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2021-02-05 | 🔗
Zeus walks among us, and today we honor him with a commercial-free replay of our celestial chat.
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Welcome welcome wild unarmed, your expert on Deck Shepard who joined by monster mouse. This feels like days avail also because we ve already put out this at the said once before. How does deserve time ever re releasing an episode, but we had the idea to do it without add just because Eastern Conference final game was just so impressive, it so impressive. What Tom Brady did this season fact that he left the Patriots and they went to a team that had not been to the Superbowl in a long long time and truth his will man taken on their oh, my god. The guy is going again send its really. I keep on people. You'd have United sports. This is one of the sports stories that you'll be watching a thirty four thirty about in ten years
It's his miraculous. I want to add a couple thanks to this one. This will be his twenty first year in Boy Asia, oldest player out there, which is exciting to this, is twenty four season. This amazing tenth trip to the Superbowl, which means his percentages like high forty eight hours, as He met said his odds of making it the Superbowl are greater than Steph Curry, making a three point, which is the greatest three point she Travolta another thing to think about. There's only been fifty fourth superboss. I think The fact that Brady's Ben in ten of them now he's these almost been in twenty five percent about some people's. It's an absurd. So just look at set in and he looks like yeah. We will all my God, he post a little video of him and grand getting on the airplane after the game. If you want- now I'm gonna show to you right now,
to businesses do would smile in its, I repeat from, last year. They did it to that's fine carbon get on the bus those immigrants you lose ground. Bronco ski is his tightened. Who has been on all the patriot teams with it Then he came to a we do him. The viewers retired, Tom said: you're, not retirement. rarely Amelia another. Both going to super bullion do think long as part of his ground kiss part of his magic yeah, we're gonna get my little credit awry. Was people, love, grant, housekeeper he's a beast and he is one a bunch. Superbowl rings he's very young. I think he retired at thirty wonders
and then again, Brady said no button, Morgana do that little walk again onto the airplane next year. We cut out the as what we put in twelve minutes of preamble, but please enjoy uninterrupted conversation with the goat, the greatest of all time, Tom Brady he's that's a man very selfish or you gotta studio ideas have like a life around the weather is working or not. There is the more fun and watching people like you or bill gates, try to operate their computer at one of the fund as parts of this job there were you guys that we are in an attic
above a garage Jabba House were build me in that I dont think will ever be done. I think we're at year three of it. So it's really just a very expensive garage at this point are typical of a good. Could typical construction process the as yet, and it doesn't matter how many times you go through a? U still are shocked with how long in how much it goes over budget each time. I know over budget the duration doesn't glass and I swear to God it cost waste? Is we were one honey percent over budget? One hundred, let's see, must be the standard number I found now. I came out of a ball season and they showed me the budget now cycle what the fuck is pretty rough. Did you have real jobs as a kid like where you forced do some manual labor had a couple really great jobs, my first away Actually talk about this here that my first I was a paper out. Did he ever paper out? I did not. I did not
I was in Michigan, so shovel driveways. I was kind of the equivalent that's a good job, that's the azure manual labor, but in elementary school and then start a high squire paper up, and I may I take twenty five bucks a month and I was actually one of my coaches. Yesterday we were talking about our first jobs and because my job at my mom's job to cause You are very drive me around and I would draw the places I decided car maybe help me a little bit and every eyes it was maybe career training, but it the era of pretty I work on that arm, so my big barriers were yet. My mom was single mom, raising three kids and full time jobs. She was not gonna. Fuckin drive me around so like. Oh, this is gonna work, everyone. I know the paper out, really it's their moms paper out. As you know, we had like that like where those Vana gets where that site. slid open, so
I could literally like ride like side card, unlike firearm over the top of the car, to like it to the other side of the street in high school. I didn't do as much to those planeload sports in college. I worked like cleaning industrial manufacturing plants in Michigan, Bloomfield tales literally tell scrubbing ceilings of this. I paid. Oh, my god, and I kept thinking Did they like my shoulders? Word done my elbows and as this is the worst job I've yeah. I ever imagine you I'm really delighted that you spent some time in Michigan. That's where I'm from yellow. I was delighted to learn that you set up camp therein. Ann Arbor area. Did you and by that and you can be an honest, I'll cut it out if its, if its territorially derogatory I'll cut it looks like we switch places us in California, they went to Ann Arbor and on. I think it was a long way from home. I think I needed to go away from home and need to grow up because kind of
California, kid I had three sisters as a baby, so you can imagine. I was probably a little bit soft yeah and then go on emission go the MID west goddess oh, you feel like you're totally outside, because I didn't even on a winner coat, my roommate Pat Gratis. He like gave me my first job. Yet you know how do I need this man? It's ten degrees in the middle of and you re not like fuck this yeah, you must have looked around in thought. Why on earth would any Livia right. When I return home, I think so they must just have not ever gone to California. Did they just don't know that you, you don't have to be miserable eight months of the year to know what that's exactly what you think, because in Calif, grow up in here like every day, is great. Like every days the weather's gray, this sudden re much where its humid outdoor activities you go hiking, you biking got a few of the beach. We goes there too I was a tat. We go skiing in oh and it was like your whole world existed in California in
where the school you know you have like formats, a good weather we also case suck ended up in college. It's not that big a deal about when you think about kids right. You have kids and I we think about oh my god, if I was in my house for eight months of the year, raise skies. You know it's. It's a beating here, Charles, I think further kids, but you know what kids are so resilient. Like my kids, they ve been in Boston fur. So my daughter's us seven, my medicines, ten, an arm mildest thirteen, but my tenant seven bit in Boston born there, and then we came to Florida for the last five months and on my daughter my daddy like what are we gonna do for Christmas, like there's? No, due for Halloween is our highly wean in temper. You know she keeps a yet and we eat out right out here outside and it's like eighty five degrees he won't eat outside with us. She goes out The house is so she's like daddy, not like it, this hot all the time, but
yeah yeah, I like yeah, I like it hot air data, never go back to your call, whether that is twenty five years of it. When you are playing for the patriots when you're off season, would you guys returned to California? Where? Where would you go? When you stay there s a little bit before I met my wife, I travelled quite a bit. She lived in New York, so I'd say from about two thousand, when I went to Boston two thousand two thousand six which travel kind of around the country, and I was in my mid twenties. So those kind always something to do two days here, three days here and then two thousand and seven my son was born and we've spent the offseason thin and California cuz, that's where he was living at the time. So he's out to reconnect thousand Brent where those pretty treaty beautiful What I was wondering is I've a couple different friends who are either their english and and now they have children here in their kids are american, which I think would be oh weird, or vice versa, right death, they moved it. Lenin. They have these english speaking, kids or with the accent I think, but it must be said,
bizarre feeling, have your offspring that really a mirror how you are, and is it wild to think that your kids are Californians in some weird wake us I'm wrestling with the idea that my girls are growing up in California and I'm thinking where will they even aspire to move to like in Michigan outside, while this obvious I gotta get to California, but I don't know where the fuck that they're supposed to go. They should goes very air. Nowhere should stay very high tax rate, the trap and Galileo, the inconveniences both for the most part. It's free, I think they're, trickier thing for my wife is, I think about she. Brazil and saw young kids are Americans that speak. You know my daughter's Spaceboat language is pretty well my son. I think hears it from his mom, but then doesn't necessarily always want to communicate it back by Lucy's. You know get nets fry low, stranger for her. For me I think I've been so remove from California and our kids about a lot of different experiences.
You know it just be in in the northeast now we're in the South EAST. They try out South America. You know we ve Homer Costa Rica for a long time there there. So I took my son to China. two three years ago. So, oh no kidding! What do you think that you know it is a great trip? your dad and assign at about ten years old, I mean it's, it's pretty pretty amazing just to be together. Like I had a couple of trips- and I was young with my dad- you know it's time more space for me and him, but every or member of her pretty sweet. I try to do that once every year I try to take one of the two somewhere just with one of them and the young man, is so special d just be a little team in you're in a hotel room together in you're, making your decisions together so fond? Isn't it yeah? You know the one on one time is like my standpoint. I meet so many people it's They see me as someone different then probably do I feel like I am my kid see me as dad
then, when you're yeah, I wonder you just you and dad things, and now we have one on wine, and I say these things in it. Just gonna make sure, weaker year month, they're out there yeah, really great moments all even feel guilty, because at the end, like Dave five of those trips we get along so well, and I think all she had a fight dedicated this much one on one connection. This would be how they back getting it when they're acting shity. It's probably just a response to want any more of my time at I don't have yeah. I know what kind of parents did you have your somebody I grab it just in northern California, just about twenty miles south of San Francisco insanity oil. My parents were, you knows just so supportive of me. Growin up everything idea accepted three sisters. So we had a very port Centric family, my sister's raw onto plane, you know softball in basketball soccer, so lot of my childhood was like it sports fields just at their guard, their software games. It six o clock at night and go into
on table pizza out to dinner with the whole team and I'm going home and unjust thinking. It was a great life grown up. Life is so different. Frescoes with existed just in the community that we lived in. You know we didn't travel the way that my kids would travel now. We Our life existed in San Matteo and if we want to go on vacation we'd go to say I cruiser now we driving a car to high mountain lake, which two hours away, aware we gotTa Tahoe once once you earn a winner fur, as a three hour drive far, our car made it up that hill to get eyes are meeting yeah the up dead Andy or eighty or whatever the hell. It is thirty years ago there was in the same kind of four wheel, drive. So yeah yeah. I just you know it was a great just great trade environment for me, as was Mama dad an athlete or both we're there, both very athletes. My dad was drafted she'll baseball player knows I Antilles ended up going to want to be a priest. He went to the test. Mary go? What
that's a lap yearn. He became a primary didn't, so he was in school and then on the story. tells me was his friend his bunk may was listening to a transistor. Radio of baseball game was serious game caught by one of the priests. But I got a lot of trouble, my point is gonna like and then he realized he wanted you to have a wife and have kids and have his axe. Other areas they use a seminary, any got horny shivered did. Actually. I should tell you that I don't know about arise. Do you remember, any me- and I dont say this- is into trap you. This is not a task, but do you remember meeting me causes of it was very memorable for me. If you know not a significant count me out. Ok, I'm gonna paint the pitcher for you. I was at the met gala, which I had turned down.
we too, like ten times my wife always wanted me to go. It's not my c. I go and urine fry We were in lying, like hurrying the facility- and I dont know it's you yet I did. No that there's a guy in front of me that's considerably larger than me, and I put my hand on your shoulder all again and I didn't know it was you and I whispered in your ear, sir. I'm generally the tall Set these events, I'm going to have to ask you to leave and then you turned around and it was fucking you and then you laughed, which made my night and yeah. That's the one time we met. That's awesome! oh yeah, I thought it was a really memorable. Why are you he's a fucking beast
how many six five six clause, that no new targets is next, I'm like six too, and I have almost six three almost six to undazed exports. Are you must get that when people meet usually, I think, because you are surrounded by enormous vena, yes, physically yeah, I assume you're my height, and then I see you in person in you're, a girl why you fear like if you ever met Vince VON now and the guy have his eagle eye. It he's a fucking Jaya and I think when peoples, they're, like all my goodness. I can't tell in movies, but this guy's, a giant than d write em around these big eyes. All the time, so you know for me like when I see like Robert Cowskin, like damn a boost anything. Less anatomize Agri aid is kind of your normal height. I you know
tell you never think about being tall until you're looking up at some one, which is a very rare experience right for years. It's not often that I have to like crane my neck to lock eyes with somebody, but with you I was really about forty percent crane yeah. It's a hold your game, it's all right! Now I have that experience at my work. I think it is right that we are saying that they being told us very good when you're standing, not we're going you're sitting already. I lost aircars area. Since you know, seats holiday, so has its advantages. are you grew up in some detail and I guess I didn't notice until today, until I was learning about you, but you also play baseball in you were you are drafted you you actually were drafted for major League Baseball, youse, critical baseball player in high school and in football, where I grew up with and the northern California outside of I'd say. Like data sowed, we had a great football programme, nor not a great football programmes in nor cow. So as prime more known for baseball
went to school. That was just write down the street from my house and for high school net is always pretty good at one of the trip that I took with my add when I was younger when I was twelve for base by went to Japan with them for a good, we'll baseball exchange so which was really cool and is first time I ever see my dead drunk drunken horny uses drawn we'd. All names area was quite horny, really just kept that under wraps, so we so we were there together and at twelve, but baseball was kind of what I did and then I got two in high school. I still play both sports but really just found. I was playing football and the forty nine hours were great when I was growing. when the nineties, their great football team. So that's kind of my most influential years, I would say, as an athlete was around football and then a lot of baseball, though I got a chance to can play team sports and play football was until my freshman year in high school, and I just kind of found no football and really want to focus. My tie.
Energy on that also, although I guess this is news to me, if you had not played football till ninth grade when nothing organised just seem a football industry stuff, but nothing we're gonna like pop Warner, any of that state which was a trip because when you get your first day of practice- and everyone starts like put another pads on and puts our paths our peers, I'm like I'm looking over them. I had I put my pants like I don't know. If you know it was, it was pretty unique in or not to have any experience and eight other guys, kids, who are on my team that at play here pop, wonder and so forth, and they were just so far advanced and yet, I was so far behind them, physically of privacy. A bloomer anyway, but in terms of playing football deftly, didn't know the game of them. What I watched and then I was had a pretty good arm. But ever was ice. Turning my first year was a lot better than me. I d out play my first year size of backup quarterback my freshman year. We a freshman team. There are three teams we were. So we lost every game we played and they still tat. I was good enough to play games
Looking up at everybody I think in solar plan, because it was a great team sport and got a shot. My second year to play, were you a pitcher when you play baseball, I play it Europe, as I really like being a catch her cause. Your kind of fun in control is a catch. Her pitcher is great and put it out of action. Very taxing on my arm, I'm her alone? I would play a pitcher and I was in a great pitcher and you know like just the baseball and how you throw baseball. I was a really good hitter in a decent feel there, but not a great picture. I would be nervous for you playing catch her at your hide. I mean your knees. I worry about unease that hurt a lot so thousand thing ironically, based Paul. I always start took morbid toll on meat and full glass on Amazon energy football, but I think that my schooldays, unlike our iceman, these after every game with ice now after every game, is constantly aching. You now and again I don't know a ton about sports, but they do say right through innovation.
the very unnatural. It's not like your Europe is not really designed to move in the manner by which you must use in baseball yeah. I think we are meant to be over handed athletes for sure, rowing in o baseball, storing football, stirring, javelin things like that. There is definitely a more stress on your arm just because the velocities at which you throw based by you can throw baseball harder, so Bethought, harder, there's more force and to work on the different ligaments tendons in your elbow and shoulder your muscles. Probabilities are get strained because your movie out much faster speeds? We stop there really hard in football, but if I throw a really hard football, it's probably sixty two miles an hour dollar two miles an hour. Yeah, that's bonkers, does aims. You might give any even make your arm move at a hundred miles an hour, much less something leaving your arm. They had their say Hence it being a lot of force on your arm, and I felt that when I was planned Baseball- and I just as I play- football is still little bit and you know just kind of maturing and grown, but it was less taxing. I my body to play football than was to play baseball,
now about your size. When did you become this enormous human being? Was what what age, where an enormous, is like? Six, eight six for leisure last year, again, your time, you're totally misled because of your peers. In your colleagues in your ear coworkers, but Europe for now Only large human being, so when did you come into that? I probably had a gross Bert my freshman year and again, probably my later in my sophomore year and then by junior year. I was about the same high bout. Six four. May they learn more again this year in I kind of like them typical american kid I would say like. I would never give my kids what I ate when we were with my family, and I was out of your pictures and united, junk email, little kid would like drink Gruber floats and ever wanted to eat, was bacon cheeseburgers as a kid and fifty out it reflected in my
the shape of my body in fun. I got to high school, like I would eat terrible, Fu Eddie, you know. A big muffin with butter and a morning with hot chocolate thing, and I was breakfasting get to school with two doughnuts than at lunch at like us break you have a hot dog back fifty cent hot dog and lighten up a clam shower no bread for food, the get home, and I have like nachos with like taboo cheese and then in my mom was like you know, try to make some good for us at night, but you're in others cannot. You grew up is like cereal or in itself. I need say that yesterday I was at seven eleven in this guy next to me ordered a slice of pizza from seven eleven right, and I said he had a mask on as we all had mask on. So I can't really to nice is Haiti might be asking how old you are in their guy goes. Twenty and, unlike ok, that makes perfect sense.
What do you mean and I got or it might twenties- I ate probably ten to fourteen, not dogs a week from seven a lobby as they were too for dollar alike. But if any one now I'm out for the day, I feel horrendous. The next day, I'm so sensitive, now cried out in your toys. Will you can to shovel that garbage right in there and you don't even know you don't even know it, you don't even care and college. We would get these PETE, we call them pizza cards, but football team at a deal with like subway, and we had a place in our recalled the cottage gene and we go at a subway and how would he like eighty, and she's a sandwich. And if I wouldn't help- and I was going only once- lies a cheese all the way across institutionalized on the upper lip, as am I did it, but you fail gray right. That's the thing that so annoying is now like. I'm sixteen years sober eat, pretty damn good. I e the tiniest thing and I like a literally feel like I'm hung over, but back then man I was. I was drunk and smoking cigarettes and eat
well, I'm not dogs felt like a million dollars, as we did look different because I didn't, I didn't always feel great. I was a kid. I was obviously in a bouncing off walls cause. You know the responsibilities that thing that gets it's like you know and see. Your responsibilities starts the mental fatigue of responsibility, ways on your life, which probably makes you feel worse than the food you it's so yeah. A lot of it is probably placebo, like I feel naughty. So then I feel naughty afterwards yeah, I'm curious so you start with a couple things. I dont foul sports all that much, but I followed the patriots yeah. I fucking love. You I talk about you so frequently it scare you how often you come back you, it's not just the skill level on the field, which is unbelievable, but again seeing you in real life. I find it absolutely perplexing that, had you not chosen football, you could have probably been Superman. Right, monitors. Sure, yes, I'd say it's it's! The is unfair.
Are you so good blogging and I just find that breeze curious in the same way that I think it's interesting that, like coal, be in Michael Jordan, are also gorgeous. That's a lot of. Fortune? You a lot of good fortune. Thank you. you got me forget potentially young, I began and there you are that there is a real question behind. That is confident. Have you? Oh yes, yes, but also. What is going to say is this: if you look at some of these, like really Joe Montana, that was your guy. You look around Canada. I it's suspicious that some of these great were also like really good looking, and I feel like it too, play some role, does play a role in the confidence. I think, even in that movie honey ball. Those guys
sitting around the room, they're talking about he's a beautiful kid. Let's get him he's confident, like that's, been a part of the rationale. Hasn't it yeah a little bit. I mean, I think, that overtime. For me, I try to improve my habit, so you know- and I think that's helped with maintaining you know healthy body physique. You know skin law in order in everything, and I think if you just want, I always say like areas, one body we have. You knew there have a fundamental belief that you believe what you put in your body matters, or it doesn't matter if it doesn't really are it doesn't matter. So that's a choice. People make if you believe that it does matter, then you gotta believe that the more good things you do, the better. You know an idea for me when I think about when I was a kid. I would never have developed into the athlete that I am not say. Forty three years old today had not made substantial changes in differences and how I approached my life. Eating sleeping
I would drink and when I was in college three nights a week and then oh right sports and then no wonder why you didn't have great gains in the weight room or didn't have great gains on the field. In our son I said, try a little. Some global may drink owe us ok, great men. It was like trickle away sleep a little more and I was like ok, do down and work out of their own low just changed my tie a little bit. Ok great, let's start adding electoral lights to what I'm doing all. Let me try some supplements some vitamin d ass, a vacancy, and then it wasn't like everything else, time issues, but if I look at my age by actually posted a pitcher arme Instagram. Two thousand one of me and I look at myself when I look like a different part. can you not in twenty years time is changed a lot of challenge, but I look from this kid that I was which was under developed. You know poor die it in a port migration, and now it's like, I think, of
those things. Are there really a purposeful part of my day? I priority as my health, because you know my health has been important to Mike- Rear in Albania as important career? It's not like. I have a job, or else I train like this. This is my job yeah, very fortunate, to be able to dedicate the time and energy to but I've seen the transformation is made and then now my hope is like I wish everyone would be able, experience what it feels like to not now be in pain every day to not be overcoming something at all tiger for and it's just me out as its Claudia life, you know, realities lives and we have one life and you guys have started playing with me when they, when the same age, coaches that are younger than me. You know that our in the field in I look at dominate, they don't move Well, you know, and it's like I'm Signorina really demanding sport. There's like this one that goes into make those decisions at allow that to happen, but what I want to represent as I move forward
is like hey guys. I was the typical kid actually. I was yeah born, like Michael Jordan. I wasn't born with like Leubronn like Leubronn. I admire board and Love Leubronn, but, like you know, he's also fee I'm already allow tiger words and Yosemites Vietnam, Sir, you know them credible talents of Saint Michael Jackson. You know you think of some these that you saw when they were kids, and then I see myself as a kid. I d- and I was nothing like those people you know I was tat, is if you saw me you never say: oh yes, no Tom's Gonna be plain twenty one years in the Unifil, so I'm actually feel like. I can teach people guys if you're willing to commit NASA discipline, make a commitment. To help you can achieve some really great things. That's a really great point, because I even
that, in my own life right where I had an idea of what I was genetically right in and I'm looking at my lineage right and most shepherds are, I don't know seventy to eighty pounds over way in Rome. I come by it honestly and in then, in my mind I was someone who will never have a six back, I'm not one of those guys. I saw those guys and logarithms wilder and then I'd. I did. One move, where I decided I'm going to hire trainer. I'm gonna do the diet in then all this Oh, I was just telling myself that stuff, you know and then that's not to say everyone has the potential to do anything but I'll just save from my own experience, I had a potential much greater than I ever was assuming. I did have and there's some weird confidence builder in that where you go. Oh, maybe I should question ever limit I've put I myself right that all these things, I think I wasn't your predisposed to be. I should challenge here yeah, and I think you're being naive, allowed me to accomplish a lot of things like
people said, oh you're, gonna go to college like and play football recruited as a fucking course. I am like? What are you my councillors, Highschool? That was like? Are you crazy, like we were applying for schools as like applying to fly, I'm gonna play back up plan talking about you, mean backup team, the vital need to play my part. It is ethically what I was dragged about. A patriot suicide thing, those like I'm not gonna play profit all I border these people talking about, and then, when I got to the patriots it was like. for something to be desired in quarterback Ino. Here. Why, like what you guys to your trip and like I, of course I see it in, and, unlike I mean the odds, overcome all those things you're, so right, naivete
there is a gear. I'm curious, though a couple things or surprising to me today, as if someone has just been in love with you physically, I would guess I wouldn't have known that you got selected one. Ninety, nine in the draft? Would you have found now Monaco now, like sixth round one? Ninety ninth pick their ends up being the great sport or may have Alzheimer's itself looking good. I'm almost prefer the bet. Your story right there that it for so long. So like I'm play with the like one of my teammates said, the data means I broke when you won the Superbowl the first time. I was fourteen Is it a shrewd fourth, growl g considered think while because United, so me, these people that see me now and think I'll man? That's like top rabies, like I'm eighteen, he was Superman chant when I was born in now ass. Anything God, damn it does, but a long hard road
at hard road, is part of my know whether it's a chip on my shoulder, whether its they think about the things that have motivated you to say, fuck it I'm gonna, keep goin another day. I'm not gonna start and build on their sentiments. Be better the next time in you know, people would look, maybe like what are you talking about like yours? you're there are there, but they never saw the pre I need two years of my life where that wasn't a case and then those twenty or shape me into. I was at twenty three and then ok. How can I build on being a little bit better of it a little bit better little bit better, because when you make the changes in your life for you, they don't happen necessarily cold turkey overnight. You know it's like yeah making is better or worse, is sometimes momentarily. You know yoga babies, stabs incremental change. Although you we ve, got a bunch of different experts on here to talk about the process of change in yards like it's just really tiny stuff in its tiny to stuff, maybe that you already do others all these hack.
right. It's intimidating on the surface is to go fuck, I'm never going be Tom, Brady Insight. What Tom Brady didn't become Tom Brady in an afternoon either. Here you know for sure and Oh Tom Brady, as I speak about over a third of the elder with I think when you think about that, it's been like just steady progress, progress of Gatt affection, you know it's like we were born like that. You know yes make it look better every day, whether that's whatever it is. It's you know. If you are aware of it, then you can focus on it now, if you're, wherever you could focus, you can prioritize, and if you can prioritizing be discipline, you can achieve really great results. Now, if you care You just you know fuck it all wake up, do it our I do it. The impulsive sell this that I wanted this or that you know in a lot of us live when I live like that at one point and that something that work better and then I just try to repeat that in its work out. What would I
about you. A law is you're not standing anywhere, where the megaphone same be. Like me, I think what you ve done with your book. In every time I've seen you interviewed it's like hey. I can just tell you what I am about that may inspire you are not I'm not. I have no programme that human, should be I'm not saying yeah and I've done that about you're gonna messaging, that they get just maximizing your potential some people are interested. Then somebody bar and that's totally fine as one year for sure and we'll have choices, nets our life and you know, but near potential could be whatever it is. It everyone gets that choice and I think you gotta be able to have people help you. No one can do it alone. It's great dab, supportive. family friends mentors to help you say: hey man, your struggle a bit. Let me help you out in our. Let me out you short cut in how great in the world of technology that we can.
into shows like yours to say: may you does really cool person on? What can I take? What can I learn and where such in a world of information, hopefully in how we can hack some of these things? You know that before we couldn't fifteen years where we can, because we can show this type information, so you must have watched last stands. Did you actually Sandia, I loved it. It was amazing. I mean what what what arise ha so fucking impressive, so many ways we had to talk to Bill gates the other day, and I asked him if he watches needed and he loved and I was like, could you relate them in theirs? There's only a handful of people are currently alive that can kind of relate to him bill gates being one of them you being one of them. Did you feel a kinship with his kind of drive and his dedication yeah? You know, I think it's
There's a lot of similar feelings. Emotion said he went through that have gone through a one point or another in now, and I think there are so many have been unlock rooms and road trip, sin, winds and losses. I think that thing about sports you know is like we're not acting you now. This is our real life. This is a real Tom Brady on the field, my real, ocean, I'm not playing a role, I'm playing Mysel, you gain even hide. There's a thousand cameras pointed out. You were gonna, see whatever that experiences for you here, and I think that, like I think, that's a little different Nino like if you look at energy, someone like Michael Jordan was the same thing for MIKE one. I think what you saw a documentary was well. That's really him like that. We saw that really, Michael, I don't know how anyone can be it. Michael Jordan fan I'm a huge Michael Jordan, dangerous because how he approaches life in you, someone I always looked up there at All- is posters in my room and you could make him feel all you could tell him adipose sermons, you re, you can return Amory, spiky, one where you asshole,
Those like myself are those pretty sweet. So there's a moment, there's a man in last stance where we can learn, and maybe it was conveniently constructed for the sake of storytelling, but I don't think so. I think the dynamic of him having the elder brother that was better than him and then having a father whose affection he wanted tremendously in rightly or wrongly, identifying that if he could beat that brother, he could win
dad's attention here. That seems to be the chip on his shoulder that drove him so successfully. What what's the chip on your shoulder do? Do now? Have you thought much about it? I think there's always been doubt around what I could achieve. I think that's what it was always there is always heard the people say: he'll never do that can never be the starting quarterback in high school by senior year. You know he'll never go to a real good division, one school and play football. He should stick around and play you know at a local school and then you'll never be a pro. Quarterback, certainly never be a starting quarter. I too am very inter motivated and have a real, strong fire that burns based on me never wanted to. Let myself down no getting less than my best effort is probably a real hard thing for me. I bet you know my ten year. Old son is very hard on himself, try to tell my brow, but this is not the past. You want to go down
just breathe a little bit and, like you, I remember like cryin about being stressed out about some in fifth grade is born. That's not gadgets. Do genetically your kind of wired? That is why I too have like this part of me. That was like. I didn't want to be less than my best. If I thought I should have one, I was gonna win. If I thought I was gonna now there's some things I didn't have a lot of interesting. I was not very good student. I tried just hard enough, but no interest. You know I just feel. Like you know, school was the highest priority and use of your it certainly was not obey orders. So I went to college and people like what you major my fuckin football. And I was airplanes. I gotta three item three to GPS. Three, three GPA, but I didn't like I was go in there to light K. What is my career gonna be? My career was: can one what degraded do even pick up, so that's it
say it was called general studies being picnic glasses. I want they go to so in a dinner acquire degree. General studies on studies. I remember in my college I took one class. It was like dance one. Oh, why and it wasn't dancing. You just sat in a class and they taught you about dancing all of the football players for impact glass cuz. It was so clearly just like this is where here ass in grade and you go and take their backing up as eligible. You know that exactly I know that I know you have to use your life. I love you silly as a great all media replace you my nieces area, my nieces a is a soft ballplayer. Oh no, she was a freshman at your leisure in the pact and no she starts now. I love you see. I lay man before being shut down. I was out there for game and its sweet, but back to when the people were saying he's not going to or you
you're, fooling yourself. What were they hanging that argument on where they saying was? It was a size thing was it. It was a natural talent thing. What did they? What were the critiques? I think it was probably just natural talent. Like you know, there were other kids that were always bigger, always faster and always hunger, I was, I was kind of right there, but they were always more potential, more potential, more potential, and even I really feel. at every step of the way like? Even when I got to know college, it was like there are other kids with more potential banana got set of proposals that it gives us more potential, and it's just you think. Ok, why didn't they make it? You know I didn't. Why was either one that made it other than I would say, people probably miss values, things they put value on things that probably don't matter and Thursday the things that they should value more. Probably they dont there's a lot of those stories. Yeah. We just have an expert on Angela Duckworth. Her work is all on great she's, a professor at pan, and you have you wanna.
Is there something in the students that's going to predict their achievement? It is not intelligence. It's not all these things we would thank it is. It is grit, more than any other thing, and I find that to be so true and acting in any damn thing. It's like yeah grip man. That's that's eighty percent of it half the time because think about it to its out the smartest kid this you know it's. What are they learning through, whatever the beginning of the competitive part of life to a working career and you think a pitcher really smart, ok or people who could process really clean or who are great athletes and in the end, what did, though it skills that they develop over time that we're sustainable in mountain, and I think for me. What did I learn? I learn that I was gonna achieve anything was gonna, be through a really hard work that I was asked by and everybody saw always felt like I do work twice as hard. I was always looking at people, thereby
let me say to observe what made them better than yeah and I think when all of the other things are stripped away like oats in actual talent. You know whatever. It is something that God really blushed you with Dan what's left and if you have been developed those other traits, then when you do face adversities, they become adversities. They don't become another opportunity for you to overcome. Something like you did. Basically your whole life. So when I got to professional sports, I have really worked hard in competed every day to buy temperature professional level. I like you, want to compete with. Let's go, you wanna call, that's Rove nigh to compete in the outer guys who never had to compete, because they are always the best in high school and are always the best in prose now they're like senora. What do you mean compete on everywhere at this was the best I was thinking about
That's what I was trying to imagine like your life and particularly the wave approached it and now- and I want to talk about about you- know your commitment to die at all these things. I mean you you're working this job of yours. You know twenty four seven is its very admirable and I imagine exactly that I was thinking over your twenty one years. You must have seen so many people arrive in that locker room who oranges, fiend arms right there they're, both Jackson, they have Adam physical prowess. Such is crazy, and you must have observed so many people that could have just been absolutely legendary, that just didn't do it yeah. It must be cut off. Our breaking there's parted. I see- and I tried to tell on save more recently, like I say, how great you want to be. How great you want to be interview like what do you mean like? I might not know, you're a great. I know you're great, but like how great you really want to be, because I think you could be better than anybody and they're like
in your most people, probably right, they set their sights on something that has existed so it's like if there are wide receiver. If they end up is good, is whatever wide receiver, that's in their mind than they ve accomplished it. But someone like you, I'm just on paper. It's in arguable. You know one more super balls in any one. You ve been there more times. You ve won more games. You just all these dying asks that play there. How I got a whole is that I wrote down if you want to hear your wicked my god you're Wikipedia wages, wait too long to get somebody to. I was thirty five pages long, this x it out, but yeah for Superbowl, envy Is it your goes only to have been as good as Joe Montana someone else, then we wouldn't have learned the limits of what someone could be You know. If your war seems to have been with yourself, which I think best where you can have as long as you're better than the guy from last year, the year on the right path. So
yeah, you don't even know it's possible and learn these things are in overtime. Could you don't have a lot of these thoughts? You know when you're, twenty or twenty five or thirty, but you know you have kids and you start thinking more. You have no more perspective in Europe, wiser and you ve total out of stories over the years and you think, what's really gonna stick, and I said in my kids die said it is most important to do your best or is it more important to do the best? What's gonna be more fulfilling for you in your life to do your eyes there do their best. An interesting question were so you know we're so condition to do their best to do the best, Reality is doing your best and not being attached to it. Is gonna, allow you to have probably more whenever it could be emotional stability or you know you become attached to being better than your brother or being better than this other person, it's thirst inherent let down, and although, since it
Maybe they're, ok, cause you're gonna help you grow and toughen up a little bit too, but you re, there's built in limits its a finite goal. If the goal is to be as good as someone else or marginally better than that's the it's fine night air, as opposed to, if I'm bettering myself, but who knows where this goes here and it was we focused on achieving. More each day and on again it says I encourage a lot of people like sets and goals. Man like said some real goals now write em on fuckin paper pick up any given to your friend are given dear wife and say: look just check beyond these yeah. I am writing people to make. You accountable, I think, is really powerful. That's part of every aspect of you. No self improvement is being ever awareness. Hey. What do you do better job at a in my career, be my person like hey how we do need to do to help my friends help. My kids help my wife and I just everyday it's this each. I do
a bit better, if you ever need how helping your wise my number now just I'm at your disposal to help your wife any time she knew also. So I am very benevolent. You know this was in a question I have thought of earlier, but I'm now that I'm talking you, I was watching a documentary about either Tiger Woods or John Daily. I imagine you know both the skies and theirs is really really profound. Conversation they had where they had just finished a tournament in John Daily said to Tiger woods. Hey come have a drink with us in your wood said. If I had your skill, I would go, have a drink with you, but I don't know I gotta go back out in practice.
It now, but I remember, was John Daily telling the story and if you could tell he took pride in that, as you should Tiger Woods is telling you that your naturally butter, but it's a very, are breaking story at the same time, because you look at the difference in their careers. So I was wondering in that same vein. Was there anybody that you're actually envious of with your job that you are like fuck? If I had with they had, coupled with what I'm willing to bring to. This could be something. Can you remember a player that our envious of professional football I mean, there's been so many over the years I mean. If I have, I look like some guys who, physically out she have a lot more ability in other, faster, their bigger they can run. They can you know, I think, there's some things that have learned to do Polly better over time enough, because I've been out yachting hearted it for a long time, but in my figure in a league I was no a freak in nature,
I look at some guys who maybe we're great physically. You know before six hundred and forty I like I'll joke all the time I see Kai run like a for seven hundred and forty, which is pretty fast I'd, say like the average NFL quarterback probably runs. You know a four thousand eight hundred and forty nine fast guys run like four thousand seven hundred and twenty guys run like flatten over. I ran a five three. I was slowly area as person on the appeal I could now theatre, buggy. Proudly events alignment. So the Mai, has like a hot potato words. I want to get up, others beg you to fishing opportunities, have em on this thing. So if you
I, like the raft was gonna run Mary had rather quickly so odyssey. Two years they can get. If I can run for seven, football would be so easy now mean how he might be if I could run away for people and again that could be a limit you could have given yourself. Well, just won't be that cause. I don't have that this is such a side note, but one of the rafts again, I don't want a ton of about one of the rifts appears to be about sixty five, I mean it's fucking Jack. Anyone talk here, he's retire. What's that guy's Isn t it is aims ad hoc julia. I knew you wouldn't He was jacked Monica this guy railway for regional I live for when he would get on that MIKE and talk as if by
have to be balanced and our island there for an online. Was this guy doing I now a lot of prices very healthy guys are integrated at a greater if those who stay another thing, I just thought of that was related to less. Oh, yes, last chance, so there's a moment and last chance I wonder if you had to stop Monica our large nations have asked for less less dance. I do wonder about last change. Monarch also agree that a paragraph, ok, so last dean, there is a moment were Michael makes a shot while playing for the tar heels and it's a buzzer beater to win the holes. bang up and you watch that shot and maybe a making too much of it. But I I said to myself: man he makes that shot in for the rest of his life. He can make that shot. He doesn't make that shot. Any product can never I think that sharia in years such a clutch player, I mean there's nothing more thrilling than watching you guys be down. Then I'm watching the clock and, unlike I would be enough full fledged panic attacks
an you seem to shine the brightest and those moments, and I wonder, was there a moment that defined you as a clutch player? Did something happen early on that told you you have that gear, I would say on Sunday was confidence, you know. at a younger age and sports, and I was a pretty good baseball player mood playing games and base by would do a pretty good job and I was really prepared than football came and in college I had some real great comebacks. Ah I had my college was really challenging? You know. So long way from home, I was but there was less support for me. Then there were for a lot of other competitors and I really was felt at different times. What kind of their on an island- and I had
learn to dig deep or whether or would it broke in me, and because I really found a way to deepen. I had a few great mentor. Zara great harden was our team psychologists have, I think, the world of, and then another good friend of mine, who is a head coach, a bowling, Green Scott Leffler. Who is a kind of a friend, quarterback coach, but those two in particular we're like I see it in you, I see it in you. Now added necessarily see them myself and they gave me some tools. Try this look at things this way, not that way. Look at it. This is an opportunity. This isn't this now needs and actually take advantage of it. You know I was just again. It worked out so when it worked out as I fucked more that yeah see Gregg as our psychologist twice a week, and how do I get my in more of a frame of mind? You know, and then it was hard at work a little more. Why try that different technique drawn a ball,
What else can I take her with, and I think they d learn through high school college, then get to the professional level? I went to the patriots the first year, Coach Bela check was there and like there's no better person to help. Did you quarter backing the Bilbil check it out? And yes, it's all these things at one time, I'm signal. I look up my life and I go. There are so many things at broke. My way, you known that how lucky I might have these people come into my life at these moments, where I was ready and open, except in and they appeared, and then it was like a still that way. You know I'd like when I think something's gonna happen. It happens. No way out what the collective forces of coming together, I dont think I even thought of that. Do you set it in his so goddamn obvious, but sorry to say: Guardian is so obvious like this. This is your job
no not at all, but I you're religious. I think so I just I don't know, I didn't mean to take God's name in Bahrain and in front of you I'll. Do it not when you're not around in yeah Bela check the fact that you to get to be a team like that is pretty incredible. Yet, at the same time, you know, like he's young motivated at areas. Coaching stand, learn from his previous stand as a coach where you got fired and then wishes came in and he was ready and he wanted approved everybody using a work as hard as possible. I was ready. I was right. Proved everybody in out. There is a lot other guys, our team that were ready- and it's just like that. Everything lies at her fixed storm of a lot of different events over long periods of time that all broke a sir, way and yeah. I if I would have missed out on
those opportunities without having a really hard from, because that's kind of person that is inside of me. If I screwed up Dan, I don T like I may ever deserve another one while you're gonna take your own ass. We learn that about you. I love you give yourself a nice lashing, I'm sure yeah, I'd rascal politically motivated ever oclock question. Can you just talked about religion and just reminded me, you grew up religious catholic Catholic here. So I wonder if those principles are full did in two who you are and this being hard on yourself having her, values. Perfection, probably all tied together right in some way here could be from that in certainly, you know again, I think, for me grown up the support it home. Like I think my motive, eight or was never to let anybody down in writing. In my career, like you know, I've been in the same place for a long time. You know in let's say and in Boston, like people get fired every year there. You know, because I was doing my job and I didn't never will
Be the reason why we lost games, I didn't want to be a reason why something cause other people pain, ass pilot, like my mom truthfully, my mom takes on everywhere should a lot of moms out their digs on everybody's pain. Everyone. Stripe, everybody's heartache, she's, just always the one taking it on something more could take in types gone. She takes it lives at night said: there's a part of my mom that on primary like her where I take that on and I just want peace out just gonna- had that among these weird variables, as you were talking, I'm thinking you uniquely culture all right, you're, uniquely open to seeing the time the team psychologist in listening to the one coach- and I was thinking I have to imagine you benefited from having three older sisters is like generic is- that is exactly like women there's nothing, but I teach my daughter how to ride a motorcycle. She can get in five seconds. Cuz she listens to me. She's not like me. Who's got a fucking so much to prove. I know everything. You can't teach me anything. I think. Maybe you just grown up
her sisters to made you more available answered so that kind of instruction. Yet you know I think, you're in your grown up with with three sisters year receptive to what's Goin on the house in Europe play a bit more intuitive emotionally Erica's bites it. My sister's like to talk about a lot of things, and didn't have a lot of rose in the house, and I had my friends but in a really like my sisters, would dress me up a nerd Bessie arouse, like How long you know Mister Tebrick along kid so's now my dad like he would try to get me hey. You know, let's go play, golf, let's go, and I love sport. So there is a great connection there, but I take the benefit of both those things right. Three sisters at all I had definitely have a but a genes in my body, but they are being around these fields in competition sports and want no win, and, I would add, say another intangible that lets say wasn't speed or size or strength was very competitive. Like I was a kid me
remote control, a nintendo it. If I lost that remote got slammed on the floor pit, he time. You know and I may have been blowing, but how do you like my sister's, like what is wrong with you turn the rage? Ricky Chemical testosterone at Rio, foreign about unlikely, unjust, exploded in that still is the case. I mean it's all good good. Now, Sir Nigel could solve barking mad now and adjust its part, my personality, you know lotta biographies of acts titans of industry, I'm kind of obsess would like Cornelius, Vanderbilt Rockefeller in all these people here and what they all shared in common was they construct this life that they really end up, loving and then quickly transitions too long devotee? They all became obsessed with like how to live really long because they do you know they had done what they wanted and they created a world.
loved Benin and I'm wondering what is it like for you? What you must have an interesting relationship with time, knowing that this thing you ve dedicate your whole life too, has a shelf life, the nettle and in that We're already technically kind of in borrowed time. Are you those? Finally, I think so. I think I am a bit so while yeah, I think I am I'd like give effort as most experienced here, But yes, I don't you ok, so I think you might be the most explore lawyer and I leave rather no matter where you always are urban. Did you lose sight of it like how conscious of you Ben of that time, clock that's on your life guy out there trillion sport you reminded of it all the time in our because its every year, it's the new crop of kids in the draft in this and in our Europe when this guy gonna be finished in now, and I think
in almost like a different thing, because I would say football was my first love and I started when I plan on the street. My neighborhood with my friends on portfolio drive drives entail and that's where my happiest moments are outside of rights. It my kids, know beyond my family being on the football field is pure joy in them all men. giving my very highest and best calling in Oh just literally like in the zone you're born to do this Monday. I am on the field the other day and, unlike I, just fucking love football. know what it is. I just love it and unfortunately, for a lot of guys they loved to some, are physically, not gifted enough to play. Some are physically gifted in something tragic happens. Personally, you know it could be. Damn could be similar FED over the opportunity at some
have great potential and in two years and injured you now- and I think I got two appointed about as I started- improve all those different things I talked about through college. Take some more different supplements. Little more hydrated. You now start to take care of my body, then I said they can about wow unfeeling. Better now, let's say at age, twenty seven twenty eight than I did when I was twenty three. Likewise really good and by we I know a lot more now than it was thirty one and, unlike this, is getting easier physically, far out of my brain- is learning more just like everyone in their career. What you do you're gonna get better at right. What about what you're my which are time, energy and you're gonna, unproven, good or bad, and I started to think at that point. What am I going to stop plan? why why? Why would I start because everyone did stop and they definitely don't enjoy playing sports in football,
hurting and if you're rain, you're not gonna, play its this. It's too hard it's too much to overcome. So most guys they just get to the point where their body hurts too much everyday impacts are like. I can't do it for me in oh, I did something different. I took a different path and that path of learning brought me to guide use by best I still work with them every day my business partner, Alex Guerrero, and it's like we created this thing that I said I really want to Cherbourg. We talk about maximizing potential and airlines can have that. He taught me so much in the way that we work together has in I have perspective. I lie it would everyone, as is done in a locker room with every guy for twenty years. I look at everything you're doing everything are taken away. They eat the way they talk about them.
Body and unjust, constantly going. Ok that doesn't work. That does that is on the sun, that doesn't work and in your corporate familiar routine and then you get to go, prove it. So what am I doing it? Forty three still do what I love to do. So I have a bunch of sports endeavours. They're all motor sports related and I just recently had a bad accident the motorcycle tracking a week and a half ago, I'm so we weren't slang. I just said surgery, I moisture I'm trying to figure out. Then it's hard I'm like. You know it won't. When do I not have the the skill set anymore? When is my age going to win? Am I going to have to confront that? This is no longer for me and it is by the way it scares the shit out of me to imagine they're not doing it. It's like one of the greatest sources of joy of my life, so have you felt any decline or
How do you monitor that in yourself? Here? I think yes and no, I think I definitely feel like I have to work really hard at the recovery part of the sport. So it's not just like the physical training to prepare for it. It's the preparation for the performance that performance, the recovery of the performance and a lot of people have not traditionally per our ties that part right that some of that kind of a new movement to really be aware of the recovery aspect of all this shabby? as you know, inherently, were taught that hard work is gonna. Get you that every you wanna get yourself. I can work out once a day if I work out twice a day, I'll be better and my view, that is, if you're working hard at the wrong things, you're getting better at getting worse
it also I've you're working hard at the right. These. You know what to do. You have the right routine, the right process. You work hard at those things. You're gonna see significant improvement. I got there yak this football place. If they're all shitty football plays, I could run and five times Agora freight to escape and do it again and again and they go on play a game, and you know what they're still bad place so yeah. If you run a good routine, you have a good process, then I think you see the benefit and if you see the benefit, then you're gonna experience like again that's closer to our goal. Setting or which are priorities are what you maybe I'll be a better dedicated. My kids aren't they offer the weakens our right. My motorbike, I still want to have good us. on a more regular, still want to be able to have you no great in six on the by he then absorb taken a different foller hit I wanna go skiing in on, have my knees, I don't wanna go skiing ski like I did and adding all those things because being active is enough. For me, that's a very important part of my life. You know it's like.
Every day I just gotta like a kind of like a kid like I just got a burdensome energy. I don't, then. I just feel like agitate They're all day and then my heart of all the others that there is a high in about ten being an workin out and then the fulfilment of ok achieve something that in I buy. I wanted train art I did, but how do I recover for the next day and then do it again now and do it again and again in practice heading a good at it? I keep way for you to complement me on how good I look in the short term, it is, it is
your shirt, I'm wearing your show. They like it is yes, yes, I love it. So comfy enamel tall lean guy with broad shoulders, not like yours, but not like you, and I say if it's me like a glove, pretty good man. I love it. Tb, twelve, that's a line you have now Alex and I basically we have been working together since two thousand five, when I couldn't really throw the football. You know I loved me, like you, you know your voice doesn't work. You know too, for me to be a quarterback arm. Does it work a job very long and I was basically wanted to be a great player and I knew that working hard was gonna, get me there and I would work out and I would train and I would live it's because everyone says live weights in condition in that's what you're gonna get you know, that's where you don't be a better athlete and then it got to where I couldn't throw the football, because my elbow but all the time it really what happened was there? Was these muscles in my forum got really tight? You know you do curls and you crawl. Your rest. You can feel how tat your form gets an then you do bicep grossly their ones like. Maybe you ought to have good you gotta bison
Girls. So you do by girls for the girl, exact, amazing and I'm sure they love it. What we know now, so you do you're crazy, do your try steps and then, at the end, all those things after a period of time all the muscles gets so tight and dense. These just pull in the opposite direction. in a pool now, when I pull in that little tendon is in there trying to hold on for dear life because you're putting all these forces on it from throwing, but you got muscles that are porn opposite directions. So. When I met Alex to a friend of mine, a tomato mine, he was I When do we make these really short muscles long by lot, a manual tissue work. Are these muscles nearby set that you are here and make these long? Nor would it make your try some muscles long enters. The muscle went for being really too eight two. Now it's really long so that when I would put forces on it, it would just it would lightly contracts as opposed to just pull the tenant apart as like that make so much sense, like is the first time in my life that I didn't have help lieutenant
it is plain for all: don't you think so much of the previous science even watch it like you even see like the progression in Cochin right like we interviewed, P Carol. I love that dude. I love that he. is like the way you communicates the way he makes an effort to understand where the persons coming from and yelling at me born calling them our souls isn't really programme. I just I love that and I think so much of sports is still mired in this kind of mud, cheese, a bull shit right, so it's like yeah function, curls tries guys, you know that thing. There's been no scientific study to support any of this. It is, can legs all fashion. I think even the die it right that I used to be like you eat a God. Damn t bone in three baked potatoes before games on the air. You really seemed open to different approaches. Yeah tell me what you're diet, so I have Three days Ivan Auto immune thing, sorry attic arthritis in I've had to eat. A certain way did not have inflammation and I, as a friend of mine, showed me your diagnostic
that's pretty close to my diet. Tell me how you got in or do so that in what change its main for you and is it a fuckin hard for you like? It is for me, I find it hard. It's it's! It's not like. You can't go the seven eleven and think you're gonna find all the things you looking for. I know that, but you know I think again it's for me. It was about a little progress overtime and it started with hey. Let's cutting out some. You know dogs and then it was like subway in and it was like when we work towards like more proteins in judges and then it was like okay. Well, let's work more toward a higher performance. Things in the may try some more Deegan meals and when I met my wife in New York and two thousand seven there raw food russian, which I tried out for the first time and then and then it was like: ok, a little less stake in it, and now it's like ok, more vegetables and then overtime. What's notices like my teeth,
but change, and I well yeah like aren't I loved Subway ILO, Subway, burger, king and all those types of things to now. It's like a thought at that is like no way no way I've, just if only to good me, I'm thinking Sue front again you now allow me out. Hemison involving guacamole in this guy's the drain early, even standards that China tell you to reinforce you. We denote canned tomatoes right, you, don't you don't fuck with me. is that true. I don't like him that much saw for media purpose maps, but in general you do have an entire information approach. Yathrib, absolutely absolutely ideas looked at it again. It for me at all relates back to football.
In a way, it was all because I felt like this is going to help me be a better football player and football player. I don't want to you know, I'm making all these improvements. How do I get a little bit better little bit better and I think those things led me to be a little more discipline which I was deftly born with that, but then also are I like. I can cut back on unemployment like it anyway. I don't like your. Why do I have to eat it yo? Why don't I adapt a little bit over time in you know, I would say, anti inflammation cause if, go work out for an hour and a half inflammation information. You know it's not healthy to go, run ten miles, theirs, lot inflammation. I'd, say running what is good for your heart and for your head other than that. There's a lot of downsides. I was, u ends, this. I bought Monica treadmill for her birthday. Yes, now you're kind of ruin and therefore is it refined by your great excuse. Bermuda. Not though
I think I just think some of the really extreme things we know they just they take a toll on your body and they look at taxing. So why am I gonna go finnish practice, so work out before practice go practice in come in and eat bacon. I will cheeseburger so near food aid. All acclamation inflammation So where does what your body gonna? Do your bodies gonna go like ok, I'm done like fighter flight. I had enough tight muscles, slow movements and then poor performance and then look for new job and then talk about how great you could have been, because you know that's, that's it. Does your wife ever hate your gods? Who has a kind of thing you know who is wife in a zoo book, but if I lived with you, I think I would be like colleagues seems to just be so disappoint. I could eat annoying son in the same way. The same lines, very disciplined, don't give a shit here.
Very disciplined guy gets each organised, sometimes eat darlin. I saw your wife walk across the field that the Olympics Right was it yeah opening ceremony in Brazil, that's the first time I ever realise, like that's violent on the body like the model walk. That was a long way to walk in those his eyes, like. I don't think I've been giving these gales and of credit like that is that's hard on your body. Yes, she said it. their share of flight, pretty tough injuries just because, in order to make a pitcher look good, you gotta create all these four crazy Ngos and then you got a hold up, so you put your body and a funny position and then hold it for a minute, and then your brains. I go. You want me to be like this. Ok, no problem just hang upside down, and then you get down
says killing me, so I think all those things over time took at all. You know she's at our really bad shoulders. She had I ten dislocations on one side and twelve, this so called on other she's wiring. She doesn't have very big joints in our she's, Jose more dainty she's tall, but dainty. So you know she just has these joints that are very hyper mobile is your. Is your boy on on course to become seven feet tall I'd? Imagine with his assurances likelihood that will will break succeed, added away We don't want six, eight I'll call with life physics, ninety six or but that's that's theatre. Ok, I have a couple of religious, rapid fire questions for young and ask a single Howard, Stern S, question and that is: do you make love to your wife on a game day or set off the table? Man that's Probably on his brother off the table, that's off the table. I say it's probably never happened, but I don't think that would be them.
Ok good. I expected that that wouldn't be my premium warm up. Do you have other quarterback friends in the more famous you get the more successful you get it in? I don't expect anyone to shed a two year for any of us, but it can be very isolating in that very few people really end up being able to relate to what your day to day. Problems are need, probably feel like a shithead tellin, some, you know, guy, who scrape and off awful wall your issues, but you do have some friendships with some some quarterbacks that you can relate to one another gaffer sure I think there's a lot of guys over the years. Bread far paid me. Mean even Joe Montana, Steve Young, those guys at the embryo, Phil SAM's, Boomer size and of that do arise. Russell Wilson, obviously Aaron Rodgers been a friend all he's a sweetheart, I was once or twice my alma mater ethical. Oh
Some Georgia, Georgia and Armenia quarterbacks out of Georgia rise to say and staff at play. Well, yeah yeah yeah rankings leaving bad about him, he's a place in Detroit and that's what I'm front. We I think here also friends with my boyfriend's: are you friends with the ban and map ban rasper, now Ben Athlete I met earlier them actors. Yes, I am here like those silly hours in Mauritania. Ok, nother, another request really quick. Is that isolating being the leader of the team? Is it? Is it hard to be I find myself sometimes when I direct things, I'm the boss, which is a weird position for me to have in there
I just want to be cool everyone yeah, I didn't. I meant I hate when I have to be like come on man, you can work harder than that is. Is it isolating? You can't have any down days. You know, I think, if there's moments that have changed my life, it's hard to just let your guard down. As you know, I wish everyone knows that in a word, a very hypersensitive aged everything. You know in your judge by one interaction in in that case you don't wanna, be judged by one interaction, so you don't go out cause you don't wanna, be put in a situation where I had a really shitty day in a while. You know not knowing what sear there really should a day, but I had a shady its life. You know, I'm a pair animal brought them a brother or must sign not things happen in life and you get bad calls and you got a deal in situ. genes and you not, then you gotta go out public and be like this is. This is great. I think that yeah of fatigue over time is like I will be, happy one day when I retire, I'm gonna be like I've done it like. That's it some
I'll, be in charge, airline man- I did my time, I did it. I worked hard at it, but you know what the is over and I'm not look into recreating. There was going on in one of my other rapid fire questions in the rapid fire around right now and I have followed again. I notice that this twenty times I dont want to turn a sportsman so interested in athletes, and I love watching documentaries about athletes in a common thing I seem to have observed is that post career and I think on the outside people- think it has to do with money and fame and its. at all, but the calm, rod or read that you ve experience over the last twenty one years. That's it that's a big fuckin hold of failure and I think I think it was bred, far views very open and honest in
documentary I watched where he was like. There was just a fucking whole right handed up. I think coach in, like maybe it's high school gaffey like a high school team, just to get back in the mix. Like I worry about you, I wondered you have a game plan for when you retired, so that you don't become super sad now. I think I I think I definitely will need some help when I'm done playing to find some space talk I dreamt of land, the ups and downs, the highs and lows of us- and I am a big believer in psychology in in getting help I've already obviously thought okay. When it does happen, it I'm feeling a huge void, and I don't know where that huge voids going to go and it's not going to be like hey, I'm going to be someone to death. put their energy I've into something positive, and I'm still when I want to do things, but at the same time a missing something. He did love. It would be like a really like our tough break I'm nervous for you. Look if you wanna be brows. I'm out here because at the wheel
started vat rates remain in their where there were their online into too much. I have a question what price, if you paid for being so singular Lee, focused on this endeavour. I think that thing that really hurt that this most challenging for me as Ike when people say like I have been the brother that I could be. You know, convey our friend to certain people at different times. You know, and Deanna parents had become a pretty good son like, but at the same time like to nice, people close you get, the shorted stick cause you're, always busy. You ve always got another thing, you always got work. You always got one more obligation, one more car, one more this and everyone else who you think it will all work cool, so you can stay kind of a you know as a non profit. You can take it for granted. Rightly, oh, that's their. We know, we'd love each other and I'll have time some day I'll have time when, when footballs done, I have time when footballs to Malta
and you don't have more time, but that's probably the thing that's pipe in the toughest cause. That's hard to hear. You know like you all out effort into things, but the reality is other people machine your life. You know they're gonna get better if you work at and improve it, but if you don't then its it takes a different, took a different ride. Now? Ok, I think my last question. I would love to keep me for ten hours, but what's the emotional experience of having left Boston after thirty one years in going to a new team, and I just want to add into this cuz I want Monica to know you know Tom could have gotten a lot more money for many years and he didn't take more so that he could get better ears. Like his commitment to marry me, I know: did you read the Pat Tillman both by chance? Were men find glory? Now I he's at you. I encourage there really similar story. You I mean he would last draft to the cardinals in he was,
a loyal to that franchise turned our way more money to play for Saint Louis, because they took the chance on em just so much integrity that I really really inspirational yeah. What was it? What was the emotional feeling about leaving there and going to Tampa Bay? It was tough. I mean it was tough, for you know a tough decision to make when you're been to decade one place? And now it's a lot of emotions, a lotta memories, there's a lot of things. You know twenty years long term, sea basin, experience every emotion and every high I am low in every in our experience you gotta have so when you leave its yet, cannot the chapters closed but you're, taking all the relationships and all the memories and for one reason or another, it didn't work that I was going to continue their, but it doesn't take away from what I had in what I had was actually may be more prepare for want of experience and now so for me to look at that experience and be grateful for what I believe,
the relationships I have cars are still be very important for ballplayers we're on a locker room, yachts, Ike were saying all known unhappy. She knows. I go for five months that lock room is tight tight and then you have that with friends, and it's like it's, you know it's. It's amazing, so I got a plug this inner us by computers, Doc. I hold up This is great, watching him have to figure this out right, look how human he looks all of a sudden. He was easy. Look like a superhero this whole time and only looks like the same bumbling ITALY idiot. We all are now operating as last name. Oh yeah. This is like it does area one person you finish, the interim with one percent last year, one three than the man
the minute half of your life was to blame. For that team. Is it's incredible? Twenty years a you know, one place one way. One process out. I've had a few different homes over their mood a few times, but it was incredible. It was perfect. I wouldn't change it wasn't. No, not every day was perfect. Betty was everything that was supposed to be one thing to that. I think is really special
your job in your life is that I'd compared to act in a little bit like you get on a set me in there is someone from every walk of life there, and I have to imagine half of the fun of your job is what a diverse group of dunes every Socio economic group, every kind of background like has it been wonderful to be immersed in so much diversity and different points of view. Yeah yeah dominating sports affords all those things and I've been doing that for twenty five years, including college and thirty years, including high school, and you come together. You see a guy, you see where he's from you see who he is, and you see him as a brother and you go. I witnessed together a future you know you look in the hut online. I play with tee may said: broke bones and broke bribes and internal bleeding in the inner blood come another knows there warriors, you know their gladiators and I think tat I would say I know that this word one. If I was ever in a box, I know the guys that I want to share with me yeah there's
others that I know that I wouldn't sports raise out of us and its key you see ever won their good or bad the ugly, their indifferent, the pistol move, their happy mood, the achievement of things, and you know it's been a blessing for me. I don't want to hear by one still blame you know here. While I hope you don't stop, I think be so awesome if you were out there in a wheelchair new role back and still right now we're getting meal. I got there we'll Tom Wait a year is nice is your gorgeous and we feel so flattered that you took time to talk to us. We were really really excited. You were in the bill gates, category of like thrill that you are willing to talk to a cell thanks. So much for your time, really look forward to seeing you play in Tampa Bay and uh. You know Meantime you on a chill with major slap me now I'll, be there oh yeah. Let's do it man things are buying Jake, you guys,
I couldn't.
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