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2021-06-03 | 🔗
Bubba Wallace is a professional stock car racing driver in the NASCAR Cup Series. Bubba joins the Armchair Expert to talk about growing up in North Carolina, learning to race in his Dad’s go-kart, and how he was more interested in playing basketball as a kid. Dax and Bubba discuss the mental strength needed to be a race car driver, the Confederate flag being banned by NASCAR, and becoming an activist for cultural change in his sport. Bubba talks about having Michael Jordan as his new boss, wanting to be known more for winning races, and being tougher on himself than anyone else.
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Welcome! Welcome all arm chair, expert experts on expert, I'm dyin Burnham join, but Monica Mouse there are you doing Ray? How are the mice I know you're the Secretary of Minds, a miser, do in pretty good. They had a nice long weekend. They are really drawn call case, nursing. Some hang over those myself lamp up a little liquor out of a liquor cat, that's right, one on the ground or the mice excited about whatever. they are so excited. They hear them clamouring around once their drunk, they ve all made accounts and there really excited their most excited because it's free, it's free. It's absolutely! real use, download the ep it so easy. You're, just gonna pick that up over the other at that you might have been using, but probably already on Spotify Point is: it's so simple here. Also, we have an incredible first guest.
that I'm so excited early days of remedial. I couldn't give your quick enough because I cannot release. I cannot wait to release that gas here, but I am also very excited release this gas media Bubba Wallis, Bob Bob Ali Baba loss bubble, Wallace Wanna. When a record when iraqi bubble Wallis Doll, I wanna, do you want to love. You want to hug, you wanna squeeze it you. You got this out Monica bubble. Walls is a professional stop car racing driver, he competes full time in the net car cup series, as well as part time in the NASCAR Camping World truck series now amazing, spokesperson for ask her we're glass talking to him yeah, I normally I'm not. I don't know much about it. It's not really my thing that he was so interesting and cool yeah he's very, very engaging in charismatic and again tell you some very handsome, very cause. You don't have to be good. Looking wastewater, rediscovering,
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or is there was only one apology, but not a thousand I'll, take it that in general people don't receive. Apologies very often. Do they can you think of the last time someone like called? You gave you a sincere hey, Darrell, listen man, I thought it over and was out of line. I'm sorry, that's really The question, I don't think that's the thing anymore. I think We just let a roll off the sleeve and in a new suit person. Next time you just like our over while I know that cause I'm sober, so I have to give people apologies overtime and often I recognise as I'm giving them an apology like all they haven't heard. One of these in it
where are you? Are you North Carolina, the home or urine Conqueror North Carolina you're? So when I was reading about you today, I discovered that you are from Concord and then my first thought was: you know the Avis brothers, I don't wanna say I've met once, but I dont know them. I have to say I know of them, but Jimmy Johnson, who we all know of is a really big erosion. Yassum really. Well, I don't even care if that's your cup of tea, musically it'll be calm. Your cup of tea, if you see them, live, that's cool out effort but analysed funny. Now it's coming back. I play golf with their manager. Ok yeah! So we have a connection there. So you play golf as well. I have some golf clubs. Yes, yes, yes, it's so
frustrating I've been plan on and off for about. Seventy years now and just picked a back up like about early last year, just like heavily covered, yet he had time to do it and then getting back into again your buddies to get out there. And now we are like a whole group. That's ok! Don't like off today. Not there now heavy play their new boss ya know really quick Harmonic INA, whose new bosses Mj Michael Jordan, see now she's excite issues like what we NASCAR thing now she's a second. I thought Bulgaria, has announced a how library act two thousand, while the girl is this so They taught her to kick off season, and we were sitting ere, he had read it out a motor home and was so we're on the back stretch. I think we're watching the truck race and they were right there on the back stretched super cool.
were hanging now having dinner and we'll talk about Gough, and he says just out of the blue, you golf right. Gear, sometimes is again heard you suck Their organizations slowly was like you. I guess I bill next conversations, fish have no jobs within the year. Michael Jordan asked me if I got off. Do Gulf about as good as you re scars? That was the first moment of the first day. I met him. I don't know they did
watch last dance, that's kind of. However, that's how he s Steve Car was like you're gonna beat my ass, but you're gonna get a fight. That's true! That's true! That's good point! I like that. I put them back flagitious now we'll get to em Jake's at such an exciting development, but you were born and Mobile Alabama and then you relocated to Concord. How long were you in mobile two years so from birth to two years old, are on the wrong thing about a sharp shower? Sir? and so Concord Home cockroach on sovereignty. Try all I ever want to do is race single mother. This was not going to happen on our budget. We can. We combine, go car Do any of the baby steps. So how did you get into it? Yes, the neighbourhood we moved into from from Obiang right there, a conqueror my dad had a go car like one that he would go and race. Alright, the I had no interest in even know what anything was really just happen.
Member. We used to go to my element, risk or like on a weakens and he would park at the gate. It's one of the gates. That's like the long swinging arms. Both sides, you could just walk underneath and we would park at the gate, let it go, cart and push it under a gate. He would go, make laughs and Arcola AHA moment and I would sit there and watch and it was way too fast. I was like nope I'm ready to go back and play tag and hide and go seek with friends in the neighborhood, and so I regard the race track with him and not watching raised, but I knew he would three times and that he flipped all three times a car, that's hard to which we know the open carts. If you we'll hop somebody
Oh yeah, it's easy launch off somebody doing that so fast forward about, I would say I was probably five or six at a time fast forward. Three or four years later we moved to a new house still in Concord and my dad had bought a Harley Davidson and a guy who fixed it up, form a race go karts and he invited us to come out and Jim. We got two normally a family for an invite. Us come on watch one weekend and my dad was used to it obviously, and he was like men what you think you and try it knows. I sure why not, and so we went out, embody Champ card, which is, moreover, the Rocard guy and went reason, and that was now is that I don't want to get too s o Terek today, which I'll be inclined to do there was the database in a shift of car are like a pushing go now. Push engages, ok, and no one you started. It was not a shifter either. No, now I've all knowledge driven a shifter like just for fun, like the answer twice in those things are a beast. I have one and I think it's the funniest thing I've ever driven in my life.
It's it's a hell of a worker admire. Nevertheless, as a lot. No one arm, yes sure! So, when you got in the car at nine was something you immediately loved or was driving fond of. The competition element was intimidating like how did it roll out? It was a super like really fun like our first race was a national event down and Jasper Florida. Three hundred four hundred carts like we bought the go car on Friday and those like hey we're going to Florida, more rights oh shit, ok, I got beaten banged urban and just like the car was Angola, but I asked my dad. I can we fix it and go back out, may reside yeah sure and from that point on, I didn't have anything I don't really know so no we're done will be practised. A lot like we were at the track, like almost every day, just run and laughs, login lapse and set up cones to show you where to IRAN and what not actually almost killed my dad. They were standing on the right track.
Had a comb here had come there just run around this go wherever well. I guess it was late, today in Africa. Let's doing ran over the Conan, that like Yahoo went like Mary Finelli size and landed on his back, and he was, I still have a good, so he got back up hobbled his way and as I let's keep your area that was that was, was he really pushing you did take? He was really excited that you're into it. Yea was first for the longest, and maybe I was living down his dream, yeah of recent cards and everything, but I quickly adapted to it and really loved it from travelling standpoint from the competition standpoint super tough, but just continue to do a year after year we are progressing and getting better. You may be just gave me like a little glimpse of my future, which is my daughters.
It's probably cart time. I think we're there. She drives a razors to ride the motorcycle and I'm like at the yeah, but I'm trying to yeah I'll be trying to walk that line between, this is a childhood. I wanted, of course, so I'm trying to like letter leave, but it's hard disk, thrower in their anger, like you got this, just exposure to display of good will go far right. Yeah then, let's see what she says from their with any luck shall ploughed through me. at eighty miles. An hour has had sent me a mere her, so that was pretty young knight hence elementary school. Did you dig the seeing that surrounded that, like you're with other kids that are, in the same thing, what I'm curious about as like what was your seen at school and elementary School and Concord verses. What was your scene when you're travelling and racing in
a lot of friends both at the racetrack in and at school? As you started, to do more to get older, your family becomes bigger at the racetrack just because you're there every weekend, you see those same familiar faces more than you see at school or even a home, your own family, but Then we would at racetrack. We were playing football. We were off down the words down in the creek at the racetrack. Ah, like men, before bracing, and I'm on my dad multiple times yellin and run and let's go you miss race. She would our ask Israel relate, but we all made it. We all have fun. It was shown up and having a good time had no obligations. You're just staring to go practice qualifying race in the meantime of those three events you're hanging out aven't follow your buddies. Whatever was in your mom's like a crazy athlete right, she competed on some call
level athletic, yeah yeah. She ran tracked at University Tennessee and are they both from the south? Originally? Yes, my dad's from Nashville, my mom is from Knoxville, so both Tennessee, and so When you are you having fantasies is a little. Kid was like the carding just an active, you did or did you have dreams of being race? Car driver know I play basketball and I was five thousand five hundred and twenty eight following my sister's footsteps. She had started basketball out of her when she started, but she was a baller always going to national events with her and tournaments and everything. So my life was at the gym so
felt naturally felt right to go there and be a basketball player, and then racing came about and today quickly shift gears and I never wash NASCAR never thought about being raised. Her driver addressed UPS Holloway, my uncle raced national, fair grounds. He did some super truck stuff lay my stuff that was its I dressed up as a restructuring following, but didn't do it because I wanted to be a race car driver. I just as the scope yeah we're alive was far suit and it was like ten times my size. At that point I was swallowing may of course, but we enjoyed. It is private, good kind of fire suit with realism. the senator, exactly as it was all school for sure the open face how my membership? Yes, we rather go car track. My dad asked me up until that point. It was never even a thought. Yeah. I think that's prefer,
there is a better way to go through the eggs and being so singularly driven on am I am pace in my hitting this marker, my hitting that Mara Gan figured out everything every races of sea seventeen eighteen years in my career, but every raises a new opportunity to learn something yeah so eventually like damn good right, I think, are on your side, sixteen or so and you're in no vandal arrows. Bandoliers airily Euro, eleven eleven at the time now carrying you one, like thirty five of four it raises are thirty, eight and forty five or somethin thirty, five or forty eight adding does the number of areas Forty five sounds better those amish. What if I say, do not find its way to Wikipedia? Yes
May I let it time you hire. We like forty three out of forty, the heresies picture. We are all around five, but I one forty raises ok now, so women feels good like at that point. Does anything the sorry about this glare behind me? It's fuckin brutal. You get get once you did I Fatima words anyone things going on here: He lay an hour doing this. This is embarrassing. All day better yeah. I'm was work for me. I didn't do anything Ok, ok! Well, look. I gave it a college little ailer, accurately marginally butter, forty three out of forty five. Fifty four very when you start women like that, it's twelve now are. We certainly think, like shit, maybe I'll make a living at this note did not so funny.
We just race to race when you go say: you're, nine and under the ten and unders are playing after you and then, if you're, ten and under the eleven and twelve and unders or after you see you're, always kind of exposed to like the bigger legs. step and say that I was for us so an illustration ago, cart, vandal arrows were there and I was like well, those cars are cool. What can I do? our info on the band, a layer, oh border size, car. It has like thirty, five horsepower, Briggs Stratton Motor at it. So go about fifty to sixty miles per hour. oh wow. I don't live in view of the current year about thirty miles an hour turn on track to go to as well, but Bandoleros were bigger size from a full size, car, but roll cage body on and everything go kart your super expensive. I had a RO cage around me but see I moved in the battle and and outside our I hung up the go carts put them
we put them on the shelf in and when men of their race and will use our goal and dismantle erases the had legit cars there, which is a little bit bigger car there, basically a street by car. Rats rocket on four wheels same motor twelve hundred cc motor just for wheels super harder to drive the power to weight, ratios a lot of fun, big tracks we get to bout. Ninety miles an hour hundred, maybe at the really big track. So I can say in your exposed every level, so when I was doing badly arrows, unlike our we're getting good at it, and my dad would be like I was kind of Maxell on this it will not alleging car and, unlike ok, you're, let's do it. I never seen it as ok if, after alleging car will we go lay model and after labour,
we go and ask are either was in frontier? Yes, exactly I'm jumping ahead now, but it's interesting to me that you have depression with that mental mindset is, I feel like that right. There is the antidote to depression which is like, if you can just be doing the thing in front of you and that obsessing about what's a Hetty, you or Hindoo. That's like the sweet spot of worried, wanna be yeah, I'm a very realistic person. Some people may call it pessimistic, but I just call it how I see it and bull shit in, I am very much in the moment person yes, but it's hard when you have other people and having these expectations for you and you don't meet them and you can start to latch onto those expectations and then, when you fail That's when the drop comes, that's where they are. What happened and you start to shut everything out?
yeah cause. You would aim as a human being the process business like in the driving business. That's what you're in, but but everyone around you is in the results? Business, as are you. You are, unfortunately, in the results. Business in the most epic measurable way possible, and I would imagine I tumor pessimists, but I hate disappointing people, so even if I could be in the moment and just try to enjoy the race for the race once people were disappointed and it was on my shoulders that would devastate me. I think yeah. I know it's super tough. I have a lot of moments inside the car aware when you're not performing at european level. You start to one have self doubt, and then that creates you
being a hatred of yourself, you being one of those people that you try to shut out here and expectations, comments like what we should be run in here. We should we do this, you suck you're, not good. Why are you doing us? I've had those moments for sure, and- and I just drives you into a really dark place- it sucks and I'm with you, I don't like disappointing people either, but I'm still trying to grasp on too I don't care what. a thing: it's tough, it's tough to say that and backed up another percent. At times I can do I can wake up and, like I don't give a damn, but at other times it's like, I don't give a damn. I gotta do. Of course, when you wouldn't be here a minute are totally in a vacuum. Wrote that sure we all have feelings, no matter how tough we play the harder or whatever you want to be the competitor role. When we talk about apologizing earlier, we don't apologize much, but then, at the end of the day, it's like damn apology.
be. Nice should have apologised if the log had been cap of the sentences. I've said to myself in my head over the last forty six years. The number one would be you're such a piece of shit. I guess that's probably like the mouse. that's it that's cute up at all times like fuck. What are you such a piece of shit and it is money like this? Why have not responded well to Cochin? I think you're. My life is, then, I'm way more matter. Either you could ever be I'm more, not appointed in order that you can ever be one hundred percent and the same people are a shredded. Unlike air, will you fractured. I am myself you ok air view on experience drew for it so funny they always ask people to like walk in your shoes. I know you can live in this myth stuff, that's a double edged sword.
Oh that's! All your superpowers come from that as well, that's very true, so being able to compartmentalize things. You know people ask me: what's one of your strength when I was a kid I'm like going fast, but now you ve got a lot of time to reflect and talk about things and deal with high stress situations and still ground perform an eye label it as compartmentalizing things were focused on the spot Castra now. But if I have a race in the next hour, I'll worry about that. When that outcomes and China have too much on a plate. Yeah now did you watch the Tiger Documentary Tiger Woods. I have not a need to know to list
Oh, my god, I must say I forgot all about its phenomenal prostrated myself, disappointed to see you and talk about a master of compartmentalization like on another level. I can only imagine so what he does is. There's all these periods of no activity, a tremendous amount of thought, or I would cite myself out like that- that the twenty minutes before you T and then between each shot, where active non stop, so it's like you can't get in your head, but also there's a turn coming up every seven. Second. Yet on the spectrum of racing, there is more time in NASCAR than probably any other racing to get in your own head right. Cuz, there's like super into formula yep, it's a seventy minute race. Generally, it's six thousand two hundred and seventy laps or whatever it is forty five to seventeen laps and it's generally, thirteen to nineteen turns, and so things are happening so so fat
there's no real rhythm and what you're doing you're out there for four hundred land, sometimes more and repeating a lot of stuff, so you I would imagine, on the spectrum you are like in between Gulf in formula one. As far as opportunity to spiral parnasse car I mean we have a stage breaks, we'll have a debris, caution whatever may be insane of time it's like who it top who you suck at. Why should not have been so you do have a lot more time and even my supersecret come up tell data as crazy as there is a middle for wide whatever. It is five why, at times they still have time to think like bats, for lunch later, what's for dinner letter it's like,
Jeff Lady to do a better job at that. But look it's up to us. You have to be mentally strong to just a turn. Left turn left. Its mark turn left just say: focus, don't let the outside influence what's going on inside? Well, that's weird and I think, for people who are indeed He seemed to them are probably all appears the same, but is so fascinating. The different skills sets required for each kind. So, as we just but like forty one has its own things like managing others. Tech and what tyres they're gonna run and what time they're gonna pay. Others is so many chest movements going on, but you is your in that car for so long It is a war of attrition NASCAR. We have no doubt four hundred lab six hundred last year duration, What three hour, all my on three hours to coax six hotter is the longest race in it.
We have our ally emergence, name focus from here to your drive to vague, like a thousand percent dialed. That makes us twenty percent. Does like you're thinking about how hard it is hard to understand is that he is a big factor so a middle of summer we'll get to about a hundred fifty degrees in the car ah there, but for their first four hours for have ours wherever it may be. Yet cautions you got red flags spending on the situation, so you have time to stop at rest. There is often a gas station do what you have to do. We can use the bathroom. I don't use. The bathroom didn't, have a calf Ernie. They now hope that everybody does. No one does work. People do the re suit, People, do and has been a long time since that I haven't drawn up, but people have thrown up and there's two inches keep going there. I can barely make it through. One of these interviews, without him,
absolutely no way I get. Volume knew I'd, mean announce its tough, its super turf, but when you put a country barrier around you appear like you hit, does not art is not a scar on the jar that brings up attention span just another couple notches: it's like! I don't get it. do whatever you have to do to knock it, that it is always a Montague, ok, so you're, leaving LOS Angeles and you're gonna race to LAS Vegas. And then you also now throughout my trip to LAS Vegas, there's gonna be about seven rex. the I will be involved? There will be six or seven major accidents on road, Oman, and so I got to try to think about. Where are those going to happen? What little pack should I be in? Should I be in the lead? The first hundred fifty miles is that used for, should I just hang in the middle at what point have I hung back too far? Now I'm laughed and so like air Chess and maybe I'm wrong. Your chest scheme is like how do I possess
myself, so that in the last hundred lapse of this race, I'm where I'm supposed to be yet he especially spurious- and so my guy encourage you to wash this weekend. I tell it s a case because we are it's like a tree, jam, so it's like the heart of LOS Angeles, their rush hour, but going to animals and our oh, my god. I can't like us or the fairer lands, and when one Rex, damn near all of us because of the package that we have on the cars like the brake packages, we're going for the top speed the most minimal drag. So we have the smallest break packages on there the cars are super turned out. So when you hit the breaks it ain't gonna, stop like it woods. up at say, track cod martens. There were two weeks ago. We had the biggest break package and stopping power is ten times better. So when there's a rack up there, you have to do your best to keep it under control
or missing cars? It's it's. Why? Then you go ok, there's one and there's gonna be a warrior for more come away. Windsor wins the next. What happened you don't know? You're literally just crews and ere the whole time and just like I'm gonna, play Say, Frau here not be aggressive and the next thing you know your erect. You don't hear we interviewed, Daniel Ricardo, and he was saying his move is basically like he's gotta, be a fucking silver back for one minute like that's what he calls himself by all. My real commitment is to be an animal that first minute and then I'm going to me and my position and then I gotta protect my position. Hope, like Mama but the craziness is that first minute, where's, your is just like so extended and you don't even when to turn on the silver back. I want a manager here, so we have restart. I'm I'm guessing! You talk about the initial start. Yes, Bassorah back ours. Is
for that, but we have at least three restart throughout the race, that's without cautions, and so that when you have green flag pit strategy come through aside, ok now it's time to get back after it, a silver back again to his quote there at psych. We have a lot of times where we have to muzzle up in and get after it yeah stage for more arm chair. If you dare we are supported by credit karma credit. Karma has always been there to help. You make better financial decisions and now they want to help even more with a credit karma money spend account, you can be rewarded for good money, abbots who doesn't want instant gratification if you're looking for satisfaction, there's no need to wait. Credit karma money is a brand new checking account where you can win cash reimbursements. For me,
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Scots, is there any talk about shortening those races? Yes, yes, I feel like maybe more appealing, because my issues sometimes with them is like us. The six hundred can't watch, because the first four hundred to five hundred lamps doesn't really tell me much about who's. Gonna win the race, its is kind of like watch in practice and in the re starts with a hundred, blacks, loved or whatever it is it's a battle of attrition flat races like who's gonna last the longest. It's like an off road rail. at that point basely, yet the aid for sure is that damn sure feels like it too. We had two races Michigan last year, I've saved during the pandemic. There was a Saturday Sunday deal, the distances were perfect, knows to our raise our hour and a half race. Don T talk to the serious director I was I do. This is ideal
fish is idea, don't count on that tv now, not gonna happen, I'm like bats whatever. When I ask us what makes a distinct is the long distance element of otherwise. What's the difference between that and formula, one would be the same thing here, but the thing is is NASCAR was for all of my childhood and I used to work for
our motor. So we were constantly at tracks on bore you with the details of that. But there is a point worth NASA is the biggest spectator sport in the entire world, galaxies maize, like the Coca COLA, foreigner, which I had gone to, allow us to say: there's like two hundred thousand people can sit. There is something that you're a round going this bigger than ninety percent of the cities in America. That's it super cool, but it has been in decline for the last. I don't know how many years, and so there's all these interesting strategies to kind of revitalize it. So one is you guys, do more road courses now right, then use areas, seven that we have seven on the schedule versus three lasher? Ok, so rode course Monica instead of going in the oval turning left all day long they'll be on an oval for some portion than they
I'm down a new envy, others laughed there's write them is like formula one, it's love which do you prefer to see my road course career. You know I do not. I am an unwanted type, so frustrated at the worst thing about it is. Is I love wrote courses gets so phone like it changes its different yeah have thirty six. So tween out of those are on ovals different types of our rules, but same thing at the end of the day. So it's like oubliettes go turn right and then I go. I oh shit, we're your turn right. drugs and aside, so it's funny were actually gonna road core school at the end of the week. Here, that's good times, although I wondered view mentally on those road course days, even though your peers that you're not performing at the level you'd like to you, you have to be so much more distracted by the driving now right in a good way. You know you're, actually more focused cause, there's so much more.
go on. That's what I mean I mean erected from life requires so much attention that it's a freedom from your thoughts. Yes, it is into Europe. About as I do that, unlike you suck hell to re area Zalm under a lot of stuff in the car and talking to myself, if I could just have a good solid week in which I'm hoping for a good, we gotta coda next year, but a man oh, why would you don't riding yeah? Is that your first time their first I'm sorry you ve been out there. I Zambia I've made fifteen lapse on mopeds, our Otto Gb Weekend and they rely agar. Take mopeds out. I'm like are you big, muttered, Jp Van, so I got into it more. I don't follow like I do. Have one do those guys are starts there. The number one again are the number one studies on the planet there. The office for sure will give that title. It's in my ass. I don't know how they
I mean you ever watched the motor gps. Monica I probably wants a tiny portions when Dax is watching but now I think I made you are they aren t know kick Marquez unfortunately walks like a horrible incident where one was flaw almost hit another y, all lying or less reason when Valentino, the bike went behind him and in full Oh, yes! Yes! Yes, I remember that I was scary, but Robin elbows why you're doin, care to animals and our new people. You can get out again. Tell you the whole reason I'm into taken the bikes to the track. Is it's the only time in my entire life that I cannot think of one other thing it can't be done like you just have to just be so: fucking focused on what you're doing or you go down and illegally like there's no reason for it. No doubt deride yea out I go to the top.
All the time in the motorcycle had a rough your last year in quarantine, hats cut few surgery is but- but I do I love it so much. It's is that's cool. What have I our one that was stolen four months ago. and then I have a jigsaw track bike, and then I have some difficulty school. You right, the outer some alone slow. I got a couple hours saga here, which ones you have I ever struggle Icbl, both twenties and then a lowrider S. So like a bicycle sport sportster, which is so fun, yeah. That's the look out here and ally if you're gonna write a hardly got a writer sportswriter CAFE yet Ionia, ok back to what the within our reach about Hodges where's our raising ok over all of it, so they buried a bunch of road courses to make an exciting which it has and then dirt track, which is bonkers, how's the dirt track.
The next question one on down the dirt tracked twenty fourteen in the truck. So I enjoyed it, but man. It was so tough to see. How have you seen in highlights from that, but like what you couldn't see It was so much dust and so the visible You are driving blind. There were so many rex, because that was just like putting your hand over your eyes and driving p s. I figure it out and so from a technical standpoint. It was it was tough, but from driving like we're running seventh there with a few months ago and got our left her attire cup and that ended our day, but it was fun, but it was. It was like garters fun, straining very fond and frustrating us at yeah the visibility. Ok, I'm just wondering I'm trying to pressing, but I also raised off road and I had a nitrates one time and my navigator as the visibility was so fucking bad in the car. I couldn't see anything in front of me, so I turned to the right.
Just like look at my navigator. I couldn't see him these closed. His monitors and no one can see the now on the dash. So I write was like whose kidding earlier or just spend in the desert. Something happened. Our oil and you're, like the others, is not not being all the city is now form. No, it's not like terrifying. What's on the other side of this house, my dire, that's like literally someone's nightmare like not being able to see you mean like foreign occupation, in a living when I wasn't enjoys our might. Why am I in this situation like what is may go? My ego desire, I think he's our question. Is this really something I should we do in? That funded are just like in tell people I didn't it. That's the only reason I'm doing we have been there. We ve been there
takes over a lot so ok zone in the effort to spice up NASCAR these things of all happened, but I do think that some shorter races might be an interesting just experiment to see of people with less of an attention span might want to. It will have our generation now my generation are attentions, bans are there, but it's like. Then we got to keep up with time. Syria we ve done some days. Your brain and the stage racing were broken things, so it gives you like a calf time. They for us. Gotta concession stands get when everyone come back and then we fire back up the re. So that's fingered the added school erase three series: the Extremity series in the campaign World truck series than the CUP Series provide another difference between Ex vanity and cop. Thereby NASCAR is right. There, both cars, but their smaller, like the body shape, is a little bit different technical. Like the aerodynamic standpoint. There's a lot less down force on the expanding
how kind there is a cup car. So some say as a little bit more challenging the drive in extremity car, but then the competition in the cup level supersedes that rigour. I do is so often upstairs so tough. So if you You had a favor, I mean you ve, been really really successful in the truck series. Do you have a favourite of those three? I really want to do is accomplish, gets six winds and trucks and I got to zeros and exploitative cup com. I need a change that in your age, wise, your beer still pretty young, ass her diver. Now twenty seven year, I'm one of the young man in a couple of oh yeah, I'm one of the youngest and who is your all time. Hero has tough solves always my family was big time, they'll senior fence yap, and so I can adjust inherited that again. I was watching and I don't really know- and I lived fifteen minutes from a speedway. Ah ha another pause. You really like some Monica just remember: Ricardo uses. That's right!
intimidated, number hazard, tat, yeah, yeah yeah, so when we lost daily Sazen one I can just naturally want to Dell Junior aha answer was a fan of his and watching him and sows really cool, see him perform and compete with but then, as I started, getting closer to the CUP series say like the cane and series are the truck level you're. Obviously, Europe NASCAR Races, Europe NASCAR over the cup. We and so your exposure is allow higher and you get to know guys and what site you run into Jimmy Johnson. For the first time in his I came in ass, a go and have your season going, you no good luck and its Well knows too, I am like that's precept and then you get to the top level on earth. Forget when I was still in the forty three guy drought and broke his back, so I was caught in the southern you're a Daytona in July and caution. I was net rednecks Jimmy Jonathan outside Damn,
This is cool listening, Slovakia super cool, so I began to know Jimmy obviously race for Kyle Bush, Anna and a truck series. Kevin Harvest has been a big supporter of mine. You know Matt Craft in I'm senior at all craft and air. Absolutely we go way back we're in that since, together all the time go, that's arsenic. we have the same kind of sand, reality them and he runs the NASCAR Motor in his fucking Sahara. I would just so guy he's gotta yeas got it all has been known for a long time. always asked aid needed to allow them to join that deals with the. So I may have taken up on that one. That's all it is the most fun you can have. Okay. So now a couple cool things that well, let's get into some of the ways that their evolving, thank God outside of just adding road courses and what not the most recent thing that happened was they finally said no confederate flags at the rate is any more that was just a week
go. Maybe now I was almost a year ago, oh, I watched a raised either Diana and felt like it was brand. You ok, give us almost a year ago. So what happened at Martens Bill and Martin Zeal was two weeks ago, and so they could have been talking about. hours time or makes we're here am arms will for the first time last year. That's when everything happened, so that could be that the air I have to imagine your presence. There has something to do with that. I mean I alternately car and ask her to get rid of the fly yeah. I feel a gear in a really of all. The sports that you would want to be vocal about being, like Louis Hamilton, is very, very vocal about the alarm gets to be very supportive
It's not that big of a swing in formula one to take that position. But now here is a southern tradition. There has never been a per capita flag flying event that had, as many confederate flags is probably previous, NASCAR races in so you're a very precarious situation to be vocal about your beliefs, because I think the base generally is on the other side of that argument or Billy's traditionally has been when you thought about being vote you thought about the risk you'll take on which again is so much more significant than doing it in the NBA do in anywhere. I would argue with you. We are now, and it is probably the hardest place to do it yeah. What's
Risk reward analysis. Look like in your head. I don't know if there's much risk Garriga loosened fans, but so be it. The reward is revolutionizing sport and changing it for the better. They that's huge. That's can be much bigger than any race when that I'll have and setting that is, is huge. Yeah. Now, before last year, before all that stuff went down, I was getting introduce day, but while a traveller, the forty three in getting a decent amount of chairs- and it was so school yeah now right up there with cobbler, sometimes more than cow Bush than than on the booze, and I haven't even done anything on track to piss anybody off, and so it's I feel like it's more on a personal level like personal hatred that people outside Kabul ashes attitude. Sometimes people give him credit for that cash you're alive said was here
where the confederate flag and of sort allowing more people and all of a sudden I'm getting more booze. So that comes from personal hatred. I feel that just for me speaking yeah, now I'm matching your profit at the raised that Michelle Obama came out. Everyone booed react that raised No, when was that to be Wall Obama's president. I guess, probably six years ago it was towards the end of his last term. They out guy right got at this rule, talk about ok, you're saying like let's add dirt tracks, and let's do this and let's make it more appealing like it's not appealing the younger generations. If people are booing Michelle Obama, people are waving a confederate flag. Nobody wants to like. I know I wants associations, but that unless you're old and racist sounds like a region to acquire near, so it's tough now I think people than anyone else
fans became aware of your name when the news in the garage was found. It was all over every news outlets and then am I right in that it was discover that they had been there for a while, so probably wasn't put their directly to fuck with you, but there must have been a pretty significant period time where you were certain. That is what happened in doubt when its brought to your attention that there is a noose found your like there's, no one allowed in the garage there's no fans allowed. This was the first raced back with fans who the hell there was at a track worker. Was it somebody inside of our sport that did it yeah and so yeah for the till Tuesday, and because I hate we ve found video evidence that this was there before ok cool, but up to the time it was. I who
hell is done this, while also, I think it is so many ways a look at this, and example. We always given here is like riding king. It's like a first, you go, there's seven, really races officers that are doing this, and then you learn. Oh no! Oh eight teen of a made the same, please report when they got back to the station. Ok, so that tells us culturally that the culture of that police department is to protect. That's all the whole systems, countries too. So I did think it's telling that that's not out of consideration that that had been done intentional. It's like that would have been a huge stretch. I just want to happen. You're, like yeah. I can definitely see someone piss that their confederate I mean taken away DEC two weeks after the confederate flag and they called me we're ahead of time been like a holiday, is gonna, have fans we're gonna, have high security around your team in your car outside jet you're already heightened awareness is copper notches higher goal.
Yeah and then- and then this happens aside. What are the chances of this perfect storm Yuther staggering that that just happened to be in there now The cold moment I saw was when everyone walked out that come up bout, Jimmy Johnson lead that media super cool. They fired up a group chair, we ever drivers group chap, and he said I I don't about you guys, but non standard with bubbling today. Like a promotional, a bad are there, and then it was just like this. I snowball effect you a lot of guys for me to be there me to that. we're going to need a lot more room, and so I thought it was just a driver's, that's crazy part, and then I get out of the car and then stand up on the roof. The video you see I'll send up on the roof, then immediately drop back down. Is I see the whole entire garage? Is there, and I had no idea about that. He said Jimmy said man. I had team president's team owners. Team manager is calling me. How can we be evolved? Wow
typical. I would imagine it's also not super easy to step into that role. I'm trying to imagine myself in your shoes and it's like we have all these different identities. Here's a component of might envy here's a bigger, but your full time life in your full time. Job and probably the bulk of your focuses like I'm. A race our driver and that's what I focus on my train for it, and now I am a representative of something and that's like a whole different thing, shoulder, and I wonder, if is easy, or do you sometimes get like impostures? Andrew my alma Ganum. Now massive rights of authors I said. Let's get this in my ready for this year, did I set out to be an activist. No, I didn't, but I was asked how that day in what I think should happen and watch and we should do that's what came about and one thing lead to another, and so I'm not gonna backtrack because of all the flag that I've gotten from I'm still gonna encouraged
or to just be the best, you may mean that you can be and for the ones that dont want to do that, then you need of a life changing experience and, and whatever that may be at sight. I don't understand what so hard to just. You can disagree with people all day is fine, but you want to treat them like a piece of shit yeah because of what they say or what they lead our job, yet that in our own heads, yes, exactly yeah, I'm falling employed,
Call me a piece of shit, I'm in love and yet the thing you walk away with is like- and this is so corny cheesy, but it is true, there isn't a price you can put on integrity, there's no trophy that competes with integrity. In dear point like Capron ACT is not the greatest football player that overplay bodies is relevant, is all the greatest in the most profound way and should feel that way should feel the sense of accomplishment. Yeah. I'm in the toughest thing, for me, is how everybody we became aware of me through those incidents confederate flag and the news- and it's like bugs, has shown me because of internal work, my ass off on the right track to become a household name. You know yeah, and now it's just like superseded everything
So now it's up to me with a step or two with M J, and what we are going on now is to bring the on track success up to here. So it's like, oh, he can back it up to thank AEGIS, illustrate exactly. What I was thinking I would feel like is like, like part of me, would be proud. I spoke up proud that I've been a part of this change in another part of even like oh fuck. I don't deserve this much recognition. I haven't podium twelve times and whatever the racket inside of Haiti, myself lobby, that would actually out what I wanna tension. Full are exactly exactly, and people want a label may as the attention seeking guy and it's like. No, I'm not. I want to win the added my number one priority, but when it comes to me using my platform and encouraging others and people that watch me, it's like a
Do good. Do the right thing! That's just me talking that hot me attention seeking. I just want to know now: yeah you're, not a prostitute ties or you're, someone that answered honestly to some questions that there is a huge difference that you have no right to speak tail. Yes, scientists jump bandwagon. Some crazy story, like I've, lived somebody experiences. I've been through that I've been through discrimination. I've lost a family member to police violence. I've lived it ok. Now, let's talk about M J. Let's talk about Michael Jordan, getting involved One time was intermodal JP as well. He had a super by year. I remember I rode on the two cedar model, Jp Bike with Rainy, Mala Laguna Seiko, and I said it MA. Am I going to fit on the back like my going to fit back, Durham, six, three Chinese! I it Michael Jordan was fine back there. You fuckin thing,
the boy like that's for sure them down rode on the back of his neck while that's insane- yes, oh he loves motors boards on be, does he's better use more sports fans really cool to hear his passion behind in here. Like his stories of gonna, tell it ain't gonna Richmond GO into Rockingham Bona Darlington and and attending the races and, unlike that's bad and has also found a here, but his knowledge of of what he sees on the right track and stuff like two cars get together and, unlike MAC, you believe that car did this and he was like no other mother, guys phone online
explain it to him and he's like so nice. It super cool avenant involved in peace, competitive, but having dinner as co author their. It definitely manages the expectations and levels everything out. So it's not like I m J here we are when we gonna win Bob Championships we match the embryo success at sight of. This is a whole different. Bogging punning tended yeah, I have a really hard time asking for advice. I've had a hard time finding mentors you and I are clearly say- and I paid the price for it. I paid the price I could have been better at so many things if I would have asked for help Ben vulnerable. So I wonder like with this amazing opportunity, of course he doesn't know fucking thing about raising, but he does know some about that mental racket man. He knows something about harnessing all hundred per cent of what
we have at your disposal like. Is there a way they like? Have him mentor? You is there something he can give you wondering yet, not that's a good question and we're only man races in getting through the hardships knee ups and downs, though herbs and flows of everything at sight of, let's get settled in first and then and then we'll have a conversation over dinner one night or wherever Yet the golf course when I dont suck anymore, maybe you can drive the golf cart and is go out as obvious caddy, exactly what happened Those conversations like does it get to come and I've been the same way, I'm a very who isn't a challenger front of me. I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm going to figure it out and you mess up and it's alright. Let me try something else and you mess up I figured it out that I am. I don't go to somebody hey. How do you conquer this challenge, especially, I feel like you're cheating, no good to the hard work and vigour to herself
oh, but you know I want revolve around me, who are able to humble themselves enough to ask for her advice in it. Works really well. In fact, when we only times that ever happened, me was, I was raised in this super travail Syria. This Lamborghini series and what one of our tracks was Fontana that had a bank and I've never been on a bank at full speed, and so I do in the Travail series he is an Ex NASCAR driver and gone on them. got my fifth year flat in Ngos. None o six year flat, and am I know now you can't go six years There's no way the car would stay, and these give get behind me the next lab we're Goin six year flat Journal. I would have never done that on my own, I needed to know that that was humanly possible. Deny that the laws of physics would have allowed for that. And I thought, oh, my god, I asked them wow. What save myself so much yourself on the bag. You did. You went against the grain, a lover,
in the same way, all it's all hearts, namely I'm embarrassed by it, but a sense of pride in it shows like everybody's quick, to put a label on somebody and we adapt that mentally. It's like who am I going to show signs of weakness here by asking I'm not gonna. Do that now moving. you're out. The everything is like weakness of every force in my life is, is avoiding looking week in any way and exactly by damages when asked, is now I'm pissed off I'm telling myself that are such that shit. Just ask them here, you fifth or sixth area. Ah, ok, I mean it's part of it is because these specific sports are are very hyper. Ask your le monde, sure, yeah, so probably an extra away to score. It feels like. Oh, it's not manly error, something which is so silly and yes wasted,
all of your time. But even if you are we just going to talk about like they're already doing the most dangerous hyper masculine thing is spoken there and get an axe and in every other weakened and then of their Hobbes like Rob, Gordon, ok. So free time, I'm going to Race Baja one thousand, I'm going to do the biggest jump in Glamis, like I'm, going to go, prove in all these other departments that I'm the most feared never enough, never out. How do you feel often adrenaline at pushes us? That's it. Stay too. For more sure expert. There, We are supported by a halo, fresh withheld refreshing, get fresh pre, measured ingredients and of watering, seasonal recipes, delivered right to your door, skip trips to the grocery store and count on Hell afresh to make home cooking easy fund an affordable, and that's why it's America's number one meal kit Monica Monica Monica,
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just because I read this and I felt I laughed out. I ve no worries globally last another area. I thought. Maybe I really related to you, which is- I can't do video games like as a kid Ike bailed out at Nintendo. I was a kind of good at the first version, then, when there's too many buttons, I was out anyways during covert. They encourage these. Yes, if I'm understand this greatly, they encourage these guys, like you, should do this online. This, like ie racing or whatever its call to keep fans kind of dialogue. Right. So what you tell me out of your force or not, but sounds like your private, since it was optional, now announce deftly mandatory. I mean it's. It's big deal with reacts avarice tomorrow, night, a virtually tell Vegas. Well, yeah. There's a software out there called erasing, which is the most advanced videogame simulation, where we want to call it that gets really cool to be her to go out and specially Javan at night, with your buddies and go have fallen, Brian
it's in one hour. There are the simulation people that take away to serious and like when I jump on there, and I do some- in your life. What do you do it? Like? You, don't live around. Afghanistan is not real life. It's like you to tell me what to do a very fine line I dont get on their much, but also the mandatory sessions. We have two, but it did create throughout the pandemic, break that we have created a lot of Basra sport, good and bad really. But if I understand correctly, he was in the middle like this and I got work twice a year. Seal have two repairs and I got wrecked twice in the I've seen a lot, and I was like I'm done in the guy Rick me purpose. Sunlike have time for this. We spend hours our throughout the week practicing and trying to get better, trying to be competitive and wiped out
This has been our founded on the simulation mile. Isn't it there's no, and he bowed these like I'm fucking now people were like tunes in his into oh, my god. He's a clearance like whoever that got on radio gave. You would view. Would quit a video game where you quit a real race like lost spots are over it like to bring it up. I rather like. Oh, my god. This is exactly what would happen to me more elusive, so ridiculous. But then you talk like my girlfriend. She was you shouldn't have acted like look it like it is there's no way around it, but the whole sponsorship deal I could give to schitt's about, because I never even use their product anyways, but did it was it is the idea of like a razor, losing a sponsor an alike for like that. They have to take time out to do this. Other thing about they weren't racing right was a very
like when the sea, where this was totally nothing going on. In our eyes it was like: hey, let's go virtually race insight or I will. Then you have people, that do it every day and it's like it's not really realistic, and so then you do devote a lot like seven, eight hours throughout the week, just a grace, go and erect in twenty minutes. Now, oh my god. What salaries that I totally respect the people who are super and online gaming and I think they are champions in and I'm impressed with what they buy. That's impressive! The notion that someone who doesn't do that should have been there and do it and then there's some expectation that some of your disrespect the whole thing, to me. It is the cross pollination, that's hysterical. It just really is. Is it you can laugh about an hour's pissed off like a shot? My last words I didn't raise anymore. I uploaded it became mandatory this year on my gun. Let's eat us, it's another making you do it, but you're still now
real racing. An simulation racing in that doesn't really seem fair and also what, if you learn bad habits. You could fought yourself, there is there, but, the same time rely. Ok, this isn't like real life. At least you know all the tracks, I guess one leg up. You have here for sure nurture the they try to entities that with model JP like there's no raises no, I watch the guy's fuckin for and am I a watch, I play a video game now, I'm not sure directed to this war, because someone might fly off the bike it two hundred, that's what's a thrill in
so morbid honours like your back your men to be in a rights leader, no morbid sector of the love it we'll Darrow bubble walls, it's been really fund. Watch your story. I actually think whatever thought you carry about, whether you shooter shouldn't have that attention ultimately great for the small writing about the sport, a ton of attention- and I think you got her positive positive yet and I think the steps were taken as a result of your honesty and integrity are going to save that sport. So I think you should feel nothing but positive that the light on nuclear worthwhile. I appreciate that did so funny throughout all the bad and good twitter. You get odyssey than negative stand out more, but I know that there is so much more positive and tell him myself that it's like ok forget, but still the negative pisses me off my adjust these for a punch after the screen. But after I did it, you know what I feel more: hey we gotta Haagen through this green paper,
yeah. That's right. I thought I'd love overhead every day, a threat, I mammal great Lucky there s a season. Thank you really cool to get to talk to you and I hope above any help you make it to the din yeah. I would be we ask our death it take you up on that will be out there on the West Coast gets no more common up, so we'll be out there. I've been on my own Crusade out there to end the confederate spearheads? Probably only second NASCAR, I didn't wanna go out there and like one hundred percent of the flags on the Duma Sir Trump lie, like everyone just give these people the chance they you have to like personally around a bit like, so you need to take This is why I like it when there is an urgent yeah. That's too, we'll figure it out procedure. Monica pleasure bangs around us take S right
And now my favorite part of the show the back check with my saw my men the morning the morning blue sorts given on their Harley outside you hear there. Yet I was a baby rumble. They really had a pegged around six. Seven thousand Europeans think if there's anything that outstanding that we need to be covering hold on, though K, how appropriate that an ass car driver in that motor just reply. I even think about that. That's adding to the answer to river of ok, things to only one thing we could update people on is that, despite my great fear, people with Ngos, disgusting many people wrote an say that they too don't shower very often when aid they do shower. They also don't use soap on their legs or their body, which made me feel less alone and terrible yeah ends
Durham dermatologist just said it's really not ideal, but every stripping year scan with all its natural oil. accidentally didn't shower for a couple days, and you told me that those forcing us it tells you legs Israel extra and there they were they were now. They were not my surprised, but I did I had you. Moisturize, or else you goin down some miles. Some lotion blow ok lotion and is a normal lodge show movie update you wanna LA we watched mare these town. but we can- and I want to say we can't spoil to spoil Laurie. I really should talk about friends. My god, you still haven't charted ere. I start. Oh, you did start all then what happened then we have to go the Hansen's and you needed more than ever be a pioneer to stop the offered you get by fifteen my office. Pretty far is a twenty two minutes. I can always like two hours: it's a special.
It's two hours, so it's a friendly doc, it's not an Oh it's now out! No! No! It's like just a bow than you Then they while others stop it's a reunion shut. Or Reunion Joe generally as they do in episode, they're not gonna, doing episode. Now it has become a crazy as they ve got. An older seem like come into one better apartment act like their exactly a swimmer was the most or he's like leading the charge and he's the go to care cannot attack. There will be a real fan of the show. You should want to sleep with everyone on the show, male or female y, all I did at the time, but not women. I mean, I would of sure he as things
Who was a faint Ross, wasn't famous o use it usually, but the character you maybe with them. You know my big reactor patient enough Campbell when I was a kid and it was her character. Yeah party, a five show that I wanted to be romantically involved with ok name, the top three characters of all time, most in love with yeah. Definitely her now Campbell from Party of five painful. When I watched my stomach her that I knew we would never be together and I hated it normal even at that one I set up three. I know why I think that at them now, what about? Oh, ok, well, here's one Patty our cat in true romance and then number three definitely Sally Field in Hooper. What about LISA bone? I uh yeah
I gotta tell you she's dead planting. The prettiest seem a bean I've ever seen on screen harm, but it gave me probably more Fear then, like I could. I didn't think like I ran into her. She would go for me and I could thermal character. I know, but you know I've told you this, my my fantasies have to be plausible for me to believe in them. This is a key of my fantasy, so the character Nev Campbell played on party of five I felt like, would have liked me in committee. that to me, but LISA Bone, nay, was bare naked. She was in a voodoo and she could chickens head off as like? If I rolled into town no way she and you know that character, epiphany coming from Angel heart, accents, yeah right, isn't Massimo character, so she wouldn't be in there.
that's right! That's right! But Sally Field and Hooper yeah. She couldn't come so much like, but runnels, as you know like to show off. I just found the aid without thinking about yours. What are yours? Man been character, yeah, yeah, well, hunting. There will well bill hunting know when I guess you re clutching strike, Doktor, Derek Shepherd from graze, anatomy, wow who played had tricked M c Peter Pierre excuse me now my dream and make dreamy you loved him: smart surgeon, smarter. No cross irreverent, ok self! Now I get a move on to. I didn't love Crosbie idea right, like me, a good friend to have, and then it was the same, because now we are friends,
Would you just look at you look into your walls for inspiration. There would be: oh, my God, like a harder than you think, look. I know tonight, I'm gonna go no. Definitely second to now like never know, for sure that one, I wasn't doing terrible pain. Every time I watch it was hated it yet I mean I'm gonna have to get back to you on the third. Oh here's another interesting one. That would make my top turn aha Scarlet Johannsen in her as computer via an interesting one, but I felt love sick at the end of that movie yeah. It's weird that I can't think of because I have so many here so many boyfriend, one of mine is probably a Brad Pitt. I'm trying to think which one oceans over here, because I characters charming you love oceans. Eleven too, hey I mines TBD. I gotta get back to you on our okay, so I started Arduino Number one. You know we're. Two young, I now know Campbell yeah well
in also originally for me, but it's not any more, was angel from Buffy. David Oriana. Oh yes, I loved angel. Oh man, oh well, I don't know what kind of targeted he's. A brooding is a vampire boyfriend. He turns back because they have sex these are there's always metaphors oppression and so on while I was at total christian metaphor anyhow. Well, however, that was ok Bubba, so the Michelle Obama thing I not heard of that- I just pulled it out to sea- are so awful. Ok, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, booted NASCAR, raise this was in two thousand, a lab them. First and second lays appeared at the spring CUP the file race of NASCAR season to promote their joining forces per
and we're sports. U S military troops in their family dodgy, forty million for whom we owe bombing by an were co grand marshals of the race Olonnois sergeant Andrew Baron. I rack veteran and his family, the crowd cheered bury, but those trees were overtaken by booze. When Obama's name was announced, Biden Obama seemed to unfazed enjoined berries, family and kicking off the re. Shouting. Jenny Let's try your engines, socks over a hundred thousand fans are those things too. So it's not like a few few booze, it's it's a cascade of Boeing doing so stupid. I don't think I've ever been never booed says a lot about you. If you blew me now, I'm saying I'm like have. I probably Why dont? Because it allowed, was doing it? Maybe I did, but it wouldn't have been
for a person it wouldn t want to write about it. What are you doing here? I thought I'd like that. I did that oblige me ass, very silly, very rude cod is rude Ok. Do you wanna tell me about shifter carvers pushing go, yeah so, and I could be wrong about this, but my understanding is that, probably fifteen years ago, almost all kart racing was a shifter kart, so it had a six speed gearbox from a motorcycle in it, as well as a dirt bike engine a two stroke, one hundred and twenty five engine, so you'd shift the gears like in a manual car and the current popular carding series are pushing, go, see, you just start them and then their automatics got ever. I believe, a scientifically clutch in there. So they say:
you're not shift an idea, but a shifter cart goes like fifty miles an hour faster, allow there's so much more fun. That's what I have yak Azure six gears confederate flag was a staple in NASCAR. I'm really impressed that he was able to. I mean I mean any, takes it sort of just like guide this dead did, but I believe that just answered questions and whatever, but that's hard to do
oh yeah yeah when, when a whole spore revolves around to southern pride, yeah, there's a symbol of southern pride, which is that flag. So I think that's very impressive. That's the one thing about the dunes. I just don't lie so many confederate flags there that not so many there's a tonic, tromp flags right that is true of the converter flags is then nosedive since I've been going, I'm going for probably fourteen years now, the other gutless. Unless, unless we as there are some it some, you not lines up a little bit into a class structure which is where it like. You don't you SAM Cars, with it generally, during which our than nice are ones for Bulgaria, more expensive goals have ever talk to anyone at the dunes about I've gotten any like we're political conversations with people.
I'm so outnumbered. There is always go unama, bleeding heart, liberal! So anytime, I end our conversation. I always Jesus. I make fun of myself first and then say my opinion. I'm never mute on anything yeah yeah. It always goes well now most my friends out their republican and they know I'm a big liberal, nay, just don't bring stuff up that they know. I won't like me. Am I don't either yeah my don't talk about Social spent, a signal there in a year and a quiet like if you asked me what I think about gay marriage. Fourteen years ago I told those people here and I've had Berlin kind of debates out there. The apple of certain you get into it, but I'm not there to change everyone right I acknowledge its way easier for me to have this perspective, because I'm why I M not naive to this, but I do recognise that there is a big spectrum of people who, like that
Unfortunately, in some people just are truly under educated. All they know is it represents the south to them. They grew up with it. It was at their grandparents house flying their dad had it on his truck just represents the pride of being a southerner, but it does, but it doesn't many people they don't recognize the gravity of it? I know you want to give a lot of people that benefit of the doubt, and I just don't think that's true. More, maybe one or two on tyre Now you know you're gonna stay. There has been too many conversations about it, but take back I am speaking more of like fifteen years ago, when I re motorcycles with deeds. Yap who just we're in all things southern they were into our southern rock. They were he's Leonard Skinner now and it was one simple they could incorporate in night. I did know people they had no fucking clue what they were right, but you're right at this point, yeah I'll take my down
but it's a lot of you
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