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2019-08-05 | 🔗

Casey Affleck (Good Will Hunting, The Assassination of Jesse James, Gone Baby Gone, Manchester By The Sea) is an American actor and director. Casey sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his childhood in Boston, his lack of foresight in making career decisions and his Kevin Bacon related epiphany. Dax is shocked Casey doesn’t know they’re neighbors and Casey believes any actor could have played his roles. The two commiserate over going to Alateen meetings as kids, they unearth an old misunderstanding between the two of them and Monica tells Casey about her Good Will Hunting obsession.

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Welcomed arm. Chair expert, I am famed golfer cheeky Rodriguez, I'm joined by bingo stretched ski lingo. Our area is aerial person, bingo, stressing out I made that one upon the floor. She she Rodriguez is. There would be a good test like which one of these is fake. I now they felt you home. I guess you Roderick, whose eye bingo, I'm already forgotten, bingo something back, bingo Bang Bongo yeah, I'm joined by being, Bengal Bongo. We have an incredible actor on the programme today. Adam the Award Winner Academy Award winning actor he's. Also, director yeah he's us a one degree of separation away from Panic is true, love yeah! You might have already guessed it unless you think Matt Has a brother as well the Foreign Academy award, but no one fact its Casey Ass luck. You know
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three an me dot. Com slashed acts he's indeed also quoted Furthermore, I do but kind of like as a rob- and I just pipe in when I need to come up with cars. Of a rob, that's in water mark, but you it could be your own person, your own version of others on a show and contributing she is, but I am definitely a poor man's how're emanates who I'm trying to be you'll, be Howard, of course. Here. Do you, like our dear the app? an interview or have you done issue now? Would you definitely has I'm sort of late to the party on pod guests. This is the first that I've done. I hate my voice
weird voice people set of get a voice for film interface for radio a high up. It's for any way out. The Arctic he's a great interviewer, and I did it in the night before I went to do at which you already got to wake up at whatever five or six in the morning, and I was on our time and then I just started. I would a radically preparing for every question that might be scary format, but I want to have a good with Canada JET, because I had done with you. You ve already met dissolving out, but I got, they are in that he did bring up like some famous girls. I had dated mind you, wrong about almost all of them, but I just went into my addiction stories and that was tasty enough meat for him. So the whole night lean up all night planning didn't come to pass right, which is my the arguments I have in my head in planning a fight, that's eminent they. Never.
Down the way I replied scripted them. It's true men even then like third grade people like he's waiting for you after this he's been told that you'll waiting, one of you want to fuck. That's a hundred percent that was nice of you to throw yourself under the bus and not discuss the women that you dated, and here I mean a couple I couldn't avoiding, who now hearing what was funny is, like you know, you'll end up in beauty: seven, you I'm sure you go to something in Europe and afforded next to somebody. There's a website who dated who that pulling from in their research, and so he is a list of people. He thinks I data, but they're, just people. Like one time I was literally walking across the street in Hollywood by just Happenstance terror, Le Pen Skis walking through the same crosswalk. The kind of appears we're together walking in that someone I dated according to that website,
I've been invertebrates standing next to people who I am dating a high and they still people wouldn't believe it right. We wonder how makes their data and a male pal no one but you know that we have been neighbors for fifteen years. Do you realize that? No, yes, I thought you just me Then this is the most was I lived behind you and I have for fifteen years the Kapital. Yes, it's true you think I would see you pushing my children around in a store. I thought because you moving in here instruction in your renting some other spot. Now I moved into the house behind yours fourteen years ago my a shed opens into the little alley across street from your house. That's why I'm always coming up from that alley. I still don't know you're, ok, great scene if you in your garage you're in your garage. You look at your leisure. Right. I see you in there all the time. You looked your letters little outweigh the goes down hill just neck
downhill, downhill, lemon. True, yes, that lemon trees on my property, there's a shed door there and that's the door into my property. Amazing bs. We ve been neighbors for fifteen years This is exactly what I'm getting at. This is. What's so funny is we have been neighbours? I've been aware of it. For fifteen years I had the law about you for today, and it's a a unique experience too. I guess investigate your neighbor to like me You know I like do a deep dive on one of your neighbors. Let's see so, we've talked I'm going to say you and I have chatted in the knee. Seven times over the last decade hawks and there we are one time in DC to remember this. No White House correspondence dinner. Ok You in summer were stained same hotel bell and I were and waste Sit down and have like a tea in the lab legs, you other really. Do you remember that cat those nice too yes, now in general, is your memory. What would you give it out of ten
What really great too you have a great? No, no, no, no, not your memory. Oh my memory, it's getting worse. De almost forty four and I sometimes forget, like names of people who I have known and loved for a long time. Yes, sir, I do think being apparent, has something to do with that, because I've noticed minds in bed in a nose dive, since we had kids yeah, I think so. Are you just ages? You need stresses you out a little bit. There's all that worry inevitable. Unless you're like Buddha, parents is all that that worry involved than the sleeplessness all that stuff contributes like if you live long, be healthy. You know keep your memory get some rest it up the idea, but so that over the years that are I'm didn you I've been always trying to.
It's gotta, have everyone's approval everyone's over driver, you name you gotta, have it must? Yes, Montague spends most of her weak with me. It gets tiresome I'd like to think of that in a little better than you do. By nature. You have a very even temperament, right, you're, crazy. No, I mean, maybe the veneer. Ok, you know a practised appearance of trying to sing like do they know, I'm crazy. How can you just hold it together? Ok outside here, because it here's the blanks I filled in. In my insecurity, but all the times I've met, you might look. He could be a very laid back guy or option b and I can put some real time into this. He thinks
a hack. He thinks I'm mom, I'm not a serious accurate. He is a serious actor. He thinks I'm money, Hungary and I'll do anything which is by the way completely truth is that these are one I'll walk away. Sometimes I'm like that that I just think of the list of things you're going through or like a guy he's who arrogance he's tall. What's going out of the sky noticing it all, let me tell you some: we are those two kids who have been set up to fight in the back of the school. I dont have those those opinions with the one interaction I can remember with you. Had a similar experience in my own. Had it was Christmas Eve I think. Ok can. I was walking, my kids in some knows what we like to do is go around. Sing for the neighbours which when asked to just now the words that senior, but we were on our way back and I was straggling Irving. I saw you, you were coming up that same our you're talking. I called out as it merry Christmas suitor within some
How are they enthusiasm in you? You sent backer, occur show me a thought was remarking me: you marry agribusiness. All oh like it's! Not merry Christmas, this guy's going Christmas, but maybe it wasn't the case. None at all. I've wanted your approval and friendship. Since I moved in behind you. In fact, I pray would have laughed, but I just haven't got met yet so I will not leave this near her until I know you like me, I, like you, they'll, be a lot of projecting in this cause. I'm stuck in my own point of view, but lotta parallels you and I presume the same age, my maybe six months older than you. We don't have older brothers. We both have our godfathers. Both have single mother, raised by there's a lot of stuff, and I wonder the fact that we would both have those assumptions. Is that just the price you pay of being a young
brother, because my brother was looking for anyway in to fuck with me, and so I just want to get really good at a assuming. His intentions were the worst and then We need some kind of prepared defence at all times. I could not possibly just mosey around my house peacefully, expecting benevolence to come from Is it a little brother thing me, We ban and I were pretty. I was tortured like any your brother Yale, but I was pretty coming out, avoiding it and finding my own way alike, see it coming and sort of sidestepping different ways. So I don't think back on my childhood been traumatized by someone older, bigger, stronger. You know I do think back on us as being like good friends right or what you guys are low closer. I guess what are you two years apart as three years borri? Ok, my brother's five. I wasn't a tag along for much more than maybe you're right.
I was probably more tag along. I felt, which is a nice thing. Yeah you. Nevertheless, I do deaf have those feelings you know spend a lifetime and probably will analyzing your childhood lead you to become this person. You are now and then at seventy five thinking back in your forty. You know seeing yourself as a kid of sorts, wondering how you got to become much more. Seventy five it'll never stop. Right but my mom when she turned sixty five, what it was like and she said everything glows which she was being like intentionally cryptic. I think, but are also interpreted. That is being that this sort of all the bad. Parts, sort of were softened, but also memory itself was sort of blurring everything into a really nostalgic vision of her past, just in general yeah. I saw hope that that's what happens because
still, although my memories of four out of ten now feels that way. My memories have a sharp edged, Jeremy, Sharp and those sharp edges, other things a cut in two years, you go when you think about a young american miss, and then he yielded back in the same tone and modern disliked by everyone in the community. I totally agree with you when twenties, I'm always kind trying to debate in my head is just stopped mother childhood you're here you like, where your ass for the most part and just be in today and forget about that. But all roads led back to what it's like anything. I'm trigger buyer defensive It really is embarrassingly simple that it's really all based in those, maybe even ten years, those first ten years like it's, it's ridiculous. How hard it is to escape that the parties like what is put to bed and move forward.
Like there's no moving forward until I can kind of deconstruct that are unravel at all and just noticed when something's at, like, I think, you're. Judging me for being a bad actor, and you know that does that that's not really happening. What's happening is something from one: I'm ten, that's gonna relevant for media, right size. My interactions you now year at its helpful to move through your day. You know me if you can go like this data, Judging me for being a bad actor, you probably don't care whose a good or bad actor I like. I don't really care you now, not in the night. I also don't think myself as being a good great actor by my estimation, media, but I think one thing it does when you feel punished by the thoughts of others, you start to think a little bit How do I perceive people? What are my and our thoughts about people? It's probably not so similar to the experience that there have been more people are more similar than they are dissimilar. So I'm probably feeling marked
maybe he's feeling a little bit marked by me, and you know. One thing I I do is to remember that, like when you see others you're looking through a dense fog of your own in securities of your own ignorance and inherited prejudice. All these things in the hour, you of any thought that you're gonna hold onto now think about that. First, that, like fog, that you have to look through before you see someone else and that everyone is having same experience. Yes, even physiologically your eyes are functioning on the same levels. Mine could be better could be worse. Our ears aren't perceiving the same. All the same registries ends up. You know we're actually taking indifferent. I shall begin with and then we're putting it through this fucked up software we ve developed over the last forty four years. You soon to be forty four years, but it's Remember that I had a moment. Yes, I visited my wife onset for her birthday. I was like talking to this guy.
Of media who I worked with on another show in he was showing me some motorcycle videos, and I was quickly trying to tell him about my motorcycle stuff- and I realize in this moment, like you're, not eight trying to get the approval of the cool guys like too, do wants your approval and get out of your own way in give this guy approval, but I was born by my own, like one I did this and I wrote written on that track and tracking Bavaw, but in I was just like. Oh, it's really easy to not be or her who you are in the in the world to forget about how other people are saying you or even like I was the boss on two different movies. Directed to different movies. At no point, although clear Lee and logically intellectually I was like while I am the boss, but I am still twelve
and there's no way, I'm the boss of anyone in there's not like they're, all in and the joke, and I'm just not seen myself as a boss and then of course, no years later, I'm like boy was the boss in I didn't take that end in. I should have some situations that you see come up. You're like oh, I have a power. Someone I would have never thought I had a power over somebody. Yes, I've gotta and not been aware of exactly what the responsibilities of that role entailed and not the thought of myself as the boss being aware of how others do see you at all just is in specifically- and I, like professor environment sheriff is important, even if you are behaving the way you should or have good intention. In all your aware that, like everyone fine here, like your sense of decency as a human, your radars intact, if you're, not sort of abiding by, are aware of the guideline
fines of a professional environment, your vulnerable to people saying like yo you're, not behaving responsibly, and that has all kind of tentacles oh yeah, being a boss means all ton of things like. I was not prepared for some time. The first move, direct Murat around so here. I wish that I had understood that better then doesn't mean to say that it was in a messy situation. It's complicated, but certainly I try to look for like no matter what is going on like, even if I feel like my angriest most offensive and most victims He's myself, look quick to feel her other people. My fears victimized yeah like do the dig deep, I have like what is the other person's point of view. Has that other person feel and yeah, and what could you have done to make that experience better for bless the lesson in it for me and on that movie I directed puzzle of ten years ago. I learned a lot of that and then I do another movie recently and I took it
that's a heart but- and I can give an example I would we were watching the sixty minutes special about some issues at spotted PIG in New York, which the restaurant I fucking love and of their million times and so christen. I were watching it in this woman, an employee of one of the guys. There was was saying what they were in a car together in it was late at night choosing to drive him somewhere and then he leaned over inserted, kissing her and she said I just froze I completely froze. I didn't know what to do, and then we heard like the account from a couple the Ladys that had the same reaction in I had this think to myself. Why Oh, that's new information for me, I never would have assumed when I went to kiss a girl. If she didn't say: oh, no, thank you or move away. That would be my signal. I never an option for meeting and I never would have thought of as I will. She might freeze that might be the reaction
and so I got a really check in with that. That sense, something I am again trap to my own perspective. Worse, if you lean over try to kiss me right now, as you owe nothing, the right move, my body and knows what I that's, what I think the options are and then learned, I'm fuckin forty four. I learned a urine half ago than an option is to completely get paralyzed with fear and freeze, and I was like Why, when I start running my whole life through the fuck, camera now, and I think of that. Unlike owed, it was dark room. Just freeze, like you know, take on new information and I get a little scared. I now know going forward fingers cross. I I won't have to find out a married, but while that's good information for me to have going forward, I mean every lesson like that when you're like honest with yourself, if processed properly, is good information going forward and like a lot of people, go like what's the new rule book and we don't know, what's what's right and what's,
what people, how people should behave anymore. They gonna throw up their hands as a sort of underhanded criticism of the other cultural shift. That is happening, and I think that's not fair- because there's always a kind of new rule book- and some here are always learning new things and you becoming a more thoughtful person and just culturally that's the way it goes. People realise there are lessons that they were taught. Ideas that they were reared on, that's were deficient, Will you and I might have been taught? Well, no means? No, that's a slogan. You know, like you, ask somebody of raw to kiss you They say no, you leave me alone and by the way that was the bar for me. That was growing up right, and why is that deficient? It's important for people to understand that not just to be told that but understand well, if it's the vision, because
as you point out, some one might just be freezing they might be that uncomfortable or because, even if you just ask once- and you ask very nicely- and they say no, when you leave me alone after that- it still might be wrong because you're, in an environment where it's an appropriate like, for example, you both work in the same office or something or I'll say no or whatever it is you so re. Examining the things that we were raised on you know is sort of what I feel like we're. All about you. I keep getting better a little bit culturally. I can tell you Right now, if I were single, I would not be operating the way I did fifteen years ago learned a lot fifteen years in my behaviour, would not be the same like I. Raising a paradigm. Were you tried to get laid is much as you could and should
in charge, the brake paddle and when she finally led up, you are going to build. That was the cat and mouse. I was raised on an that's, not how it is now, nor should it have ever been or going forward should it be, but I recognise like I wouldn't lived my life going forward, the where have in the past, which you know good yeah. I mean, I think it's also. Ok, then, The people are a little unsure of what's acceptable baby, it's good that people are walking around on eggshells, a little bit for the time being, the other. That's like a sign of like there's. Some growth happening. Conversations are happening that are making people feel like they aren't really totally sure if they should as you say, just like out there in trying to get laid it inside someone else's responsibility put the brakes on, but I I think that, like one of the problems that is- and this is said by million other people but like one of them,
it is so blue blindingly the dumb about the make Amerika great slogan. Is that like America, as always, been great because it was an idea, what makes a great is that it keeps getting better so going back saying gonna a regressive point of view make Amerika great again. The implies that it was better back there yet another time which is antithetical to the whole spirit of country and our culture, which is to always try to be a little bit better? Yes, though, the great thing about America is the declaration of the virtues it's gonna pursue and we just chief them at the levels that we still all aspire to so yeah. It's all working towards this great declaration of what were aiming towards then, and also its like when they say that if you have the distance between yourself and adore, you'll never reached the door because your own
getting halfway there each time and so that improvements may become teeny tiny increments, but there still improvements. We elected Barack Obama, what a giant leap forward still he could not. Openly support gay marriage when he was among the out now we have seventy two different selections for gender on Facebook than in the past eight years over yonder and taken a huge step forward there, and it's just going to continue that way. Yeah yeah I went please, thank God, I'm out of here. Yes, all that's true, and the only way to move forward is to listen to people and have conversation so there's a current sort of negativity happening people just don't want to hear the other side or they don't wanna, allow people to learn, and they just want people to automatically know the right thing to do, and I think we have to be like mistake,
we're gonna happen in this process and you can't ostracize everyone whose made any mistake. It's a problem. I think, because everyone makes mistake, grass, a pathway to redemption yeah forgiveness and all those that, yes, we can disliked once tracking for a while, yet which it sort of feels like right now, which I think is stifling some of the actual conversation. I think the only way to move forward is like really be talking about it in a real way, not enough fearful way, I agree with everything you're saying completely. I would only add to that just like from personal experience that, in addition, there has to be a sense of curiosity about other people that's what you think you know about them might not actually know about them. Yeah, that's not just. Should we forgive this person with whom decided is made a mistake or Should we also allow for the fact that, maybe we don't know people as well as with
We know them when they're. Just presented in the public sphere, Riah variety right guy, so let's go back to mass juices. Do we have similar dad's dead loved, yeah it's over now or was over this mom like the most perfect human He never live three great regret so for me: mom is the number one gal of all time and always will be in this man who fuckin left turned bay. Child support kept the family home because he had to be They in antagonism story in this narrative. Through its own actions and then just my desire to punish him, I did not give him a chance really at all. You know it takes time and having kids and perspective too like allow that person to be human and stuff, and I was wondering if you had any of those complicated feelings about your down my feelings, my dad or less complicated than they used to be because about fifteen Does, after doing a lot of,
thinking about it, decided to confront those feelings? It myself talk to him about it. Thought through in my own, like twenty five old version of that. I wanted to talk to both my parents about everything that happened in my childhood, we'll talk about it kind of thing and things aren't you a lot easier? You know I don't have any hard feelings. My dad at all. I really a woman. I know that getting sober effort that I was fourteen answer was a very, very hard thing for him to do, and I did understand it. Then I didn't understand what he was going through. How pay for his life must have then for the first forty There is my life, I don't know anything about his childhood and learning about the things that he experienced, which are way more dramatic things that I've had to go through. I see that he sort of moved the mountain to make my life a little bit easier than his here very very hard childhood and I thought my child.
The results are dramatic, full scary things and I see how what he's done to be able to come through and be the person he is now and he was about his bad as our colleague as you could possibly get. He just went from like time I could remember, which is around five. Ex yours, old age, just went straight down here. He was homeless forbear even no idea. He was just a guy living on the street. While we couldn't find em did exist, it get accelerated by getting force, had imagined that make me the last five years from when you are nine to fourteen may being nosedive. Maybe maybe that was the report was holding it together a little bit or it started to happen, and that is what precipitated the divorce. I remember the apartment our third floor above us that there is a stairway Oppenheimer, finding mountain of empty beer cans and thin hidden under the stairwell. So I know that even then, at that age a new like this is a secret. You know yeah that as a first realisation that like why the drinking beer secret,
most probably six or seven or something and you develop, did you I feel like I developed speedy senses from not only my dad. But then I had a string of alcoholic step, fathers and the next, and I just developed, is very cute. Reading everyone's temperature at all times who about to turn How do I break the tension of where this is going? I can feel it coming in. I just have this sixth sense now of a rat when things were about to turn gnarly ats calling and Spidey answers like a really putting a real positive spin on. I think it's a kind of PTSD unpredict dealing with unpredictable behave. You're when you're a little kid yeah I mean I saw the plane, hit the tower and nine Slash eleven. I was there Wausau the plane go into the building explode, the other side and four years, afterward the sound the plane or allowed truck, or things have like that were very jarring- that isn't spidey sense of something bad.
That is just like dealing with the trauma of something that the did yeah, you were physics, He standing and lower Manhattan and watch with your own eyes. What's my own eyes, why holy fuck in in did you go through the same thing, all of us? yours did whereas, like other persons like, why would a crazy accident and then the second one you like? Oh, this is not an accident, or did you feel what the fuck twenty. I owe this is not the I saw the second I saw a second want. The man was on fire and and will I was standing at the window of my apartment, and I was looking at the building on fire. We were facing south, airplane coming up from the south, and I just thought that, and so low as net no connection between the two right, that's too low, and then the bank at the last minute, a play into one side of the building and did not come out. The images of fireball comes out the other side, and it was so strong
and it was like watching. You know your dog just walk up and eat them. Ouch. Hyaena seem to physically be possible that, like how can a playing go into a building? There was nothing in my past experience to put that in context, and I just went. I think I am not proud of this poor thing. I just kind of chuckled at their like it fit as a real, so we're that plane just disappeared into the that's funny. Get it- you know yeah, that's what I dont know absurdity of yet even those like a little kid. I was always kind of waiting for that that the fabric of reality to tear you know her and are met in a situation that You know rare and extraordinary would make you a little bit just feeling Oh it might react like what's happening to reality. Cause that's not a possibility in the physics of the numbers I live and exactly yam while stay
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I'm reading everyone. I think everyone's up to no good. At that thing, I say about my wife and I the difference between us is that we see a stranger coming out us on the sidewalk. I think, like us, guys gonna try to steal my wallet and she's like adding. They can, like your cancer, look, we ve done is about. We are literally seeing the world and that opposite of away. That's really. My name is totally unrelated story. I have this at the same kind of thing about myself and about like basically a negative outcome. Is the like. Ninety nine percent- and I mean That'S- probably what's gonna happen. Maybe something else happened, but I was the your modem is something different, which is that I was walking down the street near. Anyone time and there's this guy in front of me as much younger, and this is why I was so stupid and judgmental, and I'm followed sky and his head to toe lack leather boots. Their pants, a leather like trench coat, the middle the summer in midtown, is carrying guitars, how lawyer and I was like
this guy, you know, like he's, lived his life trying to be like a rockstar and it just didn't, make it and won't let go of it he's not going to like face the reality of it in every time He turned it. Just so happens that I was turning to like it does what it was weird things. Were you not following the person, but they keep going the route, and I was like so at all time to take him in, and I was like being in my hedge, very, very judgmental and just imagine what is life, as no hearted is let go of your dreams and rely hang onto it any finally get to a place of dealing with really sorry for also like throw then I get to the coroner stops because he's waiting to cross. I finally catch up to him and I get up there in the corner and I sort of glance at his face Kevin Bacon, possibly right.
Yeah. I think you know, I think it says a lot about what we fear will happen does is for sure right, you're, just like you just fuckin projecting That's very ironic, though, because the first thing you ever did right was with Colombia in your thirteen was a thirteen year. Thirteen did, you say like Will you knew him or eat in it? I that that have been funded, say like house thirteen, I know I did that once I ran because on that set he met here Sedgwick. I was a little kid only there, because my mom's family friend was king at major needed like a little kid to be in this period, shooting in our own town, and so they, me do it. I want like
spiralling, I had no concept of career, so he was there and cured three met your Sedgwick and they are both really lovely, and I remember them being spoke. Super nice to me in an anyway saw them years and years later, this verdict three years ago, I kind of themselves. The first time and I went up there were in a car. I said: hey, I'm Casey African. I was a little kid now is in this thing, with you and when curios like nice to meet, you knows it. No, I was in a we met before I was in it. We shall you did. She was like distracted using a how great really nice to meet you live in a remote Yang us then. If you get kind of burned, wants your primary hearing it up again at you but then in another thing, at fifteen right the Kennedys story, my mother's best friend, was the local casting. Returned the city that we grew up in and her daughter and I were kind of best for
screwing up number of Shannon and I kind of like sister and brother burden. So any time there was like a job in Boston came just choose its, which used to be not there and now it is very often, but they were just bring us in for like a day off from school, you to be an extra thing, and occasionally that give us bigger parts if a new low kids say something here, so that I got that, wasn't it never have May your mother, nor heard a thing about her. Just two things to clues: I'm going by one is your birth name is hyphenated right. You have her lady, I'm so would that clue and the fact that she was Harvard educated, I guess in the seventies, sixty sixties. That makes me think your mom's a b yeah she's, a beast he's vs rye raise the two of us. She did. It survive on own not only on our own, but dealing with difficult relationship that did when I was around seven or eight and they get divorced and then having to drivers? oversea am he's passed out
we can find the apartment that he's dying and now or taking us to you know our meetings out in meetings all that stuff, that's the other in same parallel. We have, I don't think I've met anyone. That's also Benda reality in is a hard man. Why I started to go like I moved in with my dad for ninth and tenth grade. He had no rules for me, sales Ladys, I wanna. Whatever the only rule was you have to go to a meeting once a week so like that you're involved in this process with me kind. So if the first thing was, I go to Alan Team, I witnessed like this is terrible. This is like after school special I'm just going to a meeting, because I relate to those people, so I weirdly was a before and ever even became an act because I thought eighteen was lame. Yeah I mean look
It was late when he's there's like this is. The only aim is to drop me off it develop Bible study years ago. It was always in the basement of a church. Down I mean would also like I'm a drop, unlike you offer the basin and you have a dual role playing you'd have to pretend to be your parent firm, a bunch of kids. I was always younger. It felt like they were Tina, yours and I was like eleven iris than there are cooler and kind of the was rewarded. There was like the more you know what she did. Situation. Your kneeling was was cut, an elevated you status lies, and I just didn't identify with being victim me either right. So you were a kid sitting in a meeting of the virtues of attic such hard CORE Detroit attics here, and I would identify ISM, GINO I your name in that year, an alcoholic and a bit clearly wasn't so, I would say, I'm Dax I've alcoholic tendencies which proved to be very true,
like I need something that you know will be invited to this day we're fine with everyone's? Finally, they ve got away. What Mamma, quick question by you tell it before we move on to it is done in professional career. You guys went to Mexico for a year. We not my mother was its schoolteacher fifth grade. Teacher issue is the tutor for a bunch of kids. Your on a PBS show was a bunch of kids, those on the docks, Here is there's like an educational series to be shown in classrooms than my brother is one of the kids on I was just dragged along because my dad wasn't in care me MA and my mom had to go and do that and so we went to live in Mexico. Years, I wasn't on the show I was just there in Mexico over it was amazing, isn't the best memories? Is it well? You re amazing what part of Mexico we were all over a lot of ports and that have now become sadly like really just ripped up our tourism in digging and destroyed equal
logically naturally, but are we Mexico City for a really long time, with an we were in all over the Yucatan. We were in places like Polenka. It was like rule inside a jungle that had not been cleared and we will lose like not a place? People are going to and I had to get up because it was a set and there are making a show there still getting up before dawn and stuff, and I d have to do that to so. I'd get up dark and go into this jungle and spend all day light just hanging around the set where their ratings kind of just my memory, at least
just being on my own. You know right cannot rely on the way the kids used to be, and there was a great experience. It again, more checks in the your mom being beast category because taking to boil down to Mexico for years a pretty bold move. She did it all. She was great and she was very well educated. She probably could have done other things, but she was a school teacher and underpaid as they all are over worked. There are given a bunch of shit constantly through the bureaucracy of the school system. You know, and so she was a kind of a superhero, but you as a kid. Your unaware of that you know is still resent your parents in part of when I older. I realize you know I unfairly resent my mom as being the person was constantly correcting ass, never letting as to stuff. Never you know the always punishing us and making you do my homework and make me a good grades and all that stuff and in a way that I don't feel about my dad, but just
because he was in their yeah yeah yeah, lately unfair yeah. That said, I love my father loved them both and, I think he's become of our guide and a great friend and a great grandfather. But definitely was since you know yet must be really charismatic. That was my other deduction. If she's like, Harvard educated and he was gone from jobs, jobs, jobs, must have been real charismatic. Yes, I mean your brain gets any so kit and booze. It loses a lot of her, as my you know. Yet when he got sober, I was like fourteen. But he went into this place called the ABC Club, which is basically for people who It's like state mandated like go there or go to prison. Go spend six months, it abc Glauber, you locked up, not cushy, it's pretty hard and I went the visit em. You know, and I was like a junior high school. I gotta go and visit and there was a different person.
It was like meeting a stranger someone. I never knew the I just didn't. Remember you know personality or when he was drinking beer. So when you graduate go, you moved to allay briefly right. I moved out here I got into doing theatre in high school and I thought It seems far in our do this, and then I didn't. We know anyone would ever really worked. So I ve gotten a car. My best ran and we drove out too who else and we lived in Eagle Rock, which we thought was like. Don't worry on yeah Angeles, aided mission accomplished here and try to find agent took me all year to find an agent. It was a tough go. I was working as a busboy because I wasn't yet eight. Even so. I couldn't sir alcohol and then I can't get a couple additions and more oculus. I got one of those parts out of like the five additions that I got that year. You know most mostly saved by the Bell by the Bell saved a sum
movie. They happen. We looking for kids from like the northeast or something I got that job, and so I was planning on leaving airline just gonna, try to go to college and do other stuff. I gathered when did it is a movie called to die or than after that, which is Gus fan samurai. Yet this starts of friendship between you guys totally bia. Sometimes luck, right, just kind of happens for your first thing to have been with you at him. Yeah. Definitely it was. Lock and also lucky that he was the kind of person who like likes being a mental. You know you're a fool guy who is like you know, very open to me. Let me be an error. Iran on is movies. Anyhow, he really taught me a lot. He was actually other my neighbor, who came down and knocked at the door and nine eleven and said hey that will trade centres on fire and got me out of bed and I went and looked at the look out the window, so we stayed close friends and I did a bunch of movies with him, but after but we did I, for I did not intend to keep working got out of our money at the time,
I thought it was just going back away would be more like are things I didn't want to do and I didn't feel like I was having a ton of success, so I went to school and went to cook to schools riding on the George Washington and then to Colombia, I went to George Washington, my high school girlfriend. I was going there, a sort of why I just wanted to go so I went there and I spent about semester there. I'm glad you said that, because there is like, I could feel a missing piece to this puzzles like you just do a movie and in your first honest, until I got his. There has to be some other there variable in the equation, also thought like that, like that, like politics, I, like I go be in DC and go be with her a little bit in that. That seemed to make sense to me the time and internet didn't work out. You know it kind of fizzled a bit and then I was like I'll go: live in New York supplied to school in New York. I went there off and on for a couple years going to
the master taking his master off the train, our money, which was at the time a lot of India, movies movies and it was cut easier to find like little jobs and have to make much money. So you just go and take whatever job literally end thing that they would hire you all. You do it and go back to school, and I love that things are going. May I add a preface by saying that when I say it's her favorite movie, I dont think you'll ever really comprehend to what level it's her favorite movie. Monica has both being goodwill hunting in the hundreds of times in all through high school? She would sitting class in just watch the movie, the age ass, and I would just watch in Rwanda and watch and wine and watch. I watched it so many times that in school I could just why yet in my brain, worrying provider was again and I will just zone out and just be their enjoy it had such an impact on my life will
what was that about the movie, the lack of a cure boys. I was an eighth grades about. What's that was part of it? I guess it was it was used to seeing teen movies at that time, limit that was a saccharine, the wrong coms and those who, then I liked others movies. But then I saw this and I was like. Oh, this is a movie. This is doing something to me. I'm feeling something I'm invested in these people yeah. I guess it was probably the first time I fell back and still my favorite movie, and I, when I want you now met. It holds up here it's one of my favorites too, but I have an actual theory and why I really liked it why it so good for us also just when I had my first day with a girl in a being with for nine years, was sitting on the floor of
am see in Sentry City has all the seats were sold out and we just sat on the farm. What's that movie on the carpet? But theory is, we all feel we hope or special, and then it just has been discovered by It's the ultimate wish fulfilment. We all have something really unique and special and brilliant about us. That's waiting to be discovered. I mean not to reduce it to this, but we all feel like words You said. No one realizes is a gene right, Aslan some level. Even if you re like you, recognize you're, not a book genius or something. What did you do? Have a theory since that seems like a good I thought that it really had impact culturally and so many individuals, just because a market yeah, yeah yeah. I think that goes without saying here
with a knowing complain about the movie, is that you weren't in every four. I have only criticism of its a beautifully written story, and it also, I think the like, but Gus took a script. There was one any really like fell the way it soon make you route for the characters and route for the friendships and away they always does. It is movies the score reserve we're marks are, I think that both of you ever take laid it better than I am about why it sort of caught fire. In that way and why it still why holds up and while can still be very moving watching at even after twenty five years, but like the little thing as I saw a sort of develop from like a draught of extremely the gas coming on to making the movie all those things all the little things that he brought. Like the score, unlike what he'd sort of done with my own private item, of making those characters like these beautiful siders beautifully, misunderstood people forgotten looked over yeah yeah and that sort of
what you are saying is that, like the captures that feeling If somebody feeling overlooked or feeling like there's more to them than others see, and why This is lore, but I had heard through the grapevine that the original script, there was a whole third act were Matt goes to work for a like the Anna say in there's like almost and espionage aspect to it or destruction from within fighting the system. Was there a whole there was that only I was in there and then I don't think that was in the burgeoning Gus was ever gonna do like it was a shot and cut out. Ok raise just one of the many traps that they wrote. It's a great example: vow movie can go through. Like a million different lives before it finds its way to the screen, and that movie was man movie or this person we we're that person movie and, and they all looked completely different. Luckily,
what if it came and found it somewhat like the best possible path. Sometimes I see movies and I think I bet there's a better movie in there. You can see you're at the wrong parents and then sort of took a wrong turn when you did. That is that now, the first that's a hugely successful movie. And you must now be thinking like oh I've, my foot in the door now in a big way, or did you think that If I was smart, I would have been aware of the you know, but like looking back on my career, I have never ever had that kind of self awareness and or professional dance. I just didn't think like. Ok now let me use this to our advantage. This is an opportunity. I don't even want to do that movie. I had started to be Joe those in school. At the time I was like an liking that I didn't really love the part I was like I'm I come how those leave school first semester in go, do like three scenes of the guy just
is also sitting at the table dinner me right away the time to do, but I was like I really loved gas and no my brother and match their electors come, do it'll, be fine and it it'll be a big to be in Boston for I ought to be a good thing. You know, and so I went to do I had no idea that like Modoc goes out, earlier, and I didn't have any sense. Afterward that, like I oughta, be capitalist our success rang and I still didn't think that way. I was, I did another movie that was like these S. Newsome Jesse James, which was a complete Failure in some sense I mean just box office, also really beautiful, movie and- and I had been singled out as being like. Oh that was a good performance, and then I didn't work for two years or something you know I went and did like some stupid homemade movie with my friend. Instead, yeah I've never taken those kinds of opportunities, been careerists or of thought like a career yeah away that never mind,
being shrewd or just even like comments say I locked in that department. What I feel like I share with you is I didn't move here cuz. I thought I was going to be successful in this. I was like I'll, never make it, but I'm going to prove. A regret I'll be very mad at myself. If I have not tried this, I unknowingly or unwittingly manifest that a lot of stuff which you can do. Is you find what you're looking for here? Look for confirmation that the story you ve told yourself is correct. You will find it is your brains. You point because in fact I said this to Monica before you came here today as like I watch the assassination of Jesse James and, I think, like a lot of people like. Oh my fucking god I can't believe how good you are you're incredible and that movie this guy is a christian ballot like that movie for me made me a huge fan of yours. That's very nice. You got nominated wriggled glove for aside for right and then
do gone, maybe gone right there, as well right. Two thousand. I did that movie before assassination. Just came out: ok, ok again, I see that movie and I'm like now, why not only go like oh he's an amazing character actor. I'm now like nothing, the movie star. I can follow this guy through a whole movie. I can watch him walk down the street. I can watch him sitting at a table thinking about whatever's on his mind, I'm all in I'm buying stock in you, you a lot but then at that moment to your point a moment that you could have probably really capitalized in some way you decide to go, make a movie, and I wonder, looking back with the perspective But today I may even the premise of the movie really is self sabotage. I'm a huge cells advertiser. It's my hobby, I made an art form of it
Wonder: do you think on any level there was. This is too good to be true. This can't be here. My. This is gonna go away to Morrow and somehow I'm then prove that probably, on some level little back here again, never knowingly right, you're, not like? Oh, I wasn't like a photo ruined goodwill. Yeah, I didn't see I didn't Neither are too to the sort of blossoming in front of me. I just didn't see it, but by the way who could you not optimistic right? So you're, not thinking? Oh now, great things are gonna happen, you're right, but let me go That's very nice, wassail does things about me and I don't mean this with like any smart estate, but I think it's just bullshit. I mean I think that basically like anybody could have done those ports in the you would be thinking of exactly the same thing about them. Not my theory is, I disagree. My theory is that there are people who it is largely like the director. The context. The whole thing is making that and there
this evidence of this, like likely movies, are people never worked before, and you put them in that context and the performances are a spectacular and you think I was there. Mormons. Is it just this person? I don't really know it is mostly all of it. It's like the director of the dp being aware of what their photograph everything is working in their favour. I know for a fact that there are fifty people could have done those same things that Jesse James was a movie that was handmade by this director who knew every detail of what he was doing and he would have that front are alot of people. By the way I was like. The fifth choice seem forgot they were gone then asked if I could help him get in touch with our ruffled number, this person efforts- and I mean I only think- that's true- it's not over you. It's true Ramona, it's true for anybody now. I think you have a specific lane. That is absolutely brilliant and amazing captivating in it's the most truthful thing and you could have easily been,
I shall tee, but you were allowed to do the thing you actually our specialist staff and then people got to see that so accessing the dead opposite. What you're saying I think, you're a specialist and I think it can be a very hard road for a specialist and often failure is pretty likely. But when you got to do the thing you can do brilliantly, you were brilliant, that's very generously, but here's my take on that. I think that, like a director building a house, and it may be a very beautiful house. People really love, and I am one of the pieces of material and it might be that, like I'm better, it's things. As you're saying I have a lane, I'm really good at this, I'm I'm a nail. You know I'm saying and this directors like the nail, and it works perfectly. Never like Manchester by the sea. Amazing beauty movie, it's ninety nine point nine percent Kenny on again and then there are the tools that he used to put us in there. I am if, in some cases, screw is called for and a director
puts me in there and I'm a nail he's like I'm going to make it work. He kind of makes it work and I'm not it's not exactly. I'm not the best and tool for that life is Your makes it work. It's true. You can't put me unto, Sir, things. I don't do that. Well, like heist, movies and comedies and those kinds of light, our things there. People were way better at that, but I can, if the directors really good like Steven our or someone They'll find a way to like fit me and now Ok, so again, you're completely wrong. Here's the intrinsic gifts that you have in and I recognise its all of us it has every one of us is a facade. You have the believable appearance as being someone who doesn't need approval doesn't need to be light. That is a very unique gift in thing that actually, I don't believe in fact I've taught my wife out of doing roles that she could have done there.
Question. She's got the skill set to do anything under the sun should us, but she is also intrinsically likeable and she's, intrinsically sparkly ants, like yeah. You could put all this work in into flattening all that and you could pull it off, but what on earth? Why would you do that? That's like asking Shaquille to take fuckin three point: shots did. Why do that? You have this thing, so I think you have this very visceral: walk, through life. I don't care if you like me again. I think it's a defence mechanism, but I think it's the real defence, but I think it's rooted in all the truth of you as a person is a hate myself it yet good. The good ones there in that. That is a unique skill set to you that I disagree that you can plug everyone in people to pull it off, but I think you you definitely have in those roles. There's been like five of them where you like. Now I don't know you're gonna get that's going
a better boil them one thing about that. There are movies that are seemingly perfect, that have bad performances, so it's not like just because I'm and access I'd about this about you being great. You can't just like put in the mediocre actor and get a great performance. I know, although you run their org we'll directors that have made that's their gift. The guy with three names, sideways and Alexander Pain, Everyone in and urbane movie is perfect. I'm even I gotta. Oh, you disagree Alexander Pain. I now allegory you're right MIKE Nicholls, there's some people that really somehow everyone's brilliant in the Ruins room the current brothers I mean it's look. You can't do it with a podcast
Jim saying either you're really good at doing an interview or you're, not you mean, like you, guys, are clearly good it having conversations making them interesting getting into what this thing about a person all that, but I think with a movie because they're like three hundred people involved the the thing there's a lot of like lifting up other people, lifting up in What are we celebrate its preposterous to have these award shows where you ve got one person on the ice in credit for four c of other peoples were ass. Yes, it's really ridiculous, and it's done just for the purposes of They sell selling movies in selling tv and it's become a tv. There were three ratings in itself. Is an industry, its industry and the ridiculous. I think that Truth is between you and Monica ok we're both right and when the men on yeah, you can definitely be lifted by the tide of a movie, but you also ino, if you're, fuckin, brilliant and yet movies that don't work to me. That's a testament to how good someone is stated.
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Dead body on this island in someone's, bought the on they're gonna build a house are gonna, find the body I buried there in the nineties in that its over the that I just live. That, I think, is from the years of being an attic, but When I saw Mozart yeah, I think maybe I burnt down passing family. My fucking, blinded out it straight sheriff similar. We I was James. I heard once someone say something that stuck with me: that's good people dream their bad and bad people dream you're good. I don't know it's. I believe that there are good and bad people, but I do think that there is some truth in that that, like people who really care about being, spend a lot of time worrying about and my bad idea my done something bad that I accidentally do something bad and answer being themselves:
about it and it manifests in these like bad dreams and ass. These fears that you have and I've had been haunted by recurring dreams. My whole life, since I was a little kid same once and trying to figure out like what those are really is, has something to do with. Why I, like movies and storytelling, I read Joseph camels book. He talks about how, like the dream, is the personalized myth and the myth. Is the de personalized dream that we share, that we haven't com realise having common, and I think that through like storytelling and all playing legal acting and creating these vague worlds has something to do with trying to understand those dreams in a yeah. I think also for me to it a router in a little bit of like I was the golden child in my family. My mother thought I was gonna become president. There was a scumbag sight of me who is not doing
that I knew she wanted me to do so. I ve always had this kind of by fear accorded life. Will it like one of the things that I learned parenting was that you notes telling your kids all the time like hell they are how they can do everything. How they're so amazing is a real burden like psychological burden to them, because everybody they know one some level that they aren't perfect. They know oh that they're not graded, every so great you're, the best thing you can do anything you and like an extension of that, is shame, is a natural emotion, shaming. Somebody is a mistake and you shouldn't allow yourself to be shamed by others here, but feeling shame is a natural phenomena as a human being. That helps us course correct. I've seen it My kids, very young age like hip their friend, he had a bloody.
It was by accident there fighting that too, are the nerve, sword, bloody knows and retreats into go just disappear. You find him in the corner in the other room as just feeling the shame of her hurt somebody not knowing how to say not knowing what overcame him in this nerf fight. You know, and it is natural and tell the in somewhere it's healthy. You understand it yet attempting to rob your kids of going through that whole process, but that is where we get the tools that I seem to not have at a certain point, the development and when your mother said to you, you know had this like held you up and thought you were this perfect golden child, there's a part of you that was like I'm not really behind just I insects and our basement last week and why you're out of town and my drawers, diction, I kept so perfectly hidden from her, but you'll even say this tastes like I have no idea. If that's what was going on. The last thing I thought you were doing was smoking crack in the carport of your Santa Monica?
you know well that strange most people run until their mom right away. When mom have you tried crack, I mean it is a real pick me up where you smoking crack the little that only when I couldn't get powdered guy rub preferred snorted, and then there be the point we're dealer would stop answering the phone at four. In the morning I gotta ghost town in my girlfriends car and then answered in the carport smoke crack in her car. Then walk in it. Like mine, Amorium ACT like I have been sleeping Baxter I mean just the prices. You shouldn't have much time. Did you spend on crack Probably like you know, twelve crack, benders, twelve total, like yeah yeah, yeah yeah. That's it that's I will say that significant significant, I will say the oil out and savers and means that the over the only time in my whole life have been high enough. As we mean three my but he's got some. Try it when I was at home visiting where it stopped
but like foreign morning were passing. The piper on, I think, is being hit. Capacity the peasant euro. What I'm fucking haven't already I'm having a heart attack back here. No one gives a shit just smoke, immigrants, they don't care, I'm having a harder. The pipe comes back to me for the first time in my life I passed it forward, oh and finally, enough like I got here, I'm having a heart attack where I want to be happy oh, my god, a minute past and I wasn't having a heart attack and I got in on it on the next go around, but that was the only all my my ears. In staff, whereas I am there, I'm dying hello, extra everybody's, going to the work of shame out an air when you're not having that ok. So let's go light of my life in the limited time that I run into you generally, when I run into you you're with your boys, I actually will look at
you're, not gonna, go I'll. Let's he experienced I'd, be having. If I had two boys The two girls you guys are like shooting mask it's your plane with ball. You right in that ridiculous, pickup truck you have my this is the boys life. This is It would be like, let me say, girls, you baskets girls. By way of a boy. My girls right, I might say, got other near now. Work believe me. I've set the bar hi, I'm just saying it's a very boy existence over in the. Traditional, outdated out market, all it fuck, you careful rears yes, that Dude House over there, I it's it's a dude, I think I saw wait bench in the garage like that. So, like twelve year old boy early, our old, I gotta get that weight beds. Forty four year old boy, I've got three sons and they both great fun, create company they loved. Do all these things are super sports. At the moment the fucking good lookin boys
Do you not there? He, where there are really really much better looking than I was about nine doing great. They mostly moms genes, is a huge relief. So I really love being apparent man. It's definitely been the best thing in my whole life and it's the thing that's like always the most fun, even when its incredibly, challenging and Terrier here at heart and stuff, and I'm already he sort of like thinking about them, leaving how hard that'll be in, but I hope that they say some are more than I go around my parents- probably not that's the. I always think of you- can't expect them you more than anyone here. I wonder if we share said all where this has been the very first thing. I've hung my identity on ladders, bedrock like when I have thought of Self, as a writer or a director or an actor they're, all bullshit, they go away. Missis
first thing in my life that, like I'm, proud of in a way that the I deserve to feel proud of, and it is an identity worth having that's nice, nice, and I feel like it's true. On the other hand, I think that, like my kids are, who they all, best parts of them all the beautiful parts of them who they are? More and more? I see it it's coming out of them and has very little to do with me. Yet I feel the same pride that you're talking about how to look at them and when I think of how important the job is being apparent and how I feel those same ways, but I think they'd be fine, but without me or with someone else you know you raising only be themselves, they be doing Willie's back there, but what you're right you? We have the police ourselves, my wife and I were constantly checking each other. It's like it's very tempting to let them just fuel your own ego in in that you'll. Look for ways similar to you. I think you can inadvertently box them in because there's some,
gratifying about seen yourself in another. Being you know it's like it's. It's is very tempting to focusing on that part of the four year olds, not afraid of authority. For me, you know, like we'll consular, remind ourselves like none of their an original that and just let them show you who they are not. You know it, but it's hard in its tempting. I think I can imagine anything else in life. It makes you more reflective, we're helps you learn more about yourself in the way they are talking about about life than having kids. You constantly being taught lesson you know in reflecting on your own childhood thinking about you, that age see yourself differently its given me both made me both like incredibly self critical and there's no critic louder or me about me than I beheld yellows ever said anything in the world and Those who media movie reviews this anywhere near as mean about me, as I say about myself here and still the there like a picnic,
I have and just sitting there watching them like, I fear the worst. I think that I've said, or mistakes are way, it is apparent that those thing the worst and last longer easier and then, on the other hand, you watch them. You see a little bit of yourself as a kid, and you suddenly have more empathy for yourself. You don't mean, and sometimes when I think about what I should do and asserts that you mission of very hard like a cry this moment, I'm trying to figure out how to handle it. I think like what are vice when I give to my kid if this were happening to them, and I got it myself that same advice, because I know that like I, there more than anything here and that that should be the advice. I try to give myself and it's usually like it's. Ok, you're. Ok, in Romania. We restate you did this, who did that or whatever you're? Ok, things will be. Ok, like that's the cost of. You find yourself sayings your kid speeding through believe it, and you don't want them to feel the way that I feel that you feel that so many people feel about them
selves and in that way, like being apparent, helps you sort of grow up and pear yourself from of yourself a but more. Despite all the horrible mistakes stakes you make is apparent, you know you get a tiny bit more empathy for yourself yeah. I totally agree with that. So when I read about light of my life, I was like, of course, is the stories time because my mind go straight to I'm gonna like this whole thing flip upside down and I'm gonna have to live through some whore with my kids and I'm gonna have to get them through and that's all on the horizon, and I obsess about these things or what I will do to a guy who hit one of my daughters, can't kill em cause, I'm going to prison, Snug Ino, I'm working on all these books, our scenarios because that's where my, those who know everything's gonna turn to shit yeah so
usher. The sun was dark, daydream scenario, building a friend cause a future tripping. You know thinking what the future this horrible thing it's going to happen now, I'm going to deal with it and then figure like none of this happening, I'm sitting in a room talking to three nice people, and that is in some ways the like genesis of that movie. This is movie about father, daughter, living on the periphery of opposed post, apocalyptic society. There's been like a biological kind of apocalypse, like some sort of outbreak. I love these kinds of movies and breaks post, buckles movies, and I think that I love them because they feel like over one thing. I just like movies. Were there huge catastrophe and the life goes on German. Hands appealing about these apocalypse movies is that it's like the worst was audible, stuff happens and their life goes on and I also think there's some sort of fantasy. I about like stripping away the clatter of Sis II, Eddie and findings
thing elemental underneath you were really matters so there's that than the other component of it was just the that's kind of all dressing in the thing that I really really cared about like that, I got discovered. War was writing. It was just the like parenting. You know it was like in this big science fiction, can see in this post speculative world, but really all the scenes are just like scenes that I've haven't like it's about why they have to put their jacket on before they get out or wherever it like those small domestic quarrels that happen and me reliving them, and then thinking I said like a real asshole, I'm going to computer right it out as a scene like you know, a way of processing at all and suddenly It became like a hundred and twenty pages of a screenplay, and then you, oh then, all this other stuff like ok, there is an outbreak. I guess that's, why they're living on the outskirts society and is trying to protect her from this violent means become a very violent society and all those things
came in later to give it some other shape, yeah, and it was a great variants Araby. Now ski was this girl who we founders, fantastic, so so good and has so amazing presence. It goes against like everything I say about, like anyone can do a job. He was like very magnet. Can the stereo S and could just step in and say any line, and you like, why tell me more you know and that that would be the most dreadful part of tackling what you just tackled is like what young actor is gonna be able to do this. That would be very stressful. For me. Was that process lengthy? We looked all over it, carpenters, guessing director and she just to endlessly sending tape. So patient and it's a tiny movies, are no money by anyone. All these people just did this work can of for nothing. And finally, we
and she's Canadian, which made easy commit to shoot and Canada, but I do think that, like any of the girls that we're the finalists disease little kids, they also would have been found tat take. It was just there was something about a combination of the right age and looking a little like me and all those things and also well Casey. First time I think I guess is ever walked here, exciting to have you. One is light of my life come out. It comes out for audience of three August nine ok, well Monarch, and I will be two of those three cases I adore you we're neighbors and I intend on Stayin here, for why are you gonna stay here while they're? Looking granting love me the please now, if I ever yo Merry Christmas, coming from the beautiful genuine place of wanting to connect with you and be friends with likewise, I think you, ok, go local your movie. Thank you very much, so we just fin. And then we just started talking about the complexity of your situation, and we thought there was
some may, maybe more to say very, very complicated situation gives you don't want it in any way appeared did not being supportive of the meat to movement. Of course, I can't imagine who, who would not be supportive of them I mean and on some will we have to say like that. That's an idea that even out there that there are people saying like we do not believe inequality and we think the workplace should be dangerous place for certain people and for others, and that's preposterous, and but it is very, very hard. Talk about, and it scares with mostly because the values of the meat to movement values that are light at this horror of my being just the way I was raised their baked into my own value system having been raised by a mother who was like didn't, let us watch dukes of Hazzard when we are like eight years old because it was sexist. You know, so it's really been the way that I thought by sometimes by certain people. Recently is just
and so had better go to like who I really am, that has been frustrating and not being able to talk about. It has been hard because I really wanted to to support all of that, but I felt like the best thing to do is just be quiet so that I did seem to be in opposition to something that I really wanted to champion be, I was gonna, say Basically, here the options on the table for you. So you do a movie you get sued by two of the women in the movie that the place was inappropriate and your not options now or to go those super line, in which case you seem like you're trying to silence victims. That's like risk number, one rights. Defend yourself and go now as not how I remember that whole thing going down so option. One is you defend yourself and you appear to be silencing victims? That's a shitty option, number two You acknowledge that, while the workplace that you were the boss of was not a great workplace by two days
standards for sure and maybe not by two thousand ten standards either or at the tail end of when doing drugs on asset would be cool. You can see look? The work environment was an ideal. I wouldn't do that again, but I am in no way was doing weird sexual stuff met. Ideally what you would want to save then number three issues ignore it and then Your silence use seem guilty and maybe fame. Written and then let me add in the component of by talking about it. Are you feeling more conversation on it? Are you adding oxygen to the fire or area? If you just be quiet We want all vengefully get over it, so those aren't great options and it was it's a spot to be an especially if you really do appreciate and want to be. Or of of the side that seems angriest, angers being directed at you and I we have decided well I'll, just stay quiet fruit, for you know mostly have talked about
a little bit honour that like ok, this is someone else's experience of this, and it is not me experience? But I you have to respect that. Someone else had an experience and take that to heart and for it to be as possible. As your memory of that experience, you know and I also wanted to try to make certain delineation between, because I think that most people don't really care to look at details of things in it So suddenly, your name is being mentioned in a group of people who, again I have been a Jew when we were ass, hey you guys want casein. Unlike absolutely I love Casey he's my neighbour and those like always You have me to think I better find out what the meeting as before we give him quote a platform, and then I at about it was like ok, that's a little different than what I assumed to be so. I myself who know you and I'm neighbours with you only knew there was a halo around you and I didn't even know what that is in. So I can't imagine
Everyone knows what it is, but they just hear rumblings and then they had just categorize witches, maybe unfair ere. I think. On the one hand, it's like a sweeping judgment and, on the other hand, has been a lot of talk about you know. Can we even make these kinds of distinctions between the worst cases and sort of what is perceived as the tamest examples of it, and I think that there is some truth that you know of that, like it isn't about, oh this isn't sober, That's really horrible. It's that it is systemic. It is accepted, told truly at its tamest if a of it and that's the worst and all needs to be turned on its head eradicated not allowed for right in that kind of like lightning bolts, I think, is effective, We have thus homework room in my house, so the kids like do their homework there. Never in it,
on the wall is that without these like speeches, my eldest son was studying history, and I put this speech up from Frederick Douglass and it's the one of the best and it's what to the slaves. The fourth of July, it's called the. What does what it was for the delight of the slaves, it's unbelievable and its base like what is this holiday too, to the slave and in it? He says just this is on paraphrasing and not doing justice, but it's like this is not a time to be moderate in our dialogue, I think this is a time pearl fire lightning. And in some ways there was a moment of words had to be fire enlightening. There is like justifiable absolute outrage yeah, I'm a break you long, standing injustices that everyone thought was okay and anybody who was benefiting a system that favoured men, White man centre. It wasn't kicking dreaming in doing a lot about it wasn't doing enough was to blame, needs,
Apologize needs to acknowledge it needs to shut up and that other people do. The talking. Do the correcting and bringing justice to bear. So like in general, that sort of I wanted to be a supporter of and allow to happen. Does it mean no one really seem to care to look into the details. You know. Well, there are coming so fast. It was almost impossible to keep up with the deluge of different things that were coming up. You know, to be honest. It was like who had taught you read like a headline in you kept moving. The next person and the next day and the next horrible example of how industry had been pretty grow, see, It is, and remains kind of an ugly, difficult, painful period of in this scenario in our in this community and an Israel in the culture in general, and so for me, it was pretty hard to sit by four years. And feel like, even by people who are really.
Like the respect you didn't know me sort of feel like piling on a little bit and to have to explain some people that I I know I know and love who, even if they say like dude, you kidding me, you don't have to explain this. No, you are, you still feel compelled to do with a couple of the women that were on the set, did come out and were vocally supportive of you, and so they were completely inconsistent. What I observed that's right and they run or great risk to die as a risky proposition for a defender or a supporter of someone when you believe in someone so that that didn't come without risking shirt them it's in there very nice of them, and I appreciate that and I think that it was true or they wouldn't have set it. On the other hand, I think that, like the lesson that I had, the sort of learning and be humble about was- I was the producer. I was technically the boss.
Having said that I didn't even know I was on a set. I was making a kind of a code of good home movie with a friend. They grew and grew and grew. There was a ton of partying, because that was the content of this talk is at Times documentary at Times monument. In it. So it will you recording everything regarding everything. It's it's not a clear cut. Undertaking from the gear was confusing for everybody, and it was deliberately so and that's my responsibility. The intention was to have the the crew is a part of the movie. How much they knew they were part of the movie in and I had. Finally, I had my dad play. Wilkins father in the movie, I have a. He didn't really know exactly what was going on and I know it so it was a big mess and it was not something that I would do again. I really wouldn't, I would be way smarter, more sensible, more sensitive to like being a workplace. If I were to try to do this again- and I think that, like you, can't change the
if you don't let the world change you. I don't pretend to be changing the world in any way, but I just mean that, like you aren't going to change the world opinion of you, you aren't going to make anything good or put it into the world in a meaningful way. If it's your just said, transmit you gotta be on receive. Sometimes you have to be open to people saying like no man you're, not hearing us that was out of control, run a movie set that way. That was wrong. I don't think, having not been God or been there. I dont think in your options are good, I don't think there's an easy way out any this. I think it's super unfortunate and am Monica a female our perspective MIA. Well, all the things that have been popping into my head are all get in trouble, but but there is a component to this conversation to this whole conversation that we
don't like addressing, but that is true, which is that some times women are telling the truth. So again, this gets tricky cause. You don't want victim blame and you don't want to ever make it seem like we should be listening to people, but I'm a woman and I've ve lied like work capable of doing that, and I think sometimes it's missing in some of these conversations, the nuances God it's just. This worsens right that person's wrong. That's it the end, and I wish that we could look at these things with a tiny bit morn new arts and mean every situation is, is very complicated and any interaction with anyone. There's a hundred billion things going on, and I think everyone can relate to that's why I wish it would get disseminated and kind of projected onto some of these figure conversations. Obviously, I'm a huge supporter, obviously of women, and I should say obviously actually
because that's may be a problem to wherever ones like. Maybe you gotta say it sometimes I support this cause. You know. One of the weird tricky statistics there came out during the last election is like people could really figure out like how on earth could such a large percentage of women have voted for him not her, but that seems very there's a cognitive dissonance there like hot how and then one pointed out like statistically white women are benefiting from the white male patriarchy, they're married to a guy who is bringing down a shitload of money and there actually benefiting from this fucked up system, so they were voting in their interests, which is crazy counter intuitive. So what I would think of female would want to vote for, but you know you gotta acknowledged like while some people are winning by this system in their incentivize to perpetuate this bizarre way. It's almost anti feminist to say, like the woman and won't lie like that. Human, like any other person and everything's complicated, and
fluorescent. You made a really good point, and it's like very compassionate and big of you to say, say this: it's easy to be entrenched in your own point of view is heard of gender politics to be like you know, but I I wouldn't say that its helpful to say that while women lie or that took to approach the argument from our point of view of whose lying actually doesn't help it sort of way, your kids are fighting in their boasting of the ass lying in Nagoya Don't want to hear it yet I'm sure that you both might think the other person's lying, like I dont think either he's fully lying like you live. We talked about this for five hours and second the inner rooms in your calm down. You would probably admit like ok. He yes heating through the vote me first, but I dont want to spend five hours. About this and that what really matters is that you guys resolve,
in a way without hitting each other in calling each other like yeah. The exact is not really the most important part of our women bade. Seventy cents on the dollar are women constantly given amount Shit at work are, or men believed, over women and promote over women. All that stuff in our screenplays written with male leads in with just on and on and on your hundred percent? That's really what is immoral. And what has to change and then I think is changing like regardless of how much definitely regards a wise. It sit here and say, but like regards, what are all the talk and all the chatter like that shift is happening ends the next generation of kids coming up like a giant, tidal, wave or think we're going to have through and make all of those social changes and like and the the NRA you know, dinning
a simple for my generation to dismantle next generation is just gonna, be like you're gone, and the idea of having a gay president's. It's gonna, be like not even a topic or Having a female president maybe will happen right now, especially because for most use its we're all great things originating I. I think that there are tried or remember, should be the folk yeah now so anyways. All I can thank you for is telling me you're. Truth and your experience, again I I I can't imagine, because even We were even subtly doing it in the first round, which is what has to be a path to forgive and if I'm crazy, I'm going like a hold on, though I don't need to be forgiven about that I probably need to be forgiven about having a fuckin bonkers works at withdrawal, It knows that you want me to someone who admits faults like our city over seven hours and go through my life and talk about the mistakes. I've made the main thing
I said that this person or that person at the way, the others a thousand endless list of things that I can but like I wish I hadn't done that. That was a mistake or you know for sure, but I but you're right here. Even the way we were framing, it was like inadvertently forcing him to kind of admit Yeltsin yeah. Even by saying people should be forgiven. It's fucking complicated in theirs such it there's such incentive. To draw a conclusion which is frustrating when I dont know that there's conclusions to be drawn breeding for you personally, you do want closer to this. This chapter of your life. You must desperately want- I don't know if you re a closure and things are constantly revisit things from my life, my past or towards years old. In that new relationships I had or things it may, and I I I think about them and turn them over in my mind, and I grind everything pretty fun.
And I use usually looking for evidence of, the jirga was or some otherness. What mistake did I make yeah? That's that's my kind of default setting, so I think there's like Oh sure, you know until the finally puncher the big clock, gonna just keep going and user of its shape you are in every in life has like gigantic challenges in even tragedies, and they think they won't get through and they keep going in and life goes on and that the challenges of this don't really compared to those it. I mean I've seen people who have dealt with bent out much worse and It is about a million black eyes and prison right now that didn't commit the crime. There are serving time force. Oh yeah, I think, goes without saying: yeah, there's there's much worse. Plight, sir crosses the bare thanks guys here
Thank you now. My favorite part of the show. The fact with my saw me a bad man. Don't do that ok, sorry he'll be back some things, but what about when? Just in timberline did it come from put on better Bottom Pompones bottom? This is what, if he weird L, a yank of echo redone, that's on boom boom bottom. I can't I can't resist the Ernst. I will just make a to town inside over what is honest, Signorina passer were now it's a wonder no money today, dainty thing at rock your body,
rock your body when Iraq that body yeah bring in rock are facts. I really love and Anna Kendrick singing about song from trolls or you do oh yeah. You are number this, but years ago, with Anna Kendrick and just into Melick sang colors, oh yeah, famous in Europe or saw me yes, and they did it like an can in front of all than cheaper than I washed out on you too, but then I was watching it over and over again, I was working at U C b it the time and I was watching it and then you came to visit, interrupted my will hutches. So sorry ere, I think Anna Kendrick has one of the best voices ever her. Oh really I'll, love the sound of her voice. I'd like to get her bones in here mean to maybe she's saying. If you listen to me, I'd like to do it with you, I
not allow that you can just think for us in Brighton our day. Ok, lawyer that your official invite the and then good transition, because she did a movie where my boyfriend, Benjamin yeah Dick yes, she did that movie and so little baby bro is on showed it yeah yeah. I knew his great. I thought Pierre me too. It's funny the interview, a neighbor trade. Everyone should do a knock on their neighbors door. Yes, start push pause right now, get over your neighbor's house on over see what's cook him upstairs in their brain yeah. There now You never know the story. No, what you could learn. Ok, Casey, zero, This was an interesting episode for us. There was you during our last section, one with picked this back up. It said something that I was gonna caught virus like that,
make me sound grade or does maybe sound victim boy lying Wendell there I am not even but sore could be considered in a negative way by a lot of people going cut it out, but I didn't because he's sort of Deb sin and basically says actually why? What I said is not incorrect but really naughty worth saying. Ah ha, and I love that because I you know, I want people to hear that you is not doing it based on talking points or something like he believes the things he sang bow being on the size of this movement. Every time we talk about anything I feel like it was very obvious to me that his compass for these things is pointed north yeah, and I wanted to leave those in because I wanted people to hear he's alive.
The trying to sell something this is just in him yeah. I believe that. So that's why I left that just deaf where I am probably gonna get in some trouble mantle CARE William and we drove on take as just a tricky thing, the very tricky I liked him alive. Me too yeah, I'm glad you came in so he said that we have seventy two different selections for gender on Facebook. Now in two thousand fourteen there were fifty eight genders. And then I did see on some forms that it was saying it was like a two thousand eighty of war somebody was like: why are there seventy one genders on Facebook, so maybe now, there are seventy one, but I was there were fifty eight them there being seventy one doesn't seem like a extra- I agree, yeah, but I couldn't find that exact staff right. Unfortunately,
but we know for sure was at least fifty eight in two thousand. You say fifteen forty, two thousand forty five years ago, a while there really kind of ahead of the girl- and I was thinking- I would like to read what those say our outlined at bay. This is the lips are gender or gender Andrew Jan Androgynous. By gender says, Sis genders is female Sis Male Sis man, this woman, this gender females is gender mouse. Is gender man says gender women female to male? F, P, gendered, gender, fluid they're, not conforming. Gender questioning, gender variant, gender, Queer intersects mailed to female empty of neither new troops you t, R O. I ass new trust. Patents, re neutral, non by an other pan, gender trans
and Trans female trans female there's a lot to do, its Trans, male trans mail trans man, Trans Man, Trans Person, Trans Person, Trans Woman, Trans woman trends, feminine transgender, transgender, female to Spirit I sought outline. What is that? I don't know if both Spirit, the female and male yeah. Alright, all that's more a lot of the list lots! it is interesting, though, that it makes start when you start looking at the least you're like wait. What am I I'm in? I have been DE in my head of like oh, I would just I would pick woman, but then every male or female didn't seem like they have that they, like woman and man. That was an area. They were using all our that so oh yeah. I would pick that and but then you're looking him it's like Walters, many like know,
regular old woman right that tell ya think you think they are great. Took care less. Would anyone wants to call themselves? They tell me what they want to be called, I'm happy to call them that whatever makes people feel more comfortable, I'm down with gray scared. He tax are going to Mexico for here does Mommy's ten or eleven yak has his mom was basically onset teacher for that show I knew that the show is taken out was the voyage of me me. You did why? Because you want to know, because I know everything about ban rise. Logo is on a show called of wage of the Mimi when he was little hours were voiced here, but I kept it to myself that I knew you point a real cool thanks and I didn't know. I never put you on blasts yeah. I wanted to say that it and what I ve been it thank them shown this grid for you. Do you its educational programmes,
You remember ban as an actor on India, mothers and episode where he got hypothermia some one day and then had to get naked oh wow bag. Monica you gotta get this episode cancellation. I don't think there was nudity in our guy who that's an interesting question, but what? If you're? Why it says I have pictures of me when I was seventeen naked I'll. Seventeen sixteen or your husband or your husband, your husband's. I got pictures of myself when I was sixteen naked. Do you want to see them all? This is good I guess is like a thought: experiment, yeah, ok, Yeah Polly want to see her, but then also I dont think I'd be attracted to it. I would be
Ah, this is u around all about your old penal open, another about a baby food on talking, like I know, but fifteen and above hair on the penis penises its full size. I know, but I just mean anyway, I d seen anyone a teenager, even young one is to be honest at this point I look like a young young young person, not in the realm of like actual attraction, because they're not an actual possibility civility right. Look. I've never been in this situation. Where Christen is sad. I have these pictures suffered sixteen naked yoga gas. Yeah, but I a kid yet. You would be like a I dont think you'd be at rack. Hard, know the cause. I'm attracted the person s Jonathan height. That does not exist. Experiment in his considered
The morals of that is at present is in two minor. Now right, I guess it depends on the age. I think I feel like this is almost been something that's come up. Maybe a disrupted up at that summit. Pictures of themselves out that were nude and they were a minor now? Is that child pornography? If you yourself without pictures of yourselves tat, is that child pornography, I think so because people are going to use it to Jack. Ah, Do what I want to hear you I, but that just makes me question, is the the premise of our laws that We don't want anyone to jack off to a year an image of a young person or is it we don't want that, because those images have to be taken to fuel that industry and so you're gonna victimized children, but if you took the but a your fifteen in you own it, and then you want to release it when you're forty, it doesn't have the same implicit victim
This is like. Is it illegal to masturbate thinking of young people? I think you're, not the. Damn in that scenario, if you are putting it out, but your doubling contributing to the larger problem and to victims who are putting it out right. Ledges How about we, when we created a theoretical society, where everyone takes photographs of themselves when their teenagers naked and then at some age they decide whether or not to release him and there's no photos being taken of any minor by somebody. For that reason I said: ok, then there's no victims These were becomes a good philosophical and- and it's so far out of like that in the EU they are, they will be there it'll be victims as soon as people start liking back we'll, but studies,
the exists of adults publishing their photos in this utopian society, it's impossible to get killed. Nude and take measures are have hang in that case, if there's no victim, which we degree there's no victims, the adults, but then we can drill down. Oh what's what are we slave is. Are we saying it's illegal, the fantasize about pictures taken twenty years ago its children is that illegal or just victimizing children is illegal yeah I mean I think it's that victimizing chilled and as a legal right, we agreed on a man, is probably not illegal, but the fantasy leads to these other things in real life and this scenario, I guess but it's not the little is action.
Not so it's like. Oh, this is such a weird thought experiment because it's just finding a way to say it's, fine, not the reality of the world at all will nor is going to be european vacation with your sister and then having sex. With her in the Jonathan Height experiment, thought experiment there, that's not realistic either, but it's one way to get to the point. That is realistic. A brother and sister could Oh in this current world, we live in and go do that they could, but I don't think it's happening Loggia bets, but still The parameters of our reality are the same The reality in this area are not the same, because it's a world where no kid could be a little more yeah exists, but but I mean I guess I'll. Think of something which the big question is is fantasy a legal right. That's right, of course, famous he's not illegal consider sit. I fantasize about cutting people
and all about that's, not illegal. But now, if I acquire photographs of part My fantasy now is that illegal layer size do mean again at the photos themselves. Arnold EU cause it's only adult turning over photos of themselves re so that the materials not illegal yeah in a conventional way. Yeah think it's like it starts becoming a legal when steps are being taken with. This is like errands, Candle, the Miller, yeah Cannibal cop airily car. Not cannibal corpse the Bam canopy cop, the document I commend her about the police officer, It was fantasize about coming up. Why for cleaner and eating our any was talking about it on chat rooms and stir it yet discovered. This whole thing is so so tricky because yet like not illegal, not illegal until it kills or eat. Sir in IRAN goes areas. I e told me
oh yeah, hold people was going to do it or such aid It's too I'll have allowed some one. The the ability to judge the continue on line. Nor, but I do I did buy into the argument of the defence, which is even worse, sitting in a room thinking of the most horrific things he mighty be ordering torture devices so that he can see mechanic. Play how they work when he's gonna write about them. So there's like its way but he's not he's not presenting it out loud to pee other people as plotting. What have you first person and all the stuff parallels is real lives the legal and encouraged me. You know that this is my life wonders, there's a lot of stuff. That is not easy to now pick an opinion on at fun. Take the most of our dinner conversations are about
pinpoint something: that's definitely. That's all over dinner conversations are who would eat you who's the most likely person to eat some one in our friendship circle That's a good question because we played who you giving me yeah. Likely to do all the bad stuff way. I was with that, I was most likely to a martyred somebody but eat them. Now, I'm gonna go big Wabi. While now it's devil him, a quieter person who eats people, definitely not really. So what you're gonna get a phone call? The future accidents, either going to say, is Detective Stone Brook from the Memphis. How's your phone we have everyone's number oh hi, One of your friends consumed another human being. We ve got to my animalism charges and it was Rob hollows now kinda been rob, oh
you're right. It was down here. That's all! That's right! That's that sounds in no way. It's always a quieter version now, because in order to eat them, you have to murder them first in year excited about being the person that murders survive my family, so you like that about yourself, which is a big yellow a red, loader, red and so yeah. I think you'd be like you know why I just got, is all her soul than hold. I note that they look taste lads where you ve lost money to set, as we have completely lost me. Yes, I am a fantasy about ending a real bad guys, I've whose threatening me my lot, I was its thing- is bad guys, whether our Jeffrey Doll Marine stuff well, be, I dont believe and evil in general, saying you, I can't believe you think I would that I would be the most likely eat somebody Charlie would smoke somebody before. I would and I mean not smoke. Am I
this month. That mean literally hey scan. Yes, he put him in a smoker. I think before I would don't you agree, he could like convince himself. It was like I'm super food for working out oh, but I dont think he would do the murdering part on car. Ok is the body already dead. The could be a new new facts. Then you plot point is that this is Miss pavement. This is Clark Wrinkle sign from the Tennessee Stay police, one of your maintenance is found day. A corpse apparently had fallen out of a ok and dumb or apparently he originally did pick up. The casket with the intention of returning to the funeral. Parlor in fact ended up taken at home, home and smoking it in a smoker Do you have any friends that you can imagine that this happened to you Are you want anyone jump out at you guess? Well do we know if
It was cooked. Well, Was it all issues all that were left for, the bones were inclined to think it was always get. It was good because I do have a friend is an expert smoking. Ah me, This is an aim. Charlie Curtis eating is ok? Good? We have argued the that's open and shut and about I go back up because the person that's dad yeah, Was Dax Shepherd around at any point, because I have a feeling that a person of dead based on his hand, no man, but the person died of a coronary episode, hearted Tasso at age of fifty, while he wants you to think We will look into him you're budgets to clear up this case of cannibalism. Are you do feel good about the fact that its Charlie hurt us see that we did not think you would
somebody if, like it got down to brass tacks, isn't it, Nebraska ACT she hating in something binder I think you would, I think, in a brass, too, situation are here's a good hypothetical, so you know there are coming he's that are dedicated now to growing meet on its own growing of tenderloin in a lab array, ray. I forgot the name of the company, I'm SAM talks about the air, but so let's say that they grew about cheek, a human, but chicken lab, and that was for it at a restaurant yeah I'd take a bite it at sea. Would you now you want to know why there's no dilemma. There I mean other. I learned that primates taste rubber bandy, do oh puke fourfold yeah at times like it's, not good, taste, good,
second lame and mainly the is, but she not her, but but they we clone her, but cheek. I would now need. I would not eat it. I might use it as lake was cool, no! No, no soap, as is similar to the porn thing. It's like the others, no ethical problem, it's not a real persons, but but if we start making this open to the world fraud and people like it, and then they like the taste of human. This is going to lead to big problems. This is where you and I disagree. Fundamentally. If, if facts are weapon, I should we ignore facts and people fear when facts get out that they could be weapon eyes by either side the left or the right of this common thing. People will hide, fax or afraid there can we weapon eyes. I never really agree with that, and similarly you're saying it's not unethical to eat.
But she grown in the lab. Obviously, there's no suffering and do as good, I even at a great, but now your fear that people get so addicted to the taste of human flesh shall start murdering people that your fear of that mean weapon eyes. Basically yeah yeah. I just think you can not do things cause. You think people will obscure it in a way that makes it back. Now yeah. I disagree your yeah, I mean look at our phones and our social me. And all of that stuff that has turned into a big ethical dilemma now, because humans dont know how to handle things responsibly, so our real in overseeing the desire not to yeah that originally they want railway. Just flip found one egg, thank here. Linen in your
anyway, so no, I dont think, and I do I wish that we still had foot phones. I do there, though hardly bliss upon chaos, though we beheld we were now, oh, you know He said something that I have never heard before all and, of course I hear a million things I've never heard before, but it feels appeals ray her ah again, appeals rare when somebody like presenting something perfectly new deal o yet so the mink, absolutely yeah was that thing to make. It seem like I've, heard everything in the whole world in now you don't know, but he said that he heard good people dream about being bad and bad people dream
being good, oh yeah. I had never heard I had already, and I thought that was really interesting. Did he may get you doing, research see whether we will say no. I didn't like it up, but I like that thought. The outlets is, keep that thought. That means I'm good right. You were talking about kids and how tempting it is to see yourself in your kids accounts. It feels good to thank, like oh shit out that for me or, if you like me, I think that so ironic, because kids have the opposite feeling towards their parents. Oh yeah, later eat all why to various posts he hit him parents. Of doing that to their kids are they get like pride in it and kids do not get pride and in it they get like your laundry
I largely agree with you, but I have had friends who, like a really idolized their dad near mainly I wanna hear that they were just like that. You can just like big Jim row. You know yeah. I guess it's all like how much- and I guess like when people said I was like my mom share? I mean the fact is blazing with obvious, as I am a carbon copy of my father. So that's what they why you like it when they? they you're like your mom, because you feel like you want it to be true. I won't be like when mom, no, my dear, but in fact I am almost identical to my dear but you're, not your own person very area, but I I don't ever want to be told that I'm just like me, I'm just like my dad having nothing to do with their personality. When you hear them talk is there is their consensus over which one of them you take after when you hear them talk them talk about me.
They don't do that lay down they dont lose your mom doesn't like you're, just like your damn. Now I've never heard either of them say that me or my brother actually accept like in looks and we'll talk about like the physical thing, the manager's correct. Ok, not the personalities spoke with your mother and off. Is your dad and I suck up all the oxygen in a room. Try right! It's our fault, but it appears to me, are very similar to your dad yeah. I loved the debate. There's is nothing. You now have the same disease. There isn't a topic. We don't have an appeal, right, that's a mean, there's nothing. Someone could bring up that wouldn't interest us and taking a stab at our opinion on a am alot of people, which is great. Please don't give a fuck her. They don't early who care yeah. That seems kind of healthy again. He had it does, but I dont think either my parents have that they both have an opinion,
the time I was gonna be my dad is different than my mom in the fact She believes what she sang ride like she believes it my dad sometimes, I don't think he does he's just doing it because it for sit. Yes, that it's interesting too. The opposite opinion, unlike double down. Now, like you, you, but now I think, do I do I do nl. The way, though you ve kind of force yourself that make the other argument or you attempt to yeah yeah. Thing: it's a great habit for people to have. That's really forced herself to make that argument. It's very hard. Sometimes they are putting them is like a big group of people who feels that way. It's like they can't
I'll be crazy. They they must be latching under some value or virtue that I too believe- and I just gotta- connect the dots correctly. To get my mind straight about what there actually are you, you know yeah. I think it's fun exercise yeah. I did do because I d do crosswords, maybe not needed to exercise, but I dont do crossword. So I You have an exercise like that. We re! That's all right. I love you. I love you.
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