it's just what what Moreover, when I know what that's what's up circling back when I was going to say it Daniel Kaluza One and he was giving a speech and he is access to work very thick and- you just never hear it you never here at one is doing is a bad signal
me too, I would say in a specific seed to sit next to him. Oh, I know yeah, ok, bans, Oh did Houdini die in the Masonic Temple I read you a little bit about Houdini's, Harold Houdini Yahoo? Did it's a real who dean it hee hee hee hee, That was good. I never heard that before they will. You know you'll hear it again. I have- and I know you like it a few more times in this next hour, gosh fingers crass more. He died of a ruptured appendix this. Is our history, dot com very treasure brand incredibly trusted was come to depend on not only the bone report from why you never saw you also, I'm still in at LOS Angeles truth. Be told record this five minutes after corner the last one. I know I told people, I'm trusting the illusion that, like the humming, a glow, yeah, ok, the strange series of events that
did Houdini's. Demise have kicked off several weeks earlier on October 11th, one thousand nine hundred and twenty six well being shackled into. Is chinese water torture cell during a performance in Albany New York, the conjurer was struck on the leg by piece of The equipment he hobbled his way through the rest, the shove it was later found to have sustained a fractured left ankle against doctor's orders. Houdini continued is torn travelled. country already gave a lecture at Miguel University just a few days later. On October, twenty second, he invited some Mcgill students to visit him in his dressing room at the princess theatre. I'm going out may be problematic. Maybe the magician sore Ankle was still bothering him for a pop down on a couch. While the group chatted at some point, a student named J Gordon White had arrived and asked Houdini. If it was true that he could resist hard punches to the abdomen you know a claim the magician had supposedly made in public according to Witness SAM.
Oh that's Smith. When Houdini's other rumors were true, wide had abruptly delivered four or five terribly forcible deliver Well, directed blows to his stomach, was unprepared for dinner was still reclined on the couch and at no time to prepare for it. hunches, which appear to leave him in considerable pain, Houdini brushed off the incident at the time, but that same evening he began to complain of dust comfort and stomach. Cramps I'll know his condition. Me, worse and the next day when he boarded an overnight traded Detroit for a new run, performances, the magician, develop, severe, abdominal paint, cold, sweat and fatigue. Miss temperature rose two hundred and four degrees, a doctor's suspected appendicitis uninstructed Houdini to go to the hospital, but the performer insisted on taking the stage for as opening night show at the Garrick Theatre Hoover, Garrick Food, proceeded to struggle through his routine before collapsing immediately after the final Kerr? Oh
That is why I got the damn close to right just not themselves. Temple yeah there's a lot in there. What kind of both the pump? someone in the big one bowser here also, why have five duty to you room from College Animal S. That's that's weird. I now invite me me saying you know like after Broadway shows people come visit, you they will be later the invited them later to his right here and then the outcome is why its we, You don't have a five frat deeds come dear. because the pommel you in the stomach without any warning and then because you're a man in you're supposed to be I'll. Take all these punches stomach you're, not going We fully admitting of how in You are so jeez, awaits the thought of all the insane life, threatening things that he navigated to die, cause
I now call had punched him in the back of my guy bozo early. Why? What that guy, who gets enjoy out of bad punching someone in the stomach? I know the psychology he's frat guys. So we don't know he was have dragged on issues of frat rule punchy delta. Oh, so everyone wants their own fame and notoriety in. So this bozo met Houdini and he knew if I Slug Houdini in the stomach. Now I have a story. I have some say, that's important in. I don't have my own notoriety, but I'm gonna draft on this guy's by sluggish several times in the stomach. As he's on a chair, this is It also your add weight and feel good about yourself. I'll. Have the punch someone in the stomach to feel good about yourselves story MIKE? You killed him great, thanks. I wonder if the guy ever got like tried for manslaughter anything. I wonder I started
a book last night. This is departure, but just reminded dishonor Houdini reminded me in jail called know my name, and the memoir of the girl who guy sexually assaulted at Stanford and was like left behind that dumpster. This book. This isn't the mountain Gladwell, but I would ask you: I started it last night and does he was known as like Emily Dough for a really long time, and no one knew her name, but then short this memoir and was like owning herself, often his ally man just started. So I'm not that far end, but hoof man really gets into the psychology of getting taken advantage of sad. Ok does Florin Ulysses come out February nineteenth? Yes, that was a while ago. So please go around him time. Yes, kick bread, because grandma out at the time machine near a baby,
occupying a for a while. So it's time for someone else to join other form in the solemn behind what is the name of Josh Lawson spoke of poetry, jewish Moors, Shaw, she's poetry book is called struggling. Hard test and you can get it on Kindle or Amazon. Oh that was still worry he did a reading up one of the problems that I really loved, but I think it was. I would play it, but I think it was a story to its guy uninstall, unlike ways a story, he took out his form, the ok so's. I e g story. Yeah, I say idealism corps. probably I r l! Why I'm? What else do you know what I am saying? I am in real life. I am alive. I am also sends a will. I am, but I am now I'm a while when they are almost you're like wrapping
the only linger. Making a poem bow the job you Ben was fine. It's another kind of weird full circle. Mama was a weird full circle. Moment for me, I remember Anthony was over. This was a couple years ago. Maybe he was over at my house, and Laura and Ban were coming back from something going to Laura's apartment. We both due to live in the same apartment building and they stop Dan and after we left avenue, was like Monica think about our just happened: yeah yeah and after Amy's episode, one of my best friends from you C b. We did want to one together and like the whole thing and were on teams together. He Gaed me I'd you damn! Yes, but I think if we have to make the key idea damned man said he said,
imagine you see be one or one Monica hearing about this makes my heart warm you see we want our Monica. I'm gonna commit that memory the news or that committed Nicky name when I think there's like some moment where this type of man oh, yes, surely work or anything you c b, one one Monica what she'd be piddling Yeah. She wouldn't be able to believe it cancelled before middle path. Four ban has ever been yeah, we love banning of fuckin good time. You can't have anything. so a great time around ban yeah, your column, Benito orders Kristen, the arrest and goes on banning Augustine corrected nice real time. Venture fish, Well, I love you. I love Benny. I love you see one or one Monica. I love others. Voltaire- and you think you are right- he thereby tonight
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