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2021-01-14 | 🔗
Brad Grossman is an author, entrepreneur, and creator of the Zeitguide’s Culture Class. Brad joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his role as a culture guide and how he seeks out all the interesting information in the world and synthesizes it for his students.  Brad explains the inspiring ways companies and individuals are pivoting in order to connect to consumers, how covid has been a magnifier to our systemic problems, and the ways it will help us reboot our sense of humanity. Dax and Brad explore what’s going to happen in 2021, the need to dismantle archaic systems and tweak them in a way that’s more sustainable to humanity. Go to Zeitguide.com and use code “ARMCHERRIES” for 50% off Brad’s first culture class of the year.
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Welcome all balkan armchair expert experts on experts on deck shepherd I'm joined by Monster Master good morning. Or an into? How are you you brought up for a very special mug. Today I dared do honour reader, the luncheon, the luncheon It gives me warm fuzzy's. It does of course mean Peter pretending we on the record video boy that the fund we had. So today's It is very interesting because I met this person at a dinner party. I don't know ten years ago and he was so interesting. I learned that he had been Brien razors. Churchill liaison he literally would edge. Kate Brian Greece, with a very famous producer every morning on what happening in culture or in the cycle and so after meeting him, I learned of his eye guide culture classes and
I've been reading as a guide of his for the last ten years. It's one of my favorite emails to get so we're having them on today he's an author, an entrepreneur in a publisher and creator and host of thy guides culture. Class Zack Guide is a code Ro Almanac, which synthesizers they need no hot button issues. We need to keep track of throughout the year go to Zeit Guide, common use code arm cherries for fifty percent off breads. First culture class of the year. Please enjoy our friend Brad Grossman, we are supported by door dash. I don't know where we would be in life without door dash serious. I don't think I could have made it. Then I had to make myself my currencies every single day for the last eleven months. I just got Johnny levels from died,
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ok, ok Brad's here with a non swivel chair. There was a last minute game day decision made to get rid of the swivel chair, which I appreciate, are you afraid, Do you think to yourself? You know what I'm a figure and I'm in a spin around the whole time helping on more stability and that a twenty twenty one resolution it's been. Ninety seven five resolutions- and I think we're getting there- were slowly but surely steadily baby steps. Now, I just want to everyone to know, I met you. Brad at a dinner party, may and I want to see tenure- ago at this point- and I learned about your role at imagine, which is a great and historic production
bunny here, run Howard and Brain Grazer, who you worked with an you were so knowledgeable about everything, and then we learned at this dinner party that you have something called Zeit Guide, which you then signed christening I up for and we get it weakly and its awesome its cheat she for everything that is in the site. Geiss, that's popular! You catch words. You here, which happens. I think all of us here just moving through the world near hearing like out. What's new word, everyone seems to have embrace and knows what it means, and so you have a culture guide that, people stay abreast of the average. In Gene Zeit. Guys got a good description of it. It pretty much She is not everybody here clearly a very in tune, but not everybody knows what the words like ice means right, it is not a popular were right
like ice is actually german word. That means spirit of the times. So that's my mission to embody that to help guide people through our constantly changing culture like guiding them through, the site which is time yes. So how do you know what you're going to explore? Is it a synthesis cessation, Cynthia Cessation, ok of light moving through the world than just picking up on these things, like I remember, I'm just gonna give an example like eight years ago, MIKE Ma? Am people love the word artisanal that's everywhere Of course it made its way to like a subway sandwich was art is not well. Ok, that's gotta, be the end of artisanal, but is it that you're exploring on the internet or in news, or is it that you're moving through the world and getting curious about these things? Your hearing, or is it all those things Well, it is all those things, but you used to really Time said the fine, in fact, one of my clients teach me as part of their project. They called me a cultural explore man's yeah
physically student of the world and while you all have your real jobs, I'm going out there, like an octopus, sucking up all these interesting information that is based on my curiosity and my questioning of what's really happening and synthesize orbit and I have researchers who helped me and then I serve it on a platter to my audience, whether their seat, Yos or leaders or, like you, said, brine Grazer, and now you and your audience suit you couple facets to your business. One is like I'd which anyone listening could become a subscriber to Zeit Guide, namely that I think you even have come up with a code for armed cherry, so they can get it cheaper. As that yeah. Well, I moved on. Because of the spirit of the times, because nobody its anymore. I do these culture classes now. customize and for companies by. I also do it for anybody and on the twenty seventh
at one p M Pacific time and We're Pm East Coast time I am going to do one like I m. Is due before the on Sherry's, which is actually the code armed cherries in caps, offering. Eighty percent off so its twenty five bucks for I'm calling it around the wolden sixty minutes everything you need to know in twenty twenty one, a while. Ok, really quick, you wanna talk about a polarizing topic. It's how to spell armed cherries. Now I smell it m c h e r r. I e s. the free Diana its arm and then the fruit. How do you spell it? Well, I looked it up, I listened to your bike ass every week, so I thought sting surely that was chair as your podcast finds itself and then I thought what that's a really good way too,
brand. You in terms of ASEAN guys kind of thing because your votes so sweet, I mean new. Really I just want to praise you, like you, really connect with you Amity and that's when I doing the work that I do as well. I like to be more the guide than the Zeit people want to know the site, but I want people and data with kids, originally as a tutor, and then I did for Brian Grazer. Imagine the economy and Emmy WAR winning producer, which you were part of one of the shows parenthood right, yeah and all my clients and my audience of culture class. I want them all. come away from the experience spewing in fired in white and less Anxious like they have an edge. I don't then just to be the smartest in the room. I want them to connect with the knowledge and figure
what it means to them. On an internal basis. Will that's what's gonna say about the different facets of your business, so one was Zeit Guide and then also being brought and as a cultural expert to different companies to help them navigate and decide where they should be heading so everything I read of yours has a kind of practical suggestion being nimble inflexible in an average Jeanne economy. I call a cultural agility. You gotta be agile to the constantly changing culture that surrounding everything you do and now it's obviously more complex, more confusing and happening more quickly than ever before what you're guides a couple weeks ago. I notice this, which I had not heard this. Maybe this is a very common phrase, but the covert catalysts like really examining how covert has become this huge this, after that, has accelerated these plans. That, were me, be floundering or does not being implemented, and it just caused everything
can a leap forward by like the most serve it of estimates being like three or four years. That's what Mckinsey SAD a flies de pass, the pop quiz distant clarify, one thing: yes, I do these weekly news letters for anybody for free rights, I'm glad you read those I'm means a lot to mother the greatest I'm like hearing up. These are the three things I'm gonna hear about, and I'm gonna now build a form, an opinion about and feel inspired I more connected I'm hoping time the cultural can. Oh! Yes, I would put it on you in anybody else, whether their clients, her students of minor I'm still has everybody's learning you know tablets size than and if you don't remember chemistry, Qatar was his speed things up. It accelerates things. Everything in people's lives a business level right, I mean all my clients in these legacy companies. They were all talk there. I digital transformation right, we gotta start up a fly, we gotta be relevant, but it was all talk. Everybody was just speaking on.
ages. That's why I don't like the term thought leader like you, need to be a cultural leader, and I feel that covert gave everybody a tree ants to really invest in the technology that they were always needed to do, and you Siena with Macao putting a lie in their drive through and target. You know competitive with Amazon and Walmart. I mean it's amazing, yes or theirs, couple you listed that I was intrigued by. So what is Mcdonald's done, because monarch and I started to Christmas eve- Eve tradition, where we get a bunch of Ngos which we did successfully this year on lots of big macs and stuff. So, of course I want to know what my girls is doing. That's been cattle I used by covert well like most fast food restaurant brands they ve all been experiencing, doing deals with door dash which, just when public, to basically get their food and use technology to quickly get their food to the consumer re they became
direct consumer dd C and people use it in retail, rain people you in media, which is streaming gray right, calling it now my new buzzword, data h direct to home. So that's why like they invested at the a. I think it's like me: Oh, you are as a customer and when you draw through. They have all this time. Ology, this data of who you are way how is it worth their while they take on your information re from Google or every some of our media. They ve bought the info. Well, it's easy to get to throw these social listening, algorithms or platforms that anybody could buy off the shelf. but they also invested in their own eye to artificial intelligence, which is machine learning, as you know, but the more the interesting thing that I thought that Mcdonald's is doing they made these deals re with celebrities.
Travis, Scott and J Belvane Ragged Tom musician right there These meals with them that was green on marketing Andy's. Think, like the Travis Scott meals like sold out, it's crazy! That's the drummer! blink, one any do with great tattoos trap you're the one that's married or hanging out with one of the generous railroads yet anti, but did you see his thing on fortnight? No We even know what fortnight is Brad. I have video aim. I wanted to a culture, glasses Four years on me, culture, glass for dummies, Nobody knows anything well what tourism press me so much right is how not Consumers and employees of companies and companies have really pivoted on a digital level through this whole thing, but how celebrities and individuals all over the world have created, and
acted themselves to consumers or creating performances on these. platforms that really catalyze or accelerate. Ok, so Travis guy he's a musician trade belvane amusing in his well. They can perform in public nobody's going to live alive advance. So what did they do there? This game called fortnight right that millions and millions of people are on it's like you know all. The world you can compete. Definition is game as a service right you go in for free, you buy things, is so many examples of those Ganz, but that's one of the most popular ones and through codes Just an aside like gaming has skyrocket so because they're so popular and because they have an audience because nobody's going to live stadiums, they create these efforts are eyes, like you know, we're both loved to make up he created an animated gain figure of him, of course,
eating this concept in the game. Ok, so you're in the game and then they offer you hey, you wanna go see Travis Scott Play run. You can Do that right- and I think, we're like twenty seven million people, who saw don't call me on that number, no way, Zuma, yeah and then a bell been did and then there's another gaming platform that all these kids do code. oh blocks, and little not ex actually did a concert on that. So it's fascinating to me, and this is why I think we are embarking on a cultural renaissance. Here. All these amazing people! I have been here These new platforms to connect with their audience, not just social media, not just podcasting but doing it. he's gay me platforms and then Tik Tok the whole other inside that I could talk to about. But I'll. Just let you ask questions but yea. It league dead all like how they monetize that. So, like Travis,
If twenty seven million people decided to view that if we get it, ten cents on the dollar that be two point: seven million dollars. Is it been led to what people are making by doing that the question I'm not really sure by that. I also know that a lot of Brian second sponsoring these things as well, so think of it in the same way that people would pay for it answer. They would finance a cancer and there is money that fortnight makes by people buying. Now I don't know for sure it people at a buy a ticket DE the concert. I don't think so. Ok, ok, but yeah exploring out, I mean that's what so exciting about this right now you know, notches celebrities. I mean they're a brand selling stuff on these gaming platforms as well. Huge, a new one that everybody has been using. Women have really gravitated. this is called animal crossing. Do you know
the Islamic already you're right, I mean I'm a woman and I have heard of it, but I don't play or no Whaley anything about what happens on animal crossing is an app it's a game. Ok, and you just share things. You just do things together online. Can you immediately click through to buy products? Is that the kind of Yad ran out of it? I wasn't killed group had a deal with them, and now this was an amazing way, and this whole game of vocation of commerce is also no. I think it was Balenciaga. Instead of doing a fashion show right now they created a game right so I've been so inspired to see. You know all these brands individuals, kind of people to Digital, so what's more exciting to me- and I don't know which can actually happen, but there's gonna be when we go into I around in real life right. There's gonna be this. I come.
stability of why Digital Daewoo that she's gonna be pouring out of our homes and being combined with whatever's having in real life a lot of these, be artificially inflated due to the pandemic riding when we return. I missed big question is like what's gonna stay. What was sustainable, I know people initially we're like fucking came from home works so, like the first six months, I I absolutely no more commute good for the climate blubber about positive powders and then is the vote. green alone war on and not having a little capsule the right to work and reset yourself. All these other downstream problems started to kind of materialise, and now it seems People are really questioning what the value as a maybe some high bred. I guess, but is that a big topic for twenty twenty? She started many. My clients I work with is with the ceo with the sea hr. Oh, that's a corporate word for chief human resource officer, who I believe,
have literally part is the most important job right now. I've experience human resource heads too, you see them twice when you get hired and when you get fired, but now what they really are mandated to create this new conic work culture, and what is that mean, and they have to think about new benefits? Now right? I mean mental health is on the top of the pinnacle of concerns, addiction as well Many people who have been sober didn't have the community, so there is port of their demographic, their employees who knew to go back to work and Zella arrived this personal but, like you said, hybrid, there are a lot of other people who really love it. You know people organ, you like. Oh, I want to go back to work, but once they spend two hours in their car go into the off. Gonna be like screw this.
How does this company answer that issue? Like is everyone? Can you get to pick great question? There was an article that I read yesterday that said that You should really talk to their employees and see what they want that this should be a collaborative effort like that's. Obviously, the trend that has been going on about how employees have more of a voice than ever before. And so you know, the most progressive companies with the most progressive cultures are going to do this in a collaborative way and see what work yeah, I don't think, there's gonna be as much travel, personal people like or so sick of my traveling all the world. Some people love it. Some people didn't will you heard about these flights that we're leaving Hong Kong, I believe, and they were just for high out three hours and then they would fly back. People were booking them. They were for people who missed travel, but
didn't want to go anywhere and take any risk. Wait. What yeah? I guess you talk to that? That's faceted! Eleven, There was in the New York Times. I don't know like six months ago, these people just long to be on that airplane and going somewhere, and so they were just fly the plane in a circle of mine. like warrant. They fear full of aid on the plane, time Hong Kong, I believe was like you know, one in fucking, twenty thousand people, whatever they didn't, credibly low rate of contraction, so they felt great Beza little island and so they miss track, but they were afraid to go somewhere. So that's so weird travelling, that's on the way to drive her eyes its. All, though I will say when you get to fly, first class like if we go do do alive, showing your can. We fly. First class For me, as a father of two that is,
heavenly five hours, because I'm not behold or responsible for a damn thing, I'm in the air. So in that they are a little bit relate to like it's kind of a just get out of They are free, I'm truly offline, em up in the air when you rather tell a pauper God, yes, Are you really offline, though I have, no policy where I do not join that internet. I am offline. I tell me boy: don't join the internet, I don't want to spend to tackle a presented or whatever we that's, what form of airplanes together. I know, but if I could tell a port, I would rather do that. You wouldn't want to fly with me and first class right now Noel O five hour Lou now, oh my god. Oh my god. Ok, sorry, bread got that's! Ok! I love flying when its first class really nice, but I want that you don't go online either, because the only place that you really or force
did think linearly raw Nero. You have your newspapers, you have your magazines, you have your books, you're, not all over the place near hyper text to away. There is so many fun things on your list of covert careless, but it is because again is of particular interest to Monica nigh. What's dominoes knowing who and how real is this stuff, that's the thing. So much of it is marketing and people want to compete by dominoes has always got. A lot of. just say attention because they investing more in digital technology even before, so they have their own. You know many delivery having their own drivers instead, of dealing with like the goober eat, the post maids or that the word dashes of the world Right, say I have their own thing by knave all so be now and like everybody else, that's talks
Thou drowns, that they ve been developing technology force. More cars in drones as well for the future of deliver I mean yesterday. The cafe ages reported that they're gonna allowed drones to travel at night and stuff like that. So really yeah you wouldn't find that freaky. Well, certain when I see a drone about my house. I am very paranoid. I think it's a paparazzi and in fact it has been said before I don't know what paranoia what's reality, but at any rate, I don't know here we go. This is the age old dilemma were in our Lee with technology, which is like yeah guess, I'm gonna give up some of my privacy so that I can have convenience just like. I gave up a lot of my privacy to have the means or the internet, and it just like that line gets boring blurry, I guess every day as the offerings or that much more tempting ray and in Also seeing that more negative repercussions by the day because
technology were seeing. You know cyber security attacks. Misinformation is more rapid than ever before and like basically, the other plague that happening our culture right now, you're so amusing. the term right now, mindful innovation. So here you gotta, think of at all the repercussions that possibly can happen in, like think, like a science fiction. Writer I mean did mark Zuckerberg ever think that he's platform could be one of the most destructive element, of society culture, yet I gotta remark: you do quickly realized that men The things are very well intentioned and just the Outcome is almost unimaginable as you tube has found out and as Facebook is found out in peace. Oh are racing to be competitive. Right? That is problematic, like I spoke at, which is called apparel company couple months ago, and sent me a Denham jacket that
Smart jacket, which you now I don't know. If I lose it, I could find did they measures might be hiding use it right and I'm I'm ok. Are you thinking about like the privacy issues and secure but then there is great things about technology. that's going to be really how fallen completely necessary. Yeah. It's grace of the vaccine. Right, I mean talk about acceleration of technology, the on going from the fast as ever having been for years to this being eleven months or whatever it was more. I mean I say gay man who experienced the eighties right, the still isn't a vaccine for HIV ran right, and I'm just saying because, like yeah obviously that was a cultural, crazy experience. Sphere and yeah blood is telling now, isn't it yes, yeah we
To go there. We always like, when you can point out something so clear cut, which is who does it affect gay men, drug attics, black and brown people in Africa ready, ass, marginalized and there's a lot of marginalized people in society. Yeah straight America is like we figured it out where a condom fuck you you know you go. Can all your behavior, but not us we're like now. We want to go shake hands with strangers, so figure out how we can do that yeah I'll rally for you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I mean talk about mine, innovation. There psych many rubber gloves. Masks are just everywhere. We didn't have condoms in the street everywhere, but that that soldier, what you the term info dynamic, which I really like. Well, you really studied up. Brad. I appreciate you in your worthy of my studies but info demagogue. This is
something that is of great concern to us. There was this Sunday. Sixty minutes had a story. a woman. I mean you just can't believe this story, she, It was an iraqi vat from one of thy rack wars. She is a cyclist that cycles, for you know some armed forces team. She beating in a race and wool on prior to the pandemic and she had a crash there and base only on that there is a huge faction of the country that is decided she some above brought Corona to woo Hon inner bicycles. Capsule from where again but she's, an american jeers veteran and a cyclist in simply because there is an cycling event there around a time. That's all the little clues that these people needed a fig her out. She had brought it there and then the other
action. Is she got in this bicycle crash in that race and then went to a hospital in contracted? It brought it back well in full, when the interviewer she never went to a hospital. So that's just not even true, but the rest, All too, which is she's, had hundreds and hundreds of death threats. There's tens of thousands of people who think she started Corona and I've been attacking her and her husband and its salute fantasy. There are people who are using the things that these can Piracy theorists are saying to actually try to keep themselves in power, yet people are definite benefiting a weapon eyes in all of this, yet they had the guy as well in this sixty minutes segment whose son was murdered at sandy hook and he said to move his family seven times sense that here this event, which is the worst thing that could happen to any human being on planet earth and then, additionally, he's got a deal. All these fuckin bows. was in movies family around all the time, because they do not absent threats. These people really believe he is
actor who's going to take away their liberty and its high. or do you imagine that people can believe this, but I guess all the stuff on the internet, as they appear in of the same value, anything written in text? So the carry the same weight as the New York Times absorb the laws. journal or any of it. Yeah yeah. It's very travel wait! So all involved dynamic, me dear. What is that info demagogue. Actually thank you for saying that I quaint did. It actually was the World Health Organisation who came up with the term. Ok, who finally declared covered to be a pandemic but they did a whole studies saying that the information or the false information is worse than the pandemic itself. again? Like you said, the covert was catawampus. I also think that cove, it was a man,
fire above the systemic problems in both society and the way that we do business ray it. Piss me off so much every time he would say the China virus or something because that's fine, if he's going to do it, but I want him to also call it the american Chicken Pox, the american measles in I don't even know where all these different, but what we, don't do that. He did when we called it the spanish flu back in nineteen o re. It didn't even originate in Spain right, but even if they did evacuated, its pejorative. Yes, it does mean anything and certainly we're not listing all the ones that we are, the originators of. It doesn't I can matter who's to blame, nor one went out shop, infer a virus ever to my knowledge, while people get tapeworms to lose weight, but in general I've no one out and shop for as a virus, so they can give it to you everyone's a victim stay to arm, chair experts, if you dare,
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being about Amazon, creating a phone. The has I kindles technology, or maybe it's a kid thought I don't. I can find out more about that, but that doesn't any social media on it, the only as taxed and calling, and it's like a remedial phone they're gonna, sell stuff. That's u useful! Yeah, like the return to the light. I write like in the twenties, which is interesting, because people had been pairing this pandemic to the nineteen Eighteen influenza right and would happen afterwards. Many people as I'm sure you ve read in a case, especially in the entertainment business, how everybody sang the roaring twenties happen after the nineteen eighteen influenza, but we also had Doughtiest Syn Duchamp. What our daughters
Data was the movement that Marcel do Sharm created with the bicycle. We'll do remember no, I mean I can picture that bicycle well, but what were they all about? There are basically put testing against me, the organization of society? Ok, ok and now big mope, innovative surrealist movement and I want to say analysis semi all these forces in the twenties and beyond we're coming to gather and you saw such divisions right and I do think happening now, is gas. Some hoping that we're going to embark on a cultural renaissance, like the roaring twenties and we're going to figure out what entertainment and culture is gonna, be a bow butts there's also I mean we just saw in this election there, so many divisions ray and to use the theme of division, we're seeing divisions and marriages right divisions in friendships and
We are also going to see divisions within the parties even than democratic party right and When everybody gets the vaccine, there's gonna be a division between the people who are just gonna figuratively ripple. all their clothes and start dancing in the streets and other people who are going to be more trepidation. More fearful it's gonna happen, so I think the text ology of what your same arctic is very astute, there is going to be applied, the relation that's going to step back from all that, even though the gens ease I just read it daddy that a large portion of them think that so media is toxic. I find out encouraging yeah so it's interesting. I dont know if we are going to figure out, maybe we're gonna be so technological inclined in work and leisure is gonna, be, let's put the Tec aren't you away and let's go play. Badminton, there's something! Well
I want to get on to more little things before we get into what's coming in twenty twenty want, because it's in the info dynamic umbrella, which is what's the great reset. I did not know about that until I read it in the zoo guy. I think owing covert magnifier and illuminating of this systemic problems right so this is key does and I'm hoping that it's gonna turn out positively to step back and really think about our lives and our role in society, and we ve seen every systemic problem from Emma Racism and social injustice. We sat back and saw in social media and everything else the while fires. So we ve been reminded about how bad climate changes mental health. Literally at the pinnacle of conversation right or mental wellness. So My hope is that this magnify the case
in this crescendo of all these crazy things that we are aware of right now is go to help us reach food our sense of humanity, so this meeting so that call It has been like this symbol that disrupted way that we lived before and thanks for reading my sight guy, but last year, at the end of twenty Nineteen my theme was the world is on fire. pre cold. They re you had greater too Berger speaking about climate change. You, protests, all around the world with Hong Kong and China. Remember all these things right that the worldwide just a mass and that we got it. Sit back and CO bid allowed us to see, you know what's happening, so I'm hoping that CALL it is going to be this reset of how We want a reboot, the world reboot
of humanity and also spiritually individually, like reboot ourselves, and they go out Are we wanna leave the rest of our lives, then there's the resets in business yeah. It does parallel a little bit like a bottom for an attic like this year kind of feels a little bit a bottom and there is an opportunity here to embrace the bottom and make some real Ange or we could ignore it and stay in denial, which is always an option as well. I called at the cove it excuse, which is the opposite. I mean there's too far she's here. There's too, trends in terms of what you said: Even I am experiencing this right now, so her curiosity, re, actually gonna walk, come clean. I've been the king and eating more than I ve ever had before, and I kept on saying. Oh, it's called
Like you, I like it's an excuse in a lot of people who felt that way, but I also see the other side where people me are thinking about sober curiosity when I get out of this bubble out like what would it be that we kind of cut all these things out of our lives, there's both ways. Yeah, I hear a lot of that. I hear lie there, so it's gonna happen in twenty twenty one. You know I see twenty twenty one and happening and four parts right so right now, if you look at the front pages, any digital or tangible newspaper like the world's even worse? Yet I don't know when you're wearing this by you were gonna, see if Congress going to vote on our present being present and we have the elections in the land and now but a wrong decided to develop nuclear weapons I'm, a change is again at the pinnacle
conversation? So I feel that right now, twenty twenty one from all the time. then I'm seeing combined with the hope that I have, in my conversations with my clients, is that This is in a reborn year. It's not! like any other new year, where you're gonna be saying ok, the it's gonna be amazing. Yes, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, but we have a fucking lot of work to do. we had the roll up our sleeves, so that's like the first part of twenty twenty one and I hope that's going to be accelerated that whole part of the beginning to create a rebirth of humanity. When or new administration comes in, and it's like also the year of the expert right he's actually surrounding himself by real experts with real knowledge, which is great. So you know that's the second pillar It's called the second quarter of twenty twenty one ends. It's gonna be a lot of turmoil I think by. If are
administration, does what our future proof It says we're gonna. Do we're going to deal with this darkness, but he's gonna help shepherded this through and then, when everybody gets accelerated. I see- and I mention this before- there's gonna- be a division with the people who are going to just like we're going back. We're gonna party in the streets is gonna, be like Marty Graph everywhere. I think that's more. The young people's rights are an there's going to be people organ is still be trepidation us and them We're going to go out into the real world and people have been saying the new normal. But it's gonna be the new anxiety. What does that mean they're? So many like moving molecules that it's gonna. Take your work and real integrity and real vision and real leadership to awfully put those marks. it was together and create a better world, well, all fully
There's no way having just experience covered, not think. Well, that's why another million Kabila in viruses, so we didn't kill Godzilla and that was the only monster living in the sea, so The handshake is gone. I'd like to see a go personally well you're about the elbow bump. Did you why? the crown where, like the Queen Elizabeth, went out to sea of her people, she puts the glare whose yeah yeah well the price of their history. Right I mean originally shaking hands- is basically tell someone you're going to murder right hand, an actual practical purpose, but I dont think anyone believes that someone's holding a sword minor back or a handgun. On the other hand, so I just wonder, is it one of these vestibule things? It doesn't even mean anything anymore
we're start with. What do we need a touch? People we meet, you don't miss hugging people. I love logging. Ok, you're going out the people you know and loves. I, like I bumped into forty five people at Starbucks. Who may be like parenthood and I got touch all their hands. You know why Is that necessary? Why can't we just chat and we can have an exchange of ideas and share a moment. I dont know why what we have to touch each other. I think you're right I can see that and I think you being such an influence in the world, you might be starting that culture does by saying this, like any other cultures like in some ancient cultures like the bow right, dad dad I'll. Do the bow in business card you dont like Boeing when we talked about the crowding, you did not like that people bout the queen, yeah, hey, that's bullshit, but if the queen bowed to everyone and may bowed to her around here, I don't like the status thing of it that she,
it's bad lover felt that way too. When I watched it- and I thought I encounter wasn't dope out, he was so. I d go oh, I know I know a little bit like one of these people, it's like I'll, say something, maybe liberal on here right and then I'll get some message. Like I can't listen to you now and I'm on my way, but I found myself guilty of it, which is I'm so offended by the notion of royalty, is. What does I didn't do enjoined to show me like this? Is such a bull shit? These you are going to marry people. They don't like fascinating that that's the world that they've created and they're trying to maintain and there's kind of no reason to maintain a, but they have to get us our whole life, it's so floods, definitely like Laden with conflict. I acknowledge and their sad That's what I'm saying is everyone's losing every single versions losing in this fantasy, where there are more important than other people
anyways I had arts I'm getting past that Brad in it's embarrassing. I meet to connect the dots there in terms of royalty and also just shaking hands you know, there's tradition, also not just royalty, but look at our patriarchal system right. I think that's another silver lining of coded based We were. Dismantle all these? systems and cultures that you know are so our cake and aren't relevant anymore, weathered shaking hands so yeah? I think that's gonna. Until in terms of our cultural renaissance, moving forward, there's gonna be a lot of different behavioral habits that are gonna be forming yet- and I am sympathetic to people because I do think what gets conflated quite often is tradition. Instability having ever on desires, stability and what is probably what fears triggered by change is instability which I totally get, but
You think those things are conflated. I don't really think tradition necessarily represents to build In fact, most of the UN's melody of this year. Is the outcome of outdated traditions? Absolutely, but I think Ok, so there's tradition, but I also think there's ritual there. Two different z, eyes. Yes, so ritual, I think, is tradition with heart, soul and authenticity. I still even though I am jewish, and even though I have problems with a lot of the patent, our call, homophobic construction were created. still love the Rachel. I wouldn't say that in addition, the ritual of common together on Friday night and being with family and friends. I would say that it was more during this Kovac crisis is very helpful to me as well. So it's not
We have to dismantle everything work back to the reset ray. We just have to tweak it in a way. It's more sustainable their humanity I don't agree with you mark. Has I've been to many a pass over in a safer, and I love it always even though I don't buy into the underline foundation of it all the sheer of humanity in those structured rituals is palpable. You can't really deny it so yeah, I'm all been for some movement were people to cherry pick, all the wonderful things about their religion and then just be with to jettison some stuff, that's destructive and some open. It's too, like I totally think we'll congregated, I'm a Sunday is fucking beautiful. They can all share and sing a song, and then they can be nice to their neighbours at the end of it and check in also awesome awesome. I would there was someone colonel. Eating map movement to keep the beautiful rituals without may be the oppressive nature of some of it.
in jewish communities. There is a large demographic of believers. are reforming or reconstituting the notion. like, I go to it and called shawl or temple or synagogue. Actually does it is like the Jabba's His name is almost I live in and you know he was practicing any leading congregations without even having rabbinical degree. Whatever the stand. of approval is and he's gay. And we wouldn't say like hee, hee, hee, hee, hee or Gaga guy. They would be whenever you want to believe it. I just think everything ass to be constantly redefine work right, the same kind of thing, the way that we are related to This is when I'm talking all my clients about like what is the future of work now and how can we reconstitute?
that we all know that it's been inequitable with, racial injustice, sir his arm. We ve learned about Hash. Ask me to homophobia, transphobia ages and that's gonna be The next thing How do we literally take all that all man kind of system that shaped everything and created everything by use a lot of the great things that we loved about work, burn out: pre Cove. It was at an all time high, so it's This has been a time to evaluate and again I'm looking at such an optimistic level, and this is why I am more the guide, Zeit, because this is what I hope for that. We're gonna leave the This is our time with the bad in our personal lives in our work lives in society geopolitically, but we have a lot of work to do ya.
I have one last juicy greed question wench. I already had one money question here comes a second one. The your last Zeit Guide dealt a lot with how Hollywood's changing and what was fascinating. To me as someone who has spent now twenty some years in this industry- and I think I know how it works, to see that HBO Max released, wonder woman, real time on that platform, in addition to me, in theatres there, to me seemed unimaginable four years ago. These tent poles movies at CASA Cup, honour million dollars, but I guess the successive Disney plus you mean you're. Looking at, I guess, potentially eight hundred million a month in revenue for twelve months you're looking at making nine billion dollars. What's the difference, if you got it there from the theatre, it starts making sense. So is the model making sense hoping it does not make sense, because I am a sinner file. Like the IRA in real life experience of going to the movies, and I do believe
Eve back. I mean we knew that the movie business was about the crash and burn unless somebody reconstituted what that expire hence of seeing a movie theater, is going to be an covered. has been that accelerator because We ve seen every single media common, you going streaming so the coffee about streaming for these businesses is that they don't have to give any money to the exhibitors and the deals that there Aching with talent are also not the same. So these media companies- and save a lot of money. But I in feeling hopeful about it, I think that once we all take off our clothes. dance in the streets, people will want to go to the movies and it'll be a new thing, like I said, were embarking on a cultural renaissance, but I believe,
even the creative people in your business, my business to really figure out periods that people are going to want to be around other people and experience. But it depends right because, like when you take the movie I miss the movie theater so much to provide every time I've been in a movie theater. Last couple years I had the sense of like: is there going to be a shooting today, and I have an obviously had that feeling in a year anywhere I Khazars not a place where there are so many people packed in that. That fear has been removed, and I like that, but that then removed. So there is a sense of one we're all running around in the street. How are people behaving because member? We were at an all time high with mass shootings of those come back. I think people are gonna, be like fuck, this, a very, very good, maybe theatres, we're gonna become more like airports right. There's gonna, be charity and to scam people
Israel when you're gonna get your temperature taken. And then get completely nude and watch them efficient ones the variables. Yet Everything has full nobility that so again. I am hoping that there's a population of people who are thinking about all this Things happen BC before covered that we were dealing with like whether was hashtag me too, and these protests in inequality in gun control, an opium addiction. All these things coffee, definitely push those things aside, recovered and politics, and we can forget those systemic issues. There We were facing before one being gun control everything, being addressed and I am addressing it. We definitely need a global playbook. We needs. I guides to help everybody kind of look at the past.
teachers of how we're gonna fix these problems- and we have to put all these problems on the table that we ve been thinking- Haven't seen that have been magnified for all this and we can't do everything but we're gonna prioritizing back to what I was saying before that Kogi, it's a warning: it's a war! shit happens, we're vulnerable were noble and then next pandemic is climate change. In fact, everyone yeah, you can buy your way out of it. I read somewhere that people are gonna, start naming in the same way that we name hurricanes, heatwaves oh really like heat. Harry Heatwave, Harriet I mean there. gonna be a lot of once we get act to wit, The new normal is like a lot people a lot of academics, alot of scours. We need them. A lot of experts started to kind of explain what
they know what we need today. Scale we need is not really simple. Would like a top three to do list that the world rays on like, but I start here number one don't throw your mask and gloves on the floor. Rehab please put them in the proper place. Bread a fascinating. Where would people go if they wanted to sign up for any of your seminars, its Zack, I dot com. de I t and guide like tour guide dog Thanks so's I guy dot com and can get the full soup denotes walk through me. indifferent fascinating topics, including Tik Tok, I'm a tick tock. experts are now going to learn about that I'll give. A private lesson oh Brad. Thank you so much and stay safe and of course, can I suggest you have BC before covert av as after vaccine so see an av, hopefully nude parting industry fish is timely.
I'd be wow you by saying I bet stay too for more arm chair experts, if you dare, we are supported by sleep number enormities, something Monica
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Dax, whose no shame in asking for help. And now my favorite part of the show the back check with my soul, mate Monica by a man. Do you know wandering lately. Tell me: do you think that they're gonna invent and at home I ve the computing yourself, so you don't have to drink water anymore? Oh it's hard for me to desire that as someone who loves drink, I think about it once a day that I wish so badly. I could just get the high duration without me. Having too, will you tell them? and what happens every time you walked in here? What has been done? People I have put a water on your chair and hopes that you drink not today, yesterday where I put it on your chair on this yellow chair before you got here, and you had to have moved at pride There were the other ones you move to, but
I put one on your chair in mine. I put one either on your armrest for your chair. I notice that the USA Water, I dont, want I hate it, your man, I feel it when I don't have what I need so much water all the time or I feel it me too, but I just can't, I didn't get myself to the car fill it So you want an idea you for the hospital. I ll give you back the bag. I know about it, I'm just sing like every morning. I wish I could just wake up and like open on my bag. Put it and do my errand why think what you're asking for exist? Which is you want a port? You want them to put a port in your body so that you can access. You can put all kinds of injections and their without them having to return your in every time. So you want me out our poor draw me to give you a poor, yeah, ok, in some favours like Sunday differently, there is real spongy would never allow that.
He's dead Monterrey in your head because he's a neurology neurosurgeon ban. Like a bow shape, so I always like I had a low bow and my area under the ball would be filled with water with electoral rights in our lot electrolyte rich Richard Triche cousins. What do you think? Maybe my caesar was due to a low level of electoral? Really, I think so too, but I still can't get myself We all have some funny things. That's what you're funny things areas we say you're so responsible. They knew as you say, on race to seventy year, Urim total control of your diet, to fight any urges you can Monterrey, I mean what am I a total by and printing, maybe when it comes to Swedes may be, but in general you're, pretty good, and the notion that You don't drink water ages, astounding to me, cement, hurdle. I dont know what it is. I mean I like drinking at your house, hot water. Ok,
I don't like doing that at my house, because I don't have the hot water tasker her. I'm excited for that. For my new house, you as a priority Joseph Delta, makes one we often hear why here I would love for you to do- is to get one as absurdly sized jars like air carries renew my gummy one. Oh my god, you already yeah. I need to fill it up in the morning and you have to drink that throughout the day. Like that, that's your homework. Haven't you see my book bear I mean by hers yeah it's too heavy already, and so I tried carrying that around a little, but it was too heavy. Well, you know how you make it lighter you drink the water inside now that the vessel itself, as an to carry it or have too much to carry or water. We all have all these reasons why we can't do things. We don't do Yours is now the weight of your bag. Well, that's real soon! I agree you can't you can't drink water. They can't be done for you
Well, I all your unique now I'm not saying that. Well, Other option is to not do that and then to drink water everywhere. You girl, but you're, not doing that. So I'm just trying to think of how you're gonna launch a plan that might yield some results. Part of it, as I dont like washing water bottles, so I did by this one. from Nord Stream role. I know it's a it cleans itself all got excited about the action on office from notion, but got excited about that. But then it and then I think, gift of charges and so on. As you ve lied inside and I don't know what it's ok, the next to the books, you ever read. What did you I've had it with other. As to my lot about, I hadn't many ah something came all you know, you're not not any of my solution. So what is your soul? Do you have a solution? You think might work ivy about that, and how did you lose? You don't have to poorer,
just a regular ivy guy. If anyone out there has an invention, please reach, you know it's gonna require need to be put in. I don't mind. Oh you know, I really am. I not ok. Bottom Gill, I think, would be a good solution for me. Oh my god, This is very identical to people who want to quit drugs within one. Go to a that's unacceptable, so dumb moved to the middle of nowhere Alaska, but people do this. They dreaded come up with a geographical solution. To this thing, is they refuse do the thing, so your solution is to have an ivy bag. Crazy is moving in the middle of last year's because I'm actually getting the high duration and their quitting heroin. Does you can't buy the mid term review for the great works for having great you're, not very supportive engine,
I'm a little more supportive of that. Then your veneer us if we want to put it on a scale, god! I brother you have I ve bag to get your water than to give her nears burn. My dentist sent me some cookies as a funny presently evidently was, but I was very appreciative, he's so arson and that just reminded me that I have to keep thinking about the nurse this claim worked- and I am thinking about it still, but you know why you're just gonna have to be here. yeah supportive of whatever. Well that's, not true peoples and be supportive of whatever people do not work.
ever but lacking bite my tongue. I can promise you that I make their promise re hearing twenty twenty one, I'm I'm probably not going to be my deniston. I wanna keep sending a clear message: ok, Brad Grossman Obama I have one more thing to say: more. farm housecleaning, vs Far Grievance House cleaning is a ding ding ding about all the big elephant in the room. Behind that I smell right now. Would you down but continued? I smell like a chicken. I can't fire is normal smoke chicken. Well, I'm getting more and cooking. These videos really ignited a fire and Jove Aspirin Fund. A watch I have. I have not had any Amelia, which some have been heard about: yeah the fact that you made a big is eighty four Laura now, and you know how many lobbyists
is how many meals of I made. You but listen to me. I presented the Dear of anchovy, pasta, and, as you know, one of her no, I wasn't. I said I want you to tell me you're going to cut down the amount of anchovy that there would be a good solution, as I can't wait to try it. I saw in my you told me: I've decided I'm not making it for you, because I got scared because you got you looked, scared. I was not scared. I was now I did Ed stuff, but your face really told me the true story. You were scared of ETA, This is not a good place to start all start with this evening, but I we'll have to try it out. First, I can't make it for the first time and then give it to you and then its grows. So I tried it. It was amazing, but then again that clear, it will. Unfortunately, it was fed sixty eight people and I was playing- may well now one of the six. They know this web, so I ate a bunch of it. Then I went upstairs. I said he
you guys want any of the studio, maybe they took some then I was like oh maybe to bring some did acts tomorrow, but then I thought I needed to be fresh the first time, but I want to make this week vulgar per year of her staging for another. Ok, also, side, no Alison Roman, who is the cooking video chef, though you obsessed with she reached out to me. And I'm so excited cause. She she made me took working class that has hosting Marilla you, oh virtual glass, I'm so excited, but I hope this doesn't happen. What happened yesterday I made a skillet chicken. It was beautiful chicken. eyes, allisons trying to get me to eat more chicken thighs. Why she just wants it people to try chicken different ways. You know how to just number, I should ve known. All ties are words I am. I gonna do the best meet on the chicken it when I gotTa Roscoe's, chicken and waffles you get. Those hit me with only size is what I tell them. Well
when I leave their I'm worried I've fucked up the proportion that day assign that day, like ok, we're, gonna, sell twenty five whole chickens hopefully be border this pretty evenly, and then I come in there and get six thighs and, unlike emerges, stirred up the calculations. Well, I was thigh shy, Ok, I she convince me so that I made this beautiful skill it check and it was so good on Fortunately, I have a small apartment. I haven't moved in my house, yet there is no hood, there's no exhaust value. So all of a sudden, my smoke alarm starts going off and I'm like, I guess it is smoky. It wasn't your way too short to address smoke, a big black anglaise, I'm just fanning with me, tat old, trying to get the smoke clear and opening up all the windows. Very nervous. My landlords are approaching their very on top of things. They are also Dublin two hundred zero. On top level.
EL, the quite literally on top and thou was a big to do. Ok, but then does not the doktor stopped ever ran out of something up and everything was by the chicken. It was delicious and I went to your house to watch tiger document, amaze guys water, water back in dark eyed summer? Stagger that's another tangent met anywhere, then I came home and realized. My house smelled so strongly of chickens An employer logo in there is what you're saying I don't what it smells like an there's, why can't say, but probably more and TAT Sancho? I think they grew larger com is a good thing, but it did it smell, like someone had grilled like a hundred. Kids in your house, yeah like you just it was formulated everything like an. I got really self conscious, hoaxes just me, but eggs and anxiety spiral about it done to my battles like it
everywhere. The smell is ever right. I can't get rid of it and I didn't know what to do cause. I couldn't open windows, I'm on the first floor. Can open windows was too. To do that at an intruder in the matter, of the night. I did open some windows in my room losers led by now exactly anyway. It was I predict man- I smell like you- got overwhelmed big time here and I kept thinking a key making this chicken and yeah well, you're gonna have to you now, as you will recall, I went through a huge phase where I was making chicken wings and dies in error. I dont know guy I've stopped back as it was the most silicious thing ever, but at any rate, you know kicks out a good deal of sense. So I learned to park that thing either cook him outside. I don't know you don't have that option but now I could come right under our vat and again I know you don't have an exercise in front of your nose in our exhaust, but but you'll figure it away. I well because it was Delicious
Bradley Grossman, ok, so the Travis Donald meal. You wonder what was in that its immediate sprite, a quarter. Under with bacon and fries with barbecue sauce baby Travis, twenty million dollars from the deal now. Yet. What also You said that it's a drummer from blink one. Eighty two bread incorrect you, but it's not the blink when eighty two drummers Travis Barker all drivers bargain love him. Travis guy is a wrapper. Ok, he is. It has a baby with highly Jenner, all guy or passion. I guess they limit ending naming from Boston anyway, so he's really hot right now, probably Wiseguy Ziobro design. Georgie's oh my god. I have a pair of Louis this ones. I think our whom, let's look this motherfuckers got the golden touch He touches a hamburger meal. Twenty million dollars
is a Jordi, my fair repair, Yad, try, the sky has also deal with Nike and discuss. Has those blue shoes at I go you that, under your SAS ones, yeah cactus air for Retro, Travis, Scott Cactus Jack men, shoes, my favorite at such a pretty before beautiful blue sky goodbye. I should go, get his meal and eat it in my Georgie's. Do you think there's some synergy there like it would be. They complement each other yeah, be afraid us drip some that Bob You saw sunlight cactus near be careful. I mean no offense had traversed Barker Black. This was a big met, messed up on our part that we said Travis bar marker when eighty to Travis guy we're sorry here, everyone sorry we're so's. I owe game how many people view the Travis Scott COM,
So in a fortnight he said around twenty seven million Brad confirmed today. That is correct. I wonder if they heard it, they do for you, I'm gonna cut it out, just cut it. The cheese ah, but even the term cut, the cheese comes from, maybe when cheese used to be packed in big way, things to transport it before refrigeration, perhaps when they would cut into that wax of this cheese had spoiled. It was just a tremendously bad smell. That's my guess! Oh you're! Connecting to now! Ok, I always connected to sound somehow. I know why you got your next week. now I'll handle this fact, and this is a ding ding ding possesses another origin question
Where did the handshake come from you sad and in your right, but I'm just gonna collaborate, and also we may have already done this in the past as it is sounding familiar, but this from the history channel, the handshake has existed in some form or another for thousands of years, but its origins are somewhat murky. One popular theories. Gesture began as a way of conveying peaceful intentions by extending empty right hands changes could show that they were not winning weapons and bore no ill will towards one another even suggested the up and down motion of the Hendrick was posted, dislodge any knives or daggers. I might be hidden up a sleeve, yet another explanation is that the handshake was a symbol of good faith when making an odour promise when they clasped hands, people showed their word was a sacred bond An agreement can be expressed quickly and clearly in words, but is only made effective by ritual gesture. Open weaponless hands stretched out toward one another grasp each other in a mutual handshake. Doubts is not enough, Sir anymore agreed
Molly the idiom reference, the foul smell emitted by some cheese, many of which have a rhine that keeps the oder in once the Rhine is pierced, as in the case of slicing smell it. but you know why I said what scathing they're, saying rind below. I think this is a victory. A year you shit, can I read you on worth definition- positions more technical and it makes it funnier of cut the cheese? Yes, the adjective cheese can be used figuratively, to refer to anything that smells bad, such as fermented, cheese, eventual cutting the cheese was later applied, figuratively to refer to fly challenge because cutting a smelly block cheese apart and suddenly cause a smelly order to broadcast over a wide area. That's her broadcast over a wide area and allow oh like they do. I like this game, underneath that was suggested
other questions that people ask, and one was: what does the phrase cut the mustard come from cut the mustard. I've never heard that. Oh, yes, He doesn't got the mustard it's late. I'm your share now doesn't meet the specifications I didn't get the mustard, so they fired him. I gasped in I guessed right. I thought it's probably of bastard visitation of muster, which is when you line up in the military troop. They call a mustard and it was there The expression for assembly, military troops for inspection pass them muster really. Are you do this all day, long? Ok, what else is there? What does the cut mean sex? we all know what that means: the kind, the vagina secret sexual activity with a person. but the ones partner- oh I've, never For that I would ask this question: what does cheese mean
fucking question that people are. That is all that's. What is choosing your body. What is cheese mean sexually? What is Bebe mean in texting to a girl? What does cut a rug mean sexually? had aroused was dance to definitions. To have sex or engage and other sexual activities that doesn't help me now be run off the rails. What is fish market mean sexually EL fish market, the nineteenth century term, for a brothel use. sentence. I've had a long day and I need to pay a visit to the fish market that scene send some, oh, my god, thinking gunning it your apartment as some or factory candidate sure does when my warm and does not have a fish market, and you didn't overfish radio marrying God will I
I love you. I love you. I love! You must stay tuned about whether you make me big zany by next Correia stating for that happening
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