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Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live, Barry, Trainwreck, Skeleton Twins) is an American comedian, actor and producer. Bill sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up surrounded by females, his experience as a production assistant in LA and his struggle with intense anxiety at SNL. Bill talks about the first time he met a movie star and Dax questions Bill on why he has so much sexual rhythm with women. The two discuss how growing up in a small town ingrains self-deprecation and Bill repeats sage advice he learned from Jeff Bridges.

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Welcome. Welcome armchair expert. I'm Dac shepherd I am now many. The deck shap know that actually goes to you. My friend I am inaugurated manager miles, Monica bad, my and our guest is also Emmi nominated and any winner, oh sure, bill, eight her on my all time. Favorite personnel cast members so funny has an incredible show that your priority watching bury on HBO. Yes, fantastically made such a great tone and or she loved him in train wreck Fred Armas in have documentary now it may be set Myers involvement to rank merrier. Thus yeah anyways documentary now is hysterical and he will also be in it chapter two coming. This fall he's very attractive. You felt very directly. They all did and then I still do and it was confirmed in the room, yeah he's quite attractive and he's got rhythm as we get into oh yeah. In this wonderful up,
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eighteen percent off today he's so bill. I'm so excited you're here and we ve been wanting to have you ve done. very big lets us- and I put you in that forty category I think you're so talented ass. He ran in your also so nice. I remember meaning you at Saturday Night live years and years ago, and I was visiting and you are just one of those people that was super nice and found five seconds, even though you didn't have five second rate. I see, I think, are the derosier the best there's a weird thing happening here, which is Monica started out nanny requesting an eye out, and she now runs Christians. Entire life and rights are in Darfur and then she's off as this podcast lets us oh provokes. It are known. Darcy Cardan was your nanny
right you, as are many. Oh, my gosh about here for years and she was great and then I was still in New York, and then she moved to allay with Jason Cardan. Her husband is one of the dark greatest guys, not to mention the handsome establishing deeper good. Looking guy in a credible, you now works for South Myers, assess Myers Company and he's doing amazing, but Jason used to help out on the Essen L Digital shorts. Oh right right, so he was always on the said. It s, no digital shorts and always you'd have milk has met. they're gonna. What make up where more juggling who is getting you coffee, certify, ten reaches head guy. In those days guard Darcy told us that he was still go. or just into she just quickly, assisted as like he's so far. My league, I'm just going to be me, and I think she burst in front of him right out of the AIDS, and then I think it's like that perfect trick of mine,
but you can do an audition way I'll, never get the son who gives a fuck Ojeda many you don't care as when it all you get so hot. Don't you yeah to everyone to everybody had I think they want nothing to do with. I, like I, like my own, that other end of it, and I do the least I could do it. Yes, like some rider command NGO, I've never seen the show and really and ah what is required of all trip. I dont not only to reduce what's going on mentally. Does it just triggering this evolutionary thing where they must be higher status, the Meeks they'd aligning with me so now I want that or are you going o this person's gonna be honest and add a liar? I think that's what it is with me, at least, as always like how there being real with me. Ok, I appreciate that you need another person to go. No further, assholes does occur or other leg your ugly and lay bare, if that's true, that there should be any thing to sixty seven by now, but I think with Darcy and Jason is a day. Just are these two beautiful people that found each other, and you know you disco, like out so cool at those two found each other yeah their family. I mean they are it's like what your saint immunity family as people go? Oh, she was your nanny, it's more like no she's kind of a part of my family and their skin implicit, low status thing or something embarrassing that just about the words I dont like saying. I have an anti nanny, doesn't want to see here
It is a nanny. The whole thing seemed so a murky Monica has lent him. We got in a big thing, because Dax Honour podcast called me his baby sitter. He is a long time on my child pigs but although we Marbury Marianna obesity and then I heard a noise like at all like it, when you refer to me in a bad, but that's what I was doing, but I didn't feel like it covered the real relationship and idea like that. You dislike her cares within quickly and up to the fact that I was embarrassed to say I have a nanny, this also o babysitters part time. I don't seem to perhaps salute and to have a couple days a week I need someone gave you kind of guy a baby setters out a full of buffalo anything I want, as am I right, I'm the same way. You are, and I say we have a wonderful woman. Now worse was him Susie and I won't
this Susie. You know I never benign label our guy you're gonna be late. Yes, she's there. How young don't look at me? I've? U want to ask you some just run it by me and then you might lie. That's a good time to talk less is when Darcy was under your employ. Were you immediately already knew she was into Kommeni? This is, I think, really impressive. She was just like this cool lay, or am I have yeah I didn't know she was born, and I remember she never would say. Can I get it s shouldn't, do any monologues worry out nothing. She wouldn't really talk about it with me at all and it wasn't Intel three years later the polar asked if I would come, do monologues at as cat and Darcy Qana sheepish. He said he I just want. You know, I'm gonna be it as has won a warm united man perform it it has carried out and that their
should I give me a clue that she wasn't just taking right arise, lay the target year performing with Sap and Amy, and all these people and has had- and there was a first I saw it was her exact words is the first time in either of them perform an idea. Monologues, sat down and watch them perform, and I was just knocked out by both and then I just one we're going home has been like a dark,
is a gene up and then, when I finally, a chance would bury it. We had this acting class, those like our we gotta, put Darcy Cardinal someplace thinking. We're gonna, give her big break her write him in his eye. All cooing onto his other should argue play try to work around the house by the way. Did you happen to see? I'm not put you on the spot, but the issue had her. Own episode has been at three time these, indeed incredible insane, and then am I the smaller where a delay James Cordon. You know any Yelena back in there's, always pictures of all aghast. You there's a glow of photo booth there and you go and you call and I'm back there. about to go out. I look out and there's Darcy Pitcher in between just in the Hague is only of evil. It made me so happy seeing that I was asleep. While she did that and did it through a lot of hard work and being crazy, talented, but just
a very genuine good person indeed, This experience were like I can enjoy Monica Success way more than I can my own. I get more excited further peoples. I know that such a thing that people, though yeah sure, but a yes, because I get very excited for somebody that Blake Darcy, who I felt I did it right and deserves it and remember I did take. He has a take to present before the up It's off, though, absolutely adds the stairway to help with inflammation, and I was on a lot for a little bit there. An apparently unable to drink. When your friend Zone Oak, I had some tequila and basically guy the makings of an all, certainly stomach who, on my axis hound and hope, is he called Darcy? That's like I need to watch the kid as I was like I laid on the floor and the fetal position just calling my doktor was up all night everything, but that's leg. Just I dreamed that nice girl shut up
and was like where she ok are you? Ok, you want me to go. Get this guinea milk go up again. I can go to a bodega emulator human rights we want. I made my kid hid her head and used our bleeding and I passed out by just you best. I passed there and I just handed it at our passing, fell down and initiate an ethiopian me can cost you couldn't handle scene at her and in it happens, kind free early. They do it now you're from Tulsa Oklahoma. Here I don't but then I know anyone from Tulsa there's not a lotta Tolstoy oklahomans out there s very biases and also ensure provisions from the law on care. They met been Stiller NOS sixteen through her using water rolled right on figures in water without an base against dangers and the Great Mormon show
oh yes, I beg laughing love thing you her best friend son, and I were good friends and I went over to their house for Thanksgiving one time when I was sixteen and there is danger born. Then still now, why now? Woe, and so I made like a little short fell. I really hope of Michael Cashman pitying did they did and embedded in g? They took me to see you my friend to go, see casino because they were so sweet. This is a very lovely still very nice of you that thing where you gonna go out there. Is this weird attainable like I just let them in their cannon normal and they're, not from another planet,
something given your and tall say you think they're going to green. More was an entire different universe like you could see a local news, castor occasionally in that was huge like seeing bill. Bonds stumble out of a large round again or an airline were totally see that was held at the as as funny when I got sent alive. I remember me and Andy: Sandberg would always do interviews together. We came in another and they get older or no you're beyond s an hour and Andrews like will. You know, I knew you know like a possibility. I could possibly do this and I will decide no like. Are you kidding? There's no version of that that I could ever imagine that you could be
allowed to do it. So I think not grown up on the coast of California York, meeting bed and g at that time was a huge thing for me of. Oh I've been weirdly anointed of hey man. A thing may was pretty good yeah, like I'm moving tell I. Can I wrap your number with America? No, fifty so bad can Tulsa. Your dad to me sounds like an incredibly interesting person. He owned and air freight company again when he was a truck driver. He answer restaurant any also did stand out here. This is what a guy and my parents Emmy super young. My mom was twenty my dad was twenty three, and so there is no like. Oh it's a kid show. We should watch this. We watched whatever they were watching right and went to wherever they want to go, which was kind of awe
going weird stand up, show things and hanging around the bag being really young and end, but it was an Tulsa yeah sure, but you would have people wait, SAM Kennison and bill. ex, but now your dad when he would do stand up like how seriously was he taking it was I wanna be fun to do this, and then he had three kids and I just think it was. I gotta make money in it was Marble hobbies in a pursuit that yeah it was kind of a cool thing because he couldn't help but be kind of creative summer. Just hanging out when I was a kid when he was a truck driver and you'd hang out with these other truck drivers, and they would talk about everything from error Wall fur. What who's? Your sorry, but also them time out of mice and man, a member I have drawn up by some men for school and I was the fifth grade and they went all Lenny George and then by all realise talking about starting back. Yet you didn't have to be
some sort of intellectual enjoy this stuff. It was very kind of his regular yeah people being touched by what would be considered high. now. Do you and your dad have a similar disposition is more like a man, and I am not well. I just started between the guy in the brawny paper. Towel I ruined is really legs, my dad, for he came to bury premier and everyone. I love your dad got is a very personal and mom was a dancer. She is, she taught danger, yeah. Well, don't you first have to be answered a tv tuner, not. I feel he don't rocket right and why cannot the street so I could teach surgery arise em to go there. Yes, she was a dancer and then taught dance and tolls, or my first jobs as work in the low boutique in the dance studio. Ok, so I d like behind the cash register,
selling like Leotard Leah Dogs and stuff. When I was very, very young, I just remember being terrified of them, showing me how to do a cash register, which still makes me nervous. There's a theme, and I did. But if I love your stern interview, from that interview. I know that you had light, for men is amount of anxiety during us and now which will talk about, but were you anxious as a kid yeah? It was all below the surface of a kind of come out being goofy and funny, and I realise that I could become comfortable situation, was by being funny, oranges being weird being loud. It would kind of break the tension but yea, and I would hawk a lot and I'm really nervous by met George Saunders into by us. once you meant to buyers will relate to my favorite listeners yap. I met them and I dont
They got a word when it Rosa hissing, uterus displayed at or another that they want to do that. We, where did you meet them? Georgian I having Finally, we never met each other and he said, would you wanna come of the San Francisco and I said yeah man and he goes out- Toby oh, come join us for dinner. Wound is actually doing. I haven't at his house now. I just never stop speaking Do you beat yourself up pretty bad when that happened at yeah? It's a thing that I very consciously even working on internalize it and then speak. do you think it was that nature of yours was just genetic biochemical or do you think your situation that you felt like was
giving you anxiety when you grow up in Tulsa, and you play sports and you enjoy it, but you're doing any kind of supposed to do. But then you also can't really like movies, and I really like paying attention to school and gotten high school, especially our care about doing blogs and drink, or not that I think it's bad is not like some puritan thing. I just my rather be doing something else. By also want to be social. I want friends that it gave me this anxiety that comes with trying to just be yourself a lot of self doubt insecurity right into the in the insecurity. Why was mostly physical? I guess I just hate how I look m. This spattered aims worrying and I have to get some help surgically or something mine was more. I'm not bright. Everybody's dude get in school, I'm not giving it a learning disability. I think I had really bad anxiety and I would spin out for any tests any sort of her
and work everything was overwhelming right. Everything was too overwhelming next Friday way. The chemistry test, I would just say, wool and does not gonna. Do it and is not gonna study for it. I'm gonna blow this up right arm, I essay tease out, is put my name on it. like everybody, it was. I just can't handle this alive it looking back. I now realize was NGO. Eighty and right, I thought you were so great in train wreck. but I think you're, my favorite part in that your performance allowed for everything to be crazy around you, you're the anger of the movie and, more importantly, for me, you can't really fake being good with women. I dont think you can fly, I watch actors. Do it all the time like, oh there being charming, but I feel them in real life. They don't have confidence in when I watch that moving. I went O bills, Scott rhythm. He knows how to talk to Ladys in he's confident with Ladys. Were you? high school. Are you able to like talk to women like the same girlfriend for seven years?
I meant high school all through her college. I can really go to college and we're still good friends, so in Trainwreck Amy and I became good friends that I would go watch her do stand up and we were just buddies. Can I think that it's. I just remembered the exact moment for me. I'm actually talking about it's when you tell her none at all, I, like you and I you like me like air, stopping her from freaking out, and that was the action. the library where I was like you can, either say that in real life, for you can't, when I saw was o bill, I think in real life can be vulnerable, but not needy. That will back I'm from Amy's life. She had a guy do that to her, and I remember her saying: will a guy when he said it to me and she just did it. And I was lay our game and then the difference.
Maybe it's me that they are always game. He's got the rhythm now really just to be honest, I think, as a group of two sisters, a group next door to my grandpa and says it like around my mom my grandmother and she says it all I am as is surrounded by women? I vote very comfortable and also hearing them talk about men, my sisters and their friends, and it was like oh yeah, just be friends, like just rang out and be friends together and playing games, Did you find that for me? But I think this is universal. I don't think I'm terminally unique in this, but I found so much comfort in a relationship early on just cause. So much of the world made me nervous. I hadn't aspirations that I didn't think I'd ever achieve. It fell extra good to me to have a safe little bubble that you can have in a relationship air
dead and joy. Being in a relationship is opposed to casual, more of like we're together. May I dine at sea the idea that yes, I've always been with somebody yeah. You did chilean school and you in for a minute to communicate our destitute of Phoenix and then I went to pass Alchemy a college and people there so a year from now. Then they go why'd you in arizona- I don't know, I really don't know but interesting David David Spade also went to school, so community college. I saw him while back and I was like you- I also it's gotta. Take up issues like but its key from their yeah he's from earthquakes, and now you moved a ninety nine to allay in you quickly be
name a ph. Did you think? Initially you were going to try to pursue acting or did you think you were going to try to direct or ride, or did you even know? I wanted to direct and write. Acting was never really a part of it and I thought I'll get on sats I'll meet people I'll, learn how this works and Be writing and then what I found out was always like eighteen hour days. Brush within the money I have left over was just enough to pay for bills and food and staff. So as lake like ethically another job right now and I'll write you did it for awhile, though right yeah, I did it from ninety. Ninety nine Tibet who doesn't pay is a production assistant in its really the person who gets shit on the very most of you to isolate a single department on a movie set. The peers are doing what no one else wants to do now. I was curious seen that you had done for so long. I have to imagine that's impacted your behave, here as an actor, a hundred percent, mostly just a respect issue, I had certain people who may be came in
Do it and I don't understand the amount of work that goes and making this stuff general everybody years busting there ass I've been here longer than you and all these things, and so just kind of you know tat. An actor like hey man, you're seeing got move to the end of the day you how and that actor yelled at me in and gets in their car and wrapped up. I got my boss and go he just drove off so he's right and it's a year, you laugh did, he say is going to come back on my arm. You call me a fact in his car and he laughed so that's happened. You yeah, Rarely most everybody is very nice. It's complicated because on one side I'm like this is the worst job. Here God bless these folks for working. So
on the other side, I hate being followed somewhere in how someone whispering into a microphone taxes. Ten one hundred mean taxes, pain or I write like that. There's an infantilism of it that rubs me the wrong way, but I actually think it hey this. Isn't this person's fall? Also? What I realize is it: it's like any thing is that there have been actors like the guy who just left right and if you, I've appear there. Then the guy just leaves, if you have some following that. Ireland is in so that Dude Fox For all of us, everybody go actors. Are babies, yeah, happy, follow round? I worked on lateral damage or armed sorts neighbour, and I was the base camp pee. On that view hose We hear how is unique, and did you play that he has a weird studied. Did the thinking of the word, I think it's the translate you say to me like this in the jungle is growing and he would be like This is the same move. This is
the same jungle we shall predator in core began. schnitzel would have of learning probably guys. Every week our now Carl Weathers. He like this. It's been neither will do like you need to make this point Hockin to no one cat, I'm not like. What are you talking to me? Are you guys you're talking budgets doing like a memory exercises a memory ex ante chamber ethically like directed John materially? It wouldn't have it be hurried on this new children's. He was on the diet. Sorry. that was just funny, but you would have people treat you bad or you would watch them.
The other people back. I think what to help me as an actor and now directing and producing also has done there is a chain of command, but there should be like a China respect and of like if you're kind of cool with everybody and airlines kind of relaxed I would work on a movie and the director would be TAT then he hurried down angry and everyone's tansy up and really a top down orderly, and I worked on the first Spiderman lower Toby Maguire appear that I'm a route SAM Raymie. You know that I was that Guy SAM's gonna side have a cigarette. You gotta go follow him right now writes I would have to go I won't be the guy's by honest by on em, and I remember him decision or smoking a cigarette and not looking at me and then just off bring me what this guy like. We don't have to talk. Do you want ones? You gotta, be audio revolts, gotta be out here yeah. Now you do. You smoked at one point the smoke from when I was fifteen until I was honey, nine. Ok, I'm fifth
in the thirty I'm right here with you and now did you have takes as a kid of costs. a drumming again, you know like the carpet here has lines. I would do things where I will skip across the lines are like I'm driving and you see sign coming as like how many times can I go like this before it pass? All I get my own weird little takes that yeah. I think cigarettes was helpful, for bad and then what I was having promises that I would smoke at Sarah alive and was a couple people smoke, their Darrell Hammond was one you are going to his dress. Her mood, The cigarette before a show, and then I get migraines and size get my migraines regain really bad. You'd be helped out on stage one year sedateness had to hold. You couldn't see, see here said acres held under my arm ass plain, a guy
at a long dark through my hands. I remember I was back stages, appellation, emergency room, my first law and Neil Young and Johnny Knoxville or backstage with us, and I just remember going. I can't see anything in the magazine, dorimont I'll walk. You do mark and I walk you off. You know I was like okay, I'm going to. I might throw up out there and area those having soya meal young behind. You know, there's stuff, you take for that man. They can't see him, but I can hear my wound. This is how I meat meal young area see anything like vomit on him, and so I went out and did it and I just went up to my office and put an ice pack and lay there not couldn't talk everything Finally, I got out of their nose like how to go anywhere Andy and there's short film went awesome and was the night lazy Sunday play. I missed that entire episodes
Black was the night Forte. Did the spelling Bee scheduled his load best sketches error that whole I was in like frickin migraine stupor. While what's the physiology of a migraine, do you know what's happening? It's like a electrical charge that goes across brain? I tend to look at my hand what kind of spread on my fingers out. If I look at my middle finger ozga, I couldn't see two fingers. Oh boy, Shit once come, it's a calming. I have so many weird elements have that Ivan that allergy fixing, so I usually have a little bag of just shit. Next me winded the migraine star. What age I was in third grade, a morose basketball practice and their great, and I thought I was dying. I was like my can't see a thing. I can't see anything. I start freaking out crying and, unlike our no it's gone on in my mama's late, I'm so sorry Migraines goes I have em out its genetic. Yes, a genetic saying so because
I'm never going to a doctor guy. Well, I don't want that to happen again. Does happen again. A couple days later I got stroke symptoms and had it be rushed to the yard. I can't speak. Oh my gosh and I went to the yard and because you exercises late, That is a lesson that ethical yeah yeah well with a shared being couple thousand. God is an idea, and so I ve been able to switch everything around except for the cafe and that there was a tougher one still tunnel a slave to that me too, was delighted to see you aren't a cup of coffee when you got here, as I generally have to shut it down at like two. If I have any shot of going to bear here, and so when I see someone be
brazen reckless like you and me, it's like watching like Travis Pastrana, do bad lapse like that police. She appeals drinking its or he's gonna. Do it? That's as though you know where it is eight manhood coffee, a totally so european for a while the scorpion king was your last year. Indeed, you quit being a p after that I went crazy on that want to ours were crazy. We were there shooting this movie out the rock. And it was all knights who driving home and I start falling asleep and I pulled oversight, road and I just by passed out and cars were just and I just hotel a whole in this hotel, When I got, I need a room and I'm making no sense and the woman's crying. Oh boy, and I know what happened it's because this woman just murdered her children and she was watching Andrew
The gates thing I'll give you I'd, started crying out like ok. Well, I think the world was ending up like what's going on. I go what's happening kid. She goes no room for years, a great legal environment. I just like Google under the covers those latest everybody just fuck off terrible. What is happening in the world right now and I remember waking up Ternata back on and it the movie, the January man with Cuttenclip. Yes and I took a shower- and I walked on January man and eyes when I want The EPA anymore, I gotta figure something else I will have to make stuff. There was something about what transpired mentally for me. Will you not getting closer to anything you're not getting closer to anything is perfectly to put it. You like I'm not being created at all
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the preliminary audition I didn't get in, and so I was like, while gorgeous inside the way. That's what I got one way there is already I love stories. I now, and then I heard a second city ends there. No additional has got in, and the guy in the group was mad offer. Man is brothers, Nick offer men. Then this is the case. a party or story that I didn't know did you know this part of the EU form like a formal comedy troop? We didn't even get the theatre, we were in backyards. We all realize we would just and Van Eyes a man had a house and banners, and we owe it is do show in the back yard, is as it was in the girl. Well Nick governs brother, a guy named Male Cowan. Who now does what you believe TAT and then a guy named Eric filled, Caskey Guy, J J, Abraham guy named Steven Spielberg, we figured it read: Barrett filled cows gauge admit it was working as oppose Pierre on a show called this a real life and he was a transcriber
show and he goes out. You come my level. Five show it what's that allow comedy of as they all it perform comedy before that I was trying to be tour filmmaker. That's where the I wasn't. I want our maybe I'll, try their yeah, but what's crazy, I'm assuming because next brother was in the group. Megan saw you guys here form. She came to second steady, allay too. She saw me actually in our level five show, and it was you I am Prussia go. She happened to come on a night. Our I was hot you to come to the show afterwards. I sucked she just happen to come to the right
childhood improv as areas. So that way you can be a ten one night in a fucking one, zero gray can it makes you feel Alai larger does, and then she saw me in that, and then she told more Michael's about me and so then war and want to let ledges out. So she saw her and then she had put some effort into getting Lawrence Ear. To say you need to see the sky saw. Yet I'm already- and I was then Assistant- editor and iron chef, America Emory at the time she called me to say: hey I talked about our Michael's, one that she was calling me and then to lay at heart the war, Michael's and useless. Who do I talk to I owe me one. I don't have any by more like a guy like no managers are then I went out and I just talked to warn and I met him and now. What do you know where you're here is hidden medium? Allow new was like. I was on a boat ones,
the guy was funny the way the Bill Murray's funny, and I thought to myself. I know Bill Murray. And then I said when you leaving and I go yesterday, and it was no easy. stay tomorrow and watch the show, and so, if you watch toper grazes hosting, if you watch Jason's, the dacres was right. The time stands up and the audience to a monologue, to ask a question and You see me a pain in the back me awake at wide eyed, like I can't believe a medicine saying, and I just like this- they were going to happen, and his kind of what we're talking about earlier- and I was just like there's no I'm from there's. No is gonna happen, so I was totally com also at that you must have some awareness of how the general Peter for US analysis you're our main stage at second city, Chicago or use under your groundlings. This is not our work and I went out to take ass. He got hired before me in and out that makes sense second city mainstay and I knew they light Kristen Wig,
it makes sense, she's great airlines that Sunday Company and I just went well no fuckin way. I'm enjoying the trip right expert, but it wasn't come out. In addition, it was come up, meet Lonnie Lorn and then I came back we her. Oh, he wants to see the show that Megan saw and while I am perhaps show on replicated as unravel, capable of member same hand, we send them like a video, I m sure some take a video or like now ass. All that group, then me in Melon and Erika Mann did a show at second city thier. For him, and then we blew the roof off the plays in and then afterwards ago, man and feeling really good. He goes where those all your friends in the audience ago, gas, but a browser that lake only you know that you gotta come to New York, where they don't know you yeah, so they flew
that New York a wholly or showing wow, and we did the show it used to be thorough and twenty six street in the front row was Amy and Tina like this is a nightmare and Amy came back stage, be she was so sweet and nice and just like a good look at their guys, and you know real lag and everything greatest and as I Ok, I will a total of some ok, I mean I pack figure ass before I was just smoke, you might crazy. I went out there my first job, nothing Bobo. and the audiences went in New York, improvised one who the fucker well guy young and add another layer, probably a lot of them it means going by the Fucker day on that stage. There's a process to be. I daresay exactly these guidelines, but these guys house more than see these ass all perfectly. They think the and I totally get that, and so I was Goin Jesus and it my second thing and polar laughed.
I'm putting money on it. She did not find it funny ship what I wouldn't even just held. They re now she'd enough kind of funny. She is help me out yeah she laughed to make that whole room gradually so sweet just calm down everybody liked, lilies these guys a chance leg, just chill out and she's the queen, so she gave the commission a beggar being used as a she laughed and it was kind of like the queer like oh glitter, Bobby Moynihan was that they show any ago. I felt like everyone here that, basically we did what we want them over by the end, and then, after that I was late. I might actually fucking get this thing. This is while, but that in itself was you're out, was that nearer than I had you, the official I do so. What so weird to me about this process is Lord, is putting now so much time and because he both met with you. Then
came all the way. I saw you, and now he goes with the second shell in ultimately, just for you to audition iodized elders. They don't know what the method was. Was that super weird lit the dynamic of the other people in your improv group like where they like we're, hoping you get now we all men, those guys know, map Eric. They the whole time were just Lake Man was to help. Him They always new and much amount, and the day after my life show so I did my last shown us now that next day I woke up, I call all those guys and hey man. As I say, I'm through that experience in the narrow would happen without United out my love, those guys like the Beatles helping John Lennon.
Taken away for a solemn, yeah very selfless now I would have been doing that. But in my mind I d been link, am also going to steal the show and surprise everybody that I know I like on paper amount beheld, but I most certainly the more com- and I would say so now you get under the show- you ve certainly earned it yet It see were, if I'm, u, I feel, like all shit, I sidestepped a few things. You must have entered with a bit of self doubt at the whole time. There's the whole time they add it wasn't Intel arrive. Fourth season. friend said: hey, you can work as long as you want like as a way to be like. Will you please just relax? I didn't breathe for the first three years pretty much then, as when John Maloney came in as a writer and Simon Rich in these people, and I started, I kind of feeling will more comfortable and then you get to this place. I did those lucky enough
later, like my six or seven season where the audience starts to come to recognize you, whereas before it was always Andy or Kristen or Amy, or these other people, as always supporting these people- and I was very happy to be in that place- cuz I was Learning from watching people like a me and another guy that doesn't get a lot of credits at the Kenan Thompson. I was watching him so like how is he so relaxed? How he's so calm had he gives so much in every performance. It so easy for him. He so not rush to know if he finds laughs and things that aren't there right, like you read it you're like that's, not a laugh, had a keen and just get a laugh out of that, and I would watch that. Ok, how do you do that? For me, I just stood as a learning experience and in really did my first season. I was so terrified him. Any kind of folded, Abed than just kind of, was employed a bit sketches at the table really and my head. It wasn't Intel set, Myers came to me and he could tell I was struggling and he was late. Okay, you know the attire
treat any I did and I gave you should do the show you should make a talk show and I was like everybody does talks cousin, Fuckin works, the representation, all it'll be great, but you gotta trust me on this. Man's launched come in here, right it- you know how nice of him- and so he help me out tremendously, and we wrote the first beneath the Duchy sketch, and we do with it Julia Dreyfus and after we did at the table time, like no one notices that I'm betting zero, yeah right there. I like had a hot stretch when I started and then nothing after we do that scan the whole room. applauded and they ve been noticing dude. He needed that. I just River Seth wrote me a little note at the table and pass it over like good job, for whatever reason that are now that I could article eighty but you're, someone that I think people route for you can tell your car I ain't in you want. I want you to.
good I'll all that disease, so all that anxiety, the nerves, Yoda Panic attack during a sketch yeah fine Julian Assange. Full blown panic attack, as when Jeff Bridges was posting. I'd, love him side now, Is that how you talk to me about? I totally doings idea TAT year and what is it was our semi just said. You know that your buddy, you know, don't fight that power which armor on your body, man around it. Where is working to lay hands grey, was the worst thing of all time like yeah now you're right, because the more you push it the more at all. You up it's almost worthy panic attack to be talk down by an average of they. What happened? What happened with the panic Zactly can breathe, violate you're you're, having a heart attack and what I do- and I did a lot on the show is- I want to put my hand over my face. I just there to put my hand over my mouth
this balls up and Jenna are stage matter, ran up and she's. Next, the Cameron shoes motion me to put my hand down to hand down. You, put your hand of your face, and I this long monologue in some trying to do Julian Assange. But I He put in my hand, always were afterwards sitting down and began to make up, chair and start a crime. I just felt the bad at my job. I just go. Did you for how long and it's happening, I always felt that some people that I was Schubert romantic
I write Rama going over dramatically. I can't go out ass. I just go out. I can't breathe a look at my face. Don't look at my face. It's embarrassing rise super embarrassing area and secure telling writers, like maybe just cut that line. Could I just want to very few lines? Could you wanna be out there very long and want to get in and out, and then I would always get cast as the person running the thing I was always lakelet, then we're back from an over ten debates, and now we have you knows that thing and I just as I can't do it I'm sure droller writers, that's a member for those guys goin on bill. Can't you go out there buyers dolphin do this thing goes! No! No! I can't go to a place where I have to have someone else out their rights and added Elliot Spitzer once and I had at the flu afterwards. It was just me out their Christmas Erigena lines, but it was the elite Spitzer giving an address after it was finished. I start again, fever? Right is written in work myself up and as such a thing and the riders.
I'm sure I would do the same thing if I was unrolling their eyes like a fucking baby. Jesus It was like. I have a prob at my trying to figure out here and at any point were used seeking therapy or anything you. I want a therapy and that was helpful going. What is it that you are afraid of messing up? Maybe that's it, and so I would do little things of if I sit on the queue cards. Hello late. Gentlemen. I will go, ladies and gentlemen, I would do in our just do something that wasn't on it to make bring me I'll. Go you fucked up that were still here. Reading on gonna, like submersion therapy, lay an interesting. I wrote a legit thought that a light would fall. as crazy as that sound lights will fall. At some point, I thought why Someone is running up and grabbing me on Stay Jimmy. Anyone really crazy. They would go. You know that can happen right now, but then we did a sketch. then Bieber, while almost on oh
then our data ghouls, then I go see. Wall almost fell eyes like will, who had been greatness of it, fell and killed him in everyone, be panicking in there be a shot of you smiling. Really. Very. I knew I owe the high rate of appointing an exciting to see. It always is the unpredictability of it, which is what exciting about a yes, but you won't control Vanessa. Now it's like now. Man, you're, building a house of cards and the deck of a speeding boat is impossible. You just gonna go oh man. I can't worry about all the seller stuff and I have held onto that. I think passed ass an hour. It's like I can control my output. In writing, and what creating and how I'm acting in other people's things. I had control that I can control the input, whatever I'm reading watching life, I'm I'm living to an extent who I choose your house and do it my life so decide.
All that on scenario you were the first person nominated for an Emmy on that show sense. Eddie Murphy yeah means so that might be Emmy rules. Stuff too. I think they they change. Don't downplayed is just ass. They were there for eight years. Was there any period of eight years that were joy for always always joy for being with those people being when the show wasn't when I wasn't on right, was having the best time in my life right where you ever able to enjoy a lie: yeah, sometimes is fine, but most times now, while do get sad about that yeah then I would be so real time I will go back to my dressing room and the thing we kill and people will be the plotting and loving the saying like to enjoy this. It was always matter myself that I couldn't let go away and just in the lawyer and you'd have insomnia right. You yeah. I would stay up thirteen Thursday and fell asleep and on Sunday
and you still have a hard times leaving now is always that it was just that it's that show in while, when you ve gone back to host, is that anxiety resume earlier hundred deaths at the last time I hosted Lauren came down like? Can you please just relax and try to have fun tried it fine you own a stage they clearly like you. Will you please just fuckin have a good I am just. Let me have my price, if that is the news is weird part of me, that's like where worked in. So maybe that's just my process, but I will say out back up a bit better did you ever have fun? I will say my last season. We still get very nervous, but I found myself in sketches. Having a bit more fun. owning it a bit more and that comes with just kind of confidence, but I still
having a hard time sleeping. I still would be really kind of jacked up, but I do wonder as well if you had mentally shifted, because so much of that anxiety for me in fear, comes from just broadcasting in the future, like I'm living in the future air in so as you're making your way through us, and now you like, you want to be there for a long time now, and I would imagine at a certain point, even you would have to acknowledge. I did I mean you're, seven yeah, so maybe you could step out of the future, Erin just be a little more president yeah. That was a lot of it. I think also is just being from how I grew up in my personalities, someone that any sort of ambition or anything like you guys, just call me on it of hey. You want item it's like well, they change the my brain, just kind of goes that all abroad,
here was maybe the worst thing you could be worse thing in the world like a b and tall sir, it's a deer gone fuck. You ate her, come on man now, happily bandied sitting next to me and you I got you on every as well. Was either rules word what what was it an m, a woman who was it you? It has gal baron welfare open now and as I really you gimme a break, my home, and so we do you
As you know, and I have to imagine- obviously I would imagine someone like yourself had to have been pretty nervous quitting something that was stable and yeah either I, but I think it was a time or at lady. They feel like it run. Its course you start to realize is a bad thing, but, like life, isn't like this one giant arc, it's like these little many arc chapter. That thing begins and ends and everything and then see you gonna go. It goes the ending of that thing and I'd rather go out feeling in our you in real life, similar to how you were on the show. You have a fair amount of anxiety in life yeah about certain things, but through therapy meditating take care of myself so that helped, as guy a lot better through managing it right, suggest bridges thing of like put your arm around out, battling Madeline Shit, I'm getting anxious and theirs is this thing take the narrative out of if angrier wherever you go. I am so anxious because he got the because unjust, I'm anxious
He's gonna, hold your hand, it's this, be anxious. You just say: well, I'm angry! Then you just go up find it to be angry and you just kind of sit down. Go one angry with don't booked, you're, angry and it'll pass and it'll pass. an angry couple. Things that I admire, but you want is, and I'm curious where this comes from you were Smart Lee happy to play. Many small roles in great movies was added I just wish you made like you- were insuperable- that was my first moments like. Oh, he can act movies cuz. You really never know when you love someone from SNL there's always like the first time you ever seen a movie like how's this going to go, and I was like: oh this guy can do and everything else we did. You have options to lead stuff and just said no, I want to wait. What guided me was just? Is it good or not? You know, and just kind of like I like that
then do that and I remember an agent actually be no pass me off to another raging does cause. I was getting meetings for bleeding things car early, but there were things I was really into. I want to say that the name of the movie was, but there was an agent where I got an email, the email with said. Let me get this straight instead. I've been in blank movies, with blank actor for this amount of money. You'd rather be in super bad, with the I place George Michael arrested, a valid areas for x amount of money, and then I saw that email and
a year, went by and see we're back came out and that movie came out and see rivetted great, and then I replied. Yes, I waited. I waited till the movies came upon. Economic went. Yes, what amount is what it has great, as I wonder if I still have any mail. I do not like us to respond to those that. Yes, I think, because I came into this wind right, indirect and all other things the acting performing it was kind of like I led with like movie nerd. First, normally I'm curious like what actor someone thought they were trying. To become, but something maybe you had more aspirations of like I wanna be a house we are. I want to be. Is there a career that you love, that you kind of? I was always just end of the movie I love reading about when I was in high school reading, about course, AZ and Spielberg. Did you read rare involves re writing balls. You know I read this book
emperor and the wolf about to show him a funny in a characterise our that's. Like nine hundred patriots, I read it. What I might just so in that world, and these guys made these movies at mean. So much to me it was always the movies and the people making them and in so doing they show berry about theater. I know nothing about it, I mean rise. I am always asking them in am I a legit was directing an episode, does passees and I said, you guys are gonna, go between upstage, which way down and they were alike. Are you kidding? I know nothing the plague of Burma Movie nerd. I know I've been doing a multi came for a year and I finally settled the director literally three weeks ago, I'm like I have a camera left camera. I know all that I'm like up and down. I can't get it and eagles. How will the stages to be tilted towards auditing
I was higher and back and learn from, and then once I saw this am I finally fucking had a year and a half later, and so, when you decided to do bury what led to that decision to make that show at HBO I got off ass, an ailing came delay and had nothing, and then I want to find some naked act and impossibly direct and things like that then everybody because it s now just interested in it was mostly television staff right side. To HBO be, and I have an idea, but they had seen me in skeleton. plans- and so we like you and that we will love that a comedy, that's more but comedy drama type bang yeah we're gonna more interested in that. Unlike a sketch thing, there's guy Alec Burg, we thank you, The guilty was really well, and so our can. I just started hanging out and we came up with an idea for a show that sought. Then we worked on for like two months and that we both want this blows. I came up with this.
Saying, and it came out like a lot of good things. I'm learning through. If you go into something really, I'm gonna going to make a show about now the futility of violence, I had read the shooting lessons. You go into it with like. Oh here's, this guy is lonely and looking for a community. All I can relate to that. So is that emotion, if you can let that emotion, yeah, I think, is being a guy watches, a lot of movies and stuff just can't help, but just one feel different. But I look at me. I just southern scale unite three years ago and as I do, I feel like we rip off breaking that's the thing he was like. Oh no Gabor man of late You know what I love about the show is I love anything where you can have violence, that is violent world, violent in minutes sterical. At the same time, that's my favorite kind of mash up here. I think I'm borrowing from Todd
That's what I saw an interview with him on time and they can ask someone his definition of comedy was in for him. It's danger like that's. What is fire is danger and I relate to that. Allow in air. I love that show when it does do violence. It doesn't have it up and it's not super Cutty very stay our word to use its clumsy like no, you seen a fight, it we're its. I would watch fights and life and they never let exciting, as they were in the movie right, but they were somehow more dangerous and terrifying because of the banality, Yes, I remember guys gain the fight once at a party and then the guy laugh, I could see through the window guy got. His aspect walked out with his friend cuz, when what I saw him in the window go was bike and he took out something that was wrapped in a cloth and he started on doing it and I went disguise a gun I gotta get out of here.
there wasn't any music. They came on awry. I gotta see this thing in someone's, I'm in a banal conversation about what just happened and the other guys laughing again eyes for the guy or whatever, and I just like we got a yeah. There was a guy with a knife. He came back with a knife, and but when let a man- and it was this awful thing- but have those moments and after you're out of it you go. I wish I had seen a more like that. Yes, you know, I think people heard what the It was about all this. All this is gonna, be you become a glib thing, violent right? Don't get me wrong? I like their shows they moved by its out for this. It's like a let's make it how effective this game, but it is the true test of directing. I think you certainly had the idea that executed the way that you have, but then doing it for the first time has to be a little bit. addled with like when you were shooting the pilot. Were you like? Oh boy,
Hope I'm right about this, like was an inclination to get funny, or do you think occasionally, like maybe discover my ass and make it make us a little funny. That's a good question! No again it's that thing I was saying earlier like it's about the thing and the way this piece of art sound protection. The way this work is yet to be true to it, you know? I think this is the only way to make it work and Alec Bird, the alpha in ways and maybe the reason I felt a colleague of ours I had Alec they're going right now is good, not that I wasn't walking back to my car. At the end of the day, going light I get everything that was at two insane or was that, whatever you know what what what I learned on the show and still in figuring out is that so much of it as you write it kind of straight. You know, and you figure out the emotions in the logic and you get the story down and then it's almost like doing mystery science dieter with your
material, you're kind of it? Do it so many times in it so serious and laborious that you can't help at start, adding jokes cause you're, tired yeah of looking through. If that helps, I completely agree that exactly how I approach writing this, like I'm, sit down and write a drama always first cause, I'm sure your brain works just wait. You like doesnt matter parenthood, whatever could be the most serious scene in the world in my brain is like Terminator it just like all. I could do that would be funded yeah you have to modulated sometimes- and sometimes you get you just like want to be entertaining cuz. People are tired and they're working hard and so you're like. Oh, maybe if I did this and everyone would laugh, but without a doubt anything that feels false itself, so funny will be looking through takes in its eggs out really bad just go. No to this morning I watch episode five of season to the fight scene. With you Who, in the Judo guy earlier, was so spectacular one long shot in the lung
that goes on. I'm stuck can you get more and more nervous than the great wave is an action scene and Halloween over the dp, and I talked about it as being like. How can we do this in one that feels weirdly not shooting for action, but almost commenting on it and away, and she was like what, if they just going to pass and out of frame and in his just with slow it down in a yeah. It's like the cameras from the point of view of sowing, judging the two of them going like guys so What are you doing? You're not inside of the fight like now generally, are your you're you're very much outside of the five year and you're gonna? Why just watch them get tired, really, quick! or what I like to use you become overly aware of the setting. Therein is again a most action things you're, so inside of everything you don't really think about the environment there and air, but in the way that was shot. I was just like someone's gone
that won't like site. You like theirs as a real how's about to get broken. Is my favorite fight scene of all time is brazen Arizona more. Malta has amazing, I just remember as a kid laughing so hard that he punch through the wall and then pulled a peaceable had from the law? Then he started up just like the destruction of. Operator may always be so funny it out Gavin my first idea who helped a lot with that episode and power. We all this. What kind of feeling. The same thing, which is yeah, says more judgment. We don't like that. It results as even though it is funny yeah trying to get out of this. So, let's shoot this in a way were it to be embarrassing and weird initially, that part was written filling a short bald Guy a hot and they would be revealed at this little pudgy guy could actually do event, but that guy doesn't exist, I still run as it turns out the annual came in and it was like the super good. Looking at first, I was like
John. He everybody things as John here, it's God he came into our casting an oh, my gosh, recasting directors. These higher nice guy in the world. He does an amazing thing in that, were he kicks the stock? I any kicks him and then he Breeze receipt and then he he does a second kick. That's like I mean those kicks. Why we're right? There I mean they were those things are real and he could stop on a dime eyes takes where he would do it, and then it wasn't right for camera and he would just hold his leg up in the air as it this way, and then you can argue want me like this like this is our ok, let's serve, it will go back to one. You know cause is all one shot yeah I was just and then he had a kick me in a grocery store and a dark, and I was so terrified. The director me was going. Let's do this and once you see the kick in the guide duck in her, but the ACT I know,
and as we did, this thing goes: don't you worry I'll stop with one. I wasn't down quick enough and he stopped on a dime right. Next to my head: oh him back down and was likely to go again also yea and yours, you're gonna be fine. Maids was assuring me the time. Are you you're? The only one who could not gonna kick. You here is where you're the one getting coached on how to design is, goes Juno round as doing around ninety. After a reckless exactly I can't even those terrible well bill man, I'm so much forgiving mayor time, an arm the black. I'm so glad that you'd, you pick the route you did in that you're doing your show in the exact way, you'd want to you in an enemy for best community led last year from using a nominated for three for producing directing writing. So that's so great thanks and I hope that
You are enjoying a thanks man or these working towards enjoin, and yet I am that you enjoy. There's really. I honestly do condemn ok face, but we'll come back and talk to a half way. This is the last I base evil. They too are there. Now we are support goodbye, zipper, screwed up now, zip recruiter, favorites Osmond, so long since I've been able to sing eleven listen higher is a dry. I know we just had an expert on the man he was talking about. You got a fine, talented people that are smarter than you to help build and it so hard to find great employees, but not with zip recruiter. There's one place: Ugo were hiring a simple, fast and smart. A place were growing. Businesses connect to quality candidates, the places Zip recruiter D.
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come to the fact check, Monica well Day, four of our vague k and we were working on a little bit. I'm ok! You worked a lot a bit on vacated. I bet it's a beautiful, backed up for work, Beautiful Lake Michigan personalities, guys like delegate. Why I tell you this, but you some deeds are coming back the care of me and I'm sure you'll have a good time for the care being one of great time go to one of the great lakes. We can have a great time. The reason you let go cause you were doing aware voice where I was doing the bit. in the water for by our new. I found it funny for about six of the minutes. The idea that was a long time should be invested. Absolutely, I would say, the bid only had about three minutes a legs yeah, but you know sometimes you find a second year around minute thirty of talking about the great lake as a signal when yeah in hang in long enough. For that second wind, it looks like the ocean. I said that I think maybe
you are mistaken or you lied to me right, you're, pretty certain. It is the ocean, the despite the fact that we can see Chicago from the crows next week the last night, we watched a series of thunderstorms role in off the lake. It was like funder overture cargo here and then about four miles from also going crazy. I was really cool. It's nice on this. Now I must set EAST coast. That's not where we are well in the Midwest West made far EAST, our quite in a dramatic, display of light static electricity. We saw a few Oh laudable tier turn nostalgic for me and you yeah. I was home It would turn into a super cell. We see a big old, funnel cloud dropped down and suck up some of that sea water. Sir, are you gonna turn ADA onto turning? I love em eaten, stay loved or NATO's. They helped by love Tournay, as I'm one of these people. That fantasize would mean a storm chaser, a lovely in that whether system,
I filmed one rain. I were on a motorcycle trip and we had to Poland. Via Doc. Under Highway in South Dakota and one rip I'd overhead, run in my video camera out. Other South Dakota folks were born out of your mind like we were so exe I did bring. I we're alone crazy. Some about the barometric pressure of everything, looks yellow all this and was so excited to be experiencing it? And then all the folks from South Dakota, reducing their car under the viaduct nearly fall asleep such a regular, Their use to. He saw how crazy billion a year, Haider what a cool dude, ghoul dude loose mood. You describe Oh, I wouldn't described mental loose mood, no note of his charm, as that is not really in a loose mood. Now. He talks about that. Obviously everyone's hurt by now, but the anxiety that wasn't for pushing through all there, because it sounds overwhelming I now in it, was a special
about on s now, he did that for so many year, jail almost a decade. and you never know I mean I didn't know. I have no idea until I heard him talk about alone, h terms, funny cause. You know he breaks la, like he laughs alive, that's connected to the anxiety, but it seems like always just like loose and fine in a loose mood is analysed, merely lot. It offers. No, we don't know about it. Well, as people have loose delighted here, I think so. I think it can often lead to harness area speaking which raccoon assaulted, the Dac last I missed it. I won't have after the right can recoup had put one waned, one plop down and then harness Ria Stairs Jake's. We fear eyes, because I had left zip like bag next to the grill o thou that salmonella, probably in that recurs in eight, that maybe bag
Oh, he aided and then quickly, Sir Germany, liquefied o, knows our theory. We don't now share good there, so you ve got you know a bag of old chicken water. Yeah, ill ill undeserving, workin man that poor guy he thought was really hit the jackpot. He has a veto, live around raccoons in you to see him on tv and cartoons, yet poor guy. But if you ve grown up brownrigg their pesky little fuckers dummy ray, you. You have story. among them a back seat at my Pontiac now my pony kettle you never got out of high school. I pull up to my house. I sprinted inside left the door open as you had diarrhoea. No, I heading of my work close on and then I had the bolt over to Troy ass. They left the door open Then I get my car of driving down the road, and I hear of this paper. Russell unromantic seeks I'm like driving an putting my hand over the back of the sea.
In trying what's blown round back their port to gas station, a growth pact smokes before it the work in right, as I put it in park, a term I had left to open the door to get out in the fuckin raccoon on their head raised in its a sizeable raccoon and eyes. Glowed rose in panic. I mean it was so close to my face. Oh my kind- and I just looked at me and then it jumped down out the window into the gas station parking lot and just put it away and still have somebody's gas. You probably got a pack of smokes himself or the rascals. I think they smoke is very scary. That's a big pop I'll, probably the biggest real life pop out. I've ever had a key move. You didn't scream. I know you were panicked, but I would have screamed so allowed out of just cheer jumping. I dont think you would, I think, went to where you go to like when you die no
we'll see, pray. They stay Dan still because your eyes react to motion. I was just frozen froze in coming out does the Higgs giving yeah just I didn't want to move or make a noise gazette. There was going to lash out of my face with its claws and teeth. Oh my yeah, we're lucky. You could have been totally disfigured you're. So look I'm just and then for card carry member of Peter. You don't like this tape. I don't mind if I gave a raccoon diarrhoea, just where my history was in the room, so many camping drips, they'd iron, down arts, although we any damn thing or clearly bellied salmon about now is now water air- a couple things so that story reminds me of the season. One finale of Veronica Mars. My favorite shows what happened was walking. No, She was driving it. Basically, the bad guy pops up for you
sitting in the Barents Sea, and I think about it, so often when I'm driving at night, then I'll look in the rearview mirror and murderers be the air right in was that this was the first time you never seen that on a tv show A movie was era. Why was that? very well worn trope. Aren't you don't know it was, but it was the most effective yeah. It's the one. You think a warning driving in the evening. I think there all the time all while yet very scary. Secondly, the probability me being right about being diarrhoea. Ninety five percent are you getting out of your car and running an o, most likely you're doing that? If you have diarrhoea Yo Yo, I don't drink the level of costs am I use that I do now? That's got a lot to do with my little store. I'm sure my chronic and persistent, I'm sure it is puffy. Is a big globally
dean. Nicotine is dire erratic. You invite both those ingredients to dance and you're. Still. My colleague is then you're gonna have a problem in your pants. ok anyway, so bill. We talk about you, held the story. Are all story about you saying I was a baby sitter and may not liking it? You think that you said you and your baby sitter retry exe. See, but I think shrewd shrouds yeah. I think it was short, because we were talking about the day before and you take my creativity and opening up your mind telling their pretty compelling doubt of it says you share ermine, increase and creativity here that yeah though I know many people who done trims should I'm sorry they just don't seem creative to me, bought or a more creative than they would have been just don't now made they went from zero to appoint wine
owing to my reminds me of George Zimmermann's fitness of sugar, I still remember their George Zimmermann Trail on Martin Dry trial. They put George Zimmermann's personal trainer and the witness stand, and they asked to evaluate his level of physical fitness out of ten. He thought about it very sincerely for thirty seconds and then is- and I would say, point five of king yeah cup. we fought under oath. He said that I think someone paralyzed- the neck down as a zero yeah in here he's a point: five yeah. If I had a trainer- and he evaluated me to be a point- five physical fitness out of ten- I would be Humiliated- was he doing that to help him he was doing
to say he there's no way he could of defended himself yeah. I d have to shoot em right now know. Well, that's not hot read to me. I didn't seem like this train or white to him he's not a likeable guy and on top of the obvious stuff he also just doesn't have award winning personalities is adult. He's been arrested on twenty times sands. Yeah, I'm exaggerating Why not know the exact number of times has been arrested, but he has been run only get sued by duly Alzheimer men lying home a fucking dog yeah yeah. Ok, said you didn't know anyone from Tulsa and that there's not allowed Tulsa, sir. Oh, a hard thing to passengers, but there are four hundred and one thousand, almost four hundred in two thousand people and also of the Roma yeah into thousands, seventeen
Well, I'm sure it's going on. I don't think there has been a mass exodus now, no, no, no! No, how many people are in LOS Angeles, we'll gets tricky because you ve got the three county area that generally what's included like New York City has nine million people, oh in we have twelve million, but in the three counts carry it out, but our actual city population things more like six, it's less than New York cities help but still much more than Tulsa drastically Maria, so Tulsa still doesn't have very many people. Yes, it's a sob million. You know some now what we in Cleveland and they had around three hundred and eighty thousand or so It was ok, small mom and Tulsa smaller than Tulsa, where detroiters just under million armies atlantic- I don't know- I would guess-
Indeed, the Lana, I'm gonna go that guess of one point: eight million people lobby wobble by internet all right here. I will get two point. Three. Ok, listen! If you want good internet go to the Bahamas as you want, and great internet dont come here, four hundred eighty six thousand into those in seventeen
Why am I not right? Maybe that's talking about, whereas a tiny, tiny, little downtown area about much polton area here both to the search for ya. You are probably geographically very timely area that natural five point: nine Hutton who you I knew Lease Nike is five point: nine arrive at a nice piece of popular now, there's so much traffic. It couldn't be small beer be obedient to drive through the city, s ruin off on ok, so he gets Migraines YAP. My mere so older theories about migraine suggested that symptoms were possibly due to fluctuate and blood flow to the brain. Now many headache researchers realised that changes and blood flow of blood vessels dont initiate the pain but may contribute to its current thinking. Regarding migraine, payments moved more towards the source of the problem as improved technology and research have paved the way for a better understanding today. It is widely understood that chemical compounds and hormone such a Sarah, Tony and Astrid, and often play a role in pain, sensitively for migrants. Sufferers who one aspect of migraine pain theory, explains that migraine pain happens due to waves of activity by groups of excitable brain cells. These,
trigger camp all such a Sarah toning, too narrow blood vessels serotonin as a chemical necessary for communication between nerve cells. It can cause narrowing of blood vessels throughout the body when Sarah tune in our estrogen novels changed the result for some as a migraine. Territorial levels may affect both sexes, while fluctuating estrogen levels affect women. Only bouck ochreous dying, some trigger Ok does trigger warning to the audience here. Her come some actual triggers yep stress. that makes sense. Biological and environmental conditions such as hormonal ships or exposure to light or smells fatigue and change in one sleep pattern glaring or flickering light per. Whether change is certain food and drink. That's a lot of scope to avoid is really everything
just described planet or again. I think they clearly have figured out of a narrow down at all now gotta be so frustrating to suffer from migraine. Let that be your answer. Well, I could be changing whether the yeoman come on anything Strasse, which has always been an answer to every single ailment. They, like, ok, listen thing. We can do the only way to go, pain free to leave your entire life in Us Sensory deprivation chamber tank with I ve of effort at greens to keep you all here. That's the only way you could not feel pain. Well now, because I think I would be stressed out if I was in that for a long time, because I feel like what is happening out, air and I saw the thing out in your ivy pig- will also be putting some kind of benzene of an some kind of tanks and then we'll heavier stressful,
and am painfully every time is a migraine pain. I wanted to just be my Pangaea. Iran was a nice rhyme. Migraine pain, migraine pain, but not elaboration or on a monarchy notice. Regular right is irregular words but they re that's true romance in rein, no pain, no grain, that's what Obi yeah Are you doing today? Well, no pain, no grain or you can put their identity. No grain no pain, that's better than to be one of the commercials for the migraine. Medicine. Ok, no grain, no pain. I wonder of people would get it no now, but it's a nice direct for the people who knew they would think it was an advertisement for polio diet, like no grain, nope. I really do think it was grain, but he would think it was obvious thing. I like what it is grey matter, how short version of my room-
you said Unwrapped blockade, a ball, glared is not a word, was check of unwrapped like ball, honourable Kabul, you know that you know that word. Of course, in me insane. It incorrectly is honorable why? Don't you get a yankee? Can't there were no around the world is also on replicate about how you do it gets Was an unruffled combines the raising of reputation, shun revocable. Didn't you have a reputation? That's great! Yes, They have a fine, but only through meeting some these strangers. On the progress of I deduced, I do have an ok reputation. Adam Polly, was on there's a couple different comedians at a young girl. My claim I thought I was a hack and was terrible couple of em said no we will you worked with and they like emails. I that's nice to hear yeah yeah, but could say to your daughter or sun, like oh, don't date them they're on replica sounds like a bit
reputation and then that you had to say dad you're, no use in our right we'll know I'd say until they can clown, I'm saying it correctly there. Honourable ok, so that's actually positive signal. You will die each day that guy he's rapporteur ball his two special for you is on applicable and unrecognisable. You don't deserve Bab, that's whoa whoa whoa. It was quick there weren't many bags. I mean I might have missed some. Ok, I'm sorry! If I did, I don't think I did, though don't apologize for perfection former applicable. Very on becoming a replica when it really sounds like marbles in the mouth saying. Let me hear you hid. It went on replica yeah, that's all Macedonia, car accidents, your mouth but Mark and chewing gum thing: mass love! You what's double down,
This may k and really rage and hard our eye. Ok, all right! Now, nine nine,