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2018-05-14 | 🔗

Bob Mervak is an American pianist, vocalist, songwriter and studio writer. He sits down at his keyboard to share some music and conversation with the Armchair Expert. Bob discusses his childhood best friendship with Kristen Bell, the experience of composing a movie score and what it was like to play music for George Clooney. Bob talks about the importance of enjoying music regardless of its technical proficiency and Dax serenades us with a very blue rendition of Silver Bells. The two question whether young platonic relationships are possible, they unpack how to navigate jealousy among friends and Monica deems Bob the most talented person she's ever met.

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Hello. Welcome to the armchair expert aimed at Shepard and today we're going to speak with Bob Merv AK. Bob Merv ACT is my wife, Kristen Bells best childhood friends or one of her best childhood friends and we came to know each other about ten years ago through Christian, and I discovered quickly that Bob is a musical genius of finance and he increased and used to perform together in high school for higher at funerals, weddings, all kinds of weird stuff. You could probably get them out to just about any event for about a hundred bucks and die. I then worked with Bob. The movie hit run, which I made in two thousand twelve and down he's just a genuinely wonderful person, and I thought you might be of interest to all of you, because he is special and gifted and we get to him sing and play the piano it's really fun. Armchair export is brought to buy our sponsors. Sleep number
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like this old industrial, but that was it- was a war maximum, so you're you're rolling Welcome to the armchair expert. I have a very fun surprise for myself and for you, my friend bomber back is here from Detroit Michigan. He was visiting in so I'm forcing him to do this. He's gone: play a song for his right out of the gates, he's too modest to admit this, but he has a very bad cold. I might even call it a flu and he's going to push through that for our auditorium. He's gonna place, play song that I requested and without further ado.
I want a real ready to sync your dinky, let her proud, I can say the flu You lose your daddy. Who did he go all alone, I got a bad. the little girl is. He could see, link any do two things that I do. Can see you
yeah Sometimes it's like somebody took a nice agenda. Could a six is valley through the middle homeless? and away with the sheet silken wit in a free treatment in the middle of March, My desire, No,
yeah since nerves. It's like some of my baby is even though in kurdish citizens value to them must go. Wake up, was a sheet sober with air freight train runs through the middle of a new. Madison
yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I totally wilder who is only happens to me when I see Kristen saying I think you ve made me cry what you say: what He rang out she's got a worthy to like you, and I share this. We lover and
you know you can't help but be like so proud of her. When she does this thing, she can do so well, there's some so beautiful about it Fisher, yet rights and she does. And she doesn't do it may laugh now, always what I mean the whole time since, since our success of always gotta wondered like when you going to do more with that thing, when yeah secret weapon, I've been with her for ten and a half years have probably seen her sing live, seven or eight times all every time, just completely Moreover, this water were really yeah. I dont get up where's the like vocally- be sobbing examined on this about seven, but I am definitely welled up. Did she get nervous about it always nervous about it. You nor an dams is doesn't mean she would do for me at home. And she sings around the house, but never like you know, a hundred percent go for ever and I get to the stage of being onstage and all that does amplify the whole experience
But as I just said that the reason you love her too is, I know you because you and Kristen were childhood best friends or bodies that accurate What else did you might say so tat she was a year behind these? Are we met in the tenth grade and she was an end. We, we hung a little bit in high school, but honestly was until she went off the college. I think I, this really jealous your friend and high school right. Yes, I've heard within one side you have you have you heard of it? absolutely momentarily area too much and so yeah in dumb. First, I think probably she hates me Susan and, secondly, also an intimidating best friend for your boyfriend haploid in high school. I would think that's uber q and you guys performed a ton together. That's not something you in your
problem with doing. I can't imagine you know that really is a matter of fact. Kristen did a post about me when she went on Harry Conic, show and uninstall ground said: hey this one's for you, because I d lies here: Conic Junior yeah and she said my friend and I used to get together sing songs in high school. I don't usually scroll through the comments, but I did happen to see this boy common. This one guy said are yet your best friend was trying to get out Friends are clear: they gave accuse you of that prior to material ill. I mean how do you know she's not trying to get out of the friends of all ok, yeah sure as I came to know you more, you guys really don't have an attraction, but my argument to her was because I think pretty black and white about these. These male female ocean, to a fault soil. So do I that's the thing and its unconventional, but unlike if, if you, if you want to go with it, but I go look not while I'm Bob, I'm Bob you know you're, you weren't, school together we perform Alla time together on earth. Did Bob
I have sex with the ideas of animals and positively, but again, as I came to know you much better, and I know I do ok. Well, yeah, listen! The basic levels unify had sex with anyone attractive as in high school. Yes of course, but but you weren't actively preoccupied trying to at her. Not to my knowledge is this way Emmy on how this would be great if we exposed by the way, I could give us less if you had been trying to better. But so you guys were really close in high school in a couple of things that I found very humorous about. Your history was that you guys used to perform at funerals right. Where are usually beyond our own, says there, but yet it yeah do remember that pretty by the way I'm prepared unprepared for you to Kabul should on almost every story known as you are, that around area, you might remember, funerals better than me right I hope there were some few. I know we did so because we want a catholic school. So there is a lot of church loved church eggs to be had. I remember her her baby barrette,
I had a crush on her and in government, and then I started dating that the young other right and it was one hundred. It was what Kristen was out of town and I think she went out of town with her family for a weakened in and then the girlfriend moved in, ok and also view things like those high school. Here's what does like they are known for a girl, and she went on its Avril forty two hours than events in Iraq, genes Van of a fruit fly right as Ike Oda killed for the scale but she's in northern Michigan Nazism, cat a wagon muskets random misgiving everywhere for a lot of Michigan shrugs that no one has were offer Michigan, yet rough riders exit, sixty nine big Beaver writers and ABC warehouses I like to think ABC: warehouses, a national team, but but so you get me in there now is. It is it of Bee aside from the bar rats, you guys immediately start talking about music. We were in wearin musical together at some point.
How is the allegation that movement and under the guys, I can't remember- I can't really remember the first time we talked or anything like that. I think I remember girls. Kind of being. I think they were kind of jealousy remembers that I remember they were Sansom Saint. Some shit get us. If I can say is upon us, we gave you, can you can say shit, we cabinet shit. Ok, if you want to say ass, we prefer you say a whole. Can I say, Earl Quota, you could say worldwide other that's the ass, a scientist they were? They were talking of group about resting rats? Ok, they're Billina, like loses grower baby breast perhaps at the time, but in so I think. Maybe I was kind of stand office for awhile, because girls were jealous of her, so she was sort of like you know. We should be talking to this programme. Something like that arose was, but re everybody was jealous ever thing very threatened by Christopher I'll see. That's that's refreshing the here because
again, I only hear everything through her filter and we are so diametrically opposed in general that when she says that seems employ I was able to me I go well. Maybe that is how it worked at Catholic spread right, but I do I find it hard to believe that she would have been pretty an super. Talented and people will just been. So supportive of head in high school at random little bit threatening now, I think so. I think I don't think I suffered that in high school unionism. Super good lawyer and I kind of whereas she's at TAT. I am a bit of a mute non Oda mean US girls, you in high school well, usually they get I've if we are to believe the movies they get pissed at one point: they destroy the humanitarian and they gotta get whisk away to like a special powers. School rats
What kind of a willow in high school is willow? Usually willow the little person your movie Warwick Davies, they break noise, astounded by your knowledge of actors names. She was home, coming clean right upon world Davis, yet Diane Warwick what I don't remember. A measure of her release, load She was at least our report romilly. While she number one I don't know, I think you gotta get nominated beyond at those. People are like yeah. If you make it on the court, you clearly youth Eve jumped over a lotta hurdles. If I've, I know she wasn't number one. I think I do need to rethink the whole relationship. When did you start playing music Bob Dylan as a kid my mom started me on piano, which we had appeared on house. What would as a kid at six years old five, five four, I you know- I mean that's as far as I can remember. I remember she taught me sentimental journey. She liked me little bells
then there was the son we debts to my mom and dad. Is it something that you liked right away or something you fell? Oh you did. You didn't feel a lot more to you. The practicing and everything no practising always feels like homework to me a little bit. Actually, I think it was more or the practicing that I'm supposed to do yeah cracks in the technique and practicing but just sitting down a jam and are either of your parents musicians. My dad plays the guitar a little bit. He was an abandoned. High school is back on the gestures, of course in college, sure and treatment. Sadly, inhabited monkeys covers or something and my mom second inquires, ISAF. My mom amount Glade affair. She got voiceless and Duke Ellington sang in this. Do you believe that I do I do. I know you by the daily said I didn t know just that. He believed the right, because my mom gum as this is my number one lady, but there are some stories as I've gotten all their I'm like. Is that really happened? I'm so I'm just curious
You know what are the odds, your mom, really why faltering spoke is outlined the dynamic, but while this other thing about it. If you're from Michigan like we both are, Everyone knows someone who was in Bob Seegars banned or are you not claims to have been in Bob Seekers ban at some point in its efforts to meet the twentieth person, who's been Bob seekers bandages, The little suspect right right. I had who our landlord withdrew Abbot, who was the original guitarist of a silver bullet? Oh really then they all the old Roman Birmingham right they did yeah. And I had to step yet who claimed heap. He played their problem, but they were classmates, impairs. I've met Leonardo Light out of that. Specifically The problem here is a real step and then a story off topic, but then my best childhood frontier weekly. He had east step dad. I'm never actually wed, but you know he claimed
struck out Kurt Gibson and Little easy either of these regional liking lies that are pretty common. Moreover, the out because, because you wipe and all these things off the list, as I believe alleges assume for it for the time being that she did train to killing him. How did that even come about if she was singing in in a choir at you? You ve called the Dodd large chorus and large was kind of a man. Tat is kind of like the is kind of like the the coral guru details like a perfect way to be a winner in a loser all the same to Russia, and then he was asked to do a gas. Cancer or he was asked to supply the choir more gospel cancer. The Duke Ellington was doing guys is this the semi nor more black sea region. She sang in the dollar, chorus and so shareholder aside, said: you're our peer, your flat here, you're perfect. I think he's kid got like five minutes. That's going that so
so, as you know, it's it's nothing. It's not super brag with about, but it is like the fact that you are in the same room with Duke Ellington yeah, whose arguably you know one of the top five musician eyes when injury on I'm just theorizing now. But I do think when people meet people like that, like a Duke Ellington in their childhood, somehow it does break. A barrier, Riga, like oh I've, actually seen this person in three d of touch them. So this is something that's possible. Yeah lickety. I hear a lot of stories of successful people who who did have a run him with somebody. They idolized we on and then somehow realising they occupied the same time and space. Is this person made that the goal maybe more attainable? So are you? The type of kid is, in my experience, the kids in my school that were like Virtuosos Qatar. They were pretty recluse.
Cause acquiring that talent requires you sitting your room by yourself and get weird right there. Were you doing that or you that kid I was doing it. One of six kids with people all over the middle child. It was hard to get. It was hard to get a loan yeah yeah third of six kids. So it's hard to get along with. I would do it with them all around and, and I would get told to stop a lot of the time It was because, because jackets, I wonder if that helps they'll building up some kind of confidence in it are we getting vulnerable it performing in front of me right simply go the problem, lonely where you could prove yeah. I was yeah right and they brought him like a few employees are so fuck you mean to each other. They were pry, saying the worst the people most. In my mind, that was the way regional driving eyes and she was the one who was whose pushing me to learn the most but I'll be in the kitchen just like I can't take it anywhere willing, but with other with fire. The kids run around us too, like if you never naked alone, you're getting a pretty.
I'm not all be a negative for people's. That's right, you guys after we also need in front of each other Ella siblings. This is the only way as my brother and I never were. We were, or you are gas it we're gonna eared man like we get out of the bathtub, and I think that we could have used some direction. Everything that is like a baby, sitter colorway arouses nuth everyone. I can tell you that private wearisome mama my brother, and I ever shared was he you know he had beat me up daily my entire life accedes five years older than me and then we hadn't thought for a while ass. He was now nineteen and I was fourteen any and moved out, but he was how sitting when my mom was out of town and There is the morning of this. My our big basketball game are crosstown rival, basketball game. So I was like playing metallic. Upstairs he's downstairs with his girlfriend. Apparently their sleep, renewed cacique guns upstairs and tell my bedroom, and he says you get a fuckin turn it down and now.
My you know, you're not my past anymore, you know and that you know One thing leads to another: we get in this huge fight in his tail comes off in the middle of the fights please bear naked and I'm wearing a suit, because when we had a wig games in Basque, what you had to his school, so I'm fighting no full sudanese bear naked- and I remember like getting distracted by seen his penis in his pubic era, and then I ultimately one that fight, which was the first time ever beat him, and it was such a great way to go into this. This very important matter Logging in any way is that he was new and then he I finally led him up from the bed. Exit had ended a high water bed, I ve been to Mama Waterbed and then I let him up and he had to get up bear naked and then he had crossed the room. Kid that's awful. Who put it as he was putting those tat back on. He said you know who won even those very rare earlier who want but would yeah? I just remember very awkward about the fact that my brother was naked in front of me,
I guess we didn't have a dad in the knowledge that we were as either the urgency like were full grown men make it right, but as I guess what most boys, do they really asking those be like, like I've, gotta beat up the sky naked and with the other guys I kind of beat up his naked guy, that's kind of who is it worth? yeah. Nothing was grave, rather was state armchair expert. Dare so Monica you are the producer of the show. I'd say two technically you work for me. I do and I dont know how I would have found you if not through the way. I did find you, which is your friends with our friends. We became friends prison our like this persons, a genius she's, very ambitious and hard working. Will you work for us yeah? Do you recall it you? Can you confirm that? That's what happened yeah, you guys were little misguided in
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I heard you saying, and I thought you were just incredible and you'd be plain and our living room, sometimes just by yourself and I be eavesdropping, and I and I always love it and then, when I did hit and run, I asked you hate: could you reinterpret the song hot ROD Lincoln right yeah? I was a good moment yeah good about the year, and I just kind of asked you out of the Blue Europe Michigan like hey, could you is there any way to make hot rod Lincoln cool, and sent me like three versions and then one version it just blew. My fucking mine everywhere. We realise yes, so great, you don't remember it! now. I know I don't remember. I remember the words. I remembered something like yeah? That's all. I remember that I remember that stuff you, you made the super cool version of hot rod Lincoln, and then we got an early trailer of the movie too that song and then we took that Ipad around and that's how we sold it rain
actually? It was so inspired an awesome and then he's done that I asked you. If you would score the movie, which you had never none Miss was this was rife for disaster, because I had not directed a movie where I had I address one of the movie, but there's no score in the movie ignore. Had I done scoria. Nor, had you a score, so I dont have the tools to communicate with you. What I need, I also don't have the that the musical vocabulary saw. I can only say to you, like I want it like out of sight, but also like you know, Willie well and then I want this. Do you not, for me, very hard moment in the movie making process, because I dont speak the language you know I can tell actors, I can talk to invented, for I mean that's. Ninety eight percent of the gig It was the right solution of union lost in a language anyway, yeah So then, you and I set out on this this project to score hit and run.
Which was a really really fun process total? And how is it from your vantage point. I was, I was excited about it and I was nervous about it and maybe you said, hey man, I love what you do with our Lincoln and I love you too. As I love you too, to teach you to take a crack at the whole thing in of course. Yes, you know I'm like nobody wants to hear man. That's gonna be hard on the river sir, so I got a phone call. My body cold, from fairly and he came and live with me for two weeks in recorded everything a high. We didn't, he had some actual technical train. Oh yes and movie scorings he's a victory right killer, engineer anywhere. To you see, I think, for fur his graduate workin for in film composing. It yeah he's a good, a lucky thing.
Happen to know him right yeah. I mean, I know a lot of guys like that, a lot of engineers, because because my engineering is so mediocre that a company to have them around snuff right but coltan is one of the accountants. You're. The best engineer I know, is amazing and many, many south any so on so unsuspecting about it. He's gets in there and he does it in and he got a better mix in my living room. Then then anything ever heard. In fact, I said we set over walls of hate yeah, that's my favorite thing in them, yeah really like that yeah and if you ve seen it run. This is the moment were Bradley drags a guy along the sidewalk with a leash we had and my friend came into play drums on that he was blocked,
it was like. I showed him the scene was they know it? Have you seen you know it's funny about that scene? Is I haven't really? I don't think I've heard too much criticism of that. But I did or my mother in law I'm parenthood that the woman, whose plain my mother in law, who I came to have just the greatest relationship with an she. You know felt comfortable left him. To say to me, use it's a little. It's a little dicey that you basically lynch a black guy. You rightly puts a limit around my eyes and I will hear but here was my defence of the whole thing- was that scene had been written because I stole it. I stole that scene, piecemeal from a a tv show written in the tv show it was a white guy was set North Carolina and he had like one of those bright orange tank tops of these weightlifter dude. You see it at our lack of
The hill, so my mind was always gonna be a white guy. So I write the scene with a white guy. I'm not thinking of any of the implications of of of you know putting something ransoms neck in in nothing in it Lynching correlation. So I get to the moment when I've got it now cast this role. Why need a guy, that's humongous, who can also jump in the air six feet? then fall on his back right. So my son, mainly says- oh my god, I have the perfect for you. The Duffy Brothers, have you ever heard of these guys their humongous and there are super athletic in their stunt guys and they can act. So I am. I audition, one of them in a hotel room. I applaud this guy here, come in the weirdest circumstance of fuckin audition in my hotel room, why we were shooting and he was gone, and I was so excited to give him that part again and had no point. My thinking of any racial implications of this, but then, when you do see the movie, it's very easy to draw that kind of conclusion.
You know, my friends as I would have, rather of hired that guy who are in that role in whatever you sure you can think what you think him I can live with, that, I don't think anything of it, but I was afraid show your black damages very rare right. We tried a lot of different stuff with that and we try to lotta goofy stuff. There are moments when I have. I ever saw video somewhere. Where were you? U yours, you here is just kind of like killing over and lavender, and now, as we tried stuff like that kind of thing we're like this, getting strangled and dragged down last year.
Is like an early that would allow me, I know different set of rising out of tat night down. Another thing it's like, I don't think I think is, but we sent that track over to your engineer at the time and he was so pressing issues like where'd. You record this. What MIKE's did you use bubble bottles like this MIKE in my living room and that's the kind of stuff coltan sonneteer? stuff he can do. I mean you can just take yeah. You can take a lemon of Deborah caution in particular, and that song kills off the charts it's right and we ended up reusing. I think we use it over the title. What was also use. Somebody got the Detroit Police Department got a hold of that movie and they really like that song in the used it there was this viral Youtube Series of police departments all the country doing the running man. Oh really tat. Now I gotta and I presented a word from the detail,
chief police? Are you haven't got a bad ass Arap moi, you virtually on the department? Yes and they loved that mandate. They foes the greatest yeah So that was a very fine experience worth and then, We also made a really cool version of the chips theme song early on I say: can you cannot do that you can you? Can you do the bomber back magic and make this chips on you made that chips on? We then found out that the that the writing but arrive. Aren't they wanted five hundred thousand out for that and then, ultimately, I e in iron hark where'd. You felt about it, but I was in a very awkward position of you had scored, hit and run with with my friend Julian was, who also did some songs for it and, happens when you do a studio movie, vapor, quickly say Heres a list of twelve people. You can have composed the movie where they ve done movies for us in the past. In so
hidden familiarize yourself with them and you get to pick on, but that's it! You don't get to bring your compose herself. I ultimately felt very guilty that I wasn't than able tall for you that job is focusing I feel terrible about their. I feel terrible about that. I feel terrible about not being able to use my editor from it run. Oh yeah! No, I really were bombed about that one's even sadder, because I had gone in there and they said you eminent arrested, yes Keith and they said gray, and then they did not tell me until two days before we started shooting. Oh by the way you can have key he's not done any movies for us, and so you need to pick from this list. So I actually to call Keepin say I e this job. I told you you have now don't have raised fucking heartbreaking. I hated it. I get it. I mean I want to use my own boots for everything everybody wants to It's just a more of a corporate virginal using your own. Do everybody wants to use their own look. I can make their argument Eric make mine in their argument is, is very simple there, showing Twenty five million dollars they ve been fought royally in the past and they have a bunch of people that have delivered for them in the
There's only so much risk there when I, take on, and so you and fighting other battles. And you're gonna win. If there's twenty battle, you know you're gonna win. Maybe three items you gotta pick, which ones usually it's gonna be cast. You know you're gonna fight for an actor. They don't want. You're gonna spend a lot of capital doing that and then you can call an hour later and go I'm not doing the movie without bomber back right, yeah silver issue. It is very stressful to have not been able bring everyone who I loved working within hit run. I got to bring some people, but I didn't bring everyone. I met a lot of great people too, so that s really cool, and so you, you and Christian, are performing in high school and you guys are making money right, you're getting paid, yeah yeah, you know whatever were anal. Fifty bucks, a aha
I read you some of them had a high school like high school in the nineties. Fifty bucks yeah, I saw a whole week any other good time, you're hot wife yeah you super. However, I never on directives, and when do you start when you, when you start loading up enough gigs where you go? Oh I'm gonna be able to do this professionally. That's a good question as I started go. I I think I started looking music, it was half way through high school of some on, and I want to do that whole thing and you got into one in New York, but you didn't go. Is that data wherever I gotTa Berkeley out ass? They got it and got a partial scholarship to Berkeley audition. For that I think the time is thirty grand a year, my person at the other twenty five game right or they really meant partial when they
partial there, only in a pay five land of Ev Ry Grant us gave you gotta get a bit that on world other. Oh really, I wanted to study jazz. I don't even think Berkeley. Berkeley does really any classical concern, but that was all I had done leading up to that, and I think I actually went into this jazz additional later. Your attitude and no, I think I did all right. I will I mean I got five grand right earlier. A thousand hours of crude oil. There, like a sixteen percent scoured here, but the numbers are not always the address was held to audit has really nervous yeah yeah. I was really nervous and the and I don't think I know what I want to do. I don't think I know what I want. I saw that are going into jazz Wednesday in Detroit, and I had kind of this matter there. Their kind of ST me out just theory in harmony, and I knew that I loved that harmony and I and I didn't know how to make it happen.
A high end and I to steal your favorite who your favorite jazz pianists. I was obsessed with America. Junior. He was caught, you gotta my gateway into it, and I think sometimes you know there are a lot of music nerds whore who are. Maybe quick to write him off because he's not one of the old deeds echoes the finest pianists alive. I mean well practically raised by the Marseilles, as were the first family, as a lawyer went than ours yeah. He heard the real deal Edna, and so I think you hear a lot of his influence. My playing allowing over from the outside, not again having no known musical education, to me I was like. Oh, I see disguise kind of a throwback he's got like a gimmick right and then I took a jazz history class in Santa Barbara. And I had to watch these videos of his concerts and when I saw him play the drums outside holy shit, z, eyes, like a fuckin from Your drama is, I got job he eyes. An incredible drummer in
and you know, when you hear other legends kind of talk of him than you guys, like. Oh it, as you just said, he's pride, the best whereat living penis yeah, you and christian share a favorite Eric, Son. Oh yeah! Well, I don't know that's my favorites I would like in high school. We were really under that I gotta get more into his style, and that was the one he played for her on the shoulders and I'll take you played in twenty years or so, but it will you still crush it. Oh yeah he killed hours, yeah he's also good luck and he's got a he's incredibly charming days out of it nor lens access. Oh my god. He must have really had an easy way of things. Is actually get relaxing psyche. Gaza stays with like No, I get more into his and it's more of his staff He does this. He does this thing
he gets into that New Orleans, yeah see their love the Isle of the normal again, I'm such a lay person that, from my perspective, your attend- as a musician and then there could be anything more repugnant than being asked to write yourself, but because I don't know anything if Harry Conic is a ten you think you're skill levels had you'd. I would well be asked this question, but I have to ask for being able to do what he does and I mean he's he's the best at what he does
I myself am do in his thing. Yeah, I'm do I'm the best that what I am the best at my thing right, and so I think I mean I think I have certain- gives no other way to see that your strength is more creativity, then technical, plane or they are are not like your incredibly great yet that I guess I would be. I know I would say I think, as I think that I think the creative side me trumps, Theo but I don't know, but I'm your weird you're off your left of center. I try to be yeah you're, not a studio like a lot of pop records. Lest you know five years as you like, it gets kind of, you know they get kind of antiseptic and I try to be as creative as I cannot, but but it's not usually encouraged and you know they want they want. They want the air, they will never inside the box, and so when you get it, that's a muscle. You know you got it. You gotta strengthen that messages. You feel that way and ships you gotTA big studio, you gotta budget money in and you
well. When I feel that way is the difference between being a lead in a movie and supporting characters of yours supporting character in a movie which I often em. You are there to facilitate the leaves storyline, and so it's not necessarily time for you to shine leasing. Most ITALY still have a lot of. Creative rojo from well. I mean like, like the granted alot of creative space from the director and system. I guess it's during its director to director, but there are you know that vary so much among actors. Some actors hate improv heed to make their own there there they love the text they want to learn and inside now in obviously I respect the hell out of that that I would be more doing. That kind of like as a pursuit of like trying to perfectly execute what the writer thought of two years ago. I can admit there some irony in here, because I am, I am sometimes at writer and then
What's that person is somewhat do what I had imagined a rat, but yet I think it all just varies and whenever, whatever, whatever excite you about the thing in an I imagined for you, what excites you is your little filter, your interpretation of all Estonia. Why didn't? I did a movie, as you know, A few years ago you acted animal, I acted in a move. Adored, I alone am. I am equally as much of a layman with acting not even amen and none of them are in the same universes as you think you are as a musician. I think they're actually dead, comparable because use seen Amelia movies and all I've done as is watched. Him are listened to a million hours, I think you are more a bit more musical ability than yourself. I played her arms resting used. The word tone deaf, I don't
I may or may not be tone deaf, but at least Emma three out of ten drama and I'm a one on its hand, guitar player. What's greatest, even though I have no skill, I know what it's like to ride, the euphoria of having created some melody and user like a drunk. I do know that feels like. I think I think, you're also not afraid to say. I think, because of your peripheral participation in music. You not afraid just like what you like, you don't feel pressured to like what everybody else is lacking. And you're in love for stealing down Ba might open declaration in music almost intimidates any reform of the staff that I'd never heard. You said Conall what's up like this for hit and run, and you were pulling out afro pop that I had not unlike what is inside you just hear something you like like that an end, jingo right was the song designate, but I did. I didn't know that
I had never. I mean I'd, never been this back you're out. He nearly quacks George Glennie Movie is George Clooney. What is called the eyes of March in the eyes of Montenegro Did it right, he directed it and he was in it yeah. He started it and Ryan Gosling, with the with the big deal that movie in Philip Seymour Hoffman as well. I was one of the last movie: did Marisa Tomei Paul Giamatti as real shitty care, all these do it's ugly man and ass I came in and I was playing, the piano is practising warming up for the move in here that nearly drove centre stage- and I hear the jumpstart planet- turnaround right as explained drowsily. Oh really, where am I mad? That is surreal? Is it was real and was any good sounds good. Yeager eagles, your arms, and I know I didn't see that I didn't see that most recent say the jet. What is it? a jazz, allow, Yad and see it, but I heard, but I heard he played well yeah and I know he doesn't music projects on the sides of something bones Jack. I don't know,
yes very, resourceful a formula. One race car driver always know both of us. Another when shock me to drive out rang, but but they approach the script like that they were, I think most I think George Goonies Director probably said I hire the dews, I want. I let him go yeah. Just don't make me, you know any good managers like don't make me Knowledge is reality, and I saw I had a copy. The script and this is mine below to me and probably not to professional actor, but I mean that script was a suggestion at most, and I want to do this scene ten times it was conversation and he was a conversation between like three or four people in this bar and they described off each other and in a minute changed dramatically the dialogue Yazzi and see India, and it was like in this at the risk of sounding cheesy. It was like I M watching jazz Josiana, You have a form, and you have an idea. Aha in our ears and theories, was to get yeah yeah yeah right, you have may be kind of a destination in mine, and then you just,
Well, that's locked in and they what'd they just want to Mars, and they were there were times when Philip Seymour, often would scream. I gotta take a shit fuck off stage. I think the line was something like. I gotta hit the headlines right, Jack Shit and it was. It was crazy. Man I'd realise those were deeply talented people, yeah I would say: that's that's the minority of projects. You know that generally is not. Chaos like that, but parenthood was six years a chaos like that, and I used to feel so bad for the gas stars that would come in because we, all had all this practice with one another of navigating. Vain and story, but going berserk. As you say in these poor, a guess stars. This dialogue has really been making Hence in Malta like they do. You know
this was the command zephyrs, I'm so sorry, I need the tempo beggar, potatoes and then their line right, but I'm not saying that anymore. Rewrite is really. I have a lot of sympathy for those, but you gotta, but man when you develop, looks something like that over five six seasons, the I mean you got it. Do you really get summit down to your lease common denominator? I go with that. So this makes me think of a story. I dont know that this is true. Dont sue me, but apparently the story. I've been told us that David Crusoe, cs, I or whatever it takes a sunglasses on and off in apparently from an actor. I talk to you who did an episode of that. Is that he we write his dialogue. The night before her shooting and many when you get there, hasn't rewritten your dialogue, so you now have all this dialogue makes no sense whatsoever and gotta Brando, like Brando, used to like this people off. Oh yeah, yeah, lying in fact them James Bond,
was just on Howard, Sir, unless we talking about he was, I all. What was it like to work with Brando and she's like enough albinos miserable, because nothing I had made sense re or you would like join his weird little tray of gay, but a feather in his hands on a very rapid has a feather in this area. I mean easily it tips from like creative total arrogance in self sent, narcissism quite ease, or it is a very thin line between those two things a psychopath, but you are this movie and then you called me at a certain point right. Would you just reminded me of today I set out: why the man of you. You know I am about to go work with George cloning. The legends of Hollywood, or my first broad, like here, thrown into the fire your first time ever, throw sent, I better all at the Superbowl recorded, actually have been invited to play off what law. That's kind of what kind of what, when I thought about Taylor Swift when she came back, is remember a lot of people say man, like you not sing in that long ago.
That's because most musicians learn to sing in bars for ten years before they play Madison Square Garden really are first gig rye or she like cut her teeth. Unlike you know you know radio ground rather Rep Ray exactly so that's gotta without felt like a little bit. You know my first acting gave no. I called you and, as I said, I mean what you know come one of the more famous people. I know as I do nor I gasoline do you know clean and remember you said you said I Didn'T- have not met either those guys and say I love wrangling, and I remember your fan. And you said I said I sit around what's Gimme two seconds of advice going into my first move again and then you are like they hired you, for you suggest You yeah as it while you are already living. You yeah, exactly easy advice given very hard, and you said you got the gig based on what you did give given what you gave him, that's what they want the auditions for them and then, when you get that on such your time, like you jump through the hoop
and if you don't make that time for you than none of the experience was for you re right. Of course, Additions renown and you're gonna give them what they want, but once they hired you, I do think it should be for you or they'll, be no port part of it. That is for you. What a good and a good directive would assume that about you too. I mean they want to give you the ball. Yeah, I mean look in my opinion. What a good directors doing is he's letting the actor be in charge. Moment in making that moment real, but but he has his eye on the grander prize, which is the overarching story, so he has to make sure that that moment ultimately fits into this big long arc of a story so really the difference in the actor in the DRC. There is one has a macro view, one as a micro yeah, you gotta figure out a high job, movie. He said he conducted the orchestra, his head, he said he's at all, is that was in defence of not being a great computer programs like those guys are the violin a second off the orchestra awry,
that was his. They had a real, charming level arrogant and quite often when you're acting you, you have to make some sacrifices you have to use them. Should that is. Is enough, antique in that moment to service the bigger story, but it always feels a little shitty, but you know each year there to do that. Ultimately, so you you you get this role and you have lines, no lies. I dont lines you sang and what song you see picked earth epic. Three, any pick. George do George Clooney did he was given him to be musically provision? Did he wore his aunt was rose? oh right right right right, famed the iconic, as jazz singer, and so we must now. He was her driver when he was a kid fifteen or some used to drive around it and whose tell MR rack, when you could be a professional Delivery of fifteen right driver, yeah. I know he said here so that when you that idea-
I addition why addition for the casting company- and I think he went through some videos- they were hanging. There is bar called cliff bells that they were hanging out at me in town that they really liked, and I think they got to know that the owner a little bit and- and I know the owner well and did you like exert yeah and he claims he claims that he did. He vouched for me said like he said he said it. Yours Clooney, no, I came Moreover, the only said yeah we're looking at noon couple other people- and I guess he said Somewhere- who put you in charge of this outfit higher bomber back. So so he picked out three son and- and I did I kind of picked his brain about Rosemary Clooney like it every second, we had a chance to talk. Talk to me. Tell me some stories GSM, he was. He was like one generation removed from their golden era of jazz musicians, but he was so connected to it because of that, and he
picked out. Three songs he likes having jazz music in his movies. She picked out angel Eyes was that beautiful, old ballad I've heard Sinatra do it. That was the one I really that was the one. I really clung to to learn this too, and he smokes during the performance of cost during the performance. Great those huge yeah, yeah he's gonna goes out to make us straight. No longer I wasted yeah. Any disease like miserable here secure side you wanna hear, are we gonna? Do see. If I can remedy,
Try the thing at is not around, but it's unkind. To bleed, my poor gain. My angel. Angel- is that all devil sent They glow? probably right need I say,
Milo misspent Misspent, with angel denying so drink up you, people, order if they see eleven. Are you happy people? drinks and gives me pardon me, but I gotta run
uncommonly clean. I gotta go now and were my angel. Skew me, why This yeah I want to have some scotch. Am online filters, cigarettes, gas and cigarettes I really have to run straight to a meeting after this
so he pick that one in two other once and I learned all those let's go away from it all just another big Sinatra One and will meet again, which was like a world war, two era we'll need again, don't know where don't know when, but I know will meet again some sunny day, like Classic American, saw book stuff and he kept saying now. Every time I would do you like Squire QUIET, just a little bit ly allow Ray I asked throw away a little army did like maybe four five takes inside so good, so good. When he was when he was caught a convincing me to do it slower, because at a point where I felt like I don't know, if I can go, quiet or should I say, like I'm willing to unilateral, like volume exists at that level and right in the end, he said he was like This is one more. He said. Diane Reeves wanted law by upper level, all all up tempo- and I said
a man. Do it is about using she's unknown on all. I want to swing it out. You want to give this energy, as she finally relented, and indeed it did, is about she got. I can't say that what can I say was. I thought you were at thy. We really, but it apparently nonsense the onward, but inside of you get why upper also Bob it's two thousand eighteen, ok, yeah eagerly and save it any so easy diaries and she finally related and took his about. She got a fucking Grammy Alexander. Yet any was I gotta. Take a quieter dad's yeah! It's hard, are you or did she did roll up He's basically saying yo, I once I'm at a project. In fact, the very first ripped I ever sold Adam sailors Company was producing and happy Madison, and that then you know president was the guy Jack therapeutic and we are having some script meaning, and he said you, you got you gotta put a monkey and this movie And I say that, as you know, I don't think I'm comfortable,
putting a monkey in the movie and he said we put a monkey and the animal May nine million dollars and I are gonna put a month. You no matter what what what nobody had for me. He had some reference to a movie. They had crushed on in their heart the it's hard to win our yeah, don't have it. I don't have that kind of way. Yeah at women I'm a noise and, of course, just you're fucking around at the house yesterday and I said something about throwing stones than you merely disturb planes rolling stones on ha. I would love to know who scientifically neurologically, how on earth do you have those songs in your head immediately to me, it would be like having memorized thousands of poems right. Yeah I, if you, arise. The same way people became It's a muscle memory thing, leaving its different than like trying to recall a passage in a book. Do you think it's more about, like your body knows how to move, I think
start a play in this, and I started you that it was. I just like that. I like it when I was a kid now as a great time for me to bring this. Sounds like you remember, Mickey Mouse is he had a huge impact on you remember, whatever your favorite Disney care and like for that? That was like you, but you know you wasn't that back, a little that kind of panic, especially because it was a prominent piano, licking pop music at the time which was not, which is primarily good. Our driven so, and so you know I like, and I think I think most people would agree with me that, like right, I mean a lot of kids, don't even get in Iraq and role, because there's is not as much of a spotlight I think I saw some mean when we were talking my village all the other day. I was like fearful to text you and say like Ivory Watson was, I wanted you to check. The southern Vienna was Fuckin Bang and likewise it is going to be lame of me to say like how great this building has a killer player. You re easy great yeah.
I think he was going to hear is. I think he was kind of Wanna hear college juniors euros because I so often run into this world. Like I'm talking to Christian, there's some musician. I love and ensure this point out gently and kindly that technically that person's quite terrible like we were. I made you read: there's a very famous gray Qatar player Pat within is it yeah, jazz, musician and down here. The virtual so and he's also a scholar, music- and I said you have you ever read his critique of guinea g, which is one of the most mine scrambling passages you could ever read. I so I implore you to look it up on the internet. While you can t easy ozone attire eight about getting his tell me that it is it's just I ve never heard anyone dress down that much. So at any rate, I often like people. I have no idea there actually good or like, I dont know if Kenny Jeez, a good or a bad, that's gonna get into that. I notice that I feel like I'm his grey right,
I'm only saying that to say, if you add, takes me back or you know, Billy Jewels actually really shitty piano player. I would just have to act at that. Even though I love it, I would have to accept that he's may be technically a terrible. I love I had this guy come over the other day and he was a refugee from the hungarian revolution will know it's right I didn't know you and your name dropping a refugee, and he was but a monkey and assign you like I made ninety million, but that is The source of the hungarian revolution happening, I think, was a good six or eight day thing or in like nineteen. Fifty six percent like that
for years? I can't you just kind of a fascinating dude and use is pina of a man and he dresses impeccably just what like everything just bits and his press so nicely. I've never be that, and he said I have this as malady in my head and these lyrics that I wrote you know when I was a kid you know in the sixties. Had this he'd never wrote down. Ah me how this malady in his head, since, like them, early sixties. That are more if you could script it out. For my thinking, discoloured maybe wants to have us before he dies out Hannah S have documented said, shirk model or anything over. We worked on the sky and uneasy humming you the he's thinking. It's always use niggers yeah, it's something like well I was blown away three any some is mediocre singer and by America, latin american idol G by you
It is a fact that statistic: the bite you know by classical Minos, Sopranos standards would arrive by american idol standards. He's in the media percent of it right. I love that's a mean that earlier had been nothing better. If it was one of the best things, I've done, an won't feel young is not a good thing right about. Now is not a good thing if that were the compass that they used the outlaws people most of my heroes would not be what I do. I do it because I think I think there's a great time to bring this up, because the whole reason your plane, the Rhine sometime, was that the first three years that Christine our together, I had a long standing hobby of replacing the word Diccon balls replacing lyrics with Dick and ball Huns of popular songs, and I would sing them all around the house about Dick and balls surrender can balls whenever they get super creative with it.
You see he did this about metadata was so a mature in stupid and then you are visiting one time and then we discovered that you too really enjoy replacing Larry's with Dick and balls sucking dick and balls and when she came into the living room and we were deepened to singing like a dick and balls offering something lifted for her ingenuity no longer here, did that. I did that and I I felt like it was something about my purse and I was really stifling for her and I feel right about. I thought this is part of me and then you basically liberated me- rang a licence to forever than sing songs about dick and while I think we get a bit too, she ever laugh but now once net now that she, because you're her he's a glide on once you approved all this and I had licence to do it so all of a sudden. This is really, Yes, are you and I will send each other Christmas signs right? It's one! That's kind of the honestly! That's what.
When do you know somebody get like I mean I mean another, throw Kristen under the boss, but if she- but if she said hey so and sows actually not technically a good whatever senior european, Where is she basing that on her own observation of this prisoners, basing it on a student in music school who told her that from who heard that from a professor like, for example, everybody always likes to say that John Williams steals or, or our only composer Jia, the composer like the greatest rail income. Hauser jaw ever lived, yeah, yeah. Eighteen, that's a memorable one and the other people say he stories. From an extra ass was his big in my mind. I was that, allow John Williams in orbit, like there's always a thing like this disease, still from composers and yeah I've. Never actually, but then it occurred to me. You know, I'm listen do stuff on unaware came,
As far as I know, this is this is the most original stuff over her. I couldn't tell you one classical composer that he that he stole from, except for that I heard that the college. Oh, how you frame a comment like that right, so one version is he stole a version I could pitch? Is news inspire it's it's incumbent upon you to pass on these great things to a new generation in the sad thing. Is this generation simply not gonna go back and watch flash they're, not gonna, go back and watch Caddy Shack, they're, not gonna! Watch a smoking ban it. So it's almost incumbent upon you to, of course do your own version, but to re, introduce that you know or it's kind of law. So there's this signal, nature of all the stuff that I think is beneficial. Built to everyone who back to Dick and balls yeah yeah yeah I got knocked up. I know my wife will laugh at one out of every ten thousand Ray rights and I'll do him up and down the hallway all day, less certain
my daughter was born, but I did but the most recent when she laughed and she hadn't that and I'm Talkin one in but you know what a year radiates makes it clear that I feel, is she hates it as Kristen until you until I encourage the till, I confirm genius status upon now Christians on board. As I, but but the one she laughed at the other days. She particularly doesn't like it when I do it too, like Disney's, kids, movies hours and hours, but we're Modern. It was something like that's a wound in the soon to be a far and I think I did a wheel. Second birth, but you dick. Blinds me, and now she couldn't take it man she lied. She said you did Blinded me it boy, you mean so many things were gladiator. I give you the alarm,
large agree, PAL holidays, the blinding won't building on that I've gotten that she seems to tolerate is the very popular Christmas on Lily dd GDP. The sheriff with a bow over this after they had to go about the way here in get to know you better off, like a thing like this. If I can work my way into bonds like she does thing, bonds is funny. So I tried to try to storm into light tickled above, ok, yeah, that's nice, ignore my bonds right yeah. You. Did you send me a voice memo, one hell of a silver
server Silver balls. Mama man, mom Hence there among other things, a new to dig in bars
as I know, elaborately I'm in the pact within your agenda, so that what did I do wonder what lessons I want to talk to you about is, in its gonna, be very hard for me to navigate this question, but a monument to take it from my own personal ego, centric point of view. If my good friend growing up- and I both were super and a comedy, and then I did not move to allay in my friend s weekly- moved and became a highly paid comedian. I would have a very hard time
being supportive of that personally and not being jealous or not. It would be one way or another would have a pretty huge impact on me. So I'm curious, having grown up with Christian together, she's, not better than you musically and she is now becomes super well compensated for that. What I would have factors that have on you. Nor has it of all, however, year, how their weekly doing well, that's interesting. Is so air weekly, my best friend and truthfully still, eighty percent. My sense of humour. Eighty percent of my Kommeni is era weekly its everything he and I developed from seventh grade, told twelve great. Heat, but he never had a desire to do that. Personally, so it doesn't seem to be an issue for other, then
is weird fur him that you know we both grew up wanting a doom buggy and I have a twin turbo doom, but I think that aspect of it is a little weird and I'm just guessing, never allow voiced anything, but if I'm sure I mean. Obviously the more noble place to be would be to be proud of her aunt and nothing but happy for and my instinct is to say that, because that's what I feel like I've always felt but- there is any jealousy it's a buried. It way, deep in a place that I find its best. If you ever have any issues of animosity, jealousies best to focus, come back inside you're sure and put him down and a whole hold, and there never tell anyone about it. Yet your lower honey, I probably right right now. After the same thing by any me, ok, great so ass when the Kosovars, yeah, there's there's a million different
responses it as I might expect, which is a high level of public figures. This might seem like a death sentence to you, so it might not be anything you would want again. I M coming from my own egocentric place where I wanted all that stuff. I wanted to have you no large appeal or broad appeal and then make money from their right do. Did you have at desire them in the rock star thing like every ass to be issued its hard, I mean I wanna, be Iraq started boy, it's hard to buy that that there is anybody that never has at bug. Oh yeah, even if you're a carbon Brad Pitt wants Mick Jagger Carpenter, you wanna be yes, opened her honest, I even if you have some of which the lot Morocco Bomb is certainly has a musician he wished re was you didn't want to be a rock star yeah, I did want to be rockstar. I think I'm jealous of I. You know
like I'll hate on. I think Norah Jones, a killer musician, John Mayer's, one of my favorite musicians of all time but I'll hate on them and find and find things I don't like about them. If I'm an addict with Susan there in a playing in her songwriting stuff like that is because I'm fucking jealous yeah and that's why and super relate conscious, it consciously. I don't think about it that much, but I know that that's. What's there yes, and no, I dont think I feel that with Kristen is far as if I feel any inadequacies about you know my success or lack thereof, it's more like a blame myself and I'm not mad at people around me who have got there, but I want to be clear, like you are a successful musician. You support your family playing music, which is I re, mongers win, so I'm not in any way saying you haven't succeeded. I'm just saying that you know Kristen has succeeded on this. You not pretty unrealistic right platform red yeah. It's notes. Some of that still exists, and I would like to ask you this, but is something I wonder
No, I think it's terrific you ve, asked me some quest I, as do the other ninety point blank where you molest average cut it, took off guard you ask me why? Then I realized, sometimes nothing you don't talk about. Things is even have an ass because no one, no one in their right, mind would ever ask. Do the molested point blank, but I use Still, the river put your mom's underwear on as a kid. No, it's not for me to answer at all, in fact is cool. It's going to have a conversation with that, because I mean I go through different things. As far as like being able to deal Kristen celebrity in yours. Liberty and something that you both have two totally different ways of making people comfortable with it. But a lot of it just depends on me in what my mindset is unknown
But also here doing a podcast with you, which is great and they because I'm friends with Christian, that's I mean that's, that's awesome and also I look at things like I think about it sometimes, and I don't know if I you know you, you start have different definitions of success. Is that because you have different definitions of of successors because you're justifying it it's probably a little bit of both, but I do remember there was a place we were playing as a tattoo of the songwriter. It was up in the mountains, California, this venue, It's in this old loggers, town and us Plan there and I've been in out, we had just- I think, we're either on her well away to allay where I was gonna, see you guys were. We had just left the care of their member, but ass plain at this at this venue in and I was thinking for some reason. Kristen like she entered my mind and I thought. She would probably never play this value and never get a chance to play this very and I think, because I was in love with this place now this is it go romance a minimizing in there.
The answer was fifty people ourselves in a tiny little. Place. I'd never seen something so thoughtfully. Decorated learning get into their rise like while his The thing about this place is amazing night in the end, and I I hate saying this because Christians are competing with me right. Nor am I consciously competing with her but now and then, if I ever like, I had this sum: I am ashamed to say, but I had this moment where it was like. I was justifying that so ready to myself, and I thank you. Some credibility never hurts them right. Yes, there would never get to come in here and play this gig, and in remaining relative obscurity and and and get to have the exact same experience. I've soap, so I get in there that I think that suggest super normal thought to have a nothing there's anything negative about that, but that there are over the fact I would think something like that is indicative that maybe there is some jealousy there. I don't like that, so
and I guess I'm. My curiosity is more like first and foremost you're, not in a cubicle forty hours a year wishing you could play music, professor you're already like what, whatever these spectrum, is right. You're already in the seventy five percent I'll cause you're doing the thing you love to do for a living by. So that's that's goes without saying, but I do wonder if you ever played the game with yourself. We like fuck, if I had moved to New York like she did at eighteen what I have been on a similar trajectory and were you, but I did it, you didn't write, but you ever play that game with your son I think I'm at a spot where I sat did it. I think I did used to play that game yeah now amongst us, only it's a ball dear. What thirty eight yeah and you have a kid that you love and you have your wife- is he who you love of a great fucking life, so it yeah would be very unbecoming of you to be sitting around going like thought, cholera and here is universal,
but I only I do wonder when you were a little bit younger. We did you ever think, like fuck, we're doin, think doin the difference being her Ike. There wasn't a skill level difference was that she moved in Europe. No, no, I don't think so. No, I don't. I don't think I don't think about it. That much ok, I think I think you ve just surpassed how much I think about. Or maybe I just don't think about it in that way- I don't know but the the little the the the smaller person in me right now is for in regards to the celebrity and feelings of air of inadequacy and stuff is flattered that you even think about me that I do think about your land. You know in Europe amazing lifers, machete That is not at all what I think, because I dont think the things about our life that are awesome have anything to do with those elements that are us being payments, as we have AMOS, is like five percent, a wire life's great, in my opinion, for
If you put, it is five percent and the NS gray head, because I because I kind of had like cuz I haven't, little bit of a breakthrough. Ten years ago I started realising that I wanted. It was ok to want some professional success, because for a long time I felt if I'm playing good music. Health care. Where I am I in that so idealistic, and I am- and I did believe that a long time, and I still believe that when it when it works as nothing but Kristen who basically of New York had a drawback ass. She went to restrict Broadway. I was an ally for ten years auditioning and in making zero money room was pretty certain. That is how the whole experience was: gonna, I shall end in for me, was I had a show every Sunday at the groundlings an hour on Thursday Friday, I'm talking my friends in Michigan who, with another way and have speedboats and houses and kids, and, unlike I fuck him We were there, but then I would have that show on Sunday and it would be all this fuel and I go no. It doesn't really matter for me. It isn't.
I never leave this one better apartments. Anna Monica that show for me fills up the well so much that it It doesn't matter. Mayor wrote in asylum, he said, there's a there's a line and I think maybe offers new record where racism You had a family, but I got my dream There is talk of a some girl from his past or some of the other, and that's an and that's cool but I thought was arrogant. All save any. These topics are so dont heated, but he's got a point where we can realise that, and so I said it like. I don't talk to Chris about Islam, but I did ask yes, I was like was their point where you like, I made it whatever wealth, which is almost an insensitive question away, because a kind of like denies that she's way more multi faceted than that than minnow more going on in her life young that, but what she did. Think there was really a moment and she thinks that's more fan imposed
because I think, as I brought you know, I said you know the Beatles any solid and show you know. That was that you know the definitive malaria in so many stars of sending she said. I think that's more a status that conferred on stars by it will end In particular, she has in oddly healthy perspective on all of it and unaware that came from her. Why she's that way? But you know the thing your ear, yours, Sir is. Is this thing that I am so you watch American? I don't live. We watch a bunch of seasons. American idol and the thing I've always been really jealous of- is that those kids when they do they have the coming home weak when they they will it down or whatever it is like four five of them or something, and then they go back to their home town and often they get they get in a parade on a convertible niece in the back of this convertible, the whole towns cheering for them and they arrived at. Oh I've seen this like a dozen times on american Idol and name like they can take it in they absorb it, and then they start crying and they feel the feeling of. Oh, my god. I did it
and I have every time we see that I see two Christendom like I've never had that sensation. I still feel like the guide trying to get somewhere just my nature. I think- and I ve never raw Oh, I did it. I made it. I never have that. Really felt that way, though I mean either that or their like great undermine fake cry for their bawling. With this, like adoration in for me, and have said this in the past. The way I take it as it is really dictated on what my own self esteem is that day, so people in the airport will stop me all the time in those say like oil of doing this, and then the majority that time I say to myself, only simply recognized me what the fuck out are you supposed to say during other than that you like that they probably hated it, but you can't do that. So this prison value would be out of date, but may rather somebody was that it probably why the idea being exciting to see I never get in the way we added. We had it with you, like you and Monica, have a lot of interesting talks about raising
an endless ease, she's, sensitive and either knows where the centre as and where the truth is. But I think you know she. Certainly more sensitive than you. And she has a right to be she's right, indian rat you and I- and I think that I I want to say that your insensitive, but I said I thought, TAT creationism and most people would be no whatever we're talking about. Whatever is potentially offensive, and I think that's can become a thing. I don't think the hide you like you're, not offended by things and in all other world alternately, I'm supersensitive like on Twitter, if you, if you say that, like I looked out, something really hurts my no really oh yeah, yeah yeah. I definitely triggers all my is. I think I'm gonna think about that often now like if we give there's if there's a racial conflict, that I'm thing about- and you know, is this offensive. Like me, I am aware of.
Monica rolling arise, I'm so sorry perform Hanukkah's MIKE has been compensated by the the amplifier. It's not fair. As vat, I mean back to Christian. She. She she weirdly, I dont think ever was striving for attention. So much you know like. I think she genuinely love singing genuinely loves. Acting in she wasn't feeling some hall. I certainly was craving that attention wanting that attention and then shortly after getting it going, this, isn't what I thought it was the results that wasn't anyone you and Christian, both loved in bondage. Over so much and in an I want to say you have to play a song. You guys were both very huge Martin Sexton Faint air. Still, I'm sure yeah, we gotta go see him around the country right. You are basically parent or heads, dead, heads, fear for martens, accepts heads sexual heads and I have a favorite song of his in its escap me right now, aren't you
candy. Yes, I love candy. Thank you like it's like asking like asking a guy with a cold to sing Stevie wonder how realise I gotta lotta call would lend itself the maize Agnew knows man. Ass, colonel her mirror the son you do. hey little job tell me a story. Smoke, Wanna, hear tapestry let me hear us you get to make change
Yeah, such as you just can't say no she needs another relaxing needs another. Does not a chance! Caesar She sang it back street, a lot less danger that law
for this work, get emotional don't use a show, my veins. Only when I speak and when I'm making try Sweden's just Merman way show me where the new era needs those who she was, Disk see through it
from the rain they re talking about it. I just need another sovereign matter no Caesar shaken out back street? Let loose cannon,
a shame to its yeah,
when I'm gonna, let you have a candy. You last stage that love this work yeah. I know it's fucking infuriating how towns and you are a ghetto I mean really, is I'm sorry. I know that I mean it's Rwanda jealousy of if we know anyone in our circle who I'm madly jealous of, I would fucking killed to be able to open my mouth in, let that come out of my being so intoxicating it. So a superpower I'm so into it. Thanks
oh yeah yeah, so so so yesterday you you created his with the help of my three year old Delta, created a song from me. I guess so modest a view to defer, so what happened she said hoops. I find it. Right. You don't know how to the air like your old man as it does a man there is kind of like it was that sparked something. Yeah, I in the rule, the reality is that the rules- and I was like that- On road itself. We request that I say I write lines. Do yeah about like Delta, and I were the vessel through which that sound- ass. It was already written, it's been written for a hundred years here. Costs would ruin, number.
C c is see. I see jobs. A c c c. C c I see I do I
ah, my guy make Ba yeah cabin is Monica saying in ten seconds and I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to steer my boat into the sacrament. But I do want to. I want to be sincere in this. I am never witnessed anything like when you're in our living room in my girls are singing with you in the way that you can incorporate the whole environment and turn it into this experience its I just. I am so grateful for I'm so glad you're in our life and that a new and every time you here we joined the Bob
train you this this musical bubble? You live in and you invite us into it and it is it such a great gift. I'm I'm sorry for everyone who doesn't have a bomber back in their life and am, I think, like people like Bill Gates should hire you four billion dollars just come in in weave the fabric of their family into the amateur aerial, examines all yeah. So if your little Serbia, I'm sure bill gates, is listening when o one more thing. All right, I started by saying the armchair expert theme song and I never tire of it. I can stick of my own voice but fuck that song could play twenty four slash. Seven for me, I should mention the guys who recorded as to cost you a base and ripping drums. Keith Kaminski
Mark Byerly, teller, Saxon, trumpet, respectively and O Brien Rally who engineer that session than they were just their killer there. He asked, I still think I pay keys for the gig needed pay in this weekend or something just takes up our house why you're there had a glow either you deem to have some value and then does bestowed on to him, but that that theme song is the perfect example of a yearn eyes working relationship is occasionally in a movie. When you cast somebody, you have this idea enemy just fucking blow, whatever idea had out here for me and chips, Adam Rodeos like is his role as almost placeholder, the guy to give information just every time he acted out like holy shit. Thank you for making. This is incredible thing itself, one so yeah you! You know I give. Where can you remember the stupid, broad strokes? I was saying to you like sincere. We had fallen bomb and you come back with this, and it just makes me so heavy, as I think we're like minded to who in an I'm really glad, because because,
I think everybody would have. What a dog now bomber back fans, like every version and and this one is an awesome what you said about the living room that makes it feel like a family in its really cool and numb and don't die. Ok, ok, I do think I have a thing with Christa, since she was we ve always play music gather in its just like we get and this up, but I do think, however, in effect on Her- and she is most definitely gotten a foul when you guys get together, it is definitely like the Shell Silverstone missing piece thing, like any guys. Click into this shared identity, which again, is very much what air weakly and I had, which is again were one person there and I in she so confident around you. She, I can see her love music, ten times more one year round and that's how some yeah. So why don't you take us off with
out with whatever your favorite son is to play my favorite son of finance, a lot of pressure or something I e that we agree that can we afford that? Ok ethics have like. I asked Monica crushing by the way she just reminded us about offering she minors that you wrote that theme song. You know she's remaining mean to be a good host and in every player on sizeable out Monica. Would we be, adrift at sea. Thank you. This is actually probably this that this is the first time ever wrote, and this was about a girl who broke my heart and there This was this was the girl I started dating in high school when Christian went out of town? Had she never do everyone knows we, whenever we would emphasise, threatened the origins days of iconic I want in the door.
I don't know, all right. Miss de that'll make that is the truth and ever coma dismay Just me, I know where I can get in the way the nose I've said to me. What is this sudden blackened do
it's gonna make you stay one more night. Just my nose you know a changeover to the third movement. But sometimes I can't I was gonna her. There is no room for improvement just say. I hope you do, and I hope you do it You will never be.
Any more don't know where to go, and I don't know what to do. You think you know, but you know I just can't help thinking that the next it's gonna be the weather is changed. My life. You can run and alone Oh, that one day will both declared at the same so new humour, but for now all I can say to hope you do. hope, you're doing
and I hold your side and pray. yeah
do you know my smiles her for some, but I think I'm coming round something real I took a deep breath. Sorry, you cry now this. Would you do what you're doing.
You know side no, do have a fuck him out. When you're he hung in you ever heartbreak. The fact that you can you can use that to create something. Like your average. You know, eighteen year old, they have a ball. Yes, that's what they do did you did you go to the bar with all those feelings, You may be turn that into a visceral under age, deal out, leaving her heart and why, driving apparently really knows what I advocate for yeah. That was an honest. What that was around. There was an honest what yeah yeah dismayed. That was my dismay. I gave way and songwriting it was, as you know, a real one. I've always dug the real songs. You, my father bus, my bonds above him to emotional, years ago. My feelings, but thanks for coming in sharing your ticket.
Let me say to you if you like to hear my good friend and producer Monica have been going on for many years. The one kiss you just Monica Patman, we bob miraculous on in, I bet it was hard for you to even fact check, because when we left that conversation, you said to me what you say about Bob. I said he's an ass tat person. I've ever met in real life, the air and that just made me so I because I feel the same way about Bob and I and I mentioned it during the packets, but again he was very, very sick, so his voice normally Zeb. Five times better he's a fee now and we love em. What did he say that we can embarrass him with their work anywhere on work fact check. So Kristen was on I'm coming court or a little dicey on whether or not she was on the homecoming court, and I clarified, and she was she did not win. Ok,
good. Now when, but did you did when you knew? Where did you find this? You didn't ask her her that's dead listless and I say this with love. I would step in front of a thousand trains for her mother. My children, she's perfect. Her memory is useless. I wish you would have liked consulted. Yearbook or something I listen. She went to that funny. Bologna, high school in writing even have a year now. This is what happened when Bob was talking about it. I said: wait, wasn't she on the homecoming court because I remember seeing pictures Olga from my perfect memory and then I decided to just corroborate, and so I double checked with her and she said the same in your right if she is she's, not
a fifty fifty shot he's not all that reliable in her memory back and so many other ways again on our. I love her she so nicely now you'll area I ll ever tell her memories for the fuckin birds. They really I mean the were really hits home, as is the idea that she's forgotten about fitful vacations. We ve taken in that's a little yet little rough stomach. That initially I mean Was it a bad vacation? No, that's what makes it sad as it was like a very nice memorable, fun vacation that you'd that you'd hope to reflect on and on a porch on a farm when you're, retired It'll. Just be me explaining to her, where we went in the child to rely on me for me to go. You are really happy like you, you loved this occasion. Hamster members are previous vacation from this year. Again of yes, exactly so weak that we all went on a vacation lovers retreat into the future
children. Monica Bell and I went to beaches in turn and K goes. It was awesome. How sad will you be when, in five months you go? I wasn't it found we're watching tv by and she's. I we had applause massages yeah you and her high couples was that she will remember any that is that a little bit our bragging dear, but I have the memory further three of US year in. Ultimately, it really is only about your memory. What the fifteen years ass near member, exactly the shoes on home coming, were very kind of junior sign that Christian LAB and Bob played a lot and high school is called Booker. Olga people want to go track that song I wish legally. We could display it right now if they would be promoting him. We can do that and we know someone money they. You can look it up on Itunes. It's an impressive display of Piana ability now word, but should be.
Prowess and their when Christian was on that show he Harry Conic Junior, plead value per cent of all around right? Well, remember the amicable! Now she always remembered exits music, yeah, meeting music related she's, it's their bad mentioned that rain. Gassing has some music projects on the side when you this time by allow land and in he had said. Oh, it's something bones, or something and Ryan Gosling as one half of Iraq. Do I caught dead man's bones? All his friends ACT shield Letty dad that now maybe go standing am and they had one album release in two thousand I caught dead man to bounce. Did you listen do it now? I wish you would have said,
Well me, whether it it would be hard for me to like it. You know another actor who had a musical project. A few people know about his Robert Downy before Iron man had an album that I love. Oh, my god did I love it. You know those reoccurring dreams about him and everything so member fed into it, but he is a fuckin awesome voice, Vivre him sing with with with us thing now. Oh, my god, he sings was sting its outrage, as is its much the gene raw of his music. It's interesting it's hard to kind of pinpoint. That's probably, why wasn't much gigantically successful? He had. One of his sons was on the kisses: Bang, Bang Soundtrack, but it's kind of jazz. You know it's a little bit jazz
this is a negative word to use whatever the little new Agee Jazzy feel, but its tremendous name is what I can say about Ryan Gosling Cause, I'm jealous of him not jealous Robert owning Junior. I look up to him and worship him like a deity, but Rhine Goslin, I'm jealous of milk. I can't can you clarify the debt friends? Why wadding ones much older than me you now in one's younger than me, so its threatening like? I look at Downeys an elder statesmen in my life like I was a kid when I saw him enough and you couldn't have been in things he was, could never been in an m she's of a different air. I you know, even though we were only like animal nine years apart something, but but he when he was in a weird science uses tiniest,
oh and I was just fuckin straight target lock on him so drawn to him, but just I just love em in rang goslings more, like I'm already working now, this guy comes on a nowhere. He's fucking great is better than me I'll that he is so good. Looking I've talked about this is stupid identity. I carved out for myself where I thought I was a month chill because I rode motorcycles and stop this guy. By my estimation, he came out of like Disney then he was on the mouse clause has on making so like my worst nightmare would be the guys would find out. I was on the Mickey Mouse Club Shell right from died early. I was trying to carve out a someone who fought a lot road motorcycles and here's a guy that proves that your way more appealing by just being a nice source of bright light. Since what we were just talking about, I realise that they were just talking about on another fact check
guy about archipelago groups. Don't don't don't use it or not the power to observe that we were relieved that enough about the product, yet so for a guy to take a completely opposite approaches you taken in life, then yield. All these amazing results. Of course, I'm just jealous of class. In there I'm gonna go even under really deep died. This. What scares me as someone or hear this in the only report? One part of the sentence to him and he'll think I was badmouth him, which I'm not some in awe of his talent is perfect, but the so I thought he was so brilliant. Half Nelson I've never seen that Movie Emmy. What up perform blew my mind. I'm like this guy is it
I saw a couple movies right. Buddy was just too busy to flashy the, but two big of a little crazy jacket, crazy, hair too many tattoos right things I had. I not have been his decision now. I think they're definitely driven by him, because I've been in those situations are talking. The director, I think, would be cool here this this innocent should certainly, I think he he made a lot of these choices, but then of M M super honest about that. It's because I've done stupid shit in my career, or I just trying to get a ton of attention, and so I am naturally assuming forget he loved, projecting that he too is a bottomless pit of approval and then some hard on him for making similar dumb choices. I've made. We really just do that all the time we just see the things and other p
thought that we had a moderator sound amid the list for me as long. That's, why I'm so many people I could make the same speech about in our world is jealous of them, but anyway, so that the all that information was the is music would have to be really fucking great for me to concede that it was because I'm jealous of downy probably could have been half loved it here this kid and have to be extra good for meat alike. It his he's so gifted and gorgeous we're at eight Bob said that George Clooney likes to pitch ass music and his mood is came, and he mentioned goodnight. Good luck, but couldn't remember the other one and he does have just signs in both the movies directive before item arch, the one that Bob was in his mind and leather heads. They both have jazz music when leather hey, I didn't see it, but it didn't seem like a jazzy took every year, but it was, it was said in it was period.
Leather and Hungary and all I can remember from the trailers. Prison ski wearing a leather help yeah that's about. I had a movie poster that in my Yet I decided as Guerriere crushes really quick your number one To me, I'm a couple hours but Matt Damon about Afflux number wander tied for number type. Whenever one for life, the aim your goggles for them is just the best. It's so not doesn't matter what they do. It doesn't matter. They do. The right thing always gave agar. That's right, one right, I'm here, even if one of them is, I showed up on a red,
carpet very again: puking they just pull them out of a river. Are you be like we'll get that that's how you play run, Arbed, yeah, it's! I would do so. We really are after got really track anyway. I hadn't repressive and they were wearing helmets. Whether helmets, leather heads Bob is talking about his this person. He had over who was part of the hungarian revolution, and he said it was six or eight day thing in nineteen fifty six and he was half right about that, which I find that's girly Rennie good. You need thirty percent right, you're, crushing right the hungarian revolution was in nineteen fifty six, but it lasted from October. Twenty third, two November TAT Sousa bit longer than South EAST asian Satan. Booze yellows, you I'll quickly.
And you may have arisen, makes me feel nervous because then I feel like. Oh, I gotta check it and I can't shake it back. Like leaves at twenty third rights, Dazed authority in our into a new mom plus ten you ever October, has thirty one days yet that's. Why said seventy crazy cuz. I don't know how many days are in October, but I know it's going to be thirty or thirty. One. Cuz, it's not February, great. What was no wonder. He said a as it was eighteen, so we had the eight here. The eggs or he's had six or eight too was and give it to him still, and that was a nation wide revolt against the government of the hungarian People Republic and its Soviet impose policies revolution. Yet at all
over there was real business soviet staff and communist war, the cold war, and what else we got tale? Ass man? Ok, it's a soft facts. Ok, you said the new generation is not going to go back and watch like old classics like flesh, Caddy, Shack and Smoking ban that gap, and I dont know that. That's true. I think there are classics. That's people still see young people. I will be very honest and I haven't seen any of those movies, but let me just put a qualified on their you're a fucking comedian, yeah yeah. So if you haven't seen them, how on earth, who is someone who is not obsessed with comic gonna go see, I know, but I have a big bang big crash, I spent my were my every men and I had watching goodwill funding on repeats. I didn't have much time to watch the latch cat and caddies
right right, I'm a weird case. Elzevir study, MILAN! You got perfect grades. I want some. Our lazier again. Now that makes me mad at you. I can accept that you got a four point or if I knew you worked out of you, tell me founded aiming at in format and then I ll actually just like. What's his name guys, I put you in my resignation, if you ever have a fucking bandit, had better be as good as the rolling stone for me to just think it is good as article speed wagon. First of all, I am very happy to be included in any category that Ryan Gosling as a apologize. I feel good about that. Second, I didn't like it. I know, and I saw you gotta three point nine now I got something in high school and I don't remember about with my but was not a four point out everything college for Personal one, be eighty nine point. Nine wouldn't I knows I I was in the three seven range ever magnet, you're smart. I was arranged
in a word right, but I got it out. He's a man like online day right say the louder, that's a weird word. I say they should give that award anyone who can pronounce it gray hair. That's it for about more back what sorry that we took up most Bob's time with Brain Gosling, musings in rubber Downy junior musings, but such as the wave and not be this river. I don't apologize for the maritime attacking about banning that now. We need to do a whole stand alone. Episode about the many ways you demonstrated, your obsession for them and their yeah, I'm I'm split by the way I have me wants to cash in all my cultural capital in and get them to have dinner with you for your birthday, because it would make
Air dreams come true, but then the other have me like they're, just real people, so yeah you're gonna probably be bombed, but let like let my obsessional Nellie Portman Disease is no way that she could have delivered yeah. My obsession with her ear and we have also discuss it and I'll find famous people interesting anymore by their fame. Ah, I am, but I still am in love with them. Your name, giving that as much credit as you should look, I only I always suggests that may happen because I've been there myself, I wouldn t I would If my senior year of high school, I would have cut off some of my toes or fingers to going to day, wouldn't have Campbell many so watch party of five in my heart, her less at all bad for her. It was a painful.
Meta wants at show, I loved her so much and then I met her and she's very she's. Pretty a nice he's wonderful, but she's not the character on the show can't live in those guys are nodding. Goodwill hunting, I mean he's Matt Damon as smart as easy as not that smart Yes, it's not as smart as will hunt how he's not a bona fide Emu is correct a savant. He is very smokers. I've watched so many Youtube videos when anyone tell you you are was Youtube. I would go to her tat, yeah yeah. Let's go unfairly borrowing. How do I know I gotta? Have it.
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