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Armchair Expert Live from San Antonio at the Dad 2.0 Conference.

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Welcome. Welcome, welcome an armchair export markets. A bonus Saturday has weakened arm chairs, so we He had a fine opportunity to go down to dad's to point out, which is a conference of just dad's, trying to be good dad's, which is lovely yeah, learning about all kinds of different dad staff yeah dad stuff, and we got to talk with restart, be who is dead yeah, I've all over them inflated concord and he's also in the new Jumanji Jumanji, the next level. Oh, I know they found along the sand dunes. I'm excited about that yeah, but yet we get to sit down and talk with him about being a dad. So here it is for Europe listening pleasure Saturday ARM chair, maybe through a little hang over the sole perky right at the sole gently lower you back down to earth enjoy raised?
Maybe he's restarting welcome hello. You carried a book out with you that you wrote yes with a few ghosts: writers erst you did it Oh come on, come on now, I'm very hands on so yeah. I write it. It's a children's book, I'm dead, Yes, I'm a dad dad for awhile. A boy you're saying I'm an alcoholic Ahmad Dat. I'm additives, you're going to find out sooner or later just happened.
I'm sorry now got to deal with it. How many kids you have to to employers boy why girl threw boys, thirteen and nine. Oh wow, that's that's their names, that's not their ages their names are thirteen and not just confusing cause you're, actually, seven and nineteen, one year where it made it's a nightmare. I'm gonna sit like that now, but do you find that when, when I chant would be I tend to mirror what they're doing as ever occur to you like when your breakfast was like. Why? Why am I doing this? And while he was doing it now, I'm now I'm doing a boy, it's weird. They call that something like a man spread its power move on a subway man spreading without were not to be confused with man spread
which is delicious and low calories high and I'd like to say right, although as a man and nothing some men here will back me up, it's not a thing that we try. To do. I'm not gonna sit down right now, I'm gonna spreading and mandate. I mean just sit down yeah, and also we have junk well, thank you I'm not beyond just defending men. For said, I'm not like a room, I'm not, but I do like. I do said that a lot so sometimes maybe he's not gold and sometimes in the exactly what when I first heard about man spreading my I got defensive actually I was like. I have a protrude rents down there. I have believe what you call them. Yet At any rate, I dig defensive and I tried to explain that we lose a lot going on down there and sometimes you gotta, can I give you read it out yet then I saw some photos and now this is. This is a different thing. This is this. Is our soldiers, like
the opposite says into my face: yeah does my territory as they did out there tonight that territorial it like that like full in I'm, going to admit it, but if we went quickly a small drone camera just send it round us have a check it out a couple of decades: yeah yeah, good. Now, they're they're shown a few people out great well good. We got rid of them now. How long have you been married, or are you married? You will, let me preface S, there's a cultural difference between reason. Most of us here, which is your from New Zealand, another planet country, yet left off of a lotta maps. I recently learned yes, yes, you heard about that, have been set of helping to run a campaign, whereby we find New Zealand on maps. Is anyone here seen a map without my country on it. Yeah he sells. Now is the most recent one which was embarrassing for them because they are just about to open a store in museum.
Yeah, not that not the best public. Hungarian start that, yes, that's one of the US one of the things I'm into, but I do want to see you from New Zealand and when I did a movie down there are some fifteen years ago, and I found that many many people that live there had unions and had children, but they didn't get married there. Just they would save my partner, and that was you at the time for me: yeah we're gonna, progressive, very modern one of the most modern forward thinking countries I like to think in the world and so in it we did. We deeply the waiting still happen, but there are certainly a lot of de facto relationships, alot of couples who are just yet, partner and you about six kids. Now we know that we still have a lot of kids. Wait, that's just bear in. I know contraception. Is that? Would you see it's? Would you ever old slack from the seventies live? Yea I been along
poverty round. If you finished with the conduct and let us think of having fun tonight You think my finish up with that. Sometimes it is it a more secular society. What do you think they're so able to counter reject that reform? tradition. We have always thought outside the box with very individual. We re as because of our isolation. I mean honestly who's been there. Isn't one been there's a few people being that yeah? Maybe you guys, when you came in the sky as a beginning, You got a condom because you can hear so I need that back. Actually, that's the country condom right, my father so yeah. I think we are isolated. Next, stop literally, is Antarctica Federal up. We are further who for a further away from a stranger than people, think that's why sometimes we just get missed off the map, because what we have got us Tralee out, it's kind of big continent and then that citizen it
I would now controls and the other little islands, all the Pacific Islands, of which we are one, but we just a very big one. Yes, you are quite a court of law, good sized one- and I would imagine- because I have this even on a regional scale- because I'm from Michigan you know we're raising kids in LOS Angeles and I'm sure lots of is just in my head, but I often unaware of like. Oh there were kind of some values in Michigan that I would like to hold on to and then there's some pretty cool values in California that I'd like to incorporate. But I wonder: how conscious are you bein from New Zealand and then do you live in LOS Angeles here? Did you ever think like? Kids would turn out better if we're back and Auckland Duvalier absolutely. But this is why you know I refused to stay. Put I mean I'm a man of I'm not a rolling stock Well, I I what yet, but I
Do I do like to keep on the arm on the run? Let somebody Everyone! Second, would you say, because I suffered severely from wanderlust, you have wanderlust. I think it is certainly a bit of that, but it's also put into the Korea choice that I've come up with right or the one I was either I was given, The stars you ride me right. A bay was ordained universe. He s a part of that is no sooner leaving the isolation of the other, most beautiful place in the world, New Zealand and then going via Michigan strike Great Britain said of the mother land for rasping commonwealth country? I grew up obsessed with british company would be. I was wondering because if you grow up here,
in the? U s younger obsessed with either ally or New York, those your options and so Bein for Michigan. When it kid would transfer to our elementary school that was from California in a manner what haircut he had close. He immediately was elevated. The coolest kid in school, just into sure was his name. He wore striped Lee genes, we're like we must get those than from California, but I wonder when you grew up in New Zealand. Is London that destination? Yes? Did it s kind of like we go there? We feel like a connection, and so we got would normally we
what with what we call the we, which is the overseas experience, I'll catch means just going to London and and then we work there, you can. We do the canary islands nearly identical, but on the other side of the world you go to every two years and you work in the bars so you become and then you and your visa runs out. You come home and not seeing the world. It's quite similar. Seen what the US the queen like, didn't, get close enough and from there. I guess it is the gateway to the rest of Europe and about being a comedian. I got to see a lot of european and then also the Middle EAST, Africa, and then that coming to America was something I thought would never happen because of the hall. It just seems there's no access in terms of being part of the Commonwealth. I can work on these other places. Butter It was kind like what you gotta get a green card, the green card, and I have to find some low self esteem single yeah
in Nevada marry her marry someone access exactly yeah and sell us almost in the too hard basket for us, but then, of course it happened. I was very lucky to to get on a tv show flight of Concord. George, I got some. You guys know made my friends and an HBO, and so they say it can do that without any city sure I said yeah, I kind of never acted before, but before we get there because for the kind words is in my top five comedic things ever made it so brilliant, so fantastic on it. But you were before You're in the military is their conscription and New Zealand. Is it like Israel? We ve got to know? Oh no, I loved it, but it is. We had explaining it because why would I do it? Why? I guess I want to get to the part where you know Morse Code, because to mean that mean
we feel like your time. Traveller like I didn't realize human modern world that you can do that yeah. I was pretty much officially, and I tell us to people so that it is official. I was the last if the Morse code is come on, I landed in the area and man. Yet at the time This is the New Zealand Army. Yes, we have one- and this was ninety ninety one I joined up by the way. Prior to this, I was in the Cadet unit in like a like lots, cared aren't you see here, kids do in high school yeah yeah. So we have this thing called the training core, the eighty see similar things, s going air force equivalent and then this army cadets, and so basically my mum sent me into these like it just once a week, and you got you put on a uniform and march around learn, but of war history or
nothing I didn't. I was about to get me off the streets in her work. Where do they go out on the streets watch out? They cover yeah, I had a spray can and everything is on what get em in the army. Surprise something didn't you. Do we raise my single mom? Yes, you are yeah me too Aurelia yeah call so yeah mom was indeed you have siblings yeah I got for single mother. I've kit well know mom and dad we're together with the four kids. Then I turned up wash nine at nine years later yeah I just crashed, landed mass backyard and I was found. So dad freaked out and left
inside then Mama's lie what I'll look after him, I suppose, but Nana did a lot of looking after as well. I got three sisters Oh, why lottery female energy? a strong and then my boy that's who you know we get on, but that wasn't a big connection. There was a huge age gap, but I do wonder I didn't have a dad around Magritte. I'd see him every other weaken trash. Talking way too much, he d Gimme Hugson kisses. I could have done a lot worse with that said, I didn't have a male and the house whose approval I was gaining out of five years older brother, but he certainly won't give me any cuz. Why would he so? I have been on a relentless course of getting Mal approval from the get go. I just jumped headlong and I'm just curious at all, if, like the middle,
areas any extension of that. I am interested to hear. I think this possibility, but I think it was mainly down to two things. I watched way too many war movies in the nineties, and I wanted to be pot of a team part of something I wanted to go overseas and I wanted to risk use and Pierre WS sums. A part of an action teen Rambo yeah, you're, gonna die and so and the other thing what I like machines, I like tanks and costumes uniforms. Like pageantry. I ride like hats and helmets and fisheries always have. I would go down to the army surplus store and buy a lot of crap and bring them home. And I had a wardrobe full of like whipping and helmets some things, a member. But what are you doing with all this? For myself I but dress openness and guy look at me should go, but what's it for listen, I'm an army man. I mean
and then eventually she said wanting to join the actual army, so I did and in our and I enjoyed it because of the equipment and the fun but learn to file, thus weaponry light rocket launchers. I was a bit of fun absolute just at targets in our endeavour. Thought of you know the bad stuff where you actually going to kill people, and I was a kid. I was seventeen. You know in a teen nineteen. I got older and dumb I chose to get older. I Charlie, I didn't understand China go against at once, if never grown up, but I think during my teenage years as a soldier? I realized it's not really the soldier, I wanna, be it's the actor playing the sole rights which of course I'm from the beginning when I was buying stuff, and if you want to arrest you people on the day in the costumes of anyone, leaving their your own better. I wanted to just be make believe and when she started to get real lucky guy,
is a shipping out and getting Para try and actually I got brought into the office my lieutenant he said to me. You know there are other options for you hahaha. When we used to do a lot of matching, I had a lot of fun. One of my best friends in the army was Brenda Cunningham and we used to have a good life, always had a great sense of humor and we used to mop- and I do not belong in the group would hold hands little marching along a hand, and then and then one day the sergeant major sit right, hold you to Dhabi Cunningham come here and with much will you holding hands which could be, but you were you in the middle you bite holding hands. You can't go off to war holding hands. We won't do it well.
When there's a war or carry on so there was funny- and I just use two- I had a great since if you must still have fully, and I see the light aside of everything, and so for me. I guess I live in a bit of a dream world. I didn't really realise what I was doing and then eventually, like I said this commander, he gave a pamphlet to me which had university on it and drama, and he said you know, there's other options for you and what you gonna University and study drama, and I said what to get a time off for that. Well, I because now you could just leave. It reminds me of one of the times I was fired in high school. I worked at a shop that worked on cars and it was my birthday on Friday and my boss. It is your birthday, take take Friday off. Oh thank you, yeah I'll. Do that and he goes in any no.
Monday skimming call will see what's going on what it y know? mechanism by birth is radio belong lawyer by day and then he's I get. This look just checking on Monday. We'll see what where we're out and then I called on monies. Are you just keep stay at home, I'm busy you're, fired the the cash soft, let go. I got the same from the army, the soft, let go the casual, so I left and then yakking and new their city, I realized it was the Acta playing it, and so I can then I got into Y got straight into comedy was the first thing I was in the university skip
team, and then I had my own comedy: do our with another guy could grant and we would do sketched together and music and then from their progressed onto you, know, just wanting to do more and more and they went so low and then you know- and how did you end up, meaning the fight of Concord sky? So I met them in New Zealand therefrom Wellington, I'm from Oakland ways. Are we willing to yesterday from the windy capital? So I didn't see the much on the sort of burgeoning sort of comedy boiled that was happening, which was in a new Zealand. It was fairly new round the seven nineteen ninety five, ninety six, when when I started talking to meet them so around round about two thousand- and there was only briefly as I was sort of formulating there- I he is, and then we really set are connected in Edinburgh during the Fringe festival, and that would mean two thousand three and then he started working together and then what the Concord for people and allay was a very
inside all comedians loved it. It was like a comedy for comedians India, and so I assume that that opened up a bunch of different doors being on that showed you. I opened up everything I'd like a sea journey of a dream that I'd get until America. I thought this kind of like a big world, that really get to sort of sea and there I am in the thick of it on an HP, OSHA, we don't even know the best. Is the big thing- and I just got this my first- acting job in a near ciliary, yeah, Yoni Ciliary, I'm here, I'm just in I'm young good, lookin high in the air, It was my or like ethics for and two thirty, I absolutely beautiful, looking guy, just Gordon figure so there
Was with these guys- and we created this thing together- improvising we're doing a lot of you know the band meetings for the most part we just trying to really make each other laugh and hold it together so difficult, but we had the greatest time and we did two seasons of that show. They decided to end it because it was just too much for them now. Creating this is Britain Germane, the Concord, Zella riding the whole thing they had other writers as well, but they had to die right all the music. Slave and then every episode had to music videos in it I had to make it was just a colossal, but if you ve seen it came out wonderful and it was a bit of a lot of the heavy workload yeah. But I guess the point is: is that thanks to that show and thanks to Amerika, you know accepting me into the into the realm and then that show being aboard. Why
hit the eye bounced off and got other jobs after there and you could to or Dan Ryan. I went back to stand up because I've been doing stand up for like a decade before then, but I didn't do much in Amerika. I just had to go back to the UK, as you know, is actually money there, but then Finchley got the green card, never forgot the green card after that shown, and then we decided my wife and I now with one or two children that point a couple of them. Maybe we wait, don't let's make the move and has come to Hollywood and let's see what you can really do: yeah DAB, Meister and if not all made up its own quotes moniker and having not had arm what age the dead depart immediately. My dad yeah well yeah, he's always been around by ok, so I have just said: they'd separated after Osborne and the knife, and then they divorced a few years later, but he's been around but he's gonna meaner than his own thing, and it is a difficult yes. So when you had your,
scared. Kid and you didn't have presumably a great role model. Did you have anxiety about any of that? Did you think I gotta be extra vigilant to do this right or nigh my Ives Mile wife rosy as such a strong person and she's really the dominant one rosy battle. People don't know her out ass. Sorry, not. She always takes the reins missive from the background trying on costumes, so I found a really good, dad costume and put it on, and so then now I was easy for me to I. Just love play so kids from AIDS is naturally I just play with them, like we best bodies, so that I just play toys with them and create stories and dual funny voices still doing with my name.
Your own, I still go every night, I jump into bed with them and still read to him ass, quite capable of reading all thank you. I thought we had a really cool guest on John Gottman, who is the Goblin Institute NEWS clinical psychologists and eaten we kind of gun on the topic of kids, and he said you know the real role that men can play as fathers is that dad's play dad's like to play dad's like to Russia, and it's such a critical part of Growing up, you know if you watch champs like it's just the wrestling. The contact complete Ali, all that stuff is so vital to these bonds and everything- and I know that nightly. I wrestle with my daughters and it's it's as the highlight of my day and there
fuck and tough you now they they hurt irregularly yeah, and you have three boys too to air. I have a question for you both since you, as both had dad left, do actively make it a point to parent in opposition to them. Well, how do you mean like me sure than I did. I don't leave. I leave that's. Why you're not there now so good job. I came another day. Look up my calendar, don't leave. I'm gonna in dad would have left our utter that no no, I mean I M really, that's a great visor we'll just because I assume that has led to a somewhat difficult relationship and maybe that's not true,
Arby's refusing to acknowledge that his childhood had anything to do with its current life on planet earth. But I will not deny that I am the results of that childhood. But for me I'll say this: for thirty two years I was resentful at my dad, and I thought I was the victim of his kind of negligence and then within the first year of having my daughter I realized- oh, my god he was the victim to miss out on this, would be so much more pain. Than the Miss out on having a bad and probably by the age. She was to her. How is like, while I already spent more time with her than I was, you know they might esben time with me he near so or already in the in the black now so that guide is over me.
It was kind of usually impact for also hugely healing and cathartic to go like just to realise that there are now that the saddest thing was that he didn't get to have this thing. I have I just get so much out of the experience. It is the foundation for myself esteem, it's the thing that makes me feel very best about myself. Much rather be a mediocre actor in a great dad than the reverse. You know as well. For me I think, dad you know he is other siblings and sounded like. I said there was a family of the mandate and the four kids and then, and then the nay each each of my siblings has three kids as well, so he's got lots of grandchildren and then there was like this gap, and so I felt like he's already experienced all of the children in need
we can always like, and so I had nothing special to offer like after two kids, dad yeah up I've seen. Kids might so, as you been raising these kids, what have been some of the more like perplexing the more challenging moments where you're like oh, I got a really think this through, like the next step, is probably crucial. It feels important, and I need to really know that this is a defensible action. I'm about to take, does it just then there they pop up all the time for you or
moments in their lot. Well, you know they both different and- and I think that's the old adage that no two of the same and you think you ve got one sassed and the first one is isn't. It was pretty easy remains a pretty easy child. The second one, definitely more difficult as brain works, very differently and definitely more challenging, but at the same time way more rewarding some other stuff that he comes up with and violent. When we meet those challenges head on, he comes ruin and he's so intensely, loving, so and once again, I loved his say that I get amongst at an and now everything. But I have to give credit to my wife, Rosa Donald who really stop putting Someone someone's gonna believe it, but you know what that
I'm so so much comedy that these very little seriousness about me and that that's difficult as a father row I mean imagine in our like. Does your role in these people are already laughing? And it's like it's hard to say: that dominant force with the sick and in particular with some of the difficult situations where he wouldn't do he's a very stubborn, very one? Do certain things and so we had to manipulate allies of of how we might come to an end so that such a difficult learning curve and end for the first seven years as just Spain were knocking heads the wife and about how we gonna get him to do. This will not do that when we know we can welcome in a room or we can't you know, He just refuses to be so headstrong and I blame you rosy, because your letter, you're like you, so brilliant,
you know and and he's not all floppy like me as parents, we have to change We can't be ourselves a hundred percent because, like we fall into that trap, often with the first one and my idea, we gotta sustenance, easy or whatever, and then the second comes along on it. That now those tricks work being yourself. You have to completely change and realise that these little people humans, well and I've got complex brains and I are gonna, do things they away and that are not you, and so your methods of you bit of how you are, I'm not gonna work, and so you ve got to adjust and lets you gonna drop your own stopping ideas and that really adapting which I'm going back to the army now because of this alike, adapt and overcomes one of slogans right. You know nothings guys, what's it like not having a very big budget and the New Zealand Army, so you
adapt like we didn't, we couldn't afford ammunition for our dumb. We used to make a noise, and I was good, would jump come out of the trees going in I am people got shit it's gotta, something powerful their ram? Go? Anti aircraft in Elsinore yell out Anti aircraft should he's, got anti aircraft zones just adapting and then one day guy parachuted and ensure me doing all the noises, and I was busted, but up until that point, but that is the that is the most wonderful and you know that's the with parenting is that we have to change and adapt, and you find out about yourself the things that don't actually work because you think are world bananas is here. I am pretty brilliant and
I've got it sustenance. Hang on, I'm I'm not I'm an idiot. I'm really mean we're in I, and you know your partner normally will tell you that the eyes about that yeah, and so this definitely look back and forth and are more watching rosy do something with a month ago. That's not gonna work. Now you ve, given you screwed that up. Come back and well, but what would you have done? under my version of I'll come back. I'm sheet metal worked at all We've had like we've had the conversation was like fine on you. Do it your way for weeks before weeks to get them to stay in bed all night, and then it's my turn and then I'm that damn All right, let's get into, I didn't yield any better results. That's good die! Now you ve written a book. Yes did you tell us the name of it? so this is my first children's book called the topsecret undercover notes of buttons, Megan Tee
and basically my idea was- I was a reluctant radar as a kid. A lot of boys struggle to read the not interested they're out boys are dumb. Guess in general, down they like physical stuff, you know and an dressing up and in whatever well hold on all about. I I e a graphic novels, are quite like to me as a cause. I've got pictures. You know. I know that some action there are few costumes so, but You love your car, then so I wanted to write a predominantly though funny I had two for me had to be had to be funny I thought so what? But will my boy, the younger ones, one thing he said
thirteen now never had any problems with reading. He read all the old Harry Potter when he was like eight in the whole thing, and so the second one that you know he he's less interested in the rounding, but she for smart, so Josiah asked by scholastic to write some books. There's a lot of comedians are writing children's books. This David Williams of you might have heard him from the UK who does a great number of of fantastic funny books. I wanted to have a point of difference, and so for me, I wanted, to I hand right the entire book myself and be the book to be kind of like an indian Jones Journal. So wasn't just a linear story, it wasn't you know, then he said that and went down there, and she said this is mainly a collection of notes. You might ve farmers
and yet irey and yet we are like a diary, but so this is the boy buttons begin to twelve years old goes on this crazy wallet. Adventure ass, his parents of both presumed missing, not presumed past war, will see in the sequel. You say that the recipe seems work for Disney boy. They like to kill those parents. They write mega through the title sequins without losing apparently gone now, say you're on your eye and enjoy start of every great Disney film yeah. So anyway, he sent to the sky. Like a kind of like a prison school like Alcatraz on an island, ok and the middle of nowhere like between you, sail and and intoxicate so even more isolated than you know where his way he was from, where he's from New Zealand does it see Ascension
May I thought so. Basically, my idea was that it would be a book of his notes that he comes out with Wally's figuring out. You know this plot of what happened to his parents, and so it's also full of drawings. Did all the drawings myself and as this a lot of Morse code in their help, Africa, because I'm the last of the Morse code is- and I really want to bring back most coda, such a cool. You have fantasies that they'll be some kind of apocalyptic event and that they will need Lamorak quarter at like we defined or Moors coder yeah. You do have a fantasy. I think so I am you see, I'm gonna have that tonight.
And you'll be there by your you'll need to be rescued and you'll, be a new dung grace Haswell, dangling somewhere wise race in on all here that an I ll be good to boot. In order to when you read. I presume you read this book out loud to hear. I read that every night by this is the one book my son Theo, the younger one, the one book that he was so excited about, having read and then made me rate at term and then took up everywhere with them to school, to the restaurants. Where is constantly rating it, so I was really ready problem yeah. I now halfway through the second one, because I know that he's waiting for the next book that is interested in gonna yeah. I want to
I ask you one question before we go about the fact that you have two boys that proposition scares me. I'm often grateful that I have girls for numerous reasons, but one them is the thing I learned about becoming a man. I don't think is worth passing on or many of the things a lot of them still our. But things are really interesting time to have young boys end it to think about what is masculinity? What is it man the world's a different place. Now it is a challenge to get into that better place here. Yap salute lion. I always struggle with this one. Always think like man, if I had a boy and there was a bully on the bus and may I would only not to say to him what my dad told me like you bunch him for eating. It would be so tempting to just perpetuate this thing. We ve kind of all been victims of, and I just wonder especially since your boys are at that age.
Like they're, really starting to construct their identity in and what all these things mean in Vienna as it is at all, do you think about that stuff yeah? I too, them to hassle block with your which dots so yeah you can easily so block with your which starts yeah- is that starvation. Try not to do that on a bus yeah, but yeah I mean human can override anything, and so, if you're lucky enough to have wit and be good with it and if you're not practice it in a re, because any hassles that come your way you can block by just being, I guess
smart and really an early funny and make sure not alone, because they say something witty. That's gonna bring that guy down and then he hastened away in our he gets her and they realise, as is known ass around and goes you guys have been burned. A milk I've been bested applause your nose, but now we are so. The other thing is, is have friends and also be really socially positive and have a good energy about you, and I mean when I was at school I I was kind of like very much and with the geeks, and I had several some cool kids that liked me, because I was funny but really made my lunch times. You know you already got to sit with one group or the other. I was kind of like a social butterfly cuz. I had so many different groups that I had to go.
Two to make sure that I was kind of like giving the laughter to everyone, Georgia. I do that. I take you to prove from every one of you doing two opposite to seeking approval highest and joined in our regaling my stories showing costumes, it's always a difficult one, but yet this is very much a different world and both my son's was particularly the old one whose enough who stood in his friend group, these girls and boys in there and every other gender yeah yeah of person, and so you know it. It blows me away in a makes me happy. They mix so much more. These thousand than I did now day right. What we now in the old days. There is tremendous documentary that we recommend all the time we were called the mask you live in that they get their reminding you did business. Oh I've heard of it. It's really tremendous specially view raising boys. It was quite eye opening to me. I regional.
I checked every box of the cliche of what you're supposed to do as a man may now I'd ending. I would not in their positive not in a positive way now so the very base of it is. We define boys here at least in this country and how it is elsewhere in opposition to females So if you're a coach of a young boy, the worst thing that that boy can be is plain like a girl acting like a girl crying like a girl only thing worse than that on a playground. Is that you're gay? This is like one thing, even worse that you could be than female and this residual effective, defining boys in opposition to females
is one of the worst thing that can be as female. How on earth do you not start feeling superior? How do you get to college and you achieved masculinity through being anti feminine and then expect the boys to have some foundational respect for women or feel like their equals and in all these very simple ways were giving clues to these boys, and I just think our were on the precipice of redefining what it is in its encouraging and dumb, and if I had a boy I would really hope to have seen this thing. It was I really plot the people who made it and maybe a watch it if we now yet, if you're not written your book too often too, I will watch it.
Was one of the costumes like, and what good is mask is in the title. I am, I am masquerade ball. I like downright mileage injury. I love it yeah. Well, what you in right? Now? What do you got? You have this book, which I understand your these with my own assemblies, while I'm here I think you're really love at fewer, a reluctant, Rita boys, all girls. Basically, for me, I'm really proud of this, and the sequel coming and you're selling them out of a trunk of a tree a camera in the bar yeah right, yeah, yeah, maroon, labyrinth, licence niner on I'll, be there three, I am tonight, I once that's done as us I'll be on the run again. Basically, the New Zealand Army it just trying to track me down. I've been on the run for years. I gotta stop doing these big public appearances and getting in movies and
but by then Jumanji. I'm doing that all right, so that's Jumanji, three lotta people thing was the second one was so good. They ve done making another one son, I'm involved in that, all Rees. I adore you. Thank you so much for coming and being a part of this. I too have a book. It's not really about but hello. Bello is a company that my wife and I just started- that comes out Monday and it's all plant based products for babies, diapers, wonderful, stuff, wipes, it's all good for the planet and it's crazy, affordable cuz. I have a chip on my shoulder about rich people. Let's go so please see Mr Darby, if you wanna get a copy of his book and we thank so much for letting us come and do a little game
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