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2021-04-09 | 🔗
David Farrier exposes Monica and Dax to a new conspiracy theory each month. Today’s episode: Cannibalism.
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A quick disclaimer. This episode about cannibalism contained some fairly graphic content. So proceed with caution. If your squeamish- and we say this a lot during the episode- don't try this at home hi? I'm David Ferrie may usually all about conspiracies here on em, shit and dangerous, but this month at the laughter, or maybe a wobble in the road or perhaps we driving off a great big cliff because we're talking cannibals The act of consuming another individual of the same species is food. Now, when a human does, it usually makes the news almond. Midas is a cannibal in March two thousand, and on, he killed a man and ate him, along with a glass of fine red wine
and amazingly, there are no laws against cannibalism in America, its legal, the catches, it's pretty much impossible to legally obtain body parts. Murder is a big, no, no! The wall. I think most of us are doing it. We do things about it. We can help. Is cannibalism is submitted in EL pop culture like you're, my name is Clarice Starling. I speak with you. You wanna check from fictional cannibals like Hannibal Wick, the very real ones like Jeffrey Damn, he is sure evil, but you never know it by looking at him, we're all weirdly drawn towards the idea of cannibalism, of course, Canada some happens? All the time in nature? It's perfectly normal female praying men.
Is there nothing more than to bite off their patent? Is heads bavarian nutritious, but when it comes to humans, most of us simply don't have a taste for it. So right now pull yourself wine, a slice up some make as we prepare to confront our mortality on as usual, a giant thanks to Billy Klein for the sound design on this episode and Bob for the theme song you're about to here. Take it away Bob. Oh boy, we don't wait a year, we don't deserve you, that's my resign and believe it's. What the people want is what we all want
They ve been demanding yes, David David you're gonna be here, do you say April April Kelly's coming home and then we thought you were coming here: yeah, leaving New Zealand on April seventeenth, the land of the United States of America? I'm very excited, ok, So, of course I invited you to live with us and then you have since taken us up on that offer. Elizondo weakens he said, smiling away, In summary, great I've got a couple of bags about pact is go, oh my esteem chosen there, I'm not vaccinated. We can't get vaccines in New Zealand yet readily, so I'm gonna get my vaccination in America, which I M very excited about yeah we're. Finally, proving to be good at something yeah you're doing so well, like his own eyes, to see, I feel, like things, are going much better yeah. It is interesting, I guess it's probably a side of the same, which is like we didn't wanna do anything,
we turned unlike the war machine or something I don't know well, there was a translation of power yeah, but about the bags coming now we were, I dont know if the roll out, what a ban is good, I gotta give prompts where their deserved year. I feel, like things have taken a mark, turn, and there has been one big change things, but I don't wanna leave too easily into it. You know, but it is a possibility. The everyone IRAN takeaway minors that the industrial might still exists here. We have a very competitive me, and you have a bunch of May goliath. Farm company and they're gonna get the job done. I also think that's a big part of it
I'm excited, I hear you get hold of it, set out their body as a day of stood a fluid symptoms, and then your fine is that what you guys have experienced its worth. Fifty fifty in our friendship circle here I have had the first vaccine. Taxes gain the first vaccine tomorrow, but we have a few people who have got their second shot and, yes, some people have been totally fine and some have had the whole fluids, jewish, but you're. Just for like the night learn looking for drafting an embrace, it yeah means your bodies doing something right, you're exactly exactly. I had a lot of fun with putting the super so together, because I've been watching a lot of Hannibal over here and New Zealand justice. It's just come onto Netflix and it's a shower. I don't have you seen it, but it's about eight years old. Now, it's the most incredible thing. Have you seen you haven't seen it
stand as I answer the lambs character right, Hannibal, Lecter? Isn't it a pre glove yeah? It's driving incorporates a lot of the story that had been that's been told in the films, but it it's done in like a very heavily stylized way. The cannibal seems more like shifts table or something as like, the most beautiful imagery, all the actors alight beautiful phasing in? down in light this dreamy way, so it's incredibly like graphic and fallen, but is also because it shot so beautifully. You kind of just go along on the right and I'm blowing away by what that show got away with, because you know I'm watching there are New Zealand Netflix, which makes sense, but the idea of the show being on Friday, ATV with commercial breaks, pretty intense
but yeah. While I've been researching. This episodes Hannibal is being like the perfect companion for that at any point, was it shot so beautifully that you were like yeah? I would try that some of the cooking sings when Hannibal was cooking up some ribs, some human ribs. I was like that really really good. Of course, the problem being I'm to get those human rubs that is problematic and that, where the issue comes- and by that I mean, I think, that's part of what makes cannibalism so interesting is the taboo around it, and why are we so horrified about the idea of eating people? Obviously some people out as horrified, but I guess, to balance out the episode of talk to two people. I'll talked to bill whose written like one of my favorite books, because a biologist he's incredibly smash and both shot has written. This book called cannibalism on animal. Can
Liberalism and also cases of human cannibalism and he's very saying and very together and very grounded, and so we can hear from him it's an objective. Look at it. I would imagine yeah he's got a sense of humor about it, but he started by studying vampire bats. He's kind of drawn to like the dark side of biology inside this book was like a logical thing them to write, but to balance out his very objective view, I tracked down a real Annabelle Nigger claw in France, and he ate some people now another great yeah, so he's lay subjective we're gonna go objective and then we're gonna go into that territory shares your way Roquat hell in France its allowed? While you said in America, it's not illegal, but the murderer. Part is the year in France,
He went to prison and serve time for murder, which was unrelated to the cannibalism cannibalism he partook in it was on shaky ground button. You didn't go to prison for that, which is a kind of fascinating David. Do you think that maybe like because you talk to him, he's gonna like fragmented way with you yeah, and then he might filet you. It was an unusual conversation and light he's coming we'll get to When you see I'm curious what you make them, but let he's quite likeable- and I found myself laughing along with him a few time. All like an that's gonna I also remember why, oh my god, this is real. You know. Well, you bring up an interesting one gates, which is I've, never spoken to a cannibal that I knew about. But if I were engaged in a conversation that you would have to consider, what do I look delicious to him,
you're like you're, always evaluating whether summons, attracted to you or not, but you're, not ever imagining, whether not they're getting very hungry. Looking at you yet the thing with NATO is he does too is of the catacombs and sir, you do have the better You should also to be alone with him in those situations, and if I think I wasn't that situation, I would be wonder. you know I wouldn't at ease and a mix of maybe offended. He wasn't hungry they eat me like that. I don't want him to let me and also I would feel rejected if he didn't want me, do I feel like that about incredibly released. people that don't wanna convert me to their religion unite. I dont minded people how makers? At least that means they care about me. You know I have good friend, I might have told you this already, but I have a good friend that was on a train ride with one of the next GM people for four hours, that fellow factor, and they did not try to get him to come to the camp in now. In retrospect event
very offended by that which I loved Why wasn't I worthy of inviting into this circle? But can we Parson couple things, because I don't want to get confusing so On one hand, we have murder, that's its own. Beasts were all familiar with, but you could lay out like a moral thought experiment where You ve hit a guy with your car, not unlike hitting a deer generally Michigan when you had a good deal with your car goods traffic to your home, hopefully make a meal out of it because it would be a waste otherwise so human being have no living relatives. It said in their will, throw my body in the canal eat me. I don't give a shit. What happens? Let's assume, that's where we're and and I'll add then you're going to turn yourself in for heading him. This is what happened this gentleman he want to commit suicide,
and he jumped over your car. So Zaga me any legal ramifications. This was a suicide and in his well he said you know what shoot me out of a cannon dragged me behind a truck eat me. I dont care role play with my corpse. I dont care, so that's, let's just evaluate it from that position for here. I think it's a really reasonable question and reminds me of that case that german cannibal, who found its a bit different, but he found a willing victim back in two thousand and Ngos at two thousand and one on line on a message board he found someone that wanted to be eaten? That was their wish. That was what they wanted and say. There's a cannibal. He met someone who wanted to be eaten. It was like a match made in Heaven buys missing piece thing face. The trouble with that was the cannibal did have to kill the willing participants, so that was murder. What you're talking about a summit.
three different ways: someone has died in it and another way, but off of that body out, and I think that would come down to like defiling a corpse. Probably that would be the issue that would come in. So I guess what I'm trying to suggest here is that other than the gut feeling of that's wrong? I really can't mount an argument in that scenario. I pointed out Well, I guess who gives a shit were enough. I dont know the victim is but the more argument against it would be. You have on Monica that you'd mount right, that you would dance with. Well, that's why I was saying: if you hit all your car, then you found out like oh, he was fine with it you'd still need till I tell authority, is that you did it by. Could you eat them? First? Well, let's assume you contacted. The authorities are like hey Don worry about this guy had a suicide note on his chest here. yet here by you
and in the noted says, please can sue me or throw me off. A tall buildings are pushed me through broken glass, the matter what you do with my body, I'm up for it. That's where we're at is there a moral objection you have with eating that person for just a gut gross out feeling yeah. I wouldn't have a personal moral objection to that. I think the big question of it is by what society would say. Are you in that situation and what all your friends and family and the rest of the world would think if that was placed in the open, eyed pry call you a thirty vacancy, but this is why this is out of the question Then. Maybe this is the time to hear from both the biologists, because we are still talking about why here in the west, we frowning upon cannibalism so much when there is not necessarily the case with everyone else. This is what he had to say about that culture is king, depends on where you are, if you're a member of the warrior in South America or with a four into
then you are raised to think that when your loved ones die that you consume them, and this has led to some serious health problems, but when the anthropologist first got into South America and they met up with the war ray and they went white what you eat your dad, Why? Right? Basically, no, of course not quotes The worry we're like what do you do with your dad and anthropologists? like what we bury them and I like what he had your my. How could you put your loved ones in the ground with the worms what he would do incorporate them into yourself, so it depends on where you are in and that's a major difference between animals and humans is that we get to choose what is right and what is wrong so yeah. I think we just happen to live all of us and decided that says. That is a terrible thing. I think something that started with the Greeks, who made a big point of saying. No cannibalism is terrible
Do not do this and that way of thinking has made it through to where we are now sitting frowning upon people and coaches that may have at some point or still do consume people, while I'm glad he brought this up as when I knew this was at the time Like all, I really know about cannibalism. I could list on forefingers right, like I know the Donner Party. I know that that Andy's plane crash situation And then in anthropology I learned all about the other people in Papua New Guinea. I learned it through the same lens. He just picked it, which is like that make sense you want to like infuse your ancestors into you. I can look at it that way, just as in it really quick. This is not are there, but it does remind me of an anthropology teacher I had who is in one of these, sub Saharan Africa, doing field work and in one of the women who she had become friends with his. She said to the anthropologist. While another I've met you. I really like you and you seem so nice, I'm having a hard time understanding how your people can abuse children. The way you do.
And she said: what do you mean? We you think we abuse our children. She said, yes, isn't it true that in Amerika you make the baby sleep by itself in a room away from the parents? like to her. That was like you might as well be hitting them with a switch, and I was like yeah I get that I get out. You could look at us doing that, That's more than what do you mean you take this little baby, that's designed to be at the moment. All time put it in a separate room. Let it cried enough, but does it is relevant to know that yeah, these things are really Corallina very relative year totally I mean it's such a cultural thing about it. So easy to forget that, especially you know, you have our own habits of eating animal meal,
and how horrified we are about the idea of eating certain animals, but then we look at the animals aware, potentially eating and they're just as social and as I am aware, as what we are consuming, you know not. Can it it's all the same thing about this at the other day that whatever culture- and I think you have a hypocrisy if we were talking about female circumcision and in the West Dino. We look at that as horrendous. I do too, I think it's horn bomb, and yet we circumcised, our male baby, is like it's nothing and Jackson said like there's different intentions, but ultimately it's the same thing happening to these kids and it just goes to show that your culture can be really blinding yet the famous one yeah eating dog,
elsewhere, pebbly dogs elsewhere, and that is a very sensitive topic here in the states. But a pig is just as smart as a dog in some places. Think of pigs is dogs and enabling would never eat a cow. I mean you, you have to at least acknowledge that a hundred per cent. No one really has the moral high ground not absolutely not, and that's the thing pigs us mother, my social animals around. If you have a kit pigs affected There is not one moment a peg won't be touchy. Another peg. They were actually need to be physically, like just to have that little. Like body on another pig possess that social so near the idea, you're right, looking down on someone for eating a dog. When will we might be eating a pig is just such a clear example of that. Another another thing bill raised that I thought Very fascinating, and I had really thought about. This is one case where human cannibalism, we don't you
MR blinking eyes. The idea of eating your placenta, for instance, which is something that some people do because of their nutritional, supposing nutritional value of that so bill, actually wind did he exists and meet up with a woman whose husband and then run this business where they basically will cook at the centre in a way that is the most powerful way, or they might put it in a power. They might do something else with passenger. But this would this lady in Texas was talking to Bobo. He was researching his book and she was like hey. Let will Gaza my daughter's foreseen in the phrase out. You know your writing. A book about cannibalism come and experience. What do so. She offered her daughters, placenta.
One year or dinner, supper. It's not a good midday meal officials are not just talking about the experience of going in having someone else's placenta cooked for him. It was completely unexpected. The whole thing was surreal pirate fiction as well, and if I had set there and wrote this thing, I don't think I could do a better job. putting together a bunch of really interesting character of some in these people were real sweethearts. I grew up Barboza J F K assess nation. Boffin I'd never been the Dallas before so I went down to Dealey Plaza one, and then there was a massive windstorm that had come in It was just no power anywhere and then to go into this place, and then you know who's this guy in the chef's hat and apron fucking about run and go out to Walmart to pick up, onions and baby wipes to put down so that his wife carb up this placenta and he cooked it
it's like you know. How do you want it? We could make it an attack, go where I could have it. Also, Google, like us a book or stylus great, so I go into this like a story, play no taxes and try to find the most Texas looking worse than I could find and told them. I have a unique perry through the evening and they were they basically ran away from me. I mean this is the last vestiges of medicinal cannibalism, which is another topic that was incredibly fascinating. This is about what's left of it, and it's that, if you soon the placenta after you get birth that somehow you will rebound some of the former, Instead, our lost when you lose your placenta, and so there is this thought that cures the baby blues, for example. Now the person that I work with basically came out and admitted that this was the placebo
fact, which is very powerful. Sir. I mean that's kind of the last socially acceptable thing in the waste that we can do this through experience. Cannibalism really is eating at the center. I mean. What are you? that was very popular here in LOS Angeles and argument I had heard which carry some men to me was everything animal eads? Its placenta were the only animal lot according to the people who told me this that the mom doesn't need the placenta afterwards. So as I up will, that is curious. If every single animal does is, but we don't, I can see some why that got everyone's excitement going. Did he ii that woman's placenta? That woman's,
daughters, placenta. I understand which was yet permission an angel writing a book. So it's not like this woman is just randomly feeding her daughters presented a different man that turn up at the house. It was that you wanted to see you wanted to demonstrate. You know how hard core is work with the centres I feel like. That would not have the same a fact if he ate it. Keziah isn't the point to ring plan your body like if you just took someone else's percent. I think I'd make you ill. I mean what both the biologists said was that it's all perceive. I like. The zero asylum that does nothing to help you besides making you I'd, feel better sigh think whether you're eating someone else's always around. I think it's all the same as all kind of useless. I may I can't really put myself in a woman shoes at all, but I think the idea of eating my embassy in it.
Much more palatable than to someone else's yes interesting. What about? We would consider breast milk at all some extension of that? No no you're, that's it feels it differs, got something is created by evolution specifically for that thing to feed a child. You know it's got nobody use. but I think most husbands have had a drink off. That does why not you now you I never ideas that have ever yeah yeah he's done. We look forward to one day, yet I'm thinking of bow listening to this, and he probably be horrified that I'll pick the most titillating conversation to talk about her was that of horrified. When I raised the idea of interviewing a real cannibal he's right, that is kind of like trash via territory, and I absolutely understand we sang, but for well sanity. I wanna hear him talking about cannibal,
in the animal kingdom cause that's. What he's primarily interested in Munich is pretty much every animal partakes cannibalism in these were three examples of cannibalism that he like really but really blew his mind when he is right in this book and keep in mind. He is an expert on the staff, so these stories even surprised him. I just think that was the most surprising was how widespread it was when you think about animal cannibalism. Even if you're, not a scientist, you think about pray, man too says or black widow spires, and it was just so far beyond that in just about every group of animals that you think I'm so, for example, when you get into fish more fish feed other eggs or the young of their own That's a type of indiscriminate cannibalism! If you like, five thousand eggs were even more and you you ve got these little fish swimming around you not looking at them going others Jerry and up not Sally.
Eating, but I like raisins, it's a really easy way to get them deal. If you're lying you take over a pride and then there's a female with a cub. You eat that cub so that you get to make with her and pastor jeans on you know when it goes on and on sand tiger sharks. They have in utero cannibalism, so they have eggs that are laid internally and they develop at different times. So there are two oviducts that a set of eggs develop in and so on. Each side of the oviduct one shark is going to hatch first and what it does is. It starts to eat the other eggs and when they hatch and eats the other sharks, and so at the end, sharks are born. They are already know how to hunt, and so you have the sibling cannibalism.
To me was that was wild, especially since the sharks live off the coast of New York, where I live, sharks couldn't be more terrifying right. I knew that thing about the the male lions are, sadly witness that in nature shows yeah The explanation is that they won't go into asterisk while they have young, so they got up speed that up, I think guerrillas to or will do that roof. I do just love the idea of shocks already being her effect killers from inside the way. absolute blows, my mind, you're born to be bad. I mean Billy born and bad news. I think I was told in an anthropology class, which is always clouded my opinion of cannibalism. They were talking about Bush me how Bush meat is irregular trade in parts of Africa and this I mean Bush meat is generally like their poaching, so they're killing primates in the four
a stir in the jungle and in their selling it in the markets, and there sir, originally believed that perhaps that's how we got aids, which is, as I ve which certain primates had became HIV when we ate it. I don't know, that's turned out to be the case, but that was one of the theories was the bushmeat theory that it had jumped through that process, but at any rate, this remit challenges was telling me that in general permits are terrible to eat. They taste like rubber bans, apparently, because or so tendency, as opposed to other animals that just have these four legs and then all the meets on top of it. Moving the legs we're all primates are so tendency because we were designed to break even swing through the four and I ve always imagined I guess ever since then. I've thought we tastes like rubber bans, which I would never one no, and I reminded me that that story- I was talking about earlier about that german cannibal, who found a willing participant part of what made that story so fascinating. Is that
and this out online let that plants like ok, you gonna come on my house you going to take a bunch of sleeping pills and get kind of out of it, and we going to cook your penis and that's what they did like. They begin by cutting off his penis and frying it up, and I think it shows like Hannibal and pop culture. You kind of think that it was going to be this like tender delicious, but a robot, slight, wonderful, penis! It's gonna be my machine in my mouth or something you talk to the surviving member of that here and there was always ass like it or lump heinous, is like tough and disgusting wearing other bits. Amigo
fall like humans. As, like the dream I imagined United Ass, he had had for forty years to eat someone always a fucking disaster. The whole thing sorest on that kind of amusing. That is so interesting. The difference between someone who's interested in trying it because there is like in a law or to its forbidden yeah, exactly tipping so forbidden versus a cannibal who keeps going back. Who keeps doing this because they can't like that, take striped. So what is that raw? To continue to do that? We will get to that and another thing that both I would just say she talk to me about was this idea is always that role play that people have a veto. If you're in an accident and euro you know starving on a cleft up, would you eat the other person and he said that's just a stupid conversation to have
No one knows until you're in that salvation situation. What you're going to do that it's just impossible, and it is. It is so incredible when the body starts to eat itself. It's so incredible like what you will be pushed to do, and I think that's an entirely different scenario of cannibalism as well in a survival situation to what it would be in a I want to eat this. Because it's like a g and forbidden- and I want to do that. Often I wanna be a naughty boy, yeah, exactly which I think look, I think, probably Nikko the man I spoke to. I think that's what it was for him, but the first thing we talked about what kind of the origins of work as I want to highlight, where these feelings come from cause I've gotten light for the record I've gotten oh urge or want to eat anyone, but I want to know where his came from, and this is what he said to that
I had always been fascinated by graveyards and horror, movies, vampire tales and when I was twelve, I said my uncle s place and I thought magazine it was a French for Tom. I guess we look through page is in that magazine there was an instrument. Six pages showing the men call, is safe, Angola. I was a student at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Then he had killed them dissected and eaten a dutch student in Paris. Solar Morgan Pre, had taken for the rights of the victims as a year, The kid I was there be very fascinated by this magazine. A couple of years
before that. My grandfather had died under very difficult circumstances. After we play the Badminton game, you just fell down and had a stroke. and one side of the family accuse me more less over being the culprit so we went to the wake and it was the first time that I We saw that person in a casket, and that was first time that I was actually in a place where I was confronted to physical there. So. There was a we're cocktail that took place there. Maybe it was the Geneva Veto, it s where things are attacking our
In his mind, I mean in saying that seen relatives passed away when I was younger, and I didn't kick off what He ended up doing so at an eye. I wonder if that the trauma, the psychological mix of being blamed, it sounds like there was some psychological element that happened during that. That may be led, To this I think I had him pretty hard. Whatever happened, I mean being blamed by your family, for your grandfather's. Death is pretty heavy, but you know he also got into us steer a typical kind of light the staff that you know like heavy metal and all that stuff, like that in the seventies and eighties is made to be. I can credibly evils. We satellites sort of pushing himself into that kind of miles a little bit of being like a g yeah and were lying on his retailing over Oh yeah, I guess you're wondering was he really blame for this passing over
grandfather, I'm just a little curious about that are in his mind. He had been blamed for it also. Is he saying that at that moment of looking at the corpse in the coffin that he he wanted, eat some van or just it started him on a path of Mc Cobb obsession. I think the letter I just think Why I'll get that magazine, sing images in the magazine in saying that actual body in front of him kind of saint him on the next part of his journey that we talked about which was starting to work as a more get tendoned. Ah, this is take on mass. was nineteen years old at the time. First, I want you to be an unborn because for that out of embalming was fascinating out in several views,
read a few books, and then I found out that to study Matt Chemistry- and I was not good at them- does not school in France for being a morgue attendant true, actually learn every. by working there. So I just sent a lot of resignation, and then after a month I got to reply and I started to work in work my first days in the more were quite chaotic, had a lot of things to learn the kind of I want to make sure that your your right for that kind of job, so there they make you watch a lot of autopsies. They try to push through the limits. First, I was just a spectator then I learned how to cut the academy is open and how to teach them now.
To learn a lot of things about psychology of grief, because you have to deal with the families of the deceased, but I related area like the atmosphere. We like the fact that our discovering a very, very unique job, and I also, of course, like the fact that I was working with actual that people participating two entities. It was a lifelong dream, come true. For me, this is south, because any cat just everyone's so normal sounding ways always end up man. yeah, you aren't we like, and then I apply more research I learned my three immensity of gene in need no, no! I was indeed in any whenever cast seizings
frankly we now know what is commonly twenty you guys doing when you're Lizzie. No, because I'm doing a very specific thing, I'm in engineering edit my mind: what are you doing Monica again, yeah, I'm imagining a bet, but, like I said, I I've mainly feel like. Oh god, this is just like a normal person and I get triggered a little bit. Fear wise or am I gonna like if it's just one thing, we're different. That could be me, in right like at we could be any one year I mean when I was interviewing. Am I mean it was a moment for me, because the background of my zoom at the time was like I was looking at what was find him and was behind me, and it was the same set of nerdy shift like I had like to the hommocks behind me, some little like figurines, I was like. Oh my god like this- is the french version of May justice like
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That's all I'm doing I'm trying to like I want to start from a place of like was: This was right born normal what the fuck happened, and why is this? What he's moving to the world. Like did he look at men? This mother Fucker told everyone who worked with dead bodies- and I bet he told everybody. he handled the organs like Betty bragged about it. I it's gotta, be part of his identity at imagine, I feel like some of it might be control. I think, like that's, what we're all trying to get, and maybe he fell really out of control in his life, his blame for something he didn't do and when you're working with dead people, you have all the leverage I mean it's all. You do so Maybe you feel really and control, and that space reminds me. I was in Milwaukee foaming segment for dark tourist about Jeffrey Dogma, and we met with one of his trial.
you know he spent a lot of time with them and it was. It was like you, control thing and yellow diamonds thing was that he would drill into people's skulls all that still alive, and I pull some hot water and and what kind of like mush the brain death, instead of turn them into zombies. It's to the point where it one point. One of this is a story that will always stick with me. You know damn rude like doubt: there's some bread and some milk or something the shop and one of his victims. That kind of in Zambia State Joanna until now I naked wandered onto the street, found a police officer now Dama coming back from the shop He had his groceries. Swords victim had wandered out and is talking to the place, should be quite a stressful situation for damage ahem, henchmen and damages walked up to the sky just a year light where you know we love is who had a tough is, is a bit drunk? and just like him away from the cops back to the apartment and part of it part of the problem. The other would have full thing about the whole damn situation was.
Those are homophobia around and at cop, would have just seen a gay quarrel in front of him and just me, I get away from me. This is all for that. And died. So sorry, but rewinding totally Monica control thing. I say I just wanting a body that isn't doing anything. You have full control it Is it Damas origin story that he was raised by his a mother, and he was led to believe his mother was his sister many found. what about it amazing that part of it and yet he had his at bringing was just incredibly roughy cited drinking at school. The early any got very obsessed with killing and looking intersecting animals, and that kind of thing first thing: it does have a lot to do your pc without bringing The other thing, with NATO's role, as always running through my mind, is how much of a reliable narrator he is because, obviously he's talking to us about this
he's pretty himself out there and part of that will be for attention. I have no doubt I mean he's very open about this. The thing that I'm not getting it with him as he has murdered someone like he's, not a good human back then and then they all people can change, and he says he has changed that you have your looking for a baby said. In Paris, even being it over the cannibalism. Probably not now your best option, its and I m you know all this came out post trial for the murder. You know, and he told me that he had at one point seven psychologists kind of working with him to try and figure out what was going on in his brain. Instead of none of them crack exactly what was going on. He said he was never diagnosis a psychopath, while he doesn't think he is. He just thinks this was like a very driven thing. Anyone
to do at the time. Do we know any details about the murder? Was it like? Premeditated was a thing of passion yeah. It was premeditated while he was going through this incredibly should have phase. You knew we wanted to kill somebody and that's what he did. So it was a premeditated. I think he's found them on a summative dating situation or rain. She going to meet them inside. This is awful I'm talking to someone who's light, whimsically, just sort of going about tat his time in the more glad make no bones about it, like yeah, not a good time in this person's life, and he has killed someone, but it is that thing is may let one of you talk to someone who s even done this extreme stuff. Like that's the thing he stood like a bull in is another human kind of white user empathize and away with my empathize, do you understand The situation is currently in a new kind of go along with the right, prison right now known he's out, he served his time and
he's out and he's I'm rehabilitated, and he he takes all his suit of dark darkness out into his ass. Now, that's his way of expressing himself. What medium does he use doesn't want a painting. You know some of it. Pretty good, but obviously he's he's in the move now and We all know where this is going, that cynics part of his story that he told me. I was left alone in the morgue was during the weekend. we had no autopsies saw. Sometimes I would stay. We do that persons. Indeed, the modeling on the skin, I was fascinated by those colleagues that this can take there's a lot of different pilots of colors that that's chinese teaching you know I was a really really really dark place back in those days. There was a lot of fantasies in me. I was coming
the feeding myself we'd horror movies, that's metal. years before that I had opened. A few graves. Had gotten inside creep, so I I have this barrier in the mall career in me. Stop me from doing these things. So for me, It was a kind of magical thing to do. Had you occasion this is when I actually could take small strips that I come from the abdomen before stitching YE infusion The first tries idea was true, actually swallowed, the fresh rule. It was an impulse Some of the time when I realized tat, I could actually bring little bits of flesh whom I could in several ways
not something that we do on a regular basis, because I would actually be left alone with the court's only one time out of three, so we I was sporadically. What would you cook with it light? What would you eat? It with I've tried several things condemns spices which I didn't like, because I prefer the actual taste of the meat itself. I really like the jagged of chewing the meat and I like it when it was too rare weather a bit of blood inside the boy she then the longer I quoted the less I liked it. What was the tastes like should? Stick Tatar Forcemeat, that's the closest I comparative. No, it was a matter of taste. I will never try a fool's organs or liver, or I could have because we had access to those organs, but I always did the meat from reaps from D
Abdominal carriage, but I've read quite a lot on the subject and I've read that during the dread discoveries, Colombo such a fate. What travel the world that met several cannibal tribes than they would say that, for example, in the Pacific Islands flesh the natives, would this much sweeter Europeans were the worst How did they knots, rising. Why how he had so out. I think its hearing him talk so casually about. It is interesting to me well in a kind of the fact that this a little bit of snobbery like I wouldn't, have an organ, but the meat, oh man, you getting hungry, the I'm starving. I wanted Eads Amir Abdominal me out
up earlier when you said the idea of a penis, maybe it's like on the service could be goods like a hot dog. I guess a natural I think, like our breasts, could be that bad Khazars soft and I think, a kind of lines up with something now. So you think make her. We did talk a little bit about this site for him. It was a bit of a sexual thing like he, after his grandfather died and was at her funeral thing. Huberty cat in heat sound like sexually with his jacket? His eyes did kind of line up. To be honest, I didn't really want to go too far down that particular river. because I, like a beautiful day outside analysis, match the aid, your name cat on your lap, but also on the ladder of insanity. I hate to say this, but him having had sex with one of the core is lower than him taking pieces home and eating the corpse weirdly and not let you think which once more insane eating
Eighty yeah yeah yeah like a so the fact that a year he went to DEFCON One makes me I'm not. I wouldn't be surprised if he's had intercourse with some of these corpses year and we your mind does jumped there again. I d benefit of the doubt. come about there was, he was opening Grammy. Just so casually say it out. I got into opening graves for awhile. He dropped that, like it was just an apple looking into but here is where I think this is gonna. What I was saying earlier that, like no one's excluded from their sense of identity, so I bet he'd, be embarrassed to say, had sex with the corpses, but he digs that Easy NAM like he thinks it's raining. it of him to have eaten a human and liberated himself from the confines of society, but I bet av, add sex or the corpse and say that it is unlikely that that would be cool ravages be perverted
It is definitely an image thing induced him talking about being into heavy metal in science. We all, I know those kids school and then, like that's, fine but insight rebelling, and I guess like eating, but you know cannibalism, it is surely the ultimate form of rebelling- and I think, probably because a pop culture- and I think we are probably without ideas, ideas and shows- I Hannibal kind of making an aging uninteresting like a lot of this sort of these people probably wouldn't operate in this way, because it has been made dangerous and may kind of sixty five. culture, is, I am not blaming pop culture on it, but I definitely think it doesnt opera, you know, then, are operating in a vacuum. This is one of the facts that I hate, because I'm so pro art and pro media pro everything, but I remembered and an throw class learning about how contagious suicides
are in. There was an island in the South Pacific. I can't remember which one, but they just had this epidemic of suicides, and it was always they came and spells. They made. The newspaper then they'll be three more than they make the newspaper and people did emulate that those people got attention and bob about. So I'm also wrestling with that. The truth that people do emulate. These things are like we didn't, have a shooting, for. I don't know what felt like a while for here and then there's three in Europe like an I think, they're instigated by each other, my absolute Leanna minutes, you know when anything is kind of like normalized or seen society to be. Let something that's happened it does. It certainly can trigger certain behaviors and people like worse, where social people that we looking at, what other people are doing and those in the others differently triggers within them,
but you know I'll, be watching a lot of Hannibal I'll, just watch three seasons of Hannibal and at no point have I should have thought. I would like to try this if you really like a vicarious kind of an exercise, while how about did you do desire something exotic like maybe we'll try rattlesnake I'm here now, I've! U, like. Maybe I wanted to. I travel to like some fancy, chapel and stuff that he was in those unlike cooler, geography and there nice to see wind, so holdings shortly I didn't I didn't save it wasn't even making me more hungry. You know I was just sort of like a fascinating world to be in, but the other thing like Nikko Nikko is different attention. Sega. Another thing he does on the side is he's got a line of six toys that are based around serial killers, sir out she's dead people
so he's got a thing. The bundle, though, which is a dildo, shaped like a backbone about the bone in that's the gang? Ah vows serial killer is six toys, sir? He is like provocative yeah, he's out there doing this- that he has not like. I took a wild me to find him to talk to him, but it wasn't like that most difficult mission in the world two languages, gotta talk to me he's very open about things I want to be dead clear and case, lest anyone think I'm being hypocritical right now, like I desire tons of attention on all three of us present are in deep desire lots of attention. I'm not critical that he wants attention on critical, but the means by which it is getting attention uncritical he's doin, wouldn't think I'm not in on the fact that I am not dissimilar to him of just chosen a different route to getting the attention of the IRA. You, like a very different rout, could argue office
aroused my goodness drama people laugh and have a nice day married. Anyone third on the leftist really Gwig, is this something that in the past, for him or disease still try to get legally sourced? Ethically, not yours, he he's done now. He paused all his time into his work. He gives Guided to is the catacombs. Do you can take one of those prior? Yet we have made it clear that person can be around other people You may bourbon them on your next trip to France eliciting like Monica light. Would you if you are in France and you are all that I guess we're on a show and should ensure, like there's no other guests book this day. It's you and him never were all my god that there's a part of me. That's like a week Heineken, I'm scared for David Love is is very Umbria and four year. What, if taxes daylight? Wonderful, you had a friend there Monica now,
I don't want him ever seeing me like. I don't want him to even think like what, if he, what if he starts like. Oh, I want to eat her, then, even if he can't you ie like what, if he eat some one else, who were my some other more on a school trip to France. I just I just rather not make contact wow, Maybe if I weren't, I went to see you and to give him through the EMA where you're just gonna say. Can I be honest, is a good or can I be honest? I really in this maybe maybe is unfair though I think it's pretty safe to say I don't really want to make contact with anyone who has murdered another human I'd. Rather not I mean I'm fine. I love for hearing the human stories and I like hearing the psychology behind a lot of stuff, but just for my personal self protection, I know that I would never,
want to come in contact, and this is man we're all so funny. So, of course, I'm dying be around the I am for my own narrative and story about myself sake. I hope he tries the me so I got so. I can like be the guy he couldn't victimize and I'll teach him a lesson I got. You know I got a whole thing whipped up in my head of Wild Wada, Medium there's a cook our identities are part. I no longer like you. You want to meet him because you want to be the reveal our of this human story you I would. I would like to madam I may. I originally came across him when we were doing some research for if we're gonna do some more doctors do not cause, as I found the sky that gives like those enemy the big twist, as I give guided
and two of the category of that would be an amazing about the story. Halfway through you, learning is a cannibal, unlike that was gonna, be the story like so I do like meeting, because I'm just kind of I find my own personality so boring. I love meeting people who have just done the most outrageous things, and so I would like to meet him and instead of just very nasty fascinates me why humans can get up to and what we spend our time doing. I never want to do what they're doing, but I just like spending time with the state Furthermore, if you dare, we are supported by MIC tots. Now this specific episode of arms exports is brought. You buy Mcdonald's world famous for eyes. There's nothing like em on earth. There isn't a delicious their golden their crisp, their little sensations miracles. They are so satisfying it's incredible again in the dry through and then I saw
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I think it was in vanity. Fair is about the german national character and I found it to be the most fascinating article ever in. Let's assume the article is correct for one second, one of things was their obsession with shit. They got like so many words regime, Edna. So many great saying they have that revolve around. She found that really interesting and then the other thing was that they were saying what was really curious about the sub prime mortgage crash. Was that so much Those bundled mortgages were owned by german banks, which is really weird because they're like the most fiscally responsible nation out there, and so the question was like why? Why them of all people in their opinion take away from the german national character is that their kind of attracted did the cask as their very button, An and engineering in their cities are perfectly clean. there really in control and that there's some. drawn the chaos that exists like in this crazy.
Country in that kind of want to be involved in his cell. the sub prime mortgage issue and someone for you of like mean polite kind key. We feel, like I gotta go. I wanna go witness this naughtiness, absolutely and I have had the most quiet, an exciting life we are born on Christmas in Bethlehem. I mean your story was written for you Osborne on Christmas in Bethlehem and lie at the bottom of the world, but I felt like this spending time with Popeye like publicity about hit men. You know puppet Eleven three hundred people is very open about it, but just spending time someone like that, it's like, No, I guess not even real and the what's I find so disturbing an interesting about it is I'm getting on as well. M, as I am with like a lot of people have got on with that. Wake these charismatic and just as a human we getting on and it doesn't matter what someone's down you can still have that connection and that's just a very
that. Doesn't get severed that doesn't go away and I got money. Have you met Papa? You would probably have a laugh with them, but his life thing to me. I think I'm just more on guard for betrayal, so I would definitely be like oh he's charming, but I wouldn't This person is trained in that he's trained in manipulating people into being close to him so that he can then take advantage of them or worse case, kill them. So I'm just going in knowing that ok, so know enough about Monaco to say this, and I know enough about myself to say the so yeah Monica. You were on high alert growing up for betrayal yeah I feel like I fit in, but do I pity in? Are they talking about me behind my back? It might do I really not fit in right. So that's like a big party or foundation sure the then mine is You know I was a victim of a bunch of step, dads and predator and other stuff. So my
my story is like I'm gonna conquer, every prided or every person that wants to harm other people. So I'm wondering- and I dont know enough about you david- did you live with the sea grid and did you feel like you are presenting something to the world that you are now fascinated with other people that have a facet to themselves? That is suicide? Billy looked down upon, but then are carrying on this facade of fitting in blending in now. I think that, really fair. I may I think my stories for we were fairly common and nobody rare, but I may I grew up in already I loved my home, because I've they can serve it and when I was shouted from a lot of different types of people, my fairly baptist that bringing that are taught me that you know gay people are bad and and and Emerson is just a very light specific view.
of Christianity and Sir, and I believe that for a really long time, probably until I was seven- you now is hit by a christian school, not praying assembly in that kind of thing like so so Christian, and so when I went to university incited meeting, I met this jewish girl and sort of its very late, like I feel like a bit of an idiot. That's so to realise our holy shit he's somebody's much smarter than me and has a vastly differ. Idea about the world and very quickly everything fell away, and so I think the rest of my life. I've spent trying to catch up just trying to me as many people, with as many different perspectives and kind of like gleefully like a pig insured. just going. I love that. I don't have all the answers to everything and we all have vastly different perspectives, and I just love that even when I know that morally, I disagree with someone just effect. I get to experience that take on everything I just fine, but this massive privilege, I think, that's where it comes from the site as bit late in
rising? There were different perspectives than mine that were right, and be very wrong and most things, but also to imagine, because I have a ton of this- is like the aware of my own duality so like ours, a pervert son for my mom, but I was also of Fuckin Helen. You know quietly in and doing terrible things, but I had a very good persona for her. I want to be perfect for herself. I was this very used to This do allocate. I could see other people who are living in a dwelling and attracted other people's duality is in your an interested in not shocked in ignoring the means, and I do so you're like the pub. I think I'm like that's my assumption that people can be both those things at once that they can be a horrific monster and then, like a charming, do you wanna walk around
many with Andreasen, Manassa think Monica, let your take is also incredibly important. Could I think we should be like on our toes has to happen yeah, because it might not be a duality so much as their helping each other right, like your charisma can or your good things can help your bad things and vice versa. So it's not like you have one piece in this other peace there there I'm so one thing that's melding together, but it goes the experience, the new you probably have. The stewards, like you, have a presenting image that your pulling off that I was pulling off, and yet this awareness that I had a much different image. I also indulged complete a hundred percent. You know you got your two solves the south you present to the world during the time and yet what you actually are going on inside tat. I think a lot of people can relate to that idea.
chances. Are you some point? Your life you gonna be made to feel? Should he for the way you are or something you believe in you gonna come out the other side, realising that maybe it's gonna find that I might that yeah yeah yeah not relating to being a cannibal yeah. We're not saying that's. Fine is very clear wrap up. The line is, let's hear from me, go again hours. Let's check in with me This was an acre and eyes rested on how we left the conversation reflecting on things and sort of what he's out toward the moment of routine. Anyone who book keen to voluntary one you have to get out of prison. when he has a joy to me. Are you you should write a cannibal, Kook, precise idea? Why not why should he took this very seriously and I looked up confessions made by actual cannibals on how they prepared to meet in different parts of the world by different tribes.
The Fiji islands, for example, some native american tribes, were famous for cannibalism need any you're in Europe. The council actually practising cannibalism and much before that are more rector sand or more. In the end, the two were cannibals. We all are Cannibal DNA deep inside so yeah of course, of course, Of course, there is a big moral issue and I'm not to debate that? Because it's not my role and not the best way to actually talk about, the moral issue of cannibalism. But the cannibal cookbook was twas a funny book to write. It also gives actual.
I'm on preparing the meat, etc. But, of course, don't try to sit on it. I just for fun thing that the cannibal represents absolute ha and caused as always fascinated. People, you know we have a tendency to slow down where there is an accident or on the highway. True crime shows I've never been as popular as twenty twenty people love to be horrified. They don't like to admit it, but how is a next? The form of entertainment and reading about caddy laws do not It will never happen to you in your daily life. You know it's something that happens in countries very very far and it's all so horrifying reminder that we are part of the food chain and that we are meets. We are just
see news and sometimes cannibals glorious day reminders of that's why I was not expecting that turn he just drop, some major poetry on us. I am, I kind of like I'll write. Can here we go you're. Having that the light was the other guy. For all the women love and they went to his trial, not die Monday. You're get yours succumbing to the Bundy effects, you on the way he said here and they don't we don't be reminded. Were me true, I can introduce you guys. I've been reformed mine. I get back to you on now. Learning of all the love connections, I I had hoped would happen with Monica in this pod gas,
This is the last one working tickets difference, but I was thinking maybe even before he said it, the reference to meet in a wit and we ve set at a billion times on this episode, and he keeps saying at an end bill was saying it biologists bill a biologist bill. I think it's really hard for us to think of ourselves as meat. We ve separated every separated, animal meat and, and then we're flesh. We are flesh, but they are meat. and it's just not true, were all me and I was singing like I might be able to eat meat for a little bit after this kind of thing. I mean it is fifty per month. It's a lot and we forget very quickly. Let we think were above the end all somehow. You know that where, where this wonderful being. But now we just like maiden bone like wandering around on my legs light, would beg my big flesh suit by that's all. We are or kind of like a kebab algae.
run along skinny, all right, ok, so this has it made me want to eat a human but the part I can relate to and is so embarrassing, but I'll just admit it. A part of my stupid identity is that I'm an economy class. I succumb to societal norms, I'm not afraid If there is not a moral dilemma d, let something stand in the way I would where french braid in high school, which was very unpopular for a boy in Michigan. I what you know like I define myself. being brave enough to go against the group so in some weird way like I can't see myself if it was the sinner. We talked about a suicide Fournier car. They requested that the driver of the car eat them family. signs of no moral issue. I can see myself doing just approved
everyone that I was not afraid to be judged like salmon. Now I dont want. That's what I'd be very clear. I have no desire to eat a home and pleasure that I am I dont like horse. I don't think he's editing they horse. My assumption is I don't like horse, but but you know there is something I can admit that is attractive about de saint. All, I don't care. If all you think I am wrong. I've decided it's not a moral and it's your problem to feel uncomfortable slippery slope. Once again, my big cats, yeah. It was that its I've determine its not a moral but because you ve determined under our own desert me. Ok, let some times there are reasons first societal norms.
so sometimes there really wrong and really a base and really bad, but sometimes they are therefore reason they are there to keep our morals and check. But I grew up in a time and a place where everything I did warn someone calling me a fag or a woman. So I disagree. I felt like I grew up in a net. societal norms that I disagreed with. So I actually for the most part and proud of the fact that I I never accept that or that black people wear this. That was a common that I was in. You know, so I disagree of it. I think there is much of our society. Someone needs to stand on, say, fuck, that and be brave. Because of that, because you grew up in an environment. I feel like you're all or nothing like you're like one. None of them are good, so I'm gonna go in opposition. gotta determine than their moral or not like. So we started this conversation which I knew it end up here, which is why I want to propose it is. Is it inherently
a more all for us to do it. Every single animal does under the circumstance where there's no victim. there's nothing amoral about eating human flesh. Isn't now! I agree. I agree as well. Yes, so in That way where society would die, they found her dad Shepherd ADA Human, it that's a little attractive me to go all. I won't fall for it again, like I've, determine there's no victim here in this room go I'm in meeting at this is my dumb ego, where I'm brave and I'm proud of myself for having rejected those other norms near the what one thing I did took to both shut about before we enter conversation, because we did talk a bit about the ex of eating people and why he, certain societies, don't eat people, but I also just want to be like a case of eye of any biological reasons. We shouldn t
each other. Why we shouldn't cannibalize outline- and he said the points that he told me were you cut down on your gene pool and that's never a good thing in society. So that's a good reason not to eat people. Parasites are really easily passed on from the same species. If we, like a cow, does less chance that, like a cow Para, It gets into a human body, as are the hell. Am I doing here at dies if you're eating other people a cue? If you get a parasite for another person at knows, what's a new cause, it's just come from a person. So that's a bad thing, and also this the various I'm near logical conditions. You get a few eight other people, especially brains, spicy. Your brain will turn into like a little cauliflower. So as well as the political problems, there are also some really biological issues about eating your own that do make it problematic
potentially wine, clear up the first one easily. You just have to eat a family member said just now about but you're not limiting the the diversity of genetic, the GMO. Yes, you will and you re out so that clears up number one. Number one. I'm worries about number Three, though how is this known? Have they studied people's brains? two eight other human Brenda seems unknowable to me. Are you not impact new guinea. The tribes arrival shouted found. These problems in the brain would basically turn your brain injury. Flowers, so yeah real problem, the Bible,
the way the brain ordeal looks like intestines and others cauliflower that programmes while trigger we're, so they fed aid. They studied some tribes ahead practice, cannibalism for years and now non cannibalistic because they learnt about why there were dying and it's a horrible disease to get corridor. Is that you do not want this love, that's a big reason not to eat people Keziah. Your brain will just turned to a big mushy blob, but could that be a voice? Who that's a big deterrent, but it could be avoided by just skipping the brain. Yet he could you. Could you ate a bit of rebel? Something you'd, probably avoid that cheek. There might be a good that you closed there too, the year in very way, I'd stay away. I mean down it's just something. keep in mind. If you choose to go down that road, which we do not condone and again, no. We and even I mean even Nikko, said, look, don't try this even these, and if he's saying that good God,
Well, ok and then wrote a could. Work all that that's a little yeah so one over on the nose. The most generous thing I can say is that mixed messages that to me his fucking, a cannibal cookbook, is to me identical to O Jays. If I had done its work is a meeting to have done it, but I think he he wanted the cannibal cookbook to be like ins and so you see the elegant. Our answer is like a little like five yeah yeah for like also retirement written by a real cannibal I'd say you gonna buy a book, though, has a book coming out about the human heart could pump? I think I'd probably purchase that over the cannibal cookbook. To be honest, I wish I'd known about him at school books He writes biology like it's a thriller or, like the most amazing says. I M writing a book about the heart. I think will be incredible that his book about cannibal some was amazing. When you look at the world
Andrew through cannibalistic mindset. It is kind of fascinating we sit at the moment. Proper out. You he's got so many stories about so many bits of the human anatomy at Scrite, undisguised what unites he was excited to go to Dallas because of J F so he's one of us, yeah, you really is. Have you read them of all maladies. By chance. Now I've got it sitting there. To read I haven't read is similarly it's like, I can't believe you're reading such a beautifully written book about the history of cancer. It transports you in your like while yet this is how they taught biology boy, everyone would have been interested, and I myself I am able lectures, students and as part of his job. So his whole thing is just beginning, my along on the right, and he just as nothing worse than sing a student drift off so that this philosophy he does anything he rises.
keeping you on board having so many amazing things are lost in science just because science riders can't transmit that to her at sight, damn a brain and say to be able to do that is such a scale. Ok, now I just found their way to get it. the problem to that he raised, which is what have you got? The meat attempted you're, not gonna, deal parasites. They will not live so number one in your family members. We don't ever Brom anymore number to cook it to a proper temperature, though behind so I think you can number three don't eat brains. He was saying to eat it raw tastes better. Well, that's what meagre was a biologist bill was saying that that will lead to justify my hair size, but how could you eat it even if it was cooked a temperature and be so tough you so you're saying the purest Donnie wanted
I don't think you could cookie and eat it or you will be sold shoe. We all heard he could slow small get like Charlie could smoke but cheek over the course of a couple days in it were it would get tender, he could put a fuckin moccasin in there and it would be tender after three days what he feels that was culture appropriation. Now I know you're saying: oh, my god, I just all they mark? As does the I think the whole episode is on my guys thing is. I got to release it in his club, but have you leave through it or do you have any idea, what does it have any sources that he recommends? not I don't have it. I think he's taken some different serial killers. That of how I think he's gone through some, I Dahmer recipes, and these should have lifted real testimony from Rio cases and thrown in some history in there
I was going to say we know about his preferences like throw the cook book in the trash, because he doesn't want really cooked and he doesn't want to season. Did he doesn't want it with any? So as we learn that earlier kind of ironic, the money I do knows our differently cook it. If someone could not roars justice, not ashamed, I couldn't do it. I shouldn't have a business to see me delicious, but not here. Not a chance. I'm gonna give you more than I have icing that should out, like I'm, putting a lot of spices on their mother, how dry, RADA, yeah nice dry, rub again, it's gotta, be in this Maugre minimally. Three day, why is could get I like one? Forty, ok, I can't get people want an episode data. So is it so it's possible that next episode will be together, yeah yeah, I'm hoping out episode on simulation theory will all be shared in the same way, I shall say I'm looking for German voted the trip. It's a twelve hour flight, so clear what support casts a might watch the hollow
the rings trilogy on the planned. That's probably will forward up. I'm begging I'll, see you soon I'll see for the weekend. I saw them behind your back into your spare room or whatever it is. You have their teams on alone, he'll be in the masters chambers, slander, allowing Cresson. I our breath brilliant, be here about Batman the pact, my bags, I'm ready, I'm ready now. Last time you said it and I forgot to write it down what what is the name of the dock you liked about the simulation is called a glitch in the matrix, A glitch in the matrix, I think it's that on demand, you can watch it it's in a few different places. It's a really fascinating film, the drink tomato during lockdown, but it talks to people who have had experiences of seeing glitches in the met, instead of bringing down sir, I am keen to hear from him and get some insight into the simulation that world
because I'm in life would make a lot more sense. I think of it did turn out. We were in a simulation by the way, I'm one of the gas Son clubhouse today. Finger name was Emma ARM Chair for life and she said giving their asked me. A question confirms a joke simulation funding. While David cannot wait to see you fly safe, get belligerent on the plane drink to my Welsh all those things dispel all those rumours about key. We civility. I abstained on an array, a real mess on that plane, handling audio other guy Thea boy.
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