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2019-08-12 | 🔗

Busy Philipps (Freaks and Geeks, Cougar Town, Vice Principals, Busy Tonight) is an American actress, writer, producer, and director. Busy sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss feeling creatively seen on Freaks and Geeks, individualists vs. communalists and her perception that Dax has facial blindness toward her. Busy talks about her catharsis writing her book and Dax asks about her foray into social media. Dax and Busy are excited to learn they both worked at the California Pizza Kitchen and Busy believes everyone deserves to hear “I Love You” before bed.

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Well come Everybody'D arm, chair ex bird, I'm Dan, rather an m joined by enemy nominated measurement me today we have busy Philips. She is an actress, a writer, a producer and a director nor from freaks and Geeks Dawsons Creek, almost club, dozens Greeks while shall bring up white checks, yeah real feather in her care, betray Cougar town and, of course, busy tonight, you probably follower Instagram and she also as a book. This will only her a little. I really enjoy talking to her need here, is really fun to the real, straightforward confidence point of view and I really got infected by it. You will do so. Please enjoy busy Philips, we are supported by square space.
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or a free trial and when you are ready to launch used the offer kodaks to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain that square space. Dotcom Slash Dax enter Kodaks he's so busy welcome, the parties have you ever heard it. I would expect you not just having no pressure do not. I was gonna tell you. This is a thing that people really dislike about me. I do not listen to conquer and I don't know why, and I had my I did one for a minute with Steve, Agee called or no doctor yeah love age, yet at a mutual friend ovum. Oh my gosh yeah so easy and I had a back ass. They are key still does the cobbler, no doctors and all Then everyone surround in with him, but I guess
I'm really I really enjoy my car time. I'm like a nine these teenagers still listening to unless these re music moling calls like to talk to people on the phone like a nine these teenagers, although I'm calling friends from long calling my hair and oh you're. Like a gray, I roll cause and it was the music did. You have great telephone game in junior high, like when you like the boy you got his number. Did you were you great at conversing We had our online ok. I have a very high figure, I think I saw wait. I saw remember the Phenomena I remember mine what my most of my passwords incorporate. My junior high number two four eight six, eight for and I think
remember air weeklies phone number, probably to LA welded best friend. I remember Emily baby. My child had best friends phone numbers so by heart, but I can't think is itself a modest fundamentalism. Cellarstairs right you, you might have you in fact we might have had a bloody bowed and a couple of other did just after the one I just slice whose phone number with that's double. Presumably someone got about my phone number and if people law in saying how can I talk to seventh grade, die yeah they're gonna be disappoint. Now everyone involved will be disappointed. I think I mean it could be a whole thing. So what what guy? What age did mom and dad? take you out of Illinois and then move you do you want to set out still five year, five going first grade like five set. I'm young for my great as they used to do now. Everybody red shirts with our own, read the same Malcolm Gladwell by that's right, so everyone could be a man and a challenge which, as you know, that's what I'm gunning for thereof fit. So I was going into first grade. We moved his Scottsdale Arizona
which what I know about Scottsdale I used to go there often to work on our for general motors and it's a very risky suburb of feet again and we would stay at the beautiful hotel that Frank, Lloyd, right student designed to build more about Worryin Scottsdale, and I thought it was even when I went there when I was younger yeah. Did you There now is really boring, allocating re perfect and it was just really suburban. It was like mostly it was like a very suburban upbringing. I always felt sort of they on, for you know also, I think, obviously, there's like a large contingent of concern. Of people that live there and are raising their children will generally anywhere with money but you're going to find some conservative, fair fiscal conservative slugs. Yes, and it was just. I think I was just sort of board and I was like ready for the next thing. Like the next chapter of
If I was always like looking forward to where I was gonna, go no quitting wash, did you ever eat at flaky, Jake's across the street, from Red Devil Stadium across from us you know there was a Strip Mall Street and haven't like he takes. It was basically predated. Fahd rockers they had a monk is too large bars of toppings ass. It was I loved thud rockers, so much oh yeah, we also like me, drily had fought rockers Houston's using line underlines was right across from the built war. When you stayed there at a few know, I wasn't hip yet of nordic. Nor could I afford to eat very asked why? Yes, well, that was like when we had like birthday, is special occasions a graduation, my parents. We would get a table at used sentence, so what'd, mom and dad. That is that they loved Illinois and went to scouts at the time, I'm didn't work. She was taking care of mice, older sister and me my father is Kuntz, or was he replied?
it is a nuclear engineer, but he wanted. He has a degree in nuclear physics or something new idea, but I would imagine, wait two per day he's a bright person. Yes, he is and what kind of Bream city have for you and your sister, I don't know was of his generation. To think about those thing he wasn't on his right. I don't think he was. He, though, you might wed well, and that would be that I dont think that that was even particularly, and I think he was just like trying to move through life my mom, had wanted to be an actor s, what a surprise and had been accepted to the utter, a school circle in the Square theatres School in all that he when she was leaving high school in her parents, didn't want her to leave Chicago and though she did not and then did not become in a professional actress in it. Put on you in your sisters. Again, I can we mom with ye like she was. Definitely, I guess people would think of her ass like a stage
She really was encouraging about to do theatre in and after school, and we, but we really loved. It too, has like I'm sure you see with your kids. I see my kids like there are certain things that are just in here, but you see it like they from a very young age. They were like. Very perform it s like they wanted put on chairs and do things and not just in their little body the yes, yes, I agree. I would say that there are: two children have occurred at a flare Norman's in the kinds do kind of mere or my wife- and I am I think, to some. We know some high percentage like the EL adult is one seems to be more what what Kristen doesn't little or one seems. If you would. I do, Sir, that's fascinating. Yes, my older one is definitely mirrors my husband and then the little one is like I'm raising myself a real trap. I e S, yes in, so yes to that point, yet I wonder so. I I've never met
our struggle. I was enough for growing it on I'll. Do it it's over both dead, that's my nature in my four year old. Is that way as well, and I actually had to go back in time and go? Oh, how did I deal with people who are ready to go to and with me ray, and I just wrote them off. Like I wrote my dad, I have a capacity to write people off and I was like. Oh, I can't do this way or she will write me a relic. I can see in her she's like me, and I have got to change everything. Have you had any kind of like a breakthrough like you go was shit. How would I fond this year I mean for me my older daughters older, I think, than your oldest and for me the struggle has evolved. All of that, but I have a hard time not taking it personally I'll be assumed relating to my kids, like friends,
are hurting my feeling, like I have to remind myself constantly that I am apparent not there. Brand acting, maliciously their acting because their figuring things out and testing boundaries and my job is to like remit- in a sort of neutral, as I sort of Canada pushing Elisa there. I can show you The boundary is an appropriate ways to be like how to live and how to be a person, and I think that's really complicated too. If yours, Like me, who feels like, I still don't quite know how to be percent. So how am I supposed to help these people figure out how to be a person like we're all like struggle? Aren't you do feel little codependent game. Yeah, I think for sure, but I'm also like I'm does Europe doesn't therapy getting people are either Is this way or just its inherent there like an individual s and they are able to, we'll take care of themselves and make things makes sense for their world and they expect that others
like behave in the same way, and so when some it was like I'm so hurt by you, because X Y see and an individualist, like you never told me that I expect you to me that? Because if I were feeling away, I would tell you that right right right right, I'm not an individualist. I am lake, I guess, like a communal, stir, something you know where I want to take care of other people's needs, and I expect other people will see my needs and take care of them as I'll write and that's a rifle put down in for parenting, especially if you marry or partner or give birth to an individual as yes laying the ivy. Now I totally agree in what's interesting, but you're the second born bia. So I don't expect you to have your vision, sister. Even more so a communal is people. Please that's interesting. Yeah. I think some. Why make? Because here's my observation, I wanted this maps on your children at all, which is my
our younger daughter. She give a fuck if you're mad at her bright there's. A consequence in I was like this is crazy. She must currently just be this way, but then I realized none of from the second. She arrived and house. She got rejected by her older sister all day, long everyday, it's the nature of siblings. You know she can't be other, how close up, how closer that your clothes to you're ok less than two years, my kids are five full years apart. Ah that didn't help ban theirs a rejection. My elder daughter thought it was her baby, but really even about like it three and eight doesn't feel put out that she wanted to come along and ok interesting. The baby was like the baby. And we all love the baby. Ok yeah. This is like a different, dynamic right. The baby is like very sensitive.
Our already my older daughter then give a fuck. All consequences are getting it. There's nothing we say disciplining. Birdie is impossible because there's nothing. You can take away, there's nothing! You could say to her that moment, whatever it is, that she wants, or whatever she's whatever's happening Cyrillic are so at so take it all. Yeah yeah. I care you care, Yeah yeah, two hours is flip. The hours is flip than I thought it was just because she was so used to being reject rare. That being rejected by me doesn't bother her either or her mom she's, like going at the main person I want election from is my elder sister and its intermittent, and I learned to live through the you know the lean times that meeting, I think healthy. Maybe that's a healthy things that at that you think. What are you wearing? What are you? What are you first in the same way you are, I am not an individual has gotten in order that a heated, the fight will say it last week about this exact same dynamic.
He wants me to say outline like kind of expect, some understanding basins. Knowing me, you know that I'm feeling this way. Why do you need me to say that out loud rights, no media, we just just went there my answers, just in general, I'm not a clairvoyant. I wish I was, but I dont know people's needs until they tell them to me. I mean to have obviously some awareness of people's needs, but I'm not sure why someone's man unless they tell me why there man, I am particularly my brain. I am very compulsive and I obsess so if your man You don't tell me, I think, of eleven hundred out rains and I start making a crazy things. You could be mad at me about and am convinced that that's what the thing is is over me, I'm just better off like if you're mad at me. You can tell me otherwise I'm not thinking about it goes. If I think about its candidature somewhere, it's a big big spiral and I'm never right right. What did you right right? Well,
complicated. We gotta work always our well. If there is a will- and you love someone- you work through it, you know what you're talking about figure. Now you inch towards it now you ve, been married for twelve years. Is the right thing He doesn't seven. I never know. I never know the amount of time yeah we don't either her mother calls us and says happy anniversary and then we're both like scrambling. Oh get Renee Mamma. We send us flowers, the algae, oh yeah seemed now what type of personalities mark have you a similar you up, I know we're not similar mark is given that mark. I must have We were wedding together in North Carolina. Do remember this. Oh my god, you were there that makes sense. Yes, ok, but do you remember what was on my hands at all that you just for the basic issue? Gonna come yes me in Lincoln went to well and she was the little lady was little girl. She is two and a half or three right, so the mom for
way back and allay said she has to wear this dress to the wedding, and I don't give a fuck what she wears running right, just be at the wedding, so weak do. A fight at the embassy sweets in now Charlotte North Carolina, even link Lincoln, and I and she's not can put this dress on it and I'm like we're not going to put the dress anchors. Mom said you have to wear them you're. So now we're understandable, and eventually we put the dress on and we arrived right is that the whole thing was done. You recall, we walked in right at Dover is ready and in south were walking away from the altar. Although it's kind of a good hat, does it look like we had been there forever because they would mean looking forward the whole time naturally, but I swear to God. I thought you guys were there the whole time, though we literally arrived. They were walking away from the author. Has like okay. Well, miss that then we go over to
That's the reception at hand. Couple things a she's just get into the age were she's story. No realized people talk to me an inordinate amount of time. We're on our trip we ve come. I didn't want to get a wedding, Chauncey fireflies and go to the river. Whatever lotta people are talking me. She certainly an uncomfortable it's the south, which I adore. They grab kids cheap. Does it look at this as yet they do all things she wasn't used. I found after about fifty men so that reception. This is torture for her and she hates it. I go. Let's go out on the sidewalk and get a little air went on Yet, although air, six or seven strangers stop and talk to me, and she's not anymore, more man, I'm like the time for us to get out here. We went who apart we found fireflies. It was great of Sophia, like single, doubting out with a two year old who was not having between the dress having to be on, and then the tourists having to your marketer the theme in that respects legal, where what you weren't like, I would prefer it if you were that really nice cute dress that I bought for you for this a key
but it's like here, you're wearing the unicorn ones either. This is where we're and like all right with that, you may be wondering if I dressed appropriately everywhere, but it's either of us put on the fuckin writs to go anywhere, so my only nowhere in them down to her. We dont practice this in any way. Ok, so you were at that when I dont remember, meaning anyone really but I memory of meaning you was, I would say equally disastrous and I'll, take full responsibility for so what I think is the first time I met. You was at a baby to baby event. Oh my eyes Ok, I know I know it's an axe and I was like we ve met five thousand, worse the mare I said, do you I've got only not of the same, vaguely. How was I said it I'm sure it was worse when I said it, but I was like dont people ask you if we dated Germany vaguely it. I got re very confused with the Philips, the Bijou Philips. Yes, so Bijou Philips, one,
her sisters. I was at a poker game with ten years. Go and I was seated next to her and I have since been like on Howard Stern and they say you dated so and so Philips, which idea I sat next to her one time at a poker game which the main, oh no, training. I try to figure this all out before you got my area having going to get there. Yes, I still don't have it straight out of my, but I got confused. I thought you were the person that people have asked me if I ve dated ray, and then I M, You ve been ass. If with data is an island and ass, if we didn't know, you said it was a very weird opening weird, it was weird thing, but had it been the right it would have been a meetly bonding like I know we decided a poker game next to each other, and now I've answered this question twenty times like it had the potential of being a very good bonding.
Have I have the right to hers and instead I was like no tax, but I have met a thousand times and I'm that what you have facial blindness like the one verse than you never remember, so that would have been really triggering. I remember meeting new, we met I'm dish and like view we really long time ago, you and me and Danny Master said he was sitting in a really long time, but I view and I had met before an audition or we had like red together for some thing. Weight I don't remember me a really long time ago I mean this is like early early days early date. That then Malian? I now much longer the me I'm trying to man. Made them in early two thousand, the I don't know I don't know what it was and but then there is the other audition that we had met out and then I'm good friends with a bunch of the parent had people. Let me just say this fish, every contacts you just
listed above my worst contacts, go wedding. Many on missions fucking, that I am wearing about so first, I apologize second, so my own it. I apologize Secondly, I do hope that we're just at a restaurant and we eat together cause then yes caused all those things I can imagine, now that I didn't remember that I was in that audition in thinking, Danny and Airy but the same role as an interesting thing, where what is Selina was upset. I said yeah, I'm weirdly the opposite like when doing additions like I would much rather like have a convert, he's an end with people listening against Orton, you guys were the ones who think that soothes me, so talk to people, I'm questions and get out of my head.
About whatever it is that I'm about to try to go, do and guy Enimie. Yes, it's like two unfocused is my focusing gray in your had focused thanks. So you can't focused more evil. Go a step further. I'm trying to here what's happening than that Fucking room rang last thing: I want to walk in there and do the exact same thing that this parliament- oh yeah, interest but the latitude of what I can do. But I, if I hear, hear someone making needs, back seem choices I was about to make out. Did that I really like I just like audition, that you dont, like they used to hate it? The period you're talkin about our own standards so scared, and now it online it at all, really it's so weird. I could do like the First F micro handling care. First and then I learned to be me, I'm parenthood gradually in the movie the freebie once you learn to be me now care, because now it is to do what I can do that and I'm not worried about it. Now. I display my voice and I do the thing and you like you, think, I'm right for it or not, and I don't think I dread and daily getting percent. That is like the secret,
I have. I have like a superstition thing where you do for those of you listening at home, who not only when they give you like scenes, the auditioning, what they're called sides and they ve been there just the two scenes in the movie three scenes in the tv show, whatever that they want you to read errand say bring them in, even if I'm not really using them. You will, I always hold them. Yes, that got explained to me by somebody which was helpful when I'm really. Yes, users is psychological thing for the people, observing that, if you're still holding the material, you think to yourself, oh well, that's them and even off book. So there's still another there's another book that I am finished products right, but if I come and there are no signs and like this, is it all right? This is me and take my exact lets you, even if you know what you might call it can get you just a whole does not only by them always want and then, but then, as soon as I leave in no matter. Why my whole career, I throw them
immediately in the trash. The Fred Savage was assigned the exile games there and tell me why you do it, because I mentally hereafter, just like go beyond. I feel like comically. That's really a good thing for me to do that. I've did it, I throw em, throwing it away and I believe there and if they call me again, and they want me to come back or if I've gotten the power like that. Its own new journey yeah, that's exactly what he does: a living a healthy. It's your job just ended your not like Willie. Tat! Go your way you can cause. You got it all anything, that's happening in that room now, before or after the only thing I can control, I mean how slowly the tape recorder behindhand. Isn't that enough? You just say he said why what with that you. Don't have that hotter? She did that no real nice There are some round table verb awards, Why don't you guess? I don't know, I don't know where
get me an amusing if either, like you know, like a trash website, it's like the your times or its twitter, or run toll at an orange of it's, not even real. I don't know, but I think he was it was those Hollywood round table women, things and she told a story about leaving a tape recorder behind in an audition rooms that she could hear more loud positive or negative lights. It wasn't great. Ok, I guess you tell this story, light left, I don't have it was like her phone or like you do something on and then, came back, waited ten minutes and then came back and God, oh my god, I'm so sorry. I think I want my father o beer. You have to look It's pretty crazy because you wanted to hear people were say yeah, that's an interesting, a proactive tactic, there's jewish to look at it. One is paying no one's. Giving me constructive, this isn't. My feel like every time in these rooms are not actually telling me what I need to do and I need to figure out so it better. That's one! That's a very general
so confers yadda, less generous version like. I think this whole towns concerned, against me and I'm gonna get some audio proof of that rights. Are the more you think about what other people are thinking about. You, I just think, is generally the roads, pleasant. Haven't you that's what I was as they like I'd for me. That's why I understand I'm not everyone's a cup of tea. That ends totally ok with me at this point and running the early on in my career. I wanted to try to figure out a way the thing to be all things to all people, and that's that exact thing that you were just say, which is that the real track and like when people's career, is. Actually the click into focus is when they figure out the thing of themselves. That is there the old. We people that can do that, their one unique offering Yazzi Island when you figure that out and you sort of unlock that that's when people are able to really find. I think success in
the energy industry, but also all the hell yeah. I fear they, like all things yeah. I think it's important. I dont want to know what people are saying about me. We're gonna jump backwards now, because look at you mommy loosely used the words these mom, but I reckon she wasn't a statement, but I M, assuming from that statement that you were. It is a kid you did some acting like Did you get audition for commercials and stuff in Arizona we did? I did. I was glad to do the theatre you know like in school play. Obviously, and then I did like a after school the iter programme thing in Scottsdale Ear, and I didn't have some friends that had agents in allies. We knew what it was and I really wanted one. Can you tell me what percentage of this drive was yours on, which was your mom's? If you could put it, number on either side, but is it so hard? I dont know because when you were a kid you just you kill it's hard to. I don't know we'd through all of that stuff
my daughter, ride, stir bikes and I mean one would have to guess it's ninety percent. For me, as a kind of nothing I had a list when I was little, I had a speech in Panama, it wasn't it wasn't. It May I says that was also my th, as in my arms and my elles, I remember as jar, by what I had a speech therapists and when I would get them right. They would put money in that you a penny for something and then nickel and dime, my mom had you with a thing in the areas where people would use paint pans. Unlike right on lucite things. Tis is this. This is not right for you, you're, a guy, a guy you
Do you know? I mean I m here you're too young. How will they other need to you're too young get out of here? I know, but it was. It was like a real involvement like these personal evasion stores were really bag in malls. Had like a bunch of lucite stuff, they jewelry Box a little gumbo machine that exist they won't. I can t see it and I see a big hole ladder. Yes, I see incurs lank market guys. You hadn't, though I had one that my mom got made for me that had like a th honour and are now that was my little bank when I would give him greatly suit kind of a she really encouraged me to participate in the talent, show at school and do the school players because she wanted me to work, in my speech in writing. Overnight yeah. I wasn't anything that I ever felt back of the goat or ostracised right
before and cheese you are now. I just was a little. I kind of talk like Cindy Brady. Our shores are now so so that was a kind of a thing. The initial Fang and then a third grade did they would hold little last Sunday in addition and got the lead in the third grade school play and then salmon for great and the monopoly becomes your thing right when I like. Oh I'm good at this thing, you're getting confidently like air, I wanted you more of and then also I did have. I had a little friend a girl. Well, who had had an odd an agent now lay and would fly out here for additions for real things for movies in tv shows, and you know- and that was appealing to me, because I watched a ton of television, a movies riled. Like three company attained by the bow loves David Bin Laden, I meet her big. They hurry up. Ninety two and I was he are off even the ringing back mental to an island, as you know all about it. Ok, so you you, you can't wait to get out of scouts here.
That you don't love Garcia, we all of Scottsdale it's a great place, but you personally weren't lining fulfilment and Scottsdale, and then you too yourself over to lay all american, but that's cracks and run by the airport. I was just thrilled. The learned is that one of your college, Wheat hearts was colony, yes, town in error cards, boyfriend girlfriend the made in a theater cloudy now, but I did see him in one flew over the cookers nests me when you buy and that he was like a great reform under Eu Law in love with him on stay sure all in all a great deal together for a while. You know like we'll little I met him whenever they tee in right. When I got turmoil and we were both theatre major as we did the
the whole thing we re noises off to gather? Aha main stage guys the term may now angry about I inside I want to get too tabloid you, but I'm just putting myself in your shit who so, let's say when I got to you see I started dating the daughter of Bert Reynolds And- and I found myself at dinner at his house and I'm just left Michigan this to me when we like, oh while this is all very close yeah I mean the thing is Jack's. Ok, you have to know about me is that this period of I had told people- and this is my book, like I had said well here, you know I mean move to LOS Angeles, my mom's insisting I go to college, but she says I have to complete There's a college semi due to years of college in then I'm gonna be on a television show up on that confidence. Guy had that this was like not just something that I was going to do, but that I
long today, error and it was just a thing entitlement I hadn't and Diana real entitlement about this particular. Thank heavens, I love hearing. You admit that I am, I am terribly entitled, swung the biggest killer. Thirty four set Jesse, where I parked sometime nauseous Nobody here you, you knew you're, gonna be anti be at all, and so in college, or, like I'm doing this right, my mom happy here I mean I, I really enjoyed college and I was also of the night old. I was super confident and I was insanely driven and then also like. I had a fairly like. I had some trauma in my eye trauma and I did have like a justified he thing in my brain that with that was going that, if I did this thing and like made these things come true for myself, that that would somehow bow and sowed arrays or make it all worthwhile of another like I had like gone through this thing, but then
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Today. So I dug up having been molested before anything you in your book. You talked about that you were raped in sixteen. Is that no is forty you're forty? I am sorry that this happened a year. I think that that was from first shower, and then I got pregnant the next year when I had to My friends and I had an abortion and wall like the abortion itself, wasn't trauma a lot of the surrounding circumstances were the attic for me the fragility and and moving forward from that place and then back just lead to behaviour and end choices that were sometimes it great, but it wasn't powder of you now, unlike so that was part of the thing that I was like eager or to check yeah. I wonder for you. How did it change, your world view voluntarily remember before her
haven't slept because there's lage is right. You ve even talked with so everyone in happen. You weren't necessarily thinking I'm gonna labour, they re. Now I didn't nights, but rather lake. That's culturally. I think where we were at the time like Monica Lewinsky, when you was the slow you know they re like we. That was like a thing that our entire country laughter yeah. You know those were the messages that we were being get banned in and we are still very much deeply. In the time of. Like you know letting boys be boy- and it isn't reality- I dont do many podcast Dax, but when I did Mark Marin's podcast, he had read the the chapter of my book about the rape and he was like to busy reading not like everybody knew that story about a girl from high school knows. I hope it's God did that's the fucking problem like you know, and yeah think in the immediate aftermath of at. Not only did I never want to label at rape. I was like
dead in such an intense way that I was like you. I am a fuckin slot. That's right! You want to suck your dad do that yeah yeah, because I'm a fuckin sleigh ride like what else you yeah yeah yeah. I like focused on that guy in particular, like became very obsessed with him in obsessed with like trying to make him my boyfriend and telling people he was. Maybe you know what I'm having a whole other narrative that I built that only then of it tat. Many years later that I was talking to some friends I was like that senior in high school- and these were kids that were already income. Agents are like you know, then you go to Psych one one in your letter. My mind's blown like. I know everything here and we were talking about like losing your virginity whatever and I brought My story. Three ray, I'm telling the story, unlike what it was. How was I think as they like of in like the four years in between
it happening in me? Having that night, where I was like hanging out with these kids, I I had sort of like tested the waters a little, but I think it with some friends in terms of like how did you fucked up like what happened we like without we're here that we are to you than could then I mean I was fourteen other baby. Could then your friends actually like you, do start actually dating, unlike falling in love with people like having sat, announces a totally different back like that's just yet a thing. You becomes very clear that what you'd Your answer was not worth yes, yes, and so it becomes more and more clear as you experience something that is loving and mute. We re has the same goal. We, or even just like fuckin, worry kids. Your leg, you are Enzo yeah me and I'm not even like, like just like, were consensual. Iran's yeah yeah does like healthy sexual like yeah, let's get it on vibes and so yeah their end. This kid at that that night, like you know when I was like,
in your high school who, even though its way better, as like that was you know I was that's, that's what rape as actually and was like? That's not what I think, everybody gone the fog down because culturally, I still had the idea that, by the way, I'm still so shocked. Sometimes when I hear like politicians or like we all the re he rape, as you know, in an alley with a lady screaming with a thing to her neck. You know every year and I think that that was but I had in my hand, I shall lay. I felt a lot of response. The lady and I took on a lot of what kind of comes with a label and an identity adjustment with issues of what I was raped, now, I am, may raped thing down, and you know that you just there's a lot to it, that you have to for my my worldview shifter was a while some people have a real nice. Various plan and I can be duped like I can. I need to have my wits.
Me all the time. I now know that there are people around, because I would say up until that point. I assume most people were generally kind of benevolence. The nature, and I was like: oh no there's wolves in this world that we live in and I've gotta be hyper vigilant against them. Bringing in there is for be shame that I allow that to happen. The ass this guy had something I wanted and he was holding it over my head and I was going along with obvious things. He was way older than me in and then so the shame. Even it took me a gale in high school. We're sitting in parkland smoking on the hood of my car and she told me she was raped and it was so powerful and on things you'd ever told anyone else and I felt compelled to meet her their laws like going again so by this dude and just saying it was like how far well there's like half Wait just fell on. That's incredible.
For me hearing. Oh your kid: it's not your fault, your kid! It's not your fault, your kid that didn't it didn't. My internal yeah. Shame. Even if you tell me it's not my fault, I'm still feeling some fault agendas care. We I mean, that's, really intense closure. Ever worked for me either, and it was an until I wrote my book and a road it out in the clearest way I could wish was again about something I want ed. I wanted to two seconds I wanted to know. I like you, wanted to be a part of something, and I someone I wanted a boy. I wanted some void of fuckin like me right and I was cured. About all that stuff. I didn't have inappropriate way to figure it out, and I didn't know Talk about it and you know I was like just
like I was like looking for something like looking for an experience or locate you know of his interests dead ones. You know what everything was all about. I guess you want to be an adult. Almost a dull yeah. I thought I was kind yeah like writing it in my book. That was better. Than any of the therapy that I've done about it in the last. You know, whatever almost twenty years, I guess yeah, I guess out well, That was the catharsis with our is this for me, but this is so weird eminent what the fuck. Why not too needs to go? I had a really fuckin while dream and the ones as I had a dream. I was at this place like with a bunch of girlfriends it was like, like a boardwalk EU type, please see new, they exist like all over the country. We, like you, know where those people man made by water in the middle, with like a fountain them and there is a chain, restaurant
the staff in euros in people exit out some had during the palm springs. Mall have been too many. Okay, like you exactly like the idea. You know, as I re our target so so imagery MIKE I'm sitting at the table very specifically wire. Why chairs, in the shed and see what my group of girlfriends we're on some sort of girls chip. These two men come up to our table and they are I want to say something to be of a colleague like backing off on it. At the same time- and I am, What are you saying? I'm sorry. I can't like what are you saying to me and the one day bags out on it needs, like all he's, a big fan like oh, ok, cool. Did you like one? picture, I dont understand what's happening like what is the request to urge you wanna picture and he's Naw naw. That's that's fine man, like my friend, had you so it's cool now, like oh ok. Why and I watch
Where are they like sort of head back to their table around the corner and so walk around and there's the guy that It's me sitting at the table with those deeds. By the way this like what I imagine. Maybe he looks like this, but I dont know if I wouldn t know yesterday age well, I dont now are, we might imagine we looked like an all european and he was there, and I we had this sort of thing where This moment in my dream, where I was like, I think you're friends said something weird to me and it was like I don't know what they thought. I just told them the truth that, like we dated- and I like? Oh ok, that's cool! Ok, that's your truth! I get up and I left her hand. I woke up- and I was super fucked up like from
like just felt really weird, and I was thinking all day about what what my subconscious was like getting out, but I didn't feel Pm Act I didn't feel upset. I didn't feel all the things I used a kind of feel, and I guess what I think I came to was that I think that is his truth. I don't think he One second believes that he perpetrate add that on me, then I think that that I'm like releasing thing that I was holding onto that. I somehow wanted him to knowledge I like I dont need at anymore right, genome, saying yes, do I do a hundred percent and I felt like com about it again you said earlier: it was just that boys we
all right all right, but is a part of a big thick conversation, which is the whole set ups pretty flawed, and it has a very bad outcome, high percentage of the time here, and so we need to revamp the entire thing. The courting the rolls were plain sexually. All these thing really the only to get revamp. I think that one hundred percent, but I also believe that something defending guys tomorrow, I don't cause because I can t I could. I could take fuckin shit for what I just said about me Fuckin dream, but women were the experience. Not yours move three earns. I can't do it for you, but I think is it where we are now, and everything is so much about this in the last couple years, is in not just the things that we say and articles and all of that, but in the actual stories we tell in terms of Y, television shows and movies and why it romantic
many are, and this is what my husband does for job rightly rates you write is, but how you change of culture is There are only I always and the art that we consume. The most of in this country is television shows the movies. I think we ve done in the last twenty years, I think we made like great strides in some directions, and I think that are that's been. Available to the masses, has gotten super fuckin lazy and that we ve been repeating the same. Narratives that are really comfortable for people over and over again and being comfortable, is something that we know all a mirror love myself included being uncomfortable is not something in it so like why you gotTa Mcdonald's Gmail, exactly what you're going to get a hundred percent, and you know it so when you look at lake,
MRS bagging may parents to get base a cable, so we can have MTV that all day down was the big push firmly in and she got it, and I am thankful for s sure I reap the rewards of that, but we never had HBO. My parents had two fuckin sign up for each year when I got vice principles. Would like guys that anyway? My point is that, like you know, we talk about like health. Her part people are in this country and debt at others like we'll guys guess why it like you took all your progressive ideas and put him into your are on fuckin pay, cable yawned, Amazon and streaming services that a large portion of the country cannot afford, and you know, they can afford. They can afford game shows about getting richer avow I highlight one go around of operative gloves. I am opposed to find you know getting rich reinforcing this idea that that's the thing that we all need to like make us happy too
who wants to be a millionaire like debuted whatever twenty years ago, my kicked freaks and kicks off the air like to me. That is like a very perfect cap of what I think like then became the downfall of like network. Tell us and- and I just think that we as like, urges that work in this fuckin. Industry have a responsibility to not just make like the pool. Fuckin shows not available to everyone, and you know like whipping they hear him sailor. I don't even know your girls back into the ito. All of that, to my mind, and not that that continent is not wholly democratize. It's not an seeing different kinds of people and seeing like different kinds of people have different kinds of relationships. Young Philadelphia, Pre Philadelphia
Tom Hanks movie, yeah, he means Philadelphia. He just doesn't. He can't say that properly latin file still saying I'm around me out of here. Look at yes, so filled off here. The movie fill it at the outset. Prior to that movie. Yes, people were absent, panic about their kids mean re, anyone that had AIDS ass, you know you can get it by getting spit on or touched all that stuff. Now that movie was a title. The left, a paradigm shift and how this country thought about HIV in a random in and introduce compassion to this thing I took the person we love the very most in the world that everyone loves, left and right in, and he took us through the personal journey of that experience and it changed everything now, I worry two things, one, that if Tom Hanks Head Twitter in ninety nine b or whatever fuckin year that was made, he would have
he needed half the country who, by speaking, only political views, so we would have lost half the country right, our be it left or right doesn't matter if you would allow half now half the people are going to that movie in there now exposed to also the person who wrote. It might just think, want this outlet hunter. Pretty characters ongoing enact change with this, and so I don't think that's a super powerful way to an end. Change, I'm glad that they did it through art. I think a lot of our best artists are kind of scratching the itch of trying to move arcs society by can tweeting an answer grandly and I think they should hunker down and right Philadelphia right, that's what it that's. Maybe I'm were yet we're, saying the exact same thing. My point is that like no one wants to be free till now I don't wanna be preached to, and I know for a fact that it's the cheeses, fucking I'm ever going to say out loud, but the way to change people's hearts and minds is through
storytelling and I don't think it has to be it's not about preaching to people, but it's about showing them a different way. Be no judgment. It eliminates defensiveness because it's on someone else's things, I'm watching someone else, your I'm not reading a tweet. That's it you're a vile pc. It if you think a letter to me right, but if I'm watching a character MA am I defensive natures not triggered in so I can take on new and from because it's happening to this other person. I mean that Israeli how're of it re were you can like Philadelphia like they were like one. On. Grace was first on the in originally. You know. I think that for a lot of people it opens them to possibility just a possibility. He assumed that there might be a different perspective. People who have voted for I dont think that they're watching the daily show or rhino even opening my lads of the late night shows where they skewer,
the administration, and thinking like that's gonna, give me something You know, there's no way any more than you and I want him. Fox news in hearing Hilary is like should be put in prison raises. Weren't is never going to be convinced of the thing for us thrive, but if they make a great movie about Lori, I mean really gotta make it like. William Study, my friend, Mister Knightley Machinery. I threw radio- is that at that. I think that, like unlike tat like ten years, maybe she could she do the whole. She could run the get. No, why do the horse lifespan, she's, amazing and beautiful and talented, but I went straight to keep play. Tat, she from the? U S, my my she's, my dinner or my you may agree the only thing about my best friend Michel as that Asia May Mass ran and of that and then other busy is such a crazy chameleon she's like been able to do that. The laying like in her career
recently, where she really playing real people, she really has lake figured it out and how to like, transform her even her face. I can't get it you don't know what you're doing my heart, one percent of if she doesnt when the army for his fancy version, I mean an outrage in Farsi Verdun. What's that it was the effects, show the Michel started with SAM Rockwell and he played Bob Fuzzy and she played when Verdun, who is about all longtime Calabria muse and wife I dont, even than they ever got divorced, even though he like went on and had another had other relation All the all that jazz is was bought, fussy, wrote and directed that about himself. The one I saw he like he's doing tons of cold
that these amounts honour, that job, ok, great you, so why he had some self awareness of getting a monster. Yet he knew what he was aware of. His demons archive did make it any less easy to be around. You know, like the series, is really kind of owes a limited series. It was only like long ten of eight episodes, maybe we'll watch that world share Europe's powers that are see you chinks of you, love each other. Ok, here someone your anyway that's at any, You come out of, lay Allah do I love and I love we just seventeen hours later. I can listen by one quick, followup pollution, because I loved and hanging get in freezing geeks, but having thought like, oh yeah, I'm born this is going to happen. That again whereas I would have been like what the fuck am I doing in Tom Hanks. Ran living room. I don't like How did I teleport here? This is almost too hard for me to comprehend. Were you like fucking, I'm home
not exactly. I really want to view to veto ITALY ere I mean this took longer than I thought it would be. Like I mean also, that was Ninety ninety, seven. So that was also very, very peak hang in I mean I think that that was intimidating for sure but they were so lovely to me and I was doing this lake industrial acting job live by read all at the toy, fairer in New York City. Yes, weirdly Sharon's stone bumped into you here he came to walk through the toy fair. I guess because she was good friends with, but see the woman who is the ceo of Mattel at the time by at her, and she was- she was also PETE. Sharings down right right
many cowards it old guard yeah. She really gave me thank you that was wonderful. You're gonna be a big stars. You now you take that honorary. Like oh, she said that provided a hundred opium. You know that, with special for marking the preferred way to go through life, oh by the way like a fair bashful for media and Tom and Rita, were in town, I think even filming something in common with studying broad, that's Messer in Germany, but they asked if they could Rita was like. Can we come see You with the toy fair and all my guys know, made way for inspections are coming to see me of this waiver. Oh my god, I guess between the real life on our behalf in rather thin, and this is still an eye. This was an interesting moment for me because I call in and we had started eating, and I just love term and we went to
there has been had dinner, and you know when I saw them in their house than a couple times, and then I saw them in public variety, and that was really really unbelievably overwhelming and, like terrifying yes and what a huge celebrity has to deal with, and especially at that point to the big, I don't know, I don't even know it was so intense and I was like remember being like very shaky and like I just was like this is Europe will always look. Can we just goes and worth a fling where they re like I just an, and then I thought about put boy for admit, I've been dating and how hard that must be. For you by me. I guess I can you know theoretically It was used to it. You didn't write your normal, but for me, it was just very overwhelming. Anna did also have the thought. Even with all my. Fashion in wanting to be successful in wanting to be a professional actor in big
he's in television shows I I had the thought like. Oh, I don't ever want that, like that Not for me, I don't know if I could ever do it. You have to be so special like such a spouse. Personally yeah yeah to be, if I mean that not a single person till I get but which they are but special to be able to handle it with grace, lose your fuckin mankind, new kind, as he was ever like you re about. Every person are usually more impressive than is acting, that wasn't a vulnerable area. The M, then, in the midst of all of it too, so focused on me and really able to connect with me and like I could see them to help me like dealing Ryan citizens. Hookah right with everything will be fine If, though, we were, we ve made it that many of these more safely and yeah well, today to yeah yeah. I was pretty louts, ok, so freaks and GPS. You're young. When you get that yeah there, you fresh out of lay all up.
For years Dax, I lived my dream of college years of College than Windsor mastered. Actually, I am sophomore year I had a, oh yeah, additions and callbacks. As my first pilot season, I had gotten an agent basically because of the barbie job and actors that I worked with in the toy fairer. Introduced me to her manager, Lorraine, our Glenn. Who was this amazing woman? She was bred, ashen just like darling. I just think it gotta be fabulous. I just can't wait. I have to introduce you to agents, it's your agent. She like loaned me money from a had charge of working, offering you beat the catch security tax we. What is this true? A thousand percent in Brentwood? I worked at sea. Decay in the marina, ok Ban, but I felt, though They also worked a cover. You beat the kitchen in Arizona that all schools I'm sure I was a hostess. How much of that bread did you dip in barbecue sauce and ran round the day
so my friend, but I too loaves of bread. Every sheriff I mean I who much bread, but you knew what, when what you are we talking late Ninety nine is they mean by the way I was at that Brentwood C, they all the time I still used? I plead discount like why would still give my number, even when I was on television, should good and then they just but no one ever question that rights. What I worked at this he began to marry. You yeah, Lorraine Loans, me money. I got headshot stance. Yes, you just wonderful and set me up with one. Agency, I had a meeting, they were called writers and artists anymore. I remember agency, and I remember calling my mom from my dorm room afterwards and telling her that it was the agency that clear Aids was that so, basically they they seem like they want to I mean if they do, that's it like I'm done like I'm going to be ongoing sharper yeah, that's right, they did not thy may and then she introduced me to
a small agency called silver Masai and sat Mary, and there an aim, Marilyn sounds Mary was a they were to Amazingly, like old school all- and they had David, hide peers. Who is on Frazier at the time and nature that I knew that they represented real actors, not just pretty people rather than hit their marks. Then they start sending me out that pilot season. It was insane there were so many teen shows that year it was like bonkers. Bingley was right after Dawsons, Creek had het ah end like D. Since Creek was like summer premier rethink and then seventy show started in the fall and then that next pilots ease and everyone was where's our dean. You write em like felicity was still hot, like there was like all of that. Teen stuff was like really really happening, and so yeah like. I addition that second Spencer of my sophomore year of college was just me deriving from West.
Esther from my dormant Elam Yale that you know in you all areas, of Beverly, Hills, Hollywood, the valley, I had a Thomas died. Oh yeah, my leg was just lived in my car at any minute. Email didn't exist, so I had to go pick up scripts at my fuckin agents right. They were not a messenger anything that have made any money up funds. The lucrative MIKE I just lived in my own does their back. It was full time job I basically in finnish AMA class as classes. So I got. I got Cason and W B pilot called saving Greece's as a guest star, and there was about two girls who's who were best friends and their names were both grace data during their at it that our Lauren Ambrose pre six feet under this girl, Kyler Lee, who then like went on to be angry, is now to me for a million years. Ok, surely billion yes, so those girls were the girl. Says- and I was the bitchy girl in high school,
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were you able to enjoy that NGO? Oh, my god, I'm on a tv show in its all these great people, nor all towns that I can tell you that in its really fun or were you singularly focused on my great so I do this and then I'll get to do blank. I mean I was. I was really lucky and because that was my first experience ink, I mean obvious screen obvious for obvious reasons. I was incredibly lucky because it the tick. Great show and its. I I again that's like stood the test of time young all of those things but beyond that, just the people that I was working with and the perspective that I gave in a very short period of time, was incredibly valuable, moving forward and creating a career that had long jeopardy. Is that because you were able to see the value of being a team player as being
team player in many ways, but creatively either jug and Paul and Jake Council were incredibly empowering of our vote. Says in opinions and all of those things we were all ranging in each from fifteen. To I think Linda was the old old as we the same birthday but she's a few, There's autonomy is anything. She was like twenty, also our Leyla Young, yet we weren't there. At the same time she had left school, she graduated layer. She went back and graduated later, but she had left school to work professionally cause. She was getting somebody job, but I knew her because she still lived with her friends from college rise. You do and her room She then what my tea in theatre shop like class or whatever right. So
so she was around and, like everybody knew who she wasn't. She was just always the great as yeah, and you know, moving forwards from freaks and geeks and being on different types of shows with different types, of producers and different kinds of messages that are being sent to you from the creators then charge. I feel really really lucky that freaks geeks like my first, your education on four out of do they have to do and that there is and that things are possible that that, like that that, like you, can create your own stuff, because at the time to I'm sure you remember like the that. Wasn't the odyssey, its pre youtube. It's like pre, really like the internet and like you're, not creating your own stuff for yourself to star n Router, an actor for higher, and you are like lucky to get a job. And you need to go and do your job and that's get analyse the beginning
the middle and the end of the fucking story. As far as everyone was concerned. At that time I had a chance to interview met Ryan like two years ago at Benton Film Festival, looking girl, familiar fee and she's really into directing. Now she like loves it. It's like you let her up, and I was talking about- early, colonel dent, so crazy to me, because here you are you're like the biggest movie star in the world and You knew at what point where you like. I want to dictate. The stories are issues, and what are you talking about that? Wasn't a thing right produce your own style of rights, the biggest star in the world like I don't get it to make the stuff I'm just industry. Yes, you go away for a phone call. Are you wait for that phone call and in your shown, the project and, like you know you in a lucky position at that point in the nineties that you're given the best of the best, and you can pick and choose I, and so for me that Judd's way of being
Yeah help bang sort of cultivate new talent. That was just something that will, he obviously clearly always did, right in power and empower voices, and it was just super collaborative online. But what are you guys think right? What you think is valid. And you know I moved on to other shows another movies, and things were there, like. Oh known, gives a fuck what you thing rights hit that Margaret there that t your yellow yeah. So when you see that yellow you stand right there and say the things that are on the page here and then you get play Jack and we're going to send you on your way. But I think that it was really showed me like a dip Wait to be and the way things could be in the way. The things now obviously have ended up jasmine. And then you moved on from there to Dawsons Greek. What changes mention right. You join that made. It was already running out with the last two seasons of the shit like the college years. Its fiscal thing did you like the shell before you went elegantly, you are you hadn't water, because our men really wants to join the world. If you had
worry loose huge. We have you ever joined a cast us a show. You're. A fan of now I haven't, but I would love to like. I would love to go beyond pinky blinders, and get to live in that world that I love the after a few months, or maybe we go in my ride waiting my room. I have always had this feeling like it would run riot in by the way. That's like of advice. I find myself giving two young actors who are over thinking how good the project therein is or isn't. Unlike you, dont, have to be in every great show that you like located like those shows you don't have to be involved with them so there. It is part of me that, yes, like its low unhealthy, did like need to be in something you like, or maybe even maniacal like just enjoy the dating. You lie. Looked to me like the good place. Do you know that I'm living S got placed an idea that I don't know that while it is like truly the one of the only things that has brought me true joy
in the Euro zone. That is really nice in is the writing. Is it the causes of the petty me elation of all its just? It's also winds are all across the board. It also fuckin fantastic. What it say what it trying to say is that the one time about they make sure is actually a perfect example of somebody who is right. Meeting the people with are deciding on eighty, but it's also like pushing people to think a little bit firstly critically to see things in a different way, and that is exact When talking about you, he is figured out a way to put it into the America Bach yeah now get out of it down their throats just presenting at any moment. Yes, the bank is the best, but anyway you know I'm like the hue. Unlike obsessed with the good place, I was like talking to Dave Minor. You know who represents my is mandatory he's producer on the show, and I was like because he was one of the producers,
busy tonight has Tina Faye Active. I wanna. Can you ask Chipewyan, Do we want to be my last, even though the good place like as an extra like? Should I get in there? What is one thing we should do? I mean gave I love it so so deeply and intensely and ultimately not that it was offered, but like ultimately, I was like. I can't. I can't do that. I need that world to remain pure, something that I just like again in joy and love and the like. That's right. The healthiest run out that yeah did you like it in unnecessary divine like like them like I wanted to kiss loan shares now her. Generally in relationship the other. I always yeah, I'm I'm always that person you're alone, and I are broken up by saying this guy, who I thought, school where than we reconnected high? So when I was on dolphins, Gregoire like was generally,
long distance relationship with the dude who was living here and I was in Wilmington right what you doing bathing in this period, like that, you would now label pathological, lie there either, Frankie drugs. I gotta go with drinking. So much. Ok, I'll, give you a very lonely down there. You ve joined to show where everyone's friends inured I trying to figure out. What do you play? That words? Are they will both of those whom they were never aren't. They were over now and they were just because they all did like become hugely theme, from that show the, and then you know James had gotten paid like a new iron Maria. He felt like this something he talked about. The like you know, James at guy. Like a million dollars for varsity boy them on the way he was great, and let me say that I don't your life,
did you used to say that a lot of people I was, as I share with action for the last year away yeah it was who could beat the other person in a scene to say I dont want of your life We would add at nonstop. Of course never gonna make the show, but we couldn't resist me and yet we loved it I'll get a great thing to that. Right. Now, it's very universal, but they will go away. Settle down and living these lives that were pretty quiet. I think, by that point, the really good regions, where I'll hang out and seven on saturdays and Sunday is one of the first ideas had like a great bow. We would go out of banks and like you don't like it was nice and they were very inclusive to me, there also wasn't like it wasn't season of a shower everybody's leg in sight to be, then rudely ass, the yeah you shall had already been put down roots in New York, so she was like flying air and I dont even know she was all that show that wild she would be probably
a happy about it. That's what I was just thinking when I learned that today I was thinking while she certainly transcended whatever baggage that came with she. Clearly, I think that all of the young, actors who, like achieved a very high although fame at that period of time, like the early, nine years earlier. You thousands, I think, the day, her and very clear choice. Indistinct choices to make and like you could go for. The thing where you do the bag in horror movie, you yeah, like you, know like out of a maying, really how much right to take on a guy and Michel had done one of those and it didn't feel like it didn't feel guitar. I didn't like it right, and so she just we quietly was like: I'm gonna go, do Williamstown Theatre, first of all, and I'm gonna like moved to New York and I'm gonna you know get in with like that. Indeed, Phil Community New York, then universe on the call she fur like this movie with Patty, Clarkson and Peter to pledge, or whatever you know where that is, and she really smartly used, like the IMF,
of money that should make a hidden on citizens. Creek delay survive around that transit hands like herself as an artist in her Razumihin, like it's really admirable what she is accomplished at a no no. Ever written article, but like that's the fuckin article as far as I'm concerned about very arrogantly raw. By the way, you know we didn't say to you, but it was already, but anything you don't Why didn't you just tell us we're not roaring? Now we're not like DMZ, we don't really that wasn't the rule am I talking to that was the the thing on my hot shower. But I'm not trying to like catch any one in the rival shit. I don't wanta outlets, doing something like the urge is like the whole thing is you know a thing I just don't buy into because they think it feeds all of the stuff. One of the reasons I wanted to do do a late night talk. Show interview with celebrities element to air was an someone who's like we're done at first,
reclaim. The myriad of that doesn't have to be slaves, as it can be, so fine, it can be easy and, and also there is value to like doing press as a performer as an actor like you know can show up. I don't know a nice side of yourself that you ve always wanted to show. I dont know whatever the fuck it as I just one. Give people like you have to do these pressures anyway, let's make it as painless as possible. Ok so posts dozen three you're on e r and you're in then substantially, I probably say it. Financially. For you and longest time, you were on Cougar town near years. Yes, but you ve skipped the thing that I get approached about at least four times a week at all let me guess, was Terry crews in the malaria, the character of a white director rights. It was like a movie that really has stood the test of time when it came out. It was we I was like a horrified, it was there
people they would you let us people were so. I was like super excited to do it and I loved working with those guys, and I had a really funding. It was superfine and so dumb and we, Do you know I will all on board for the fund? dumbness of that, and it came out and just now only were the reviews route all, but it did not do well in the box. It's an ivy like others is the funny thing about memory as I like them. Who was a here, I can still see the add with Terry in the back of a car dancing with assured the Africa of course, there's like I can't buy it now. What hath dodgeball had come out too the weak earlier? All enjoyed uncoil yes answered, and I think we wait. It was like the second week of Dodge Buzz opening and so wasn't. Even the number one comedy in ITALY was also at the literary that was the exact moment. There was a paradigm shift, correct, bs,
all those movies I gotta check had done really well for ten twelve years in there. Now is the time for events and other guy again, that's and welfare. All in the sports movie is watching. You now have the sword, credit on what sports movie blades of glory. You have story credit on that yeah I have omitted whole deep die. I have no idea of the wild and Germany about woman and the and having both men take your voice gaslight you in the hope that the chapter in my book? Ok, it's a lot yeah yeah yeah bit, but anyway, why checks Osso, which existed? and, and I was devastated cause I thought like it was gonna, be the thing like I thought I was gonna do for me like what
scary movies did for on rice or German. I was ready Maria moment and it did not go right and it is very sad, but that being said, have you every year since it has only grown and grown and ground alive at length. Fourteen year, something I have it was just it was just on the other night. It was like on one of the each Biagi and the other night right. I was there certain movies relay fucking else, rain. Ever every five minutes, there's gonna be a joker, yeah peace. An omen for every minute debate I mean me, am I found the whole, but give you found no in your twenty years. Doing this that the things who wanted and had expectations for they rarely turn out the way your expecting than them things. May we didn't want to do our so much better than you? they are going to be like is what would I have discovered that I'm just bad, I'm totally, bad picking me and I'm totally bad it knowing what's good for me, only cut tax what's happening
How would we not long out- and I feel that in the last four years I've figured some stuff out the by previously in my career I picked terribly, I thought I didn't get freaks and geeks I'm meet only on us. I would like to do this, but I do not get up there. You go what that that there you go out, and I didn't want to parenthood. Nux zoning like the show, but because I was in movies- and I was afraid if I did tv had never been movies rate, and you didn't know that that was like literally one year away from Like Merrill Street Mass migration demands migration, as its life may on our hearts. That mean ear was great. Even for me, right was fine and you did on here I just as one on one season and then I did like an one episode. Season see, then I laugh I just got married. The writer strike the big right. Our strike was just about to happen, and I I have timed both my pregnancies to work. Ok, a real power,
and parenthood that cohesion here and so the because the I know it's gonna be a truncated pay. Let's see then- and I wasn't like regular on your. I was just on you know. Harangue know. So I chose to kind of like opt out, and then I got plans We already eaten the writer strike, dead, happened, funds and then birdie with lead. All. I had some sad, petitions and then and then I got good down and I'm friends with bill gap yes, he's completely lying to me about who we truly is. He seems like one of the finest people either, but I work for belongs the creator, or did he heard the healing introduce her? He could created it with care beagle. Who was a writer that I think it worked on Scrubbs with him, and I think that will make us I mean I could have said that
may be made that up Hanukkah. Why should we have that check after yielding right? I'm lucky I wish I'd. Have them on my young autobiography of zone knows a bill is like the greatest end because he's they marry to an actress forever. Yeah he's like understanding of all of that part of it too. What it is to be an actor and to have a family, and it was just like the perfect job at the perfect time for me and something that I had an incredibly great time doing, and it was good for me at that time too, to have These women that I was working with, who you know, had children and I you know like a kind of sea like the future cause. I was though, in the baby thing and so will you get written to be.
Oliver, the Oliver Gill written, but also I had I did. I had postmortem anxiety. I like was convinced at every turn. And I was like fucking birdie up. You know. Last year I was just ruining everything and I didn't you know have a nanny the first year of her life. So even when I did the pilot, I like asked the lady who had been cleaning my house. I come in german different of just come with me to work with this, but baby right and stay in my trailer. I didn't want to do anything. No one told me beyond. I was relatively on the early side of friends of mine, who maybe I was twenty nine, and so even though my friends back home had had baby had kids. I was like we, but how do I do this thing with debate? But there is a gilt butts unique to women in its shameful that you guys are bridled with this, but like for even my wife, if she's at home,
the kid she feels guilty because she's not being strong woman whose pursuing her dreams and then, if she's out pursuing our dreams, you bills guilty cause she's, not being the mom at home. So, like it's fuckin know when and wherever you're ass. I now, I think it is now. I think we're just a really interesting time in terms of gender roles and redefining you know like what the patriarchy has, Sir Druv ingrained into all of us,
you all know the bad news is, I think, I'll hats happening it's now. We too are taking I'm like, I think. Basically I can. I relate to her. I feel guilty about working. I feel guilty of him at home, but Rendre. I guess I think I think progress would be. No one feels guilty all the time wheels guilty and then no one, but maybe yes, maybe that's the way through was like through the fire of the deer select. Maybe we all have to let go through this thing were INA. We all feel like shit and then maybe, but I think that, like its modeling, a different thing for kids and they see a different like put the participation and that dads and arms and the mom mom, and dad than that adds and all that stuff, and so again it's about possibility Ray and Phillip. We know what we see and that's what the parent candy impossible, modeling verses, talking exactly that's like everyone, the let off the throttle little, but about the US doing this perfectly clear about that,
thing I mean like when you asked me right in the beginning, like what did your dad think dream about for years? no like I'm it my dad gave it a thought he was out of these. Are my kids, like millions are gonna, do something in their sleep a roof over and like? I guess there was probably because most my family on both sides were had higher education. There wasn't, as I assume, an assumption. I was gonna go to college in a new something like havoc rear beyond like I don't know what these people do. You know it's funny because I don't remember I'm sure my mom did like arts and crafts and stuff as an she liked once she went back to work. She still was like the girl scout troop leader and Vienna did part like participated at school and stuff like that. But remember me however, like playing barbies with mere look, you know like getting down on the ground and play. With me, and that is something that, like our regeneration of, but when I have as we parent yeah, so many parents I see like getting down on the ground.
Really gettin in their honor. They activity my dad mapped out for us when I would visit him on the weak ones, for he and I and my brother to go to fuckin eco hardware. Sleek stroll aimlessly for two and a half hours through their would know. He's got no project point the irony thing, and that was our day. This is so funny this week. On Saturday we were just like running errands with our kids. The little one is like playing tennis now, and she really like that, and so I dont want alike, turned her in the thing where I'm making it like beat her thing, but I don't want to like encourage her to keep doing the thing that you like. So we went to go, get her a racket at the place called after you and it, but it's hot and we were running, earns we're going to get her a thing right, her her yes, and before that we have My elder daughter, a thing that was like for her that she needed, but that she wants to add. It was like a need, but also a lot in these grow. For being so why knee and jerky and back see- and I like do you guys know
My dad made us do on we weekends. First of all, the only thing- the lad to be on television ever were car raises a whole got out a law. I would again I raven alarmed and just copy the beggar. We would go. One of you places we were gonna cost go, be oh yeah were which was actually gonna, find causes the impulse her. That was preferable to the hardware store I was home Debo. I spent so many so many so many hours of my childhood I am looking at the slick. That's no reason, my dad didn't. We lived unlike prefab housing in Scottsdale Arizona. There was no like work to be done right.
The only time where I can relate to Christian, who will spend an hour and a half embed looking at websites of close and anyone. So my yet he has a very that female activity. I dare I say it to try comments after your hands and then she got a whole system working fills a carpet. She does imbibe adjusted putting them in the cart feels like brine it and it's a whole thing. I'm the only summit can ever relate to those going home. Deepening go down. Every item like I think I could use. I think I need. I think we will anyway. My girls were like very cranky about violet. His errand were key. We just go home and do logos room alone of all. We are running errand as a part of me in a law that is a Saturday area get used to it. I have a friend who said they have a beautiful, born backyard and he mentioned to his boys what
Don't you guys go swimming, let's go swimming in the sunset. Ok, what do we get if we go swimming time out time out there, and I have said we have had in a way that it is hard to raise people? Unlike I do now we go since it did that show in South Carolina vice principles with Danny we go back there. Every summer five of her sex birthdays a while you gotta also we deal in our EU body. We just interviewed Danny on here. I know you don't ever here: yeah yeah yeah, I'm obsessed with Amr totally disagree with you met him of all that is a great or I am upset slower. Really, we ve become really close friends with them and their just incredible people, and he is dubious. A person who I really feel like
has always had a real vision of what he wants to say in what he wants to do any doing it in such a like subversive, cool way? Yes, massively appealing to both the people that he's trying to include beyond and have them, maybe think a little bit differently once they see it projected back to them. I feel like he doesn't get enough credit, and when I had my our bottom is that he at least appears to me to be doing things that- are intrinsically motivated, but we just watched his Bush righteous Gemstones yeah, it's incredible its I do not believe how good at what I am obsessed with its comedic successions. It's fuckin. It's got all this and Roma only right funny. I mean that the humor is so special. These principles came around. You know it was. I was coming off a cliff down. I was getting the amount point now and it's so nice and I it's so fuckin hilarious- that I don't want to be an actor anymore
by I was gonna getting offered all the networks and all that stuff, and I was like I just gotta at an hour now and then I get my time This needs a communist accidentally bride suing new show for each be a bit like dinner. They want addition and I was a gap under present. Yes, I would love to go in for Danny and Jody and I'm David Martin, Britain. Yes, please! I well and they like, information about what the character was, we're like some weird sides, and I even think We have ended up in the show, but the Jew of my life was that they asked me to do that. Like my was such an incredible experience being there and light they see There really value process over all things which is to me, the nor that's my go on life is used to love
process here and he's also like he is not the same thing is eyed man like worse so fuckin lucky they do their shit like, let's make it fun. Let's like give our friends jobs, let's be loyal to people here. Let's call the same people back in again and again and loving. Let's figure out a way to work with that guy, as we like that guy and then like also lets like make sure that it does, everybody can work our families and that its and then every Sunday we have a barbecue at my house like it is, truly like this is the way that it should be so many people like from those sound engineer and the editor. You know they were North Carolina School of the arts and when I say that guy as loyal it is its a choice it just who we as he's just loyal and tat to me is one of the biggest there was like a cameo at the end of righteous gemstones that they call them. They will. Want me to come out and do, and I wanted to do its work and bad, and it was just that it was. I just couldn't, as also Charleston
to take two planes to get their right. No deregulating you couldn't like flying for its. That was really bummed. I do I mean I M very serious. I don't really have a big interest acting any I am, but I will do things, that's it friends. Ask me, or you know it's is: it has to be like tat kind, for the experience that, for the experience How I mostly no use that my wife ways in bed and watches you're Instagram story young you now and most the females in my life Watcher Instagram stories, How many followers you have an answer, and now I think would say: oh god, what did I meet a needed? Someone up, I'm weirdly bad, add operating the thing. The alien me to one point: eight, seven, eight ok,
Great grew, I would imagine this increased as you started. Doing more more stories I was an early story adapter right in Europe than you are quick to do the stories we look like literally like the first week they started I started doing there. I will ask you, questions were you would be right to save, who the fuck are you saying this year and commercials when their wives, who you're Y all chief hearing all of those I have headway? I am in a merger with my wives, goes on. I have done one as well we did in California to earn, and so much of our life is out loud. So just no I'm from recognising via these questions that I too it's all back drum in this. I gotta know who am I to say where anyone should be on it or not the notion of like okay. This is I'm not a character on tv. The raised me- and I am talking in europe- see my real life all that. What are your thoughts leading up to that? Well, you know, I do think that is it
please career wise, where I was feeling stale. He and I had finished vice principle, we're waiting for it to come out and shrimps worries started. I was I wasn't early in two instagram, though, by the way I was early on twitter earlier on Twitter, which I really like. Because I always had felt dad my entire couriers. Since I started doing this, I had been misrepresented in the press you know like not in a malicious way, but just in this isn't didn't get it you you're at the mercy of the person whose like coming in with some preconceived notions, was specially back. Then you know pre prevent or not like who this girl is.
To please Audrey onto Dawson's, creating or in Calais and I'm gonna go through someone else's filter before it hits the pay. Yet that's is unavoidable and later how objective this person is, and this person's also readiness story and stories need archetypes. So I'm gonna have to fit into an archetype for this to be a story that is broadly appealing, and I don't like that rates. It was as it is in We were doktor beyond and I'm many many many fuckin thing with now and then later tat shows at you know that, times that I would be on those four projects? You're reduced to you know trying to get your punchline out fur you're one and a half minutes that you have with
Conan and hoping that he doesn't get to the punchline first cause. You know he knows that annulling Rivah wants that he will take get so they so then you're just like that. The panic and do sing proposition and like almost a no win situation, our young talent, a lot of times but sad onto Babby, also a very specific skills to be to be great. On the lake Natasha, it's like the notion that actors in general is going to be good at that thing raises, is a big leap gives? the Emily and it's a whole other thing, it was released. We I had a girl on my talk, show that I really liked doing the joke as we would like people go. Longer and we would begin. I would like bore map, and I would my own stories in the VE got him out in this, and there was a younger actor. Who is on my show, and she pretty big right now and just that one which was sorry. I don't. I really dont, know how to do this and other people
no wonder you like. If you didn't know how to do this, there would be something wrong with the air of very heightened real leg. Just it doesn't end in there's no pressure or like it doesn't let that girl so yes to me right in the beginning, when toughened times politically world, but open ports to evolve was really fun and great, because I felt like first time I had it line to people to people that enjoyed me in young ones. I could kind of have some what of an expression of my personality and INA? Do whatever jokes or observations are weird things that have only occurred to me and then You know I had friends that were joining and stir, and I was now I'm not really can't take great pictures end, and so I was sort of late adapt them once joined a really enjoyed a and the thing also bookmark silver scene is that he is actually an amazing for Tom
furs and your husband he I didn't realize that I had like a built in Instagram boyfriend lag that was helpful and when I first joy, Instagram. I thought that it would like, mostly just before my friends, when people are actually the old right it didn't you occur me. I had like three: followers, unlike we started like. I would just share everything like the kids or whatever Greg. So, in your mind, at that time, you're, like all my friends are gonna, be seem what's going on around the Ionians back in Arizona nuns like people is that's like whose Favorite following and surrendered, like my friend Christine permanently school, get to see the house. But she has less per thirteen year old Son too weak. We haven't thought the like theoretically thought about can I about how I was sharing our lives, our kids or whatever? That came like a little later, as it became clear that it was the thing you guys were. So unbelievably talkin incredible with the proper
the children thing because to me was a thing where it was like it was just understood and again like I had lived with it for four years, Were you guys had your baby right, whereas like well, every ray? What would already be taking her to find camp dropping her off at day camp? To for me, controlling the narrative. Again it like became about me being able to control the narrative of yeah. I remember it ethically like one fuckin laughed at, I was pregnant with cricket. Yet I had taken birdie to this carnival thing. You know like a street fair by my. Out and she wanted a balloon and we got one in part and like the guide and how many more lost her shit. She was like four and a half and he was temper tat. Man like in an intense way- and I was pregnant timber to informing- and I was like kind of like trying to carry her, but I couldn't really cause. I was pretty pregnant trying to carry her to the car,
but like Supernal Dragon Georgi Guy inches dreaming in terms the intermediate beyond, as if there's a graceful wade's subduing our European get rid car like the balloon than in the guidelines. It doesn't have any more like it was all a disaster and started crying and I look up and there's a fucking paparazzi capture. And although the whole thing- and I had this moment Now- is Ache ice. I did but he was screaming. I looked at him and I was like please please, like just please I didn't say anything else. I just kept saying please and like what He lived and turned around and walked away, and I never saw those pictures, although to be fair and ever looked for them, but someone seminal find a if they're out there. So Instagram like this was you know around. That time is like. Oh, I want to put the picture that I want to put out in a right leg. I wanna like own and not have to be at the mercy of the kid
I'm pertains farming on the reader, whatever it is, but I am in no way judgment older people who would be inclined to call someone a hypocrite who doesn't want their kids photographed by paparazzi. Yet Post pictures, Kids on the internet is simply who's taking the pitcher right. I didn't want them to think They stranger dressed in cargo, pants and military gear, that right captain your driveway Orient mom, who you love and all kids get their pitch they can buy my dad mama, but but I didn't want to draw a distinction of like will that's a big distinction, you're in your house, and you take a picture like any other or you're at the second fair, and you take a picture of your kid oriented public space and you take a picture of your cat like I'm like, were on the left pictures from again. Yes, I do love her having her pictures, can be grown man and then sold and insult right right, dielo dad doesn't feel good term may right, but the rules that got very quickly be
clear to me in terms of what it was I was gonna be moving forward was about consent with them a hand, and so Bertie Twin she was five. I explained it to her lingua instruments right and boy it people do with it and the I showed her different ones, and I was like this is mine, and I, like put your There are sometimes and then I put like a cap jan- and I was is aware and didn't want the caption to ever be something that she would like see later and Bialik why'd. You call me an answer or whenever it is universally aviation, but I was so before I put. The pictures, the view on this thing and ask you: do you want this to be put on this thing, and that means that, like Creamy, concealed like friends? Virus can see it, but also people. You don't know shit like that, I don't like it as we heard. It's just also a thing that is pap banana right. Now and so she's like ok, yawned
She exercises that concern and sort of cricket, but am birdie lake but says no to maybe ninety percent of the voters right she's like that, but recently now she's like I can't I don't care anymore, you like, if you want to us a picture me, that's fine, but Lake lemmings. I would want to see it. Can I hear the caption like, of course, always we're Instagram anyone else's children without consent from right with their parents and the candy I it's all very interesting because, like all things I want too levy a decision about all others. All these, like, I have some hard wiring of like I'm scared of social media. I know no words all going, I'm not sure I tell myself.
Love is a lie. I tell myself that if I wasn't running a couple businesses that required these outlets, that I think I would quit- I'm not. I don't know, that's a lie or not I'm telling myself, but that when I have two weeks without it like angrier Michigan, I am happier I think I think I'm happier I go back and forth about that tale. I feel like that. I like initially that the benefits of it are incredible MIKE is made me feel so much closer to people that I genuinely love that I live really far away from her. Don't get to see that frequently made me feel like more a part of their own life and, like I know, Tampa name. It's also like With my hat you now and made me question my own value and what I'm fuckin do with my life and what this all means. But then, on the other hand, I get lake a lot of really nice feedback
from will that be playing love our year. It can be in front of us was explaining his interim account, which is much different than yours and mine, but he described it as being in a closed feedback loop, so he writes, things are people generally that foam love those things too he's in like a positive clubs, loop, which I get the appeal of but at the same time there's another voice. My has I E. Just by reading any about yourself. I am thinking about myself. Am I do know that the less they think about myself, the happier I am and I M the physically do things, and I want to do the force me to stop thinking about myself. So I just know these two truth that I wrestle with yeah I kind of what those tail, but also back to the whole thing about storytelling and like that's the way that you change people's hearts and minds, and I think that there is a real opportunity and something that I early on, was doing organically, which was that
the point of me sharing all of that. All of that was that we have sort of like lost this threat. Connection, and this is it getting credible way to to get it back to send out like life rafts to people who need them at any particular moment and you don't fuckin know what anyone's going through at any given time, and even you know have like watched a Sarah Silverman has used her sweet or to you know, try to engage with people who would be considered a troll. Unlike what I see from your profile that you're lying in a lot of pain, is there anything I can do to help? Does anyone know how we can help the sky and like how that's like transport the people really just want to be seen, and they want to be heard and they want someone to reach out. I think that so many people want someone to reach out again, but you know
a communal last. I am that in this space as well, which is that I want to lake share these things. A myriad of reasons, mania for connection fur and routine man, so that somebody can leg now feel scene, and so I can feel since the beginning now they're like what was really always super fun for me, was building like stories and building the narrative every day like what is the story today, I and random people probably had some sort of thought that perhaps I had like not given and he thought to anything that I was doing, but I, but I really was interested in it. Like a media, and I have to imagine that did lead to your talk- show for sure again right, resign, yap that too much. I was my idea like how what the expression of Instagram on A more traditional platform would be a hand. I have to say that
hunters lily, four months, our way from I myself was in seen creatively, culturally successful like over four thousand pieces of unique press written about our show in six months, and a hundred and five up is that, like fucking nuts and none of it was- I mean well know there were some reviews in the first week that were positive because I think brows were like what is that This is made for me. I don't gotta, be other than that, like all the pieces oppressing about the celebrities stories and all that stuff, they were all positive right. Why wasn't I just wanted to put something nice into the EU? yeah and have a different perspective, which I do obviously for many reasons, but they were so you loved him. I did love it. I really of that. I really love there. Are you gonna find away now do some other version of it is claimed EV. I think I'm working out literally this week and we met with Quigley. Are they wanna, be they want
it with me I'll they dont know. I think. Maybe I mean this is just conjecture by I mean I can't imagine someone would hate me so much too, like not even wanna. Take meetings that the only thing I can think is that somebody they error is like bummed about something I said Oh, no, it's about now sure sure. Genji know what that's fine, yeah right have your being honest and then there's fallout you just see this by the way is, is is ultimately the bring it all the way full circle is. This is not to say that it's better to be an individual's or a nonetheless, I don't think one is right or wrong and I think you we need both kinds of people on Planet Earth
you go, live you gotta be will live with the fact. Some people are going to hate. You knew and its pride their thing, not your thing in its it's, it's actually! Okay, if there are people on land earth that Haiti that are outside your circle, yeah, it's weird. I think that eight. That was what was really freeing about writing the buck, and that was what free even used to suffer from being very concerned and being concerned that somebody, if I yes The alliance was like: oh, this isn't a great time and just make family thing care like yeah, so nice to meet. You, though, that they would think I was but whatever, and not just that, like lots of stuff, but after citing to read my book in the way that I did and and putting it into the world. I did have to let go of you know people or not gonna like what I had to say. Some people are not gonna. Like my takes, and that's just not on me, it's not for me to internalize or be concerned about, because I can't, I think we all do it like you
break up with somebody and then it is to uncomfortable to think that they might now not like you. And so people stay like half interrelation right it through like this, no yeah, not me still being there for them and all this stuff in its really that their acting like it's a selfless act. We didn't in truth, it is really just. I can't live with the notion that this person I like now it's me right said sometimes through your actions and other things. That's just part of being on planet are a kind of the deal yeah busy your wonderful lines I wore going forward. I can make you a couple problem. I will never suggests that we think confused as eighty in future I will never
ever now. Remember you and I say to you and I apologize. I believe that I hope you will do something else. It you're gonna come back and talk to us about a well with one thing. Do you know that I said at the end of may show every night I think, would look into the Cameron's. I love you. I love you. We do some similar errand. It was like a thing that I just did the first show that we had, because I was like just overwhelmed by the idea and it was like this nice thing in the cameras up lessons I get Yugoslavia beyond so many people in the last year of come up to me and just expressed gratitude for having intimate moment with someone saying, I love you because for many reasons like a lot of people, get it. Where are you don't hear lake before they go to bed? I love you yeah. You know, like a nice thing, it's a thing ever I only Graham and people are stingy with it, not only here, though we
of you! I love you, I love you. Thank you so much for coming and I hope you'll come back oil much loved here, now my favorite part of the show the fact checked. With my saw me, Busy Bee Philips king of the way, frontier if he D, the rugged you hear another day brackets, I'm done on can talk so much about the size. Passing a kid. It's ok here a lot about your song, not really why, with if the explanations on takes on the sound is calling explain a joke, don't have a job for your explained last when you re wrong busy busy, she was so great was any now I'll say it.
I only really was exposed to her through listening to my wife watch her on Instagram in bed and that's not a great environment, to appreciate someone. Could I just want my wife to get off her phone. Yeah, you don't answer, no matter who she's watching. I would be like why the fuck are you watching that person? Yes, you follow me of course. So I guess maybe I was one percent praetor Those two go like I. This is this one in my mind, my mom watches and I wanted to put the and then I just really in but the shit out of areas is a long way to say that yes, I agree was a my favorites, even though you were exposed to her ass, it turns out, as we learn in the interview. Manny ha. That's true, that's true to my embarrassment near it's funny how that happens. It hurts peoples. Delaying the does. I mean no one is doing anything on purpose gear. In again. All also, I expect people not to remember me like that's. Why,
expectation of someone remembers me. I'm just delighted, but by my going in my expectation, is like spurs I can remember meeting me I'm an important problem. I guess I assume other people assume that, but they don't know me. I depends on probably how many times mad a person and if you have a substantial conversation yeah, I don't think it's about being important as much as like I'm a percent on earth, and we ve had some level of connection for six or seven times, Why is that not registering and then you add in the leg, so I think everyone in general has this problem. Lay ass yard barbecues MIKE we ve met three times so there's like one fear being forgettable yeah right, but and also of your an actor there's another layer of like? Oh, you, don't think I'm famous enough or success one of two have remembered, so I think there's like nothing when some doesn't remember: Yoda barbecue you're, like oak
not a lawyer, you don't remember it doesn't make sense. There's like an implied status, part of it its implied all aware that yeah, because as I go, I guess you're better than me, because you don't remember this and I do right. What about your life makes it so that you don't need to remember for your interactions enough, it's about put in jail. We ve had like seven or eight guess that remember, meeting them and they don't remember at all, and that seems to be the most common yeah. It does get different with actors, because You remember, meeting the ones that you over didn't remember, aiding John had yet so we're yeah. I mean, to be honest, I'm just inclined to think he was wrong. I do you would remember that, like Wellesley, knowing you unless you are on drought, oh, no, no, I was dead sober, but I can give one other example of how I do think it's possible in here's. How
it was driving on the road, and I was a randomly thinking of Whoopi Goldberg and I was I cannot love Whoopi Goldberg. She so cool she's always been so cool I'd love to meet her and then I was like have a memory of hugging her. How could I of hugged her I've never met her, but I have this memory and then so I typed into you tube right, we'll be Goldberg Dac Shepherd by got a couple of hours The view came up, I didn't even remember I did the view now. Why? Wouldn't I remember doing a view? It's a very popular show. I know all about it. I know who's on it, but in there is of promoting things. I've done that show a couple times in had forgotten, and I was like. Oh here we go right here. I've talked to her and yes, I hugger backstage that's where I hugged or how on earth could I have forgotten. I was on the view You just happen. Sixteen years ago on talk shows. I have forgotten some of them, but I would think that's impossible or entitled
their brandy or something yeah, but I don't think I'm those things a little way not all with parking. I'm terribly entitled enneads. It's it's funny think that story triggers just so much do you want here? Oh really come up a few times and I can see in hand that he does not like that. You couldn't remember that right because it she'd- be important or not important, but, like you know, he was with you throughout that drug all like? How could that person who wanted this thing so badly? I forget which I get an I totally The other thing I actually think it's healthy to forget or to not put importance on. I do too. I think you when I was really or my career. I was evaluated everything my on that show my not on that show what shows a yes to me, which certain no it everything was so important, and now it's like people say yes to me and they don't say like
foulon won't help me am. I don't know why, but so guy that would have killed me ten years ago, and am I I'm gonna guess why that is useful. For my own personal growth, I feel like its positive. I agree, India, but I can see those sites that trigger warning where I mean it, because it can feel like you're taking it for granted or something, but that's not what's happening, yeah, although these are important things are not now, there's not perform its body. I speaking of our friend, it works at Houston, Jes
yup there was a Houston shout out in this episode. Busy was talking about Houston's, there's a lot of using shuttles Arthur. I want I wanna go right made here. Looking back, I wonder if I could convince my parents to do that, set of heating go again. I wish my kids were fuckin more behave there. It's it's half the experience. When you bring those two knucklehead, he adds tricky. It's a rough, it's a long time for them to sit well saying that long. Actually, there is whose brats again they're, just kids dirty alligator kid. I wanna go so bad. You know that guy. I know a lot about that recently caused by birthdays coming out, and I was thinking we shall go, but as I cannot care nor NGO Ogoni the stake,
Oh, you, mistaken vegetables, and I bet it will be. The best eagerly has so, sadly, no others down on honour. It may be for your birthday, cheat bow, I in achieving August twenty fourth don't worry, I'm adieu. Crisis can be four years is going to be an Anaheim for DE twenty three. What's ever take the kids, tat you and I are posted at Houston. Starting at noon will have lunch there and then we'll go. Take a nap in the parking lot in the Pacific. Her, oh, no comeback dinner. When they be the best, but our that always beef Lange and full fail, and full fill a while we were we're very pro Houston's. Could it be more now, it's like our church If I get married, then Houston's wool cater my wedding or received Mary Ann.
We have added another. So ok! So you but you euro sitting. Next to a philips at a poker game. This is why you thought that you and busy had been say message and then you ask Russia, but its ion sky. Isn't she, though, one of the Philips I looked up and Wikipedia say anything related to that family. That I thought was Philips I mean it's, it would be no Doc, if I've just there's no factual, I don't think so, which Philips family. Are you time like the Philips Blake Tools, Philips Head tool, What what are talking about Bijou Philips, I thought she was in that bees. You Philips Pham. Ok, look up that person, ok, Bijou, Philips, China, Philips Mackenzie, Philips, Tamarind, Philips, Jeffrey Philip,
So I hear I am is guy? What am I even talking about? Nobody, not even the whole thing was, gives nightly. We did she. Can in no way what a waste of everyone's time and energy most of it, particularly my own, I'm the one who has wasted the most of my time. Thinking ass, I did so the picture, and I Zimbabwe were dating in the voter. It does. It looks like her oh idea, she's awesome. I only sky. She was the probably the best person I gotta get seated next to the programme. She was a blue. But you're kind of looking at her with like Google, your yeah, it does look like battlements is probably why Howard thought that words. It's. Why that website that there no dated who, which even given, applause, because he saw an accurate, that's yeah ok, so she tells a story of Tiffany had leaving a tape recorder behind it. The audition
She did do that for her yeah. She and had to secretly taping what was said about her at additions after she leaped by quote accidentally leaving her bag behind with her phone recur. Everything inside it was a Hollywood. Reporter actress round table comedy actress round table the girls should stop revealed some of the races things that were said behind her back, including being quote to get quote not as urban as you'd. Think or just plain quote. Actually, let's change this world to a white girl. My gear in again wages interviewed somewhere. This came up like this thing of your either to black or not black enough or to urban or not is like There's no way to use no fuckin way your. Why I mean there's stuff there too. I that there still staff of like he's too.
She's, not you do like all do all you can just skinny damn yeah too hard to ugly did I hear I went off the rails Those are right. I was thinking of opposites, I would add, is that there is a God has again it out, but there are other things you good opposites friend to hear that it will be one or the other. It could be like feel like they're saying this about me and for no, but I'm damn certain in their view, com, Mation in a weird way, could become a pyrrhic victory where it's like? That's right, I think you probably feel like. I knew it. Yes, Yeah then is that helped mean this obviously hopeful, she's, a huge star he and she deserves on? You can stand in her way now Shouldn try here. I love her
I did hear me, love ray. I wish you d come on. I know a voice like some of her video she makes is talking in your phone when she's cute lug weirdly I've watched hers. Those like my. Why wasn't watching them in bed? I watch him and I love them- shows real Aaron her thoughts. Yeah, I'm lonesome me too. I'm said that she had to hear that the army to em I'm happy she busted on meeting plot to be sad about unhappy about another set of opposite. Certain heavy savvy should be a mix of those two words, and it's not really. It's is a kind of is it's like sad, but it's giving you like warm Fuzzy's, that's the happy of our view. How can you I guess it is a good many ass. I think it's exactly the right MAX pay nailed it. She said wended who wants to be,
millionaire premier twenty years ago, she said it aired on August sixteen ninety ninety nine twenty years ago. Now, almost exactly whoa busy du du munitions appalling near because she was saying it got on the air when Freaks Geeks was cancelled. Rice, you remember spire members now oscillation yeah. What a good show Watch terrain out here, it's a great show really good coming away. I feel like you'd reared lie has to be a real one, loves it. It's like the wire gang if I sat down and want, should I would love it if you, and especially like, relate to a lot of it. There's news likes them these are all why yeah that's why? But it's it's really really really. I'm gonna watch it watch yeah.
I'll get RON Mars. First, it the season of Ronnie nurse. First episode liked it alot I've watched from beginning to end. I think it's fantastic, Sorry, I'm good. I start from the beginning of the heavens started from the beginning, now, mean from the original say we shall yeah yeah yeah yeah. That helps. I think you need the whole context of Veronica nah, I'm a Veronica. You wish you worked for Veronica, I loved over Iraq. We get along a couple, a hard nosed. I don't think it by very good detective, though about a few reasons tell on I'm not very observant. Oh right right right, so I think things might happen. Without my knowledge, we variance is a lot when we watch tv together I'll go like wow that guy's tongue is the longest tongue. I've ever seen you like what and then you look. You don't know that it is a large and I'm just like how could you miss that
spare me. I am happy that that I dont know those thing right, especially physical, things are one of the guys walking with crutches. Will you not? the crutches it will, but only if I'm like looking at hand like it's not like I'm walking down the street there, summon walking by with crutches at on necessarily know it s right, but then, if my vision gets pool than a bike, oh that person and that personnel prejudice but wasn't funny when my mom was visiting for a few months and we use started watching tv with the two of us in she's like that person's their foreheads red, We know the result was we're not even listening to us being sad or dislike. I guess I didn't notice it too much with your mom, but maybe because when I I'm watching tv with you. I know that's gonna. Maybe in my mother Kristen is this in reality together are we'll find a rise. Deadly findings. Does the pause and going other fuckin their ways front wig is showing he looks
the police they didn't blend in the make up on this lays front wig yeah we ought to stare. What's your point? well yeah. We saw sometimes seizes the laser point ass. She, like it pause and sugar boys or pleasure, see there are real stops and right there I am she's, a Europe police and pointed out- and I will be honest, ninety eight percent of the time I have no, I she's blazer pointing it, and I don't see it don't see what you're talking about one of the things also is whatever your nature is that set a base, but also you should wear glasses and you don't. Oh that's for my vision, isn't per yes, you're actually physically you're not seen as much detail, yeah she- and I are said this before I'm happy.
That way. I think it's a great way to end. No, you just evaluating people, I wanna remarriage they're, sending them again in a room like when I first got my glasses. I put my glasses on us like, oh now, like hey, I look worse than I thought, which already wasn't grey. Everybody kind of looks a little worse than I thought to everything I just like a little uglier Google sharper, hey I've. Oh better about not wearing those would have someone as an excessive amount of spittle in the corner of their mouths Can you handle for not to see that? Will you notice that cause once I see that, like its generally in an interview, maybe with a politician, it's never like on television that doesn't make, you know, doesn't pass the muster up
a film shall I can but you'll seen interview and also in the corner. Some guys mouth is generally a guy and start getting that I'm going to throw up, but we all know what I'm talk. I once identify that I'm bested just turn the channel, because I'll try, my heart is that just concentrate on what they're saying it. All I can do is stare at that in its country that horse poop in the woods I make myself stare at until I get sick. Ok, it makes me physically sick when People have fallen in the Carnero lawyer, that's not, and I'm so neurotic about it. It's one of my biggest Pepys that I for years, like an OECD, Tick, I'd always wiped the current still do it. I always am safety way. But, of course I mean count myself that found paste or what are we gonna do collar pay? Ok, the build up. The people are turning it. Ok, ok, so I just war.
Chile stroke the corners of my mouth just to make sure that I ever had you ve. Never have you ve never had one other thing. I panicked about. As at midday I book I do not want, and especially by network shooting and then a kind of too much. I just described as using me do this. I just do this year. I take my my middle finger, my thumb and I just problem in the corners of my eyes closest to my nose. The proximity. Out of my eyes and I just dab to make sure in on how many burgers I don't know, that's what you were doing. What you ve seen me do it looks like you're. Just like tired, that's what tired p do you know it and they set their fingers yourselves sign for tired. It really that's my universal thy when people are doing that. It's like their fatigue, their stress, normally take off their glasses and, like that, the rest, their eyes and put their fingers up by their me your chain for burgers, I'm never ever concerned about that job. That's good, that's healthy! That's that's a testament to yourself esteem! I don't think I get very many, no
maybe it's genetic and when you're talking to someone a real life- and they have that, oh well is it is hot. For me to come off your I dont like there at all, but I think I'm more. Prone to notice stuff like that on somebody, I don't like sure. So, then it just gets mixed in all the things they already dont like about them. You some I guess I don't really like now if they have that, I'm just going to make a case for myself for one. Second, it's not like I'm grow stout by people that were born with something that they have no control when you are doing something out of your own negligence, I'm going to hold you accountable. It would be like if I just blew my fucking nose onto my mustache and I walked around like tough shit. This is the regard I have for my my presenting self Now- if you know your prone to have their guns in the One of your mouth stay on top of it, I'm ok
it's ok for me to expect you to have that level of self maintenance and cleanliness They might not know they might. I know it's happening. I think arrogance check in with their clearly they don't know you're right. I guess he's One could be unaware of it, but I don't think they are. My dad sometimes has food Oliver Space, that's adorable the food. Quite that's a bodily fluid will now it's. Yeah it's when you get into the body- and I don't know what's going on with my face here. But again, if someone blue their nose into their mustache shops there never so discount, wouldn't don't you think you have a right to be repulsed by yeah, ok order? Why is this not? So you don't have the right to be repose. I'm just saying have some compassion for these people. They don't know, probably told you one time we ought to eat with married couple in the man had a very, very, very long, hair growing,
at the end of his nose and I actually wasn't mad at him. I was mad at his wife S. Also not fair. No now leave Kristen ever as a big lie. Hair growing out of her lip or something you should be mad at me: looking at her face and is my job to go. Oh honey. You gotta stray hair coming out of that more that's that's hard job to one another high ranking someone's been neglect full of their duties. Let's move on a busy now, ok, so she said Linda was the the sun, freaks and geeks. She was issues born nineteen, seventy five. The same a babe age You called me all. You can call her old well and with a clear jacket because of fear old, and she has to be old, Mary, Linda linking column May on old age call woman once a noble standard. I have all came model have opportunity old, white, Chicks Box office.
He was saying it didn't do well, it grows night ten point, seven million all em in its opening. We over Many believe that says that twenty million are open and taking the number to spot. So they want to make fifty million bucks. It finished. Seven d a male? Yes, that is a huge will. You aren't you know I've never been in a movie and forty two million and other territory so loud wide hundred and thirteen behalf guys. I would chop off my reform toe we'll talk in hundred thirty Mona ships, it Anaheim thirty million dollars thing out of we want to respond gas, but It all works out of doing the chicken dancing on main street I now know that old saying but yeah we do in the chicken dance on main street. It all worked out by its post. Do what was the thing John John Oliver, this week or, alas, we was clips of Shepherd Smith in here.
As they did a mantle of him saying something kittens The kitten oh Molly was a kitten but she's a full grown cat now and he's the weirdest saying you could ever here and he is set at a hundred times. Catch. They re needs a now it now. He says like that's back when Molly was a kitten and these and now she's not hang out. Yes, he's dead now its change to like she's, hang it wiser. Now my girl was he's a full grown cat for a long time announced become like she's, dead and so unfairly ass. Who is yeah. The unease at about one person is his aunt used to say it again and something Nana Fury. That's back when I was a kid and she's a full grown cat network. Excuse me, Sir but is a way. Is that a phrase its away to say that was a long time ago? Ok, so you Actually talking about a person s document occur to you. Go like war. Obama was against gay marriage. Ngo yeah
but that's back when Molly was a kitten and she's a full grown cat. Now, ok, I can't believe I'm saying it was. I am said: train is ok, I'm trying to actually make sense of it. Does it really make it on his hands, but he is using it to like throw in when it quote makes sense. Yes, that is that was away he's not just telling people you know. Molly was, as I was, the weather like sitting my exams gummy eighty all day great, while Molly used to be a good but she's yea Romania to make her hours. I bet it is common and at a time when wasn't really related just with the frequencies, using he's playing fast and loose. With that saying that he saying is delivering like. It is an old old axiom that everyone knows what it is. You need to be found Oh, yes, sir. We're says she said I love you and a busy tonight into the camera, and I thought those rules,
her explanation of that was really sweet cause. She said, because not everyone gets to hear that right before they go to bed and everyone deserves to hear that before they go to bed, and I thought that was lovely I like do you really lovely- would be a thirty minute debate between gruesome, I'm bad words. Just I'm so literal, and I get stuck in it really well. Did she go That's so nice that these Erle, because some people don't get oil lobby and then I would go year, but there being told that their loved by someone they ve never met inner life. It doesn't really do you have to unite our get bogged in like ok order that really mean you're lying in bed. So many amendments as I love you, can you really take that on icon and take that on board I'll Letterman say I love you. I wouldn't actually feel it's like a sentiment, but as in practice, is it real and then we would get spiraled out on this issue. Just basically go european ship nominees person, she be right. I think it feels God. I don't think. If the US,
good and someone who you know making it and who you can feel the weight of it, but I still think it's better than not hearing at the. I think the best walk away from me. Ok, maybe you're right about ninety percent of the people- has no impact on over the ten percent. That's why I'm here yeah? Why would you do something that would even if it's one percent or even of its one in a million people, felt good yeah, then do it and that's what I'm dead wrong, but I get I get bogged down in the details of this. Is so my brain work at it, but don't you like hearing that before bad, the absolutely yeah, but I want to hear it from someone that loves me, but me because you do you do get that, though, maybe I didn't get aid and you might feel a little differently in the absence of eight dull often get it, and I thought that was a very sweet sentiment. I think it's a nice good thing to here before you shut your eyes in
Sleep, it's a very positive thing to receive him, no matter how Europe's exactly yeah yeah. I thought that was really lovely. All that was the yeah we're gonna do I'm. I love you. Perfect I'll! Try, because I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you Natalie, doesn't tell you she tell you We used to have it down or about anyone really hopefully before you gotta bring it back Oh, how many of those you're gonna get sorry to make it a doubt, but always we're gonna die in this equation. The names and the evening I think so well and there is actually dad are unlike people who kiss their spouse when they come in the house of live longer. There's shit like that words like he had some impact. You can imagine tat you do that you kissed each other grow.
Rose. I I love you baby,
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